Loose Skin After Weight Reduction Reality and Details


The Truth About Loose Skin & Gaining Muscle

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What If I Have Loose Skin After Losing Weight?

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Losing the Extra Skin After Weight Loss

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How to Prevent or Tighten Loose Skin from Weight Loss

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Man strips to show you loose skin after massive weight loss

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How do you shrink loose skin after weight loss?

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Man’s Incredible Weight Loss & Excess Skin Removal Transformation

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What Causes Loose Skin After Weight Loss? The skin is the largest organ in your body and forms a protective barrier against the environment. The innermost layer of your skin.

Loose Skin After Weight Loss: Reality and Facts You did it! You lost over 100 pounds, you feel great, you look great (with clothes on) and your health issues such as hypertension, pre-diabetes, and joint discomfort are gone. The excess skin is usually abdominal skin that reaches down well past the belly area. Loose skin after weight loss can happen in other areas as well. Some dieters experience saggy skin in the arms and around the bra line.

Some even get loose skin in the thigh and buttocks area. After major weight loss, my excess skin seemed to be holding me back from happiness––after plastic surgery, I realized what was really standing in my way. Fact: Laser Lipo Can Tighten Loose Skin. Traditional liposuction removes fat, but laser lipo does this and something more.

It also tightens loose skin. The heat used to liquefy fat also smoothes and tightens the skin. This makes laser lipo and ideal choice for patients with poor skin elasticity.

Less fat and tighter skin. For people trying to lose weight, it might feel as if all fat is the same. But there are two different types of fat: visceral and subcutaneous.

Subcutaneous fat is the jiggly fat visible just. Eat healthy fats (avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, ground flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, wild salmon) to lose weight, feel satisfied after. There is a lot of weight loss advice on the internet.

Most of it is either unproven or proven not to work. Here are the top 12 biggest lies, myths, and misconceptions about weight loss. Isotretinoin — the drug popularly known as Accutane — is a super-effective treatment for severe acne. But it also has a bad reputation for causing some harsh side effects.

INSIDER spoke to two dermatologists to ask all of your most pressing Accutane questions and dispel some popular myths. The Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss. quicklist: 7 category: Myths and Facts About Cellulite title: Skin-firming creams can cure cellulite: Myth.

List of related literature:

This is because the stress of forcing yourself to lose weight elevates your cortisol levels, and cortisol causes your skin to lose its elasticity.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body
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After losing 110 pounds, I had a lot of loose skin (this can happen regardless of how fast you lose weight), and I opted to have some of that excess skin removed.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
from Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes
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It is of no surprise that fat loss and skin tightening are synonymous with one another, and generally, when a patient is interested in one, they are hoping for an improvement in the other as well.

“Advances in Cosmetic Surgery, E-Book 2019” by Gregory H. Branham, Jeffrey S. Dover, Heather J. Furnas, Marissa M.J. Tenenbaum, Allan E. Wulc
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Both body weight loss and weight gain can contribute to skin breakdown.

“Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Diane Brown, Helen Edwards, Lesley Seaton, Thomas Buckley
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Skin is represented as an unexpected disruption to the before/after weight loss narrative circulated in popular media.

“On the Politics of Ugliness” by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
from On the Politics of Ugliness
by Sara Rodrigues, Ela Przybylo
Springer International Publishing, 2018

If you are skinny and have loose skin, the FasciaBlaster® will tighten it to a point but you need to build some muscle to fill in the loose skin.

“The Cellulite Myth: It's Not Fat, It's Fascia” by Ashley Black, Joanna Hunt
from The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia
by Ashley Black, Joanna Hunt
Smashwords Edition, 2017

When you lose weight too rapidly, particularly without exercise, your skin gives the appearance of not fitting your body well.

“Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform” by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
from Physical Fitness and Wellness: Changing the Way You Look, Feel, and Perform
by Jerrold S. Greenberg, George B. Dintiman, Barbee Myers Oakes
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One of the biggest concerns I faced when I was losing all that weight was my skin.

“Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Visualization for Weight Loss: The Gabriel Method Guide to Using Your Mind to Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Hay House, 2015

Although body image typically improves after bariatric surgery, some patients report residual BID associated with loose, sagging skin of the breasts, abdomen, thighs, and arms following massive weight loss.

“Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention” by Thomas F. Cash, Linda Smolak
from Body Image, Second Edition: A Handbook of Science, Practice, and Prevention
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Parents who have experienced significant weight loss after bariatric surgery may have excess skin.

“Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
from Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
by Karen Wambach, Becky Spencer
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  • not everyone will get loose skin, i never did, but i make sure i lose weight at the right speed, not too fast or loose skin will happen, 1-2kg a week, no more. allow your body and skin to catch up.

  • I need real support to transform my life I I watch the video with tears in my eyes. I feel his pain because I’m in that situation right now I’m far away from my goal only think I need is kind peoples to follow my journey with there comment. Please if you want to help me click on my picture it will take you to my channel only God will bless you. Who knows maybe one day will be my turn

  • Im 13 and 385 pounds and ive been fat for almost my whole life im scared to lose weight because all the loose skin that i could have and only being in the 7th grade kids can get pretty mean also im 6 foot 3 and have tons of facial hair almost a full beard ive been wondering if that plays a part in my weight i have spoken to my mom about gyms but im scared that i wont commit to the gym.

  • I just started in late February and am 20 pounds down as of Easter Sunday. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for years, but never understood how it worked. (I’m 19.) I wish I could tell my last year self that myfitnesspal exists, and how easy it is to track calories on it. How I don’t have to starve or follow some diet. I wish I could inform my old self about nutrition since no one else did. I’m just 8 pounds away from the 100’s =) I don’t remember the last time I was under 200.

  • If you do Intermittent fasting and/or extended fasting along with a keto or low carb diet you won’t need surgery! Look up dr.Jason Fung

  • Thank you for the tips Petrina, this is a very realistic video on the subject of sagging skin after a big weight loss, I’ve lost 50 lbs over the last year after being overweight for a long time, I have 35 more to lose and the loose skin issue is becoming a potential concern for me as well. I hope to prevent a lot of it with nutrition, healthy fluids and exercise, but time will tell. By the way you look great, have a fantastic day =))

  • I`ve been utilizing this weight loss weight for a few days at this point and until now I like them! I still have the vitality I would like without controlling my desire for foods without having making me really feel jittery. I have not changed anything else I am doing and have dropped 7 pounds. Find a right weight is not easy, you can research by Google. Program’s name is Peyton Huno†az
    good luck

  • As expert, I do think Fenoboci Diet Plan can be good way to lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • I will disagree with you on the loose skin. It’s not just a cosmetic fear it’s a pain fear as well. Having loose skin hurts. It make’s it harder to exercise and move. Imagine if your whole body was a sagging boob. It hurts! It’s easier to be fat then to have 50 bounds of loose skin just hanging there because no doctor will help you get rid of it because “Cosmetic”

    Loose skin is not cosmetic, it’s a health concern!

  • I have a dear family member that lost massive amounts of weight. She ended up with alot of excessive skin, way more then these people. Her Dr wanted the extra skin removed because it was still straining her organs. The insurance company refused to pay for the “cosmetic surgery”. Her Dr told her to put some of the weight back on, as the folds in the skin were having blood flow issues. Wellthanks to the greedy insurance company, she is back to her full weight. 

  • I’m honestly sort of in the middle about this. Lost 160, gained back around 20, probably always going to have loose skin, but am filling in a little bit here and there with muscle and fat.
    I’m never going to erase it-and I wouldn’t really want to, I earned this bloody scar-but I can and will probably shrink its effect and size a bit.

  • My work buddy laughed when I told them I was planning to lose fat with just implementing Fenoboci Diet Plan, but after I showed them great effects right after I used it they are begging me to tell them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the details about this diet plan, lol

  • I’ve been over weight for 16 years pushing 180 at the age of 19 I chose to lose weight and lost 40 in 2 and a half months…. I have loose skin and it sucks ass because I have abs but I it’s hard to see it..

  • unfortunately I have loose skin as well so I won’t ever have that perfect body type. but I lost the weight and my health is in check, that’s what matters most.

  • Thanks for showing your body. Im on a weight loss journey and this video made me feel better about the loose skin coming my way. Its all about confidence and you got it. I will build my confidence along with my body too

  • It’s the first video of yours I see and I have no idea of the type of diet you follow. It seems autophagy by means of (long) intermittent fasting could be very helpful if you didn’t try that yet, especially combined with low carb or keto diet.
    I’m currently in the process of loosing a lot of weight. I was diagnosed with diabetes, and the moment I stopped eating carbs I started to loose weight, as simple as that. I also am doing intermittent fasting which I find very helpful. I am a little concerned about loose skin (a lot less now thanks to this video), I trust autophagy will help, as well as the fact I am still not too old.

  • i try to lose 220 ibs along this year.I lost 124 ibs on 9 months after being 404 ibs person.I hope at the end of this year i will reach 165 to 175 ibs.

  • I got a lot of loose skin, should i take steroids to fill it with muscle? Im 20 years old and lost 80 kgs in 1 year through weight training and diet

  • I’ve lost 110lbs over some years. I have lose skin mainly on my inner thighs. I could still do with losing another stone and filling out.

  • i am 38 years old. i lost 80 lbs in 6 months. i now have some extra skin around my midsection. i would like to have it shrink down, though i do not believe it will happen.
    though maybe if i start exercising it might reduce. as i dropped all of the weight by just changing what i ate. i did no extra activity.

  • Wait so will that loose skin eventually go away? It just sucks that I work really hard and I honestly still hate what I see in the mirror without a shirt on. I feel like crying about it but I still am working out everyday. In the past year, I’ve lost 100 pounds. I currently weigh 200 and am working on building muscle but have loose skin very similar to man in video. I just feel depressed and discouraged. Do I need to get a surgery to get rid of it then?

  • I think you have to lift weights and don’t lose weight to fast. If u build muscle in your abs it will help a lot than just losing weight and not building muscle

  • Great channel. I love the simple advice that we can all relate to. I watch these on a daily basis since I am new to this channel and find the content motivation. Great job.

  • I see lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • its just skin, he’s so right it IS like a badge of honor or battle scars. never be ashamed of such an accomplishment! our bodies are just rentals, take care of them and remember you are the driver not the vessel. and what a guy taking up a voice to share that this is commonits not bad or ugly. its our skin! its truly amazing what we can do with it and should be worn with pride

  • Hey doc. I’m 22yrs old & I was overweight most of my childhood. I was 320lbs & I got down to 190lbs in 2017 & was very unhappy with the loose skin. I tried bulking up & am now 255 & the loose skin is still here. I guess surgery is the only option?

  • Thank you for being realistic about saggy skin. I had my son when i was 22 ( so it wasn’t an age thing) hydrated inside and out, ate clean, gained the exact amount i was supposed to, i did everything to prevent saggy skin that i could. BUT i couldnt fight the stretch marks..or the saging belly. It literally looks like a deflated balloon 14! years later. Things that have helped…dry brushing, going vegan (probably due to the amount of berries im eating) and exfoliation. But the number one thing that has helped..Just accepting it, it is what it is. Im a redhead, my skin is beautiful, but delicate.

  • Dude your awesome! Thanks for your courage in showing your body. This will be an issue I dread I will have to deal with this if/when I drop the fat.

  • This is totally bullshit buddy, skin is elastic and I am only 17 with barely much excess skin, my body will still be changing. Pretty sure I can get it off legit.

  • I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (search on google) will help you lost lots of weight. Has any one tried using this popular fat loss system?

  • What are some ways to lost crazy amounts of weight? I read plenty of good opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn methods?

  • so i have a question im 14 i weight 215 went from 227 to 215 in like a mont but im looking toward getting to 200 i have been over weight for 3 years so am i good or am i not for loose skin please help

  • I had gyno surgery that left me with a crater in my chest. I wish I had the confidence to workout shirtless like this dude. Changing in the locker room, swimming anything involving shirtlessness gives me so much anxiety and has ruined so many experiences for me

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diets are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritional intake. While they may induce quick weight loss, these diet plans will never be a long-term solution for your waistline. It is best to check out Custokebon Secrets on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I need you to know that you are a true inspiration in my home. Thank you for your channel and self confidence. I need it. Blessings

  • Solid advice! I fell into the extended planning camp too many times, never achieving a thing. It’s been a month now that I’ve started to eat better, drink more water, and get in a workout here and there and since March 7 I’ve lost 19 pounds. It’s that simple. Just start people. Thanks for the continual motivation! Love your channel.

  • What a waste of time watching this video, he didn’t even answer the question just have surgery!


    Btw what actually are you a Dr of????

    I seriously question your credibility, are you actually qualified to call yourself a Dr?… because if you aren’t that is FRAUD, which carries a 10 year prison sentence in the UK.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I read plenty of good opinions on the net about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost tons of fat. Has anyone tried using this popular fat burn methods?

  • Thanks for sharing the thoughts! The fact that Filling in with muscles does not work is quite annoyingly. I am considering have it removed.

  • For those who is still trying to loose their fat with tablets, crazy diets and exercises. That wonderful woman has given tip me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning donuts. Watch that short video here NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ to know how!

  • The truth is if you dot have sugery money ur shit outta luck and youll walk around lookin like a deflated balloon under clothes. If your not too obese u wont be tobad but the bigger you are the worse the results of weightloss saw. A guy working out the other day told me hev lost like 200 pounds he looked pretty bad

  • Well I don’t have any loose skin but I know a few people on a road to loosing a lot of weight, I was just wandering, does loose skin create any health problems? Like especially in a places where is hot weather, don’t you get rashes and marks from sweating if you go for a hike or something? Is it just cosmetic or are there any medical reasons that require loose skin to be removed?

  • Oh how I wish my problem was loose skin! I look forward to it! I’ve lost 45lbs by the accumulation of a bunch of small changes. I still have 50 more to go. What helped jump start my journey was using suggestive hypnosis tracks while I was sleeping to find the motivation to exercise. Once I had an exercise routine everything else fell into place.

  • You are brave and kind. Thank you for the courage to do this. You are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for showing us the way ahead.

  • You’ve inspired me to go and make my own youtube channel about my journey of my weight loss. I need to work harder at it. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Few poeple that lose that much weight also put on the muscle this guy has, wow! Impressive chest and delts, and then the camera scans down to his quads ( 1:19), wow! Good job!

  • I’ve lost 45 pounds since early October I’m 306 I’m gonna be under 200 by December, I’m super worried about a nasty gut, I’ll fuken operate that bitch…

  • Hello there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Simply do a google search engine search. On there you will discover that a great guidelines about how you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • So why aren’t we doing body positivity campaigns for people like this? His body needs to be seen by more people to remove that ugly stigma. He’s cute and he is very positive. But instead we have people promoting fat acceptance when obesity leads to unhealthy conditions. Backwards world we live in.

  • I’m 6ft n 170lbs. I was 215 at my heaviest. I feel like I have alot of skin on my stomach. I was only over weight for about 5-8 years. I’m 35. Do I have a chance

  • Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear lots of people lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google).

  • I’m 47 and the loose skin is still tightening for me. Maybe I got lucks with the genetics, and I didn’t have a lot, but I also eat well, supplement with collagen, got coolsculpt, fast and work out. It took a year the last time I did this for loose skin to get tight, 10 years ago, based on my experience and what I know, I think it’ll tighten again on it’s own eventually. If I had that much loose, yeah I’d get surgery, but that’s rare, if you only lost like 50lb give it a chance to fix itself.

  • Hi there, have you considered this kind of diet plan known as the Custokebon Secrets? My friend says it helps people lost a lot of weight. Is that possible? I also noticed a lot of good review about this diet plan. Thoughts?

  • battle scar? you’re proud?  Son, a battle scar is going to iraq and getting shot or half way blown up and living.  A battle scar is NOT turning into a fat blob and then becoming NORMAL.  You should be ashamed of that excess skin.  You did it to yourself.  It’s good you’re back to normal though.

  • I know my loose skin on my stomach isn’t that bad but I’m always insecure about it I’ve worked so hard I just want a tight stomach!! Thank you for showing yours and making me feel a bit better!! ♥️

  • This is great advice for ANY goals, (which I need)… because, though I’ve succeeded excellently at losing the weight and maintenance, it’s now been tough to work on other things! Ha, you’re fortunate to have “little” loose skin. I have A LOT…But, like you, I don’t focus on it though fortunately.

  • i lost a tonne of weight in my late teens (around 18).. I still have lose skin at 40 and to be honest, without surgery, im proud of what i’ve achieved

  • Im 21, 400 pounds, and I’ve been overweight since i was a kid due to a stressful childhood with few coping mechanisms. How screwed am i?

  • I’m so glad you educate people that building muscle mass takes a long time naturally. So many people think it’s possible within a year, and then turn to steroids to achieve it without any regards to health effects of steroids.

  • I am only halfway through my weight loss journey and already have loose flabby skin I find it really hard to deal with and it makes me feel really uncomfortable however I do not regret losing and I still feel better about my body and overall health than before.

  • Need more muscle! Drink a lot of water to hydrate the skin too/use moisturizer. I’m in a similar position; I’m 26 now but when I was 16 I went from 185lbs to 135lbs in a year and I STILL had bitch tits and belly fat. Now I’m 247lbs and have to lose it all over again but I can’t even bench bodyweight or chin up so need more muscle!!!!

  • He should get his loose skin removed and have it fried up into some pork rinds. It would be delicious and it is the definition of recycling.

  • Wow YouTubes recommendation gave me quality content for a change. Thank you for this great video. I recently (2 mon ago) got my gastric bypass and concluded step one. Now two month in to it, I’ve lost 80lbs and am down to 260. I soon will rejoin my training routine, and I’ve to agree with you. If you only do iron, building muscle takes a long long time, but it will stay almost forever. Despite my obesity my doc was quite pleased to see how much on des see muscle I still had. I used to be a sports guy, being a soldier, but I paid a hefty price on permanent injuries. Yet this all wont make me stop, I look forward to the lean me and this with loose skin, lots of it ��.

  • What is the best way to lost crazy amounts of weight? I read many superb reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of fat. Has any one tried this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • I am 15 almost 16, when i was 5 year old i fat, and i got skinny one year ago, so i need a surgery so that my loose skin goes away?

  • As a woman who lost 100 pounds, I ended up with lose skin. At first,, I felt embarrassed about it, but over the years as I continued exercise I got comfortable with it. Some of my friends whom got lipo and tummy tucks suggested me to do that to get rid of it, and I chose not to. Three years ago, I decided to find natural ways to tighten my skin, and so I incorporated that into my routine and has helped me alot. Right now I’m 145 and im comfortable with that weight since I train in weights, and martial arts. 10 years ago I was 220 and dropped to 120. Theres no need for surgery, there are ways to do it naturally, plus it will take a long time for skin to naturally tighten but it’s a slow process.

  • Society: you’re fat. It’s unhealthy

    People like us: okay we’ll workout day and night..

    Society: is that your loose skin? Get some surgery

    People like us: okay we’ll make money,..and do some surgery

    Society: is that a scar from skin removal? Euuuwww..wtf

    People like us:…..

    Come on guys.. there’s no point of working out, eat healthily, etc.. if you guys still care about what others think of.. it’s kinda bullshit.. appreciate yourself more!! They don’t care about how many struggle we’ve been through.. love your body.. love your scars ❤ it’s showing how beautiful & strong you are

  • I’m sooo fucking scared to lose the weight because of the loose skin. I’d literally do anything finically possible to afford getting rid of it.

  • this guy has some well defined muscle under all that skin. I mean it’s amazing you can just see it as he pulls on that skin. and here I complain about losing 20 lbs.

  • I’m 13 and have been over weight my whole life… I’ve finally lost a bunch of weight, and I’m scared since I’ve been overweight SO long that my skin may stay loose

  • I wish I could be this proud of my loose skin but It’s not from an amazing weight loss journey. I gained 40lb in the last 3m of my pregnancy and lost it all 7weeks after giving birth. I ended up with my original 24in waist but the worst loose skin. I’ve never seen my body like this and it’s still hard to look at 2years later.

  • Dry fasting breaks down loose skin..The body breaks down the tissue.. during autophagy..which is increased during a dry fast..For lots of loose skin multiple small dry fasts.. just in case anyone thought they could do long dry fasts..

  • I’m as big as he used to be weight wise, how come I don’t look as big as him? I’m about 360 but my calf muscles are not big at all, my thighs are still pretty muscular from when I was very athletic. My inner thigh/groin area is pretty chubbu though… I don’t really have boobs… this is the biggest i have been, I have gotten pretty big since high school.

  • What is the best way to lost a lot of fat? I read many great reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a lot of fat. Has anyone tested out this popular weight loss methods?

  • this is such an inspiring video I’m away from home at the moment but plan to start when I get back next week (I will keep you posted) I have been procrastinating and gaining everything back the usual story but I’m now around 215 pounds and so uncomfortable all the time and so fed up

    I’ll definitely be playing the audio of this video on my mp3 when I’m out and need a pep talk

    thanks! XX

  • Great! I might as well get lips suction as well. I have lost a lot of belly fat. But when I do planks or relax my abdominals. It looks like I gain another belly. However when I stand tall I can see my slim-ness. ��

  • Guys. lost a ton of weight does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’m going to give you some advice right now. Get a popular diet plan called Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google). Thanks to it I’ve lost lots of weight. I should not even be speaking about it cause I don’t really want lots of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a excellent mood today and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • I’m from India. I’m facing same problem of loose skin can anyone help me out if I perform heavy exercise in gym will it help me out?

  • Id tell myself from five years ago:”its not the pcos, its not insulin resistance, its not sluggish thyriod holding you back…..its your attitude and addiction to food.”:)

  • thanks for the video, I am starting a diet monday, I went to buy a pair of pants last week and I had to go up to a 46 waist, I went home and weighed and I had hit 300 lbs, I’m 6’3″, so I need to lose 100 lbs.

  • John, I think your loose skin looks beautiful, and that it represents your warrior soul. You have worked so hard to achieve your fitness goals and so very proud of you!!! I think your self confidence goes way beyond the insecurity of the societal view of beauty, and to me you are a handsome beast!!! I hope you wake up everyday knowing how inspiring and amazing you are, because I think you are a beautiful soul inside and out. Keep doing what you are doing!! ����

  • Reducing Carbohydrate Intake is the most important tips. Fat intake actually needs to be higher than protein intake. When you eat sugar and carbs, your body converts anything not used to replenish muscle, turns to fat. Your body burns in the following order Carbs/Sugars, Fats, Protein. When you eat only food that contains fats and protein, your body goes into a state of ONLY burning fat. You don’t take on the fat that you eat UNLESS you are eating alot of carbs so your body will store the fat because the carbs are always used by the body first. Complex Carbs are good for you once you lower the weight.

  • I’ve lost a lot of weight but I’m left with this last bit of fat that’s really stubborn and even when i get to my target weight i still have a belly so i dont know what to do?

  • Hi from the UK

    I used to be a personal trainer and aerobic instructor…got m.e 20 yrs ago… put on around 6 stone.
    Since finding a mind/body different way of being (maybe u think I’m nuts and that’s fine) I’ve so easily lost about 4 stone. And noticed some loose skin flapping around.
    I want to thank u because I saw 1 other video which advocated a gazillion different ‘techniques’ that would take tons of time and money… and having listened to u I’m thinking, drink when I’m thirsty, move lots, slap some bio oil and rub it in and choose to accept my body as part of ”me”. There’s way more wonderful things to focus on than a flabby tummy/knees/back/arms etc.
    Rather than focus on ”losing” anything, im gaining so much joy in life!
    Thanks again
    Stay happy

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  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern day fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • This video is definitely fantastic! It helps me remember of the time when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to lose 16 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people want to lose fat, but we also require to stay nutritious, which is exactly what Custokebon Secrets given.

  • I rarely comment on YouTube videos. But I wanted to tell you that I am so impressed with not only your success in weight loss, but your acceptance of your body. Not all YouTube fitness influencers are as “real”. Keep up the fight. You never know who is watching and needs to hear and see you’re content. I lost 70 lbs a few years ago and have a little loose skin that is barely noticeable. But it is an issue and I’ve accepted that it is what it is.

  • i’m 5’4″ and about 90kg or idk maybe around mid to upper 80s since i’ve been doing 20-4 IF for a month and doing HIIT almost everyday. I’ve seen my body shrink a bit and some parts of my body got fit or you know not that flabby. But what I’m trying to ask is that will I have loose skin whenever I get to my ideal weight? ie 62-65kg.

  • I am on a diet again, up down up down etc since I fluctuate 60-80lbs every few years. Doc says I WILL have loose skin this time but I do not plan to get thin again even though I have never seen loose skin in the past, but now I am middle aged. Started 2 weeks ago at 248, now 240 and used to weigh 178 but hope to settle on a happy middle ground under 200 once I start to see signs of the dreaded loose skin. Hoping for 185 but will not cry if it is a little more and don’t care about getting a 6 pack at my age. Most experts say to lose it really slow maybe one pound or less per week to reduce loose skin, so now that the water weight is gone I’ll try to make that my goal. Any advice appreciated.

  • My problem is different. I was so massive and strong from my workout that I couldn’t fit inside my mansion with the bitches so I had to lose the muscle mass to get those two little hot bisexual twins into my house for a threesome. However this caused loose skin. Okay i’m lying I was a fat piece of shit with a small dick. ��

  • I’m 22 years old. I used to weigh 219 pounds and I am now 208 and still wanting to loss about 61 pounds. I’m not worried just yet about my belly skin. But my arms are bad and I hate it and I’m super self conscious about it. At the moment I am doing light arm workouts. Can you help me with some more advice? My arms have slightly (very slightly) gotten smaller in size and therefore the skin isn’t so much lose skin. I can’t afford any kind of expensive product or surgery

  • I would tell myself that all of my work, dedication, and sacrifice will be worth it!! I enjoy my life soooo much better now that I can actually do things instead of sitting on the sidelines of life and watching others actually live their lives!! Wish I would have done this 25 years ago. But now it’s “onward & upward” for this 50 year old kid!!

  • If I could go back to when I was 15 (I’m 17 now) I’d tell myself to remember to build habits, not just do a diet and then drop it afterwards. I wish I could teach myself of the science behind human behavior, weight loss, and everything else I know. I lost 30 pounds (going from 200 to 170) and maintained it until exams the next year, where I gained back 12 pounds (I had already gained back 8 pounds but it was mostly muscle from carrying my guitar gear everywhere I go for 9 months, think of 45 pounds of gear lol). Anyways, I’m 185 now, so I don’t have much weight to lose, but I’m glad I know the facts now, I feel much more confident in keeping the weight off once I lose it again this time.

  • Some of the realest advice I heard. I’m on my journey to lose a 100lbs to get to my ideal weight and I won’t let that loose skin bother me

    Batwings> flabs

  • Hey I just subcribed to your channel and I already love your videos. Congrats on you weightloss and your lifestyle change. Did you have surgery for your loose skin??

  • Build muscle… Lots of it…. Stay between 18% and 24% BFI. Loose skin wont be an issue. You wont look like mr Olympia but you’ll look great.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn method.

  • I’ve been watching a lot of your videos today and they have really helped me get motivated. I come up with every excuse under the sun to not exercise so this video in particular really hit home. I want to thank you for the advice. Keep it up, its really appreciated.

  • Actually he’s wrong…..if you are new to lifting weights you have the advantage of what is called newbie gains meaning that you gain muscle way faster than someone who has been lifting weights for a while… In one years time it is definitely possible to gain 20 pounds of muscle in your first year obese to beast you should know this bruh

  • i really love this video and your attitude. I have sort of the opposite problem in that I had a long period of severe depression and anxiety and i was honestly barely moving, sleeping or eating. I lost all the muscle id had from playing sports before but I’ve always been skinny anyway. Since starting on the right meds and seeing doctors my mental health has improved drastically and i started eating properly and exercising. That meant that I’ve gotten a lot stronger and I’ve gained both muscle and fat (not lots, I’m about 60kg). I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been, but i also got stretch marks and I’ve been feeling really awful about them
    I feel like you really put it into perspective. Like, its more important that I’m healthy and strong than the fact that my skin doesn’t look as pretty anymore
    love your videos man

  • I weigh 208 lbs I am 6ft 2, and I am 14. I have a body fat of 17 percent. I recognize I am large for my size and slightly overweight, one like equals one burpee for me.

  • Im overweight by 40 lbs, is this going to be a problem? Im 240 lbs now and I haven’t worked out in 2 years. I used to be 15% body fat at 200 lbs so im worried about having loose skin now.

  • I admire your confidence & ability to embrace your natural body. You actually look fine to me. Personally after having kids I still am bothered by everything not being perky and flat like before but I’d rather accept it than get a risky surgery.

  • I totally agree with you. My brother wasnt extreme heavy but enough to have a decent size gut and ge lost weight quickly with no exercise just doing diets and I told him about a month into him doing that to start exercising and gain muscle while he lost the weight but he didn’t listen and it’s taken him quite some time to gain that muscle to fill in his loose skin even if he didnt have that much

  • Amen ��, I was 345lbs(156kg) and I’m currently 216lbs(98kg). And I can notice my loose skin. But that’s not stopping me from losing weight. But I feel a lot better compared to my biggest and I wouldn’t change that. Thank you for the content you put up obese and always sharing your thoughts ����

  • Intermittent fasting 16:8, bone broth, ACV, Collegen w protein shake and daily HIIT worked really well for me to tighten up loose abdominal fat ��

  • What you say I knew which is why I decided to stop losing weight fast without stopping for some days to do keto and higher protien. You can build muscle while dry fasting. My friend said it took him almost ten years to even start to really get ripped at his age. He started lifting weights in his late 30s and didn’t really see any defined muscle while being big until almost 50,especially since his is mostly a peskatarian eater.

  • Great video. Now have u ever thought about getting surgery and remove the skin. You’re going to have scars and pain for a while but is that a road u wanna go down???

  • Nope lose skin is caused by lack of loose muscles and in order to tighten your skin up is to do light bodybuilding workouts and calisthenic and not starving your self and eat lots of protein!!��️��

  • Hey guys, The best fat loss that I have ever had was with carys magic diet (just google it) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on google since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • so im 15 and after my friend died from suicide it made me wake up and realize that i need to change how i look so now ive
    been lifting what are way to get rid of excess skin

  • Matt, You are totally awesome!
    I also lost 140 pounds and have more loose skin!
    Thank you for sharing.
    You are an great person.
    Thank you

  • Well…I am still losing those last pounds this summer, and I have to wait and see what it all looks like in the end.  I would like to be able to afford surgery to take care of things that are out of my control after I have done all I can, but it is very expensive and not an option for me at this time.  It still beats being overweight any day, though.

  • I’m only 16 I been over weight since the 2010s. I lost alot of weight in the late 2010s before 2020 began, and a skin is still there��

  • There was something he missed look up autophagy or dry fasting, your body literally eats your skin away just be careful and research it throughly

  • You remind me when I was fat it was horrible then I decided to lose weight and I used this product https://resurge.com/welcome/?hop=khalil5x&s=dQxEaf40yI9SijRm6VAYand now I feel better and more confident thanks for all the( inspires) ❤️

  • This is one of the things stopping me from really trying to loose weight…I think I’ve gone pass the point of no return where I will have so much access skin…I can’t afford insurance and I’ll never be able to save 22k for the surgery…

  • As specialist, I do believe Custokebon Secrets can be great way to lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it’s going to work for you too.

  • You are handsome and your spirit is beautiful. I was obese and I came really close to getting lose skin. I became obese from eating to deal with my depression from losing alot of close loved ones. I have lost alot of weight and started cycling my fast, so I don’t get lose skin. I know what it is like to deal with something that is almost out of your control. I have always had weak teeth, no matter much I kept them clean. Alot of my teeth went I was pregnant and it was all down heal after that. I know you want the skin removed, like I just want healthy teeth, but it is so expensive.

    I wish we were friends. If you ever just want to talk to someone who is real, know BS, and very wise about the fasting life and was once 80lbs heavier, just hit me up on my channel.

  • hi guys, the best success that ive had was by following the Triple trim formula (i found it on google) without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever followed.

  • omg! guys how will he loose all the excess skin w/o surgery? curious as heck… I wanted lipo but I know THAT happens… and adomino plasty is outta my money range.:/

  • Do natural popular fat burn diet plan like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I’ve heard several amazing things about this popular weight loss methods.

  • god i feel like i’ll never get to feel this happy. i haven’t had any human interactions in 2 years and i’m eating myself to death. i feel like i’m going to die in the middle of the night in my basement and there will be nobody there and i’ll just rot away and found only because i stopped showing up for work or my mortgage company forecloses on me and sends someone there…. fml…

  • You got a good definition under that already, why you don’t operate? that loose skin is kind hiding your already visible gains under, either way you done a incredible job

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine)? I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular diet plan.

  • Not sure if someone here is going to do this and not think i’m out of my mind to suggest it. But in hopes of helping at least one person: fasting helps a lot with loose skin, especially dry. For more on how to get started look up Snake Diet channel on youtube. Just be careful, that guy cusses a lot��

  • Take notes girls. Never laugh at the fat boy in collegue, might became the hottest boy in the neighborhood. He’s now fucking hot, he’s a heartbraker

  • If you ever get loose skin surgery, I think you would look nice without nipples, if that ist too weird to say. Well if it is I said it anyways ��

  • I understand being proud Of your progress and wearing your loose skin as a badge of honor BUT I’d get it removed for the same reason I watch my diet: because I want to FEEL and SEE the benefits of my hard workouts.

    Seeing and feeling smaller in your clothes is great, but seeing the muscle Definition is what keeps me going.

    Mad respect to you for changing your life though!!!!!

  • I do know for sure that I would have surgery if I ended up with loose skin after a pregnancy. It‘s just something I can‘t deal with myself. I don‘t judge anybody for choosing surgery or choosing not do it whatever you choose to do must work for you.

  • I myself dont know if I have loose skin or just fat i was overweight from 13 to 16,I lost my weight in a horrible diet after that i noticed (especially my lower body ) that i see and feel my skin or fat still not sure, to be jiggly and super soft but its not thin! Now at 20,I’ve been working out with heavy weights built a lot of muscle since that time(2years) I still have the same issue
    I still dont know how to fix it! Still trying tho. If u have an idea please share..

  • Man I’m 18 so I’m young but I lost 50 pounds I would have a flat belly but my skin is lose hopes your advice helps. Ik I’m young so I’ll probably have an easier time

  • Your “background” music is competing with you. It should either be turned off or way down, while you’re speaking. And you never did give any solutions to preventing or tightening loose skin.

  • After all the fucking talking, he says “you’re probably gonna need surgery”. Are you kidding me???? This was a waste of time and dashing people’s hopes against the rocks. ������������

  • You’re beautiful, thank you for being so brave and showing us what loose skin looks like! Thank you for being kind to your body and accepting it as it is! You rock!