Stressing Your Resolution Here’s Why You are on course


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The Closest Feeling to Death that isn’t Death

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3. IT’S EASIER TO MOVE. Taking care of your body means it should function the way it’s supposed to most of the time. If you’re finding that you’re less likely to get winded while climbing a flight of stairs or have an easier time keeping up with your kids, those also can be subtle signs that you’re moving in the right direction with your.

Try these four simple steps to getting your resolve back on track! Reassess Your Goal: One of the most common resolution pitfalls? Devising a plan that is a bit too ambitious. If you’re starting. 3 Simple Ways to Get Your Resolution Back on Track.

By Brunilda Nazario, MD Board-certified internist and endocrinologist February 13, 2019. If you’ve already dropped your New Year’s resolution, you’re in good company – an estimated 80% of people ditch their resolution by February. But even if you’ve fallen off track.

Let’s face it: you’re probably pretty busy. Whether you have kids or not, we’re all busy and have too many things to do. In order to effectively achieve your stress-free resolution, you’re going to have to cut things out. These could includ. These resolution situations can also be stressful for co-workers and loved ones exposed to the potential moodiness of overly stressed people.

The following are some of the top New Year’s resolution stressors, plus tips on how to handle related stress and stick to your goals. Now throw in change. Change in itself causes stress.

Your new schedule requires you to go straight to the gym after work or get up super early to get to the gym before work. The exercise is totally exhausting. You’re sore. You use toothpicks to keep your eyes open at work. You’re exhausted.

Stress and Stress Resolution with EFT The more stress we are experiencing in our lives, the more our health, vitality and wellbeing are compromised. According to the principles of Energy Psychology, this is because all types of stress – Past, Present and Future Environmental stress – create an imbalance and disruption in the. While quick stress relievers are important to have on-hand, it’s also essential to have at least one regular stress-relieving practice in your life. Having one regular activity that you do to relieve stress in your life can help you to keep your overall stress levels lower so that you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed. Several stress.

This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: Here’s why you’re not able to track your stimulus money Continue Reading Show full articles without. If you blame your childhood, bad luck, or lack of support for your problems, you’re likely to stay stuck. However, if you can own your mistakes in life and develop strategies to overcome problems, you’re much more likely to be successful.. So, stop victimizing yourself and start being responsible for what happen to you: Why Do I Have Bad Luck?

2 Simple Things to Change Your.

List of related literature:

Aware of these pitfalls, this year I attempted to keep my resolutions to myself.

“Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)” by Oswaal Editorial Board
from Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Chapterwise & Topicwise Class 11, English Core (For 2021 Exam)
by Oswaal Editorial Board
Oswaal Books, 2020

This is because resolutions that make us feel good about ourselves are poorly structured — they merely restate the goal (e.g., lose weight), but do not elaborate on the steps required to achieve the goal and also tend to lack concreteness or specific details about the behaviors required at each step.

“Encyclopedia of Human Behavior” by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
from Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
by Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
Elsevier Science, 2012

This month’s strong resolution becomes next month’s malaise, unless we keep renewing the resolution, reinventing it, refocusing ourselves on it.

“Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience” by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
from Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
by Sally Kempton, Elizabeth Gilbert
Sounds True, 2011

These two reasons combined caused me to form resolutions which I had sometimes been very inconsistent in keeping, but in which I had persevered with greater firmness for the last three or four years (p. 595) [pp. 616–17].

“Literary Theory: An Anthology” by Julie Rivkin, Michael Ryan
from Literary Theory: An Anthology
by Julie Rivkin, Michael Ryan
Wiley, 2017

The best resolutions were the ones that happened quickly and weren’t necessitated by my mistakes.

“Network Warrior” by Gary A. Donahue
from Network Warrior
by Gary A. Donahue
O’Reilly Media, 2007

What I’ve found from my personal experience is that you don’t necessarily have to always stick to your resolutions exactly as they are stated.

“365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success” by Martin Meadows
from 365 Days With Self-Discipline: 365 Life-Altering Thoughts on Self-Control, Mental Resilience, and Success
by Martin Meadows
Meadows Publishing, 2017

This is the kind of stress that goes on and on with no resolution, and this is an important distinction when it comes to the way we think of stress in our lives.

“Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice” by Gregg Braden
from Human by Design: From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice
by Gregg Braden
Hay House, 2017

So by all means keep every resolution you make, for you not only profit by the resolution, but it furnishes you with an exercise that causes the brain cells and physiological correlatives to form the habit of adjusting themselves to carry out resolutions.

“The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more” by William Walker Atkinson
from The Complete Works of William Walker Atkinson: The Power of Concentration, Mind Power, Raja Yoga, The Secret of Success, Self-Healing by Thought Force and much more
by William Walker Atkinson
Musaicum Books, 2017

While these resolutions are meant to be good and well-intentioned solutions, unfortunately they are built on a flawed foundation of more effort, willpower, and goal setting.

“One Word that will Change Your Life” by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
from One Word that will Change Your Life
by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, Jon Gordon
Wiley, 2012

My resolution also fared in this wise and so lost all its importance for me.

“Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth” by Mahatma Gandhi, Mahadev Haribhai Desai
from Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments with Truth
by Mahatma Gandhi, Mahadev Haribhai Desai
Dover, 1983

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  • Yep the first question is definitely me. Jaiden:No…
    You need sunscreen first. Me:��. Jaiden:And I don’t trust any of that so stay back!*Holds a ✝️ *. Me:AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My friend:You litter demon!

  • Nobody cares but I relate to Todd in that 1 episode of Twelve forever. “I did not do it. I forgot” he just stands up, says it, and sits back down again. I relate too much

  • 6:39
    jaiden: hang out with ur freinds
    the words on the left or right of the screen: but i dont hav any
    me: but u said u talked to ur freinds

  • Today this music was being played in our office and today only my closest colleague was completing his term in office. Whole day this song made me remember the hard work, the funny things we did. I cried in the end when I was about to leave and he was about to ask our sir to leave and say good bye.
    All those reading it. Be quick, very fast. Do things early. Love your belongings. When your close things leave it hurts. Hakuna Matata! Love and respect your parents.

  • █████████████████████████████████████████

  • literally, a few years ago for my schools academic decathlon, i overworked SO HARD just to not get chosen to compete because i was in 6th and 6th graders never get chosen ��

  • Jaiden-“Say you like Chocolate”
    Guy-“I do like chocolate”
    Jaiden-“No one asked you”

    Jaiden-“If your a farmer”
    Guy-“I am a farmer”
    Jaiden-“No one asked you”

    Jaiden-“If your a Lumberjack”
    Guy-“I am a lumberjack”

  • I remember before school was canceled I was so burnt out and stressed the frick out from all of the homework and repetition but once corona hit and everything was shut down I felt so fricken awesome and now I’m so much happier, so that says something about the US school system:/

  • Today was my first night in my new place. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep so easily, luckily for me, I’ve been watching this for months and, as soon as I heard the notes I felt at home.
    I can’t thank you enough for this video, it has been a life savior sinve I’ve found it.
    No more insomnia and anxiety.
    Thank you!

  • I can’t overwork myself!.. because I am lazy… (I did overwork myself once kinda with an all day all night and part of the second with a video game.)

  • Listen to the most beautiful sleep and relaxation music playlist on Spotify through this link:

  • Can you see it?
    The worst is over
    The monsters in my head are scared of love
    Fallen people listen up!
    It’s never too late to change our luck

    So, don’t let them steal your light
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    Can you see it?
    The worst is over
    The monsters in my head are scared of love
    Fallen people listen up!
    It’s never too late to change our luck

    So, don’t let them steal your light
    E eh eh eh
    Don’t let them break your stride
    There is light on the other side
    And you’ll all the raindrops falling behind
    It’s a revolution
    Make it out tonight
    It’s a revolution
    It’s a reva, rev
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  • Okay. With the comments that are like “LIKE IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS IN QUARANTINE!” That’s just stupid. Come one man. You know that all of us are in quarantine. All you want are likes. Its annoying.

  • The bass dropped softer than the Russian economy/your grandma/Mc Donald’s wifi/ my phone in the toilet pot/ and any other thing included in the drop jokes.

  • After a request for a long version of ★137, I am happy to share it with you. Let me know if there are any other pieces you would like to see as long versions next! I hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.:)

  • Where I was at in the military was like being burned out 24/7 for 5 years. Like it gets so bad people constantly either attempt to kill themselves or threaten to kill themselves pretty much all the time. Its either that or they become alcoholics and/or get addicted to nicotine. Like when you have spots on the boat where you can point out where someone had killed themselves because there’s a bullet hole still there and you know exactly what gun it was and you still use that gun all the time, you know its bad.
    Some of the guys I know were diagnosed with work related PTSD. I suspect I do too but since I got out the only panic attacks happen when I stop working while I’m at work. Like my body is like “WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING RIGHT NOW YOU NEED TO KEEP WORKING LOOK PEOPLE ARE STILL WORKING”. So even when I’m on my lunch break and my boss walks in and I’m not doing anything wrong at all my body goes into panic mode and I have to play it off like I’m totally not about to break down because I was caught not working.

  • Guys I lost my friend and this song remind me of her she love piano she died in 2020 I wish I saw her again she died car crash I’m crying right now one like for her and her family please like for her she was so nice we just sit down at the park together on the swing she so beautiful she loved everyone she feed homeless people so amazing this remind me of her guys leve a like for her ok love her I wish to see you in heaven bye guys love her she so kind I love her I wish she not died bye stay safe

  • This reminds me of someone that died four years ago �� I really miss her she meant everything to me ���� I just hope she rests in peace ������

  • Rest In Peace big brother I love you my guy. You guy’s will all make it through whatever you’re going through. God bless you and may he heal you and prepare you for your next journey. You matter and have a purpose. Love you guys and gals

  • Format for a useless and unfunny joke:

    Me: plays this song
    [Name]: why is music?
    Me: its deh Skilletetet
    [Name]: turn off… I have the betterest speakers::)))))))

    I.e. don’t be a dumbass

  • It kills my OCD that they say “heavy like a hurricane, louder than a freight train” when the opposite way around would have been perfect ��

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  • My best friend she so sweet loving and soooo nice she is the best for me and we are in the same school but she is never happy but I help her soo his love your best frend pr bff she is my bestie and bff and best friend

  • Listening to this soft music made me realize I am so thankful for everything I have in life I am thankful to have a family and everything I need.very thankful, listening to this music really made me tear up and break me from inside recently I passed from several traumatizing experience first I’ve lost my cat 10 days before his 4th birthday couldn’t say happy birthday ������and second I lost an aunt due to corona third my dads brother wife has been sick lately and don have lots of Time to survive doctor gave there words ��So to everyone reading this may you and your family be safe during this pandemic and it’s never too late to pray and really be thankful to God even if you don’t believe God be thankful and say thank you and spend more time to people you are close to❤️��May you stay safe and happiness always be with you my best wishes and prayers to all single of you ����

  • “Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!”:)

  • Wild fire (wi-fi) can’t handle your flame download your shame

    There’s an unimaginable amount of ways to play words and they wanna keep releasing the same shit on the radio. The mainstreams are cool when you’re going out getting lit cause it’s easy to follow when you’re twisted. People like cole are keeping the candle lit for the stepping stones in hip hop

  • I suffer from anxiety and depression. Idk if this works but im willing to try anything at this point. I jus want some peace of mind

  • ,,* Even I’m sleep* inside my pink toy* I heard and watch who’s madness hurt of my twin*. Yvony Eve Hu* if I’m wake up* I’m Explain bout my hand gestures in the Paradise flower bloom garden,,* I don’t know why? I became Spirit,,* it is Mystery * that I never know that I have a spirit,,* even I only created face,,* because of Yvone power,,* Yvone* is most powerful sun goddess,,* were competating in years and Music,,* but we thesame idol,,* but we are not Competation of man who’s favorates because Yvone infavor 23,,while me I’m infavor 24,,,* but My twin sis,,Shel in libra of understanding she’s welling to broke up,,* because she infavor of countries not to War,,more than our own groups of name in each years we truly liven,,I am also infavor of our President Doterte,,,* and also our Mayor in Manukan,,* no people to blame Or country to blame why? Yvony Eve Hu done,,because the Satanic Attack! In our Facebook because We are Stablished the story of Eve Adams old testament HOLY FATHER JEHOVAH,,* don’t worry I’m sleep for a,,while,,to relax my mind,,*@ Melody

  • May you all feel universal love that all the great spiritual minds felt. The love that brings tears to your eyes and make you see we are all one. May Love, Peace, and Happiness follow you in your lives.

  • Some Of My List
         Songs Artist
    #1 On My Own Ashes Remain
    #2 Sunrise Our Last Night
    #3 Runnin
    #4 Still Alive  Onlap
    #5 Alive Stria
    #6 The Story Fivefold
    #7 Until The Day I Die Story Of The Year
    #8 Hero Skillet
    #9 Awake And Alive Skillet
    #10 Hold On Five Fold
    #11 Already Over Red
    #12 Bring Me Back To Life Extreme Music
    #13 Living A Lie Varna
    #14 Undone FFH
    #15 Through It All Spoken
    #16 Not Gonna Die Skillet
    #17 Wake Up Plan Three
    #18 Diary Of Jane
    #19 War Of Change
    #20 Try’n Hold Me Back
    21.Cold Neffex
    22.This is War 30 Seconds to Mars
    23.We Are Ana Johnsson
    24.Crazy World 2pac
    25.Day Of The Dead Hollywood Undead
    26.Hope Neffex
    27.Fight Back Neffex
    28.Falling Inside The Black Skillet
    29.Invincible Skillet
    30.Right Here Ashes Remain
    31.Lost Within Five Fold
    32.Try to Fight Shallow Side
    33.Impossible  James Arthur
    34.You Can Be King Again Lauren Aquilina
    35.Take me back again Neffex
    36.Stay This Way  From Ashes To New
    37.Grateful Neffex
    38.Best Of Me Neffex
    39.It’s Just Not Fair Neffex
    40.Destiny Neffex
    41.Lost Within Neffex
    42.Life Neffex
    43.All These Thoughts Neffex
    44.Careless Neffex
    45.Rumours  Neffex
    46.Watch Me  Neffex
    48.Things Are Gonna Get Better Neffex
    50.Live A Lie Rival&Ezgod
    51.Chance Neffex
    52.Rise League of Legends
    54.Courtesy Call
    54.Centuries Fall out Boy
    55.Untraveled Road
    56.It has Begun Starset
    57.Immortals Fall Out Boy
    58.Invincible Hedley
    59.My Broken Road Broach
    60.Devil Inside Citizen Soldier
    62.Hail To The King Avenged Sevenfold
    64.Won’t Let Go Fivefold
    65.Unstoppable Neffex
    66.Alive  Neffex
    67.Battle Scars Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian
    68.Not Strong Enough Apocalyptica
    69.Never Again Breaking Benjamin
    70.Start A Fire Ryan Star
    71.Angel Theory Of A Deadman
    72.Crazy World 2PAC
    73.Hold On Chord Overstreet
    74.My Fight From Ashes To New
    75.Fight Song Rachel Platten
    76 Hall Of Fame The Script

  • 1236526385968563415360&078685624 153769807847351085169745241414785*585477575757463522%%@&$%*(^068574463%24284500683514#;;^-×××+÷€×+<+÷+>×÷+<+=+<÷++<+=+<+÷=:( 17253715281528141*152815181518142725181528151+=×÷+<+÷+1734281328141 =?

  • Me if i had a therapist:

    Therapist: so, when do you wake up?

    Me: i… I wake up at 6:30PM

    Therapist: what do you do everyday?

    Me: i, well, i get all my art supplies, i eat breakfast, i draw, i eat a snack, i draw, and i eat.

    Therapist: when do you go to bed?

    Me:….at 4:00AM….


    Me: oh

  • So I’m admittedly not that big of a Skillet fan; I mean their stuff is catchy and I sometimes like just like to listen to it for the sake of irony and because it geeks me out and puts a big dumb grin on my face. But overall, I don’t think too highly of the band, given that they rely on simple songwriting formulas, their lyrics are pretty cliche, and the music itself just lacks a certain degree of complexity that I like hearing. That being said, I keep coming back to this song because of THAT OUTRO. Starting at 3:17. Bruh. That shit goes hard!! Skillet had NO right to go that hard at the end of this song! Like they are jammin! And shredding! I couldn’t believe the first time I heard it because I’ve never heard Skillet go that hard before lmaooo… like why don’t the write more songs that sound like that?!? I’m not a Christian, and as I stated earlier, I’m not that big of a Skillet fan by any means, but damn this song is a banger. Like I can throw down to this shit. This is one I’m gonna continually come back to headbang to.

  • dad: son what are you doing??
    Me: hearing music
    Dad: i know witch band??
    Me: skillet
    Dad: turn it off
    Dad: you can play it in the car it have bigger speakers

  • This should be used as a revolution song cause it’s about a resistance that’s what a revolution its a resistance also John we can hear you yelling in the start

  • I used to have emotional Exhaustion……now I have depersonalization and anxiety. Did I go too far? I’m concerned.:{ I need answers!!:(

  • i mean like really i always want to put music in the car and this is the first one that i put LIKE THE VID OR IF YOU DONT YOUR HEAD MIGHT NOT APER TOMMOROW

  • Patriot flag wave in Portland Oregon in front of the justice center……

  • So when I A click rather then just clicking A on a target and letting go i have to click A and Left Click with my mouse. Does anybody know how to make it so that I just have to click A on a target and then release rather than clicking A on a target, Left Clicking, and then releasing? if there is a way to turn this off. (Like Quick Casting with abilities and items)

  • Listening to this song I feel strongly about my ex fiancé, appreciating, continuing to show her she is important and valued. Wanting to show her how serious I am about protecting her heart better and just full on doing so. But it’s to late.

    My message to all who still have their best friend as their partner…even if you guys have rough times be there for them no matter what, don’t go to sleep mad at each, resolve your problems immediately, continue to love one another before it’s to late

  • Came to say I played this for my crying baby and she instantly stopped crying then I paused it on accident then she started crying again, thank you for this cheat code

  • Anyone who knows about video production here? I wanna know what frame rate this was shot in because it doesn’t look like the standard 24fps

  • My girlfriend of 8 years cheated on me for a famous rapper. So I mad an amazing son about it! Go listen if you want to hear some real shit

  • This has been very stressful-living with COVID19landlord vacating me to remodel, and looking for a place after living here for 25 years. This music is VERY helpful! I gotta listen to this much more. Also, who ever you all are, it is wonderful and uplifting to read your comments. Even during this time of isolation and trepidation I feel the gift of your calm and peaceI add my voice to the love and joy that is freely given here. May we all smile, sleep, rest and be refreshed. May all your good happy dreams come true in the most pleasantly surprising of ways…and me too!..after we wake up. Hugs to all and best wishes


  • Music: Delta Waves: Sounds of Universe

  • Hi i have a problem or smth. When im b-ing and i press with mouse down to bar with gold my champ stop b-ing and move what i can do to disable this?

  • Smiling brings positive emotions. Smile and don’t let nothing change your faith!
    Keep hoping, keep trusting, and keep believing. All you have is “right now “. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.

    Choose today and right now and TAKE your happiness back!

  • understand these thoughts, memories, tensions and anxieties..for they do not exist

    dont join anything..understand everything

    your natural state is calling you..time to come back to you..

    no one can answer for you..your life experience is yours..only you know what is going on..time to come back home..

  • Are you interested in joining my ‘Youtube Promotion Club’? Everyone in this club will subscribe to everyone who has subscribed to my Channel. Nothing to lose, everything to gain, just message me:)

  • Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They’re either lonely, they’re missing somebody, they’re depressed, they’re hurt, they’re scarred from the past, they’re having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn’t believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I’m writing this for you so you don’t feel alone anymore. Always remember, don’t be depressed about the past, don’t worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today’s not so great don’t worry! Tomorrow’s a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!

  • This musis helps me so much like I’ve been super stressed out lately and when I listen to this it helps me sleep well ☺️�� who ever made this great job it’s so peaceful

  • I’ve always have a bit of a hard time Sleeping and I’ve seen these type of videos on YouTube over the last few years I never even gave it a chance because I thought it wouldn’twork for me but it completely change my life one time I decided to give it a chance because it was 4 AM and I needed to sleep no I play this live music almost every night I try not to play it every night so we don’t get too used to it so when I don’t have it I can still fall asleep ��

  • Wonderful Music! I actually created my own channel called ( Body Mind Soul) on relaxing and calming/Sleep music… Come and check it out and I will follow back! ��

  • This somehow reminds me of my old turtle. I had her when I has 6-7? They said they had to take him away because we had no more space for him, I once asked my brother about the old turtle like 3 years ago when I was 11, he said “Oh, they didn’t tell you he died?” I gasped and yet I never shed a tear. He didn’t like me yet this reminds me how many days I spent admiring him.

    Hope you have a nice day, you probably did not read this but whatever…


  • I slept with my besties dad and she doesn’t know but he recommended this song to help us sleep at night ���� so far really recommend!!

  • Anyways if u are Reading this then know that you are the most beautiful person in the world and everyone loves u Good night from saudi

  • Jaiden: don’t do the same thing over and over again, doing something over and over again is a recipe for for disaster

    Me:…………school is causing us all burning outside cause we go to school over and over again……NO MORE SCHOOL!!!!!! I am writing a letter to the government to close all schools!!!!!!

  • This pandemic took a turn for the worse for us, remember to take time to find your center, remember peaceful times, and breathe…god bless all of you, stay calm, and stay safe.. <3

  • I really hope that whomsoever is reading this is having an extraordinary day, There is no greater feeling that coming home after a long day at work and finding a nice quiet place in the house and then find this kind of music to relax to. Its soothing and helps to clear the mind. The perfect ending to a stressful day. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  • Just want to let you know that your music is are doing a great job providing these videos to help people relax..and to anyone reading this post..remember YOU CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING. Keep holding it up! Cheers!:)Just want to let you know that your music is are doing a great job providing these videos to help people relax..and to anyone reading this post..remember YOU CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING. Keep holding it up! Cheers!:)

  • I know some people say this is so relaxing and I can fall asleep really easy or whatever but I can not go sleep it is very hard for me and my sleeping patterns is really bad and I get to sleep not like the right time or length something like that yeah? But I find this though quit relaxing but the only down thing is it doesn’t make me go to sleep I know you might be thinking like you have to wait and listen to it for a while yeah that’s what I do and it no no working lol but it makes me relaxed and very chill when me is angry or have a had a bad day and I don’t know how you do it but these videos are truly amazingly relaxing computed to others ive heared ❤️❤️❤️������ good night

  • if you guys need any help regarding your social media stuff (especially ON youtube) just go to AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M and get all these

  • When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will eventually see the truth, just like you did.

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  • Sylas Scriptures Ult Steal Outplay out now!!!! Come Learn Sylas the easy to understand way and follow Sylas’s Scriptures.

  • He didn’t even tell us where to go to activate colorblind mode… I’ve been looking for 10 minutes (outside the game tho so there might be something different in-game)

  • But… if everyone turns off emotes to remove distraction, then there won’t be any point in using them anymore, which means there won’t be any point in buying them…

  • So I have my player attack move on cursor and the toggle champions only, but when I go into practice mode, my attack move will still target minions. Is this how the interaction is supposed to work or am I missing something?

  • Before: Curse them I got demoted because of my dumb team.

    Now: Fck it I lose because a random poro appears in top of the head of my enemy that makes me lose every trade. XD

  • And i always wonder why people have zero map awareness…. I just forgot i turned my map to maximum long ago and it’s actually small as the inventory…. well…. get rekt myself

  • just out of curiosity, is it better to have the camera locked into your champion? i literally downloaded the game yesterday and i played a co-op game and was confused as to why the screen didn’t scroll with my character and it really threw me off

  • i have the weirdest key bindings you will ever see. Q E R for abilities, F for Ultimate abilitg, ( W for nothing ) I have big hands I cant put all my fingers in a row on QWER, flash on V, the second spell on T, Space bar for item active, Y for camera lock unlock. Don’t ask why, that’s the most comfortable settings for me. xD lol. ward on 4 key, other items active on 2, 3, 5… and i turn off Quick cast for any ability that would need holding the key, like Sion Q, so I actually have to press twice.

  • Che cretino di uomo sei Andrea è parrcchio se ne è andato giù portava dei panelli se portata la moglie a chiamato Rino perche la moglie è debole aaa se fermato vicino s Antonio lA moglie e se lesguaglata apennata avertito lua mia presenza aaaa non ti o vista mi semtono che ci deve fa con me aaaa seetua miglie é cosiestrana e gelisa come mi ai fatto capi perche non la alontani da te zac t piace e allora gli dai corda vero come faircon la cugina silvana se non ti piacessero le allondanaresti ste due buongiorno saluti e se vedi che so oltre come mi smpra non gli parlerei piu cia rsgione chessa pur s m fa chelle ochiste da scema ciao

  • Oh my God thank you so freaking much, my game was laggy as heck and I didn’t even realize it. I turned up the Gamma and turned down the brightness and now it looks amazing, along with all the other changes everything is so much more easier, your channel freaking saved me. Thank you.

  • You could also bind the F1, F2, F3, F4 keys to ALT+Q, ALT+W, ALT+E, ALT+R. The “attack” move to SHIFT, and the self-cast to SHIFT+Q and so on. Those are my settings, sorry for my bad English, have a good day.

  • That was actually said in the video but I’ll repeat it this was joked out. NUMBER 1 TIP FOR CLIMBING:

    1) Press Enter to open chat
    2) type /mute all
    3) Press enter to mute all your teammates
    4) Win the game

    In fact I bet if Riot did experiment with removing chat and gathering data about toxicity levels it would show that it became much lower. While in the past chat was really needed since voice communication was not introduced in games at all now it’s completely redundant and only leads to people arguing there and loosing games due to spoiled mood. If I really want to communicate I’ll add a friend and communicate verbally.

  • I’ve not played since 2013/14 and as a returning playing i find it hard to track everything going off and identify which champions I’m actually playing with and against…

    What’s the best graphic settings to reduce fluff and particle effects? Also can you disable skins? So I can identify champions easier?

  • ACTUALLY because lol is so toxic there is never anything useful in the chat only noob this noob that l2p uninstall ur bad useless bla bla bla adc feed its support fault and so on i play like /mute all and then unmute the pings I got chat restricted once because of trolls.. They got no punishment for trolling feeding so on but i got chat restricted because i talked too much on the chat basically u can’t get banned in league of legends unless u write in chat ”kys” or being toxic i can ensure u that afkers get no bans troller nope nothing only if ur toxic on chat and btw many people doesnt know that u cant ask other people to report only 1 report is enough:D

  • You don’t have to try..
    You ARE!
    You only have to rediscover who you truly are.
    This is your Becoming!
    A Celebration just for you!
    This very day to be commerated in Heaven for you were once lost and yet Now Found!
    The Light has always been with you.
    Otherz could see…
    But now you see the twinkle back in your eye.
    This is Me in you.
    This Unity makes a perfect Hamonic Flame of Love.
    This is a Covenant of Love that I extend to you and your whole family for generationz to come.
    On this field I Meet you.
    I greet you and bring Heaven where Heaven belongs…
    Right with you!
    Heaven in Earth.
    You are my Earth Child! Breathe and dance freely like no one is watching.
    I love watching you smile from ear to ear for the hidden reasons that only you and I understand.
    I will remain with you if you take me.
    From the Brides Groom

  • for the f keys LS showed that you can either use a elevated position and not let your wrist touch the desk or if you have big enough hands you can just press them