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For now, you’ll have to rely on your body’s own production of the love hormone. But here’s the thing: For weight loss, you’d need an oxytocin boost of about 96–100 international units per day (according to studies thus far) and your own body’s production (which is very difficult to measure) comes out at around 0.7 microunits per day, says Salas-Whalen, adding, “the amount that we normally produce is nothing. Early research of a small number of men suggests that the “love hormone” oxytocin may reduce appetite, potentially leading it to become a new tool for weight loss.

4 Oxytocin Benefits: The ‘Love Hormone’ Could Boost Feelings Of Parental Nurturing, Enhance Spirituality, Happiness, According To Science Feb 17, 2017 12:58 PM By Kelsey Drain @kelseydrain Oxytocin is sometimes known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone” because it is released in the brain when people snuggle up or bond socially. According to scientists from around the world, each stage of love for another human may be driven by the release of different hormones. This cocktail of hormones released during each phase can influence the way that we think and behave and can have a positive effect on our well-being. The three stages include lust, attraction and attachment. Love hormone is a type of hormone secreted by a pea-sized gland in the brain.

The gland secreting the love hormone is known as the pituitary gland. Love hormone is sometimes referred to as mental Viagra, cuddle hormone or oxytocin. The hormone is usually released when people socially bond or snuggle up. “This can cause several undesirable symptoms in both men and women, including weight gain, water retention, breast enlargement [for females and males alike], fatigue, mood swings, sluggish metabolism, excess abdominal fat, and more.” Given this array of side effects, it’s no wonder weight loss can become a struggle. That’s not all, though.

1. Falling in love causes a major hormone rush. When you first fall in love, you experience a rush of hormones to the brain including oxytocin, the “love hormone,” the “pleasure hormone” dopamine, and sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone. Other hormones, like adrenaline, make the heart beat faster. This influx of hormones plays a major role in those intense feelings of fluttery.

Now science is uncovering several bona fide links between female hormones, hunger, weight loss and fat metabolism. And in fact, evidence suggests that taking advantage of female hormones—mechanisms. These chemicals make us giddy, energetic, and euphoric, even leading to decreased appetite and insomnia – which means you actually can be so “in love” that you can’t eat and can’t sleep. In fact, norepinephrine, also known as noradrenalin, may sound familiar because it plays a large role in the fight or flight response, which kicks into high gear when we’re stressed and keeps us alert.

The so-called stress hormone cortisol can create all kinds of trouble for women who want to shed weight. When cortisol rises, it encourages the conversion of.

List of related literature:

This study did not address potential changes in lower-body fat depots, which are likely to vary by sex and may attenuate the metabolic stress imposed by overfeeding.

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Interestingly, the findings from these studies do suggest that physical activity-induced alterations in circulating estrogens are largely mediated by loss of body fat, whereas the increases in androgens appear to be more strongly related to changes in physical fitness.

“Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults” by Danielle R. Bouchard
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Exercise affects maternal physiology because there is a hormonal response, weight is redistributed and heat is generated.

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subsequent follow-up in women who remained stable or gained weight.68 The only significant relationships with cognitive change were observed among women with.10% of body weight loss during followup, most likely signaling incipient disease (Figure 101.3).

“Women and Health” by Marlene B. Goldman, Rebecca Troisi, Kathryn M. Rexrode
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Later, Frisch and Revelle (388), stimulated by studies of the relationship between body weight and the onset of puberty in rats (389), drew attention to their observation of a relationship between menarche and the attainment of a mean body weight of approximately 47 kg.

“Knobil and Neill's Physiology of Reproduction” by Ernst Knobil, Jimmy D. Neill
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A recent study points to an association between maternal excess weight in pregnancy and offspring BMI increase from adolescence to adulthood (Lawrence et al. 2014).

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The amount of weight loss observed falls exactly on the regression line generated by the other studies, indicating that the change in fat intake and body weight of the other studies must have been fairly accurate.

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Differential expression of estrogen receptors in different depots and gender differences in estrogen concentrations may explain, in part, differences in lipid accumulation in men and women.83 Postmenopausal women who lose weight have lower breast cancer risk than those with stable weight or weight gain.

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Both changes in insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, and in appetitive hormones may lead to weight gain and changes in adiposity.

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  • He’s right because I got fat eating low fat foods. I was a little overweight and started all those low fat foods and just kept gaining.

  • Hey, I’m doing a research project on some stuff and would rly appreciate a link to where y’all got the information for this video, specifically the part that oxytocin negatively affects our interactions with others not like us?

  • This Video is amazing..both for Medical and Nin-medical students…
    Medical Science + Educational Video for every Teenagers…
    Loved this video so much..I even learn those three words.. Dopamine,serotonin and norepinephrine..
    I m an UPSC Aspirant from India..soon to become civil servant here.. Love you sir…

  • After I workout, I eat. And about 5-15 minutes after I feel fantastic. Which chemical are we thinking that is responsible for that? I thought I would get a serotonin rush during workout but I never seem to

  • What would happen if there wasn’t any hormones? Like human still grow up, but no puberty feature? or cannot gain energy due to the lack of insulin? Any other possibilities? Reply me if you have more assumptions

  • funny that when you mentioned diabetes only referred to type 1 which is by far the most unusual, type 2 is because hormones can work properly due to intramyocellular lipids

  • What a great system! What a great design that Allah presents us to live as we are.. thanks Ted-Ed to teach us the greatness of the way everything is.

  • Thank you TED-Ed. This video helped me understand the fact that when hormones enter the bloodstream, they bind with receptors which in turn changes the way cells behave

  • Just viewed this interview. What an eye-opener for me! Thank you, Dr. Fung, for your clear and understandable explanations of the way the body works. I could apply a lot of what you said to prescribed treatments of my Type 2 Diabetes and now I understand what I have to do in taking my own steps to get healthier. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • I’m so grateful to live in a time where i can look up a question to something that I am curious to get the scientific explanation for, and can come to TED Ed for an simply eloquent explanation that has scientific basis. And the cherry on the top is that it is wonderfully accompanied by creatively engaging animations. THANK YOU to all those who put time and effort into these videos. They are truly educating people more effectively than public schools ever had since their existence.

  • Dr. Why some people can eat junk food all day and do not put any weight on? Be And not only that their blood work show they are ok

  • shout out to students who’ve been studying biology and specially me for being awake until 5AM for learning and studying biology and more

  • Hormones play a role in weight gain, fatigue, loss of sleep, and many more health problems. That’s why I use a hormone gel. The gel helps to lose weight, and improves sleep, skin, skin tone, mood, libido, and more. For me it has been a miracle in the working.

  • thank you for sharing ❤️
    I would’ve loved to see an animation for menstruation and pregnancy instead of a tampon and a pregnancy test.

  • Horror story mine, abortion weren’t my child, recovering over all death an wrongs done to me, ruths story, dads trying to kill me, then rach story as well as Dan n mam poisioning. RACH story was hardest blow the van story i think weren’t right think they spiked but she escaped. Not so lucky with dad,he gets away cant be proved maybe. Shocking rach saved me ill always love u rach

  • I really want to use this as my source to my assigment, but my teacher says she needs to know exactly where the videos information comes from. Someone please help me fast.

  • When I was young I thought it was about of calories so I used to eat chocolates, and sweets, and I lost lot of weight keeping my calories down, I could keep this for years, but suddenly I started to gain weight, I didn’t know what happened, I reduced even more my calories and it was worse. Now I understand what happened with my body.

  • I concur 100%. The beauty of daily intermittent fasting as a lifestyle is that one can with the exception of sugary processed sweets eat what they grew up eating and still lose weight and get off meds, etc.

    When I took up intermittent fasting I used to eat until my stomach felt full and way past the satiation signal that Dr. Fung recommends. Now that I trained myself to eat only to the satiation signal I find my stomach is shrinking and I need to eat less and less. As a foodie, i love to eat well and really enjoy my meal it is just that I don’t have to eat as much now. I do eat nutrient dense foods such as seaweed broth (with a squeeze of lemon) and nutrient dense alfalfa tea. Also with all the fasting for autophagy I’ve done I no longer desire much of lean meats or starchy carbs (like I used to love them), or sugary sweets or salty snacks all desire gone.

    There is so much life advantage and enhancement simply training the mind and body to balance the need for eating with the need for cleansing fasting.

  • But people have NOT cut calories for decades. People have eaten more and more calories. I gain weight on LCHF. And what about the guy who went on the Twinkie diet and lost weight? Our bodies are out to get us from what Dr. Fung describes. It’s depressing. I usually only eat 3 times a day now, but years ago when I was struggling with bad hypoglycemia, I had to eat 6-8 times a day.

  • Sir, Oxytocin hormone i have doubt please clear my doubt. If a boy hug with love proposed and lip kiss with a girl in lots of time then, if he is distance relationship and that boy are not talk to that girl and not hug and no kiss. He is love someone but no touch that new girl and he is say new girl to marriage and tel my question’s answer oxytocin is who one go to that boy with girl, in which girl old or new girl. Old girl is already proposed above 3years and attached then misunderstanding to leave her and distance relationship and love to propose new girl start 3months. Please tell my doubt that boy ku oxytocin which girl to react old girl or new girl.

  • I am tve Sugar abd T Type oh how lovely! ���������� healthy eating and eating well along with exercising and sleeping (8 hours!) And drinking water consistently helps but the discipline part is hard. Everything in moderation. I love what Dr. Oz did it’s great! He addressed all types. He’s a Cardiologist I believe so i would definitely listen to him!

  • ohhh led to this channel from Reddit post tonight and now binge watching! So good! As a nurse, I have had Oxytocin compounded by the pharmacy we use for the office into Sublingual tablets for ‘good nights’ lol no complaints from the office staff who has tried them: )

  • I am fasting 45 hours out of 92 right now and I haven’t experienced any major hunger cravings! Just missing the taste and missing eating. Instead i have lots of free time to read dr jason fungs book. Infact I ordered 4 of his book to read during my 4 days fast.

  • 31:55 If your insulin in constantly in circle, your body will think “store fat” and not “burn fat”. So if you intake 1200 calories it will think that’s all it can get because as long as there’s insulin around your body is not thinking that it can get energy from other sources. So it will slow down the metabolism to 1200 calories.
    I had never understood that until now.

  • Bad dietary advise got me to where I am now. 9 siblings all diabetic like our Dad, I am prediabetic. 3 sibs and Dad died from diabetes. All ate the SAD. Keto/carnivore is finally correcting decades of whole grains and fruit indulgence. Healed my fatty liver. I lost 10 lbs slowly, but its going in the right direction.

  • Very understandable and an interesting subject.    Looking forward to next week.  Many women have stories of doctors treating “women troubles” in….how do you say it……”differently”  than they would if a male had the same complaint.  Many generations of women can attest to this.  I could go on, but better not..  Just wanted to say that I thought this video was like 3 minutes, and was surprised to see how much time actually passed while I watched it.  Hmmm….maybe sometime you can do a video about the time/space continuum.  I know it’s not physiology, but it’s interesting nonetheless.   Another topic I would love to see more info on is genetics, especially with the almost insane push to get you to pay to get your DNA analyzed so that the testing company can use your genetic material for future research.  Some would applaud this as a smart business model, while others fear the worst will happen if “they” get access to your DNA.

  • I IF should I switch it up? Meaning do 18/6 one day, 20/3 another, 23/1 another? Or will a daily 18/6 be just as good? I’m 48 yr old female that works out daily (HIIT, Pilates, hand weight and body weight strength training, etc) eating mostly keto/carnivore. I plan to begin extended 3-5 day fast monthly after reading “Eat, Fast, Feast” recently. Ty for any info. ��

  • I am a neet aspirant i want to crack neet and i am excited to watch ur videos during my mbbs
    ……..sir plz pray for me…❤❤
    U r bestt❤❤❤

  • i did intermittent fasting(IT) for a month, the thing is i restricted too low(500), i’m not sure what my metabolic rate is at right now, but i moved on to doing 4+ day fasts once a week(going one day higher every week to test how far i can go with it), and i do IT on non fasting days. my problem is i just dont know how i could up my metabolic rate back up and how I could eat 1200+ kcal in one meal, i usually omad and either eat 2 chicken breasts, 2 eggs or fish with veggies or fruit, if i ever eat more kcal is because i ate take away like noodles or pizza

  • Great lecture sir, I’m not a medical student but I can totally appreciate the concept. Never imagined love so rationally. Thanks

  • Hello I really thought this could be a help to me but I don’t eat 10 times a day I don’t eat too much and still I don’t lose weight and I don’t mean just a few weeks but three years of struggle was the last time I tried with swapping diet to a strict green diet vegan in the sense of whole greens nothing artificial no fat no oil well the journey started very good I lost 26 pounds that was in the first four months then nothing meals today to.

  • There actually wrong about how testosterone makes you grow taller, other people say it just makes you grow faster and some people say it just plays a small role and is mostly other hormones making you grow taller. The last one is correct

  • I been fasting for 20 hours a day every day and its sooooo easy for me i mean incredibly easy to go 20 hours without food. Then when I eat I eat salad and meat. But then after that I am eating candy and ice cream. I want so badly to just not eat anything else after my meal but I cant control myself

  • Honestly I find all explanations about love scientifically explained, bullshit. I mean, what In the first place made me react like that to what I saw? Why do I like that? Answer: (consciousnesses, soul, whatever). Then it’s crazy those kind of correlations made, correlation is not causation, what does hormones do? Hormones only estimule receptors, it doesn’t make us feel this or either way. It just increases our receptiveness for such a phenomenon from de environment and make us want more of it, but what does in the first place make us want more of it? I find it completely fucking crazy when they say they can explain love, it’s such a bullshit. Science will never be able to explain what makes us what we are, because what we are is not visible, and what is it so crazy to think of this this way? Energy is also not visible, we can only see causation, couldn’t it be the same here? To think of a soul. What the fuck does oxytocin has to due to the way I feel? Oxytocin is just the link of communication for that kind of feeling, is isn’t what makes us feel what we feel and like what we like, it’s just delivers messages both to are soul/consciousness and increases the signal of our receptors to get more of it. It’s fucking crazy saying that something causes something. Wtf of correlation is that?

  • Strange how little views some of your videos get, while being so great in quality. Keep making these, they’re really good. Subscribed.

  • Thank you for this excellent work! A point of clarity Greek, Arab, African, Mesoamerican, Chinese, and Ayurvedic traditional medicine systems all understood and actively employ fasting to heal and cure. The medicine of fasting has been around before the 1700’s. Rather thousands of years. Glad biomedical doctors are catching up. Give thanks to our ancestors who knew and documented for our bennefit this healing modality.

  • Shame on this thief “dr.” Oz. He stole this from another doctor. Dr. ERIC BERG. See it yourself people.

  • Applying thermodynamics to physiology. Never considered that before. Also, that there are no calorie receptors in the body. So obvious but I never saw it. This guy is amazing!

  • Found an old blanket thought it was navy blue or purple it was white and had flowers on it two heavy washes in borax with half the box and vinegar rinses also line drying with uv light in the summer works….every see your laundry bubble…..yes…

  • There’s something off here. I’m at 44:20 so maybe he answers this later. But can someone clarify the following for me. 1: I get that if your insulin is low, it is easier to burn stored fat. 2: if you intermittently fast, then you’ll drop your insulin. Now here’s the issue: say your insulin is low, would you have to be in a caloric deficit in order to burn the fat? Eg. If I’m actively burning 3000 calories a day, and I eat 3000 in say fats and proteins, are you just gonna burn the fat off your gut simply because you kept insulin low? That doesn’t seem to me to be correct. It seems more plausible that you’d burn fat more easily if you kept insulin low AND went into a caloric deficit to warrant burning stored fat. The other issue is this: he just mentioned slightly prior to 44:20 that you keep your insulin low, eat 1200 calories and let the body burn 800 calories in stored fat. Won’t this low calorie intake slow down metabolism? Say I’m in a caloric deficit, 1500/day, but I eat 3x a day, spiking my insulin each time. My body will still need to burn fat right? To account for the deficit. My questions are as follows: doesn’t the fact that you’re on a deficit result in an overall lower daily insulin level, which in turn can result in fat burning? People do lose weight this way. But they end up having slower metabolisms. Which makes them regain all the weight if not more. So, does keeping insulin low actual prevent the slowing of the metabolism? Or does the metabolism slow down when the amount of leptin registered diminishes. So, lower leptin levels tells the body there’s less fat and at a certain point that’s the time to panic. So, you might be able to be on a crazy caloric deficit, so long as you’re fat enough and leptin sensitive. And you won’t lose a metabolic rate until you’re either 1: not leptin sensitive? And or 2: the amount of fat you have has dropped to the point you’re body doesn’t like, and deems life threatening. And so you get sluggish due to these. Any good answers would be appreciated. Hope I made sense.

  • When I see my crush and talk to her, the love hormone start to kick in my body and it feels so good like I’m so high and happy but after a couple of hours of leaving, I start to experience withdrawl symptoms like depression and sadness.. It really sucks. ��

  • I went 99% plant based about 11 days ago and something i noticed after like day 4 or 5 i really started being hungry less often. I end up doing IF naturally most days and i don’t mean to I’m just not hungry. I do cucumber water in the morning and maybe eat that cucumber or have a chai tea (does have sugar tho:/ ) and that will be around 8 a.m. and then i usually don’t eat again until 4-5pm and then i won’t eat for the rest of the night. I’ll probably work on the schedule and try to be more mindful now but that just naturally happened when i started on whole plant foods and not processed foods

  • Is anyone doing OMAD and all while being a single parent??? While I’m really considering this, not sure I’d be able to look after my kid properly. Anyway around this???

  • Thanks for uploading this. Done keto for 3 weeks while working out, eeked in 16/8 last week and entered 23/1 today. I have so much energy I walk a couple miles a day opposed to only go grocery shopping. I also sleep around 8 hrs instead of 4-5. What you guys bring up here is really firming down on my conviction, very grateful.

  • Everyone needs to see this video!! This is the 3rd video I’ve watched with Dr. Fung and he explains everything so well. I never knew what role insilin played and now I do. He explains exactly why and how fasting works. I’ve watched a lot of other videos about fasting, even my Dr. told me to do intermitten fasting, but no one explains how it works. Thank you Dr. Fung!!!!!

  • Sir,
    I am your biggest fan.I have never found a faculty who make lectures soo interesting that I instead of watching songs movies in my spare time…watch your videos bcz you make real life stories in hardcore medicine. You are amazing MaShaAllah I wish I get a chance to meet you one day. Biggest fan nd student of yours…
    Rakshin Malik

  • Playing Devils Advocate here:

    1. If insulin makes you fat, why are elite level athletes on 400-500g simple carbs per day… Ripped?

    2. If insulin and simple carbs are the cause and calories are irrelevant. Why was it possible for the guy to lose weight, eating just Twinkies. Same thing happened with someone who just ate Ice Cream and another with McDonald’s.

    Fasting works because it induces a calorie deficit. Try eating above maintenance in one meal, it’s very difficult.

    For the record, I’m a fan of fasting and the ketogenic way of eating. But carbs should not be demonised and the role of calories should not be swept aside.

  • It may have been 1 and a half hours long, but was worth every second. ����. If you are overweight or/and have many problems and think this is too long to watch…….just ask yourself, how long have you put up with your problems? I bet it’s longer than this video��. So just watch and listen carefully
    ���� Stay healthy… long and happy.

  • Thank you very much for this interview! And of course, many thanks to Dr. Fung for sharing this so valuable information! All the best to both! ��

  • I would love to hear more about women and ghrelin/leptin/Keto. This info is always mentioned as an after thought meanwhile many women are failing at Keto and fasting when it would actually help them even more than men.

  • We need more doctors like this in our country. Doctors should want to be doctors to truly heal and genuinely want to help our health, and not have monetary motives! It should be illegal for any professional practicing medicine to manipulate our minds in sacrifice of our and our children’s health because they are PAID to do so! Wtf… smh I would vote for him for president lol that will truly give a new meaning to “Make America Great Again” He’s not even my type, but I’m in love with this Doctor.��

  • Finally, some one who thinks simplistically enough to ask the questions and work through the problem with truthful understanding. Thank you Dr. Fung. Knowledge is power. I know now at 72 years old and in the pre-diabetes state, I can make the changes to lose the weight and lower my A1 C to avoid diabetes It all makes powerful sense. I am not too old to change.

  • Up to about 120 years ago people did tremendous amounts of exercise daily only to eat a little amount of food. They not only survived but thrived.

  • The love it not all lessen to these to takes a bout knowledge a bout hormones, so we be respectful his tragedy for doctor were very sory a bout him we askes our gud to see his lovely in the paradise.

  • this makes all alot of sense. One confusion is about nutrition like vitamins minerals etc? if we go into fasting then fat is getting consumed makes sense, but does body get all the necessary vitamins and minerals too?

  • You know what is nice with physics? Even if you don’t know how it works it will still work on you. The problem with the calorie cutting isn’t that it does not work it is that it’s extremely hard to do (you literally try to fight hormones). When you say that calories don’t matter because 100 kcal of Brokkoli is different than 100 kcal of sugar it’s not because physics don’t work, but because the body doesn’t metabolize them the same way (fiber can’t be processed as good). No matter the hormones if you eat less calories than you burn you will lose weight (important weight does not mean fat if you have a lot of insulin you’ll just lose muscle instead of fat).

  • So I’m a little slow. he is saying that we need to lower the insulin levels by fasting but I am confused is that do we eat 2000 calories at one time and not eat again until the next morning? Or do we still have to eat less and fast?

  • Anybody help!
    I‘ve been fasting 20:4 for two weeks now plus been eating low carb (<70g/day). No sugars, starch whatsoever, always cooking fresh with many vegetables and fats.

    The first week went super super well and I always felt full after each meal, but since a couple of days that satiety is COMPLETELY absent. Meaning that after a meal, it feels as if I ate nothing at all. Despite the meal containing ONLY of fresh vegetables, fats, protein, some meat and very low carbs NO sugar!

    I drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. It is not pms since I‘m in the first half of my cycle. I‘m not pregnant. I‘m really worried cause this is the first time this happens to me as a slim person. For some reason I don‘t feel that leptin hormone anymore. Is anybody here that knows that issue and can tell me what‘s wrong? Like I said, the first week went perfectly fine.��

  • sir u r great..Ur way of delivering knowledge is one of best…,I have not words to say how u explain.. thanks alot great sir..

  • The best part about commenting is that almost all comments are liked by TedEd ��. I love their videos… I hope someday a video says “chapter provided by Diksha Chahal”

  • This is the most real (and scientific) way of explaining IF. I wish I saw thise a few years back! Now im bot watching any other IF blogs except from this Dr. ������

  • The interviewer is a very good listener btw. Thank u Dr Fung. U give humanity real hope. Something so simple yet has been so hard for us to realize.

  • I have some simple questions. If someone knows the answers, please reply:
    1. Eating 1200 in one meal and then fasting: wouldn’t 1200 calories in one meal spike the insulin from 0 to a very high % and cause adverse effects?
    2. If the people on ‘The biggest loser’ didn’t fast and only cut calories, how did they lose weight? their insulin must have been high all the time, so how did their body use up their fat?

  • Wow your video quality is amazing! Both the content and technicalities. I wanna mimic you. ������ Which camera and editing software do you use? Plz answer. ������

  • All my life I heard “eat five to six small meals during the day” to lose weight. No wonder I couldn’t lose weight when I was younger. The only thing that works for me with PCOS is keto and IF.

  • Dr. Fung is God sent. I can’t believe we’ve all been faked out for decades by profit driven pharmaceutical companies and their puppet doctors.

  • you should go into synchrotism and understand the spirotual consequencies of retention of ejaculation to the male body and the calibration of the dopamine oxytocine and seratonine
    for that matter the physical mental emotional and espirtual health of the couple as to be as its best to be able to came into sacred union of the self

  • All this talk about heroin company without mentioning Bayer… ‘Heroin was first manufactured in 1898 by the Bayer pharmaceutical company of Germany and marketed as a treatment for tuberculosis as well as a remedy for morphine addiction.’ Great interview though ��

  • Can someone please advice me???? I broke my fast just now at 71 hours and I AM SO SAD ABOUT IT �������������� I really wanted to finish 92 hours but my body just screamed to me to stop it right now! I felt so extremely lethargic all day and cold! Now i feel so bad that I didn’t finish my goal fast of 92 hours. Anybody knows if I can start tomorrow again for my 92 hour fast???

  • Great video! Thanks for taking the time to put together a quality, relevant video with legitimate evidence, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this hormone and just couldn’t find the answers/discussion I was looking for until I saw this:)

  • So Mean that Love is directly proportional to oxytocin hh
    May You Live Long Sir…
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  • Dr. Fung provides incredible information. I now have a better understanding of what’s wrong with the American diet, and how wrong the calories in and calories out theory is. Thank you �� for uploading this video. It was worth to watch it all the way through.

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    Sugar Type: Eggs and Pancakes, lots of cinnamon, interval training

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