The Workout You Must Do Should You re Attempting To Lose Weight



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How Much Cardio You Need To Lose Weight (This Might Surprise You)

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What is the best workout to get in shape, burn calories, lose weight, burn fat Jillian Michaels

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Half An Hour Weight Loss 30 Min Home Workout To Burn Fat

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Can You Lose Weight with 15 Minute Workouts? Are Short Intense Workouts Enough to Change Your Body?

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In general, Tamir recommends strength training three to four times a week for 45 to 60 minutes. “Strength training also gives you the ability to endure more during your aerobic training. There are many great reasons to follow a regular fitness routine. After all, cardio and resistance training offer a host of health-related benefits, from lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol, to boosting mood and reducing anxiety. Then, there’s the role exercise can play in helping you shed — and maintain — weight.

1 day ago · I hated doctor’s visits since they always told me things that I didn’t want to hear: You have to lose weight, you need to get on a diet, or You’re heavier than your last visit. 20 hours ago · But when you’re trying to lose fat – or make healthier choices – for the most part, staying clear of foods that are excessively high in sugar, salt and fat will help you on your way. To lose weight, you need to burn more calories per day than you eat. Called a caloric deficit, it’s the bottom line of weight loss, and there are two ways to.

Oftentimes, he explains, “people do something dramatic that cannot be maintained. But small steps get you going in the right direction.” Even better, losing just 5 percent of your body weight — 10 pounds for a 200-pound person — significantly lowers the risk of health conditions such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, according to a study published in Cell Metabolism. Yes, you should try to eat within at least two hours of a workout if you’re trying to lose weight, Michele told POPSUGAR. This is for a couple of reasons. First and.

What if I told you can lose weight fast without exercising, just by lying on an infrared heating mat, or in a portable infrared sauna at home? Here’s what science has found: A 30-minute session in an infrared sauna (while doing absolutely nothing) achieves the same health benefits of running 2-3 miles. This is a scientifically proven fact.

Even if you’re riding high on the thrill of being back in the gym, you need to ease back into things and not overdo it on day 1. To lower your risk of injury (and consequently, another unscheduled break from exercise), there are a few exercises you’ll want to put on a temporary hold as you build your strength back up. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends you drink 16 to 20 ounces of water 4 hours before exercise and another 8 to 12 ounces 10 minutes before. Then sip water every 15 or 20 minutes.

List of related literature:

Exercise has usually been promoted via the “calories in, calories out” logic— the idea that if you increase the number of calories you burn by exercising more, you’ll lose weight.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
from Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity
by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

This is especially true if you do other exercise as well.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
Waterbury Publishers, Incorporated, 2019

The important part is moving and pushing yourself to move a little bit more and a little bit more vigorously every time you exercise.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
from The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes
by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
HMH Books, 2016

For example, “Starting next Monday, I will work out at the gym four times each week with a trainer and drink a healthy smoothie instead of lunch, and I will continue until I weigh less than 180 pounds.”

“Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras” by Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman
from Creating on Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras
by Anodea Judith, Lion Goodman
Sounds True, 2012

The bottom line is that nobody can make you exercise, but if you want to do more than lose weight—if you want to look fit and toned and feel great, with increased confidence and energy—then you should add exercise to your life.

“The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
from The One One One Diet: The Simple 1:1:1 Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss
by Rania Batayneh, Eve Adamson
Rodale Books, 2013

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • This time last year, I was 230 pounds at 5’11”. Pack of cigs a day and 4+ sodas a day. Couldn’t move much. Now I’m 165 with abs. Start with distilled water, remove sugar and alcohol, and commence your journey towards your true optimal physique!

  • Thank you both SO MUCH for all your selfless hard work in making your knowledge so readily available to us. I have seen much improvement in my health and body since I’ve started using your videos. Each session is so clean and easy to follow. I recommend fitness blender to everyone I know is trying to get into shape. Thanks again for making me happier with myself. Blessing. =)

  • Lots of love flying your way from India..

    You are my absolute fitness guru..������

    Thanks a million for helping me on my fitness journey.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    May lord always bless your loved once and you.

  • Diet Plan called Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on different videos and I thought they were scam. However after my cousin follow it, and finally lost crazy amounts of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Don’t take my own word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on google.

  • I only did this because I have depression because of how fat I am and they are gonna weigh us when we go to school if we are 20+ we have to get home schooled or we have to take online class everybody in my class is skinny.

  • You made my day I’m thickerI used to be fat or I used to look at my pictures when I was fat and I like so if it was found then I took a picture of me and I know this I will skinny

  • I really love Roberta’s Gym I’m on day 2 already and I’m starting to feel good about it. I just kind of have a medium belly and I want it to go away so this is helping me so much thank u

  • I love the 10 minute workouts! I can use them when my girls are awake and I know I only have 10 minutes before they’ll demand attention.

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting out this video. I woke up feeling pretty low this morning and was in bed cruising YouTube and found your video and now I just finished a hour and a half run on the treadmill. “The best workout is the one that you show up for” was some thing I really needed to hear today.❤️

  • Has anyone used the Fenoboci Diet Plan to lost crazy amounts of weight? Simply do a search engine search. On there you’ll discover a great suggestions about how you can lost tons of fat. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • Hop on the concept II rowing machine. 1000 calories an hour is sustainable. For an hour at a time.

    That’s 16.667 a minute.

    Impact free.

    But do stretch the back, pelvis, legs and bum well.

  • 10 years of starving, working a physical job 18hrs per day and substance abuse helped me go from 133kg of fat to 70kg in less than a year, with only 1 trip to the hospital for exhaustion, then realised I need to take care of myself and packed on 20kg lean muscle thanks to Jeff’s videos ������

    True story

  • Jillian!!! Is it enough to switch up your videos for the variety aspect?? Or do I need to join a gym and do both videos and weights???

  • I’m still on OMAD and doing fasted cardio. If I am limited for time, which would be more beneficial for fat loss, 45 minutes of kickboxing or walking for an hour? I try to get in about 4 kickboxing classes a week, how many classes would you consider too much when trying to lose fat?

  • day1: paused 3 times
    day2: paused once
    day3:paused once
    day4: was at a sleepover so didn’t do it
    day5:was too tired from the sleepover to do it

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  • Hey bro, tons of useful advice. Plus, I am happy to know that I have been working out the correct way after listening to what you said.

    Everyday, I come across my soothsayers and self-proclaimed weight loss experts who advice me just the opposite.

    Thanks bro ��. For me results are showing good.

  • im sorry but… the worst ways to lose weight
    best way –
    different mindset
    . So what i got from this video is i can sit on my ass, doing nothing eating like a pig but with different mindset and i will lose weight
    Please clarify:/

  • what if youre already in shape/ shape-ish and you just want to drop 4-5 lbs and you do 2 a days 15 min hiit 5-7 day out of the week, would this be effective?

  • Has anyone tried Custokebon Secrets? (search on google) I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • Yeah, I do one of your 28 minute HIIT routines 5 mornings a week to maintain during the winter when it’s too cold to ride to work… even then with Christmas and all I tend to gain 5 lbs over the winter that I have to burn off in the spring when the bike rides start again.   15 minutes might be something to do to keep you in the habit of working out, but there’s no way you’re going to lose weight doing even what I’m doing without as strict diet.

  • I’m going to watch good videos ^^ Absolute leader of home training! I learned a lot I started uploading home videos too. I would appreciate it if you come and give me feedback ^^ Have a happy day today:)

  • Preach it. Find a nutrition routine you can stick with and physical activity you enjoy. I’ve been doing low carb (<10%) and an hour of dumbbells a day, already lost 70lb and feeling great.

  • aight lets try this ig. ill try to update everyday but who knows lmaoo.
    81.80 kg / 180.3381 lbs
    5th august 2020: oh my goodness i only did 13 minutes and i know i can do more but like im just out of breath kinda. this is my first workout ive ever really done but tmr hopefully i can do twice as that!

  • How does chloe ting come out of the blue and have more followers than Jillian? She doesn’t even have a body that anyone wants. Jillian has always been so informative and toned.

  • what about swimming? because running hurts when I’m overweight and cycling isn’t hard enough, I have taken up swimming laps, I think it helps

  • I just hit 165 lbs today!!!! I was 185 lbs before!�� thanks bro, alot of your videos kept me going!!!! Now I just gotta maintain!����

  • I have such a busy routine and i can workout for like 15 min. I workout for longer time at the weekends tho. How can i manage my workout routine?

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search search. On there you will find an awesome suggestions about how you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • I am doing a 15-20 minutes long full body workout with dumbells at the morning before breakfast 5 days a week. At the evening I go for a 40 minutes walk.
    Most importantly I watch for my nutrition(no alcohol,no bread,mostly oatmeal,rice,chicken,turkey,fish,tons of vegetables)In 12 month I lost 20 kg of fat and gained some muscles.

  • Would love to see a “what I eat in a typical day” breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks. Or a “whats cooking wednesday” video. Loved this video, and you look amazing!

  • You are Great everything you do.
    Your explanation is simple n direct so in your videos straight forward non of the to much talk and less acción.
    All the Best Jillian.

  • Jill, I have recently gotten a quest VR and have been doing the fit cry boxing game. Can you give me your opinion on virtual workouts?

  • Great video, as always.

    But, there’s something i’ve been wondering for a while.

    As of 2018 I left behind a completely sedentary lifestyle. I was 5,6” 19 year old weighing about 200 pounds. For about 6 months I didn’t skip a single gym day and I ran/walked about 2 miles almost everyday, and although I was more mindful of what I was eating, I continued to eat a lot of junk food. No one could say I had my a good ”’diet”’. Even with all of this, I managed to lose almost 50 pounds.

    How could I lose so much weight even though I had such bad habits?

  • It seems from your videos, everything that’s common knowledge in the fitness community is a misconception. I think you made a good point in another video, where you said “good advice at the wrong time can be bad advice” because you’re clearly very advanced at this and most of your viewers are beginners trying to put themselves into the world of fitness and it can be hard to guide them through that process when you’re at where you’re at

  • I am gonna do this everyday because I wonna lose 10 kg in one month because I want come back to school slim and fit this is so hard��I am gonna just eat one meal a day �� God with me ������

  • I’ve been doing a mix of hiit and other workouts for at least 40 60 mins per day, does that sound about right for losing flab and toning up? This is paired with a fresh diet and lots of walking x

  • I’m 5 feet 8 inches
    and I weigh 121 lbs. I don’t need to lose weight I just want to be fit and gain more muscle. Then is a 15 mins HIIT workout 3 times a week and a 15 mins weightlifting workout twice a week is enough in my case? Warm up and cool down are not included in the 15 mins.

  • The two of you are HILARIOUS….I love watching your informative videos and doing your workouts. I just finished one of your hour long workouts! NOT a 15min workout lol

  • I think it depends on the type of workouts performed within the 15 minute time frame. Everybody’s different so some lose weight and others don’t.

  • Thank you, everyone tells me 15-20 mins is enough but it’s not especially as I’m trying to lose weight at the moment, I try to do between 30 45 min a day combining cardio & strength and watching what I eat

  • Some people say that if you do the same workout over and over again your body will get use to it. Is that true? Though I don’t think it is I just want to make sure. Thank you.

  • Compassion! You can hear it in her voice and gentle way of describing tough answers. Its like she gives us credit for being intelligent. Thank you Jillian!

  • I have a question Daniel and Kelli, u mentioned multiple workouts for a day, even before bed. Can u kindly recommend what type of workout is suitable before bedtime?: )

  • This still surprises me, how lot of people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets, although lots of people get great results with it. Thanks to my mate who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I have lost tons of weight with it without starving myself.

  • I got in shape by working out this…. 4/3 pi r3…. the volume of a sphere! That’s me… but a sphere is a shape, so I’m good! ��…. nah, currently dropping weight at about 2lb per month cos that’s as fast as I need! Great channel sound advice! ��

  • I’m turning 15 in october and currenly 5 foot 10… goal is to reach 143 pounds. When I was 14 and around 5 foot 9.5 I was 180 pounds. So i started to lose weight and got down to 163, which is my current weight. And perhaps the biggest motivation was getting compliments from others about how much weight I lost, so it drove me to keep going. BUT IF YOU ARE MY AGE… don’t ever starve yourslf of the important nutrients your body needs. remember that ur body is growing and organs are developing, it is DANGEROUS to not eat properly. Just cut the junk out and you’ll be good. Get exercise. The only reason is made this mistake and didn’t do exersice is becuase my vitamin D was low and exercising was hard without my knees hurting. But for those who are fit to exercise, do it, eat well and work hard! Hard work will get you results if you try hard enough:)

  • I don’t know if these kind of comments are okay, but here goes:
    I am a Certified nursing assistant, so I have a pretty active job. I also work out 5x a week. I do these HIIT workouts, Zumba, and Yoga. I eat pretty healthy, with the occasional slip up, but overall healthy eating. Total, I have lost 22lbs. But I haven’t been able to drop anymore weight! I am stuck!! What am I doing wrong? How can I break through this barrier I have hit?? I would be thankful for the advice! Thanks in advance!!!

  • When she said “you have successfully done the workout”.. I was like ������������������������������������.. OMG I’m done! ������������.. I feel like I’m one step closer to a super model body now ������..

  • So happy cardio is not necessary to achieve weight loss goals and beneficial health benifits! I Hate running…�� Thank you for another awsome video!

  • This video was so crystal clear I can hardly imagine it was really necessary to tell it to people.
    I don’t know to much about bodybuilding or fitness, but never think about exercising is the way to lose weight. For me what worked: move in any kind, drink a lot of water and drop the dinner. Without any other calculations and exercise I dropped 12 kilos in a half year. Permanently.

  • Intermittent fasting + Keto + HIIT training and weight training. Been doing it for a year, lost virtually all visceral fat and 30 out of 50 pounds of subcutaneous body fat. Definitely works but I also spent a lot of time modifying my lifestyle to make it sustainable. I figured it out and now I’m healthier then I’ve ever been. Not just physical appearance, but getting sugar and lots of carbs out of my daily life has had a huge impact in so many ways. Look up Doctor Berg for more info on IF and Keto.

    Like Jeff says, attitude and sustainability is key: if you’re not motivated and can’t sustain what you’re doing and are basically looking for a quick/easy fix, you are 99% guaranteed to give up and slip back into your old bad habits.

    Remember, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

  • I adore you Jillian, I remember watching “the biggest loser “ I’ve always struggle with weight. That’s why I decide to become a register dietitian ( wich I am in my country) and seeing you was one of my decisions to study nutrition and start Working out ��️‍♀️

  • I didn’t go for my 10k steps today bec It was ☔ here this morning�� but I did my daily qorkout at home�� today I did 50 min total body tabata workout( Sydney Cummings)

  • This Video was so informative. I have gained weight maybe a good 20 pounds. I usually just follow the 15 minute workouts I was starving myself and was not seeing any results. I am still the same. This past week I am aiming for atleast 30 minutes of cardio a day plus my strength or weight training. Can’t wait for the results. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  • Could be a stupid question, just curious is this for men too, cus some of exercises seems for Hips and Thais. It would be great if you can clear it. Thanks.

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  • How do you know when you have done a sufficient enough workout for your personal self?
    I have tried some short 15-20 minute workouts that are so intense I feel I can’t do much more, I have also done some of those 1000 calorie burns 1hr+, where I will feel the same but I never really know what’s right for me!

  • I have been following & doing your 14 days workout since 4 month nd now from last week I started this 30 minutes hard workout. It’s super cool.
    It will be nice if u would have mention the benefits each every exercise.
    Thank u so much

  • I’m Working Out Because I Need Too Loosen 8, 9,10 IMA Do This For The Next 2 Weeks Oof I Didn’t Finish It Because My Ankle Hurted From Yester Day In My Trampoline Sorry Mabey Tomorrow Good Luck We Be Looking Good Flex Off Ur Bully’s Lol

  • What do I do if I’m physically incapable of doing one of the exercises. Do I do it the best way I can or do I just not do it at all. For example the the tricep dips I can’t lift myself off the ground.

  • It’s great to hear this from you! I have been looking for advice on what workout would be best for me. I am in love with home workouts. It has become my “me” time and totally committed. I do weight training, HIIT and include low impact routines on a weekly basis to give my knees a break. My goal is 5 min warm up, 20 training and 5 stretching for a total of 30 mins (sometimes 40) at least 4 times a week. I am still unsure if this time is enough to help build muscle and lose a couple of pounds. Any tips on this?

  • Would a 16 minute work out help me maintain my strength while I heal from an injury? I cannot do hiit right now and I was doing your 1000 calorie work out (just saying I’m not a beginner lol) I have been doing 5x5x5 fb work outs

  • Makes tons of sense, thank you.
    I’m wanting to gain muscle and lose my little pooch belly. How often should I weight train in the week? Also, is there such a thing as eating too much healthy fats in a day?

  • I love that you take about changing it up during the week. Personally I love to dance and that’s what I do for my workout on mondays. Mondays are always hard days and I pick the thing I love the most to keep me motivated. Thanks for everyone!

  • The nike app gives you a plan of your needs with simillar things said in the video. I completed a 4 week plan, right now in a 6 week plan. It gives a plan with yoga, hiit, core workouts, and i only chose a no equipment plan. You can chose woth equipment too.

  • I’m 13, a dancer, former hockey player, and I just have a bit of fat on my stomach and hips.. I’m just trying to burn down the fat so I can eventually feel better while I’m dancing, should I do the 8 week weight loss program?! If so could you please put the link for it in this comment because I can’t seem to find it?! I’m also new to this account!!

  • Just did the workout I thought one day would do the trick but no girls and boys do this eveyday to see you good side of positivity and then you will loss weight. 60 kg right now

  • I do 20 min strength training workouts 3 times a week in the mornings because I have a toddler who doesn’t let me get anything done lol. But I walk 4 flights of steps at work 6 times, two or three times a day 5 days a week. If I’m not walking the steps, I’m walking laps.


  • You almost have me convinced of not running everyday, running 3 days aweek now.
    So if I can keep my heart rate below my number I can still run every day? when I run I breathe through my nose with back straight. Thanks Carlo

  • Yeah, but if you were a total slob like me, and you go from nothing to 15 minutes of HIIT, it gets your heart pumping, which has a lasting effect. There have been scientific studies on this, it’s not pulled out of thin air. I combine about 20 minutes of cardio every other day with weights and stretching. I don’t doubt I could do more, but I certainly feel better, and I’ve lost 40 pounds, although I think that’s more down to vastly reducing my sugar intake, mainly from sugary drinks and “treats”.

  • Thank you! I really enjoyed this and looking at it first I thought I was too easy and wouldn’t have me burning fat. But after, I was to say, simple but very effective. Thanks once again!

  • so basically just do low intense cardio like walking, and then do cross fit?? that will help you lose weight?? just to clear things up

  • I’ve been lean all my life and never had to work at managing my weight.
    I work out regularly, am 53, and now struggling with menopausal weight gain.
    There doesn’t seem to be much reliable information out there for this issue, although many women seem to deal with it.
    I’d love to see a video with your thoughts and suggestions.

  • Don’t starve yourself, you lose weight but most of the fat stays trust me. I was 12 or 13 and I was 152 pounds then during lent I started to starve myself and just say I was ‘fasting’ when I honestly wasn’t. From around March to September I went from 152 to 115. Unfortunately I did not realize that I would end having some belly fat and chest fat still. I’ve been working to take it off and its taking me awhile, don’t starve yourself.

  • Thank you once again for this great advice. I have runners knee due to running every day. I am a firm believer in variety. I’m just not sure why it had never registered when it comes to my workouts. It’s definitely key which I’ll start applying.

  • Well this was 6 years ago and the new hiit works evn better so don’t give up hope do all your best and never give up try the new hiit for 15 minutes don’t listen to these lame asses you just do u don’t let them stop u��

  • I’m not sure if i agree. Its not just calories in calories out, 20 mins of exercise a day plus a healthy diet can speed up your metabolism, which yeah can allow you to lose weight easily! I’ve experienced this first hand!

  • I’m struggling with this. I kickbox 4 days a week and now I’m also starting Brazilian Jui Jitsu. I manage to work in some Pilates at home a couple days a week but I’d like to incorporate some more strength training. We do body weight exercises in the martial Arts classes but I’d like to start lifting too, but I’m not sure how to fit it in and still find time for rest days. I’m not really willing to give up any of my martial arts days.

  • She’s exactly right consistency is the key.

    After decades of sitting on my ass and eating, I embarked on a journey about 18 months ago to improve my overall health and fitness and lose some weight all initially centered around trying to relieve some back, knee, ankle and shoulder pain that had plagued me for many years due to a lot of injuries in my youth.

    I started out with DDP Yoga and nutrition changes. I was looking for improving my flexibility while strengthening multiple areas. Worked great and I loved getting yelled at by a pro-wrestler to get whipped up and stay consistent.

    Moving forward, as my flexibility and mobility improved, I looked to add in some variety. I hate running (see above bad knees, ankles and back), so I added in bike riding on non-yoga days. My conditioning improved and I was able to perform some of the longer and more strenuous yoga routines.

    Next was a little more variety and this is where trial and error came in. I tried traditional weight lifting but found it to be mind-numbing and boring often skipping weight day to either ride my bike or do another yoga session.

    Then, I stumbled across a kettlebell I’d bout 15 years earlier and never used. I watched some videos on basic techniques (Mark Wildman is the best for this) and added some kettlebell routines into my repertoire. I found swinging and slinging a kettlebell around to be MUCH more fun than standing and lifting weights and it also has a knock-on effect of being a really intense cardio workout when you get to a level where you can perform a continuous circuit for time without putting the bell down.

    So Yoga remained, biking remained, kettlebell was added along with walking the dogs.

    Over time, I’ve added a heavier kettlebell, I’ve bought a macebell and a couple of clubbells. The mace and the clubs give more rotational variety than the kettlebell gives while all provide a good full-body workout.

    I found my “happy place” with my week being split between yoga, bikes and “bells” with occasional dumbell, resistance bands or “total gym” workouts thrown in just to keep things interesting.

    Now here’s where I may get yelled at by Ms. Michaels I don’t take a day off. I enjoy my workouts so much now (18 months ago I’d have laughed in your face at that suggestion) that I find something to do every day. I try to be smart about it if I’ve worked a lot of leg related exercises one day, I limit legs for the next couple of days. The trouble is now that I need to add 2 more days to the week because the rotation I’m using leaves me needing another day for a mace/club workout and another day for a bike ride.

  • Good to know! Either 2 15 minute workouts or 1 30 minute workout at least 4-5 days a week. Now I need to find your videos on how to get myself to stop eating my kids’ Halloween candy. ����‍♀️

  • I know this is an older video but I have a question, aren’t short HIIT workouts effective because they create an afterburn effect because of EPOC? This is what I was taught, is this wrong or incomplete information? Thanks!!

  • what if you moving around during the day and playing sport on the weekend would it be enough to lose weight or longer workout each day?

  • So to recap.

    1Ab excercises: too easy and not very demanding.
    2Cardio: the opposite of ab excercises; too hard and tiring.
    3Dieting: eating properly and balancedly is obviously good, but you shouldn’t force yourself to go on a diet you hate.
    4Lifting weights: not inherently bad, but many of them are either too dangerous for begginners or way too easy.

  • Day 1:I did it for around and yes im sweating that means its a goona help in weight loss

    Day2: today i did the full routine and iam suprised cz my body is not hurting at all and im sweating alot more than the day1,obviously

    And lets if i will do it tomorrow ����but please remind me if i forget it and i am thinking to try this exercise for 7 days and see the results ��
    Please motivate me to do this exercise

    Im goona share my experience to you for a week

  • So what is a sufficient amount of time to see good results? I’ve been doing FB workouts that are roughly 35-40 minutes long but is that enough?

  • I started buying really high quality food. If I have $15 a pound black angus with the best cheese and bread there is no fucking way in hell I am going to lunch for Wendy’s. And for dinner I buy the best meat at the meat department. If I have the best new york strip or marinated chicken from the butcher that’s what I am going to eat for dinner, I am not passing that shit up. So buying the best quality food that tastes better than bad quality of food that might give me a quick fix.

  • Definitely a 30 or 40 mins for me. I have noticed when I workout, I never burn the high end of calories that Daniel does, I lag behind 30-40 each time. So I go for workouts in which he is burning 400 cals or more.

  • I hope this is not a stupid question but what about when you do the elliptical and increase the resistance? Also if that works, would doing it for 15 mins be enough?

  • I love how they are so honest about fitness and health in general and a challenge for me for the next two weeks I will be doing HIIT workouts and I’m gonna see what kind of results I could get but they will not be 15 minutes at all I will be picking some long workouts from this channel of high intensity interval training videos any small youtuber’s want to come to my channel so I can show my results in two weeks then feel free to stop by I have not made the video yet at all I don’t know when I will make it I need to do my research about the stuff and then I’ll get back to people

  • i am 16 years old, i weight from 120 to 130, and i am trying to tone my thighs, arms, and belly, i do 30 min workout a day, leg, arm with 2 pound weights, and belly. i have been doing then for 4 days now but i want to know if i also add 30 more minutes by running. in how many days do you think i will see results. i also try eating 4 hours before going to bed, yesterday i ate at 6:26 and at 9 i just ate a few grapes and drunk water and went to bed around 11:20. i will try eating the latest 8 and going to bed at 11. when should i see results. thxs

  • Yeah but I just started working out yesterday and I finished the whole 25 minute workout from one of your total body boot camp workouts. Today i woke up and was so sore and did another workout from fitnessblender but could only finish two rounds… in a beginner so i basically finished 17 minutes of the workout. Tomorrow I’ll work towards finished the whole workout again but it’s not easy so I have to gradually work my way up. Eventually my goal is to do the 1000 calorie workout from you guys.

  • Well so much for my routine of 15-20 minutes/day. Any longer than that and I have to change my schedule a lot more drastically. I really like the short bursts, but doing them multiple times a day is tough how does that work with showering? One before work, 2 after and then don’t shower after those evening workouts?

  • This video really put me off exercising! I couldn’t find any time and after seeing this I gave up. However this year I started again and I’m doing longer workouts and doing what I can and not worrying too much. You have 15min workouts and so do other people so I don’t get what you are going on about.

  • Want to win an ATHLEAN-X program for free, no strings attached? Click the link below to find out how!

  • What is healthy eating, and how much does it cost monetarily do I need two jobs just to pay for your meals plan’s ingredients, I love your workout videos, but eating healthy is too much, I have two rules, the first is if my food has to be refrigerated after opening it does not get purchased, frozen goods are safe. the second rule is $40 a week on groceries, I bring that home in one day of work. Thank you for your videos, they are awesome. If you or anyone else has tips for me here are my stats;
    Age: 22
    height: 5′ 10″
    weight: 260 270 pounds, (I drink literally10 pounds of water 160oz.everyday)
    caloric intake: 1520 Cals./day 3-5 days/week other 2-4 get up to 2500 Cals /day
    normal guaranteed workout: 100 sit ups/ day, 50 push ups(standard)/ day, 100 sumo squats/ day, 25 inversion table sit ups/ day.
    extra: I used to farm so I have natural strength, as opposed to workout generated aesthetics, my fat issue is because of lifelong bad eating habits, like dad figuring out that i do my best work when there is fried chicken and fries, or steak and potatoes (home grown).

  • The issue is I cannot afford healthy eating sadly. I can eat less but healthy is impossible currently. Where I live healthy food is off the charts expensive and I am well poor. I have a treadmill and homemade dumbbells and that is about it.

  • This guy is saying everthing spot on. As I was also a victim of some of the youtube videos that says to do ab exercises to cutoff belly fat. It is merely a waste of time and really lowers your confidence

  • This question is not about workout. I’ve watched many of your videos about grass fed beef but I don’t eat beef. What do I look for when I’m buying chicken. I’ve seen “organic” but not sure what that means. Can you or anyone help me what I need to look for. Thanks!

  • I feel like cardio is getting a bad wrap now, cardio is good for you, helps your heart and lungs, that should be just as important as your muscles and fat

  • so how long should I workojt to loose body fat and build muscle? I know diet is the most important part of it combine with a good exercise program. I been lifting 3x a week not heavy just high reps and the other 2 or 3 days I been doing 30 min hitt workouts, like 40 sec on 20 off or 30 on 30 off

  • Between cleaning up my diet, eating mostly fresh foods that I prepare myself, and doing your videos every day, I dropped 55lbs over the course of half a year and have been keeping up with it for 2 years now, all thanks to you guys. I had tried other things that never seemed to work, but as soon as I found you guys the results were almost instant. Now my friends and boyfriend like to do your videos together when they come over! Thank you for everything you do! You are truly amazing and helping so many people be healthy and to help their bodies be the best they can be.

  • Well he do have a point!!! You can still lose weight while still eating what foods you like it Just don’t eat a bunch of sugars, salt etc.. and not workout to get rid of it, and cut your foods in half, drink a half can soda save the other half for tomorrow, same thing with eating half a burger, cakes, pies,cookies etc…. eventually you’ll lose weight but you won’t be cut lean muscle like you want to be bc you still eating a high dose of sugars, salt etc. ��

  • Im planning on losing weight before i go back to actual school so i hope this will help ill do it everyday and it will become my daily routine and i will cut out sweets and sodas and ill drink water and one glass of tea so i dont get headaches i hope this works if it does ill edit this comment and tell you how well it worked but until we meet again…��

  • As I started following diet and training plan from *Next Level Diet*, I took my confidence to the next level. Girls finally started noticing me.

  • Thank you for permission to mix it up. I do get bored with one training style. Now I mix weights days with dance party, pilates and yoga and that seems so much more well rounded. I appreciate this post, thank you so much. ��

  • Just for anyone who is curious:
    I lost 60lbs doing 16-20 mins of HIIT (specifically Fitness Blenders HIIT) and 10-15 mins of strength training afterwards (either Fitness Blender’s videos or Chloe Ting’s).
    If you’re short on time and money, you can still reach your goal!

  • Literally the only person I listen to with regards to diet and fitness.

    Also love that she wasn’t always naturally “skinny” when she got into fitness.

    Never sugar coats anything, doesn’t tell people what they want to hear, and always gets straight to the point. Love this woman!

  • I got your point completely! Whenever I do your 15 minute HIIT workouts, I go for half an hour to 45 mins of walk. Because no matter what, I have to complete an hour of workout daily. 15 minute will do nothing.
    P.S. The way you describe things is just perfect. Stay blessed:)

  • This really helped! Thank u so much!im looking back at my old self and thinking why didn’t I do this before!i love u Roberta’s gym!!

  • I started incorporating your 5 minute routines into my morning as an addition to tai chi. After completing all the 5 minute videos I went to 6 minutes and completed all videos. Through this process I’ve increased to 15 minutes and I’ll continue this gradual increase in Fitness Blender time and conditioning. Of course, I still do my tai chi daily. I encourage friends who don’t like working out to start with your 5 minute videos so this becomes part of their daily routine too.

  • I have a lot of people believe that doing abs exercises will help them lose weight, and every time i hear that, I just smile and walk away because arguing with these people are waste of time

  • In 2018 i was 57kg and was hitting the gym and watching videos on how to gain weight and become buff, now in 2020 i am 75kg and with a big ass belly and am watching videos on how to lose weight. Story of my life

  • I know you don’t like planks athlean but I usually do a hiit workout with 3-5 different ab works outs with no rest then I end each of those sets with plank which burns like crazy by then is that okay?

  • 1. Only doing abs exercise
    2. Cardio in isolation
    3. Dieting doesn’t work. Nutrition does
    4. Not all weight lifting works. Compound weight training does
    5. Change the Mindset

  • I weigh like 260 pounds and you’re telling me running everyday is bad? Then how the fuck else am I going to lose weight because I want to exercise.

  • funny i am runing 10 km everyday for 2 months…under 40 min. i go from 76 70 kg.!! abs are starting to show up, i am not eatign any sugar and white bread, pasta etc…. runing is good man:))

  • In 2018 i was 57kg and was hitting the gym and watching videos on how to gain weight and become buff, now in 2020 i am 75kg and with a big ass belly and am watching videos on how to lose weight. Story of my life

  • Lately I try and fit a warm up, 15 min workout and a cool down after a full day at work (not a office job, I’m on my feet the whole shift) and after watching this and thinking I was doing well I feel pretty poo:(

  • what makes running truly bad, and what would happen if i did it everyday, but also added muscle building, abs, core, and other things to help lose weight aswell? or even a little more cardio if i felt up to it?

  • I’m Counting Calories and Eating Healthier to lose weight. I’m working out to tone up. I’ve been doing 15, 20, or 30 minute “HIIT” workouts every morning before I eat anything. “Fasted Cardio” It’s been 3 days and I already see “Minor” results. At least i’m seeing results. A month from now doing what I’m doing I should be anywhere from 5-15 pounds down..

  • My cardio is to get 10k steps a day! Other than that I lift weights. I’m a girl. Weights are good for you ladies, don’t avoid them..!!!

  • I have a question…So does it mean a workout like “can you HIIT like a girl round 2” which is just 21 minutes(minus warm up and cool down)or “Fat Burning Butt and Thigh Workout Strength Training Sweatfest for People Who Get Bored Easily”which is just 23 minutes, is not enough as a daily workout and I should do more?? Thanks:)

  • I wish Daniel was gay, single and lived in London. Love your workouts and thanks for getting me through lockdown in England. The gyms finally open on Sat 25th here but I think I will continue with your fab workouts when I can’t be bothered with weights.
    Thanks again mate. ����������������

  • this guy is right and wrong, when he comes to nutrition its a no brainer, u have to eat smart, foods that will help u with weight loss, where hes wrong is that as a beginner i went from 18st to 12.5 stone doing hiit sprinting, without hurting myself, its a awesome fat burner, my fat melted off like butter, but be smart, start slowly, 5 min warm up, then 30 sec sprint (dont go crazy sprinting as a beginner) then 30 sec walk, do that as many times as u can, 3 times or 4 times, then 5 min warm down. now what this guy didnt mention is that every individual knows his body, i knew my body and i used hiit sprinting to shed 5-6 stones and that worked for me, listen to your body while working out, dont overdo it and eat right.

  • I have totally enjoyed watching your videos. I’m an obese 43 women. I have been going to the gym and have lost a little weight by going to gym. but now in the summer my work schedule has changed. Now, I can’t no longer go to the gym. so, I’m going to do videos at home. can you tell me what videos I can do each day so I can just schedule it in my morning before my daughter wakes up. my gym old schedule was mondayzumba, arm weight-tuesday water aerobiclegs weightWednesday zumba, arm weightThursdaywater aerobic and legs weightsfriday zumba arm weight and Saturday zumba legs. sunday day of rest. I would totally love your help

  • So what do I do? I tried everything from going for a jog every morning to dieting truthfully I feel like the diet does work a little but if it doesn’t what else can I do?

  • Every single time I start a new weight training regime I gain weight. Diet is exactly the same and carefully monitored and no matter how long I give myself it won’t come off. Can you address this please?

  • You talk too much and beat a lot around the bush! I know you have the answers for the questions that we are asking. Please keep it short and simple.

  • You guys are amazing! It is intensely frustrating to try to put together a workout routine that maximizes impact in a minimum amount of time. An added aggravation is the fact that most fitness videos or tutorials are peppered generously with nonsense. Most trainers and instructors are full of wool too. Just the other day a trainer at my gym practically bullied me off the elliptical because according to her, too much cardio makes you gain weight.. wtf. o.O Your channel is a refreshing change and it’s downright awesome that you guys share your knowledge freely on a public platformmost people capitalize on info and videos of this quality.

    I do your workouts twice a day, and even the days when I don’t workout, I still to the stressbusting yoga. In the past two years my weight has fluctuated drastically, but my fitness and flexibility have kept stableall thanks to your workouts. You guys should do a meet and greet sometime. I’m sure there’s thousands of us fans who want to thank you in person!

  • What facinates me, is how everything you say SHOULD be common sense.
    But I’ve lost count of the people that REFUSE to accept the 5 points you’ve made.

  • I’ve lost a lotta weight by doing hiit which includes burpees it doesn’t matter what people say it’s your body which is different now these are just lies not all but just some so don’t let tht stop u

  • if im overweight and just walk 5km/h i burn 19 calories a minute. so yes cardio helps alot. i lost 20kg in 3 months time with keto and cardio and some heavy dumbell workouts

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear many individuals lost their fat with this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • Its all about nutrition not about exercise. You can lose weight by eating healthy. Working out is just a benefit to your body and will help you lose more weight. You can do 15 minute intense work outs to lose weight. But mostly don’t go over your recommended calories. Which for me is 2000.

  • You cannot break the laws of thermodynamics. If you’re not losing weight on doing cardio, it means you are eating too much. Train harder than last time and put the fork down as per coach greg


  • I love it ��
    Hello guys….
    I have started a new YouTube channel Karan Kalekar Fitness…… and I need your continuous love and support on this new journey. Hope my videos motivate you to get up and workout everyday because fitness is your first step towards happy and healthy life.
    Go give a visit and subscribe because it’s free!❤️

  • please read if you can

    i have an eating disorder, currently anorexia, and i went to a dietitian because i had bulimia and she helped me stop binging by having regular meals. and because i have regular meals that have many calories, i eat 1900-2200 every day, i feel guilty eating so much and long story short, i started exercising, to be more accurate, over exercising, like 2-3 hours of exercise every day, including running on the treadmill, playing beach volleyball and walking like 10 km every day.

    i’m not trying to lose weight, i just want to burn more than i eat based on my Fitbit and in my mind only cardio burns many calories, because when i do weights, i don’t burn since my heart rate doesn’t go more than 120-130.

    based on this video, i do too much cardio, and i know it, but i can’t get out of my mind the number of calores. that rule cals in vs cals out. and guess what, although i have a deficit, it can go up to 2-3000 calories deficit, not only do i not lose, but gain. and i can’t figure out why. and the next week i keep the same exercise routine, cals in vs cals out, hoping i won’t gain. i want so much to stop overexercising, like i dread the time of the day that i have to go running or walking, and i’m exhausted all the time and i can see my body can’t handle it anymore, but i can’t handle the anxiety of not doing so much exercise.

    how can i stop focusing on calories? any ideas?

  • Actually they help tons with losing fat, I’ve been running 15 mins every day, 5 min walk, 1 min SPRINT to 1 min walk repeated 5 times and i’m done, my body changed into better shape. And sometimes I do pushups just cuz

  • Hey Jillian, quick question: why are you so amazing and why am I only realizing this now? your incredible knowledge kinda saved my life in a couple of videos you solved so many of my issues I am forever GRATEFUL for giving us all your amazing knowledge (& totally free) AMAZING WOMAN

  • i just planned my work outs for the week for the first time this morning and watching this now, i literally did what she just recommended (including choosing the strength training, HIIT and yoga). jillian would be proud of me

  • I Love ‘Athleanx’ video because Jeff speak Very Honestly and the real truth. He makes “Dead Man to Walk” this is the motivation and inspiration I get from his words.

  • I lost 10kg in about 2 and half months. from 90 to 80. I want to lose 2-3 more kg and then stay at that point. Fitnessblender excersices helped me a lot. Thanks!

  • SCIENTIFICALLY AND FACTUALEATING LESS CALORIES THAN YOU NORMALLY DO (caloric deficit) WILL MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT!!!! Say a recommend amount for a man is 2500 consume 2000 a day add in excercise 60% cardio 40% weight lifting
    Eat foods like avocado, eggs, tuna
    Drink green tea

  • I have been following my own routine for the last 6 months and I have lost so much weight. It was mainly running, sprinting every single day. 10/15 miles each day. And gym. Now I do not see much improvement that is why I am watching your videos. Unfortunately your videos have really unmotivated me because everything I have been doing was wrong.