The Study Behind Intermittent Fasting and Weight Reduction


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Both intermittent fasting and traditional weight-loss programs advocate eating less and moving more, but fasting is believed to alter metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories at rest. Older research found a 48-hour period of fasting helped increase metabolism by 3.6%; another small study found a 3-day fast led to a 14% increase in metabolism. But, according to mounting research, he may be on to something.

In addition to promoting weight loss, so-called intermittent fasting may deliver a host of other surprising health benefits, from. In a review of nine available studies that lasted for an average of 8-12 weeks, seven studies reported significant weight loss, while three found decreased fasting insulin levels. Of the six studies that reported on inflammatory markers, three found a significant reduction. The review highlighted findings that, along with promoting weight loss, intermittent fasting decreases insulin resistance and the chances of developing diabetes, reduces risk for some cancers and forms of dementia and increases cardiovascular health and stress resistance.

Intermittent fasting is not a silver bullet for weight loss. Some research even suggests that people practicing the 5:2 diet or alternate-day fasting might instinctively eat more before and after their fasting days or reduce their activity on fasting days, negating the calorie-reducing benefits. Although intermittent fasting often results in reduced calorie consumption, weight loss is not the main driver of the health benefits observed in preclinical and clinical studies, according to the authors.

There’s a ton of incredibly promising intermittent fasting (IF) research done on fat rats. They lose weight, their blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars improve but they’re rats. Studies in humans, almost across the board, have shown that IF is safe and incredibly effective, but really no more effective than any other diet.

Some research shows that intermittent fasting works at least in the short term. In some studies, people who followed this diet did lose weight and also had a decrease in some of the markers that. One reason people fast intermittently is the belief it’s a healthy practice.

For example, studies show intermittent fasting lowers blood insulin and boosts growth hormone, both of which increase fat burning and fat loss. The break that fasting gives your body also makes it easier for cells to repair and remove toxins and waste products. The Research Behind Intermittent Fasting and Weight Loss Despite research showing intermittent fasting is no better than a traditional diet, the eating pattern might still be an effective option for weight loss, according to Kuhn.“Even if [intermittent fasting] is not superior over daily moderate calorie reduction, it’s not worse,” Kuhn says.

List of related literature:

Intermittent fasts, especially fasts between sixteen hours and twentyfour hours long (such as a weekly twenty-four-hour fast) can significantly reduce insulin levels and allow the brain to engage in neuronal autophagy.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

Joel Fuhrrnan (1995), a medical doctor who has trained hundreds of doctors in therapeutic fasting, said, “Fasting to lose weight without changing your diet is pointless” (p. 76).

“Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience” by Randi Fredricks
from Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience
by Randi Fredricks
AuthorHouse, 2012

Obviously, more research is needed but results of these types of intermittent fasting diet interventions are interesting.

“Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice” by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
from Essentials of Exercise & Sport Nutrition: Science to Practice
by Richard B. Kreider PhD FACSM FISSN FNAK
Lulu Publishing Services, 2019

Ongoing research is examining meal timing (restricting the hours for eating), intermittent fasting, and macronutrient components and how these can best be manipulated to maintain weight loss long term.

“Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice” by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, Joanne Sandberg-Cook, JoAnn Trybulski
from Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice
by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, et. al.
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A few others were now regularly using intermittent fasting for weight loss, weight maintenance, or health.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
Hay House, 2020

So they try intermittent fasting or even total fasting to jump-start weight loss and improvements in their health.

“The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know” by DeVon Franklin
from The Truth About Men: What Men and Women Need to Know
by DeVon Franklin
Atria Books, 2020

Research findings indicate that eating disorder symptoms actually decrease with calorie restriction and weight loss, although in a small percent of adolescent females, drastic weight loss efforts (i.e., fasting) are associated with eating disorder symptomology.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
Guilford Publications, 2019

Men and women have similar rates of weight loss during fasting.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

Overwhelmingly, the weight loss effect of intermittent fasting is from reducing calories in, not an increase in calories out (i.e., burned by your metabolism).

“How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered” by Mark Bittman, David Katz
from How to Eat: All Your Food and Diet Questions Answered
by Mark Bittman, David Katz
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020

However, in this study, the most consistent predictor of weight loss-induced changes in appetite, in both men and women, was changes in fasting plasma cortisol levels.

“Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
from Handbook of Behavior, Food and Nutrition
by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson, Colin R. Martin
Springer New York, 2011

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  • Haha…The Doctors show….if it actually told the truth, the weight loss companies & big pharma would be out of business. Intermittent Fasting 20/4 WORKS FOR LIFE.

  • I’ve tried intermittent fasting. I noticed that fasting actually made me more focused and I felt like it made a noticeable difference in my hormones however I’m not if it that was true or I was just getting “hangry”… I stopped fasting because I honestly prefer to just eat on my own terms. I eat healthy anyway, just wanted to try it.:)

  • Lovely video content! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off product for learning how to quickly lose weight without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  • My pal ultimately confided in me just how she lose most of her excess weight and has now been by using this guide. What exactly I found is it’s certainly working. I have by now dropped 3 lbs that I’ve been striving so desperately to reduce. I am so pleased with what I gained. Google can help you to discover it. Weight program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Ok a few quick things…

    Some of you may notice that I didn’t include the one IF study on trained individuals in the video. I think Greg Nuckols did an excellent write up on the results and limitations but ultimately, it didn’t change the bottom line for me. I’d recommend giving his analysis a read here if you’re more interested in the LeanGains protocol or the effects of IF on trained folks: In short, it’s really likely that the fat loss benefit of IF comes down to a bigger caloric deficit. There may be improved health markers with IF, as implied from earlier studies, but they could be simply due to bodyfat reduction and we don’t know how they’d play out over the long term.

    There’s also some interesting new research on circadian rhythms that I just didn’t have enough time in this video to get into. Here’s an interesting paper on that area:

    Finally, for those looking for a more practical guide, I’d recommend reading The Leangains Guide here:

    As always (of late anyway) I’ve included a full annotated list of references organized by order of appearance in the description box.

    Hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you guys again soon. Peace!

  • The culprit is Insulin. IF with cutting out sugars and simple carbohydrates works. I lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks and was not hungry. I even worked out for 90 minutes while IF. The brotha spouting BS about sumo wrestlers is wrong.

  • IF and keto seem to go very well together. Keto alone makes it very easy to have two meals a day. That combined with IF makes for, from what I’ve seen personally and anecdotally, real results.

  • Hey JN, great videos. I do 20-4 TRE everyday with a 44-4 once a week. Down 60 pounds in the last year. Resistance/cardio 4-5 X a week. Works great for me. No more hbp, apnea, Barrett’s. No medical issues, no meds. And, btw, I’m 70.

  • I keep hearing that it is best to workout at a fasted state. I have been doing that. I am seeing results. My wife and I have been doing that 16:8 fast. So once that takes we burn Glycogen and then it goes into the burning process. I am losing a few pounds every few days. thats crazy. lol.

  • A. Who did the study? B. Having a refrigerator full of food and eating 3 meals a day is an anomaly of our time. C. Look at the obesity situation in the last 40 years. But what do we hear? Eat 3 meals plus snacks a day. Agreed. It must be healthy which means ditching the simple carbs.

  • I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a couple years on a plant-based vegan diet, my YouTube channel I have not been active with so much only posted a few videos from a long time ago on this channel but my Instagram I talk about my results. You should definitely give it a try the hormonal effects or something you did not talk about, growth hormone and testosterone can raise up to 400%. You should look up this doctor who’s been doing intermittent fasting for years @drnunamenra dr nun amen Ra

  • Um it works. It’s simple, but like anything with lasting results it takes a certain mindset. So re-program your mind. Oh and its only one main part of the puzzle of life long journey to weight loss. But the results are ����.

  • I will never watch your show again upon the stupidity of this segment! Bring Dr. Jason Fung on your show! Fasting is definitely needed in our society. We are getting fatter and fatter listening to the wrong info from our medical society

  • Its super annoying that as “The Doctors” they didn’t properly read up on Intermittent Fasting. As everyone who IS knowledgeable, its not skipping breakfast, its about having an eating window. Intermittent fasting is just not about a calorie deficient, there is also a science behind it. YouTubers like FledgeFitness have great videos speaking on it in great detail that is also easy to understand.

  • I have been doing this for 25 years ( I’m 40 and still looking like 28 ) and now they call it intermittent fasting? To me it’s just listening to your body which most people tend to forget cause they need to hop on the hypetrain. Such a marketing trick just the same as breakfast and alot of other manipulations that dumb people just take in without common sense or logic.

    “If you look deep into nature you will understand everything better” Einstein

  • Intermittent fasting does not mean skipping breakfast. This is why people hate doctors. They make assumptions and then they think they know everything.

  • Sounds like a huge Doctor circle jerk talking nonsense citing studies their circle jerk friend did lol. No real checks and researches done here lol

  • I’m 17 and I used IF effectively to lose almost 30kg while also having an active lifestyle. I planned all my meals with adequate macros and micros needed for my body, so even during my eating window, I made sure whatever I was eating was purely healthy. Also, I haven’t seen any decrease in my strength. In fact, I became better at my workouts than before.

  • Excellent Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you considered Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great one off guide for learning how to quickly lose weight without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my BF after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it.

  • I KNOW FOR A FACT that intermittent fasting reduces inflammation. I have really bad cramps every time of the month and I fasted a month ago (one 24 hour fast once a week and intermittent fasting for 14 hours daily) and my cramps were literallynonexistent this month. no diet changes just FASTING!

  • I lost 40 lbs intermittent fasting, and gained significant strength/muscle mass. Was 215, now 175. Never hungry, always have energy…

  • Was that female cardiologist saying the study showed cholesterol buildup in the people who skipped breakfast? I thought food, according to the so-called experts, caused high cholesterol and clogged arteries. I myself am not of that belief anymore. Bring on the butter. Lol.
    So wouldn’t that synopsis go against everything they have said in the past. Skipping breakfast should actually be a positive for ones health. I have a 7 hour eating window and don’t eat until 1:00 pm and nothing after 8:00 pm. Works for me. Fasting improves insulin levels and when controlling insulin levels losing weight is much easier. By the way, breakfast became the most important meal of the day when the cereal companies told us so. And we believed them. The joke was on us.

  • First week sucks. Keto with a 20 hr fast 4 hour eating window but after that the fat just falls off. Energy levels go through the roof. No calorie restriction required. Can eat 3000 calories and lose fat it’s great.

  • This is the diet that works best for me. I don’t binge when I get in my eating window, I’m actually saturated more quickly than I normally would. And like Jeff said, after a short period of time, you get used to the set times you’re allowed to eat, so I don’t feel hungry until I get near the eating window. Plus, eating after fasting feels like a reward instead of a necessity and I enjoy it more than before.

  • I have the reverse, I have always done intermittent fasting since my early 20s and now I am 34-35. However whenever I go more than 24hrs without meals and just liquids my body crashes and I feel so dizzy and weak but when I consume at least a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon, anise seed, bay leaf and then honey on top, I feel a little better. Your body gets use to less to not eating but the energy is not there and I have work. But I can say the very less to skipping at least 2 days of meals did help with losing weight. I am 6ft 3 female, I weighed maybe 165 and when I went from less for skipping a day at least, I went down 145-150. But my body felt great and lighter. I’ve always preferred my body with less weight. It feels healthier.
    I only eat now because I have lupus, SS, and PCOS and have to take medication. Unfortunately, my health care provider where I am located is not versed in the medical conditions I just listed especially if I want to achieve the physical results I seek.

    I am wondering how do I continue with my intermittent fasting with less to nothing and still get the same weight results as the complete fasting with no meals?

  • What a lie…doctors now tell patients to fast in order to reduce their cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes level. It really helped them.
    IF is the best way to lose weight. I’m 100% healthy and i did IF for 5 months. It really helps a lot. Everyone-do your own research..don’t listen to them. It is not about skipping breakfast��

  • Dude you’re awesome for actually doing the resesrch. It’s so hard to find people who make claims that are based off of reviewable studies.

  • Well, in practice, in terms of pure fat loss, just as with any caloric restriction, it is amazing the first 2 weeks. After that, your metabolism slows down, adapting off course. That’s it.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for such great insight. I follow your channel pretty regularly and I have learnt a great deal from your videos. As for me, I am following intermittent fasting for the last 3 weeks. It all started when I decided to follow Ramadan a month ago as Ramadan fasting follows a very similar 16-8 fast/feed cycle. I am not much of a practicing Muslim and I haven’t followed Ramadan for the last 8-9 years. But this year I figured I give that a try as I am confined to my own home like many others due to the COVID outbreak.
    I follow a pretty strict regimen of having a strong coffee in the morning, followed by going to the gym at 4PM, then eating a good meal (with tons of protein, white rice, whole grains, cheese, and water) within an hour following it. I also have a re-feed day on Sundays when I pretty much eat normally. Initially, it was very difficult. My wife would tell me that I am more irritable which I believe is due to being ‘hangry’. But as time progressed, I began to like it. I am a desk jockey and I feel much more focused in my job as it’s not physically demanding. I do have a slight hunger sensation, but it’s not significant enough to dive into my fridge.
    All in all, I think this is a great protocol but most importantly one needs to note that its consistency one needs to focus on to get actual results.

  • Intermittent fasting is amazing for me. I feel that I can be much more productive in the morning without worrying to eat. It also is great for helping to keep a caloric deficit while trying to lose fat since you are simply not eating for most of the 24 hours of the day and if you eat big healthy meals it’s even hard to find space in my stomach for dessert or snacking in between meals. Overall as a person that has a slow metabolism and struggles to stay lean, it is a great diet. I don’t really get hungry in the morning anymore, sometimes I get stomach rumbles but a glass of water will help it. Overall for people that have had a high BMI their whole life I believe it is worth trying.


    This study proves that time restricted eating, with the same amount of calories results in greater fat loss.

  • I found it very stressful when my friends would constantly say I was crazy and couldn’t understand why I did it and would tell everyone in my company that I only ate at certain times and not eat for 18 hours making me feel like I was a freak when my friend would keep talking about laughing say I must be the only person in the world that eats like that. Having to explain and getting into arguments causes me a lot of stress and I think that is unhealthy for me ����

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  • The doctors are full of it!! First off, one of the pictures in the weight loss transformations didn’t just ‘skip breakfast’ she was doing alternate day fasting which is TRUE fasting allowing the body to get into fasting-forced ketosis. Super effective and quick for dropping the weight.



  • Awesome stuff as always! So in your opinion, if someone is following a 8hrs eating/16 fasting schedule, what is the best time of day to have your eating window? Thank you

  • and another thing before I started IF my cholesterol levels were high and after 3 months of IF they were in the normal range so guy do ur own research cause some of these doctors are doing IF…

  • Thanks for the Video clip! Excuse me for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for learning how to quickly lose weight without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my best friend Jordan at very last got astronomical success with it.

  • Edward V from Fledge Fitness goes over scientific studies in depth regarding intermittent fasting (one of the only reasons I trust Jeff and Edward.) I would recommend watching Edward’s vids too since he’s kind of the guru on this. It’s important to remember that IF is only effective in a practical sense for weight loss when paired with a caloric deficit. You simply cannot IF and eat in a surplus (or maintenance) to lose weight. Also, there’s other health benefits to IF besides weight loss. I have used this method successfully when caloric deficit and weight lifting alone wasn’t cutting it (no pun intended).

  • Your first meal of the day is breakfast, whether it’s at 6am or 12 noon. Not one person there is qualified to talk about IF because none of them have even practiced it. That entire discussion was useless.

  • I work night shift 7p-7a 3 or 4 nights a week. I have been looking all over the internet for answers on when I should be eating and intermittent fasting. I would appreciate any help you have. Thank you

  • The word doctor means to teach or to alter. These studies that are claimed to be truth are based on clinical chemistry and not bio-chemistry. Breakfast doesn’t have to be about a big meal or even eating at all. Breakfast simply means that you are breaking your fast. You could say that breakfast comes at 11am or 2pm.

  • Checkout the book Metabolic Autophagy by Siim Land. It can give you a good prospective about fasting. Another good book would be Antifragile by Dr Nassim Nicholas Taleb, he explains the concept of hormesis.

  • Excellent video. I’m trying an intermittent fasting routine of with a 7h eating window with calorie restriction and weight training. 3 weeks in and I feel great, but we sill see if it really helps.

  • I lost 33 kg in 8.5 months and 11.5 waist inches by doing intermittent fasting. I have put on lot of muscle mass. Obviously it worked for me.

  • Kudos for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you ever tried Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got excellent success with it

  • That dude always annoys me because he is so judgemental en sometines gets angry at his visitors. And he treats it like an opinion when people have solid science backing these topics up.

  • Once you show that clip of the man sneezing on his toast,you lost me why would you do that it totally took my attention away from the valuable information that you have and now I got this Vision in my mind instead of the message that you sent shock value was misplaced that was stupid. But you know everybody has the right to be stupid if they choose to that’s my opinion. I will return to listening to your very valuable information thank you for providing it but no thanks for the shock value which was extremely disgusting

  • How did our great ancestors survive without BREAKFAST everyday?!?!?!?! These doctor’s saying it healthy to spike insulin multiple times a day, what great damage you’re doing to everybody watching your show.

  • My friend used to mostly eat lunch and dinner, skip breakfast, without realising she was intermittent fasting. And she gained 10kgs!! And she was taking lesser carbs, more protein and fat compared to my diet.

  • This is probably the biggest amount of bullahit I’ve ever heard in my life. Carbohydrates are pathogenic. Eat fat and protein avoid carbs

  • Intermittent fasting is more than skipping breakfast, it’s a plan eating schedule where you only eat in 8 hour periods and then don’t eat 16 hours. This helps you burn fat faster and is healthy… the girls comment about plaque in there hearts has nothing to do with breakfast or not that’s more focused on bad food, like fried foods and lots of red meat.

  • Break-fast
    It really does not mean to eat once you get up.
    These are mainstream paid individuals to lie to you. Do the opposite by eating around late afternoon to evening.
    Do you really think our ancestors ate once they got up? No they must go hunt and or pick out fruits/veges throughout the day to then be prepped for late afternoon to evening
    Hence the reason why Breakfast is to break the fast

  • It says a lot about the amount of ignorance in the world when people need 14 scientific studies to conclude you’ll be better off if you periodically take a break from devouring and gobbling food.

  • It seems to be working for me. I’ve lost an average of about 7 pounds in 8 weeks, which is in line with what I planned for my cut, if not a little faster than I anticipated.

  • I got booted off right at the very end to order this! I’ve watched this over and over it never goes back to watch the 30 minute video so I can order it!,

  • I don’t remember the last time I had breakfast. fasting makes me super concentrated at school. and gives me a ton of energy just by burning fat for energy

  • I do IF since December. Down 50 pounds. Started with 16-8 worked up to 20-4 every day with a 44-4 once a week. No dairy, alcohol, refined sugars, processed foods, fried anything. Minimal oils, grass fed lean beef, wild fish, organic pasture raised eggs. Mostly plant based. Resistance/cardio 4-5 days. Never hungry. 10 pounds to go, thinking about a longer fast. Keep you posted.

  • I have IBS and GERD. When I do IF, I don’t get the gut inflammation as much or as often. It makes dieting easier because when you go that long without food, your stomach shrinks just enough to make it difficult to eat much. I also have a hard time motivating to train after eating, so even if I’m not doing IF, I train fasted.

  • I eat breakfast at 11am or 12. The lunch at 3 and dinner at 6. No later than 6 and I feel great. I’m able to keep my body weight stable and I don’t have a diet. I don’t eat like a pig of course but I don’t have a strict diet.

  • I’ve found that hard rules about when I can eat are easier to adhere to than rules of what and how much i can eat. Also, making my last meal several hours before bedtime has helped my GERD greatly.

  • I had been overweight for like 4 years and in the last 3 months of intermittent fasting lost 10kg. It is indeed surprising. I have always been a person who loves to eat and can eat a lot of food, especially at one go. Basically, intermittent fasting for me was just not eating at night as I usually didn’t have breakfast. Therefore, just the first meal at 12pm-2pm, last meal at 6pm-8pm. That’s it, the hunger, in general, goes down quite a bit and eager to eat is much less. The main thing about intermittent fasting is that it is easy to stick to it.

  • I’ve been doing IF for four years, eating from between 6 and 7 AM until 1 PM. Happy to hear I was right about the circadian rhythm. ��

  • Thank you for this helpful video! So many of my patients have questions about Intermittent Fasting! I also have a video on this topic to provide additional information to those interested! Thanks Dr. Oz!!

  • Kudos for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning how to quickly lose weight without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate finally got cool success with it.

  • Such bull. Intermittent fasting is incredible. To believe this, would mean it was better for my health to stay fat. Think I’ll listen to my body and stop listening to the pharma reps.

  • Fasting is the fountain of youth quite literally. Your body can heal itself when fasting, growth hormones go up, cell repair starts and you are getting younger/healthier at a cellular level. There is no medicine that can do this. In hospitals in europe they let people with chemotherapie fast so the body can fight better. And another thibg is that fasting is about a short eating window. Not about which time of the day. That is up to you. Some people skip dinner and some skip breakfast. I like to skip breakfast because i much rather have lunch and dinner for social reasons. I dont have breakfast dates so..

  • I lost 10 lbs in 6 days with intermittent fasting. I went 104 lbs to 96 lbs. However intention was not to loose weight but to get pregnant.

  • Such ignorant “ doctors “ I.F. is incredible and desperately needed by so many in our society, I encourage everyone to check out dr Jason Fung, your eyes will be open to all the great benefits of this type of eating schedule

  • I’ve lost over 20 lbs since March through IF. No exercise, just changing my eating habits. I was super skeptical but it 100% works.

  • i never snack i just have 2 big meals with 1500 cal per day breakfast 3 eggs with fat like butter and lunch veggies a lagrge bowl with fisch and coconut oil 4 tabelspoon than i fast xD i lost 10 kg in 2 months

  • 16 hours is best. Keep the carbs below 100 a day, eat fat to stave off hunger, keep protein moderate. After the fast eat the normal amount of food over the next 8 hours.

  • Ive been doing this for a month now and it makes me feel really healthy and clear headed and it made my stomach very flat. I’m pretty sure I didn’t decrease my calorie intake, but I have a super sensitive digestion system and I was bloated all the time. IF totally fixed this for me. My digestion is fine even when I eat sth that would usually make me feel like shit

  • wtf is wrong with fasting?! it’s the healthiest thing you can do if you actually know how to do it, and people have being doing it for thousands of years for both spiritual and religious reasons..i have actually lost 29 pounds through fasting to date!!!

  • Cheers for the video content! Apologies for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for learning how to quickly lose weight without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got astronomical results with it.

  • Food chain industry and pharmaceutical industry don’t want us to eat less or heal from diabetes ect.. off of Fasting. And this show is crap they’re probably getting paid by them as well!!!

  • The con doctors are telling us that skipping breakfast leads to poor eating habits. Of course it will if you don’t have a plan and are not working an IF meal schedule. If you’re doing IF for weight loss you’re ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN WHAT YOU’RE DOING!

  • Great visual for this concept.
    This methodology works best for me! I have personally tried it over a period of 1 Year. It worked great for me! I originally was 210 the end of year was @ 140. I did this all by myself. (No help from anyone!) Tried and True.

  • i fast everyday, been doing Keto… its the only natural thing that has ever made sense to me… i dont trust any doctor if they cant show me a natural thing that makes sense to me… humans didnt evolve with access to calories 1st thing in the morning…. you have to work for your food… and hunt on an empty stomach… most DRs are full of it

  • You guys need to do a little more research. Intermittent fasting is not skipping breakfast. You’ve got it totally wrong. It’s having a schedule of days you eat and days you don’t.

  • The study against skipping breakfast mentioned by the doctor is flawed due to the healthy user effect where a person engaging in 1 healthy behaviour is also engaging in other behaviours. If each person in the study are having different sets of behaviours you cannot conclude the behaviour you are specifically looking at is the cause of the result you observed. In stats these other behaviours can be considered a confounding variable to your experiment. For people who are not health conscious skipping breakfast does seem to agree with the study and may increase your chance of a heart attack. But the reason for this is because often non health conscious people who skip meals go to bed late, skip breakfast to rush to work, snack lots and eat a over sized supper, also stress can be another confounding variable. So yes skipping breakfast for a non health conscious person may lead to heart attacks but that is more because of a unhealthy lifestyle than skipping breakfast itself. With intermittent fasting, individuals are health conscious, they do not snack or eat oversized proportions. I can’t say it’s proven that IF works but there are so many success stories online so you be the judge to see if it’s right for you. Also i wouldn’t say skipping breakfast is right for everyone, every diet should be tailored to that individual so I do not agree to the one size fits all principle. In the news there are always these sensational headlines about health, in shows likes this peoples will say eccentric things to get attention and be requested to come back to the show. It is up to you to look up the validity of these statements, see the proof or examine the logic used to get to their conclusion. Often it’s best to take a closer look after all the attention in the media has died down. Always keep in mind of the healthy user effect when you hear or read stuff like this.

  • intermediate fasting is when you eat from 12 PM to 8 PM you’re not starving yourself because you eat when it’s 12 you can snack in between and have dinner before it hits 8 o’clock after eight you’re done eating for the day make sure your meals are healthy and the snacks included and drinks so no sugary drinks and no pop and it’s healthy way to lose weight

  • Ok ppl make a this is starving no it’s not I stop 7 or 8 at night I get up at 9 that’s already 13 hours fasting. As for breakfast what if you just really can’t eat it I mean like just not hungry for breakfast should I force myself is that what those 2 are saying. I can’t get a bowl of oatmeal or toast down. Or even oj. This itm is the best I been on it 2 year lost 76 points now with exercise too. I got my friend on it she has lost 25 on it. You just figure out times. 16 18 20 24. You may change you window times every day. I never do 24 but 2 20 and I don’t have craving for sweets junk food. I eat healthy and no snacking anymore. Best diet ever

  • Hi Jeff
    I am 68 years old after going canavor it has been the best way for me, I am lifting more jumping out of my skin abs popping out 10 months in and feel great no carbs or fruit any info on this would be good I have been OMAD 22 hours off 2 hours eating meat and egg plus cheese black coffee I do slip and fall from time to time as I said the best I have looked in 40 years good site well done mate after beating Cancer with out science I have no conference in science if I followed science I would be dead I went natural in every way good as gold now bloody Doctors

  • Fake this isn’t intermittent fasting please do your research if you want weight loss do the intermittent fasting! Seriously you will lose weight

  • I started intermittent fasting December 20, 2019, did it for seven weeks. I lost 9 pounds, had more energy, did not crave carbohydrates or sugars. My eating window was 1 PM to 6 PM. I slept better and my snore app showed amazing results! I use to snore 50% of my night now I snore less than 1% of the evening. Or not at all. I did a blood test before hand and one after nine weeks and found my cholesterol went from 395 to 309. That was shocking. I chose intermittent fasting because my insulin needed to be reduced as well as cholesterol. I’ve lost inches around my body. Of course I’ve been working out every other day with resistance training and some cardio. My skin has gotten softer and my mind is more clear. I remember things better than before. I don’t feel bloated and I feel more positive. My focus is sharp. I also noticed I am not gassy at all. I sleep so much better with solid rest. My daily constitution are healthy and not constipated.

    I decided to become a test subject with myself and take a five day break when I went camping whereas I went back to my normal way of being, what I ate and when I ate it without care. I put 8 pounds on, was bloated, irritable, gassy, constipated, and snoring back to 50% of the evening. When I returned home and weighed myself 8 pounds heavier I was quite shocked that it only took five days for that to happen. The good news is I went back to my new lifestyle of intermittent fasting and lost the 8 pounds I had put on. And have resumed back to the wonderful feelings I did before. Another great part about intermittent fasting besides what I’ve explained already, is that my grocery bills has cut in half, I have less trash and better time management because I don’t take so much time to prepare food, clean up and do to the fact I am a slow eater my timing is better. I generally eat one and a half meals a day. Since my window of eating is 4 to 5 hours, I find that my first meal is filled with nutrition and I’m satisfied as I don’t really need another meal. I am not one to diet and when I first went into this I was concerned because I am a person who has to have breakfast. I always felt I would not manage fasting in general even for 6 hours. I used to faint if I didn’t feed myself within 6 to 7 hours. However I did a slow process to getting into intermittent fasting and what I thought before is not so. This has been the best thing I could’ve done for better health and time management has been amazing. Thank you for your video and what you do.

  • I wish you’d talked more about isocaloric TRF. That’s where I think we will see shocking benefits not attributable to caloric restriction.

  • I dropped 74 pounds this year by IF. But the snacking is almost always healthy. There are times I go days without eating and just drink water and coffee. My high blood pressure went away, cholesterol dropped from 288 to 101. The more weight I lose, the better I feel. I believe this is a way to lose weight quick. Staying active is important too. Having a toddler helps �� this is a short term diet which has helped develop a better lifestyle. I’m sure people who did this long term can experience health problems.

  • Great Information. It has change my life since learning about Intermittent Fasting and Circadian Rythm. I eat first meal around 10-11am and my last meal 6-7pm for the most part and never been in such a great shape and a weigh level. My biggest meal is around 2pm and a light meal as the last of the day. Plus I eat more healthy fats ��.

    Btw what’s the app or software you use for the video???

  • The “problem” with IF is that is DOESN’T COST ANYTHING more than the FOOD you buy. No gimmicks, no bars, no shakes, no measuring, no psych, no “keto” foods, no programs, no weigh ins…Just real food eaten in a window of time each day. ( Example: 16 hours off eating, 8 hour window in which to consume the food)

    A lot of people say they “can’t fast” but they DO!!! They are fasting when they’re asleep! Just expand the time frame, and start LEARNING. I am now on IF AND “carnivore” eating style after THREE YEARS of keto way of eating, where I lost FIFTY POUNDS in 10 months, and have kept it off for three years.

    My blood readings, BP, Cholesterol ratio, Triglycerides and particle size of LDL are FANTASTIC. My doctor made the typical “face’ when I told him what I was doing, the first time I saw him after one year on keto and 50 pounds gone. He recommended I go back on the Standard American Diet. (SAD).

    If SAD worked, WHY is there so much obesity?!?!? Answer: The sugar, drug and food industry does NOT want people to know. Add to that the diet industry.

    Eat REAL FOOD that you prepare yourself, and try IF and/or Keto. I will NEVER go back the “old way” of eating approved by the medical profession.

    It appears they are waking up FINALLY. Age 64, 5’10”, NO medications, today: 169 pounds. Start weight 217 pounds Jan 2017.

  • “Keep going against the grain”:))) I have been for the last 3 and the half years, thought i felt i was going with alternatives rather low GI vegetables. Sounds fun!

  • I do prefer intermittent fasting than having to eat all the time. I feel like I can get more stuff done, I do more chores or errands while in a fasted state just to keep my mind off of food during my fast. It has help me get to 5% BF for boxing and I don’t mind it. I am more focused and feel lighter when I train fasted. Thank Jeff! I love your vids and that you have a science take on working out. Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Bench Press, Intermittent Fasting, Body Composition Testing, and Dr. Grant Tinsley (Episode 12). Stronger By Science from Greg Nickols for his latest update last week.Have you looked at Jason Fung’s videos regarding feeding variations and low-carb? I workout fasted but drink tea with 1) a commercially-available mixture of L-citrulline malate, L-Arginine alphaketoglutarate, L-Arginine nitrate, and Taurine, 2) acetyl-L-carnitine, and 3) ß-hydroxybutyrate. When I embarked in 2015 on my plan, the 20+kg weight loss was accompanied by a 16cm waist reduction which has remained. I found your Programs to be quite useful as both review guides and change of routines. Thanks!

  • The fasting guy called out the anti-fasters study and they act like their data is still relevant. The bias is strong with those two.

  • so i had this argument with a friend thats currently fasting (i am as well but with a different idea of why). my thought is: if you eat 2k calories a day it doesnt really matter how. if i eat 2 meals during an 8 hour window or 5 meals spaced out over the whole day i always assumed the weight loss would be the same if the overall intake is the same. fasting for me is just a tool to easier control how much i eat. he thinks fasting makes weightloss faster even with the same caloric intake. im not sure which of us is correct

  • Its still shock me just how a lot of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets (google search it) despite the fact that lots of people lost a lot of weight with it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about it. I’ve lost a lot of weight.

  • good explanation, nice. 1 point, there is no need to combine damn keto diet with intermittent fasting, both are 2 separate realms. otherwise you video is great.

  • Thanks for the video, very instructive. One observation, though. You mentioned that the Insuline sensitivity is higher in the morning and it decreases in the evening… this doesn’t correlate with Cortisol’s physiological circadian rhythm, since this very important hormone (necessary to fully function and to wake up) is higher in the morning and it decreases during the afternoon and evening, in preparation for sleeping… as you know, one of the effects of Cortisol is to produce a certain level of “physiological Insuline resistance”, due to it’s direct effect on the Insuline receptor. With this in mind, the higher Insuline sensitivity is in the evening, when Cortisol is low. This knowledge has led many dietitians and researches (also in the Ketogenic diet) to restrict the few moments when you actually eat more carbs, for the late afternoon, that way making those macros available for the use of Human Growth Hormone, which will spike in the evening, in a context of a higher Insuline sensitivity. Care to comment on this issues?

  • This sounds like we should eat in the morning but most people skip breakfast on IF and eat two or even one meal in the evening! Surely OMAD isn’t synchronizing our body clocks is it?

  • I’ve always skipped breakfast. My mommy taught me to eat when I was hungry & I’m just never hungry in the morning so I don’t eat breakfast.
    My doctor has never told me anything about it.
    I get enough food everyday.

  • This is key! A longevity secret. I started doing intermittent fasting and do it twice a week. So far so good, I didn’t starve ����

  • This show is a joke, fake doctors, fake TV. Snake diet is the key to healing! Fasting has a lot of benefits, fatties don’t need food lol

  • This is very informative especially the visuals. Dr Fung is also an expert on IF. He goes in-depth on how it helps with diabetes. Dr Berg has excellent white board mini lectures. IF is important.

  • Dr.Berg is educating people about this since a long time…in the best way ever…dr.Oz always copies it…sorry every thing from Oz seams like a copycat from Dr. BERG

  • I’m dropping fat while putting on gains of muscle using the 4-8 hour eating window fasting method. High protein caloric deficit. Getting weaker slowly as I lose weight but still

  • I hope you didn’t throw away good food. Idiot. These people are talking bare trash. Do 20/4… Fast 20 hours and eat 4 hours. Stay away from sugar and see the weight fall down. Its simple. I do my eating at 3-7 pm… Usually have a small meal at 3 and my big meal, everything is fair game lol I eat what ever I want and how much I want I lost so much weight after years of training to lose weight on running and going to gym. It works. Try it and be patient with it.

  • Wow don’t listen to these doctors. Fasting does work. how do you think our ancestors survived? They feasted and fasted! Our body is ment to be in fasting state that’s how you not accumulate disease.

  • IF for me has seemed to greatly benefited my immune system and overall health. When I first started I radically lost fat going from about 215 to 195. I did lose muscle but this was around a busy time in my life not making it to the gym consistently at the time. I did notice it was hard to get big lifts in during a fasted period but have heard the results are optimal when you can do it.

  • It’s not more so of skipping breakfast. It’s more so of eating breakfast later on in the day. Like I just started Intermittent Fasting 16:8. This means I have an eating window between 12pm and 8pm and a fasting window between 8pm and 12pm.

  • Alt-day fasting let me lose 30 kilograms over 2 3-month periods. I went from being obese to underweight. However, I ended up developing anorexia and damaged my heart pretty severely as a result, mostly because I was doing 36 hour fasts with a 12-hour feeding window, and even on the days I did eat, I restricted my intake to 600 calories a day.
    So yeah, don’t take it to the extreme.

    I did recover by the way, and started seriously working out as a result of this… experiment, so it ended up having quite a positive effect on my life.
    But still, when it comes to weight loss, be it with a diet or IF, take your time and don’t rush things. Eating disorders suck. Hard.

  • IF works well for me cause to me food slows me down. It makes my stomach feel uncomfortable and makes me sleepy. Being in the fasted state also gives me more energy and makes me feel more in the moment and more present. Longer fast ie wake up 9 and fast till 7 seem to be a little excessive and Can make me lethargic. I typically just try to eat around 5pm. The beauty of fasting is that if I don’t want to fast then I don’t have to.

  • That was a good, balanced overview Jeff; thank you. Way too many videos and articles on the subject are grossly slanted one way or the other.

  • Excellent video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard the talk about Dinanlinson Amazing Look Approach (do a search on google)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning how to quickly lose weight minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got astronomical results with it.

  • I do OMAD with a flexible eating window, at least 5 days a week. I went from 245 to 185 pounds in approximately 8 months, without adding exercise, and without monitoring calorie intake. I have been maintaining at the 185 range since then, and have recently (about 3 months ago) begun strength training in order to improve my aesthetic. Slow and steady…

  • Intermittant fasting is different than skipping breakfast! Its just a window of time you eat to keep insulin down. It means not snacking inbetween meals. It means either eating 3, 2 or 1 meal a day. Your window to eat can be in the morning, noon or dinner time. Carbs and prepared food is the problem with cholesterol and obesity. The Doctors need to do their homework. Watch Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube. Why don’t they have him on??? And it’s distracting to watch these guys with all the filler in their faces! Ugh! Rant over….thank you

  • I’ve been doing fasting for around a year and I feel fantastic. Just one think I’d like to mention about the example Dr Oz was demonstrating is that he is insisting on exercise as a way of fat burning. IT IS NOT. the amount of calories you loose in even a very intense exercise is barely effective compare to Basal metabolic energy the body loose per day (it is triple times higher in scale). Exercise mainly helps you build muscles.

  • ugh, I hate how they talk over each other. 
    Wouldn’t the most important thing be eating healthy food and trying to reduce over eating?  
    I think they’re putting too much emphasis on  not eating breakfast. And flat out telling people to eat when they aren’t hungry can lead to overeating which leads to weight gain.
    And what about shift workers who don’t have the typical 9-5?

  • I love IF!! I have a schedule of when i can eat and i feel so amazing since i have been doing this along with losing weight and no cravings for my sugar addiction. This is part of keto diet and i am loving it.

  • This is great too learn! And just for anyone doing the Warrior Diet (20/4) I eat at around 8pm and sleep at 12 so I’m not sleeping on a full stomach…I wake up, skip breakfast (VITAL) WORK THE ENTIRE DAY and then do CrossFit afterwards then eat at 8pm again

  • I tried intermitent fasting for a week and i hated…i feel so much hunger but for one side i drink more water….but i think that i cant do it again because im thinking about food all the time

  • want to do this Lenten season s good time to start maharishi ayur veda expert karin Pirc MD recommends one liquid day per week ayur veda vaidya said one day per month maybe 2 good trick for not overeating take a deep breath several when thinking about food knowing one hashad enough if still wanting to snack drink a glass of water

  • Intermittent fasting is a way to accelerate weight loss. Weight loss happens in a calorie deficit. Also for the “sumo” diet they brought up. Sumo’s skip breakfast but make up and exceed their calorie intake later on the day. Fasting can be beneficial.

  • Start eating at 12:00pm. Stop eating at 8:00pm. Start training anywhere from 5:00pm after work. Last meal at 7:00pm. Protein shake and snack at 7:50pm. Drink water. Repeat.
    Been doing that for about 2 years and it works great.

  • get rid of mac Donald’s and other unhealthy food and there would be a big change fruit and veg need to come down in price and junk ie coke, chips processed food need to be discouraged as some people buy the rubbish type food as fruit and veg work out expensive for them. I hate seeing buy one get one free deals on chips and coke and nothing on fruit and veg

  • Fasting reduces all sorts of diseases, and it DOES NOT involve just skipping breakfast daily (which can be unhealthy, because of the likelihood of overeating at night). If you’re going to cover the studies on fasting, please do it right. You’re misinforming the masses, and doing more harm than good.