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28 DAY WATER FAST || Results / Weight Loss / Experience

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Jay began his water fast on February 7, 2017, and documented the process for his YouTube channel. He took progress pictures on a weekly basis to show the dramatic changes in weight loss. By the end of the 28 day fast, he had dropped 52 lbs (23.6kg). Viral Video28 Day Water Fast For Weight Loss There are so many diets and approaches to weight loss out there, but not one as extreme as this!

A video, which has gone viral, shows a young man named Jay, who is popular on YouTube documenting his weight loss progress. I spent 28 days fasting and drinking nothing but distilled water. Here’s a video summarising my results, weight loss and experience of the journey.

Distiller: In this video, learn how to Water Fast. How much weight loss to expect, and also dive into the additional benefits and science.

Fasting Safe Electrolytes: h. 3 Days Water Fasting Weight Loss My SHOCKING Results! you can achieve water fasting results 3 days and your own 3 day water fast weight loss. Option for Weight Loss Duration: 1:11:28. Many of you are searching for how to water fast to lose weight and you are finding unhealthy methods. In this video I will guide you step by step on how to l.

21 Day Water Fast Before and After. For the curious, a few youtube videos of those that completed 21 day water fasts Average Weight Loss? How many pounds can you lose? Fasters can expect to lose roughly one half to one pound of weight per day of fasting (1).

Weightloss comes from a combination of burning fat and glycogen weight as well as. I’ve completed a 30-day and 21-day fast. I lost 1–2 pounds per day on average. After a 30-day fast, I lost 40 pounds and regained 5 pounds of water weight. The most important thing to do after a water fast is to have a healthy diet, adequate sleep.

As far as I know “water fasting” means not having anything except water for a certain amount of time for a day. It can be done to cleanse our body once in a while. But continuously doing so for a extended amount of time might not be equally benefi. Not losing weight while on a water fast.

I started a 28 day water fast, and while the first week was great (averaging up to 8.25kg of loss per week), up until 4 days ago (I’m on the 12th day evening), which I have seem to hit a plateau, and my measurements/weight have been the same.

List of related literature:

Weight loss averaged 0.76 pounds per day in Dr. Gilliland’s study, adjusting for the expected water-weight regain once the fast was completed.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting
by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2016

Excessive weight loss (five pounds a week or more) represents water loss, not FAT loss, and the water returns when the diet ends.

“The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health” by Robert A. Ronzio
from The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health
by Robert A. Ronzio
Facts On File, 2003

Lack of weight loss during the first three weeks of dieting by an obese person is probably due to water retention.The water that is formed as a by-product of the metabolism of the body’s fat stores is not excreted immediately via the kidneys because of the obese person’s increased level of anti-diuretic hormones.

“Sports Science Handbook: A-H” by Simon P. R. Jenkins
from Sports Science Handbook: A-H
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I decided to start a YouTube channel in order to tell others about how I found weight loss success with intermittent fasting and walking.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
from The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted
by Kayla Cox
Kayla Cox, 2018

After ten days, the fasting subjects lost 21 pounds on average, but most of that was lean body weight; only 7.5 pounds was body fat.

“Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution” by C. D. C. Atkins
from Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
by C. D. C. Atkins
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Although these diets may promote quick weight loss, much of the loss may be in the form of water weight (bodily fluids) as the result of cutting carbohy­drates.

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life: Adjustment and Growth
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Rapid weight loss involves large losses of body water, and because the body has built-in mechanisms to prevent an imbalance in body fluid levels, the lost water eventually will be replaced.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Not including water weight, you’ll lose about half a pound of body fat per twenty-four hours of fasting.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
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One of the most successful case studies using fasting as a treatment for obesity was by Stewart and Fleming (1973), in which a 27-year-old male weighing 456 pounds fasted without complications for 382 days and lost a total of 276 pounds.

“Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience” by Randi Fredricks
from Fasting: an Exceptional Human Experience
by Randi Fredricks
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Merlatti, who fasted in Paris in 1886, lost 22 pounds in a month; during his fast of fifty days he drank only pure filtered water.

“Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine” by George Milbry Gould
from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
by George Milbry Gould
Blacksleet River, 1966

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  • There is a person who has been on no food for over a year. They were morbidly obese and managed to loose tons of weight. Not sustainable in my opinion. Anyone who does fasting should be supervised by a physican and given clear instructions on what to do if certain things arise. Mostly what to after fasting is done to prevent re-feeding syndrome.

  • I work in solar and I’ve been fasting on and off since i was 17 I’m 22 now. I could work a full 10-12 hour day lifting 75 lbs panels tbh you just need to condition yourself I was 260 when I first started fasting years ago. I’m at 190-200 now and that’s just mildly fasting I drink and eat good still that’s the cool thing. Imma start another 30 day fast now last time I did at this weight I lost 40 lbs (from 200 to 170 165

  • Congratulations on relieving your condition. It must be wonderful to know that you now have a way to turn it off should it ever trouble you again. I know it may not suit you, but should you find that your back gets worse once you start eating, check out the Lion Diet that Mikhaila Peterson used to permanently stop her crippling arthritis (easy to search, she’s well known).

  • Do you know anyway to prevent the Keto rash? I’ve gone on a three day fast but ended up getting the rashes forming on my body and it’s very irritating to deal with especially if I do any strenuous activity that causes me to sweat.

  • Thank u man. I am from India. Our ancient learned men used to do that. There are still many people here who do that but somehow or the other this practices are getting lost in todays so called modern world. I am into day 2 of water fasting. Hoping to reach day 7 and then take it from there. Namaste.

  • You seem super articulate here! I remain impressed and having caught up to what is happening now I send all best and love! Always have thought you were a lovely person my kids love parcours and are inspired to be vegan and athletic! SEnding love from Wash. DC. Aimee

  • Great motivation, I’m on my 3rd day, I’ve done 9 days before, I’m aiming for 30 days. Was struggling today and found your video. It helps lol

  • yeah, interesting how you’re actually grossed out by the taste of vegetable juice at first bt after water fasting for like a week, it the best thing ever XD i’m gonna go try it out now bc i’m just way too f a t

  • I just started today life for me or comment cheer me please its kinda hard but i can get through this the results are highly worth it ��

    Ill let yall know if im still alive

  • I got my diet plan from NextLevelDiet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can’t wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis can be the result of plant toxins in your diet. That or being insulin resistant which causes your body tissues to inflame. Start with a ruminant meat diet for about a week and then start adding different foods one at a time and see how your body reacts. If you want to dive into the topic I recommend googling, Dr. Berg, Dr. Berry, and Mikala Peterson’s interview with Joe Rogan. Hope this helps!

  • I just posted a video of my own water fast experience (3 days for me), and your video was definitely one of the biggest influences for me as I was dealing with a great deal of pain myself. As I mentioned your channel and video, I used a few seconds of your video on my own video, I hope that’s ok! Love your channel x
    PSIf you want to check my video out, you can do so here

  • There is a difference between eating less calories and eating non. If you eat less calories your metabolic rate will go down due to the fact that the body will adapt to the new intake of food which is less. Body it’s not stupid will not continue wasting more and getting less. When you give up on the restrictive diet with a slowed metabolism you will in fact get all the weight back and even more. But that’s when fasting takes its place. Fasting does not slow down your metabolism.

  • I have rheumatoid arthritis too (was also diagnosed about 6 years ago). At 36, I often have days where I feel 100, and my back pain is so bad I can’t get out of the boat. I know an 8 on an RA person’s pain scale is a normal person’s 15. When we got the new mattress for out veeberth, we did not skimp on the foam. Its perfect for my old lady spine. There’s something to be said for a good night’s sleep.

    Then go carnivore/0carb/keto/meat only
    It has all the benefits of fasting but you actually can eat

  • To wired but what ever works only thing I agree with is feeling better. The whole distilled water thing I think is crap. But glad the whole feeling better is cool. I feel much better when I fast. And yes we use very much energy to digest food.

  • It’s is not a disaster it’s good I lost alot of waight done it for a mounth lost alot of fat and kept it off I ain’t normally but my body doesn’t want alot of food kow so yh big man

  • This guy doesnt know shit. He hasn’t researched shit, he hasn’t tried shit, he’s regurgitating what everyone else says will happen
    Well just to let yall know since then the guy who fasted didn’t “gain back all the weight plus more”, he gained back about 20lb and has stayed there for months

  • 28 days isn’t even that long. Longest fast is 382 days and he managed to keep the weight of after he ended the fast.

  • I’m trying to understand why he couldn’t do anything.? I am 150 hrs into my water fast not to mention I work 5 days a week, cook for my 9 yr old (daily) and planning his 10 birthday. This review is BS. All he did was not work, don’t pay bills, watched his poor wife do All the work. Then talk about how exhausting this is for him. Tf����

  • It’s not impossible to do 28 days but it’s pushing the limits of what you can do without serious starvation risks. Some people who fast often might pull it off with less physical damage but most people will be at an incredible risk of life threatening complications. After the fast you’re at risk of refeeding syndrome as well. A very low calorie diet, like around 500 calories, would have the same effect and be much less risky, although it’s still stupid.

  • Im on day 4 of my water fast and the past three days, I’ve lost 8 pounds. Im going for a week but now its weird seeing other people not lose nearly as weight as I am in half the time.

  • Back when I first watched your water fast video almost 2 years ago, I was at a very dark place…deep in my binge eating disorder and at 270+ lbs (120+ kgs) as a 23 year old, 1.65 cm female… I decided to give it a go after seeing your results & I went from 270+ to 240+ in just 20 days, then gave a break with some soup and veggies, kept losing weight and started again at 200+ lbs. I am now 138 lbs and I came all the way down here from 270+ with a total of less than 6 months of dieting/fasting/keto combined or, as the haters call it, “starving”. And I feel GRRREAATTT. I wanna keep losing all the way down to 110+ lbs.

    Respect to you, Jay. I never got to say thank you. Your video was the biggest reason why I gave my weight loss journey a start and I have lost over 140 lbs up until now, about 20-30 lbs to go. ♡ thanks*

  • On a fast as well my biggest issue is SLEEP! I usually have take sleeping medicine every night, but have stopped now and It’s driving me insane. Has anyone dealt with this??

  • I did a 9 day water fast and found it relatively easy, I’m now at a much lower body fat % after a few more months of healthy eating and exercise. I think extended fasting can be very effective if you have the extra weight. I’ve now found that at the lower body fat % I struggle much much more with extended fasting. Anecdotal I know, but I vouch for fasting if you can follow up with healthy habits after it.

  • Im starting day 1 today of water fast Im not sure how long I will last, but I’m doing it for spiritual reasons and for going thru hard moments.. so far 20 hours down I’m hoping to make 3 days minimum..

  • watching how amazed Lou was how good the green juice tasted made me smile. my mother does fasting regularly, sometimes even for three weeks and the first thing she eats after a fast is an apple. she says, it feels always like the most delicious thing in the world (:

  • I put my lower back out and did the water fast and slept for 2 days and noticed a difference which encouraged me to keep going! So glad you guys are married! Your wife is wonderful!

  • does using a breath spray affect the fasting process?.I use it everytime my breath gets rank,and I’ve plateau at 82kg for 4 days now.

  • I did an 8 day fast and now on day 8 of a 15 day fast. Considering how I am feeling at the moment. I’m thinking of stretching it a bit further. Not saying I will do 28 days. But just see how much my body can take

  • Hi. I need URGENT HELP!.. My first water fast was for 18 days and I didn’t stop it because I was feeling weak or anything like that but becase my mouth started creating excess saliva on day 16 so swalloing would make me feel sick and I had to stop. NOW I’m on the road again with snake fasting DAY 7 and I’m producing a lot of saliva again and at the end of the day it will make me feel sick and I’m going to stop again but I want to continue. I’m full of ketones right now. I don’t know if that’s the reason. ANY THING I can do to avoid excess saliva? I don’t want to stop cause I’m getting to my ideal waight. From the first and with this water fast I have already lost more than 40 pounds.

  • The arrogance of this video. I hope you can eat your words now that he’s kept it all off. How egocentric to think that the way that worked for YOU is the way for everyone. WATER FASTING WORKS.

  • Oh my gosh. WHO else watched at 2x time speed? Pls don’t speak bs or make any more videos. Nobody cares if u talk for an hour and talk shit. Ty <3

  • I did an extended fast… After doing 3 days no problem… I tried FOUR. That was my personal wall… Even with lots of water, and a lil bit of sodium here n there to prevent that getting too low… Well ANYWAY, I ended up passing the F*CK out…while walking down a flight of stairs… At my ma’s house, with a full bladder. FYI… Um… Yeah, never again… Tho I got a free pair of sweats from my ma… Lmao

  • No offense but fasting has been proven by science to be beneficial Expecially in this day and age of american standard diet. Do the research. Your body needs it. Autophagy, the hormones balance,… do your research because science trump feelings always

  • 28 days is NOT going to kill you unless you’re already malnourished people have water fasted for well over 100 days and been just fine as long as you have fat for your body to burn you’re not starving

  • I tried water fasting for 7 days and lost 8 pounds. An interesting part of it for me which Trisha didn’t mention is that I kept pooping through the entire water fast even though I didn’t eat anything for 7 days.

  • How did you supplement your electrolytes? I’m thinking of going on a 28 day water fast as well but still not sure how I’m going to supplement the electrolytes.

  • I call it blossom when the body start to glow. The body is like a plant when you are indoors the the plant starts to turn brown and when put it outside with sunlight and water it starts to turn a richer color. Be tuned into your body like a plant and the mirror can help you out by seeing a difference.

  • How is your skin looking? How did this water fast effect your skin health? I am planning on doing for 28 days cold turkey. I want to see what results I will get with my skin with this water fast. Can this cleanse really heal eczema, psoriasis, rosacea when the body is clean & all the waste comes out? I will keep you updated once I finish my water cleanse.

  • I did a 5 day fast and lost 13lbs. The biggest challenge for me was the first 3 days. It was brutal, I wanted to eat so bad. What was the biggest challenge for you?

  • If you want to see my 31-day water fast video, you can see it here and please subscribe if you’re enjoying the content.

  • I first watched his water fast last year summer right away I started mine. I was 190 lbs and 2 months into it I lost over 40 pounds. Currently I’m 130 and I’m looking forward to doing another one this summer

  • I just started day 2 of my 28 day fast. Drinking nothing but distilled water. (Not even cleaning my teeth). Christmas day will be day 12, final day will be 18th Jan. (Start day was Friday the 13th.)

  • Uhhhh……. your photo is clearly showing you sucking in because your neck wouldn’t look like that, even if you did hard workouts

  • I am a medical school student. A very interesting topic. The human body is incredible. Also, I have started editing lately myself and the editing on this video was mind blowing! Awesome job!!

  • America is totally brainwashed when it comes to eating and “diet” etc
    There are little to no risks in a extended fasts. The problem arises AFTER u beak your fast; it’s all about what u eat afterwards. Ofc this can be fixed with enough research..

  • i wish i could fast that long but the feeling of my blood sugar dropping and nausea from an empty stomach is just too uncomfortable for me. i feel like i’ll pass out

  • This video is now a year old and I was wondering, did you guys experience moulding under the mattress because there’s no ventilation, or did you air out the mattress ever so often?

  • Naysayers I recommend reading the Obesity Code. The record someone has fasted is 382 days. Fasting helps with insulin resistance, which is the common cause of obesity. So if you came off the fast and truly ate a healthy diet limiting refined and processed foods you’d probably not gain the weight back. I really think if ObesetoBeast had a real job and couldn’t workout twice a day and as intensely as he does he would regain his weight. My opinion is based on his other videos, he still eats a very high carb diet which can lead to insulin resistance.

  • I’m late but I’m more than a week into my water fast and I feel GREAT and my fat is shaving off. Plus, food doesn’t seem as tempting anymore, so I have self discipline:D I might make this a lifestyle

  • I understand what you say. This is a personal decision. This is what you want to do. You kinda should understand though that you became an icon, someone people look up to, someone to follow. I’m in my mid 30s, a wife, a mother, therefore teenage dramatic replies are not my style. Speaking truthfullyYou are one of the few people on you tube I actually feel like I care about. I have seen you happy then somewhere along the way something changed and you started going from extreme to extreme and end up questioning the vegan diet. Perhaps focusing on a simple balanced filling plant based nutrition would have been a better option. I wish I could reach out and help you. I hope you find something that will give you joy again.

  • Thats bullshit. You have 0 idea how fasting works. One person was literally 360 days on fast and he DIDNT put on weight after. Stupid youtuber dont know what he is sayin xD

  • On Naked and Afraid they get by on minimal water and most times no calories for 21 days. Most men only end up losing 20 pounds or less. Totally not worth it.

  • This is an UNHEALTHY DIET.. first you need to eat all the things that your body needs, as in vitamins and fruit, vegetables. Starving is unhealthy and it will soon HARM YOU PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY

  • At first during a fast, you may experience detox symptoms like headaches, lightheadedness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, body odor, bad breath, back and kidney pain. The more you’ve abused you body over the years, the more detox symptoms you will have. Remember this is garbage coming out of you and making you feel funky, not a side effect of fasting. Celebrate that the bad stuff is coming out, never to weight you down again. Even bad thoughts, fears, insecurities and repressed resentment and anger leave you. You end up SO MUCH LIGHTER, you will be amazed how light a human being can feel. You’ll feel like part of the air. All you’ll hear is the song of the universe playing in your heart.

  • Luis Gámez
    I water fasted 26 days unsupervised; I didn’t have enough body fat to attempt such a feat and I also couldn’t expel all the toxins from losing 30 lbs. I almost died. I didnt sleep for the last 6 days of the fast and then after I started refeeding, then for about 4 months i got less than 2 hours of sleep per night on average, with many sleepless nights all throughout, ended up at the ER a few times. All a chain effect from a water fast I attempted without any professional advice or experience. So many things I would do differently and teach the warning signs to others. I’m still suffering the consequences of this and hoping I can recover.

  • Jesus, what an ignorant commentary. Water fasting is used by medical institutions throughout the world for all kinds of health issues. It’s absolutely sustainable! Orthodox and Catholic monastic religious do forty day fasts twice a year (including water fasts) and sustain it for life.

    Your “guarantees” are based on ignorance and absolute wishful thinking. For the record, the longest documented clinical water fast was 354 days; that patient gained a whopping 15 pounds in the years after his fast, and lived a long and healthy life. Learn what the hell you’re talking about before you spout off.

  • I’m sure others have said this too, but restricted caloric diets can actually be worse for you than 0 calorie diets, because of the differing effects on your metabolism the two have.

  • i went to visit my Ancestrol country in Africa and due to the diahrea i caught i litterally vomited everything i ate i lost like 4 pounds in 3 days

  • I find that dry fasting is easier to do. Water fasting makes me hungry. If anyone knows the science behind that please let me know

  • An idea, if you do another fast in the future, what about gathering a group of people and do it together in a group? It could help grow your channel as you could advertise the group fast on various fitness forums etc

  • Yeah, no way in hell this is what started to make you feel ill. It was for sure veganism. What makes people think this is good for the body. Even if a meat eater did this, they would also get sick. Vegans, STOP this crazy train. Just eat a NORMAL well balanced vegan diet. What is the freaking problem. Unless you have major allergies, I just dont see how it is not possible

  • I think this is good general advice but not for everyone. If you address the eating habits and psychological factors that led you to gain excess weight to begin with, fasting makes the most sense.

  • So glad i found your video…currently day 15 of a 30 day water fast…it’s nice to know the benefits I’m seeing are shared. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others on their journey! Blessed be

  • For people who never done fasting, people can joke all they want.
    28 days. That’s amazing. I am practicing of fasting. Fasting has so much benefits! Lots time i eat because the food is there. It is not even because of hunger. Which is not right.

  • Today is my 7th day on my water fast. It’s the 2nd time I’ve fasted for a week (I did the last one about 3 years ago). The first 3 days were the toughest and then by day 4 it started to get better. It was hard because I see my daughter and husband eating and I can smell food cooking, but I’m so happy that I did it. I really let myself go since the whole corona lockdown, including eating gluten again (which I had been gluten free for a while). So, I decided to kick start my journey to regaining my health by doing a 7 day water fast. It can be done folks. It’s mind over matter.:)

  • John, I did a 60 day juice fast to kick start my weight loss. I lost 68 pounds in 60 days. For the entire 60 days, I planned my transition of how I would move from long term fasting to eating food. 2 years later I am down 180 pounds. I managed to do it and use a “kickstart” and I would love to chat about it. I live in the San Diego area and would love to take you to lunch or coffee and just tell you about what I did and why I am trying to tell the truth about my journey. I would love to chat with you too and find out more about what you do.

  • u shd do a series like this again called something like ‘getting my life on track’ where u eat healthy n like make amends n stuff lmao, would watch the sh*t out of that

  • Trisha, Photoshop has a Stronger Relationship with you then anyone you’ve ever Dated. That’s literally no shade, I know you can agree girl..

  • You are so handsome without the weight. Please keep it off and try not to use water fasting to yo yo. You made me laugh when you said about the previous video being boring. It wasn’t. But you’re funny. I enjoy your journey. Feel like I’m there with you.

  • Why is this somehow the most unfocused Video I’ve ever seen on Youtube? Like “Hey I got 20 different Video Ideas but they don’t make 10 minutes… Ah they won’t notice anyways!”

  • My own bias and personal opinon; you should’ve ended the fast around this time, you still looked in good shape here and unaffected psychologically.

  • Here are the main things that I used to help my water fast Nokia Cardio Body Scales
    HYDRATE 2.2 Litre

  • Your sooo pretty! Ive been tryna do a straight water fast but i know i wouldnt make it lol soo ive been just eating one meal a day then the rest is lemon water or regular water for the rest of the day and its working soo well

  • Actually not true, i have lost like 50 lbs in 25 days, just water and garlic.. im still healthy af, never gained weight after that, its been 5 years..

  • Jumping into a healthy lifestyle after fasting is exactly what you should do. Fasting is a way to reset your biome as well as your mental state. And reprograms your hormone responses. Maybe you should look up some information before you have an opinion about it. Granted this was two years ago so maybe you picked up some knowledge by now but don’t knock what you don’t know about.

  • When I see a video of people fasting for days I just wonder. Don’t you have a job?? To be able to function or think straight in order to operate like a healthy (not dying) person. You must not have any responsibilities… at all. Your body needs fuel/food to function. But if you have nothing to do but starve I guess it works. I have things to do and I can’t risk fainting while traveling. But wow, to the people who have the free time to starve. Must be nice.

  • This is very possible, because if you are fat your body eats away at the fat, IF you are skinny then yes, this will fuckin kill you

  • I did a 21 day water fast didn’t watch my eating after that got a near death experience, couldn’t get weight on for years and suffering from extrem panic and anxiety! Now I have deep pain in my hip buttox taking painkillers now for 3 years and gained 10 kilo, which is too much as I feel overloaded. So should I go on a 7 day fast but this time watch myself eating after that like Lou does? I really want to get rid of that pain, all doctor’s, exercises failed me, I feel I failed me!

  • water fasting is the only natural true diet to lose fat. what do you think we did in the wild or in any period of time in humanity when there was no food? no one was buying nutrition plans, counting calories and buying all the other crap “fitness experts” sell

  • I like this kid but he still isn’t really qualified in nutrition and fitness. He just knows very basic stuff and what worked for him.

    And I would like to comment on that… in my opinion, he just gave up because of old food addictions flaring up as parasites started to die in his system. Long term fasting allows the body to go deep into detoxing and very few can withstand the symptoms of deep detoxing. Only the strongest endure…

    There is nothing brave in giving up and succumbing to old food addictions and even worse supporting an industry of crime and enslavement of animals.

    There are so many other options to try and things he could have done first to support his body in this heavy task of deep detoxing, instead of recurring to horribly sickening and UNETHICAL old food addictions. This is truly very disappointing. He was so looked after in the vegan community. Now many people are following his example and turning their backs to Veganism. So sad!

    Many people cannot make it through the whole detox phase, only the most brave endure. But I am greatly disappointed im Tim, because I considered him to be one of the brave ones.

    Hard to beat the demons inside, man. Parasites are a major issue here. But it’s doable if one simply persists. The soul always wins because it is light and light defeats darkness, but very few are ready to face their darkness and endure the battle till the end. Yet if one does, simply stands strong in the right path, the final conquest is ensured, for it is the soul that gives the body all the energy of life and this light TRUTH ALWAYS WINS IN THE END.

  • I want to do this. Just read something that you can die from fasting and it scared the shit out of me �� what are ways to make sure you are healthly and okay doing this???

  • Everyone here supporting a 28 day water fast are the same ones who are convinced by Youtube conspiracy theories. Those same people seem to be looking at weight loss and whether or not people have died. Instead of looking at the deficiencies occurring and potential long term damage to your heart and brain. Cognitive ability drops, synaptic function drops, among loads of other significant negative effects from prolonged fasting. but please keep doing extended fasting.

  • His birds food must be revolting if water makes his pain go away.. why am I watching this video..aslong as his pain free just keep drinking water buddy

  • More then 1 day of dry fasting, especially at that point in your fast is very dangerous. You could have died quite easily at that point. Glad you didn’t do more then one day

  • Waterfasting is not unhealthy if you take electrolytes. If you don’t, you’re a moron.
    Also, if you don’t want to gain back ANY FAT (you will gain some waterweight from eating carbs), just eat in a caloric deficit when you get off the fast and slowly work your way up to maintainance.

  • Hey man I am on day 7 of 28, and honestly, I’ve hated every day, the days go so slow! Regardless, I’m gonna continue but I just want to be able to feel happy while fasting

  • I wonder if the water fast given your body a chance to get all the inflammatory krap that are in our foods out. thank you for sharing this little part of your journey. I have done juice fasts before and they were beneficial and I may do a new one and do a couple of videos about it. Much love to you and your klan!

  • Not eating for 28+ days will wreak havoc with your gut. I did mastercleanse where I thought I was taking in plenty of calories (1400 at least) per day for about 22 days and I still lost too much weight and my digestion took a long time to get back to normal. I only do it 10 days max these days and I take care not to do it too often so it doesn’t mess up my gut flora etc too much

  • Hi Timoty.
    During your water fast, did you have energy during the day? Did you work?
    I know about dry fast, having done long ones myself, and I know that while fasting my body will shut down and need mostly rest. I would like to try the water fast and I am wondering if I would have enough energies to be standing for long hours (I paint for work).
    Stay well. Ciao

  • London Real introduced me to Timothy Schieff. While listening to the interview I thought to myself what a lovely, beautiful man. Your beauty manifested from the words you spoke, your elucidated thoughts, and the way you engaged with Brain Rose. This light, rose from within and rested externally, filling your entire being. Your physical appearance was not alarming to me, as I had never seen you before, but it did make an impression. Your experimentation and ability to change your mind illustrates a deep desire to know and understand, and an open mind. That is the best place one could ever hope to be.

  • No salt/minerals makes no sense, it’s completely unnatural. Even sea water contains loads of salts and something humans would’ve always had access to.

  • Humans didn’t survive hundreds of thousands of years just to die like a bitch without food for a few days… it’s designed to “FEAST an FAMINE”. It has numerous health benefits. Reverse type 2 diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, kill cancer cells, anti-aging (autophagy). Do you think humans had an abundance of food around them when they were hunting in the wild. Like as if an animal would come to you every few hours for you to eat. How does that’s even make sense?

  • I love your channel, your positivity and the motivation you provide. But please stick to fat acceptance and calorie counting Topix.
    You’ve got clearly no clue about fasting and you are talking total BS here.
    Well done water fast can Kickstart you into something else you have got no clue of: intuitiv eating.
    I guess you can’t abandon putting crap into you completely, so counting calories is the only way.
    But if you stop eating crap and break your insulin resistance (by an extendet waterfast for example), your efforts come to an end.
    Since you are admittedly to convenient to eat real food, that’s not the way you go. I can totally respect that, especially because you have found another way that works for you.
    Please just stop talking BS about things you don’t know anything about. Just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all.
    For me as a Thyroid struggler, fasting is no Option.
    But by cutting out all sweeterers, cheap fats and refined grains and switching to all organic, I broke the Insulin resistance and reversed the fattening.
    Never counted a Calorie, never restricted myself on honey or anything exept industrial crap.
    66lbs lost in 6 months without even riding a bicycle.
    I ate when I was hungry untill I was full. (Includet binging on mushed Peanuts with honey in whole grain pancakes)
    But whenever I let myself go and put that industrial crap in me, I fall back into the addiction. The cravings come back and I can’t behave myself but putting sugary things in my mouth.
    It takes a week of bad cravings to get rid of it again.
    Fasting is a good was to Force your body to get fat adapted and rid of the insulin resistance., it helps with your gut biome and your hormones.
    Also there is Autophagy.
    The one guy that lost an insane amount of fat by fasting, Not only kept it off but has no loose skin at all.

    I don’t think there is one way for everybody, but for everybody there is a Way.
    And no matter how deep down the rabbithole one is, there is a way out.

    Thank you for helping us all to stay on Track!

    Ps: by crap I don’t mean soda and icecream. I mean white Rice, bread, Sirup, microwaved white wraps with gumgoo, Frozen precooked chicken and such. Basically all “empty calories” and everything storeable exept dryed seeds. Fung is Not a whacko

  • I know this video is 2 years old, but yeah, it’s way off.

    If you have body fat, and you’re not full of sugar, your body will burn that fat… and turn it into energy to power your body.
    That fat is actually much more calorific than anything you can eat, even if you eat lasagne-topped moussaka with macaroni cheese on the side, meaning that your body already has everything it needs.

    I only do intermittent fasting and it varies from 16-24 hours of fasting a day. I don’t eat breakfast so I feel hungry for while in the morning, but I ignore the hunger pangs and they go away. Why do they go away? Because my body starts burning fat, for fuel.
    I walk 2-3 hours in the morning, having not eaten since dinner the night before, and I feel great, because my fat is taking care of me.
    It’s the same principle for prolonged fasting.

  • This is absolutely everything I’ve been feeling preparing for my fast! I’m searching for that inner peace that connecting to the oneness, self! My friends and family are scared and judging, after breaking a 15yr relationship I’m looking to heal my body mind and spirit and this is calling me. I’m meditating and praying so much more. I’m ready!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience ❤

  • I think ill legit do this during quarantine. My body had enough of all the fried crap and meat in my body.

    Plus i want to get rid of my belly fat quick lol

    Hopefully my parents will allow me

  • Starting my water fasting journey tonight for 3 days:

    Note: 20, 6’4 male here. I’ll do a basic and intense ab workout, as well as walk to work and some of the way back. Also, I do 12-16 hours of work per week on average.

    Starting point: 15st 2.0

    Day 1: 14st 11.2
    Day 2: 14st 5.2
    Day 3: 14st 4.0

  • I’ve been working out for the past month and, whenever I break my diet, I just get up and take off the dust, you know? I don’t over do it or over compensate, I just keep going. I didn’t really lose any weight but I lost 6% of body fat. Currently at 26% and I keep going. So, if you get weight back, don’t worry, just keep going. I’m sure you will eventually get there.

  • You were the inspiration to my 100+ pound weight loss bro. The before and after videos are on my channel if you want to see. Regardless, thank you for saving my life bro:’)

  • Im on day 71. Im not going off days but weight. I weighed 100kg i wanted to get down to 70kg. I have a few kilos to go and them my fast will be over. Everyone is saying how great i look. I love it:)

  • Actually there was once a man who water fasted for around a year recommended by his doctor and actually did quite well. Can’t remember if he died due to those causes though.


  • I have met people in life who were glowing and very spiritual that did not have the healthiest diet. They didn’t eat processed foods but they still didn’t eat healthy. I completely agree with the necessity of finding a sense of connection to the world but I think it is foolish to throw out science because of how you feel. I think, like Einstein, we need a balance of the spiritual and the practical. I went to school for biotech but can admit that there are many things we can’t explain with science. I once had reiki done on me and the person told me I was going to have a knee issue and a couple months later my knee started giving out on me everyday

  • You’re not going to gain 40 pounds back the second you eat some calories. A water fast resets your body, changes metabolic rates. If you go hack to heating 6000 calories a day than no shit you’ll gain it back and more.
    Refeeding has a large impact on your weight post fast, learn what to eat and when.

  • just eat healthy people u dont have to fast dont be an idiot to fast for 28 days u get no vitamins no proteins nothing dont be idiots EAT HEALTHY THATS ALL u NEED TO DO u dont even have to fast a day

  • Hello, I’m from Vietnam and I have been fasting for 43 days. I only drank filtered water and didn’t eat anything. My weight from 75kg had dropped to 55kg. Actually, it came 49 days because I ate it and vomited. I want to contact you via email [email protected]

  • I’m 11 days in and I feel like absolutely F**** Sh** I have droped 2 stone 9 pounds my belly is in so much pain but I’m scared to eat now I thick I’m going in to s black hole I can’t get out can someone pls help idk what to do

  • usually, I can see the nature of people by the way they talk. and I see the way you talk like someone who is nonsense and full of nonsense. Sorry if i’m wrong

  • Working out on a seven day water fast is fucking hell I’m day 3 I’ve ran at least 2 miles every day 20 minutes in the sauna at least 100 push-ups core exercises like crazy im definitely feelin the lack of calories today

  • Hey I currently weight 60 kg, I plan on fasting for a month during my school summer vacation, my reasons for doing this is to fit into my old clothes that I love and to make my body more healthy

  • Jesus Christ your accent,wow you need captions brotha…Nevertheless excellent video it’s inspiring and you never know who’s life you might change just by sharing your experience/journey…..thank you…

  • What do you eat after 7 days? How often and how much water do you drink? Can you drink room temperature boiled water the whole time?

  • I’ve fasted about as much as a month. I highly recommend working out otherwise you’ll look skinny fat and that’s not a good thing by means and you’ll look very unhealthy. Good luck everyone!

  • Let me ask you thing while you were fasting, did you torture yourself watching a few mukbang videos (People eating) or 600lbs life videos (Overweight People)? Sounds weird but I did both while fasting. LMAO ��

  • This is really an inspiration bro. I used to weigh 120kgs and doing 28 days waterfast, I am now down to 98. Bad thing was I wasnt able to document everything.

    I am going to start another 28 days beginning this weekend but will surely have everything documented.

    Thanks for the inspiration brother.

  • Got the weights slightly wrong though I have weighed all mentioned at some stage. Thanks for watching and listening to my story! The whole journey so far has been documented on my other channel IFEELTRUTH

  • Thank you for sharing this. Being led to this video was confirmation to why the spirit has been leading me to learn about the healing powers of water. I’ll be starting my water fats today.

  • The Rumi poem at the end was brilliant!

    Fasting: a poem by Jelaluddin Rumi

    A poem on the joys of fasting by Jelaluddin Rumi, who was born in what is now Afghanistan in 1207.

    There’s hidden sweetness in the stomach’s emptiness.
    We are lutes, no more, no less. If the soundbox
    is stuffed full of anything, no music.
    If the brain and belly are burning clean
    with fasting, every moment a new song comes out of the fire.
    The fog clears, and new energy makes you
    run up the steps in front of you.

    When you fast, good habits gather like friends who want to help.
    Fasting is Solomon’s ring. Don’t give it
    to some illusion and lose your power,
    but even if you have, if you’ve lost all will and control,
    they come back when you fast, like soldiers appearing
    out of the ground, pennants flying above them.
    A table descends to your tents, spread with other food,
    better than the broth of cabbages.

  • yeah but she tucked her stomach into her panties, sucked in so her collar and clavicle bones stood out, and stood with her hip out to the side in the thumbnail-

    granted, she lost weight and looks great with whatever figure she has �� (don’t get me wrong) but this lowkey clickbait…

    y’all didn’t hear it from me tho����

  • I think in general people just feel like they’re never good enough when it comes to their body. You could end up losing 100 pounds and still be unhappy with yourself, you could be fit and not be happy because you can’t just eat whatever you want anymore, you can be slim thick and still want to be skinnier. It’s sad what body dysmorphia and self image can do to a person’s confidence and self worth.

  • Awesome man. I’ve had chronic back issues for years. Most has been cured by some simple stretches recommended by a physiotherapist. (I was sitting much in my old job) leg ligiments shortening, pelvic cradle out alignment etc etc. I have some time of work in August…. My vacation plans. I love your videos. Live life! Thank you for sharing your lives and lifestyle. You have so much to teach especially in these crazy times. Cheers

  • I appreciate fasting. And people that have done it for long periods say remarkable things happen to the body. Lots of science showing fasting can be a very healthy thing. There’s a stigma around it, but there shouldn’t be

  • Hi, I have been experiencing severe back pain for two days now and would want to try this 7 days of water fast. It’s fantastic how it worked for Lou and I hope it works for me too. In this covid condition all over the world, I am afraid to go to hospitals and contract a much worse virus.
    What is the update for Lou’s back now (2020)?
    Does he still do water fast from time to time?
    Would like to hear from you!
    Thank you!

  • Hi I am from India.i want to do water fasting.your vedio makes me some support and inspiration.i am shocked with my weight in hospital.i am 92 kgs.may be it is difficult in starting days.but I want to take it serious.i will try to watch this video every day.thankyou

  • His face when taking that first sip of green juice made me realize that I take literally every single thing in my life for granted. Great video, you guys. Well worth the hard work editing! Thanks!

  • Guys you cannot die from water fasting for a month this guy doesn’t have enough knowledge about water fasting. Drink at least 6 liters of water a day, and when you are done with fasting slowly work your way back up to a light, easy healthy lifestyle.

  • The main problem with a safe educated water fast is the sheer amount of muscle mass you’ll lose alongside the fat. Not to mention water fasts with no prep which are dangerous. I did a 3 day water fast with electrolytes and even that was hard on my body but it was a great challenge mentally. It did help me get past a weight “wall” that I’ve faced for ten years, and it helped me get through a hard life experience. I lost about six pounds in three days, started to feel very light headed at that point. While doing the water fast most of the weight I lost was water and muscle mass. Your body simply won’t burn much fat when you’re starving, it will prioritize burning muscle to decrease your metabolic rate since muscle requires more caloric sustenance than fat.

  • He said he was working out and started a new diet though. He didn’t just fast and said welp I’m done. He kept that weight off and he still looks good

  • Is it good to dryfast for 2 days and then 1 day waterfast? I want to do this because I need to lose 15 kg as soon as positive.. what do you think?

  • Hello my friend I am starting the water diet challenge for 37 days. Today is day 2 and I was curious if you had any tips for me since you are the one who inspired me to endure this challenge in the first place.

  • please dont give a try. For some of us this can really turn into lot of problems in future. I did tried twice OFC i did everything perfect. and later after days I faced lot of digestion issues.

  • You should read “The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” From Dr Fung. You’ll discover that fasting is not only a way to loose weigh, it’s also the easiest and most efficient way to fix the hormonal imbalance that drives to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, etc…

  • God is calling you!
    I see it Brother!
    I am praying for your furture and understanding!
    As I write this I am on Day 14
    of a water fast!
    Much Love in Jesus Name!

  • I’m trying this
    Day 1: i feel so hungry but its ok,and oh my gosh i feel the burn in my stomach
    I will update I promise
    Day 2: it was so hard but i did it
    I can’t do this y’all ��

  • Hi Shayne, thank you for sharing this it’s very inspiring. How can we deal with bad breath during the fast.I normally do water long fasts, however my breath becomes smelly in a very short periods of time so I end up chewing a gum just for my breath. Does this have any impact to my fast? Is there any way to deal with bad breath during water fasting. Thank you.

  • Weight loss is not about calories in and calories out. Please educate yourself on why fasting works. Calorie reduction causes metabolic rate reduction. Fasting increases metabolic rate. Also, check out the studies which demonstrate the difference in eating 4500 calories thru the day vs eating them all within an hour.. when you eat them in an hour, you actually drop fat and weight.. the calories in vs calories out myth is completely debunked with these and educate yourself on insulin.

  • The biggest loser analogy does not work because a water fast forces a different response from your body.. Your hormones act differently and autophagy is forced.. On a restricted calorie diet your body still gets energy your insulin will still be secreeted and there will be no autophagy. If you would have used fasting to lose weight there would be a chance that your lose skin wouldn’t be there or maybe not as strong as it is right now

  • I followed this Journey when you started, high level of discipline and self control shown here, very impressive. It’s funny as around 2013 I went on holidays to Portugal and when I returned to Ireland I developed toe fungal too, I think it was from one of those fish sucking tanks, but I won’t point fingers or toes ha:), I then took it upon myself to explore every healing option possible, I eventually got Lamisil which has stopped the growth but I’m still dealing with it on both big toes, very small but it made me feel as though I was unhealthy and my body wasn’t able to heal as it should, I think this can set off an obsession for optimal health which is probably unhealthy too but then I wonder if you’re forever chasing health will you ever be truely satisfied with what we’re given to journey through this life and beyond, there’s so many variables in this existence, unless we live in the mountains with pure O2 and water etc. we’ll always be affected healthwise but anyhow I’m a big fan and great work!

  • If you do it with the right mindset, fasting will not only take the weight off but also tell you what real hunger is and when you go back to eating you don’t eat as much or in my case as often.

  • I, just like you, have Lost about 90 kilograms after the bypass surgery. And yeah, it happened just like the way you said that coudnt happen: i didnt ate for two months, trained like a crazy bastard 6 hours/day and now i eat a healthy 2400 calorie diet that allows me to mentais the weight that ive Lost.

  • Pls tell me tim what did u do everyday wile u wer fasting did u watch tv did u go on youtube did u do any mental stimulation during your water fast? Pls replay.

  • This works really well just make sure you get plenty of salts such as sodium, potassium and magnesium to avoid headaches and other problems. You can also add baking soda because your stomach becomes a very acidic environment when you dont eat and the baking soda will cool down your stomach and kidney’s.

  • You absolutely can lose weight by doing this, but the thing is you could also kill yourself by going into shock by not having certain minerals like sodium. Make sure you take vitamins.

  • I was shocked the moment you started talking oh my lord you look amazing i am also waterfasting i’m currently on the second day but I’ve already lost 2kg in one day my goal is to lose an additional 19.5kg
    I lost 0.6kg today but I also broke the fast so I’ll be going back on it tomorrow

  • This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Gua Sha so thank you for turning me on to that. It’s exactly the type of thing I was looking for for years but didn’t know the word for it

  • I’m trying to do 1 week fasting,abs and butt workout after 1 week fasting I’m gonna do like others 2 or 3 weeks of intermittent fasting with healthy food, so so as to keep the results. I wish get abs and a cool butt. I’ll update you in a week. I have same as Loren Gray body, but I have some flab on my belly. Wish me luck!

  • I’d like to know how much of your pain relief was just switching the mattress vs the water fast. I know for a fact a lot of these mattresses in a box that don’t have any innersprings or support cause immense back pain over time. I know I did as well. I could barely get out of bed after a few months. I ditched the mattress, got one with innersprings that has some support and the pain disappeared.

  • This is ridiculous. “no work, no exercise, no nothing.” You do whatever you feel like you can do. If you’re tired lie down if you wanna walk, go walking if you wanna work, work. I’ve water fasted for weeks at a time and didn’t change my schedule. In fact, you may even have more energy water fasting depending on your health and age.. You guys are making fasting like a life or death situation. People have gone 60 days without food. Just search youtube for long term water fasting.

  • I tried fasting for 4 days, and my weight went from 56kg to 53.3kg. My way of fasting is that I only eat fruits once or twice a day and I normally eat a very small portion of fruits. Also, I’ve found out that mangoes and bananas aren’t good options for weight loss, so I avoided eating those. Lychees and berries are my favourite fruits to go for coz they have low calories and they’ll make me full easily. Throughout this whole fasting experience, I’ve learned self-control when I’m craving for food in the middle of night, so I think that’s a great thing for me. I also did workouts almost an hour per day so I’ll lose weight fast. Overally, I think this method works well but I constantly felt dizzy and tired so I don’t think it’s good for your health in the long run.

  • I fasted for 5 days and lost 11lb. After refeed I gained only 5lb and have maintained and sometimes I go right back to my after fasting weight. So that’s a progress of 6lb in 4 days lol and sometimes the whole 11lb. I like fasting for weightloss. I am going to start a knew one soon. I like the fact I dont feel like I need to eat everything in sight like I do on normal diets.