The #1 Trick For Doubling Unwanted Weight-Loss Success


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#1 Trick To Double Your Weight Loss Success Plus Sunflower And Updates From Eureka 7/23/2020

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Research shows tracking what you eat is an effective weight-loss tool. In one study, researchers followed nearly 1,700 overweight participants in a weight-loss program over a six-month period. They found people who kept food diaries lost twice as much weight. Weight loss has been one of the top searched trends of the decade and though the journey is unique to every one. Some mountains fall across every path or in this case the dreaded plateau.

The place of immovable numbers on the scale and for people whose whole motivation to keep at it comes from. 1. ‘Tackling the mental health.’ Eating healthy foods and exercising help with weight loss, but also adjusting how one thinks goes a long way. But your weight loss journey doesn’t have to be turbulent—there are plenty of ways to slim down without feeling down in the dumps.

To rev your efforts of finally shedding that spare tire, we’ve gathered 20 tips from people who’ve lost 100 pounds or more.. Check out their advice below, and if you want healthy recipes, supermarket shopping guides, and essential nutrition tips at your. #1 Trick To Double Your Weight Loss Success Plus Sunflower And Updates From Eureka 7/23/2020 Trick to help with you weight loss, update on the sunflower. If.

According to the author of the study, Jack Hollis, Ph.D. said, “Those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. It seems that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.”. 1 day ago · Lastly, the way you talk to yourself about your weight-loss journey matters. “Practicing self-compassion essentially means talking to ourselves the way we talk to people we care about,” Grupski says. Since people have a tendency to focus on the negative, WW flips the script by encouraging you to highlight the things that are going well.

Caffeine has long been known as a positive force in your weight loss diet plan. Many consumers benefit from increased levels of energy, and this infusion of energy can help to boost your metabolism as well. Coffee can also help to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases associated with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

The #1 Trick For Doubling Your Weight-Loss Success. Peach Crumble Bars. 10 No-Cook Dinners Under 365 Calories. Why Your Joints May Pop and Crack During a Workout. 5 Tips For Easing Back Into Gym Workouts.

The Problem With Walking in Flip-Flops. Here are 8 tips for maintaining your weight loss: Recognize that obesity is a chronic, multifaceted condition that programs your body to gain weight. A dedicated bariatric team is your.

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  • I tried this diet program myself after seeing how my good friend benefited from that. Initially I of course wanted to make this happen and I have lost a grand total of 12lbs from the “sowo hope site” (Google it). I find myself much better after trying this specific life-altering diet.

  • lol I have a friend who keeps telling me about all the snacks I’m missing out because of my diet and how she is “sorry” for me. I really want to smack her.

  • Quality video and advice. I’ve just made a video about losing weight rapidly as well if anyone is looking for a more talk-to-the-camera style video about weight-loss!:)

  • Hey everyone I have an amazing product that can help you lose weight with the help of eating healthy in just 45min! You heard right in 45min you will see a difference! Message me and I would love to help you!

  • I really like watching bright side videos but I would love if they made another video giving us a really strict plan so we have a proper guideline I feel lost and confused trying all of this!

  • after a month diet and workout, I tried on a romper, and it fits greatly. Except the buttox part was so tight it ripped. R.I.P romper.

  • 15 30 minutes a day to myself?
    I’m a mother! I’m lucky to have 10 seconds without a kid bombarding me with a million questions about nothing

  • exercise produces the ‘feel good factor’ hormone and when setting goals you need to set short term and long term goals. You also need to set S.M.A.R.T targets.
    S Specific. You need to make sure it is specific to a sport you play, that is if you play a sport. And to what you want to improve, e.g strength or endurance
    M Measurable. You need to make sure you can measure the progress each week for example. So you could weigh yourself each week
    A Achievable. Make sure when you set your target it isn’t too far fetched. You need to make sure it is a target you know you could reach
    R Realistic. Make sure you can get to the goal you set. Make sure you aren’t making it too difficult but not too easy to reach
    T Time Bound. Make sure when you set your goal it’s set in a reasonable about of time, it isn’t too long for you to reach that final goal you have waited for so long to reach

  • A guy (not a doctor) talking about what he more than likely got off the internet and not his own personal research based on what he mentions using all these different women in the video, just a list of what he found on internet. And, no BEFORE and AFTER pictures on any one particular person such as…HIMSELF. Then to top it all off….he chose to pick DIFFERENT skinny women that were not on HIS program. I could do the same thing. Hm, that’s a good idea. Make a video based on a list of stuff already on the internet just so I can get a bunch of people to click on it and make money off of the advertisrments from Youtube.

  • The only one I disagree with is weighing yourself every day. That’s not helpful because you can drink two cups of water and you’ll see your weight go up

  • I once got depressed for a week and a half I didnt eat a meal, I only had 2 spoonful rice when I am hugry, and I only ate that like twice… and just water.. and then I lost almost 6 kg! (5.5)

  • i lost 36lbs just over 3 weeks from honestly eating wht i normally eat but smaller portions. lol n i swear to you nt once did i exercise….n as in the normal foods was chips, soda and alot of frozen cokes frm mc donalds mainly junk foods lol but smaller portions thn i used to eat… if u dnt believe me try it yrself! just remember smaller portions or hlf the portion u would normally eat. n drink more then you eat thts wt i did. iknw it aint a healthy way of losing weight but thts how i did js

  • Dieting is so hard when you have that family who hates when you diet loool my Mom literally makes me eat more than I should and I get mad at her for that and she is like why you getting mad I’m your mother!

  • Note from personal experience: You can have a weekly cheat meal of whatever you want (just eat until really full, but not uncomfortable (fine line)) and still lose weight! It’s melting off of me. This way, my cravings are met and I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself. It may take a few weeks longer to hit my goal, but I’m in this for the long-haul anyway, not a race (but still experiencing steady weight loss of a few pounds per week)! Experiment and see what works for you.

    The key: exercise the day of or after the cheat meal and make sure to do at least a 48-hour fast after the cheat meal to burn off the glycogen and get back into fat burning mode.

    This works! Down from 206 lbs. to 186.5 in 2 weeks.

  • Get support from your friends and family.
    If i tell anyone I’m trying to loose weight it goes somethig like this.
    Mom: How do you mean you look perfectly fine, here take a cookie.
    Friend 1: Good luck, it isn’t going to work.
    Friend 2: Look at my delecious candy! Shame you can’t have it.
    Friend 3: Let’s go to the Jumbo, I’m dangerously low on frikandel rolls.
    Friend 4: Sure.


  • In May, my school’s health inspector told me that I’m overweight (58kg, 158cm and I just turned 13), so ever since summer started, I’ve been trying to lose weight, hoping I’ll get better results next year.

  • 1. Be consistent
    2. Track your progress
    3. Be physically active
    4. Get support from family and friends
    5. Determine your metabolic type
    6. Any diet requires supervision

  • If you see a Troll like the America one don’t engage! Just report these people as Spam or Bullying abuse. The youtube community will remove them from the page and ban them altogether if enough people report them. Many times they are just passive aggressive trolls looking for any reaction they can get because they don’t have a life.

  • I used to be 245 lbs, started to diet first, lost to 175 lbs, after I decided to join wrestling and I was at 158 lbs. I gained the weight back after my mom passed away and now I’m at 247, thinking I can go back anytime I want. Now I’m relearning the steps and I lost 10 lbs and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. Slowly and surely I can’t wait to get back to my peak

  • I will try these secrets! I am going to lose 4-5 kg! I am very short so I have to eat lesser than a normal person! I am only 5’1! I will exercise 10 min a day too! I will reply to this comment!

  • Just one correction!!! Do not weigh yourself daily!!! Just do it monthly…. Doing that and I have lost my motivation… Small steps means not pressuring yourself and weighing yourself is surely depressing cause you are not seeing changes

  • I don’t know why am I watching this video am thin and fit and the doctors said my wait is ev3n lesser that what I should be am supposed to be 45kg and am 42

  • Weighing yourself everyday is not a good idea. I used to do that too but after some experience I realized that stepping on the scale depresses me and brings me down. If you are exercising and building muscle, you may not see a huge decrease on the scale as research says that muscle weighs heavier than fat. And also the scale depends on how much you’ve eaten and drank that day. Measuring yourself with a tape measure is a better way to see results. But if you still want to see how much pounds you’ve got to shed, WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY MONTH, not every week and certainly not everyday as that will cause you to get bored as to why you’re not quickly losing weight.

    Lose weight slowly but surely:)

  • “get support from your family and friends”
    me:(eating oatmeal and healthy stuff)
    family:(tries to tempt me to eat whatever they’re eating)

  • all i here about is people gaining back weight but i cant even manage to lose the weight in the first place even tho i eat healthy and often hit the gym

  • this is me
    me:I will do it tomorrow
    me: I will do it tomorrow
    1 year later
    ummm how much wight did I lose
    same weight!
    what! I should have done a diet wait I could go on a diet tomorrow

  • Another thing to really speed up the process is to simply cut out soda, and anything obvious like fast food, candy, chips, etc. And you’d be surprised how much you don’t even miss it after a few days.

  • love this video! it helped me gain information on how to start right and it also gave me some motivation! keep up the good work!!!

  • I’ve been only drinking water for a few months now and lost weight. I still kinda eat whatever I want, just medium size meals and I only eat twice a day. (no fast food/junk) 2 meals is all you need. 3 is excessive I really don’t know why the world works that way but whatever. I try to workout, still somewhat lazy with that. The diet is all a mental game, tell your brain to fuck off. I don’t have the urge for all that junk anymore. Good luck.

  • I know this is such an annoying thing to say but I recently became vegan in March….. I’ve lost 30 pounds since and haven’t exercised at all. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, I went from 185 pounds to 155. Just eat healthy and it all melts off.

  • Wanted ask about 16\8diet,is it means that within this 8 hours can we eat according to our calorie limit, or we eat at 12 pm then next meal should take at 8pm and no meals allowed to take during this 8 hours?

  • Ane aiye oyata godak pin math masa dehakata mage bara kg 6 adukaragaththa mata thawa 5 thiyenne akath adukaragannawa oyage me pehedilikirima nisa thamai mata mage takat akata yanna puluwan une ethiri 5 adukaragenama ayeth annam oyata godak pin aiye

  • Hi, I’ve been on OMAD diet for 2 months & eat 600 calories per day, but I’ve been on the same weight ( 65kg) for a month and so, guess its a pleatou and dont lose any weight sincd then. Do you have any suggessions? Thanks

  • මම මේ වීඩියෝ එක බලපු 6 වෙනි පාර මේ. ඇත්තටම නැවත නැවත බලපුවාම නොතේරුනු ගොඩක් කරුනු පැහැදිලි වෙනවා. ගොඩක් ස්තුතියි සර්. ගොඩක් පින් සිද්ධවෙනවා.

  • Mange dan bara 77 kg.aiye mata thairoida unathawayata beth gannawa.mama mahath wenne thyroid nisada.mama diet karata kamak na nwda

  • අනෙ අයියේ ඔයාව ම්න් දැන ගත්තෙ ෆ්බ් එකෙන් ලොකු පිනක් අයියේ ඔයාට මගේ බර 80 උනා පුදුම පිඩනයක් මගෙ හස්බන්ගෙ ගෙදර මන් ගියේ අවුරුදු 2එයාලා මාව පොටො වලින් දැක්කාට ලගට දැකලා නෑ අපි මැරි කලේ අපේ කැමැත්තෙන් නිසා ගොඩක් අපහසු තාවට අවා එයාලා මාව කිසිම නැදැයෙක්ට පෙන්නන්ඩ අකමැති උනා මන් මානසිකව වැටිලා ඉන්නේ අයියේ මොනා කරන්නද කිය්ලා තෙරෙන්නේ නෑ මන් දැන් ඔයාගේ හාෆ් ප්ලෙට් ඩයට් එක කරනවා ඇගට පොඩි වෙනසක් තියෙනවා ගොඩක් පින්

  • Man den inne omad ake aiye peya 23 pasting anith peya athulatha kema gannawa 3step aka karanna patan aran den dawas 10 wenawa mo meka viswasayen karagena yanawa ��

  • I follow ed u for 2 weeks now. Omad diet. House wife work. Breakfast handful nuts and coffee no sugar. Lunch no rise but big protein with fiber. Now I lost 3 pounds before 130 now 127. One meal a day doing good. Thanks

  • Wow godak video baluwa kettu wenne kohomda kiyla eth oya tharam e dewal kiyla dipu kisima video ekk dakke na oyanm super sir oyta godak pin ❤️❤️

  • Hi Amila, Thank you for sharing your experienced. I started following them few weeks back. Now on 16/8, 2 meals per day keto diet.
    I have a question about ketone levels in the body. Urine ketones level indicates are now around 4 ml mol. Is this too high?

  • මගෙ බර 77kg මට doctor kiuwa thawa 15k adu karaganna pandara duwanawa ita passe hawasata excuse බයිසිකල් eka padinawa kettu weida aiya ඉක්මණට

  • Google “sowo hope site” to get the best diet program in the world. My sister applied it and shed 14 lbs. I just started off and I’m already decrease 11 lbs.

  • If, like me, you’ve been recently wasting your time looking for a weight loss plan that works, Google “sowo hope site. ” I have droped 13 lbs in One week. The diet program is excellent. My good friend already lost 10 pounds too.

  • I had a cheat meal today and I don’t feel bad about it one bit. I worked hard this week, and it’s my reward! Shhhhh I even had a beer!!

  • Maybe you should eat three time a day. Don.t tell people to eat more then that.  why don’t they eat regular portions three times a day.  you don’t know basic shit.  eating more will stretch your stomach which will make you more hungry next time.

  • Hello:) Have you heard about the Fat Blaze Factor (do search on google)? Ive hear a number of extraordinary things about it and my sister burned alot of excess fats…

  • complete bulshit for protein. if anyone is looking for fat loss, try 80:10:10. disagree? show me one long term half vegan who is fat.  nearly impossible to find. Obesitity mostly comes from proteins and fats such as animals.

  • As for carb depleting, do you deplete every week? like carb back loading? or is this a one time jump start and go back to my normal macros the following weeks?

  • If you have been trying to burn calories fast, you should do a google search Nifty Fat Blaster. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  • Man, I need to drop some weight, right now. Have you heard of Belly Busting Box? My friend has shed 30kg up to now doing it and highly endorses it. Not long ago I started and now have lost 5kg so far so I’m getting kinda inspired. Browse Google for Belly Busting Box.

  • Hi, have you tried BellyFATtack yet? Just copy and paste to the browser to take a look at this web site! There you will see a valuable free video by a respected doctor talking about the best way to burn excess weight. This made it possible for Bianca to get rid of her stomach fat. Why not give this a shot. I hope it will help you too.

  • Shaun never said anything about vegans were going to die and it was just a poke from a viewer. It can be difficult for strict vegetarians and vegans to get all their essential amino acids. Most vegetarian protein foods, such as beans and seeds, contain only portions of amino acids. Soy is an exception to that. So before you go judging whether or not he’s got the whole picture might want to watch the video first:) GL12

  • If you havent checked it out already, visit our blog or see the free 3 day protocol to give you some ideas on how you should be eating these nutrients each day. Link is in the description above. Thanks!

  • Whole grain bread and nut butter, Greek yogurt with walnuts, brown organic rice with almonds, cashews, pecans, almond butter with sprouts is great on whole wheat toast.

  • Excellent information Shaun. Being 42 and putting on 100 lbs during my wonderful 15 years of marriage, I looked in the mirror a few months ago and said for my sake and my wife I have to change. Thus started my lifestyle change. I have been putting into practice your applications on diet and I am so very impressed at how well it works. Your knowledge is excellent and the way you explain it helps me to understand exactly how and why things are happening. Keep up the great work.

  • I love all meats, I love all dairy, but since I gave them all up except for fish twice a week I feel better than ever, 185lbs and ripped, been an athlete my whole life, main sport is Motocross and calisthenics, I wish I gave up animal protein, dairy, and bread (all kinds) 20 years ago.

  • DO THIS AFTER A CHEAT MEAL to keep losing weight! Let me know if it works for you!
    ➡ FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the Lean Body Blueprint here:

  • Don’t listen to this guy
    I’ll till u the hack
    1 The day after the cheat day take a fruit, Keep the day with very low carb, i suggest to eat carb only after your workout
    2 the day after raise your carb to 40% of your macros, Train like an animal
    Day 3 you’ll notice the weight difference

  • I had my cheatmeal yesterday and now I m really bloated and it was about 10000 calories I dont feel gulty because it was my first cheatmeal after 5 months I donnu how to burn all that calories.

  • I cant have cheat meals because I will get fat. I can only eat 2 meals a day consisting of a veggie pattie in 2 slices of bread and no snacks and I still cant lose weight. Depending on my work shedule I dont eat until 1.30pm or at 10.30am. I drink green tea at work. I walk to and from work and stand all day. Still fat. If I walk everyday for 40 mins extra or more I can lose weight but still cant eat ��

  • Hey Carlo! I always keep on replaying and reviewing your videos just to keep on reminding me and at the same time help me to stay healthy. So thanks a lot for that! But sometimes I kinda end up having a cheat week and just I feel so guilty and stressed after it. After that I just kinda fall off and start back to zero again. Please make a video similar to this one but for a cheat week please. This has been my cycle through out my journey:’>

  • OMG!! i feel so bad I literally been eating healthy these past couple of moths ( I lost 25lbs and am 14) and haven’t had any sweet and today I finished my freshman year and ate a lot like •Boiled Egg with veggies125cals •Yogurt Bowl156cals with Fruit •2x low carb muffins with lot of NUTELLA (like literally a lot) 600 cals •White Bread with Remoulade 380cals •LITERALLY A WHOLE PIZZA idk even know maybe 1000+ cals? and I just feel so so so bad I normally eat around 1100-1300 cals a day and today was sure around 3000cals+… MANNNN ����also I couldn’t do any exercises today bc my heart could not stop pounding, it is so fast…I think it’s bc of how much food I ate (ate this in like 7 hours straight). haven’t ate anything since 5pm (10am5pm). So my question is, is this bad, bc I of course am not gonna do this big of a cheat day again bc my stomach hurts so bad and I just generally feel bad. I planned to do a >>1 1/2 walk, jump ropes, HIIT, and some core training…��

  • I didn’t have guilt cuz i tried to not as much of “picadera” ya wont get it is hispanic thing basically eating pastellitos n quipes it n little bit of cake cuz I was celebrating my brothers grad but two hours after I workout..but tbh I kinda workout cuz I walked a lot was up most of time to take a lot photos n move around a lot to decor for his Grad��

  • A great trick to lose weight is to drink water bt ever since I have started drinking more water I hav found dat m being more chubby

  • Does anyone prefer to call them “Reward” meal(s) or is that just me? Also, how often are you expected to eat a cheat meal? He mentioned 21 days… so once a month?

  • Me, neither! Lol I save my weigh-ins for the morning after a 2.5 day fast… �� I always feel gr8 about myself then… (I do this once a week now. I used to do ADF, but I am now thin enough to experiment more with switching my fasting schedule around after I watched a video with u suggesting this. & FYI, that’s gr8 advice!! ��)

  • I cheated for 5 days planned..I ate too much & feel bloated..Im back to it tomorrw starting off with IF..& no way gunna weigh myself esp I ate spaghetti…lol…whats your suggestion on first meal back idea?��I have learned alot from your real strait up advice..thankyou��

  • I had some chocolate bars and felt super guilty about cheating…Now I feel better..I think having this cheating meal has made me more experienced on how to deal with such situations… It’ a part of the process.

  • this is old stupid information. U dont combine proteins with carbs thats wrong. That crap leads to fermentation in the gut n ruins the human microbiome. People plz look at other videos talking about proper food combining

  • I always feel guilty after eating. Yesterday I ate McDonald’s and drank soda and I’m feeling really guilty. So today I didn’t eat the whole day but I was super hungry at 8 pm and ate one egg with bread, cereal and a tiny chocolate. I know that’s not overeating but I feel regret again.

  • I just had a cheat meal last night anf YouTube recommend this video to me!!! ������
    But happy to watch and listen to your advice, I’m less stressed now☺️

  • This actually works. I was 157 two weeks ago and I have a cheat day on Sundays. I usually eat my cheat meal between 12am to 4pm and I do go for a walk. I fast the following day and then OMAD for the rest of the week consuming a low carb meal. I checked my weight and I am still losing weight, I am down to 151.

  • I really need this since I’m having problems on how to finish this cheesecake alone which I’ve ordered for my bday and not feel guilty or not increase weight.

  • “U can have them all,but u can’t have them at once”
    Thank you i learned something 2day ������
    Struggling everytime i eat some sugars and chips��

  • Hi there i am a filipona mom and i do the 16:8 intermitent fasting, after 16hrs. Of intermitent fasting can i eat any food as long as it has low carb right?

  • Omg… after the Lock down I lost my job… my plans were broken.. I’m the type of person to eat if I’m stressed… so now I gained 10kg till now �� and I’m struggling to loose it hellllllllpppppp

  • All these are so true. I ate so much during the weekend and what I did first was “don’t stress over it” I just ignored it and went on with my normal life and got back to track. DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. JUST MOVE ON. ITS PART OF THE JOURNEY.

  • Bro this really helps alot so thank you so much. I literally had my cheat meal hours ago and I’m not gonna lie that I wasn’t beating myself up for doing it lol.

  • Quick question I usually workout bench press and etc at home, and I eat around 900+ calories I really don’t know but I know it’s around 900-1000+ but my diet consists of salmon rice 3 eggs mixed with spinach, and load of fruits I have every cheat day on Saturday and I eat what ever I want but befor the cheat day can I minimize my calories intake befor my cheat day?

  • So far, this lockdown thing made a good impact on my diet since i can’t go out for pizza or donuts.. next, you should make a video on how to not overboard binged-eating cheat meals after quarantined��

  • Thank you so much this video was so so relatable and helpful thank you so much �������������������� keep making videos like this �������� lots of love from India ��������������������

  • I need help.. desperately.. anyone!!!

    I’ve been on IF 20-4 pattern for a week now. I break my fast with fruits and vegetables.. and eat only meal..mostly toast and eggs..banana etc..
    I walk for half an hour daily and exercise for 20 mins.
    I lost 1 kilo total in the first 3 days.. then 4th day put on 200 gm.. and now it ain’t moving anymore.. please help. I’m very demotivated and depressed without any results.

  • I didn’t eat anything for 12 days, Since my body got used to fasting after the 12 day fasting i never got any cravings or cheat day.
    After the 12 day training, I ate chips, sweets, fruits, eggs, 2 sets of sand which after that i never had those temptation to cheat.

  • If i skip my breakfast? can i eat my breakfast foods together with my lunch?Because i need to eat the calories that my body needs����or else i dont have enough energy��pls answer me thank you ☺☺☺new subscribers of yours

  • i never eat breakfast, i start my meals with my lunch after 3pm and after that i eat 4 more meals, or rather snacks, every 2-3 hours until i go to sleep. that’s not keeping my insulin levels low:/

  • It is soooooo easy to pack on the calories and carbs when eaten unhealthy. I took time to count how many calories I consumed in 1day eating clean and I only consumed around 1400 ��. It is hard to consume 2000kcal when eating clean. ��������

  • You are right. I ate like you said for years when I modeled and I was SUPER FIT. I am back on it and lost 80lbs and feel great and just keep burning body fat. My cheat meal now is a variety of fruit with whip cream, with some dark chocolate,a piece of cheese cake or a scoop of butter pecan ice cream.

  • Just have a shot of Acv, bullet proof coffee, with a boiled egg and mozerella cheese salad, with like two strawberries. You will stay in ketosis and not be hungry. Drink loads of water and herbal tea.

  • I never eat breakfast anyway. I didn’t cheat yesterday but I did have some ice cream. My other meal was super healthy and low calorie. That ice cream was to damn sweet. The ice cream companies are KILLING US.

  • Hi carlo, I am really having a hard time. For almost weeks I only lost 2kg off my weight. Even though I only ate rice/carbs rarely since I started last April 11. Unlike 2 years ago when I first practiced IF, I lost a lot of weight in just 2 months. I am already practicing omad almost everyday or tmad at most. Is there any correlation between having a hard time to lose weight and me being used to skip breakfast (even before when I stopped being strict on my weightloss before,10 to 12 hrs is the least number of hrs that I don’t consume any food or calories)

  • hey, your channel is helping me with my intermittent fasting!! thank you and keep going with your platform! all love from brasil ����

  • Mjh apki videos bhaaaat achi lgtyn hn…. Mera ak problem ha Meri skin formula creams sy damaged hogsi h or ful dry or redness agai h plzz is py b koii video banaen

  • Please di reply me that last mai apne jo protein drink batayi kya vo 18 years below ke kids prefer kar sakte hain? Please reply me.