The Weightism Epidemic – Shamed to be Fat or Skinny


Skinny girl reacts to THIN PRIVILEGE (how is this a thing?)

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Weightism Epidemic? SHAMING The Fat and Skinny | Tiger Fitness

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The Weightism Epidemic Shamed for Being Fat or Skinny — Tiger Fitness Weightism is discrimination because of weight. This can be because of a perceived or real skinny or fat condition. Weightism is discrimination because of weight. Weightism Epidemic?

SHAMING The Fat and Skinny Skinny Fat Explained Dealing with Being Skinny but Belly Fat Lingers Duration: 3:24. PictureFit 1,687,601 views. 3:24.

Shaming is not a positive change agent, it will only cause more harm. That includes body shaming of any form. Don’t shame someone for being too fat or too skinny. Skinny shaming also exists and it is just a reflection of the insecurities of the bully, just like fat-shaming, or any shaming for that matter. Don’t shame people for being human.

Topics fat shaming health care Sign up for our SELF Daily Wellness newsletter All the best health and wellness advice, tips, tricks, and intel, delivered to your inbox every day. Related The Weightism Epidemic: Shamed for Being Thing or Fat There was no “healthy vs unhealthy” foods, all foods I saw as bad. After eating anything I only wanted to burn off the calories as fast as possible. It is worse to be fat shamed.

It is worse to be fat shamed because, while both thin women and fat women are shamed for their bodies, fat women deal with the shame on top of discrimination and downright oppression. TV and billboard campaigns still use slogans like “Too much screen time, too much kid” and “Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid.” Cat Pausé, a researcher at Massey University in New Zealand, spent months looking for a single public health campaign, worldwide, that attempted to reduce stigma against fat people and came up empty. against people with obesity. If epidemic means. widespread, or affecting a large num-ber of people, then yes, obesity is epidemic. If epidemic means. rapid spread —which is implied in most news reports of obesity rates—then obesity is not epidemic.

Americans have been getting steadily heavier in the past 15 years at a modest rate. Skinny shaming is no less harmful than fat shaming. News flash: when you tell someone they’re too skinny, you’re not giving them a compliment.

We all know what “too skinny” means. When you skinny shame, it only makes you look envious. If you’re secure with yourself, then it shouldn’t matter to you at all what anyone else looks like.

Arguing “it’s for their own good,” some people use blame and shame in an attempt to motivate obese individuals to lose weight. We know.

List of related literature:

They didn’t necessarily see a difference between things like ParticipACTION’s “fat is NOT where it’s at” campaign, a doctor shaming them for failing to follow a diet, and a parent telling them to lose weight.

“Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada” by Jenny Ellison
from Being Fat: Women, Weight, and Feminist Activism in Canada
by Jenny Ellison
University of Toronto Press, 2020

Their approach, while loudly criticized by fat activists, purports to find a middle ground between pathological views of obesity and one that is respectful of the lived experience of people who seek medical support to deal with their weight and the stigma they encounter in daily life.

“Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow” by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
from Turbulent Times, Transformational Possibilities?: Gender and Politics Today and Tomorrow
by Fiona MacDonald, Alexandra Dobrowolsky
University of Toronto Press, 2020

But many of the clinicians who have evolved the HAES approach have seen the devastating consequences of pursuing weight loss, in either the nearly universal failure of weight loss dieting (Mann et al., 2007), or the pursuit of thinness in individuals with eating disorders (Neumark-Sztainer, 2006).

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
from The Fat Studies Reader
by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
NYU Press, 2009

But, and this is the key point, they never became thin.20 According to HAES advocates, the conventional focus on weight loss, rather than healthy living, fuels a dangerous and profitable diet industry as well as the growing field of weight loss surgery.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

Although it is true that some stigmatizing occurs when any group is singled out for special treatment, this objection — and it was voiced widely and vehemently throughout the decade — ignored the most basic truism about fat and stigmatization: The best way to prevent it is to avoid becoming obese in the first place.

“Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World” by Greg Critser
from Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World
by Greg Critser
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2004

In fact, its members seemed convinced that fat-phobia was the most burning issue of the day, that they were being unfairly singled out for the most abuse.

“Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression” by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
from Bodies Out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression
by Jana Evans Braziel, Kathleen LeBesco
University of California Press, 2001

Considering obesity as an epidemic is not about condemning fat or overweight people.

“The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America's Underground Food Movements” by Sandor Ellix Katz
from The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements
by Sandor Ellix Katz
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2006

As a result, HAES is embraced by some fat activists and criticized by others.22 Another significant strand of fat activism focuses on expanding definitions of beauty.

“On the Politics of Ugliness” by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
from On the Politics of Ugliness
by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
Springer International Publishing, 2018

In other words, not only does the thin majority regard obesity as unfashionable and unaesthetic, they also consider it “morally reprehensible,” a “social disgrace” (Cahnman, 1968, p. 283).

“Deviant Behavior” by Erich Goode
from Deviant Behavior
by Erich Goode
Taylor & Francis, 2015

Terminology such as ‘the headless fatty’ (Cooper 2007) has allowed scholars and activists to unpick the ways in which obesity epidemic discourse works to objectify fat people into a de­individualised, abhorrent and threatening mass.

“Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism” by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
from Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism
by Helen Hester, Caroline Walters
Taylor & Francis, 2016

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  • Fat women lower the social status of the men they’re with and do not have feminine qualities. Facts. That’s why almost all men don’t choose them. It’s biological. IF you’re mad that you’re overweight, think of how mad all men are that you wrecked the dating pool. You made the average thin woman’s stock skyrocket. Get fit and get your revenge! Don’t end up with Amber’s mentality. Please.

  • “Having a humble heart and Having a life full of gratitude, and living a life full of purpose… That’s what makes a person “beautiful”, It’s charisma.” #MICDROP

  • her: I waS reAllY tHirsty so I dRank 3 gLASses Of Diet CoKe and like— I felt that thE mExiCan WaitER was judGIng Me—I FEel Like I hAve To ExplAIn myself That it Was yA gOrl was beInG DehYdRatED


  • I started loosing weight because I wanted to be treated like a person. I got sick of people telling me loose weight, making jokes and bullying me and I mostly got sick of people telling me about diets. I just want to order food without being judged, I want to be able to walk into clothing stores without being glared at. I want to talk about my favourite sports such as tennis and swimming without being laughed at, I want to eat and not feel guilty. Being fat you get treated like shit and it sucks

  • I’ve lost a good amount of weight 62 pounds to be exact and I still need to loss 30 more and I’m going to document it here on YouTube I feel like it motivates other and it keeps me motivated.. all natural with a lot of cardio, exercise, and healthy eating..

  • They say especially girls, but that’s because fat girls (currently) are screaming that they are attractive and people have to date them. It’s a loud minority but you really don’t see that many fat men trying to make a name for themselves using the body positivity movement. But at the end of the day there are a lot of men who like fat girls, more than the other way around. I think fat men and fat women are judged the same, but fat men are treated a little harsher because no one really cares as much about how men feel.

    And the reason that people hate them, is for numerous reasons-they are often gluttonous and are weighing down the healthcare system through their own lack of self-control (not everyone! But a lot of them). That being said, the food culture in the US has problems, people need to have a basic go-to cuisine at home that won’t put weight on them and is nutritious. And these people do keep saying “In our culture, in our culture,” trust me it’s gonna be a lot worse for fat people in other cultures, America is one of the best places to be a fatty socially. But for God’s sake don’t make fun of fat people at a gym, that is exactly where they need to be!!

  • Some big people hated each other (aint generalizing). My friend who is more than 200lbs always compares herself to someone who is “heavier” than her. She always goes.. “look at her, her arms are bigger than mine, her fat rolls are three while I only have two”. Pathetic.

  • Hey, I need your help…
    Is it normal, to feel fat as a girl? I mean, i’m 160cm in height, 14 years old and on 57 kg (114 pounds). Even, when BMI says its a normal, If Not, a perfect weight, i still feel fat. I already lost 3kg (6 pounds) my legs are too fat, and i dont have the skinniest waist. I want to loose More weight, i want to weight 40 kg (80 pounds) is that healthy? Or is 50kg (100 pounds) a better choice? And by the way, i dont want lose muscle, i want to lose fat. How can i do it?

  • Why did he form a relationship with a girl he was not attracted to? He just wanted someone he had power over, someone he could humiliate and control.

  • What he did was completely wrong but girls ask urself u do this to boys all the time u all choose boys based on physical features if guy is skinny or fat u will never date him many girls do say that to the face

  • Being overweight is not a problem
    Don’t do anything about that, cause damn if you want to live a long healthy life is not a good choice, is an issue
    about that the better thing to do is do sport have a good sleep routine and eat better

  • She keeps saying “I’d understand if the plane were full.” Gorl, if the plane were full there wouldn’t be room for you, let alone another seat for you to buy.

  • If he liked skinny girls, why did he date you in the first place? He’s nuts. You’re beautiful inside and out, no matter what you weigh.

  • I’m not to fond of fat because I’ve got a fucked up relationship with food and I’m only just beginning to realize I’ve had it my whole life. I’m at the point where I’m desperately trying to control my eating and looking at fat people and looking at my fat body makes me anxious and really uncomfortable, and it sucks because a lot of my favorite people are fat

  • I don’t hate fat people. They annoy me a bit when their fatness directly impacts my life e.g. when their fat spills over on my seat. When people have fat rolls spilling out of their clothes it does disgust me a little but I try not to show it because I believe everyone has the right to wear whatever they want no matter how bad it looks to me. Other than that I really don’t care about other people’s health and lifestyle choices unless they’re close friends and I’m genuinely concerned about their health.

  • Well…..from this story I got to know that my boyfriend is a lot more concerned and loving thn hers
    ..he supported me during my obesity and is motivating me now and then and I’m also getting motivated a lot and hence lost 33lbs untill now…❤️

  • I once had a bf who tried to change me. He didn’t like my hair, makeup or figure. So I walked away. Don’t change for anyone. It’s not love ❤️

  • As controversial this is, I think it does exists. While no matter what weight you are, you will be judged its definitely different when you weigh more.

  • In fact, I suffer from pigmentation, eczema, chicken skin, stretch marks, excessive thinness, hirsutism.. I am bored of being ugly. ������

  • I’m a 1.65 meters guy and it’s also very difficult to find clothes since the smaller adult sice is big for me and the bigger kid size is small for me.

  • My ex boyfriend told me I’m not the right kind of fat. He insisted I lose belly fat without losing my butt and hips. Now how the f*ck do I do that?

  • I’m 220lbs and never get women to swipe right on me on tinder. Luckily I’m bi so I get a lot of attention from men, but zero women give me a second look. It’s really shaped how i view women, I understand not being attractive to skinny or attractive women but even girls who look as big as me or even bigger than me doesn’t give me attention either.

    It really turned me off dating ladies altogether. I’m working on losing weight and I eat healthy and exercise daily but I guess all people see is a big fat guy that just eats junk.

  • This is why I won’t go out with someone who doesn’t appeal to me visually.
    In any direction.
    I have no problem admitting that I care about the outside as much as I care about the inside.

    It’s not that I think of anyone as less. Everyone has equal worth.
    But I simply can’t do this to myself or anyone else. It’s not fair.
    Know yourself, know what you like, and what really turns you off, and don’t start something with someone you’re not into.
    Because those things WILL come up later, in some way. And that’s cruel to everyone involved.

    Weight shouldn’t matter beauty standards are stupid don’t listen to them. There is no such thing as beautiful/handsome or ugly. You don’t have to be skinny to be loved or handsome/beautiful.❤ If your hair is naturally curly or straight there might be those people who say the opposite of your natural hair would look better on you. Just be happy the way you are and your hair is stunning the way it is you don’t have to change for anyone. But before you change anything you have to remember to love yourself and make sure this is what you want and not because someone told you or insulted you about it. You can stay with your natural hair or body etc. you don’t have to change and if you like yourself the way you are,don’t change for anybody because the first person that matters and is most important is YOU. It’s your decision not anybody else’s. I hope whoever you are you have an amazing day/night and remind yourself that you are a baddie. And get any toxic people out of your life and not let them bring you down. Be careful you dropped this ��! Now go be a king/queen and lift that head up I don’t want to see you talking bad about yourself and trashing your self-esteem. ❤��☺����������

  • A note for overweight women:

  • How dare you claim thin privilege, Sydney! You’re a cisgender, straight, conservative, white person. The only thing marginally making you still count as human is that you’re female.

  • Because I take up—uh i mean yall take up the whole sidewalk. In all seriousness, when I was heavier finding a seat without armrests was important. I dont over eat but for the amount of movement I used to do I slowly got bigger. I still dont have the best food available but Im at least moving and slowly losing weight again. Just fucking moving makes a difference. And accidentally looking in a full body mirror also made me more self aware. Maybe its because Im young but I truly feel like I wouldnt know I was fat if I hadnt seen that shit. I wear the same clothes which is sweats so I would not see it in my clothes unless I suddenly changed my style to something more form fitting. I can run and run and I dont get tired going up stairs thats why I wouldnt have known. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to be doing more active shit because it was not torturous for me. Maybe I dont feel unhealthy but Im not lying to myself like I was then. There coulda beena time that I suddenly couldnt run or have ankle pain because I chose to stay at the weight I was, when I needed to do that shit the most. Im down 70. That shit makes a difference. I dont understand how people shorter than me that weight what I did or more are not struggling tbh. Im 5 9 and my body started shutting down at fucking 370. Never even saw 400. Unless they are lying but yo its hard to lie when you cant wear your only pair of shoes one day all of sudden. But thats enough of my rant. Just stop lying to yourself. Even if you feel no symptoms be realistic. This shit is not a “nobody ever died from smoking weed” argument. People die all the time from being “big boneded”. Dont spend the best years of your life in denial. ALSO YOU SAVE MAD TISSUE YO

  • People hate fat women because women have zero expectations placed on them except not to get fat and they still somehow fuck that one requirement up. Pathetic and gross.

  • Personally I’ve always been skinny and have found it really hard to imagine how someone could get fat. I eat ‘whatever I want’ and have never been overweight, so for the longest time I figured that the only way to get obese is to make the conscious decision to eat uncomfortably large amounts of food all the time. When I am full, eating more makes me feel sick, so the idea of anyone eating that much is disturbing.

  • I’ll be honest I don’t like obese people because they just physically repulse me. I don’t care about their health I just want them to lose weight so that I cannot be disguisted by the fatness. I’m sorry. I know it may not be their fault but I just can’t help it.

  • 1) they themselves are scared to be fat
    2) people need a socially acceptable reason to look down on someone
    3) the good one: ppl shame in hopes of getting someone to change

  • People don’t hate fat people, per se, they just hate seeing people destroy themselves and in pain and having a poor quality of life when there is something that can be done about it. It’s not like a disability that can’t be changed. Unless there is a true medical condition, a person can lose weight if they try.

    Fatness represents laziness and gluttony. Sad to see people eating enough food to feed a family in one sitting when there are so many hungry people in the world.

  • Lol that lady in the middle talking about self image and loving yourself but look at how much fillers she put on her cheeks and the michael jackson nose. Scary

  • I feel like it’s almost normal to compare yourself with others it’s not fare though when you do it to feel better about yourself and to look down to others, I use to do it now I compare myself to someone I actually wanna be, you will feel bad with yourself but you have to option to use it to improve, here she is making herself believe she is not that bad

  • If I ever had a girlfriend I’d treat her with the respect she deserved, I’d complement her every chance I can, and would love her no matter what she looked liked.

  • I dont think theres a stigma that makes people dislike heavy women more than heavy men… both are equally unhealthy… at least personaly i witnessed bad treatment for both fat guys and gals…
    To a degree id like to believe that theres eventually gonna be a breaking point for heavy people at some remark about them where they go “Fuck it… i wanna lose weight and be healthy at least i wont have to deal with this shit”

  • There’s actually a cute chubby guy that I like but unfortunately he’s gay, but i still think he’s adorable and his bf better treat him right

  • Why is there anyone one out there, WHO want too stay fat?There is no benefits of beeing fat.You cant do your housework without setting like a pig, you cant ho outside during the Winther without beeing afraid of falling, because you Are not able too raise yourself.And you do not find any clothes WHO fits you, atleast not here in Norway.I am glad i am in a healthy weight.


    Plump People making up and complaining about thin privilege: Being skinny makes you evil because you can fit into smaller clothes than me
    Me: WELL YOU EAT THE FUCKING CAKE �� seriously tho Thin privilege I’m sorry I eat healthy and play sports because that’s what I enjoy doing the sports bit I eat what I eat I don’t enjoy that it’s just a necessity to keep me from starving actually no I’m not sorry grow up quit complaining about your own problems that you yourself caused fat didn’t sneak up on you you didn’t wake up one morning and go oh fuck I’m fat you eat the bloody cake fat ain’t a disease it’s a choice if you’re not happy with then do something about it change your lifestyle workout more eat healthier don’t complain and try to shame and imply that because people can do things just because they are skinny they’re somehow insulting you no they just decided not to be fat

    Great video by the way keep it your awesome boo! ��

  • Dude I see obese people losing like 150npounds a year. And I’m merely 30 pounds overweight, and I cant lose it. I try to change but it wont stick. Anyone have any tips. I’m 16.

  • I was one of these fat shamers when I was 16. Btw I’m 18 almost 19 now at the time I was newly 16. Let me say Karma is a major bitch. I had lost weight at the time I went from 142lbs to 96lbs (btw I’m 5’1). I dated a guy for a month he was about 5’10 230-260lbs. I remember every day I would tell him he was too fat and he needed to lose weight. I feel so bad now. That can really ruin someone especially if ur bf/gf tells you that. While he lost about 20-30lbs I gained it ��. Karma is a bitch y’all lol.
    Currently I have a friend who is a beautiful big girl she’s like 235 5’3 (to paint a picture). She refuses to date any guy who isn’t skinny or ripped. She fat shamed so many guys for being “too fat and not fit”. Yet all she does is bash guys on her Snapchat all day for not wanting to date a bigger woman and says men aren’t shit.

  • I’ve been on a plane where the person next to me was Amber-sized and refused to buy another seat. She smelled like ass and her fat was pressed against me the entire time. It was awful. If you’re told to buy another seat, do it or don’t get on the plane. You did this to yourself, Amber, and you can fix it. Don’t blame society, you’re not oppressed, jfc

  • It’s tribal. People naturally don’t like those that aren’t healthy in any perceivable way. It’s not license to be a jerk but it’s just biological remanence of our evolution in tribes.

  • just proves that you cant please everyone and you shouldn’t try too! She was beautiful before and she carried that confidence along with her through that weight loss and looks amazing! She is happy and healthy and that is all that counts!

  • i’m considered obese (currently 226lbs at 5’9”) i’m trying to lose the weight but i am considered obese and i agree with that one person. it’s easier to hate people bigger than me bc if i don’t i’ll fall back into my old ways and gain the 54lbs i’ve worked so hard on losing back.

    also also, if you won’t date a fat guy while you’re fat then stop being surprised when a ripped dude won’t date you bc you’re fat ��

  • That is my problem with most self proclaimed acceptance groups. Most just want to tear down their counterparts instead of actually wanting to be accepted

  • i will admit that while i don’t ‘hate’ fat people, or think they should all burn in a pit or something, i do hold a certain..distaste, for them. this is coming from someone who was once overweight and has lost around 20kg ( 44lbs ) in a year and is starting to build muscle. i eat healthily and exercise everyday. i dislike, i guess, fat peoples because i was once a fat person and i hated it. i don’t like them because i never want to be like that again, and i’ve channeled all my loathing into them. it’s also a great way to keep myself motivated. so, yeah, that’s the honest truth

  • Honestly he was able to do this cus you allowed him. You don’t know your worth and you’re a pick-me. No offense.. love yourself n don’t settle for less

  • That’s ultimately the problem with those types of people. The fact that they think everyone should change and cater to them. Clearly it’s just insecurity and jealously. It’s easy to point your finger and blame other things and force them to change rather than do the hard work to get fit. Even fat people don’t bother me. It’s the fat people that run around going “You need to not have fit women in it, you’re objectifying them and making others feel bad” as well as the whole “You have to find me attractive. Not only can I be 300 pounds but if you call me out in any way or don’t accept me you’re a sexist, shallow pig” Those mindsets are the problem

  • low carb fks always put the weight back on after couple of weeks or months. no wonder so many fat people on reddit when everyone recommends low carb

  • I’m going to join boxing, I thought it would help w my my shape that I want to achieve because I have low self esteem because how chubby I am. I’m also typically fast at running so this summer I was going to practice at the football field by running a mile a day and eventually build up the distance and when school comes back around I’m going to join track and Volleyball.

  • Hold on. You started the relationship. He gave you a chance. And when you realized that he wants you to improve your self and have a longer, healthier, and happier life with him you blame him for starting the relationship.

  • my mom is overweight. A year ago, I was underweight. We would go to the same places and do the same things, but whenever we were eating, she was given looks. even if I was eating more then her

  • It’s not fat shaming when people tell you you can’t ride an amusement park ride/ride elevators due to a weight limit. They aren’t going to endanger others just to save your feelings, Alr.

  • How I burned fat (try at own risk because yes you will be healthier but yes at some point you will probably think you are dying):

    1) I train every other day full body workouts, about 8 reps per set should do it. 3 sets upper body push, 3 sets upper body pull and 3 sets squats is minimum. If you can do more as you get fitter and stronger do more.

    2) I eat raw meat mainly. Sometimes Ill have a tea or a cheat meal but majority of my food is raw meat. Muscle meat, fat and organ meats. I dont care for vegetables. I dont need it.

    3) I try to get a good amount of sleep anything to aid in recovery is good.

    PS it is possible to get lean. I used to eat 2 large pizzas per sitting. So my appetite is huge. And no I dont starve myself. And if you do attempt my method then make sure to get your food from proper sources. Grassfed beef free range pasture raised chickens/eggs. No market meats. So far I dont have parasytes and I have been eating meat raw for 2 years.

  • does it really matter if the lack of passengers on the plane tell amberlynn that she needs to buy an extra seat? because i honestly don’t see why a full/half full plane would tell you anything about the seating situation type deal (i never experienced airplane rides hjhliu). she’s gonna take up two seats regardless.

  • if i were amberlynn i would’ve just booked two seats for myself and put the arm separator up.. its a more costly but more comfortable way to fly on a plane. you know.. before flight.

  • Marc I got fit-shamed last year by an eye doctor, I’m a 6′ 1″ 230 lbs body builder. So I know I’m bigger than most people but this doctor walks into the room to give me my eye exam and the first thing he leads off with is that I’m obese and I should lose some weight. Then he proceeds to tell me he has been cycling for the last 5 years and I should think about taking it up to lose weight. After that I look at him and say if you think I’m out of shape as you think I am please come to the gym with me, hell i’ll even pay for your guest pass. He didn’t say anything about it after that. lol

  • I had a Starbucks barista make fun of me for ordering a sugar free latte. She shamed me with others for ordering sugar free. I’m not diabetic but I do like to keep my sugar low and I like to eat to help my fitness goals. Could you imagine if she made fun of someone for ordering something sugar free and they we’re like type one diabetic or something? It was embarrassing and I won’t go back to that Starbucks.

  • yeah comfort eating…i am a teenager and overweight, depression, poor parenting and many more reasons including my family and ex-friends helped me to get to that point

  • God bless you. You are represent a very unpopular in a world full of stupidity and political correctness and frankly I wish I had a fast forward button to escape all this woke toxicity that has infected media and entertainment establishments. Just randomly stumbled upon your videos and now you got yourself a new subscriber ����

  • Personally I feel like it stems from personal experience or environment and surrounding during adolescence. Similar to the whole “ok boomer” fad. The difference in the years of birth greatly effects the ideals of a “acceptable” lifestyle. These same ideals can apply to weight differences as well. Difference can, sadly, often mean arrogance.

  • My sister and I are the same height, however my sister weighs 20kgs more than me. I eat almost twice as much as she does and according to bmi im almost underweight, whilst she is rather heavy overweight. This is because I had the luck to not be born with a problem with fat burning mechanisms in my body, which is a common thing in my fathers family. My sister had less luck, but she is healthy whatsoever. Sadly, mostly obesity or overweight is not bad luck but bad habits, and I know that my sister is an exeption. If the woman in the bbc video is making a big deal out of shopping, my sister has it easier to find clothes than I do, simply because it’s very hard to find clothes that don’t show off femininity too much (my sister doesn’t have a problem with it but I do). If you want your ‘thin privilege’, then get thinner.

  • have u ever been fit shammed? I never have I actually get WAY TOO MUCH credit. I honestly think getting way too much credit is just as bad as being shammed but that’s just me.

  • She thinks she’s small…that’s the only conclusion I made from this…even when she calls herself morbidly obese…she still thinks she’s small lol, especially compared to the obese women she was talking about

  • I don’t hate fat people at all, I tend to worry! My parents are overweight and I’ve seen what it does to them. My mom was always in pain and could hardly do anything and eventually, her weight led to her passing. I just want people to be healthy and happy.

  • I was 90 lbs when I meet my now husband. 3 kids and 15 years later I weigh 145+ my husband loves me the way I am. He says I carried our beautiful kids and its made me more beautiful ��
    I wish more men could understand how women feel about their weight. You are all beautiful ������

  • Tess Halliday is a very dangerous person. She could have a heart attack at any moment and spouts shit that she’s “healthy fat” when she is off the charts in terms of BMI. It’s insane, she is undoubtedly responsible for people dying because they accepted that being 200 pounds overweight is healthy and fine.

  • Okay I know this is dumb compared to all of the actual stuff she has going on with her, but as someone born and raised in Florida I need to say it:
    You went to Disney LAND? You live(d) in Florida (same part of Florida that I live in) and could have drove to Disney WORLD, but you took a plane to Disney LAND? Gorl, I –

  • Not acceptable on public transport:Large people, Smelly people, noisy people, PEOPLE IN ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIRS. Finding clothes to fit hemiplegics with atrophied limbs:NOT HAPPENING. Being stared at in the chair. OH YEAH! (Not that I’m bitter. Oh no). Whinging about being large:SHUT THE *%”& up.

  • This sort of guys seem to be normal until a few attractive girls pay kind attention to him.It may be a pure coincidence, sometimes he becomes a little bit more attractive. Then his narcissistic side gains the upper hand and he’s after “something better”. What a jerk.

  • To the one at 7:06 theres a concept known as MODERATION. You can drink and still be healthy, as long as you drink in moderation. You can eat but make sure its a balanced diet and consume drink, fast food IN MODERATON. Being fat shows the difference between control and moderation and letting go of yourself to the point where you are KILLING yourself due to your lack of control.

  • Everyone is made to be a certain size. If you go (too) low below or (too) high above that natural size, you look wrong. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

  • Okay, with the entire plane issue, I can understand getting a little upset by just being informed moments before take off. However, she should have expected it since it is common protocol for planes and the people were polite about it. I think the plan staff should’ve told her a bit earlier, but I can also understand why she was forced to buy a second seat.

  • I’m obese and I don’t like fat men, but I’m bisexual and I do like fat girls. There are skinny men and women who do like fat people and there are fat people who like skinny ones.. That’s just how attraction works and I’m tired of hearing that because I’m fat I can’t like skinny guys.

  • I lack weak privilege, have you ever tried to buy a 21″ collared dress shirt? Have you ever tried to buy a bowtie 21″+ in length? Go for it! Nearly impossible, so I guess weak privilege is a thing, and because I’m white, I feel like I should also call this racist, it’s not, but if Black people do it, I’m going to.

  • Not all morbidly obese people are all bed ridden or lazy some of them are really fit and can run circles around some normal sized people and some obese people can run marathon so this whole obese people can’t walk 10minutes is all bs

  • Haters pick on her because they are overweight and need a celebrity to be their CRUTCH.
    “If NAME HERE is fat and in the public eye, then I’m ok and do not need to get myself healthy” That is why fans (or ex fans) are pissed off. Lady take care of you. They never liked you in the first place.

  • No offense but….who cares lol. If your overweight ok. I don’t know why humans are so concerned by what someone else does or has on their bodies.

  • I can relate! I’m a plus sized I’ve tried everything to lose weight. I eat clean, I’ve been doing this for many years but the weight doesn’t want to melt off. I’ve had strangers/ men wanting me to reduce my stomach but keep my burst & bum curvy wanting me to look like how society tells women they have to look to be perfect. My stomach has always been out no matter how skinny I get. I wouldn’t pick them in the first place this video is accurate. If they don’t like what they c then they need to go about their business rather than to change me. Ppl want me to look like those fit girls who have the flat stomach with the sports bra and water bottles on Instagram. If I wanted to look like that then I would need to have a tummy tuck. We are judgemental of 1 another. When I focus on my body I do it for my health not to pls anyone, losing weight is so hard work. Ppl need to learn if they don’t have nothing nice to say to keep their comment to themselves.

  • Because it’s nasty and (most of the time) no one wants to get healthy anymore. Everyone is lazy, but some LOOK lazy. No one wants to fit in where you spill over other people. No one wants to be in bed when you take up 3/4ths of it. We don’t wanna hear your wheezing because you couldn’t get up the stairs. We don’t want to smell nor see your body oder.

  • Marc I just want to apologize because this is kind of weird but I have to tell you what happened. I took a cialias a few hours ago on accident, I’m at work and pornhub is blocked but I can watch YouTube. I pulled my dingy to this video to make the pain stop but I promise i wasn’t looking at you.

  • i’m sorry, did SHE of all people say she wanted to tell another girl to “eat healthy” and “lose weight.” if she wanted to say it to herself, she would’ve stopped eating out and started eating better + losing weight herself.

  • 7:05
    I do care. And I am also “hating” those ppl who starve themselves or who overly consume bad stuff like drugs/alcohol, and esp ppl who speed.

    I have an obese friend, she is wonderful as a person but her health is just garbage. She just turned 20 but she cant bend down w/o her knees cracking, she tried once to pick smth up for me (and I told her she doesnt have to but she insisted on it) and then she was absent for a week cause she hurt her knee in the process. It is just fucking sad to watch how she cant keep up with us (literally, walking from A to B) which is a very short distance (like 2 min walk) and she’s so far behind cause she cant walk “so fast” and as someone whos ridiculously tiny (4’11”) I have small legs and it is hard for me sometimes to keep up with my tall friends too but this is another form from “not being able to keep up”

    My father smokes and I think its super bad for his health and I am worried and just want him to stop. Another friend of mine had an alcohol problem but was finally able to quit. People who speed are scum cause they not only endanger themselves but others too.

    I do care, and it is unhealthy, and it is not good. But now my obese friend is indulging into this “fat acceptance” bs and thinks shes good the way she is and yada yada It is soooo dangerous. And you wouldnt tell an anorexic underweight person “its fine if you stop eating” no you’d tell them how it is: If you continue you will D I E.

    So no I don’t see why we need to be accepting. We don’t have to accept it that ppl are killing themselves slowly.
    No, we do not need to be assholes about it, we need to support and help them ofc. But we do not, absolutely nothave to accept it, and if we care, we should not accept it.

    it’s comparable to a friend lying to you to not hurt your feelings. Stop lying, hurt my feelings. Thats way better than living a lie bc we keep telling fat ppl “ah no hun you’re perf the way you are here eat another burger xoxo” we are not helping them, we are contributing to their death.

  • I’m a 5’11 guy who weighs 50kg (about 110lb) and with my long legs, tiny torso, and non-existent waist, I can rarely find clothes that fit me. Trousers are either too short or have a too large waist. Shirts aren’t too bad but mine usually end up a bit longer than I’d like, but it anything being skinny makes shopping so much of a pain for me.

  • Yo! This reminds me of a story when the girls got together with the boy but then she realized that he was flirting with her roommate it’s kind of the same concept bruh!

  • To be honest, there is some point that is correct in their argument. I mean, we cant deny that obese people get judged all the time, and when you are “thin” you can live more freely. But to be honest this is totally normal. We cant control judging others its human nature. You just can’t complain about every aspect of your life like these feminists tend to. If you don’t like your weight, be healthier.

  • No but as a kid with depression and suicidal tendencies being called hippo, elephant and other names and being bullied all through my middle and junior high years didnt help even a lil. If something, it triggered more and more of self harm.

    And when I finally lost the weight for myself, the same people who used to literally treat me like animals now beg to go out with me. The world doesnt work like this you dingbats

  • Feminism is a disease, they dont only spead sexism, they also create ignorance

    Like how is living healthy a PRIVILEDGE. That’s a fucking RESPONSABILITY.

    If you can’t control your mouth from eating that’s ur buisness, dont blame everybody for loving themselves above food

  • My friend is 26 and quite fat. I never judged her for how she looked but recently I realized she is developing alot of health problems and has this tendency to eat junk food on a daily basis. I tried subtlety suggested her taking care of her health but man o man.. she has no control over herself. I have to be mean to her sometimes to make her realize that eating a tub of icecream won’t get make anything better. Thankfully this is working and she has joined a gym. Can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress next year.
    Also, she is NOT depressed or has any issues in life.. just a lack of self control

  • The people that say it’s for your health are more than likely working out regularly, eating lots of veggies, drinking responsibly, and only eating junk food on occasion. So yeah, they are being very healthy. Not perfect but they have made health an important part do their life and that’s why they say that. At least in my experience that has been the case.

  • Do you want her to give you a free seat just because you don’t have money but you’re not thinking of the fact that you’re the size of three people and they can’t let that go.

  • Male privilege and white privilege are real. Just saying.

  • People shouldn’t be bullied for their size (or anything at all really), but they should also take care of their bodies and not let their insecurities affect the behaviors of others

  • Skinny sheeple live by what society dictates, And l large sheeple don’t care and are happy eating, skinny sheeple are miserable and hungry.
    Beer and pizza for me ��

  • Well if she didn’t used the other seat why the hell did his brother didn’t sit with her? I don’t recall a time when my sister and myself wouldn’t sit together in the same row…

  • Although I do agree with what you’re saying, I do beliveve that white, and male priviledge are legitimate. If you fit society’s standards of “beauty” i.e skinny, and white, then you do have some sort of privilege over say a POC.
    Redlining, White Flight, Brandy Melville are just a couple of examples of white privilege/ minority discrimination. Its a proven fact that males are more likely to get a promotion, or get paid higher than his female counterpart who is just as qualified.

  • girl. i have been on a plane before. the seats aren’t huge. we all have seen your body and you are bigger. you do take up 2 seats. your like 600 lbs…. if the situation about the plane didn’t make you change your eating habits i don’t know what will. that’s just sad

  • After watching a handfull of AmberLynn compilations, I have been getting ads for weight loss. A lot of them seem scammy, but even YouTube knows what’s up.

  • Being an overweight person, I’ve always viewed obesity as ugly and very unhealthy.That’s why I never really wanted to have to look at myself in the mirror, have my picture taken or dress nicely. I am currently in the middle of a weight loss journey and noticed a lot of benefits to taking it off including liking the way I look, more.
    I don’t hate other obese people but every time I see one they make me wonder how they couldve let themselves get that way

  • I feel bad for people who are obese and are obviously struggling with food addiction. I was a fat baby, fat kid, fat pre-teen and I ended up having an eating disorder in my teens because I didn’t want to be fat. I was extremely skinny and underweight. I was 5’6 and 105 pounds. I went from being called fat by everyone, to everyone telling me to eat a burger and asking if I was anorexic. I grew a hatred towards fat people during this time and called people fat. All it did was make me feel better but my health was deteriorating. I was depressed and not happy with myself. I’ve grown a lot since then and I’m at a healthy weight now BUT I think some of the reasons maybe because these people were once big or fat and called fat by people. I know being called fat constantly growing up only made me hate it.

  • Fat Privilege:
    Being able to eat whatever you want whenever you want. Chocolate cake at 2am? No problem.
    Never having to walk past something that looks delicious and think “I’d better not”.
    Never having to spend long hours of tiring exercise.
    Getting to spend more time doing the things you want to do instead of all the things that you ought to you.
    This is Fat Privilege. Every time you see someone enjoying this privilege, remember that they chose these privileges as a trade-off for Thin Privilege.

  • The only PRIVILEGE is DEMOCRATS PRIVILEGE tney can loot kill burn down cities get arrested and are pardoned by there democratic mayors to be back rioting the next day with out charges emagine that.

  • Now my epfiany was when I started thinking about getting a girlfriend. I had no coinfidence, I weighed 265lbs I was 5, 10 and 14 years old so obviously I was obese. I played sports I wresteled, played football, basketball, and I did track. I was active but my diet has horrible. I started by doing dumbell workouts with my dad and then I ran the agility ladder, then I did box jumps and then sandbags. I lost 15lbs in my first 6 weeks

  • In my opinion 300 pounds and up makes you obese. Some people such as me have genes that make us heavy yet healthy. When I was 325 pounds I felt like crap. I’m now 267 pounds and I am happy healthy and I feel sexy.

  • Maybe they make heavy people buy an extra ticket on planes because of plane fuel costs. Maybe if you weigh 2 people ‘s worth nearly they get petty and charge the cost of 2 people.

  • My shoulders are wide and my waist is thin so I should be a size six but my shoulders are too wide so I’m a size 8 but then nothing fits snuggly on me ( UK sizes)

  • This is the price you pay for stuffing your pie hole constantly. You can’t have it all Amberlynn. You cannot over indulge everyday,never exercise, and eat for 2-3 people, and then expect life to treat you like you are a 120lb. Barbie doll. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. No pun intended.

  • I gained like 10 lbs during quarantine. Now I’m back to eating healthy n whenever I’m having a craving for something unhealthy I’ll pop on one of these videos. I would normally never say this out load n I’d feel horrible about it but I don’t. Not when she’s just a horrible person. N it’s working for me.

  • I was used to be overweight all my life till sophomore year and now I’m getting skinny, more active, and Im eating more healthy foods that benefits the weight loss. ����

  • We should all treat others equally especially in the gym where everyone is there trying to better themselves. We’re all the same under the bar

  • In general people will treat you based on where they think you fit into the social hierarchy. If they perceive you as lower on the scale they will treat you worse than a person that they perceive as equal and if they perceive you as higher they will treat you better the higher they perceive you to be.

  • I am so glad to this day, I haven’t heard of anyone building or making shit to accommodate fat people. Do NOT give these land whales more of an excuse to eat themselves to death, yet bitch at everyone else for not having something in their size. I wouldn’t be surprised if this chick used a scale to weigh car parts at this point cause she’d probably smash through a normal one. The messed up part is I’m not even joking. �� take care of yourselves people.

  • The fact that she reflects on judging the other heavyset girl in the restaurant, and recognized she wants to say those same things to herself shows she is capable of introspection. There she was, teetering on the threshold of realization, and then she slammed the door shut!!

  • I have been on an online dating website and have had people message me saying I look “like a man” because I like to flex my biceps. I’ve had a few messages; however, someone sent me the rudest message yesterday! How dare I be so disgusting to “act like a man” and “catfish people” by pretending to be a woman! As far as I was aware, I’ve been a woman my whole life! Then when I replied that I am a woman, I just MUST be on all sorts of gear because I’m just “not natural”. I compete in Muay Thai, and weight lifts. “Go back to being a beastly freak” and it definitely hurt to hear someone say those things! I’m not even huge or ripped!:'(.

    Regarding your article, I think something that gets overlooked far too much with overweight people is food addiction and food habits. Everyone empathizes with an anorexic being too skinny, but it’s still something many people laugh at when an overweight person says they are battling with eating too much (and not even in the bulimic sense). Yet, we wouldn’t laugh at an alcoholic. Doctors always have to look at the obvious first, but prescribe way too many mood-stabilizing medications to try to make people feel better, leaving them in a haze when their diet could help tremendously. This and vitamin deficiency could help so many people if it were looked at first rather than a glancing afterthought with a pamphlet about how to “eat healthy”, “get more steps in” and “lose weight”.

  • She’s so entitled, she acts like her weight is a personality trait. Like it isn’t her fault. Like she was cursed at birth to always be fat. Also there’s no way her big huge behind would fit in a regular airplane seat.

  • The NHS is actually amazing, you should see the work that people do. GPs aren’t always that great but they’re not really part of the NHS to start with, if they send you in the right direction which they usually do then you’re in good hands…plus it’s free.

    What is terrible in the NHS is that the mental health facilities are way underfunded. Other than that it’s really good.

  • We are currently taking food and clothes donations for Harvey victims 1830 Killiney court Houston Texas 77051 thank you. Great guy marc

  • how big was she at 18??? cuz obviously now she’s need a whole row to herself if they even let her on, obviously at this point she’s clearly like 300+ so i’d understand but that incident occurred almost 10 years ago

  • Bruh she says she doesn’t judge but she went on a whole rant about someone else’s weight but compared it to herself to try and cover up the fact shes judging them. I feel like she’s made it up honestly like she’s sware of her own obesity but then judges others. I get being aware and not having enough motivation to change but still

  • I don’t hate fat people, I just dislike when fat people peer pressure me to eat a lot �� I have many problems I don’t need my sexuality to be a problem.

  • About the point with obese people not liking obese people of the opposite sex, this is similar for many things. I was extremely underweight for a very long time, so who was I to refuse to date someone who is also thin? Many thin guys get a lot of hate and ive talked to many of them struggling with trying to gain weight.

  • 5:22 I agree.
    Even though I’m obese, I realized what started my journey.
    “I don’t want to become one of those 600lb life people.”
    They, especially and solely the ones that give up, disgust me. Most of the ones that fail, are the same ones that had no reason to fail.
    And those are the ones I DON’T want to relate to in 10 years.
    Besides a landslide of insecurities, I never had a reason to fail.
    I never had a ED, food bores me (the look alone can disappoint me), I lived a fine childhood, etc.
    I don’t want to become 600lb and live my life as a blob. I don’t want to regret the fact that I could’ve lived a life but chose FOOD over a life time of experiences.
    That’s what those 600lb failures me to me.
    They didn’t live their life and chose to continue not living their life, when granted the chance to change it.
    They wasted their money on getting a surgery and went back to living their fat life on a bed. So is that the life I want to live too?

    I don’t want to become them. I refuse to become them. My hate for them drives me to get better.

  • Lmao by them assuming thin people done eat, i mean for me it’s true. I’m too lazy to exercise often, so to help with that I just use my naturally small appetite to my advantage.

    Eat less often, stay away from snacks, and that’s how I stay thin. I should probably exercise and eat more, lest I develop anorexia, but for now it’ll do.

  • Fat women have it worse because in society women are seen as needing to please others (men in particular), and if they don’t do this (as in fitting a specific social mould of attractiveness) they are violating some kind of “social contract.” I remember reading some quote that said something about how women wearing makeup is “paying rent” to get social acceptance. Fitting into a role as a slim person is “paying rent” for social acceptance and if you’re a fat woman, you’re past due, sweaty, and no one likes a “deadbeat.”

    TL;DR: There’s a social entitlement to a woman’s body (like street harassment), and if that body is fat, it’s a transgression.

  • She has amazing AMAZING hair, skin, and face. I’m slightly overweight, but if I lose 1 Kilogram, my face looks like a skeleton, while my body is looks the same. I hate that.

  • How dare she work hard for having a healthy, better life! With her ‘thin privilege’ she’s oppressing all plus-sized women and showing them they really don’t have any excuses, they’re just lazy and delusional. Let me get praise and called ‘brave’ for being an embodiment of complacency. -liberals/feminists

  • i have thin privilege because i’m a 12 year old who loves climbing at parks and running everywhere
    edit: i looked at this vid again and got a weight loss add and i’v never googled that i have weight problems because i don’t

  • Okay I think I get it because it kinda happened to me once lmao

    When overweight girls get set up with overweight guys then they find it insulting that others don’t find them pretty and they would like to date guys who are fit or ripped because they want to be labeled pretty as well.

    This was my experience����

  • You know what a privilege is? The fact that you can have an abundant amount of food and eat to gain that much weight in the first place. I don’t see the fact that I work out at least 5 times a week, keep a food journal, and put hard work into being fit as a privilege. And I will argue that to anyone that comes my way with that thin privilege crap.

  • Time to join the 21st century. Scientists have known (see studies from Harvard’s Dr Lustig as well as dozens of other researchers all over the globe) for some years that compulsive overeating is usually caused by Leptin resistance in the brain. Fat people have a form of (thankfully reversible ) brain damage. Very much like alcoholics have a problem with certain other receptors in their brains. Leptin resistance isn’t easy to reverse, but with the current scientific knowledge we have it is doable. People are successfully doing it everyday now. But there’s no profit in it because the treatment costs nothing. So there is no incentive to inform the public. Look it up and let’s all stop being unkind to people with brain damage.

  • I don’t know I need t here his side f this story somethings missing this girl has stalker behavior how many times does he have to say no the first time he was wrong though there were most likely signs you don’t just stop liking a certain type of girl or maybe he lied her personality and realized her size was an issue, oh and he should have never told her to look like other girls maybe he was one of those guys who thinks as long as she’s pretty he can change her still he told her enough times he’s not interested the rest is completely on her and it’s kinda stalker-ish to keep calling him like that.

  • I think we’re forgetting about people who have ACTUAL problems here. There are people who are going through eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I think the issue stems to body shamingthis applies to any body type, thin or thick, flat or big, whatever goes and it often leads to bullying and to the victim, depression. So now there are many platforms for that which is GREAT but the next thing it became a popular opinion followed by people who take things too far. I’m saying this because this is the foundation of this whole bs. I swear, society is just a problem factory full of opiniated workers producing issues with themselves. It’s so dumb to see that people are using the victim card to blame shit to others who literally have nothing to do with it just to feed their egos. Victimizing and self-victimizing are two different things. Those who are actual victims are fighting against disorders and trying to grow to love themselves for their own self-improvement. But heaven forbid, all we ever hear about is this nonsensical crap. She’s basically shaming the ones with thin body types for having “thin privileges”. What EVEN is your point?? Do you want people to not be thin? Or do you just want to say “you’re just lucky you’re thin you don’t have to suffer like I do”? You just want to put it out there that you are an unfortunate being? Smh

    And tbh I’m seeing the same pattern with feminism. Yes, there were some things that call for action like salary and rights, but yet another thing taken too far. This is why I’m ashamed of being human sometimes

  • Honestly the only thing I don’t like it this fat acceptance movement. Like, we all need to adjust our lives to them being morbidly obese clothing companies, airlines and the list goes on. And they claim there’s nothing wrong with their weight when their joints are f*cked up, when they can barely walk without a shortness of breath, have diabetes and heart issues, fatty livers and so on..

  • I don’t agree with your conservative thoughts (I’m neither conservative or liberal for that matter), but this video is very good (y)

  • As an overweight girl watching this is disturbing. It feels like she hates slim girls because they have what she doesn’t have and that is just jealousy. I have mostly slim friends and they also struggle with things same way as I struggle with things and because I am not happy with where I am at, I started working on my diet and fitness. Maybe she needs to see beyond her issues with skinny people and work on what is really bothering her and that is her weight.

  • At 245 lbs, I constantly had pain in my back (disk issues) and knees (ACL issues). Did some dieting and cardio to drop some weight (with hell from the flu and bad reaction to a bacon cheeseburger in a 30 day period ugh) and now maintain a 190 range. Very little back and knee pain now. Go me with my skinny privilege.

  • I never liked myself when I was obese I hated it and yet I kept eating. When I ate pizzas, many times my mouth would either get burned or I would throw up from eating an entire one. I would be the fattest person in my college yearbook. Why would I be happy with that?

    While I am now 35, but happily 15-20 pounds overweight. I was a little over 200 lb this year, I’m now around 155.

    I dislike the pressure of having carbs because I see it as an enemy to make it something I don’t want to be. I have to resort to ketoish foods just to maintain my weight. When I see advertisements of skinny people advertising junk food, I despise it. When I see fat people advertise junk food, I despise the ad for making obesity the norm.

    I know there is something flawed in my judgmental viewpoint, but I hope to be less like that. I just want to end being fat, just like I got LASEK so I could avoid wearing glasses.

  • Let me start by saying I think this is ridiculous, but more so 20 years ago there were a fair amount of people who thought they were helping an overweight person by harassing them, or at least would say this. I remember a gym teacher, noting a commotion and laughter across the field, who said “Oh, fat boy running. Hopefully this motivates him to change. If no one said anything, why would he?” I was appalled. Said nothing then but as a twenty-something got into an argument at the beach with two tween boys mocking an overweight girl. (Out of annoyance at the boys, not out of pity for the girl).

  • Your fat ass had to pay for an extra ticket because you take up 2 seats. You cost them the price of 2 seats. Even if your body isn’t physically over both seats, your body mass can easily make up even more than 2 people so you’re lucky they didn’t charge you more.

  • because they are a reminder of what could happen to us if we don’t control ourselves. Plus, we like to have a punching bag of a person to make fun of so that we can always say, ” At least I don’t look like that” The saddest part of obesity is that people do not understand that it is a hormone problem. Insulin is a fat storing hormone. When insulin is high, there will be no fat burning. Intermittent fasting is the way to lower insulin long enough to start burning body fat. I lost 50 lbs by intermittent fasting and I eat whatever the hell I want. I just eat it in a 3 hour window each day. I eat like a boss too. Fast food, everything and anything. Still lost weight. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. I wish fat people would look into fasting. It would save lives.

  • Why do fat people hate skinny people? If you need proof look at fatlogic or fat acceptance
    And why is it seen as okay to hate skinny people? In my experience it’s okay to make jokes about anything but it’s also okay to tell skinny people to eat more why?

    I am happy though all these videos inspire me to loose weight and go back to 90 pounds

    I don’t hate fat people but i do hate those who co-opted the body positivity movement to do nothing but get praised for doing nothing

  • What’s cute about being fat? Don’t get mad at people for wanting to be with healthy people who aren’t going to die 20-30 years sooner. How’s that even sensible?

  • If you treat another human like trash regardless of the weight you are an asshole. Tell them the honest truth about their weight, but don’t treat them with cruelty. You have no idea if they are started or continued weight loss and if not their fate is not up for you to decide.

  • Pretty privilege
    Big boobs privilege
    Big dick privilege
    Old privilege
    Young privilege
    Female privilege
    Male privileges
    Tall privileges
    Short privilege
    1st world country privilege
    Rich parents privilege
    All of these exist at least in some small way. Maybe its unfair, who’s to say, really. You can’t control your gender, age, how big your boobs or dick is.. But these people are complaining about something that they actually have control over. That chick wasn’t even that big. She would be surprised what just a few months of actual dedicated exercise could achieve, let alone a year.

    Im thin. I see ripped guys at the beach with their shirts off and all these hot girls who flock to them and it does make me a little jealous, sure. But I dont complain because nobody has a gun to my head saying that I can’t go to the gym.

  • She said beauty comes from within. I agree but what I don’t understand was “Ok! Beauty comes from within but let me make some cash while still being a plus size.” I couldn’t get myself around that contradiction.

  • BAck in my time in school there was the “fat kid in glasses priviledge” we just could not beat the crap out of fat kids in glasses because if glasses break then we would be in trouble beacuse we could not afford to pay them and our moms and dads would beat the crap out of us and ground us for years

  • SAY WHAT YOU WILL about alr… and believe me I will say many things about her…. but if it’s true that the plane was as empty as she says it was, it’s complete bullshit they made her buy another ticket.

  • The moment I woke up was 12th grade year of High School when I couldn’t fit on a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park. Two employees tried to help push the bar down and get my seatbelt on but it was a no go. They told me I had to leave. It was in front of everybody and literally had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life.

    I was with my childhood friend at the time and he was skinny so he still got to ride. I remember walking out the exit by myself passing everyone and my stomach was literally upside down. I didn’t realize I was that big… Almost 300+ lbs. I remember telling myself that this shit will NEVER happen again! The very next year I was at a weight of 174 lbs and I road every damn ride in that bitch TWICE! But that was almost 9 years ago, I’ve been at a healthy weight of 185 and put on some decent muscle since then. If that moment on the plane didn’t wake her up idk what will.

  • I lost 80 pounds and counting and after three years of hard work I suddenly have ‘thin privilege’ and am awful for wanting to be healthy. Okay then.

  • It’s ironic because, last time I checked, two-thirds of Americans are overweight….So most fat hate is coming from other fat people. ��

  • aw amberlynn don’t be afraid of heights!!! you don’t have to worry if you fall from a high place because you’ll have so much cushion to land on!!! ������

  • As a big guy that has lost 30 lbs by eating better (mostly just less) and exercising my ass off, I can safely say that most people that are fat eat poorly and are lazy when it comes to exercise. If you’re big and you’re reading this, unless you have a gland issue or something, you can fix it. But it won’t be easy (at first anyway).

    No need to be mean about it though. Agreed there.

  • First, if you go by all of history and worldwide, larger women have frequently been considered better looking than ultra-skinny. One of the oldest human made objects is a small stone carved into a voluptuous woman, and in Mauritania girls were traditionally pushed to gain weight when they reach marriage age.

  • I’m thin and I can say,I literally got Bullied or being Skinny. It doesn’t matter your Weight because of how the world is any body type is Discriminated against.

  • I cant believe this lol. Also can I just say that actually finding smaller size clothing has become harder these past few years. In the UK most places have stopped stacking size 4 and size 6.:(

  • My issue with obesity is the fat acceptance movement. There is no such thing as the illegal drug acceptance movement or the smoking acceptance movement, or the alcoholics acceptance movement. All those issues are dangerous to good health yet we’re supposed to ‘accept’ that obesity is fine. There is no need to degrade anyone for their addictions, yet there is a need to keep encouraging them to get help. Yes, we all need to eat BUT overeating IS an addiction. It should be treated as such.

  • i guess only a woman would judge another woman because she is fat and eating a burger….why should i fucking care what a girl is eating versus how much she weighs if i dont even know her?????seems so ridiculous its hard to believe that it is even a thing

  • The only reason why I don’t wanna be a with a fat guy is because I’m obese myself I don’t want people to give me the dirtiest looks ever when I’m with him. Where I come from people learned to give me respect and like me I can’t let that go to shit and be make fun of..again and my type is skinny guys, hypocritical? Absolutely so that’s why I’m not dating anybody until I loose that weight

  • You dont deserve to be laughed at or ashamed however this is unhealthy and you need to do something about it, if you dont like the comments or yourself do something about it, the only reason stopping it is yourself.

  • I’m fat. My life is my own, and nobody else’s business. How I choose to live and eat is up to me. One thing I really didnt hear in this video is that a lot of people are jealous of that freedom we grant ourselves to eat as we see fit and enjoy our lives regardless of anyone else’s opinion. Because it is true for me. You opinion of me had no bearing on my life whatsoever. I’m gonna keep eating lasagna and cheesecake. Cuz it’s a good time. I’m also happily married and have 3 kids and work full time. So yeah. I’m happy doing me and some people cant stand it. ����❤

  • I have PCOS too and it is extremely hard to not become plus size.
    I know all these stories are fake.
    But I still find it kinda, weird watching and someone else Actually mentioning PCOS as it’s normal

  • Agreed, treat each other as equals.
    Speaking of equals, how can we all get one of those shirts?
    Went to the TF site and didn’t see them.
    I believe I read and re-read that shirt at least 5 times during the video.

  • I was able to meet Rosie in person and was able to spend some time with her, she is an incredible lady and a wonderful mother and speaks 2 languages she is a smart woman.

  • as a little bit overweight person as my myself i agree with you. fat people are just lazy to lose they blame others for being thin.
    (p.s.don’t get fooled by my profile pic its for 6 years old.)

  • you are right about an undiagnosed problem with the fat woman in your video. She has a subconscious feeling she is being persecuted for her size.

  • Denies that she discriminates against any social group. Proceeds to suggest that fat people are delusional and liberals are mentally ill. Would you like a side of fries with your rampant hypocrisy, Sydney?

  • The reason she had to buy another plane ticket is because planes have weight limits and if you weigh as much as 2 people put together they have to account for thaaaaaaat. It’s the same reason they weigh your luggage, gorl.

  • When someone looks at a thin person eating a pizza they know that they don’t eat pizza every day but when someone sees a fat person eating pizza they know that they eat pizza more than the thin person and therefore give you a look.

  • ‘theyre making me buy another seat I don’t even know why’ just her saying this shows how clearly she is in denial about her weight, not only that but she is making it out like the lady working at the airport didn’t make it abundantly clear? And implyed this was something so outrageous and crazy? Like gorl ur so overweight and the poor worker was just doing her job

  • I hate fat ppl Bc they take up too much space and feel entitled to take up your space Bc you’re smaller. Ex. when I’m sitting on an air plane, I didn’t pay to have your day rolls and thighs spill over into my seat. If your body is leaning into my seat and TOUCHING me then you obviously need to but two seat. But so far ppl deserve to be disrespected. Nope.

  • Sydney while I do see some issues with the NHS you can not say that the whole system is terrible we can get all sort of treatment from them without paying through are arses for instance it does not cost us £10000 to have a baby, we do not have to pay£2000 for an ambulance we do not have to pay £600 for 2 epi pens and we certainly dont have to avoid going to the doctors because we are afraid of the cost, however some areas do need improvement like the fact that this obese women can get a gastric bypass free on the NHS which I totally disagree with I dont agree that the British public should have to pay for this when they can just stop shoveling food in their mouth. I love your channel however I debunk your comment that the whole NHS service is terrible.

  • Hate those guys who thinks girls should be skinny. Also hate about girls who just care about the looks of a guy. People are more than just our body

  • Because most people are severely uneducated and don’t understand that most obesity is a result of a mental disorder, usually something emotion related. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me but hear me out. Unless you live under a rock, you will know that overeating will cause you to gain weight. Just like you know that undereating will cause you to lose weight. If you’re obese, you’re very likely to be unhappy and aware of the fact that a lot of people will find you unattractive or even laugh at you, which is extremely depressing. Yet, you still decide to do the thing that you are fully aware, is going to let the cycle continue, or even get worse. This is very similar to self harm, and can be treated in a similar way, with the use of psychology to combat the underlying issue mental health problems, rather than the symptoms turning to food. If you don’t agree, tell me then, why is it so easy to give obese people diet advice, but not so easy to give anorexic people diet advice? All they need to do is eat more right?

  • It’s all marketing and PR. These days no one takes responsibility for anything (eg Australia exporting coal) and come up with cheap one liners to justify revolting behaviour. But no matter what you spin, reality don’t give shit.

  • Funny it’s your fat disgusting ass in a bathing suit on a magazine is that your privilege? At least skinny girl is healthier than some fat chick who wants me to believe she is so happy being fat and unhealthy, yah whatever you stupid magazine! Not buying it! Nor am I paying for your healthcare when you get diabetes or you need bariatricsurgery which is free for fatsos for being really fat and gross! Sorry unhealthy is not pretty to me! It’s sad…….keep fooling yourself fatty it will be your undoing!

  • Being so thin is unhealthy being obese is unhealthy too, I don t understand why we keep shaming fat ppl. When someone is fat they already know and they re already struggling so can we stop making it worst? And criticizing fat ppl saying « oh! Well it s becuz it s unhealthy » SHUT UUUUP! It sooo hypocrite, like we care about other ppl s health! We over use our phones, we have unhealthy habits that we all do every single day! But nah it s when u re fat that everybody is suddenly caring about health.
    Few years ago I was so thin, yes I got bullied few times, but I admit it s nothing compared to what fat ppl are dealing with everyday. And also at that time my health was in danger, so why on earth we only keep talking about how unhealthy being obese could be!!!!

  • Some people gain weight, and that is kinda bad. And people make fun of them, don’t do that.

    But the worst is when they are born like it and can’t help it. That’s so sad when people make fun of them, I (no brag) treat them equally

  • Now that I think about it. I do understand why she made a big deal about buying an extra ticket if the plane isn’t full then why shouldn’t it be free? I think that’s a good point never thought of that!! Before she said that I never would’ve taken her complaints about buying an extra seat seriously.

  • 6:50 Um am i here this correctly, Because im pretty sure the only thing these narrators do is read the story and wait for it to go big on the internet

  • Yeah… Privilege ��
    I lost 45 kilos over the span of a few years, shaping my body to suit my way of life.
    Overcoming the mindset of “it’s hereditary” that my mom implemented in me, to have an excuse for herself to not lose weight.

    Since I don’t really want to stop eating as I did (eating different things and savoring all kinds of flavors is an intricate part of my life), I had to put more focus on workout and analysing my own body to achieve an “athletic body”.

    Maybe you are all privileged to not be me ������

  • wtf….Amberlynn the plane stays in the air because of aerodynamics, I suggest you google it and then you might not be so irrationally scared of flying. Motor car travel is more dangerous than flying, get real gorl!

  • Imagine not being allowed on an airplane because you’re to big but then gaining weight and eating more and more after that. That’s crazy

  • Not fun being fat. Felt like a burden with everything I’d do. But losing the weight encouraged me to keep it off because I felt like a movie star. Everyone was impressed and I’m not gonna lie, it got me laid. But what followed was fear of food. And I’ve been smoking cigarettes and drinking a lot of water and I’d start to get really skinny. I finally have a happy medium with food and I’ve always love to work out.
    One day I hope to end this battle with food

  • The doctor thing is absolutely crazy to me. You seriously expect a medical professional to ignore your weight? Especially if you’re overweight/obese? Doesn’t mean they have to be a dick about it.

  • These women remind me of a drunk trying to tell me that he’s not drunk. The last Generations built this country fought in the wars to keep it. This generation wants to rewrite the dictionary and ruin your career if they want to.

  • About the “plus sized” girl in the video, i’m fat, i have probably her size(can’t see her height to truly compare), doctors usually talk to me the same as to a thin person, i do my usual medical exams, all is fine(used to have high colesterol when i was young but with some caution in my food i have never had high colesterol in the last 10 years, and i am still as fat as i was), never noticed people looking to me while eating or anything else, probably because i am not looking for whatever other people are doing, and i never felt this “thin privilege” thing.
    She probably only feel like that because she is most likely always thinking about what others think about her.
    I just want to point out that not every fat person has health issues, i am pretty much overweight and i do regular medical check up exams including blood samples, i am healthy and being the most overweight person in my group of friends i am probably the one who gets less seasonal diseases and probably the last one to get tired while doing big walks. I feel good about myself and see no reason to be thinner since, as i said i am healthy, i have no health issues caused by my size, even my knees and ankles feel fine even when i do my afternoon walks of 8 to 10km(i am failing on those since the pandemic but i’ll get to it eventually), don’t even feel tired of them. All i mean to say is, don’t assume someone has health problems just because someone is overweight sometimes they are the healthiest people you know.

  • If obese People wore the right clothes, they might be as well a joy to look at but as they press their elephant thighs into Skin-tight Jeans and let their fat rolls Loop out from under their t-shirt, they hurt the eye of the beholder.