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When it comes down to it, it’s ultimately up to you whether you want to have a keto cheat day. It’s your responsibility to assess the situation, weigh the physical side effects, and consider whether there may be a healthier, alternative approach. For example, if you’re throwing a birthday party, offer to bring a cakethat you can enjoy. Yes, a Cheat Day on the Keto Diet Could Throw You Out of Ketosis Something to keep in mind this holiday season. You should avoid cheat meals and days on the keto diet.

Consuming too many carbs can kick your body out of ketosis — and it takes several days to 1 week to get back into it. In the meantime, your. A Cheat Day Can Knock You Out of Ketosis This is probably the most obvious reason not to take a cheat day on keto. You worked hard to get into ketosis, and one cheat day can knock you right out of it.

Getting knocked out of ketosis is problematic for three reason. Keto cheat day will knock you out of ketosis No doubt that the snacks you’ll be munching will be full of carbohydrates like how desserts are made of sugar, so this sudden consumption will obviously affect your state of ketosis. For some people though, this is acceptable.

Can you have a cheat day on the keto diet? There are certain named diets that allow for a “cheat day,” typically one day per week in which you‘re allowed to eat anything and everything. The thinking being, if you eat well on your diet six out of seven days a week, you‘re still ahead. These findings should give those on a keto diet pause when considering a “cheat day.” The data suggest that the keto diet is not something that people should do for 6 days a week and take a day. The day afterward is probably the most important time you can act to offset your binge eating damage.

If a cheat day happened, it happened, no need to go overboard or your 1 keto cheat day will go over 1 week of binge eating and feel bad about yourself. If you are already keto adapted you can have a keto cheat day. The longer you’ve been adapted the better. Your body will fall out of ketosis but be very well designed to get right back in after your cheat day is over. How Often Should You Have A Cheat Meal?

I think this is more of a. The answer to can you have a cheat day on keto could be ‘yes’ provided you do it the right way and in a cautious manner as described below. Follow a Cyclical Diet A cyclical keto diet involves eating only keto-friendly foods for about six days followed by a day of eating high-carb foods.

This one day is your cheat day and comes once a week.

List of related literature:

Yes, cheat day is so important, it gets its own chapter.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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Therefore, to make the most out of a higher-calorie day, it may be in your best interest to increase carbohydrate intake and not necessarily fat intake as many do during a cheat day.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
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But as your body adapts, you’ll find it’s easier to slip into ketosis, at which point the occasional cheat day won’t hurt—they’ve actually been known to break a weight loss stall after a few months of keto adaptation.

“Keto Life: Over 100 Healthy and Delicious Ketogenic Recipes” by Sahil Makhija
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This may involve going keto five days a week, with the weekends reserved for “cheat days.”

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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Others decide they deserve a full cheat day rather than just one meal.

“The Goddess Revolution: Food and Body Freedom for Life” by Melissa Wells
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Well, many popular diets (including mine) have a cheat day, but I’ve found that just calling it by that name makes people feel compelled to not just indulge but overindulge, and even to abuse their bodies.

“The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, blast Fat and Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days” by Harley Pasternak
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Not a cheat DAY or an all­out binge meal, because either can undo some or all of a week’s worth of fat loss.

“The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy” by Michael Matthews
from The Shredded Chef: 120 Recipes for Building Muscle, Getting Lean, and Staying Healthy
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The longer you’ve been keto-adapted, the quicker you’ll return to ketosis after a cheat day.

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
from The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis
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I don’t love the term “cheat day” because that suggests some guilt or being bad, but call your off days whatever works for you.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
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It’s OK to have a cheat day, and it’s fine if you didn’t get through your planned workout set last week.

“Body and Soul: A Girl's Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life” by Bethany Hamilton, Dustin Dillberg
from Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life
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  • I’ve just started the keto diet out of pure curiosity. I don’t need to lose weight but it seems like a bit of a slippery slope for introducing very a restrictive thought pattern about food which can be pretty dangerous for a lot of people. Everything in moderation and I think once you’ve achieved ketosis, people shouldn’t be scared to have things they enjoy from time to time. Life is also for enjoying and there is a lot of enjoyment to be had from food

  • That’s interesting, bingeing on the nuts to avoid the carbs. I wouldn’t do that because I’d be worried about the number of calories I’m consuming. Food for thought ��

  • What should your first day of keto look like. If I’m just getting started what should I do first? Or is there anything specific outside of low carbs. My sister started 2 days ago, with a trainer that’s helping her reach her goals. He had her do the bullet coffee for 2 days breakfast and lunch, then a leafy and protein packed dinner.

  • Some food is unhealthy not because of sugar but because of poisonous Waters. Like I always feel I am worse when I eat fatty fish than when I drink nearly sugarfree Coke. I guess the sweetener is unhealthy too. Besides I ate homegrown spinach to it and the fried egg is not freerange, if it was the wolf, hawk, fox and Eagles would eat the hen ( we tried )that almost started to bloom and two days ago I fertilized it with some synthetic white stuff. It taste like some wild plants but does not grow too well. The homemade sugarfree rhubarbwater can evidently give kidneystones but protect from the cancerogen fish. Yes I ate fried food. In butter. Avokado that demand logistiks and red onion that contain carbs. I am really satisfied about to go swim and I cheated with a small tomato. Perhaps the best I did was adding chilipowder and the taste was excellent.

  • I caved today and ate a bunch of Doritos and a chocolate muffin, I’m also going out to dinner tonight with some friends from out of state who are visiting and we will more than likely share a carb rich dinner together. I also feel like “cheating” today has made me feel kinda crappy, but that’s good because hopefully that will motivate me to get right back on the KD tomorrow and stay on it for a while.

  • I’ve been doing the keto diet for 4 days now but I have family coming over in 2 days and they always bring junk food even when I beg them not to. Is it ok to eat junk food and sugar as long as it doesn’t go past the 50g?

  • Got Healthy and Lost 124 lbs in 54 weeks! After week 24 I included a weekly cheat day of 100-150g of carbs… Mexican Food to Ice Cream if I wanted it I ate it on that day. My Ketones would drop for several hours but both Glucose and Ketones were back in range the next morning.

  • I’ve been strictly eating keto for 2 months, today I gave in.. fast food burger, fries, chocolate chip cookies and white rice with dinner. I just needed a break and some comfort foods today. Im finding it difficult to shelter in place without some carby carbs. It feels heavenly to eat these foods but I know this can be today only or I will regret it. Tomorrow back on the keto train.

  • No, do not cheat on terms of eating sugar, carbs etc. If you’re going to “cheat” then do excess calories but still keep within the keto guidelines.

  • This is not true for everyone. I have been on keto for 3 months and test strips shows I’m very high in ketosis. I slipped and had a very small piece of pecan pie and 24 hrs later I tested negative for ketones in my body. It took me 2-3 days to get my ketone levels back

  • I should be well passed the induction phase for Thanksgiving, as I’ve done 2MAD, OMAD, and one meal every other day depending on my HIIT needs since this summer. If I’m not as adapted as I seem, I’ll at least have some carb loading to look forward to for HIIT. It will be exciting to sprint with top fuel for a change, and I can also restore some leptin.

  • The often embraced ‘cheat day’ is a common theme in many diets and the popular ketogenic diet is no exception. But new research says that just one 75-gram dose of glucose the equivalent a large bottle of soda or a plate of fries while on a high fat, low carbohydrate diet can lead to damaged blood vessels.

  • Im not going to lie, on the day before my cheat i would planned out what i wanna eat. Ice cream pizza tacos and honey buns… I be so bloated the next morning, im farting up a storm

  • I went 3 and a half months before cheating, I was going to have a cheat weekend, it turned into a week. After I started feeling like crap again, it was easy to go back to keto

  • A suggestion for a video. I in a family of three. My wife, daughter, and I. The perception of a lot of diets and exercise plans seems to be the expense of it all. We have EBT and lot of times we only have around $500 a month for food for the 3 of of us, supplemented by income occassionally. An awesome video would be to make a video for people who live in near poverty. It’s hard for me to follow keto as it is and every diet plan seems just as expensive.

  • Lovely content! So happy and just wished to share that even now cannot realize I lost 61 pounds pure fat with this fantastic hack revealed here, simply Google with-out spaces EZdiets101.c o m

  • What about all these “Low carb” recipes, Keo cheesecake, Keto bread, and Fathead dough? Are these things keto-legit, or are we kidding ourselves? A big fan of the Keto pizza but would really like to see you take on a fathead dough recipe or a Keto Cheesecake recipe.

  • I was on the Keto diet and I also cheated It was worth it at the time but my wife found out it was with our neighbor and she filed for Divorce so definitely cost a lot in the long run

  • I find a cheat meal once every couple weeks or so is ideal for me to make keto a long term lifestyle change. I can still have everything I want, just in moderation. It helps my mood too and can make some social interactions less awkward. One really really great thing is my glucose handling is better. I can eat a really carb heavy meal and my blood glucose might only go up to 110 or 120, where as before keto my A1C was in the diabetic range. If I have cheat meals too close together, I quickly lose that glucose control and my blood glucose will go above 140 and I will feel like garbage physically. Today I had a surprise cheat meal. My coworker surprised me with a slice of cheesecake on my desk. Of course I ate it. Who can say no to cheesecake? lol. Checked my blood glucose after and it was 101:). I’m down 40 lbs and counting.

  • had a piece of cake today. had wafers a few days ago and a piece of dark chocolate. feel so bad. my whole body feels like it’s burning. need to run tomorrow to get rid of that sugar. no more cake, ever. I guess I’m depressed that’s y I cheated.

  • I cheated on a looot of chicken wings with a banana apple shake with some protein powder afterwards. I’m so full and i regretted it ��

  • To avoid cheating, I tell myself “You’ve worked hard for the past weeks, are you going to waste all of that just to enjoy one meal that you are going to regret later?“ Then my cravings just go away. ��

  • Great that was what the question and response I was looking for, problem is I have to meet an old friend for drinks how bad will let’s say 4-8 whisky sodas effect my induction phase, not drinking really isn’t an option, alternative beverages that would be better? P.s. im not doing it for weight loss I’m doing it for antiinflammatory benefits of Carnivor diet, Thanks

  • 7 weeks into Keto and I feel that I am Keto adapted remaining under 50g of carbs everyday. I think about cheating when I reach 12 weeks but I honestly feel great on this diet and my appetite it much lower and energy levels are stable. I may put off cheating for longer.

  • ive been on keto for 7ish weeks, ate macaroni and cheese, tato totes and snickers AND WAS STILL 1.1 the next day, nearly fell off my chair #happydays
    i did fast for nearly 24 hours before hand tho…

  • Bla bla what you want to eat sugar carbs or whatever but in moderation.I’m Mediterranean.all my family lived so long and healthy despite they consume sugar and fat and carbs.the only difference is that they don’t smoke they don’t drink alcohol and they don’t vie e belle keto is a torture

  • So I just came across the most absurd and bias article about the Ketogenic Diet, I could ever come across.

    I just couldn’t hold myself back to share this BS with you, sorry.

    I’m hoping that you could make a video about this and just show the people what utter nonsense this person is trying to claim.

  • Thanks for this. Can’t I cheat after 3 weeks of eating less than 30g, sometimes less than 25 g carbs? What if I excercise before and after hard? If not, Can it be a ‘light’ cheat? Say 150g of carbs? If not that either, how long should I wait?

  • great information thks. I have lost 30+ lbs and 4″ off waist so far on keto and intermit fast, and just cheated today after strict 3 week keto diet with ketone range of 1.1to 2.8. Went out for Bfast potatoes chicken fried chicken apple butter with grits ( i did slather my plate with about 3 T butter )
    and 2hrs later couple hand full of nuts and granola 2 oz orange juice ketone dropped to.6 and Glu after 2 hours only at 118

  • I really appreciate all the information you share, it has been incredibly helpful starting a keto diet. I’ve lost 6 lbs in one week. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • ive been doing keto now for almost 2 months but i really want a cheat day someday soon…ive lost 13lbs so far. EDIT: 2 months later, I’ve lost around 37.4 lbs, really want another cheat day even tho i usually have one at the end of the month, today its the 18th. i want pizza or kebab:O i guess ill just eat it now and cut out the day at the end of the month.

  • The body is intelligent and Self-Regulating. 3 years OMAD keto / Low carb. When i cheated i had a days where my BS went up to 200 then back down and stabilized @ 98 to 101, then I had some other days where i cheated and BS went down to 65 after 7 hours.
    Didn’t do anything, my body stabilized
    @ 96 to 100.
    If you do low Carb don’t freak out when you cheat, the body will adjust and if the blood sugar go down to a dangerous level eat some nuts, meat, eggs, don’t eat candy..

  • Im gonna have to do a Keto cheat meal for a few days and then full cheat meal at my wedding ����‍♀️ how do I recover from that do I just start over??

  • Favorite Keto Connect video ever. Very realistic. No bullshit. And so helpful regarding re-routing yourself. Glad you included actual intake and the “morning after” piece. Great job!

  • I had to cheat because I went over to someone else’s house without keto foods and had to be polite and eat what they gave me. (Two cheat days actually) but I’m back on today lmaooo

  • Would having a couple of maki together with other keto friendly foods be considered a cheat meal? How much carbs doed it take to be a “cheat meal”?

  • I’ve been on ketosis just over a week and have got into ketosis very quickly as I checked with the sticks that changes colour. The other day I ate two lindors truffles which were only 5g of carbs each and the stick still came out dark purple. But that’s only because I was eating very little carbs. I won’t ever do that again lol

  • To be honest i love his videos and all but each time i say lets begin keto i watch one of his videos and i give up before even starting

  • The pharmaceutical, fast & processed food industries don’t like people eating whole foods and not needing medications anymore.
    These industries fund (for example) Harvard University studies that first write their desired conclusions and then make up a story composed of misinformation as factual to justify their fraudulent conclusions. The same way Agatha Christie wrote her fictional mystery novels.
    I’ve been on Keto for a long time. I go in and out at least 15 to 20 times a year, never had a problem either way, lots of energy and strength at 60 years of age.
    Personally I feel best on Keto around 18 to 22 hours into a fast but you can’t do that every day.
    I’ve evolved to 10 meals a week, alternating between OMAD and a 18/6 IF but every now and then you need to reset the baseline or even this healthy lifestyle becomes stale.
    Keto with an intermittent fasting lifestyle rocks but every 4 to 6 weeks it’s nice to change it up for a week to 10 days and add some extra good carbs, mix up your eating window and even have a little fun. Christmas and summer holidays for example just be responsible.
    Remember if you’re burning 2 lbs of fat off every week it’s an additional 7,000 calories your body is burning as keytones, your body needs change both physically and mentally. We’re designed for feast and famine, it’s just the way our ancestors survived, it’s built into our DNA.
    Ignore these bought and paid for studies, they’re just fake news paid for by the beforehand mentioned industries. Throw them in the garbage, and disregard.
    I was 320 lbs less then 2 years ago, today 190 and dropping down to 180. I was taking 7 medications and my doctor wanted me to take even more, today I don’t even need an aspirin.
    I paid those before mentioned industries a ton of money for years, today they don’t get a dime.
    I understand why they don’t want me healthy, I suggest you do the same it’s a journey you won’t regret.
    Thomas is 100% correct!!
    Keto with IF saved my life!

  • Keto cookies and cakes? Fat snacks? Just eat natural food, peeps. We evolved to eat real food and cycle between periods of fast and feast, carbs and fats. You don’t need artificial food, no matter if the company sponsors your fave vlog.

  • I’ve been on keto and fasting 16/8 for 15 days now, and I’m dying for a cinnamon roll lol (can I have one and then continue my diet next day?), also there’s a lot of change in my body!

  • Cheated! Felt like crap for a couple of hours! Lesson learned! Worth it? No! Four hours after my meal blood sugar 91. I will not cry!

  • Day 144 on keto down 37 lbs thank you for clearing this up. I look forward to cheats and now I won’t wonder if I’m causing damage and worry about it!

  • Is a glass of dark red wine or a dark beer 1-2 times a week okay when first starting out? Thank you for the video, short and to the point!

  • Very informative Dave. More interested in cheat’n in order to enjoy a “real Italian meal” occasionally. Got lasagna? Again, thanks for a very informative video! Very encouraging!

  • Thomas, I have a question. So when you said as you start keto you should have 2-3x the amount of fats to proteins, do you mean 2-3x the amount of grams of fats? Or do you mean you should eat 2-3x the amount of calories derived from those fats.

  • Loving ur videos! New subbie �� been on Keto almost 6 months. Just got some lab work done and the doctor wants me on a statin for high cholesterol �� she said my blood sugar is good, thyroid is good, insulin good, hdl good… so thanks to u and many others I’m pretty sure I’m good ����

  • Dave, I got to say because of you I got involved with keto. And it’s been awesome. I will admit every once in awhile maybe once every week or once every other week, that I just started doing in the past month by the way, I will have a cheat meal just because I enjoy it like a pizza or something. But that’s pretty much it and then the next day I’m right back to my keto diet. I love keto and I have no problem sticking to it and it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. I’ve been doing it since mid-December. People ask me how I stick to it, very simple… it’s very easy to eat Foods I love like bacon and eggs and cheeses and Butters and mayonnaise and high-fat sauces, in fact it’s not that hard to stick to. Just want to give you a debt of gratitude because I appreciate the research you do obviously not only a this but also on the income tax. Thanks again buddy

  • I ate about 25 carbs (two cookies and a little too much salad dressing) in one meal and I just started keto 3 days. Will this totally throw me off ketosis.

  • Great info! After 5 weeks on my keto journey that I share on my keto YouTube channel I’m fat adapted! Had a “cheat weekend” due family celebration, but I was able to keep carbs to minimum. I even ate cake!

  • I don’t care…. I feel quite good doing Keto. It is like my grandparents used to eat. Those articles and news that try to scare people are nonsense.

  • I am Keto adapted, here in the UK it is too hot now, I fasted for 2 days and in the middle of the night I decide to eat something to try and force my body to fall a sleep. I found a pot of icing/frosting 400 grams 67 grams of sugar, 0 protein, 15.5 fat. I ate 180 grams, and on the next day at lunch time I ate the rest as I wanted to finish it, and get it done. Now I feel thousand times better and no, I have not lost my keto, I am by far mo motivated but also I feel it, now I am also fasting and not by will or force, but by feel, I just do not feel hungry. Btw in the afternoon I did a 45 min training session and went for a 10km run. YES I feel great. I cannot do this every day, but surely 300-400 grams of sugar once a week will do nothing to a Keto adapted body that trains everyday and uses the brain for thinking.

  • So I just read on helathline keto is bad and having a cheat meal can be really bad for your arterys!?! And you shouldn’t do keto if you have fatty liver disease. I thought that was the main reason to do it!!!

  • Also, when this keto obsession will pass Americans will come up with another diet. Have you people heard of the Mediterranean lifestyle?

  • I am currently on keto, have been for almost 3 moths.I kept it BY THE BOOK and I can honestly say I am a little tired of people raving about this diet. I’ve never felt worst in my life, I have no energy,I developed arithmia (and yes I take potassium and other supliments) amd now I’ve decided its not for me. I am European, so I’ll stick to our eating mentally of what’s in season and small portions. The countries with the longest life spam don’t do keto or other diets. They balance their meals. This diet stuff it’s ridiculous, why would you ever want to deprive yourself of fresh fruit and veggies? And I don’t want to hear about how you can eat what you want on keto. I’ve been there, you can’t.

  • Thanks for addressing this. I emailed your company a few months back about this article. It’s good to see you actually listen to the concerns of your subscribers. Keto has changed my life!

  • so a cheat meal shouldnt be “regular” carbs (meaning pizza, burgers chips candy etc.) but something within keto right? like you said extra protein or even maybe 2 halotop ice creams? (okay maybe not lol) but at least within keto standards like sweet potato fries or a pumpkin pie? just wondering since ive been doing my cheat days wrong and wanna stop that lol will look into pili nuts tho thanks!

  • Im new to this keto diet. I have tried many different plans and found out this one that has worked well for me. Just wanted to share this if it can work for you as well. Check it out:

  • Thank you Brett for the information. I have been full ketosis for just over 6 months now for my natural bodybuilding comp season and i am loving it. I ended up cheating on the weekend for the first time in 6 months and was trying to justify what i have done! I am not proud or happy i did it but I feel ok about it now when reading up about it. Any more tips and hints about cheat meals and how much carbohydrates to intake if cheating would be greatly appreciated. I almost want to try carb load for my next show as my muscles feel very full and dry after cheating

  • Can I have artificial sweetness on KD? Also if intermittent fasting can I have a protein shake in the morning with almond milk and no fruit added. I hear folks talk about coffee but I hate coffee.

  • My doctor is pro-keto, which I know is a rarity. He told me not to do a cheat day because my keto goals are to get off of diabetes medications. Unless my insulin resistance is “cured”, which can and hopefully will happen, then a cheat day is a day of uncontrolled blood sugar. Right now I can keep my average at 80 mg/dL with half of the dosage of meds I was on 8 weeks ago. But that won’t hold up to a cheat day.
    Thanks for the videos!

  • I love the recommendation of Pili nuts what I can’t is to buy them. They are so expensive!!! Good for Thomas he can and enjoy them.

  • i’m always having either almond or coconut flour bread. i don’t even think it’s cheating bc i’ve noticed it doesn’t throw me out of keto. what else one can want when you can have bread on keto? life is too good

  • I don’t trust everybody, especially YouTubers but I honestly trust Thomas with my life, his passion is obvious and he’s very sensible.

  • On day 3 after studying Thomas for a month. So much more information than my last try at keto 7 years ago. Thank you for all of the information with real facts. Made this whole thing so much more natural to follow.

  • Hi! Question about cheat meals and OMAD: If you’re planning a cheat meal, but you normally only eat once a day, should you do anything different before the cheat meal? Probably you’ll want to still break the fast with broth or something… but any other tips?

  • i am on a keto diet past a week with carbs less than 20g and i do hit the gym 4days a week for weight. is it ok to have a cheat day now?

  • But where are the sources you mentioned? Diabetes care and ACV, would be nice to have those sources listed in case we wanted to look at it too. Also why do you have random shots of pizza and non keto food in your videos. I get it when you’re directly talking about it but the pizza seemed so misplaced in this video

  • Thomas, i have been looking for a food plan i can stick to. i love your success, your videos, your advice, however, being a newbie, could u steer me to a beginner’s plan, w/7 days of suggestions for 3 meals a day? i will continue to follow u, but right now i want to get started, and while your info is crucial, i cannot absorb the info just yet. thanx for your videos. i had almost given up.

  • I’m on keto one month, and I just had little bit of snacks(something like chips), and 3 cookies… I feel so sad. I dont know why I did it. I just felt so disappointed that in one month I lost only 2 kilos. While other people lose much more.. I know we are not all the same, but it’s just how i feel now. I dont know should i have a normal keto dinner now or its better to not eat till tomorrow..just water fast.??

  • I think the main reason why people have a cheat meal is because lack of discipline, need of reward or relax, it’s convenient or some social pressure. Or it’s a habit to eat some things. But for me this video is amazing, because now I know how to optimize my cheat meals.

  • I’m definitely doing a CARB cheat! There’s a local donut place that makes a heavenly glazed cake donut, change your life. Anyway, I’ve had my eye on those for months, and now that I’ve hit my target weight I’m eating two! lol

  • Hominids that evolved to form us did so by eating fruit, seeds, stems, leaves, grains, meat, insects, assorted seafood, and pretty much anything else not burdened by too many toxins or cellulose. To say we’re not evolved to cope is like trying to deny we evolved within Earth’s biome.

    Most of the problems people experience from food come from not what one can eat, but repeatedly overeating simplistic caloric sources, such as heavier sugars and starches which were historically/naturally rare to find unlike they are in the great unending food isles of supermarkets. It takes a species specialisation to eat such things constantly, and that simply ain’t us.

  • 2 ½ years on Keto and I can tell you I’ve never been afraid of a cheat meal no matter what it is. What I do not recommend is a total binge day/meal. It makes me very ill for a day or 2 after. My cheat meal can be that homemade pizza or pasta meal; adding my homebred sourdough bread to my meal, or having those sweet potato fries, etc.

  • This was the BEST perspective I’ve ever heard of in “cheating”. The beginning is all I’ve ever heard bodybuilders say is that they need a crazy cheat meal to recipe the muscles. Thank you!!! So much incredible info!

  • Keto is such a shitty diet that it’s a given that everyone who’s on it just wants to “cheat” constantly. Fortunately keto believers are brilliant at dismissing the science they disagree with. Like this guy.:)

  • I was considering allowing myself a cheat day once a month, because my favorite food would have to be pizza.
    I’m doing an intermittent fast low carb/keto diet.

    I’m only on my second day so this is all still very new to me, but would I be okay making or ordering a pizza at the end of every month as a treat?
    Not going to be doing it at all if it will hurt my attempts to lose weight severely.

  • I have a “treat meal” bi-weekly, just to maintain sanity. It works for me, may not for anybody else. If I had 24 hrs of cheating I could destroy 2 weeks worth of hard work very easily ��

  • I thought the whole purpose of a cheat meal was to spike leptin with carbs!
    And what about the so called “metabolic flexibility” etc etc?

  • I did keto for 6 months in 2017 and I would have a cheat day every Sunday. I started my cheat day after 21 days of dieting. It didnt affect me at all, I went from 225 to 173 lbs.

  • I started with a huge belly dar looae skin and nos i justo want to remove 4 pound of muy belly i Will not give up until i see what i want. You see

  • similar research and conclusion: On Keto you have an increased need for SaltResearch has shown that taking 200g of salt at a time can lead to serious health problems or deathsooooooo, don´t do Keto ��

  • I get a burger from the local burger joint that featured on the nations top 10 burger joints for my cheat day meal. But thats the only meal I eat on cheat day, its probably a 2,000 calorie burger. But then I ride my bicycle 50 miles on my cheat day too. The burger helps me not to binge after the ride.

  • Great Channel!
    I have a question,
    Does it help if the day before a cheat day or cheat meal I eat few calories or a long fasting?
    thanks for your videos (Y)

  • Lovely video! Thrilled and would like to share that even now cannot believe I shed off 77 pounds pure fat with this fantastic 5 second hack seen here, just Google with-out spaces EZdiets101.c o m

  • I’ve been on keto 5 months and I cheat for a few days at a time lmao which yes means eating whatever I want. Has worked for me:) deff don’t see the “cheat” part if you’re still eating keto. LOVE THE CHANNEL EITHER WAY��

  • Keto is boring and looks very artificial, unpractical and not necessary. Your body needs fat, protein and moderate carbs. You can’t train intensely on keto.Peace.

  • I have 1 or 2 questions about fasting, I have type 2 diabetes, sprinkled with a little bit of blood pressure, my question is, I can do a simple 16/8 daily fast? And if so, does diabetes/blood pressure medicine break the fast? An eating period of 12am-8pm would work for me, but I want to take my medicine earlier in the morning, around 9am

  • you can eat sooo many keto-cheatmeals like pizza, muffins, cakes, bred, icecream and so on…i like this and eat all off them in one cheatday…many many calories in form of fat and proteins…but much more better then do have many many calories in form of carbs on this day!

  • At family gatherings and cookouts I have a cheat day I dont go overboard but I have a bun with my burger have some potato salad and some fruit salad my world doesn’t end I go back to keto the next day.

  • Um im confused i eat cheese and chix wings and that suff for my regular keto diet.. Hows that cheat day? If im cheating im eating a burrito or pizza or Cheeses burgers and fries.. lol

  • Soooooo, they’re just going lazy, dirty Keto for a day? I mean, if a Hooters was by me, I’d be eating those for dinner tonight as a non-cheat meal. >.<

  • I read this study and was a little concerned about it since I feel so terrible when I get kicked, but not enough to quit. Thank you for breaking it down for us!

  • LOL @ 7:00… You really made me laugh, Thomas! Great cheat suggestions and tips at the end, too! Something else worth mentioning: Did this so-called “study” also subject a carb-eating group of people to the same amount of glucose after one week of them eating the standard high-carb diet? If they had, I can guarantee that their glucose numbers would have taken MUCH longer to come down. And THAT’S no spike, ladies and gentlemen; that’s what we call insulin resistance and diabetes!

  • Finally, someone who isn’t like “who said you could cheat?” we’re going to shame you for several weeks if you cheat because you’re not supposed to cheat. It’s “illegal” lol. The keto community can be pretty brutal with people who want a slice of cake or a baked potato once or twice a year.

  • OK I’m calling it my ” TREAT DAY ” now that’s not negative is it.???… I’m doing low carb all week and on Sunday I have my Treat Day…. Now I don’t mean binge day… Just perhaps some cake ��or chocolate..��. Or might even be a full roast dinner roast beef with all the trimmings..��. This my friends keeps me from giving up… And I loose WIEGHT.., ❤️

  • May i ask about loose skin? I just recently found u and am trying to catch up. With quick weight loss, does the extra skin get absorbed? I am just starting keto. Sorry this is off topic

  • I can summarize. Don’t eat carbs ever. LOL. Thomas’s idea of a cheat meal is just more of the same keto foods. Sorry for me it’s not a cheat meal unless I am eating something I really want like sushi or spaghetti. I don’t want to cheat with more meat or fat, I eat that stuff all the time, and truly it’s nearly impossible to overeat it, especially when in keto. I usually have to force myself to eat more to ensure I am eating all my nutrient needs, because keto turns my hunger OFF. Now the way I have found to cheat without damage (and sometimes I even lose weight) is with intermitted fasting using OMAD. I have one hour, I eat whatever I want in that hour and then I fast for 24 hrs and break the fast with a high fat meal and immediately go back into keto within 24-48 hrs after the high-fat meal. This works extremely well when working out. I find that I can do a cheat meal once every 10 days or so as long as I fast 24 hrs the next day (it is usually my rest day from working out) and then only eat high-fat foods for the first 24-48 hours after the fast. I usually eat ACE sushi, have a beer and a small saki, and if I am feeling it (usually not) something sweet like a mochi ball or two on my cheat day. I will also say my performance in lifting and cycling for the next three days is crazy. I feel SO good after a cheat day with sushi.

  • I had a pork burger with a bun and potato wedges yesterday woke up to see if I was completely out of Ketosis.. Im actually registering at the highest ketones? I did follow up my cheat meal with a Keto Pizza from Papamurphys with olive garlic oil for the sauce.. I dunno but best cheat meal ever haha

  • Just want to say what many probably have said. You are changing my life and I’ve only been doing keto for a week and a half. I jumped into keto without knowing really what to do and I ended up sick and vomiting constantly. I watched your videos and I am actually going into ketosis, I am feeling like I’m eating enough, and my water weight and bloating have gone down, making me lose an arbitrary 15 lbs. I’m 317 lbs. I’m trying to make a better life for myself. As a man who also has a severe mental illness, these videos have been making me feel more motivated and happier overall. Thank you for the videos! I’m nust getting started but I’ve never been more excited to be on a diet!

  • My mother-in-law law cooks a big Sunday night dinner every week. I’m eating 100% keto throughout the rest of the week. Is it ok to eat whatever is there for one meal a week? It’s not “healthy carbs” like you’d said. It’s normal things like homemade pizza or pasta or a casserole, etc. Would that be dangerous to have once per week?

  • The timing of this video was great. I was trying to do research on keto and cheat meals last night, and I ran into the article about that study. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Pure glucose isn’t exactly the cheat meal I had in mind, lmao. Completely unhelpful, unlike your video! Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been trying to fit everything into keto and it mostly works, I’ve collected a bunch of dessert recipes that fit within my macros and I’ve found alternatives for quite a lot.

    That said, I’m sure I’ll have true blue cheat meals, carbs, sugar, the works. I just don’t plan on doing that for at least another couple of weeks. I want to make sure I’m really fat adapted and adjusted before then. I’m about 5 weeks in and the cravings have significantly decreased, but it would be nice to look forward to some junk food every 2-3 weeks. I find it helps my mindset rather than telling myself I can’t ever have it again or I need to find a “keto” version.. I hope that doesn’t ruin progress much.

  • my hypophysis and hypothalamus don’t work, after a brain tumor. Basically i’ve been on a diet for 7 years and as soon as i eat some carbs i gain all the weight i had lost

  • Ugh they are not cheating. They are eating Keto on their “cheat day”. I am eating a Keto OMAD (one meal a deal). Cheating would be going to McDonald’s and having a Big Mac, fries, and large Coke. I have been on Keto OMAD for 4 weeks so far and that is what I crave! I surely don’t crave more Keto food! LOL

  • Having a cheat meal on day 7 of keto (today). Basically wings that are very low carb but not as clean as I’ve been eating and high in calories. Thanks for the video!

  • I stuck with keto/IF for three months before I fully become accustomed to its routine, the reason I didn’t quit was that my body felt really happy after 1.5 months and my A1C level fell back to normal, even when I had cheat meals during the holidays, l did experience most of the symptoms on keto but I learned as much as I could to address the symptoms, now I am breezing through my daily routine to keep myself non-diabetic with happy keto meals cooked at home. I am so very grateful for the keto community.

  • This is my favorite video from you guys. Everytime I’m in Costco and see the petit Basque I think of you and the butthole cheese bit

  • Usually my carb cheats are 1 or 2 things that I’ve been dying to eat during the week. Then once I’ve eaten them i go back to my keto lunches, that’s just what i do, it’s satisfying and i don’t kill too much of my progress ����

  • To avoid cheating, I tell myself “You’ve worked hard for the past weeks, are you going to waste all of that just to enjoy one meal that you are going to regret later?“ Then my cravings just go away. ��

  • Great vid. Thanks for challenging that “POS” study. I use refeed meals occasionally… nice to know there’s still nothing but upside.

  • I was craving some cheddar popcorn like crazy today, so I let myself have 4 cups.  I’m at about 33 net carbs for the entire day including dinner.  I feel very satisfied and ready to charge on tomorrow.

  • You guys make me feel so much better I cheated yesterday and I’m up 3.5 pounds and I was so sad and bummed out but after this video I feel better thanks!

  • Hi kind of random, but i remember seeing one of your videos talking about a butter callled coconut butter that tastes as good or better than peanubutter. Where exactly can i find it in the gorcery section or what is the name brand?

  • I started the ketogenic diet about 8 days ago keeping my carbs under 15 until tonight… I ate a cauliflower crust pizza and didn’t realize the meal alone was 28g of carbs… Is that going to make me have to start over?

  • New research suggests that Sh2b1 in the brain controls the sympathetic nervous system and is required for leptin to activate brown fat to increase energy expenditure.

  • Cheat days are added carbs..why are u calling it cheat day when you are eating the same keto foods? Only cheat concept is more calories but to most of us following keto…its all about the carbs!!! Yesterday I had real regular pizza now thats a cheat meal! Lol��

  • I”m sorry guys but you both look really sick. You”re looking grey in the face. Please go eat some healthy stuff on your cheat day!! xx

  • Crazy! My idea of a Keto cheat day is like tonight I had half a Quest bar for dessert! Of course I rarely work out so have to be more careful!

  • I have been eating one peanutbutter cheescake fatbomb a day for the past week, I have been treating myself well lol I was hoping that wasn’t a cheat meal

  • Its said it takes 3 to 6 weeks to get fat adapted. If you cheat and are kicked out of ketosis do you have to start from day 1 to get fat adapted again?

  • Yall are in the A!!! Do you know of any Keto restaurants? I know you can find items everywhere but i would love a keto restaurant!

  • With a title like that I expected more. There’s a zound of other reasons why cheat meals are a bad idea and the main one on my mind right now concerns a clinical observation I heard about in a podcast with Paul Saladino (I think a podcast over at the food lies channel, the third in the “sapien diet” series).

    What he noticed is that inflammation caused by all these foods we avoid on all the wholefood diets linger for about three weeks, it really upsets the immune system. So, if you’re on a diet for overall health reasons and keto is the one that works for you, a cheatmeal every now and then might actually be more suboptimal then our metabolic flexibility suggest.

    If those observations prove to be a serious the benefits of a wholefood diet on avoiding chronic disease might be noticeably hampered. Something to think about / dig into.

  • the only problem I have with “cheat meals” that contain sugar….. It’s so damn addictive, every time the mind starts playing tricks to do it more often. Takes a lot of discipline to get back on keto (in my case carnivore) even while feeling how much better I do both mental and physical on keto.

  • Thank you so much for these videos. I am new to it, but the past few weeks on keto have been game changing. I feel full in a non gross way, possibly for the first time in my life (definitely my adult life). I can see a cheat day like this being a possibility down the road once I am more adapted and it makes the whole life change less daunting. I love your dog:) Can we be friends

  • I try and sneak in a BURGER with a BUN once a week (35g-45g carbs) and I can usually stay in ketosis. I make that my cheat day…but I like your cheat day too by having more fat, more protein, more calories…but keep it within 25g carbs. Great video!

  • this is not a cheat day?! lol my cheat day will consist o 15 southern fried hot wings AND fries ( going for the one meal and wont eat anything else that day )

  • i only started the diet 2 days ago & had to cheat tonight because there was nothing to eat with my medication tonight is there anything gonna happen

  • Human bodies are not that fragile. Eat cleaner at you will solve all most all your problems.

    These refined “foods” we have made are just poison.

  • My tactic for cheat days is to eat crazy amounts of shit foods for one day until I feel sick of eating them! I don’t put on too much weight (apart from the water upping due to carb reload) and then it makes me totally lose my craving for another cheat day for a while!

  • Managing a cheat meals when the food is not for me to choose (family gathering/party) would be great. *Some parties are not woke at all* LOL.

  • Does anybody know how many days it takes to get back into keto after a cheat day? i was on keto for 5 months and had a cheat day yesterday bc it was my bday. i just decided to continue keto for the rest of this year too!

  • What are you thoughts on this study, saying that blood vessels can be damaged when eating carbs on cheat day?

  • Honestly, I could NOT have made it on this lifestyle without my Sunday cheat days. I’ve been low carb for 5 months and I’m down 60 pounds. It helps for me to know that I must be strict 6 days a week and that I’ll be able to have a donut or a papaya on the seventh day. I did this from the beginning and never gain. I just start back up and have lost steady. I don’t have a binge, just a treat. Yesterday I had frozen yogurt…yum! Today (actually down a pound) I’m back to salmon, asparagus, and marinated mozzarella..equally yummy! It’s all about balance for ME, I can NOT speak on what will work for others.

  • Still strong on keto and so happy but sometimes I get urges to binge eat because that is something I went to for comfort. But NOPE NOT HAPPENING!!!! 3 weeks in and I feel amazing!!! Results are being felt but not seen a whole lot but can’t wait until they are!!!!��

  • Thank for keeping me informed. I’m scheduling my first cheat meal since starting Keto. I was already planning on having tacos, nachos, or a burrito. Had no idea how important it is to cheat within the Keto guidelines. I’m glad I did my research before eating out.

  • Need advice. Been traveling all day, just got to hotel in a tiny town, no way of cooking….not sure what to do for meals… 24 hours fasted, was going to go 48 hours and break my fast with soup, then idk what to do besides pre-made Walmart salads from the deli. Maybe canned tuna and avocado for the next few days? Trying to stay as keto, clean, and cheap as possible.

  • Bruh. Nah..

    I just had my first cheat meal after 3 weeks of Keto…

    I ate a 20inch pizza, large fries from McDonald’s, sushi rolls, 2 packets of lollies and ice cream…

    didn’t even see any weight go back on..

  • Can I have a few perogies on this diet? I’ve been super keto for 15 days and want to go nuts over my carbs! I’m eating under 18 carbs per day mainly eating fish and greens and eggs �� and �� and olive oil and bulletproof coffee and keto pizza �� with pork rinds and can honestly say all I want is perogies! They have 10 carbs per perogie would love to eat like 5 of them today is it too soon? I load them with butter and sour cream so my fat will still be high however 50 carbs in just potatoes and pasta seem crazy let me know keto people

  • Thank you for the video. I’m thinking of starting the keto diet really soon and my husband is open to the idea. Really hoping he starts it with me. He works construction and is quitting smoking and has a lot of craving right now and of course gets hungry more with his work. So it’s good to see there are keto sweets that make it possible!

  • The best way to minimize damage on cheat day is not to have cheat day. I’ll admit though a year in, I basically have zero cravings whereas for the first six months i would crave the hell out of desserts. The problem with “keto desserts” was that it kept me in a perpetual state of keto flu for like two months, Until I realized what i was doing. I am working on a physics degree so my biggest motivation has that when I’m burning glucose I cant focus at school. You can’t have brain fog as a physics student… My #1 keto rule is there is no such thing as keto friendly. Either the macros are keto or they aren’t…

  • I love IF and I love Keto and I’ve been following it for years and lost so much weight and feel great. But Jesus, eating a bowl of pasta once in a blue moon isn’t going to kill you. You’ve gotta live once in a while. Let a cheat meal be a REAL cheat meal.

  • I have to say I want to be able to do this every time but I am a real human being and when I go to a family gathering and there is cheese cake made by my sister in law who really wants me to have a slice I cannot say no, it is rarely enough that cheating is ok

  • Great video. My question is what is the best approach to minimize fat storage and get back to ketosis ASAP after a non Keto realm cheat/treat? Asking for a friend. Lol!

  • I have been on the keto diet for about two weeks now. I feel good and then when I eat I feel weak. I have been backpedaling through your information, but there is soooooo much of it and I would like a meal plan that shows me 75% fat, protein, carbs etc. I feel like I am in deep water up to my chin Help.

  • After a higher than ideal amount of carbs on Keto, I would suggest one makes time the next day (or that same day) to workout or go to the gym for 30mins or hour and hit the elliptical or whatever… do some cardio.

  • Love all the great information and myth busting, but you’re too attractive to pay attention, it’s a struggle LOL
    But in all seriousness, love your channel, and that you’re a great family guy!!

  • On cheat day’s I eat as much meat as I want and can handle while still consuming my normal foods. It is a very sad day for other species but an Epic Day for me. 4 chicken thighs and 4 Dummies? Yes Please! 3 Steaks in one sitting, Who can say “no”?

  • Yeah,……am eating and can cheat after all the hard work……its like a carrot out there that you can look forward too. Dr. Tamara worley

  • Question: Dr, I was on keto for 6 days Unfortunately mama made my rice & beans dish for dinner on Sunday. I was really hungry and I couldn’t say no to our traditional food. After that meal, went back on keto for 2 days and counting. Did I break ketosis? How long it takes to go back on ketosis?

  • I went full-blown bad cheat day with carbs and had two bowls of Captain Crunch and a cheese quesadilla and I couldn’t be happier did I knock myself out of ketosis of course do I feel bloated yes but am I content. that rid craving is gone. am I continuing to eat like that? NO.WILL I get back on track right now absolutely not waiting for tomorrow

  • was looking for a good cheat meal, paused halfway through and got some wendy’s… i’ll be mostly healthy, but if im going to cheat i’ll really cheat. ty for the tips though and those cookies do look like a good snack to have around.

  • Thanks for this video, which came out at the perfect time for me. My wife’s birthday was Saturday and we went out for a nice Italian dinner. I did my best to minimize (no bread, no dessert, etc.), but I did have lasagna. Afterward, when I Googled cheat meals on keto, I was totally freaked out. So again, thanks for putting my mind at ease. You must have known I was looking for answers.

  • I am fasting, and carb restricted, and down about 1,000 calories a day from my old intake of about 3500-4000 a day. For me i feel like i need a cheat meal when fasting starts becoming too easy and painless, and usually around then my weightloss starts to plateau. So i kick up about 800 extra calories for a day or two, then drop back into the groove, to try to keep my metabolism up. It’s an experiment, but i am learning a lot. Thanks Thomas.

  • Well Mr Thomas I disagree with very little things you say but I do disagree on your Bro Science vs Science belief’s. Sometimes we just have to go by what makes sense to us even though science cant explain or hasn’t caught up yet because all these studies can be made to get a point across. Sometimes we just have to trust what we see and just what makes sense to us.

  • Sometimes I wish you would just get to the point and save the science for the latter part of video. In ketosis for 2 weeks. I’m going to cheat so I don’t insult the cook. Plain and simple, no science. What do I do after a cheat.I am already a fan and I know after this meal I am getting back to the way I have been eating
    Do a plain and simple ketosis video for dummies. Some of us know it works but do we really need the science on every single video?

  • Basically every anti Keto study:
    compare high carb high fat diet (4000 calories) with low fat high carb (2500 calories)
    conclude that eating fat is bad

  • Please go into more info about the issue of resistance. After being obese for the majority of my life my metabolic rate and system is extremely resistant.

  • if you’re on keto, why would you go through taking yourself out of keto and going back into it once a week or twice a week? isn’t that the most annoying part of keto

  • So basically what your saying is don’t cheat at all. Honestly, in my opinion, if its still keto then your not really cheating. I would really like to see a video where you say ok so you cheated, you maybe, even really binged really bad now here’s how you can mitigate the damage to the weight loss and recover.

  • I am currently on my fith day of keto the first four days I ate less than 40 net carbs, today less than 30 net carbs, and I workout roughly 6times a week. I plan on eating less than 25 net carbs a day in 7-10 days. When should I be able to have a cheat MEAL (Not day)? I cannot afford any way to measure my ketones.

    If there is anything I can awnser that would help ill try

  • I wish i could afford to hire you!! I started at 219 now 181.. My whole family is fatter than me.. Even my kids… im desperately trying to learn how to keto and make meals for my family that they will actually eat! I’m scared I’m going to lose my family!

  • nah, I cant take 30 percent more calories in ONE meal. Having a real cheat day once in two weeks works for me. Screw those lactins, shmactins. I want a Haagen darz ice cream!