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Keto and Intermittent Fasting Experiment FINAL THOUGHTS

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Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Video taken from the channel: Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner’s intermittent fasting experiment. In this video, I explain the benefits of intermittent fasting. They include weight reduction, visceral fat reduction, and lower risk of development of coronary heart disease.

I also cover everything you need to know about this eating lifestyle. Most sources recommend a 16:8 fasting/feed split. Marc Lobliner gives his final thoughts on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

Marc Lobliner gives his final thoughts on the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Subscribe to the. Day 9 of intermittent fasting. Marc shows you exactly what he eats and how he feels. Subscribe to the newsletter here:

My first intermittent fasting experiment Here’s my starter IF protocol and what happened after the first few weeks. CHAPTER 12 Additional health, fitness, & nutrition resources After reading about my experience, you may want to learn more. These additional health, fitness, and nutrition resources can get you started. Experiments with.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting since 2016, I started with fasting here and there, then I increased the hours every day. After this, I began 100-hour fasting, and at the end, I decided to do a 20-day fasting experiment. When I finished, I fully implemented this type of intermittent fasting as a high-performance super habit. One full day a week. First an update today is day 10 of my intermittent fasting (IF) experiment (see more detail in the post above this one).

I am following a time restricted diet (TRD), where I eat only during an 8 hour period between the hours of 11am and 7pm. If I eat dinner late, my first meal the following day is later, always leaving a fasting window of at. Fasting (in this experiment) is defined as consuming only plain water (flat or carbonated), or black coffee, or unsweetened tea.

Keep it easy. Eat your usual meals during your eating window. In my personal experience, intermittent fasting works best when combined with a low carb-high fat diet of real, whole foods. 3. Intermittent fasting benefit: it simplifies your life. Before I practiced intermittent fasting, I obsessed about waking up early to cook breakfast, prep 6 meals a day and so on.

Hi there ������ My name is Sumaya and thanks to Intermittent Fasting (or IF for short), in 7.5 months I’ve dropped 50 pounds, 10.5% in body fat. Intermittent fasting means a lot of different things to different people; here, I summarize the most popular IF styles and discuss the differences and similarities between them. chapter 4 the weekly Fast: My First Intermittent Fasting Experiment I started my intermittent fasting experiments with a simple intervention.

List of related literature:

It was his experience that satisfactory results could be obtained through a series of so­called “shorter” fasts, especially in cases where the patient is not under competent supervision and “on his own” so to speak.

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The longest known period of therapeutic fasting was published in 1973 when a 27-year-old man weighing 207 kg fasted continuously for a period of 382 days losing 125 kg (Stewart and Fleming 1973).

“Comparative Physiology of Fasting, Starvation, and Food Limitation” by Marshall D. McCue
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Therefore he decided to keep at it, and repeated the experiment four or five times, fasting for a week or ten days at a time and following it by a few days of eating.

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Interestingly, however, many people find the idea of intermittent fasting to be more appealing.

“Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment” by David Perlmutter, M.D./F.A.C.N, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
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Intermittent fasts, especially fasts between sixteen hours and twentyfour hours long (such as a weekly twenty-four-hour fast) can significantly reduce insulin levels and allow the brain to engage in neuronal autophagy.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
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One may not be inclined to practice such fasting, but because of his determination to make advancement in the science of Kåñëa consciousness, he should accept such bodily troubles when they are recommended.

“Bhagavad-gita As It Is” by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
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For this, he selects randomly 5 persons and measures their blood sugars at different times: fasting, 1 hour after meal and 2 hours after meal.

“BUSINESS STATISTICS: Theory and Applications” by P.N. JANI
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It is a good place to start with our own experiment in fasting.

“Advanced Yoga Practices Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living, Vol. 2” by Yogani
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My next fasting experiment took place in December 2015, when I tried cycling the fasting with some nonfasting days to see how that would work for me.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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  • So many ppl doing intermittent fasting, kind of cool. I was suffering a major power outage trying to work out @ 12pm every day with my eating period starting @ 2pm. I changed it around to doing a fasting cardio @ 12pm (30-45 min)……and doing the strength training at 6pm. Now I hit a protein shake post workout… follow up with dinner @ 8pm and it’s a wrap. I was 5’7″ 383 when I started….now I’m 5’6″ 303. Don’t know where I lost an inch of height….lol….but I want it back….rotfl

  • You look like your about the same age as me and I was raised in Long Beach, CA. but living in ATL, GA. now. I must head back to L.A someday.

  • Taking in any kind of calories or BCAAs will cause your body to initiate an insulin response which will break your fast. Why do you have your “first” meal so late? Why not have it at noon and then have your eating window from noon to 6 or 8pm?

  • Intermittent fasting is just a tool in your tool box. It’s neither bad nor good it’s neutral. It has its parameters, strengths and weaknesses. Same with ketosis, mediterranean, zone, paleo or any other diet. And the best one is the one you can stick to long term.

  • with my inappropriately high appetite (I can eat and eat regardless of my needed calories), intermittent fasting is the only approach that has helped me keep my calories down to an appropriate level.

  • If you consume any form of BCAA, fats anything with calories you are going to spike insulin! It will knock you out of that fasted state and you will not be able to know if it will work or not! Fasting means nothing but water, plain coffee or tea that has no calories studies has showed even on BCAA that it kicks you out of that fasted state and you will not truly reap those benefits. I train fasted and follow IF I haven’t lose muscle. Im actually loosing bodyfat and gaining muscle and increasing strength. On a low carb diet! Science has proven it and it works if done correctly!

  • very interested in this. Dr. Jim S. says bcaa’s will kick your body out of fast. I will be following to see how everything works out.

  • If you do experiment with a vegan diet there is more to take into account that simply changing meal timings. You go through profound physiological changes. The change in the diet causes a radical change in your microbiome (I can reference studies if you need them), so although some people feel immediate benefit, others do not. You also increase the fibre intake a lot. My preference is for a gradual change (one meal a day, allow adaption time, then 2 etc), monitor this process and spot stumbling blocks along the way. I’ve worked with athletes converting over to a vegan diet, gradual works best, but if they feel ethically driven to change immediately use support like probiotics (pills and foods like sauerkraut, natto, live plant yoghurts etc), there may also be some benefit in digestive enzymes although that is less clear in the research?
    Any help you need let me know, I’m 30 years vegan myself and I’ve helped others transition for nearly 20 years now.

  • You should really just wake up and drink a cup of black coffee and water until your eating window. Any type of insulin spike will kick you out of your fast and all those supplements could possibly screw up your experiment. Also too much caffeine can kick you out because it will cause an adrenaline rush raising cortisol levels which will in turn release insulin. Been doing a 16/8 fast everyday for a year and it’s amazing.

  • Hi Marc do yall still have affiliate programs where I put the links of your products in my videos and get a sales commission cut thing? Is it still going on? I would like to know more if it’s still available

  • i got bigger, leaner and just about same strength on IF

    i now do it without trying however its def hard to get in sufficient calories after a while, your appetite and desire to eat decreases a lot

  • I do a smaller fasting plan than intermediate, but, usually last meal around 9pm, up at 6am, coffee, get on the bike at 7am, ride for 2 2.5hrs cycling empty stomach, then breakfast. If longer ride, I’ll eat first or I’ll throw up if I don’t eat. I am also a vegan, and I can tell you this… morning cardio for 2hrs + vegan= 30lb weight loss in 4 months. I love being a vegan.

  • fasting is so much easier for people who dont wake up super early. i hope you can stick with it susprised all the supps you take wont break your fast

  • Marc, change the intra BCAAs to 2g of HMB, and forget the postworkout bcaas, the BCAAs 2 hr after should be enough(BCAAs create insulin spikes, it will inhibit the YOHIMBINE effects). By experience.. it works crazy well for body RE-composition!

  • I haven’t eaten breakfast in over a decade and hit 230lbs lean with 18” arms and 31 1/2” thighs. I have a small eating window. Zero supplements also not even whey/creatine. I hope this video doesn’t discourage anyone from trying this method.

  • I respect you so much, and I am grateful you touched based on the potential for eating disorders right off the bat. As someone with anorexia, I appreciate when fitness leaders can speak out about the warning and make sure people know not everyone should try things just to be “trendy.” I value your dedication to fitness, putting in your own personal research and being such a tremendous role model. Look forward to hearing your feedback on your intermittent fasting experience!!

  • When your starting out 15 9 and 16 8 is the way to go to adjust, week or two in you can bump it closer to the 18 to 20, keep at it your body will adjust the hunger subsides brother

  • Hey Marc, why dont the calories & macros of rtiual add up? It says 129 cals but when I do it based on the macros it’s 77 calories. Does it have extra added fats or anything thats not accounted for?

  • The only reason I dont like intermittent fasting is because I dont have a big appetite and need to spread my food throughout the day

  • Wow! Judging by the comments here, let’s include IF along with religion as topics never to be discussed during Thanksgiving dinner.

  • All the Best to you, bro..just be mindful of your blood glucose levels, in case there’s any simple carbs in any of the supps you’ll be using throughout your fast.

  • I have found that by doing IF, it frees up more of my day because I spend less time in the kitchen doing food prep and have fewer dishes to wash as well. IF has also improved my mental clarity and focus throughout the day. Hopefully you experience this as well. Good luck with this experiment and I am looking forward to the upcoming videos on how your body responds. #Boom

  • I was wondering if you’ve looked further into what you mentioned about ketosis lowering testosterone. May I ask if you’ve looked into gluconeogenesis?

  • I’ve done keto for about a month now and I’m still not sure that I’m completely far adapted. It takes time to get into ketosis, it doesn’t happen in 10 days

  • Something that can still be done, intermittently. Doesnt have to be done all the time on a continuous basis. I tried 16/8 for the last four days. Real results. I feel good. But I don’t need to be strict about it. I’m with ya on breakfast with the kids. But for me I work away from home, so that’s my experimental time with diet and training. But when I’m home from out of state work, it’s time to eat with the kids! IF is worth a try for everyone!

  • Thanks for doing this Keto trial.. I asked you about it about doing it a few weeks ago. You’re on point in saying that each diet/ eating ritual has its pros and cons. It’s what works best for you in your goals AND what works in your lifestyle. I’ve been keto since March and have been learning more and more during this journey. I discovered Cyclical Ketogenic works best for me so been introducing carbs once every 2 weeks, then jump back on keto. I’m my own experiment and tracking my results physically, mentally, and medically. Thanks again for trying it out and taking us on your journey with you.

  • I’m not here to bash your opinion just because those muffins you suggested are fuckin AMAZING!!! But yea to each their own whatever works.

  • Probably oughta do something consistently for at least 2-3 months before giving your opinion on it, as it typically takes a few weeks to get your body used to it and switch fuel sources and become adapted to it. Also, if you were using your typical protein ratio intake (1.5-2g/lb of body weight or whatever you said) you probably weren’t even getting into ketosis due to your body converting excess protein….my two cents.

  • Really dude IF is a hoax? Please if anyone else watches this video steer clear and far away from this garbage. He does not hold your best interest when it comes to health.

  • You were on mantainance calories while IF if I am correct, and your main problems was the ammount of food you had to eat to get to your Cal in a short ammount of time… son if you (or your client) were cutting with a high calorie deficit, do you think IF would be an easier approach than normal approach, since the ammount of food in that eating window would be much less?


  • Actually being on keto and intermittent fasting for a year, my good cholesterol has risen and while fasting in a ketosis state you can tap into your body’s natural hgh easier. So for me, I have seen an improvement to be honest in my libido and my testosterone. However even with exogenous ketones, it could take at least 3 to 4 weeks to see the real results of keto.

  • This dude dumb ������‍♂️….. just stick to the steroids and don’t try to act like you know what your talking about cause you don’t

  • I did keto and if for two months. I lost about 30 lbs. Switched to a traditional diet like you prefer and maintained my weight loss over the next two months. I’m starting up the keto if combo again to see if I can lose more weight.

  • thanks for the overview of the two diets. i like a diet that can be stayed on by anyone too. having breakfast and dinner and not sweating about no finding what you need on the menu.

  • I’m currently Intermittent Fasting from 6pm-12pm and doing a Ketogenic Diet at the same time. Its only been 8days and im going strong unfortunately I’m insulin resistant/ hypoglycemic and have an drenal body type, fun is. I’m using your higher percentages and upping my protein so I can keep my bodybuilding schedule and my weights up. I agree with the having a hard time eating all your macros during the feeding window(and I only have to eat 1,500 calories). I lift from 4am- 6:30am and run 2.5 miles from 11am- 11:30am. It’s interesting how well your body responds when in the fasted state. I’m shocked I can lift as heavy as I do, the pumps I get and how great it feels to run. It’s an interesting experiment. Thank you for sharing your experiments, awesome motivation!!!!! ��

  • This style works great for me during the week, but it’s family breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays. Great info and great video as always.

  • for all the people that didn’t watch the video and immediately commented.

    Its literally just a discipline. A schedule to follow.

    The total calories in is the same regardless. If it fits your lifestyle and it keeps YOU disciplined to follow the routine, then go for it. I.F. itself is not what makes you lose the weight, its the caloric deficit.

  • I tried IF a while ago, but, as a pilot with an ever changing schedule, small meals throughout the day and staying anabolic is key for me. However, I do train fasted, but that’s just me. Awesome discussion Marc/Katie.

  • I really do think it depends on lifestyle as I like IF because it allows me to eat a bigger dinner and more enjoy dinner with my family. Breakfast is a little more sporadic for us so for us IF is more conducive to the dinner together. As far as fitting in meals as you mentioned that is odd it was harder for you but the biggest benefit of IF is the ease of application so if it doesn’t fit your schedule I would not do it either.

  • I watch all of your videos for a couple years now marc. Totally respect what your saying but its only your lifestyle with your great family you think its probably not for you. even only fasting a couple days a week is great for you for long term health benefits. ncsf trainer saying I really appreciate you trying and showing people a different perspective. mad props marc.

  • I can do it easily but quit because I eat like a bird and can’t eat over 2000 calories in like 1 or 2 meals. I also had issues with strength over long periods of time. I’m stronger and can lift closer to my PR for longer in a workout with more sets. I’m better spreading my meals out more. Plus you you can’t absorb all the protein you need in one meal.

  • Not sure why you use the word “starving”. Common man, you don’t know what it feels like to starve.. yeah maybe your HUNGRY but it ain’t gonna hurt you to not eat for the first part of the day. Also, you talk about your daily schedule, but IF makes your day so much easier: You even said this during one of your videos in this experience. Just come out and say you can’t handle not eating all day. As Americans, we are so spoiled.. food is easily available to us. Fasting helps me appreciate food. Food doesn’t control meit’s discipline.

  • nailed it. you can’t maintain your strength during workouts
    I train full body 3x.. I fast on the 4 off days and eat about 50g of carbs on training days

  • So I do IF the funny part is my window is 2-10 I find it easier to put in most of my calories during the first 4 hours it makes the last 2 hours a breeze.. I am Lean as fk.. Martin Berkham LEAN GAINS Rocks

  • Intermittent Fasting is great for most people-including me. But it’s not for everyone. So I’m happy you guys are leaving it alone. No need to continue to do something that is not for you at all.

  • Thanks Mark for the experiments. Been fasting for two years and gotten great results, especially being in my mid-40s. I need my testosterone! I’m married, so that’s the main benefit for IF for me, LOL

  • I’m currently doing the fasting along with a few friends.. all the friends are dropping weight like crazy.. I myself have dropped some but I’m also putting on size being as I work my ass off to do so.. with that said I’m thinking about mixing both.

  • Just preaching to the choir here, but this lunkhead just proved why he has zero credibility. I mean you don’t need IF because you’re clearly on steroids. You can just sit on your ass and inject that stuff into your body and muscles grow. But for us naturals, IF is a great method for reducing body fat. In just 4 weeks I dropped 3% body fat from the 8:16 IF method. That’s about 11 lbs of fat. And I was already lean when I started my mini-cut. Just go back to selling your snake oil supplements and I’ll stick to proper nutrition and training.

  • No sir. I pre cook all of my food. No dairy, sugar, or added sugar. No alcohol, less wheat carbs.

    IF is not a free for all. You don’t eat chips and cakes. You still have to eat healthy fats and whole food, just during a certain time.

  • News Flash Marc you can still I.F and EAT BREAKFAST. As matter of fact on a 16:8 fast you can have all 3 meals just push breakfast back, or have dinner earlier in the day to eat breakfast at normal time.

  • Respect for telling your son to stop dead lifting when clearly he was going to do the next lift with bad form. Teaching them early helps them avoid injury long term.

  • Intermittent fasting only works for fat people. Intermittent fasting is counterproductive for people who have a fast metabolism. Intermittent fasting speed up a persons metabolism, thats something fat people need.
    If you don’t train and get fat…. try intermittent fasting it will most likely get you the results your looking for.
    If you don’t train and get skinny…. try it if you want but I’ll bet you, you’ll drop it in 60 days.
    Nobody should ever take supplements.

  • Doing the same at the moment. Started 4 weeks ago with 2 fasting days the first week building up to full on this week. Feel hungry and find it hard to eat enough. Very tired too. Will give it 4 weeks to see if i can handle it long term. Need to loose 20 lbs

  • I don’t know what it is but I can only workout fasted. It may seem crazy, but it’s like I’m addicted to IF and I’ve been doing IF for over a year now!

  • yall should be making sure your eating enough calories on the intermittent fasting other wise your gonna be 10x hungrier during your next dast

  • Hey mark how many calories do you think u will consume with the supplements you take every day before you eat your first meal. I have herd u can have close to 50 calories and it won’t break your fast

  • Damn great pulls Thomas!  “Boom”!  Love watching your family grow Marc everyone seems to be doing great and getting stronger, Kami as well!

  • A little bit of fats in the morning doesn’t break the fast. I’ve been intermittent fasting for around 3 years now and don’t eat or drink anything but water now during fast window, but for the first year or so I was doing some fats in the morning, if you do it for 2 weeks and don’t feel hunger until your feeding window then you can tell your morning fats aren’t breaking your fast. If you get hunger early then you triggered insulin response and broke the fast, that’s usually only from carbs though from my experience.

  • Nice work Marc, Killing cardio while Fasting. Haven’t tried any heavy weight yet. Doing Legs Thru, we will see what kinda strength is there.

  • Lobliner killin’ it with the fake weights! #FAKENEWS

    JK haha. Good luck with the diet. I like IF quite a bit because I love to stuff my face when I eat so it’s easier to just not eat than start eating and stop lol

  • cut for holiday then been eating, now back on the fast today, even though wife moaning as im ripped but slimmer face… shh. but broke my fast at hr15 with banana and light chips… now off to the gym….

  • Your wrong. My focus is sooo much sharper and I’m way more productive at work when I’m fasting. I don’t get hungry either once you have done it for Atleast 2 weeks. This video is bullshit. Go try it before you make a video like this!

  • Ive lost 150+ pounds IF over 18months timeframe and im in the best shape of my life.I IF everyday usually around 18-22 hours and im never hungry, I actually get upset sometimes that I have to eat because I feel so great.I dont do keto just IF, I tryed keto but didnt like it. I will never again eat 4,5,6 small meals a day.

  • Calories amount to.. an “amount” of food, sure. But ‘calories’ don’t raise blood sugar/insulin levels. It depends what is inside of the calorie.

    I only know this because I’ve taken 24/7 care of my kiddo when she was suddenly diagnosed with Type one diabetes almost four years ago (up all night like I had a newborn again, for the first years before we were introduced to technology that goes into her skin and sends her blood sugar to me and another device that sends insulin into her body through a tube). She is an extremely active kid which is more difficult with diabetes (insulin/blood sugar regulation) because it sends her blood sugars all over the place. Usually (without a working pancreas to keep blood sugar stable) her blood sugar rises high (regardless of types of food eaten, then about 2-5 hours later it drops extremely.. this happens with most of the other children with Type one diabetes as well). Myself, and thousands of other parents in a group for families of Type one diabetics, have been able to see how much insulin our children require every time they eat.

    When they eat meat, alone, they need zero insulin. When they eat vegetables, they need minimal insulin. When they eat fruit and other foods they needs MANY units of insulin to make their blood sugar come back down. And if we are lucky in a perfect calculation (rare) and dose early enough, the insulin dosing will miraculously keep the blood sugar from even rising high at first.

    A straight line on the graph is the dream outcome for us, but it is rare because with Type one diabetes we become the pancreas and it is not performed by a human as well as a normal pancreas. Juice is generally used for extreme low blood sugars in our type one diabetic kiddo’s, so if they just want a juice to drink for fun it takes an extreme amount of insulin.

    I just wanted to mention that because I know calories matter but I just wanted to make sure people do know that calories don’t raise blood sugar and insulin. I personally find that when my daughter eats only meat she has a 5-10pt rise in blood sugar and it is very stable with no residual issues afterward (no rollercoaster blood sugars, compared to when she eats a variety of foodsthen we chase blood sugars through what seems to be a MAZE of ups and downs and sideways).

    I speak about this because when she was newly diagnosed I read that type one diabetes is ON THE RISE and the fear that comes to a parent when they see their child’s mortality is very traumatizing. And now I see how many more children/people are diagnosed with Type one and I realize most people don’t realize Type ONE is not caused by food (like Type two can be), but it is auto-immune where the body suddenly does not recognize the pancreas, like other auto-immune conditions (graves’ disease, hashimotos, etc).

    If someone reading this is newly diagnosed, or their child is, please know there are many more of us out there who understand and the community is amazing and extremely helpful. Willing to help in the middle of the night when blood sugars are very touchy. Knowing that in just a few moments Type one can be deadly, most of us stay up all night for the first few years, when it’s affecting our children.

    I wanted to ask if you have seen the info on why people are not getting scurvy from the recently popular carnivore diet, and other things that are coming out in the newest research? I’d love your opinion on this. Here is one of the videos describing a few things around it:

  • Autophogy happens naturally every night as we sleep, there is no point in fasting for autophogy while still eating a bad diet. Health comes from a whole food plant based diet. You can’t make new healthy cells if you don’t have the right nutrition to begin with.

  • glad to see you giving this a try, this has helped me to drop about 20 pounds this winter through the spring, so easy once you get used to it, smart for eating later into the night so your not hungry at night, that’s the biggest thing about IF. I think you will put your stamp on it brother.

  • Another narcissistic fitness you tuber who has lost the plot. Pushing your bullshit narrative that none of your subs are buying going by the comments. IF is factual and very much documented unlike this hilarious so called study you have.

  • Why would you say some fitness guru a scam artist for being an advocate of IF when they aren’t actually selling anything that would benefit them? All they are telling is to time your meal and that’s it, no supplement selling. Aren’t someone who is selling supplements has more reason to be a scam artist?

  • Interesting adaptation you drink Ritual AM and other stuff during your fast. That’s about the size of my breakfast (unless I throw protein in my oatmeal then it’s about 1/2 the size of my breakfast).Not disparaging you and I’m sure you burn it all up just not sure it can be called a fast.

  • Bodybuilders are a joke. They build all that muscle only to lose it all when they get old anyway. It serves no purpose for health. NONE.

  • Intermittent fasting study? Okay as a pre med student i can tell you the Research we do is ridiculous, plus how people soak it up. Theirs over a billion people on EARTH so you’re telling me you’re willing to believe a study? The study is based on 100 subjects/ paid volunteer’s. So your odds of that study working on the population is a billion to a 100. Like its so funny how I see uneducated people read studies and believe it haha. As a pre med student please look at the facts, IF has been Part of how culture and religion since the beginning of time. Most people who speak on it in a negative way are skinny men who can’t gain muscle even if their life was on the line. Its not for everybody I can tell you that. From the beginning of you’re video you spoke facts helps people not mess up on their diet and you consumed the same amount of calories��. FYI RESEARCH CHANGES BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT�� SO EACH CONTROLLED STUDIED IS DONE ON A DIFFERENT PART OF THE POPULATION COMMON FUCKING SENSE PEOPLE WHY ELSE WOULD RESEARCH CHANGE LMFAO �� O MAN CANT WAIT TILL I FINISH GOING TO DO A BUNCH OF SO CALLED CONTROLLED STUDIES ��

  • Him shaking his roided out pecks in the beginning were enough to discredit everything he even says, your face is fat, you take roids, you’re canceled bye.

  • Don’t fall for IF but fall for steroids right??? Dude is a joke. Lol I’ve been at my healthiest when I was fasting it fixed my BP and I felt and looked amazing in about 3 months of doing it.

  • why the fuck you are about IF you juicer idiot? Go take your fucking DNP and Clen and T3 and other shits and leave the normal natural people do their own stuff, dumbass…

  • I do a 17 fast 7 eating window. 10 months ago I weighed 293lbs. I weight 220lbs now. I don’t eat past 630pm & I don’t eat again till 1130am the next day. With very little excerise. I’ve lost 73lbs in 10 months with intermittent fasting… it has literally been a life savor for me…

  • I get what your saying but the reason I do IF when my cals are lower for a cut are not bc I think it helps you loose fat faster. I really do IF bc I feel fuller during my eating window, obviously bc all my cals are in a shorter period of time. But I don’t believe it actually causes additional fat loss! But I do agree with you!

  • Hey Marc, love you man but I don’t give a crap what the studies say. My actual results say otherwise. So I strongly disagree. Keep the videos coming, man!

  • See intermittent fasting is not done for weight loss but it is known to cleanse the body remove toxins and give organs a break. Most people don’t do it for weight loss.

  • Ive done it all.. i even have a food scale for when i was tracking calories. I tried fasting and weight just falls off me lol. If you go so long without eating you deplete your stored glycogen from the muslces and liver and force your body to burn fat. The body goes for sugar/glucose first, then fat, then protein. Protein is the hardest to break down and convert into energy so the body goes for the next easiest source which is the fat.

  • You need to read about eating in relationship to fasting.
    I use to get angry also when i didn’t eat but no more. Your body is bossing u around bro

  • I reckon your wife is so anti fasting after you tried it, that she told you if you have anything good to say about it, she will make sure that “little” Marc will go on FAST too. I was also calling BS when I first heard of it, but I gave it a go and changed my mind. It’s a really useful tool and there are a lot of other benefits. I like your channel BUT I think you are so wrong on this one.

  • Fasting is zero food intake during the fasting period. 500calories a day is a extreme calorie restriction diet. It’s not the same thing.

  • everyone has priorities, eating or not eating is no one else’s business but my own. Information is information no matter how you look at it. What works for you works for me, harmony and not dissonance, is key imo, solid science is me myself and I and what is observed all around.
    You create your own reality. Live happy in harmony with all like Marc and his family, period. Respect other’s choices in life, even if they are not your own to validate yourself, or your existence. Just be happy and let life be! Love and hugs

  • For 20yrs I was unsuccessful in losing any weight even just 2lbs.
    No matter what diet or pills I tried. Until I started keto & IF. In less than 5 months I lost 50lbs and most importantly I feel awsome, better than ever!

  • Way too much valid research performed with positive results to call IF a hoax. I think it all depends on why one is intermittent fasting. Personally, I wanted to improve my bloodwork and improve body composition a bit. The end result after nine months of IF was a decrease of my triglycerides from 288 to 79, 6% decrease in body fat and total increase in testosterone levels as a bonus. You may have lost a bit of credibility on this one!

  • Mark i xant talk too much shit because i was trying it out but i will say this i new i was starving myself and thought i should stay with it because of kinodody im slad i saw this video i kenw i wouldn’t last on it and relised its all about longevity no piont of getting on a diet that you cant stick with thanks Tiger Fitness

  • Marc I’m fairly new to the fitness world and I’m a big fan of you and chris jones but as a new guy I have kind of a dumb question what does mts stand for?

  • Hi Mr Marc first of all thank you for all the information you put out there. I have a question about children and weight training I have a daughter and I want her to grow up healthy and strong my question is what is the safe and correct way to start kids on weight training. By no means do I want her to be a bodybuilder I just want her to be healthy and strong from a young age

  • I think IF is great. Starving is going 3-4 days without food, not 16 hours. You mentioned Alan Aragon, far as I know, he hasn’t even stepped on stage (which I have). I could be wrong, but if this is true, then he is still a gym rat. BCAA’s work well if you are training intensely, like getting ready to hit the stage.
    The triglycerides issue you mentioned I believe is person dependent, and also the body is going to find a way to optimal health no matter the diet, should the diet not be too limiting. @ 6:31 you talk about your own journey with IF. In no way, should a pro bodybuilder do IF. Your like 6BF at age 37 at 5’7″ and on pretty much a beginner cycle non stop thanks to the friendly docs in Florida. So you being super hangry is expected. Any diet will work, I just think for the average person, having that smaller window works well. But lets be honest, 0.0001 percent of the population makes it to the stage and looks good, so the majority of the population is gonna look like shit no matter what they do. I started IF because I now have a sedentary job, and it works great. The difference is, I know what it takes now, and feels like to get way down in BF, and that’s why any diet will work for me. This IF thing happens to be just convenient and save me money. And you Marc, being a way better person and bodybuilder should understand this.

  • It’s legit, trust me. I dont need any expert to tell me differently. Proof is in the pudding. And I can prove that shit to anybody.

  • This video actually cleared up a lot of questions I had about the vlogs your were making. Seems they were a little bit inconsistent but it’s all good now. Keep the vids coming Marc and continue being a role model of this industry and father figure!

  • Interment fasting isn’t for everyone and I think with anything its important to find what works for you and still be open minded. I IF 5-6 times a week and eat lower calories 5-6 times a week then have a higher calorie day with no IF for no other reason than i’m trying to cut weight and when I’m at my desk in back to back meeting 5-6 days out of the week i don’t have/make the time to enjoy my meal and if I’m not going to enjoy it I don’t really see the point in eating it. If I’m HANGRY i’ll drink BCAA’s or a protein shake towards the end of my work day and break my fast. BUT on my day off I train longer, visit family/friends and have that buffer created during the week so I don’t have the whole mentality of ‘oh i can’t eat/drink that’ and it just helps me really enjoy my time with people I care about. Glad you gave it a go!

  • I could see this being beneficial for some people but seems to me would just drive unhealthy eating habits like scarfing down 5 cheeseburgers because your starved or “feel” starved.

  • Dude lol by the title of your video people automatically will say the shit they are saying down below. You should of titled it, “INTERMITTENT FASTING IS A HOAX!.Or is it? Studies are in!”
    Not that hard, either you wanted controversy in the comments to maximize engagement aka more traffic flow to your stale channel or you just didn’t put much thought into the title of your video. None the less people didn’t finish your video so they didn’t see that you weren’t bashing IF but with that title and your shitty history on YouTube I don’t blame the people on this platform for shitting on you. The like to dislike ratio speaks for itself.

  • Where do you get that fasting is the same as starving? To compare holocaust Jews to not eating for 16 hours is ridiculous. Starving is being ill or dying from a lack of food. What a joke.

  • Gave up already? I know you were just trying to find a new way of eating for yourself, but two weeks isn’t enough to even know what it’s about? You didn’t see what it’s about in two weeks.

  • Edward V from Fledge Fitness destroyed you with a rebuttal video. While you rambled a bunch of BS you didn’t even bother to research properly, Edward V stated detailed well researched facts. Go watch his video you may actually learn something. POW!

  • Not sure why I was subbed to this channel to begin with. There is ton of solid scientific research on IF. Reconsider taking this video down bro you’re full of shit.

  • I’m sorry but I work at a warehouse 8 to 10 hours a day and I don’t have any need to intermediate fasting I eat upon waking up at 6 a.m then I start work at 7 am from there my first break is at 9 I eat my big meal like always 8 oz of rice and 6 of chicken veggies in 15 min fast then lunch at 11 I do a protein shake then I eat at last break at 130 second big meal then wen I get out of work at 430 I eat again then I train then after 730 I eat again then if I’m awake after my last meal I eat at 1030 so no I don’t fast I don’t have no need I em I’m good condition people do crazy stuff to not cook or just eat garbage food my diet is all about white rice. I eat 5 big meals a day and if I got to adjust my timing I do but eating is the most important thing of the day just in general

  • Come on now Mark, this is YouTube suicide bro… fasting is NOT starving.. how can you say things that are just so scientifically incorrect?.. have you not done ANY research b4 going against IF?.. you went on to say “when your not eating, your starving “??.. huh?? Really dude?? Wow that’s insane…

  • I totally agree. I have been on a caloric deficit program for two yrs..Im pretty good at estimating calories based on visual and weight factors..also..does this meal incl alot of fat etc..I have been basically sticking to 17-1800 calories a day…i do allow one cheat day. Ive lost like 32pounds..slowly and steadily. I agree calories in/out is the most important factor. I do not do a keto diet as i feel in my case that i dont want to limit what kinds of food i eat. Thanks for your info bud….Bob

  • I work out fasted in he morning. I don’t have my first meal until 1 or 2pm. I practice intuitive eating (intuitive eating isn’t IF) so I eat when I am truly hungry and I don’t tend to be hungry until after 1pm. I follow a plant based lifestyle so I usually have water, tea or coffee with almond milk in the morning. My first meal is always avocado toast with lots and lots of veggies that tends to hold me until dinner which is after 7pm which consists of beans or brown rice and veggies. Practicing intuitive eating helps me stay at a caloric deficit not to mention most of my meals have lots vegetables which are lower in calorie density they help keep me full����

  • It’s a contradiction to say that intermittent fasting is a hoax when you literally sell a bunch of supplements filled with chemicals. Weight loss, muscle gain, weight management and overall health is not based on the thesis of calories and macros are the only thing that matters. Health is obtained by managing your body in all sorts of areas and intermittent fasting gives you the opportunity to address those things by improving your overall health in a bunch of areas. Read more studies and truly grasp intermittent fasting or fasting in general and what kind of impact it can have on the human body before making videos that makes you look like a hypocrite. Physique is a derivative of health not the other way around!

  • I gave it a try…lasted 2 days…the hunger was unbearable. I get cramps when I’m starving….and the cramps won’t stop till hours after I eat.

  • Marc started intermittent fast on Monday. Finally hit that 16/8 window on Friday. Took a rest day yesterday, back on it today. My 8 hour eating window is in the morning as I train in the morning. I sleep better with an empty stomach, don’t mind going to bed hungry I’ve been doing it for over a year now, Lol.

  • Love all of these vlogs. I would love to see a before/after picture. I am going to try IF next time I cut…thanks for experimenting with it for all us gym bros!

  • When your working out and eating healthy you have find what works for you what someone else does may not work for you I think it’s the same with supplements that my opinion everyone have there own opinion

  • How lean are you Marc? I suppose the leaner you are, with muscle, the more you would need the whey. I think staying lean to long at you weight would be bad. I like your implements to the diet.