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The Hidden Benefits of a Weight-Loss Plateau. by Coach Stevo. June 6, 2017. 49 Comments. It’s a sign that you’re completely normal and have hit a point that everyone hits on their weight-loss journey.

A plateau is a mark on the road, letting you know you’re heading in the right direction, and that you’ve made a lot of progress. Increase exercise frequency or intensity A person may be able to break through a weight loss plateau by making small, progressive changes to their activity levels. Exercise. When you reach a plateau, you may have lost all of the weight you will on your current diet and exercise plan. Ask yourself if you’re satisfied with your current weight or if you want to lose more, in which case you’ll need to adjust your weight-loss program.

The Hidden Benefits of a Weight Loss Plateau | MyFitnessPal. What if I told you that the average American gains 1 pound every year? And that by not gaining a pound in. What happens in the weight loss plateau is that your body stops showing signs of weight loss and stands still at one specific weight.

Burning more calories than what you have consumed is one of the important things that weight loss regimes comprise of. However, how do you tackle the issue of weight loss plateau?To eat more protein to overcome a weight loss plateau, try a high-protein meal plan with at least 20 grams of protein at each meal: Breakfast – 20 g protein: 5.3-ounce container Icelandic yogurt (15 g) + 1/3 cup protein granola (5 g) + 1/4 cup berries. This is the most likely cause of a weight-loss plateau. Further, it’s almost impossible to lose much weight without exercising.

Many scientists agree that whether you exercise is the best way to. A keto plateau can normally last for days to months. Don’t be surprised. Rather, follow the strategies we discussed to overcome it.

But if you fail to see improvements despite your efforts, consider going to the doctor. You may have a medical condition that hinders weight loss. A weight-loss plateau doesn’t mean our healthy lifestyle changes aren’t working.

If they’re a result of reaching our set-point weight, it’s essential to allow our body’s metabolic rate and hormone. While resistance training can pause weight-loss efforts by adding muscle, the culprit is more likely your diet The hidden causes for weight-loss plateaus. Leslie Beck And the benefits of.

List of related literature:

4) Poor Circulation & Low Body Energy: for some dieters, Initial weight loss is quite rapid, but then a plateau is reached and further weight loss becomes difficult, because restricted food intake slows down metabolism, helps convert stored fat to energy, and energizes circulation to help a deter get over this plateau.

“How to be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions Expert Formulations” by Linda Page
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Unfortunately, the dreaded plateau can happen to almost every woman: As you remove weight, your body’s metabolism—the rate at which your body burns calories—often slows down.

“Body for Life for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation” by Pamela Peeke
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Most patients work hard for several months (restricting their calorie intake and increasing their physical activity) and then hit a “plateau” after losing 5–10% of initial body weight.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
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For some clients who are working hard to lose weight and achieve certain goals, this can be called a ‘plateau’.

“Sculpt and Shape: The Pilates Way” by Yasmin Karachiwala, Zeena Dhalla
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Long-term weight loss maintenance.

“The Oxford Handbook of Health Psychology” by Howard S. Friedman
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He also was one of the first to point out the oft-encountered “vicious” cycle of human physical deterioration at altitude: loss of appetite– partial starvation–metabolism of climbers’ fat stores for energy– ketoacidosis–further anorexia and loss of appetite–loss of weight–deteriorated physical performance.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
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For some dieters, initial weight loss is rapid, but then a plateau is reached and further weight loss becomes difficult because restricted food intake slows down metabolism, reduces energy and affects circulation.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
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This allows you to find a middle ground where you can stay consistent and likely results in less rapid weight regain versus trying to follow an unsustainable plan and bingeing.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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Long-term maintenance of weight loss after a very-low-calorie diet: a randomized blinded trial of the efficacy and tolerability of sibutramine.

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Poor Circulation And Low Energy: For some dieters, initial weight loss is rapid, but then a plateau is reached and further weight loss becomes difficult because restricted food intake slows down metabolism, reduces energy and can affect circulation.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide to Self-healing for Everyone” by Linda G. Rector-Page
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  • I wish I had locate this diet guide years ago. I dropped 12 pounds in 3 weeks so far. There is still need of exercises even only a few times a week and the foods to eat must be ideal. The results presented to me is astounding. I definitely highly recommend the product, wish it works as good for you since it really does for me. Find a right weight is not easy, you can discover on Google. Guide’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • Hi! I went from 142 lbs to 125 lbs. i’m a 5’3 female. Technically my goal was 125 but if I DID want to lose more, it seems like my body doesn’t want to. I eat 1200 calories a day, run 16 miles a week, and lift one day a week. What do I do?

  • I have a hypothesis that there is a relationship between the size if the pancreas and BMI. In an adult, the pancreas stops growing at maturity, however the body mass can increase. If we can identify a personal weight that matches the size of our pancreas, and keep to that pancreas/body weight ratio, then our body is at an optimum capacity. For example, when I was 21 my weight was 10stones. At 40 my weight was approaching 12, when i had t2d diagnosis. My weight is now 10st 5lbs and my blood glucose is on the high side of a normal range. I wondered if any one has any experience that can support or refute my hypothesis?

  • Intermediete fasting is great way to lose weight + keto to maximize the effect. The challange i facing in my beloved country is every food cousine always have added sugar. Instead phobia to sugar which i cannot avoid, what i do intermediete fasting with one meal a day, strictly 100% no carb at all, rice, bread, potato and etc. Go for vege + protein just in that one time meal a day and work for me. Down 14kg for me. Not great but at least working. If you stay country like me Malaysia which also sugarholic like USA, at least to try to adapt it instead phobia on it.

  • I started my weightloss journey at 75kg and now i am at 65kg but i really want to go down to 58kg ;( ive been at 65kg for 1 month) im 170cm btw, any tips that you could share? ��

  • Hi!
    I’m 5 10 and weight around 132 lbs.
    I can’t go down to 127 like I used to be! So frustrating!
    What would you suggest me to do?
    Thank you!!

  • if I dont eat between 7pm and 5am which is 10 hours would that be in any way a good Idea for weight loss?
    You are such a pleasure to watch and learn from thank you for your channel and all the effort

  • Great video and very informative, as always! Many people I know have seen great health benefits from IF but it didn’t serve me that well since I have quite a sensitive stomach and, through trial and error, I have learnt that my body works best if I eat small frequent meals. I love that you pointed out that no diet is is one-size-fits-all and highlighted the importance of listening to our bodies.

  • this video was so informative, thanks alyssia!! i have a question though. are there people who practice intermittent fasting as a lifestyle or is it more temporary to do it every once in a while to “reset” your body?

  • I wanted to try this but i have really low blood pressure. It really sucks, i’m overweight and i have to eat even when i’m not hungry. I think i’ll still give it a go but gradually increasing how many hours i don’t eat to see how my body handles it.

  • Great to run into you in Chicago at the show. Thanks for taking the time to chat! Let me know when you’re in Philly. We’ll grab some good eats ��

  • I take 2 eggs for lunch every day. I scramble them in a cup in the microwave, stir every 30-40 seconds till done, about 90 seconds total. Add in a dose of franks hot sauce and some curry powder.

  • I should be losing so much weight but I’m not. This is why I would always give up. I can’t go lower than 1200 calories but I have like 80lbs to lose! �� maybe fasting is my saving grace at this point

  • I have missed your videos!! I understand tho you need a break! I kept checking to see if I had missed you everyday ��great video as always ��

  • Thank you!! I love how straight to the point you are while still giving the info in an understandable way. I was just talking about this with someone and, no joke, 20 minutes later you uploaded this video. I’m gonna give this a shot.

  • Although this is a topic that has been talked about continuously, I can always learn something new coming from the way you format it.
    Things I am well aware of already, but hearing you explain it solidifies that I’m on the right path ����

    And don’t apologize for taking time off. it was for a great cause ✌��

  • Ahhh
    I’m 5ft and lost 35 lbs already
    I was 111 lbs in July and then at the end of July I gained 2 lbs, with NO REASON
    So I got a Plateau with weight gain –
    I ate 1000 calories, but nothing works
    I am still 113 lbs since July HELP

  • Everyone always thought I was crazy growing up, but I’ve always been a “never eats until 12” person, even back in high school when I would wake up at 6:30. It’s what has kept me a healthy weight my whole life. Now, with current IF studies, I am not longer seen as crazy by everyone.

  • This was a great informative video! When is a good time to work out while on intermittent fasting? I just wonder if someone could be more at a risk of exhaustion while getting in their daily workout during the hours/ days they are fasting vs hours/ days they are eating. Is choosing to work out at one time over the other generally more productive and beneficial for fat burning? (Or safer and easier on the body?) Truthfully, I’m unsure of good times to work out in general lol. Also, what pre-workout and post-workout beverages/meals are good to have around workouts? For example what best can fuel you before specific workouts (ie. Cardio vs. Fat burn) or what is good to eat to replace and recover what is lost. I think one thing I get really confused about is whether or not it’s good to have a protein shake before your workout or after? Or does it matter? Or can it actually be more beneficial to not eat before or after you workout at all such as if you do so first thing in the morning or at the end of the night? I’ve heard some people say that they like to work out first thing in the morning without anything on their stomach and other say it’s good to have a couple of calories in there I guess to jumpstart a little energy. Now I’m wondering if the latter is a myth or unnecessary since eating breakfast in the morning doesn’t necessarily kickstart your metabolism. I know there’s not one answer and everyone is different when it comes to the limits they can push when working out or requiring different nutritional needs due to certain conditions, but more information on this would be interesting! Sorry for the length!

  • I recently discovered your videos and find them very informative. I’ve been stalled for about 6 weeks now and can’t figure it out. Blood ketones are 1.4-2.6, blood sugars 78-90 even non fasting. Total Carbs < 30, calories run <1500. But no reduction in wt or measurements. Considering cutting back further, but concerned about the impact on thyroid function as I’ve been on thyroid meds for about 40 yrs. Any suggestions?

  • i’ve been stuck at 125 for a while and eating 1,185 cals a day for a month and i look leaner but it still bothers me that i’m not moving on the scale and i feel like i should bring my cals up but i’m scared lol

  • Last December I weighed about 270 pounds,I got the flu after and didn’t weigh myself,then I had two weeks of intensive football training without adjusting what I ate just how much because it was as if after I had the flu my body couldn’t hold as much food so weighed my self in May at 235 I did some stuff over some went to some practices camp and near July August I weighed 220-227 then I’ve been doing mandatory football practice almost every day from end of August to now and still only weigh about 220 though I just checked and I’m 219.3 idk what’s wrong I’ve been trying to eat healthier for the most part though I have been cheating a bit from time to time I had like a pound of wings in one sitting to weeks ago with my team 3 weeks ago was a family members 50th birthday and there was some bad food there and left overs but idk what to do

  • Hi Paul,
    What is your view on Carb Cycling (with couple days of low carbs, protein, healthy fats and fiber then a carb day, protein, fiber and healthy natural carbs) to break plateaus or maintain?
    Love ALL types of your videos and info!! Thx

  • Love your videos! I’ve done a lot of research on intermittent fasting because I have about 100lbs to lose. I like the way you organized your information. I haven’t gotten to a plateau yet because I am still early in my weight loss journey. I didn’t think about switching things up to get the weight coming off again. Thanks for all the great information!

  • Fat cells were found to not just synthesize but also emit a potent immune signalling molecule, TNF alpha. At the same time, it was found that fat tissue contain very high amount of macrophages, which account for over 50% its cells, while normal tisdues only have around 5%. The large amount of immune cytokines produced by adipocytes interferes with the sugar metabolism of not just fat cells but also mussle and hepatocytes, creating problem of insulin resistance in all these cells. And insulin resistance is a precusor of various metabolic diseases, including cancer.

  • You put so much hard work int your videos… you deserve a lot more subscribers and views…. I watch all your videos n love all of them….u come up with best content. Best wishes Alyssia and mind over munch team..

  • When I started Keto…I found out that nightshade vegetables were an inflammatory allergy for me personally. (ie: Green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.), not just grains. Wow, what a difference!! No head allergies, snoring, achy joints…just wow! When I gave those things up…my allergic responses went down. And believe those puppies were legion. Now, cauliflower, green beans, wax beans, cabbage, brussell sprouts, are my veggies of choice. Life is different for sure…and better. Just found your channel, and I am looking forward to using your advice:)

  • What do you think about the gallstone problem? My mother always warns me to not skip meals because she used to do that, and she had to get gallstone surgery.

  • i do Intermittent Fasting but dont have a huge time gap and since i have started it last year i find i get fuller faster and i have gone down almost 30 pounds over the few years of doing it so for me im happy that i have not been gaining, good video

  • Great Information Yes Please More of these videos (and the food Videos) this explained what has happened in my own journey Thank’s M.O.M.

  • Per usual thank you for the informative and amazing video! From your perspective, is there any benefit to being on a high fat low carb diet while doing IF, even if your carb content is not low enough to be considered keto? In other words, I’m worried that consuming a lot of fats while still having glucose as the primary fuel source (even if it’s just 70g of carbs per day) will just end up being overly caloric without reaping the benefits of true ketosis. On the other hand, while I find overall reducing carbs and eating lots of healthy fats to be fairly easy, restricting carbs to the level of maintaining ketosis seems almost impossible. Therefore, if I won’t be in ketosis during the eating window anyway, I wonder if it is worth adjusting my macros?

  • I fall in that last category. I’m on a good plan now that I can finally stick to. Fasting has always been a breeze for me since childhood, but as I got into being a working adult I got into just eating dinner for many years and things went so bad with my health,leading to surgery and many medical issues. I had good reasons for just eating one meal,drinking and eating foods/juice highly acidic as well as years of diet soda,coffee and addiction to chocolate. Sleeping only 3 hrs per night. When I did burn out from this combination,I end up in the ER.
    Thank God I didn’t die from not listening to my body. I had to be taught how to eat,how often,and when. I could still go for hours without even a drop of water,but now I would feel sick. If I fast it’s not for a long period,and not often. Everything in moderation. I’m on a good healthy road.

  • This is precious knowledge Matty. I have never heard something like this before. Why are you sharing this on youtube? This is more like a coaching imo.

  • This was really great and informative, I’ve known a bit about IF because of being on keto but haven’t yet tried any large fasting periods. Until your video I hadn’t really considered I was inadvertently fasting simply because I don’t get hungry in the mornings so my first meal doesn’t happen until noon. I’m thinking about incorporating some larger more conscious periods of IF to change things up so I don’t get ‘used’ to a particular way of eating. Thanks for the great video!

  • Just found Ur channel! Great vids so honest and done in an easy to watch refreshing way! Have just started keto as I’m 95 lb down and hit a plateau with carb cycling! so you’ve definitely got me hooked now thank you keep them coming ☺️

  • There’s also a lot of scientific research to back up IF and how it’s anti-aging. I guess when fasting your body goes into repair mode and self-destructs some of its own cells that aren’t working well. FoundMyFitness has a few videos about it as she is a biochemist (I think)

  • “Intermittent Fasting” AKA disordered eating. This is a ridiculously irresponsible video. This is the type of stuff I saw that made me develop an eating disorder at 12.

  • I’ve recently heard a doctor talking about this, and apparently herbal teas and coffee etc will break fasting as far as your metabolism is concerned. It’s water period unfortunately.

  • Do the times for the fasting window have to be the same everyday? For example, do I have to fast from 10am to 6pm everyday or do I just have to make sure that I’m fasting for at least 16 hours? I ask because I wake up and sleep at different times each day

  • Unfortunately, I can’t do any types of fasting. I take meds. I also found out from going to the hospital for dizzy seizure. Started with low blood sugar, then to vertigo, and ended up having a seizure. I have epilepsy, more risky for me to get low blood sugar.

  • Oh thanks for this. I intermittent fast and everyone thinks i’m crazy “your suppose to eat 6 small meals a day, breakfast is important, you’re gonna ruin your metabolism ” blah blah blah like I know it works for me and sick of explaining it to not even healthy people psh. Love this!

  • Love the information…. I’m a senior, due to mobility I unable to be very active so I’m practicing Canvoroes Life style….OMAD with some 24_48 Ur fast…. it’s working… Thanks again for the information, I’m going to check my fat…..

  • This is right on point. Been doing this for a year. Have lost weight, am no longer hungry all of the time. I eat clean unprocessed foods, low carb (20 max), no sugar. It took months for my body to adjust to IMF. The longer I do this, the easier it gets. My fasting window is expanding on its own without suffering hunger or energy loss. I eat twice a day. And happy with the results.

  • Great Advice like always! Legit. Thanks for helping.

    If you read this comment, come check out my video advice and let me know what
    you think!

  • You definitely have to blog all these trips and upload them man, I would’ve loved to appear in one of your videos from your visit to the Toronto pro show, I came say hi to you when you were talking to Timberwolf.. and yes I’ll send you a video question as soon as you stop traveling around lol! Take care buddy! Enjoy your trip to Cali! Manuel:)

  • Listen I’m 323 been 323 for 10+ days eating 1600 calories and doing body weight workouts. Seeing major strength gains but not losing weight. What should I do?

  • Any suggestions?
    In about 2 years I went from 100kg to 80 kg and then I hit a plateau (my ideal weight is 73-75kg) then I started a new job and stop tracking the foods, excercising less.. I ended up to 93 kg. Now I am doing the same thing I did the first time and in 2 weeks I didn’t lose anything (I workout every day, I count my calories and I eat just whole foods, my average day is much more active than it was). In 2 weeks I was able to lose at least 2-4 kg but now I didn’t lose even a single pound and I don’t understand why, I also kept intermittent fasting; any suggestion about this? P.s. be patient, I’m not a native English speaker.

  • Great info buddy. Diet breaks (especially when finished with the adjustment down) often really help someone bust through a plateau too!

  • My situation is a bit different. I was eating 4000-5500 calories a day and dropping weight like crazy on IF. At some point, my body didn’t want all those calories anymore. I scaled back by about 2000 and now I am plateauing/gaining. What gives???

  • Hello, Great channel I`ve lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks with your information, I`m concerned about going full keto. Some of this is what we`ve been taught for decades about diet. I had a heart transplant 2 yrs ago, gained 50 pounds and have resently been able to be more active and following your information has been great for me. I`m on several meds for obvious reasons. My question is can some of these meds. effect my goals. My docs. where a little concerned about going full keto, but the weight loss has more benefits. What are your thoughts on this? Keep doing what you do!

  • I have lost 28 pounds since early July losing 2-3 pounds per week. I have slowed now to 1.5-2 per week. I am 44 pounds from my goal. Should I start a brisk walk? I am eating the same foods. Any suggestions?

  • This helped alot, I will fix my little calorie intake. I drink lots of Juice, I just looked at it. It says 100 calories for 8oz & I drink at least 5 full cups a day.

  • I was 57 kg, i had 1000 cal diet for a month and i lost just 1 kg which was disappointing, but it make sense based on what you said. I’m currently eating 1500 Cal becuse i have to study 8 hours a day and i Can’t do that if I’m hungry�� i don’t really have time to go to the gym, do you have any suggestions? I have to lose 3kg

  • for me it seems that without breakfast i can’t lose weight again. in the first year of keto i lost 25kg. the second year i stagnated, in the 3rd year my weight creeped up, low energy and harder to keep myself together. after some oatmeal breakfast things started to change in the right direction. oatmeal at the evening did not work.
    i saw a video from mike mutzel about breakfast and some studies about it and the change (increase) of insulin during the day. that made me think more about breakfast than oatmeal.
    still trying to figure things out

  • I’m convinced that after trying a calorie restricted diet for several months and staying at the same weight, that my basal metabolic rate will lower indefinitely for my body to maintain the weight it wants to be at. More so, I’m convinced that the only way to lose fat and maintain a body-fat percentage that I want (12%) is going to be unsustainable and that I’ll inevitably be on a trend of up and down.

  • I’ve been low carb and IF (18-6) for 6 months now. I started at 450 and am currently 369, but the last 3 weeks I’ve not lost any weight at all, and last week I gained 1.2 pounds. My caloric deficit should have equaled 12 pounds lost over the same amount of time. I eat 2000-2300 calories per day and hike 3 miles 3 days-per-week, 4.5 1-day-per-week, and 6 miles 1-day-per-week, with 2 days of no exercise. My BMR (sedentary) is currently at 3100 calories per-day with an average caloric burning of 4700 through exercise per-week. The 4700 calories burned plus the 1000 calorie deficit from intake should equate to a loss of 3.34 pounds of fat lost per week. I’m 36 years old and 6’3″ and male.

  • This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about “how to get over a fitness plateau” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Conabel Muscle Marmsome (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • Eating 500 calories a day sounds like anoraxia. I am no specialist but i suggest people double check other recourses before trying that

  • Hey Paul, I’m focusing on building muscle right now, I’m starting to reach that intermediate phase ( I’m 19 yrs old). Im eating slightly above maintenance, but I wanted to know if you had any suggestions of what my training routine should look like? Upper/lower split? Push pull legs? 4 day/ 5 day/ 6 day? And any accessory exercises I could do for my bench press, OHP, deadlift and squat?

  • I’ve always been active somewhat and was always within the normal weight range. That all changed last year. I gained well over 20 kgs in one year. From 62kgs to 86 and became overweight for the first time in my life �� I’ve just gotten back into fitness and have lost 6kgs in one month. I’m now at 80kgs and my weight is not going down anymore. It’s stressing me tf out tbh. Thank you for this. I lost the 6kg super fast it seems.

  • Lets be positive here. I am on a journey myself of losing weight and my fiance is trying to help me as well. She drinks this red tea detox stuff and she is trying to get me to buy it as well.She says its better than green tea and also safer. Has anyone heard of this red tea vs green tea thing? I need help bc i definitely have reached a point to where im not being consistent. HELP HELP HELP! Tell me what you think. Here is the link she gave me

  • I get gas at the drop of a hat, and if I don’t eat on time 3 days or more, I get BAD headaches, fatigue and nausea that sometimes ends in vomiting. How do I get past that?

  • Enjoyed your video. A few tips that are new to me and a good reminder of the basic principles. I am 6 months post stroke looking to embrace the ketogenic lifestyle that I abandoned 3 months before my stroke.

  • I’m down from 206 pounds to 149-151lbs, at 5’8 male. Got abs coming in nicely. Very vascular now. The last bit of lower abs still hasn’t shown yet, though the hip flexors are coming in also. I think at this point since my calories are 1600-1700 a day and I work out and do cardio, it just comes down to patience. I also do intermittent fasting for at least 16-17 hours a day. I suppose my body reached its set point and hopefully I can whittle the last bit of fat down. I’m just not sure what els I could do besides maybe up the cardio.

  • Used to be 200lbs, I was 115 and I gained 15 in the last year or two, trying to get back down to 120 again! I’ve seen small changes and I seem to forget that I’m smaller than I was at 200lbs and shouldn’t be expecting to lose 2lbs per week healthily anymore. I will go back up to 1400 calories and stop worrying about why the weight isn’t coming off quick.

  • This is exactly what I needed to hear, thank you! I’m in week 8 of low carb, week 5 of Keto and I hit my first point where I gained 3 lbs and started freaking out. I know that I just need to stick with it, because before the 3lb gain I am down 25.4 lbs. Thanks again!

  • Can you do a video about weight loss suggestions? Do u use a food scale?, my fitness pal? I work 40+ hours a week, by the time I get home from work I’m absolutely exhausted and starving (if I eat a snack I binge then will need to eat dinner after the gym…if I get there) I can’t keep up with measuring and tracking, especially since I’m always on the go. any suggestions for busy ladies who wanna drop a few lbs???

  • Doesn’t dropping calories further slow your metabolism? Also will dropping calories even more cause you to lose muscle? How are people meant to be so precise with their macros e.g dropping daily carbs by 50g daily consistently, everyday life just gets in the way

  • Ive been stuck at 129 for nearly a month, and Im afraid to eat more. Ive been on a caloric defeatist for a long time now, and I know that I should eat more, but Im afraid too. My problem is that I have no clue how much more I should eat.
    I go to the gym, and I do intense running for 25-30 minutes, and I do muscle training for another 20-30 minutes.
    Being honest here I admit that I have a eating disorder so I eat roughly 600-800 calories a day. I know, I know its unhealthy but I cant help it. Im trying to eat more, and healthy now.
    If anyone knows roughly how much I should eat then please tell me. I’d appreciate any advice, and thank you!

  • Alicia!!! Hello!! With fasting, what time would be better to exercise? Would it be ok to do it around 7pm if the last time i ate was 6pm and wont eat till 10am? Or should I adjust a little? Maybe eat after exercise and have the first meal the next day a little later maybe fast from 8pm 12am

  • I am doing intermittent fasting since last 3 months and I have lost 10 kg in just 2 months but now from last one month & few days, I am not loosing a single percent.. My current weight is 89.. Please tell what should I do… I follow 16: 8 and sometimes 18: 6.

  • Thank you so much for the information breakdown and inspirational videos. Makes a lot of sense when closely examined. Helps with motivation.

  • Not a fan of the blog style. I love these informative videos. These are why I tune in. Can’t wait to meet you someday. I gotta go to my first show.

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  • This made total sense. Thank you so much! I’ve lost 18 lbs, but have 10 more to go. I’ve been losing much slower than in the beginning and now I understand.

  • I’m on this fucking plateau for 2 weeks now. Eating 1200 calories a day and running for 35 minutes everyday and weight lifting 6 times a week. It’s so annoying because I feel like I’m already giving 100% of myself and I’m stuck ��

  • Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him used to fast two days a week (Monday and Thursday). Also one month a year. It purify your soul as well as your body.

  • Hi, I was doing low-carb and maintaining. I felt that I survived the holidays with no weight gain, and that was good. I decided in early January, about 4 weeks ago, to switch to keto with IF. I got a blood monitor for my ketosis, I eat in a 6 to 8 hour window, VERY low carb, lowish protein, high fat. I’m following all the rules. I’m exercising 3 to 5 times a week, elliptical runner, interval training, weight training, and, I’m gaining. It is frustrating. Exercise is not new, this isn’t muscle weight. I don’t know what to do. My number at 11am is usually between 0.9 and 2.1 so I am in nutritional ketosis. Any advise? I am at a weight where I really need to go down, not up.

  • I’m 27 years old, 180.2 cm. I’m also MMA fighter and training minimum 2 times a day(cardio, weight lifting, fighting and etc.) From the beginning of the month I decided to lose my weight up to 78 kg so I can fight in the different weight division. I’ve started from 84 kg. Tracked every single meal. Increased my NEAT by doing 10 000 steps a day, and not using the elevator(I’m living on 8th floor). Also i checked my self on dexa scan and it showed up that my BMR is 1980 calories so with all the activity that I’m doing I decided that to be in caloric deficit i have to consume around 2200 calories. Even though I’m not eating that many calories (sometimes lower 1300-1800, but never higher than 2200) it’s easy for me to get the protein number (minimum 160 grams).
    Also I’m doing intermittent fasting 20/4 I’m eating from 17:00 until 21:00

    I’ve started my diet and increased my training and NEAT exactly 2 week ago, when I was 84 kg. 2 weeks passed and instead of losing a bit I gained a lot �� I don’t expect huge weight loss in 30 days. But what’s happening right now is not what I expected after two weeks. For many people number on scale doesn’t matter as long as they look good in the mirror. In my case numbers really matter. So after 14 days I gained +3 kg. Is it plateau? or I’m doing something wrong?

  • if our bodys smart and knows how to maintain its weight when we eat less food why doesnt it maintain weight when we eat much and our favorite foods lol

  • That’s bullshit the only way to do this is diet. The reason you stop losing the pounds is because your eating less calories your body thinks your starving. The way to beat this is actually to gain weight, yes take 2-3 weeks to eat more calories only to gain around 2-3 pounds this way your body now knows your not starving and you can go back to eating less without stalling weight loss.

  • I am doing IF and I’ve lost 34 lbs. But I do find after a couple of weeks I have to take a little time off IF because I start to feel malnourished and weak. I eat normal for a few days, then back to fasting. I try to eat as many raw veggies as possible, bit I do eat things that aren’t as good like pasta, and sweets. But I limit them. I don’t stick to it everyday, bit when I do IF and low carb, I drop weight like crazy. I’ve also started drinking a ton water and cut out sugary drinks. I found not drinking my calories made a HUGE difference. Anyway, I love your videos. Keep them coming.:)

  • What constitutes an actual plateu? I’ve stalled for up to two weeks only to see things going down again. So how long would you wait until concluding your at a plateu?

  • I am stuck at 130, granted this is considered a “perfect weight” for my frame (small frame 5’7). However my personal goal is 125 for a more defined and cut look.

    Anyways I am definitely going to try these tips. Gotta hit that goal!

  • Fasting and intermittent fasting are different. Those who fast intermittently aren’t really fasting. Doing an extended 2-3 day fast is great for your hormones and digestive system. Obviously it creates a caloric deficit and if you end up eating in a surplus during your feeding window then you will obviously gain weight. It is wrong to say, however, that those diets are the same as a fasting routine just because it puts you in a caloric deficit. There is a difference and someone who eats the same calories over the span of 12 hours compared to someone who eats that in a 4 hour window will indefinitely be more unhealthy and will have unstable blood glucose levels. This leads to more fat storage and less fat loss because insulin counteracts fat burning hormones. This is a fact and has been well established in scientific literature over the past few years.

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  • What about also having a diet break for a whole week or even two? I’m not talking cheating, I’m talking eating at maintenance calories and maaayybe slightly above. I’ve heard that helps reset your metabolism so you can go back to a deficit afterwards, is that true?

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  • hate plateau….fasting…weightlift. some cardio not much following trainer advice. cant eat better… not sugar guy at all. im not big size eater….dont drink. dont smoke….stuck at 80 kgs and 18% fat. i was 85kg…trainer says body fat wont come lower if muscle doesnt grow….any advice… is 15 for now

  • Why do i feel hungry most of the time and still not losing weight? I also have my caloric deficit everyday. And consistent workouts

  • i’m 17 lost 3.5kg in 20 days with 1200 calories diet WITHOUT exercising (used to be 68.2 kg and 168cm ) so i’m 64.7 kg now… i didn’t lose anymore weight for a week.. is this consider a plateau? and does it mean my metabolism adapt faster then others bz i’ve read that it take at least 3 months for the body to adapt to low or high calories but mine adapted in only 20 days… i’m still trying to lose 5 more kg.. and if i do the reverse diet will i gain weight and can i fix my metabolism in one week “rest week” maybe increase 70 calories/day so i get to 1900 calories plz help

  • You’re so on point all the time… I hope your channel keeps growing and you can reach more people. So many youtubers have no clue what they’re talking about!

  • The Instagram updates are enough for me in between your YouTube videos. Thanks for the content. When I hit a plateau I eat more until the weight starts going up then I cut back again. I do the opposite when I hit a workout PB plateau I do less for a short time and then go hard and pass right by the plateau.

  • Hey Paul I’m here for these kinds of videos and I think you bring your best with these types of videos. Personally not into the vlogs much. I want the informations and aaaaall the knowledge!:)

  • I hate the explanation “You’re just not counting everything” or “You’re not counting correctly”. This pops up every time someone says they’re in a plateau despite calorie deficit. Then comes the “your body gets adjusted, so lower your calorie intake”. I eat under 1200 calories a day (yes, I count correctly, and no it’s not easy) and still plateau. I can’t bear to go any lower than that.

  • The thing about weight loss plateau is the misinformations people who are dieting get from the so called experts/authorities! weight loss plateau is an expected and natural process of weight loss, or even weight maintanence! whenever I go through it I DO NOT PANIC; as a matter of fact welcome it. Plateaus gives me a chance to emotionally take a break from expectations. I just recently went through a plateau that lasted almost a month!; all a while I’ve being steadily losing 7 lbs a month for the past three months. As of last week my body finally broke away from it without me doing anything else extra!!
    So far I have lost 14 lbs since April by just walking, combined with intermittent fasting. I am not dieting, as I still have the same healthy full breakfast, lunch, and dinner as before!! my secret is consistancy; as I walk 5 miles a day everyday, and 12 miles at least once or three times a month!! my physical activity is consistant, 5 or 6 times a week every day, but I also take a day or two of rest, depending on my emotional moods, and in listening to my physical body’s response.
    The combination of daily walks with intermittent fasting is my personal recipe for success!
    Personally I tend to lose 1.5 lbs a week with my current walking/intermittent fasting weight loss plan. By October I hope to reach my weight loss goal; and so far my current weekly routine seems right on target. Weight loss plateau is the least of my worries!!

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  • I was 127, did a intermittent fast with no carb and no sugar diet, went down to 120. Changed eating habit to omad fasting for a month now bit I’m also consuming desserts. Have been plateau at 120lbs since. Could it be the carb and sugars despite the omad dieting. Goal is to get between 105-110lbs.

  • I am so frustrated. I went low carb for a month (super casual) and went down from 144 to 135 (I’m 5’2 & 27). Then I stopped everything and started keto and dropped down to 128 the first two weeks. Then I switched to IF/keto/OMAD and didn’t lose anything in the past 3 weeks. I REALLY didn’t want to do what I did years ago, which was obsessive exercising, but I started that anyway. Nothing. I’ve been in a plateau for almost a month and have no idea what to do. I wonder if 128 is my new set weight vs. 118 a few years ago.

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    But I’ve noticed in every video you’re leaning far over and to the left. Now I’m not sure if you’ve had an accident or neck injury or whatever, but perhaps a chiropractor or physiotherapist could correct that?
    Genuinely dont know if its pain, subconscious, some sort of tension, or muscular imbalance but I’m sure its correctable? Forgive me if I’m ignorant and you have a known injury.

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    Thanks Alyssa

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  • Excellent video, congrats to both of you. You’re so absolutely right. I decided to begin keto lifestyle three months ago after a long research and understanding that “miracles” don’t happen overnight. I’ve health issues that I need to help my body to fix first before getting to my optimal functional fitness goal. It’s not about “good lookings” anymore, it’s about being in good health and being functional at an older age. So sad many people doesn’t understand this until is too late and sometimes they even “set you aside” because they don’t understand what you’re trying to do even though the proof of the damage caused by high carb/low fat diets (aka standard American diet) can be seen, but I decided that it’s better to listen to your body than to hear others opinion. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us. ������

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  • I can remember a time when eating breakfast was out of the question. But, now I can’t go without eating breakfast because “they” told us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I just may go back to not eating breakfast at all and just concentrate on eating a healthy lunch and dinner. This was a great subject. Thanks to the both of you.

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  • Pat mentioned cheese as well as hard-boiled eggs; this is what I do. Either cold butter with my hard-boiled eggs (which is delicious, btw) or cheese. I know some people who cannot eat a lot of dairy, but for now, it doesn’t bother me and is a nice mix. Also, the thing I’m discovering about the “high” fat(s) is that when you begin, you should be higher fat than protein; as you start to lose and your body has become truly ‘fat-adapted’, your protein and fat kind of learn to do a dance of trading off percentages … until you find the sweet spot for your own body. For me, as a post-menopausal female, I was eating more and more fat; everyone was telling me I should NOT be hungry but I was! so I dialed back the fat (a bit) and increased my protein. TA DA

  • “it’s as simple as that…BUT….it’s more complicated than that “……DUDE….you should work for the government! Jus’ messin’,,,,,good vid.

  • After watching your videos on reverse dieting, I’ve slowly been bringing my calories from 1400 by about 50-100 a week. I’m up to 2300 on my high days and 1900 on my low days… I’ve lost around 1lb 1.5lbs a week increasing food. Feels really good, and I still can’t really believe it.

  • Excellent video you guys!
    I agree that the height to waist ratio is a good biomarker for good health. Dr. Ken Berry MD did a video on it. He says if you are not 50% (0.5) or less measuring around the belly button, you have more visceral fat to lose in your gut.
    When I’ve gotten off course with my keto diet somewhat and start holding more fluid feeling bloated, I do at least a 36 hour zero calorie fast and it gets me right back on course feeling better. Fasting is a great tool! I’m in my mid 60’s. I wish I had this knowledge 30-40 years ago. I would not have chronic health problems I’m trying to reverse now!

  • The plateau where you got this word sounds beautiful. In the disease there are the words crisis, i.e. the rise of the disease, the decline of the disease and remission, weakening or decrease. Those. the process of movement of disease or recovery. Plateau geographical designation (fr. Plateau, from plat “flat”) an elevated plain with a flat or wavy, weakly divided surface, bounded by distinct ledges from the adjacent plain spaces of the earth’s surface. The plateau has no movement due to the fact that it is a plane. The plateau has only displacement due to the shift We are constantly on it on the plateau. It does not rise and fall. I did not understand. What does medicine and geography do. There is a name stable remission. Reconvalescence is a recovery process. normal life of the body after an illness. Stable (lat. Balance) state of health. Did not try to repeat the textbook of geography

  • Intentionally Weight loss is for a overweight person is a healing process.healing does not draw a straight.line.every now again the process of healing will hold so that the body will stock take its resources.As long as giving adequate nutritional support the body will take on the urge to heal itself!

  • I am on insulin and like to get off. I was almost at my goal weight by taking out all carbs and sugar from my diet, at that time I was on a low carb diet and since elimating carbs added more protein. Always by the way exercising 5 days by doing spinning classes, kickboxing and Hit classes. Then decided to do keto but it actually caused an 8lb increase. I am checking my blood ketones also but my range is always between 0.3 and 0.8, also taking the MCT oil. Is it possible that even though I’m doing keto that taking insulin is really the problem and not the keto diet? Please help I’m ready to give up!

  • Interesting you put some real life examples in your video to clarify things. Vlogging? Why not, but keep the video and audio quality constant which is an extra challenge on the field 😉

  • Dood this channel is sooo underrated. This is my first time experiencing comp prep, just finished my Sac NPC show and it was a great experiencing but now its been hitting me harder than ever, prepping for my next show, 10 days out and I binge ate harddd and honestly your content is keeping me motivated. So glad I ran into this channel. Keep em coming Paul:,), you make the stair master so much bearable ahah.

  • Hoping you can help me understand a 6 lb weight gain after surgery. I’m on keto and had lost 27lbs. and had only two to three lbs. till goal weight (goal was to lose 30lbs) now it’s 10. I have always struggled with constipation and it’s a problem now. I just need to know how to get back to losing!! Please help this has me very upset. I want to make this life style. Thank you.

  • Super interesting! I have been doing intermittent fasting for almost a year now, I don’t do it on vacation only and I have reach the weight I always wanted and didn’t think was possible! BUT I agree with the fact that you have to have a super healthy relationship with food and with yourself I would add! Because some people around me tried and it simply didn’t work and they were super frustrated!

  • How do you restart your weight loss if you keep maintaining? It is so frustrating. Putting the effort in my diet and excercise and seeing no results on thr scales…

  • Can you give an example of what people are commonly eating that are way off? Are you referring to fast food, chain restaurants, etc?

  • But if plateau at 1300 calories doesn’t that mean 1300 is my new maintenance? So if I go back to 2000 calories I will definitely gain the weight back ��

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