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Despite the evidence above, we can’t unequivocally say that fasted cardio is best for burning fat. Many studies on fasted or fed cardio focus solely on how many calories are burned during exercise. This is problematic because the real benefits of exercise, particularly high-intensity cardio and lifting, come after training. Both Kelly and Grinceri recommended balancing your cardio and resistance training throughout the week, because even though cardio isn’t. While fasted cardio likely won’t help you burn more fat, it doesn’t mean you have to eat before the gym either.

This one boils down to personal preference and your fitness goals. If you enjoy working out on an empty stomach and don’t feel like your workouts suffer, keep at it. According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2013, your body will burn fat faster during fasted cardio. In this study, 12 healthy males completed four exercise trials and gave blood panels which indicated that fasted cardio. The basic theory with fasted cardio being superior for fat loss is the fact that research has shown that: When exercising in a fasted state your body preferentially burns more fat for energy since your insulin and glycogen levels are low during this period.

Fasted cardio might help you burn more fat throughout the day, trainer Danielle Natoni tells Health. The idea is that when you work out when you haven’t eaten recently, you are burning fat—aka. It appears that exercising aerobically at a higher percentage of MHR (75% or more) burns more in the way of total calories, which adds up to greater fat total losses. (Max Heart Rate is easily calculated by subtracting your age from 220.).

The Best Cardio Exercises For Fat Loss: The Bottom Line. Again, the basic underlying purpose of cardio is to generate enough overall intensity to burn a significant number of calories, and there are an endless number of different activities that will allow you to do that beyond traditional treadmill running and stationary biking. Fasted cardio helps you ease into a more active lifestyle and still burn fats without torturing you. Generally, fasted cardio should not be high intensity. In fact, the best type of fasted cardio is a 20 to 45-minute walk at a pace that’s brisk, but you should still be able to hold a conversation.

You don’t want to be gasping for breath. Cardio Isn’t the Best Way to Burn Belly Fat Here’s What Trainers Want You to Do Instead If your goal is to lose fat, especially around your belly, it’s.

List of related literature:

Workout 2: Morning Fasted Fat Burning Before breakfast, perform 20 to 30 minutes of light cardio: brisk walking, cycling, the elliptical, swimming, hiking, or anything else you can perform while maintaining an easy, conversational, aerobic pace.

“Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging” by Ben Greenfield
from Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging
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However, a study directly comparing fastedand fedstate cardio observed no difference in weight loss, fat loss, or body composition (28).

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
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diets, and training in the fasted state may all have benefits in training your muscles to burn fat, but your muscles do need time to adapt.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting” by Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jason Fung
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Fasted training is another simple Train Low strategy you can add to your routine.

“Peak: The New Science of Athletic Performance That is Revolutionizing Sports” by Marc Bubbs
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In short, high-intensity (anaerobic) exercises, such as 20 seconds of weight training or a 40-yard sprint, your body’s primary source of energy is carbohydrates, not fat.

“Wrestling For Dummies” by Henry Cejudo, Philip J. Willenbrock, Ed.D.
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Aerobic exercise is the best way to burn fat immediately, but it requires that you put some significant work in and occasionally go to your max capacity.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
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The work intensity of HIIT forces your body to burn through glycogen, its easy-access fuel, and start burning fat much sooner than with long, slow aerobics.

“Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality” by Myatt Murphy, Jeff Csatari
from Testosterone Transformation: Lose Belly Fat, Build Muscle, and Boost Sexual Vitality
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While it’s true we want to limit our fat intake so it’s not excessive (20 percent to 30 percent of your caloric intake), nothing can compare with aerobic exercise for training your metabolism to burn fat.

“Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial” by Tony Robbins
from Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial
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This vigorous fifteen minutes of interval training may burn less fat during the actual training than the slow thirty-minute run, but its metabolism-elevating effect will have you burning more calories for the rest of the day.

“Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance” by Eric Horst
from Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Performance
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Although the exact mechanisms behind HIIT’s fat-burning advantages aren’t fully understood yet, scientists have isolated several factors, including the following:4

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
from Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body
by Michael Matthews
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  • Hi, all respect to u. However, I dont think u were lucky to clearly explain ur point in this video. I totally disagree with point number two in ur video. Fasting will never ever catabolize ur muscle protein except if u do prolonged water fasting more than 5 continious days. The reasons are. Fasting increases growth hormone and testosterone after 48 hours, starts autophagy after 72 hours. Which means that u will trigger more muscle growth when working out in a fasted state. I guess u meant if u r not in a fasted state its better to have ur shake before rather than after ur workout. Again u ll never lose muscle if u work out in a fasted state, nor u will feel exhausted except if u r very new to fasting.
    I d appreciate a reply.

  • Hey whats up Mike O’ Hearn just wanna say i been watching for content years and i really love your stuff. Keep up the great work. I definitely do like staying lean and have a slim physique but also having some muscle. Its definetly a battle i been fighting in my head about cardio and if i should do some HIIT to help slim certain areas where i dont like how my body is. I’ll definitely be sure to lay off the cardio or atleast just do a super small amount and focus primarily on lifting. Its really awesome to see this type of stuff. Just got a puppy so it will be tough since im potty training and crate training her this week haha but i def need to get back on the grind! Much love brotha! <3

  • Actually, according to many scientific studies fasted cardio increases your cortisol level which doesn’t burn fat. A fast walk would be a much better option if fat burn is your goal.

  • Video title is inaccurate. You made a case for fasting and showed no benefit for fasted cardio at all.

    Everyone acts like skipping breakfast is the only option but fasting in the evening makes a lot of sense for a lot of people. Eating breakfast first thing in the morning regulates mood and circadian rhythm, gives you energy for the day, and fuels workouts. There’s no reason to eat later in the day (for energy) and studies show melatonin production inhibits your metabolism at night.

  • It’s more convenient for me to cycle first thing in the morning before breakfast (in lockdown) and I convince myself it’s more effective although really I’m just suffering because it will appease the cardio Gods.

  • So what happens if you are doing Triathlons……You need to maintain your strength plus do a lot of cardio…..through biking and running and swimming of course…

  • I am in a more specific situation, I fast from 8pm until noon the next day typically. My workouts are at 7am. Lately I have been hitting weights pretty heavy for about 30-40 minutes and then doing cardio, either swimming a mile or riding a bike for 45 minutes. My main goals are to lose weight. Am I wasting my time?

  • great vid! SO were still unsure based on science or should i say… based on how we analyze the science.
    how about we keep doing fasted cardio because it works!:)
    its absolutely true in practice you just cant prove it yet. so good science tells you, we cant say it works, BUT IT WORKS!!!

  • never really understood why people go to the gym to walk/run/cycle on machines instead of just doing it outside. especially since you dont activate your muscles the right way on a treadmill.

  • Nutrition keeps you healthy. If your body is still clogged…cardio will just flood the body pathways with sludge…building up over time. 6-8 weeks no sugar or starch to reset the body. check my vids.

  • How true a soccer player a hockey player a football player a runner a cyclist would give you better advice than a bodybuilder thanks mike

  • I’m on a roll on your videos omg I love your content ITS JUST WAT IVE BEEN NEEDING. I feel like you’re answering ALL my questions on every video. Happy New Year and I’m excited for more!! ❤️❤️❤️ from a Korean living in ������

  • I’d be interested to see how different diets like keto would change the results of these studies. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a difference between people on consistently low-carb, “fat adapted” diets vs people who are always eating high-carb.

  • Glad I saw this. I’m doing 6 days a week 30 minutes cardio. I also eat keto and IF for 17-18hrs a day. I guess I should cut back on the cardio? I’m pretty lean at 151lbs

  • I love running in the early morning. I always had trouble eating in the morning so i do a fasted run and its been working out great for me. So whatever works for you. You do you:)

  • I train Fasted! It’s better for fat loss. Your body uses its own fat as an energy source instead of Glycogen or Glucose. Plus it helps put you in a bigger calorie deficit, thus allowing you to eat a little bit more. Train Fasted is great for fat loss and overall weight loss. I don’t think it’s as effective for adding size.

  • hey jeremy, i hope you can help me out with this problem, ive been trainning on the morning now because of work, i used to go to the gym at 6:00pm but now i work out at 7:00am. ive been having some issues with fat loss and i want to pin point what might be going on, im skipping breakfast to go do my rutine for 1:30 hours, i walk 20 minutes to the gym, do my weightlifting routine, and finishing off with 15 minutes of jump rope, after that i take my breakfast with a protein shake. is this morning rutine not helping me lose weight? ive been going up some kilograms the past few weeks

  • But this ” fasted” your talking about it’s like intermitent fasting for exmaple having not eaten in like 16h to 20h prior to the excersize or just the regular time you dont eat during your sleep time? cuz suposedly intermintent fasting on it’s own start using body fat as fuel after the 12to 14h and maybe the excersize before eating anything intesifies that fat burn?

  • Mike I love your positivity, so inspiring. So good to see what a man with good character can achieve. I know all the haters can’t scratch you, just helping you go to the next level. God bless

  • This info is bs, I work out every morning fasted and I’ve lost almost 20 kgs and gained quite a lot of muscle in only 2 months, it may not be good doing muscle training fasted but cardio works great

  • I’m living proof. I use to be a coke head and a alcoholic everyday for 2 years didn’t workout anymore, ex fighter. I dranked abiut 20 beers a day, ate tacos and dirt food. So my birthday was Sunday last Sunday I got on this fasted cardio I stopped drinking beer and ate clean. Dude I f noticed a big difference in my belly and waist by Saturday. So yeah, some people are just mad Bc it doesn’t work for them but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you guys. It f worked for me and I’m going and staying with it. Then later at the day, I eat protein and normal clean Bc I build muscle. Cheers

  • I do fasted cardio. I eat dinner then go to sleep, wake up at 4:50, drive to a different town for high school swimming and then swim for 2 hours and go back home to eat lmao or get starbucks

  • Training must be looked at beyond fat loss. Fasted training is excellent for mitochondrial health and longevity! I was hoping to see that mention!

  • It’s a shortcut. Light cardio for 30 min or so is a warm up. Anything beyond gets into fat burning. So you might as well eat something, maybe 250 cal or so.

  • Hello Jeff! I turned to this video hoping to find an answer to the exact question you proposed; and that I did!

    However, I was wondering if this same answer applies to fasted cardio during a time like Ramadan; where instead of training early in the morning while fasted, one trains while fasted 8-9 hours after waking up and right before the meal. Does it make any difference how long into the fast you train?

    Thank you and keep up the awesome work!!

  • A new study shows that weight lifting fasted burns the lipid stores in the muscles forcing your body to replenish the lipids with fat from the rest of your body. Just updated food for thought.

  • I lose more weight with fasted cardio… Why? Because limiting myself to a feeding window that I am busy during most of it keeps me from grazing all day. The only time I really have open to run is at about 6am. Therefore if I tried to eat earlier it would open me up to more thoughtless eating and if I tried fitting running into a busier part of the day I would get it done less.

    When I started I believed all of the magical effects of intermittant fasting and fasting cardio but I like the way Alan Roberts puts it, there’s nothing magical about skipping breakfast.

  • Someone add to this / help:

    I fast from 3pm to 7am.

    My workout falls between 10pm-12pm (avg. start to finish)

    Technically, am I in a glycogen depleted state when my macros/micros are all accounted for? Is the last bit of my protein (roughly 30gs) benenficial to have before my weight training? Does it make a big difference? (My whey protein atm is not isolatecarbs/fats/some sugars are included but i could easily obtain stricter whey-isolate protein) I do my best to stop eating BEFORE 3pm to enlongate the fasted state. HIIT cardio roughly 3x a week depending on my energy levels.

    Is 6-7hours too long or not long enough of a “fasted state” to be in before working out?

    Should I switch the hours around to have my meals centered around the time of my training!

  • Plss do not do this shit guys, this is only short termed success, u can’t do this for a lifetime, choose a deit u can do for a lifetime othervise u will gain all the fat the moment u quit this deit

  • im doing it now, walking and jogging first thing in the morning without taking any food…just drinking 2 glasses of water then im out to do cardio..

  • Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept appearing here on a lot of videos and I thought they were scams. However after my friend follow it,and finally lost lots of weight with it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on google.

  • Mike O’Hearn needs to do VADA testing every 2 weeks, or at least monthly for an entire year just to prove he’s not on gear. If he tests clean for a whole year but loses a lot of size then we’ll know he was on steroids. And yes, I know it’s not cheap, but if he really wants to prove it then do it. What’s worth more, money or a years worth of actual proof that you’re “natural”?

  • I like to do the pre-workout cardio. It reduces the chances for the injuries. Furthermore, it gets me into more pumped state and I train a lot harder. Before I have a proper sweat on, I tend to cut corners. Any time I have tried to skip the proper warm up I haven’t made significant gains.

  • In addition, intermittent fasting (shorter eating window periods) increases fat loss and other has other beneficial health effects:

  • Not to go against science but i always find i burn fat easier and faster when doing my cardio faster compared to being fed.
    Worth going off personal experience also i think.

  • please make a DETAILED video on different body types based on their metabolism, workout & nutrition
    and also if the endomorphs need to do fasted cardio or not

  • i love working out fasted.
    my appetite is suppressed for a few hours, i feel more energetic (as opposed to beloated and full), and somehow I feel more motivated (since while im fasted, im somewhat leaner than fed..i look slightly better and become more motivated).

    of course these are all incremental, perhaps the appetite suppression is the biggest most noticeable effect.

  • Loved this!! I have a BS in exercise science & strength & conditioning & this hit the nail on the head. Refreshing to see someone using peer reviewed studies to prove their point & not just hear say ����

  • When everyone talks about doing “cardio”, what does that technically mean? If I walk for hr and a half at a moderate pace, is that considered cardio? Or is cardio considered running or brisk walking? I’ve been hearing about not doing too much cardio so I just walk a lot instead and thought that was a way of getting around this issue but maybe I’m wrong?

  • For older guys how much HIIT/sprints per week is sustainable for maintenance in conjunction with clean eating and occasional strength training?

  • Do you think there are added benefits for someone looking to just lose some of the stubborn fat if I workout regularly, and then just add in a few days a week of fasted cardio in the morning. I’ll still be hitting the weights later on in the day as well

  • he has a xmas tree in October

    with that said, Mike O’Hearn is an average Joe? eh not really.

    he is 100% spot on with the diet… if your diet sucks, no amount of training will help you

  • In the long run, it doesnt really matter does it? law of thermodynamics. If your body runs off fat stores when you do cardio, your body will run on blood glucose later in the day when you eat. What matters is what goes on in the whole system

  • Ssa G ���� Some people are lean but they also have belly fat i am one from them.. Do you have any quick information related to that? I followed you and always watch your videos. I know 70% nutrition diet and exercise is essential for loss belly fat.
    You have many fat loss programs but if anybody is lean then how he will loss his belly fat because they already lean

  • Muscle loss with fasted vs fuelled cardio is negligible. I run 10K every morning fasted and weight train fuelled/feed in the afternoon. Although I have no data to compare, I’m making gains. Fasted cardio is great for fat-loss. Tip, take carb-free electrolytes before you do cardio in a fasted state. Actually, take them all day.

  • i do fasted cardio because i go to the gym before work and i dont have that much time to get food ready and wait for it to go down a bit since i wake up at 4 everyday. Even if it doesnt make much of a difference, it’s convenient for me! I dont want to start eating at 4am and if i do eat before cardio, i feel sluggish and burp a lot lol.

  • Loved this video, good information, from Mike o’hearn, myself 76yrs training 4days a week,cardio once a week. (Saturday last one.) Just trying to keep in some level of fitness. But really good info.!!!!

  • Fasted cardio burns off the glucose in the blood stream prior to switching to fat burning mode.

    If you eat prior to cardio, (and depending on time a day and time since last meal) it could possibly take half of your cardio time to burn off all of the glucose.

    FYIbest type of cardio for a fasted state is steady state cardio.

    Best non fasted cardio is HIIT

    Logic = results

  • I eat one meal a day between 2500-3000 calories. I eat from 6pm to 8pm everyday. I get to the gym at 6am and run a 5k in 25 minutes or less followed by 10-15 minutes of weight training. On my lunch break around 11:30 I go back and run another 2 miles followed by 10 minutes of weights and 5 minutes of HIIT jumping rope for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers with 10 seconds of rest 5 times. I find I’m getting better results from doing my cardio first followed by weight training.

  • I’ll just share my personal experience. I always did cardio in a fed state because I could only find time to go to gym in the evening and I had great results. I lost 20 kg in about 3 months. So I believe it comes down to the caloric deficit anyway you do it.

  • I tried IF and it works in terms of caloric deficit but my energy in the mornings were low and I wasn’t as productive at work:( any recommendations here?

  • Well that has blown my mind! Was told that when marathon training to not eat in training until after half marathon distance, so my body would get conditioned to using some fat as fuel. But who knows if that is true ��

  • Currently I’ve been doing fasted cardio for 1 week straighg. 5k per day and weights at night. Am I doing it wrong or should I keep going. I’m on 16-8, with ketosis. I feel great I think anyway. Weighing in at 98kg

  • لطفا” اگر کسی میتونه ویدیو های اقای جرمی را به فارسی ترجمه یا زیر نویس فارسی نمایید ما در ایران استفاده میکنیم و اطلاعات خوبی داره متشکریم همینطور از آقای جرمی THANKS Jeremy

  • Does the “weights before cardio” rule still apply if you don’t do one after the other? For example, is it fine to do fasted HIIT cardio first thing in the morning then do weight training later in the afternoon/evening?

  • Ek baat btao koi…
    Ye carantine.. bcaa plus glutamine teeno ek sath lene hote h kya???
    If yes..
    Alg alg brand ke teeno ek sath le skte h kya???

  • Sir, you create a next level knowledge for us. Thanks a lot for this. In small cities noone share this kind of knowledge.. hats off you sir… ����������

  • Should you do gym workouts and 30 jogging in the same day? For instance, is it okay for me to workout at 7am. Eat at 8:30am-1pm and then run a 5k around 8pm in 30 minutes?
    And if it’s okay to run in the evening, is 30 min too much? Or just do a light jog?

    Or should I jog for 30 minutes in the morning and lift around 5pm? If my goal is far loss

  • I’m on my third day with no breakfast and no dinner. I go to the gym in the morning, cardio for 20-30 minutes then weights for about an hour to an hour and half with lots of water. Shower then lunch. I’m at 182 lbs and will weigh in on my 8th day to see if it worked. And I’m 55 years old and been lifting fo more than ten years. After my workout I still have energy. And I workout 5-6 days a week.

  • I love these science explained videos by you! They help me understand things alot more and clarify some things as well. Keep going Natacha!! ����

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to
    modern day fad diets. Extreme diets undoubtedly are a risk for your
    health, especially ones that seriously limit your daily nutritionary
    intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then
    the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to search Fenoboci Diet
    Plan on the google search engine as it isn’t just another fad diet where
    you starve yourself.

  • Khane se phle exercise krke fat burn hoga kyuki blood me glucose nahi hoga to fat se glucose bnega but exercise K baad khana khane se jo glucose banega vo again fat bnega kyuki burn nhi hoga without hard work

  • This is for people that want to keep muscle mass as a boxer I do the cardio and i dont mind burning muscle as long as I drop weight

  • Your running route just looks amazing ������ and the video was super interesting as well. I love working out in the morning before breakfast but it’s not always possible

  • This isn’t for everybody. Some people (like myself) could literally die if they tried this. I tried it once, fainted, and woke up in the emergency room.

  • The big downside is whe u jog unfed, your body uses your own muscles as source of fuel, this leads to really bad muscle loss, because unfed jog had more fatigue, the loss muscles leads to less fat burned because muscle itelf is the one burning the fat.

  • Hi i would like to gain muscle and fat burn at a time. I planed to do cardio,weight training, and abs workout on a same day. I follow the routine week base workout plan. I have the doubt, which one is do first second and third (cardio,weight,abs). Plz suggest me the effective way brother…..

  • I usually agree with Mike but I feel like you should always do cardio. Even when i’m not serious with cardio I always jump rope for 10 minutes about 4 days a week. And jump rope will help with muscle not kill muscle

  • if you like to exercise later in the day how much should i leave it between say lunch and dinner to exercise so i can make sure i am burning fat instead?? i really hate working out in the mornings lol

  • Love this! I have been doing fasted cardio in the mornings (which I hate, I’m more of a PM training type. I’m more motivated, less rushed, I can enjoy my training more) to try to lose extra fat didn’t seem to make a difference for me either. But good to see and hear the science and evidence behind it. Thank you Natacha!

  • Just to clear up some confusion.
    1. Yes training after taking a protein shake would take you out of a fasted state, however if you just had whey protein isolate you would still be in a glycogen depleted state. If you work out first thing in the morning then what you eat the night before will also play a role in determining if you’re in this glycogen depleted state. But if you workout later in the day and you fast all day you’ll still be in a glycogen depleted state even after taking an isolate protein shake.
    2. To say that this advice is contradictory is the same as saying that a calorie surplus for bulking and a calorie deficit for cutting is contradictory. Building muscle and burning fat are two different goals and unless you’re brand new to working out you won’t be able to effectively do both at the same time. This video is designed to help those of you that are more concerned with building and maintaining muscle. If you’re more concerned with fat loss then don’t have a protein shake before your workout. If you’re more concerned with gaining muscle then have a protein shake before your workout. This is not contradictory advice these are just two different goals. In either case like I said having a protein isolate before or after your workout wont make a HUGE difference, the studies just point to “fed” training sessions being more beneficial for gaining and maintaining muscle.

  • Whenever I saw you running and your clothes kept going from pink to blue, I was think twins running and messing with people. Making them think they’re going crazy.

  • Great information as always. I have lost 10kg in 11 weeks but only 3% body fat. What am I doing wrong? I’m really confused and disheartened.

  • None of the studies were done on people who are on a low carb diet who have been fat adapted yet though. I can only imagine that long term keto person who exercises fasted will burn more fat during exercise and through out the rest of the day.

  • Well, if we do fasted cardio then the rest of the day we eat a low carbohydrate diet or we implement ketogenic diet, our body will burn fat instead of carbs right? Cause we are at low carbohydrate level for the rest of the day.

  • 5:15 BUT since not having anything pre workout would benefit growth hormone and insulin sensitivity it would be better in the long run to train completely fasted

  • I go to work at 7 in the morning but I don’t eat anything until after I do my fasted cardio intense 25 minutes around 11:30am after I’m done I eat a healthy meal with high protein and carbohydrates around 12 and letter on that day i eat a other small meal when i get home around 4pm is that good to lose weight and healthy?

  • Whenever I work out fasted, I tend to feel way more tired quicker, and feel like im going to throw up. Not for everyone. Is there anyway of getting around this?

  • Sir, the way you explain, is really very efficient and helpful for beginner like us, but sometimes technical terminologies make is difficult to understand, as you have mentioned BCA, glucotine or creatin etc.. which food include those? Humble thanks to you and your team. Love ❤️ you brother

  • Fasting only works because people end up not being able to eat the same amount they normally do in a smaller window lol. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out, and fasting by itself it useless. Just do whatever works the best for you, because that is what will keep you the most consistent and in the end, that’s what actually works.

  • I sometimes do fasted cardio since I feel more light but less energy. So it really depends on the type ans how long the cardio workout I will be doing.

  • ooohhh, fuck you with this bullshit information. muscle catabolism bullshit, seems like your body cannibalized your brain ffs. 6 days a week i train fasted for over 5 years now. yes, im doing intermittent fasting 20-4. i’m 81kg and my prs are 225 deadlift, 185 squat and 162 bench… all done fasted. yes, those are kgs. im not in a state of constant bullshit.

  • I thought only psychos can do fasted cardio haha ��. Although low key I wanted to be that kind of psycho but I just couldn’t. But anyways I decided to give fasted cardio a try. My metabolism has slowed down during this quarantine. I started slightly over eating during the beginning of quarantine gained a few lbs, just a few and then I started eating back to normal and exercising and I wasn’t able to lose the weight, so I just started doing fasted cardio and I see that I just started to go lose the extra weight I gained. So yayyy. I do fasted cardio not all the time. Just when I just want to use the elliptical. When I want to do more intensive exercise even slight intensity I HAVE TO EAT!!!! BUt i would recommend it for maybe something to try if you feel your metabolism has slowed down.

  • Exercise in the morning disproportionately elevates your cortisol levels. Fasting elevates it further. This significantly increases your risk of overtraining syndrome and burnout. Therefore best would avoid it.

  • Its doesn’t make sense its bullshit lol when you don’t eat you lose weight/fat what ever. There it is. Forget the mathematics. Just fast ��

  • Natacha, if someone is in a state of ketosis over an extended period of time, is there any evidence to suggest that the outcome might be different?

    ** No, I am not keto, just curious…:)

  • I just do 30mins fasted offseason gets my appetite up and obviously cardiovascular benefits to the body. Pre contest I adjust diet and cardio depending on how I’m looking etc and I do take bouts off the cardio in offseason if I’m not gaining etc

  • Hi Jeremy!! im a new subscriber and you might have discused this question as well but wanted to ask… would it be ok to do cardoo in the morning and do weight lifting in the evening??

  • This guy totally contradicts himself.

    In one video, he says doing fasted cardio is great for losing fat, but in this video, he says its not good for you. Tf

  • I’ve started running for my cardio since the corona showed up and gyms closed. I still do my weight training after eating but I’ve found that I feel a lot better when I do my run first thing in the morning before eating. I’m also faster on an empty stomach if that makes any sense.

  • Are you worried all those extra pounds you’re carrying is straining your heart? Also, why aren’t you accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP for your store items? We’re porting over to a blockchain based economy and the main tokens are on the edge of blowing up.

  • Fasted cardio is part of the tool kit. Wouldn’t hurt to do fasted cardio, fed HIIT, weight train, and do slow long distance on your recovery days. Adjust for your goals.

  • Thank you for talking about healthy skepticism when researching health and scientific information and also really understanding what the study is saying/how it was done vs just taking what you want from it!

  • What a load of bullshit. Why do all these fucking dumb ass YouTubers keep trying to sugar coat the truth about fat loss. Keto diet, palaeo diet, intermittent fasting, fasted cardio….there is no fucking magic method or secret to fat loss. If anyone believes any of these techniques will miraculously make you lose weight/fat out of thin air, you are a moron. All these techniques are just different ways of playing tricks on your mind to prevent you from eating, it’s all fucking mind games, whichever method you choose that tricks yourself better…

    Even in this video it has fuck all to do with fasted cardio itself actually being the thing that makes you shed more fat off your body magically compared to not doing it at all. Sure, I agree you might burn % wise more fat from the calorie expenditure during your cardio from fat instead of carbs since you will be in a glycogen depleted state, but the overall amount of calories you burn during that session might be less due to you having no energy and not training as hard. At the end of the day, what’s most important is how much energy did you expend in the day vs. how much you ate.

    All this video showed was that it helped deter someone from craving to eat more, which is all there is to fat loss, EATING.

    To lose fat you have to have proper nutrition and training and be in a calorie deficit. THAT’S IT. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE THAT WILL MAGICALLY DO IT.

    If you eat less than you burn every day, you will lose weight. I’m so sick and tired of all these posers on YouTube trying to sell fat/weight loss as some magical voodoo to the ignorant uneducated general population.

    Pro tip, if you want to lose weight/fat, stop being such as weak minded pussy and stick to your fucking calorie goals and not reach for that piece of cake.

  • Have you Ever heard about autophagy? Fasted body state working out and cardio create 300% plus autophagy where by the Weak cells get Broke down & utilized as Fuel within the body, thus strengthening the body mitochondrion and its density within each cell. Learn from Thomas Delauer before falling into the same trap as the rest. Have a Great life!

  • I’m a 16 almost 17 year old man, 141lb and have a sharded body but ramadan is coming soon and I’m gonna fast for a month. My question is can I workout while fasting

  • I’m on my fifth day with no breakfast and no dinner. I go to the gym in the morning, cardio for 20-30 minutes then weights for about an hour to an hour and half with lots of water. Shower then lunch. I’m at 182 lbs and will weigh in on my 8th day to see if it worked. And I’m 55 years old and been lifting for more than ten years now.

  • The only “fitness influencer” who I turn to for wellness and fitness advice!! Thanks for always schooling us on credibility of fitness tips and the importance of clinical studies!!

  • I can do fasted cardio if it’s not a super intense or long session. Like I can go on an easy, slower-pace 30-min run fasted, but if I’m running a quicker pace or am going on a long run, I’ll feel too weak and fatigued if I don’t eat before.
    I really like not having to wait to digest before running in the morning though, so I’d prefer to always do fasted cardio if I could.

  • I haven’t come across a fitness guru who understands the output from science and is able to think as scientifically as you! Tysm you are doing a brilliant and important job!

  • Thank you so much, this really helped me! I stopped working out for a few months because of my studies, tomorrow I am going to start getting back on track on workouts, gonna try following my heart and doing fed workouts for the first time, hope it actually works out. Cuz so far hasn’t worked out for me, I have gone w the belief of fasted cardio. I will see how it goes but always support Natacha, she is my guide!

  • I think natural athletes and endomorphs (put on weight and muscle on easily). I looked 30 at 16 and jacked but chubby. need to do cardio and it helps a ton. Mono is a ectomprph borderline mesamorph..come on mike be a more specific.

  • Glycogen doesn’t completely get depleted within 8 hours or overnight, it takes several days for your body to start burning fat for fuel. That’s why you can’t cheat on a keto diet.

  • Doing fasted cardio in the morning when cortisol levels are high, isnt that bad if you want to build muscle? Wouldnt it be better to do resistant traing with 3 minute breaks between sets to prevent the breakdown of proteins?

  • All this sitting around and looking at long complicated studies is a waste of time.
    I personally lost a TON of weight doing fasted cardio and intermittent fasting.

  • I personally feel better if I eat before cardio. However, a light meal, like a banana and coffee. Cardio on a empty stomach equals no energy for exercising, in my case.

  • Guru maan ji, this video is very useful for intermediates but beginners like me need few more information…

    I have ordered MB BCCA pro, but can see they have BCCA 6000 which has only BCCA and not Glutamine added. Should I use BCCA 6000 or Pro? And do I have to use Glutamine separately even BCCA pro has 2.5 gm of glutamine mixed.

    I am also diabetic, under control…these supplements are safe to use for diabetic people?

  • I’ve just subscribed on the strength of the science advice which looks at all sides without prejudging. Excellent!
    Personally, I prefer to run fasted in the morning and am combining this with a “keto light” diet not for weight loss, but interested in “fat adaption”. After 2-3 months I can say that I have far fewer food cravings even after a 5+ mile run before breakfast I don’t feel the need to rush to eat afterwards.
    Whether my body is starting to get better at using fat routinely as the preferred fat resource I don’t yet have enough evidence. But I can happily go much further between meals and don’t have hunger spikes or need to snack (which I always always used to).
    Work in progress as you say and what suits me won’t suit everyone.
    Final note if I enter a running event I will always fuel (eg porridge etc) at least 2-3 hours beforehand, but I still feel that if generally my body is indeed more fat adapted perhaps it is not so reliant all the time on carbs to provide energy when needed. Great channel.

  • I fast cardio the day after I’ve had a cheat meal as my last meal. That way it gives my body time to digest and I’m burning those cheat foods/fat instead of my breakfast. Then I follow up with a light lunch and continue on with my healthy eating.

  • So you said I need to do weights before cardio which is what I have been doing. But I want to try faster cardio. Do I need to do fasted weight training also? How else are you going to do fasted cardio after weight training?

  • What if you are not fasting prior to cardio? Anyways I have lost 170+ pounds and gained muscle. I always eat before I workout. So I guess that’s the Fed Cardio? I also always do cardio before lifting weights. I’m pretty muscular and toned. I guess I’m doing something right.

  • With this channel I came to this conclusion: don’t do anything! Just drink water (not from plastic, of course) and eat just sun nutrients (but not too much, of course).

  • I do both and for short runs (20-30 mins), fasted is ok but longer and your energy crashes on longer runs legs are heavy, heart rate higher, and feel anxious. So I always drink a lot of water for each but eat according to workout

  • I don’t want to lose weight, but I don’t like eating before I workout even a light meal/snack. And I don’t want to wait 2-4 hours after eating to exercise. Also, I don’t feel hungry for breakfast right when I wake up. I like being active for an hour or two and work up an appetite for breakfast.

  • I read a lot of great reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) can help you lost tons of weight. Has any one tried using this popular diet plan program?

  • Try it and determine if it works for you. I’ve done it for decades don’t believe anyone would say I’m lacking muscularity or skinny fat. I’m all for science and research, though many of these studies aren’t actually applying stringent guidelines for participants.

    Lastly, this kid is the only truly natural guy on YouTube.

  • This myth has been disproved by science over and over again. Fasted cardio doesn’t matter as long as you are ig n a caloric deficit

  • Went from years of stubborn 18% body fat to 10% in 3 months. It worked for me. Now my goal is to put back on 10 to 12 pounds and stay at 10% body fat.

  • I got huge stomach and I eat only twice a day.  I wake up at 6 p.m wait about 4 hours then eat one meal and 3 hours later eat another meal.   That is it!    Also I drink Vodka right before gym and right after the gym about 375 ml bottle.

  • If you can make it through the alarm at the beginning I promise it’s worth it �� First we talk about mechanisms to understand why fasted cardio might be better and then we look at the fat loss results from comparative studies (: Hope you love your training xxxx

  • Just wanna thank you for your content. As a woman, it’s hard to find a male perspective on health and fitness that isn’t aggressive or overly biased and opinionated or toxic in some way. Watching your videos has been not only properly educational but also calming and reassuring.

  • I eat breakfast first thing in the morning when I wake up for me I just ignored all the fasted advice and went from 203 to 159. And I never felt better before in my life. For me having breakfast before cardio just fuels me like crazy and I feel absolutely great when doing cardio some other people feel weighed down I guess when they eat 1st thing in morning I never had that problem but that’s just based on my body alone of course everyone is going to be different.

  • Mike is spot on, listen to this guy. Im sure you’ve all seen people who run everyday or so and look like they are close to deaths door. So many people who do lots of cardio look depleted and ill….not healthy.

  • I have been fasting for 2 weeks and I personally did burned my muscle gains, i was doing fasted cardio in the mornings and I noticed my gains from my compund workout evaporated.. im not doing fasted cardio no more

  • Question on behalf of the masses:

    Cardio after fasting can get really dangerous really fast. So what time limit and intensity would you suggest to beginners?

  • I’m Muslim and Ramadan is approaching where I’ll fast for 18 hrs daily for a month (3 am 9 pm), I plan to workout at 5 pm for two hours after finishing work… would there be enough energy sources in my body to do that workout? taking into consideration that my last meal taken would be at least 14 hrs before.

  • Mike O’Hearn is obviously a monster walking among us. Question: If Mike is this big naturally, what the F would he look like after a year on gear?

  • I did non of this (except 500 cal/day caloric deficit) and I got rid of all the stubborn fat. 
    Just keep going with the caloric deficit and you will lose the last bit of fat, I promise. Not easy tho.

  • Mike “average guys like us” O’Hearn.

    I love this guy. He’d never exclude anybody. Say what you want but I truly believe he’s got a good heart and puts himself above nobody. Except probably Heath Evans.

  • I work as a phys Ed assistant at a school and I do fasted cardio for 20-25 minutes every morning before I have a class and lunch I eat mostly protein and some carbs and fats and after work, I immediately use the weight room. lost 20 lbs in 2 months. (Yes I was heavy so i lost quite abit in a short amount of time) lol my self confidence is better. Not really shy anymore

  • Ok, throw out the protein shake and start drinking MILK. When you wake up, drink milk and off you go. Protein shake can be good but more often than not you’ll piss out most of the protein in the protein shake anyway. 30g protein shake, at least 15g will go down the drain.

  • 3:45 or maybe the study was “funded” by Quaker Oats and therefore had a “predictable” result of saying there’s no difference in fasting in the morning time or not because it would cut into their profits long-term, we really don’t know so how about us not having so much blind faith in the supposed “scientific studies.“ what I’m suggesting is that you approach all of the scientific studies that you simply throw out to us with a little bit more skepticism. Especially when it involves some thing that could involve the substantial loss or gain of money for other interested parties.

  • Hi sir want to save my muscles during fat loosing program also i want this 3 elements from foods or fruits so any idea that we can get these all elements from available fruits or food or you can suggest other foods that can help me save muscles before or during cardio @Guru Mann sir

  • Most Important question I need someone to Tell for Me. Should I Work out After Eating a Good Amount Of Food Like Running on a Treadmail or Doing Abs Exercises

  • This was really informative and impressive how much research you put into it! 2 questions I always wonder about—(1) how much better is it to go all the way through with one work out vs. splitting up over a day? Example, 2 back-to-back 15 min exercise YouTube’s vs. one in the morning and one in the evening? I prefer to do the latter, but I imagine you lose calorie burn doing it that way bc your body’s cooled down again. But if the difference is negligible, I might keep up this split routine. (2) let’s say you’re tiring out in the middle of a HIIT. Is it more effective to power through with worse performance, or take an extra 10-15 second break to return to a higher level of performance?

  • Amazing information thank you I am really learn a lot from you and know lifting heavy as hell because of you sorry for my bad english

  • This is why i hate these channels, if u are fat, and u only need to lose the fat and dont have the time to build muscle, fasted cardio is the best thing to do, yes u will see muscle loss, but ur not trying to build muscle, ur trying to get rid of the fat

  • Yeah but how does it compare in terms of high intensity training such as interval training? from what i understand jogging should be able to burn fat even while fed because type 1 muscles do tend to burn fat very effectively but high intensity mostly involve type 2 muscles that prefer glucose

  • Pre-workout before exercise study:

    1. Done in 2001
    2. Used 6 participants
    3. Ran only 2 trials

    Do you have any more comprehensive studies that find the same anabolic response when ingesting pre-workout? These results don’t mean anything, could just be the result of variance. You need a much larger sample size & more trials to make a conclusion.

    Evolution speaking, our ancestors hunted on empty stomach most likely, so I feel there would be more advantages to following that.

  • Personally faster cardio in the morning, both cardio & weights helps me lose weight quickly! That along with IF does wonders. I personally just think all these bodybuilders don’t agree because they’re focused on getting bigger. For the individual looking to shed some fat and get lean… faster exercise is the one!

  • Fasted cardio is better for fat oxidation (burning) at that specific moment of training, however what is more important is being in a energy deficit overall.

  • This is confusing. What I tend to do is fasted cardio in the morning (around 8:30) for about 20 minutes. Then I workout around 2pm. Idk why somebody would say you’ll lose muscle by doing that. If you keep your heart rate in the target zone, you won’t deplete muscle glycogen at all. Oh and I saw a comment about keto diet. Keto is very bad for you as well as intermittent fasting. 2 stupid trends going around. Most of the people you see doing these things are on steroids. We are animals. Cardio is working out the cardio vascular system, making it more efficient. Working out, making our bodies stronger. Carbs, there’s a reason we can utilize and digest them. Eat when you are hungry, and eat clean and whole foods. That’s all you need to worry about. Stop counting calories and macros. Follow your instincts. WE ARE ANIMALS TOO! Jesus, life is too short for all this bs and fitness is so simple. I run fasted in the morning because it has a noticable difference in my mood throughout the day and my health. I feel way better when I did it rather when I don’t. That’s my rant. Stay healthy.

  • I overall agree, but 16/8 fasting honestly works better FOR ME. I can actually perform better fasted and it’s easier for me to reach my caloric deficit goal. Increased hunger that can backfire is only an issue the first week… After my body adapts well to IF.

  • What do you think about doing a fasted cardio hiit session in the morning then doing your weight training session later in the day, like mid afternoon??

  • Hello, I have a dilemma. I don’t workout until 7 pm M-F, and it’s usually a mixture of cardio and weight training. I’ve been eating a hour after workouts (when I get home n settle in). My goal is to burn fat, while losing some weight and build my muscle. Should I change my fast which I’m doing OMAD right now where I eat from 9-10 pm. What do u sugguest?! Tips and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks, Eric…

  • I do cardio faster then right after take a pre workout and sip aminos while I do weight training….. I’m trying to burn fat but build muscle…. am I doing this wrong?

  • How can we be so sure that fat is getting used for energy in fasted cardio? What if muscle breaks down to overcome the stress that we are creating during the fasted session?

  • the biggest misconception in my opinion with fasting is kids and people who have minimal knowledge on fitness. They see the super aesthetic guys who lie about their steroid use on YouTube who aren’t HUGE, but have a significant amount of muscle with a super low body fat percentage. They speak about how Intermittent fasting got them ripped, when in reality being on gear will retain more muscle for a longer period of time and they burn more body fat regardless. These unrealistic body images of the fitness liars needs to come to an end. These crazy crash diets are just an excuse for giving yourself an eating disorder. this is why I love channels like this one. he is clearly a natural athlete speaking truth

  • How about doing fasted cardio and a 17 hour fast once a week if you’re trying to build muscle and lose a lot fat? Do you think this will work for looking strong and cutting stubborn belly fat?

  • Wtf everyone has different opinions on this and as a viewer this is hard as we don’t know what to do anymore and end up giving up because what we are doing is ‘wrong’

  • Man must be strong and lean
    Not lean and weak like girls
    Shove this into ur mind
    We must chase strength and being less fatty will make u active
    So eat accordingly

  • You need to define “fasted state” first,
    I think that is the main confusion.
    Many people have claimed that working out in a fasted state can give amazing results with minimum muscle loss.
    Yes too much cardio hurts, and is never a good option.
    But the term “fasted” needs to be elaborated for us because some people think eating nothing for 8-9 hours is a fast,
    which obviously is not

  • -_No! Cardio is to PROMOTE an INCREASE in metabolism! No one loses fat from cardio but the effect after.

    This is why the fitness industry is fucking stupid.

    No I’m not a scientist I’m huge as a mountain but honestly hate the fitness industry. I’d rather be poor and join this shit.

    Last thing and it is valuable to all. Make sure you eat ENOUGH FATS. Fuck the carbs they aren’t essential fats however is and protien is needed to bulid muscle period.

    Even on a surplus you will still get leaner and bulid muscle.

    Now that doesn’t mean be in a huge surplus but 3 to 400 is no big deal.

  • I would love to here if you see an impact to life longevity. Intermittent fasting should lead to longer life expectancy. Does cardio during that period reduce the required fast time or improve life expectancy?

  • nothing better than walking/ running in the woods early, you will see all kinds of animals greeting your effort on the way there:-P

  • No need to overthink things folks. These minute details only benefit super athletes or professionals. Just do what makes you comfortable, but do it consistently and you’ll progress overtime. I prefer running fasted but lifting when fed ����‍♂️

  • If you’re an early riser, fasted cardio might be a good idea. If you are a late-night-late-rise-afternoon-treadmill runner, OR even evening runner, fed cardio might be the way to go (3 hrs after last meal)

  • I dont knw its right or wrong but i respect your time and effort for searching and collecting this information. Keep it up man ����

  • according to stacy simsa physiologist nutritionist scientist with a focus on women athletes, fasted training wreaks havoc on hormones especially females. basically she says when in a fasted state your baseline cortisol levels are already elevated, and you are basically playing with interchange of your steroid hormones (estrogen/progesterone) when you workout you are increasing stress levels as well which means more cortisol. and your steroid hormones flatlines to keep cortisol going which leads to the down regulation of your thyroid yikes and reduction in metabolic rate.

  • This guy is way off the mark… don’t bother watching until the end. Fasted = no calories, not restricted calories. He either doesn’t get it, or refuses to discuss the benefits. Your body gets EVERYTHING it needs from fat, and will not resort to protein until fat is depleted… period. Check out Dr. Jason Fung for true information.

  • One thing I’d like to see discussed is whether fed cardio gives you more energy to perform the exercise at a higher intensity. I’m one of those athletes who hate doing fasted cardio because I always feel weak/lethargic and consequently not able to perform at an optimal level. If that’s the case, do I not burn fewer calories and get less training effect if the cardio is not performed to the same effort level?

  • You said that doing fasted cardio will make your body burn more carbs throughout the day, i eat less than 10gs of carbs a day, how is my body going to unreasonably burn carbs when there’s hardly any in my body? You’d think he would explain this shit and not just make blanket statements.

  • What I want to see, is a study for fasted or fed cardio and specifically its effects on your hunger.

    I.e. if you burn fat in the morning, is there a correlation towards wanting to eat more/less throughout the day overall?

  • I’ll get behind nutrition as being 95% of the battle. I ate like shit last year and cardioed hard and lifted. I looked like shit because I didnt stick to a consistent and proper diet. Fast forward to this year. I cut sweets from my intake, started weighing all my food, using underarmour fitness pal to track micro and macros, and began being accountable to myself. 30 days in to that, I can see my obliques. My lats are taking shape. My traps are showing through the fat. “Do all the cardio you want and eat like shit and you are just spinning your wheels.” Nothing truer than that. Right on Mike O’Hearn, thank you dude. You and others like Cutler giving out truth for free is such a blessing.

  • Do short sprint type cardio in the evening when you are full of glycogen and it will raise your metabolism, testosterone, and gh output. In the morning the next day do slower and longer as you will have less stored glycogen and your body will have to turn to fat.

  • AWSOME video. I work in the fitness and health industry. I’m currently practising OMAD (One meal a day) I have my window of eating at the end of the day but sometimes I may have done my weight training session for the day and two 45 minutes cardio classes (delivery not partcipating) what are your thoughts on this in terms of muscle preservation and losing body fat?

  • Hey, Grav i really enjoy your Channel keep up the good work!
    But i got a question. Your are talking the whole Vid. abouted “fasted” exercises. After who many hours between the last Meal and the exercise can u call it a “fasted” workout. Is it 12, 16 hrs or more about 24 hrs +?
    I like to do my Cardio about 12-14hrs after the last Meal lately.

  • Less than 1% of all college football stars make it to NFL, I think that is what Mike meant. That’s why they get all that money. Mike is incredible and 100% spot on with his advise.

  • Great stuff Mike, been watching you for a long time and your content keeps me inspired to keep going to the gym @49YO! Trying to finish what I started when I was in my 20’s, I started 1.5 years ago @290lbs with a goal of losing 2 lbs a month and build muscle mass today I sit at 240lbs @19percent and im 5’11” and between you larry wheels and regan grimes I feel I can hit my goal of 235lbs @10 percent within 2 years. So thanks for the awesome content and knowledge!

  • Evening time gym kare to catholic mode pe nahi hoga body only morning me hoga iska matlab best time evening huwa fat burn karne k liye

  • Forget about all the conflicting studies. Just try fasted cardio for one month and see what happens, then try fed cardio for a month. Compare your body composition measurements for each. Nothing beats a real-life experiment.

  • every morning i do around 30mins to 1hr cardio in the morning and i love it cuz it will make me feel sooo much better thru out the day

  • I completely disagree. This video makes it sound like our muscles are going to shrivel up in a 1 week fast.

    It’s about pulling the glycogen stores out of the muscles, the liver will convert the release of growth hormones into GHB-1 which will suppliments the the body (muscles) with the protein they need.

    Yes, you are correct that we can’t build new muscles while prolonged fasting, however we can maintain to a high degree the muscle we already have.

    Intermittent fasting produces a 25% lean mass loss to a 75% fat loss ratio. Prolonged fasting (with proper mineral loading prior and water intake during) averages a 10 to 90 ratio.

    Go for a light jog and work up a little to moderate sweat or low intensity little weight training. The key isn’t about building during a fast. It’s all about maintaining during a fast.

  • I eat 5 egg whites before my workout with 1 hour gap and do 15 mins of intense cardio(without rest) is it good? I want to lose fat

  • I have found when I was fasting (during Ramadan) i did work out but not as intense as we can’t drink water either and I lost a lot of body fat in a week. It does work buts it’s hard.

  • I disagree, this might work for you Jeremy, but I was an alcoholic and a coke user for 2 years and I drank so much beer I lost my muscle tone and got a big belly and a nasty waist line. I did this for 1 fucking week and dieted and man I saw a f difference. And no it’s not water weight. So people just Bc it works for him or it doesn’t, doesn’t mean you will have the exact outcome. Everyone is different, also you are a hard gainer. You been looking the same for the past 5 years. Sorry man just honest, cheers.!

  • I drink BCAAs before my fasted workouts -(long cardio sessions or weight lifting). I’m surprised BCAAs weren’t even mentioned in this video ��

  • I understand what the science says, but when I did fasted cardio when I was cutting, it helped a lot in fat loss. Fasted weight lifting I understand, but I’d rather not workout on an empty stomach as I’m actually exerting energy while lifting stuff, whereas fasted cardio, not really doing anything that bad (hitting the bag, running, etc.)

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a ton of weight? I read loads of good reviews on the net about how Fenoboci Diet Plan can help you lost lots of fat. Has any one tried this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • Fasted cardio and weight training together, I totally agree that you need a healty diet with enough nutrients. You forget however the shock your body is in and the benefits of that(HGH). I have done a few times a month these type of exercices and 30minutes in I am full of energy after 23 hours of fasting.

    This is because our ancestors hunted for sometimes a day without any food, so the body adapted and increased testosteron used fat as fuel and hunters could still fight along. So all due respect you don`t get tired while in a fasted state, you actually get more energy. First after 24hours though and 30minutes in your workout.

  • What do you prefer and why, fasted or fed cardio��? Comment below! Hope you enjoyed this one don’t forget to give me a follow on Instagram for more: Also let me know what other topics you’d like me to cover in the future. Cheers!

  • cardio helps burn fat, improve stamina and endurance. Fasted cardio in the morning, is good for some, not for all. Do what suits you. ����

  • What he doesn’t mention is all the benefits of fasting for your body outside of a pure fat loss approach. I know that wasn’t the purpose of the video, but I think that’s the real reason I fast

  • Keep your body lean without cardio

    Doing cardio while eating bad, not a good idea

    20 mins x 3 times a week on cardio

    Cycle of cardio for at least a month, esp. if you are overweight

    Build your rhythm and focus on changing the body in weeks, not try to hit off peak from the start

    Join Titan Crew.

    Thanks for the gems Mike

  • I ordered a chinese last night. I met the guy at the door and walked over to his car. He got out and shouted at me isolate isolate!

    I said calm down mate you wasnt that late I only ordered half hour ago

  • @ 00:45

    Well… Mike. If that was the case, then I would be lean as hell. 6’3 215 on (clean) 2k calories/day for weeks with zero cardio = flab pack.

    Up the calories to 3k/day and add cardio = hello six pack.

    Cardio, for my body… gets me lean, not the diet.

  • Fat adapted with fasting…. Amazing. My lean muscle substantially up and body fat down 15% in 6 months.
    Fat adapted and fasting… Perfect for long term runs (12/15 miles)

  • I did intermittent fasting, madcow power lifting. Lifting while fasted then break my fast and eat protein. I was still able to do PR’s while I was fasted. Therefore i concluded its all about the caloric intake

  • I was informed a few years ago by running professionals that when we wake up we have about 400 calories worth of glycogen stores. If you run 6 miles, theoretically you’ll burn about 600 calories. 400 to empty your glycogen stores and 200 calories of fat. I don’t know how factual this is but I’m pretty sure it was a solid source

  • Effect on lean mass would be good it’s fairly entangled with the anabolic window idea as well like, I’ve seen the argument there could be more of an anabolic window in a fasted state

    The topic of ketogains would be excellent as well (as someone currently doing keto) from what I’ve looked into myself, there isn’t much of a difference, but on the Iron Culture with Danny Lennon and Cliff Harvey they mention a few studies that they think prove keto counterproductive for gains.

  • Great video, thanks for taking the time. I would like to know how different diets play into this. You mentioned that fat burning over a 12 hour period is decreased after fasted cardio, but what if they’re on keto?

  • You’re awesome Mike. Thanks for this. I’ve heard it from you before but needed to hear it again. And let a lot of people hear is too cause I know a lot of people doing the wrong thing with this lol. ���� you dat man.

  • It actually worked for me, Wake up in the morning before going to school didn’t anything goes home at 3pm and just light cardio with our stepper, I lose so much wait.

  • The Sweet Spot is working out when you are 36 hours into a fast…at this point you are well into ketosis and working out In a very Rapid fat burning zone.

  • Guys support karne ke liye aapko koi paise nai lagege so plz bhaiyo mujhe bass 1k subscribers karne me help kardo koi ek video dekho aacha lage to plz guys support me Guru mann sir se hi sikh ke open kiya hu #kshitijkadbe #fitnessandgroomingworld

  • These are some great points. Elite athletes take weeks and weeks off, yet every day Joe’s think they need to train 24/7 and then wonder why they can’t make gains while being haters on those who do make gains.

  • Inadequate info..carnitine works only in presence of glucose…so empty stomach leneka koi faida nhi.. u can take it post workout wid some carbs

  • You give me more helpful information than bodybuilders showing just their “perfect” plans like that “see, man, 8-12…urr…that’s all”

  • If you fast the right way, it is easy and manageable to build muscle while losing fat. Watch your diet ( High lean protein ) and wait til your body is in alert mode to hit the cardio. You can even take out the Carbs and Sugar of your diet to maximise the results but for a short period of time.

  • Can you do a review on the differences on the effect of physical activity on different genders? I’m so sick and tired of research being focused on men. Sure, historical research is mostly focused on the male physique and body, but the function and process differs between genders. It needs more awareness OVERALL.

  • Guru without Supliment ny hota kya
    Natural body banane vale aur aam normal people k vaste kuch tho solution bathav bro

    Aaj k din aisa hua there is no body without Supliment ��‍♂️

  • I’ve been intermittent fasting for the last 2 years, meaning I don’t eat breakfast, and I always exercise first thing in the morning. So I’m working out in a fasted state, and not eating until 4 hours later… is that OK? The internet says that’s not “optimal” how much of an impact will it have on my muscle growth (i.e. I only recently switched from cardio to strength training)? Thanks!

  • What if I’m cutting 1800cal a day, and eating 1000 calories of candy and the rest protein powder and pure protein sources like chicken, how bad will the sweets hinder my results if at all?

  • Sir could you tell us about the supplements which kuldeep ary veer is representing as desi supplements…Is it good because they stated that its ingredients are all herbs pure…that mixture of shatavari,ashwagandha,sufed musli,cautch seed powder kuldeep ary veer pushup champion stated that we should consume mixture of all this as protein powder.

  • Hi Team,
    Please suggest me the best pre-workout meal. Currently, I am following the practice of consuming lemon water with honey before hitting the gym but that’s not helping me at the gym. I am getting tired and exhausted pretty soon. However, I am having a whey protein shake post workout, telling you just in case you wanna know.

    Waiting for your response. Thank you!!

  • All 3 supplements dsnt work,they are useless until and unless a human is in nice fasted n starving state. Please read some research papers thn guide people.