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You’ve heard it before a calorie is just a calorie. And to some extent that is true. If you consume more calories than you burn (regardless of what types of calories those are protein, carb, or fat), you will gain weight.

But, saying all calories are equal is a gross oversimplification of nutrition. When you really start to dial down into the specifics, you realize that not all calories are the same. A recent YouTube debate between two prominent personalities sparked my interest in the subject.

One popular personality fired a shot for the “a calorie is just a calorie” side, and James Tiny Vest returned an intelligent volley that discussed why the thermic effect of food matters. We all know how the “calorie is just a calorie” side of the debate goes. This is known as the Thermic Effect Of Food – or TEF for short. As a general rule of thumb, it is often said that the TEF of the food we eat is about 10%. That is to say, it requires 10% of the energy contained within the food itself, in the form of calories, for our body to store and process it.

One dietary calorie contains 4,184 Joules of energy. So in that sense, yes, a calorie is a calorie. BUT, when it comes to how your body actually processes these calories, it’s not that simple. So let’s dive into the first reason why all calories are NOT equal. Keep in mind that the thermic effect of food is one of the three components of daily caloric expenditure.

You have TEF and you also have the thermic effect of exercise as well as your basal metabolic rate. You use all of these components to figure out how many calories you burn each day, although getting an accurate number is tough with the formulas we use to calculate these things. Anywhere from zero to 10% of calories burned are the result of intentional activity (exercise). That leaves 10% of your total calories burned, called “the thermic effect of food” or TEF. So, about 80% of the calories your body burns are pretty much out of your control.

Around 10–15% of the calories you eat is used to power digestion. This is known as the thermic effect of food (TEF) and varies based on the foods you eat (2, 3). Physical activity. The thermic effect of food (TEF) is the increase in metabolic rate — the rate at which your body burns calories or energy — that occurs after ingestion, Valerie Agyeman, RD at Flourish Heights, tells the calorie cost of the thermic effect of food is_ of energy consumed.

5-10% _ increases energy expenditure above basal energy needs by about 25% to 40%. physical activity. The expenditure of energy to produce heat in response to a cold environment and as a result of overfeeding is called _ It is true that your overall caloric balance during a given day will determine whether or not your weight changes.

On the other hand, food choices can influence that caloric balance by influencing metabolic rate, the thermic effect of food (TEF), and satiety.

List of related literature:

One calorie is close to the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1°C. Because the magnitude of the numbers is more convenient, the heat in chemical changes is usually expressed in kilocalories (kcal).

“Chemistry: With Inorganic Qualitative Analysis” by Therald Moeller
from Chemistry: With Inorganic Qualitative Analysis
by Therald Moeller
Elsevier Science, 2012

These components include the resting metabolic rate (RMR), the thermic effect of food (TEF), and the thermic effect of activity (TEA).

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2006

The energy costs associated with digestion and transport of food (i.e., the thermic effect of food) make up a relatively small proportion of daily energy expenditure and are influenced by the amount consumed and the composition of the diet (e.g., high-protein meals elevate dietary thermogenesis).

“Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective” by Sara Stinson, Barry Bogin, Dennis H. O'Rourke
from Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective
by Sara Stinson, Barry Bogin, Dennis H. O’Rourke
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However, the calories in a food determined by direct calorimetry exceed the caloric yield in the body because not all food constituents are oxidized by the body to carbon dioxide and water.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

The unit of heat energy is the calorie, and a single calorie is defined as the amount of heat necessary to raise 1 g of water by 1°C. In common usage in the United States, the calorie associated with food and dieting is actually the kilocalorie (kcal; 1000 calories).

“Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals” by Bernd Würsig, William F. Perrin, J.G.M. Thewissen
from Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals
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What is true is that if energy (measured in joules or kilocalories where 1 kcal 4.2J) consumed over a representative period of time exceeds energy expenditure (metabolism, muscular effort, etc.) over the same time then most or all of the excess calories will end up stored as fat.

“Beer in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy
from Beer in Health and Disease Prevention
by Victor R. Preedy
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The thermic effect of food (TEF) is the increase in energy expenditure associated with the consumption, digestion, and absorption of food.

“Krause's Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book” by L. Kathleen Mahan, Janice L. Raymond
from Krause’s Food & the Nutrition Care Process, Mea Edition E-Book
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Calorie needs are also affected by energy expenditure.

“Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems” by Neal K. Van Alfen
from Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems
by Neal K. Van Alfen
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Energy is expended in three ways: resting (basal) metabolism, physical activity, and the generation of heat after eating (called postprandial thermogenesis or the “thermic effect of food”).

“Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control” by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
from Way to Eat: A Six-step Path to Lifelong Weight Control
by Maura Harrigan Gonzalez
Ebsco Publishing, 2002

The unit of heat used in the early studies was the calorie—the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 g of water by 1°C. The calorie is still used to some extent in nutrition; in biological systems the kilocalorie, kcal (sometimes written as ‘Calorie’, with a capital C) is used.

“Introduction To Nutrition And Metabolism, Fourth Edition” by David A. Bender
from Introduction To Nutrition And Metabolism, Fourth Edition
by David A. Bender
Taylor & Francis, 1997

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  • I’m not too good at science but don’t overweight people lose more calories than healthy people doing day to day things so as they used healthy females in the experiment shouldn’t an overweight dude like me actually be able to eat celery to burn calories

  • I’ve been doing 20:4 for 10 days now and definitely noticing some weightloss/inches lost. But most of the time my 20:4 turns into OMAD because I find it difficult to eat over the course of the full 4 hours. Always love your content!! Thank you! ������

  • This is a reason people are getting fat. Just listened to a Low Carb MD podcast with Dr Agnes Ayton, and her findings are consistent with processed food making the western world fat. They’re also messing with our brains, making is less psychologically healthy.

  • I m doing omad but so many doubts like if my metabolism will get affected due to omad…..i am doing from 18 days now i lost only 2 kg….but i cant see fat loss but yes feeling light n active…..n i m in calorie deficit also��…am i on right or wrong track i dont know…plz tell me

  • I just love his passion for this! Thanks for all your info! I’m down 26 pounds and counting! Thx in a large part to your info! Here’s to 25 more to go!

  • Sorry dude, as long as you are talking of calories in context of using studies, I cannot take you seriously. Because when you are making a common mistake that every Nancy and Mary are making by forgetting a factor of 1000 for the kilocalories the question is how deep did you really dig into that topic?

  • 2.22 Who you having a pop at Gab?? �� i hate those silly food challenge videos. Kinda defeats the purpose of having a fitness channel

  • Also preservatives that can suppress guts bacteria. Guts bacteria normally burn a lot of food calorie which is equivalent to a rabbit metabolism. Just imaging when you eat, you are actually feeding yourself and a rabbit at the same time. With antibiotic action of food preservatives, the rabbit stops eating.

  • This doesn’t make sense from a survival standpoint. Well maybe it does but it seems to be in cavemen days we should hope for lower energy consumption eating our natural foods. Logically fake foods requiring modern civilization to produce should be foreign to the body and take more energy to process because it’s foreign. So I wonder if natural food burns more calories simply because there are more vitamins and minerals that are processed.

  • It’s not as much the number of calories as it is what you’re eating. Your body’s hormonal and physiological response to different foods differs dramatically. I don’t believe that’s true that 2000 calories a day will give you the same net weight gain or loss no matter the source of the calories. Biohackers have done tests where they’ve eaten over 5000 calories a day eating a standard American diet, and over 5000 calories a day eating healthy keto. One guy gained 16 pounds and several waist sizes eating the standard American diet. He gained no fat and even gained muscle eating over 5000 calories a day of meat and low carb fibrous vegetables. It’s the processed foods, the insulin and the inflammation that are the primary problem, not the calories. Do you seriously think that if someone ate just 2000 calories of sugar per day that that would have the same effect on weight as 2000 calories of salmon and broccoli?

  • Dr. Robert Lustig has been pushing this for many years. Dr. Jason fung as well! I’m glad you did a video on this! Fructose is killing us, we metabolize it like Alcohol. Metabolic syndrome and obesity is over half the USA population. And people are worried about Covid. Pharma and food are killing us for profit.

  • So a calorie… IS still just a calorie.. but eating healthier (more protein/less processed foods) can help you burn a little more due to a thermic effect. That basically sums up this entire video and debunks the title lol

  • Thank you for that �� My family accuses me of being too strict regarding food.. You just scientifically backed my reasoning. Thank you ����

  • Guess Iĺl stop being vegetarian for the first time in five years. I almost only eat homemade bread products or spaghetti so using meat as a replacement seems more logical to me now.

  • Just curious about this. Keto is heavy on fat intake. Full fat foods are very calorie dense. So using your line of thought here, most of the calories in fat would not be processed 0-3%, so how does keto work for weight loss if that’s the case? I’m probably just overthinking this, math was never my strong suit.

  • Edward, I need these videos, man. Seven weeks hard IF on OMAD and I’m 43lbs down. Watching your stuff twice a week gives my brain a refocusing on what I’m working for while adding a little more to my knowledge base each time. You and a few other sources are literally changing my life for the better. God bless.

  • big up for MD ROBERT LUSTIG thank you very very very much Thomas I am so appreciative this is NOT just about fintess this is also about the innocent children who get methabolic syndrome out of processed food tricked onto them. God bless you, for real!! I took the liberty to notify this video on MD ROBERT LUSTIG page, again, may God Bless you!

  • Edward V, nobody wants to hear that CICO isn’t the end all be all. People want to believe that 200 calories of cookies will have the same effect in the body as 200 calories of clean green foods. Even though it is not a logical conclusion to come to that these two items are the same because they burn similarly. People are going to be up in arms over this video!

  • Basically, prepare your own foods with real ingredients. Even when it comes to indulgent foods. Still much better option than processed foods.

  • AGREED ��!!! All calories aren’t made EQUAL!! Another example why a calorie from highly processed foods vs that from a whole food aren’t the same is looking even past the digestive phase. Vegetable oils which are highly processed and tend to result in high contents of trans fats with cooking, will take much longer to be metabolized in the body, hence more fat storage, than an equal caloric intake of say, unrefined virgin coconut oil ����‍♂️����‍♀️

  • First of all, thank you for your content and all your videos. You’re helping many people!

    Secondly, I’ve been hearing about consuming avocado pits for nutrition. Seems the common practice is drying them at a low temp in the oven or food dehydrator then grinding em down into a powder to then add to a smoothie.

    Some say this is dangerous, others say its very healthy as the pit contains up to 70% of the nutrients of the fruit. Idk if this is your style, but a lot of people would like some light shed on this subject. Perhaps a short video would do the trick!

    Thank you, again, for helping me along with many others in their health! You are a great person!

  • Mr. Edward please explain to why I have so much energy when I fast and why do I feel like I have super brain power when fast it feels soooooo good����

  • I think there is one more factor that should be counted is the amount of calories you burn naturally in a day that happens, even if we just don’t do anything. And most people go to work, usually for 8 hours so that is another factor. I think what we’re really looking for is the most efficient way to create a calorie deficit.

  • I’m really getting this one. I had been feeling that avocados help me lose weight faster. I’ve noticed when I have at least a tbsp a few times a week, I’ll lose weight BUT when I don’t eat avocados let’s say for 2 weeks or even 3, I seem to NOT lose. I was thinking it was just me but this Video helped me feel sane. LOL

  • Have been an IF guy now for 2 years, and kept my weight at pretty much where I want it (was overweight for 30 years). My focus is in terms of macro/micro importance (as mentioned by Edward). Personally, I have have found eating healthy, natural food works better for me. I tried OMAD, but I get a little bloated and struggle to get all my macros in. Found that 18 x 6 is my sweet spot (first meal smaller, 2nd meal larger). Feel great all the time. Thanks Edward, this video was informative.

  • In your opinion I’m 52 years old I’ve lost 160 pounds this year I had the gastric sleeve surgery. What do you think my fat grams should be carbohydrate grams should be a protein should be

  • Have you ever asked one of these health nuts what a “processed food” actually is? They can’t actually tell you. Instead they just list out some junk foods.

  • I don’t eat processed”fast”food very often, but when I do…. it sure seems to ride in the “diamond lane”(HOV) to my back door!!! It never stays long.

  • I love your channel but I need some advice I do keto and intermittent fasting 20/4 I have lost 71lbs howere I only eat 800 calories I hit my protein goal and I keep my carbs to under 10. When I eat 900 or 1000 calories I gain a pound. I was 255lbs and I’m now 184 my goal weight is 150lbs. I’m concerned that I’m going to mess up my metabolism. Please help. Thanks-kat

  • This is why i follow your channel, i love the science behind how your body works and have used it to lose a lot of weight over the last few months ��

  • I’ve recently started tracking what I eat (mainly to make sure my carbs are restricted and my protein is high enough) and I was stunned at at how “CICO is ALL that matters” persists in many posts in my news feed. If you even challenge them slightly and say, “It’s not ALL that matters” they will keep going. It’s very strange. I’m not saying that energy intake is irrelevant. I’m saying that your body will process different sources of energy (fat/carbs) differently and it’s not a choice for everyone. A significant number of people (look at the numbers for insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes in the U.S. alone) can’t access the energy from carbs and it’s just ending up as excess fat in the cells. My guess is that 1) these people really are simple-minded and like simple stuff, so they can’t wrap their brains around metabolic pathways 2) they like to think they alone, and not some amount of genetic good fortune, are responsible for their health and that everyone else is a glutton 3) they are sugar or processed food addicts who don’t want to give up their addictions.

  • Brotherman, informative topic. Thank you. But you really don’t have to start a lecture by mocking or mimicking potential responses from viewers who won’t agree with you. I’ve been lecturing for many years in the health field. And in using words like “disingenuous” or dismissing contrasting arguments before you even finish your lecture, yields to possible insecurities of people disagreeing with you. Who cares!… just execute the knowledge you obtained. And be ready to yield to possible variables or considerations that might-scientifically and respectfully challenge your educational argument or study… Peace…

  • Last time someone preached “calories in calories out” to me, I just said, “Yeah, that’s exactly what Coca-Cola and Pepsi want you to think.”

  • Nice video Thomas, thanks for sharing! Can you pls do a video on type 1 diabetic in kids! What are your thoughts, what is lacking in their body that is causing this disease!!! I do not believe that this a genetic disease whatsoever. My son 11 years old got diagnosed with it last year. No family history of type 1 or type 2 in our both sides of family. I also i talked to a lot of other parents and same thing with them. I believe they are hiding the real cause since it will destroy the food industry and pharmaceutical companies. I believe that the lack of insulin is not the only cause of high blood sugar, I believe they lack on other pancreatic enzymes as well like amylase and lipase. And non are talking about this. I think if they start taking the enzymes that would greatly help them too. Please share what do u think is the real cause!!! Is it OK kids take pancreas enzymes and pancreas organ supplements? I would greatly appreciate if you talk about things that others our afraid of talking about it. Thank u

  • Let’s assume that this theory is correct.
    Doesbtje celery have to be consumed raw?
    What happens if I boil, steam,or liquidise the celery? Will the calories for digestion reduce?

  • “future studies are required to determine whether a reduction in DIT is characteristic of PFs generally”

    “These findings are currently relevant only to this type of meal”

    the study conclusion distances itself from the conclusion you attempt to draw with this video.

  • Processed food is stressful for our bodies to digest. So many ingredients we can even pronounce. I really try to eat minimal on the shelf foods. Took me a while to let go of those damn salty crackers and just learned how to make my own ��

  • Hey Thomas! I really like to watch your videos on daily basis they are so productive but I have a doubt can you tell me during prolong fasting can I add cream of tatar in my water and drink it to keep my potassium level in check or would this end my fasting state or create a hinderance in my autophagy?

  • Whole Food cheese is easy to make at home. Soak raw cashews in clean water for up to eight hours. Rinse them and add freshwater. Blend smooth. Add nutritional yeast flakes and sea salt (option; add garlic powder). For a firmer texture, mix in fine almond flour. Chill in refrigerator. Scoop or slice as needed.

  • why would u eat if that just make u hunger? too lazy to workout? that doesn’t make sense, if u want to have calorie deficit then just move more like workout and eat less. If the feeling of fullness you want to achieve, just eat more vegetables or jelly

  • I normally do omad but I’m getting my body prepared for Thanksgiving I’m on a 72 hour water fast then on Wednesday when I break my fast I’m only staying around 500 or less cals for an omad then fast till my Thanksgiving dinner is done on Thursday and that way I’m also able to eat some pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheese cake and resses cream pie and due to the fact I just got a job that involves heavy lifting 10 hours a day 6 days a week I told my wife I’m gonna start being less restrictive with what I do eat for 2 reason 1 so I can bulck up more muscle mass and 2 is cause it’s also the holiday season and it’s so hard to stay away from all the holiday goodies they are everywhere but last year I did good about it but was hell but mistake made last winter i lost weight so quick i went from 12% body fat to 3% in 4 days i was ice cold could not stay warm and lot of nerve pains pale as a ghost so weak almost collapse due to working a physical job and cut lot of carbs and sugar out but with what all happed to me my wife forced me to eat junk food for a whole day my blood sugar levels also was down to 40 so that’s why when there is a family event or a holiday coming up I’ll fast for a few days before and enjoy that day eat what I want then do at least a 48 hour fast following only thing happens to me when i do it like that have to stay close to a toilet cause in about 24 hours after it’s all coming rigjt back out witch is good for me due to digestion issues in my small intestine i have narrowing from where the stomach and small intestine are connected and cause me to be distended really bad but they say when you loss a lot of weight if can cause issues with you digestion system i came from 300lbs 19 months ago and now my weight very better 120 and 126 but this time of they year since I’m in ohio i can even see my weight up to 130 due to my body trying to hold onto extra water for the winter

  • Grammar police here, Thomas: “Why Processed Food Burns FEWER Calories” Not “Less”. Rule of thumb: If you can count them, use FEWER. If you can’t, use LESS. Examples: Fewer snowflakes, but Less snow. Fewer dollars, but Less money. Fewer calories, but less ingested energy. Otherwise, great video again! Thumbs up!

  • Yes! Thomas… Excellent presentation of your being a sparkling example of genetic perfection;) love the show’s good knowledge.
    Craig taking heed of everything so far from when I caught a hold on this marvelous Chanel you host here.
    Have a great day.
    PS. Thanks to the researchers who gather knowledge too!

  • Your body does not circumvent the laws of thermodynamics. Some foods may affect how many calories you burn, but the fact will ALWAYS be calories in vs calories out. Period. Stop giving people an excuse to be overweight. They cant help it because of all these stupid factors you talk about. You CAN NOT gain fat taking in less calories than your body burns. If you are not losing fat, you HAVE to either decrease your calorie intake or increase your calories burned, or both. PERIOD. Stop giving people excuses

  • IMHO, you get it backwards.
    A calorie is a calorie, pure and simple…
    “calorie in <-> calorie out: is junk
    A calorie is a calorie the same way an inch is an inch and a meter is a meter. It is simply a unit of measurement.
    But calorie in/ calorie out is not accurate, due to our body’s mechanism, e.g. homeostasis, thermic effect of food, GI index, insulin activation, etc. etc.
    The end result of which is ingesting a certain number of calories may impact the body differently depending on the types of macro nutrient/ fiber/ hormonal elements/ time of eating etc.
    Or something like that:-D

  • If a calorie is just a calorie, I want you to do an experiment where all you do is eat sugar all day every day. Let’s see what happens to your body. If you think that is crazy because sugar is not healthy, then you’ve already conceded that the statement is not true. There are other things that need to be considered when you consume food. Our body does not count calories. Our body counts the insulingenic effect of food. If you eat in a manner that tells your body to trigger high levels of insulin, you will get fat. If you eat any manner that does not tell your body to trigger high levels of insulin you will not get fat. The reason weight loss is so hard even when people eat less and move more is because of insulin. Point blank period. If you’re fasting insulin is above 10, you will not burn fat.

  • The benefit is due to the MASSIVE amount of dietary fiber, water, and trace nutrients. For what it is worth the amount of calories in celery to make you VERY full is like 50-100. Combined with fat and protein from other sources you can eat relatively small amounts of the other macros and still be extremely calorie deficient day to day.

    Let’s say you hit a target of 800 calories a day. With 100 calories of celery a day (a head), you still have 700 calories to play around with with fat and protein.

    If you have a low calorie salad dressing, 600.

    That is like two chicken breast sandwiches on low calorie bread, with lettuce, a tomato slice, mustard and light mayonnaise.

    Break those sandwiches up into 2 meals, and have coffee for breakfast and you won’t REALLY be hungry the whole day.

    And that would be for a grown man. If you are burning 2800 calories a day, that is 2000 lost in a single day.

    Which is something like a 2/3 a pound of fat a day. Serious business.
    You do that for 2 months it comes out to around 36 pounds of fat loss.

  • He’s cherry picking studies that don’t even have a lot of data!! He only chooses studies that support his business agenda… Such BS.

  • Great video thanks. I’ve been following Dr. Jason Fung and yeah he advocates the same thing. He says 100 calories of broccoli is not = to 100 calories of a donut. So true what you’re saying.

  • Not technically food perhaps, but I guess water and other calorie-free drinks may be worth mentioning? Especially if they are far below room temperature (e.g. filled with ice cubes I see that another commenter also mentioned ice cubes). As I understand it, the energy spent by the body to heat the liquid to room temperature could be significant.

  • I love when dogmatic CICO theory believer try to push this cult like heck, just so they can ignore they are sugar addicts, trying to justify and defend their bad eating habbits

    I mean when im on deep keto, really really fat adapted and can create ketones from my food wich i breath or pee out later on, but could also eat a bunch of fructose or drink sodas wich i store instantly, how the heck is a calorie a calorie if on on hand i can pee&breath calories out?

    there is way more, but it doesnt matter anymore to me to argue with people who think a formula based on a closed technical system is explaining our hormone depending biological bodys because i know from experience CICO is just BS and dont work

    use my stats: i was 130kg, 182cm tall, had a job at a gas station for 10Hour a day (very active) + 2 hour workouts 5 times a week (intense weight training)
    I was also walking…everywhere, cause i dont have a care, that adds to at least 12 hours activity + workout and i was eatin 1800kcal

    USE YOUR THEORY, i should burn AT THE VERY VERY LEAST 4000-5000kcal a day, so i should have lost 1kg of fat every 3day…i lost maybe 0,5kg a month, and i got weaker and felt worse each day, so i guess it was muscle, despite all the EAA, protein (2-3g per kg bodyweight) etc.

    then i switched to keto, ate 3000-3500kcal real keto and lost over 20kg the first 3 months…believe what you want, i know my human body is not explained by a formula from some closed machines

  • Thomas, for the last time, NOBODY WILL TRUST ANYTHING YOU SAY CAUSE YOUVE ALWAYS GOT SOMETHING TO SELL. When you got nothing to profit then your words will gain merit

  • Who would’ve thought that the human body is much more complex than simple maths and the quality of what you eat and the timing matters as much as the quantity.

  • Thomas, I didn’t come here to debunk you, I came to learn. Check your math please. @ 2:48 you tell us the whole food sandwich took 33 calories to just be digested, while the processed sandwich took 17 calories to digest. Then you say (@ 2:59) the 33 calories were 19.9% of the total. @ 3:06 you mention the processed sandwich took 17 calories or 10.7% of total calories. You’ve already indicated that both sandwiches had the same calorie counts. @ 3:14 you announce “that is less than half the energy that it takes to break down a whole food sandwich”. Since when is 17 less than half of 33? (51.5%) Since when is 10.7 less than half of 19.9? (53.8%) Hyperbole is fine when discussing your sponsors, but it has no business in the math. All this kind of mathematical error does is detract from your credibility. Thanks for the good content you provide us. Please keep it up. Please please, do the math.

  • What Thomas said about how that crowd will say “all calories are equal” and then back peddle when they see experiments of individuals overeating fat from whole foods (and barely gaining weight over a few weeks) and overeating processed carby junk food with a shoot-up in weight is so true. They’ll say it’s not a fair comparison. Yeah, it’s not fair if they agree with us that different foods aren’t treated equally by the body. It is fair we go by THEIR logic that all calories are equal. According to their CICO theory, the weight gain should have been equal, because “a calorie is a calorie” and food source/quality doesn’t matter for fat loss or gain.

  • Fantastic presentation by Gabor Erdosi about the more the carbohydrate cell structure is broken down the worse the results:

  • What about NEAT why wasnt it mentioned? Some people start moving around and fidgeting like crazy when increased calories happen, so NEAT shoots through the roof.

  • I’ve seen you use some strawman arguments before, Delauer… but this one’s over the top!!! This is not at all an argument against cals in / out. GUESS WHAT? The thermic effect of food has been around forever… you didn’t just come up with this concept.
    Here, let me school you (though I think you know this better than most)… fat’s thermic effect is negligible (3-5%); carbs is moderate (10-12%); protein’s is pronounced (20-30%). If the thermic effect is what differentiates whether cals in / out is legit or not, you could have said so in your very first video ever!

    I loved your question: “Do you see what I’m saying here?” I do indeed… never eat anything other than protein ever again, because the thermic effect of food is ALL THAT MATTERS, and less thermic effect sucks. You win. Just protein and never carbs, or even worse, fats, for the rest of our days! Gothca.

  • James I had no idea but when you think about the act of eating burns calories because we are moving. But your body has to use more energy to breakdown certain foods. Great video and I am happily a new subscriber

  • I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for 2 weeks and yesterday was my birthday and thus I ate too much too unhealthy and over my time frame. What would be the best course of action?? Should I fast for 24hrs or go back to my 20/4 hour fast??

  • All the Instagram “nutritionists” who keep telling people “eating a piece of fruit should be avoided because it’s the same as eating a candy bar” ����‍♀️ need to watch this video!

  • This was an excellent video. Thank you very much for sharing! Eric Helms has done another excellent job at explicating a topic in Health & Fitness.

  • Is a calorie a calorie? Of course it is…
    Fledge, you are wrong here. A calorie is a unit of energy, just like a calorie is a calorie, a mile is a mile, a kg is a kg. Is 100 calories of protein going to have the same affect on your body as 100 calories of fat? no. But that’s because fat and protein are different. A calorie is still a calorie… because physics.

  • I heard about TEF from a YouTube commercial so I decided to research and came across your video thanks for the information! Great video ����

  • Hey Gabriel, love your videos bud, I have a couple controversial video requests, first and foremost being your opinion on consuming cannabis while weightlifting, be it before or after lifting, benefits and negatives in your opinion and second video being on your opinion regarding veganism and weight lifting. Thank you and catch you soon!

  • No raspberry ketones… I get my ketones the old-fashioned way: from my liver! Thinking about TEF is really useful when deciding between an apple and a pop-tart!

  • people really dont understand how complicated nutrition is. its so much more than macronutrients. i’ve given up trying to explain or nutrition with ppl because no one actually cares, and as soon as u bring up things outside of carbs and proteins they shut off. oh well, enjoy diabetes?

  • walking for 20 minutes would burn more calories than celery (assuming its negative calorie food anyway)
    maybe Ice would be a negative calorie “food”

  • Part of it too is that everyone’s body is different. You have to pay close attention to how your body responds. Like me for example as far as diet is concerned I’ve gotten down to single digit body fat percentages twice while only counting my protein and calories. I never tracked or counted one single carb or fats. Not one time and got absolutely shredded by just staying at a caloric deficit. We are all genetically different.

  • To be really nerdy watch a video by Dr. Michael Eades re: The reverse electron transport theory where C:18 saturated fat generates more ATP(which is what is actually used for energy by your body) than a C:18 poly unsaturated fat.

  • from your argument, it is still “a calorie is a calorie”, the only thing you described is the differnt effect of the chemical compound (structure) between a whole organic to industrial processed.

  • Quick question: how about liquid protein thermogenesis vs solid food thermogenesis, for example what’s the difference of thermic effect of a piece of chicken, steak or whatever compared to a protein shake. It makes sense that solid food takes more calories to digest and break down.

  • I’ve been a big advocate for eating WHATEVER THE FUCK I want through my fitness journey (I was fat before I started, what a surprise). So I’ve bulked and cut right through the years whilst eating junk food literally every single day. I definitely agree with you though, this IIFYM stuff about everything being equal is NOT true.

    It’s only true in a mathematical view that I could lose 1lb a week eating 2200kcals of junk food or 2200kcals of ‘healthy bodybuilder’ food. It might be anecdotal but I am 100% sure that even though technically you would make the same weight loss progress with each diet, your actual body composition/performance in the gym would definitely be improved with the healthy diet. In that case its not equal. It never has been. I am sure that if I went back with the perfect diet I would have the same body size and strength 3 years in rather than 5.

    but then i also got to eat mcdonalds for 5 years straight so take what you will from this lol. good video, subbed

  • Man this is gold!! Love your tips. I always thought is was called the thermogenic effect of food, man I always learn something new from you. Asparagus is one of my favs!

  • I just notice that the celery is sold out in every store near me. As I walk, I noticed all the fatties with a wheelbarrow of celery, devouring it as they go down the road. Lmao �� great video. #asapsciencegainzedition

  • Quality info by Helms and SbS.
    Question. Am I able to show/ use this video to help my clients better understand what is going on in their body?

    (I find that some people understand better with video and animation.)

  • Love your videos but some of us do vegetable protein. Im vegetarian. I also follow Jason Fung. Your diet is everything! You are what you eat!

  • Edward, I think you could have mentioned the endocrinology side of things a little more, particularly the different insulin/glucagon response of macronutrients. After all, with IF and low carb we are ultimately trying to put our insulin level under control, reverse insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia.

  • Can you prove there’s a significant difference between digestive output for white bread vs brown bread? One study with different mixed ingredients isn’t exactly concrete.

  • Idk if your still looking at what we’re saying down here but I was body boxing with my brother and one time he threw a punch fast asf and both my. Hands were out trying to punch ����‍♂️ and I didn’t react if anything I was stunned but somehow I did and blocked it with my arm taking hella damage was the reflex or reaction bc it happened involuntary

  • The entire point of “processing” is to make calories and nutrients available more efficiently. We’ve always been doing it. It’s what has showed us to grow big brains.

    Cutting raw meat into thin strips to make it easier to chew is processing. Milling flour is processing. Selectively breeding plants to have fewer toxins and more carbohydrates is processing. Processing food is what humans do. It big brains depend on it. Even what we consider “whole” foods are highly processed compared to what people had available even 150 years ago.

    Processed food is a boon to people who still do manual labor so hard they burn every calorie they eat before the end of the day. But virtually nobody works like that anymore.

    Our technology has run ahead of our biology. Our brains would need to grow and our guts to wither for us to eat highly processed food.

  • Paul saladino discussed this on his podcast with Tommy wood. The food needs to make to the lower small intestines. Processed foods don’t make it there. The reason gastric bypass works is the small intestines are moved up higher forcing food to the lower half of the intestines. Thomas I’ve said it before. go on Paul saladino podcast. Talk omega 3 with him.

  • Not gonna lie..I’ve been trying IF for like 2 weeks…not a single pound I’ve been doing 18/6 And I’m pretty fine with the fasting as I never really eat anyway..but I’m finding it difficult to eat enough during my feeding phase. I also jog every morning just before breaking my fast…I need help! Lol

  • ok so a processed slice of cheese is like 50 calories, the same for real cheese is like 150-200 calories. minus your pety 15 calories your video still is stupid.

  • Can’t someone create something like polystyrene but biodegradable and eatable with less than 100 kcal per kg so i can eat cardboard all day?

  • I would guess that, if nutrients have been largely removed: nutrient absorption is moot, aside from the speed of gut absorption>>storage. It may be a reasonable rule of thumb that, beside whey which has been partially or fully hydrolyzed, which may or may not justify the added cost: having a machine or process of any sort do the work of digestion and absorption for you is likely to drive down any positive effect of food one could name, to a degree commensurate with the relative processing.

  • aint no promotion like self promotion!!!! good video as always…………I just put on a day of eating video as well mah bois!!! Make sure to check it out mah guys!!!!!

  • Just watch Greg Doucette’s video of why macros don’t matter. You’re too complicated in your explanation of calories. The average person trying to lose fat isn’t going to retain all of this information. Calorie deficit=weight loss. Calorie surplus=weight gain. Eat a balanced diet and you’ll be fine.

  • You have got to be kidding me…… this is almost criminal how much of a fraud this dude is…… what a lying sack of sh!t strictly out to deceive you and give you misinformation…. how the hell do you look at yourself in the mirror and put it these absolutely absurd videos created for the sole purpose of deceiving you what a scumbag

  • Very informative and something I never thought about before. Intermittent fasting is very new for me and I’m fasting 16 hours and eating for 8 hours and find it hard to get at least 1200 calories in. I know I’m not supposed to snack but I feel like I’m eating frequently throughout the eight hours just to make certain that I get enough calories in. So is that actually called snacking? I feel as though when I finish my first meal, and it takes a long time to chew an apple, then within a half hour to an hour is time to start the second meal. Anyone who can help, thanks!

  • When I eat more fruits and vegetables and protein in moderation I lose weight but when I eat more fat, low carb and protein I gain weight. So I eat fruits and vegetables and oatmeal in the week and chicken or fish on the weekend.

  • So if I have total of 1,750 of calories consumed throughout the day for a caloric deficit and deducting 350 cal because of working out, should I eat 350 worth of cal to achieve the daily caloric deficit?

  • I guess in this sense, if it holds true for other foods, then for emergency food (like for extreme climbs / hikes / or just getting lost somewhere), the processed food may be better since it is expending less energy to consume it. Though to be critical, I think the negative effects of the processed chemicals don’t make up for the caloric energy saving in these high risk situations.

  • A nurse once told me that a calorie is a calorie. But they are made up of fats proteins and carbs which your body utilizes differently. I love the way you broke it all down in simple terms. This video really put my suspicions to rest. Thanks Edward.

  • So this means on the calorie packaging if I eat some Jerkey I can basically multiply what it says on the packaging by 70% and plug that amount into my fitness pal and if I eat a package of skittles multiply by 95% and add that in etc? What I care is what does this mean for the label? If a label says 200 calories per serving is that truly 200 calories because scientists already took net calories into account or no and I have to multiply by some percent less than 100?

  • Glycemic index is the same for both wheat bread and for white bread, which is 74. The notion of glycemic index is outdated because you have to look at it as a glycemic load because now you’re incorporating fat and protein which is the cheese, processed or not.

    Also if you’re worried about the extra 100-200 cal. Walk for 20 minutes and you’ll burn more than that?

  • Great info! I’m sure most people don’t realize a lot of this. I find that the more fiberous dense food choices make me feel more full on less as well.

  • I’m going to keep doing I.F. and eating fruit and exercising and enjoying my life. Thanks again Edward V. for the research and breakdown. So many keto fanatics are against so many fruits and are quick to tell you you shouldn’t have them. Glad I’m not on the “Keto Diet.” I’m on the “Nay Lifestyle Change” and I’m sticking to it! �� Thanks again Brother❤��������

  • If I eat 1 boiled potato a day and 2 boild Green banana a day along with Steamed veggies and steamed Fish, is that okay? Will I not loose the gut if I do this? WHILE doing the intermittent fasting? I usually stop eating at 3-4pM and won’t eat again till around 8:30am…

  • I’d really like to talk to a bio-chemist and have them answer me this question: “Calories are measured by completely burning food, possibly at temperatures up to 1000K so that there’s complete dissociation of the molecules down to the simplest components. However, that does not happen in the human body: proteins are normally broken down to the amminoacid level, not to the single atom level. Why should we consider that measurement of calories as relevant to the actual effect on the human body? Shouldn’t we consider the actual bio-chemical transformations that are happening in our bodies and measure or estimate that amount of energy?”

  • If you go for a walk and burn 100 calories, those 100 calories are coming out of either your body’s storage, or the food you ate… just because you burn less of the calories from the food you consumed doesn’t mean you’re going to burn any less calories from your body’s storage. A calorie is a calorie. Period.

  • This is why I love high carb low fat moderate protein! But carbs from whole food sources, sure they are even better for weight loss and overall health! Everytime I up my fats and lower my carbs I gain weight, fat weight!