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Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Historical Timeline of Diet Trends

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5 Lessons from the History of Dieting

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The Bizarre History of Dieting | ATTN:

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The Ideal Diet for Humans | Galit Goldfarb | TEDxWilmington

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Woman’s 20-Year-Old Cyst Finally Gets Popped

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Sugar: The Bitter Truth

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From slimming potions to green juices, here are a few highlights of some of the most interesting diet trends over the past 200 years, told in that oh-so-modern of ways: through GIF’s. THE 1800s: FOOD WITH PURPOSE. “They didn’t get everything right,” Louise Foxcroft, the author of Calories and Corsets: A History of Dieting Over 2,000 Years, told Gastropod, “but they did know that a healthy mind and a. READ MORE > A HISTORY OF DIETING AS TOLD THROUGH GIFS.

Tags running training tips treadmill. About the Author. Molly Hurford.

Molly is an outdoor adventurer and professional nomad obsessed with all things running, nutrition, cycling and movement-related. The chazan is singing El Nora Alilah as the last rays of sun slant through the sanctuary skylights. You’ve transcended hunger. You’ve transcended hunger.

It’s a new year, a new slate, and an. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Diet GIFs.

The best GIFs are on GIPHY. 11+ Hilariously Funny Dieting And Weight Loss Gifs. Sometimes in our struggles to drop a few pounds, lose a little weight, fit into those favorite jeans, get ready for that school reunion or the thousands of other reasons where our current weight status comes to mind, we need to take a moment not of silence but of loud obnoxious laughter. As for ketogenic diets explicitly, they were first researched for epileptic seizures in the 1920s and shortly after that for diabetes.

One might note that, going back millennia (Greece, Egyp. So let us all take a look back at a couple of those bittersweet moments we face on the weekly and laugh, using the comedic stylings of what might be the most relatable show in the history of TV. Here’s 10 everyday struggles you’ve probably faced, as told through GIFs from the hit television series The Office.

Sexpectations vs Reality: As Told Through Gifs January 01, 2018 When it comes to getting it on, we all have our own preconceived notions of how smoothly everything will play out. The Evolution of Diet. By Ann Gibbons.

Photographs by Matthieu Paley. Some experts say modern humans should eat from a Stone Age menu. What’s on it may surprise you.

List of related literature:

I prefaced the story of Ericka’s journey with the comment that I originally used the Binge Cycle Exercise to interdict dieting.

“EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing” by Robin Shapiro
from EMDR Solutions: Pathways to Healing
by Robin Shapiro
W. W. Norton, 2005

Most would also agree that recommendations should focus on eating patterns more than nutrients.2 This highlight begins with the dietary guidelines for, and health consequences of, fat.

“Understanding Nutrition” by Eleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes
from Understanding Nutrition
by Eleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes
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Dieting and bingeing: A causal analysis.

“Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental” by Lambert Deckers
from Motivation: Biological, Psychological, and Environmental
by Lambert Deckers
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So even if the bingeing began for reasons unconnected to diet culture—as a response to childhood trauma, say—eventually (and often immediately) people feel pressured to diet in order to “make up for” having binged, and therefore they start restricting, too, even as the bingeing continues.

“Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating” by Christy Harrison
from Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating
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Figuring out portion sizes was tedious and frustrating for her, and when she managed to record all her calories she often found that she’d gone over her calorie goal, which made her feel like a failure.

“Healthy Habits Suck: How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life... Even If You Don't Want To” by Dayna Lee-Baggley, Russ Harris
from Healthy Habits Suck: How to Get Off the Couch and Live a Healthy Life… Even If You Don’t Want To
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The evolution of very-low-calorie diets: An update and meta-analysis.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
from Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition
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Calorie and carb counting was my addiction, and one that made me afraid of food.

“The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset” by Jessica Sepel
from The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset
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PATIENT: Oh no – there was nothing easy about not bingeing back then – it did not feel so natural not to binge.

“Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Non-Underweight Patients: CBT-T for Eating Disorders” by Glenn Waller, Hannah Turner, Madeleine Tatham, Victoria A Mountford, Tracey D Wade
from Brief Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Non-Underweight Patients: CBT-T for Eating Disorders
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Taylor & Francis, 2019

Most would also agree that recommendations should focus on eating patterns more than on nutrients.2 This highlight begins with the dietary guidelines for, and health consequences of, fat.

“Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition” by Sharon Rady Rolfes, Kathryn Pinna, Eleanor Noss Whitney
from Understanding Normal and Clinical Nutrition
by Sharon Rady Rolfes, Kathryn Pinna, Eleanor Noss Whitney
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By being very clear about the trigger for the weight regain and the behaviours that had changed, it meant that she was able to identify the behaviours that are crucial in helping her stay on track (i.e. planning her meals and sticking to her plan regardless of other people offering tempting foods).

“Living with Bariatric Surgery: Managing your mind and your weight” by Denise Ratcliffe
from Living with Bariatric Surgery: Managing your mind and your weight
by Denise Ratcliffe
Taylor & Francis, 2018

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Dear ted.
    I supprised with this video idea. Basically she said we should eat only vegetable and all of human is almost same in dna. Mean we will get same effect from this diet. But i found 2 other video
    1: what is the best diet for humans by eran segal
    2: your gut microbiome: by erika ebbel angle
    Both of them telling me what make more sense. That everybody with different gut microbiome so they will have different responses to food. And there would be no such thing as best diet for human or ideal diet. This video is wrong!!!

  • Fructose from fruits and vegetables are fine. Added sugar is what you need to avoid. The human body requires some amount of sugar.

  • So, this just popped up again in my YT recommendations. I first saw this video about 10 years ago, watched it a few times, found it interesting but didn’t take the message to heart. And now I’m a decade older and 50+ pounds heavier.

    Don’t be me.

  • It’s incredible yet so sad how we’ve been held hostage by the conglomerates of the food industry
    Increasing obesity, diabetes, depression… all epidemics that have coincided with the rise of the low fat, high carb diet.

  • Grüß Gott:) gutes Video! Thx!:)
    Hast du eigentlich schon dieses spezielle Aktivwasser von einem solchen Wasserionisator jemals getrunken?
    Dieses Wasser ist einfach geil!:)
    Es hilft einem echt produktiv zu sein…:D

  • lots of people who wont eat table sugar and consider it poison will still gobble oranges and honey and old fashioned made molasses thinking the sugar in those things are better because they are “natural”… well plain old refined white table sugar is “natural” too.

  • Has anybody seen the documentary involving the Nestle/ Coca-Cola in Mexico, Central & South America? I’ve looked all over the Internet for it and I cannot find it anymore. Has anyone else seen this documentary that was on Amazon prime a couple of years ago?What is the title?

  • Fantastic presentation. Only issue with it is not sure I buy the notion that fruits are ok because of the fiber. And I definitely don’t buy the notion that frankenfruits available now, not just in autumn but 24/7/365, are any better than high fructose corn syrup…

  • Bullshit! Sugar is just the current fad that the so-called nutrition “experts” attack. If you want to be healthy, it is simple according to my nutritionist: Cut out all wheat, dairy, sugar, animal fat and anything that tastes good. Limit yourself to healthy crap that you have to force yourself to eat. You will be slim and healthy, but you will also be hungry and unhappy. Just the sort of person that no one wants to be around.

  • The diet that humans and their ancestors have been naturally eating for the last few million years is all wrong. The best diet for humans to eat is a diet that no humans naturally eat.

  • Saying That “Taxing alcohol is to limit it’s use” is something I’d expect from the Mafia, Oh wait The Government is To Mafia as Sucrose is to Fructose “Both are The Devil” Diamond Cartels do same.
    Have something that really isn’t that rare… own all of it.. limits the ability to obtain it, make it addictive by nature or media…
    Make The Fortune.
    Rule Government by Money.
    Never change the Status Quo.
    Pass The System on to The Hidden Hand that Rules us all.
    The same Pack of Wolves Trying to sell depopulation…
    Who says “They want us to Live Long”?

  • WOW.. I can’t believe I just watched the whole 1.5 hours of this, right after waking up in the morning before doing anything else. I mean everybody knows that sugar is bad for you, but his explanation is at another level..

  • well the truth hurts google microsoft facebook and adobe you people do well only when the human race is in a depression everybody losing their jobs people are stuck in their own country unable to explore the world like god and supreme being intended for your noting more then a dirty disgusting cluster of bacteria that the world wish were gone

  • I have no doubt that you are correct. I believe the most Important factor is missing ; genetic propensity to store fat. I do know a rail thin individual who doesn’t drink coke but he eats more bread, drinks more ginger ales and just generally eats a lot of calories. Exercise…none. We all know that there are individuals who store more fat…it’s genetic.

  • Nothing about oxalates? Plants are poisonous, lectins, oxalates, anti nutrients, groitagens, etc etc! Carnivore is the cure for plants and sugar poisoning!

  • So, ALLLLL those hunters for millions of years ate the wrong food?????? OK, you lady make so much sense. What did they not have or very little??? Fruits as you can buy them at the grocery stores (altered from original natural state) and CARBOHYDRATES. Maybe you should stop eating that to stop “GROWING”. Such lies, such FAKE information.

  • 1:05:55 What is the story with African Amarican? why that ALT response is different? we deserve to know! this is so frustrating!!!

  • He has a snotty attitude throughout the entire part of his presention that I managed to listen too. It became too much when he alludes to occupational and professional bias in others without any evidence other than their results disagree with his desired conclusions. Sounds like a typical leftist. Maybe he’s projecting. His word cannot be trusted. Too bad. He might be hysterical but still right.

  • Taken to the extreme he is saying an apple, basically fructose, is poison. One can rail against table sugar all that want but no wonder we have so many people fucked up with eating disorders. ��

  • Guys, stay away from sugar for one month, don’t eat till 6 in the evening, then eat a high quality banana. It tastes like a fucking miracle. 15 times better than any sweets I can can imagine! Fruits are the better sweets. -> Very, very good news: Not eating sweets isn’t an issue since fruits are going to taste better in every way:)

  • The FDA does not permit fast (acute) poisoning, but does permit slow (chronic) poisoning, such as from fructose. So corrupt & stupid.

  • I loved this video. Please make more on parasites, vaccines with parasites, and autism / parasites. I’m positive a lot of mothers would do anything for this info

    The F.D.A. has become a colossal failure.
    Big Foods ‘for greedy profit’ has killed more people with processed and counterfeit food than both world wars and all worldwide terrorist attacks combined. Just Google ‘the Swiss milk study’ or the ‘Harvard milk study’, you will find that drinking more than three cups of PASTEURIZED milk daily has the same mortality rate as smoking three packs of cigarettes. Food is sterilized to prolong shelf life. This sterilization process neutralizes or destroys nutrition. t You do not even want to know (but you should) what those nuggets are really made from. They no longer qualify as actual food. Everyone except an uneducated, dolt or ignorant person knows what fried or fast foods do. Drive-throughs are responsible for more deaths than drive by’s. If terrorists wish to maim kill and hurt Americans all they need do is open a fast-food restaurant. The F.D.A. may have started out as a competent research establishment but is now an obsolete deep state throwback to the cold-war era and should redirect their priorities away from politics and promoting the marijuana war and before they allow big foods to kill everyone off.  I also suggest banning enriched flour.

  • at 58:50, now i understand why i get gout and hypertension at the same time. for years i am suffering with gout attack, even when avoiding red meat, nuts, animal product and seafood. now i’m just need to control fructose intake, especially in fruits and processed food. I’m doing Keto diet from time to time.

  • I have watched this many times. The case against sugar and vegetable oils in my view are both relevant. Processed foods are toxic, refined grains, sugar and vegetable oils are harmful. Vegan, keto, paleo, carnivore all work.

  • I recall Earl Butz. He got axed after saying that black people just want a pair of comfortable shoes and a warm place to go to the bathroom. He was a racist evidently.

  • 1) It isn’t necessary to say “‘Kay?’ after the end of EVERY sentence.2) There weren’t that many ‘fat kids’ in the early 70s…certainly not enough to keep Gatorade in business.
    Sugar absolutely IS a toxin.

  • Except that high Fructose corn syrup is man made and modified wihile sucrose is a derivative of Mother nature’s kitchen! We also have lived millions of years on food gronw on this planet including fruits and fructose IS NOT a poison. You sound like a globalist with a lobbyist corporation mentality.Don’t listen to him!

  • Unfortunately, being Type 2 Diabetic, I can’t use this. Way too many carbs and sugar to eat only grains, fruits, and vegetables…, especially especially the grains and most fruits. Maybe i’ll just move to Alaska and eat fish and blubber.

  • Personally I find calories in, calories out to work precisely. But, I also cook all my meals at home and only really have sugar if I’m having coffee, fruit, or dairy and it already had some in it.

  • I noticed after i stopped using sugar I dropped 16 lbs and cholesterol dropped 38 points. i am sure these numbers can go lower however I discovered SUGAR is in every product out there, i cant keep all sugar from my system, how do I cope.

  • Just watched this in 2020. What a great upload. I’ve been aware of the dangers of Sugars and Sweeteners since being a child. Dad told me many years ago “If it rots ya teeth it rots ya bones” Guess mi Pops was right. Just wish more people understood the dangers. Thanks UCTV enjoyed watching. Take care and be aware

  • hi matt, i m tryng to boost my metabolism as much as i can, from the exercise point of view, i would burn more calories when i m resting getting stronger or getting more musle mass? because i ve always heard and red that the more musle i have the more calories i will burn during the day, but actually with a strenght training i would get more fibers, so more cells in the musle, while if i get bigger it doesnt happen as much as getting stronger. let me know wich one would boost more my metabolism, thank you so much and great work with your videos!

  • I used to have a problem with severe foot and ankle swelling. I also had diarrhea every day. With the use of chaga tincher the problems cleared up. The chaga also controls my hypertension.

  • Why is it that when a person tries to open our eyes to how we are being duped by the food industry, they get a lot of thumbs down? This man is only trying to help people and yet he gets such nasty comments from who? It has to be people who have a stake in our continuing to poison ourselves with crap. No thank you to all pop and juices. I have always, for the last 40 years had very little juice in my house and no pop. My kids have grown up to be way healthier because of it. My husband brings it into the house for himself and guess who is the only overweight person in our household?

  • The guy that is making the speech is totally correct it’s the commonest it’s the phony people it’s the bankers it’s Wall Street people wake up they would rather kill us and that’s the truth I speak the truth and so does that guy talkin but I’m a little heavier because the point is Mother Earth can’t even quite survive so what is it about 99% of the Earth of people the elite underground communist you name it they want to kill everybody except that last one percent of people until they get their head together and Donald J Trump run some out of office throughout the world were not safe thank you

  • Waste of my time..not a very informative vl only confuse u.. lots f history of clear cut diet instructions

  • I literally searched up “Arknights Ad Thick Thighs,” and this was the first thing that came up. This lady has vendetta against her from someone at YouTube.

  • How do you wait 20 years to get this removed? How the fuck do you get married, have kids, buy a house, etc. while having that thing growing on you the entire time?

  • My cousin laughed when I told them I was planning to become slimmer with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed these people amazing effects after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, haha

  • How do you design meat taste good? Especially wild game tastes so yummy? Big Food going in the forests and making the venison taste better somehow? Maybe they taste good because that’s what our bodies crave? Maybe because carbs were a quick energy source but VERY rare in the past? And with the abundance of carb foods today we are spiking our insulin literally to death comes? Hmmm…

  • and yet we have those kids that keep guzzling Monsters, Dr Peppers or those (marketed as healthy and valuable) juices containing 12g/100ml sugar by weight in volume. Standard 0,33l can of this is 40g of sugar, that’s like 8 tea spoons.

    I like soft drinks, everybody does. But i resort to 0 calorie ones, sweetened by aspartame or other sweeteners. It’s sometimes difficult to buy them. In LIDL there’s a whole bunch of sugar-rich soft drinks but barely any “zero” drinks.

  • vegetarian diet gave me psoriasis. The carbohydrates I had eaten gave me insulin resistance and all complications that derive from it. Now on Keto I got rid of all ailments. I’m not saying to eat meat but dairy, seafood and eggs are a must. Veganism is a diet of deficiency so one must take a lot of supplements that shows that is not beneficial for humans. I need no supplements on Keto and that says it all. It also lacks bio availability and the right amounts of: 1) Pre-formed Omega-3 Fatty Acids DHA and EPA

    2) Vitamin B12

    3) Vitamin D3

    4) Vitamin A/Retinol

    5) Zinc

    6) Choline

    7) Calcium

    8) Iron

    9) Iodine

    10) Selenium

    11) Cholesterol

    12) Carnitine

    13) Carnosine

    14) Glycine

    15) Amino Acids

    16) Creatine

    18) Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine

    19) Vitamin B2/Riboflavin

    20) Vitamin B3/Niacin

  • True Human dna origin diet is mostly Tropical fruits like 100% fruit if you have access quality fruit and no shortage..:) You need fruit varieties adapted to human dna.. some fruit varieties are adapted to birds. Pure-love energy without external dependency (external waiting) Respect creation freedom of each:) TY

  • Eat natural foods like vegetables meat and fish its when you start eating processed food you get the problem I know quite a few vegetarian people and they look sick just as a person eating junk food from Macdonalds

  • so many misinformation regarding evolution, food habit history,no evidence of wheat history, first human dont know about agriculture,they just hunt animal and eat but there was no transportation and chair and sofa, bunk bed,lots exercise and fighting fear evolved strength body and mind,they dont eat frequently like us,they got animals after long time fast moving behind animal,then extreme hunger and finally eat may be after long hrs so naturally intermittent fasting also,so very very good digestion, if yr digestion good everything good

  • Life and death are in the power of your tongue…as in the words you speak. This is the danger of someone who has some education, some knowledge, and a whole lot of overconfidence in her own intelligence.

  • Ah ah ah shé think légvmés was théir énvironnémént als grains!!! shé is nvllé légvmés frvit ad grains aré only 8 000 ans aftér many many transformations; I askéd mé what léctvré préhistoriqvés shé has doné shé says c….riés

  • For those of you that has doubt about herpes cure am here to tell you that there is cure for herpes virus with herbal medicine prepare by Dr ugbokholan.

  • She claims that animal husbandry damages the environment and plant-based diets are better. Has she considered how damaging growing crops is? Farmer mow and plow up 100s of acres of natural growth, insect domains and animal habitats then plant a single plant species. Then, since the biome balance is severely compromised, they have to add nutrients, insecticides, herbicides, water and who knows what else to keep the single crop alive. Surely this is not correct?
    I also disagree with cruel animal farming battery techniques, and feeding animals hormones and antibiotics, but actually properly-farmed, free-range, pasture-fed animals live a happy life and provide the nutrients we can’t get from a pure plant diet. That animal husbandry releases methane etc has also been shown to be a red herring.

  • This is so bogus. I guess since we all eat the same diary is great, I’m not lactose intolerant after all. And peanut allergies? I don’t have those so I guess those don’t exist either.

  • Beautifull and inspiring narrative its time for a revolution to the basic ideal food choices whole food plant based diet goo for the planet and good for us

  • I too was obsessed with how primitive man once lived. Read everything I could get my hands on too. My conclusions were ancient humans (and hunter gatherer tribes today) eat a diet that is roughly 50% raw or slightly cooked plants, and 50% cooked animals.

  • Got on keto diet late 2018. I swear people try to talk to me about cholesterol and how fats cause heart disease ����. Lost 40 pounds and triglycerides came in at 37 mg/dL��. Never looked and felt better ��

  • I like what he has to say, but he’s missing the key culprit, that holy grail. its processed seed oils that cause the insulin resistance, as Dr. Knobbe so brilliantly pointed out.

  • This is just an unsupported assertion and flies in the face of a ton of other evidence. She is simplistic and selective in her quotes and “evidence”.

  • Hang on! So according to you, humans who migrated from African rainforests to the savannahs hunted animals for political and social purposes too. Animal food had no impact on their evolution at all? They spent all that energy and time that could be spent on searching for food in a time period when survival mainly depended on not starving??? I am a political scientists with some knowledge on sociology but this is a ground breaking theory I heard for the first time. I am so glad that you’ve beaten cancer and are cancer free but don’t twist reality to justify your argument. Eat whatever you want to eat. Feed your kids whatever you want to feed but don’t twist reality.

  • You: sees roach in room 18:30
    You: Realizes it’s dead 27:10
    You: Leaves room 27:15

    5 minutes later

    You: Comes back to pick up roach and find’s it’s gone.


  • You are taking on unproven guesses by people that have no proof of therir assertions, almost as if you are taking on the received wisdom regarding food that you have found yourself fighting against.

  • Unclear what exactly she and her children tend to eat now then in a day or week and which products in which quantities.

    …and this also completely doesn’t take into account the very different climates and different fysiological lifestyles with which people (often *have to*) live across the globe. Most humans on the planet today actually don’t have the rught gene mutation to eat animal milk-based products. Areas where people do tend to be colder climates such as Europe and Russia. For me it is obvious why one might need foods with a higher saturation of fats in colder climates. It is also about efficiency.

  • I do keto/carnivore OMAD diet… I’ll stand toe to toe with any vegan in fitness and blood tests…. Sugar and carbs are the enemy…. Meat, butter, healthy fats, vegetables…. But it’s your choice… We all seem to have people brainwash us and I might be the same… Try and go with what works for you…

  • Any one tried the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss system.

  • Her belief seems to be largely based on Prof John D. Speth’s theory ( 8:25 ).
    It seems unlikely the calories found to sustain an entire tribe can be found in edible vegetation throughout the savanna.
    Back then grains & fruits would have been vastly different to the modern plant foods we eat today, higher anti-nutrients, worse taste, undesirable textures etc. The theory that animal fats and bone marrow (much greater sources of energy and undeniably tasty) fueled our energy-intensive evolutionary process seems far more feasible in my opinion.
    When conducting your own “research” you are more likely to carry a bias, and exclude common sense. I think that is what we’re watching here.

  • I’m newly transitioned. I wish everyone would see the cruelty the animals go through. Living in their own filthsick and filled with infected pus. But pumped with antibiotic medication to ride of the infections. It’s truly discussing. And I used to be hardcore keto/carnivore. I can’t believe I ate that much meat, dairy, and eggs.

  • My cooworker laughed when I told them I was going to reduce weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them great effects after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the detail about this diet plan, hahaha

  • The powers that be want us to believe in Darwinism. We didn’t come from primates. Do you believe in aliens? Do you think they came from monkeys?

  • I don,t think savan and Amazon forests are vegetable gardens at that time. Humans started eating more plant based food after starting agriculture cooking only. 10000 years out of 1million years. Leave the vegans at Amazon jungle without cooking facility. How many days they survive.

  • You lost me at macro evolution. If we evolved from a common ancestor to apes, then apes should be the MOST similar to us in brain function. They are NOT. Parrots are the only animals that can speak and they have the part of the brain that processes speech like humans do. But guess who does NOT have that in their brainapes, gorillas, chimps and monkeys (our SUPPOSEDLY closest ancestors). It is a big crock of horse manure. Do some research on the intelligence of parrots and then go to the zoo and watch the apes beat their chest all day and nothing more and then use the brain that the Creator of the universe (Yahweh) gave you. Are animals amazing? yes! Are we related to them? NO. We are created in the image of an amazing intelligent, artistic Creator. Have a nice day:-)

  • This information is not accurate, humans were actually always bipedal, even before the ice age. Please fact check your information before posting.

  • Umm another whole grains lie. Whole grains and starchy plants increase insulin levels and foster metabolic syndrome and obesity. Right there she lost me. Humans ate animals vegetables and plants were rather rare findings. Carbs is the only non essential macro nutrient. Humans need protein to live period, contemporary and modern man! Funny enogh since hyperglycemia state increases cancer risk with glycated and oxidized LDL. Limit carbs specially sugar, eat plenty of meat and a few plants and vegetables for vitamins. There it is!

  • Just watched a different TED talk that said, rightly, that there is no ideal diet for humans. Diet is completely personal. It depends on your genetics, gut biome, lifestyle, etc. Every person’s ideal diet is different. Saying that our DNA is mostly the same and therefore our diet should be similar completely ignores our gut biomes which are not largely the same. This talk is overly reductive.

  • Unicorn Steaks�� I liked how you talked about modern supermarkets in your book being our key to healthy eating. My wife is trying to lose Weight and told her about your ideas on eating what you want and restrictions etc. I could see in her face the relief when I said it to her. And she is losing weight! thanks Matt

  • This lady is okay but she’s got some problems. All that education to realize a plant based diet is healthy? But she did cure her cancer, so has some creds.

  • she actually looks sick to be frank, that 0.1 % DNA is what distinguishes us from other humans and thats where our specific needs for different food comes from. same food, same treatment, same medicine never works for everyone. so does veganism for her information.

  • Since everyone on YT comments threads are trained professionals with years of academia and scientific experience, I am just gonna read the comments, and skip the video.

  • Sugar is not beneficial! It’s addictive and should be avoided. Do your own research see how you feel months after cutting it from your diet. Simple as that!

  • The sharing of meat by hunter gatherers is epic. She’s accepting some very questionable science.

    Just eat less meat and stuff out of boxes. Around the world you can find people thriving on most imaginable diets. Just not junkfood.

  • So this was basically vegan propaganda. She made up an argument to say pre-civilization men pratically didn’t eat meat just by saying big hunts were “social rituals” or something. Weak and mistaken. I like plant-based whole foods, but we need animal products since always. Eating meat is not a marginal “lost barbaric habit” (talk about prejudice), grass feed cheese is good for human needs. Check the Blue Zones Ted Talk about the centennaries and what they eat. We don’t need to pretend we don’t need animal products to protect their right to freely pursue their natural life. We can take action against the use of the animals in literally every other area beyond food. Vegan movement have to acknowledge that and act accordingly.

  • Eat of what is good n halal for u. Eat in moderation. Fast in Ramadan. Or the Monday n Thursday, intermittent fast if u can. All diseases originate from the gut.

  • 3.5 millions years? Anatomically modern humans as around 200k years old.. there’s no evidence that suggests we evolved from anything, we are exactly the way we were 200 thousand years ago.

  • hi matt, i m tryng to boost my metabolism as much as i can, from the exercise point of view, i would burn more calories when i m resting getting stronger or getting more musle mass? because i ve always heard and red that the more musle i have the more calories i will burn during the day, but actually with a strenght training i would get more fibers, so more cells in the musle, while if i get bigger it doesnt happen as much as getting stronger. let me know wich one would boost more my metabolism, thank you so much and great work with your videos!

  • Such a good talk backed up by stats. And AMAZING explanation especially at the biochemistry part������ I appreciate his effort in organizing the talk. Thank you ��

  • I’m in my last study term in Public Health Nutrition, and there is absolutely no courses on historical practices and I think it should be included. I agree with everything you say as it makes sense. Will look to get this book.

  • If you’re going to consider a Paleo diet than vegan is not the way. Meat was the the staple of the diet. Grain is not good for you.

  • Hi Matt, I’ve been trying out intermittent fasting recently. There’s is a lot of evidence from numerous sources that its good for your health, promotes better brain function and helps produce growth hormone. I have to say I feel pretty good doing it, I’m getting used to the feeling of hunger and I enjoy my meals more and it’s easy to follow. As far as ive learned so far a little stress to your digestive system is good in the same way that a little stress to your muscles/body keeps you fit\strong. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it. Keep up the good work ��

  • Matt, as always great video! Couldn’t agree more.

    Have you seen the movie, “The road to Wellville”? It’s a comedy about early 1900’s medical practices featuring Dr. Kellogg! You’d love it!

    BTW, I’m halfway through “Fitness Independence” & it’s one of the best books I’ve read. I’m a personal trainer so I have a background w/ some of the science but here’s so much marketing it’s easy to get lost. Your book cuts through It all in an approachable way. I’ll write a rave review as soon as I finish & I’m recommending it to everyone. Thanks!

  • Hey Matt,
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the points being made in this video ( as opposed to Paul Wade’s section on neck training in Convict Conditioning 2

  • Shaq open a restaurant near my alma mater. He’s a retired basketball player, not a chef. I’ve been there! My sacred organization has been there! But I went with my family after the ecclesiastical session. I loved the dining joint. Beverages not to be found elsewhere.

  • People forget that Shaq had that game that came out on Super Nintendo before Yao Ming got into the league and people should know Shaq’s goofy-ass personality by now

  • We were made in the image of God not from �� monkeys. We ate plants fruit in the garden of eden. We didn’t start eating killing animals until after leaving the garden. Sugar in dairy spikes glucose levels. I watched forks vs knives last night which promotes plant based diet

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