MFP Users Reveal Their Most Favorite Workout for optimum Calorie Burn


10 MIN CALORIE KILLER / Medium Level a HIIT workout that won’t kill you I Pamela Reif

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Top 5 Highest Calorie Burning Exercises

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Complete Fat Blasting Full Body Workout | Burn 550 Calories | EMMA Fitness

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Best Exercises For Burning Calories

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45 Mins Best Exercises To Lose Weight | Burn 500 Calories | Fit Aerobic

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700 Calorie Burn Jump Rope Workout

Video taken from the channel: Jump Rope Dudes

From CrossFit to walking the dog and jogging with a stroller: 12 MFP users share their tips for getting in shape and dropping pounds this summer. MFP Users Reveal Their Favorite Workout for Maximum Calorie Burn. These workout for burning maximum calories will help.

1. Running. However, running at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour for at least 50 minutes burns around 1100 calories in a person weighing 90 kilos. 2. MMA. Even more, this form is clearly the most intense sport and can burn up to 950 calories in a person weighing 90 kilos. 3. Jumping Rope.

Running burns the most calories per hour, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only exercise with a high calorie burn. Things like swimming, HIIT workouts, and jumping rope are all good options, too. The average length of a workout among successful users was just 25 minutes! 8. They don’t regard every walk around the block as a license to eat more.

MyFitnessPal regulars know the app allows you to increase your daily-allotted calories by exercising more. But the best users know not to get carried away by tracking every single step. Its just cheap watch only does calories burned and i think heart rate bought it at walmart. Been doing my walking video Leslie Sansone trying hard to get back into working out i have Myasthenia gravis so hard to really do a high impact workout. but i feel like this watch says im burning more i noticed when i push start i already burned 5 calorie from standing there lol.

Calories burned (160 lbs.): 365 Calories burned (200 lbs.): 455 Calories burned (240 lbs.): 545. Resistance training builds desired muscles and muscle groups, by requiring the body to work against weight or force. Equipment and machines can be used, but exercisers may also utilize their own body weight for desired results.

Helen. 3 rounds, as fast as possible, of:400-meter run21 kettlebell swings (55 lbs for men / 35 lbs for women)12 pullups”To burn maximum calories, you need to perform a workout at a very high intensity,” says Frazier.. “This is how we burn more calories.”Pace yourself, though. Find calories burned from hundreds of exercises.

Search our 100% free exercise database at Turn your walking into a calorie-torching workout by bending your elbows 90 degrees and pumping your arms as you stride. It not only automatically speeds up your pace but helps you burn up to 15%. Running the Numbers. For all of their differences, their calorie burn totals were, most days, more consistent than I would have thought.

For instance, one day, Fitbit put my day’s caloric burn at.

List of related literature:

The charts will allow you to determine how long you should exercise to burn a specific number of calories (e. g., 10 cal/min for 10 min will burn 100 cal).

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
Human Kinetics, 2013

At the gym, there’s an aerobic machine that’s supposed to be able to tell me how many calories I’ve burned, but whenever I use it I feel discouraged.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2009

However, many Stairmaster users enjoy watching the “calories burned” meter while they work out (especially since those meters seem to give generous estimates of calories actually burned).

“The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy” by Eldar Shafir
from The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy
by Eldar Shafir
Princeton University Press, 2013

Users can monitor their energy expenditure (calories burned), duration of physical activity, number of steps taken, sleep/wake states, and more.

“Designing for Interaction: Creating Innovative Applications and Devices” by Dan Saffer
from Designing for Interaction: Creating Innovative Applications and Devices
by Dan Saffer
New Riders, 2010

To put it into perspective, the average person can burn about 10 calories per minute during a moderate intensity aerobic activity, less if they work at a lower intensity.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from A Guide To Flexible Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

If you want to check your “burn rate,” HealtheTech has a handheld device that measures your resting metabolic rate (RMR).

“Don't Forget Your Umbrella: Forecast Sunshine, Prepare for Rain” by Carlene Ness
from Don’t Forget Your Umbrella: Forecast Sunshine, Prepare for Rain
by Carlene Ness
Infinity Publishing, 2003

I use MyFitnessPal.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
from Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes
by Suzanne Ryan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

If you’re not using a power meter, you can use Table 10.3 to estimate how many calories you burn during your workouts.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
from The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.
by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
VeloPress, 2017

Terry hasn’t been doing this for quite as long, but uses an application downloaded to his iPhone to keep track of his calories.

“Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever” by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman
from Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever
by Ray Kurzweil, Terry Grossman
Rodale Books, 2010

It is a myth that doing prolonged steady state training—usually maintaining a target heart rate for 30 to 60 minutes—like aerobics or “cardio” is the best way to burn calories and achieve cardiovascular health.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark, Limited, 2010

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  • I literally burn like 5-600 calories jumping rope for 30 minutes however doing HIIT workouts with orange theory for an hour is usually less lmao I can’t believe it. Like how?

  • I’m going to college in South Korea and I leave in 5 days! I’m a runner and I usually do 2.5-3 miles on the treadmill everyday, but I need to quarantine for 2 weeks in my dorm room and I can’t stand the thought of not working out, so I’m bringing a jump rope and I’m going to be doing this everyday! Thanks guys, you’re super encouraging and I never get tired of the video (even after doing it 5 times in a row haha)

  • I don’t have a jump rope, if instead of using a jump rope I do “Jumping jacks” or normal jump, would it work? Would it burn the same calories?

  • I just love rope jumping never knew i would like it so much. Other cardio did not work for me. Rope jumping is just awesome. Lost 6kg in a month

  • Tracked it on my Apple Watch, sorry to break it to y’all, i only burned 250 calories in those 5 rounds. This was with 15 sec rests between each round.

  • Damm I thought doing this video once will burn 700 calories and I was so happy and the it said repeat this 4 times and I didnt know how to react…

  • What I love about this guy is that he is not like other professionals even he makes mistakes sometimes while exercising this is a real tutorial

  • Can i do jumping jacks instead of freestyle jump ropes. Because just now i don’t have jump ropes. I am going to biy it soon. Thnx.
    Sorry to ask.

  • Hey friend! Disturbing you again.
    I am 15 year old ( will be 16 in Nov) and is of 55 kgs and want to get of 50-52 kgs. Can you please upload a video on jump rope fat burning/ fatloss workout for teens of my age. I am a skinny fat, so…..
    By: Kush D. Vyas

  • I just finished this exercise and believe me it’s easier when you just get up and get all excited while you exercise with her rather than sitting and thinking it’s tough.. just get up and do it!! Even if you weren’t burning 1 millions calories “obviously” it doesn’t matter as long as you work out you will be satisfied at the end of it. If you want to achieve your goal than what the hell are you waiting for?? It’s now or NEVER!!

  • 2020 and this just inspired me even more since I just started running 1.5 mile a day and will add this to my workout 2-3 times a week

  • I’ve been jump roping 1000 skips a day. I correspond to this with a caloric deficit and commonly skipping lunch on most days. Is this adequate enough to witness a fat loss process? I’m aiming to lose 18-20 pounds…
    Edit: I’ve improved over 2 weeks of Jump roping everyday, decided to change to 30 Minute workout with 1 min rest every 5 minutes. My form and skills and speed has improved drastically, and am probably 2x faster and more efficient

  • Son excelentes me encanta..
    Deberian de lo k c hace con la derecha c repite con la izquierda
    Me explico con la repartición de los movimientos en un lado c hace secuencia de 15 oh más repeticiones y en el otro lado menos ��‍♀️��‍♀️
    Una pequeña inquietud..

  • Congratulations, you’ve made a great content. I was trying hard to burn calories, but after using this product, everything was easier. If you want you can review:

  • I love the professional look and quality of Pamela’s videos and the soundtracks are awesome. Has she done any boxing-based workouts like below? I’m always looking for inspiration and she has given me plenty so far!

  • Bonjour ma belle instructor… suis très impatience de voir ta nouveau video……l really enjoy with your class, l feel like just a dance……love love love so much from Paris…….l have already great results……bravo!!!!!

  • All your workouts are great Rebecca!! Thank you. I think they’re the best for all of us who are making the effort to stay fit and don’t have much time to do it!!! Too bad that so many people just spend their time by writing negative and discouraging comments instead of using it to do something productive.

  • I didn’t burn a million calories i only burn 85������ and my heartbeat is 185 bmp its sooo fast
    Edit=i did it twice and its actually 195 calories almost 200������

  • Awesome workout.. love working with you..your movements changing rhythm is very smooth..thank you..Keep it up.. God bless u.. Jenny fron Singapore ��

  • Guys this works for real. I did 6minutes long stretching from channel called ‘Dano tv’ then tiffany rothe’s core work out video and then this for final order. I’ve done this routine for 5weeks and I’ve lost 7pounds with gaining 2pounds of muscle mass. Damn BLINK, I think you’re in big danger now.

  • I got sick this year and gained a lot of wieght due to it. I used to do this no problem…I’m struggling. BUT! Motivation to get back into shape right?!

  • I watch these videos of people eating healthy and working out and save them to my liked videos but never watch them again or ever do it. Is that just me? ��

  • I remember doing these workouts when I first started working out like 3 years ago! I didn’t know what to do because I’ve never worked out before and I was dying doing these workouts. It’s still awesome!

  • Yeah dude, there is no way possible that you can burn 1 million calories in 10 minutes. Pretty sure you would be dead if you burned a million calories in that short amount of time

  • Hi Rebecca by doi. This i ve lost many cals n I ve reduced weight.. But please tell me how many cals v really burn while doing this one million calorie workout… I just badly wana kno to count my diet

  • I always watch the entire vid before actually gonna exercising cause I wanna see if I’m physically capable to do that and… I’m definitively unable of doing it but I’ll keep watching cause she’s really excited

  • I might do this but since I have no friends or embarrassed to ask someone to time me. You can count to 100-120 jump ropes as that will be about 1 minute depending on your shape/energy. I am not sure how many I can do in 60 seconds myself yet either. I lost weight, 173.8 to 166.8 but that was me doing my own shit and workout routine. I am simply thinking about purchasing a Jump Rope to add to my workout routine but must be committed to doing a jump rope workout in the morning before eating my Oatmeal. And I lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks if anyone is wondering. So yeah, I think it time to add a jump rope workout into my routine.

  • Okay so this is what I ate today.
    Breakfast: Two eggs and a half a tomato
    Lunch: 6 pieces of fried chicken
    Dinner: Chips (crisps for you uk peeps) and coffee…
    Me 0 Rebecca 100

  • My Favorite Burn exercise is: 20 rounds of: 2min jump rope 15 sec rest + 200 Boxing Bag Kicks.
    On this exercise I burn about 1000. I think even bit more. Sure depends on my intensity.
    Also second burn cario: 20 rounds of: 400m run(medium speed) after each round 100 push ups, 100 sits ups, jump sit up,100 burpis, 100 leg raices, 100 high jumps, 50 australien pull ups. And so on. I differ on some exercises and also doing some more than one time.
    Takes me about 90 mins to finish and I sure burn about 1400 calories.

    I also think sparring in Taekwondo, KIckboxing burn alot more calories per hour than swim or run.

    I am eating now about 3500calories and I am in a deficit.

  • Thanks Paul for the great content ���� Your videos are so informative. Really appreciate the practicality & lack of hype. Your, “yes, I still ride my skateboard” comment had me ����

  • 7 weeks in doing resistance training w a couple dumbells, barbell and a brisk walk and bike here and there paired with a caloric deficit i was able to grow my arms legs and chest around half and inch while losing 7lbs of fat:D All thanks to youtubers like you! 3% less body fat percentage and ill finally be ripped as hell

  • It’s amazing u bring up bjj I’ve done judo wrestling and bjj for years the last 2 years I’ve been training 5 days a week and since this corona virus started I stopped now I’m doing weights 5 days a week circuit training 2 days I go for 2 hour walks every day and I cut out 1000 calories out of my diet and I still put on 3kg now 1kg would be muscle due to weights but the other 2 would be fat and it made me realise grappling is the best exercise in the world if you train hard and enjoy it… I never realised how much calories I was burning doing it and also it’s great for muscle endurance, strength, cardio And obviously fat loss

  • This is a tough one. Running 7:30 pace for almost everyone is not easy. Those that it is easy for can do it back to back pretty much without issues. I ran over 2300 miles last year. That’s besides the point. Repeatability is the key as you said. Swimming would be great but most people cannot swim for an hour straight. Walking is uphill is what I do now 15% incline at 4mph for 20 minutes. That is good for about 250 cal. The unfortunate issue here is that 95% of the population cannot maintain an hour of training in zone 3 or so for an hour. Like you I would recommend walking at a brisk pace 15 min/mile or better yet walking, uphill repeats, outside if possible. Grassy hill even better do develop some angle strength and flexibility. Thanks for the video.

  • Lol I run 8 miles every morning followed by a 30-45 minute swim workout and then around 3-4 I do a 2 hour strength training (pushups, pullups, accessorie lifts, etc.) and I do that everyday

  • Hey Paul, another great video! I’m a lifeguard so swimming and walking is primarily how I exercise but I have a 20lbs kettle bell to try what you advised when lifting. Thank you I have so much to learn haha

  • What about skipping like jump rope I’ve heard that’s over 1000 an hour and when I was boxing I was always extremely lean and my main cardio was jump rope because I hate running ����‍♂️

  • Felicidades a la instructora, buen trabajo��, lo desagradable es que en este grupo de participantes hay algunas que no guardan respeto hacia ella, en especial la mujer del top rojo que se pone a platicar habiendo ya iniciado la clase, suele distraer en esta y otras clases que hace con Mira, cuando no platica, entra y sale del aula o atiende su celular���� ojalá tomen conciencia y observen respeto por el trabajo de la coach. saludos

  • A coach from my town are pretending that biking is the best things to do if you wanna have a flat butt/no butt, do you think it is correct???
    Cause I built a butt at the gym and I really struggle to, but I am also riding a bike maybe 15hours per week as I am working for a delivery food compagnie, I actually did not lose my butt but I am always scared that it will happen…?!

  • I use a 2lb jump rope for about 30 minutes twice a week. I’ll burn 800 calories in those 30 minutes because of the heavy rope. I walk at least 10 miles a day. That’s been the most effective for weight loss.

  • I’m doing Paul’s fitness challenge and the BIGGEST change I’ve made to my fitness, is walking every morning for either 30 min to 45 min. I’ve stopped running and I couldn’t be happier about it. Also…

    Not only have I locked in the perfect incline and brisk pace (for my frame), I’ve also mounted a 32″ TV in front of the treadmill and I can keep my heart rate even higher from watching the news. [ Side note: Down 18 lbs. ]

  • I do kickboxing 3 days a week and weights 4 days a week and love it I also always get my 10,000 steps in daily with my dog we do 5000 steps in morning and again in evening

  • Love the channel. I am an active athelte but recently got into BB. Was wondering if i should stop my daily intense cardio because its harming my gains? Should I? How much cardio is harmful

  • Take running for example. It really depends on how many miles you’re covering. Work equals force times distance traveled. The consensus is you’ll burn 100 kcal burned per mile of course that figure varies depending on the weight of the subject. If you’re running 5 mph that’s 500 calories burned in an hour but if you’re doing 7 mph that figure jumps to 700 kcal per hour. To burn off 965 kcal in an hour running, you’ll have to be running at a pace of 9.5 mph that’s a pretty darn hard pace to keep up for an entire hour unless you’re an experienced runner and spent YEARS of consistent training building up to it! I picked up running 3 months ago, running a 6 miler twice a day 7 days a week and running a 10 mile still takes me 90 minutes, which means it’ll take me an hour and a half to burn off that 965 calories!
    But if you can run a 10 mph pace then kudos to you! I sure hope I could to get there within this lifetime, lol.

    However, in the end it doesn’t really matter if you’re a slow runner, you just gotta put in those weekly mileage! But don’t think you’re easily burning off 965 calories running for an hour.

  • Another great video. You are on fire! From my own personal experience of going to the gym working with weights for the past 10 years & then transitioning to running with the gyms closed, I can say I’ve toned & trimmed fat from my legs significantly by running 4 miles every morning. I love it! PS. love the t-shirt.

  • Hey paul I have a question. I’m fourteen years old, a girl,160 cm an i weigh 50kg. I always ate pretty big quantities of food. (i suppose 2000cal at least) bacause I have always had big snacks. And I don’t look fat at all, my abs are visible and I feel very good. I think this is beacause I do a lot of sports and exercise. (almost every day) I only have a fruit as a snack now and I eat whatever I want at meals. Is it normal that i eat this much? I sometimes have the feeling to be eating more than my dad or even my mom.

  • I have a question regarding adding calories in after exercise is there ever a time you could add in calories after exercise? For example, I’ve successfully calculated my caloric deficit through walking, resistance training, and food, losing about.25lb per week for 3 months now. However, about every 2-3 weeks or so I like to do a very long weekend hike. My Apple Watch doesn’t say i burn too many more calories than my regular expenditure but, my body feels like it can’t recover after those hikes. I still do it because I love getting out in nature with my husband. Could I add in some extra food without derailing my progress?

  • NEAT is pretty overrated. The most important factor is your BMR, that’s what burns the most ammount of calories, and just for being alive. That being said, my BMR is around 1000 calories, and I can actually burn more than that in one hour of running (I’m a pretty decent runner). So, if I go for a two hour run, I can burn up to more than twice my BMR. So, even if I end up being so tired that I don’t do anything but rest for the rest of the day, that’s a lot of calories, and I seriously doubt that I could burn more than 2000 calories just by increasing my NEAT, so I think it’s still worth the trade of. Also, a lot of people have to work all day while sitting on a chair, so they wont be able to greatly increase their NEAT. Running is the most efficient way to increase your overall consumption of calories, no matter how you cut it. Again, it’s better to go for a one hour run and do nothing for the rest of the day than to not run and be very active all day long, specially if you are a decent runner that can take advantage of that run. No ammount of NEAT is going to burn more than a good running session. If you don’t like to run or you just can’t, that’s another story, tho.

  • I have walked off (loss cardio only) 80lbs and do 40 jumping jacks a day and walk at least 3 miles a day all while being in a calorie deficit and eating 3 to 5 meals a day, (my biggest meal is at 6 pm). My protein is kept at lmost at 80 grams at least while losing ten to 30 more lbs at least. I am almost at my goal. I am not starving nor hungry nor tired. �� My meals are being posted this week on my YouTube. One of my meals plans for the day have been posted so far. My diet is not to get ripped like a body builder. It is too keep some muscle and shred and not starve or feel hungry and it works. I mostly do the blood type diet for my blood type. I am also not tired cause I don’t need to do long loss cardio cause I eat in a calorie deficit, some days I increase protien, which is my intense 50 lb weight training days. I DO NOT DO HIIT

  • I love running. Agreed about the injuries. Mainly Calf. But the one that lost me a ton of weight was elliptical. 30 to 40 mins 3 times a week.

  • So nice to see someone not having a black or white view on science, food and training. There are a lot of gray areas and “the most optimal” isn’t always the best. I find your arguments for walking to be very good. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.

  • I love that you talk about low impact exercises. I have arthritis that controls my training a lot, I went running 30 minutes yesterday and can’t even walk right today. Versus a few days ago I went hiking for 5 miles and did much better.

  • Running ��‍♀️ happens to be my favorite activity ��. I still have a lot of energy after my long runs because my body has adapted to it.

  • I opted for walks now thanks to you and since running gets me so tired and I cant even sustain it for long specially on concrete. Running used to be much easier when I was 160-170 lbs. Now at 212 is so hard to run longer than 1 minute LOL. but the walks help me burn so much calories I will do this untill I am lean enough to start running again.

  • Damn my Apple Watch is that off? Really though? That’s discouraging. I walked incline for 2.5 hours (7.25mi) and it said I roughly burned 1150 calories. This video telling me not to believe that?

  • Walking is my favourite right now! I’m on weight loss progress by walking and cycling. I’m obese with weak knee, I can jogging but it might be bad in long term for my knee.
    Walking+Cycling still the best exercise for obese and easy to do with very low risk of injury.

  • I’ve been doing HIIT for 1h everyday and i dropped a lot of weight if i switched it to walking or running can i maintain my current body weight and still lose fat!?
    P.S: Great video Love ur work

  • Its crazy how much NEAT makes a difference,I am a server at a busy restaurant and the whole 2 months I was not able to work I did gain maybe 3 pounds ( I am not a runner I lift weight so my muscle kept me in shape in a 2-month break) so that is why I don’t think I gained as much but it is crazy how I’ve been working for 2 weeks now and I had to increase my calories to not lose weight.

  • Just run near the end of the day, that way your NEAT has been fine all day and you get the benefit of the higher calorie burn. Injuries? Just buy some Hoka Bondi 6 (they are the most cushioned shoe) and run on a cushioned treadmill in front of the TV.

  • Hi paul good video. I’m gonna say don’t eat the calories back. I tell people for 16 yrs “eat calories not food” I do 58 dips in 31 seconds. Background is navy swim instructor. So… people are confused with certain words. Videos of unattainable goals screws kids up. Running ( military ) is the fastest way to lose weight yes, but…. it will screw your ankles up. Every person is diff. You can eat whatever you want but ( if ) you don’t have testosterone you lose. Weight loss is called move your feet from AtoB. Maybe I should write book. Tony Alexopoulos

  • What if the only chance you have to run is in the evening, would that be beneficial? I’m start work at 5:30am and I get home around 4:30. I work in a cabinet shop and am constantly moving.

  • After many years I figured that bicycle is what has the most potential on burning calories for me. can do it for hours unlike any other sport. It’s harder to overtrain than others and can keep heart rate at a stable point around zone 2-3. You won’t break your body as other sports.

  • I started running when the gyms closed, I found out how much I love to run. I started just running on the street, now I run on a 400m track. I run 8k every other day now but man the injuries have been piling up, first a right mcl strain that’s been trying to heal for a month now, then a left calf strain, now dealing with a right calf strain, and I haven’t been able to run as I want now. Very frustrating but I hope it’s just my body getting used to it and once I clear these nagging little injuries that I can run injury free

  • Enjoyed the video. From being military experience running was the only cardio. But now I walk and feel so much better. Recovery is a lot faster.

  • What about this i have to bike on a road that i am going to get back thru the same road home aswell, its 12km and coming back 12km 24km i am 75kg 184cm lean with abs but i have no idea how many calories i burn because the road has ups and downs, which means sometimes bike goes without me doing the work and ups it requires more work (sorry for my bad english)

  • Walking will burn just as many calories if you go the same distance. I know you referred to the time but figured I would add that.

  • Hello Paul, thank you for your awesome information. Because of you I have seen great changes to my health & physique. I have been tracking my macros and been on point for my shred cycle. My? Is do you or would you suggest to add the calories back from the exercise burned back into macro count? Thank you again. Julio from Chicago

  • I found carpentry creates a big NEAT, simply moving you in weird positions, pulling wiught and using tools, sometimess more than a bad gym routine, and at the end you have to clean, wich leads to an even biger NEAT

  • I totally disagree that you are definitely going to sustain an injury if you run more than 20 miles a week! I’ve averaged more than that for DECADES and have NEVER had a running injury! I’m 54 and have run for the better part of 40 years. Running isn’t for everyone and some ppl are more injury prone. To state that you WILL sustain an injury if you run more than 20 miles a week? That’s just wrong. Disappointed.

  • I’ve been walking and biking and I can definitely tell a difference in my recovery. I was running like crazy earlier this year and it beat me up. Now I only run a few days a week because I enjoy it! Great video as always Paul! I look forward to them!

  • This is great Paul. When I was running I was overweight and I am now lean without running. The problem was a got really hungry running and ate too much. I don’t recommend running either its too hard on your body and my channel is for women over 40. Walking is better and I have been doing it with a weighted vest to include intensity.

  • I’ve been struggling with this question and wanted to get a response from a more detailed question. Should I maintain a deficit, or maintain a consistent calorie intake. When I do a lot of cardio, I plan to eat more, but still try to maintain a deficit. Should I try to be more consistent from day to day with my caloric intake, regardless of workouts?

  • How do you know your incline walking burns 550/hr on average? Is there a study or have you tested things yourself with a calculation or??

  • I thought jump rope burned the more calories than running… Jump roping is the only cardio I enjoy doing and it gives such a good warm up for whole body

  • Do you think that calisthenics/circuit training comes with the same problems as running as far as breaking down the body? At least compared to water polo/swimming and cycling, one hour of calisthenics or circuit training does not seem—in my opinion—something you can recover from and repeat successfully throughout the week.

  • Do you think I can get visible 6 pack in 2 weeks. I have been dieting for 11 weeks now. I am 183cm/6foot and 71.9kg(don’t know how much in pounds). I have lost 10kg now. I’m following very good gym program going to gym 4 times a week, and on rest days I train abs and sometimes do 30min cardio. I can see abs when flexing them and blowing air out. They aren’t extremley visible but I can definitely see definition.

  • Do you reply to Instagram messages/tags? I’d like to make an account and send u a couple pictures of my current body and a question about a specific part of low belly fat. Is that okay? I’m the guy would whose been eating 1000/1200 calories a day since Presidents’ Day starting at 279 and now I’m at 205, 6’2 African male.

  • Hey paul can you do a video sharing your knowledge on supplements you take or either you beleive could be very helpful in fat loss and helping all day energy. I beleive a video on this topic would be very very helpful. Thank you for your effort very much appreciated

  • I know its rude to say but you should really go for the zero guard on that head! You would be a beautiful bald man. Especially with that physique ��.

  • I am experiencing Low Energy while lifting on a calorie deficit (1500kcal a day), I’m 6 foot, 236pounds, and 23% body fat, can you give my some tips pleas

  • I would completely agree that walking is a GREAT form of exercise! I have bad knees, but walking is very simple and easy. Even walking at a fast pace doesn’t bother me nearly as much as jogging or running. I started walking at least 5 miles a day and like you mentioned, the great thing is that even after the usual 2 or so hours it takes to walk, I can go about my day as usual without being excessively tired from exercise. Thanks for another great video ��

  • I acc likd this exercise it makes me sweat and let me get active. Stfu I’m trying to be post to ppl reading comments and not doin the exercise

  • Who else now considers the woman in blue as part of the routine? I get so inexplicably happy to see her like yes, the video’s almost done!!

  • Pamela: Calls this workout “A HIIT workout that won’t kill you.”
    Also Pamela: Starts with Jumping Jacks.
    Me: Oh, you know nothing about me, Girl….!
    (Still did it though and I gotta say it did not make me feel as unfit as the other HIIT ones, so thanks for that Pam, great Video, will definitely do it again!:-) x

  • Not easy, but not entirely impossible, and I didn’t feel completely drained afterwards like I do with some workouts. The intensity was just right, and the jumping jacks began to feel like a break haha:-) Thank you for the amazing workout!!

  • Loved this routine! Recently discovered you Pam and did several of your routines beside the RV as we travelled east near the US border here in British Columbia. I love your dance routines and hope you do more! You are fab! Thanx for these great routines! ❤️����

  • I can’t do jumping jacks unless I firmly hold my chest, which means I’m just jumping and not jumping jacking! �� Any large chested ladies know of a super good sports bra for such activities? Help ��

  • Started doing your exercises on Week 18. This was my first exercise today with no skips or breaks taken! Yay! Thank you so much! ❤️

  • Thanks to the lady showed up at 7:16, every time I do this exercise I’m looking forward to see her as an hint of “almost done” ��������

  • This workout has what is call” active rests ” read the description so yes it is a hiit style workout. You don’t need to literally stop moving in order to take a rest specially when its important to keep your heart rate up ��

  • Rugby for me is still the best way to stay fit, 2 hours training 4 times a week when I was a lot younger allowed me to eat as much as I wanted, and drink heavily, I was eating at least 3 to 4 thousand calories a day plus drinking a good 2000 calories on alcohol 3 to 6 times a week easily, without getting fat at all, unfortunately I did get injured quite a few times and nowadays at almost 40 years old I do need to go to the gym, jump rope and run a lot before I get fit enough to go back to training rugby, but if you want to not decrease your NEAT just run at night, the sleep will be your recovery time, and running won’t injure you that often if you don’t go crazy, and even when you get injured usually won’t be for too long, just build up to run faster and longer, there are quite a few people that can run 8 miles in an hour and not break a sweat, and plenty of people run well into their 90s, so absolutely no reason not to run if you like it.

  • Omg this was one of my favorites! I’ve recently stopped doing any other YouTube workouts except PAM’S!!! You are the best, one and only inspiration for me. Thank you so much for posting

  • This workout is already barely within my capabilities, except that I immediately drop dead on the ground for 10minutes straight and can’t move at all after it ended… but I’m crying in delight that I can finally at least do one hiit video!

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