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Ryan Terry Olympia 2018 Prep Diary ep.5

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Shredded for competition Ryan Terry gives his advice

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Terry Crews 4% Body Fat at 50! | Body Transformation

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The Only Way to Simultaneously Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

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Ryan Terry’s 4 Fat Loss Tips For Getting Ripped

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Lose Fat; Gain Mass; Supplements; Supplements Straight from Strong Supplements. Workout Tips 14 Tips to Make Getting Ripped Easier. Workout Routines The 350 Rep Kettlebell Workout. Ryan Terry’s guide to getting what the judges are looking for in. After working out, Terry practices posing for 15 minutes, then recovers in a 104-degree heated jacuzzi for about 45 minutes.

He also has a shake with 50g of whey protein 100g of cyclic dextrin. Follow the Olympia on Instagram at @ mrolympiallc for the rest of Terry. 1. Hang ’em high. “I start my abs workouts with the hanging leg raise, which helps achieve the V. It’s my favorite abs exercise.”. 2. Keep it light. “Don’t use heavy weight with oblique moves.

You’ll thicken the waist. Instead, use high reps and light weight.”. What Physique Pros Eat For Breakfast | Ryan Terry’s 1st Meal Of The Day Duration: Ryan Terry’s 4 Fat Loss Tips For Getting Ripped Duration: 4:43. Massive Iron.

Ryan Terry Olympia 2018 Prep Diary ep.5 Duration: Ripped Over 40 Full Body Fat Loss Duration: Ryan Terry’s 4 Fat Loss Tips For Getting Ripped Duration: 4:43. Ryan terry. Muscle Booster Muscle Fat Burn Secrets Burn Fats And Lose Weight The Natural And Healthy Way! 4 Moves to Ripped Abs Fast | How to get a six-pack. Learn 4 moves to help you build ripped strong abs as fast as possible.

With the correct diet, ab exercises can help you build a. Episode two of USN Athlete Ryan Terry’s 2016 Olympia Prep takes us to Ft. Lauderdale FL. where Ryan visited the USN USA Team for a week. Ryan Terry is holding a ” cover model workshop ” next month which people pay him a ton of money to go and learn his ” secrets “. He is just a conman like that Roid Riches who tell people they can look like them with no drugs. F%ck you Ryan Terry i would crush you son of a bitch!This video is unavailable.

Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. For someone Ryan Terry’s age, the idea of combining sports and weight training was hardly new.

What was new, though, was how quickly he rose once he hit the world stage. In 2010, when Terry was 22, a friend nominated him for the “Mister Great Britain” competition.

List of related literature:

He appeared in ads endorsing many of the nutritional and exercise equipment products of his employer Joe Weider, and personally sold tens of thousands of training courses in which he advocated that one should train upwards of six days a week, twice a day, for two hours a workout and 20 sets per body part.

“The Time-Saver's Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results” by John Little
from The Time-Saver’s Workout: A Revolutionary New Fitness Plan that Dispels Myths and Optimizes Results
by John Little
Skyhorse, 2019

Chapter 8 Bodybuilding for fat loss: This is from Alwyn’s Real World Fat Loss Theory Manual, which he released in early 2007 and which is available at alwyncosgrove.com.

“The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess” by Lou Schuler, Cassandra E. Forsythe, Alwyn Cosgrove
from The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess
by Lou Schuler, Cassandra E. Forsythe, Alwyn Cosgrove
Avery, 2008

Since this book is about building muscle the natural way, we’re going to show you how to systematically alter your training so that you’ll get phenomenal results without having to resort to drugs to compensate for your inappropriately selected workout volume.

“Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way” by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
from Scrawny to Brawny: The Complete Guide to Building Muscle the Natural Way
by Michael Mejia, John Berardi
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2005

Some of you will have even more dramatic results (see page 30 for the story of Bill Stanton, who lost 30 pounds in the first 6 weeks on the diet and cut his body fat percentage from 30 percent to 15 percent).

“The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life” by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
from The New Abs Diet: The 6-week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life
by David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker
Rodale Press, 2010

These are the advanced techniques for getting ripped that physique athletes and fitness models use.

“Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World” by Tom Venuto
from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle: Transform Your Body Forever Using the Secrets of the Leanest People in the World
by Tom Venuto
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2013

This book introduces a revolutionary approach to strength training and bodybuilding that will bring the body to its perfect state, naturally, with periodization.

“Serious Strength Training” by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
from Serious Strength Training
by Tudor Bompa, Mauro Di Pasquale, Lorenzo Cornacchia
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2012

And the strategies he uses when designing workouts for his high-profile clientele are the same ones he employs to help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness.

“The Men's Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!” by Adam Campbell
from The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises: Four Weeks to a Leaner, Stronger, More Muscular YOU!
by Adam Campbell
Rodale, 2009

Bodybuilders should achieve their desired appearance through hard work and the development of a relatively low level of body fat using the strategies discussed already.

“Advanced Sports Nutrition” by Dan Benardot
from Advanced Sports Nutrition
by Dan Benardot
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2011

This is his optimal post-workout feed to stay metabolically active and keep building muscle and burning fat.

“The World of the Happy Pear: Over 100 Simple, Tasty Plant-based Recipes for a Happier, Healthier You” by David Flynn, Stephen Flynn
from The World of the Happy Pear: Over 100 Simple, Tasty Plant-based Recipes for a Happier, Healthier You
by David Flynn, Stephen Flynn
Penguin Books Limited, 2016

“I wanna get ripped” became “I want to learn the best, most efficient exercises to build my body.”

“Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success-and Won't Let You Fail” by Keith Ferrazzi
from Who’s Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success-and Won’t Let You Fail
by Keith Ferrazzi
Crown, 2009

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  • plain and simple. Ryan needs to keep doing what he’s doing. Dr. Berg is fantastic but lets remember body types. Ryan is not a middle age fat woman or man. He is an athelet in the highest form. Now if Ryan wants to give Dr. Berg’s advice to a 48 year old 260LB Woman like myself that’s right on!!! And I would be 290 if it weren’t for Dr. Bergs advice.


  • I agree. I find myself doing a small HIIT but when I’m getting tight I finish everything with long exhausting LIEE to waist away those unwanted carbs.
    Here’s the deal with LIEE! You’re better off doing it outside because you will aspire to be faster than dragging on a boring treadmill. When you are outside YOU WILL eventually run into complications if you are within city boundaries. People have tried to run me over many times! The last location I lived, not 3months after I had left some guy was ran over & killed on my same route. The towns people will most likely think it’s safe to make fun of you & taunt you from the safety of there vehicles. They’ll probably even conspire an issue as to why you are outside & keeping fit this way within your own personal time frames! This is because they are jealous, ignorant & fat! If they are bipedal & you have size they most likely won’t be an issue unless they are armed with knife or gun! Again I stress the most threatening weapon against a man on an LIEE is the motor vehicle! I’ve even had an old lady in broad daylight with dyed bright red hair swerve at. I’ve had a drunk with an old styled Chevy pick up that was drunk & showing off for his girlfriend slam on his breaks 1’1/2″ in front of me & much more. Oh I ran after him!:) Most of these I’m able to run out of the way or find the safety of a light pole but I warn it’s a repetitive problem for the LIEE-er! Car swerves for fat burn! BE SAFE & READY but have fun. Keep low volume music so you can hear your surroundings at all times. You’ll see environmental beauty you’d rather not have missed out on walking outdoors aswell.
    I have other safety tips but it wouldn’t be a correct issue with such broad a platform as YouTube.
    1 last mind share, think of it no different than a steel triceratops coming straight at you.:)

  • “How to take PED’s and not just just use a bench.” The PED’s would be the most important part of any of your training. Stop them for a year or two then make this video again.

  • Fasted cardio isn’t truly fasted, if you still have food in your digestive tract. This guy is nuts if he thinks he isn’t still utilizing nutrients from the food that’s still in his small intestine from the day before. Not unless this bro science idiot gives himself a colonic every night

  • I absolutely naturally blend these too also! Greatest results I’ve had in my life!! I’m so hype to see someone else that does this!

  • 5 Rounds:
    400m Ski
    10 Jerks on ea arm
    Every Pull ups until 4 minute mark
    1 min rest

    This is not crossfit, he is focusing more on the body building aspect while trying to keep an increase HR. Think of Crossfit as a more general term and this as a more specific with hints of body building and crossfitting.

  • Pretty good motivational stuff. Just had to pick up some weights by my computer while watching the video, because I had to do something.

  • Seems really fit but that body looks like lumps of plastic are thrown together here and there (plus the calves are weak!) Not a great aesthetic look, sorry.

  • He’ll get that thickness and fullness in his arms by hitting triceps harder or even twice a week. It IS the biggest muscle in your arm. When it’s well developed, your arms look massive and complete; when it’s not, your arms look bicep heavy and flat at the back

  • Steroids would burn all the fat, but would expand all the organs, not only muscles, so why their overgrown hearts explodes in their midage, usually around 50’s

  • This is all bullshit. Life doesn’t give a fuck…going to the gym or having more money is not achievement cause it is not the purpose of life and you could easily lose all that, you could die at any moment, or have cancer or an accidant that could paralyze all your body…all this makes life worthless and cheap, no matter what you have…it is all bullshit…what matters the most is knowing your purpose of existence and this purpose of existence can give you more than life itself, can give you paradise and an eternal life, knowing the reality of life and existence, and the one who made life is the ONE who could grant you eternal happiness and paradise, so worshiping HIM, obeying HIM, knowing HIM, recognizing his rights, seeking his satisfaction, revolving your life around HIM is what really matters because HE is the one who gave you life with all its limitations and HE could give you life without limitations, without tirness, without fear of the future, without fear of diseases, without fear of agony without fear of losing happiness, without fear of dying, without fear of suffering, without poverty, without hunger, without shortages, without physical limitations and much much much more. So fuck all your nonesense and bullshit, your words could only work for those who have no disabilities, but those who have ears with disabled bodies will only listen to you and feel lost, but everybody listening to my words will become certain that there is hope.

  • I’ve following along with Ryan’s programming and ebooks a bit. Yes, there’s a Crossfit style feel to it. But no one else programs like this. It is very challenging and diverse with lots of big lifts.

  • this guy is a dumbass. he looks worse than a crack head. no muscle, his cheeks are sunk in and god look at his eyes. he looks sick.

  • Is it just me or is that chick in the background doing hanging leg raises wrong? She could seriously do damage on her spine swing that fast. �� 00:29

  • Hey bro, vary nice. You is totaly my insperation.
    I have 8 moth of workout in tintensivety and you is my objetive imagine body.

    Hey man what this music?
    I need train with music hehehe
    Tnx for you

  • Ketosis and bodybuilding doesn’t work, unless you already have the muscle you want and just need to drop excess fat quickly. It’s hard to build a good amount of muscle without complex carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, black beans). Now intermittent fasting is fine. But It’s hard to build muscle on just starchy carbs i.e. greens.

  • I’ve literally never seen someone who’s gotten jacked doing crossfit. Every jacked crossfitter was a bodybuilder before they started. Look into it ��.

  • It clearly looks to me that the doctor is trying to sell his method through this interview with Ryan. I’m not a professional from the nutrition world but I daily study from many of them in spanish social medias.
    Firstly, it has nothing to do a normal person with a fat lose goal compared to a pro bodybuilder who wants to increase his muscles and needs to perform hard in the gym. The eventual scientific research shows that carbs are essential to a high performance in any physical activity.
    Secondly, the dr says there is no problem in feeding with vegetables during a ketosis diet but in fact the body is fueling with carbs (so there you are breaking the ketosis).
    Thirldy, he mixes the sources of energy with the hormones, so that he relates consuming any tipe of carbs with being hungry. That is not correct simply because insulin goes up with proteins too, amongst many other reasons.
    Despite that, Ryan shows that he is a common sense person who only talks from what he honestly thinks he really knows with modesty.

  • Very inspiring. Building my fitness project as well, I’m a massage therapist and a fitness trainer. I own a small massage therapy shop and I’m planning the fitness establishment. Rough journey:)
    Props to you.

  • 4 percent is a stretch. That’s the amount people who compete in serious bodybuilding competitions are. And they are so lean, it’s disgusting. 4 percent is insanely unhealthy to maintain so there’d be no reason for Terry to be at the percentage, especially since he isn’t competing. He’s probably around 7-11 percent body fat. It’s still insanely impressive tho

  • although I do respect Ryan terry and congratulate him completely! WTF!!!!… Is that song in the background?!! there is that stupid troll saying darude sandstone which is isn’t. I even recorded this song using Shazam on a seperate device! and nothing came up!!! I actually dare / challenge someone to find out this impossible unknown tune????

  • If you guys are starting to go to the gym and want a body like his, don’t even believe him for a second. He’s been on roids a shit ton of cycles

  • Another “natural” i tell you how to lose fat and bulid muscle at the same time garbage…Tell us about the juice cycle instead. 😉

  • Why is it so hard to believe he looks so good or so lean? Fat dont just grow on under your skin unless you put it there eating like crap, the Man is healthy and lifts weight its science… It’s just too many dude’s past 50 dont give a shit any more..

  • Great video put together nicely. Would of been good to see where the improvement needed to be made in order to get the top spot. Might of been overall size but he never went into detail. ��

  • Er ist fantastisch in shape aber 4 % Körperfett da lügt Er! Das kann niemand dauerhaft halten! Von meinem Mann ein Trainingspartner, der viel Crosstraining macht, boxen und joggen hat ein Körperfett von dauerhaft 9 % und der ist dünn wie ne Bohnenstange, aber dabei sehr muskulös.

  • What’s the point of saying that carb loading is not ideal for someone suffering insulin-resistance? Why tf should they do a carb load in the first place, are they going to jump on stage for a bb show? And second, most people suffer from insulin-resistance cause they’re overweight and sedentary and guess what, they’re already eating waaay too much sugars and fats!

  • HI Ryan, really excellent effort and result seems really worthy..  Can you please guide me what protein intake you take and what kind of diet did you take to reduce belly fat?.. thanks Saroj

  • 2 hours a day. Id rather use them to read a book or train my brain or do fun stuff (not everyone enjoys workout the same) Its not like a perfect shape is necessary nowadays to stay healthy and fit not more than 20 minutes a day are needed.

  • Amazing how people start with saying STEROIDS instead of listening to the key elements Ryan is talking about that is the difference between champions and losers!

  • I was training for 2 months consistantly like this and i looked very jacked and was at my strongest.I quited it due to the comfort i felt from having good results.I will start this again.I promise to myself to be my best.

  • So is it possible to build muscle on keto? Than “pop” muscle w carbs for a show?

    Its like there’s to different goals. Fat loss vs building muscle. Hard to understand the topic…

  • You’re working really hard. I think you need someone that will take some weight off your shoulders, by means of Personal Assistance…
    Good job!!!

  • Hello, can someone give me an advice about my nutrition plan, i want to grow in arms and chest, i have abs, i drink much water, eat lots veggies, do interminate fasting 8/16 EVERY Single day, i dont eat so much carbs maybe 70-150 grams per day from oats or grapefruit or nuts, i eat 200 grams almost of protein and at least 150 of fats, i train every day but different groups of muscles, i like dairy and how can i grow my arms specially biceps and chest and also have a tight lower stomache like less fat that area, cause when i was younger and just started to train with weights i did only 1 workout of biceps a week and eat just regular simple food of most people like pastas or Pizza, But it has a little effect there, now after 1 year of my nutrition and workouts experiments i didn’t change actually maybe in strength only, my weight is about 82 kg my height is 180.1 cm and i am twenty, i was 70 kg last year also, thank you so much


  • Very interesting conversation, it’s always good to learn about the science behind bodybuilding, muscle growth and controlled fat mass.

  • Brags about his muscular body like an infant and speaks with such ego as if no one else has any intellect of reason. This actors piss me of. Most f them have no reality concept anymore.

  • Exactly my type of training, Ryan Fischer. People wonder how I stay shredded but grow stronger. Everyone thinks it’s impossible to cut on fat and build up muscle, but you and I as you said are living and breathing proofs. I wholeheartedly adore you and am in love with your page. You’ve been my source of inspiration, so keep it up, handsome!! ������

  • But when NOT fat adapted then the gluconeogenesis pathway is accelerated. Which is why PEOPLE CAN LOSE MUSCLE DURING TRANSITION! I’ve experienced this. It is as stated.. “Adaptation”. Which will take time. As the body has to develop the mitochondrial flexibility to become “duel fueled”. The liver has to learn to convert the fats into actyl coA, break that down and so on until ketogenesis finally occurs. In the first phase of adaptation you’re glycogen dependent. Second phase of transition glucose is STILL the body’s preference for fuel therefore, gluconeogenesis occurs.but as the body becomes more adapted to dietary fat consumption then delivered does acquire the ability to properly use those FATZ thus leading to the desirable ketogenic state.from my personal experience and intensive research I would advise people who are looking to maintain as much muscle as possible to transition slowly and remain adequate on protein as it will not kick you out of keto and though certain amino acids such as leucine will raise insulin, it will not be as much of a concern as made out to be. As far as Keto goes. Transition slowly and pay attention to what type of exercise or training you are doing endurance were equals beta oxidation, resistance training in hit is anaerobic which requires (gluconeogenesis is demand-driven which means that this will be upregulated while transitioning into ketosis). Creatine phosphate system equals power which can be utilized in the ketogenic state. It all depends on the person at the end of the day it’s your own due diligence. Mic drop…

  • OMG!! don’t ever do those swinging chin-ups from 3:46 to 4:10min! That will destroy your shoulders’ rotator cuffs! ( effects will be felt when older)

  • None of this is going to build muscle…
    This guy is about 4 foot 9 and juiced to the gills, he’s going to get jacked no matter what.
    Stick to regular bodybuilding

  • Dude.. you’re gettin roasted in the comments lol it’s sad because your video looks really good nicely put together but you can’t reinvent the wheel lol

  • I LOST 40kg!!! Now I’m feeling healthy. I only followed tips from website called NextLevelDiet. They provided me with 30 meal plan, training plan, fitness tips and healthy recipes. Visit their site and make your own body transfromation!!!

  • His body structure is not verx good but i like him very much and he has willpower, passion and discipline. Everything that is needed to be successful in anything you do.

  • I love the Olympic lift and high intensity nature of CrossFit but the kipping pullups make me cringe hard. Do cross fitters always have burnout sessions like this or do they have days just working on stength or cardio separately? I like to work in CrossFit style routines in my workouts but I mix them in between days of pure strength or cardio. I like this to allow my body to recover from a workout style and to mix things up.

  • just use a lighter weight if you can’t lift it or are tired. Your muscle only cares about overload, not what is written on the dumbbell

  • I serrriooously cant understand how he came 2nd. I mean, he literally has the best physique on the planet. How do the other contestants even stand up against him?? They should piss themselves as soon as they see Terry

  • ugghh dude we all know what you’re doing # copycat marketing but there’s a sucker born every minute. Kudos to you you original man you ( sarcasm )

  • hmm im confused, so if i sourced vegan protein.. then i can still hit 200g of protein and be in ketosis? while eating veg all day?

  • Hey! you didn’t land in the 45 degree after the overhead press like you said! you started the press in that angle but did not land in it! Just saying!LOL…….

  • He looks super lean but I’ve got in pretty good contest shape and 4 % is not possible or at least not for a lengthy period of time. He’s around 10 to 12 % probably.

  • Thanks Ryan for a fantastic informative interview. You hear so many bad things, about keto diets, that you never truly, look at it. This vid will get me looking more at the pros and cons of the diet. Thanks. Norm.

  • I was wondering what trains program you’re talking about. I’m at a Crossfit gym but really looking for a heavier lifting program.

    Not sure if that’s the Crossfit program on you site or you have a different program. Lmk

  • I watched this fit dude on the congressional hearings him mentioning he had his shit grabbed by famous guy on a party. Wasn’t too tough what he answered concerning the question of the congress woman to why he didn’t do something against it…what did he say?:” you know as a black man in America”… blah blah blah. At all parties a guy who is an executive can grab his nuts. Not too bright i say…because he’s somebodies bitch sooner or later. Too many of these rich guys saw him being weak. It’s them doing the next move on him. Well, he’s got pretty lips.

  • People that are saying “Its just Crossfit” are kinda dumb. We know. He knows. He’s at his Crossfit gym. It is applying a crossfit mentality within a new program.

    Let’s put it this way. If someone creates a new bodybuilding program that takes the intentions within bodybuilding like “focusing on the muscle contraction” or “increasing volume on lagging muscle groups or asymmetries” but they modified exercises that were non typical for bodybuilders to use, they could name that BODYBUILDING PROGRAM whatever they wanted and it could be valuable as a program.

    In fact, look at the many different programs or session designs for bodybuilding that go beyond the typical brosplit with pyramid sets on primary lift. Or look at the many different strength gain powerlifter programs that are available and notice that no one is in the comment sections going “bro so you mean powerlifting?”

    Youtube sucks.

  • Would love to see the workouts done posted in the description under the video, much faster technique for people to get a quick look at what’s being or going to be done, all in all great content!! #JUSTSWEATIT

  • You can do burpee s non stop for 20 minutes see if you can last. That’s a good place to start for those people who want a place to begin.

  • fisch, love your real chalk podcasts so much. I really liked the one on digestive enzymes and probiotics that was recently uploaded. I would love to hear more about it. Love that you finally got a youtube channel too.

  • Hey steve could you do a video outlining a comprehensive guide on how to reach a 500lb reverse grip bench press? Thanks in advance.

  • He reminds me of that Geico commercial with Pinocchio being the motivational speaker lol, it really doesn’t seem like he has much confidence in the audience he is talking to.

  • He’s giving advice on training principles and he takes steroids claiming natural but doesn’t train legs…come on mate stop the lies.

  • Oh dear.. Ryan not you too. Please jump off the keto bandwagon, you can lose weight but it’s not really any better than any other diet for weight loss…plus its tricky to support true long-term health on it. There’s benefit to fasting, but not much clear good evidence for keto diets. There’s short-term effects that can be ignored for the diet, but there are many long-term effects. While this stage you are in now is “excited” and it’s something new to try and you just did a great interview and are making connections, I highly suggest to take a look into evidence-based nutrition, along with the direction recommendations are going, not just for weight loss, but for chronic disease.

    Keep in mind Dr. Berg is a chiropractor who makes a large amount of money off of this stuff. These Youtube gurus and people with “Doctor” in their name who seem like they have some sort of nutritional training are some of the causes of this online epidemic of misinformation, food politics and profit.

    You can be in Ketosis, but it doesn’t have anything to do with actually consuming the excess amounts of fat as seen in many diet plans.

    The metabolic process of Ketosis has benefit, which can be done with fasting…please be careful about the fats, animal products and foods you choose.

    Whole grains, not processed, but intact grains have large amounts of research and benefits to them.

    I would say you obviously do not need to go vegan or vegetarian, but decresing animal products and including more plant foods is the direction tons of athletes (and the world) are going, including many of this year’s Olympic athletes.

    Wait for the new documentary The Game Changers coming out: http://gamechangersmovie.com/
    Here’s a good place to start for advice: nutritionfacts.org

    Be cautious about getting sucked into the world of the Keto diet industry and stamping your brand on keto. Just please be careful about your long-term health.

    I’m on the path to go into evidence-based lifestyle medicine and am just looking out for ya!

    Take care.

  • the heavenly father has made us to be the best we can be an uplift him an others awesome my brother Terry it would be awesome to workout with you

  • For general population IM and Keto are both very viable and recommendable options. However competitive bodybuilders on the other had will find they can use them in certain situations but long term will most likely hinder results.

  • It’s absolutely impossible to burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously. It cannot happen. I’m sure there are physiological exceptions to this somewhere in literature, but for the overwhelming majority of humans, you’re either in a hypocaloric state (losing), hypercaloric state (gaining) or eucaloric state (maintaining). Two of them cannot exist simultaneously. Great title for lots of clicks, but it’s dishonest and misleading.

  • That’s why I’m feeling awful legs cramps/ weak/ right side discomfort pain.I’ve been eating healthier salad/ greens I’m not getting enough potassium/ magnesium

  • Lean?? no doubt. 4%?? No.. sorry man.
    4% and your at deaths door, due to the fact that the human body needs fat to survive and to properly function. lots of peeps just say some random % number that comes out their head. I’d like to see your dexascan. And even those are not reliable. So yes your shreds mcgee but 4%? Probably not.

  • high intensity interval bodybuilding or cross fit it doesnt matter, what is important here is to not forget your injections of anabolics, steroids and testo:-)

  • Hi Ryan I am from the UK and I have been following Dr Eric Berg eating plan and it is the best thing I ever done because I can go between 16 to 17 hours without eating anything and I don’t get hungry or cravings anymore and I have been doing it since end of November and I have lost over 20 kg of weight and my mood is very high and my willpower is very high as well and my favourite keto meal is eggs and salmon with vegetables and coleslaw and healthy fats as well

  • Stupid MF’s in here talking about his body fat as if you have any expertise in fitness. Just lift, stfu, and post pictures of what you look like.

  • He’s full of various drugs and hormones. It’s insulting to the viewers intelligence to think they can believe this physique is naturally achievable

  • They are so sly with transformation at the beginning they lowered the angle so he looked bad and they made him stand straight and as it progressed they made the angle higher and they made him flex a bit more and open his lats up more to make him more V looool


  • It’s incredible how people think this guy can be that big and shredded at 50 only with diet and training (don’t get me wrong, he has an incredible work ethic) but man it’s CLEAR TO EVRY RATIONAL HUMAN BEING that he takes shit