Not Slimming Down 7 Signs Your Effort Is Having to pay off


Why You’re Not Losing Stomach Fat

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�� Why you’re not losing weight on Keto

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Not losing weight? THIS might be why!!!!

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6 Signs You May Have Depression and not even know it

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7 Signs You’re a Healthy Woman

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Intermittent Fasting But NOT LOSING WEIGHT

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But if your primary goal is fat loss, there are other forms of exercise that give a much better bang for your buck. The best way to lose weight and build lean muscle by doing some form of strength. Talk to your doctor if you just can’t seem to lose weight.

Tests can show if you have a health problem that makes weight loss hard, and you can get medicine or other help to overcome it. Swipe. Track your gains: As a general rule, if your regimen includes progressive overload (meaning you gradually make your muscles work harder over time, by adding weight. When you lose weight, your body fights back.

You may be able to lose quite a lot of weight at first, without much effort. However, weight loss may slow down or stop altogether after a while. First Signs of Losing Weight. You’ve been working hard to diet and exercise in an attempt to lose weight and get fit – now to reap the rewards.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, losing as little as 5 percent of your body weight may lower your risk for. If you’re losing weight at a healthy pace, you shouldn’t notice major changes in your cycle, Young says. However, if you’re not consuming enough calories, it can cause your.

You rely on concentration to get through work or school every day. When you’re unable to concentrate, you can’t think clearly, focus on a task, or maintain your attention. Losing weight takes time, patience, and work to reach your optimal goal.

Read 4 reasons why your low carb diet may not be working right away from Atkins®. You’re very close to your goal weight. You’ve been working hard, diligently sticking to your low carb lifestyle. The weight is coming off, you’ve been loving the way you feel. Add speed drills to your morning run or tack cardio onto your weight-training routine.

In the meantime, to keep you going strong to the other edge of that plateau, pay extra attention to these seven signs that you’re getting healthier even if you’re not losing weight: 1. YOU HAVE MORE ENERGY. Your weight loss or gain will be more accurate, rather than having your scale tricked from losing water weight overnight. 2. YOUR WEIGHT LOSS IS STEADY. Water weight tends to fluctuate.

If you’ve lost five pounds overnight, and then gained it back by the end of the day, you’re most likely not dealing with true weight loss.

List of related literature:

Sign #6: Weight It’s logical that people seeking to lose weight typically try to gauge their success by weighing themselves.

“Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution” by Chris Powell
from Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution
by Chris Powell
Hachette Books, 2011

Those results could be motivating you to continue with your new healthy habits—but until you stop obsessing about gaining or losing half a pound, you’ll never be able to see the emotional, mental, and physical progress you’ve actually been making.

“The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom” by Melissa Hartwig Urban, Dallas Hartwig
from The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom
by Melissa Hartwig Urban, Dallas Hartwig
HMH Books, 2015

You may notice your clothes are loose even when the scale does not show weight loss.

“Never Be Fat Again: The 6-Week Cellular Solution to Permanently Break the Fat Cycle” by Raymond Francis, Michele King
from Never Be Fat Again: The 6-Week Cellular Solution to Permanently Break the Fat Cycle
by Raymond Francis, Michele King
Health Communications Incorporated, 2010

Unintentional weight loss · Significant unintentional weight loss during the few

“Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines” by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
from Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines
by Duodecim Medical Publications, Ilkka Kunnamo
Wiley, 2005

That initial weight loss may seem great, but what it really does is give you a false sense of success.

“The Best Life Diet” by Bob Greene
from The Best Life Diet
by Bob Greene
Simon & Schuster, 2007

This finding tells us that successful weight loss probably has more to do with present motivation than with underlying willpower.

“Diet Cults” by Matt Fitzgerald
from Diet Cults
by Matt Fitzgerald
Pegasus Books, 2014

Part of that good feeling comes from obvious changes that accompany weight loss—of course you’re going to feel better when your clothes aren’t as snug, you have more energy, and you know you’re making progress in your journey to better health.

“The Doctor's Diet: Dr. Travis Stork's STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight & Restore Health” by Travis Stork
from The Doctor’s Diet: Dr. Travis Stork’s STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight & Restore Health
by Travis Stork
Grand Central Publishing, 2015

Losing 5–10 percent of starting weight is often enough to reap the rewards.

“Diabetes & Carb Counting For Dummies” by Sherri Shafer
from Diabetes & Carb Counting For Dummies
by Sherri Shafer
Wiley, 2017

MYTH 4: Exercise and Dietary Restriction Are Effective Weight-Loss Techniques In Chapter 2, we discuss in more detail the energy balance equation, otherwise known as the First Law of Thermodynamics, which states that when the number of calories you consume is less than the calories you expend, you should lose weight.

“Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight” by Linda Bacon, Lucy Aphramor
from Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, and Just Plain Fail to Understand about Weight
by Linda Bacon, Lucy Aphramor
BenBella Books, Incorporated, 2014

Certainly losing weight, looking good, or setting a new personal record are some superficial purposes, but not the most profound, compelling ones.

“Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life” by Kevin Cashman
from Leadership from the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life
by Kevin Cashman, Limited, 2008

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  • I finally got enough strengths and determination to lose weight after I figured I could gain 3 kg7bls only after 2 days.. I dont rememer how but I have more than 3 meals a day, and I could only stop eating each meal when I know that my stomach is full..

  • I have experimented with quite a few weight-loss programs already but not one of them offered me the final results like I obtained with this method. Even I am not eating much as I used to be, I still do not feel jittery or perhaps sense a crash Since implementing the procedures described in this particular weight, I lost 15 lbs by now. Google should help you to discover it. Program’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Yes some people think IF gives them the opportunity to eat whatever they want and still lose weight! its still a calories in and calories out game!

  • I’m struggling to lose my final lbs. At first it was easy now it’s tough. I won’t see results for a week or sometimes two and that’s maybe a lb.

  • Your body will adjust its metabolism downwards eventually just from fat loss. It’s the fat loss that triggers cues from the brain to achieve homeostasis. You are more likely to accept dealing with the effect if you do the days of higher intake as suggested. And thank you for finally saying that you still have to be deficit to lose. I can’t believe some fasters keep insisting calories don’t count.

  • I have a clarification question. Are you saying instead of long term fasting for those of us who are not college age men to get our bodies in a pattern of omad until we are full every 48 hours? For those of us who are interested in experimenting with longer fast? I’m back on keto and intermittent fasting for a week and lost 26 pounds of regain weight! This is due to the water weight my body was holding onto because of carbs causing major swelling in feet and legs.

  • 6 weeks in I lost 20 lbs. Has my diet been the most disciplined? No, but i keep to 3 rules of calorie deficiency, stick to my eating times and no sugar or bread. Im still over weight but i feel lighter and less sick. I dont care how long it takes cause I know I will lose this weight.

  • Low carb low carb low carb! And low fructose. And work out while fasted. Up your veggies lower fat a bit after you’re in deeper ketosis

  • is it okay if I eat Oatmeal with Strawberries and Blueberries? (No sugar) and 3 Boiled Eggs with A Whole Avocado and A salmon with A cup of Spicy Nuts?

  • Been trying IF for 3 weeks now. No progress at all. And YES I have been eating super clean. I was already low-carb dieting before trying IF. But it’s not working for me.:(

  • Any idea why I’ve not lost, but gained 0.6lbs while doing IT for 2 weeks, have exercised daily for over 30 min, have eaten the calories recommended during my window? I used to do intermittent before which is how I lost over 20lbs. I gained around 6 in quarantine and I’m trying to lose it again, but it’s not working.

  • sunday OMAD
    monday 16:8 IF
    tuesday 20:4 IF
    wednesday 16:8 IF
    thursday 20:4 IF
    friday 16:8 IF
    saturday OMAD

    is this plan advisable? because i am following this pattern

  • While everyone is saying it’s working for them, Why am I the only one not seeing any changes, its been a month already �� I am tired of waiting to see the change, I might just give up at this rate ��

  • SO SHOULD I STAY AT CALORIC MAINTENANCE LEVELS OR HAVE A 500 CALORIE DEFICIT? So many articles say calorie deficit is necessary, so many say that too a deficit is not necessary. And your video says both! Lol so confoozed.

  • So what about a true alternate day fasting 36/12 and not losing the weight you thought you’d lose?? The health benefits I have experienced are more than I could have hoped for, but I must say after a month I’m a little surprised I haven’t lost more weight

  • I think this is rubbish.If people.dont eat enough consistently, they will eventually die especially if they are not even getting enough to maintain their Basil metabolic rate. If people are restricting their calories and not losing anymore, they probably need to adjust their BMR to account for the weight change. Also they could probably start to build muscle because the diet could be breaking down your muscle which are needed for obvious reasons but also muscles need more energy ie having muscle, burn more calories. Why do people like to make everything out to be a mystery. I know, so they have claim to know the answers and so can ‘sell’ it to others.

  • Hi Dr. Boz Your work is amazing. Thank you! Please help me understand how Jerry lost so much weight with his glucose so high? Many thanks again!

  • I’m so confused when I first did OMAD I lost 11 pounds in a month but I’m trying to do it again now and I’ve gained 6 pounds in like a week does anyone know what I can do?

  • My period got so much better but I don’t know if it’s because of weight loss or going vegetarian, because later I gained even more weight than I lost, but my periods are ok, 2 days and on the 3rd day it’s almost nothing.

  • I have been running for closely 40 mins for 3 months and didn’t see much changes. Now I started eating once a day rest just drinking water. Let’s c

  • Wait….so I usually work out at night because in the morning I have online classes, so I have to work out in the morning while I’m fasting to burn more fat? My fasting period is from 6pm to 10am

  • I’m 6’1. I was 202 January 1st. Started that week basically. By end of February I was 192ish. End of March, 190ish and I’ve been stuck here for a month. I think I know my problems exactly. Haven’t been able to workout cuz of shutdown and I’ve been drinking more ��

  • All that said, I went vegan a month ago and already shed 10 pounds…and feel lighter…which helps me jump more rope…which will ultimately give me 6 pack��

  • 1.Frequent Urination2.Increased thirst or dry mouth3.Dark neck or ring around the neck4.Constant Dizziness5.Extremely high bloodpressure6.Insulin resistance & Thyroid problems

  • I gained 2 kgs in last 13 days. I was shifting to a new city. My food habit was so bad the last two weeks. Pizza, kfc, kebab, rasamalai 0.500 kg, baklava, rasagulla 0.500 kg, caramel cake, bubble tea and naan. I was eating so heavy that end of the day I get food baby. I started to get bad stomach ache last two days. I realized if I am not in control, cysts in ovaries will not break this month. I had my last meal today at 2pm.

  • I listen later, not live. 9 minutes in before the information begins. That’s what I dislike about live broadcasts. You have to listen to all the hi’s to the viewers, etc. My time is limited and like to get to the punch quickly.

  • the more active you are the lighter your period gets. I used to have a bit of a heavier period until i got into competitive dance in highschool. my period went from 7 days to 3 days. and til this day I stay as active as possible and my period only lasts 3 days stil

  • Please tell me how I can get your products in Canada. Amazon does not have anyone who can ship to Canada. Or can you recommend a good ketone product here?
    I’d ketones last 2-3 hours in your body should I drink them every 3 hour then?

  • u can’t expect to lose weight only by fasting…u need to train regularly,if going to the gym seems scary,u can do it all by yourself at home,there are TONS AND TONS of videos on youtube on home bodyweight workouts that will KICK YOUR FUCKING stop being stupid and lazy,stop complaining for stupid reasons,get your asses up and put in the work

  • It’s been about few weeks that I have started intermittent fasting. And I see no results. My weight keeps on fluctuating. When I am in my feeding stage, I take very little lunch and I am full before I complete it. Did anyone face the same kind of problem? And please guide me through the solutions too��

  • I’m just starting OMAD today, I need to lose 15 lbs. Lets just say I been drinking water since I woke up and about to cry at this point. I almost ate a strawberry but I was able to fight through it. I did OMAD before and was successful, so im not a stranger to it, but it’s always the first day that’s the toughest for me.

  • Im doing IF again. Last time i did it i lost 20 pounds in 1 month and 10 days. I was switching between 16/8, 20/4 and OMAD. It helped me loosing faster since your body doesn’t get fully used to the method you’re in. I will try to keep notes of my new process here. Im already 2 days in so, wish me luck.

    After week 1: 258.6
    After week 2: 253.4
    After week 3: 253.4 idk what happened but still going
    After week 4: 251.4

  • I’m really confused. I thought you weren’t supposed to have a protein shake after a fasted workout because it would spike up insulin levels?

  • Hi I m doing this 20/ 4 hour fasting from more then 2 months I lost like 5 kg but suddenly I feel that I m not lossing my weight, why is it like this?

  • Even when I was 105lbs and in sports 5X a week, eating a healthy balanced vegetarian diet, I still had super heavy, painful periods (they only lasted 2 days though and they were very regular, about every 29 days). It wasn’t until I went vegan that my periods became less painful, still pretty heavy though, but I think that’s just because they are so short. Most girls I know have their period for 5-7 days and like I said mine is over in 2 or 3 days tops.

  • I just realised when you mentioned the periods that a few years back when I did not care what I ate, I just ate what was good and most of the time super greasy stuff, I had the worst periods. Now that I look a little more what I eat and don’t eat as much shit and move alot more (haven’t lost weight tho) my periods are more “normal” and don’t have as much clots and stuff.

  • I’ve been praying to God to help me lose weight and have a better relationship with my long-term health, so I can stop fluctuating. Literally for the past month or so, God has been showing me how to work on my internal. You just really wrapped up the package with this vid and the word “work-in” ������

  • Very helpful, informative and easy to understand! subscribed to your website and started weight training for women over 50. Thank you!

  • Kia ora thank you. Great information video.

    I do not eat red meat bc it makes me lethargic and upsets my pooping rythmn. White meat occassionally is okay. No dairy as Im lactose intolerant. So its veges, fruits, nuts and legumes etc. I know and are in tune with my body, can tell what it needs and doesnt ��.

    Thanks again arohanui ����

  • Your videos are very informative, and it’s so nice to have someone give professional information to cheque if we are in a healthy state….������������

  • I had most of these symptoms and was even told by my doctor I’m pre-diabetic, told to change my diet and lose weight, and put on medication to prevent it from progressing. I was told at a young age, I don’t even think I was in my teens yet (went on the medication later on), so I had no idea how to deal with it and ended up just ignoring it and hoping it would go away on its own. Obviously, it didn’t, and as I got older I just stopped really taking it seriously and didn’t do much to change it other than a couple of half-assed weight loss attempts. It took me having a mental breakdown and dropping out of university to really commit to change my situation, and although I only started 2 weeks ago, I’ve lost a little over 5 pounds! You are a huge inspiration to me. I relate to you in a few different ways and it’s really helpful to see someone I sort of see myself in succeeding at what I’m now trying to accomplish. I know I can get there, too!

  • Prolonged gut micro-biome problems can actually cause a multitude of cascading body problems and even death, especially in a pandemic. It is more important than many know. Good work putting this out. Highly recommend to follow it and indeed get that blood work done at least once if not twice a year!

  • I’ve been fasting for 2 days! No progress seen but I’m strong and I’m not giving up anytime soon even though it’s been a long time and I haven’t seen change yet.

  • Thanks for this helpful video! These tests are definitely an eye-opener and things that I need to track more closely. I also had no idea about #3 and #4 that’s why Dr. B always has great info and can learn something new!

  • This is a great checklist to go by and keep an eye on your own health! I showed my wife your video and happy to say she successfully checked off everything on your list. It’s definitely thanks to FMP and also FFP for myself, your videos and information have helped us to get in the best shape we’ve been since we were 20!

  • My sister have been interested into getting back in shape after her most recent pregnancy. I will make sure I refer this video to her so she can get the same results that I have experience in watching your videos.

  • Great and very informative video about Healthy Woman.It is very trustful.I am very impressed of your video tips.Thank you for sharing the information with us.

  • I love watching your videos!!! You have a much calmer voice and I love how you explain things. I did try other coaches but, sorry to say, how their voice sounds, it annoys me so I click on your videos.

  • Hair, skin & nails tells a lot about your health situation. Another way it can tell you is your poop schedule. Higher poop frequency means you’re not able to digest food that you are having. I always look for these and for the rest of them I really didn’t care. But Balduzzi’s explanation about other tests made me worried. Thank you.

  • I really like that you took the time to talk about the different ways we can check everything for ourselves. It’s nice to feel in control of our health.

  • Thank you Doctor Balduzzi, I always keep an eye on general health for any abnormal sign but haven’t tried testing my resting heart rate. Will do in the future for sure!

  • Nice video. i enjoyed this video all situations. this very important and helpful.this is the great information. thank you for sharing.

  • an upbeat and positive complied list of signs that you’re a healthy women, heart rate check first in the morning is great practical advice, wonderful share for friends.

  • Excellent content from beginning to end. Sharing useful and effective information in all your detailed and well explained information about Healthy Woman.

  • ! today i tried to talk with my mother and maternal sis.when i was talking theey just slightly smiled and then my mom got a notification on her phone that her friend texted her and then my brother came and they just started chatting so i just left the room and now im front of my laptop to see if i really have stress or its just a drama inside my head, which is told by my family members.
    i dont know i just feel too vulnerable but i bet not even 1 percent of people who i meet can tell how hurt i feel inside me for just no too scared to study i dont know what to study thats why i just see and listen kpop songs but just the moment they end i feel like NOW WHAT.

    is it just a drama? or assumption made by my mind because i just watch and know too many depression stories or WHAT??? is it just me being a useless brat!!! fuck my life!!

    at the end i still dont know what to do and how i literally feel?? is it just too common for a teenager girl to be scared of studies more than ghost or zhombie and feel tooo vulnerable while going to school and afterschool clasess and be scared of teachers more than anything some times just sometimes cry due to this weird feeling but then just stop crying and again convince myself that im just overeacting

    guyz do anyone know what my real feelings are! cause for gods sake i wanna know what the actual heck is happening with me..why i am so scared of studies and addicted to laptop. even when i watch laptop i still feel the anxiety and unsatisfactory feelings inside me!!!!!

  • i have depression

    “stop acting”
    “you just want attention”
    “attention seeker”
    “stop being a drama queen”
    “you are weird”
    “stop faking”
    “stop talking to yourself it’s weird”
    i have a friend who jokes about depression

  • Thanks to being ‘depressed’ to fit in with the emo trend, it’s hard to know if someone actually has depression or just doing it for attention when they tell you “I have depression..”

  • i used to have shit loads of clots on my period now that i 1. lost a little bit of weight, and 2. took a stronger birth control my periods are lighter than shit

  • Me: stressed, has lack of sleep and eating, headaches, back pain etc
    Also me: well I guess I may have depression
    Me 5 minutes later: WAAAAAAAAAAAAH
    My sis: why you crying?
    Me: IIh-have depdnsixns
    My sis: okay then..

  • I have someone to open up with but only one person, I am sometimes a little depressed. I told her most of it…and she took it in and loves me ( best friend way)

  • I’m smiling and laughing..
    But down inside I’m hurt and hurt inside..
    I act happy around others and pretend nothing’s wrong..
    But no one even notices..
    My friends leave me and don’t even text or call me..
    I got bullied in the past which left a big scar in my life even if I’m not bullied now..
    It still hurts and I can just see memories of when it happened..
    I try and kill myself but I don’t want to die..
    I’m tried but can’t sleep..

  • Jesus I mostly have depression bc of some fights with friends my fake friend and my mom sometimes calls me fat
    It mostly started with my mom she started calling me fat it started as a joke but it now affects me more then it should
    Fake friend:she’ll call me ugly fat weird and a loser she’ll then say very quickly it’s a joke I know it’s not though
    Fights:my friend kinda started becoming a control freak once she’s realized what she’s doing is wrong but before she stopped she’d control what dance moves I’d do in dance class sometimes told me what to eat

  • I want to ask for help but I keep second guessing myself because my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to have the most common symptoms of depression (work, sports, etc.) so i’m always like “oh i’m not depressed i do a,b,c” and i just end up putting it off. I still don’t even know if something is wrong with me, but I still struggle daily. Now i’m just researching lmao. I hope that in my little rant other people feel less alone lol.

  • I hate it when people say “oh, you should be grateful for what you have! There are people suffering more” it just makes me feel as though I’m being ungrateful and that I’m being selfish. Saying those things might help some, but it can hurt others more

  • Im so tired of living in this world full of disappointment and hate im tired of smiling and saying im fine i just want someone to tell that its ok i want someone to accept me. Its so hard to get out of bed. I need someone to heal my battle wounds instead of give me more. I hate living.

  • I have been following a watered-down version of the keto diet. I didn’t skip meals as often as they recommend. I didn’t cut our carbs as severely as they recommend. Most of the increased fats are coming from plant sources rather than animal-based foods. I have been losing weight. Every time I think I’ve hit a snag and can’t lose any more weight, a few more pounds come off. I’m using supplements and sometimes vinegar to assist with the weight loss.

  • I have most of these signs but i never got diagnosed because i try to be happy so people dont suspect it but when in down i like being open and sayong i think i have depression…but i dont want to offend angbody that was diagnosed with it that has it confirmed because i dont..someone please help me understand,i try to ipen,but i dont want to hurt someones feelings:(

  • Please open your mind and listen to me now okay now not tommorow but now,I just want to help you cause I had social anxiety and depression too before,Beleive in me,FOLLOW this steps:
    1.Always pray every night to lord Jesus christ or read bible.
    2.OPEN YOUR MIND(Listen to others opinion)
    3.Believe in your self(Love your self)
    4.Search for “EVERY TEENAGE GIRLS NEED TO HEAR” vid. here in youtube
    And last think on my advice

  • 1st day of IF.. big mistake i forgot to eat yesterday.. only drink fractose tea.. just now in the morning i had my 3000 steps walk.. only 125kcal burned:(.. i have 30 mins more to break my fast.. tik tok tik tok tik tok

    20June2020, 10.30am -Malaysia

  • Your skin isn’t paper so don’t cut it
    Your life is valueable so don’t end it
    You are beautiful so don’t deny it
    You are loved u were never hated
    I love u and I love me to
    Your fists are not the answer so don’t use it
    You are not alone I’m with you
    If you end it all you will cause more pain then u think u are
    If u end it Ur loved ones might to
    If you love them you’ll carry on

  • ……i don’t say anything cause they say you just fake fake…. �� If anyone also has this you’re not alone…. I’m with you too ���� �� �� I hope we all feel better and stop this depression ��������

  • I just wanna know something do u all just say that “my depression is nothing there r ppl who face times harder then me, iam just over dramatic or something” cuz I do this alot

  • thanks that helped alot ^^
    but the worst thing is if you have depression as a kid like 11 or 13 years old Adults like your parents will never believe you they will say “there is no such thing as depression”

  • Psych2go: ask yourself if you’re ok
    Me: thank you you so much now I know that I’m not ok ok and I need help but I can’t tell my parents are they may not understand can you help me

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  • The tatted goof ball’s theatrics is just distracting and stop holding your clip-on mic. I am going back to Jeff Cavalier. YouTube you guided me wrong in sending me to this mess.






  • Me looking at the comments by 12 year olds who have self-diagnosed themselves with depression and who thinks having depression is cool. Theres a difference between sadness and depression.

  • I hide away. I’m glues to my laptop and phone. Nothing pleases me. I rage even when my cat looks at me sometimes. I can’t keep hiding away my feelings. I bury them so deep sometimes I don’t even feel them. Sometimes I feel nothing..

  • Once I wanted to talk to my parents about that…but they said I’m overreacting…I’ve known for a while now that I’m depressed, and now I can see it again…since I felt the first real pain never had tears…I won’t cry, cause it hurts…physically and mentally…why?..I don’t know…they don’t understand…won’t understand…day for day…It’s like that’s not me, that’s laughing with my friends, that’s playing with my brothers, that’s caring about others…every time I try to be positive and happy it’s like I don’t know…maybe I’m really overreacting…

  • the fact that there’s a lot of videos with millions of views about depression and none of my friends,relatives, or someone i know about it and don’t know that I’m here suffering.

  • I need to lose 150 lbs in the next 180 days Im gonna start uploading daily videos tomorrow it would mean the world to me if y’all could help me stay motivated

  • I have the dark neck thing and I never knew what it was. I went to get it checked but all they did was say it’ll never go away. They never explained what it actually was.

  • I had never heard of work-ins but without even knowing until I watched this video, I’ve been doing work-ins since the fall of 2019! It’s currently mid April and I’ve lost tons of weight (without doing actual workouts). I started doing morning stretches to wake up my stiff muscles from sleeping while drinking 8oz. of water. I make myself a super healthy whole food breakfast meal and just find things to do around the house instead of being on my phone the whole time!

    And when it comes to my “diet” (long story ahort) I just make better bad choices (eg. burger or grilled chicken sandwich) and control my portions of food!

    In terms of clothing. I used to wear up to xxl. Now I wear l-m sizes depending on the fabric. ������

  • I love this! I need to spend more time on this ��Also, you’re video style is incredible, so intertesring and convincing! Plus I love your shirt��

  • I’ve been on the pill for almost a year now because of my heavy bleeding and cramps. I’m overweight but not obese, and I experienced bad cramps and heavy bleeding before I even gained weight too. My periods have always been regular, almost on the exact date even, but the cramps got worse the older I got. My weight might correlate to my cramps getting worse, but since I gained all my weight around the same time I got my period (around 13-14 years old) i can’t tell if I do have some sort of uterus-related problem like an angled uterus or endrometriosis or similar. I’m currently on a roll when it comes to losing weight since I’m eating much better and track my calories, so for fun i could stop taking the pill when I reach a weight I’m happy with and see if my cramps are the same or better. But we’ll see, I can’t tell yet haha

  • You saved me from dying girl, thanks a ton. Now, i came to know why i am always depressed, feel heavy chest. I am 84 kgs. I will loose weight now.

  • Hello DR. Boz, I’ve been trying to do Keto for 22 days now. I’m 51 years old (male)I’m drinking 1 gallon of water everyday, I work out 3-4 days of cardio in gym, ( row, run some weights every session is 1 hr) I’m eating all the good fats, Avacado oil, MCT oil, Coconut oil, Ghee using an app to keep track of my macros so I’m hitting my numbers, just wondering why my blood keto reader indicates.04, I’ve been losing weight and body fat according to ECW/TBW analysis??? Any help would surely be appreciated, I’m not going to quit ��

  • Two things, if I consume lemon water on my fasting cycle am I interrupting the fast?
    Also do you recommend a preworkout protein shake or a post protein shake?

  • I have a question about ketones I wish to ask: A standard urinalysis test panel I took 2 days ago showed that ketones are being dumped in the urine which was flagged by the lab as being abnormal. I have been following a low carb increased fat diet for the last several months. I have been having trouble the past week with severe skin itching. Is this likely to be related to the dumping of ketones in the urine? Do I need to worry about this?

  • See and hear you well from Dublin Ireland
    I am an MD (I retired Eye surgeon on Keto for the last two years. You have an amazing gift for teaching and I enjoy your videos.
    Have your book – outstanding. Truly well done. Tony Smith

  • holy shit i have literally all the pcos symptomsshould i ask my doctor about it or am i being dumb. like i have the absolute wost acne out of everybody I’ve ever met and my periods r so heavy and i also have cramps down there even when its nowhere near my period not to mention im basically obese

  • Idk if you’ve mentioned it in other body transformation focused videos, but did you ever experience a humpback, lump behind the neck? Basically due to bad posture or a fat lump? If so, or did you have bad posture when overweight, to now, was fixing your posture easier? ��

  • my neck is dark bc i was in spain and i forgot to put sunscreen on my neck haha
    and i also constantly have to pee because i finally drink enough bit i’m at a normal healthy weight
    i also get dizzy when i stand up but its because of natural low blood pressure which my mom also has and in weather changes like rn and warm weather i constantly get dizzy when i move too quick

  • Such a great video Jordan! But as a type 1 diabetic, I would love it so much if you’d say type 2 diabetes at the start of the video. I mean, its pretty clear that youre talking about type 2, but type one and two gets mixed up very often which is very annoying since T1d has absolutely nothing to do with lifestyle or weight. But anyways I love your videos!

  • I have already utilized this unique guide for a couple of weeks by now as well as the effects are awesome. I have the power I would like without controlling my desire for foods without making me really feel jittery. I haven`t changed anything else I am doing and have lost 7 lbs. Google can help you to research it. Guide’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • I’m pretty up there in weight (I’m slowly working on changing) but I took a breath of relief when I saw I had none of these symptoms!

  • I had many of these when on the vegan diet. I was a junkfood vegan though. Right now i went back to pescetarian to get used to eating whole foods, and then i might start going more plant-based again.

  • Hello from near Montréal, Québec
    I really like you channel because there are so much informations, «normal informations» that I get from you.
    Merci beaucoup.

  • I remember at my heaviest whenever I took the city bus, I took up the two seats. At the time I thought it was awesome because I was going through a “powerlifting” phase, but now I realized I was more fat than muscular

  • I don’t have any of these symptoms except high blood pressure. I am also vegan and 5’9 and currently 202 pounds the heaviest I’ve ever been

  • I like your video’s Dr Boz and our Budgie sunny this morning as I was listening to the first part of your video was listening intently next to my phone I think he may like your voice ��.

  • It’s so weird how dizziness can mean you need to lose weight OR gain weight. I mean, theoretically you’d know which, but it’s weird how the body does that…

  • I need to start running, and not even just to lose weight. It’s also to condition myself for band. We didn’t do a marching band this year, so I got out of shape. And now that we’re at an indoor marching band, I can’t breathe and march at the same time, which is a big necessity. But I still can’t seem to motivate myself. It happens in all areas of my life. I exercise and eat well for the first couple days, and then I fall off. Any tips?

  • Excellent information. I do have a question in irregular sleep pattern what happens if you happen to be working on shift at night of which are supposed to be asleep how do you balance that?

  • I have done tests if I have depression and they all said I have severe depression and can someone tell me what it is cause I don’t know

  • Hey these are all true, but are also experienced for type one diabetes! Which can occur to people who aren’t overweight! So if you have these symptoms don’t dismiss them due to being a healthy weight:) stay safe y’all

  • My sister has diabetes type 1. The week/weeks before she got her diagnosis, she felt really ill, but at the moment there was a flue epidemic in the area, so we guessed it was all fine and it would go over eventually. At a certain point her condition apparently got so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital. She did not show the symptoms for diabetes, but apparently her blood sugar was all messed up. So if you ever feel ill to a point that it is unusual: go see a doctor!! It can be of great significance. Even though the case of my sister was very unusual, sometimes innocent seeming illnesses could actually be something else.

  • Iam two weeks into my fasting and I have seen very minimal progress but I’m not going to give up….2020 is the year I loose weight so help me God..amen

  • Great advice, just found your channel a few days ago. Never thought about jumping before, but it’s a lot fun. BTW Dan, you may have missed your calling….maybe comedy? Lol.

  • Where is the link to the calculator video you mentioned at 5.07?
    And I’m trying to lose weight, I’ve being jumping 1000 jumps a day, and my feet hurts, and I have lost 10pouns in 1 month and a half, and I’ve been dieting every day, I think my cal intake is less than a 1000, but want to know, what amount of cal I must eat everyday to lose fat safely and making it a life style? Thank you for this video, I think is a struggle for everybody, to get rid of the fat haha! ����‍♀️greetings!☺️

  • For us fatty liver folks, 21:16!! I used to add 3 tsp of sugar to my lattes and I would have that with 2 muffins, 2 chocolate glazed donuts and tim bits for us in Canada… know how sweet Tim Hortons pastries are…..well, on top of that years before I used to be a fruitarian!! On this fad diet I ate 1 WHOLE pineapple a day, half a watermelon and 7 mangos!!!!! All that sugar adds up and was diagnosed with sugar. I was in denial until Dr. Box pointed this out articulately. Thank you doctor.

  • Ive been diagnosed with pcos and I knew nothing about it when I was first diagnosed but now learning about it and seeing this video it makes so much sense because I have everything one of those symptoms (except for the dark neck thing). I am currently 162 (was 140 when doagnosed) and I should be 125 (says my doctor) and I dont even feel that oveweight, but it goes to show you can experience healthy issues from weight even if you aren’t THAT much overweight. Also, pcos makes it harder for you to lose weight, hense my gain lmao. Gonna start working on that.

  • You have inspired me to loose weight! I use to be a fit athlete and I had a series of events that happened in my life that lead me into a deep dark depression for about 3 years now. It’s weird that I use to have an idea of nutrition and I use to work out like an insane person because that’s what athletes did in school, well that’s schools from the area I lived in did. I want to get back into working out and eating healthy and watching your videos has made me wanna make the transition. Thank you so much!

  • I am watching this May 3rd 2020. I love the information because everything you are saying is ��%. I love the get off me fat!! The raw egg hell no!!!! I will have boil eggs instead loll!! Thank you for the videos. I stumble upon these videos and enjoying them, I also subscribe to your channel. I had a jump rope and someone stole it from my house. So with all honesty now I am just using regular rope untill I can afford to buy back another jump rope. Today is the last day of my 7day 10mins jump rope challenge with over 1200 skips.

  • i just wanna say, your inclusivity in certain subjects is so important! “this only applies to people with vaginas”. an accurate statement bc it doesn’t apply to all women bc not everybody who identifies as a women has a vagina!!! every time i watch another vid of urs i like u more and more!!! ��������

  • I was an athlete when I was younger. I’ve slowly gained weight over the course of a decade. It wasn’t until I hit 30 and realized I didnt trust my body anymore that I realized I needed to lose weight. When you don’t trust your body to perform simple tasks: climbing a ladder, climbing stairs, jumping over things, lifting certain things…. At first I thought I was just getting old. I wasn’t old. I was over-weight. I was unhealthy. Take your body back. Take your life back.

  • Thank you! This was very helpful. I only have one or two of these signs but my poor husband has a few and we have seen a doctor about it and he is trying hard to fix things. It does, unfortunately, run in his family along with our unhealthy eating the past year or so… These are odd things that most people wouldn’t think about so thank you for informing us. It means a lot.

  • I’d just want to make sure everyone that sees this knows that type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes have different causes. Type 2 may be caused by obesity but can also be caused by old age and just genetics. Type 1 is 100% genetic. No matter how much weight you lose, type 1 will never go away. Type 1 is autoimmune so there is no way to prevent it. I just want to clarify this to the people watching this that associate the general term “diabetes” with weight or obesity ��

  • Man when I started a few months ago, I went from eating like 2k calories a day to like 500600. I wasn’t losing SHIT after like 3 days and was struggling for weeks after until I started eating a consistent 1,500

  • I am 16 and 5’9 and about 185-190 pounds and I know I need to lose weight but I don’t want to make a big deal out of it but I need to be committed to it so I just need to find a low key diet and I do lift 3 days a week and know I should do cardio more to but does annoying have any advice or things I can try?

  • Why would I create a diet plan myself when there are people who certainly do that better then me? Visit NextLevelDiet and get your personalized meal plan.

  • I have to eat so much fat to get my ketones up to a 1.0 or higher. That’s added fat to the plate of 12 tablespoons. My insulin tested at the lab 5.3. Gained weight. I’m 20 lbs up since July 2019. Been low carb since March. 2018. Did really well the first year, reached my goal weight, now gained it back and then some. I’m 67 y/o and very active. Sleep not good. Should I continue with that added to the plate fat?

  • Hey Jordan! I love your transformation, and you really inspire me to start working out and go on a healthier diet plan:) I was also diagnosed with insulin resistance and I have to reverse it now in order to be healthy. I have only 10kg more than I should and I really hope to get well soon:) I just have one question. No one tells what to do when you reverse your insulin. What do you do now when you reversed it? Do we have to avoid sugar for the rest of our lives??

  • I was so freakin afraid to watch this video because I have this very noticeable dark area around my neck too… and I have all the symptoms besides high blood pressure. I will have to have my doctor test me on my next check up.

  • If someone has stretch marks on their stomach when they were gaining weight will the stretch marks stay when you lose weight? (Probably a dumb question but I really don’t know)

  • Hey Jordan! I’m 20lbs down to my 80-100 Pune goal!
    I’m my family kidney stones and diabetes comes genetically so I’m really proud that I’ve stepped up to improve my health or decrease my chances of having those two illnesses! Your videos inspire and motivate me so much and I can’t wait to continue watching and reaching my goal of being a healthier and happier version of me!

  • Thanks for sharing! Consistency is the key. Been doing this for the past 2 months and seeing pretty solid results. You guys are awesome! ��

  • My doctor was like u could have diabetes do I went to the doctor and the I rememberd that when I was younger I had. A nevkles on and I tried to jump of the swing and it gave me rug burn on my neck and left I dark mark my mom told the doctor she just thought it as dirt lol

  • Omfg the mention of clots in my period. Thought it was normal and then I mentioned it when i was diagnosed with PCOS… It’s not that normal after all… but I guess normal for me because of my PCOS lol!

  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to add a comment about the difference in menstrual flow after losing weight: I’ve read that estrogen, the hormone responsible for the growth of the uterine lining that is shed during your period, is produced in both the ovaries and (in much smaller amounts) fat cells. Essentially, when you have more fat cells you manufacture more estrogen, and may thus produce a thicker endometrium than an individual sitting at an average weight. It would also stand to reason that the additional estrogen produced in this manner might interfere with, interrupt, or counteract the body’s hormonal baseline and result in irregular periods. I’ve been able to find some recent studies (most related to breast cancer) that state that hormone levels tend to go down as weight decreases, but I haven’t found tons of reliable information regarding how this might influence a woman’s cycle. Anyway, just thought it would be an interesting bit of information to share!

  • I used to sleep 12 hours a night. It was glorious! My husband said I had one foot in the grave. Now we have a one year old so I only get 6-8 hours ��������

  • Wait wait wait hold tf up, whenever I stand up I feel dizzy. I’m not over weight and I don’t lac glucose. What tf is wrong with me? I found it out, I eat about 800 calories a day….. apparently I’m not eating enough����

  • The Halo light in the reflection of your eye glasses gives the illusion you’re opening them really wide and it’s kind of creepy BUT NONETHELESS I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ❤️

  • Great video, Thanks Dr Boz and Jerry. This has helped me so very much to understand what is happening with myself, keto and diabetes. I hope to be off my insulin pump someday soon. I started as a type 2, and could not keep up on all the meds and eating 3 times a day, doc put me on insulin pump, I gained 150 pds and was treated by my nutritionists, endo and GP that i was now, obese and needed gastric bypass surgery. I almost did have the surgrey,, Thank god for learning about Paleo, Then, Lowcarb, now keto and fasting.. I’m on the path of health. A1c 6.5 now. Was 11.1 a few years back, before i started this journey to health. I hope to be melting this weight off soon. Your products have helped me alot too. Lacklinn’s (wrong spelling her name) her video’s are the start of my journey with You DrBoz. Thank you so much!!

  • I started my weight loss journey 6 months ago and have dropped over 80 pounds so far, with 40 more to go for my goal. (Short version for the curious… I am doing the same thing Penn Jillette and Kevin Smith did to lose weight. Also see Ray Cronise and Dr. Joel Furhman’s tips)

    I was never diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but about a year before I decided I could lose weight (I always knew I needed to, but never could figure out a healthy way to make a go of it until I saw those two public figures drop the pounds) I was diagnosed as pre-diabetes. My next doctor visit my blood sugar was fine. Then in the time before I saw the doctor again, my weight peaked at 307 pounds and I experienced this ring around the neck.

    I thought it was dirt. And I tried in vain to wash it off. And often it would itch LIKE CRAZY.

    I also experienced nearly every other symptom here (well, obviously except the last one…), including the dry mouth and frequent urination overnight. I would get up at least 3-4 times a night going to the bathroom. (Another sign something was wrong with my sleep: I used to wake up several times during the night and my bed side light was on… clear sign I was not sleeping well through the night.) And my dry mouth was so horrible I imagined that’s what Hell felt like. It reminded me of the story in the Bible where the man is in Hell begging for just a drop of water on their tongue.

    I started my potato diet two weeks before I went back for my check up. (And in two weeks my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were “amazing” according to my doctor…words never used by them. Like ever.) So my doctor never saw me when I had the ring around the neck and I never mentioned those other symptoms because I didn’t know they were symptoms!

    I am a middle aged man, so I figured that constant urination overnight and waking up with a dry mouth was just “normal for my age.”

    I write this not really so much in reply but to implore anybody in my same situation…if this is happening to you, it’s NOT TOO LATE! Get healthy and get wise! You do not have to live like this!

    If I can do it, and you need to, I know you can, too. I am nobody special. I am just an average guy and I don’t have any special chef making me food or following complex recipes or doing anything really too complicated.

  • I have all of these.
    People ask how you’re doing.
    You reply: “good” or “fine”
    When, really, you just want to crawl in bed, snuggle your dog, and listen to music and cry. You harm your self at your lowest points. Yet, you refuse to acknowledge it. Refuse to let others know that you’re actually not okay. So you smile, you smile and laugh. If you ever told anyone what was actually going on, they’d say “you’re over-reacting” “but you have so much to live for” “thats stupid” “we all get a bit sad sometimes” “its your phone” “socialise more then” “get out” “find some friends” “its because of your sad music!” “because of your emo music”
    So don’t EVER ask me why I’m not smiling every second of the day, why should I? why I distance myself from every one. why I’ve stopped speaking to every one.
    Because, unless you’re actually willing to listen, you’re not going to help with your useless comments!

    So, yes. I’m *fine*. |-/

  • Look, I don’t even need to lose weight and I am watching like 5th video of yours!!!! You’re very atractive, but I don’t mean the way you look, but the way you are is magnetizing. PS. I do love this poster of skeletons in the background

  • This also why I started losing weight (52lb). I had frequent urination so bad I would pee myself almost daily. Very bad foot and hand pain, and heart palpitations. After losing weight my frequent urination has gone away. I still get hand tingles and heart palpations though.

  • I have been a Type 2 diabetic for 17 years. Medication helps it from becoming worse. But a year and a bit ago I learned that I had Protienuria. Which means that my kidneys are starting to fail. I was in tears and shocked. I lost 40 lbs in 3 months and I still need to lose quite a bit more to be at a healthy weight. I’m adopted so I unfortunately I don’t know my family history with diabetes but my adoptive mom and grandmother both have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes within the last 5 years. I’m on a great plan nowadays and I am starting to lose little by little again.

  • Hi! I listen to every word you say…. I agree that the volume is always low. Please try to take the word ‘ah um’ out of your vocabulary. Said with a happy ❤️ heart. Love your words.

  • Lesson learned about rural internet… won’t happen again. Treat this video as a podcast. Thanks to everybody who stuck in there through the picture buffering.

  • It’s been 5 weeks now on IF, workouts and almost always clean eating and I lost 6kg already. I feel much healthier and full of energy! My self-confidence has increased too. I finally feel good enough to wear a bikini (never have before) and shorts again! Everyone contemplating doing this, please consult with your GP first and then go for it!

  • Super frustrated. 6 months and no loss. Bought a meter and found out that I am not in ketosis! I just don’t get how I can be eating only 15-20 carbs a day max and after six months, not only am I NOT in ketosis but I haven’t lost a pound. I’ve tried doing it at lower calories versus higher calories and it doesn’t seem to change anything. I have though cured my T2 diabetes and love this way of life. All the keto calculators tell me I should be eating roughly 1800 cal a day for my weight, height and age. I do follow the advice of several popular keto doctors and understand the whole calorie setpoint thing. But it just doesn’t seem to matter whether I eat lower calories or higher calories… I just go back-and-forth within a pound or two and always end up back at my starting point. I’m shocked. I actually gained back the 6 pounds in water weight that I lost the first week, so I’m back up to the weight I started at. Is that all fat now??? I’m even drinking 60 ounces of purified water a day, making sure to take my supplements and electrolytes. I’m lightly active…like walking the dog and housework. I know it’s not a lot, compared to other people, but I have a broken vertebrae in my lower back, so I have chronic pain that keeps me from getting more physical exercise than I would like. My Fitbit tells me that I walk anywhere between 1.5 3 miles a day. I generally get in anywhere from 2,000-4,500 steps a day depending on weather and how far I walk the dog. Although exercise should not be a huge factor, as I’ve seen hundreds of stories of people losing 50-75 pounds on this diet with very little exercise. But I guess I’m severely insulin resistant. Or could there be something else wrong with me. I have a fatty liver and I had my thyroid checked last year —and it was fine. so the liver issue is the only thing I’m aware of. And supposedly, keto is great for a fatty liver. Anyone have any thoughts? Have you heard stories like mine where people are literally measuring and weighing and documenting everything and being extremely strict and still not losing? I do have some Erythritol/Monk fruit sweetener in some of the recipes and fat bombs that I make but it’s not excessive. However, I have read that some people are super sensitive to even the keto sweeteners and it can keep insulin levels up. Maybe that’s the problem? I’ve cut out almost all dairy and that hasn’t changed anything. Regardless, I’m not giving up. I’ve come too far!! I’m going to figure this out if it takes me another two years!!

  • I loved your videos but frankly I am so tired of your story telling to get to your point that your videos tire me up and bore me. I prefer you get right to the point of problem and headline of your video.

  • Hi Dr. Boz, You have done wonders for me and for my health!!! May God continue to bless you and your family and all your endeavors!!!
    I am curious though, I was doing great, I went from 185llbs down to 167 lbs then I got cocky, I had an orange, and figured well I my ketones went to the trace amounts, I do take MCT oil!! With my coffee it has 50 percent c8 and 30 percent C10 and now I am negative ketones according to the ketostix, I also had some raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, with some stevia mixed in and some salsa that I didn’t know at the time had sugar in it until I tasted and knewit did and threw the remainder out. Could that throw me out of ketosis??? Once again thank you for all you are doing!!! Sincerely, Lee Brushwood.

  • my mom once said that depression and anxiety are not real illnesses and if you’re dealing with them is “just because you want to”. yeah karen i sure as hell want to cry every day, like having trouble falling asleep, feeling worthless and not wanting to talk to anyone to avoid feeling like a burden. of course.

  • Like some of the older videos of yours, hard to hear with my volume topped out. Yes, anyone want to give me some updated speakers.

  • Haven’t seen this video but others, found most of them really good. I just can’t stand hearing people eating, drinking, swallowing. I know that these are normal noises, I just cannot stand it. Does anybody else know this? Find myself really weird because it so puts me off.

  • I binge watch your videos on a daily basis
    It’s really inspiring me to lose weight for good this time. I’d lost about 36kg 4 years ago got it all back and more and I haven’t succeeded yet to lose it again

  • Why so you assume that the glycogen balls are the source of his high blood sugar, rather than gluconeogenesis? Couldn’t muscle breakdown produce the same phenomenon?

  • Love this video. Towards the end, you say Dr. Boz ratio should be morning fasting. Is that upon awaking, or can it be a few hours later, as long as I’m still fasted?

  • I wasn’t losing weight on Keto although I do not have a lot of weight to lose maybe 10-15lbs. I’m 58 and in good health although my cholesterol was up a little from my bloodwork around 6 months ago. That’s why I decided to try Keto. I finally started checking my glucose and ketones. The first morning I checked I was 4.6 with your calculation x 18 put me at 82.8 with ketones of.7 so I was according to your calculations 118 which was 2 days in a row and I’ve tried fasting only intermittent as I ate an avocado with fresh lime and Himalayan salt and bone broth. I just tested my blood again at 3:00 pm and I had 3.9 with 1 ketone. I guess I need to completely fast in order to get my morning fast to under 80?

  • Love your info thank you and I just started using the K2 D3 supplement just though you should reach out to Dr. Jason Fung he’s been fasting 72 yrs old with long fast he maybe can give a few pointers on how safe it is for the elderly would love to see you and him chat on a video together ����

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  • Dr Boz I’m on very low carb 2000 mg mitforman and my sugar is high, after 15 hours fasting with just green tea, it was 165!isn’t high?

  • Well sum of us can’t jump rope…we’re jus not co ordinated that way��…i keep hitting myself or stepping on it and falling on my ass and left bruised.���� Any other remedies for burning that stubborn belly fat??!! ����

  • Getting to your Dr Boz Ratio is difficult to do without fasting or supplements for me. I am 61 years old, weight 116, height 5’3” and I am not doing keto for weight loss but I would like to reach attophagy to repair my body, lower blood sugar, which I have. I have reached the Dr Boz Ratio of under 40 only twice since starting your products. I think I need more guidance!

  • I am currently still overweight, but about a year ago I was diagnosed with PCOS. Diabetes runs in my family, and since I was already overweight, I was already showing these signs at about 12-13 years old. I’m turning 14 in 2 days and my dark neck symptoms have gone down quite a lot. Although I’m still obese, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost at least 30 pounds. I can’t wait until my health starts to get better as I lose more weight. ❤️

  • I have a question about ketones I wish to ask: A standard urinalysis test panel I took 2 days ago showed that ketones are being dumped in the urine which was flagged by the lab as being abnormal. I have been following a low carb increased fat diet for the last several months. I have been having trouble the past week with severe skin itching. Is this likely to be related to the dumping of ketones in the urine? Do I need to worry about this?

  • HOLY FRIGGEN COW!! Dr Boz!! Your videos are amazing!! I’ve spent my day in a rabbit hole thanks to you! I absolutely love and enjoy your content. Thank you!!

  • Thanks for explaining the high glucose levels that happens in diabetics! I’m doing omad right now, I will take your advice and see if I can work up to eating every other day..

  • Dr. Boz, I am confused. You have a video in which you said intermittent fasting is better than OMAD but in this video you are recommending one meal every other day instead of OMAD. Have you changed your tune and now you favor OMAD/one meal every other day over intermittent fasting?

  • The kick in my ass was actually finding out my blood sugar/A1C was.1 away from prediabetes range which, me being 21 at the time, made my doctor consider me prediabetic. I’m almost a year and a half in to my weight loss journey and I’ve had a lot of complications from other issues I had/have, but I am still trucking! Thanks for the awesome content:)

  • 76 male Sw Fl Int fasting and keyto diet lost 22lbs 6wks originally 200 now 180 5. 8 PAD 12 stints and my doc say great program reduced to meds I was going for health reasons weight a great benefit

  • I was going to add, heavy and clotty periods are a thyroid thing, too. So is weight gain, hunger, etc., so if your viewers have these issues, they should get blood work for thyroid as well as diabetes. Even being on the border with thyroid can cause a lot of health problems and general feeling of “crappy/unwell.” I also recommend the book The Thyroid Solution.

  • I jumped rope for the first time for about 20 minutes with a lot trip ups and you know what kept me going even though I felt like a fool outdoors in my apt? That damn gut moving up and down… that was effing it for me! I don’t want to feel that �� so…I’m jumping till the fat on my belly is flat and I won’t stop.

  • Okay so confused. I have been doing 24 hour fast this week. Get home today from have not eaten since yesterday at 5. My glucose is 66 (morning was 95) and my ketones read LO. (Morning 1.5). I have been using exogenous ketones to help my mitochondrial situation. Why no ketones? ��.

  • After 8 months on Keto my A1C went from 10.5 to 5.8, yeah! Now 1.5 years later, my sugars are creeping up again and A1C is 6.5. Is the glycogen production the reason? What can I do?

  • I have the audible version of ‘Anyway you can’, in which chapter is the bone broth recipe?
    Love the book!!! Keep up the great work of educating the world!!!

  • Hi Dr Boz been on keto for over 1.5 years and intermittent fast every day average of 16-18 hours. My ketone levels are very low blood sugar levels average around 85. The only time I got good ketone readings is during prolonged fasts. Do I need to worry about ketone readings? Mood and energy levels are great and average total carbs are around 30g per day which are primarily from green vegetables. I’ve read that some people have efficiencies built in due to being fat adapted for a long time. Would appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  • I love hearing your patient stories. I’m so amazed by the number of people that can fast. My last a1c was 5.4. I’ve been slowly weaning myself off metformin to about 500mg, 2x day. Cant get my ketones over.7 how do people fast? I feel like a rag doll with no energy. Just took my blood pressure after short dog walk while listening to your podcast and it was 104/74. Could this be why I have no energy? Also havent lost weight in 3 months and sleep is horrendous. Was up 5 times last night, up at 3am too, and finally got up for the day after 6 hours. Not sure who to see for advice. Working on doing 18:6 eating window, today ate after 16.5 hours. Any suggestions, anyone?

  • Thank you. I’ve been on Keto for 11 months and have just started to put on a little weight. I need to still lose 15 kilos and the video was very motivating.

    Thanks Doc.

  • I started for the first time keto diet less than a month ago. I’m doing OMAD. The first two weeks I lost 5 kg. But the last 10 days I stopped loosing weight. I don’t understand why. I lower my protein, now I started lowering fats. Maybe I was having too much.
    I have a very low gki. Between 0,71,9. So ketones are like 3-5 and glucose 60-70. But still not loosing weight. Can’t figure it out. Getting crazy here.
    P.s I don’t exercise and do work office. Never happened to anybody???

  • Heres the thing your body NEEDS TO ADJUST! So how you can lose weight and both speed up your metabolism is by staying active. Eating something healthy in the middle of day. I drink coffee with sugar free “original” creamer that has no flavor and I add some sucralose to sweeten it, just one pack.
    I’ll eat a healthier wheat bread in the morning, eat yogurt, eat some meats and protein and limit my overall sugar intake. That should do it. If you skip meals, fine and if I’m not losing weight its because I’m not calorie deficit enough and I do too much to keep me full. Like munching and munching on the wrong foods, that never helps me.

  • Dr so glad I found your site. I am an x-sodak lady so love u r a sodak Md. so ‘?’ For u for the kabocha tea is there a brand or recipe u suggest. I have IBS and keto and it as u know r not fun

  • Another great video. Thank you for all that you do. Your sincerity and honesty is so appreciated. Glucose is so tricky. It’s hard to understand. Your explanations do help. As a 47 year old with PCOS, I search for answers to better health & sleep. I have no trouble going to sleep. I wake up easily with any sound. My Triglycerides are at a 40. But here are a couple of questions. Do you have any patient with this issues? Is PCOS curable or only manageable with a Keto way of eating? Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Great information; you seemed to answer the question of what to do if you are not losing weight in the last 5 minutes. It was helpful to know that my Dr. Boz ratio needs to be under 40 in the morning. For me, that means longer fasts (up to 72 hours). I like the idea of eating one meal every 48 hours; sometimes that is exactly when my body tells me to stop fasting and start eating. Thank you for your videos!

  • Another very informative podcast. Thank you so much. You are helping me get my “Dr Boz wellness degree” I’m getting better and better in many ways.

  • I think that even if you eat keto, you need to learn to eat less if you want to drop a significant amount of weight.None of these discussions address the problems of life-long overeaters, who haven’t got the foggiest idea how much is adequate, but only how much is pleasing.This has been a big deal in my weight loss or lack of weight loss.

  • I tell u my point why they r not loosing weight; tooooo much fat = tooo much calories! Plus if they have firmicutes bacterias dominant in their gut (so many overweight pp do) those bacterias making double calories what ever they eat!!! So cut the whole calori thing in half u l be ok! But of course always protein, vit d, k2, iodine, selenium, mag, omega 3, (brokkoli/ cauliflower, avocado, sea food, and animal organs ll be intact)����

  • I am from Chicago. I have been following you for long time and I see good results. Currently not taking any medications. Once my blood glucose use to be 300 and 400. Now back to normal under 120 after 2.5 hours of eating.

  • My husband wants to try Keto but is on blood pressure meds. I do Keto and have been learning and loving it as I go. I do intermittent fasting and Keto. His doctor is not really that supportive on low carb/Keto. Love your information on fasting and blood pressure changes.

  • I am also 68 and did not start losing weight until I went to an 18 hr fast and not eating after 6 pm. I have prediabetes and do not want to become a diabetic. I try to shoot for a protein amount that is in line with what my weight is in kg. and eat 20 total grams of carbs a day.

  • I have been following a watered-down version of the keto diet. I didn’t skip meals as often as they recommend. I didn’t cut our carbs as severely as they recommend. Most of the increased fats are coming from plant sources rather than animal-based foods. I have been losing weight. Every time I think I’ve hit a snag and can’t lose any more weight, a few more pounds come off. I’m using supplements and sometimes vinegar to assist with the weight loss.

  • 1. you keep yourself crazy busy
    2. You’re hurting everywhere
    3. You’ve either gained or lost alot of weight
    4. You can’t seem to make up your mind
    5. You’re glued to your phone or computer
    6. The slightest things set you off

    1. 0:34
    2. 1:25
    3. 2:07
    4. 2:41
    5. 3:15
    6. 3:57

    I have 5/6 of these symptoms
    (Incase you wondering I don’t keep myself insanely busy)

  • Dr Boz I tested my ketones on the urine strips and they were 1.5 then tried your Keto BHB and tested the blood and I am 1.0 and feel like crap having a hypoglycemic attack after having a low carb breakfast omelette and a low carb chocolate i made….Could I be that sensitive to the stevia that it knocks me out of ketosis? I know diet pop does that! Well I just realized I had two caffeine free Coke Zeros at a party that had zero keto food last night..What do you think??? My blood sugar just tested 112!

  • Thank you so very much for this info. It explains what is happening to me. I just need to stick to keto and have some patience. I’m just not losing weight and I really need that motivation. Now I understand that my liver is giving up the stored glucose I can take motivation from that. Thanks Dr. Bos and thanks Jerry for your question.

  • @DrBoz: So, I have been looking at a bunch of different measurements,, trying to understand something. Maybe you (or one of your follwers) can help me out.

    I think I have my body’s default ‘ketone / glucose’ levels figured out. That would basically be my ketone and glucose levels after fasting for 12 or so hours. At this default level, my ketones are about 1.0.. my sugar is between 95 and 105. So my default #drbozratio would be about 100. I also notice when I am in this default state (12 hours of fasting).. that my ketone urine test strips are basically zero. It seems to be this is my body’s equilibrium for ketones based on my current state of ketogenic diet, my current insulin resistance, my current metabolism, etc.

    I can impact ketones and not glucose by using mct oil or taking bhb supplements or other pure fats.. like coconut oil or butter, etc. Or I can modify glucose by eating something not keto (ie, too many carbs or protein). So, i can bring my ketones up to between 3 and 5 and keep them there as long as I want (by using bhb for very short term, mct oil for longer term, and thisgs like butter or coconut oil for even longer term). But what i notice when i do that is.. my ketone urine strips also indicate between 3 and 5.. meaning that basically, all the extra ketones my liver is producing from mct oil and even the longer chain fats in coconut oil or butter (or even in my fatty foods) are being removed by the body.

    I have seen the above over the last 3 weeks of monitoring very consistently.

    So I think the point you are making about Intermittent Fasting is… you can change your body’s default levels (that is, your body’s thermostat set point for ketones and glucose, and therefore also insulin) more quickly by using Intermittent Fasting. By fasting longer, you modify the
    set point more (up to a point, obviously, don’t fast for 30 days, etc.).

    And that keeping higher ketones than you need in your system.. then ones above your default level that get removed by your body in urine, etc.. will also have an impact your default levels, but this impact of changing your equilibrium takes longer than you can get by using Intermittent Fasting. That is to say.. if you do it by just maintaining excess ketones, it takes longer to change the set point than you could get by using Intermittent Fasting.

    So, if I have this right, if I want to really see my body’s default level (12 hour fasting level) of ketones go up and glucose go down.. the best way to do that, in order is:

    1. Use Intermittent Fasting.
    2. Use normal, real food to keep your ketone level that you want (for me, I’d like between 3 and 5).
    3. Use things like mct oil or butter or coconut oil to keep your ketone level where you want it (for me 3 to 5).
    4. Use extraneous ketones (bhb) to get your ketone level where you want to maintain it (again.. I want 3 to 5).

    Anyway.. if this sounds close to correct, please let me know.

  • Fantastic video, guys! So simple, yet most people overlook the importance of a healthy lifestyle vs. fad diets. The one thing I would add is that as you gain muscle, you can actually begin to eat MORE, and may need to, as muscle is much more metabolically active than fat. Super impressed with your channel. Keep up the great work!

  • I would love to check ketones, but I don’t have the extra money to buy the monitor. Do you know of any cheaper way that is acorate.

  • Dr. Boz, thank you for your weekly information. Could you please address why a diabetic (A1C 125 to 150 A1C) who has been fasting for 14 months and doing the Keto Diet still has the same A1C level (125 to 150) after 12 -18 hours of fasting. I feel so frustrated. I have not had a weight problem for me to have undertaken my fasting/Keto lifestyle. I did so because of my diabetes. What could cause this to happen? Thank you.

  • Good list! I have a lot of diabetes in my family. Both type 1 and type 2. I am obese and I know I need to lose more weight. I had the darker neck before but I do not now. I need to pee alot and am thirsty alot but I do take medication that makes my mouth dry. Still. I now I need to lose more but I think I was closer to diabetes 35 pounds ago.

  • who do i fast for 18 hours for years, i did it the year 2018 2016 and in the quarantine, since march… nothing… not even a pound, well to be honest, yes TWO POUNDS, Yes, i eat a bit too much, but its only ONE MEAL per day, i’m muslim, during ramadan i dont loose weight too, and its 24 hours fasting.. i even feel my body need to be fil up… not even pound i’ve lost on this ramadan, i even gained 0.5 pounds. intermittent fasting, doesnt WORK IF YOU DONT CHANGE WHAT U EAT…

  • I’ve been making my own bone broth for years. Adding 2 TB of Apple cider vinegar to the pot helps to soften the bones and pull out the nutrients. I never add feet and it still gels when at room temp. Another trick is to simmer for 24-48 hrs. Got a pot on stove right now for this weeks fast with Dr. Boz. I’ll strain it in the morning.

  • Signs I need to lose weight: a mirror lol. Jk jk but honestly, my husband is slightly underweight yet pre-diabetic. Take care of your diet no matter what weight! He had no idea, and now we’re both living healthier lifestyles.

  • Great video!!! Thanks Dr. Boz!!!!!!
    Two of our friends told me and my husband that Keto and fasting is not good long term. Those who told us this have a great relationship with carbs and sugar. My husband and I have lost weight (we weren’t huge before) he lost 39 odd pounds. I didn’t do a starting weight, but I am down to a size small in my ski pants, size 3/4 Levi’s jeans! We have so much more energy and focus heavily on what the foods we eat will do for us. We don’t eat sugar of course and eat no grains. I had a fatty liver and the doctor (we are stationed in Germany) off handedly acted like a fatty liver was no big deal. When my husband and I learned about the effects Keto eating and fasting can have on our body and how we can repair many problems, I admittedly got a little angry that the doctor should be so cavalier with his attitude towards my (previously) fatty liver. I guess he was ok with MY fatty liver because he said in a matter of fact way, “I have a fatty liver from beer(he’s a German) I can’t go without my beerjust cut your carbs a little more..” When I learned more about what a fatty liver can do—kill you— I was mad. So we are four months into our Keto and fasting and feel awesome. I look to your videos, Dr. Fung’s books and interviews and a few others to give me well rounded HONEST education on Keto, fasting and health in general.

  • Hi Dr. Boz! I’m a new subscriber. I have type II diabetes, HBP, NAFL and intracranial hypertension. I started the keto diet on Aug 20th. My blood sugar was 238 and now it sits at 103. I haven’t had weight loss during this time and now I know why. I was afraid to fast b/c I don’t feel well often. I had keto flu really bad for 10 days when I started the diet and I was taking exogenous ketones. I have to lose 50 lbs because I want to live a healthier life and feel better. Do you suggest I start with a 48 hour fast? Should I be following up with my primary care physician while attempting to fast? Thank you so much for any advice!

  • Please dont tell people that all of these are signs of diabetes. Like the dark neck im a diabetic and ive never ever heard of that, i do not have a dark neck but i am thinner so therefore it may be more of a weight thing not a diabetic thing. And your body says that its hungry because your sugar is higher not because of insulin. When your sugar is higher it makes your body think youre hungry for some reason. This is from my doctor not an article on facebook. Always ask a doctor before going and reading anything online. Some things might be twisted between doctors also but its always better than going online.

  • After 3 wks on keto my eyes totally changed. I thought something was wrong with my eyes but the eye doctor said, “you almost don’t need glasses now…what have you been doing!!?” I’ve had glasses since the 4th grade. Here’s hoping ketogenesis will help my hearing, probably caused by high inflammation; CRP score off the charts from past lifestyle within the last 2 yrs I am assuming. I am 71 yrs old.

  • i’ve been drinking tons of water lately and doing hiit jump roping everyday & i started at 150 now 144 and i just started 2 weeks ago!

  • The real reason that i am not losing belly fat is because i am a fat piece of shit eating doritos and drinking beer all day while watching videos on youtube…

  • the hardest thing while pursuing this journey is to have patience.
    It’s really hard when you’re putting all this work and routine and your patience runs out long before your goal. It’s tough man.

  • I’m 190 5’9 16 year old maleee I need help losing 30lb any tips:( I play football and all but it’s like my muscle grows under fat and makes me look bigger then I am neeed hallllp thanks:)

  • Great video man… it shows the absolute essence of cardio other than lifting weights only…cardio doesn’t have to be boring. It can be fun and interesting too….

  • So you’re saying the average person will have to burn 1500 calories daily in order to lose weight and burn their daily cal intake? Lol

  • the fact that the guy in video saying he needed to lose stomach fat had a six pack lol kinda killed the video and made me not even want to watch honestly

  • are you really depressed or simply want alot of attention in school??

    depressed or just locked in your room and crying for no reason??

    depressed or she/he doesnt like u back??

    if thats the reason youre depressed, then i dont wanna be depressed…

    over for nothing at all

  • I wished this video told me something I didn’t already know or were already doing but oh well… I’ve been on a weight-loss journey for 1 year, I lost 17kg and I am eating well, drinking water, sleeping and training at the gym 3 to 4 times per week but my belly is still there. I mean, yes it has gotten smaller compared to the beginning but a lot of it it’s still there and I hate it çç If I could at least see it get smaller every few months I’d be happier but nope, it has been pretty much the same size for months and I’m considering surgery tbh ç_ç

  • I do 16/8 eat whatever I want at a calories deficit, adjust my calories as I lose weight, and never had any issue. I’m not sure what people are doing but it’s clear they are not fasting properly. It’s not the food….I am an example of that. I’ve had days where I have had wayyyyyyy too much sugary processed food and still lost weight ����‍♀️ I was 259 lbs, now 184 lbs

  • I am observing that whenever I start my Jump Rope circuit routine freshly, I can execute it properly for about 10-15 days. However, due to reasons like common cold in-between, I am losing consistency and to get back to the track it again takes time. So, just wanted to know what needs to be done during situations like common cold and all so that we don’t lose track and be consistent…

  • U may not ever loose it. Dont get fat in the first place. Its your battle scars be happy u got as good as u got. Keep at it. Let that be a lesson to u dont mess w fat ovrrweight. I have that little fat that wont go away as well.

  • Hi there Jordan: A person can buy their own blood pressure monitors at Wal-Mart, and of course probably off Amazon. I got one at Wal-Mart (Made in China) for a little less than $100.00, and I think it is probably fairly accurate although I have never had it officially calibrated. I did a BP with mine, and then did one right after with a hospital grade Welch-Allyn BP monitor at a clinic, and my machine’s systolic, and diastolic numbers were within a few points of the hospital one; so I figured that was close enough for what I needed.

  • 4:07… I call bullshit on this. I wanna see you drink those 3 Raw Eggs my dude. I tried one Raw Egg lol puked it back up immediately and like you, “Because I’m a Man”, I tried again, pow back in the sink immediately lol. I have yet to get one Raw Egg Down. I wanna see you drink 3 raw eggs. Not cuts scene, no editing and just straight Egg Drinking. I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to see it… ��

  • Very good video. I’m 76 years and check all 7 points with ok. Vegetarian since 35 years, no Alkohol, no smoking, 9 hours sleep at night, 1 hour rest in the afternoon and 1 hour every morning stretching Ballett, and after that I’m riding every day About 25 km on my bike.������

  • Hey guys! Thanks for everything, doing the thing for 2 months now and it is seriously working! One question: how do you deal w/ alcool? Do you allow yourself a little bit (ie ween-end) or no alcool at all?

  • I’ve been concerned about my blood pressure for a while, I mean I’ve just continued to lose weight but it seems my blood pressure has gone up (I weigh 138 lbs). I don’t have any of the other pre-diabetic symptoms, but the blood pressure thing scares me. It actually varies a lot, and I think it’s mostly due to my anxiety (it’s relatively severe), but it stresses me out which makes it go up more especially when I’m at the doctor and they test it. I’m also on some medications that are supposed to raise your blood pressure a bit (Wellbutrin, Focalin, birth control) which I can’t really change. But I don’t think my blood pressure is constantly high (I’ve tested it throughout the day and there’s times when it’s relatively normal) but when it gets tested by someone else like if I go to give blood or go to the doctor, it spikes simply because I hate the feeling of my arm being squeezed and it makes me panicky, and the fact that I worry that it’s going to go up so of course it does. So if anyone has any tips on this it would be very much appreciated.

  • I love your shows. I’ve seen a lot of lchf vids, yours are great. I love all the others too, but please keep producing great info. Historical!

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  • Thanks alot for inspiration the epic part is when u speak about practicing activity or sport you like to do daily and food as well realy too much motivated��������

  • My wife delivered one year back. It’s a normal delivery. Can she do jump rope to loose belly fat along with simple postnatal abdominal exercises. Kindly advise. Thank you.

  • Many of these symptoms (dryness of the mouth and skin, loss of periods, dizziness, brain fog and constant hunger/food obsession) are also incredibly common among those who are underweight. I remember back when I was underweight I thought that losing my period was the best thing ever; but I soon realised that it was just my body telling me that I wasn’t healthy enough to carry a baby. Our bodies truly do have strange ways of telling us that we’re hurting ourselves.

  • I was 102.9 kg yeah and most of it were fats 1 year later i am down to 79 kg (lost 24 kg) this helped my self esteem and my confidence and i will lose more fats and build muscle but most importantly I am having fun while doing it thx guys you’re the best #DoTheThing