The Surprisingly Simple, Enjoyable Method to Make Weight Reduction Stick


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What if there was an easy way to lose weight that guaranteed you would show up to the gym multiple times a week; make small, permanent changes to your The Surprisingly Simple, Enjoyable Way to Make Weight Loss Stick. Cutting portions is key to weight loss. And surprisingly, your appetite adjusts to smaller amounts of food. Since portion sizes can easily creep up over time, refresh your memory every so often by.

Weight Loss Tip #1: Exercise with a Friend One way to get yourself going is to find a friend to work out with. Even though neither of you would ever get up on your own to exercise, together you can guilt trip each other into doing those daily pull-ups. Exercise together if possible; having someone else there makes it a lot more fun. If you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey, try to set reasonable goals, like running around your block without stopping, or doing light aerobic exercise, like jumping jacks.

Muscle burns more calories than most other kinds of tissue, so the more muscle you build, the easier it’ll be to shed those pounds. Make an Exercise Plan You Can Stick To. Calorie reduction by itself is rarely enough to produce healthy weight loss, you need to burn more calories through exercise and physical activity as well. There is not one form of exercise that is really better than any other, at least in terms of losing weight, if you can stick to it. The Surprisingly Easy Weight-Loss Solution You’re Skipping Diet or exercisewhat’s the most effective way to slim down?

According to many Americans, it’s one or. The rules are simple: You fast for a minimum of 16 hours per day and get an 8-hour window in which to eat all of your calories for the day. There is no set number of meals that you’re required to stick to, so it’s more flexible in that regard.

Here’s an example of the 16/8 method in actio. Here are 3 tips to get you there. 1. Plan and prepare meals ahead of time. Take some time on Sunday to plan out your meals and exercise schedule for the week. Prepare foods, portion meals into containers, and pack some of your meals ahead of time.

It might sound like a lot of work, but you’ll end up saving a lot time (and calories) in the end. Not only is Kindle publishing an effective way to make $100 a day, but many publishers also scale up their publishing business to make $10,000 or more per month. But it all starts with your first book.

Experts recommend “niching down” at first to find a niche you can dominate. Take the weight loss niche for example. How to Make Weight Loss Easier and More Enjoyable I. Start with a modest reduction of calories.

The number one key to losing weight and keeping it off is managing the energy balance of food, this is obviously just fancy speak for creating a calorie deficit.

List of related literature:

But I can’t seem to get it to work for weight loss.”

“The EFT Manual” by Dawson Church
from The EFT Manual
by Dawson Church
Hay House, 2017

And the whole process—even keeping the weight off—has felt easy.

“Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by B. J. Fogg
from Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything
by B. J. Fogg
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2019

Food can be left on it”; and “With each pound of weight lost, you are feeling lighter and enjoying how your clothes are starting to fit so much better.”

“Social Work Treatment: Interlocking Theoretical Approaches” by Francis J. Turner
from Social Work Treatment: Interlocking Theoretical Approaches
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A program called The Solution Method encouraged older dieters to add aerobic exercise and social support to the changes undertaken in their eating patterns, and to focus attention on counteracting a tendency to seek love and comfort from food or drink.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
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This step-by-step strategy makes sense when it comes to weight loss, too.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
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And finding something that actually works and actually keeps the weight off has been difficult for me” (Good Morning America 2015).

“The Beyonce Effect: Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism” by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek
from The Beyonce Effect: Essays on Sexuality, Race and Feminism
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This approach has helped thousands of dieters stick to their plans and lose weight, even when confronted with challenge after challenge.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
from The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good
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It is also helpful for those who are losing weight to stick to a diet of foods that are plain, simple and relatively unseasoned.

“Diet & Nutrition: A Holistic Approach” by Rudolph Ballentine
from Diet & Nutrition: A Holistic Approach
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Each of the steps we were talking about was a small thing that was simple to do, but each was also a good idea for improving life in general, even for people who are not trying to lose weight.

“9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Learns from His Patients What Really Works and What Doesn't” by Henry Cloud
from 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Learns from His Patients What Really Works and What Doesn’t
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This approach can actually lead to overeating and subsequent overweight.

“Burns' Pediatric Primary Care E-Book” by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, Nancy Barber Starr, Margaret A. Brady, Nan M. Gaylord, Martha Driessnack, Karen Duderstadt
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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • When i had uncovered this fat loss program, I felt fired up to give it a try instantly. This has given me thrills. My close friend lost 10 lbs right after this weight loss program. My good friend has shed 10 lbs by now due to this weight loss program. Google can help you to research it. weight’s name is under.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Thank you this video helped me get on the right track I’m 14 now but around 6 months ago I was at my biggest ever I was 13 5’4 and 155 pounds I found this video around 4 months ago and started to change my diet for the better the first couple weeks were hard and my sugar cravings at an all time high but eventually I saw progress I’m now at 5’8 and 131 pounds and continuing to drop weight it’s a bit slower due to me reaching a normal BMI also me still growing but I feel better now a days thank you for helping me change

  • I am losing weight. 1 week into veganism. I am not doing this for weight loss. I am doing it because my body is rejecting meat. I feel disgusted by it now. I can’t believe I was able to eat an other living/breathing creature ��

  • Bulletproof coffee ☕️ is my go too. I also went on the ketogenic lifestyle due to medicinal purposes and thank the Lord for putting me on this path…thank you for your transparency ♥️

  • I had got word how carbohydrate food were correlated to weight gain as well as generally to avoid carbohydrates, on the other hand had actually never considered using them to lose excess weight. The primary idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss strategy is to actively train the body to melt fat for fuel instead of just carbohydrate. It’s founded on the latest scientific principles into the very high carb diet habits of the Japanese as well as their outstanding long life expectancy. The conclusions would suggest that it’s their elevated carb-cycling dieting approach that can help to keep on being healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lower incidence of unhealthy weight).Read much more here

  • You NEARLY (reasons below) want me to try out Keto, because it sounds like it could help me a lot (Especially with having chronicle inflammations like Asthma and inflammatory knee problems and YES, I’m pretty overweight… Each time I have to take Cortisone, I gain between 6-10 Kilos… Last year I had to take it 3 times…)

    BUT just nearly, because… 1. I’m vegetarian; 2, I don’t like fatty food (it makes me feel sick); 3. I don’t like heavily salted/seasoned foods and 4. If you haven’t realized: I’m a picky eater xD

    Not sure if I would be able to contain it, but I guess I will ask my doctor (he already told me to shorten my carb intake) and if there’s no real problem, I might try it…

    I’ve never eaten Avocado, because it already looks so fatty, that I never wanted to try it I even got a disgust for meat through being forced to eat fatty meat by my family. My god… I don’t even OWN Oils and such… I haven’t eaten butter for 7 years, because I was disgusted by it. I’m now back with margarine. I can stomach it better xD
    (And no, I’m not the person: “Fat is bad”, it’s just that I can’t stomach it well. I get cramps, my stomach hurt, I feel ill and I once even vomited right on my plate when I was forced to eat some fatty meat. That was the point I got really disgusted and even the thought of meat would make me feel sick to my stomach. Haven’t eaten meat since 2005 and I don’t miss a thing… Well, maybe Gyros… but more the seasoning than the meat itself xD

  • Hi, i love your videos btw….soooooo I’m considering becoming vegan but don’t really know where to begin??. I’ve been doing the basic fruits and veggies and looking on you tube and ur channel for diff ideas on foods to prepare, i also want to order your cookbook b.c. the recipes I’ve been trying been kinda boring and bland��also how can i overcome the temptation of wanting meat while my hubby and son consume meat? Sometimes I’m good at being able to cook dinner and not want any meat but other times im tempted. Can you help me plz?!??!?

  • Omg. This is from 2016! This girl is way ahead of so many people. She says it all.. it is simple! Just… not at first. She has had the exact same journey as me and reached the same conclusions. There is a lot of money to be made by “diets” and from “experts”, people looking everywhere when they really need to look and really listen to what’s inside. She is so fluent in explaining this she has obviously taken time to look inside herself, to accept herself, to change her eating for the good of others and herself I’m still learning to cook and for me the hardest commitment is finding the time…. but that’s ok… I’m not killing my self about it… I’m certain it will come… I’m learning…. I’m learning how the time will come! And… she is just sooooooo beautiful too…. those eyes! That smile!

    So many complex things she simplifies…. wish she could find a solution for Brexit! (Not an invitation to discuss Brexit! Just she is sooooooo good at simplifying complex things!).

  • This video has great information, but I am confused about the best diet plan that I need to work with, only because I have never taken any. Anyone tried using the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several folks mention awesome things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • I’m so glad I watched this. Its not easy doing research on mobile cause most sites are not dependable, thank you! I hope I can still workout on this diet just for basic health and body shape reasons!!

  • Hey Liezl, thanks for the inspiring recipes. Can you link any tupperware and appliances you use as well (the lollie tray, for example). It helps understanding and getting the portions right. Or the tupperware you use to prepare food in advance. Thanks!

  • You have diabetes 1 and you had 2 I had no clue you could even have both as a type 1 diabetic myself the amount of medication would be a lot.

  • I’m a dietitian and I’m so happy that you found something that has been so effective. Its relatively clear to me that you have some implict bias that is affecting your interpretation of what is undoubtably a huge volume of information. I have some points of contention (ileal break/fiber, direct dietary fat deposition), but I do think you did a fairly even handed job from a somewhat biased perspective. My hope is that if someone sees this video and is inspired they find a medical professional for support!

  • Also, go on cronometer to track what you are consuming. Don’t start counting and restricting calories tho.
    Count micros not macros!

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  • have to try that ice cream thing. i cant eat raw bananas but if they go through a freezer i can eat them so this is the way to go (alongside banana pancakes and smoothies)

  • This was the video that motivated me to start the keto diet. I started at around 260 lbs and I’m now at 180 lbs
    I have been stuck at 180 for a while tho, with some belly fat that’s still there, but I’m still very happy with my progress.

  • This has started my weight loss journey in November last year and I have lost over 30 pounds since then because I did the research then. Thank you!

  • I need a suggestion on how to lower colesterol and maintain healthy weight I don’t really eat alot of carbs as far as I know send me an email if you think you can help me

  • I’m interested in the keto diet, conceptually it makes sense to me. I am worried about either developing type two diabetes OR developing high cholesterol and putting myself at risk for things like heart disease. Keto sounds great for avoiding diabetes, but what about the risk of cholesterol? Anybody with more knowledge, I am seeking input

  • i wish i would have listened to this when it first came out. i’ve been having a lot of symptoms of type 2 diabetes recently, so i’m pretty sure i have it. i’m only 18 and i’m scared for my life.

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    A lightning fast metabolism that ignites your fat all day long, so you keep burning fat even while you sleep!

    Plus a long list of health benefits that will blow away your know-it-all doctor. He might even ask for your advice!

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  • Thank you for this video, it started me on the Keto Diet that I’ve lost 17 lb so far since January (I’ve had a few hiccups-) and it’s the first time I’ve ever actually lost weight (or at least not since many years ago), so I’m super happy about itI hope to lose alot more until I’m actually healthy again ^^

  • I use to drink 1 bullet coffee every morning then that what it for coffee that day! I loved loved loved it! I am a cook thats my job its so hard to work around foods. But I know that I will start this tomorrow for life. Since I have returned on regular eating I have inflamation galore all over my body.

  • Thank you for this advice. I started being vegan 3 weeks ago. I’ve tried your recipes, bought your cookbook, Rachael Alma, Shine with Plant recipes and they all come out terrible. This journey is hard.

  • Here’s part 2 of my weight loss summer series (on my channel), the other video that goes along with this video.
    How to lose weight & get fit for summer:

  • My endurance is unreal as well as I have so much more energy. I have a look at my sister Kim and she’s a total success story also; she remains in just as very good shape and she also still uses yoga burn. There’s actually so much value here, I felt I had to communicate my story and i am sure you could have as much if not increased success, best wishes on your amazing journey! Look at the link

  • Thank you for this valuable information.
    I am a kid that has a overweight problem and this may help to slim me down.

  • I just finished cooking the stuffed peppers! I used black beans instead of chick peas and rice instead of quinoa and it was deeericious! Thank you Liezl, your recipes and videos are lifesaving. Keep up the good work.

  • I feel like a murderer…. I work as a baker! �� “Eat the bread and pastrys… Yesss…. Get that sugar into your bodyyyy…. Excellent….” ������

  • I love you and your family! I have watched you for years and have never been vegan but as of yesterday I’ve started transitioning to a plant based diet! I will eventually be vegan I just need to do my research to completely transition! Thank you for all that you do for all of us! ������

  • Kitni galat information share kr rhi h y aurat sharm ni aarhi isko… mouth m glass s long time tk consume krne se teeth sadd jayenge just like hell��������������������������������������������������������… don’t intake it directly so you can use any straw to drink it..and don’t use it on your mouth and hair without full information…is jaisi aurate bs views se paise kamne k liye kuch bhi bkati h��������������������������������

  • Hello people. Really nice video about weight loss tips. I Think everyone can find what is the best for him. Actuall any diet and tips can help people. The question is Do people follow all the steps the diet tips consist. Actually i want to share with you how i did it in 2017 and still losing weight fast. Here is the information you need to know

  • Wow this video changed my whole perspective when it came to food and health! I watched this when it was posted, and it had an incredible effect on me! No lie, this was the first video I had EVER seen that had made eating well/losing weight not seem like a massive, unhappy, painful slog! I have a condition that effects my joints, and needed to shed excess weight before I damaged them even further. Finally finding something that said ‘you can still enjoy food, lose weight, feel better, AND don’t have to kill yourself at the gym’ was my moment of realizing that I could actually do it!
    I wish my body could handle Keto in the long-term, but it started me off on an incredible foot, and over a year later I’m down 100lbs, a healthy bmi, and with my daily joint pain more than halved!
    I can’t thank you enough for sharing this video. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  • Naomi, I am a customer of yours and I love your products (book + love your serum & the hair keratin produces especially). I also quit smoking 2 years ago, but gained a lot of weight so I tried Keto for the first time a year and half ago which really helped me and I felt great, but fell off the wagon, and during the pandemic quarantine here in Canada, I didn’t just fall off the wagon, but slid in the mud:):) The part I didn’t add was that I was also compelled to follow Keto due to Alzheimer’s prevention. Today, I saw this Ted Talk for the first time and now I’m worried:
    Could you please comment on the science that Dr. Neal Barnard is presenting about Keto being dangerous for Alzheimer’s? Thank you! Dina

  • Any way you could make a video or a doc with like your top 10-20 most useful recipes that have helped you stick to this diet change?

  • I lost over 20lbs in two months. Just visit a website called NextLevelDiet, choose the foods you like and they will provide you with 30-DAY diet plan and training plan. Finally I got my six pack:D

  • i trayed a lot of different programs but after pregnancy,was difficult i only manage to get fit with my husband whew give me a motivation and that amazing program was cheap i trayed a lot so i give it tray,was working for me

  • I’ve been on keto for a year now because of you. I went from 190lbs to 145lbs in just the first 4 months. I went from a sixe 1X to a small. And I’m immensely more healthy, all my blood work is perfect and I have more energy and a clear head.
    Thank you for sharing your testimony

  • So I’ve been doing Keto for more than a month now and I’ve gone from 110-99 kilogramms now. I also eat only one meal a day and it works! I’m not really ever hungry anymore!

  • vegan make life simple, not only saving the time but also clear my mind. I eat a whole food diet, but I also make buckwheat or some wholegrain tortilla and bread by myself. I just feel much clear about everything that put in my body. I can’t agree with you more. Beijing vegan is not for losing weight, It helps people to find balance, not overweight, not underweight, just fine

  • You helped me loose 20 kg! I was afraid of starting, mostly because I didn’t believe in a way to loose weight without dedicating all my time to it. But i somewhat decided to try this in a “not so serious” way, but when i started to loose weight without much effort it was easy to keep going. Thank you.

  • This is so true. If I really wanna eat pizza, I would not eat my diet foods and eat it all day so if the day after I see pizza, I don’t crave my brain sets myself to not eat it because I had enough pizza yesterday. It works for me.

  • If only I`d known about the “fetching tuti space” (Google it) earlier! I would have attained my weight loss goal a couple of years ago. This is the only program I used that actually works. I shed 5lbs in two weeks! This product works if used correctly together with a healthy diet program..

  • Guys. lost lots of fat doesn’t need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’m going to give you some tips now. Get a popular lose weight method called Custokebon Secrets (search on google). Thanks to it I have lost tons of fat. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t really want lots of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a great mood right now and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • Is there any side effect of apple cider viniget for hypothyroid patients. My age is 39 and I am having hypo thyroid for last 12 years.
    Please let me know.

  • im sorry i love your vids but this diet is terrible no carbs limited protein relying on fat only. Sorry but thats terrible. You may lose the weight but you give up almost on all the food. If you love potatos like me you cant give up on this.

  • Another thing that is definitely helpful is eating more slowly. Your body produces a hormone called leptin that makes you feel full. But hormones take a while to build up so by eating slower, you give your hormones a change to catch up. I used to eat 3 bowls of cereal in the morning because I was starving. Now, I can feel full after one bowl. Yes, your friends may complain that you’re the last to finish eating but you won’t be worried about gaining weight from the extra food you ate by eating too quickly.

  • Hey, thanks for making this video. It helped me lose 4 inches off my waist and helped me help my sis (an epileptic) lose weight and improve her overall health.

  • So, I have two questions:
    1) Personally, what did you eat on the keto diet and what would you most recommend?
    2) If I go off the keto diet after reaching my ideal weight, will I quickly gain the weight back?

  • Superb video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we love to notice this amazing content. We make Travel & Food videos as well, world-wide, so we are continually interested in inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

  • >>sasa>> For every 100 peopleeee who lose weight, only one person succeedssss the way that Americans love the worst in weightttt loss > >>77>>>>

  • Liezl, these are fantastic… thank you! You are literally looking snatched in your thumbnail, I think you’ve well reached your goal.. congrats!��

  • I mean once you get into a healthy diet that works for you, I’ve gotten to the point where cheat days just feel weird because I can tell the difference in what the food is doing to me.

  • Terrific movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out these types of contents. We create Travel & Food films too, world wide, and also we are habitually looking to get inspirations as well as good ideas. Thank You.

  • Quiz Answer:

    1 ) Vinegar is a french word and its meaning is sour wine so basically vinegar and wine formation or the making are approximately the same

    2 ) We should take at least 15 to 30ml of apple cider vinegar

  • Funny thing is that I followed an “Expert nutritionist” once and they told me pretty much the exact opposite of most of this. Adam Ruins Everything is actually what first told me about the “Fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does”. This, however, elaborates so much more. I know I’m late to this but thank’s for being a source I trust to get me into learning more about this and then doing it.

  • I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! ��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️�� This inspires me. Ever since I went vegan I realized I have been overeating and put on some weight, not a-lot, but definitely some weight. However, even though i’m overweight for my height, im perfectly healthy according to my bloodwork and blood pressure. I have been tracking my macros and micros and been working out daily with yoga and jogging. Little by little I will get there. ������ It’s about strength for me, not so much losing weight.

  • Thank you so much for making this video. This whole time I’ve been dieting and failing to lose weight even when I was eating my vegetables and the whole time I was eating carbs thinking they were good for me. So now thanks to this vid, I can hit the reset button and try it again but with knowledge from u��

  • Hey Lockstin. I’ve decided to start on my own Keto Diet Journey. On February 25th, 2020 I am currently 263 Pounds. I’m 6 feet tall and hoping to decrease it. Thanks to your information, I’m going to start tomorrow (it’s late right now).

    I thank you for your information and all that you do.

  • What a beautiful, stylish woman.
    Frustrated that I want to do full keto, or <20g carbs, but I need starch veggies to have energy. Have seen this over and over again

  • I’m a dietician and I was happy to see you use nih for info! Most people just jump on the first thing on a google search. Just watch your bone mineral density! So happy for you!

  • This video has good information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan that I should work with, only because I have never taken any. Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard some people refer to unbelivable things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • Hi from Norway! I eased into lowcarb in december and then went keto-ish in january. I was on medication for high bloodpressure (had been for 2-3 months), probably for psychological reasons, but we do not know for sure. Going to work With that medicine in my body and on keto, omg, I could not function! I “died” going up stairs! I cut it out, and one week after, I was fine. I now almost have low bloodpressure. My situation here is that I am a Medical secretary (also institutuional Cook) but I need to get a job where I move more, so right now I am probably unemployed for a while. I am 47 (48 this year) and a vegetarian comsuming some Dairy (just cheese), trying to go vegan, as I believe in NOT comsuming animal Products at all.:) I have been to the U.S many times, as my father lived there, and I know you guys have so many options foodwise than we do in Norway.
    I struggle because it is so expensive here. vegetables is insanely overpriced. I do fall out of the stright regime quite often, when comsuming some lowcarb chocolates (whitch is found out I have to cut completely as they are not even vegetarian), but at least I have not eaten a normal chocolate or any of the normal snacks (potatochips etc.) since the 24th of december, and thats HUGE for me:) I do IF often and I use apple cider vinegar before meals (it really can take away stomachaches for me, if I get them), my stomach is feeling better With all the spinach/arugola/broccoli/cauliflower/brusselsprouts and then som vegan burgers / sausages/ other meatsubstitutes that are pretty low in the carbcontent (thankfully!!) The fats I consume is mainly extra Virgin olive oil and extra Virgin coconut oil, and my scalp feels better, my skin overall a bit softer, and a “thing” (not sure if it was a wart of some kind, I am a runner) under my foot just went away almost instantly! I have plantaar fasciitis, a mild form of asthma and some other minor problems, I am anxious to see whether those get better! I Guess it wont happen over night, as this body was a sugaraddict for 47 years!:D Anyhow, I am glad I can still have a little wine (we have many wines containing under 3 or even 2 grams of sugar per litre) and I just ordered vegan, low carb peanut/chocolate treats online (I can not live without any treats at all). I was not fat or anything but also carried a few pounds more than I liked and around the midsection, that has not completely gone away yet, but I am hoping. I am about 176 cm tall and am now at the weight of about 67 kg, I think I need to get Down to about 64 kg to see if my belly looks better then:) Sorry for the long post, but I just felt the need to share:D Thank you for Your educational videos, allthough you are not vegan, so there are limitations to how related they are to me, but still:) Greets from the Cold North!:)

  • Those lollies look very tasty and are probably a super nice snack! I’d love to try them but I don’t have ice lolly molds. I wish I can find them in our shop.

  • Lot of people in the US are insulin resistance due the sugar being in everything, so a lot of stuff doesn’t work for them no matter how hard they work. Long as insulin is being triggered by sugar you cant lose weight. I cut out sugar and carbs that turn into sugar, went Keto, just fats and protein, vegetables, real food, no processed packaged food. It takes work but you can find and make alternatives for dessert and high carb things for breads, pastas ect. feel a lot better overall and weight started dropping. It’s a lifestyle now. it always has to be a lifestyle not a “diet”

  • I am so gonna make that grille cheese and also chicken skewers but I don’t have quinoa at home so I might make it with bulgur. Can’t wait to try it! Thank you for the inspo��

  • I think people eat too much bread, cheese, processed stuff. Or fried stuff. I couldn’t loose weight until I went plant based and my weight came off bit by bit. Felt wonderful. Very grateful.

  • Love your delivery, Naomi. I always feel more relaxed after your messages. Keto is helping me also get rid of the food cravings I used to have. Look forward to this journey together!

  • Some great tips here but if you want the truth about weight loss you should check this out and gain some perspective on the weight loss industry and what’s really going on. I know that it helped me start really losing weight.

  • I was on keto for months. While working out 5x a week. With rests days being weekends.
    And I was able to legpress80 lbs.

    And I can push a trailer hitch. I looked good until covid. Now I’m back up to 180lbs. And in 5’3. I got down to 175lbs

  • She is not even replying to any one…answer dene pe gift milega…hahaha this is the way to gain more n more viewers…jo comment ka reply nhi de rhi wo tmlogo ko gifts degi..������

  • Only started watching your channel recently due to also starting a Keto lifestyle… but when you said you stopped sugar 25 years ago for a few days. did I hear that right? You look 30 something!! �� anyway great content

  • Thanks for the encouragement, I used to be on keto then I fell off the boat 2018. Then at the midway though 2019, I got back in because I was gaining weight again. Overall I lost 47 pounds. 268lbs down from 315lbs.

  • so i’m in transition. i really like yogurt. plain is what i prefer, but i haven’t found vegan yogurt without tons of sugar and flavors. also soy products cause stomach pain. any thoughts?

  • It’s been ten years for me. I completely agree you how life is better. Low carb saved me from becoming type 2 diabetic and obese.
    Thanks for the great video! ��

  • I also have experienced all those benefits. Keto and IF changed my life. The mental benefits have far exceeded any expectations I had. 13 months strong and plan on it for life.

  • I’m a yo-yo’er (gain 100lbs lose a 100lbs) but I’m 35 and just going out and jogging has caused some serious surgeries with a 300-400 lb man slamming his bones on the ground IE Bone spurs that were cutting into my Achilles. Can’t keep up. I’ll use your recommendation and try keto starting at 375lbs this time. GO GO lifestyle change.

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear a lot of people burn their fat with this popular weight loss methods.

  • Thanks for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried Dinanlinson Natural Beauty Approach (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning what to eat to look younger minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend at very last got great success with it.

  • This is the thing I’ve ever watched that motivates me to be plant-based. I’ve read books and articles and follow others. But this is so important!! I have a lot of body image issues…and eating meat exacerbates them. But everyone around me eats meat, and sometimes I just feel it isn’t worth it / too hard. It keeps this cycle of feeling bad about my body and putting bad stuff in it. But I want to feel good. I want to stop eating animals that I don’t need in my body-and I dont want to feel guilty for simply feeding myself. This was really inspiring!!

  • hi leizl I m big fan of your…love your recepie.As I m Asian love spice and enjoy spices in most of your spices….really healthy as well…

  • @Lockstin & Gnoggin fun fact brother, here in the wonderful u.s.a. there are handfuls and handfuls of “nutrients” that are illegal,,,,that my dear friend is flabbergasting!!!!!!!

  • I need to gain weight, why am I watching this, I’m a guy with skinnier belly than Shakira, you can see in my videos too seriously.

  • Been on Keto for about 4 months now give or take. Been avoiding carbs and sugars. Been eating leafy greens. Been eating a moderate amount of meat. Been drowning my food in lard/olive oil/butter. Haven’t been getting many results. Not sure what i’m doing wrong. I don’t snack or anything so it’s not like my bodies wasting too much time digesting to keep from burning fat.

  • I have a question.. instead of chopped up pineapple for the popsicle can I use like Apple or any other fruit that barely has acid in it? I have acid reflux.. my stomach is super sensitive

  • I just wanted to say that because, oddly enough, you were a pokemon youtuber, i trusted you more for some reason? and because of that, i began my keto diet 56 days ago and i wanted to thank you for making this particular video because without it, i wouldn’t be seeing the changes i so desperately needed for years.

  • Sorry, but how can a skinny person give advice about weight loss?? This is insulting to real people trying to lose weight.������‍♀️

  • i’ve been trying to recover from anorexia for a long time. i keep relapsing. there was a point where i used veganism as a way to restrict my eating during certain treatment centers. im motivated for recovery now and im going to try to use veganism to help. i have been for a while ��

  • Hi I was a triathlete who had a heart attack after a race. Now on keto and it has also changed my life. 100% healthily. Would love to tell my story top.

  • Alcohol is my achilles heel when it comes to weight loss. I don’t drink a lot, but whenever I do I always overeat. That said, I wouldn’t want to give up alcohol completely because I enjoy the occasional glass of beer or wine with a meal

  • OMG! I thought you were a South African girl for one second, that’s why I clicked on your video because you look a lot like my cousin. You’re so beautiful!

  • Thank for this honest and informative message. I usually over think how to eat and end up eating horribly. I am a picky eater and only like a couple of vegetables. When you said that you started out that way I almost fall my couch!!!

  • Just scrolling through the comments of fatasses whining and saying it won’t work and I was about to comment something mean cuz I don’t face these problems but I don’t wanna hurt their feelings.

    I’ll leave that up to their doctors

  • I’ve been following you. You have a great insights on keto and intermittent fasting. Am doing keto for almost a year now and felt it’s benefits. You’re not only in ketosis but you’re getting much more beautiful…

  • Terrific video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to uncover this style of content. We produce Travel & Food video too, across the world, and so we are often hoping to find inspirations and also techniques. Thank You.

  • My sister laughed when I told them I was planning to lose weight with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them extraordinary effects right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the details about this diet plan, lol

  • Hi, Jenné. I just subscribed to your channel. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and, after listening to so much advice and going through so many diets and so on, I have to say that your experience and shared inspiration on weight loss is the BEST I’ve ever heard! You understand that from hearing, “Don’t eat this. Eat that,” that before we can find balance, we have to first recognize that there’s always SO much gray area to deal with, which involves encompassing working the whole self. I’ve heard similar commentary, but yours has more clarity. Thank you so much for this! I know it’s already helping me.:)

  • Thanks. A lot. I first saw this video back in mid December and you motivated me to make a change. Here I am, barely 4 months later, feeling much better and down 60 lbs. I’ve got about 30 more to go until I hit my goal weight, but I feel like I’m already there. As cliche as it sounds, you helped change my life. Again. I mean it. Thanks.

  • Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost lots of weight? Simply just do a google search. On there you’ll discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can lost a lot of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • I need some guidance. I watched this about three weeks ago and I decided I was going to give it a real shot.
    I’ve sat down with my husband and went through everything in our kitchen and what I would eat regularly.
    We threw away almost everything in our kitchen and went shopping for about 2 hours. We read and researched everything and made complete keto friendly edits to what I used to eat.
    I eat almost no sugar and less than 80 carbs a day but I’m hitting a wall with what I can or cannot cut out of my diet. I can’t figure out how to lower my carbs anymore than I am currently at; I was reading that you need 15 30 grams of net carbs a day but it seems impossible.
    Am I doing something wrong? My calorie intake is about 1,200 1,500 a day but any lower and I can’t stop being hungry. Any tips or tricks?

  • Im disabled and i have mild spastic cerebral palsy, it effects all muscles in my body and makes it hard for me not to get pain, but i was working out 5x a week weightlifting, also i was on keto. it helps but you also gotta eat right. I remember, its hard but its possible. I didnt lose much maybe like 10 pounds. But i made it into toned mucsle. Which us better then being overweight. But since covid im bound to 10-30weight dumbells.
    Im 5’3 and 180lbs. Anyone have any tips for me? I have gallstones and a stomach ulsar. Which kakes it impossible to lose and week it off in my stomach.

  • I just want to thank you cause watching your video gave me the motivation to do it. I’m two months in and feel amazing and look great! I’m still going hard and not giving up.

  • This was very meant for me to watch, because the vegan lifestyle has been up and down for me since 2017. I’ve gone back and forth and it’s crazy, because I know that the whole foods vegan lifestyle is for me! Bottom line: I need to exercise self-control and just do it! Thank you for this video and I truly love and appreciate all your videos.

  • 1.its a French word which means sour wine. 2.we can consume 15-30 ml/2-3 table spoons in a day

  • To someone who made this video:
    Quality of the texts is… lets say not good. It is hard to read them because of the different colours, sizes and backgrounds.
    At least for me…

  • So I did some light research on keto and I found a lot of stuff about how it lowered blood pressure to a healthy blood pressure. I suffer from really low blood pressure (they think it’s because my panic attacks cause my pressure to drop and I have chronic anxiety) so I was wondering if doing keto would lower my pressure further, making me need to use more sodium. My doctor told me that if I start to feel dizzy I should try to add a little bit of salt to my food. If you know anything about this I’d really appreciate it if you gave me a point in the right direction!

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard many awesome things about it and my mate lost tons of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • IM CONFUSED OK so I want to try this diet, but when you say high fat what kind of fat foods should I eat? I know to stay away from breads and rice and to ease in with veggies also to limit fruit. But what are the fatty foods I should focus on?������

  • Thank you so much for being an ethical Vegan! You are beautiful in and out. Thanks for the great video. Your soul shines through your eyes. God Bless you always:) #InkedVegan4Them

  • Love your videos you’re so inspiring creative and refreshing. Just started my journey and month ago and you have been a great help thank you

  • Amen to all of this sista! I was the first person in my life who was concerned with nutrition and being healthy, especially having a vegan lifestyle and I really did rely on the community on Youtube (you and Boho Beautiful, Sarah’s Day, Brittany Dawn, Rawvana and so many other amazing healthy youtubers!) to learn from and stay motivated by until eventually my family and friends saw such a change in me that they eventually did come along! Sometimes if there is no one in your life to come along with you, you have to be that person for yourself and eventually, hopefully people will come along with you!:)

  • Ok sorry I’m late to the game but a friend just sent me this video and ive seen those keto pills do I need those or can i go with out it and still do fine

  • I was vegan for a few months and I gained a few pounds because I was living off of fries and junk. I was an omnivore and trying intermittent fasting and counting calories but I would still end up bingeing and didnt lose weight. I’m vegan again and I dont care as much about losing weight quickly, I just want to be happier and healthier. I might have undiagnosed binge eating disorder or something but I tend to binge as soon as I get a taste of junk food. Moderation is really tough for me

  • Cool video. Most important: Don’t think about it and make it more complicated than it is. I know that it could be more efficient, but this is how I’ve lost almost 60 lb.:

    1. Do the maths! Take the calories that you eat and substract the ones that you lose by activities. Don’t worry about eating a burger, but of course a burger gives you more calories than the same amount of salad. You don’t have to work out, but running a mile is better than taking the escalator. Just look what’s right for you. Eat less or move more. The more you move the more you can eat.

    2. It’s all about drinking! This was my biggest mistake. But a bottle of coke gives you as much calories as a small meal. So I switched to drink water and diet coke. If you drink no calories, you can eat more! And diet coke tastes better after a while, believe me. Also if you like juices, mix them 1:1 with sparkling water.

    3. This last one is maybe the best (?) Take breaks between your meals. I eat three times a times, nothing inbetween. Or to be more precisely: nothing that contains carbohydrates (sugar, flour,…) Nobody tells you, not even this video. Your body can’t lose weight when your blood sugar is high. So take your breakfast and eat nothing for 4-5 hours. Then lunch, 4-5 hours break, then diner. The body needs this time to take care of the nutrition and start to go for its own reserves. If you’re really hungry in these gaps, avoid carbohydrates. Even if you change nothing at all, eat the same amount, you will lose weight (or gain less…) if you eat it in longer intervals.

    And don’t forget: You don’t need to lose weight in weeks or months. It took you years to gain it, so be patient.

  • This is beautiful. Although I do not agree with everything you say, I do agree with like 70-90% of it. The callories thing is a big one. Not to mention calories are a bad way of measuring food. For those who want to exercise, look online and try to make a short workout that you enjoy, be it 10 sit ups and 10 push ups or what ever it is, start easy and go ahead and add more exercises as you feel needed to the point you enjoy. Exercise should be something you enjoy not something you hate doing. I suggest sit ups as they feel great but every body is different so I hope you find what you like! (: Good luck and stay smart!

  • I love her philosophy. I have lost 100 pounds over the past two years following a whole food plant based diet. When I decided to lose the weight I turned to a vegan diet as a way of setting some food parameters for me. During my journey I learned how to cook delicious meals that fully nourished me and my husband. It took time, effort and a change of thinking. But as I say…change is NOT hard when you are committed to it. Taking the time to eat well is time well spent. This video is full of truth! I just love this woman!

  • Hi Liezel, i wanted to say that you saved me from having an eating disorder, your recipes are amazing and i just love your videos.

    I wanted to ask you, now I’m 15 years old, i was 67 kg, but after intense dieting and exercising, and emotional rollercoaster, I’m finally 57 kg.

    My question is if the weight I’m at rn is good enough or should i lose some more?

    This question is opened to answer by anyone that has some kind of knowledge about this topic,
    So please anyone just help me out

    PS. My height is 160 cm

  • Keto saving my life too! Love how calm you are Me too, I stay mostly calm! I also do OMAD, I eat in a 3-4 hour window ONLY!!

  • What is the best way to lost tons of fat? I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost tons of weight. Has anybody tested out this popular fat burn methods?

  • I am interested in getting products from thrive market, but the warning concerning proposition 65 concerns me. What are your thoughts concerning this? Is this for California residents only?

  • The way you speak and carry yourself makes me feel your positive energy, even just through a computer screen. Thanks for making my day a little brighter. ✨

  • I do have one question here, you said you were over 360? But your so smooth looking?! How did you lose over a hundred pounds and not get super saggy? Thanks

  • Ok so I made this quinoa for meal prep this week. I subbed the raisins with craisins (dried cranberries) because it’s what I had in my pantry (because I already had all of the other ingredients on hand). I took the end of it to lunch today ( Friday) at work and my colleagues were drooling over it and wanted the recipe!! Will be making this often! It was so delicious!��

  • I recommend this great weight loss program i lost 23 lb in 3 weeks. This plan highly effective! Fallow the link

  • Hey, you are so nice, and you are Awesome I love the fact that there is a chalk board behind you!! No, Seriously, it’s like an ‘enlightening sign’ or whatever xoxo keep going!!

  • Thank you so much for this video. I just turned vegan �� and your inspiration was just amazing in regards to my health journey. God bless

  • Your videos are very helpful
    I have started my jury beginning of the year lost 3 kg only I have under active thyroid I like to loose more,
    my question is do I need to count my calories as well
    I am intermittent fasting.
    Thanks for sharing this with us��

  • Your ideas and receipts are so Fabulous! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to loose weight and so far I lost 8 pds in the last month and a wk and counting! I look forward to your delicious snakes, and meals!

  • I know this video is going on two years old, but I wanted to come on here and say that this video was the catalyst for me finally deciding to start my (2nd) weightloss journey. I started keto on June 2nd at 225 lbs and so far I’m down a little over 17 lbs <3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and making such and in-depth and passionate video.

  • Can I follow you forever. See I have lived on ketosis for 4 months! It had healed all my health issues! I so want this again! Starting tomorrow

  • So watching this after finally taking the steps to lose weight has really helped me. I know where to start, have been trying to cut out the sugar and carbs. I won’t say I hate it but my body has “thrived” on sugar for nearly 30 years, trying to kick that habit is akin to trying to stop doing meth or some other serious drug. Sugar is addictive and it makes everything taste better, I mean cotton candy is literally the best food in the world. There are cotton candy flavored grapes that are to die for. Still I am trying…not well so far it’s only been less then a week and have slipped up several times. I have determined start in august to fully commit to the no sugar. I just found a bottle of sugar free fresca in my fridge and was delighted to see it actually says zero sugar and no carbs so I have that. I was much like lockstin sustaining myself on pop(soda), I think I was around the same in terms of amount. I also recently had a bout of gout or what I assume it was, it lined up perfectly with all the symptoms. Super painful and caused entirely by my diet and weight all the info said. So I endeavor to try losing weight, hell if i even lose just a 100 pounds I would be skinnier then I ever have been…dark dark day those many years ago when I saw the big 300. Anyways hopefully I can stick with this and better myself.

  • Dii video to bhut informative h but aap sch me hi shout krte ho, volume km krni pd jati h plz dii humble request h aapse thoda politely bola kro ����

  • Loved all of these recipes!! Although it’s heading into winter here in New Zealand I’m still gonna try all these salads plus the healthy fruit frozen sticks! ������❤️❤️❤️

  • As specialist, I’m sure Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost a ton of fat. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • I’ve lost exactly 30 Lbs in 2 months! The best part is knowing that I did this myself. look at the method I use to lose weight here:

  • I loved hearing your story. Thank you. The “Keto Woman” webinar starts tonight, and I am excited about it. (I didn’t get to your video until this morning.) I am so thankful that each episode is up for 24 hours. Since I rise in the morning at 4 am, I am in bed by 8 pm. Right now, I am on a body cleanse for 28 days. I would like to encourage you to put something like that together for women. We can go through it together. I have decided to do several times a year, and it would be great if I could do it using the products that you put together. Keto women all over the world could go through a body cleanse together.  It would be great if you could include a meditation regime as long as we are cleaning up. It’s not just our bodies that need purifying.  Just say’n.  Women taking care of their minds, body, and spirit… There would be no stopping us.

    Until then, I will see you tonight.

  • Lost 8 kg in a little less than 1 and 1/2 months. Thank you for getting me on the right start.

    Update: Lost 11 kg in two months, i don’t know what that is in lbs though.

  • your recipe
    is really good I think you should try quinoa with chickpeas as i seen one of video in which lady prepared quinoa salad

    How To Make Delicious High Protein Quinoa Salad

  • Can someone direct me to the recipes in this video? There used to be a link attached to the videos but am finding lately since I’ve started watching again that they are nowhere to be found.:(

  • Great video Thank you. I believe Mindset and Consistency are the key to a successful weight loss program. Please get my free report here!

  • Another amazing video! You are such an angel �� you helped me so much with this healthy recipes for the past month and I just want to thank you ����

  • Love these ideas! I have started documenting my weight loss journey and journey to health on my channel. I am trying lots of new foods that I’ve never tried before and love getting new ideas! My favorite are the Popsicles you made! Thank you for sharing!

  • This is some of the most valuable and down-to-earth advice I’ve ever received. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. It’s encouraging to hear you speak about how healthy eating takes time to master. We Americans have so many bad habits to unlearn on the path to better health. I’m starting my journey into veganism this August, and because of your advice and encouragement I feel set up to succeed. Thank you ��

  • Just found this channel! I am entranced by this. I am not vegan but am leaning that way for sure! I appreciate that she gives us facts but also gives us those facts WITHOUT feeling like it is being shoved down my throat. Much appreciated!

  • I was in a really bad state. I was (well still am) very overweight but still not in a critical state (physically) however I was quickly heading there because mentally I had completely given up. I had even accepted that I was for sure going to have a short life due to obesity. I watched this video, this was the first time I learned about Keto and this immediately felt like something I could do. Right after finishing watching I did some extra research on my own and decided to give it a go, from that moment I dropped the carbs and started on Keto.

    It’s been about 3 months and this is the first time I genuinely feel it’s working for me and like this is something that I can sustain long term. For the first time I’m steadily feeling great while losing weight and I don’t even feel like I’m “on a diet”, this is just the way I eat now and I love it!. Tank you for this video, you saved my life.

  • Most people in their 30’s start to notice loss of “brain power” or “cognitive performance”

  • I just started keto! Down 9 pounds in 4 days. (Also intermittent fasting)
    Started on June 5, 2020.

    The first 5 of that though was probably water weight though. I was drinking alot more, but felt I was peeing a hell of a lot more than I was drinking.

    Sugar withdrawals SUCKED but got through it!

    Had diarrhea too, wasn’t expecting that. But after 4 days I’m starting to adjust and get over that!

  • Its actually all just about CALORIES!!!! Which of course is easy & hard for certain people.
    All these diets; low fat/low carb, all “homemade”…they all usually incorporate a calorie deficit.
    The problem with current foods American eat is they are calorie dense and they are either taken as a “snack”, dessert, or just don’t keep one full which can lead to overeating calories.

  • I drink apple cider good result milta hai.. Lakin isko pine se mujhe 1 mnth bad constipation ki prblm ho gyi thi bhut pain hota tha hips pe islia maine tuh shod dia Pina nd 1 sal bad ab jake thek hoi hu

  • I’m so confused.. This is supposed to inspire people to go VEGAN but you said you GAINED WEIGHT when going vegan?? Love you and your videos but you really lost me here. Would appreaciate a little clarification, because I DO NOT want to gain ANY weight.

  • I love the fact that I can again embrace, butter, steak and all those great animal foods we have been told to avoid.
    I can’t cook for crap, but I just made a die for meatloaf from another YTer channel, i rarely have any of the foods i used to and I eat way less as well.
    Yet feel stronger and my workouts give way more benefits.

    Now if I was just 30 years younger…

  • Yah well not everyone’s body functions the same. Even healthy bodies don’t function or react the same. So stop using the generalizing phrase “your body”. You are not qualified to generalize people like this. The fact that you are a type 1 and doing this..yah..please dont give diet advice to other impressionable type 1 kids. Also..FACT…those cramps in your legs can be due to higher ketones too���� I’d love to see your actual numbers and how close you run to the line of ketoacidosis. �� ridiculous and dangerous. I too lost 100lbs. I worked out and ate 6 balanced meals a day(not a diabetic)…but I would not dare presume I have the cure all or the knowledge that will be healthy for all. Don’t assume anything is good for others..just because it worked for you. You are dangerous and anyone following your idiotic diet plan that gets on your hands bro!

  • You want to know what’s doable? Flexible dieting. IIFYM. Calories in vs calories out. Weight loss will always be a numbers game, so if you eat less than maintenance, you WILL lose fat. Don’t fear carbs or fat; rather, fear missing out on life due to strict diets.

  • Hi…. today just I saw your video. Should I use the mixture of lemon juice and applesider vinegar with honey in the morning for weight loss??? Means is it safe to add honeh the in vinegar n lemon water???

  • These recipes look sooo good! Thank you so much for your inspiration. I always used to make your chocolate chia pudding as well in summer, it is really nice if you feel like ‘cheating’.

  • Loses 140lbs and makes a video of 1hr And 40mins. This is extremely inspirational and I’m genuinely happy for you man. This is the wake up call I needed to make changes. Thank you

  • Just something usefull…
    If you dont know how to start the Paleo life style I would love to recommend this Paleo beginner Guide book, it helped me alot. I think i cooked half the recipes from this book, i love them, i feel better, lighter, healthier. The best part… the book is FREE. Give it a try and I hope you will love it as I do!

  • Calories in, Calories out. It’s a simple formula that is the same for everybody. All this, “no fat diet”, “Zero carb diet”, “Protein and carb diet”…yada yada yada. The plain and simple truth is that you need to eat less and burn more. Figure out what your maintenance calories are (what you’re body needs to sustain itself for the lifestyle you have) and stay under that. At the same time, slowly incorporate a workout regiment and slowly but surely, you’ll lose weight.

    There is no “miracle” pill, drug, diet, exercise or potion out there that will have you lose 10 pounds per week. KEEP IN MIND that most doctors and dieticians suggest that healthy weight loss occurs in the range of 1 to 3 pounds per week. Keep that in mind, put your nose to the grindstone and get active. You’ll be surprised in no time at all.

  • Just visit website NextLevelDiet and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack.

  • What is the best way to lost lots of weight? I read lots of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a lot of weight. Has anybody tested out this popular lose weight method?

  • I don’t agree with most of these tips. This video seems to be aimed at weak willed people. The kind that just go to the gym for fun. Like start by going to the gym 2x a week? Like what? How can you make it a consistent habit if you’re going 2 FREAKING times a week?

  • I don’t count calories, or weigh my food. Also when you cut out processed foods your cravings go away but patience is the key word. Your body will tell you when you’re on the right track. Yummy.

  • Check this out I used it to lose 15 lbs in 3 months, It breaks it all down for you! just have a read, they get you started on your way to the transformation you’ve always wanted!

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  • Bonjour LIEZL!
    Il ne faut pas manger comme celà vis repas journaliers.
    Le healthy nuit à la santé de tout le monde.
    Le healthy eating es recommandé particulièrement au métabolisme des hommes qui pratiquent la musculature de fond#

  • Hey, what if someone is taking high blood pressure medicine on regular basis. Can he/she take it. I saw a video by doctor, to ask from doctor then only.

  • Yeah right������
    I am dieting
    I am hungry
    I clicked fo some information

    They are showing amazing foods ��������������������������

  • You are by far my go to person while on this journey. I’m going plant based to become more healthy as well as lose weight. Your videos give me so much encouragement. I can listen to you all day ��❤️��❤️��

  • The part about doctors not requiring to take more courses is pretty much true. I have two jobs, both working with doctors, and very rarely do they go to meetings with other doctors to learn new information, and they’re not very formal either. No studying is required, and the meetings last 1-3 days max. Not long enough to truly learn the new information.

  • hey lockstin i have a question would potatoes work with a keto diet like can you eat potatoes and have that count as the leafy green vegetables

  • Better tips: Cut out sugar and gluten (gluten can make you gain weight and a lot of people have allergies to it), replace with veggies and protein. No diet sodas, drink water instead. Most of the tips in this video will hurt you, not help you. Nutritionists are a better source to take health tips from.

  • i tried a bowl of oatmeal in the morning with blueberries and stevia and MAN, i hated it lol. id rather have it with bananas instead

  • These have to be the laziest tips I have ever seen. Literally for most of these tips, you need to do the opposite. Make foods off limits and go to the gym more. Lmao

  • Local man rambles about the dangers of carbs and sugars for 1 hour and 40 minutes straight while a bottle of coca-cola sits innocently in the background.

  • I have tried a couple of your recipes and ohh My GOD! They are amazing!!! I’m so happy I love your Nutella recipe it’s my favorite since I love eating chocolate a lot! I don’t feel bad eating it and it taste amazing, I eat with crepes, pancakes, or I even add it to my chocolate protein smoothie and I’m in heaven! I was crying of happiness because now I don’t behave to deprive myself from chocolate I can eat it and make it! Thank you ��❤️

  • I just discovered your channel and love your spirit. I really appreciate your talks and how encouraging it is that you stay real. You’re a beautiful soul and make me motivated to stay vegan.

  • ” Maybe you’re different. Maybe you can’t just eat one brownie. Maybe you have to eat the whole tray.” Hahaha xD You’re right but I still had to laugh at this:D Love it. Thanks for the video! You remembered me that I’m doing it all right.:)

  • I have almost every muscle in my body showing, including 10 abs.
    There is no quick fix. It took me the better part of 6 years. I don’t believe those couple of months transformations.
    But I didn’t suffer one bit. I just followed these rules:
    1. Count your calories.
    2. Burn it to earn it.
    3. Make walking like breathing.
    4. Take your time.
    5. Love the gym.
    That last part. I’m suffering from shoulder impingement now, and I can’t do my regular routine, and it is torture. I hate not doing the full workout.
    Anyway, by following those rules, I ended up eating more than the average person (2800 to 3400 calories a day, some days even 4000), and still losing fat. I have no cheat days. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as it is within the limit.