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THE WEIGHT-GAIN DIABETES CONNECTION. While there are many risk factors for Type 2 diabetes (including age, genetics, stress, ethnicity, pregnancy, and even certain medications that elevate blood sugars), the most directly related risk factor is overweight and obesity. 5. New Training Routine.

Aquatic resistance and resistance training with weight and machines can be of great help in gaining some weight. Avoid aerobics as it helps burn calories more quickly. You don’t want that. The Final Word. There is still hope for diabetics who want to gain weight.

It’s a known fact that weight can affect diabetes and diabetes can affect weight. So if you are a diabetic, nutrition and physical activity are important constituents of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to follow a healthy meal plan and most important of all to remain active.

Apart from above diabetic weight gain foods, have apples, cheese and milk in moderation as these could cause blood sugar levels to spike. Have more avocados for the good kind of fat for the body and at all times avoid having too much yoghurt. To gain weight if you have diabetes, start by eating 5-6 meals a day instead of the usual 2-3 meals. Eat nutrient-rich foods like whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, and lean meats rather than filling up on empty calories and processed foods.

If you have diabetes and need to gain weight, be aware that gaining too much weight, fat especially, can worsen the symptoms of diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic 1. Instead, you need to eat the right foods, exercise and take good care of yourself to safely gain weight. Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin — a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) by cells. This can be frustrating because maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of your overall diabetes management plan. The good news is that it is possible to maintain your weight while taking insulin. When you have diabetes, being overweight brings added risks.

Find the best strategy to keep extra weight off and stay healthy. Break the cycle. By losing just a few pounds with healthy eating and exercise, you’ll start to feel better. You’ll have more energy. And it will get easier to manage.

Speak with your diabetes team to review your medications and talk to a dietitian to help you make any changes. It’s important to see your GP if you have been losing weight without meaning to. We all have different body shapes, but if your body weight has changed and you’re not sure why, or it isn’t normal for you, then it’s important to. Depression Medications and Diabetes.

Studies have found evidence of a link between many antidepressants and the onset of type 2 diabetes. In some cases, this link may occur as a natural consequence of the weight gain described above. The connection between diabetes and depression can go both ways as well.

List of related literature:

Exercise also improves insulin sensitivity in women with type 2 diabetes and may limit excess weight gain.

“Endocrine Secrets E-book” by Michael T. McDermott
from Endocrine Secrets E-book
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To reduce the risk or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes, women should be advised to maintain a normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a diet low in saturated fats.

“Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease” by Carol J. Boushey, Ann M. Coulston, Cheryl L. Rock, Elaine Monsen
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Lifestyle factors play an important role in the etiology of type 2 diabetes, with obesity, particularly central (abdominal) obesity, directly contributing to the disease process by reducing the number of insulin receptor sites in the cells of the target tissues (i.e., muscle and adipose) (Nowak and Handford 1994).

“Human Biology: An Evolutionary and Biocultural Perspective” by Sara Stinson, Barry Bogin, Dennis H. O'Rourke
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Thus, diabetes is treated by having the person eat three regular meals and one or more snacks (including one at bedtime) of a precise carbohydrate to protein to fat ratio to maximize insulin action and minimize swings in blood glucose levels.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Diet” by Desai
from Handbook of Nutrition and Diet
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Increased childhood growth and weight gain increases peripheral insulin demand, which could place greater stress on beta cells and make them more vulnerable to autoimmune attack; reduction in type 1 diabetes is a potential additional benefit of preventing childhood obesity [49].

“The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues” by Joel Rodriguez-Saldana
from The Diabetes Textbook: Clinical Principles, Patient Management and Public Health Issues
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Springer International Publishing, 2019

4) High insulin circulation leads to obesity and mental disorders: Too much insulin promotes fat storage and stops your body from breaking down fats, so you gain more and more weight.

“Diabetes Type I & II Cure in 72 Hrs” by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
from Diabetes Type I & II Cure in 72 Hrs
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Improved glucose control with weight loss, lower insulin doses, and no increased hypoglycemia with empagliflozin added to titrated multiple daily injections of insulin in obese inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes.

“Williams Textbook of Endocrinology E-Book” by Shlomo Melmed, Ronald Koenig, Clifford Rosen, Richard Auchus, Allison Goldfine
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• To prevent or delay onset of diabetes, patients with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or IFG should be advised to lose 5% to 10% of body weight and to increase physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity such as walking.

“Pharmacology for the Primary Care Provider E-Book” by Marilyn Winterton Edmunds, Maren Stewart Mayhew
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Excess weight increases the risk of type 2 diabetes through mechanisms such as chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, and b-cell stress (DeFronzo et al., 2015; Mahler & Adler, 1999).

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
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Several reports on beneficial effects on body weight changes, blood glucose and insulin levels, and glucose or insulin tolerance in stressed, or obese, or diabetic rodents have appeared during the past decade.

“Science of Ashwagandha: Preventive and Therapeutic Potentials” by Sunil C. Kaul, Renu Wadhwa
from Science of Ashwagandha: Preventive and Therapeutic Potentials
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  • It’s great to see someone that is diabetic, your smile definitely inspire me happiness and a positive vision of all this. Thank you! Carry on awesome video ����

  • Hello and day 40 COVD+, diabetic, thalassemia, nurse and actually it was sooooooo hard because my insulin was being pocketed and had awful lows amidst respiratory distress. And now, since I can’t exercise, which is hard for me I am a nurse who runs on my shift, and off shift hiking, skiing, rowing, teach zumba, etc. So this is hard because with the cardiac side effects of the COVID+ state, after 27 nights with NO sleep due to the distress, delirium, low sugars, coughing, fevers, tremors, etc. So, my heart rate is 120s with minimal activity, and 90s at rest. Hard. Still positive, but STILL ALIVE. Praise God. Thank you for your video. You’re lovely, I needed help with going to sleep earlier. I’m against screens before sleep, can’t take the addictions to tv and such. I read my Bible, I journal, listen to music, play my piano, etc. Thank you!

  • it means u r on low carb diet…what abt cholesterol its fine or nt i have heard a lot abt cholesterol problem due to low carb..secondly in one of your video u mentioned abt IF whats ur hba1c before and after IF

  • Western medicine experts treat the patients like a machine. They take everything in data. Human body is not only bunch of muscle, blood and bone. medical expert never talk about human emotion level and impact of it to the health. Why they are not discussing about it. Doctors are being paid by medical Industry owners?? ������

  • Best advise I came across till now. I asked doctor manny time to increase my weight he could not do it because he always said to maintain sugar and food part was explained by his inexperience assistant. They give similar deit chart to almost everyone. Even they have printed diet chart. How can every patient have similar diet chart. In our country doctors are pathetic,they only care for money nothing else. Thanks for video.

  • I am a diabetic. My hba1c is 6.2. I think it is in control. But I have lost 6 kg and become a lean. I go for walk at least 4 km in the morning and do exercises. I take steps climbing for 15 minutes in the evening. I eat only one egg and eat bajra roti and millets and drink barley soup. Still I am lean. How can I gain weight. Your guidance please. I never take even a single tablet. I have controlled with exercises and walking and jogging and food. ����

  • When given prescription for a statin within 1 year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I’ve been told statins interfere with absorbing cholesterol which our body needs. In turn the statin causes diabetes. Ugh. So diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2010….the only two things that helped me are WHOLE 30 and KETO. I’ve fallen off the wagon a few times but have done all the research on my own. My doctors have done NOTHING, NOTHING to help. As a matter of fact I almost died as my gall bladder was emergency removed (was gangrene) in 2018. In hospital my doctor(not the surgeon) ordered insulin injections after my surgery) WTF. I was on minimum of metformin prior to surgery. I asked why not just give me my dose of metformin. They refused. I told them less than 12 hours after surgery I was leaving the hospital and I did. Injecting me with insulin is unacceptable. I knew making dependent was a death sentence, because type 2 is not type 1. It’s now 2020 and I’m fine. I’m 67 and truly believe the statin prescription back in 2007 was my downfall. Believing doctors who push PHARMA solutions is the problem. Package, processed, fast food kills us. The rabbit hole of the food industry will frighten you to death…but that’s an entirely different story. Do your research. Our bodies do not need vaccines, or medicine…..if we stay close to nature. Our bodies self heal. God bless you all.

  • Thanks Andrea, you absolutely rock! My biggest problem is avoiding those delish soft-chewing fruit gums I bulk bought in case of hypos during lockdown! Man, that takes will power! Saying we’ll appreciate what we have 200% when we’re through this is spot on! Just having friends around for a barbecue (whoops, forgot you were vegan) is something that I absolutely yearn for and it just goes to show how it’s the simple things that matter most. However, I have the luxury of having a garden which has come to life with the fauna that is typically invisible to us and it’s both wonderful to experience but also so sad to see the negative impact our comings and goings have on our natural surroundings. I can only hope that that is a message we don’t easily forget when this is done! Here in South Africa, we’re on a serious, no frills, lockdown which is already showing a positive result and we’re all holding our breath (forgive the pun) that it stays that way! If the rest of the world would stay true to what we need to do, much like T1Ds look out for each other, as you say, we’ll get through this! Keep those videos coming you just don’t realize what they mean to us all!

  • Hi sir I wanted to know about your medication, I have seen your other video and you where saying you are not taking insulin, I’m just curious about what might be your medication. Thank you sir

  • I was diagnosed with diabetes on 13-4-20 with a1c level 10.38…just after 63 days my a1c comes 5.4 that is on 17-6-20… without any medicine

  • @ 10:48, she says “Cured would imply that it can’t come back.”

    Color me bewildered!

    If you get cured of pneumonia, you can get it again.

    You can get cured of obesity (which she herself said is a disease) but, of course, it can come back.

    Same as getting cured of cancer or influenza or many other diseases.

    Just because it can return does not mean it wasn’t initially cured.

    Not understanding Sarah’s logic on that point.

    Nevertheless, she gave a great and very helpful lecture.

    Much kudos!

  • Hi Sir, It’s very imformative video. I’m diabetics for last three years with Hba1C 9.4-10, I did fast during ramadhan and most of muscle got lost from Hands and Thighs and My tummy is as it is, round and out. Pls suggest what should I do?

  • HI Mr Kishore You are truely an admirer for all diabetics since it is not a disease its only a lifestyle disease, my friendly suggestion to you since you transformed yourself tremendously from lean to fat and muscular you should have an good haircut with trim beard and colored hair so that you looks good its only friendly suggestion.Since u are a warrior of diabetes reversal

  • If packaged food was not poison, we would not need to talk about illness.
    Sure there are bugs out there that can do damage.. But we would tackle that instead. My mom died without me knowing this to save her. The pills prescribed killed my mom. I was so sad that within a year I was craving alcohol on a regular basis. It almost took me down.

  • Hello sir, I m age is 30. Three years before I come to know about my diabetes. I stop sugar intake. My glucose level was 160fasting and 200pp. After watching ur videos I started walking and exercise. I burn 500 calories per day. Now my blood glucose is in normal range. But now I m facing some problems like severe headache and I feel my heavy heartbeat when I go to bed. Can you suggest me any reason behind this?

  • I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes at the age of 16. However, I was prescribed insulin right away which I depended on for 10 years. However, I stumbled across Dr.Eric Bergs channel and started doing keto diet. I dont take medications anymore. I definitely feel that you will be able to control your blood sugars better with keto and intermittent fasting..

  • hello sir. i m from odisha..i am 22 years old.. i have been suffering from diabetes for 5 years��������.. my geught is 5’6 and my weight is just 52kg.. i take insulin twice a day.. bcz of diabetes diabetes my weight is not increasing and regularly facing constipation����… you are the only u tuber whom do i believe… i want to be muscular and gain weight.. cure myself from such a worsen condition…. i have chicken daily basis but no results. pls suggest a proper meal.. start a series of cure diabetes… i will regularly follow you… pls reply. i will be glad to have any response from you

  • I can up that one better. L’arabinose is a sucrose inhibitor. In other words, take it before you consume
    sugar, and the body will not digest it, thus not affecting your blood sugar levels and not needing insulin
    as a diabetic would need. It is made from the by products of beets and is all natural. It is also FDA GRAS
    meaning generally regarded as safe. The only side effect is if taken too much, it has a laxative effect.
    You can find it being sold on ebay. One company in particular has taken the extra step to have it 3rd party
    laboratory tested to ensure it is L’arabinose. Japanese have used it since the 1980’s. This seller also offers
    gov’t links to back up their claims. No disinformation is listed here. Check it out.
    I have been personally using it for almost a year now, and my sugar cravings have diminished.
    The weight loss is slow (after all, it took years to put the weight on) but steady. It is a permanent change
    that will improve one’s life. you will feel better. Do the research, it is available and I know type 2 is reversible
    just as this lady states. Have faith!

  • Amen to everything you Andrea! I know preventive care is best care, but…. sometimes we get high sugars at the most inconvenient times like when we need travel, be in class, or work. As a grad a student I have a lot of hard and fast due dates; therefore, I’ve got to be “on” when I often “off.” The best thing we can do is to build a healthy routine, but I’m curious how you and others handle this. Maybe not the healthiest thing but I’ll medicate with Diet Coke, which has turned into simply talking caffeine pills (200mg, equivalent to a big cup of coffee). This is slightly counter productive, because caffeine raises sugar but somehow I find that it alleviates some of the symptoms of a high when you NEED to focus!

  • Hlo sir big fan my self Faiz I was diagnosed with diabetic in 2019 that time my weight was 72kg am frequently losing my weight because I am on low calorie diet my right now my blood glucose levels are below 100dl without medicines sir please suggest me how much calories should I intake to mentioned my ideal body weight.

  • I have heard that the American Diabetes Association (a fitting title for an organization that has only caused more illness & deaths from the disease) has recently changed their tune, in that they now endorse a low carb diet and admit that the body gets all of the glucose it needs from metabolic processes.

    If it’s true, I am guessing Dr. Hallberg’s science-based approach had a lot to do with this shift.

    Question is, even without explicitly admitting they were wrong, the ADA could possibly open themselves up to wrongful injury and wrongful death suits.

    Their very contradictory statements are self-incriminating.

    What really makes me angry is that the Veteran’s Administration health department is still pushing the “45-60 grams of carbs per day,” dogma, via the so-called “MOVE,” program.

    Meanwhile, I try to steer clear of the quacks at the VA, because they are constantly pushing statins…even after I presented the study that proves they do more harm than good (because reduced cholesterol puts us at risk.)

    Of course, no matter how much evidence these big pharma whores are presented with, they’ll never admit that the over-consumption of carbs is the primary cause of elevated cholesterol, whose primary purpose is to heal the inflammation caused by hyperinsulinemia and high blood sugar.

    That’s another class-action suit waiting to happen. I’ll be the first to sign on.

  • Excellent talk! My 68 year-old brother-in-law has Type 2 diabetes, and he has been able to reduce his meds use, lose substantial weight AND save money by doing exactly what Dr Sarah Hallberg stated, cutting out carbs in his diet, and many sugars too. The end result? A healthier and more energetic man.
    Unfortunately big pharma and the agriculture industry have vested interests, and lobbyists in capitals around the worlds, that want to maintain the status quo. Just look at the advertising on TV, from sugary cereals, to soft drinks, wheat-grain based breads, processed foods and more, and you can see why the obesity epidemic is a problem, especially in North America.
    It’s your health now you know what to do!
    Cheers from Montréal.

  • Consuming whey protine is unaffordable for me. Can you suggest any cheaper home made protine which I can prepare at home and cold store it for regular consumption. Thanks. Expecting your reply. I am diabetic, above normal and 60 years old. I was a body builder but all my muscle mass has broken and gone now and I look like a poor rickshaw wala, many of them who do not get their required nutrition even. Please don’t mind my narration. Actually I am very much frustrated with my health being unable to recover.

  • Exercise is key. I never stopped and actually started a 3 mile trithon.. 1 mile bike.. 1 mile jog..1 mile swim. Plus I eat salad like crazy and been drinking water like crazy. Diabetics….. water is a huge way to clean your body… reduce sugar.. fill your stomach.. sleep is my only issue. I with too much. Really love your videos. You make them fun

  • I’m also two surgeries 1was Panceritec necrotomy another was cystro gastronomy.i am doing daily home work out like 10typs push-ups. Chin up chiling. So please tell me after work out I take whey protein. Those are you using brand. Please reply me sir.

  • Here is the problem with all pro-keto doctors: they erroneously, and dangerously, lump all carbohydrates into the same group and define them as bad. Vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts are overwhelmingly proven scientifically to increase health and decrease risk of all diseases. Keto is unsustainable as a lifestyle and will destroy your liver, kidneys, and give you heart disease, cancers, strokes, and Alzheimer’s. great you didn’t die form dianetes, but the other top killers got you. Look at the studies and see that a whole food, plant-based diet not only eliminates disease but reverses it, but prolongs life and reduces overall healthcare costs. Keto for a season, sure, but as a lifestyle you will die sooner.

  • I’m panceritec dibeatic. I want to follow your diet plan. Because I want to gain weight and mussels. I take insulin in 20unit in morning. Please help me sir wait gaining.

  • All of this is true. I developed Type II with age and it was a blessing in disguise to be also diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I could no longer eat anything with wheat, barley or rye, which cut a lot of carbs right there (breads, pasta, flour, etc.) I try to eat no more than 8 grams of carbs a day, I lost 25 pounds, my blood sugar is now “normal,” and I feel great. I’ll always be diabetic, but I’m doing everything I can to manage it effectively and (hopefully) ameliorate its bad sequellae. Carbs are not a natural food for human beings.

  • Thanks for being such a force for positivity Andrea. I wish you a happy, healthy mind too!

    PS: I kinda feel bad for Jenna Bragg. I hope things turn out better for her!��

  • What I found really helpful is to be calm. I get insulin resistance (real bad, I can be in a temporary basal rate of 160% and nothing changes) when I’m stressed and anxious. So I really need to stay away from all the bad news and keep myself entertained in order to be in range. Thanks for the tips!

  • Since you are so obsessed with this topic diebetic and know what to eat and what not to eat why don’t you start the ‘macdonnel chain of restaurant’ through the world and be a billionaire

  • Don’t eat processed food. Don’t eat sweets. Don’t eat bread. Don’t drink pop. Sugar is the cause of weight gain and diabetes. Cancer thrives on sugar. That alone should tell us something.

  • Hai sir I’m daibatic since 2yrs I’m a bodybuilder my proffesion movie artist in Telugu ur recommend whey protein muscle blaze zero corb is it ok or any zero corb protie n product can use

  • I endorse everything in your video, Andrea; well done, as always. Your tips are pretty much what I do too. I have noticed that on the first day of a new infusion site my insulin sensitivity is higher, but it often gets lower towards the end of the third day,( nothing to do with self isolation. Best wishes to all who are affected by the pandemic.

  • hlw guys I,m Type 1 diabetes patient and my age is 24 right now. From last 3 month I do regularly exercise so my weight is increased upto 5 kg but now it become consistant so what to do? and I’m not taking Insulin takes only medicine. hepl me out plz

  • As a nurse who works with obese and diabetic populations, it’s not all the doctors fault. A lot of people don’t know how to eat and lose weight. Or they don’t want to do the work of changing their habits to improve their health. For them taking meds is easier

  • One trick I use when I get a craving for snacking is to eat a lot of salad. It keeps you full for a long time, it does not have many calories, and it is very healthy. Mixed salad can also be very yummy!

    In addition, I try to keep up my daily protein intake at roughly 1.1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kg body weight. That’s roughly the amount of protein you need to sustain the muscles. If I worked out, I eat a little more, since the body then needs more to build additional muscle. Protein has the nice side benefit of keeping you full for quite some time too.

    Also, if you do low carb, healthy fats (avoid trans fats!) can keep you full for a very long time.

  • Hi sir.. i also type 1diabetic til from 10year… i have work in private sector. Some time i am in night shift.. i am not able to gain weight, plz kindly help me, also right now I have not taken any supplement like whey protein etc… Insulin dose 3 time a day.. plz help me..

  • GURL THANK YOU �� this is much needed because I literally need help I swear my blood sugar has been amazing after this video ���� keep doing what your doing!!!

  • Thanks for this video, Andrea. I am an adult onset type 1 but not on insulin yet. This was a great video for me to help me deal with the high blood sugars without insulin. Great suggestions of things to add to my daily walk that can make a difference. Stress is a biggie. Stepping up my meditation and journaling.

  • 1)boiled olive leaves 15 min, can be dried but fresh is better (yellow greeny color)
    2)boiled fig leaves 15 min
    3)1 and 2 can be mixed but if u r around 400 (sever decrease)
    4)one cinnamon stick boiled on low fire 5 min, if u chew the stick it ll decrease it more

  • How many cab’s on the day with muscles bless protein I take bulk gainer protein it is very how to protein plz call me 8504957760 and you advise me

  • Fortunately, when she said we don’t need to eat any carbs, I ended the video and saved myself 18:11 minutes of worthless information.

  • Sir my blood glucose levels are generally normal until i eat too much carb.. But my weight is very less.. Should i have whey protein.. Will it help. I am 31 and my weight is 42..pls help

  • I’ve noticed that alcohol (red wine especially), make my blood sugars dip, so drinking a little before a meal can help. Also, I’ve heard eating cinnamon helps lower blood sugars, but I’ve never gone all guinea-pig on myself and performed cinnamon-related tests in laboratory conditions! 😉

  • Without a doubt the best diabetic om Youtube! Thanks for sharing your tips and positive energy! The exercise part is really the tough one for me. Thinking of buying a crosstrainer to just easen up that part a bit.

  • Sir I’m a diabetic patient (type 1) since 5 years and I’m eating 6-8 chapatis in a meal and my blood sugar level is uneven sometimes it goes high and sometimes low, when my blood sugar going down I feel unconsciousness and than I eat Ghee and something sugary after this I’m feeling conscious and stable, What should I do please suggest me and I do regular exercise and sometimes I skipped.

  • I just found this video and agree with this doctor. However, I found another Dr video who advised the exact opposite! His video was posted in 2012. Personally, I don’t advocate a “one size fits all” approach, but eat according to your bloodwork. In my experience, and those of my family and friends, Dr. Hallberg’s approach works best. My blood work shocks most doctors I see, as I do not need any pharmaceutical medications, and that is rare for my age. They ask what I eat, they raise their eyebrows, then give me the state approved warnings. Happy meals, folks. =:)

  • Sir I am 19 years old boy sir mere diabetes high rehte hh 500 ka aas pass sir mein insuline leta hu sir mere weight 32 kg hh sir mujhe koi diet btao ki mm weight gain krr sku

  • good day I am happy to the help help you offers and I will wish your programme to be established in my country southern Cameroon.wish to hear from you please. thanks

  • Great Video again!:-) Spot on with Exercise is number one key and water! Stress is a very hard one for me to manage tooll! As for the news I do not watch Tv at all:-) sounds not normal but its great not missed the Tv for 15 years and really helps with stress square eyes is no good for anyone! Has for the Gov I don’t want to know!:-) These people have no clues to a T1’s lives!:-)

  • Dear Sir I take morning warm water mix with kalunji, haldi, carromdium, ginger, black pepper, cloves powder.
    I do yoga, pranayam and do stauds and push-up in morning.
    Before breakfast I take only metformin 500gm and half januiam 5 tablet only
    My age is 41 is it good

  • Hey Anderia David from Brisbane Australia I’m not diabetic but do have other complex chronic medical conditions namely hypertension and sever asthma plus many more a lot of your struggles are ringing true with me I’m on my 3rd week conning up of no work and our government is asking anyone who can to stay at home my body clock has definitely changed I’m running 11am-3am which is crazy too much late night screen time for sure I’m put on about 5kg. And have gone from 1-2?main meals and 10-14000+ steps a day at work I work in a hotel to 2-3?meals+ too many snacks and next to no excercise we are still allowed out of our homes for exercise so long as we are a) not sure sick and b) haven’t had a test for or diagnoses for “it” I’m just not getting Evan a quarter of my usua excercise I find listening to some relaxation music helps at night when I can’t sleep but as u rightly say we don’t need to worrie if we’re not predict re food and exercise our best effort is all that matters my bp has come up at night I’m sure it’s due to my crazey hours and way off medication times.

    Best wishes look after yourself.

    David Brisbane Australia.

  • Hello, beautiful soul! You know that typing for me is like cleaning for you, Monica:) so here we go, just bear with me and my English.
    Reading news on the web instead of watching can be less harmful because visual images may be disturbing and may be stuck in memory longer. Watching doctors or medical professors on YT can be more fruitful than watching journalists on TV in my opinion, e.g. I came across Dr. John Campbell channel via the London Real one (the later is quite motivating btw and features other docs too).

    It is interesting to know that managing stress is the hardest for you. It seems more work needs to be done here:) I had to study all this when my parents got sick a couple of years ago to teach them to overcome the anxiety of losing health and to stay sane myself. I can confirm it works both for them and for me so far.

    1) Everyone from Buddhist monks to Tony Robbins and Oprah says that feelings of gratitude and love when we feel them can not leave any space for any other feeling like anxiety or stress inside us. Throughout the day, you can try focusing on the feeling of gratitude you have while filling out your beautiful gratitude journal in the morning. You can try to just meditate on gratitude (and love) every second to force all other feelings out of your consciousness and body. When your attention shifts to any other thought/feeling you say “STOP!” and bring your focus back to gratitude every second throughout the day. Whatever happens around us, we can still be grateful for being conscious and aware and for our being/existence itself. These are not small things as we usually think, these are the main things in our lives that we just naively take for granted. We can help our close ones only if we are aware and existing. Thus, these are probably the most important things we can be grateful for at any time while we exist and while we are aware and conscious.

    2) In meditation, you probably noticed that when you watch and become aware of your breath and thoughts sometimes you start feeling some distancing from them. It is a natural feeling because you as the watcher, as the witness, as the awareness itself is different from any thought or feeling you watch. An eye is always different from the seen. Naturally, a subject is always different from the object. This difference means there is a distance between you as the watcher(and as awareness) and the thoughts(and feelings and bodily sensations) you are watching.

    This distance is the reason we calm down in meditation. It is logical when we distance ourselves from thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations they can not touch and harm us to the same extent. If you carry this sense of distancing and spacing after the morning meditation throughout the day you can meet any news, anxious thoughts and unpleasant sensations in your body peacefully. You just observe them and any feelings they create. You witness them happening in the empty space of your awareness. They exist there but can not make you their slave because there is a distance between you and them, as well as there is a distance between you and your feelings about them. Thus, they lose power over you and you are set free from the prison of negative thoughts and feelings. This allows you to make calm and sober decisions and act more effectively when under pressure. It also helps you to keep your focus on gratitude or anything you chose to.

    As Nisargadatta Maharaj said: “Always know yourself as a changeless witness of the changeful mind (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations). That is enough.” I can confirm from my experience that it is really enough to keep peace of mind in many disturbing situations.

    Imagine two birds: one is living your day (this is YOUR body-mind-thoughts-feelings-sensations) and the second one is sitting above on a branch and watching the first one every second (this is YOU as awareness, the witness-consciousness). Identify with and be the second bird every second of the day. The distance between you two will save you from any stress and allow to make calm and wise decisions if in danger. It may sound crazy at first but it works and this distancing and creating space of awareness is the essence of any meditation technique.

    All this comes from Advaita Vedanta if you are wondering and is used in officially accepted psychotherapy like MBCT for example (via Buddhism). Some sort of dissociation techniques based on this is probably used in secret service and special forces training for situations like Admiral William H. McRaven describes in his very inspirational speech (staying calm under a ship in complete darkness at night especially) “You must be your very best in the darkest moments”.

    3) When you feel this peace inside the empty calm space of your awareness in which you observe and witness all hell let loose you are ready to add some joy to your life. You can make a list of 3-5 activities for each of 4 “happiness hormones” and add these activities to your quarantine agenda.
    The hormones are
    oxytocin >> playing with children, hugs, massage, any sweet body contacts, feeling of being close to someone at least virtually in present conditions, or remembering good times in detail, watching photos, videos, movies on being close. Teddy bears are great btw:),
    endorphins >> anything that requires small effort and pleasant overcoming like physical exercise, stretching that is why exercise reduces stress,
    serotonin >> helping others, charity, etc. help people on the web who are struggling more than you are, chose a charity to donate at last and browse their site they have difficult times now because many businesses are shrinking,
    dopamine >> any achievement learning new things on the web, getting rid of a bad habit for one day, learning a new exercise, winning in an online game with your loved one, etc.
    The above might be not 100% accurate as I am not a medical professional but it feels right to me. 15-20 activities like these added to your agenda can help you to stay joyful and happy in difficult times.

    4) Many professional psychotherapists offer great advice on staying peaceful and joyful on Youtube, FB or their personal blogs now. It may be worth investing some time in googling them and learning techniques they offer.

    17th-century Zen master Bunan said:
    “Die while you’re alive
    and be absolutely dead,
    then do whatever you want:
    it’s all good.”

    It sounds so deep to me. At first, it may seem weird but I think he is talking about dissolving ego (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, memory, expectations, opinions, etc.), accepting death (therapists say this happens during the so-called midlife crisis usually) and living life identifying with awareness only (or with spirit in Christian terms.) In this case, whatever happens, it’s all good. The Christian concept of humility achieved via repentance seems similar to me. As well as the Christian tradition of watching mistaken thoughts (so-called sinful thoughts) is similar to distancing from ego and watching bad disturbing selfish or evil thoughts in Yogic, Vedantic or Buddhist meditation traditions.

    I hope it can be helpful to someone from the community to keep their sugars good. Sorry for typos and grammar and thanks for all the serotonin:)
    Stay safe and joyful even when all hell let loose.

  • I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all DIABETES patient in the world, i never believed that their could be a complete cure for DIABETES or any cure for DIABETES,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites and comment section about DR VOKE a herbal doctor and the efficiency of his herbal medicine.I had to give him a try because i my self have been suffering from DIABETES, and i was not disappointed. It took just few weeks i started using it i started noticing changes. I was cured. You can also contact him on his email:([email protected]) or text: +1(661)-797-0921

  • Sir tell me…, MB ka konsa whey protein accha hai weight gain or muscle building ke liye? Or gym se pehle 2 banana or after gym 2 bananas or 3 eggs. Sahi hai ya nhi pls reply

  • Most beautiful face on YT. Sorry, I’ve forgotten what you said you name was lol but your videos are full of sunshine at such a crappy time. Just think, if I wasn’t diabetic, I’d have never had the pleasure of seeing you on here. Every cloud!

  • at least someone who is honestly honest, I verified all the counsel and it is so TRUE to reverse the types II diab. also avoiding too much stress helps a loooot

  • I’m out on the walking trail but actually sitting down at the moment. I’m waiting for the banana to bring my glucose back up. Just had a sensor alert that I’m low. I told the thing to beep as soon as I go under 70. I ended up with a SG in the 40’s. I did a blood test but couldn’t even read the number since I’m outside and don’t have any shade. Diabetes really sucks. I was diagnosed in 1998 with type 2. Now my new Endo has changed my diagnosis to Type 1. A little over 2 months ago I was started on the Medtronic Minimed 670G. So far I would say that the thing isn’t as great as I was lead to believe. Hopefully here soon my SG number will tell me that I can resume my 3 mile walk. If I was really in the 40’s wouldn’t I have felt it in a big way?

  • sir i had over weight loss due to diabetic, and became lean to see not good so, no now i am interested to gain weight pls suggest me som good food to gain weight quickly pls

  • I’m not diabetic, but my wife is T1D for 32ish years so I’m all up in it. I personally do a keto diet and have good results. Being in that circle, I tend to frequent sources of info that align with that lifestyle and have come across diabetic lifestyle recommendations of low carb. To me, it makes sense because when you limit your carbs, there is less margin for error in bolusing, less “crash”, etc. I am not some meat zealot who is going to try to force my preference on others, because it’s personal like you mention. My reason for posting is I wanted to see if you had any experience with this as a T1D (you mention your experience has shown you do best on low fat, veggie diet). I guess I’m asking what you have tried in your experience and if that included a higher fat, lower carb diet?

    My wife tried doing keto once for a couple days but ended up stopping because she said she did not enjoy the food. Switching to a low carb diet takes a few days to weeks for your body to change its metabolism over to running off more fat than carbs and she has never lasted long enough to reap the benefits. My suggestion at the time was to do low carb with a small amount of fruit added in to cover the fact that she’s T1D and might need slightly more sugar from time to time. Not to mention she’s a fruit lover and one of her biggest aversions to keto was little to no fruit.

    In general, my wife eats a decent amount of veggies, but also a good amount of processed crap. Whether its LCHF, LFHC, I feel avoiding processed foods are the best. I watched another recent video of yours where you were battling a bs reading of around 165 but you were about to eat lunch. I don’t remember exactly now, but you ended up eating carrots, some type of seed chips or something like that, plus a somewhat carby soup. All in all, you ended up around 50 or so carbs for lunch while already “high”. Later in the video you were still higher than you preferred, and went on a walk for exercise and to try to bring your sugars down. This is what made me start to wonder if you’ve tried the low carb approach in the past. Again, I hope this doesn’t come off as some type of persuasion. I’m just generally curious. Also thinking about this type of thing more due to the immune system function as compared to lower blood sugars overall and how I can help my wife to achieve this.

  • Hai sir vanakamnamaste which protien is best for diabetic, vital mass or vital whey…because i checked this protein its zero sugar…

  • Type 2 diabetes is totally reversible..see Dr. Fung or Dr. Berg on YouTube…instead of just taking meds, gaining 15 more lbs. on insulin, having your limbs chopped off and dying.

  • 10 years ago my doctor diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes. Just changing my diet, my blood sugar levels improved. I’ve been feeling better for 3 years now, I don’t take any medication, and I’ve even lost 67 pounds with my diet improved!

  • Thank you for all your thoughts and sharing. The “Quarantine” has played havoc with my BS levels. I started to anxiety-eat to manage the boredom and stress-which created a vicious cycle of eating, shame, and avoidance of taking care of myself. But all this was before I was given a FSL to use after a diabetes-related hospital stay last month (long story). Love it! Makes all the difference. I must now check my BS 20 times a day and it’s much more under control. (I know. Give a guy a gadget…) It’s helped me to feel so much better about my situation and much more in control..and get this, I can’t wait to show my students (HS special ed!) this cool button glued to my arm! They’ll really know what a neat teacher I am!! Again, thank you for all that you do. It truly makes a difference.:)

  • As a fellow doctor,
    I’m sure after doing this advertisement, you have more patients at your clinic, right?

    So your approach to treating diabetes is to start with a nutritional intervention, reduce carbohydrate intake, and remove drugs whenever possible? I think that is the correct approach. In fact we all do. In fact that is exactly what the ADA guidelines recommend. But of course, putting excerpts from the guidelines out of context to make it seem like you do something different will no doubt make you more popular.

    1. Insulin resistance comes from obesity, not the other way around.
    2. All guidelines on every single disease that can be managed through nutrition say that the first line treatment is nutritional intervention, and medication should be reserved for those who remain uncontrolled despite these measures.
    3. Current guidelines (ADA, 2020) do say patients should decrease the total amount of carbohydrates. Why do you keep saying they don’t? We do not create a vicious cycle where we recomment carbs so that they will need medication, because we never recommend increasing carbs in the first place. We decrease them, replace carb sources to include more fibrous vegetables and complex, low glycemic index carbs.
    4. No, we do not recommend you increase carb consumption when on glucose-lowering drugs. We recommend you have a carb source on hand in case you do develop hypoglycemia as a single dose. And after the event we will lower your medication dose, not increase your carb consumption. When you said we recommend increasing carbs for hypoglycemia you straight up lied through your teeth.
    5. Guidelines do recommend very low carb diets if the patient can adhere long term. We also recommend you consider pros and cons. As you say, there is evidence that better glucose control can be acheived. But individualization is key, most fiber sources come from carb-rich foods, will you suggest very low-carb to a diabetic patient with chronic constipation? Very low carb diets increase blood lipids, will you recommend it to a patient with high risk of CVD?
    6. Yes, carbs are nonessential, but guess what, there is evidence that they are compatible with a healthy diet even for diabetics if we adhere to minimizing sugar and refined carbs while maximizing fibrers and whole grains.
    7. The guideline does not cover reducing insulin resistance? I’m sorry, does it not recommend losing weight (the single most effective strategy)? and reducing Carb intake? and replacing carbs with low GI sources? and doing at least 150 minuts per week of aerobic exercise?
    8. In every single disease that exists, removing drugs whenever possible is adviced. It is a principle called drug de-escalation. Don’t act like you’re the only one who does it.
    9. Well done on your patient who no longer depends on insulin. That is very good news, but it isn’t so much your success as it is a failing of whoever treated the patient first who skipped the nutritional intervention.

    Basically I agree with what you do. The reason I’m pissed is that you are purposefully inciting mistrust in other healthcare professionals for YOUR OWN PERSONAL BENEFIT. Because of course, the rhetoric of “doctors dont know what they’re doing and big pharma want you sick” is very popular and will make people trust you instead, am I right?

    Here in Mexico we have a problem. People don’t trust us anymore. To the extent that there is violence against doctors from people who believe COVID isn’t real and we kill them in the hospitals for some unknown agenda. And people like you are to blame. Shame on you.

  • Meanwhile since they cant eat carbs they eat more meat and die of heart disease. A whole food plant based diet (high carb) has been proven time after time to be the healthiest diet around the world for centuries.

  • Fabulous talk. Keep extolling the message. Obesity is definitely misunderstood. It is definitely a disease and the misinformation about this condition is helping perpetuate it and also place blame on people. If the correct interpretation of the science of metabolism was understood people could obtain the right treatment instead of treated as sub-people. Obesity is a disease and not people letting themselves go. If people don’t know the correct rules then they have no chance to rectify their obesity issue.

  • coconut flour has a ton of sugar in it about 72 grams of carbs per cup, shame on you Dr you should know this a Diabetic patient would go into a coma if they ate it, you might try almond flour or forget the baking altogether and eat bacon and eggs and an avocado lots of salads cruciferous and cabbage kale 8 or more cups per day and other green non starchy veggies

  • Chronic fatigue: difficult to find something. The radiation of microwaves (magnetron)oven: tension in the muscles.That causes pain and also bad working of the guts: food is absorbed badly,so you have to little vitamins in the body. Also bad feeling in throat and tension in the rest of the body. Tension in the muscles is also bad sleeping.

  • Does anyone else here remember the food pyramid being taught in your school? What was the biggest group? Yeah, grains… No wonder so many newly diagnosed diabetics were kids in my younger years.

  • Hi kishor
    Last year aug i was diagnosed with diabetes, hba1c was 9.8, there after i did lil bit of exercise and left suger and now my hba1c is 7, and fasting suger level was 133.
    I had digestion problem and i started taking liv52. Is this reason my hba1c came to 7. My age is 33

  • This is so timely, I’m having my bloods HBA1C done shortly, I spoke to the nurse practitioner last time about my diabetes becoming more problematic. I have recently been thinking that increased insulin is not the answer, the insulin makes us hungry is the first time I’ve heard it, my Dr has never explained anything thing properly. Thanks so much, I will be changing my diet after some careful research.

  • This talk is trying a spin-around post hoc fallacy; however, abdominal obesity has been shown to have causal effects on T2DM risk and insulin resistance. Shirking responsibilities may comfort patients but it is not the full truth. The ADA stresses in their guidlines that dieting is patient specific and should be indiviudally assessed and monitored, if a low carb diet worked for your patients thats great to know! Most importantly, patients should exercise to promote weight loss to reduce adipose tissue (if necessary). Otherwise, it is great to spread awareness, good talk!

  • Ketosis is natural state ONLY for famine mode[few weeks]. DoNOT extend it to all year around lifestyle. WFPB HCLF is natural state for all year around feast mode.

    Keto can lower your diabetes numbers in short term, but animal proteins which it brings along cause cancer.

    Feeling sad that Dr Hallberg is fighting with stage 4 lung cancer.

    Dr John McDougall is still healthy at 74 old. Whole Food Plant Based is the way to cure as well as a sustainable life long healthy, planet healing, compassionate approach.

  • diabetics should also check out Dennis Pollock’s Beat Diabetes! Youtube channel…he gives common sense basic diabetes advice and proves what he says by often times checking his blood sugars during the video.

  • I do workout 5 days a week…but I m not gaining weight..I m 5 ft 6 weight s only 62 kgs…..I m diabetic fr th last 10 yrs….I cannot take protien more than 50 kidney s not so safe
    .so pls help m out..I m 57 yrs

  • Thank you for this! I was diagnosed with pre diabetes 2 years ago and I’m worried now that I’m going to get it soon. I’ve been watching these type of videos so I know what to do when I do get diabetes! You’re amazing!��

  • Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (do a search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for reversing diabetes without the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my close friend Aubrey got astronomical results with it.

  • Kudos for the video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (google it)? It is a good one off guide for reversing diabetes without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy finally got cool results with it.

  • i am 23 age i got diabetics in the age of 21 before that i was a boxing player after i got diabetics my muscles become flat and i cant get muscle bigger even i workout

  • Nice Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you tried Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (just google it)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for reversing diabetes without the normal expense. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate at very last got amazing success with it.

  • 17:19 “There’s a lot of money to be made from keeping you sick.”
    This reminds me of a story in “God Wants You to be Rich” page 208. In 1954, J.I.Rodale discovered that eating large quantities of red meat and dairy products dramatically increased the risk of heart disease, and that increased physical activity actually decreased rather than increased the risk of having a heart attack. Long story short, the government was furious with him because they were spending millions encouraging Americans to eat more red meat and dairy products at every meal, and most doctors were telling patients to reduce or eliminate physical activity! FTC ordered him to stop. Rodale was furious and fought back with lawyers… And today we know that we should limit or stop eating red meat and dairy products to stop heart disease. I think the government was trying to help farmers sell more read meat and dairy products. You know…capitalism, buy and sell lots, don’t give anyone a UBI/GRI, use the wage as the “incentive to work” because as I was just told 2 days ago (really) that a UBI is a terrible idea because then no one would ever “innovate” something new! But I think the opposite, I think that when every person on Earth has a UBI or gets RICH, then there’d be billions more innovations because now the starving billions CANNOT innovate because they’re starving! Children could even innovate, because when you were a kid didn’t you ever dream of an idea but you couldn’t afford to do it? Well I did. And they show some of those stories on TV.

  • Herbs help to a degree, but sometimes the body needs to detox if we build up too much toxins and sugars, breathing helps, positive mental state more then anything at the moment, and being able to connect with others going through the similar struggle

  • Hi kishore i noticed if i had some ground nuts it spiked my sugar level, but you told groundnut is good for diabetics. i think groundnut boiled with salt may increase.

  • She never uses the word Ketogenic diet, but it seems she’s promoting it. That another whole bag of fish that is not great for you.

  • I have pasta and bread with a low carb lifestyle. Artisan bread is 1 net carb per 35g slice and I make my own pasta with pea protein, egg and xanthan gum for less than 1 net carb per 100g uncooked weight.

  • Hello sir…my hba1c 3 months back was 6.4 I’m on the border line diabetes please advise me to get back normal Hba1c….I will highly obliged to you…

  • Hi Andrea! Thank you for the great tips! Agree with all of them. Love your energy and optimism! You are born T1D YouTuber;) I have been doing pretty good blood sugar wise in isolation… Thank god! Wishing everyone all the best and stay safe! Tom

  • Awesome tips….. I look forward to seeing what you have to post. I live in rural Ontario Canada. I couldn’t fathom living in the city and isolating. I am on the other end of the spectrum, in isolation I am actually more active and not sitting behind a desk. Looking forward to the fresh veggies from the garden is keeping spirits up. Been on insulin for about 20 years, grew up with my mother using insulin. Being diabetic has come a long way since the 1970’s. Keep up the good work. One of my favourite montra’s is “happy thoughts” say it as long as it takes for it to happen.

  • Does she even talk about going vegan? I faded in and out when she was talking. Going vegan is what reversed my friends diabetes 2.

  • She makes money by calling obesity an illness. People are heavy because they eat processed wheat, meat, sugar and dairy produce and fried foods. They do not consume wholefoods. Its their fault.

  • Diabetes is nutritional deficiencies caused by a diet high in carbs and sugar which depletes the body of nutrients in order to assimilate, if you drink any type of alcoholic beverage even socially you have nutritional deficiencies that can lead to more severe problems down the line so stop it

  • Thank you so much. Your presentation is so correct. I can confirm this as a type 2 diabetic who hast tried low carb with amazing results.

  • Keto diet. Eat only every 16 hours. Do that for a couple days or so. When you do eat, stay away from all sugar and carbs. When you think you’ve drank enough water on your diet, that’s when you drink more. Drink water before bed and as soon as you wake up.

  • Why doesn’t the medical doors get together and demand the diabeties assoc. Change there protocol to the public for a low carb diet. Dr Jason Fung who cures his patients of type 2 and heart medicines wrote the diebetics assoc. Showing them how he cures his patients and they refuse to change the recommended way to eat… it’s criminal in this day and age when millions know how to reverse diebetics tgat they choose to misinform people with the wrong information to keep them sick…. because of $$$$$$. How can they get away with that when there is so much documented proof. Is that not incompetence and neglect to all diebetics. Its an outrage

  • Hello Hello Anthony from Toronto Ontario We are slowly reopening not fully till June I notice for me weight lifting works Check out Glucoburn workouts You are smart and awesome arte you still not dating? Just joking High protein boiled eggs veggies and high protein low fruit berries strawberries LOOL Sorry Glucozone


  • It may just be that gmo wheat is more common now and gmo causes inflammation of gut and liver by 3x the normal size.. studies show.

  • She is talking BS. Carbs and grains are the best thing for humans. All of the facts in these documentaries: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Forks Over Knives The Game Changers What The Health

  • I can’t believe this. A great testimony that i must share to all DIABETES patient in the world, i never believed that their could be a complete cure for DIABETES or any cure for DIABETES,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites and comment section about DR VOKE a herbal doctor and the efficiency of his herbal medicine.I had to give him a try because i my self have been suffering from DIABETES, and i was not disappointed. It took just few weeks i started using it i started noticing changes. I was cured. You can also contact him on his email:([email protected]) or text: +1(661)-797-0921

  • Very honest and. convincing presentation. I had to convince my endocrinologist that i have to cut my 1000mg janumet so i won’t have hypoglycemia in the middle of the night. I hadto eat 2 tbspn sugar or 1 can of regular coke or a banana.. So, i decided to elliminate sugar and carbs totally from my diet. I have been doing this for 1 month without any of my medicaton. Now my fbs is 6.2 to 7. After meals, my sugar is only 7 to 8. Isnt that amazing? You are right doctor.! Thank you for confirming what im doing.

  • FIT SHADOW Extream Weight Gainer Mass Gainer With High Protein Supplement Powder 3kg/6.6lbs,Best Weight Gainer For Men,boys Womens Beginners Low In Fat,Sugar Free,Low Carb (Mango) sir plz cgeck.. Is this any affect on sugar?

  • Sir my fasting arround 125 bich bich mai 134 hota hai or p.p 150-175 in glucometer i take vildapride m 50/1000 my wight 73 agar 3kg wight kam karu to medecine reduce hogi hba1c 6.2 plz suggest this range safe or sir day by day its fluctuate sir why

  • Sorry but there is no such thing as pre-diabetes that’s like saying you are pre-pregnant well duh you are either diabetic or your non-diabetic