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The general consensus is that slow and steady is better than rapid weight loss — but let’s examine the pros and cons of each. Tech Tip: The MyFitnessPal app lets you choose from 0.5–2 pounds of weight loss per week. Adjust this to. However, slow weight loss — usually defined by the range of 0.5–2 pounds (0.2–1 kg) per week — isn’t always the best option for long-term success. Here’s why experts say fast weight loss can sometimes be appropriate and how to tell which approach is best for you.

So is Fast Weight Loss or Slow Weight Loss Better for Long-Term Success? Gradual weight loss, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a loss of 1–2 pounds per week, or eating 500–1,000 fewer calories per day. Note that this is a general recommendation that doesn’t take into account individual factors. At 18 months, the FAST group maintained a significantly greater weight loss than the SLOW group.

These findings are consistent with previous research demonstrating that larger initial weight losses are associated with greater long-term weight loss success [10, 12–15, 21, 30]. Perhaps fast weight loss is great for immediate visible results, but slow weight loss is what guarantees you long-term weight loss effects, improved health, and a. Slow weight loss gives you more benefits than quick weight loss.

In America, about 68 percent of people age 20 years and older are obese or overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The majority of these people. This finding supports recent research to suggest that differences in biology may affect how people respond to weight-loss diets over the long term.

A hormone that works to increase appetite, ghrelin, decreased significantly on the low-carbohydrate diet, which could help with weight-loss maintenance. “Across the world, guidelines recommend gradual weight loss for the treatment of obesity, reflecting the widely held belief that fast weight loss is. A weight loss of one to two pounds a week is the typical recommendation. Although that may seem like a slow pace for weight loss, it’s more likely to help you maintain your weight loss for the long term. Contestants on “The Biggest Loser,” a popular reality weight-loss television show, are known to drop incredible amounts of weight per week.

For the average person, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week is generally a safe guideline to follow. How much you can lose per week, however, is largely dependent on how much you currently weigh.

List of related literature:

Slower weight loss is also fine as long as you are moving in the right direction.

“Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs” by Neal D. Barnard, Bryanna Clark Grogan
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The longer the fast progresses the less rapid is the loss in weight.

“Human Life: Its Philosophy and Laws” by Herbert M. Shelton
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Slow but steady wins the weight­loss race too.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
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Compared to more gradual losers, fast weight losers lost more weight overall, maintained their weight loss longer and were less likely to put weight back on.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
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To quote the study, “findings indicate both shortand long-term advantages to fast initial weight loss.

“The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days” by JJ Virgin
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Both of these are overwhelming advantages for weight loss.

“The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life” by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life
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Slow weight loss is more sustainable in both the shortand longterm.

“Medical Disorders in Pregnancy: A Manual for Midwives” by S. Elizabeth Robson, Jason Waugh
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The first involves a profound weight loss over a fairly short period of time.

“Neurology and General Medicine” by Michael Jeffrey Aminoff
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weight loss and healing are your goal, then more is not necessarily better.

“Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans” by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
from Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet, including Simplified Science and No-cook Meal Plans
by Maria Emmerich, Craig Emmerich
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I usually lost weight quickly in the beginning, but then the rate at which I lost weight would start to slow.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body
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  • Don’t do tha most….do tha least…consistently, and then build upon it. GOT IT! Thank you so much for this. I can say I’ve done it both ways and when you said that we should “enjoy” the journey and positive changes we are making, it sealed it for me. I’m going slow this time, but I’m so happy and secure this time around. I’m proud of myself. Whereas, my first time I was stressed about losing it so quickly that I was obsessing and fell off. I’ll get there…just gotta keep pushing.

  • This was so motivational! I’ve been trying to find motivational videos for slow weight loss because I know I usually see results after 4 months of good dieting and consistent exercise. Every video I kept finding would just say “maybe you’re just doing something wrong”. This video was what I really needed to say “you’re doing just fine. Keep going.” Meaning that even if there were mistakes I was making, at least I could change them on my journey instead of giving up. Thanks, man

  • Yikes! I think I might be over-training. This past week I have been exercising once in the morning and then again at night. Usually the morning is more intense and the pm workout is lower intensity. What I discovered is…I literally did not lose one pound in a week (which is a bit discouraging considering my intense efforts) and the other thing is…my back will begin to SERIOUSLY hurt to the point where I can barely finish the workout. I read somewhere that people with insulin and adrenal issues should only do low intensity exercise and avoid overdoing it. Looks like they might be right. The added stress on the body is making it want to hold on to fat, not release it.

  • I love your channel….you really get me motivated whenever i am loosing focus from my weight loss. I love the exercises you post both on YouTube as well as Instagram and the fact that its all body weight and no gym is required.Also these videos which give more knowledge about our body and it is helpful for the overall health of our body.Great work…love you natalie

  • Mario. i am taking in 1200 calories a day. Will power is the key. Its not easy at times but i use pictures on my wall with the body i want.It is so motivating because a pizza is temp happiness. but i want the long term happiness.I like your videos…Good job dude.

  • Fast weight loss is not as bad if you’re morbidly obese. After you get to a “non dangerous” weight u might take it slow.

    I’ve been there. Fast and slow mix up is a really good thing. Everybody is different tho I’m someone who is as stubborn and proud as a man who thinks he is on top, so I do only speak for myself.

    I think anyone trying it is on the right track.

  • I really needed this. It’s a great reminder for me. I have only lost a few pounds over the past few weeks but I’m going to keep at it to change my lifestyle. Fast weight loss has never worked for me in the past, I always gain it all back.

  • I fucking love your videos man. You always come through whenever I’m reaching a psychological plateau with weight loss. Could you please talk about if there is a correlation between loosing weight fast and having lose skin? Thanks!

  • fast weight loss ends in fast! Weight gain for me anyway… the slow weight loss for me personally helped me change my lifestyle and maintain myself because it gives you more time to think…

  • Hi Natalie! A year ago after running across your instagram page I decided to get healthy which resulted in a 35 lb. weight loss:) I have found that maintaining can be difficult and finding motivation from time to time isn’t easy. I enjoyed this video and can’t wait to go to Ari’s page for more info! Thank you!!!

  • Hey Mario, I’m Alex from india. My current weight is 69kg n height 5feet 7inch. I’m doing running+gym(1hr+2hr) in morning n evening(running @morning, gym @evenings).I’m skinny fat guy looking to lose around 11kg in 2months n get ripped n get some muscles.My currently calorie intake is around 1600-1700 n water intake around 1.5gallons per day.Is Calorie intake is good enough to achieve my goals n get lean n then workout my muscle fr lean muscular look? Thanks Fr All Awesome Video:)

  • The thing to remember is, if you are very overweight, meaning that your skin around the belly and other areas has been stretched you should go for a slow weight lose to allow your skin to follow your weight lose as much as possible to avoid lose skin!

  • The body weight percentage don’t consider one factor. For most people with a TDEE of 2000 they have to cut their calories by 40% to lose 1.6 pound of body fat which is 1% for someone weighting 160 lb. One days they do cardio maybe more overall food intake with same net deficit but, it’s just too much of a deficit i think?

  • people often get their goals confused it’s not just fast and slow they don’t know weather they want to lose weight or body fat and when they do it wrong just to reach a deadline they’re upset with the progress know what you want before you even get into a fast or slow timeline in my opinion it’s easier to catch your flaws when you take your time

  • Brix really speaks from experience, every time I watch one of these videos he touches base with something I deal with or have delt with.

  • Cmon guys.. That experiment is a failed experiment just because the people KNEW that they are being monitored. The fact that they knew that they are being monitored gave them huge amounts of motivation to keep on and not give up and stay eating healthy because they didn’t want to let the people who did the experiment down. If people would have done the same thing without alone I am guaranteed the results would have been different.

  • I’m an African American male 36 of age three months ago I ran across your Channel it gave me that spark that I needed listening to the music and seeing your intro I was obese 5-6 height 250 lb I’m now down to 210 it’s working out everyday consisting of stuff like running on a track throwing punches as If i was a boxer skipping rope cardio I mix it up ride a bike go to the gym lift light weights calaesthetics this is everyday & intermediate fasting but when I was younger I was very much in shape I played football basketball very athletic body I just let it go over the years seems like I’m starting to go back in time like I’m getting younger feel so good do not never want give this feeling up yes there are days where I don’t feel like doing anything in those cravings for sweets do come about and sometimes I have gave in the thing is now is that I’m feeling back young where I was able to do those things knowing that I was going to just go burn them off or didn’t even know just that’s what we were doing when we were young never sitting down so once you get to this point you’re basically cool so I went aggressive early and now I’m seeing the effects of what you’re saying so I will tend to slow down but I think the best way is to always go head first attack attack attack until you get to this point to where you have fluctuation to choose the method you want to go about it thanks bricks for everything keep up the good work

  • Always so humble in your videos.. God bless you… You answer all the thought I have on losing fat… I would like to hire you add my couch… I was thinking about gauge girl training but you seem to know more About people who are more overweight…

  • If you go on an extreme diet you are likely to lose a lot of strength and muscle that you may have gained in the past. Slow and steady is better.

  • You are very uninformed about the fasting.
    I have done the Master Clencer 20 times for 2 to 4 weeks. I have done also juice and water fasting. They all work and you can lose a pound a day easily. Plus it is one of the best thing one can do for his health.

  • Hi, Mario! Great vid as always! What about muscle loss on aggressive diet, when you are around 15% bf? What are your recommendations?

  • What is thought of weight gain…when you first start workout. Does that happen and why seen other talk about..but I haven’t seen this as a topic on your channel. Help

  • I just love this guy. I mean you motivate me. Now i know why i lose just 5kg in a month. I guess that’s the best way to go. I’m 2 months in and I’ve lost 10kgs. My target is 25kgs. Thank you.

  • What’s up bro, been watching you for a couple months now and wanted to lose weight and just get healthy in general. I clicked on your link to join your program and I was interested in the program for $69 but I kind of wanna know what that consist of in general. If it’s possible can you email me at [email protected] so we can figure out what plan I need to join your service. Thanks bro

  • Ive already lost all the weight I wanted to. But is it true that the faster you lose, the more chances you have of having lots of loose skin, because the skin needs time to keep that elasticity. But when you loose t fast it can’t keep up and sags

  • I just started my weight loss journey. I’m down about 40 pounds. I hope to lose another 60. I started a channel so I’m excited for this journey!

  • When ur in the caloric deficit does it matter what your macros are? Will a 40 percent protien 30 percent carb and 30 fat be ok? Its balanced out and on top of that your on a caloric deficit. Is this acceptable?

  • This ” fitness ” channel must be one of the worst out there. First and foremost this lady is just wrong. By a fast weight loss the only thing you’re gonna lose is water weight and muscle, but definetely not fat(which should be your primary goal). These so called fast diets, as mentioned above do not help you lose fat and even if in rare occasions they do you’ll re gain it in a month, so it’s not sustainable weight loss! Simply because fat requires more time to shred. Now as for the “Low Carb diets” or “No Carb” ones they can be very risky, since your body requires an adequate amount of all macronutrients, including carbs, protein and fats. Now these differ for every individual. I can promise you that if you calculate your daily maintenance calories, subtract 500 of them, hit all your macro goals and with some form of exercise, you will see amazing and long term results.

  • i also thought that if i eat less then my BMR (1700kcals) then id lose muscle. if i were to just not feel hungry and eat 1200 calories do i lose only fat or a lot of muscle

  • As specialist, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is actually good way to lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • This video has good information, but I am not sure about the best diet plan that I should work with, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried using the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard some folks talk about extraordinary things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • That’s my second comment for today, and, may be, the second in my life) The idea of understanding are your goal orientated, or process orientated is great! I’ve been trying to tell myself “don’t care so mush, just trust the system bla bla” and it didn’t work for at all! Only 100% willing to achieve the goal worked. Never thought about that way, and now you stick the point

  • This video is definitely great! It helps me recall of the time when my cousin used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 19 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most people would like to lose fat, but we also need to stay healthy and balanced, which is what Fenoboci Diet Plan given.

  • He said some real knowledge right there. I was sick in the hospital for almost two weeks and when I got out, despite eating 3 meals a day at the hospital, I had lost about 30 pounds. Got home, felt great, and started an exercise routine right away. But immediately I got cravings for sweets. I literally could not stop with the ice cream and the crunch n’ munch. I got depressed and lost sleep, then I didn’t have the energy to work out. When I had gained almost all that weight back, something in my mind said, “Okay, that’s enough.” And I stopped eating sweets just like that.

  • What constitutes a “high quality food?” If a snickers bar has x amount of sugar, calories and fat, and you compare that to a combined amount of apples and avocados to get the equivalent amount of calories and macronutrients, then the only difference becomes the amount and type of micronutrients and I’m guessing differences in the types of sugar and fat (fructose vs glucose and monounsaturated vs polyunsaturated) but if the amount of macros and calories are the same, how can one be different from the other in terms of their capacity to store fat? What’s more is how do you define “processed food?” I use a food processor to chop vegetables. Does that make them fattening and unhealthful? If I chop an apple in half, I just processed it. Does it make it any more unhealthful?

  • “listen to your body”…now THAT is great to finally hear. I fee like the fitness industry has a LONG history of encouraging us as women to DETACH from ourselves and to depend on the external whether written advice or verbal! Great to hear Natalie! Thanks for the thorough explanation Ari!

  • You are so right. I have been on Keto since July 2016, I love it so much! It is so sustainable and I feel so great. Btw I’m 71 and have been on every diet since 1977 ����this one is the only one that has worked. I have list 14 lbs but more importantly I am down 16 inches throughout, this will be my lifestyle here on out. Thanks for your videos they are great. I also have a YouTube channel, feel free to check it out!!������

  • i used to cycle doritos,cakes,sweets and all other things i can’t even remember, and since i was cycling all those food i never thought i was eating ” that much” but i surely was since i was maintaining at 350 pounds, then i took a change and dropped from that weight to 190 in 6 months, discovering along the way how to calculate macros and all that stuff. i feel like your videos have greatly helped me through my journey, you are a great inspiration and very motivational.

  • great video as usual! I do agree slow is the way to go..I lost 9lbs the first week, then didn’t lose any the second week.. tomorrow is my third week weigh in and I’m not stressing about losing tons of weight

  • Wow, Natalie!! You always surprise me! You have such an interesting guests!
    Is there a paper of the study Ari talks about? if so, where can I find it? I want to know more about that study!
    Thanks for everything!!!! ��

  • By the way, Mario, you’re awsome! You know what you talk about and help a lot of people to think in an informed way on this topic!

  • …unsuccessful ”professional expert” isn’t it?
    Ari says Calories matter but in the next minute, just saying the opposite with eating clean food and not counting calories gives the best durable results. Double discourse!
    The fist part of the exposé with this recent study ”professional expert” who gave a diet protocol than ”normal ” people wouldn’t get as good results but in the end they all regained the weight and then claiming that crash diet work as good as long term approach because calorie matters is a total contradiction with the second part of the exposé, eating quality food and sustainable lifestyle modification which is the only durable effective method. Which also mean than crash fast diet are not good because the result of eating clean and the increase of sustainable lifestyle modification is happening on the long term. Jumping to your conclusion would have been a time saver. ”In the real world settings focusing on food quality trumps the focus on calories”

  • When you’re over 20% bodyfat, just go as fast as possible. Than go fast untill 15%… and than be more carefull… imho. It’s easy above 20%… your body will be so happy to lose the excess weight… below that, people differ genetically and psychologically. You can also build muscle and burn fat when above 20%. Easily. That’s what I have observed in human beings… I don’t know if there’s a lot of science on this?

  • People focus on weight loss and not fat loss. That is the problem. The scale is the biggest enemy when transforming your body. Focus on losing inches and gaining fitness. It’s taken me a long time to learn that and now I’m on the right track. You have to change your lifestyle. The fat loss will be a positive side effect of a healthy lifestyle

  • Good video, Mario! Do you think the following cycling diet is fine for a long time?
    Day #1: 2500-2700ccal
    Day #2: 1500ccal
    Day #3,4,5: 1000ccal

  • It’s not only about your personal preference and psychology it’s aalso about effect of your natural metabolism and TDEE getting super low due to losing fat very fast. In the other interview with Eric Holmes he suggested taking a diet break after 16-18 weeks of cut / dietingwhile this video tends to give a sense it’s all personal preference Iam super confused.
    Psto be clear I have been on a 25% cut since Feb 2019 and lost 8 kilos ( almost 10% of my total body weight) since then. Should I go on a eating at maintainence for 2 weeks or go straight into another aggressive cut?
    Psychologically I’m the first type I love aggressive goals and I can give it all my discipline for extended periods of time but I want fat loss to be sustainable and not cause any ill effects of dropping my maintainence any more than normal loss of body weight will cause.
    Thanks for your inputs in advance

  • I’m currently at 160 lbs(72kg) and I have been trying to work on my skinny fat physique so I’ve been cutting to get rid of my belly fat. I’m at currently at 14% BF, but it’s hard to gain muscle, should I continue to cut or should I eat on a caloric surplus to gain size and muscle? Thank you your advice is great.

  • On the first stage of losing weight is very important to see the results. It will motivate you! And then you can decide how fast you should lose weight.

  • Does microwaving the food affect it? Also what do you think about this program?
    Day 1: Chest/abs
    Day 2: Back
    Day 3: Off
    Day 4: Shoulders/abs
    Day 5: Legs
    Day 6: Arms/abs
    Day 7: Off

  • I’m going for an aggressive fat loss, even though i don’t have much muscle and I am around 19% bodyfat. I wanna get to 10% and then start a lean bulking phase. Do you think it’s a good idea?
    btw. Great Video I’m a new subscriber to ur channel.

  • In my experience (I did both). You lose the same strenght on a slow fat loss and fast fat loss diet. It just takes you more time to lose you strength on a slow one. If I lose 20 pounds a month, I lose the same strenght that if I lose 20 pounds in 2 month. Its just that it takes less time to lose this strenght. I rather lose 40 pounds on my bench in a month and quikly finish the cut then loose it in 3 month for the same result. Yeah you look more flat but this flatness is gonna go when you start eating more. Eather way, you loose the same amount of muscle from my experience. Because no matter what is your deficit, if you loose weight, YOU ARE going to lose muscle. No matter what. And Im not scared to be hungry hahaha. I love it, the food taste so much better lol…

  • You should do more videos of home workouts no weights and some with most common tool ie bench press dumbbells kettle bell….that would be awsome….great videos and inspiration

  • Mario my friend is 5’11 245lbs. Do you suggest an aggressive diet or slower. He is hesitant because of fear of sagging skin. Body fat is around 35%. Wont a slower diet targeting 2-4lbs a month minimize sagging skin. I believe somebody that is really overweight is already in a growing anabolic state and hence has the ability to turn fat into muscle along the process. Your thoughts are much appreciated Mario!

  • I think AFL works well in short term cycles. What works for me is a three week period BWX13 Mon-Fri when I’m active and BWX11-12 on weekends when I’m more sedentary. Then a one week re-feed of slight surplus. Repeat the 3:1 a few more times and back to maintenance/lean bulk for months.

  • In my experience it is just as difficult to lose fat slowly as it is to lose fat quickly. Both require unusual amounts of dedication and self control. Might as well lose fat quickly. It’s far more exciting.

  • Hey Mario!
    All of the videos are getting me to actually move towards my goals. Do you recommend building while dieting? I know there is always the conservancy of build periods and lean/diet periods to my understanding. Where do you draw a line and do you recommend supplementing while in a dieting period? I’ve personally been plagued with moobs since puberty and I’m ready to get them off me. I’m going to take the aggressive route since I do have the time and will to.

  • I lost 4kg in 6 months which is little compared to a lot of people but at least I don’t feel like a nearly dead man in the process.

  • Does this only apply to men or could women go for the “aggressive fat loss approach” too? I’ve heard that we’re more ‘sensitive’ when it comes to hormones and loose our periods and things like that because of the stress that low calorie diets put on the body. But I guess being in a slight deficit for months and months is kind of ‘stressful’ as well

  • Here is what i think. If i choose to lose fat fast (2 pounds a week but no more than that) i would be kinda more motivated since i will see results faster. But, you will have the side effects of a calorie deficit coming at you more fast and aggressive: tiredness, constant hunger, trouble sleeping and more.

  • This is extremely interesting, I have been cutting on the standard 500 calories below maintenance because I have read that a deficit of greater than 1000 calories results in a lot of muscle loss. Do you have any studies that show aggressive cutting does NOT enhance the rate of muscle loss when compared to a smaller defecit?

  • I’m on the 35% plus side of body fat percentage. I’m taking the more aggressive fat loss method.

    I.F. for 8 hour windows per day and on some days I go for 2 workouts per day:
    Cardio in the early morning hours and then strength training in the afternoons.

  • 🙂 nice vid. So I searched for Tashiana Sethlin’s One Month Diet. The diet is surprisingly simple, it has both conventional wisdom, and a few gems you don’t see in other programs.

  • 5 months ago I used to weight 277pound 5 months laters I am 199 never felt this good doing intermittent fasting 16:8  5day a week at the gym 1500-1700 cal a day  so far no loose skin!

  • i have done “IF” for a month now…. 40 h fasting and 8 h eating window i have lost 11 kg ^^:D i’ m taking a week off to reset ^^

  • Just watched a few of your videos and I subscribed to your channel. I do have a question that may seem stupid to ask but… I’m trying to get into IF… being a female… the info you provide, does it apply to women as well as men. I know our bodies and hormones are different… I was just wondering if I can apply this info to my lifestyle!

  • BRIS YOU ARE SO AMAZING BRO!!!i discovered your channel like 2 months ago and I just love it man…it’s keeping me motivated everyday…thanks a lot,and BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ✌��✌��✌��

  • Heavy women run in my family, and I’ve lost weight before, weighing my heaviest at 256. Then lost weight and was down to 140lbs. Now within the past 2yrs I can’t get out of this 190 weight. It seems like it’s getting harder to loose this unwanted weight this time around. I do work out at the gym 3 days of week after work. What do I do?

  • You made my day. I thought that, as I have arround 18% bf with 72.5 kg I couldn’t do an agressive diet. I was worried about loosing most of the muscle of this almost 4 months that I’ve been working out. Going to go a bit more agressive till I get to 10-12% bf, I need to start a lean bulk on xmas… it’s impossible to be on a deficit with so much eating out and with the family

  • What’s your opinion on minicuts? An 18 year old guy around 16-17% bodyfat would a mini cut for 4-6 weeks in a 400-500kcal deficit be a good idea?

  • Mario -love this!
    however my brain plays tricks and convinces me I
    should eat more incase my metabolism slows but this is old science right -to clarify as long as i get the NUTRITION in quality food but reduce the amount -dat cool??

  • Starting my aggressive 6 week cut before i go camping. Im around 19-20%bf. Ive tried both the long cut and aggressive cut and in my experience as long as your protein macros are the same, your strength loss is relatively the same. I have all my lifts body weight and timeframe written down in a journal and my fast cut only makes me slightly weaker no more than 10lbs on every lift. All my cuts are around 20lbs as well

  • Great video as always. All the information is greatly appreciated my brotha. I don’t u truly realize how amazing and inspiring u are.

  • I’ve been on a slow weight loss journey. Sometimes it feels like I’m on a plateau all the time lol. But I can say I’ve maintained my weight I’ve lost the entire time even if I fall off for a couple weeks. I lose maybe 5 pounds a month. At times I want to just quit, but I don’t and I just keeps coming down. Don’t quit. Every single thing you do differently matters. It’s hard. I would though like to become more passionate and and fall in love with fitness like all the Instagram people ����. Cause it’s been two years and I still hate it. But it’s become my lifestyle definitely.

  • Defo prefer this style of intro man. Great topic too, i see too many people go for the 30lbs in 45 days and look like complete shit, and put all the weight back on within 2 years because they haven’t taken the time to properly establish these habits.

  • Right on Mario, my weight fell off fast & tapered back the weekly amount with great diet & lots of varied exercise. started at 50.8% body fat & after 25 weeks am now down to 16.3% enjoying the new life changes & healthy diet. Great post…cheers!

  • Really awesome video thanks m8.
    I’ve been in the gym for 9 years but I’m very overweight so I’m going to follow your advice and eat more on my heavy training days and less on easier days. My goal is to maintain as much mass as possinle. Just curious what’s a good lifting program to use while cutting to help maintain strength/muscle?

  • Mario Bro I wanna ask you. it is like 1 week I will lose 1 to 1.5 kg and anotger week maybe just 300 to 500 grams less than a lb and some weeks 2 lbs + so? the calories not much different maybe a 100 to 200 calories + or from week to week.

  • I’m 5′ 10 and 215 lbs. my lower belly has most obvious concentration of fat. What’s the best approach for me. I just need to be at 1215 % body fat. I’m a goal oriented person. once I got my sights in a goal, I take the steps to do it. so what’s your recommendation mario?

  • Hey Mario can you do a video on how to get to maintenance calories after a long cut. Over the past 2 years I’ve been cutting. I started at 3000 calories and now I’m at 2000. I have decreased calories 250 to 500 every couple months when fat lose slowed down. I started at 240lbs now I’m 200lbs (I’m 5′ 11″ and workout 6 days a week) My goal is to maintain at 195. Once I get to 195 can I go straight for maintenance at 2800 or take a slow approach? Thanks for all the videos! I’ve learned a lot from you keep up the good work.

  • could you make a video on that impossible road from 10% to sub 10% (like 8%). I got strict and disciplined and went from 18 to 10% now. but I have stalled for a month and I’ve tried cardio (didn’t used to cardio) which is fatiguing me badly for the following workouts. I am already at a pretty low 10 Cals per bodyweight (1500 Cals) but still nothing. can you share about that last 2% cos it feels like a huge valley to cross.

  • i did exactly what he said with the aggressive diet, when i was 23% bf i dieted hard while making sure i had at least 150g of protein per day, during that time all my lifts went up and i dropped from 215 down to 180

  • Thank you! I really needed this. I just started my fitness journey and was upset I only lost 3 lbs the first month, but I’m going to keep going!

  • Do you think intermittent fasting works fine for a lean bulk? I usually fast 16-18 hours followed by a 6-8 hour eating window. Is protein synthesis hindering me?

  • my man Mario coming through once again! I’m very grateful for this channel. Say quick question Mario: Let’s say I’m going by the 15x bw formula for maintenance calories, and I wanna go aggressively in a deficit. Should I multiply 15x my current body weight or my goal body weight?

  • When is it a good idea to go for fast fat loss, and when should you do a slow, steady, diet? This is a question I get a lot so I decided to share a few thoughts in this video that can help you make a better decision. Enjoy the video! And as usual, post your questions in the comments below. Talk soon! -Mario

  • Thank you for sharing, Ive been on a low carb diet for over a year now but still have a little more to go to get to my “goal weight “and weight loss has definently slowed down a lot for me, but I do see changes in my body every week and know that I will continue to lose weight just not as fast as we would all like to do. I’m also appreciating my body and how it is almost magically transforming and I do see how it really does need that time to catch up and do wha it needs to do without me stressing it out. So again, Thank you for sharing this video and for the encouragement!!!

  • I agree I have lost 8kg since being on Keto which I started in November which I think is a good amount of weight it has definitely slowed down but I too am happy with that… every time I dieted I couldn’t get past a certain weight but since being on keto I am 3kg below my plateau weight! Your videos are very motivating and helpful I also love your your recipes!

  • Another wonderful video, dear and spot-on as usual.  I’ve been feeling unhappy about the actual numbers not moving, despite being very good on this diet.  I fix every meal and carefully control the carb intake for my family.  My husband works outside the home and is faced with temptation, but he has been faithfully staying on-board but he did say it’s easy to commit to this way of eating due to his feeling so much better, sleeping better and well, life in the bedroom has definitely improved with both of those great side-effects but my ego has improved.  I’ve been rewarding every pound with more kindness toward myself like giving myself a pretty pedicure (I can reach my toes much more easily!!!), dying my hair and giving myself permission (as our budget allows) for more fresh seafood and expensive meats (imported lamb from New Zealand…lol!..we’re in the Upper Pacific NW in Washington State).  Isn’t it funny how when we’re hating ourselves, avoiding looking directly into mirrors and would commit assault if someone we knew took a photo of us for social media purposes, that we hate the thought of doing these things for ourselves?  I’ve been filled with self-loathing for my sedentary lifestyle for the past 15 years (first 11 of them working as a legal secretary stuck in an office, and the rest as a sometimes-reluctant homeschool Mom) and I’ve let my hair color go, my toenails go until there’s holes in the toes of my socks and heck, it tickles unbearably when I put on my pajama bottoms as no other type of jeans/pants would fit!  Now…I feel beautiful again.  It’s all thanks to this diet.

    I’ve really allowed my culinary curiosity take me to new heights with only a couple of failures (my husband and kids did not like any type of pureed roasted cauliflower, roasted spaghetti squash nor roasted cabbage) but they’ve definitely appreciated 98% of what I’ve made…especially the Keto Fat Bombs made with almond butter, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, butter and Truvia…and a few made with Adams all-natural peanut butter.

    I’ve taken to adding a Fat Bomb to our morning Keto Coffee for my boys and I.  They LOVE it and drink every drop.  Plus, we usually only eat once or twice per day as the fat is so satiating.  Life is good!

  • Awesome! I lost my weight w a very quick program and have been maintaining my 105lbs loss for over a yr. Thank you so much for this video. Plus now that I’m thin it’s not about the lbs as much as the healthy. And the maintaining is 100 x more important than how I got here.

  • Perfect timing. It’s been 3 weeks (1/5/2017 I started Keto) and I’m still stuck at 5 lbs down. I have lost inches, especially around the middle, and feel more energetic and easier to breathe, but I’m ready to be 50 lbs down, LOL. Today was hard, so thank you for the pep talk! You look great!

  • Most of the time when you binge eat it’s sugar addiction. Fast food places uses it to make us hungry etc. why would losing slow mean you will keep it off? Losing is losing at least to me. It I’m not a trainer

  • Here’s the thing, its about short term goal vs long term goal. rushing weight loss is always a short term goal because you’re not giving yourself enough time to get used to a lifestyle which is the long term goal.

  • I have a year to two years to lose my weight. 2lbs a week will get me where I need to be in a year and 1lb a week will get me there in two. Any slower than that is utterly intolerable to me. I’d love to lose faster though but so far I’ve been losing 5kg a month pretty much dead on.

  • Thank you, I wish I had taken pictures; I started intermittent fasting after cutting out all the sugar in my life and the weight just started to fall off. I went from 330 to 294 and then intermittent fasting 294 to 246 I have along way to go but I’m ready and making it happen… Thanks, I appreciate your strength and Commitment to helping and sharing that it’s possible to restart your life..

  • Having lose skin scares me a lot. Sometimes i feel like giving up because im tired of being in a caloric deficit…plus im small (150cm) so is not like a i can eat that much for starters. Is been over a year and I have lost 20kg so far. But I can see there is still a long way to go ��. So right now i weight 62kg, that means ideally i should strive for 620grams per week? (That would be 1%). Am I right?