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Those who followed that advice, focusing on the quality of the calories they consumed over the quantity, lost significant amounts of weight — regardless of whether their diets were low-carb or low-fat. “Steel-cut oats and kale are both low-fat; so are sodas and white bread, but the oats and kale are likely more filling, more satiating. Is the type of food you eat more important that the actual amount of calories you consume? I think the answer is yes. The type of food you choose to eat will have a greater impact on your overall body weight and health than the number of calories you choose to eat or not eat. Quality Calories vs.

Quantity Calories. However in regards to chronic disease prevention, the quality of the foods within a diet is much more important than the quantity of those foods. Research is beginning to consistently support this idea for more recent studies on the subject of weight loss. People feel hungrier on such a diet and end up eating more. It’s another example of why calorie quality is more important than quantity.

There are metabolic effects as well. In one study, eating a diet low in carbs but high in fat (60% fat) led to an increase in energy expenditure of 325 kilocalories per day compared to a low-fat diet (20% fat). However, all calories, are not created equally and the quality of calories is as important, if not more so, than the quantity.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of eating in line with the second option, such as greater vitamin and mineral consumption and a better general quality of food, there are other factors at play that make this mathematical equation a little more complicated. The research lends strong support to the notion that diet quality, not quantity, is what helps people lose and manage their weight most easily in the long run. Which is why hitting your macros is far more important than staying within your caloric budget – quantity versus quality. Not all calories are created equal. You have to fuel your body accordingly, depending on your goals.

For example, building more muscle requires more carbohydrates because you’ll be burning more glycogen. I should also note that weight loss is about so much more than calories. It encompasses exercise, how you sleep, how stressed you are, and health issues that you may not be able to control, like. Keeping the amount of calories you consume balanced with the amount of calories you burn through regular metabolism and physical activity will keep your weight stable.

When you take in more calories than your body burns, your body stores these extra calories as fat and you gain weight. New research sheds light on why the quality of our food may be more important for maintaining a healthy weight For a long time (and sometimes still) many weight loss programs focused heavily on the caloric value of foods. Some professionals suggest that weight loss clients pay close attention to “calories in versus calories out.”.

List of related literature:

For example, individuals who consume diets supplying more or fewer calories can still use the DVs as a rough guide to ensure that they are getting adequate amounts of vitamin C, for example, but not too much saturated fat.

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
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Both the quantity and quality of the food are important for the body.

“School Organisation & Administration” by K.S. Sidhu
from School Organisation & Administration
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These small errors are not important when planning menus and food supplies for individuals or populations, but they are important at the individual level where small errors in matching total energy requirements and total energy intake have long-term consequences for weight maintenance.

“Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition E-Book” by Martha H. Stipanuk, Marie A. Caudill
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Some people need fewer kcal; others need more.

“Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications E-Book: A Nursing Approach” by Michele Grodner, Sylvia Escott-Stump, Suzanne Dorner
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There is mounting evidence suggesting that the quality of calories is as important, if not more, than the quantity of calories.

“Quality in Obesity Treatment” by John M. Morton, Stacy A. Brethauer, Eric J. DeMaria, Scott Kahan, Matthew M. Hutter
from Quality in Obesity Treatment
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People with a sedentary lifestyle and average body size will need less food intake than those with moderate or high levels of activity or greater body size to maintain the status quo.

“The New Public Health” by Theodore H. Tulchinsky, Elena A. Varavikova
from The New Public Health
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The macronutrient composition of the food is usually less important than the total energy content, except when heavy efforts are required over short (2to 3-day) periods, when carbohydrate content may be the most important nutritional consideration.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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The quality of the food is more important than quantity in most situations.

“Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing Australian Version E-Book” by Jackie Crisp, Catherine Taylor
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Calories are important, but maintaining good health is not as simple as balancing the number of calories in versus the number of calories out.

“The 5 Choices: The Path to Extraordinary Productivity” by Kory Kogon, Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne
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Knowing the caloric value of foods is important.

“Introduction to the Human Body” by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
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  • Food and drug industries funding university studies is bribery and fraud.
    Gary Taubes & Dr Phinney got me into HF/LC and keto many years ago. Deep gratitude.

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  • I wish I would’ve come across this video a long time ago, I would’ve saved myself from a 4 year eating disorder. Loved this video! Thumbs up! Wise words

  • OMG Misty, plain speaking as ever but the best message ever to put out there to make people, especially women (let’s face it, we obsess over food the most) realise there is more to life than calories. This is so inspirational, thank you for sharing, I’m your number 1 fan!

  • Girl that was awesome!!! I have been on a roller coaster ride for years because I stress eat. Now I am dealing with medical issues that rely on me being conscious of what I eat. This practice is so simple and realistic that it made sense! Love it:) Thank you

  • Good vid, but you should have explained more about the diet drinksso I’ll do it instead yes there is no ‘apparent’ calories, however ALL sugars and ‘sweeteners’ are the same and should be treated as regular sugar, because they cause a spike in insulin. When trying to lose weight it’s good to have less sugary foods, instead of trying to busy ourselves with zero calorie, low sugar brands. Sugary drinks and dessert all the same. If you must have zero calorie don’t have the whole can, and opt for slow release sugar such as fruits or even non sugary food, it will give you energy but not energy from sugar, and you’ll more likely burn stored fat.

    You see you did not go into too much detail about that, because diet drinks is the biggest cheat out there, when you know the facts that trick won’t work for you.

  • I have struggled with my weight and food all my life.  Balance and moderation is the key. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to eat just a few cookies. I try. I tell myself, “Eydie, You’re only going to have 3 cookies.”.  There are times I listen to myself and then there are times when I shut out my own words. Sigh.

    I needed to hear you this morning. At first I thought this was a new exercise video so I did a warm up then turned you on. Then I hear your words and they are words I’ve said to myself so many times and I believe in the words. As I write this note I’m listening to your video for a second time this morning. I couldn’t write the first time because I was in tears. 

    Every morning I move to your videos. I love that they are so un-regimented. You guide me steps, but  allow me to move as my body dictates. Your videos are the first I’m able to follow and actually do. It helps that I’ve recently had 2 total knee replacements but moving to your videos are fun and freeing. 

    I live in a 55+ community in Mesa, AZ. I’d love to bring Body Groove into our community. I’m thinking about starting a small group. And because many of your “routines” can be done in a chair (even though it’s a 55+ community, the average age is 73) it would be easy for those who can’t move so easily to participate. 

    Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for waking me up.  Thank you, Misty! 


  • Wow what an incredible lecture!
    I put on 70 lbs from age 20 years to 56 years around my waist.
    I have lost all that fat in the last 10 months by reducing my insulin levels!
    LCHF is the way to go!
    I also eat OMAD and fast!
    Lets keep spreading the message!

  • What’s with all the Jew talk in this thing I thought I was about fat and calories and diabetes and fatty liver it’s all jew this jew that.!?

  • Please go to PLANT POSITIVE or NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG to get the truth about nutrition. Peer reviewed non industry funded scientic studies about nutrition. Not bro science a la Taubes

  • Thanks for your words. Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks for your wisdom. Thanks for your dances and videos. Thanks. You are wonderful person.

  • I meet lots of people who think they know what Keto is and are just interested in loosing weight easily and quickly. If you approach anything like a fad and don’t care to understand it, you probably aren’t going to succeed. Keto/LCHF is not a fad.

    I also meet more and more people at places like my local Trader Joe’s who have adopted a low carb lifestyle. In fact, an employee who eats LCHF told me their bread sales have dropped significantly.

    There is so much great information from speakers like Gary Taubes that people have easy access to here on YouTube and share it.

  • I needed to hear this, because I struggle with food addiction and hypothyroidism, I am very overweight, I need to find something that works.

  • I gotta say, ive been studying exercise science for at least an hour every day for over two years now for my ambition to become an exercise scientist in the future and watching just a couple of your videos cleared a lot of concepts up for me. I thank you sir. Keep up the good work!!

  • Obesity is not a dirty word. Doctors look at it as Too many Calories In, Too little Exercise Out, (CICO) when they
    should look at their own failure of not recognizing it as a Fat Accumulation Disorder and diagnose it as such. This can be described as Medical Negligence.

    How This Clinical Nutritionist Changes Lives with Hunger | Mike Mutzel
    on Health Theory

  • Sorry sir but coming from a fat guy… after I’ve lost around 60 kg of fat ( 51:18) heck i feel hungry all the time, and if i eat over maintenance even 3000 kcals more i still feel hungry, we’re all different…I am still searching for ways to lose more fat, I’m currently at around 83-84 kg, but damn i feel famished, all. the. time.:)) it’s just what i feel, I know, but eating healthier indeed helps…

  • This was a really good video Dr. Galpin. I have a slightly unrelated question but I think you will be able to answer it really well. How would you quantify the energy expended from resistance training? This question confuses me because during the workout itself, resistance training has an aerobic component and anaerobic component (especially as the intensity increases) which would contribute to the calories burned. However, after the workout is over, there is an additional aerobic component (commonly known as epoc), which also burns calories. Furthermore, does increasing the intensity and weight lifted over time (thereby recruiting more type 2 muscle fibers) increase energy expenditure substantially (perhaps because of anaerobic metabolism)? If two lifters do the same exact amount of volume, but one lifter lifts twice the amount of weight each rep than the other lifter, will there be a large difference in energy expenditure between the two lifters? In this way, would increasing strength actually aid in staying lean? What are your thought on this topic? Thanks so much!

  • This made sense. I mean… actual freaking not a doubt in my head…light bursting through the trees… perfect sense. Yeah. Thank you!

  • Awesome presentation! So many great points throughout the talk…… and added bonus, Gary is such a smart and sexy guy ���� I just love his stuff

  • 52:48 How much is Low Carb/Keto permeating the larger world out there? Just walk through the aisles of the typical grocery store shelves of sweetened cereals, a dairy section filled with low-fat options and not much else, and overweight/obese shoppers picking out their favorite poison. It’s not getting through much at all.

  • Dr. Schwarzbein’s work helps us realize we can take low carb too far and health problems eventually follow, even type 2 Diabetes. My own clients have taught me this so I’ve seen it myself. I have Paleo and Keto clients breaking down and totally pissed off they’ve done everything “right” and suddenly its not working. Find her on YouTube.

  • Thank you! I have been bulimic & back & forth between bingeing/not caring & diets/programs. It is exhausting. You are so right! I want that balance & peace with food, exercise, this body.

  • I’ve watched hundreds of videos about this topic and you are the first person to make it click in my head. “I wasn’t made to count calories” was the realization I needed. Thank you!

  • Hi Andy I have been watching your videos for awhile and find them very informative. With all the fad diet overload that we are exposed to this science based content is what is needed. I work as a personal trainer in the Pacific Northwest and a sound Nutrition plan in necessary to be healthy and reach any fitness goal. Thanks!

  • Hearing your story is a big motivation for everyone. I am 63 and my whole life was and am overweight. I like so much your program and I am following it. I am writing a blog about been healthy and fitness over 60 and I would like to share there one of your YouTube videos if you don’t mind. Tell me if I may share it on my site. Thank you for that WONDERFUL work.

  • Thank you! This is the polar opposite of what we, as young women, were told to do to stay slim. It led to misery and disease. You are a breath of fresh, healing air.

  • I have watched this and your other new 20 min Video and there are two things I wanted to ask you:

    1. You say that your body can tap into both forms of fuel, carbs and fat. Lets say your daily energy useage is 2000kcal and you eat 1500kcal. According to your laid out theory the body would simply use 500kcal of bodyfat to get to the 2000kcal right? Many ppl say that if you eat carbs your body wont be able to use the stored fat because the insulin in your blood prohibits the body to do so. According to this theory the body then reduces the amount of energy used (slows down metabolism) to match the intake of 1500kcal rather than using the fat as fuel. What would you say to that theory?

    2. What do you think about IF? It kinda tries to give the body a better chance to tap into the fat storage by minimizing the time you have higher lvls of insulin in your blood so your body can actually use the stored fat. + I have heard of studies that suggest you increase HGH and Testosteron levels through IF.

  • As of 15th of October _ there were three people who disliked this video!!!! Have to be Andy’s Ex’s _ can’t imagine any other reason!

  • Amazing presentation. I have recently switched to a zero carb diet and eat not to trigger insulin and my body has responded by burning lots of fat and my recent blood work has drastically improved.

  • Thank you very much for your work, Andy! Your videos are amazing.

    Here’s something I’d love you to talk about in a long video stretching. I feel good flexibility is useful in everyday life and necessary for high level athletic performance. But I think too much or improper stretching might make you prone to injuries when you need to produce a lot of force. So, I’d love to learn how everything happens on the micro level and what is the proper protocol for stretching.

  • This is right where I’m at. I had a spinal cord injury three years ago and had to have two back surgery’s. I went from strong and healthy to morbidly obese. Two weeks ago I started practicing mindful meditation and yoga again. I am spending as much time as posible on the treadmill. I ordered groove(I can’t wait for it to get here) and Iam being mindful of what I eat. When I was a teenager after over coming an eating disorder and some emotional issues I went from 185 to 115. I never thought I would struggle again. Not being able to be active for so long I gave up.I’ve finally decided to go back to basics. I’ve set a goal. I do watch calories right now because of limited mobility. But I feel soooo much better. You are truly an ispiration.

  • “We have been said that we should eat less and exercise, and yet we’re fatter than ever. How to you explain that?” What a moron! People are not exercising and eating less calories.

  • The opening was troublesome and the story didnt convey the moral at all.

    I always felt like the writers got 75 percent through a story and just didnt know how to end it or that they were so busy making a story that they forgot what they were actually supposed to write about.

  • I’ll be honest I got caught up in the keto hype… Thought I could eat more food because it was keto… Er then I started putting weight on lol… What helped was finding barbell shrugged on YouTube and worked my way through all the information and research out there, turns out keto works well for me to stay focused and loss fat but no good to get into 3rd gear to go hard sparring, so i learned carbs are not the �� used right will support my training needs.
    I point all people I talk to now about fitness or nutrition to the good Dr galpin and shrugged collective ���� thank you for all your hard work….

  • With all the no carbs, no sugar, vegan, protein, no protein, grains, no grains Atkins, Paleo, etc etc…it’s hard enough to figure out what to do…then add a health issue, like autoimmune diseases it’s nearly impossible to figure out. Mayo diet says eat ABC.. fibromyalgia diet says avoid ABC…. maybe I can just relax and not stress about it and do what your saying and if nothing else, do what I know is good for me and “love myself” enough… like I do my dogs as I wouldn’t give them stuff that I know harms them…to treat me the way I treat them. ty xo

  • Gary Taubes was the first person who opened my eyes to the fact that our collective issues with weight are primarily driven by how our endocrinology interacts with our food environment, instead of how our character interacts with our food environment. While I have read the books and watched the lectures of hundreds of doctors and researchers, who are now reiterating Taubes’ thesis, ultimately Taubes should be given credit for really buttressing the scientific evidence behind this idea before it became the popular movement that it is today. Before I encountered Taubes book, “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and lectures, over 10 years ago, I just looked at low carb as just another means to calorie strict, and therefore dismissed it out of hand as just another gimmick that was trying to put a new skin on an old idea. Once I became convinced that low carb was far superior to any method of calorie restriction, because of its provable endocrinological effects, I really made a serious attempt at it. Unlike before, when trying to reduce calories deliberately just led to short term weight loss, hunger, and then subsequent weight regain, when doing low carb I finally lost 100 lbs and have kept it off. I credit Taubes with not only opening the public’s eyes to a new scientific reality, but also with changing my life. Thank you Mr. Taubes.

  • Excellent talk. What I do not understand is why experts such as Prof. Roy Taylor are still, to this day, using CICO in practice. If a lay person can understand then why Oh why has calorie restriction not been consigned to history?

    Prof. Taylor has done amazing work on proving that fat stores in and around the liver and around the pancreas directly affect insulin and insulin resistance and his diet has helped some people but his outlook irl is short term. One way of refeeding (after the Newcastle Diet) is said to be ‘eat two thirds of the amount of food that you were eating before ND’ which seems to me to be at odds with what we understand. I have Type 2 Diabetes and if I ate two thirds of the carbs that I used to eat before I started LCHF/Keto then I would require insulin therapy.
    CICI makes no sense.

    NB The recent launch of EAT Lancet could mean a battle for those of us who suffer with metabolic syndrome.

  • It always seem so simple when you explain it. Every time I watch your videos I start rubbing my hands thinking �� I’m gana make loads of money as a dietitian! Then I try to explain some of it to someone and ����������‍♂️ I forget 70% of it and watch it again that night. Thanks for everything dr.

  • Absolutely correct! I cannot agree more.I used to battle Bulemia in my younger days (and thinking back, as you know about the condition), it was all about the control of what went in and out of my body. A very negative control. Nowadays, I have very healthy positive relationship with food. 
    I loved you’re video. Thank you for sharing it with us. You’re a wonderful role model for young men and women who maybe on that shaky path to Anorexia and Bulemia. God bless you. ♥️������

  • You are so right about everything you say yes enjoy life enjoy what you eat it’s not what you eat it’s what you do after you eat it that is the key to staying fit love your show your beautiful lady

  • Thank you! I needed this chat today. Been struggling to find my way back to food. Funny but isn’t I am 80 pounds overweight but been under eating! So now I am working my way to my balance, my happiness my fun. Thank you for your insight and love for others. Thank you for Body Groove I really enjoy doing them. xxxxxoooxxx

  • I am not saying low carb doesn’t have benefits, but it still is a calorie restricted diet. To prove calorie in/calorie out is false, one would have to first dismiss all the people losing weight in calorie restricted diets, and then do a study of people eating way over calorie maintenance levels in a kept or low carb diet and not gain weight. Find me one person eating 500 calories over maintenance level in a Keto diet that isn’t gaining weight and even losing weight. I’ll wait.

  • Thank you Misty! You hit the nail on the head! Especially for folks that have had cancer and need to get healthier! You are so real! Love to you!

  • You are the epitome of smart. I hate doing what others do. I need to lose a lot of weight. I am going to try to apply everything you said. Thanks.

  • Creme de la creme of nutritional presentations! Thank you! I just wish you could explain why the word bolus seems to make everybody so damn horny.

  • You have brought tears to my eyes.  I have to re-think myself. I love watching you and this year I will make a difference in myself!!  Thank you for being there for people like me, who struggles everyday with “life”

  • It’s best that the truth about the LCHF is working for people that need it and people that need it get the message and commit. If the focus becomes on the love of money being the root of evil by the food, pharmaceutical, and mainstream medicine, too many of those people will be neutralized.

  • Your body knows what is good for you. Sometimes your body wants cookies, sugar and salt. It’s okay. It’s helpful, to listen to it. Only your body can tell you what it wants.

  • These guys know what’s popping that’s why they laughing, and I’m all American now. all that crap is just fake, easier said than done. I’m not going to say calorie in calorie out, but just monitor what you do if calorie counting isn’t working for you and you end up binging or spend hours getting frustrated cos that takeaway you had on a social does not list calories, then it’s time to stop calories, do you think you will count calories every day of your life? Something that is short term is deprivation not discipline.
    Your serving your body, therefore how will you ever serve your life or the present moment. Anyway as they say eat whole food, less processed cos your body needs to digest food again, when your digestive tract is given food that’s already been digested as in processed it will sit in your colon and rot your colon, instead of every cell reviving itself and doing its job, like when your biting that raw carrot. Nutrients are depleted too. Just recover and let go, maybe you won’t be too hard on yourself. Damn how the f* we still consuming all our time and energy wanting to be a healthier version of ourselves, we not really living life.
    I’m not counting calories anymore like the good old days, and my weight was off.

  • I have to disagree vehemently with the slide at 37:14. People with insulin resistance don’t have to eat a single bite of food and still have elevated insulin being pumped into their bloodstream chronically. Also, the insulin index of foods has shown that animal protein foods have a higher area under the curve of insulin volume being pumped out than several other foods that are mostly carbohydrate. Not only that, it has been shown there is an up to 70-fold increase in insulin output when you combine animal protein with carbohydrates. It has also been shown that omega 6 PUFAs in high enough quantities leads to a much higher rate of adiposity than expected.

    Anecdotally, I’ve never seen a fat fruitarian and their entire diet is 90+% carbohydrates and completely devoid of overt animal protein and omega 6 oils. Whole food carbohydrates cause a generally normal, expected rise in insulin, and if eaten with enough fat will drive some fat storage subcutaneously, but just saying that eating carbs makes you fat is misleading as hell without context.

    The truth is, when you combine animal protein (like a grain-fed, high omega-6 beef burger) with high glycemic “browned” refined carbs (a bun), add “browned” starches absolutely drenched in omega 6 vegetable oil (fries), and wash it down with liquid sugar that is half refined fructose (a soda), you are not only spiking your insulin WAY beyond what you can do with REAL food, but you are literally fucking up several metabolic pathways that lead to fatty liver and pancreas, visceral fat creation, raised risk of cancer and CVD, and central adiposity. FAST FOOD is killing you.

  • Oh my goodness! You made me cry! this all really hit home to me! Makes total sense!! I have food issues, trying to lose weight as well and following a plan is making me completely miserable! I am so glad i have found you, i love the groove videos and i am so happy i saw this too!! Thank you!!!! all the way from the UK! xxxxxx

  • Wow and wow you right I count calories since 8 years and since awhile I’m not enjoying it. After I watched your good video I will stop counting calories.
    Thank you so much

  • So very true! �� self talk plays a huge part for me as well. I have to slow down my thinking and be aware of what it is I’m actually thinking and stop being mean to myself. �� Speaking kindly to myself has helped a ton!

  • This PERFECTLY done video is why Joe Rogan will not be having you back on for nutrition talk. 😉
    You were there for training and training only. Great job, man!

  • I eat what I want, just counting calories (2000 calories a day) and exercising. And I’m losing weight. I don’t want to quit all the foods I love. A diet isn’t good for me (I tried many times). This is the first time, it’s working and I’m sticking to it. I’m losing weight slowly, but steadily. No better way to go about it:).

  • What is so joyful about this, is I can do this with gasp! salad, or a sandwich, or chocolate, or fruit. Appreciating any food, feeling the gratitude for it as I consume it honors that food, and myself and my Creator.

  • Definitely agree with the NEAT decrease when dieting. when getting lean was always cold, walked super slow, workouts sucked and feel lethargic