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THE WEIGHT-GAIN DIABETES CONNECTION. While there are many risk factors for Type 2 diabetes (including age, genetics, stress, ethnicity, pregnancy, and even certain medications that elevate blood sugars), the most directly related risk factor is overweight and obesity. 5. New Training Routine.

Aquatic resistance and resistance training with weight and machines can be of great help in gaining some weight. Avoid aerobics as it helps burn calories more quickly. You don’t want that. The Final Word. There is still hope for diabetics who want to gain weight.

It’s a known fact that weight can affect diabetes and diabetes can affect weight. So if you are a diabetic, nutrition and physical activity are important constituents of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to follow a healthy meal plan and most important of all to remain active.

Apart from above diabetic weight gain foods, have apples, cheese and milk in moderation as these could cause blood sugar levels to spike. Have more avocados for the good kind of fat for the body and at all times avoid having too much yoghurt. To gain weight if you have diabetes, start by eating 5-6 meals a day instead of the usual 2-3 meals. Eat nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, and lean meats rather than filling up on empty calories and processed foods.

If you have diabetes and need to gain weight, be aware that gaining too much weight, fat especially, can worsen the symptoms of diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic 1. Instead, you need to eat the right foods, exercise and take good care of yourself to safely gain weight. Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin — a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) by cells. This can be frustrating because maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of your overall diabetes management plan. The good news is that it is possible to maintain your weight while taking insulin. When you have diabetes, being overweight brings added risks.

Find the best strategy to keep extra weight off and stay healthy. Break the cycle. By losing just a few pounds with healthy eating and exercise, you’ll start to feel better. You’ll have more energy. And it will get easier to manage.

Speak with your diabetes team to review your medications and talk to a dietitian to help you make any changes. It’s important to see your GP if you have been losing weight without meaning to. We all have different body shapes, but if your body weight has changed and you’re not sure why, or it isn’t normal for you, then it’s important to. Depression Medications and Diabetes.

Studies have found evidence of a link between many antidepressants and the onset of type 2 diabetes. In some cases, this link may occur as a natural consequence of the weight gain described above. The connection between diabetes and depression can go both ways as well.

List of related literature:

Exercise also improves insulin sensitivity in women with type 2 diabetes and may limit excess weight gain.

“Endocrine Secrets E-book” by Michael T. McDermott
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To reduce the risk or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, women should be advised to maintain a normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a diet low in saturated fats.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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Lifestyle factors play an important role in the etiology of type 2 diabetes, with obesity, particularly central (abdominal) obesity, directly contributing to the disease process by reducing the number of insulin receptor sites in the cells of the target tissues (i.e., muscle and adipose) (Nowak and Handford 1994).

“Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective” by Sara Stinson, Barry Bogin, Dennis H. O'Rourke
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Thus, diabetes is treated by having the person eat three regular meals and one or more snacks (including one at bedtime) of a precise carbohydrate to protein to fat ratio to maximize insulin action and minimize swings in blood glucose levels.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
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Increased childhood growth and weight gain increases peripheral insulin demand, which could place greater stress on beta cells and make them more vulnerable to autoimmune attack; reduction in type 1 diabetes is a potential additional benefit of preventing childhood obesity [49].

“The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues” by Joel Rodriguez-Saldana
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4) High insulin circulation leads to obesity and mental disorders: Too much insulin promotes fat storage and stops your body from breaking down fats, so you gain more and more weight.

“Diabetes Type I & II Cure in 72 Hrs” by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
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Improved glucose control with weight loss, lower insulin doses, and no increased hypoglycemia with empagliflozin added to titrated multiple daily injections of insulin in obese inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes.

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• To prevent or delay onset of diabetes, patients with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or IFG should be advised to lose 5% to 10% of body weight and to increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity such as walking.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
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Excess weight increases the risk of type 2 diabetes through mechanisms such as chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, and b-cell stress (DeFronzo et al., 2015; Mahler & Adler, 1999).

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Several reports on beneficial effects on body weight changes, blood glucose and insulin levels, and glucose or insulin tolerance in stressed, or obese, or diabetic rodents have appeared during the past decade.

“Science of Ashwagandha: Preventive and Therapeutic Potentials” by Sunil C. Kaul, Renu Wadhwa
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  • It’s great to see someone that is diabetic, your smile definitely inspire me happiness and a positive vision of all this. Thank you! Carry on awesome video ����

  • Hello and day 40 COVD+, diabetic, thalassemia, nurse and actually it was sooooooo hard because my insulin was being pocketed and had awful lows amidst respiratory distress. And now, since I can’t exercise, which is hard for me I am a nurse who runs on my shift, and off shift hiking, skiing, rowing, teach zumba, etc. So this is hard because with the cardiac side effects of the COVID+ state, after 27 nights with NO sleep due to the distress, delirium, low sugars, coughing, fevers, tremors, etc. So, my heart rate is 120s with minimal activity, and 90s at rest. Hard. Still positive, but STILL ALIVE. Praise God. Thank you for your video. You’re lovely, I needed help with going to sleep earlier. I’m against screens before sleep, can’t take the addictions to tv and such. I read my Bible, I journal, listen to music, play my piano, etc. Thank you!

  • it means u r on low carb diet…what abt cholesterol its fine or nt i have heard a lot abt cholesterol problem due to low carb..secondly in one of your video u mentioned abt IF whats ur hba1c before and after IF

  • Western medicine experts treat the patients like a machine. They take everything in data. Human body is not only bunch of muscle, blood and bone. medical expert never talk about human emotion level and impact of it to the health. Why they are not discussing about it. Doctors are being paid by medical Industry owners?? ������

  • Best advise I came across till now. I asked doctor manny time to increase my weight he could not do it because he always said to maintain sugar and food part was explained by his inexperience assistant. They give similar deit chart to almost everyone. Even they have printed diet chart. How can every patient have similar diet chart. In our country doctors are pathetic,they only care for money nothing else. Thanks for video.

  • I am a diabetic. My hba1c is 6.2. I think it is in control. But I have lost 6 kg and become a lean. I go for walk at least 4 km in the morning and do exercises. I take steps climbing for 15 minutes in the evening. I eat only one egg and eat bajra roti and millets and drink barley soup. Still I am lean. How can I gain weight. Your guidance please. I never take even a single tablet. I have controlled with exercises and walking and jogging and food. ����

  • When given prescription for a statin within 1 year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I’ve been told statins interfere with absorbing cholesterol which our body needs. In turn the statin causes diabetes. Ugh. So diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2010….the only two things that helped me are WHOLE 30 and KETO. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times but have done all the research on my own. My doctors have done NOTHING, NOTHING to help. As a matter of fact I almost died as my gall bladder was emergency removed (was gangrene) in 2018. In hospital my doctor(not the surgeon) ordered insulin injections after my surgery) WTF. I was on minimum of metformin prior to surgery. I asked why not just give me my dose of metformin. They refused. I told them less than 12 hours after surgery I was leaving the hospital and I did. Injecting me with insulin is unacceptable. I knew making dependent was a death sentence, because type 2 is not type 1. It’s now 2020 and I’m fine. I’m 67 and truly believe the statin prescription back in 2007 was my downfall. Believing doctors who push PHARMA solutions is the problem. Package, processed, fast food kills us. The rabbit hole of the food industry will frighten you to death…but that’s an entirely different story. Do your research. Our bodies do not need vaccines, or medicine…..if we stay close to nature. Our bodies self heal. God bless you all.

  • Thanks Andrea, you absolutely rock! My biggest problem is avoiding those delish soft-chewing fruit gums I bulk bought in case of hypos during lockdown! Man, that takes will power! Saying we’ll appreciate what we have 200% when we’re through this is spot on! Just having friends around for a barbecue (whoops, forgot you were vegan) is something that I absolutely yearn for and it just goes to show how it’s the simple things that matter most. However, I have the luxury of having a garden which has come to life with the fauna that is typically invisible to us and it’s both wonderful to experience but also so sad to see the negative impact our comings and goings have on our natural surroundings. I can only hope that that is a message we don’t easily forget when this is done! Here in South Africa, we’re on a serious, no frills, lockdown which is already showing a positive result and we’re all holding our breath (forgive the pun) that it stays that way! If the rest of the world would stay true to what we need to do, much like T1Ds look out for each other, as you say, we’ll get through this! Keep those videos coming you just don’t realize what they mean to us all!

  • Hi sir I wanted to know about your medication, I have seen your other video and you where saying you are not taking insulin, I’m just curious about what might be your medication. Thank you sir

  • I was diagnosed with diabetes on 13-4-20 with a1c level 10.38…just after 63 days my a1c comes 5.4 that is on 17-6-20… without any medicine

  • @ 10:48, she says “Cured would imply that it can’t come back.”

    Color me bewildered!

    If you get cured of pneumonia, you can get it again.

    You can get cured of obesity (which she herself said is a disease) but, of course, it can come back.

    Same as getting cured of cancer or influenza or many other diseases.

    Just because it can return does not mean it wasn’t initially cured.

    Not understanding Sarah’s logic on that point.

    Nevertheless, she gave a great and very helpful lecture.

    Much kudos!

  • Hi Sir, It’s very imformative video. I’m diabetics for last three years with Hba1C 9.4-10, I did fast during ramadhan and most of muscle got lost from Hands and Thighs and My tummy is as it is, round and out. Pls suggest what should I do?

  • HI Mr Kishore You are truely an admirer for all diabetics since it is not a disease its only a lifestyle disease, my friendly suggestion to you since you transformed yourself tremendously from lean to fat and muscular you should have an good haircut with trim beard and colored hair so that you looks good its only friendly suggestion.Since u are a warrior of diabetes reversal

  • If packaged food was not poison, we would not need to talk about illness.
    Sure there are bugs out there that can do damage.. But we would tackle that instead. My mom died without me knowing this to save her. The pills prescribed killed my mom. I was so sad that within a year I was craving alcohol on a regular basis. It almost took me down.

  • Hello sir, I m age is 30. Three years before I come to know about my diabetes. I stop sugar intake. My glucose level was 160fasting and 200pp. After watching ur videos I started walking and exercise. I burn 500 calories per day. Now my blood glucose is in normal range. But now I m facing some problems like severe headache and I feel my heavy heartbeat when I go to bed. Can you suggest me any reason behind this?

  • I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes at the age of 16. However, I was prescribed insulin right away which I depended on for 10 years. However, I stumbled across Dr.Eric Bergs channel and started doing keto diet. I dont take medications anymore. I definitely feel that you will be able to control your blood sugars better with keto and intermittent fasting..

  • hello sir. i m from odisha..i am 22 years old.. i have been suffering from diabetes for 5 years��������.. my geught is 5’6 and my weight is just 52kg.. i take insulin twice a day.. bcz of diabetes diabetes my weight is not increasing and regularly facing constipation����… you are the only u tuber whom do i believe… i want to be muscular and gain weight.. cure myself from such a worsen condition…. i have chicken daily basis but no results. pls suggest a proper meal.. start a series of cure diabetes… i will regularly follow you… pls reply. i will be glad to have any response from you

  • I can up that one better. L’arabinose is a sucrose inhibitor. In other words, take it before you consume
    sugar, and the body will not digest it, thus not affecting your blood sugar levels and not needing insulin
    as a diabetic would need. It is made from the by products of beets and is all natural. It is also FDA GRAS
    meaning generally regarded as safe. The only side effect is if taken too much, it has a laxative effect.
    You can find it being sold on ebay. One company in particular has taken the extra step to have it 3rd party
    laboratory tested to ensure it is L’arabinose. Japanese have used it since the 1980’s. This seller also offers
    gov’t links to back up their claims. No disinformation is listed here. Check it out.
    I have been personally using it for almost a year now, and my sugar cravings have diminished.
    The weight loss is slow (after all, it took years to put the weight on) but steady. It is a permanent change
    that will improve one’s life. you will feel better. Do the research, it is available and I know type 2 is reversible
    just as this lady states. Have faith!

  • Amen to everything you Andrea! I know preventive care is best care, but…. sometimes we get high sugars at the most inconvenient times like when we need travel, be in class, or work. As a grad a student I have a lot of hard and fast due dates; therefore, I’ve got to be “on” when I often “off.” The best thing we can do is to build a healthy routine, but I’m curious how you and others handle this. Maybe not the healthiest thing but I’ll medicate with Diet Coke, which has turned into simply talking caffeine pills (200mg, equivalent to a big cup of coffee). This is slightly counter productive, because caffeine raises sugar but somehow I find that it alleviates some of the symptoms of a high when you NEED to focus!

  • Hlo sir big fan my self Faiz I was diagnosed with diabetic in 2019 that time my weight was 72kg am frequently losing my weight because I am on low calorie diet my right now my blood glucose levels are below 100dl without medicines sir please suggest me how much calories should I intake to mentioned my ideal body weight.

  • I have heard that the American Diabetes Association (a fitting title for an organization that has only caused more illness & deaths from the disease) has recently changed their tune, in that they now endorse a low carb diet and admit that the body gets all of the glucose it needs from metabolic processes.

    If it’s true, I am guessing Dr. Hallberg’s science-based approach had a lot to do with this shift.

    Question is, even without explicitly admitting they were wrong, the ADA could possibly open themselves up to wrongful injury and wrongful death suits.

    Their very contradictory statements are self-incriminating.

    What really makes me angry is that the Veteran’s Administration health department is still pushing the “45-60 grams of carbs per day,” dogma, via the so-called “MOVE,” program.

    Meanwhile, I try to steer clear of the quacks at the VA, because they are constantly pushing statins…even after I presented the study that proves they do more harm than good (because reduced cholesterol puts us at risk.)

    Of course, no matter how much evidence these big pharma whores are presented with, they’ll never admit that the over-consumption of carbs is the primary cause of elevated cholesterol, whose primary purpose is to heal the inflammation caused by hyperinsulinemia and high blood sugar.

    That’s another class-action suit waiting to happen. I’ll be the first to sign on.

  • Excellent talk! My 68 year-old brother-in-law has Type 2 diabetes, and he has been able to reduce his meds use, lose substantial weight AND save money by doing exactly what Dr Sarah Hallberg stated, cutting out carbs in his diet, and many sugars too. The end result? A healthier and more energetic man.
    Unfortunately big pharma and the agriculture industry have vested interests, and lobbyists in capitals around the worlds, that want to maintain the status quo. Just look at the advertising on TV, from sugary cereals, to soft drinks, wheat-grain based breads, processed foods and more, and you can see why the obesity epidemic is a problem, especially in North America.
    It’s your health now you know what to do!
    Cheers from Montréal.

  • Consuming whey protine is unaffordable for me. Can you suggest any cheaper home made protine which I can prepare at home and cold store it for regular consumption. Thanks. Expecting your reply. I am diabetic, above normal and 60 years old. I was a body builder but all my muscle mass has broken and gone now and I look like a poor rickshaw wala, many of them who do not get their required nutrition even. Please don’t mind my narration. Actually I am very much frustrated with my health being unable to recover.

  • Exercise is key. I never stopped and actually started a 3 mile trithon.. 1 mile bike.. 1 mile jog..1 mile swim. Plus I eat salad like crazy and been drinking water like crazy. Diabetics….. water is a huge way to clean your body… reduce sugar.. fill your stomach.. sleep is my only issue. I with too much. Really love your videos. You make them fun