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Science Says Sleep Helps Keep High-Calorie Cravings in Check. by Jodi Helmer. June 16, 2018. 2 Comments. A lack of sleep could cause more than exhaustion: It might also affect the number on the scale.

Several studies have linked sleep deprivation to weight gain. One study found women who slept fewer than six hours per night were at much higher risk for gaining. Next time you catch yourself polishing off a sleeve of cookies before bed, try skipping the snack and hitting the hay earlier.

A new study published today in the Journal of the American Heart. The new research suggests that getting a good night’s sleep could help control cravings, keeping sugar intake — and weight — in check. The study also shows that longer sleepers also consumed fewer carbohydrates and less fat. Another study revealed that participants who were sleep-deprived showed stronger preferences for high-calorie foods. Participants requested foods that were 600 calories higher than the foods they wanted when rested.

Your sleep habits play a significant role in your health. Getting More Sleep Can Reduce Food Cravings. There’s a connection between sleep and hunger. Getting better quality sleep may help with appetite, cravings. A new study from King’s College London shows how increasing the amount of sleep you get each night can reduce sugar consumption and lead to an overall healthier diet.

“This is an exceptional study,” says Christian Benedict, a neuroscientist at Uppsala University in Sweden who has worked on the effects of sleep loss on metabolism but was not involved with the new. Correlation between sleep deprivation and cravings There is a direct correlation between sleep and calorie consumption. Research conducted by the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA found that sleep deprivation leads to an increase in calorie consumption in individuals by a whopping 549 Calories per day.

Sleep, Cravings and High Calorie Foods. Posted on 07.6.19 Fitness 0 Comments. What we’re looking to achieve with all these clients is help them be as lean as possible. And here’s why. Almost 100% of the time when someone says they have difficulty dealing with cravings there is also a condition of impaired sleep.

Previous studies have found a link between insomnia and increased appetite, and cravings for sweet, salty foods and calorically dense foods. This is.

List of related literature:

Another study—a small randomized, cross-over clinical trial—also found that sleep restriction was associated with lower leptin and higher ghrelin levels (Spiegel et al., 2004).

“Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem” by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research, Bruce M. Altevogt, Harvey R. Colten
from Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem
by Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, et. al.
National Academies Press, 2006

So not only does sleep deprivation reduce your ability to metabolize glucose, but it also makes you want to consume more sugar and hedonistic, vegetable-oil-laden snack foods.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2020

There’s also evidence that lack of sleep boosts cravings for foods high in sugar and fat.

“State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet” by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
from State of Slim: Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet
by James O. Hill, Holly Wyatt, Christie Aschwanden
Rodale Books, 2013

If that’s true, then we can certainly conclude that the amount of sleep you get affects appetite and fertility, which affect metabolism.

“Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival” by T. S. Wiley
from Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival
by T. S. Wiley
Atria Books, 2002

In fact, these sleep-deprived study participants consumed an average of nearly 300 calories more per day than those who got enough sleep, and many of those extra calories came from saturated fat.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

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  • Great video. After yours I click on another one about the same topic (in Spanish) and it was YOUR content! published a year later. The guy even took your images… how annoying…

  • I had forced intermittent fasting back when i was in college, not much money. Positive side, my body is not fatty as I combine it with playing dance game in the arcade. Now, i have work and can afford anything i want to eat, I am fat (no more exercise) I’m fasting now. I’m hungry…… Huhu

  • this guy looks weak. he needs to eat. i work out hard but Im done eating by 6 in bed by 9 and up at 430. eat something lite at 530. 7.5 hrs of sleep and 12 hrs of fasting. works for me. This guy sounds like he struggling….lol.. but i like the information. there is a lot to agree with and not much to disagree with.

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  • The thing i dont like about IF is that now i prefer the fasting period because my digestion makes me hungry and lethargic but obviously i cant go without eating forever

  • People say boys can’t sit still because of toxic masculinity. I think they’re just trying not to die. We are supposed to run around and be active. Sitting still is literally killing millions of Americans… Maybe those rambunctious young boys are on to something

  • actually i find the opposite, if i eat a huge meal at night a few hours before sleeping i wake up not hungry at all. in fact i can skip breakfast if i want to

  • Started with 16:8 and rn I’m doing 21:3(in two weeks) and I feel awesome about my body… I’m planning to do OMAD..
    Now I realize, how I used to eat before like a pig lol �� trust me, we don’t really need to stuff ourselves every 3/4 hours..

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for the past 3 years combined with dieting/light gym. In 6 months lost 35lb, by the end of the year I lost 50 pounds.
    After about a year and a half I stopped dieting but continue to fast/light workouts at home. It does get easier, you’re body adapts to it and becomes second nature. It’s kept me from snacking at night which I often did. When I would wake up I didn’t feel bloated or like I didn’t want to get out of bed, I felt ready to go no coffee even needed (which surprised even me).

    For anyone wondering mine was the 16/8 fast. Stopped eating at 6pm, breakfast at 10am. Sometimes would have a mid-day low carb snack and drink some water/iced green tea/mineral water, then eat a protein dense dinner. Once it hits 6pm, only had the drinks above and a couple hours later sleep and repeat.

  • Read his book he mentions at the beginning of this video. Most eye opening book about conventional medicine! Love Kresser and Hyman.

  • hey joe, maybe now that you are getting some truth about pharma, you can invite peter hotez back and ask him the real questions that you “forgot” to ask him about the bullshit that is referred to as vaccine science. if you understand that pharma is harming us, then you must transfer that knowledge to vaccines and help spread the truth about them.

  • Me: “I need to lose weight.”
    Gravity Transformation: “we can put a campfire in your stomach.”
    Edit: thanks for correcting my spelling

  • how do you deal with binging? i have done intermitent fasting for long periods of my life, before even knowing that was fasting, but restricting have always resulted in binging eventually for a couple of days

  • Don’t like hearing cuss words so I doubt I will watch this podcast again but I love the guest, Chris Kresser and I will be following him.

  • Where do you even buy iodised sea salt? ������ if this was true then iodised foods would be health food and would be widely available so doubt this blokes legit

  • As im taking notes on this video in a pdf after working out my dad comes in my room with some late night dinner and boy did it hurt telling him I’ll save it for breakfast.

  • “…playing Whack A Mole with the symptoms…” LMAO! Gawd, isn’t that just exactly what goes on!? And it’s even more fun when symptoms show up a bunch of time *later*…

  • Whenever you feel sexual urges, start doing fasting. It reduces pressure within the body and help you not to lose your energy, otherwise we are just creating energy and throwing away.

  • Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day haha
    The only misconception is that it should be eaten early in the morning and not when you are.. well, breaking your fast

  • I must say, this clarifies and confirms So much, it will simply save the viewer years of inefficient living, slower recovery, and wandering in doubt.
    Otherness, self-knowledge and environment are just such a fascinating field, especially in the info era!
    Thank you –

  • I have stopped drinking all sodas as of last year… i drink about 80 to 100oz of water a day… 80% of the time it is cold… i do add 2 packets of sweet n low to my 20oz water just to add flavor to it and I do that to 40oz of my daily water intake. Since I’ve done that my blood pressure levels have come down and im no longer pre diabetic according to my Dr.

  • A lot of people talk about intermittent fasting and keto to lose weight, but what if you are already lean? You need to get your energy from something if you don’t have a lot of fat to burn. Do you still eat the same amount of calories but just in a restricted time?

  • I respect Chris Kresser and the advice from his website and books have helped me but blaming mammograms for doctors who misread them is nonsence. Mammogram saved my life.

  • This bloke has skeleton frame Eyes speak volumes All this vegan crap just ain’t for me Here son have a raw potato Here dad have swift kick baws We are hunters gatherers man & women hokey cokey 9 month later Jnr comes along. Simple days unlike now

  • What happened to eating good food and working out? In the early 20th century people didn’t have this science and research and they were mostly lean and fit. Why? Because they only ate when they were hungry, didn’t have excess food to eat and they worked al day. Want to lose weight? Eat right, and go to work. If your job is a desk job…lift weights everyday.

  • Hope you all enjoy the video. In case you missed the list of science-based references in the description, I’ve also included them below.

    1. Thyroid hormones regulate thermogenesis:

    2. 35% of the global population doesn’t get enough iodine:

    See Table 3.6, page 12.;jsessionid=CCE79FB522560E31D7A267672BAF626D?sequence=1

    3. “It is a myth (often also false advertising) that “natural” sea salt contains significant amounts of iodine.”

    3.5 Sea salt and table salt have the same basic nutritional value, despite the fact that sea salt is often promoted as being healthier. Sea salt and table salt contain comparable amounts of sodium by weight.

    4. Zinc and Selenium play a role in the conversion of the thyroid hormone T4 into its active form, T3:

    5. “ZD2 had a substantial increase in RMR of 527 kcal/day at 2 months, with a subsequent increase of 465 kcal/day at 4 months.”

    6. Two hours of cold exposure at 19 °C with light-clothing and intermittently putting their legs on an ice block, energy expenditure increased by hundreds of calories in some men

    See figure 2a

    Citation for the graph: Yoneshiro et al., 2010

    7. Brown fat is located around the neck and shoulders, so it may be a good idea to target these areas when taking cold showers:

    8. Taking a cold shower before bed can help you fall asleep faster:

    8.5. Cold Exposure


    9. “The diet providing a total of 15-30 g MCT per day stimulating 24-h EE by 5%”

    10. Consuming Mct’s may boost your metabolism for over 6 hours

    See figure 1.

    Citation: Scalfi et al., 1991

    11. Lauric acid raises Hdl (good) cholesterol and improves total-to-hdl ratio, which actually decreases cardiovascular risk:

    12. “Replacement of LCTs with MCTs in the diet could potentially induce modest reductions in body weight and composition without adversely affecting lipid profiles”

    13. “Drinking 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30%”

    14. Two separate studies both demonstrated an increase by up to 25% in resting energy expenditure, one hour after drinking cold water.:,

    15. However not all evidence supports the theory for water boosting the metabolic rate.:

    16. Capsaicin can increase metabolism by activating brown adipose tissues:

    17. Evidence shows that chili peppers can promote fat-oxidation and support your metabolism while in energy restriction.:

    18. Capsaicin improves the feeling of fullness and thus can reduce your desire to eat after dinner:

    19. “DIT values are highest for protein (15-30%), followed by CHOs (5-10%) and fat (0-3%)”

    20. Protein helps you maintain muscle while you get leaner:,,,

    21. Each pound does burn about six to eight calories per day:

    22. Bodybuilders had a 14% higher metabolism than a similar control group (see chart):

  • Guysi if you are still skeptical about I.F don’t be! Do I.F combined with a keto diet and you will be golden trust me:) This saved my life, I am much more energetic and focus then ever! If you want to know more about I.F and keto diet search and watch the videos of Dr. Eric Berg ur welcome 😉

  • I took this journey on my own, ironically in the Spring of 2017. Wish I’d had Chris’ book then. Had multiple autoimmune disorders precipitated by mercury toxicity and other environmental and food toxins. He is spot-on and I’ll be getting his book to see what I might have missed. From chronic migraine and frequent nausea paired with fatigue and depression, I’m about 70% better. I love the way he removes guilt early in this session by explaining how humans seek fats/sugars naturally.

  • Interesting explanation! But why is it that my post prandial is higher now that I’m doing 16/8 IF. It goes down to 104-124 after 3 hours.

    Does it mean I have less insulin now?

  • Thanks for taking the time to make the video. I’ve added a few questions to the Patreon page for the video would love to hear your views.

  • Regarding what was said on sleep here: How is it that yogis manage to sleep on just a few hours of sleep a night? Also practitioners of the Buteyko method also manager to cut sleep quote down to very low number with no negative health effects.

  • Chris is moron. A poor mans doctor Berg. Another dude pretending to be a MD. Yes most crops are to feed livestock. B12 is made by bacteria not in animals. He has no idea what he is talking about.

  • Hormone release doesn’t matter if you are in a deficit (you won’t gain/not lose weight if you are in a calorie deficit no matter what). Fasting can be viable for people simply trying to lose weight as long as they like it, but it is no better than eating normally and ensuring a defector is maintained. Fat will always be burned if your body is running through all of the fuels you eat in a day. Insulin won’t do anything if there are no carbs to use as fuel. I prefer eating more meals due to the fact that muscle gain is most effective with multiple smaller consumptions of protein as opposed to all at once.

  • Must be nice to be able yo eat spices…. i break out in swollen joint, rashes, itchy skin..
    Can’t have a cold shower.
    Back injury and Fibromyalgia, I go into spasms where its hard to breath. Pretty pathetic.. I have to lose it so carefully…

  • its amazing that pills have all these effects in you…. (thoughts of suicide, dementia, stroke etc….) now imagine vaccines?… what kind of effects do those have maybe, right away or later on in life. Right!!!….. WOW and trust us we know!!!!

  • Had to come back and watch this video so I could actually hear this guy’s side of the argument. James Wilks doesn’t let anyone speak, narcissistic prick.

  • Even though Joe Rogan is my kind of HUNK, for some reason i find the guest’s soft voice and lisp oddly adorable. Maybe it’s the lisp combined with the nerd-look. Oh, the politics of desire…

  • First thank you for your video! I started intermittent fasting for three days. I like to train in the morning. I have read that during the fasting period you lose muscles because you burn proteins. I also read that you can eat some carbs and protein to replenish your energy supply for the training and recovery of your muscles. What do you advise me to do?

  • Everything Kresser has brought up in every video is mind-blowing, and it is all of the information I am currently learning in my chronics disease class, taught by my professor who has 2 PhDs and an MD. She was also a surgeon in her younger years. Kresser knows the research!!!

  • If intermittent fasting is The Batman (the hero you deserve), then your mom is the Joker, Bane, and Ra’s al Ghul, all rolled in one! ��

  • Could you please make a video about water. when I do water fasting i constantly get hunger peng, but dry fasting don’t get hungry at all.

  • It’s not so much about glucagon but rather insulin resistance. Insulin is proven to cause obesity so when your body is constantly using it (eating 5 small meals a day) then you create an insulin resistance within your body. When your body becomes resistance to insulin you need MORE insulin which causes a chain reaction resulting in obesity. IF is the one true solution to obesity. CICO is great start start, but will quickly lead to disappointment

  • I respect Dr. Chris Kresser for telling the truth and exposing Big Pharma but he went to a horrible med school………………. @ 22:20
    When I went to med school the Body Mass Index is NOT applicable on athletic people like Joe Rogan because muscle is heavier than fat.

  • Wow I thought u just need to sleep and dream about something. but u need to eat vitamins and stuff like that during the day ������

  • Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Dinanlinson Rebooting Health Approach (google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for getting rid of chronic fatigue syndrome minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  • The “weird hunger for sugar” isn’t even us. It’s our fucking candida. I’m pretty damned sure of it. That shit is out of control in almost all of us.

  • Can you just not use clips of mouse..
    May be we can just show a cartoon mouse or just a chart…mouse randomly popping out.. it’s really disturbing ������ love your content though!!!

  • The narrative way that you are using to read your articles is boring and makes me everytime sleep and lose the trace of where i was in the video!
    Please try to read in a passionate way and add some moving gestures, make a pause between each list because you’re mixing them, your introduction doesn’t interest the viewer to continue because you are throwing to much information at the start that you need to try to keep them till the middle of your video and instead add few attractive sentences in your intro, try to add some funny facts that people may face while they are trying to lose fats, you don’t need to be slowly reading in order for us to understand because the user can always use captions if they’re not understanding.

  • Around @ 1:10:00 I was having my first food of my day: Fermented sauerkraut. Patted myself on the back when the conversation shifted to eating sauerkraut and other fermented foods! One thing that they didn’t clarify (and probably should have) is to be sure that your pickled foods are actually fermented. Read the ingredients; if you see vinegar, it ISN’T fermented. Vinegar is added to pickled foods is used to mimic the flavor of fermentation, but saves time by not actually fermenting it. The only ingredients should be cabbage (pickles, beets, etc.), water, spices/garlic, sea salt. That’s it… NO VINEGAR.

  • Well i did the low carb low sugar diet for about 3 months and i lost about 20 kg. I am still 90 kg and need to go 83 kg to get to my ideal weight (1.82cm tall). I will try the not eating for a extended period for about a week after finishing my finals. Lets see if i can get to that 83 kg ideal weight!

  • I seen many people not eating properly or only eat once a day and now they are in the mental hospital just eat properly!!! Not too much, not too little just balance in all things!!!! A brain needs a nutrients to function properly..

  • Bro thx and if someone ask you for pizza just say tell them before hand don’t buy any calorie foods if the do have a code word mine is “Fast” yours

  • Guys!!! Hello!!
    If u want to quit being fat and if u are still healthy, u should try OMAD. Its clear and simply. Eat whatever u want with kcal deficit. Every time try to eat more whole food then trash. After few weeks u will get a point where u are goint to eat 80 % of healthy foods and 20 % of shit. Keep that for a few mouths or so and u will be fine.

  • Again, Chris is awesome but he missed some structural medical, dental issues that contribute tremendously to sleep disordered breathing. Sleep disordered breathing in children has a direct link to behavioral issues (ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety). It’s not diet when you have structural obstruction of the airway. Retruded lower jaws is attributable to chronic mouth breathing. Chris brilliant but he’s missing a key piece to the puzzle.

  • So…. could you bypass the hunger stage during the first few days of fasting by just…. eating… salt? Like…. just lick a salt lick or something?

  • I remember how my parents were in a huge fight and I wasn’t in a mood for eating for a 2 days. I was hungry but I was ignoring this. In third day, I basically wasn’t feeling any hunger, also I got this strange feeling like I was super clean. Like all toxins left my body or something. That feeling was really nice.

  • is it dangerous for me to eat only 1-2 meals a day if im still growing? i can eat around 3500-4000 calories a day and still not gain any weight. Life would be so much easier if i didint have to eat all the time

  • They always say do not get mad at your parents for their short comings, but when you live with them and they are the primary reason for your health issues, it’s frustrating not to be angry.

  • I tried IF but by the 9th day I felt so sick and weak. I wasn’t hungry but my body was responding very badly in other ways. I also started my period out of nowhere and it was very different than normal. So I did some googling and found that other women had experienced the same thing and that some young women even reported going into menopause. For the record I tried keto about a year ago and fainted on the 3rd day so I think the same issues are at play with both in me with both diets. Obviously this is all anecdotal but I just want to point this out that more research may need to be done on the effects of IF on women’s hormones and that if you’re a woman who knows that your cycle is easily effected then proceed with caution.

    That being said, watching this video made me want to try again �� However, I don’t think that 3rd time is the charm in case

  • I water fasted last year for 40 days. I lost 41 pounds and kept it off for a year, I now am doing a 30 day just to finally get to my goal. The past year I fast about 3 days a week and it kept me from gaining the weight back. I used to weigh 280 years ago so I know I never could eat that much. I have to say fasting is the best thing I have ever done ✅

  • Chronic disease huh? Whatever the two of you have got that has not only aged both of you in 2 years but has made you look twice the age they both looks here, just two short years ago. I think it’s called a heavy animal diet. It will catch up with you eventually. Rogan and Kresser are two sides of the same coin here one looking frighteningly emaciated one looking like his head is going to pop. Don’t get it twisted I’m not saying they look well here they just look so much worse now, both of them

  • If you eat highly inflammatory foods you will have high cholesterol because your body is trying to reduce the inflammation and is sending cholesterol to the sites of inflammation in the body. It is your bodies natural response to inflammation

  • Super informational! Seen as I’m a 57 year old female with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and osteoarthritis, a sister with MS, and a husband who has had many stents implanted in his body, this was such a revelation for me. I had heard from other sources that statins have be thought to actually cause Alzheimer’s after taking it for long periods of time. So learning what I have from this episode, I’m going to have a serious talk with my Dr.!
    Thanks for all the incredible information!

  • How much is genuine greed, selfishness, and other matters of choice of the human heart the central factor in so much of the systemic issues we continue to see over centuries?

  • When I have full control of my schedule, I tend to only eat twice a day. This of course is partly because of my current quarantine sleeping schedule, but I tend to eat first at 4pm and then again at 10
    -11pm. Two big meals. I’ve felt like that the sooner I eat breakfast, the more I eat throughout the day. Now I now why!

  • Health care for profit is the problem. Now that it is almost impossible to keep doing what we are doing, there will changes. 1) social health care. 2) doctors deciding who lives or dies. 3) people wake up and a lot less. 4) eat a natural foods.

  • I live in North Africa so march is hot weather and so ice-cream season calls me out and like negan said back to it that skinny fat or weird stomach fat

  • Liar!!!!! Table salt is the worst kind of salt the human can digest!!!!! It is stripped of its natural properties by way of bleach and the removal of IODINE!!!!!

  • I was diagnosed with hashimotos & hypothyroidism 10 years ago and only when eating autoimmune paleo protocol have i lost 90 lbs and remaining symptoms gone away ����

  • 2:05

    Isn’t this trough right after breakfast? So this trough is right after breakfast…

    So you say least hungry the longest gone without food, but this graph your showing suggests your least hungry after breakfast.

  • Great documentary I saw, think it was called “The Cholesterol Myth”. Worth a watch. Also, “The Fluoride Deception” basically shows the 50s was the period corporations bribed science and government.

  • BMI is an easy metric that works in general. If you’re highly muscular with low body fat, you are not in the majority. And to consider, some people who are overly muscular with too much weight on them in general still have predictable obese medical consequences. just an fyi from clinical experience/witnessing. take it or leave it.

  • Does anyone know which Joe rogan podcast talks about oral health/oral biome and its connection to the brain? It may or may not be with Chris Kresser.

  • Thank you for this explanation. I just started intermittent fasting and im on my 2nd day. Before that ive done keto diet eating 3-4 times a day for maybe 4-5 weeks. I stopped losing weight almost a week ago and read about intermittent fasting combined with a keto diet eating only between 12pm until 8pm. Trying to have 2 meals.

    This video helped me cause im feeling so hungry today but knowing that things will get better and how it actually works makes me keep going!

  • Has Joe Rogan every had a vegan on his show to discuss vegan nutrition? Seems like discussing veganism with a “paleo enthusiast” isn’t very useful… unless the real topic is confirmation bias.

  • Joe I heard you say more then once” how is this legal “. I feel there’s never one simple solution or answer but “lobbying” which pure and simple is bribing is at the root of a lot of this. The people that gravitate to these political positions in our governments are basically pigs at a trough.If lobbying was made illegal where those caught ” indulging in it received mandatory jail time, not fines because money is not an issue with these people of so much wealth I think it could work as a catalyst in helping turn things towards a better direction. Across the board.

  • Its just too bad Monsanto don’t want us to est real food and keep fucking with it. Monsanto values the damn dollar more than the whole population of US.

  • Terrible advice to take more iodine. Me and thousand others have ruined their health with that. There are many books about how toxic iodine is to us in to high doses which people in western countries get easy since that crap is added in every food that contains salt

    Right advise would be to go to a doctor and check your thyroid hormones

  • I once thougt that youtube would put the headlines aoutomaticlly in spanish, since im from Guatemala, a hispanic country, but it is actually you isn’t that right? lol

  • The urologist, who I use to see and also diagnosed me with my bladder disease walks in, gives me a piece of paper that tells me what diet to follow, prescribes me medication, then asks if I have any questions. I’ve never had a 3 minute doctor visit in my life. Another reason I hate conventional medicine.

  • I wonder if the animators working on the apple picking scene of the Abilify ad knew they were doing the horrible side effects section. I for one, wouldn’t feel good about that at all. Commercials often have high budgets for nice quality animation, it’s such a shame the subject matter is so terrible.

  • Joe, please consider having Eric Berg on your show? His ketogenic/intermittent fasting protocol has literally saved my life by helping me shed 50 lb.s and get off blood pressure, cholesterol and heartburn meds, all in 3 months time.

  • I just started a fasting program. I was following a ketogenic diet for 3 days and then decided to fast. I’m now at 26 hours fasting and I’m not hungry. I was only going to do 18 hours, but once I hit 18, I just wanted to see if I can make it to 24. It was pretty much a bedtime, once I hit 24 hours, so I decided just to keep going. I think the key is already being in ketosis when you decide to start the fast. I think that removes the sugar crash and makes the transition hella easy. Keto already had me doing two meals a day.

  • I really expected this to be pseudo science but this guy really does use real studies to back up his facts so props for that. However he does bend a couple of the stats to look favorable to fat loss. Like in the statistic that 35% of people are low on iodine that neglects the fact that it’s only 9% in America. This is probably due to the fact that countries dealing with starvation obviously have a higher rate of iodine deficiency.

  • So, if I work out, how much protein is actually recommended? 1.6-2.2 grams per 1 kg of the body is too much by that notion isnt it?

  • If you can do a couple of pushups and you have broad shoulders (athletic body type) you are obese by BMI metrix. The only way to be of “normal BMI” with broad shoulders is if you don’t train your legs at all… you’d have to literally volunteer yourself to a wheelchair

  • I think too much complex things over here. I don’t calculate how much protein and salt that i took everyday. And taking same food every day also not a healthy thing. I did fasting and at the same time i took everything moderately. The more i try to control certain food. The more i craving for it. Just versatile your food and take moderately. Enjoy life. IMHO.

  • Chris is great but he misses a big thing when it comes to the causes of narrow arches, crowded teeth, and retruded lower jaws. The main reason for this is chronic mouth breathing which forces the tongue to drop to the floor of the mouth. The teeth then crowd and the arches narrow. You have to have poor tongue posture (secondary to chronic mouth breathing) in order to have narrow arches and retruded lower jaws and crowded teeth.

  • I eat one huge meal of whole, non processed, very low carb, high fat foods every 45 hours or so. Makes CICO completely irrelevant in terms of ‘will I gain fat?’ No…no I will not. The rest of the time I’m burning glycogen, and then fat. The thing to understand about intermittent fasting is if you try to do it on a high carb diet, it will be very difficult. if you try to do it on a very low carb, high fat, moderate/high protein diet, it will be much, much easier. Lower insulin means less blood sugar swings. This means fewer cravings and more stable energy.
    Sorry 3 meals per day people…this is the eating pattern that most closely aligns with our physiology. We didn’t evolve in an environment with Wal-Mart on every corner. Unless you have some very rare glycogen storage disease, you don’t need to eat more than once per day. It’s okay to be hungry. All it means is that you’re using your stored energy. You won’t die. If all Americans ate once per day with no snacking, and ate only whole foods found in nature (including meat!), the obesity epidemic would largely resolve.

  • The Fluoride in most municipal water systems is not even food grade, as is in your toothpaste, it’s a by-product, a waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries. It’s industrial toxic waste.

  • I know I’m two years late to the convo, but I have to chime in, the problem with telling people to eat a healthy diet and giving them a paper doesn’t do a thing. They do not know what a healthy diet looks like. You have to send them to nutritional classes that include teaching how to cook from scratch. People do not understand that 70%+ of the products on the shelves at the grocery isn’t food, it’s food-like products. It’s mostly silage with salt, sugar and fat (all of it the worst type possible) added to make it palatable. That didn’t hit me until I watched Under the Dome, the Stephen King TV series.

    Add to that, that most people see their Doctors for check ups every 3 to 6 months and they just want to get in and get it over with, no matter what. Unless the illness is causing problems with their life style in a dramatic way they live with it, usually till it kills them. They do not know their Doctor nor does their doctor know them.

    All of this is because of greed. We have to take profit out of Health care and actually create a Health Care system as opposed to our illness maintenance method.

    As for 50% have at least 1 chronic illness we are going extinct.

    All of the unhealthy stuff they are passing off as food needs to be outlawed, banned and the greedy bastards that made us sick from it need to compensate us for our suffering.