Night Time Eating – The Outcome on Sleep and Putting On Weight


Late-Night Snacks and Better Sleep: How What (and When) You Eat Impacts Sleep and Health

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Eating a late dinner can interrupt the body’s normal metabolic processes and alter digestion. Those who eat a late dinner are more likely to experience insomnia and delayed REM sleep, especially women. Eating an early dinner is not a replacement for a good diet and adequate sleep, but can help the body digest the food properly.

The idea that eating at night makes you gain weight stems from animal studies, which suggest that the body may use consumed calories differently past a certain time of day. Some researchers. Late Night Eating The Impact on Sleep and Weight Gain — Tiger Fitness Researchers note that those who tended to eat later had a higher body mass index (BMI) as well as greater body fat. Researchers note that those who tended to eat later had a higher body mass index (BMI) as well as greater body fat.

NEW Outright Bar ◻️ White Choc. They found that the habits of late sleepers – sleeping less, going to sleep later at night, waking up later in the morning and eating more after 8pm – were associated with a higher body mass index. Among these habits, eating after 8pm was the strongest predictor of. A A If you have a late dinner and then head to bed, beware: You may gain weight while you sleep, a new study suggests.

That’s most likely because your metabolism slows, boosting blood sugar and other chemicals that contribute to weight gain and type 2 diabetes, researchers say. Eating late at night can lead to several health hazards like increase in blood sugar levels, heart diseases, obesity and acidity. Basically, the later you eat.

For example, eating more calories in the late evening has been linked with weight gain and obesity, possibly because of lower appetite regulation in the evening, or because late meals disrupt circadian rhythms and our energy levels –. 2 days ago · For example, eating more calories in the late evening has been linked with weight gain and obesity, possibly because of lower appetite regulation in the evening, or because late. Eating before bed and weight Many of us associate nighttime eating with weight gain. In fact you’ve probably seen weight-loss tips about not eating past a certain hour. Plus with the popularity of.

Northwestern University researchers found that eating at night led to twice as much weight gain even when total calories consumed were the same.

List of related literature:

First, there could truly be no relationship between eating during the night and weight gain.

“Handbook of Obesity Treatment, Second Edition” by Thomas A. Wadden, George A. Bray
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Weight gain caused by short sleep is not just a matter of eating more, but also a change in what you binge eat.

“Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker
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Research suggests that exposure to artificial light at night disrupts natural circadian rhythms in ways that influence the timing of food intake, alter metabolism, and promote weight gain.

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Altered sleep is thought to interfere with the regulation of leptin and ghrelin that may result in hunger and weight gain (Faguy, 2016).

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Sleep measured objectively before and after weight gain reveals an increase in SWS during the period of weight gain.

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If you can avoid eating for two to three hours before bedtime, you give your body the time it needs to digest the food.That way, when you go to sleep you are not storing the calories you just consumed as fat.

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(To understand even more about the link between sleep and weight gain, I highly recommend you read Dr. Satchin Panda’s The Circadian Code and Dr. Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep.)

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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Short sleep duration and weight gain: a systematic review.

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Circadian timing of food intake contributes to weight gain.

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Most food eaten in an evening meal will be stored as fat and may lead to obesity.

“Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth” by Tonya Zavasta
from Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth
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  • is this true? if it is Why im not gaining weight even if i always sleep at 2 to 3am? and my pops tell me its because im not sleeping at time jeez who am i suppose to Believe?

  • When you eat is sooo key! Circadian Rhythms are really acting on our hormones and metabolic states..That’s why eTRF is soo compelling…. Also late night meals hurt our deep sleep, and impact our “brain wash” time via the glymphatic system….. and as you said, over time, all this adds up and can impact Longevity in a BIG way!

  • The average person WILL sometimes eat before bed or late at night. Fact, it’s won’t kill you to treat yourself. Some people act like it will with these messages. But it’s a a habit we should try to avoid. Especially for older people who have slower metabolism or have a family history of diabetes. Then again, just because your family has a history of diabetes doesn’t necessary mean YOU will get it if you USUALLY eat and exercise and live healthy.

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    good luck

  • Over 160,000 women and men are using a simple and secret “water hack” to drop 1-2lbs every night as they sleep.Water hack burns 2lb of fat overnight.

  • So what if I go to bed at 3:00 AM and wake up at 11:30 AM? That is 8 hours and 30 minutes of sleep. Because I do fitness and gaming.

  • Oh its okay im finee he said late night ‘snacks’ not a meal, tgats cool lemme just have mh dinner now and get ready for bed at 7 am like usual

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  • People these days.. just call random people names without having a clue. I was paying him a compliment. I liked the choice of pic.

  • A tip also is to not sleep too much because whenever you sleep you get hungry overnight so when you sleep to much you will skip meals which will make you eat anything in sight.

  • My sleeping pills make me binge on the regular. I feel full and fine then after taking ambien I get the mental urge to go binge. This is slowly killing me.

  • What if a person suffers from insomnia that means theres a lack of melatonin produce could that decrease the ammount of sugar in the body since theres insulin running from the pancreas? (Sorry im not a health professional im just a random person who has no clue but has a question if it even made any sense? Also english not my first language) Thanks and hopefully someone could provide me with an answear.

  • You are right, i dont want a salad at night unless I had a taste for spaghetti and wanted it to go with it. I was debating on eating avocado, salsa and horchata but i dont need it. Ive been feeling full lately and hoping this fasting will help and not eating past 7pm.

  • I don’t think it when your on a normal eating schedule getting average calorie intake guy. Your info seems pretty lul, I have salads at 10pm..

  • Its 3am and I am starving… soo tempted to eat a massive bowl of porridge…. but fiiiine ill wait till morning and just starve during my sleep and dream about food

  • I know what’s controlling
    Us..why we get hungry all
    the time……
    #PARASITES,i watched a
    Documentary about this
    Issue..& it’s a crisis in
    Itself..a huge problem &
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  • It’s a vicious cycle. Lack of sleep also ruins your metabolism thus leading to more weight gain thus poorer sleep thus worse apnea and the cycle continues. It’s horrible. A CPAP machine, some exercise, clean diet and 6-8 hours of solid sleep should alleviate this after a year or so.

  • I’m typing this while on my 3rd box of pizza for the night and i still have 1 more to go. Its okay though, this is going to be my final cheat day for 6 months. I currently weigh 480 and by the start of 2021 i want to get down to 250. ��������

  • Very nice video.
    I like the different point of view based on scientific reviews!
    In my case, I’m a big supporter of intermittent fasting. I’ve lost 30pounds the last couple months and added a lot of workout. Anyway, I don’t think breakfast is necessary. I don’t starve for food until 6 to 8 hours after waking up and it’s perfectly fine. But! That’s my opinion and feel free to sh*t on me.

    I’m a man 178cm/105kg. I eat a lot at night because of my schedule, and I workout heavy for 1h30/2h right before I sleep. But sometimes I eat too much fruits (unfortunately high in sugar) after my workout and I go over my calories recommended (by 400cal over).
    And the main rule of FAT LOSS is “eat less than you burn!”.
    So if I Go to sleep, Does it turns to fat still? Or if I add some Hiit cardio or short intense workout with after-effect burning would help me to “re-catch” the calorie deficit?

  • ME: WHOWWWW that’s really bad for health. welllll… i wont eat at late night anymore….



  • Drink warm milk and it’ll help u sleep or eat banana’s before sleeping cause it has magnesium and it helps u sleep better! Also dont eat chocolate or drink coffee at night! Cause it fades aways in 8 hours or less but the thing i realised when i was eating chocolate at night it makes me hype

  • wow thank you, it”s 12:10 pm now and I am considering if I should eat a cake, lucky that I watch your video, I think I should go to bed now, with an empty stomach but good for my health <3

  • Does this apply if my late night snack is a salad? Because Im one of the wierd ones that actually does that. I know it cant be good for my stomach but how about the congintive deficites?

  • So if you sleep early and you always sleep you can gain weight??
    And i want to be fat even i ate a lot and drink a medicine i think sleep is bothering me

  • Sleep deprivation can make you gain weight….it’s a hormonal problem. Studies have shown that when you don’t get enough sleep the hormones ghrelin and leptin are out of whack. When ghrelin is high and leptin is low, it is the perfect formula for weight gain. What you need to do to avoid this, is regulate your hormones by getting enough sleep.

  • I have lost 82 pounds, and I have kept the first 30 of those pounds for over a year. I eat after midnight often, but I still control myself.

  • Im always starving when i go to bed if i didnt eat 1-3 hours and i can fall asleep pretty fast even with a full stomach, but with an empty stomach i once tried and didnt fall asleep for 5 whole hours i just cant fall alseep hungy and thats its