Reverse Dieting – Fixing Metabolic Damage Following a Cutting Diet


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How Reverse Dieting Works This is why reverse dieting works and works well. it’s important because it will: Restore a slowed metabolism. Fill the muscles back out and start to repair lost muscle from dieting making for a much more appealing physique. Keep you lean in the off-season so you don’t have to diet so long and hard next time.

Fixing a damaged metabolism: Eating habits. The next step is to look at your caloric intake, and be prepared to increase this slowly. It is important to take this slow as to not gain weight back too rapidly, which will discourage you and may lead to another cycle of restricting your intake.

Reverse dieting typically involves increasing calorie intake by 50–100 calories per week above your baseline, which is the number of calories you’re currently consuming to. The truth is, if you want to improve your metabolism and fix metabolic damage after a period of severe caloric restriction, there are two popular methods to do so. One is a more calculated, but arguably less “effective” method at achieving full metabolic remission – Reverse Dieting. Reverse dieting is often the perfect solution for a variety of situations, including people who are unable to lose weight when the math says they should. have spent long periods of time eating at a caloric deficit, and found themselves completely unable to break a plateau. can’t lose weight unless they eat dangerously low amounts of food. Reverse dieting is a method that involves slowly and strategically increasing daily food intake, all in an effort to raise your metabolism.

And while reverse dieting might seem like a one-way street toward weight regain, the technique actually offers a lot of promise—when done right. Your reverse diet would be to add perhaps 100-150 calories/day each week until you are at 1,800 calories/day. This means that you would be reverse dieting for three to five weeks, depending on how sure you want to be that you won’t put weight back on. Reverse dieting is a very simple concept but not always easy to do. Starvation mode, metabolic damage, weight loss resistance, adrenal fatigue These are not myths and there are plenty of people dealing with these issues.

I have to admit that I have needed to personally dig into the research and search for new strategies to help clients overcome these obstacles. A reverse diet is taking this basic idea and using it to adjust your metabolism by controlling your caloric and macronutrient intake, making your body more calorically inefficient so that you can eat more. In short, you can eat more, while maintaining leanness.

now reverse dieting generally lasts from 8 weeks to 16 weeks depending upon severity of fat loss diet, time period for fat loss dieting and how aggressive you are, the generally each subsequent week calories are increased by 5% -10%,more if you are aggressive, also this calories are.

List of related literature:

The higher calorie levels of balanced-deficit diets (relative to VLCDs and LCDs) make compliance easier, minimize undesirable metabolic side effects, eliminate the need for special foods, and permit dietary and eating reeducation to occur during the weight loss process.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment” by Thomas A. Wadden, Albert J. Stunkard
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment
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It accomplishes this through several mechanisms, including lowering the basal metabolic rate, reducing general activity levels, and stimulating the appetite.14 Raising leptin levels reverses these effects, which is one of the reasons you feel better when you stop restricting your calories and return to normal eating.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
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Proposed mechanisms of action of these diets include reduced circulating insulin levels, increased fat catabolism, and altered prostaglandin metabolism, but it seems more likely that these diets achieve weight loss simply by restricting dietary choice.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
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This process of dramatically and chronically slowing one’s metabolic rate is often referred to as metabolic “adaptation” or even “damage,” and fortunately, it can be resolved through a simple process known as “reverse dieting.”

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
from The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy
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Moreover, ketogenic diets, if done chronically, may lead to a total metabolic decline, causing dieters to gain back all the weight they initially lost, but this time with a higher percentage of body fat.

“Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation” by Ori Hofmekler, Marty Gallagher
from Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat: The Secret Science Behind Physical Transformation
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  • I eat about 800 kcal a day and have so much difficult to lose weight
    Like???? What is the fucking problem with me??
    I go run every day and still don’t lose weight
    I have an eating disorder so pls don’t think it’s okay to eat like this or think like this, but I’m so afraid of eating more and get fatter

  • Really well explained! Thanks for sharing this! As someone else already have suggested would be interesting to hear a video about insulin resistance, weightloss and dieting as well.!

  • Great advice. I think I need your help. I’m in the category where I have cut, increased calories then back down again then binged, ya you get the picture. I have signed up for a summer shred and since January I have updated my calorie intake from to low to the right amount that they said I should have been at. I actually feel satisfied but not knowing where to go from here. I’m going to drop 500 calories now and start my training or should I wait another month?

  • i’m going through this right now! i’m trying to get to 1800 and i’m REALLY close im 5’2 and naturally muscular, but some days i just feel like it’s not enough��

  • This is something fitness induced people do for short periods of time and it does 100% work. HOWEVER, I would not advise a normal person to do this. You NEED to track macros for this to work. You have to be strict with tracking the calories to make sure you are increasing each week properly. Reverse dieting has to be done properly for it to work. So if you have no access to the gym, this is not for you. You have to kill every workout or else you’ll be putting on extra weight. Like she said you must utilize the surplus calories. Sooo be careful playing a guessing game with this because it will backfire if you are not educated.

  • Wow, this explains my experience. I lost 30 pounds over a summer but I did it, not with a super restricted diet but I would exercise until I was dizzy and eat under 1,500 calories. After I lost it and went back to normal exercise and food. Ballooned and never been the same since…

  • Once I started eating the 2100 daily calories I needed (I weight train 5 days a week), not only did I lose (slowly) the last 8lbs I wanted ro lose, but I STOPPED BINGE EATING AND ELIMINATED ANY OBSESSING THOUGHTS OVER FOOD. I will never go lower than 2.000 ever again (used to eat 1500). THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ok youre awesome, I subscribed. Please help me with a couple questions?? I thought your other video says to up the calories every month. This one says up calories weekly??
    My 2nd question is cardio. If I stick with 2 Hiit sessions a week 20 minutes each should I be fine? Or would you still taper this back?? If so how should I go about that? Thanks:)

  • Hi! This was so informative! I had a question, I’ve been in decifit for 4 months eating 1500 calories but I’ve plateaud. I’m wondering if I reverse diet to my maintenance of 2000 calories, what do I do next? do I go back to being in a deficit of 1500 again to keep losing weight? Do I do this a week after I reached 2000 calories?

  • So back in Jan I was maintaining and even GAINING on 1100-1300 cals but I started reverse dieting and now I’m at 2,000 and I weigh LESS than what I did at beginning of the year and even weigh as less as I did when I would eat 500 cals a day (I know smh) reverse dieting is amazing!!

  • I have a question about your cut: Do you think you would use some sort of greens powder? I’m struggling to hit my macros and micros unless I use a greens powder during the day. I wasn’t sure if you had or plan to use one and if so if there was a brand your particularly liked/trusted/felt was most superior for the $…?..

  • Hi Marissa! Can I reverse diet if I for one week a month eat at maintance? I eat after the menstrual cycle in the Way that you talk about in one of your videos:) I was thinking that I should reverse diet when I have hit a point where I feel Good but maybe you cant reverse if you have been eating at maintance a few times? ��

  • If you repair your metabolism, will you eventually start to lose the weight that you gained when trying to repair your metabolism? I’m trying to repair my metabolism and I’m scared of gaining weight. My high school swim season is coming up so if I need to lose weight but I’m still scared of gaining weight from eating more

  • Hi!! So I’ve been at a deficit at 1500 calories for a really Long time now and I haven’t been able to lose any more weight. I workout 3-5 times a week and do cardio 3 days a week for 30 mins. How do I break the plateau. I want to do a diet break but do I need to reverse diet to get back to my maintenance first? I want to get out of this plateau so I can lose the last 10-15 lbs.

  • Hiiii pls answer!!!!Can we still do that while being in quarantaine? Like with your new home programm? Because they’re is no lifting weights? Thank youuuu❤️

  • If you gained fat doesn’t that mean that you didn’t increase your metabolism by 500? Gaining fat means you ate more than your metabolism could burn, no? Please correct me if I’m wrong or missing something.

  • Nice discussion. This is news to me. Thanks for the info. Losing weight to live and not living to lose weight….Nice!:-) Take care!

  • You are so cool and intelligent! I have been a yo yo dieter all my life. Now i’m overweight and even eating a little I can’t lose weight. I am going to start reverse dieting now! You explained everything beautifully. Keep shining bright girl!!!

  • wait so is reverse dieting supposed to make you gain or lose weight? or maintain? cause ive been eating 1200/1300 kcal for 5 months and getting kinda tired of restricting/ seeing less results but also im afraid ill lose all of my progress, i’ve lost 9 lbs and wanna lose 10 more.

  • I’ve watched so many weight loss/muscle gain/fat loss videos and I’m still so confused. I’ve been bulimic for about 5 years now and recently for the past 2 months have been restricting calories down to 600-700cal a day. I started increasing my calories to about 900 a day and i’m working out 4-5 a week. My diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and protein. (Not a whole lot of fruit because they still contain sugar). I do about 35 minutes of cardio and then 30 min of strength training (abs, arms, legs). i can’t spend money on a gym because unfortunately their rates are crazy high. Am i doing this wrong?? Will i not lose fat/gain muscle this way??? Someone please help!!! I’m so tired of being my size but nothing seems to work. Please i’m desperate

  • I am 160 cm and a teenager�� what is the max calories I can speed my metabolism to? Can I do it for 3500 I have a big appetite lol��

  • My first reverse diet i went from eating 1300-2400 and lost 3lbs. I would say start at 1400, weighed myself everyday and take the weekly average. If I increased weight I would stay at 1400 next week. If I stayed the same or lost weight, I would go to 1500. That was in 2017.

    I have been cutting since Jan 6th after gaining weight because of PA school. I wanted to keep cutting until beginning of May but because of this pandemic, I had dropped my calories low again (1200-1300) and not seeing much change because of course gyms are closed so I may just start my reverse. I have only lost 6-7lbs in that time and I’m only 10lbs from my goal, but I feel like trying to reverse slowly will be the best currently. Also I was planning on reversing always beginning of May because my birthday is June 20 and I wanted to be at higher calories

  • Omg yet another reason I love this woman so much!! I am in tears right now…Cassey, I can’t thank you enough for saying all of this! This has been the hardest, most unhealthy year of my life and I am finally talking to a dietician and getting the help I need. Everything talked about here is exactly what I am learning! I finally feel like I am starting to get a grip on my unhealthy relationship with food. Finally feeling good just being me, enjoying my workouts again and getting good with food. I haven’t binge eaten or snuck food in weeks because I got myself out of food jail!

  • 4:08
    :^ I can’t exercise I have 12 years old and I shouldn’t exercise because it can stop my growth I can only do sport.Does sports work too?

  • I was eating 1,500 and losing good amounts of weight for a while, but then i had to keep cutting and cutting because i wasn’t losing any weight. I eventually was eating like 300-800 a day and still not losing anything really. Now i’m eating 1,600 a day! trying to get my body used to a little bit more. I honestly used to think “oh, my body is used to 1000 cals now, so i need to cut 200 to lose weight again.” and it just got really bad. (Btw, ik 300 is WAYYY too low, but common sense snapped into place shortly after i started doing that and i stopped immediately as soon as i realized calories weren’t the problem and my body was literally just conserving calories. Thank you for these informative videos! <3

  • Thank you so much for this video! I started a cut this summer and I’m currently on 1400 cals (and have been for a few weeks now). I lift 5 days a week and I’ve just felt so exhausted for awhile now. I never want to do anything because I just want to lay down after the gym. You’ve inspired me to take a leap and start to increase my calories. In fact, I’m going on vacation to California next week and I’m excited to just take a little break from lifting and the gym. I’m going to try to eat intuitively and not stress about calories like I’ve done in the past… last year I ended up on a cut with only 1200 calories and lost weight but kept fat while also losing my period. I needed this video more than you know! I’m excited to start this journey.

  • I used to eat 1200 cals a day, always hungry, did not lose weight. Then I did an experiment and ate only when i was hungry and stopped when full. It averaged out to 1700 cals a day.I began to lose weight after listening to my body.

  • I am currently reverse dieting from around 700-800 calories (43.4kg) or (95.7lbs), I have been slowly increasing from April (3 months and 1 week) and currently I am at 1,150 calories. But I have put on 2.5kg or 5.5lbs. I have been working out everyday with weight training with one kettle bell at home and resistance bands. I don’t know why my weight keeps increasing and I am feeling unsure why I am gaining at this point, should I still keep increasing my calories?

  • So true, yep. Hormones, food quality, genetics, behavior all play a role! I only “worry” about getting tons of organic veggies, 1 cheat meal a week, staying active (but fun stuff I enjoy), drink water whether you like it or not, and make wise choices! Be a smart consumer and do your research to see what is in the food you’re stuffing in your face. Good stuff, thanks!

  • I’ve been reverse dieting and have been at 2500 cals for a week now (started at about 1500 a couple months ago). I haven’t gained weight yet, but I don’t think I can handle eating any more than this. How long do you recommend staying at 2500 before I start my cut? I feel like 1 week is too short, but I’m not sure…

  • I know this is late, just found ya!! When you say 50 calories/week, is that 50 cal added daily, or just 50 cal total for the week?

  • Could you explain more on how reverse dieting can help you lose the last 10 pounds. I have been eating 1200 calories for a while now and have stopped losing weight. I really dont want to reduce any lower because I have noticed some hormonal issues and no to very low energy.

  • I started the 1400 calorie reverse diet and managed to reach 1900 calories, but after that I gained a lot of weight… my goal was to reach 2300 calories, but I don’t know what I do, do I decrease?

  • I go through a million videos but skip through them but your videos are actually trusty so I don’t skip through them and I have been following the workouts and my arms are visibly slimmer and feel stronger! Yes I carry all the grocery bags in on one trip!������������������‍♀️

  • I went from eating 500 cals to 1200 and now 2 weeks after I went to 1200, I now eat 1300-1500 cals. 1520 is my maintenance. Started weight training again 3-5 x a week and walk 3 -4 days a week

  • Hi Marisa! I have seen your series of video about reverse dieting. I decide to try reverse dieting because in the last six months I can’t seem to lose any weight unless I really count calories so strictly that I don’t have a social life (1400 kcal is what does it for me, a 5’4″ 155lbs/70kg girl). I did start my reverse diet from a deficit, not from maintenance. My BMR should be 1490 and my TDEE around 2100 in theory but, as I said before, I see results only if I eat even below my BMR so I think my metabolism needs fixing. This said. I am on reverse diet week 3. I am following a strength training program of 40 min/5days a week with a bit of extra cardio like walks or one hour swimming on Wednesdays. I started at 1550kcal, then 1650 and this week is 1750; my protein is around 70/90gr (so one gram or more per kg) but I was away for the weekend and I think I fuck it up a bit. I actually am hoping to LOOSE weight or at least see myself more toned up but I can’t see any chance at all… Suggestions? Am I impatient? Or is the fact that I don’t see changes not only on the scale but also on my body a good sign?

  • You’re so right about the info you give becouse I tried to go low carb and sugar first time in my life and I started doing cardio 4-5 times a week I GAINED BODY FAT?!

  • Would doing pullups and dips count for “heavy lifting” since they are compound movements? These exercises are very hard for me, and i can do about 3 sets of 8-12 with a resistance band currently. I do compound lifts for lower body, like squats and deadlifts.

  • God knows I had to cut my damn banana cos I “couldn’t have that much” now I eat freaking 2 of those, and nothing has happened! NOTHING, no weight gain, not getting fluffy, what happened was.. I ate 2 bananas, and sometimes I eat none and sometimes I eat mangos. Yes,those were my “off limit” food cos “too high in sugar” pffff

  • i lost a bunch of weight and was ended up eating 900-1,200 calories a day and i cant loose any more weight no matter how little i eat. im also a 6ft tall male with a muscular build (was 74kg) and about 13% body fat (with loose skin) i couldnt do anything to loose weight and im trying to do my first bulk ( used the online calculators and need 3,900 calories a day), im aiming for a one month bulk to try see if that will up my metabolism with more muscle and more calories to make my metabolism adapt to that. do you think this would be an appropriate amount of time? im nervouse like how you said about loosing a bunhc of body fat and knowing a bulk wil mean you gain body fat. after a week and 2 days id say i would have gone up to 15% body fat (though im probably puffy from water weight too) and gained about 10kg (also, probably all water weight)

  • i took a 2 week break from exercise after hitting one of those famous plateaus eating at 1200 a day and increased to 1300 because i also lost my menstruation i do believe from eating so low. i came back to exercise now, i’m going to start weight lifting on february but for january i’m just doing hiit and begginer resistance at home (ankleweights, resistance bands, etc). and keeping it at 1300. i can’t wait to increase my calories tho because i just love food so much (clean eating of course, but still!). do you think you can slowly do the 100 calories per 2 weeks increase even if you’re not building muscle or should you wait until you start weight lifting? love your positivity as always xx

  • I just wanna ask do you only have to eat healthy things I’m just scared that my body will go back to how it looked before but I’m trying to not think negative, I wanna gain some weight and maintain that weight any tips?

  • I’m trying to recover from an eating disorder. Can I add 100 cals a week without gaining a lot of weight? I’m eating around like a 1000 cals at the moment

  • What is too much cardio for you?
    I use the treadmill 20 min 2 times a week (10 km/h) and i walk 5 days a week to work for around 30-40 minutes. Is that ok or should i go lower?
    I lift weights 2 times a week (Unfortunately, I do not have more time) and have a 1h 30min yoga class one time a week. is that ok?

  • Hit the nail on the head. I maintained my weight when I was diligent to the plan. It went bad quickly when I was not. That is on me. Lesson learned!

  • If I always eat 190 calories everyday (what I am doing Rn but trying to recover from restricting) it’s not healthy and I binge on sundays. But most of the time my calorie stays around 100, I need help trying to increase it because I know I can’t go back to the way I use to eat because I’ll just gain too much. But how much do I need to increase from 190 to??? Do I increase it by 100 more or 20 I’m honestly confused.

  • Make sure you don’t fall for these common reverse dieting mistakes

  • looking great! well done!! oh why don’t you try muscle toning? for your arms, instead of lifting a whole bunch? just a though. Keep the videos coming!!:)

  • hello there! i hope i can get a reply. for the past few weeks i was eating around 900-1000 calories and i was slowly losing weight. Now im eating about 1,300-1,400 calories but im slowly gaining a little weight which makes me think that i increase to many calories or i did it to fast. it also makes me think that my metabolism might be slow because of the under eating. im a very tiny human which means i dont burn that many calories through out the day. i still really want to maintaing my weight and lose a little fat. i also want to be able to eat more while i maintain my weight, so how should i start? should i stary back at 1000 cals and make my way up?

  • Hey Paul, could a person keep calories at a maintenance level based on what a TDEE calculator says and weight train to increase

  • I’m about to start my reverse diet process! Did you find you were bloated a lot because you were eating more or did you just feel full?

  • Natacha! Just wanted to say that I stumbled across your videos and I have pretty much watched every single one in three days! Im inspired to get back into the gym, so thanks!!! You are so positive and seem like the loveliest person, keep it up!

  • So can I do cardio on alternate days? Bc I did weight training yesterday and my stomach looks hella fat bc I ate so much food yesterday.

  • I was dieting for 3 months and was eating 1500-1600 cal a day and i lost 22 lbs with HIIT. But now I joined gym and i do weight training 5 times a week now with high intensity so to build muscle I started taking more calories upto 2100 and my weight is the same for the week so should I continue eating or eat less?!

  • Hello Merissa! I’ve been eating lower cals than my BMR for months and I started my reverse dieting for a week now…but as I’ve checked out my body this morning…I lost about 0.5 kg..but my thighs are bigger…I want to gain weight, get healthier but still have the body shape I’m having now. What can I do? Or I should increase only 50 kcals a week? Cause I did a 100 kcals and my thighs are bigger? Please helppp!������

  • I started reverse dieting and eating 1580 after eating 1200 or undereating with inconsistent and I was still hungry. I just increased my calories by 50 calories on my 2nd week and I noticed a 1-2 lb weight gain….

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought a “reverse diet” was slowly increasing calories while maintaining your current weight, thus pushing your metabolic rate higher. You increased calories and put on weight….? Why would you call that a reverse diet?

  • Do you have any good tips on finding your maintenance TDEE cals? There’s so many calculators out there that give so many different numbers. I’ve gotten everything from 1500-2600 cals. I’ve been told to do a bunch of calculators and do the average of those.

  • This video was very helpful! Im just stuck on how to know how many calories i should be eating a day and my macros. Ive tried online macro calculators but each one tells me different numbers for my macros and calories. How has everyone figured out the calories that are right for them?!

  • I’m recovering from an (unintentional) eating disorder, but now that I’m trying to gain muscle again and lose fat I can’t seem to get anywhere. These videos are suuuper helpful for me to decide what would help me get there!! Thank you for being so open with everything it helps A TON!

  • I gave this a try. I did a cut, starting at about 195 lbs, lifting hard the whole time, and got my abs and veins popping. I had had enough and was ready to get my calories back up to see some muscle growth from all of my hard work at the gym. But, wanted to do it without gaining fat; I spent the previous 12 weeks cutting it.
    Was at 1400 calories, 174 lbs. I spent 6 weeks, increasing 100 to 200 calories per week. Currently at 2500 calories, 176 lbs. Still shredded, veins popping.
    The goal is to get into a slight caloric surplus to put on muscle with low body fat. Not sure what my maintenance calories are, which is the main reason for increasing a little at a time.
    Many trainers out there who say reverse diet is bogus and you should immediately increase back to maintenance calories after cutting. I will try that next time to see the results and comparisons first hand.

    I would not do this again. I was able to increase calories without gaining weight for 8 weeks because I was still in a deficit that whole time. As long as you are below maintenance, you will not gain weight. Period. If I do another cut, I will just jump back up to maintenance calories when I’m done cutting, and everything will shake out and even out in a week.
    I’m currently at 183 lbs. still lean, low body fat. My energy is restored, I put on muscle, strength is increased, and feel great! If you are done cutting, consider going back to maintenance instead if spending 2 more months in a deficit reversing. Don’t be scared of the weight increase. Once out of the deficit, you will have more food in your digestive system, more water, more glycogen stores,…
    Just keep your macros correct and you will be good to go; you will not get fat. (Fat = 0.3 to 0.4 grams per pound of body weight (this is the minimum amount that your body needs to function properly) Protein = 1 gram per pound of body weight (for building muscle, you can do less if your primary goal is not building muscle), carbs = the rest of your calories, maintenance calories = body weight x 16 (this will get you in the ballpark and adjust from there)

  • I’m so scared to gain more weight!:( and if I ate more I would oviously gain more weight at first. How long does it take a body to stop gaining weight and to get lean? Since it is summer I don’t want fatten up but I am at this frustrating point on which 1.200 calories deficit won’t help anymore!:(

  • After seeing your channel I’ve started to reverse diet. I started 18months ago at 280lbs, and did a calorie deficit and weight lifting to get down to 189. I’ve been stuck around there for a 4 months so I kept lowering my calories. I got down to 1500 and it started to mess with my workouts and mood, so I have been upping my calories by 30 to 50 per week for about 6 weeks now. I’m currently at 1870 calories and still stayed the same weigh till this week, the scale moved down 2lbs on average. Why is this? And should I keep upping my calories? My workouts are better than have been in a long time. If I keep upping them when do i stop?

  • Please Paul if you have slow metabolism you are hypothyroid and mine didn’t come in blood until 20 yrs later hired top people and nothing fixes it stop giving hope and it is broken. Why? You diet you train hard af after so many yrs your thyroid shuts and cortisol spikes. People keep blaming adrenal fatigue it’s not so you have to take t3/T4 if not your stuck. Guess what weight lifting makes people hungry that’s the last thing you want to do and no return to normal unless crash diet.

  • So of a client has been yo yo dieting and undereating for a decade, do you need to tell them it may take another decade to recover from, or is it not a true 1:1? May it just be a few years spent at maintenance (or even a bit of a surplus) to get things back to as normal as they can be?

  • but what if you are gaining at 1600 calories? should you lready increase or should you just increase when you don´t gain weight anymore?

  • I already eat some bad food, along with good food, but I have only been eating one meal a day, and even fasting completely for up to 3 days at a time. I have noticed a big change in my metabolism, because I used to be able to eat one meal a day for maybe three days, and I would lose a fair amount of weight. Now I mostly just maintain my weight, even though I’m not eating very much throughout the day. I’m tired of gaining weight every time I decide to eat breakfast with my family. Can you give me any tips on how I can get back to normal? I used to be a skinny kid, but I also never ate very much growing up. I know I should eat normal, but I went so long without losing weight, and now that I’m a little lighter, I’m scared to gain it all back. What should I do? I’m also not exercising very much. Thanks so much, and I’m sorry if this is too overwhelming.

  • Starting to listen to these interviews at work to be twice as time efficient ( I think that’s how it works…) This was a great interview! You’re so quiet on computer speakers though:(

  • I barely noticed how much damage I was doing to my body, for the past three months I have been eating like 1,070 calories a day. I don’t know what I was thinking:(. I started researching and noticed that the amount I’m supposed to eat is 1,960 calories. I know that my metabolism is very slow know, so I would start to increase 50 calories a day to my daily intake. and I hope soon to recover and continue with my healthy life:). I just have a question about the workouts Do you recommend me to do 5 days only strength workouts or can I do one day hiit (sprint) and the other days do strenght workout? I hope you can answer me. I admire you ✨

  • Hey Paul..was wondering how would Christian Bale go about fixing his metabolism after the movie The Machinist and how do you think he avoided gaining massive weight once he started eating again after the movie? I understand that this question might require some background investigating on your part, but I think it’s worth it.

  • I’ve been struggling and feeling hopeless about all of this. Felt stuck between either majorly restricting or majorly binging. Thank you so much for making these videos. This was so helpful and encouraging.

  • I’ve just discovered these vids & I’m loving them!
    I’m gonna start a reverse diet but I’m over my desired weight, so how long should I remain at my highest cal intake to establish it before I can go into deficit to get down to my desired size?
    (An autoimmune condition led to 3 stone weight gain & very low activity, but now it’s under control I’m eager to fix my weight and fitness)
    Thank you to anyone with any advice! x

  • Jeff Nippard: you sure about the reps being 40-70 per bodypart per session and 3x a week? As I remember it was 70 reps per bodypart per week meaning for guys that traing each bodypart once a week to do like 2-3 exercises for 2-3 sets of 6-12 reps. 210 reps per bodypart per week sounds like a lot…

  • Great video..
    In a nut-shell..10kg loss of weight = 100cal less BMR. Probably because there’s 10kg less to be lugging around and maintaining!
    If u want to maintain a weight u have to maintain the BMR for that weight.. plus TDEE.
    U don’t have to fix ur metabolism u have to accept ur new metabolism!

  • Does when you workout during the day matter? Is it better in the morning before food better?,
    This video is so informative, the muscle building explanation on burning fat was great, something I had no idea about. I’m overweight but carry it all in my stomach making me look 5 months pregnant i have cut out refined/processed sugar because it’s a main cause of fat stomach fat and am now going to incorporate weight training!

  • Fantastic explanation of the last 10 years of my fitness journey! Thank you for keeping the information flowing. I can’t stand the “cheesy” fitness channels, and I am so happy to have recently found yours! Happy New Year!

  • Watching this because I’m desperate!! I can usually really really easily lose weight, and I want to lose a lot to get back to my lowest weight before I go on holiday, and I’m looking after my dad’s puppy for the two weeks before I go on holiday so I’ve been fast pace walking 4 hours a day and playing with her constantly and eating less than when I am less active, yet I’m not losing weight. Do you think it’s muscle mass or have I just ruined my metabolism? (Info I exercise daily, including cardio and weight lifting, 16 years old, 5″5 and currently 43kg but the lowest I’ve been is 40.8kg)

  • I would be very curious to hear how this works for post-menopausal women who have yo-yo dieted their entire adult life & may or may not be on HRT. I’m 57, back up to 183 @ 5’4″, which is way too much, but need to find a healthy way to lose it (again) without losing my mind. Once that’s attained, it seems the reverse diet would be a good way to maintain & help not pound it all back on. Getting older can be bitch, girls, so take good care of yourselves. No starving & binging/purging stuff. Healthy & happy! xoxo

  • please can someone explain with basic words, my english is not good nor my understanding in how diets works. I just wanna lose fat and gain muscles. Please help ��������

  • How many calories should I start with? Coming from a girl who would never allow herself more than 14-1600 kcal but would binge eat like once a week:0

  • I was in a calorie deficit for 18 months and went from 280 to 196, before I started to reverse diet, I had dropped my calories to 1600, an did a few days at 1500, when I finally said this sucks, so I started a reverse September of 2019 just adding 50 per week. When I got to about 1800 I started losing weight again, but kept going. Today I’m at 2900 calories, and since I started I’ve gained about 8lbs. Like you I also started creatine, and saw a 4 lb gain after the load. I think alot of the gain is muscle and water. All my clothes fit better, and body composition is much better. I was planning on cutting for the summer, but with this lock down going for covid19, I think I’m going to push my calories some more, an try and gain more mass. Ive had the same experience as you, I feel great, and some days I feel like I’m force feeding myself, but this process works great.

  • So you do the reverse diet when you reach your goal or what. I lost weight i looks slimer but im not really satisfied with how my body look like (chubby slim) and i started gaining weight after a long plateau of stubborn fixrd weight, what should i do to lose weight and fat, i work out regularly but low intensity workouts no weight lifting (physical and health problems)

  • Currently reverse dieting along with MAPS split program �� I started this year trying to eat 1400kcals, resulted in binging often. Started the new lifting program and reverse dieting. I’m up to 1900kcals, have only gained 1lb (probably water) but most importantly I haven’t binged in 3 weeks. I’ll be cutting when I get to phase 3 and I’m excited to see how my body responds ��

  • Despite the many detours and deviations from subject (i am sorry just an inpatient guy here) this video is actually very useful and thank you for sharing your experience.

  • I’ve been thinking about reverse dieting but was kinda scared because I struggle with my poop. I get constipated. And I was like omg if I eat more food I’ll struggle even more to poop, but then when I heard you talk about your poop I was like okay then I shall try reverse dieting.:)

  • Thankyou so much for making this video! I am dealing with the same things that u have. This gives me so much hope; I feel so happy. You are such an inspiration!

  • If I feel like I’m only putting on fat, how would I go about that one week cut you talked about? How much should I decrease? Thank you!

  • I did a steady reverse this off season and I have now increased my cals to 2600 plus never went above 20% bf now into a flexible prep and with 1 week in already feeling in control.. thanks for the tips Paul ��

  • This video is a reflection of my life. The workouts and calorie restriction, etc. It wasn’t for competition except with myself. It has been such a horrible mental journey through depression and frustration of having food as the enemy for weight loss and for a gut infection. Food has either caused me intense physical pain or a feeling of worthlessness. Several comments refer to the strength it takes to still be “happy and motivating” during such duress. However, it’s just what some people do. They do their jobs because they want to excel and have a job they love. Some people just don’t quit. Bless you for your integrity with this post. I’m at the point of discovering why my metabolism is so low (resting 1289) and searching for ways to recover from the damage I’ve inflicted upon myself. I’m just going to eat, do my work, sleep, and wait until I feel ready to hit the road for cycling and running. This is the first video (of yours) I have seen and it will stay with me for a long, long time. Cheers

  • Hi JeffThanks for the recent information on your channel, I’ve really enjoyed it. The reverse dieting topic is at the forefront of the mind of any enthusiast at the moment and I completely agree its probably not required metabolically if you can roughly calculate a persons deficit, and remove that with calories. No one ever seems to ask about the person that just cannot lose weight, so I have clients who seem very strict and committed to the tracking and training but are on 1200 calories and see no weight loss. then when you start to slowly increase calories this person immediately sees a gain. What your advice here, just set them on predicted maintenance and say your going to gain weight but once everything is recovered we can diet again, or slowly increase trying to keep gain minimal. My other thoughts are, if they are gaining weight weekly then they are above maintenance so recovery is taking place although they are still only eating 1500 calorie’s a day and training 5/6 days a week. Do some people just have a slow metabolism and to lose weight they got to go very very low.Thanks For your thoughts in  advance

  • I’m late to the party, just binged watched all your videos up to this about reverse dieting. I’m giving it a try. I haven’t been able to lose weight for years, but at least maintained my fat lol. I was only eating 1500-1700 calories and thought that was a lot. I got my macros from iifym and found 1925 is supposed to be my weightloss target. So this week I increased to 1925 and I guess next week I’ll increase to 2025. I’m really hopeful with the results that you got, and I hope I’ll see the same.

  • Currently reverse dieting! I’m up 300 calories a day and have stay a pretty consistent weight. So happy with how it’s been going! Excited to get my calories a little higher so when I try to lose the last bit of fat I want to lose I don’t have to have my calories so low.

  • So I’m trying to lose weight since I’ve been overweight my whole life. I’ve been exercising and eating healthy foods, but I have a stomach issue that developed within the past year that makes it very hard to eat. I eat 3 meals daily but at the moment I don’t think I’m even eating 1000 calories a day. I am losing weight but I’m worried that I’ll get “stuck” so I want to try and speed up my metabolism. But I’m having trouble just getting through the meals I’m eating now. I have no idea what to do. Anyone have suggestions?

  • I need help!! Lol I started my journey 6 months ago, calculated that i should eat 1700 in a deficit and ive been training consistently 5x a week, i lost only 12lb thus far and for the last 6 weeks my weight and fat loss has not moved at all. Stuck at 143lbs. I thought maybe I have to reverse diet so i bumped my calories to 2000 last week and i know it’s early but im way more bloated now and scale went up a pound and still no fat loss. My goal is to lose 7% fat and gain 8% muscle and idk what im doing wrong

  • So… i am 90kg male, i maintain on around 3k calories at around 17% BF. What do i do If i bring those calories to 2.5k in effort to cut some bf % but my body adapts to this new 2.5 and turn them into my new maintenance before i drop a single BF %?

  • HAHA I feeel you with the candy! I currently have Girl Scout cookies and STASHES of my favorite chocolate in my pantry and I hardly even touch cause of how satiated I feel 98% of the time! This is very interesting

  • Honestly love these video’s! Very inspirational! Think I need to start to do more inspiration videos like this! Thanks for the inspiration Paul.

  • This is so helpful. I have had ednos for 6 years and I get that it’s not just about food but I get so stuck in ‘food jail’. I’ve never even thought of it like that but I love how you described it.

  • I’m not sure if I’ll get a response, but I just have a question… so I’m still dieting and plan to until I reach my goal, as I’ve been seeing I’m only eating around 700-1000 calories a day. So if I were to start reverse dieting after I reach my goal, the best way to do this without gaining weight is to add 20-30 calories per week??

  • Thanks for the interview. I have a Q. Do you know how Lyle discovered the flexible dieting? I know that he is the first person in talk about flexible dieting

  • You yourself compete in powerlifting if I remember correctly. Perhaps in some of the future interviews you do you could discuss this, it seems like you always try and avoid it. The information would be very useful.

  • If I dont have the means to change my training pattern now (My training is mostly based on cardio), should I keep eating the 1300kcals per day? I feel like Im just going to gain fat if i increase my intake

  • Hi Marissa! I’ve been binge watching your videos recently and in one of them you said that you went to MIT. Me too! Not the same year but very close haha. So crazy since I started watching your videos and thought your analytical and thorough explanations really fit the way I think. I also noticed you love spreadsheets just like me.:) Anyways thanks for sharing this reverse diet process. It has been so helpful for me as I’ve been following along and experiencing the exact same things you have. (Being scared to put on fat after realizing it definitely was happening, feeling super full and like I’m force feeding myself, getting to a point where suddenly I am super hungry and my metabolism has reved up, allowing me to jump 100 calories at a time). I’ve been doing the process for a much shorter time though (about 1 month) and am currently around 2150 calories. I have an event I want to look good for coming up in 2 weeks. I know I obviously won’t be able to make huge changes, but given that I just started powerlifting ( newbie gains woo) and am eating a crapload right now compared to what I was before, I was wondering if it would be “right” to go on a cut for 2 weeks just to cut some body fat? The only things I’m scared of are a) losing all the metabolism I’ve gained since reverse dieting, b) strength losses in the gym, c) dunno if cutting for that short of a time will have any rebound affects on the body. Could you give me some advice? Thanks!

  • Hey, is there a way to reverse diet without going to gym? I wanna start calisthenics and I can’t afford a gym membership (I think reserve dieting is what’s bet because my metabolism is horrible, 1400cals0.2kg gained)

  • This is exactly what happened to me and I’m still dealing with the consequences. I dropped weight very very quickly a couple years ago, not by choice. I went through a pretty rough time where i stopped eating just from being depressed and i lost about 20 pounds. When i got better i gained it all back and more, probably mostly in fat and to this day I’m struggling to lose it. Its very very discouraging, you feel broken and like your body is betraying you. I decided to take a different approach, take it easy with workouts for a while and just eat well without trying or aiming to lose weight. Work on my stress levels and just give my metabolism time to get the message that i am not in any danger and doesn’t need to hold on to fat like its been doing for so long. Its a patience game for sure. Had i known all this back then i would have forced myself to eat even if i felt like crap.

  • How long does it take for someone that has dieted for 6 months with cardio and resistance training and has plateau… do we conduct a diet break or increase cardio. 1.5k calories is really low to go any lower.

  • Severely under looked dude right here you are helping me so much! I lowered my calories to 1000kcal. a day for almost 6-8 months and even though I’m on the higher side of weight I workout and now know it’s temporary. Since I’ve only bumped up my calories for about 3 months. Wish me luck ������❤️

  • what do you mean by overeating? overeating for a pretty long period ( I dont know, one week for exemple) or juste one time/one day??

  • I track my calories and exercise in an app and have to do cardio three times a week (prep for hopefully upcoming season in a teamsport)
    THE question for me: should I eat only the calories you recommend or should I add the ones from cardio and weightlifting or only cardio?

  • Hi natacha, thanks for putting this video together, I think its great. I was just wondering if you had any scientific backing that increasing calories to increase metabolism would increase fat loss. I have read all the articles and papers, but of the ones that focus on weight loss, they say to overcome plateaus you should reduce your calories to open up the calories deficit or use refeed days. Thanks, I was just a bit confused about this.

  • #PaulRevelia
    Sir could you please address issues that endomorphs have to face for staying in a healthy weight range? What should their diet and exercise patterns be like for maximum weight and fat loss?

  • Can someone please help me understand this: I’ve been dieting for about 6 months went from 132 to 125 (took long because I would binge and stay the same weight) but anyways to lose weight I would eat about 1350 and now to maintain my weight I’ve added on 200 calories (1550) but in addition I’m also adding another 2 hours of walking on top of the 2 hrs I was doing while losing the weight so my question is can I do this and not gain weight and addition can I add more calories weekly and not gain weight

  • No matter what you look like, whether weight gain or weight loss, you’re still the best workout teacher I’ve ever had in my life and I thank you because my life is already better and I feel physically healthy ever since I’ve started your videos and I just thank you. Don’t think that a fit body will have the world accept you or praise you because you are already beautiful and you’re the healthiest person ever and just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re well being is what matters. God bless you Jesus loves you so much. As a father loves his own daughter, so He loves you. I have nothing to offer you but I do have this message of love of life and of hope to just deliver to you. You are so loved by the Creator of the universe. I just thank you for helping me. The void in the hearts of humanity can never be filled except by the Creator Himself. Only Christ can fill this void in our hearts. I’ve never experienced satisfaction and life but in Him alone. Anyway I just wanted to share that with you bc I want you to know how much you are loved and I really appreciate you. I’m not trying to convert you or nay thing but I just wanted to give you this message of truth and of love to you. I’m on my moms account haha, anyways have a good day Cassey, and again thank you!! ❤️❤️

  • Well the thing is, I don’t want to look the same. I want to go from chunky to tiny. I’m a pear shape and I want to reduce my legs and thighs. I am 5’1” and I weigh about 144. I’d like to lose at least 9 pounds of fat and be 135, preferably eventually dropping to 128 or so. I do lots of cardio and weight training. I work out 6 days a week, 3 days high intensity cardio and light weights, and the other 3 days heavier weights and little to no cardio. I get about 1200 cals a day but burn off about 600+ daily at the gym. I have been ravenous lately so that might be my body telling me it craves more food. I’ll go to 1500 over the next few days and weeks and see what happens.

  • Stumbled on this video and wow this is so helpful… feel as though I’m in a plateau atm after eating 1500kcal and exercising 3-4 times a week for the last 2 months… definitely going to try this! Thank you so much Natacha!

  • Help me plzzzzz
    I am 5’4 and weigh 48.2 kgs i m intaking around 700 to 800 calories a day i want to increase it but im scared what should i increase carbs or fats? I intake around 120 grms of carbs 15 grams of fats and around 30 grams of protein ( APPROXIMATELY ) what should i do i dont want to gain weight but increase my calories. I do skipping and jogging daily. HELP PLZ?��

  • can you do this without weightlifting? im currently at 120 pounds, i want to lose the last pounds, but i´m eating 1000 calories right now, should I take up my calories slowly then cut again? can I lose the last pounds then? Thanks:) Female, 120 pounds 5´1 height, 18 years old!

  • Great interview the depth and breath of info covered was astounding. Also interesting to find out what people you surprisingly agree with.

  • Is this including the food you use to fuel the workout? Because don’t you burn it off? For example you eat 1500 for the day, workout at night and burn 600, if you’re maintaining, do you just consume the 600 calories back?

  • I know you talked about it a little bit but how much cardio really is too much cardio. I really enjoy cardio and currently do it 6x a week. A 45min run at about a 10min/mile pace twice a week, an interval type run where I do 2 minutes on a fast running pace and 1 minute of walking (and repeat about 10-12 times) also twice a week, and then cycling for around 30 minutes twice a week. I also tend to walk my dogs about 1.5-2 hrs a day. I would like the maintain this schedule but not if it is too much to start reverse dieting.

  • That mind shift realization is AMAZING.
    My restrictive diet made me believe i will gain 20 pounds if I ate a banana. (My fave fruit) I am certain I disrupted my metabolism and I’m trying to heal however I feel like I cannot not workout…even though I currently eat below my BMR. I’m trying to increase calories little by little. I will achieve BALANCE

  • Did you allow yourself cheat meals? And if so, how often? Like a cheat meal per week? What happens if u were craving a donut or something… would u restrict yourself and not eat it?

  • I’m just not very hungry, even on days I train. I’m sure that’s because my metabolism is damaged. I’ve never purposefully dieted but my shift jobs only allow me time for one or two meals a day. Tips on how to slowly increase food intake? On days off I try to eat at least 3 meals a day but I still find that challenging.

  • I’m a runner and I am recovering from the diet culture where after a hard run I am not fueling enough but I gradually trying to increase my muscle mass because i ran alot and I’ve lost some muscle mass which made me weaker and can’t really see my the increase in my performance. Any advices?:(

  • HSHDFHHSHS I’m only 14, am I allowed to weight train?? I used to have disordered eating habits (I’m not comfortable with self diagnosing but I can confidently say that I was close to being anorexic) My weight dropped from 125 to 74 pounds in 4 months. My height was either 4’11/5’0 at that time btw. I was eating about 300-400 calories in total at that time, paired with taekwondo (4 times a week) for about 2 hours and occasional home workouts when I’m not too tired (for the remaining 2 days when I’m not doing takewondo) Right now I have fully recovered, sadly regained most of my weight back— 123 pounds to be specific. I didn’t reverse diet tho, just ate what I wanted lmaoo. My height increased to 5’2. But I have a slight problem, I got back to exercising recently and everything was going fine— until I noticed how little I was still eating. I can maintain my weight uhh when eating 1200 calories when paired with 30 minutes of HIIT, 10 minutes of abs, and 8 minutes of extra arms every other day. Whenever IM NOT exercising and still eat 1200 cals, I do gain weight. I’m in a really tough spot rn and since we’re in quarantine I can’t go to the gym and lift weights AND my gym doesn’t promote weight training for us children and Instead do muay thai or boxing. I’ve considered changing gyms but Idk if my parents would allow me too�� Guess I’ll never fix my shitty metabolism

  • Hey, i can‘t speek englisch very well, but i just wanted to say, that i had something like a mental breakdown last year and stopped looking on what i was eating. I ate like 500-1000 calories a day and somedays i could not eat at all, beacause of stress and because i got really hurted. After a month i passed out and got so scared…it was a shook. So i went to the doctor and he told me, that my heartrate was very low (35) and that it is a dangourus situration. I lost 10 kilos in 4 weeks and couldn‘t even think clearly. After 2 weeks in hospital and lots of work, and binging, here i am. Gained 15 kilos, beeing in my best form i have ever been and the most important beeing HAPPY. I eat about 1.750 vegan calories up to 2000 ( i am 1,57 meter) every day and work out 5 days a week. Gave your body the energy, that ist needs, couse it is so important to hear on your body and not at somebody or some diets. You can do it!��

  • So I have a question, okay so 2 months ago I never use to count calories, I would just eat healthy but a lot of food, and I was looking the same, I then started counting my calories to try and lose fat, using my fitness pal, it told me to eat 1550 calories a day to lose half a pound a week, so I have been doing that, but before I don’t know how many calories I was eating, I would estimate around maybe 3000 because for example, I eat oats for breakfast every morning and before I would just serve a huge amount that was probably 1 cup and a half and I would add lots of peanut butter and more things to my oats, which I believe would be roughly 800-900 calories, but now I measure my oats to 1/2 cup and my peanut butter 1 or 2 tablespoons, was that a bad thing for me to do? Drastically eat 1000 calories less than I use to

  • So you stopped working out and jumped straight to eating intuitive? And you mantained your weight right? Should i expect that? I dont need a stress like a weight gain…it took me so long to lose because i was really overweight

  • I really don’t like exercise at all.. when Im working it out it brings me to tears and I can’t go for more than a few minutes and I’m scared to eat a lot of calories because of this.. 
    Last year I ate whatever I wanted and I was pretty out of shape and had a high body fat % (although I was not hugely overweight) I was not where I wanted to be at all, so I cut my calories a lot and lost weight but now I’m obsessive over food but I’m scared to increase calories due to my hatred of exercise

  • What about eating a little more but also bumping up cardio to burn those calories? Would that help raise your BMR more than just slowly ramping up calories?

  • It is better to aim for feeling better. Fasting can kill your metabolism and can make you feel bad. I’m glad you were able to go back to eating and feel better after all the “disruption.” /figuring out how to recover is the hardest. Congratulations for finding your happiness!

  • I thought I was the only one. It feels like punishment. I can see how happy you feel to be free because I feel trapped and I cannot imagine what it feels like to eat ice cream without having more consequences than literally everyone else. It’s not fair.

  • Hello, I am facing problem like u pls tell me for how many time I have to give up my exercise to boost my metabolism BCOZ I gain too much fat on my thighs ND tummy

  • Last year i did a very low calories diet about 950 cal/day for 2 weeks and lost about 6kg, and then went up gradually to 1200 cal/day for about 3 months
    so in the whole process i lost 15kg and I’ve maintained it for a year now! I cut sugar and fats! And even if I over eat sometimes and gain 1kg or 2, once i return to the healthy amount of calories i lose them so fast!
    And now finally I’m doing lifting workouts and I’m happy that I can see results fast, muscles starting to show up haha and that makes so proud of the journey I’ve been going through! Thank you for all the advices i think understanding how our body works helps us more in the process of getting in shape and having a healthy lifestyle as the ultimate goal ❤️

  • How much did u gain and did u loose the weight,
    U still look slim, I rebound 30 pounds over starting weight I went from 115 to 149..

  • I’m so confused now �� i was always told that it’s all about caloric deficit, so in order to lose weight you have to eat less or exercise more so how does this work then?

  • I used to train (rock climbing) 3-4 times a week, each session took 2-3 hours, and I rode my bike an hour 5 to six times a week. I ate like 3000 calories (didn’t count but I ate a lot) and lost weight. That triggered the fuck out of my eating disorder and made it happy and with quarantine happening and me feeling out of control I relapsed, which I never thought would happen. I counted calories and realized that I ate 2500 calories in a day, and that on a day when I wasn’t even eating that much. Then I started to feel like that was way too much for me (5’6, female, I weighed around 128 pounds but I was pretty slim) and then I restricted, tried to fast for as long as possible and now I am typing this out a few months later, it’s evening and I’m hungry and debating weither I should eat more cause today was a climbing day and I saw this video and even she doesn’t eat more than me and she’s an athlete. I feel ashamed for needing as much food as I do and I wish I didn’t.
    Idk why I am even typing this, no one cares anyway.

  • I don’t understand how this is working… I mean if I eat more I gain, that hasn’t changed since I’ve been working out, I tried to increase my calories and I just put on weight

  • Hey Paul, I just found your video and have a question. I used to be 310 pounds back when I was 16 but I started a good Diet and have been eating 2000 calories a day since then. Im 6’4, 28, and 207 pounds. I still eat 2000, which I found out is super low compared to what im supposed to eat, but when I eat anymore I gain weight. I’ve been working out and improving my diet with better understanding and more protein. Even though 2000 is a huge deficit for what I should be eating, is it possible I adapted to that after 12 years of eating that way? And if so is there any way to “unadapt” it or is 2k just my maintenance from now on? I’ve also been working out and lifting weights recently, should I be afraid of eating more?

  • This video makes me so jealous and interested at the same time! Last week, I tore my ACL playing soccer. Before then, I was taking a gym class (heavy lifting) and had two-three hour practices after school (6 days a week). I would eat anywhere from 800-2000 calories a day and every now and then binge eat when I would be alone. I, like lots of other girls my age struggle with keeping my weight off/relationship with food. And Now that I can’t and won’t be doing any physical activity for the next three months at least, I’m afraid I will gain weight! Do u recommend me adding calories slowing into my diet? Even tho I will be sitting on the couch day after day. The thing that scares me is summer is literally right here and gaining fat right now (considering I can’t and won’t be lifting weights like usual) is the last thing I want… even if I can lose it later or after summer is over.

  • You might have addressed this but was the point of the RD 500cal increase to put on more muscle? I’ve. Ever understood reverse diets where you gain weight but then do a cut to reverse it anyways. Isn’t it a feedback loop? Absolutely no hate I’m just uneducated why people don’t just maintain

  • If I’m adjusting my calories do I adjust them based on net calories? I run half marathons very often and I am trying to make sure I’m starting this right. Thanks!

  • I’m 15 years old, and I dieted very strictly. I used to eat 500-800 cals a day and running 6 miles an hour or two. I lost weight really badly and became underweight. Now I’m slowly increasing my intake to boost metabolism and burn more fat. It’s been three days now and I’m eating almost 1800-2000 calories a day with exercise and walking for at least 3 hours. I’m mostly eating junk food and then feeling bad over it and then over exercising, but I’m eating 2000 calories a day. I’m scared that will all the ‘junk food’ will be stored as fat? Will I gain weight and will have to lose it again?

  • can someone please help me? i have been eating 1200 calories for almost 2 years now.. I stopped losing weight last summer, i saw a video on youtube on how to fix metabolism and that person said that i should start eating more, and thats what i did, i started eating 1700 calories two weeks ago.. Im afraid i did reverse dieting wrong.. Since you are supposed to eat 100 calories more every week. What should i do?:( p.s i cant go to the gym sadly, can reverse dieting still work on me? i just need to get from 65kg to 58kg

  • If I increase my calories will I get leaner and skinnier and lose fat?And do I need to eat healthy?I love vegetables but sometimes my mom makes not as healthy foods��

  • I struggle with how much to eat. I struggle to lose fat. I dont count calories or macros but on average have 1600 a day. Im never hungry really hungry between meals, unless i leave it a long time in between, so i dont think im necessarily eating too little. But it makes me worry if i start eating more i’ll gain and i dont know what else to eat between meals that isnt bad food. Can you come and live with me and teach me how to eat D:

  • I know you said you don’t need us to compliment your arms but damn your whole physique is so nice atm! You really look strong! Can’t wait to see how your cut will affect it, probably gonna look so shredded!:o
    Also, love how informative this was even though it was basically just a results video:D

  • I see this is an older video but I really believe this is what I needed to see. I’m at 1500 right now and counting macros. How will I know when I have hit my max? How long should I continually increase calories and carbs and where should my carb macros come from?

  • I have lost 70 pounds so far since last July. 12 more to go and just this week I increases my calories by 200 to 300. I’m actually down a bit but I obviously need more info, more data.

  • This is like the 4th video on reverse dieting that ive watched but none of them ACTUALLY explained how to go about it i.e. examples of calories and when to do it so i thank you so much for the informative video!

  • I’m not in food jail
    But I exercise fasted cardio every morning five days a week
    Lift weights three times a week
    And do extra cardio two times a week. I rest on the weekend
    I also eat properly on the weekend
    But my weight is stuck for three months
    I went from 223 to 235.
    I’m not sure what to do

  • Don’t know if you’re still answering but anyways… I’m 14 and i decreased my carbs like 2-3 months ago. I didn’t realize that was a problem until now, because i’m going on a trip in 4 days and i’m going to eat a lot, but o realized that if i was eating low carbs and then i eat a lot, that would ve a BIG change for my body. I like my body but i want more muscle and i’m scared that this 3-weeks trip is going to mess up my body because i have another trip on March in a cruise and o want to look good): what should i do? Please):

  • Just wondering how to accurately find your maintenance calories when metabolisms differ from person to person and on genetics?? Thanks!!:)

  • I am really afraid to increase my intake up to 2000cal and above �� I m a very super active girl working out 5 times a week of Crossfit for 2 hours and 2 days of leisure gymnastic for also bout 2 hours.. i restricted my carbs intake to below 100g daily, protein 150g and fat 40g.. I’m still weighing the same at 64kg at 170cm.. I m still at 25% bf even with all the heavy exercise.. what would you advice me? ��

  • Can you achieve the same results if you increase your consumption of dietary fat rather than carbs? I find it easier to keep my carb intake down than my fat intake.

  • I was at a really bad state and ate 300 calories a day. I stopped losing weight and was wondering why. Now I realize that my metabolism was very slow by I ate so little. Wish me luck that I can fix it!

  • Hi Natacha,
    thank you so much. I needed to hear this so bad. what is your thought on carb cycling? having more carbs on heavy days (usually leg days) and lower carbs on other days?

  • I guess it’s kinda like how putting on sunscreen can make you tan better or like how washing you face less can make you have less acne: it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true!

  • Great to hear the whole cycle I went through myself. Thanks for talking about it and now I understand better about what was going on ��

  • I have been a binge eater for 8 years after my dad passed away. When woman diet they try to stick to 1200 calories which leads to a binge starve cycle. I couldn’t get out of this cycle until my friend asked me to count the calories I ate when I wasn’t dieting and I was easily chowing down 3000 calories. So I then decided to stick to 1800 calories which was high for dieting but low in comparison to what I usually binged. I am losing steadily now without feeling deprived and will go down slowly over time as I get used to it. I truly think that we eat too little when we diet which sparks a whole cycle of binging and starving that you cannot come out from. *edit: I will do reverse dieting when I shed most of the weight first..

  • What do you recommend for people who are indeed overweight or obese and need to lose weight? Should we stick to losing 1-2 lbs per week? Should we restrict calories?

  • I’m watching this right now because I feel like I’m in my plateau stage… not losing weight. But also not gaining… it stops… my mind is confuse and Im losing my focus (losing hope and will). I have watched a lot of video. Its hard to workout alone. At first I enjoy it. But now I start getting frustrated specially now that I’m not losing anymore weight. I’m still not in my ideal weight at I still didn’t feel fit.

    I know this is not the right feeling. I just want to share this to you because I love you. I will not give up. I will still continue.

    Aside from pilates, I also do yoga. Sometimes cardio. Though I hate cardio but I know I need it specially now that I know, I am an Endomorph. I will try more to change this crazy feelings I have right now.
    More power to you Cassey! ❤❤❤

  • I’ve been in my first caloric deficit for 5 months and currently I’m increasing my calories by 100 per week until I reach the maintance calories I had before, but I’m confused about what workouts I should do to still tone up. What workouts should I do?

  • Sir i was maintaining 800 calories a day but eventually
    One day i ate 1150 calories and other day 960 caloriea then back to 800 again so my body will store that fat?

    ## i exercise everday…

  • Any tips in getting my protein up while intermittent fasting and reverse dieting? I’m finding it very hard to get enough healthy calories in, especially protein.

  • Can someone help me?
    I was eating only 100-200 calories a day.�� How should I maintain my weight and not gain all weight back?������

  • I love the idea of getting to eat more haha, but i have a lot of belly fat that i want to lose. Will slowly increasing my calories work for me, to lose all that fat round my thighs and my tummy?

  • You are so darn depressing. I cannot get my weight under 193 lbs no matter what I do. I counted macros and stayed flat. I reduced calories. I lift weights 6 days a week. And now you are telling me I am just making it worse by reducing calories because my body is adapting. I am 69, 5′ 10″ and the charts tell me I should be 175 or under. Not in this world. Your “advice” is complex and confusing.

  • Hey Cassey, I’m going through that phase right now where after restricting myself from foods and now trying to eat normally. It is very hard since I feel full, bloated but still hungry at the same time. I am a fourteen-year-old and has been misguided on nutrition so when you mean eat anything you wanted to, you mean eat a slice of cake every day eat pizza whenever, a hamburger, chips, and chocolate?

  • So interesting to see the results of your experience. I really like the science side of your videos. Thanks for all this work! Building my home gym slowly and start a little project come back for my self and listen to you motivate me.

  • I really especially dislike that second trainerHow could you suggest someone BOTH eat under 1200 AND eat ONLY six food species?! And all that exercise?!!!! They should be fired and banned. Disgusting bc ppl look up to fitness trainers. I am so glad you found a way to heal yourself You are so strong and beautiful

  • note for myself: STOP watching MissFitAndNerdy videos during your meals! before, after. great videos as always but NOT WHILE EATING! anyway, great video as usual 😉

  • Lol I would love love love to be part of your graphic design department!! I’ll even work a trade with y’all!! I do websites, and facebook marketing!! Eye Appeal Design dot com. But your web site and graphics are already on point.. but really ��‍♀️ seriously, if you’re looking for someone, I’m here ��‍♀️��‍♀️

  • I kind of disagree with this guy. The average metabolism doesn’t take a long time to stabilize at all. When you diet and lose weight it’s true that eventually your metabolism will slow down, but I have found a calorie and carb refeed for only maybe 2 days does the trick. After, I got back on the diet and I start to lose like I did from the beginning. Also, even IF your metabolism slows down…. As long as you’re eating healthy low amount of calories with NO carbs or sugar… You’ll ALWAYS lose weight… It might move a tad bit slower but your body CANNOT create energy. Your body has absolutely no choice but the use it’s body fat… It doesn’t have a choice in a calorie deficit. The people that complain about a “slow metabolism” either aren’t honest about their diet, has a health issue(thyroid), or just completely impatient about their weight loss journey. Period.

  • Unfortunately a lot of people who haven’t gone through this don’t believe it happens and think that I’m secretly eating while they’re not watching:’)

  • I remember taking the second semester of school off the swim team when I was 15. I started becoming obsessed with losing weight and would exercise hard for 15 minutes (until I was tired) every day. I remember how unhappy I was and how I would always give in to my emotional cravings. So glad I recovered a year later when I resumed swim and also that learned how to work out on my own during quarantine watching these videos (with better results)! I also remember sneaking a bag of chocolate chips next to my bed at night those days pretty wild. Now instead of crazy dieting, I try to meet my daily nutritional needs with lots of vegetables! It feels great!

  • Hey! I have a question. I’m not sure if my metabolism is “slow” or I’m just overreacting. I tend to have a pretty small appetite, and although I have never been a “big eater” I’ve had a slightly unhealthy relationship with food in the past, though I’ve built a healthier approach to it now. I’m 5’1 and without trying to restrict some days I only eat 800 1200 cals (usually closer to 1200 probably?) though I’m also trying to lose weight but can’t seem to get it off. I’ve recently begun consistently working out though really didn’t lose any weight. I’m not sure if reverse dieting would be good or not for me, because I’ve not really been trying to resrorct and I don’t feel too hungry and don’t want to be shoving food down my throat.

  • Hi Paul, thank you for sharing your experience. About that, could you please talk about what happens with maintenance during a reverse diet and also during a bulk…
    Cheers from Australia!��

  • I started working out and doing cardio mostly but Evn If I eat the normal amount (sometimes lower) I eat I slowly gained weight but when I touch my body I can feel the soft oily skin not muscle mass so I feel like I lost muscle and gained fat instead?? Why did this happen??

  • Needed this today! Had to go super low for my prep, and trying to slowly reverse3 weeks in. Trusting the process, but your knowledge is always the best. Thank you!

  • This is a great video and I can definitely relate! I rate healthy all the time and when I go back to just eating clean and having rice, I balloon up!

  • It makes me really happy to see that in the three different sets of pictures of you that you showed, you looked progressively healthier the heavier you were. You looked happiest in your heavier pic, too.
    It really shows that what matters most is living healthy and and happy, rather than the number on a scale.

  • I have suffered from losing weight insanely fast due to illnesses, Graves’ Disease and now Celiac Disease. After recovering from both I BALLOONED UP. I workout, power lifting and total body 3x’s per week and 1/2 hour cardio everyday, get enough sleep, etc… I eat clean as well.
    So now I am an XL when I was a Medium for the years I was suffering from Celiac Disease and didn’t know it.
    It sucks, but my muscles are forming and I have tons of energy now.

  • I ate 1200-1500 cals a day (with the odd ‘cheat’ day) (my fitness pal told me to eat 1200cals to loose 1lbs a week)
    I lost my period very very quickly and felt very
    then I plateaued and went fuck it screw this and ate around 2000-2500 for 10 days and I lost a kilo ����

  • Okay, so I am really interested in starting reverse dieting, but my problem is that I can’t go to a gym, which means I can not do the exercises you offered.
    Do you think there is still a way to do this with at home workouts?

  • This didn’t help me much, but it reflects what I am experiencing. I am 64 years old and am trying to regain the 6 pack that I had years ago when I was in the Marines. I am starving, and still have about 10 lbs. to lose before summer.

  • I️ want to gain muscle but I don’t have a gym just 6lb and 12lb weights. What should I do? Any workout videos online you could recommend?

  • Is it a must to workout at the gym? I workout with my bodyweight at home (6 times a week for 30 mins ) because my knee is injured and i cannot left heavy is it fine?

  • What if your were to drop calorie intake below maintenance without consistency?
    So each day your calorie intake is different going between 200-1000 below maintenance.
    Would this keep your metabolism the same and keep it guessing?

  • Hi Marissa
    So I used to struggle with an eating disorder and was eating very minimal calories per day, so I was losing weight at an extreme rate and seriously messed up my metabolism. At the moment I am eating a lot more but still not a huge amount (1200 calories a day) and am currently losing weight but I want to try and reverse diet to try and speed up my metabolism as I’m pretty sure it’s still damaged.
    At the moment I do HIIT workouts and body weight exercises and I have never weight lifted, so do I need to start lifting weights in order to reverse diet or can I continue with the workouts I already do as this would definitely be easier for me especially as the gym is closed at the moment.
    Also how many calories should I increase by each week in order to gain the least amount of fat as I don’t really want to gain fat or muscle particularly just eat more calories while maintaining my weight.
    Lastly when should I stop reverse dieting as to be honest I’ve struggled with disordered eating for so long I can’t remember what my maintenance calories were.
    I know that’s quite a lot of questions sorry! But I hope you can help, thanks:)

  • Hi Colin, been reverse dieting and not gained any weight, brought cals up very slowly from 1600 to 2100 and want to keep going.
    Now I’m having surgery in a few days and won’t be able to exercise for over a month, I usually lift weights 3 times per week and walk an hour every day.
    Should I lower my cals with not being able to exercise or stay put?
    Thank you.

  • Based on this video.. What are your views 9n calorie cycling. For example, 2 -3 day at 15-20% below maintenance and 2 days at or 5% above maintenance? You think this will help with metabolic adaptation?

  • I had been in a low calorie cut for about three years, stuck and unable to get the last amount of fat off. I was eating between 800-1,000 calories a day and had actually become anorexic from the years of restricting food and fearing it/hating my body.

    I reverse dieted after watching Marissa and some others and now I am eating 2,000 a day!! I have not gained any fat, just muscle because I did it slowly (100 cals/month) and I am so much healthier! I no longer have issues with my periods, brittle nails and my hair falling out, or even heart palpitations! Those issues are all gone and it’s because of reverse dieting. I am soon to go into a cut and now I actually have room to cut into as opposed to having nowhere else to go but not eating anything.

    This time, I will listen to Marissa and add diet breaks to keep my metabolism burning high. Don’t starve yourselves. It’s not worth it. Food is not evil, it’s just a number game. Take care of yourselves and live your dream of fitness!

  • What if you’re too young to do weight training? Can you still exercise everyday or add 100 calories per week to your intake without gaining weight?

  • I’ve just watched a bunch of your videos related to reverse dieting and they have been so valuable! In an attempt to lose fat and create a huge deficit, I cut my calorie intake significantly to approximately 1200 calories a day, which has allowed for significant weight loss (only been doing this for a few weeks). However, I understand that this is not sustainable and that this weight loss will not be consistent, and the weight I am losing probably isn’t the fat that I intended to lose in the first place. Going forward, I will gradually increase my calorie intake to a reasonable amount whilst also increasing the cardio/resistance training that I do to create the deficit that I require. So grateful I found these videos so early in my weight-loss journey, thank you!

  • Woo woo! I’m French and you speak soooooo fast! �� I can’t all understand what you Say, but thank god their is subtitles ����.

    Thanks you for this very instructive vidéo ❤️����♥️

  • I really want to try this now because I’ve been in a deficit for a long time, but I am hesitant because I am 123lbs and still have obvious fat to lose and don’t want to be counterproductive… After watching this I feel better about trying it out because I really don’t wanna wreck my metabolism with a prolonged deficit. Thanks for the update and you look absolutely stunning!

  • Thanks for your thoughts, Colin. Really good info and nice to hear from someone with experience that remaining strict with the process can have positive results when transitioning from a cut to a reverse. You mentioned a minimum of an hour of cardio a week, which is kind of general physician advice for everyone to get your heart rate up for 20 minutes at least three times per week. It is a nice idea to get cardio down for a reverse but we all still have to take care of our hearts.

  • i have been following for some time now and love the content! i always refer this channel for the expert advice you give. wishing you all the luck this year to hit 1 mil subs!!!

  • So happy I just found this video!!!!! I’ve been eating at a bit over 1500 Calories and I’m at a plateau of course because my metabolism is TRYING to savor all my cals

  • I’d love to see a video with details about your reverse diet! How long it took you to reverse to a high calorie. Did you gain any fat along the process or did you stay lean? Did you have help during your reverse? When did you know to keep increasing your calories? I know everyone’s experience is different, but I’m super interested in hearing about your experience in detail!

  • Glad that i fine your video, Cassie. I’ve been on a diet for a month, and I loose about 4 kg. I’m eating like 800 calories/day, and exercising way too much. But after that, i can’t even lose weight again, even tho i’m eating less. This time i know there’s something wrong.

  • I have the same problem. I was stuck on endless cycles of binging and starving, now I just keep gaining weight. I hope the repair of my metabolism is not going to take 3 years like it did for Cassey

  • Hopefully I can get a reply Thanks alot for the video. I have a question
    I started my low calorie diet two months ago I eat 1000-1200 per day
    I went from 154 pound to 137 pounds. My goal weight is 120pounds. My question is should I wait till I hit my weight goal to do a reverse diet or should I start now? Thank you so much

  • I’ve been restricting my calories to 400/800 calories for 3 months! And got diagnosed with a fkin eating disorder ���� im 16 and i really do hope my metabolism gets better.. Idk how damaged it is… I would always take multi vitamins everyday and eat some protein…

    But i doubt that helped my metabolism at all:( my fear is gaining too much weight from it.. Any help guys?

  • Did you make this video for me? Cause it sounds like you’re talking about what I’ve been going through. Thank you for the encouragement Paul.

  • well done!! but listening to you justify and over analyse a couple pounds of body fat for 5 minutes straight is making ME anxious lmao

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. It all started when I gained weight at the age of ten, I am a diabetic type one since I was four and I was resistant to a certain insulin I was injecting at that time. There was a point were it was such a high amount that the injections couldn’t be filled with enough insulin for me. I needed five full injections, normal kids at my age and weight needed a half injection. It was crazy and no doctor cared, it went on for almost three years. Because of that high insulin intake I gained weight, I still wasn’t overweight just a bit chubby, until then I was always muscular and sporty. There was a solution but the weight wasn’t going down. I thought I had to diet, to the point where I was eating like max. 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories with cardio. That went for over 2 years. Now I’m 15 years old. I still have my period, but sometimes it’s only every two months and when I have it it’s just like two days or so. It’s a mess. Last year in March I started at 67. 1 kg. At my ‘best’ in summer I was 63 kg. I was eating so little, barely anything and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a little bit more (500+-, slowly trying to increase the intake) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg again (btw I’m 165 cm), earlier this year I ate even less but gained weight��. At some point I just wonder how I survive, I am a competitive horse rider and do a lot of sports besides eating so little

  • I need to lose weight which is vanity weight tbh. I had bulimia and gained some weight but I just want my old body which was 110lbs at 5ft2 but i was a figure skater so it was mostly muscle. How should I go about losing the weight without damaging my metabolism. Should I cut for two weeks and then maintain two weeks

  • Paul, I also had this question:
    If I’m around 24% BF, the frequency of re-feeds recommended is about every 2 weeks correct?
    Thank you!

  • So in order to fix your metabolism, you need to eat some carby foods like one day a week? I soooo feel you on the “Even if I ate bad I was losing weight JUST TO PLAY WITH ME.”

  • Did you lose your period while you were training? I haven’t had mine in nearly a year after accidentally being underweight, months later I’m eating more, at a healthy weight, and still exercising but it hasn’t come back:(

  • started at 400, now up to 2,000. ����
    I always grew up very athletic but became very sedentary these past couple of years I guess and over ate, then decided to lose as much weight as fast as possible. I started my high school swim season good then racing became more of a chore than a fun experience because I had no energy and ended up losing so much weight/strength (muscle). My mind was also going crazy so I had to do something about it, so I researched and gained a lot of knowledge and am glad to say this channel is something that definitely keeps me motivated to get better and stronger! ��������

  • After you said ‘I am so proud of me! I’ve never had arms like that before’ like a little excited girl I started tearing up! Thank you for sharing your insecurities and your tips. I started training with you on a regular in 2012 and after being away for four years, studying dance, I have finally found my place back here again❤️ your passion is contagious, keep it up!

  • I tried the Keto diet and I lost weight and my stomach flattened and I went from 128-124lbs…however i gained back all the weight back instantly and I went from 124-135lbs so I gained extra weight and and my stomach looks big..I look really bloated…I don’t know what to do about it…I think it was just water weight I lost because I went low carb…I went from eating over 200 calories to 50 on Keto..i instantly started eating 50 carbs…maybe it was too much…what do you recommend? And is there another way to reduce belly bloat that water weight is causing?

  • Hi, at the moment I only eat 1300 calories at 5’10 to maintain my 140 pounds. I want to increase my caloric intake but I’m so scared to gain weight as I did have anorexia in the past so I feel like I ruined my metabolism. What do you recommend?

  • How tall are you because I am 5’0 and I don’t think that I can increase my calories that much. I eat 1,400 now and try to lift 3 times a week.

  • I will try to make this concise. I have yo-yo dieted for over 30 years! My top weight was 306 lbs at 5’8” and my low was 214 lbs. I have been everything in between. Most of my issues are binge eating at night which is how I have always dealt with stress. Last January 2018 I was 214 lbs and looking pretty good. Now, I am back to 260 lbs. What I did was slowly reduce my calories to 1400 and stayed there for about six weeks, then I slowly added 50 calories per week for several weeks and I kept losing weight! The problem was that I stop tracking my food and kept increasing my food until my weight gain got out of control again! So, I am starting at 2000 calories (High protein, mod fat, low carbs) and I am going to stay at 2K cals until my weight loss stalls then drop 100 cals. I am basically going to do the same thing again as I need to get back down to 220 lbs to feel mentally and physically good. What are your thoughts on this?? Thanks

  • I actually love your entire mindset! I am currently on the same path of recovery and I started 2019 with your 100 ab challenge and actually became so addicted to feeling good during your workouts, I decided to stick to 30day challenges that won’t take longer 15 min-30min a day and increasing a muscle group by the month. I also no longer see food as bad or good (used to be anorecix 6 years ago, not allowing myself more then 300kcal a day and I was in highschool!). I love your entire brand so much. You went through so much and help others achieve their healthiest form by simple motivational pleasures. You are amazing!

  • Watched the whole first part waiting to get to the things pertaining to males, here it is! Thanks for conducting this interview, Jeff and thanks for participating, Lyle!

  • I don’t get it?? I understand the reverse diet concept as you address it better than everyone else here on YT. But now what should I be doing? They all advised to increase calories but then? Also Insulin Resistant here, plays a role in anything?

  • Ok this might be just the thing I need �� months of low carb / keto did wonders for me, and then in a matter of days all of that stopped and I’ve been puzzled ever since.

    Also your arms and shoulders look crazy good! Can’t stop looking at those guns.

  • Thank you so much for this!!! I really needed it. I’ve been going through the same thing. I’ve been on this restrictive diet where i ate way less then 1000 calories and now i only gain weight as in without even doing anything. I’ve been trying to retrace my steps on how i did it, but nothing works

  • Hi. I was anorexic before and been in recovery for 1 year, but nowadays i ate 400cal/day without realizing it because i eat only healthy food for my skin. I’m planning to do reverse dieting, so should i increase 10-20 cal a day it means i’ll eat 420cal/day? Or just take it to 1200 cal?

  • Kudos on your successful reverse, but if you gained 2+ lbs fat, you are BY DEFINITION not eating at maintenance. Still, an impressive 3 months!

  • hi! i’ve been eating around 1100-1200 calories for about 2-3 months(estimate since i don’t count), i lost weight fairly normal (was 120 in may 24th, i am 106 now august 5th) i have still been losing weight so my metabolism hasn’t been ruined and i don’t want it to so i’m gonna start reverse dieting, also to add, i am a teenager and due to eating too many little calories caused me some health problems which i am now taking care off! but i want to better my health and still maintain my weight! could adding 50 calories per week be considered a good amount? ( i am starting at 1200):)

  • Hey Cassey! I’ve been following you since forever, so I kind followed your growth as a person and professional, you’re a fantastic person, keep up the good work ��

  • My best friend is in a very bad place. She is eating a about 800 calories and I’m trying to get her to do this because she can’t lose more weight (she’s kind of on keto right now) ( and her metabolism is clearly damaged because of all of the disordered eating she goes through), and she’s afraid to go over 1000 calories. And terrified completely to gain weight. So if she adds about 50 calories per week from protein you say she is not gaining weight? I really want her to understand it doesn’t matter if she gains some but she would be destroyed if she did, somebody please help me

  • To be honest, I enjoy having a slow metabolism. I can go days on days without eating(nearly no fat loss) and I am almost never feeling hungry. If I didn’t ceaselessly ADF and did prolonged fasting multiple times throughout the year I would probably be obese lol. Also, people with a slow metabolism live longer and feel full for longer, processes calories and nutrients better etc. Its overall just a better body requiring less fuel. Eating a lot and frequently isn’t exactly natural, from a evolutionary perspective anyway.

  • Hey guys! I hope you like the second segment of this interview. As always, I’ve included timestamps in the description so you can jump from question to question as you please. Thanks for listening/watching!

  • THank you Cassey!! This is so inspirational and I give you so much credit for being so open and honest about a very serious problem. Thank you!

  • Hello! I’m a teenager and lately I’ve been eating about 900-1000 calories per day for the past month or so. Before that, I haven’t counted but it must’ve been less than 900 since I remember increasing my intake. If I were to add about 100 calories every two weeks would I gain weight? Please respond.

  • I know I’m late here but I’m struggling. My bmr is roughly 1200 cals and I’m 5’2 and I’m eating between 900-1200 cals a day and I’m not losing much weight. I have had an ED before and I’m worrying about upping my calories and just putting on more weight. (I’m on anti depressants that kill metabolism and make it easier to put on weight too). I don’t want to up my calories if I’m just going to gain more weight so I’m really stuck and I don’t know what to do. Any help from anyone would be appreciated �� I should mention that for the past 6 months I’ve gone down from 1700 ish calories (I was gaining weight with that amount of cals) to where I am now. I’m very stuck.

  • This is an immens amounth of calories, i already struggle with 1750 a day ��, I know it’s not enough for 3 fitness days a week, but with work time is a problem, any tips?

  • I found you in late 2011 early 2012.
    Since the first day I subscribed to your YouTube channel, till even now; I have loved watching your journey, loved watching your business grow, loved the Positive Impact you made and still do make to my life.
    (My body has been doing this and is right now)
    You’re amazing!
    Thank you for your video!
    Much love from New Zealand x

  • Oh man…. just when I thought I was the only one going through this! 3 years later, 20 lbs over weight. Appreciate you telling your story. People dont realize how much mental damage others face after competing. Caused me so much turmoil and stress!

  • Hi I’ve been eating less than 800 cals everyday along with cardio and at the first two months I lost around 30 lbs and now on my third month my weight completely stopped decreasing so I’m trying reverse dieting. I’m on my second day and I’m sad because I gained a pound. Should I eat 1800 cals everyday or should I slowly up my calories? I don’t really know what to do cause my metabolism’s damaged

  • What if I tend to store fat in my belly-area?:/ I started eating more because I lift more. Well, I indeed feel stronger and maybe my physique has changed but also my belly just gets bigger (and bigger I also bloat a lot). It seems like I can’t be muscular with having a flat stomach. Could you advise something for this problem? ����

  • I only eat around 700kcal a day, but I don’t feel hungry or tired during the day. I also have a constant weight, should I change or is it not necessary?

  • That is why you shouldn’t cut calories but configure your maintenance increase protein to 1g per pound of lean body mass and have your fats at the same amount of calories and then the rest would be carbs create the deficit with exercise only

  • IAM working out like hell trying different diets, drinking a lot of water doing everything right my thyroid is good m not having any pcos still iam not loosing any single kg… M In depression my bf broke up with me after 5 years relationship because he found smart girl.. I just want to die now..

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I spent 10 years starving my body and am finally recovering from my eating disorder and work out eat right but my body does not reflect it, it’s so frustrating

  • Hi, hopefully I can get a reply back. So before quarantine I was about 117 eating 1870 calories doing a reverse diet, but then gyms closed and I stopped lifting therefore I was worried about weight gain and started lowering calories to 1630 doing cardio 4x a week. I am currently eating 1630, but have started lifting again 3x a week and cardio 1 time a week. I want to increase my calories again and continue lifting, but am worried about gaining weight. What should I do?

  • To be honest, that 2nd transformation in bikini is not even pretty. My opinion, but it just looks weird.. idk.. but the 3rd one looks perfect!

  • I’ve been reducing my calories to 600 and lost 1.3kg / 2.8lbs in 5 days. I just maintain my weight and don’t loose when eating 1,000 calories and have gained on 1,100 calories. I’m so lazy my weightloss is dependant on what I eat, also my goal is unrealistic and can only get that thin by starving soooo idk if this is gonna help but I hope

  • Great message and story. Everyone has gone way too overboard with dieting and extreme exercise that they’re really damaging their health. Metabolism is one thing but people have thyroid damage, hair falling out, not sleeping, right through to hypothyroidism and worse. There’s an easy way to test if your metabolism is low, you can do it at home. ��

  • Cassey thank you for sharing your journey. I too felt the same way and experienced the same thing but couldn’t quite understand the reason. You are the most real instructor on YouTube. Your forever fan.

  • Hi there!
    I’ve been through the same kind of thing but I’m still plateau-ing.. I’m affraid of gaining so much weight when I’m going to eat normal food again..
    For how long did you eat like ‘normal’ before you went back to clean again? And did you still workout alot?
    Thank you so much for the answer I was looking for this whole time!

  • Ya I went through that as well. I gained 100lbs over the course of three years and am now just starting to take better care of myself. I love your videos, they are fun and so relatable.