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If You Feel Like Weight Loss Is Hopeless, Read This. by Greatist. June 3, 2016. Vox’s article takes a futile “calories out” view of exercise and concludes that it is not an important factor in weight loss. Like Malthus’s prediction, its grim nature is the result of an incomplete story. There’s more than one way to exercise.

If You Feel Hopeless about Your Weight Read This You know if you feel hopeless about your weight and you’ve failed over and over and over again to keep the weight off, then it makes sense that you might be feeling depressed and despondent. I. In fact, as you age, your body may not require as many calories. If you are used to eating a certain quantity, your body may feel hunger out of habit, rather than actual need. Taking out all the snacks and fillers that keep you from feeling hungry may aid you in weight loss.

Reflect back on the things you ate this week. I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this right now that’s how you feel about your weight. You believe that the weight that you’re at right now is the weight you’ll be at six months from now or a year from now or 10 years from now. You might not even notice a weight loss of five pounds when you look in the mirror, but I guarantee you your health will be better.

OK – so you will try again, and you will set a realistic goal as to the amount of weight you feel you can comfortably lose (consider 1 or 2 pounds a week over the next month). Despite my best intentions, despite having to begin again at a higher weight, despite feeling hopeless and helpless and angry, I have to try again because I refuse to give up on myself. Now it’s not a 60lb loss, it’s a 70lb loss that I have to aim for.

But if you recognize that you’re starting to feel hopeless, there are much better ways to cope. Ahead, Friedman lays out four ways to. If you feel like you have to temporarily turn your whole life upside down to lose or keep weight off, you’ve likely mis-calibrated realistic expectations with what you. Filled with Joy,from Heart Believe it or not it’s The Greatest Joy,I have ever got after I lost 42 kilos in 4 months:-):-):-) Yes you are reading right:).Now don’t jump to any conclusion that I might have taken some shortcut,,,,it’s very hard. If you like alcohol but want to lose weight, it may be best to stick to spirits (like vodka) mixed with a zero-calorie beverage.

Beer, wine and.

List of related literature:

Through my work with thousands of patients and doctors over the last three decades, I have seen how disheartening and frustrating it is for those who try very hard to lose weight but find that nothing seems to work for them.

“The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day” by Denis Wilson
from The Power of Fastercise: Using the New Science of Signaling Exercise to Get Surprisingly Fit in Just a Few Minutes a Day
by Denis Wilson
Chelsea Green Publishing, 2019

That said, I recognize that I’m probably not the best person to address the mental and emotional side of weight loss.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
Hay House, 2020

Not long ago I read a beautiful piece by a writer who lost 125 pounds in a year.

“The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man's Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America” by Tommy Tomlinson
from The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America
by Tommy Tomlinson
Simon & Schuster, 2020

In other words, losing weight for good requires a commitment to making lifestyle changes.

“The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
from The Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
by Meri Raffetto, RD, LDN
John Wiley & Sons, 2010

OMG, I lost fifty pounds; I’m going to start a blog on weight loss!

“UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” by MJ DeMarco
from UNSCRIPTED: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship
by MJ DeMarco
Viperion Publishing Corporation, 2017

I purchased the book (Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out) over a year ago, but I now have the mental clarity and motivation to see it through!

“10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!” by JJ Smith
from 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse: Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 10 Days!
by JJ Smith
Simon & Schuster, 2014

That said, many in the fat acceptance community are quick to return, weight regained and health compromised.

“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture” by Amy Erdman Farrell
from Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture
by Amy Erdman Farrell
NYU Press, 2011

While the weight loss is amazing, what excites me most is seeing the shift in how women feel and how they begin to live their lives.

“The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman's Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More” by Jessica Ortner
from The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss & Body Confidence: A Woman’s Guide to Stressing Less, Weighing Less, and Loving More
by Jessica Ortner
Hay House, 2014

And I know that these conditions generally don’t motivate people to lose weight.

“The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition” by Dr Mike Moreno
from The 17 Day Diet Breakthrough Edition
by Dr Mike Moreno
Simon & Schuster UK, 2014

But as I started to focus on the health, the weight loss became almost a by­product of that.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
from Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body
by Jon Gabriel
Simon & Schuster Australia, 2009

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  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search. On there you’ll find a great suggestions about how you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • I relate to dysthymia in every way it’s been described, in every video I’ve watched. I have never been able to believe I could afford health insurance, that alone a mental health coach/therapist. I never related to severe depression, my family line delves into severity, but I’ve never quite felt the crumbling severe my parents have. I find that fortunate, though. I still somehow want to and try to be here and show up every day for the people I promised I would. Even though every thing in me is begging me not to. And to just please make it all stop so you can disappear into a void. I’ve always had to force myself to get up, since I can remember. Waking up has never been something to be excited about. It’s just another day my trapped brain creates. Because I have no one else to rely on to get through it. All I have is me, and me never seems enough to make me or anyone else happy enough to feel content with our days. I’ve been a hermit since I was a baby/child. Always content playing alone, preferred to actually. Somehow I’ve been an influential hermit to so many people throughout my life though. People are really drawn to me any little time I expose my unshelled flesh. And I don’t mean nakedness. I just mean exposing my feelings and state of being. I always regret exposing my existence though. It draws way too much attention. Maybe at first it’s attention I thought I wanted. But immediately I become adverse to as soon as I receive it. I just want everything and everyone to go away. Leave me alone. It’s too much. I’m not as mysterious and interesting as you thought. I am a flawed human being. I constantly crave to feel the peace of loneliness and pure emptiness, because existing and being needed to respond to others is never an energy I’ve ever had the capacity to access and utilize for more than a tiny brief moment. Somehow I connect to people so easily in moments, but the moments never weather the constant fluctuations of my mental health. I retreat as soon as I see my ugly tendencies trying to get through. So others will never have to see me that way. And I guess that defines my loneliness in a way. Never letting another see the major parts of you, so you never feel understood or seen purely. I have trouble harboring relationships and feeling any sense of a comfortable dock. Suicide has crossed my mind often, but never in an active way. I’ve felt such extreme sadness, and unworthy, but never felt so unrelated to that my depression is that severe to the point of not being able to take care of my basic responsibilities to survive. (My basic needs to feel mentally stable are still ignored for the most part though). It’s been at the point for over 6 years where I only take care of my basic responsibilities to feel good about my life. But have no energy or will to take care of my actual self. Things I wish I would be able to have energy to do are always looming over my head. They build up into an intense monster, to the point where I either need to completely shut down and ignore, by recover sleeping an entire day off, or to a point where I know I work the next day for 10 hours, but can’t get to sleep, because I think about how much I’ve lost myself over the years and that no one actually sees who I am anymore and truly appreciates me for the depth and connection I withhold inside. I always functioned in life and in a way I’ve somehow/somewhat excelled, because of how much anxiety and self-awareness I hold at all times because it forces me to try so I uphold others images of me. I actually look for safe windows to feel my full depression. The majority of my sick time I’ve used to sleep and disassociate from my life problems. I’ve never used them to actually heal myself. I’m 30 years old and have never once asked for vacation time off. I’ve traded in my vacation time for money, to take care of my basic needs as well as others needs. I try so hard and never take vacations or take time off. Any time I randomly happen to have 2-3 days off by holiday chance, I use those days to be my full unfunctional self. I’ll sleep until my entire body and joints hurt from lack of movement. This is why I feel like I feel like I have high functioning depression. I continue on through it somehow. But all I feel is my suffering and how I am to be used by others. I know why I can’t just be. I just can’t. That option is not available to me. I don’t look for or hold that privilege while in my mindset, and it wouldn’t make me happy even if everything was given and handed to me. I would always feel the intense stress, panic, and unworthiness of not giving enough to deserve a pure feeling of being taken care of. So I just suffer, and I try to take care of myself, I keep going, even though I can see the declining spiral that is my life. Here’s to hoping for one good moment to attach to. That’s all I can ever manage these days.

  • Just started working out after gaining 17kg in 2 years. My husband and I are both overweight. So in the past week he lost 0.5kg and I gained 1.1kg. I got so discouraged, and was a little petty with him. I am not giving up. IF I feel discouraged or bored then I’m gonna…(haven’t figured it out yet, any ideas?)

  • I have had depression since before I knew what depression was, I’m 20 now and I don’t remember ever been happy but then again since I was 8 my father died my mom remarried in 2 months,he was a drug addict and manipulative and we were abuse physically, mentally, verbally, financially,then my mom divorced him but once my anxiety panic attacks and PTSD started my mom started abusing me then my grandmother and grandfather died and we were homeless for a year now I’m in university on a bursary but I have sever mental illnesses study psychology

  • I started at 190 pounds in january (got sick for 2 months and spiralled) I have lost 31 lbs. Was going to give up tonight but watched this video and going to get back on track and keep going. Would like to loose another 20 lbs

  • up your protein at least 100g a day and a combination of deadlifts, donkey kicks & fire hydrants with resistance/weights and your glutes will grow trust me

  • You described me to a tee. I work, smile and encourage my clients. I’m 45,lasy time I was joyful was when I was 37. I do what I need to, but constantly feel like life is meaningless. Here I just thought I was a negative person. Thank you for your video, it’s so helpful as always xx

  • Intermittent Fasting, Keto, High Intensity Training and 5×5 alternate day weight training, did it for me.
    15KG down. Fatty liver, 5% left to fix.
    Try watching I ‘want” to be like this.. not I ‘should’ be thinner.

  • Does anyone have any advice on what can be done for somebody without a support network? I am getting in contact with psychologists via my GP but the wait is LONG, I need medicine but I have no means of transport, not much money, and struggle to get out of bed let alone take public transport.

  • I have depression and get medication, but still no motivation. I was supposed to get a therapist, but my parents won’t even get me an appointment

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (google search it)? I’ve heard many amazing things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google). But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss secrets?

  • Great advice. I’ve been in and out of diets, losing and regaining big chunks of weight many times over for the past 15 years. I agree, this is the best advice to achieve your goals. But of course, these are just mere tools (the “how”). You still need to have a strong will/desire to follow through consistently

  • I can’t fit my retainers anymore. My hereditary gap said “aht! aht!” lol. They’re still perfectly straight, just the front teeth moved to create their gap so it kinda slightly eclipses the teeth next to them.

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search search. On there you’ll discover an awesome tips about how exactly you can lost tons of fat. Why don’t you give it a chance? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • I know it’s hard but write it down and just do it. Anytime we do something new is always hard in the beginning. But u dont have to lift 200 pounds. Start by power walking and dont think about it

  • Hey,
    Well done on the weight loss journey:) I am also on myself I started off about 200 pounds now I am done to 192 pounds. I am aiming for 154 pounds I know I can do it. Watching YouTube motivational videos like yours helps me to stay on track. It’s all about the mindset get your mind right think about the why ur losing weight. Record affirmations on your phone that will support your weight loss. Best of luck everyone:) take it one step at a time!♡

  • Honestly I don’t think diets work. We only have limited willpower so Mel’s suggestions for tooling up for your willpower crucial scenarios is perfect. I had been trying to loose weight for over a decade and yo-yo’d my weight so much that my skin is a bit of a mess. I would follow a diet and loose say 6 stone but then the unhealthy mental stuff would come up and I would be on the verge of an eating disorder and have to stop. I have now lost 30 pounds in 2 years and kept it off safely. I have limited energy as I have had a lot of issues with pain and sleeping over the years. Counselling was the number 1 thing that helped me, then instead of a diet I said to myself what could I do for the rest of my life? Try one thing a week. First I educated myself on food, I used nutritionfacts.org because he reviews the science papers and sifts through the ones paid for by companies to prove their products are great and gets to the real facts. Next I made a shopping list every week, then I learnt to meal plan, then I worked out how to make my fave food from scratch to swap out processed foods and learnt to cook, then I created boundaries around my treat foods. Make sure you tell your doctor what you are doing so they can give you a blood test and make sure you are getting the right nutrients. I was low in D3 because I don’t go out more so I now know my next habit is to sit in the garden for 15mins a day so I can make my D3. If you try something and it doesn’t work, ok, move of to the next. Learn why, don’t judge yourself, your body just didn’t like it. Stack up healthy habits and change your lifestyle. Your body will do the rest. I’m also now off all my depression meds and physical health meds. Knowing you have the power to change your life is empowering for me, especially after years of trauma as a kid. I still have 60 pounds to go but I will get there. I’m already a 1/3 done �� Hope this helps someone, you can do it too.

  • Hi Dr, I just watch this and finally decided to wrote this. I wrote this because I still can’t understand with myself/ condition. I’ve watched your other videos and I still don’t understand myself, I’ll tell little bit of how i feel, I loss interest in doing things I usually enjoy(I notice this like a few years ago), I keep giving excuses whenever my friends asked out and because of that I think that my friends abandoning me. This year I felt a lot more worse, I occasionally feel sad for no reason, I have insomnia and had a hard time waking up, feeling my pain and aches on my body, sometimes I loss appetite and sometimes I overeating and when related to work I always keep blaming myself for being worthless, hopeless and the main problems for any occurring issues, even a small matter I will overthink it for days, I had a hard time focusing, concentrating and remembering things. I also feel I’m not worth to live and feel I don’t have the will to live anymore. I met a Doctor(Not Psychiatrist) and he asked me few questions about myself like when is the last time I was happy and I answered “I’m not happy my whole life”, he also asked me what is the most sad moment? I answered ” I don’t remember” he said I have depression. I never had any issues with my family and neither with an accident. What I don’t understand about myself is that with all the problems I’ve mentioned, do I really have depression or is it just a feeling, can someone really be depressed if she doesn’t experience any loss, abuse, bullying or etc…

    I really want to know the answer, I asked this here because I truly want to understand before I seek for Help. I’m sorry for asking.

  • I have an exam coming up in a few weeks and I’m getting very anxious and stressed and also have zero motivation to do anything ��‍♀️

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost crazy amounts of weight? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this popular lose weight methods.

  • I read a lot of superb reviews on the internet about how Fenoboci Diet Plan (just search it on google) will help you lost a lot of weight. Has anybody tried using this popular fat loss system?

  • Hey. Love your videos as always. Suggestion for a great video: home work outs ��. With the Coronavirus pandemic… going to a gym….being around other people not highly recommended. However, we still have to stay fit and healthy during this time. Sending you much love from an ER physician in your home area of DMV. Keep up with the great content videos.

  • I need to get away from social media and mirrors ����‍♀️ for 2 months so that I may see my progress…. because I’m super depressed SUPER!

  • I just have no desire to do anything apart from staying in bed. I used to love playing violin but I don’t as much anymore just because I feel like “what’s the point”. Talking to people exhausts me. It’s not that I’m sad, I just don’t have the energy to feel anything except tired

  • D world still have a lot of space to fit fat persons…why must everyone slim and forced until have Ed, depression or healthy problems because of the “slim is only mean you are enough good” bull shit new generation trendy…��‍♀️how many persons can live for themselves without care other people’s judgement?��‍♂️ learning forgive ourselves and accept the imperfections, you will become mentally strong☺️

  • I’m so happy I found this recent vid of yours! I WISH with all my heart that you get to see this comment I’ve listened to everything you said here and truth be told, everything sounds wonderful and helpful. But, when I look into myself I feel like I deeply do not care or at least do not care enough to feel hopeful with myself finding motivation to do anything, mainly school. I have depression and feel suicidal a lot and sadly even though I do go to therapy for it, I feel like my therapist doesn’t really care and just nods away and keeps me feeling more and more sad as my sessions go by…like literally, he just adds more existential crises problem in each and every session and it truly depresses me. I don’t want to take medication, it’s not something I want to put in my body (the same way some ppl don’t want to take the pill, not because it doesn’t want; only I wouldn’t want those synthetic hormones in my body ect). I feel SO incredibly lost and school is taking too long and no matter what I try, I don’t feel like there’s hope for me essentially. I’m 25 and studying my dream major, Psychology and my big dream was to be a Clinical Psychologist and help ppl…only to end up as a suicidal individual that doesn’t know how to get better and is struggling with depression and constant suicidal thoughts. If it helps, I’m 25 and a female and absolutely adore your vids and how caring yet professional they all are. I hope to God that you get to see this comment as what you’re doing is my dream and I would be honored to know your thoughts on my situation and what I can do to help myself…please.

  • i cant see someone…i have severe social anxiety and cant get outside my room most of the time. i have no friends. There are nobody in my familiy i can talk to. There is nothing giving me any joy. I have not been happy for for 12 years. I have no interests, hobbies or anything to do. I cant sleep,eat or stop thinking about killing myself.

  • I have two Bachelor degrees, but I started a cleaning company, cleaning is my therapy. I clean like a demon at home and look forward to going to work so I can clean again. I’m underweight and have to force myself to eat dinner. I’m so irritable all the time and quick to anger. I truly hate myself and tried to commit suicide on one occasion, I have self harmed on a few occasions, but it didn’t help. I’m on anti-depressants but they don’t help. I’m at my wits end.

  • maybe you could invest in a trainer at a strength training gym to really get your body to the next level. that would be dope to see

  • There is good comfort in knowing we aren’t alone. What do we do about this? How do we fix ourselves? How do we figure out where it came from?

  • I need advice…I feel like no one is hearing me… I have had episodes of paranoia, thinking I am seeing someone who isn’t actually there, severe mood swings, talking to people and not making any sense, and zoning out to the point of scaring those around me. What should I do? I have told my therapist, and he didn’t seem concerned. I told my psychiatrist and she upped my meds again. I am tired of feeling like this. I’m not a danger to anyone so I don’t think hospitalization would benefit me.

  • 5-4-3-2-1 Go! Just do it! Don’t have expectations, but have a goal of 1 hour of exercise and eating healthy with TONS of greens!, fresh seasonal fruits, and lean cut meats!

  • Who said that you need a check up from the neckup, focus on the goal is being whole, wisdom will save you from an empty existence, so read the Book of Proverbs, and develop some resistance.

  • My new weight loss journey after my daughter has been VERY eye opening. I used to be able to lose weight so fast and now 9 months postpartum I have lost a total of 40lbs and I have been embracing my new body while working on getting the body I want
    My new fitness journey is Fit by 30 so April 1st will give me 17 months to do that
    This video is great!!!

  • I am 18 now and i cant even remember the last time i felt good..if i had to define what is happiness I wouldn’t be able cause I don’t remember how it is to feel happy and satisfied of life

  • I feel like this video is discounting the real suffering of those with dysthymia/persistent depressive disorder. I’ve been hospitalized for suicide attempts but my diagnosis on the books has always been “just” dysthymia. This video gave me the impression that the suffering of those with dysthymia/PDD isn’t valid and isn’t to be taken as seriously as MDD and other mental health disorders. I’m usually open minded with all psychology YouTube videos I watch but with this one, I was offended. For me, dysthymia isn’t just a “low hanging cloud”, it isn’t just me “not being happy”. It’s complete hell, the only difference is the longer duration. Saying persistent depressive disorder means the symptoms “aren’t as bad” as those of “real” major depression discounts the experience of many of us including me.

  • This is the position im in. Never leave the house, quit work, have no friends since i got sober 3 years ago, family looks down on me. N its damn near impossible to get medication when u cant afford 300$ appointments �� have an appointment in 3months tho for an initial, thatll probably take another 3months after that b4 getting to see the actual dr. What about ppl like me, what can i do right now when im legitimately alone?? Live alone, have barely any interactions?

  • We can see it LOL!! Cute hat. Love the quote, thank you for kicking hopelessness in the face! Great job on getting those wins everything adds up. This was very motivational.

  • I massively appreciate this video. One of my triggers is my spouse.
    It is so difficult daily but I am truly motivated and have lost nearly a hundred pounds and I Will stick to this damn diet ����
    If I feel like I want to over eat, then I will do a YouTube workout video, and instead of feeling guilty for over eating I feel amazing from seeing the muscles working and knowing I’m doing something great for this body that takes me everywhere and needs to be healthy! Or I will listen to music and surf funny videos, go outside in nature, video games, crafting.

  • How do I get my mom to understand/ care about my depression?? Im 14 and i’ve been severely depressed, among other things, since I was about 7, my mom doesn’t even try to comprehend my depression. She just yells and screams at me about things i can’t control, like when my room is a disaster, or I can’t get out of bed, or when I get a little annoyed everything. She doesn’t know anything about it, and I think she just thinks that depression is just sadness. I just want her to understand the constant struggle of getting through every day and not even wanting to be alive, but she won’t even try. I’ve texted her multiple videos everyday, (because i’m too scared to talk to her about it in person), for at least a month but she just wouldn’t watch it. You’re my best bet at this because there is really no one else I can talk to about this.

  • Your consistency and strength is amazing to watch!!!! Also, not sure if I heard you right, but curly girls of color can’t wash their hair everyday.

  • I hope you read this.
    I’m a mother and I struggle with motivation (I’m diagnosed with depression) I also struggle with guilt. I’m on medication which does help with my guilt. Before I was medicated I was so guilty that I’d clean my house because I’d feel like my family would love me less and I wasn’t good enough. After getting on prozac I stopped cleaning as much probably cause the guilt was what was forcing me and I wasn’t feeling as guilty, now my guilt is coming back and it’s making my depression worse, therefore creating a vicious cycle of making me depressed so I have less motivation.

  • I really needed to hear this. I was consistently going to the gym 5 to 6 times a week for about 2 months, I was on top of my diet and then all of a sudden the past two weeks I’ve just felt so discouraged I’ve gone to the gym maybe twice a week. Thank you so much for your little Ted talk Kayla I appreciate it lol

  • You are God sent. thank you so much. I needed to hear this. God has truly blessed me with your message. don’t ever stop. you are destined for this here inspirational mentoring! #YourBlessed! xo ��☺

  • In terms of not seeing the changes in your body I totally understand. I started my fitness journey October 2019 and it’s been a rollercoaster not even working out but having to deal with food issues that I didn’t even know I had. I mainly focus on weight training and take pictures every week. The d ale hasn’t really been motivating as I’ve gained 2kg sivce I started but feel so strong. I think I started to realise the changes in my body when one of my friends who I often workout with commented on how I look more toned. It’s actually crazy that my body has changed even though I haven’t lost weight. Ultimately I do want to lose weight because I really want to be within the healthy BMI range. I’m currently in the overweight category. But so far I’m enjoy seeing the changes the fat roll that I had on my back is progressively getting smaller, I can actually run and I even walk more now.

  • What a great educational video. Also, big thanks to MissMediaChick for the well-formulated question.
    Every time I heard “MissMediaChick” in the video, it felt like a much needed comedic relief xD

  • Please give me advise on recourse. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since my teens. It has affected every single area of my life. I have been on Prozac for depression and Pax for anxiety for years and it has kept me functional. Now I am 51, and since having a hysterectomy 5 years ago this have become unbearable. I struggle with a sense of pointlessness in everything I do. I live with my grown up son at the moment and spend most of my time in bed, I used to care about how I looked and took care of myself, at the moment, taking a shower is like climbing Mt Everest. I don’t ever really remember feeling happiness or joy in anything in my life. I’m just dragging myself through life, till the end. Added to this I work for 6 months of the year in the UK looking after very old and frail people. Im told I am a good carer, but I simply go through the motions. I want more than anything to live a fulfilling life and enjoy life in general. What am I to do?

  • BAWDYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I tell people that ask me about the gym all the time how do I stay so motivated and it’s literally seeing a little change it just motivates you to continue the journey. I’m so proud of you girl!!!

  • sometimes I have to call my friend and ask her to tell me to do something like make food because I can’t do it otherwise, but her simply telling me to (not in a stern way either) really helps when my motivation is 0

  • I really love how content creators in general share certain parts of their life. Just by sharing a meal idea or workout plan, it motivates me a lot, without feeling pressure. I’ve been loving your content lately!!

  • Thank you for this. I actually started going to the gym in the middle of last month because I felt it was time. I’m in the process of cleaning up my diet and figuring out what I need to help me with my goals. Spoke with a trainer and was able to get a workout plan together which was awesome. I definitely know it will take some time to see results but I know if I’m consistent I will be good. Only thing that annoys me is when I go in the gym to workout I mind my business with my wireless earphones on and people decide to stare at you lol. I look to you for inspiration because I have been subscribed to you for a long time and I know it took a while for you to get the body that you have now. It takes patience and determination. ��

  • I am my own road block. Been trying to lose the same 15 lbs for 15 years. I am going to try this today and every day. Practice males perfect. Every time i get bored and want to eat I will go to the basement and set a timer to organize something for 15-30 min. I have procrastinated that basement for too long. Thank you Ms Mel, I am GOING to do this!

  • I think you are a really big inspiration for me because you, like my small body self and a lot of others. Weren’t born with huge slim thickness like others. But you will get the satisfaction of knowing you got it through hard work and determination which I think is so much more amazing then just being given it at birth ❤️���� following your path

  • really needed to hear this. going through a bad breakup and the last thing I want to do is even get out of bed let alone get back to the gym. the gym does make me feel good and helps me get out of reality for an hour or so. love your videos

  • i thought, for a really long time, that depression only came in this one, severe form and that my feelings weren’t valid because i can still function most days (with great effort). i have my first therapy session tomorrow. fingers crossed that my therapist will turn out to be at least half as competent as doc marks.

  • Thank you Mel for your expertise and words of wisdom. You really break down all the scenarios and excuses that block us & that we all face in trying to live our best life for ourselves. Thank you again������

  • I know what’s wrong in my life and I know how to turn it around. I’m self aware of the things I say and do but I ultimately just do nothing and eat. I want to lose weight again and wear nice clothing and dance and get a job but I just can’t

  • i know it may seem really really bad and inappropriate for someone to self-diagnose. but i aspire to be a psychologist/psychiatrist in the future.

    i think, me, feeling down and disappointed with almost everything started when i was in eighth grade. ive started to hurt myself, feel very dry and low sometimes. but i always felt like working at some point, i always have this thought that lurks inside my head whenever i feel down and sad. and sometimes i feel very distant with people. i wanted to consider the fact that i am doing fine and things will go well if i stay happy, but sometimes i wish i am gone. i sometimes wish to get help but i can’t, cause nothing seems to fit me with depression and i dont know what to do. i may be very confident the way i handle life, but this time i really feel like it’s getting worse. and i can actually feel it.

    by the way, i am turning legal next year and i am afraid that if this thing will last longer, i might be gone someday.

    i don’t know, do i have these symptoms or not? am i actually fine or is this just normal? puberty? i don’t know. this has been going through my head for three years and i dont know what should i do. is going through the guidance counselor’s office could help? i am so confused. help

  • I’ve been diagnosed with Persistent Depressive Disorder with Major Depressive Episodes for more than 2 yrs. I’m still fighting for it.

  • Having one depression on top of another… that’s very interesting. Thank you for these videos they really do help me understand what I’m going through better.
    I too had a crappy childhood as my father was a drunk and a drug addict and when my mother and I left when I was 9, one year later she became what she despised and dated men that were the same and treated me the same demeaning me and physically harming me. And she was always comparing me to my father. Now I’m a single dad with 4 kids, 3 in my custody and two are identical twins with severe Autism. I have vowed not to be my parents and have fought suicidal thoughts, low self esteem, depression and many other symptoms in your videos periodically through my life. I even have, what I describe as a tic or tics where out of nowhere I’ll say out loud and unintentionally, that I wish I were dead or “I hate myself”… often. That thought will just loop over and over in my head until it comes out… and I mean loud. I know people around me can hear me… I must look like a mad man… but despite all of these things, I still function albeit less and less with each passing day… sometimes I’m fighting it so hard, I’ll be going through my daily routine and I’ll be grinding my teeth because I’m trying to fight and episode. I suffer anxiety and have been diagnosed with anxiety and moderate to severe depression disorder. No medications, no matter how long I take them or in any dose seem to work. Most just give me strange dreams and keep me awake as a result… I haven’t worked in over a decade… mainly because of being a single dad and having to care for my sons but I know that much of it stems from my depression and anxiety. I love people and try to be very humble in my dealings with people on a personal basis… but when I’m in a car (alone) I get very angry and agitated because it’s the only place I feel I can let off steam without anyone seeing me. I call driving my “scream therapy”… help me doc… I would greatly value your opinion on this. I am currently not on any medication and I’m struggling to quit smoking pot as in recent years it only seems to bring me down harder. However it use to be a relief. I don’t wish to kill myself and frankly wouldn’t have the guts but the prospect of me dying is not at all scary for me. In fact in my head it would free the world of yet another burden… again… help me doc.

  • Nothing against Katy but many of these tips are so much easier said than done, especially when you don’t have friends because they’ve completely abandoned you and your co-workers think your a basket case. Even my supervisor keeps dropping hints that I should look for another job….not for my sake but for hers. I’ve been on more than a dozen antidepressants over the last 20 years and none of them work, even my doctor says he doesn’t believe I am a candidate for medication. Feel like I’ve hit a dead end….I honestly don’t remember what it’s like to feel alive for the last year.

  • Hey guys ive been crying all day right now i made myself a bowl of food and some bread but im holding back. Ive been wanting food for hours and hours its constantly in the back of my mind, I just want it to stop �� I havent eaten yet i came here for something to get me through. I think the thing that triggered me (Im sensitive) was this morning i was ordering food from a noodle place for my aunty and it triggered me to want that food, smelling it didnt help either, and then the guy taking my order didnt hear me properly and he just did this kind of annoyed “what?” movement with his head and i was like ���� but anyways ive been craving since then and feeling Alone, feeling like ive already failed, feeling like ill never get past these feelings, feeling like im not worthy of respect or change, feeling so so uncomfortable… this food is staring at me… and seducing me with its delicious aroma… Im scared im so so scared

  • I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets. But I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • Oh I LOVE this format for answering questions, the whole stickinote message/gamer mini camera thing is great. I’d love to see you bring that back. Just an aesthetic note. get it? NOTE! lol

  • Your hairrrr!! I love it! Did you go darker? When you were by the window it looked black! I do a pineapple at night with a satin scrunchie. You can get some cute ones on amazon �� that hairstyle suits you sooo well ❣️

  • Everything seems to relate to me. I must be a hypochondriac…. Let’s add that to the list…. PS: Thank you for the vid! You’re amazing!

  • Mel;
    The greater part of my life I was lean and in great shape.
    After my first divorce from an unfaithful woman I began to gain weight slowly, and after a second divorce from a Narcissist I began to gain even more weight.
    I was up to 215 pounds when I realized I needed to do something. I was able to drop 35 pounds in a matter of 3 months, and the year to follow I gained 15 pounds of it back, putting me at 195 pounds today. My goal was to get back down to where I felt the best years ago (145-150 pound). I was lean strong and had more energy than all my friends (what I thought were friends) at the time combined.
    I would love to get back to where I once was, but what does it really matter when I have no one in my life anymore?
    I find my self relating to the song, In The End by Linkin Park
    In the end it doesn’t even matter.
    I suffered a nervous breakdown after my first marriage and now battle my emotions, lost everything in my life at one point, became homeless and alone, 10 years later allowed loneliness to blind the fact I was now in a relationship with a Narcissist who caused me to despair even of life to the point of wanting to take my own life.
    There is a food program I generated for myself that I really enjoy, but I struggle to fix decent meals for myself and so laps back to eating very poorly and am not very active anymore.
    It also does not help that the fresh foods I desire on my program are not always available in the winter where I live, so once again I go back to eating very poorly.
    I don’t know how to break out of this and take my life back.

  • Thank you for the tips. Im losing weight as I was very unhealthy I had two weight related conditions one of them endangers my life I’m not saying that weight always causes health issues but combined with a hard life I got this issue. Theres a chance I may be fine. This is the number one reason I am losing it. Im 34 and have achieved none of my dreams. Never do I want to see that number again as I deal with the trauma of not knowing if I am going to be alive in 12 months. I put on 4 pounds after christmas which I really couldn’t afford to do. I lost a quarter of pound and one the day before. Its the fear that I wont lose weight fast enough. It makes any weight gain tough as I actually cant afford to. Also didn’t sleep well. The thing to watch Is when you lose weight make sure that you don’t get slower and don’t keep trigger foods in the house. Forgetting to drink water due to lack of time also can derail progress. I travel a lot and drinking water isn’t ideal. I took a break from it after gaining as I was sick of it. I buy a few snacks but leave the extras in break rooms. I find extra portions of the trigger food gone. I found buying a low fat dinner and have one chocolate at a party better than social eating.

  • I got diagnosed with dysthymia sophomore year of high school. I wasn’t trying to get diagnosed with anything either. Now I’m in my last semester of University and I think it’s only gotten worse. My major is in engineering but I chose it cause people said I’d be good at it and it pays well. I have no direction, no friends or relationships, no passion, no goals. I am not interested my studies but I get good grades which is the only thing I can do right. I feel like if I can at least get good grades I’d make my parents proud but even still my mom says I should be more like my brother and grades aren’t that important. If I get a 105% on an exam and the top score in the class I don’t even bother telling her when she calls anymore. She always tells me to apply for internships but I feel like it’s a waste of time since they always reject me due to my social ineptitude. I’m a failure in all other aspects of my life. When university ends there will be no more grades I can get so I’ll be good at nothing. I’ve always wanted a wife and kids but I’ve never had even a single girlfriend or any friends at all for that matter. I have crippling social anxiety that chokes me so I can’t even talk in many social situations. If I do talk its really quiet and usually doesn’t make any sense so it’s just embarrassing. People always ask me to repeat myself or pretend they heard me. They are noticeably uncomfortable when I talk or just stand there saying nothing so I just avoid people generally. I’m uncomfortable just being in anyone’s presence. People only like me for the services I can provide, nothing else. They try to manipulate and deceive me to get what they want but I always see through it. No one wants me as a friend. They only tolerate my presence. All I have to talk about is just school work or depressing topics anyways so I can’t blame them.

  • hello Dr. Marks
    I was diagnosed by a dr in just one session with dysthimia, accordingly to my symptoms I showed, from childhood until now. Then I got to another dr who never confirmed the dysthimia neither gave a diagnosis, even I went to his sessions half a year, and when I saw no advance he quitted my medicine as I quited my psychologist.
    For what I’ve seen from more doctors in videos, is that dysthimia dont let people shine never, until they are fully cured, but that is not my case, at least not always, my sadness is like periodically? sometimes I can even feel is is coming, and lasts one week or an entire month. So now I dont know if I really have dysthimia, or it really is.
    This year I had double depression (if I would really have dysthimia or just the MDD if not) after my semester in university failer completely again, my 4 years girlfriend ends me, and my family demands me to work, just a week before quarantine started. This DD lasted like for 3 months maybe, and it only stopped when I bought again the medicine, that I shouldnt be taking without advicing. Also during the DD, I had advanced my planning to suicide so far, that I was literally just waiting the quarantine to end first. This also makes me think, I may not have PDD, because these ideas have come to me many more times before.
    Finally the problem I see for me to categorize my craziness, is that I see it reduces to only full sadness, but it hasnt been that way for me, I can have shiny days too.
    Perhaps more details are needed, but I just wrote too much.
    Thank you for reading this Dr.

  • I honestly don’t remember having happy times. I’ve had happy moments, but not periods of happiness. Anymore, I’m just tired existentially. Not sad/in pain, just want to go home you know? I’ve never felt like this planet was home so I’ve had this homesick for over 2 decades (I’m 33). So…yea, I dk. I tried therapy but no one has really seemed to understand. The most progress I’ve made has been on my own outside therapy and meds. But, truly, at some point, your very soul is just longing for home.

  • You are a really good person, well I don’t know you but it’s important to know. YouTube should really prioritize this type of video it’s things people need

  • I feel like it’s a fight to make myself go do things. I realized I only have depression because I was suppressed and neglected as a child. So depression for me has been a “Worthlessness” thing. Not being seen or heard by the people who raise you makes you feel like you’re not seen or heard by anyone, so sometimes it’s hard to get motivated when no one supports you, sees you, and validates you. Even though you don’t NEED that, it is hard sometimes. And being accountable for that is also tricky, too.

  • This is amazing.. I finally understand why I’m so scared and paralyzed in regards to applying for the masters program.. one day at a time… so far I’ve lost 40 lbs in almost 3 months thanks to Mel ♡

  • I have no motivation and I eat to much. The only thing I do is bike to the gas station and play Minecraft. Other wise I stay up all night and sleep all day. And my parents don’t have enough money to do anything I like or to get me a therapist or anything ya know? Got any tips maybe..

  • Understand the insulin and glucagon biofeedback system. Learn about how to create a habit in order to eat as infrequent as possible. Fasting is the key.

  • I’d like to hear a video about depression/dysthymia and relationships. There’s not much about the relationship context relating to this but I personally think it might be an important aspect. I have dysthymia with depressive episoded from time to time and I’m in a relationship with a great person for 2 1/2 years now. He’s a wonderful and very patient person, always trying to help me out of the holes. He never let me down, as fas as I remember. But I notice that it’s hard and uncomfortable for him as well, because I want to be there for him as well and I want to be an equal partner for him. But often I just can’t. My thoughts are just racing around my own problems, I see everything dark, negative and cynical.. even him. And when I have a ‘better’ episode I feel bad for even thinking of him negatively or of other people… even the whole world. Dysthymia makes everything so negative.. not just yourself, actually every human being there is. And I always feel grateful for people being nice to me. But on the other hand I am so unthankful sometimes, it even bothers me. As if it was indifferent to me what others do for me or what I do for them. Sometimes it never feels enough what I do or what others do. And then it becomes very hard to build up empathy. Not just for others but for myself as well, like there is a blockade inside myself, so that I can’t reach my feelings, my wishes or my needs. And when I can’t feel myself, how do I feel other’s needs and wishes? It is quite exhausting. But I’m not giving up. Sometimes there are those moments where I can feel and also feel truely connected to the people I love. And that makes me happy. To keep on and create more of these moments. And maybe sometime in the future I am done with this whole grey veil laying over my life and the sun will shine again.

  • sometimes when I don’t feel like I can get out of bed I turn music on and take my speakers with me to the bathroom or the kitchen or wherever

  • I haven’t bath haven’t changed my clothes and with COVID-19 I’m feeling depressed. I don’t want medication but doctors in Ottawa r truly useless and mostly pill pushers at best before attempting to help. Not good

  • I can be very happy if I have no obligations + I have money to take a time off. I feel soooo gooood and happy.

    With school and being away from my family that I’d rather be with, It can be ok, but when things come-up that gets me frustrated; I can get unhappy. I can get a meal and watch a movie and enjoy it. Then go to bed.

  • im currently in treatment for what i think is persistent depression (with signs of major depression) and i just have to thank you for making this video, it gives me so much hope! im 14 and im so thankful to be being treated early on.:)

  • Medication just doesn’t work me. I’ve tried way more than 5 and still have no motivation or energy. Even with a job, taking a shower and washing myself, or setting my hair in curlers for the next day I feel too lazy to do.
    Also, many medications are too expensive to even try! Along with any treatment. The price is way too prohibitive to help people in dire need. Then the whole process of trying to apply for disability is way too hard for me to do on my own. I need someone to do tasks for me.

  • This was a great video! Speaking to me, but I have no motivation, I don’t set goals, and I am accountable to no one. I also refuse to be responsible for myself. I am on medication and recently started seeing my therapist again. She’s great! I’m not in the best place right now. Sorry. Don’t know how long I can keep doing this.

  • What about if you’re already on medication? Just started therapy but she doesn’t say anything to me, she just listens. I need more feedback

  • The answer is very obvious. If you can’t get motivated you aren’t doing what you should be. If you are going to work and hate it you probably have mastered that position and now it’s too easy for you. Time to aim higher. Not being motivated is literally your deepest core telling you to do something else. When you are actually trying to hit a goal you don’t need motivation. You get up and do the work because the goal is so large, and you know it needs to get done. Once you hit that goal and it becomes easy is when you are no longer excited. The goal is completed and you’re just doing the same thing because that’s “just what you do”. You need to dream bigger. Once you complete the goal dream even bigger. Working towards a massive dream and seeing little pieces of progress being made over time will motivate you to keep going. If there’s nothing to shoot for you’re just wasting your time.

  • My daughter meets the criteria for having Dysthymia Depression. She is 20 yrs old. She has been struggling with depression since age 14. She has never had antidepressants before. She is requesting medication to help with her depression. She has tried for years to not take medication. But the things we have tried aren’t enough. Can you suggest any thing? Please

  • This was a great explanation, thank you so much! I am taking a psychopathology class and was having trouble understanding the difference between PDD and MDD

  • #KATIFAQ YES. I think this is my problem. I’m staying with a girlfriend and her husband over Christmas break. We are in school together both getting our Masters in counseling. I think she was concerned about me so asked me to stay with them. I know I should get out of bed and shower or do something but I just can’t. Feels like all of my energy is just gone. Going to see a therapist on Fridsy for first time in 10 years. But don’t know if that is going to help if I can’t do what they tell me to feel better. I KNOW what I should be doing…I’m studying to be a counselor for God sake…I know what I’d tell someone else. But why can’t I just do it?!?! I’m frustrated and mad but not mad enough to change. I just hurt.

  • I was diagnosed with dysthymia and generalized anxiety when I was 16 and I treated for 2 years. Last year I was okay, but now in quarantine it feels like it all came back and its worse. Can I still have dysthymia if I had a good year last year? Because in some way I still feel like it wasn’t good. Like I can remember the good moments everyone talks about and how I was better, but my mind kinda blocked them or diminished the happiness in it…

  • I would qualify for the diagnosis i guess, but i can clearly tell you happy moments or moments of peace and calmness. They are not as frequent as i wanna have them, but they exist and the last happy day was today.

    But sure, i would take any treatment for this as well, cause i’m on the lowest end of normal happiness

  • here I am with dysthymia. your destiny is decided in your first 5 years old of life.
    Depressive attitude for the brain, imitating disfunctional behavior of your parents, lead to this chronic disease. I am sure that what is compromised is the your sleep, that controls your metabolism and oxygen etc. it’s like driving a car with the 2nd gear all the time. Frustrating, humiliating, unfair. I am looking for medications to take for life, I hope to find something to improve the situation. psychotherapy is important but not enough. I am so sick of it.

  • Meditation saffron tea cold showers hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure niacin reduces cholesterol in the blood lean back lift heel up tense leg as hard as possible then release punch as though sawing through wood herol bomber graham private thai boxing training if serious see a therapist teach martial arts for free or maths etc to underprivileged children good luck and god bless

  • I often feel I’m been pulled up, or my mind is pulling me up. l feel I speaking quite rushed, and detached from my self. I cant stand it. Your videos are great. Thanks, Ciaran

  • Please DO NOT GO ON A DIET,because it may only cause eating disorders and negative effects on mental health! Restrictions and deprivation may get You to weight cycling…food obsession. Please check “intuitive eating”, anti-diet and healing body-image.

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your videos. I have a few questions:
    I often feel like I use depression as an excuse to not do things, for example whenever I start feeling bad I usually do things that I like and ONLY those things, none of my obligations. I try to distract myself by watching movies, sleeping or lately, I’ve been going out with my friends almost every day. But then I feel guilty because I feel like if I had “REAL” depression I wouldn’t go out but when I’m with my friends is the only time I feel happy and even then I need to really focus on that moment because if not my mind automatically goes back to bad thoughts. I guess I’m not explaining myself very well but my question is: How do I stop feeling guilty about doing things I like and how do I stop invalidating my own mental illness?

  • I can tell that my problem is not doing enough things I enjoy, but I don’t really enjoy much of anything right now….does anyone know how to set goals when you don’t feel like there’s anything that would be fun to work towards?
    And I’m on all the medication, I’ve done tons of therapy, I still just go through times like this

  • Is it okay if I drag speaking? Not that I’m lazy but I feel like I don’t have a voice. Or that I don’t deserve to speak. I feel like me speaking, the sound of my voice is sometimes painful to even hear.

  • I have to get up, get dressed, make my bed, make breakfast because I have three kids. It’s still hard for me, I just pretend it’s easy.

  • I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. They hold me accountable as they can’t feed and walk themselves. The cats will not let me sleep in and as soon as I get up the dogs follow and need to be taken outside. Once I am up and taken care of them, I can make coffee and get on with the day, They also help me keep track of my moods, as one of my dogs is really in tune with how I am. “Why is he avoiding me?.. Check in with self… I am agitated… or I am sad, and he cuddles in” They help me a lot.

  • Im not even dieting per se, just recovering from two surgeries and dreading in advance having to stay home til radiation therapy is over. Thus was helpful.

  • This really helped me recognize that my mother was right, telling me something is wrong with me. I lost all motivation to even do anything at all. If I don’t have to, I won’t get out of bed. I lost enjoyment from my hobbies. I’m not sure what to do anymore.

  • I have a question, I fit almost all of what you described but, I am a teen so could it be just hormones? And if it is not what can I do to fix it without outside help

  • My friend has a history of becoming depressed and then he constantly just shows up late at his job. I know this time his job is particularly stressful but it pays well. He doesn’t want to look for a new job and also he doesn’t care if he gets fired for being late again. He the type of depressed person that is kind of apathetic and doesn’t feel anything. He was slowly getting better, but now it getting much worse. He always felt like he had a lack of control in his life, and he just believes that when he has more control over it than he thinks.

  • Im glad Ive come across your video. Im on 2 anti depressants, and according to what your stating I have 4 symptoms out of the 6. Now Im wondering if my medication needs to be adjusted or maybe therapy is required or could this all be a coincidence and these alleged symptoms are due to other life style factors, or from another diagnosis that I have, or combination??
    Sometimes I dont eat enough and sometimes I over eat. Im an emotional eater. I have low energy but Im wondering if its mainly due to an apartment thats way too hot, possibly sleep walking, low self esteem from being horribly treated by others, cant concentrate maybe because of my ADHD. Or maybe a combination of things?

  • I use Jessica Gimeno’s system. On days I don’t feel like doing anything (so not everyday), I make a list of essential stuff that must get done by today or tomorrow, give myself permission to do only those things, rank them on a difficulty scale from 1-3, do the 1s first, then the 2s, then the 3s. Then if I still feel like it I do some more. Or sometimes I just relax.
    Usually after doing a bunch of 1s, I feel entirely better and ready to conquer the rest of the list. It gets a little hard when I hit the 3s but I try to keep going. Even if I don’t get them all done, I still have accomplished a lot more than I would’ve otherwise.

  • I like that idea. When we was growing up in the depression my mommer always said the same thing. Now we didn’t have much during the depression but you know it was more than a lot of people had and we was thankful to the good lord for it. Now my daddy couldn’t find a lot of work but he did the best he could and mommer would take in washing sometimes to make ends meet and her and daddy growed a garden and so we always had fresh vegetables, sometimes there werent’ enough but we was always thankful, even when it was sad and depressing. That’s what I remember about the depression, it was always sad and depressing. but we would invited family and friends over when we had enough and setting there at that table with all our friends around us we knowed everthang was gone be alright. We didn’t want there to be no war because we loved everbody but then thangs got so bad that Franklin D. Roosevelt decided he was gone fight the depression for his people even though he was rich and the depression didn’t hurt him he loved his people and everbody else enough he wanted everbody to overcome the depression and so he fought the depression and then he got together with Winston churchill and Joseph Stalin, two other great men and Winston Churchill had said that it weren’t right for the Germans to be doing so well and not be in a depression because Hitler had put his people to work building and planting and so Winston Churchill decided he was gone kill the Notsies and Franklin D. Roosevelt decided he would kill the Notzies so they joined Joseph Stalin and started the war. Now that was bad but you know what. They was able to build a bomb plant and my daddy got him a job there making bombs for Winston Churchill to drop and burn up Notsy childern. And we was happy cause we was fightin evil people but not Joseph Stalin all them people he had killed deserved it. And all them Indians and Irish poeple Churchill had killed was evil. They was probably racists or something. And then Franklin D. Roosevelt finally defeated the Notsies and made the world safe for Jews and thats why America is such a happy place today. Thank you. I appreciate you letting me tell my stories on youtube/. Amen

  • Distracted by the lines on her shirt not lining up with the neck hole. I’m listening but my mind and eyes keep going back to it…

  • 1) okay but what if I don’t have the motivation to find a therapist? there’s an office for counseling at my university but i have to call to make an appointment and i keep forgetting and when i do remember i put it off just like i put everything else off.
    2) there may or may not be things i enjoy doing, but i’ve been clinically depressed for so long that i genuinely don’t know, and trying to do anything for the sole purpose of joy feels like a waste of time when there are all these texts and emails waiting to be answered and homework to do textbooks to read, how could i possibly have time to do anything that isn’t absolutely urgent? and everything is absolutely urgent because i’ve put it off and i will continue to put it off
    3) i understand on some level that i am capable of very little currently, but that is still unacceptable. making a to-do list including the small things that are actually accomplishments for me just confronts me with the guilt and shame of being at this point where changing out of my pajamas is an accomplishment.
    4) i have some long-term goals, but given the current state of my life (my own well-being, but also all of the external factors) it seems impossible. or at least incredibly unlikely. holding out hope for a pipe dream feels foolish and i don’t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed.
    5) the aforementioned guilt and shame hold me back from being genuinely honest and vulnerable with anyone in my life who could be that accountability buddy. i know that inevitably, i will stay in bed all day, and i don’t want to disappoint a second person.
    now, i don’t expect anyone to solve this for me. i’m just so frustrated and exhausted with depression help tips where i don’t meet the barrier for entry because i’m too depressed. am i just too far gone? too broken? too fucked up to ever live a decent life? i’m watching myself sit idly by while my life passes me by day after day and sure maybe trying to find help in youtube videos is a mistake but searching “productive with depression” and clicking a video (and ranting about it) is about all i can manage right now.

    i’m just tired.

  • I stop smoking cigarettes 21 years ago a pack a day… been sober 14 years… can get away from depression live in a 2k square foot house… i live in a closet for real

  • this was perfect. its true. mindset is the most important.. and its a constant maintenance you have to keep up. I forget this all the time. weight loss is more mental than physical..not what I expected.. at least when depression is involved. I like your analogy about the yummy food door slamming shut.. when you have to abstsain. it feels like punishment..so you have to find another place in your life that brings that happiness instead, or else its just mental agony and no fun, taking happiness away from yourself. unless its replaced by something else. emotions man..

  • I really needed this! Especially as I have college exams in January and need to study and put in extra work! Finding the motivation to do it is a huge struggle:( so thank you! This helped me a lot:))

  • I’m supposed to be leaving for a music festival today, and I’m so depressed and anxious that I’m half considering staying home. This video has been really helpful to boost my mood enough to get up and do my laundry. Thank you for everything you do Kati.

    Side note, I regularly see a therapist and have an appointment with a psychiatrist for medication management once I get back from my trip, so no need to worry.:)

  • Since dysthymia tends to be longer duration than general deprssion, is it more likely that the patient would end up on medication indefinitely?

  • I have a question, Dr. Marks. I had a very close friend who has schizophrenia. We use to be super close confide in eachother and everything. All of a sudden out of the blue this one day she turned on me saying I was going through her stuff, letting people into her house, giving her personal info to people who want to ruin her. Finally she just shut me out of her life… She wouldn’t believe me anymore she didn’t believe when I was telling her these things weren’t true. She even threatened to go to the police about it. What do I do? I use to love with her so she still has my stuff, she literally threw me out onto the streets. How do I get my things back? Would there be a way to contact her that wouldn’t look like I’m threatening her? Another useful information, she isn’t on her meds. Thank you.

  • I used to be into both fitness and healthy eating for a long time except during pregnancy when being told to slow down however after a long series of huge dissapointments I started losing my motivation to stay fit and that is when my healthy eating most of the time while consoling myself by going less than a block away to Safeway to buy treats too started getting the best of me.

  • thx for this ha bisky vid i had severe depression for so long that it just disappeared on its own when i can feel what lingers from it i am just like that is a thing and it passes pretty quickly

    as for doing my work i just figure out why i should do it with homework i knew there wasnt a point to it so i didnt do it until high school college was my motivation

    they dont hold you back for not doing homework in middle school they always let you pass as long as you can pass the standardized tests even then those will just send you to the worst schools that have the least amount of funding it seems

    it depends on what you want and if the homework is to much maybe you can make it so you get less homework now by actually finding out what you should be learning for your grade and if you are in middle school its not physics and hold the school accountable for teaching you college level work when you are in 7th grade

  • What is the difference between the lack of focus and motivation with depression compared to having ADHD/ADD? If you can sit and enjoy fun stuff all day and not homework or work?

  • Could you explain more into the low severity side of depression and depression in people who don’t cut?
    Alot of people I know refuse to acknogloge that you can be depressed and not cut yourself and can have passive suicidal thoughts as well. I’m trying to explain to friends that not all systoms are actually physical.

  • I may have a double depression. What medication u suggest. I remember wanting to die and felt d same as a young adult as far as a preteen without haven’t help from anyone to deal with all this and worst part I’m not sure how to trust anymore but need to

  • I broke my 4 disks and have hip pain. I lice with intense pain and I’m on magnesium and changed to keto diet. I don’t see improvement. I’ve had trouble finding a reason to wash dress and go out in d world even for a walk. I understand medication can work or not and along with exercise that I seem to b unable to get motivated I’m in a bad place

  • Thank you for this video. I am also on a weight loss journey and I am filming it and making YouTube videos so that I can go back and see my progress months from now. Gotta hold myself accountable! <3

  • I have dysthymia since 3 yrs ago I’m starting to feel being worthless and hopeless I don’t have any drive in life I’m out of focus of everything I quit my job cos I can’t get along with other people I locked in myself in the room I don’t want to get up in my bed or even try to eat. I felt really unhappy then I went to the hospital and seek for help my psychiatrist said I have double depression so now I’m taking my drugs regularly Xanax and Escivex helps me to relax and not to think negative I feel down sometimes but now I have the urge to fight this illness and I always pray at night I know I will overcome this mental ill and have a normal and happy life.

  • This sounds a lot like the condition 100 years ago they called melancholy, is it? I call it Eyeore syndrome, you try to live normally but you have a small rain cloud that follows you everywhere and makes everything meh.

  • Its really frustrating to feel like you are letting down loved ones by not being happy when they expect you to be. Maybe that says more about them than it does about me, but Im just sick of feeling guilty for not pretending for the sake of others.

  • Manic Depression to Bipolar. Dysthymia to Persistent Depression. Why does the psychiatric field insist on robbing illnesses of their poetic names?

  • This is a great video, I’ve been struggling with depression (on and off) for 7 years now and I still haven’t found a way to deal with this. it’s the most frustrating and depressing thing and I have yet to encounter a therapist who actually understands how hard it can be to get up and do things when you are depressed.
    Right now I am not in a depressive episode and it’s such a huge difference. Like, if I need to do the dishes, I just do them. Maybe I’ll put it off one day but then I’ll do it and I get through all the dishes in one go and it’s kinda amzing actually.

  • I feel like this is why I am who I am. Constantly moody, often negative, irritable at times, never enthusiastic. I feel good sometimes but it always comes back to the “cloud” hovering over and then suddenly I feel very depressed with guilt and even suicidal thoughts, but then it goes away and I’m back to just being moody.

  • I am able to do things, but i don’t enjoy it. I make up something that would boost my morale and give me the energy to work though it but it doesn’t last. And none of my relationships work beyond a point. When someone comes into my intimate space all i can share is sadness… Because that’s how I feel when I alone by myself.
    And i overwork, i used to self critisize a lot, but with therapy in the last 6-8months i have reduced this a lot almost stopped. But i still doubt myself taking decisions is difficult…and i am living so much in the past and future.
    Logically I am understanding things, but yet that doesn’t help me with feeling better or even decision making. Does this relate to HFD?

  • Also for those that have gym memberships like myself I tend to think of it like this I pay $24.99 a month so I go more than this but I try to go at least 25 days to get a $1 worth of the money I’m spending. Hope this helps

  • I have trouble turning away free foodusually coupons from fast food establishments (as we live next door to a mall, with every fast food location imaginable!)
    Struggling to have food in the house, so I feel so guilty any time I turn it down.

  • I’m in the middle of a struggle with an eating disorder and I can feel it spiralling out of control. I set myself impossible goals but every single night i give up and end up eating unhealthily. But every time I eat, I self harm. I go to therapy but I haven’t told her about my recent struggles. I end up crying, self harming and panicing every night and it feels awful. I still have the eating disorder thoughts but my actions don’t line up with them anymore and it’s so hard and I really dont know what to do, I can’t cope with this much longer. It’s leaving me upset, suicidal and disgusted. Please help me.

  • Wow! I just realized, even though tiredness and needing to get things done WAS an issue, absolutely everything that sends me off in the wrong direction is some form of someone seeking to control me /putting their influence on my life and me either wanting to fight against it or being too tired to fight against them.

  • Can I medication taken forone cause, cause depression later on once off the medication?

    What I mean is I was on a medication many years ago and it caused some really bad thoughts, then I got off the medication was OK for quite some time but more recently has begun to have some of the feelings and thoughts that had occurred while on the medication years prior.

  • I had my first visit to a psychiatrist recently and she mentioned I might have Dysthymia. How can I be sure that that is what I have and it’s not just a part of my INTP personality?
    The psychiatrist kept asking if i am always feeling down and I can’t be sure. I think I am able to feel joy but I just don’t have very extreme highs, like everything is quite moderate. I don’t see myself as a sad person or a very emotional person at all but I’ve also always put it down to me being very logical.
    I do find it very hard to get out of bed in the mornings and have wondered how other people can jump out of bed at the first alarm, and I’ve thought i’s just laziness and it’s something I want to change though extremely difficult.
    I have always been quite indecisive and thought that’s me being Gemini.
    I have also always been low energy but recently I am finding it harder to concentrate and be productive at work
    I do go out with friends sometimes but I am not very interested in social gatherings. Home does feel more comforting to me, but isn’t that the case for most Introverts?

  • Kati, thank you so much for your videos. They help a lot. Watching you make me hopeful because it shows me that there is people out there that can understand me and help me with compassion and sweetness. Really, thank you (sorry for my bad english)

  • Absolutely needed this! I’ve been trying to workout more from home with YouTube videos or even my own idea of a workout to stay fit during this time but I need the daily motivation to get my butt out of bed after work. Your progress looks great so thank you for this!!

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
    I feel tired all the time. I have no desire to do things I once enjoyed. I struggle to motivate myself to do anything, get out bed, do my work. I struggle to pay attention in class. I feel unhappy, and I often think I’d be better off dead. I often think about committing suicide. A week ago I started cutting again, which is something I haven’t done in 4 years.
    But there are days when I feel okay. When I feel tiny sparks of joy, I feel energetic. I feel hopeful. Like maybe things aren’t so bad, and I tell myself I was just being moody and lazy and there’s really nothing wrong with me. I feel that way for days sometimes weeks, them I slip back into feeling like shit for months.
    I remember cutting myself because I thought it’d help, the pain had become too much to bare, I’d been feeling this way for months. I was desperate for help because I was sure I was going to kill myself but I was too afraid to bring it up.
    Then a few days later I felt fine. And I looked at the fresh scars and felt ashamed. Why would I do that??
    The way my emotions can shift from feeling like absolute shit and wishing I was dead to feeling cheerful to feeling nothing but numbness is often jarring.

  • I need help and suggestions.
    What do you do when your mom has high functioning depression but is ashamed of the stigma that goes along with having a mental health disease and refuses to get the help she needs?

  • I know you might not see this, but what do you do if you can’t go to a therapist and aren’t allowed to take antidepressants? Besides setting small goals, is there anything you can do to force yourself to get productive and not want to quit?

  • I’ve been watching a lot of your clips lately. I’ve been battling with dysthymia, major depression,major anxiety and borderline personality disorder. I’m 40 and I’m so tired of my life.

  • i have episodes of dysthymia, euthymia, and mixed hypomania, and mixed depression. i have had medication-induced hypomania and mixed dysphoric mania. my diagnosis is bipolar 2, but most of my time has been spent dysthymic (maybe with some mixed features). i want the DSM to evolve to reflect our complex realities as folks with mood disorders. if you ever make a video talking about mood disorder grey areas, that would be so helpful!

  • Ever since I began school and was bullied everything changed. I started school at around 7 years old. My depression has only grown worse over the years and I am now soon 25 and even if my life is much better and I have a husband who loves me very much I just feel down, heavy and like nothing I do matters because I can never find that true joy in myself and life. I struggle feeling like something is seriously wrong with me and worry to be a bother to others around me.

  • I’m just crying right now because the feeling of hopelessness is so overwhelming. You mentioned having goals. I so do have goals. It just feels like sometimes I’ve been wasting my life away in bed. Because I don’t feel like I’m worthy of achieving those goals and every time i try something always stands in my way and it’s back in the bed. I hope soon I can have a normal life.

  • I was diagnosed as having Dysthymia and have been on low grade anti depressants for the last 3 years, its amazing how little information is out there about this, thank you for discussing this and providing information on it

  • I love how she addresses these topics without being patronizing or acting like “you need to just figure it out.” She is so cheerful and encouraging and makes me feel like I’m not alone, and it’s awesome.

  • I’m just starting a new way of eating on my own after many yo-yo diets and diets for health issues and I know my biggest issues are psychological barriers. I know how to eat healthy! It’s not that complicated, especially after years of researching it and being on many diets. I just came across this video and the timing is perfect! Thank you! I’ve been thinking about how to set something up for me to do when I start to encounter my eating unhealthy triggers and this is perfect.

  • I showed this to some of my patients who Starts their weight loss journey in Quarantine.
    Thanks for this! Words have the power to heal! Wish everyone a great start!

  • When asked how I feel by my doctor, I replied that “I feel a bit miserable all of the time, and for as long as I can remember.” I raised my children on my own, went to work, have a good sense of humour, and function well-but there is always that sadness around my shoulders like a cloak. Now I know what to call it, thank you.

  • Hi, I just wanted to mention, from own experience. Depression can lead you to forget about hygiene, and diet and most importantly what this comment is about (drinking enough water). I went through a phase where I had no motivation due to traumatic effects, but realised this lead to drinking lack of waterwhich magnified my depression into a more intense feeling. I drank water at least 2 litres a day, and I started to feel like I could manage it a bit better. I had to share this, thanks.

  • Hey Kati, Thank you so much for your videos!! I’ve been seeing a therapist for about 3 months now and she just now reccommended I see a phyciatrist for a phycological evaluation. I’m really nervous because I don’t know what’s going to happen. Could you please help me understand the purpose of a phycological evaluation and what’s going to happen? Thanks ❤️

  • Woah! After watching this video I feel like I have dysthymia. I persistent low mood and low energy all my life. I sometimes overeat and I have problems with sleeping. On my two years of uni, I got so stressed that it probably developed into a major depression. At that time, I seek help but I can only get free help on my school cause I’m broke. But right now even if I have less stress, I don’t feel happy. Since, I have the means right now, hopefully I can finally get the help I need.

  • hey girly. i have been subbed for like ever. i cant even remember how long. i just wanna say i love ur videos and u actually make me BETTER as a person by trying to match ur energy! keep doing YOU. ��

  • I cant even get the motivation when I know that I NEED to do it so for when I cant wash my hair or get out of bed I say im ill and don’t leave the house or when I haven’t done my hw (barely ever) I say ive lost or forgotten it and it ends up stacking up until ive just got so much work today and I sometimes do it extremely rushed, however most of the time I feel bored and sad and lay in my bed doing nothing when I know there is so much to do. is my depression causing this or am I just lazy and unmotivated? bcz I cant get myself to do anything even though I know how important it is I just wanna lay in bed all day and sleep.

  • Hullo Doc! Late on the question but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask I wonder if a series of traumatic events spurs depression, or if it was always going to manifest because of chemical imbalance, or is it a bit of both?

  • I haven’t been diagnosed but I worked out a long time ago that disthymia has been pretty much my entire life, since I was 7 or 8. Like the woman in the post, one of my parents was very distant (I believe she is a covert narcissist but there is no way for me to confirm because theres no way she’d admit that). I’m 20 now, and last year I experienced a particularly bad bout of double depression that wrecked me. I made it through, but now with the quarantine and being trapped with my parents I’m starting to fall deeper into depression. I recently decided that I need medication (which was hard for me to admit because I am very cautious about drugs because of family events). I just hope I can make it back to my university to get the help I need once this is all somewhat resolved.

  • I love your vids! I find them helpful, and you seem to have an easy, kind manner when you speak. ��
    Have you made any vids on how to select a therapist? My last therapist stopped seeing clients, so I find myself in need of selecting a new one. I’m just not sure what I should be looking for, as I’m not sure what type(s) of therapy would best help me.

  • I am alone, old, broke, and unemployable; I’ve struggled with dysthymia forever.

    I have a few things to finish, then it will be the Robin Williams necktie party for me. If the necktie fails, then I’ll be crippled forever.

    I don’t want someone else to change my diapers for the rest of my crippled immobile life, or be doped up on prescription drugs.

    I’ve researched how to do it, so I won’t feel any pain, and I won’t fail.

  • Dr can you please make a video on how not to react to a narcisist gaslighting. Please I understand this in theory but what are the ways I can start to practice this