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How your weight is distributed determines whether you fall into the skinny fat category. Weight alone cannot tell whether you’re skinny fat or not, which is precisely why so many people don’t realize that they are. The term “skinny fat” is actually a popular term that describes a very real medical condition called sarcopenic obesity.This condition refers to an individual who may have.

Finally, and most dire of all, being skinny fat could shorten your life. A study published December 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine involving more than 15,000 people found men with normal-weight central obesity had two times the mortality rate of those with BMIs that qualified as overweight or obese. Women with normal-weight central obesity had a higher mortality risk as wel. The Skinny on Skinny Fat Scale weight and Body Mass Index are not always accurate or reliable tools to assess your health, fitness, and wellness. As strange as it sounds, it’s completely possible to be “normal” weight and metabolically obese—with the associated increased risk for disease and death.

Being “skinny fat” would mean that a persons lean body mass (LBM) is low. No matter the scale weight however, having a higher percentage of body fat can create health risks. Our goal as Personal Trainers is to treat the body fat percentage problem not so much the scale weight.

The Overall Best Medicine. It’s Not Just About Weight. How your weight is distributed determines whether you fall into the skinny fat category. Weight alone cannot tell whether you’re skinny fat or not, which is precisely why so many people don’t realize that they are. The term “skinny fat” is actually a popular term that describes a very real medical condition.

The biggest mistake you could make with your weight loss is not trying to keep your muscle mass. Having more muscle means your BMR(Basal Metabolic Rate) and TDEE(Total Daily Energy Expenditure) are going to be higher. You can eat more calories every day. But, it also makes you look much better once you’ve lost some fat. This is why a healthy BMI or your scale are not the most accurate representation of your health and fitness.

According to Times magazine: ‘ ‘ If you eat a diet high in sugar and processed food you may suffer from visceral fat that can cause a lot of issues – some being a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimers and stroke (Dr. Research backs her up: Two recent studies have reaffirmed that people who step on the scale regularly tend to lose more weight than those who weigh themselves less frequently or not at all. Waist circumference is more important than BMI.

Flickr/Bark Business Insider reported that waist size may actually be one of the most important factors in measuring a person’s overall health. You may have a high BMI, but if the circumference of your waist is below 35 inches as a woman and 40 inches as a man, you’re more likely to have a healthier weight. This is why even when you’re being diligent with your calorie deficit you may find your fat loss has come to a standstill.

Don’t worry though, I got you. Here are 8 reasons you’re not losing.

List of related literature:

Referring again to the bathroom scales example, the scales may register the same weight each time (reliability), but that weight may be several pounds above the actual weight of the individual (i.e. not valid).

“The Principles and Practice of Nurse Education” by Francis M. Quinn
from The Principles and Practice of Nurse Education
by Francis M. Quinn
Stanley Thornes, 2000

But when your goal is simply to track changes in your own body-fat percentage, it’s more important that your measurements be consistent (that is, your scale is measuring the same attribute to the same degree of accuracy on each occasion) than accurate, and body-fat scales do give consistent results when used properly.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

It is important to use the same scale, obtain weight measurements at the same time each day to avoid diurnal changes, and indicate any equipment being weighed (especially arm boards and dressings); if equipment is not recorded, changes in weight may be spurious.

“Klaus and Fanaroff's Care of the High-Risk Neonate E-Book” by Jonathan M Fanaroff, Avroy A. Fanaroff
from Klaus and Fanaroff’s Care of the High-Risk Neonate E-Book
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Such scales need to be recalibrated often and can be inaccurate if the person is dehydrated or overhydrated, but no special training is needed to operate them.

“Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2/e” by Martin M. Antony, David H. Barlow
from Handbook of Assessment and Treatment Planning for Psychological Disorders, 2/e
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repeatedly (scales don’t remember) and it gives you a different weight each time, then the scale has a reliability problem.

“Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using SPSS 14.0 and 15.0 for Windows” by Earl R. Babbie, Fred Halley, Jeanne Zaino
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To accurately evaluate trends in weight, it is important to weigh patients at the same time of day, on the same calibrated scale, and in clothes similar or identical to the ones worn when the previous weight was taken.

“Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice” by Barbara L Yoost, Lynne R Crawford
from Fundamentals of Nursing E-Book: Active Learning for Collaborative Practice
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This is particularly important when assessing body composition changes over the course of a weight-loss protocol because water loss from adipose tissue is otherwise reported as a loss of fat-free mass (3).

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
from Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
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The scale obviously weighs all of you—muscle, fat, bone, water and fluid fluctuations, and body organs—and does not differentiate among these body tissues.

“Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.” by Monique Ryan, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN
from Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, 3rd Ed.
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The most accurate body mass or body weight measurement is performed with a certified balance Scale, which is generally more reliable than a spring Scale and should be calibrated on a regular basis (37).

“Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” by Thomas R. Baechle, Roger W. Earle, National Strength & Conditioning Association (U.S.)
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But when you use a scale in conjunction with body-fat calipers, you get a much better idea of how much fat and muscle you’re carrying.

“Natural Bodybuilding” by John Hansen
from Natural Bodybuilding
by John Hansen
Human Kinetics, 2005

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  • Makes perfect sense! Even though I’ve never wanted to lose weight, I see that I need to. I struggled to get up to 130 and don’t want to lose it, but I’m realizing it’s about health. This pooch is not cute! Lol

  • Sorry, but, body does keep time. Just like the plants, animals, planets, solar system. Each cell in the body keeps time. Good information in the video.

  • Hi, came fm Insta to here….good tips fm your trainer….just want to know if these applies for woman above 40….I’m an active person with love for fitness but when I started hitting 40, there are some significant changes in my body…..just wondering if building more muscle will work out…Thanks! Btw, you look Great!❤

  • Im curious about the 45,35,20 formula. for me that comes out to eating 180g of protein a day, which seems rather high. Did I just miscalculate completely or is that normal? anyone know?

  • This is great information and I’ve been attempting to eat for macros for a while now. The challenge for me is finding complete meal options that will help me hit my macro goals. If you have meal planning suggestions for eating for macros that would be great!

  • I don’t have a lot fat on my belly compared to the rest of my body. I’m just too soft everywhere like a chubby person with the difference that I’m not thick. I always was skinny fat, even when I had lower weight than now. People said that I was too skinny but I was skinny like a model but unfortunately skinny-fat. Now I have an average healthy weight but still skinny-fat, my ugly softness just won’t disapear. Training helped me to gain weight but not only muscles. I want to try to eat more Protein and avoid sweets and do cardio only once a week.

  • Man you’re basically talking about my life. We have the exact same struggles. Everything you said, and what your trainer said it’s the way I am feeling so hard to believe in the process, and being patient! I am so glad I found this video and your channel!

  • I love my carbs and people still think i’m fit �� that’s because I eat but then workout! Now i know why �� check out @erikauy.nonis23 on instagram☺️

  • Im 5,9 and finally hit 150lbs usally fluctuate from 130-140lbs working structural shotcrete(physial intense constructions) but having 3 months off from covid has been rough now im skinny all around execpt im starting to gain a belly:(

  • Start of my fitness journey, I wanted to gain weight (curvy but fit). I hit the gym and grew a firm butt and legs but never fixed my diet (fast food, Starbucks, dairy very little meat)gained some fat in my waist area. Now I hate my mid section which covers my abs.

    So I go to the gym nearly everyday and am on a healthy vegan diet. My abs are getting more and more visible. Carbs are essential fuels! Everyone thinks high protein is just it. All I eat is plants which is basically carbs and some proteins. Glad to help the environment too. Cheese was my enemy haha!

    Don’t focus on the scale, focus on your overall health and energy! Oh and incorporate cardio cuz that aids in losing the fat. You may gain healthy weight if lifting cuz muscle mass is heavier than fat. ������ good luck!! ��

  • What I have noticed about my years of exercise is that I have a combination body type. I seem to be a mixture of mesomorph and ectomorph. I have no problem losing weight and gaining weight but I seem to have trouble putting on muscle and have trouble losing fat on my lower abdomen. Increasing strength is not too much of an issue just the difference in muscle appearance. For gaining muscle, what would you suggest?

  • It’s hard for me to gain weight unless I eat everything unhealthy ��but at my age I need to eat healthy I lose it so very easily I burn calories like nothing I’m 5’1 115 lbs and am 44 yrs old I want to be at around 120 125 the most even a few pounds makes a huge difference for me I have skinny chicken legs lol I need tips for how much protein I need to take in..

  • Bro I been skinny fat all my life and I was bulking for like 5 months and ended up stopping and I lost all that muscle I gained and now I’m back to a bmi of like 17.8 but an 18 percent body fat

  • Hey, I loved your video! I know he mentioned that we can go to facilities to check our body fat composition but does he know any specifics? Thank you!! ❤️

  • My problem is I’m 17 I’m very short only about 5’7 and I’m by no means overweight in fact I want to bulk up however the more weight I gain and the better I look in a top the bigger the layer of fat around my belly and hips get however if I try and get shredded because I don’t weigh much I become a stick my friends and older relatives say I should keep bulking and grow into it and then cut once I’m at a decent mass they also tell me to not worry about getting a big belly because it’s part of the process, any suggestions

  • Is funny how he said…
    I would like her to gain 20pounds…! Did he said that according to his own preferences or a optimal body for Dr. Mona!??
    Poor information… there’s so many things to take into consideration…” your body can’t tell time” this may be accurate for males… if you are a women there’s so much more to consider

  • I have been searching for like years about the best advice and information for skinny fat physic. This is the best content I have ever searched for. Thank you a lot for this expensive information. You are a true inspiration for me:), Hope one day your channel grow, You really deserve that!

  • I went to the gym early this Thanksgiving morning. I thought I could get through the workout on a empty stomach. I had up my weight as suggested by my trainer. After my workout I had a protein smoothie. I was really hungry after that smoothie. I had a little whole wheat pasta. I don’t want to workout on a empty stomac again.

  • I’m 135 lbs 15% BF 5’9, I think I’m going to lean bulk to gain 20-25 lbs of muscle, how highly will my BF% raise btw, then I will cut with Warrior Shred, I want to do this because I’m already at low weight so if I cut now I’ll be really skinny, plus won’t building muscle improve my body composition anyways, I will do lean bulk not a regular/dirty bulk, eat clean foods, I use Alphadestiny Novice program, to try to get 225 bench, 315 squat, 405 deadlift, better OHP, build good base before cutting, also btw I will do regular squat instead of box squat, and flat bench and some variations like incline, is this a good plan, ultimate goal is to get a physique like Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, when I cut with Warrior Shred that will start my journey

  • I am an example for people.

    waist size 36 inches and Belly size 44inches. No fat on arms and legs.

    I went to gym for the first time in ages last night. currently weighing about 97kg. I need support.

    Will update the timeline here.

  • The weird thing is I’m 14 and skinny my stomach never sticks out and my thighs are not big I’m also 6foot I think that’s kinda strange but in the future I want to be a model������

  • Body does understand time!!! There are tones of research showing that metabolism is higher during the day! Also, the whole body function of all living organisms are based on circadian rhythm, especially gene expression! Another proof is that it is shown that exercising between 4 pm and 6 pm is more beneficial for body because genes that are important to cope with the stress produced by exercise are more expressed in this time frame!! So, seriously? Body doesn’t understand time??

  • I love this trainer. “Certain body hang ups are no excuse to not keeping your body composition healthy.” He is super down to earth and realistic. He also didn’t support those pseudoscience statements like when to eat what, etc.

  • A true Persian beauty! I love your model style arms! You don’t need to bulk! Just focus on getting stronger! I agree that its 99% about genetics!

  • Really great vid again Niklas. It’s really nice to learn from the experiences of another person who used to be a skinny fat. You make it simple so thanks a lot for that.

    As i mentioned before,i do bodyweight exercises at home but my new routine is kinda similar to your approach; Upper/Lower. And i include moves like Pull Ups,Diamond Push Ups,Dips,Chin Ups,Pike Push Ups,Handstand Hold and Side Planks for side delts. And some Core movements

    One thing i have problem with is having the habbit of counting macros and tracking calories. I feel like i’m just too lazy for that and find it boring,can’t really get into it. If you had some tricks to getting used to that, i would love to hear:)

    Also,i really liked it when you recommended Walking/Doing Light Cardio. Japan/Sardinia/Ikaria; 3 of the healthiest places in the entire world. And 1 common thing of the people living those places is they walk a lot.

  • Been skinny fat since forever.. I’m 165cm and weight 52 kg but still don’t know how many cal I should eat. I do lift weights but don’t know how to split my workouts out

  • I have a pear shape.
    I used to hate my big butt and my thigh.
    So I used to diet all the time. This lead to binge eating.

    Now I dont diet anymore. This stops the binging. I exercise because I love it not because I want a smaller body. I learn to love my pear shape the way it is. I eat normal food sensible portion now.
    Dr Mona s food combination has helped my digestive system, flatter tommy. I lost 2.5 kg in 1 week. I think when I improved my gut it allowed me to empty my bowel movements properly, hence losing weight. What a bonus. Thank u ����

  • Great vıdeo, but I have to say your body for sure CAN tell time. Every organ has it’s own biological clock (regulated by SCN in the brain). And esearch shows that glucose taken up after 17h is perceived almost as double compared to morning time. That’s why people say try to stay away from even fruits with high sugar content in the evening.

  • I got muscular legs..etc yet some low belly pouch, that won’t go away. �� I am not even doing crazy amounts of cardio and still got it. I am stopping cardio for 5 days a week to see what happens

  • OMG I just came across this video and I’ve heard of ectomorph body type before but it’s been probably years. I’ve had two little ones, (June babies) almost 4 and almost 2 and I feel so lost. My husband has been on the Keto and I joined him but it’s honestly been like nothing’s really changed, haven’t necessarily gained or lost a significant amount. Thank you for this video I feel like it’s been pretty enlightening. I’m exactly that body-type, super skinny in my extremities but have the belly-pooch both from diet and post-baby diastasis-recti.

  • Hey Daysha,
    I have a question.
    If you have to eat for example 3400 calories a day to gain muscle but also drive to school and back with the bike five days a week and burn around 200 calories doing that, do you have to take the calories back in and then eat 3600 calories a day or stay at 3400?
    I really appreciate your work.❤️

  • i was so insecure about my body because my friends would envy me cause i was “skinny” but my belly makes me look like i swallowed a ball�� so i’m less insecure now knowing that i’m not the only one with this type of body

  • Best explanation, simple and informative. I started training hard for the past 4 weeks, and even though my body looks different and leaner I gained 2 kilos on the scale…now I know why �� many thanks ������

  • I am a good example for this.I have been 150 lbs(lost 70 lbs to get there) and since a year have been same on the scale.But I have gone done from size 10 to size 4 jeans.It amazing

  • The only way I have lost over 200 pounds is going low carb low fat i tried everything if i do start up carbs 4 pounds in 2 days so no carbs is not true i out do the young girls in my class leaner than me carbs are the devil. And ive never looked better with 20 year old kids.

  • In my situation I look skinnier but I gained 6 pounds. I just started working out 6 weeks ago. For the first 27 days I was eating around 800 calories. For the past 4 days I’ve been eating 2,000 but I’ve been getting skinnier. And I’ve gained weight.. Am I losing fat and gaining muscle? I’m confused. Someone please help. Lol.

  • The human body is an amazing thing. I am not a show comp kind of person but I keep my eye on my body weight, and always wondered why I would go + of at times. Thank you Paul.

  • I’m skinny but from the side my stomach says: ⚪ especially in jeans, they make me look so round�� does anyone else have this problem, where jeans aren’t tight around the waist, so it pokes out in front making you look fatter

  • I have been searching for over a year now for someone with your body type (my body type) and also “how to bulk” but also having the same body. I’m so grateful you recorded this video. I just started following you today and I know this video is one year old so I have some catching up to do, I hope to see more on how you accomplished weight gain without bloating. I’m 5’10” 140 and have skinny arms and legs and have been this way my whole life. I’m 46 by the way. Buy like you I want to see definition, finally haha.
    I’ll keep watching

  • Thanks for this video. I stepped on the scale 2 days ago after not weighting myself for a month and saw that it went up a few pounds and wanted to cry. I thought all my efforts was a whole waste off time, even though I knew my measurements have gone way down.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I am undergoing a weight loss transformation and have lost 20 lbs total but have been at the same weight for maybe 4 months. I am dropping inches and my clothing is getting bigger, I can see the results of my hard work. But, not on the scale. I just figured it was my body building muscle mass and losing fat. I know this is a huge component however, this carbohydrate talk really helped me put things into perspective. This was so helpful, thank you!

  • Eeeverybody sees my weightloss but me. I have gone from 265 to 220. And no matter how hard or often I work the scale is stuck there. My Sarah Baartman ass is not leaving. Neither is this tire around my belly. Ut I have gone from a size 22 to now a 13. Im so frustrated and I am getting discouraged because I don’t know what to do except for what I have already been doing. Wich is 30 min. Of cardio, 20 minutes of resistance training, and the a 10 minute stretch and cool down. All in hopes of seeing something change in the stubborn abs and glutes areas.

  • Just get yourself a jumping rope, do high intensity training ( enough so that your Bpm is around 130-150 ) Do training that target the big muscles such as push ups, squats and pull-ups, and some sit-ups for the core strength. You will lose weight and fat while also building/ maintaining your muscles. If you do an intensive circuit with these exercices for about 30mins a day, you will burn a lot of fat and calories. Also do intermittent fasting to burn the excess fat. Eat well and sleep well. When you wake up with your quads calves back and abs hurting so much you cant take a shit in the bathroom, you know you trained well. Always increase the intensity/duration/rep when you feel like it doesnt hurt the next morning or you re not tired at the end. You will lost that fat belly and build lean muscles in no time so fuck this dude

  • Paul, as a new competitor I appreciate your content so much! Your advice and knowledge has helped me reverse postshow successfully so far, and you’ve helped me reevaluate my relationship with my coach and reset my post-show mindset as well. I wish I could shake your hand sir, lol. Thank you so much for, quite honestly, improving my quality of life in the realm of fitness and wellness.

  • I’m so insecure. My arms always get the fat along with my stomach. My body is so weird and unattractive tbh. I just wish my body wasn’t like this:/.

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve made lifestyle changes since October 2018. I was able to drop 11 lbs instantly. Fast forward to January ’19 i joined the gym ( 5 days a week, 1 hour.) And I swear the needle on the scale is barely moving �� Everyday somebody tells me how I lost so much weight or asks how much I’ve lost. I just say I don’t weigh myself because it’s mostly for health, not image (which is true; only weighed myself 3 times since October) but also I say that excuse because the needle on the scale isn’t moving much. This video explained a lot and made me feel much better about my fitness journey. Thank you!

  • so should i just lift weights? what about abdominal excercises? what about diet? should i eat on a caloric deficit/surplus/maintenance? idk what to do anymore:3

  • My Body Mass report as on 22nd June
    weight 82.3 KG,BMI 27,RM 1751 CAL.,MUSCLE MASS 28.2%,VISCERAL FAT 16%,FAT 29.4%, My age is 64 years. Am I skinny fat?

  • I stay in the 190s and I’m about 6’4. But when I sit down I have rolls. I wanted to be 175-185 but my parents won’t let me. I dont want to work out though.

  • I have been skinny fat my whole life and I have tried all exercises to lose belly fat but I fail
    everyone says I’m skinny but they never see my body I always where a shirt under my crop tops my whole life I have been shameful but I found out it’s normal

  • We only have one small barbell at home.Will it do the work? Please helppp ive been doing ab workouts and full body workouts in months and havent seen any results.

  • Okay but should someone who is skinny fat be on a calorie deficit or calorie surplus??? ���� Or just maintain their weight? I’m aso confused ��

  • I’ve only been going to the gym for 3 weeks. I see the differences and yes my clothes are becoming loose. But I was freaking out because I haven’t seen a loss in weight. I even wondered if it was just me. I have been taking pictures and see the differences too

  • I’m skinny, but have belly fat and SORTA big cheeks.

    Andddd, in this quarantine I am getting worse. I think I’ll need to do workouts. And I’m 14 years old, I need helppp

  • For the people under the age of 14 don’t worry once I hit 15 and started work out just a little my body completely change from a skinny fat pig to a somewhat decent muscular body

  • I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. NextLevelDeit proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  • I ride my bike 2hours a day with 15mph speed, then on the weekends, I ride for 50-60 miles. Now, I’m a skinnier version of my skinny fat self lol

  • I look skinny in the front But in the back my butt is sooo wide and my legs looks skinny so it looks weird and Im 11 and 160 and 55kg so Im kinda fat

  • I hate it. People always tell me i have a perfect body but i have SO MUCH FAT. Like my whole body consists of fat. I’m so unsporty

  • If I do morning fasted cardio 30 mins everyday and eating at surplus the rest of the day, will I be losing fat and gaining muscles at same time?

  • Im bored of calculating calories intake and BMI. Next Level Diet website does it for FREE. They also provide personalized training plan and diet plan with amazing recipes.

  • Yep. I’m doing a lot of running and not enough weight lifting. Welp, I’m not a “weight lifting” type of guy, but I’ll definitely do more body weight exercises. This is very informative!

  • I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from NextLevelDiet. It’s really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #*Next Level Diet*.

  • just like a subscribe bro, i will follow the work out but i would like you to recommend a diet for me as well, i work out but if my arms swell and i stop for like a day or two the muscle goes down like I’m losing it and it gets back skinny

  • Just cut first and reverse to a lean bulk or you will get fatter and will be harder to cut! You might get super skinny but is better than having belly or love handles also if you’re beginner you will get those noob gainz in the process!

  • I just realize today that doing excessive cardio just makes my skinny fat body much worse… now i regret wasting my time deciding to do cardio ��

  • In case you would like to skip or re-watch certain sections

    When I started: 1:00
    About Bulking: 1:22
    About Carbs: 4:47
    Eating late at night: 7:10
    Counting calories: 8:30
    Eating before sleeping: 9:16
    Carb release: 10:20
    Trust the process: 12:13
    About Genetics: 13:03
    Weight/scale 15:27
    How/where to start: 16:29
    About body fat: 18:48
    Recommendation: 20:00
    Instagram Q&A: 20:25

  • Wow the way you explained cleared my all Confusions about loosing skinny fat… Thank you… Immediately subscribed…. Super motivated now

  • Hey really liked your video ��.. i just wanted to ask u didnt have bicep exercise in your plan and also we only need to exercise only 3 days a week?

  • Hi Coach Paul. I felt really down because I have changed my diet and did a lot of cardio however remained my weight level. Thank you so much for the info, I feel more encouraged now than ever to pursue my goal. ����

  • BODiBiDAY Fitness im scared to take whey protein because I believe once I start using and then stop I will gain more weight than what I already have help?!?

  • Hey man, amazing video, you really know the struggles us skinny fat dudes go through. I just have one question though, I am a 139 pound(63 kg) dude at 5ft 11 but I have really small skeleton so naturally I have REALLY tiny arms/legs but I store a lot of fat in my lower back, so do you suggest I bulk or cut when I train? Thanks for the video!

  • Get my FREE ebook “9 Super Skin Foods!” Shop Nutrition for a Fit & Beautiful YOU! �� DRPHOENYX.COM. Enjoy the video!

  • I have collar bones being seen my shoulders and even my arms are thin but I have fat in stomach which is bit annoying I’m trying to reduce but I am looking bloated

  • Hi! This is very informative. Currently, I do have my macros and the result of my body weight. My current physique is quite lean and I want to gain more muscles and gain more weight. Is there a specific workout or nutrition plan that you give? Or would it be better if I send a copy of my results?

  • Your info is amazing, but you swaying back and forth really distracts me a lot from what you’re saying. Great video through and through but your swaying stresses me out hahaha

  • This was helpful! Im on this journey now and have been doing yoga and cardio but knowing I needed more. I also have a calorie deficit, but had no idea how important protein was! Nutrition has been a huge roadblock. I’m thinking I better tweak my routine at the gym from here on out!

  • I’m skinny fat and I have asthma (it’s torture) I started working but I avoid doing exercises involving the lungs like running, jumping, etc. Examples of what I do is I lay down on my bed raise my legs and start biking in the air XD I know that sounds stupid and it does. I’ve been working out for 6 or 5 month? (Idk when I started tbh:P) and I think I’m seeing improvements (note: there’s a lot of exercises out there don’t just do what I did) I did get rid of my fats and got really skinny but I didn’t gain any muscles, so for those people who’s skinny fat but doesn’t want muscles, just don’t do any cardinal exercises (idk if that makes sense)

  • I dont have boobs and you can see my ribs near my breasts but I tried eating more sugar to gain boobs but I cant lose my tummy and I’ve tried losing weight but then my boobs just shrank

    And today I ate a
    Flaky cheese swirl and an apple

    A small salad with lettuce, tomatoes and mozzarella and a vanilla icecream and a swirl chocolate bar

    A raisin scone with a really chocolatey brownie

    I am pecetarian and I dont know how to eat more protein and I just want to know because my friend is lean and eats protein but she has boobs and a but and I have an anorexic looking chest with a flabby ass

    So thanks for this info

  • Thank you for a very informative video. Can you please tell me the name of the song that’s playing during your workout? Thank you so much!:)

  • THANK you very good advice my stomach is what you call skinny fat mine is horrendously huge I get asked if im pregnant all the time I wish people wouldn’t just feel they can ask as mine is allot due to medicine I take and irritable bowel syndrome now when asked I use all sorts like yes I am pregnant then in which they say how far along im like.umm months as I have no idea never been pregnant mainly due to my epilepsy medication im 30 so looks as is I will never bare a child I just look like im continually pregnant. Remember just because some are skinny doesn’t mean there healthy at all!! Let’s think twice about askin women if there pregnant especially when your in the newsagent and me till operator ask you in front of a queue of people I wanted ground to swallow me up literally lol

  • I’m on a swim team and swimming is A LOT of cardio. Swimming is my life so I’m not gonna quit. I’m gonna start going to the gym to lift when I’m not swimming

  • I need to fucking move but I’m just too lazy
    When I was 30 I had a trainer and did a whole bunch of crunches
    In a about four sessions I went from having a pot belly to a slight six pack
    But I couldn’t find the motivation because of psychological and physical issues

  • I have the worst body shape ever I’m skinny fat and have hip dips �� not the best combination. Ugh I dont know how to fix this or if it is even fixable.

  • soooo tell me how my arms and legs are stick thin, I eat at least 100g protein a day, no sugar ever, very low carbs and my belly is still VERY large?

  • Un related question, I was wondering if you think this workout is ok to build muscle and look toned, looking for a slim tone look not too muscle muscles. 1 upper body day 1.5 2 hours / 1 full body day 1.5 hour ( both weights ) then 1 body combat class 1 hour high intensity cardio body weight exercise and 1 active rest of badminton,

  • what if i have also leg and arm fat not just belly fat? is that skinny fat or just plain fat? cuz my numbers on the scale are in low weight already but when i look in the mirror i just see fat everywhere:( (even in my face)

  • What’s a good meal plan for 45% protein 35% carb and 20% fat. I can’t keep the fat under 20! Lol
    I have the same body shape as you Mona. Literally only put on weight on my love handles but I’m skinny elsewhere! Hate wearing tight dresses lol

  • I’m over here stressed cause I’ve gained weight but I think I might just be skinny, not skinny fat lol. I’m trying to get fit though.

  • I have his but worse my parent are scared my legs and arms are soooo skinny and it’s sad I’m 13 and don’t want to work out and I am very pick I only eat cereal and sandwiches I don’t like foods like pasta and eggs but I love salads

  • Im the opposite. Smaller waist, big thighs. Who wants to switch because i lose stomach weight fast, these thighs need to go tho ��

  • I am 12, and have been skinny fat for over a year. I hate it and my body, but I am a lazy person and can’t bring myself to diet or exercise beyond just restricting my calories by eating a small amount of unhealthy food per day. I also have a mild sugar addiction. I have chosen a weight lifting program at school, but I’m not sure if will help with my flabby, fat stomach. My family does not usually buy healthy food and my siblings tease me about trying to eat healthier, telling me that I don’t need it. Is there any way that I can diet without just going the traditional route and “eating fruits and veggies”?

  • I should’ve come across this long before I became a cardio bunny. I’ve lost 50 pounds doing straight cardio because weight/ strength training seemed taxing, like it’s serious work!����. Cardio-you just put on your fave music and zone out ��. No need for counting, extreme focus on position, or good Lord, lifting heavy stuffPeriod in my mind. Well here we are today and I’m skinny fat and unhappy with results. I only ask if damage is reversible. I’ve lost thus same amount of weight before, just to gain it back plus some when old habits started rearing in. Any ways, I’ve employed and workout regimen of HIIT training. Goal is 3-5 days a week. No cardio! ������. Will this be effective, or no, follow what some say-include no more than 20-30 minute cardio twice out the week in conjunction to my HIIT workouts. I’m just trying to get this right. THIS time around ��❤️��

  • Thank you so much! Good explanation. Easy to understand and maybe the onli video on youtube that talking about skinny fat on female.

  • I subscribed, thank you for this information.
    I am skinny fat and am very sad with my protruding belly. I drink 133 oz water every day. I am 5 4” and weigh 133 after I had my baby 11 mons before. Did cardio and abs floor exercise daily but my belly (top of bellybutn) looks like a football:( I did not have enough protein in my diet which after watching ur video I plan to include asap. Also weight training am gng to include. Please can you share a excercise regime for skinny fat women to lose belly?

  • I get tons of protein, do very little steady state cardio, and incorporate compound weighted workouts.. Still no change.. What’s the next step to eliminate skinny fat?

  • I’m a skinny fat male who wants to be slim by getting rid of belly fat. They said that the fix for skinny fat is resistance training. I’m afraid that doing this will make my arms and body to be bulk. I want to be slim get rid of belly without bulking? Is is possible just to slim down the belly I don’t want to get bulk

  • Now this is way confusing, I eat n take protein shakes, i think the main problem is related to hormones. Ppl with high cortisol tend to store fat on the the abdominal.

  • well.. women CAN get bulky, i know some bodybuilding girls, not juiced up.. they just train rly hard and eat the best way they can:D and it doesnt look bad, looks healthy, strong and sexy if u ask me

  • Thank you for this curse free video! They are SERIOUSLY hard to come by. I mean can a Christ centered skinny fat girl get some videos on how to look good too?! Dang!!! ������ Seriously thank you for sharing!

  • Hi I have a diet question for this skinny fat syndrome.

    Given that strength training is anabolic and requires more calories ( than u burn daily) to build muscles and fat loss is a catabolic process and requires us to cut down on calories then what’s the dietary advice to the skinny fat person who needs to do both ( build muscles and lose fat)

    Should I be restricting calories while strength training to lose fat…or adding calories? ����‍♀️

  • she is telling nothing but the truth I hate cardio now lost butt,thigh skinny fat now have to figure out how to get it back and I was not eating, can only blame my self I didn’t know any better

  • I used to be underweight and carried the little tummy but now I workout more and do strength training and weight lifting and hitt and for about a year still carry it there. So then I should eat more protein?

  • What type of workout should i do? Im skinny with average weight skinny legs but with arm fats and bell pouch, I don’t wanna loose weight but wanna burn arm fats and belly fat and gain some muscles on my lower body especially thigh

  • The problem with skinny-fat for men is that it looks very like the body of a female which gives the feeling of not being masculine enough

  • I love this video thank you! I am a skinny fat type, I wanna start working out…do u suggest to leave out the cardio workout completely? I wanna do Jilian Michaels 30 days shred workout because I did that few years ago and I loved it. Do you think 5 days a week shred would be good or rather 4 days a week shred and 1 day cardio?

  • If you took that first picture and changed the skin to African American then you could’ve convinced me that it was me in the picture��

  • Hi, this video has helped me understand a lot more:)) Thank you! Also, I am quiet young, so I can’t go to the gym or anything. Are there any exercises that I can do at home?

  • Buttttttt… people say you don’t lose fat unless you do cardio. spot reduction is a myth and that you need to lose overall fat to get rid of belly fat(or any other part).. now I am skinny fat, if i lose over all fat i will look anorexic, i don’t know what to do?:( anyone feel me?

  • Hi Dr. Phoenyx, you say and others have said that we as women don’t have enough testosterone to get bulky when lifting/ strength training; however, I have noticed that when I start a strength training program I tend to get bulky in my legs and arms (which are already thick). I have to buy bigger sizes in my clothes as a result. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks.

  • Do you recommend to do high volume for people with higher percentage of fat or lift heavier with less reps? I believe I’m on 24% right now I am low on muscle mass but I’m also not too fat either. I’m having trouble with understanding that portion

  • What site should I count my body fat? I once got 25 % and then 17% on another, with the exact same measurements. Which one is trustworthy?

  • Everyone says “you look so thin”
    And I’m just a weird 15 yr old who is 5’11 and weighs 150 pounds:|
    Which is heavy for my age/height BUT I have no muscle, I have been exercising lately and I was able to do my first push up:D

  • i did the body fat calculator it tells me im 21.4 percent. (us navy method)…………… is that average or is that fat orrrrrr I’m confused

  • You was already Nice and sexy, before you train! Never See such a Nice Girl… I never find a girlfriend Like you, because im skinny fat…

  • Hi daysha, can you plz plz plz help me get rid of my stubborn belly fat! I’ve been doing all kind of ab workouts and nothing! I feel like my belly is getting bigger �� plz help me! Thanks ♥️

  • For the past three years I have been long distance running because I love it! I ran two marathons, several half marathons, and dozens of 5ks and I always wondered why I never looked truly muscular and fit. My arms have always been skinny and my legs have always been muscular/normal…but I’ve always had a bit of a poochy belly. I never did any strength workouts during my training except for some wall sits and an occasional ab workout here and there. Now I know why that is! I figured that I was building muscle and core strength during my runs and that would be sufficient enough. Time to add in some weight training and protein! Thank you for the video!

  • I started by lowering my calories to 1,100 and for first 1-2 weeks, I got a great result. I shed 3kg and lost a bit of fat. Somehow, the progress stopped afer 3 weeks and no matter I tried to lower my calories even more, my fat percentage just wouldn’t decrease. So, I am increasing my calories again and now at 1,200 (my tdee is around 1,300) hopefully I can see some good result. If it gives me a good result, then I guess I have to increase it slowly again. I am really not sure if I am doing the right thing here, but I watched some videos on youtube that suggesting that, so hopefully it’s help me finger cross

  • My arms are flabby, belly is flat but wide, lower belly is bloated, hip dips, and worse CHICKEN LEGS.
    I’ve never been this insecure i hate myself

  • I need some help. I don’t understand what’s going on and how to fix it. I have a little belly pooch and love handles and flabby inner thighs. The thing is, I’m actually really strong. I was a gymnast for many years and I still exercise but the fat won’t go away.

  • I have very defined arms and legs, but my belly is still fat. I do everything, weightlifting, cardio, no sugar and white flour products, however my belly still doesn’t want to go. I have prominent abs, but since they are buried by the fat, they just make my belly protrude in an unflattering way. What am I supposed to do against this?

  • needed this,. wow amazing timing> may be because this is always a concern, will share this video with the wife who is always fighting with the scale.

  • Great advice. I feel I’m going through that issue now. Last year I lost 80 pounds. I’ve kept it off for a year. Within that second year I’ve been lifting weights. I’m definately seeing changes, so I know I’m on the right path

  • I have a slow metabolism due to long term restricting but i have more than 18% body fat, so do i have to cut down or add up calories? Im confused

  • I SWEAR TO GOD THIS VIDEO MAN…. it’s amazing and it’s informative. It’s like you never disappoint me lol, definitely subscribed.

  • A little round belly is totally normal btw, there are a lot of organs and also everything you eat & drink inside of there so don‘t be fooled by flexed instagram pictures, it is totally normal for everyone no matter what body fat percentage.:)

  • I’ve always been active and I’m currently going to the gym twice a day. I’m 14, I weight 45 kg (underweight) but my body fat percentage is 24%!! I’ve literally been trying everything (although I already had a healthy lifestyle), from starving myself to excessively working out. The only thing that seemed to work for me was staying in bed all day and not eating anything (I had a fever), but at soon as I recovered I gained again all my belly fat again. What should I do? (My abs are kind of poppin out rn but the problem is that they are sorta making me look even more bloated… wth? How do I fix this?)

  • but i tried workingout at the gym 4 months a year over 2 years i got kinda bigger but still had the body fat
    tried lot of things but same here..

  • I’ve had belly fat all my life. I’ve been intermittent fasting for a year now and my stomach hasn’t changed a bit�� I’m not exercising as much as I should but a year and not much has changed. I was super strict the first eight months eating from four to eight, I think for the most part I eat for five to six hours now. I do Karate twice a week so I’m not idle. I also don’t eat a lot of sugar, I stoped drinking soda (not that I drank much to begin with) idk what am I doing wrong? I’m also gluten-free. For one month I exercised everyday running in place as much as I could and also did HIIT I had to stop because I injured my ankles doing all that running and exercising. I didn’t see any change so I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this (from watching videos it seems people see a difference right away, is something wrong?). I’m really sorry for how long that was, I just keep wondering if I’ll ever be able to wear something without worrying about the fat.

  • Thank you for the examples! I’m a professional dancer and we tend to stray away from “bulking” but this will help me shred the other lbs and give me definition so I’m not skinny fat lol

  • The only cardio I can do is swimming because I’m on a swim team and I don’t want to overdo it by doing slow steady cardio workouts.

  • Why would I create a diet plan myself when there are people who certainly do that better then me? Visit NextLevelDiet and get your personalized meal plan.

  • I am a soccer player and I cut down a lot of fat I am now at 13.3 percent body fat and I train a lot everyday maintenance calories are 3000-3500 I cut down to 2500 I can see my core a bit but not much should I keep cutting or lean bulk? In order to see my six pack

  • i have been working out for years and I eat healthy foods (like healthy, healthy) and everything about my body looks better but I still have the skinny fat look. i do acro btw

  • i’ve been struggling for SO LONG and the second you said my muscle mass probably isn’t adding up to my body fat i swear i melted. It sounds so simple but i had no idea why i had this. It means so much.

  • Skinny fat is the result of a high fat percentage from the combination of junk food and an excess of calories. You mat have muscles, but the ratios don’t go well together. To be lean and toned, you have to lose weight. Meaning, you have to put yourself in a calorie deficit. That is the only way to lose fat, but along with fat, you can end up losing muscle. So, make sure that your calorie deficit does not exceed a 500 deficit, I’ve even heard that a 100 calorie deficit is the best way to play it safe. The body absolutely hates change, thats why these crash diets never work. You will end up gaining all the weight back and much more from a lowered metabolism. You have to go slow and steady, the longer it takes to lose weight about 0.5 pounds-1 pound each week, the more sustainable it will be. Wouldn’t you want to be at your desired weight, but be much more thin and be able to eat more without gaining weight. Thats what the tone and muscle is for. Along with this deficit, do some exercise. It is recommended to do strength training so that you can maintain muscle, it is completely necessary. Also, eating lots of protein also helps to combat muscle loss. Many women do not want the bulky look, you can only get the bulky look in a calorie surplus. Depending on how you eat when you workout, your body will be shaped in a certain way.
    Calorie surplus + strength training = Bulking =Bigger muscles, it prioritizes the gaining of muscles which in turn fastens your metabolism allowing you to eat a lot and not gain much weight. But in turn, your body fat will increase regardless. There are ways to combat this when bulking, but I will go into it because I am not interested in that part.

    Calorie deficit + strength training = A loss of muscles but much more fat loss, it prioritizes losing fat but in turn you can lose muscles, lessening your metabolism and making sustainable weight loss much more harder, so that you will have to eat even less in the end and eating like normal makes your weight go higher. To stop this, continue strength training or start strength training. You won’t gain much muscle because you are in a deficit, but you also won’t completely destroy your metabolism and risk looking even more skinny fat. Don’t just rely on cardio, get those muscles pumping.

  • I’m skinny and I weight 114lbs. I have a butt and a good size thighs but my stomach is kinda big. I want to get abs but I can’t lift weight cuz I’m in quarantine:( idk if I should lose weight or gain weight

  • Hello daysha i need really help. Do i have to cutt out my carbs? I dobt eat raffined carbs just whole grain. My diet is high protein and i workout 5 times a week. Is that okay?

  • Can i eat my maintenance calories and still lose fat and gain muscle?
    If i do cardio 2 times a week and lift 3 times a week. my fat % is 19.

  • I followed the YouTube standard of eating at a calorie surplus, adjusting as needed and Of course that didn’t work for me. Hey skinny fat ladies the key to loosing that pudgy belly is eating at a calorie deficit, intermittent fasting and cutting out refined sugars. Try this out for 4 weeks, you will definitely see worthy results. And if you want to kick the fat burning process up a notch, include some workouts-INCLUDING CARDIO. Once you’ve reached your goal, increase your calorie intake to lean bulk. There you have it ladies!! Consistency, patience and hard work is paramount to getting rid of that fupa. Hehehe Good luck!!

  • I actually gained a lot of muscle at a deficit fast/lost 2 pounds in average weight too that month, but to share truthfully I was very very skinny lol.

  • I’m skinny fat but I’m also underweight. I’m almost 5’3 but just weight around 43-45 kg however I have noticable fat on my stomach and flabby arms. What should I do? Do I do calorie surplus or deficit? And what exercises should I do?

  • I don’t understand the cardio thing. Does cardio diminish muscle? I’m doing cardio to burn my fat and exercises to gain muscle at the same time but different days. Would that work because I feel like everywhere I go there is a different opinion on cardio

  • I have a question iv noticed that after my cheat day I go from smaller belly after 2 months of deficit to back to square one like I never lost anything. I read that’s water weight but if it was than I would be skinny by now. For ex. A person who starts at 26% body fat in 2 months declines to 24% they have a cheat day the next day they’re back 26% Google says what’s suppose to happen is that in a few days water weight decreases plus with a week of deficit u should be at 23%. What happens to me is that it never goes away and have to start over wait 2 months to decline to 24% just so the same continues to happen. Why??? And plz I hope u can answer this cuz no one has had the brains to so far and iv been at this for 2 years now…

  • This has to be the best video on this topic here on YouTube because its concise but clearly explains the reasons for a skinny fat person and how to fix it. The many comments have provided me with further helpful advice. Thumbs �� Dr Phoenix.

  • I have skinny arms. Like, if I wear tank tops I look quite unhealthy because my arms are so thin and my collarbones and shoulder blades stick out a lot. My legs are also kinda skinny but once I take off my clothes… Eesh. I look like melted ice cream.

  • I an confused. I am very skinny but I have a prominent belly. All I have to is gain muscle mass and my belly will flatten out? Please help. My goal is to gain abs but I have a stubborn belly. ��

  • Hi!! discovered your channel recently and I love the focus you put on the importance of nutrition for muscle growth and overall fitness. Would you consider making a nutrition video that provides nutrition tips for college students confined to dining halls with limited options?! This has always been a big struggle for me when I’m at school and I end up just eating grapes and yogurt for all meals when I’m frustrated, which isn’t good!! Thanks so much!!

  • I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from NextLevelDiet. It’s really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #*Next Level Diet*.

  • My body type quite literally is:
    skinny ass back
    skinny arms
    -long legs
    large thighs
    can see ribs
    but large belly?!
    I quite literally look pregnant
    no muscle what so ever

  • you had a muffin top coz you never worked out, also there is no one strict body type its a mix,thirdly can all the women calm down and not objectify someone. Hypocrisy at its best

  • Have been on abs workout for like one month but my upper belly seems Not static,today it will pooch out,tomorrow it goes in and my lower belly is going in,what I do,I want my belly to be permanently flat

  • Thank you so much for this content.. I’ve been seeking the best workout solution for the skinny fat physic but that would be great if you could mention the low budget diet plan for skinny fat physic..
    My maintenance macros is 2235 kcl.
    As per the app my fitness pal.

    Question: Is that enough to workout just a 3 days per week??

    I hope you will respond soon..
    Thank you in advance..

  • I hope this will help in gaining muscle as I have dropped weight naturally through stress and intermittent fasting but also dropped muscle mass

  • What an idiot saying cardio does not burn belly fat. Your body may consume all your muscle mass but eventually it will run out and run on fat. Also not mentioned by this genius, no matter what, eat a caloric deficit to lose BELLY FAT.

  • Thank you very much. I wish i would have got this video earlier.
    But still i have some few questions i wish is there anyway to contact you.

  • Sir…..m also a very skinny fat boy…..but can I use resistance band exercise instead weight lifting….it will help me or not.???.. Or i should do weight lifting only…….plz tell me sir

  • The thing is I don’t gain weight, it’s in my family,
    Although I don’t even eat full 3 lunchs
    Yes I’m concerned about my health and I’m 11��
    Give a round of a pause please

  • My stomach is fucked i swear i lose weights everywhere but my belly i eat clean i will get a 6 pack then if i eat something else or drink too much water my belly gets big

  • I am working out daily gained 7kg in 6months.. though it was hard. Even i have more muscle in my body but why this tummy is getting bigger… This makes me sad and depressive, daily I m doing hard work and still this fucking fat is not going off.

  • I don’t know what to do because I have a BMI of 13 and I do many sports but still have so much body fat that I am so self conscious of and I’m only 13 years old.

  • I’m soccer/football player and I have a skinny fat body. Cardio is vital in my field so how would co operate this plan into my schedule

  • Hey! I wanted to ask
    1. Should the weights be same in all the sets for each exercise untill we can do the required reps in all sets?Or should i do a heavier weight in first set and then decrease in next sets?like reverse pyramid training?

    2.What do you recommend, linear periodization like Radu Antoniu or reverse pyramid training style like Kinobody?
    3. What about diet? I just have to fulfill my macros or do i meed to cut back carbs rest days or eat more in workout days? Any eating suggestions? Im a skinny fat.

    And awesome information! My best regards! Hope to get your reply!

  • Hey Niklas! How are you? Today i signed to a gym and i’m starting tomorrow. I have some calisthenics experience but not with weights for about a year. I was going to ask should i do the training routine you mentioned on this video or the beginner routine i’ve got from your Skinny Fat Manuel? I understand they are similar but there are little changes like Dumbell-Barbell Incline Press or Lateral Raises,Skullcrushers,Spider Curls are added on this one. Also would it be ok if i just do regular pull ups instead of weighted? Because my pull ups are actually pretty weak:D

  • I don’t have much belly fat and my arms are kind of thin(?)…the most thing I hate is my legs are thick…..ehehehhehehehehehehehhehe

  • I love your videos, always gets me pumped to do workout at home, I still didn’t go to the local gym because I want to make the best out of it from home workout. Anyway, I have the same bodytype as you so it is nice to see what I can be in the future, It motivates me! Keep it up!

  • Hello Niklas! New subscriber here, I read your guide today. And I was really impressed.

    I have a question, I’m 5’10 208 pounds and I hold about 15-20 % body fat. I have been training for 1 year, and put on some muscle. What should I do? Cut or keep bulking? I figure cutting, but I’d like to hear from your opinion.

  • I have a question for your trainer! I’m around 105lbs and 5’2, but i don’t look it. I believe I’m “skinny fat” as you’d call it. I work out 3-4 times a week. And my main problem areas is my arms,stomach and armpit fat? Haha What can i do to help tone them faster. I am pretty strong when it comes to my arms and have a good amount of muscle but I don’t like the way they look. Please help!

  • i think im bloated but idk bc they say it is suppose to be tight but my belly isnt im SUPER skinny and my belly is big and its like a jello LMAOOO but yeah please HELP!

  • Hey man, thanks as always for your content.
    Pullups are the thorn in my side, no matter how hard i try to improve i still can’t manage even one un-weighted wide-grip pullup. Close-grip is fine, obviously utilising biceps, but Wide-grip is a no go. Did you used to struggle with these yourself? If so, what did you do to get better at them?