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My Hacks to Reverse Dieting | #8 | The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast

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Making Reverse Dieting Work For You. 1. To start with increase your carbohydrate intake slightly for the first week. Please note that the lower your calorie intake was, the more 2. Start evaluating.

After the first week, check out your results. The chances are you have not seen any body fat gain. REVERSE DIETING 101 | HOW TO USE REVERSE DIETING FOR FAT LOSS Get My Diet & Workout Program http://bit.ly/SFINNERCIRCLE Subscribe for More Videos htt.

In this episode we cover the basic principles of Reverse Dieting: 1. Lowering your cardio during reverse dieting: Decrease cardio by 10 minutes the first week for a total of 45 minutes in the. Reverse dieting is often the perfect solution for a variety of situations, including people who are unable to lose weight when the math says they should. have spent long periods of time eating at a caloric deficit, and found themselves completely unable to break a plateau. Kris Gethin hooks you up with his complete transformation program including both your nutrition and workouts taken care of.

KRIS GETHIN’S TRANSFORMATION: MEET YOUR TRAINER Originally from Wales, UK, Kris Gethin is the CEO of KAGED MUSCLE Supplements, co-founder of the Kris Gethin Gyms franchise, and author. In this post, we will go through a ‘step by step’ of how to reverse diet properly. You’ll learn the right way to increase your calories, and what to eat for your own goals. You’ll also find out when to stop reverse dieting. Before we dive in, it’s essential that you know if reverse dieting is right for you –.

Weight gain and reverse dieting. You’re typically going into a reverse diet knowing that you’re going to gain weight—and even wanting to gain weight. Many people—including Scoggin—use reverse dieting for their bulking phase. “This isn’t the time to panic and ask yourself, ‘Why am I gaining weight?'” warns Scoggin. A reverse diet is a way of slowly increasing calories, carbs, and fat while keeping protein intake relatively consistent over an extended period of time through tracking and counting macros.

The goal is to wean yourself off of a diet, revitalizing your metabolism with minimal fat gain, safely bringing your calorie intake back up to your. kris gethin muscle building free download DTP Kris Gethin, Kris Gethin 12 Week for Windows 10, Muscle Building Diet And Muscle Building Workouts, and many more programs. Reverse dieting involves gradually increasing your calorie intake to boost metabolism and prevent weight regain after dieting.

It may also increase energy levels and reduce hunger.

List of related literature:

It is a welcome relief to see his approach to diet and exercise presented without the hype and gimmicks found in so many other programs.

“15 Minutes to Fitness: Dr. Ben's SMaRT Plan for Diet and Total Health” by Charles Barkley, Vincent Ben Bocchicchio
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I had learnt so much from Dr Moreno’s diet and method.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
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I highly recommend his books and DVDs for health-promoting visualization exercises that you can use for yourself or a loved one.

“The Hormone Diet: A 3-Step Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Strength, and Live Younger Longer” by Natasha Turner
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One page describing “Intuitive Eating” discourages dieting and encourages body acceptance (Province of Ontario “Intuitive,” 2006).

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His website, Mark’s Daily Apple (www. marksdailyapple.com), is filled with resources, from recipes to fitness routines.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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Gardner CD, Kiazand A, Alhassan S, Kim S, Stafford RS, Balise RR, Kraemer HC, King AC (2007) Comparison of the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN diets for change in weight and related risk factors among overweight premenopausal women: the A to Z Weight Loss Study: a randomized trial.

“Handbook of Nutrition and Pregnancy” by Carol J. Lammi-Keefe, E.A. Reese, Sarah C. Couch, Elliot Philipson
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This doesn’t mean the solutions are complex—don’t forget this is a book about doing easy mini habits—it only means that calorie counting is wrong because it says that only calories matter.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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The beauty of this programme is that you won’t get discouraged or bored by the prospect of staying on a diet for what seems like for ever.

“The 17 Day Diet” by Dr Mike Moreno
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With assistance from his GP, a self-taught exercise program and meal plans from online sources, Chris was able to reduce his BMI to 30 throughout his 30s.

“Psychology: An Introduction for Health Professionals E-Book” by Patricia Barkway, Deb O'Kane
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  • Great content Kris. You truly try to not only better yourself but those that would listen. Keep up the great job with everything from your pod cast to your supplements. Just amazing.

  • oh my fucking god, you are knocking saturated fats too?! Shut up. you are embarassing yourself. You have no clue what a real ketogenic diet is.

  • I’m curious about when to reverse. I’ve been eating below maintenance for 14 months other than a handful of days. I have made huge improvements but not quite at my goal and seem to be stalled. Wondering if a reverse might help.

  • I’ve been testing out fasting for about a month as well. I do use hydra charge in my water while fasting. Somedays it’s easier to fast 24hours and some days only 16hours. Looking forward to seeing your review on it later on.

  • Kris one more thing
    I am on a keto right now and I love your supplements and they are kept with me prekaged, bcaa, glutamine,carnitine and hydracharge
    Since I am on keto can you create a video on proper use of your supplements on keto or any suggestions please

  • Hi kris did u do a weights workout on the day u did you intermittent fasting u said u did cardio just to clarify keep up the good work m8

  • Great video! I had issues with post show weight gain and this time around I’m definitely going to be mindful. I have a show in a week and wondering once the weekend is over after the show, how much carbs can one add post show in the new week?

  • You guys have noo idea lol (you obviously do) how much i learn from your videos. Thanks so much for posting such good science based content. Best power couple ever. ��
    PS Holly, how tall are you?

  • the “reverse diet” should be a thing of the past, just go back to maintenance asap so your hormones can go back to normal asap, too.:/ 2019…

  • reversed dieted from 1380 to about 1900 for 6 months, still put on almost 10lbs. This was after my initial weight gain from a lean 140lb to 170lb from a shitty coach who jumped my cals too fast. I had a long history of low cal cuts beforehand. My new Coach decided to try the matador approach to dieting. 2 weeks cut, 1 week predicted maintenance which we think is about 1700cal, even though my garmin watch has my TDEE around 2600-3000 depending on the day. Its been a few years of frustration with not being able to lose fat thinking my body won’t respond. Do you have clients who can only get so far in a reverse even if its not ideal where you want them? What d you do when that happens?
    PS LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! They are so helpful! <3

  • I have been doing a keto diet for over 2 years I lost over 50kg and I love it I has saved me from sugar I now no longer need it in my life

  • Great advice! I’m dying to compete again but I know I need to spend some time living life at maintenance. I’m almost ready to hold steady but first I want to hit 250g carbs or 2k maintenance calories! To think I almost “settled” eating 150g carbs!!!! Thank you Layne & Holly! Love all the info in Fat Loss Forever!

  • I gained 5 lbs in 2 months on a reverse and I’m continuing to gain. I’m only eating 1600 cals a day and I’m sad that it’s still low even though I gained 5 lbs. I’m really frustrated

  • Hi Kris a great video you started
    1. I also experienced that it is not a good muscle building diet means the result are very slowly seen and you don’t feel the pump.
    1. I lost the craving for sugar that much now.
    2. Lost inflammation gut health also improved.
    3. Able to do longer workout without that much of fatigue or loss of energy.
    4. One of the most important reason is that I respond much better to carbs after I finish my keto and go back to the same bodybuilding eating style. I noticed that I absorb the food better and it feels good.

    I do keto as a way to reduce inflammation and change the diet a bit.

    That is my experience with keto

  • Hmmm does anyone else feel uncomfortable with the way he cuts her down in a passive aggressive way? Though not as much in this video as other videos. You’re amazing Holly! Keep up the amazing inspiration!! ✨You are a SUPERSTAR… all on your own!!!✨������

  • Awesome video Kris. I’m doing Keto since November and I went from 207lb down to 183lb. I’m combining the diet with lots of high volume workouts like your 8 week program and cardio but you are right. I don’t have the same pump in my muscles. I’m also struggling to lose the middle section of my stomach yet. Overall lots of benefits from a brain function perspective, to weight loss to more energy is being great.

  • I never seen a bigger house breaker in my life.. damn she is scorching hot.. the way she looks, talks, moves.. k.. I really need to block her channel, for sanity purposes.

  • I tried it for 6 months then I had a bad case of Diverticulitis I was done after that. It also made family get togethers suck because I couldn’t eat any of the food except if it was keto that was usually just the meat. The way I eat now is 6-8x a day and make adjustments when we eat out or have get togethers. I feel alot better!

  • I followed keto in February 2016.

    I heard keto with IF isn’t healthy is true or just a myth.

    Following keto for longer periods makes fatty liver?

    What percentage of carbs we can take? I go 5-10% of macros

    If my TEE is 2800 and BMR is around 2000 what calories deficit we can do?

  • Hi. I find your video’s very informative. I’m coming out of my first bikini contest and am currently in a reverse. I have had my moments of struggle but over all its going well (I have an amazing coach helping me with this). I’d really love if you guys or just you Holly would speak to post show and the transition both mentally and physically and how you deal with these things. The post show blues, how to deal with the psychological and physiological struggles that competitors deal with or your experiences and how you have managed those things. Like letting go of stage body, not rebounding, hunger and food drive, pre -occupation with food, feeling “normal” again. I feel like there is so much talk on getting to stage but not a lot about what happens after, the aftermath and how hard of a transition it can be. This needs to be talked about more because its not all sunshine and rainbows.

  • Everyone is commenting on Layne cutting her off when she’s talking but it seems to me like they are just very in tune with what the other is saying. What stands out to me more than anything is the way he looks at her with complete adoration. I think that they are an example of how a relationship can be a great compliment and addition to your life as a successful and driven individual without getting completely lost in it. This is a great series! I have a client that I’ve put on a reverse diet and I have her following along with the series. It keeps her motivated and reminds her that everything shes going through is completely normal. Thank you thank you!

  • Love the knowledge pod cast, can you do a pod cast on mass building (putting on weight ) I’ve been stuck on 170 pound for 23 weeks, ive done the 8 weeks and the 12 week muscle building and now I’m doing the 12 week muscle build for the second time but just cant put weight on

  • Funny!!!! I have just adjusted over to the Keto, and then I wondered “I wonder if Kris does this?” as I have been following you since Dec 2011.

  • Great video!! I can relate on so many levels! Been doing good with my reverse! Want to kill it next year! And also wanted to add that they awarded me a WBFF Pro status after the show! So I hope to see you guys next year! Loved meeting you.

  • When reverse dieting after the hardcore trainer reboot, do you suggest keeping the starchy carbs in the first three meals? Can we begin consuming those in the afternoon meals as well?

  • Kris really like the knowledge you dispense. Thank you
    please tell how to keep digestion on track during bulking diet and how to improve digestion further more.

  • Butter, lard, ghee is not causing heart disease stop lying. Olive oil is more dangerous for you than butter, especially when you cook with it and heat it up.

  • Awesome job on the wins! I love how Layne tells you that you don’t have an off switch ������, I mean yeah, I know but you don’t have to tell the whole world!!!

  • Did a Ketogenic diet for over a month…1.Felt really good 2.Strength was consistent throughout the day 3. Active Throughout the day. 4 But lost a lot of hair…..How do I protect my hair loss from Ketogenic diet is the Question. Thanks for you answer in advance Kris…Big fan…love from Hyderabad

  • Excellent recap! I haven’t begun yet. Ive had 2 asshole meals, a week apart. Then back into deficit for the other 6days. I have one more scheduled asshole meal… then when the food volume dissipates… up to new maintenance and reverse out.

  • Hey Holly, I am so looking forward to this series now! Have a question for you though. At around the 16:12 mark you talk about reaching the higher end of your last reverse calorie intake but maintaining 65 kg rather than 69kg. So here is my question: given that at your level of fitness your body is very, very efficient (I understand this means that at this level, workouts do not burn as many calories) and that muscle is slow to put on (and even then it does not burn all that much more as it is commonly believed) how do you foresee that you will be able to maintain at 65kg with intake of over 2000 calories? Is it likely that you will include more activity in your daily routine ( be it in the form of cardio/walks etc)? If not, then I am very interested to know how you will be able to have more calories in without more calories out (from activity). Looking forward to your reply!!:-)

  • Ive been dieting since I was a teenager and now I’m almost 30. My metabolism is not in a great place. So happy I found your channel! I just started reverse dieting 4 weeks ago with starting calories at 1200 (I was 110 lbs and 160cm tall). First week I gained 2 lbs, then I kept adding 50 calories each week, 3 weeks have gone by and I not only lost that initial 2 lbs, I’ve lost an additional 2 lbs (now at 108 lbs) �� �� not complaining but is this normal? I was ready to gain weight, unless I’m not adding calories aggressively enough?

  • I don’t have a question, but what I will say is that it’s very hard to follow. I tried it before, yes I lost some stomach fat, however I found it hard to follow as I have a family all doing different diets. Yes, it works and I’ve seen it, but not for me due to doing 3 different meal preps and a huge shopping list

  • Great job Holly! I have loved watching this series and seeing your progress all along the way! Thank you for all the great info. I have a question about the spread sheet diet/adherence tracker you used. I know you had a link for it in one of your videos, but I can not find it. I checked your website too and couldn’t find it. Would you be willing to share it again? Thank you so much!!!! Looking forward to watching this new reverse diet series! Love you guys!!!

  • Congrats on your wins Holly! Looking forward to following your reverse diet journey. Awesome series, I hope more people will learn from this, I know I am:)

  • I think you should have way more subscribers and views than you currently have. You provide free quality content that I believe is valuable for everyone. Congratulations on the wins!

  • Did keto for 4 months lost weight hunger went way down! But training sucked the whole time! It has its place but not a long term plan unless you have health problems that require keto. Great video Kris��

  • Did you train fasted? And does your products not you out of ketosis? I’m going to be giving the keto diet a try after your 12 week challenge and was wondering if pre kaged would not me out of my fast or ketosis?

  • I have been doing keto off and on for a couple years for weight management, ptsd symptoms and just because i feel great but ive lost a bit too much weight and more importantly ive lost considerably more muscle mass than i wanted. Im in good shape because i work two very physical jobs but id like to start going to the gym again. Ive been putting it off for a few months because i have been worried about how much muscle i might lose. Any tips? Cyclical keto sounds like a good idea but im not sure how that actually works. Also is there a regimen of bodybuilding that works better for keto over other lifestyles?

  • I enjoyed it but my performance at the gym suffered a great deal due to the glycogen and water loss.

    It is good if you do not really lift and need to lose a lot of body fat. Not recommended for guys who train for strength. You need carbs to do the heavy compound lifts.

  • keto helped me lost 20 pounds of fat and I’m still losing. I also had more energy during workouts on an empty stomach in the mornings. And no crash after lunch and a lot less hunger

  • I am currently following your Muscle Building trainer and have been on Keto diet for 3 weeks, primarily because my Triglycerides and insulins were way high. I did a blood test this weekend and the levels have come down drastically. My question is how can I achieve muscle growth and still keep the Triglyceride and insulins low as carb seems to spiking both of them

  • I’m not quite keto but decided to do a high-fat, high-protein, very low-carb diet for just 2 weeks to shred just a little. My daily calories stayed the same (2000 kcal) and I tried to spread the fat fairly evenly throughout the day but slightly higher for breakfast and bedtime snack. I had my 6 meals nevertheless. PROS: waistline got a little smaller, muscles are showing a little more, mental awareness is raised. CONS: gym is unbearable w/o Pre-Kaged and even with that the same weights as before feel heavier, I get sugar-cravings some afternoons (which says a lot for someone who does not have much of a sweet tooth). But it’s only two weeks and tomorrow I’ll be back on carbs for fuel. First pre-workout meal: pasta!!!! Then: beans!

  • Love these videos and Fat Loss Forever!! Question…if I lost weight when starting the reverse, should I stop when I start seeing that my average weekly weight is higher than when I started the reverse? I’m currently at/slightly above my predicted maintenance calories and at a lower weight than when I started. I feel lucky but now I don’t know when I should stop…

  • Great video, I was 245lb midst of last year And now I’m 190lb And I’m 6 ft 2. I do isometrics and Cardio at 190 I still have a fatty stomach fatty back I can’t seem to lose anymore weight. Would you recommend the keto diet to lose the last 10lb? That is a stubborn fatty area I can get rid of!

  • The thing with keto and training is that, yes, for the first few months, your training will suck. Your body is transitioning and basically rebuilding with a new source of fuel. However, in time, it will pay off. I did no exercise for the first year I was on keto and finally decided to start weight training. I have no problems with strength or stamina during my workouts and my recovery time is awesome. I’m seeing great definition on my body too. I think once you pass the transition, you will find your workouts and growth will be better than before. You just have to give it time.

  • Started it 4yrs ago. First 2-3 months, my workouts sucked. Strength goes down and endurance. But on the 3rd month mark, all of a sudden, gaining my strength little by little. On the 5th month, hit my PRs and broke my PR on deadlift and squat. My endurance improved tremendously, finished half marathon in 1hr and 45mins.

  • Thank you Kris for your consistent, raw, and valuable content! Question, how do you prepare your day in order not to eat at night? I’m having trouble eating at night, typically within 2 hour after I have fallen asleep. I know this is a bad habit and discipline will cure this bad habit. Is it a good idea to change my meal portions to have more protein in the evening to try to suppress the crave I have to eat at night? Thank you!!

  • Keto for over 4 years and regained lost performance after 4 months. Now able to get stronger as long as I push my calories which can be hard since not very hungry most of the time.

  • I know you’re discussing reverse diet here but I was listening to one of your podcasts (not sure which one or episode bec I’ve been going through the back catalog as well as listening to new ones) anyway you mentioned something about how hunger or strong hunger on a diet is typically from loss of non-fat mass is what you said (non-fat and lean mass are the same correct?) I’m curious if you would discuss this greater or can direct me to more information or the research on this?

  • Would you still be considered at maintenance if you’re eating the macros set at the predicted maintenance level but your weight fluctuates 1-3 lbs.. I’ve been at maintenance for 16 weeks, from gradually increasing my macro “reverse dieting” from comp prep.. Long history of competing. Would you say that I’ve reached my capacity? Do I stop increasing?

  • I’d actually be interested in seeing what a diet would look for a teenager. I’d like to start looking into this for my son but the food choice would be tricky. How to make it fun for a younger person.

  • When you start your reverse diet don’t you start at predicted maintenance anyway? Or do you start from your lowest calorie intake and work your way up to predicted maintenance?

  • Thanks for the video, always reliable source of knowledge. My question would be how did your endurance and strength in your workouts change in a keto diet.

  • I thought you need to quickly be at a healthy bodyfat percentage first then we can reverse diet or we can reverse right after a show?

  • While he was mentioning the fats he consumed I was wondering to my self “that’s what I eat every day” and then he said “Mediterranean” and I’m like “oooh I live in the Mediterranean lol”

  • Hey Holly/Layne Congrats on your Wins!!! my first week off the diet leash i had every intent of getting back to my reverse diet macros Buuuut I’m just now starting them a week later but i’m afraid the damage is done….should i just stay the course with the macros/meals/training i had planned on using the week after or which was around 1300 + 5 days of training + 450 min of cardio(45 min a day M-F) or re-adjust my macros based on my target/maintenance weight i’ll tag you guys in in IG on my stage pics

  • This assessment mirrors my own experience with Keto. Started on a red meat focused carnivore diet for a couple of months supplementing vitamins and electrolytes, then switched to Keto and now on a paleo-ish diet and fast 10-14 hours every day. On the upside, felt the best Ive ever felt, dropped a ton of weight, bad acid reflux vanished, the joint swelling and trigger finger issues in my hands vanished, slept better, good strength and stamina and set a new personal record on row machine. Downside, it has been sub optimal for muscle growth, can be a pita to stay on diet. Switched back to my traditional diet for a couple of months to compare and the majority of the issues came back. Like the idea of carb cycling like another comment mentioned.

  • Good luck with your goal Holly! You probably don´t need my advice but regarding your upper body training I think you should emphasize back and chest a bit more and shoulders (front delts) a little less when doing more powerlifting;)

  • I’m currently doing the anabolic diet which is along the same lines as ketogenic diet… it’s ketogenic Monday through Friday then carb load Saturday and Sunday… now when I’m in ketosis I burn lots fat but I feel weaker in the gym low energy.. foods are very limited so have to be really strict

  • this series and a home hormone test has inspired me to start my own reversing journey. thanks so much for all the info, now to put it to work for me!

  • You said for people who have a long diet history they need already 6 months of reverse, would it be possible to do a minicut during this period e.g 3 months reverse then 4 weeks minicut without affecting metabolism or would you say do 6 months straight of reverse?

  • I did Whole 30 “wheat belly” which is a form of Keto. I felt left bloated, more full but I felt my training suffered. I’m doing your 8 week hardcore training now and I am following your nutrition plan as close as possible.

  • Cons of the Ketogenic diet for me was that there was no definite plan. I didn’t know how to structure my diet and what to eat. So it failed. If you can provide us with a sample diet, it would be great.

  • First of all Holly you are stunningly beautiful. I love hearing information like this backed by Science. Thinking of reverse dieting myself. Gonna buy Fat loss forever I think. Clever and smart! Love love love��

  • Again your so relatable Holly! It’s like listening to me and my Hubby talking about how I can’t have foods in the house, he thinks it’s only me…I’ll have to get him to watch this �� xx

  • So you seem to be one who understands carbs can be healthy when incorporated correctly…however, do you still recommend cutting out complex carbs after 3p?! I have done this for 6 months and afraid to add carbs after 3p (except veggie carbs)

  • Hi Laurin, thanks for all this information. Could you explain how the cycles of dieting and reverse dieting in a controlled way are different physically from yoyo-ing, and why the body reacts differently?

  • I was restricting calories at around 800-1,000 calories with working out mornings and afternoons, mostly high intensity cardio and jump rope for 30-40 min. I became underweight and didn’t do my research on SLOWLY increasing calories. I upped my calories to 1,300-1,500 because that energy gap you talked about really hit me hard. I also stopped exercising because I didn’t have a period for 2 years and they said intense exercise you’ll lose your period. I ended up gaining 10-15lbs which I do not like for being 5’1 girls that’s a lot on you. I want to lose it but in a healthier way. Eating at 1,200 and adding in cardio and resistance training for the past 2 months and nothing budged. I don’t know if I should do a “mini-cut” and eat at 1,000-1,200 for 8 weeks and then slowly reverse diet by 50 calories every 2 weeks? What should I do? Cut more calories or start reverse diet?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate you guys sharing such wealth of information to people who are lost and struggling!

  • Hi Lauren, I’m looking to continue improving my body composition after being in a deficit for 4-5 months. This is more lifestyle for me versus competition, and I’ve already started reverse dieting very slowly to minimize fat gain as of just two weeks ago. My question is how do I know when to hold on the reverse in order to cut some and then return to the reverse again? (The little cycles you mentioned.) Are there certain things to look for in order not to hinder progress?