Scale Got You Lower 4 Motivating Methods to Measure How Well You’re Progressing


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A scale doesn’t measure how strong you’re getting, how much better you feel, or if you can play hide-and-seek for hours. The number of atoms we have in our body usually has nothing to do with what we actually want, making your weight on that scale a. And then what you need to do next is to measure your progress.

Check off all the tasks that you have done. This is how you accomplish your goals. 4. You become more motivated. When you measure your progress, you will see how far you have come.

When you go through your day wasting time and without making any progress to reach your goals, how do. There are other ways you can measure progress in your fitness and determine your success. Once you start applying these tests, you too can know the rest of your story.

Photos. You can take photos and see physical evidence of the results and determine if the path your following is a good one or if you need to change things up. 6 Alternative Ways to Measure Your Progress 1. Track Your Body Fat Percentage.

Measuring your body fat percentage is a much more accurate and telling way to track your progress compared to the scale. This is because the scale does not differentiate between fat and muscle in your body. It can be a problem because even if you are losing fat, you. Instead of obsessing over the scale, stay motivated by implementing these five other ways to track your progress.

It’s time to end your love affair with the scale once and for all! For many people a scale can be a valuable tool to help them on their fitness journey. Instead of obsessing over scale numbers, here’s 5 ways to measure progress without using the scales. Take progress pictures Taking photos of yourself at the beginning of your fitness journey might seem daunting and uncomfortable, but it’s a great way to measure your progress. These four characteristics give us four types of progress measures: performance measures, activity measures, quota measures, and status measures.

Performance Measures monitor the progress of capability. PuMP is all about performance measures, which measure progress of results over time. 4. Lastly, be conscious of how you feel emotionally. You’ve been working hard to reach your goals. Hopefully, the hard work will come with a boost in self-esteem, confidence, and happiness.

Are you beginning to feel more comfortable in your own body? Work to build a positive vocabulary to stay motivated. Just because the scale has stopped. If you want to measure your fitness progress, setting an exercise or performance-based goal is a great way to track your progress, Fetters says.

These goals can include any kind of fitness feat you’d like to achieve, whether it’s lifting a. As long as the overall trend is down you are on the right path ⇾ There will be ups and downs in weight all along the way, and that is perfectly normal and OK. Recognizing different ways to measure your progress will not only lead to continuing improvements, but will also help to keep you motivated along the way.

List of related literature:

Thus, the scale is considered a valid and reliable means of assessing and tracking exercise intensity.

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I stopped relying on the scale to make me feel successful.

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When the scale throws an ugly number in my face, I want to cry—and, sometimes I do, especially if the efforts I have made in the days before do not match up with what I see on the scale.

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Checking the scale can be motivating.

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I measured myself daily after weighing for a more accurate understanding of my progress.

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Finally, scales can be used to track progress over time.

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I consider the scale a useful tool for me to roughly gauge where I am at any moment.

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I immediately liked the idea because I knew that if I was making some effort (in this case, tapping) and not getting results (the number on the scale going down), then I would be adding unnecessary emotional baggage to the pile of issues I already know I need to deal with around my weight and body.

“The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More” by Jessica Ortner
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Noticing the scale, and noticing when the scale changes, is vital.

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Scales related to change can also be used as motivational tools.

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  • What do you think about bioimpedance based body fat % measurements? Clearly it’s not cost effective to do immersion based measurements, and I know caliper tests can be accurate but is highly user dependent. However, bioimpedance measurements kind of extrapolate your total body fitness from just a small percentage of your body, so it’s got its own problems.

  • Great podcast. Definitely on point with where my family is in this moment even down to the day. (My son & his fiancee, not on the same page right now. I went over there last night. Me with my son & daughter, not on point. Me about losing the weight. (Weighed 273lbs in 2018. Weighing 271lbs in 2019). CJ are you the fly on my walls??? Lol… Thank you guys so much. I haven’t done the Assessment? Not doing the Accountability thing. Been turning the other cheek. I ain’t got but 2. I’m wayyyy behind on the plans I thought out for my life. Have had many setbacks but, I am still going. Forever sharing & following y’all. ❤����‍♀️��������

  • LOL don’t go back to unicorns and rainbows. We needed that rough rugged and raw. That’s how we grow. You guys don’t hold back that’s why I love you guys. Sometimes we need that tough love man. We all get too comfortable in our little bubble filled with unicorns rainbows puppies and kittens that we forget how it is to struggle sacrifice put in the effort to put in the work. Anyways God bless you guys thanks for all the content all the love and all of what you guys do.

  • “You know what else you gonna benefit from?” I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT WAS COMING!!! Keep doing what you’re doing fellas, big love all the way from London, England!

  • I am so grateful that the Married and Engaged Ministry allowed me, as a single woman, to attend their meetings. I’ve learned a lot. We have to make a life and recognize that marriage is a partnership. The first human relationship to solidify is the husband and wife. That’s the one for life while raising children is for a limited time. People wreck my nerves when they tell me “don’t get married” or “don’t have kids.” Just because they didn’t nurture and cultivate theirs, they want to project that on me. Miss me with that when Teachers spend more waking hours with children than their own parents do. Complain about situations, but refuse to do something about it. I’ve been learning and I’ll keep living as me with the expectation that my Purpose-Partner will connect and walk this journey with me; staying aware, authentic, and accountable. Thank you for not having the same pride and ego so that you could acknowledge how DeeDee’s Mom created a foundation to assist you all in the building of the legacy. Congrats to your son on stepping up to not have a woman “play” a wife as well. He has a great example.

  • Thank you ET, this was the best podcast episode to pull me out of my fear of facing my responsibilities that i wanted others to do them for me, Long time student from Ethiopia

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  • I swear to u I have a problem with accepting the “blessing”. I trying to get out of the same slump. So I’m listening to get off warefare.

  • I take a video of myself once a month in the same spot with the same angle and the same lighting conditions in boxer briefs. I just lean my phone against something on the table and make the phone video record, then I stand back and pose for the camera.
    Front Side Back (I do both flexed and fully relaxed)
    That is the most useful method I’ve personally found to tack my progress as objectively as I can other than just the scale:)
    I then take screenshots from the video and join the pictures side by side every few months using the website photojoiner dot com, it’s quite simple and very useful. I am 188 cm and 82 kilos. I range between 78 and 83 kilos throughout the year. And yeah there are times where I look better at a slightly higher weight and times where I look less fit at a lower weight, that all depends on things like sleep, exercise consistency, hydration and mood etc. The scale is not the whole story.

  • Man that’s the same thing I was telling my son. The teacher gave you A but you cant tell me what’s going on that A paper. Half the words miss spelled. So I asked him you think you deserved an A.

  • Another great podcast! It has to be about the person to do what they need to do. Too close is real and a GREAT reminder. I try to keep people around me that see my bad habits and can help me to create more effective ones.

  • Oops, I didn’t make it to 1st like and comment this time, next time I would be first ��! Good motivational video, loved it! My 45-days-old ‘Inspirational Travel’ channel is doing great with the glacier video hitting 8k views in the first two days, so exciting!

  • Im going into school and a new job 0-100 with a tight time schedule, don’t know how its going to work but its that leap of faith or trial i endure till the end with told myself i could hustle thru it 2O19…

  • i feel you cj. people don’t realize how easy it is to make excuses for themselves. They only fool THEMSELVES with the lies. You can’t keep it real with ANYBODY unless you’re real with YOURSELF first.

  • i listen to these podcasts in the shower���� and while i’m cooking ���� i GET SOOO DAMN EXCITED WHEN A NEW ONE COMES OUT!! lol thanks guys

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  • the savagery ya bring to the podcast is underrated lol quality information in it’s rawest form. looking forward to seeing you guys crack 200 episodes! ��