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Q. I’m heavy and I want to start running to lose weight. Should I worry about my knees? Yes and no. Let’s deal with the yes first. You should be cautious because extra pounds put a lot of extra force on your knees.

Consider that the weight translated through the knee during running can be four or five times your weight. Losing weight can be difficult when pain and stiffness from arthritic knees keep you from being active and makes it tough to burn calories. Studies suggest carrying a few extra pounds can create added pressure on joints causing further stress to your knees which may hamper your exercise level even more. By Tom DiChiara. The Rumor: Running is bad for your knees.

Whether you’re a neophyte runner trying to get in shape for your first 5K or a seasoned veteran who regularly cranks out. Those extra pounds increase the stress on your knees, which can cause chronic pain and lead to other knee-related complications, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Fortunately, exercise can help you lose weight and fat, gain muscle, and keep your knees healthy! Right now you’re probably thinking, “Exercise?Repetitive weight bearing and motion are good for the joints, and running essentially does that.

Extra pounds may or may not make it harder on your knees when you run. If you have lean weight — and. Running long distances as a newbie (even when not overweight) will put stress on your knees. Issues such as correct footwear and running form will affect.

A high body weight or body mass index (BMI) can put additional pressure on your knees, increasing the chance of damage and pain. If you have obesity and OA, a doctor may suggest setting a goal to. It really depends on the extent of your knee pain, and what is causing your knee pain. Depending on the cause of your knee pain, there are different things that you can do. If it is serious, I highly suggest you go get your knee checked out to see.

Yes you should probably ask a doctor or something if it’s ok for you to run. I had problems with my knees after running and my doctor told me that running would do more bad for me then good because of the knees and all the weight. But he. Any exercise is good exercise, but when it comes to losing weight, it’s hard to beat running.

Here is your complete guide to how and why running can be the best choice for weight.

List of related literature:

Even a small amount of weight loss can save your knees a lot of wear and tear.

“The South Beach Diet Supercharged: Faster Weight Loss and Better Health for Life” by Arthur Agatston, Joseph Signorile, PhD
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Weight loss can decrease stress on the knees, hips, and lower back and may improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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The knees are major weight carriers, so if that weight becomes too heavy the knees may show the strain.

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Some exercises, I’ve found, are definitely not appropriate for overweight people because they largely impact the knees or back, such as jogging or lifting weights.

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In fact, by helping to strengthen thigh muscles, non—weight—bearing exercises such as cycling and rowing can give you better knees without sacrificing aerobic capacity or caloric burn.

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OA of the knee is often a direct result of carrying too much weight, and losing as little as 5 pounds (or just over 2 kilograms) can do much to prevent arthritis of the weight-bearing joints or, at least, dramatically reduce the symptoms.

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Regular exercise and weight loss is essential to improving the deconditioning and pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knees.

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In addition, weight loss is recommended if obesity is present (obese people are five times more likely to have osteoarthritis of the knees and twice as likely to have osteoarthritis of the hips as people of normal weight; see Research in Focus: Body weight and osteoarthritis).

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Thigh skeletal muscle loss and knee extensor strength declined in both groups following the intervention, but to a significantly greater degree in the caloric restriction group, suggesting a beneficial effect of exercise training to ameliorate loss of lean mass during weight loss.

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  • Thank you so much for this. I have injuries to my back and knees from a car crash and I was able to do this with zero problems, so happy!

  • I have knee problem which make me unable to walk for long time & with weight problem
    It was so frustrating. Thank you sooo much… atlast now i can do this excercise which makes me feel great & is helping me…please make vedio for tummy flattening excercise for us who has knee issues…waiting for the vedio

  • hav met wid accident on oct 14 n still knee hasnt got its full movement it only bends till 80 degree now its almost 8 months for accident and taking therapies like dry needle mobilization and scouting are given by Dr. do you have any exercise or remedy that can help me???????

  • Recently torn a ligament in my knee but need to continue exercising as if i dont my mood is awful and i put on weight so quickly! going to try this for sure. xx

  • Jessica I am a new sub. I just wanted to thank you for adopting a warm, friendly and normal style of delivering this short workout. Everyone else, for some reason talks and smiles as if they are on drugs or got their happy pill a lil’ too strong that day. Please pass my snuggles to peanut. Hugs!
    ps. I do not have any injury, I am just over weight with a gene pool which is prone to get bad knees at an early age. I can sense my knees does not like to be challenged with my extra weight, hence my reason for being here.

  • I got my medicines mixed up and took 4 Viagra. I’ve had a painful erection for 2 days but I’m embarrassed to go to the E.R. because there is super glue involved and I am a nurse at the only hospital around here.

  • I have a pulled groin.it started less than 2 years ago.From then on i am experiencing numbness on my legs and feet.I have take a sit evenn at the middle of the road because its getting to weak.

  • After I walk very long or far, my right leg starts getting pins and needles and my right foot starts to drag some… and I don’t do any of these! My SI joint had been acting up for over a year…

  • I am having excruciating pain in my knee. I went to dr. For some knee pain and it is unbearable now. I’m taking ibuprofen 800 and no relief unless I’m laying down.
    I haven’t taken a Covid test when I called back in April I was told I had to pay over $200 out of pocket. No symptoms,work from home and only go out on weekends for groceries shopping.

  • Stiff knees: Simple self mobilisation solution.

    In today’s video we discuss the scenario in which a patient has been immobilised at the knee for a period of time after say, casting post-fracture, or recovery from knee surgery. In such cases, patients often notice that they have difficulty achieving end range flexion (knee bend) and are limited in this action because of simple stiffness. That is to say, the knee just don’t wanna go there! 

    Read More: http://yorkvillephysiotherapy.com/Poise%20Blog.aspx

    Stiff knees: Simple self mobilisation solution

    #physiotherapy   #toronto   #toronto   #rehabilitation  

  • I was diagnosed with autoimmune limbic encephalitis in 2018. I’m doing well with brain injury recovery, but I’ve recently started having numbness in both big toes. Do you think it’s linked and also should I tell my neurologist?

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  • I’m 299 and hoping to get down to 220 or 240. I have bad really bad knees and feet. So I can’t really exercise that much. I have a pretty good diet. But I’m just hoping to lose weight as much as I can. Please help me I’m in desperate need of help.

  • Hi Dr Jo
    My mom aged 75 is having problem of swelling in legs, she’s having heart problems have done one stent implantation and angina.
    Recently I have asked her to do legs up against wall for five minutes and that significantly reduced swelling and night cramps.but swelling comes back on standing. what is your opinion is heart problems or sedentary lifestyles due to limited mobility or gravity. Suggest exercises. Thanks in anticipation.

  • Winner of a video, been searching for “effects of exercise on joints” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across Zenevad Exercise Eaglestone (search on google )? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • hey man, I’m going to be honest with you. PT is really expensive, and I have been non weight bearing for 6 weeks now after fracturing my tibial platue. I had surgery and have 3 screws in my leg. this is my senior year, and I really want to recover fully before graduation. are there any exercises you could give me to do at home please? thank you so much

  • My problem with the sizing for the compression socks is my left leg swells pretty bad. So me trying to measure my legs is my right leg hardly swells, and my left leg swells really bad. So I would be different sizes on each leg. And if my legs don’t swell they’re pretty small. And if I’m wearing compression socks and they only reach up to a certain level my upper legs will continue to get bigger and bigger. Ohh I also have diabetes type one for the last 25 years, I’m 33.

  • This is great! Thanks so much! Every other short beginner program as good as they are, increased my knee pain. But this is short and effective and painless! So grateful!

  • Sir, my knee cap was operated on Jan 15 (the broken pieces were joined using a titanium wire ). Since then I have been doing physiotherapy but there is no relief. Kindly advise what I can do,s x

  • It would be helpful to know to which cause your stretch or exercise applies. A dull or numb foot can be caused by spine nerve root pinch, piriformis or even achillies and others, and you need to be clear which cause you are addressing with any particular action.

  • Thank you for sharing. I am hope this helps my one swelling leg do to vascular veins that got left behind due to a blood clot that my birth control gave me.������

  • Thank you for this video! The title alone gave me relief! I have been telling my friends I need to find what works for me and my pain, not jumping into to boot camp style efforts too fast! You are helping so much��

  • Thank you,Jessica for being there for me when I need this particular workout. Sometimes, I forget myself during other workouts and overdo it on my left knee and end up needing a day off. This workout is what I use to get myself back into the workout game.

  • Finding this has been a god send! I was born with a birth defect which resulted in dozens of surgeries since I was a child up into adulthood. I sustained a pretty bad injury last summer and my knee has been even worse since. I gained weight which has only made things worse for my knee. Exercise is such a challenge for me because I have to be so careful with my leg. Finding things like this video gives me hope and encouragement to keep trying to get this extra weight off. I plan on doing this whenever my leg is feeling okay to do it. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this!

  • This is the perfect workout! Although I’m only 16 I’ve had more than 5 major knee surgeries on each knee and years of previous repetative injury causing me to be unable to do sport for almost a decade. I cant kneel or twist or jump and this is enough to get me moving again and hopefully gaining movement again!

  • This is so helpful!
    I’m recovering from knee arthroscopy and I was trying to lose some weight and I tried some exercise even walking for 40 minutes but non of them make my heart rate increases like before when I run.. I was so happy after like 4 minutes when I put my finger around my neck and find that pulse really goes fast!
    Thank you so much

  • I have swelling in thighs as I m suffering from rheumatoid arthritis..plzzz suggest me some exercises which will help me in reducing swelling plzzz reply mam

  • Hi I’m a first time viewer and am currently becoming a PTA. I was wondering what exactly is going in the leg when you’re doing the pump exercise at the beginning of the video

  • Of course it’s not the weight. Lots of people have pain and are not overweight. Lots of people have arthritis and other similar problems. You can also have an injury, like I do. I fell and hurt my knees so badly it hurt since then and it’s been 4 years.

    But being overweight makes it so much worse. Losing weight can absolutely make it better, but I wouldn’t swear it will disappear completely.

  • wow I used to workout with you about 4 -5 yrs ago and looked great. I recently found out I have Digenerative Disc Disease which many develope as we get older. I am now 54 and have gained more weight than I planned.. So the short question is; do you have any workouts for us who have arthritis and DDD? My pain starts in the hip and permeates down into the foot. Anyone; please help me figure out a way to lose weight with this.:'(

  • THANK YOU! You may be my saving grace!!! I found this video a couple of years ago as I do have sensitive knees. It’s a super short workout and does not bother my knees, but I stopped doing it. Why? I may as well go ahead and admit it. I hate exercising and I guess I’m even a little lazy. But I’ve come to a point, since I retired, that I am not moving around enough by a long shot! So I;m going to try and recharge my movement. I’ll try to do this twice a day. I mean it only takes a minute (even though it’s ten). Hopefully after a couple of weeks I’ll add some more to my routine, and my ultimate goal is to get back to my yoga on a regular basis. THank you!

  • BOWLEGS..My Name is Mary, I have bowlegs, and I have an injury on my right knee. I have been to 2-3 therapist, it help but that inside muscle where the knee join, was so stubborn, which made my knee stiff. I checked in on YouTube for exercise for knee stiffness, this is the first one I saw, and I watched it, I was doing a leg slide daily, but I still have the stiffness, I never saw the bent feet inwardly, I was amazed, so I tried it, It made allot of difference. I am so Thankful to God that you made an extra difference in, heel slide. Anyone with bowlegs should tried this, it will help release that STUBBORN, tightness in the inward knee area….Thank God for you…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. James

  • Thanks! You guys are very helpful. My foot tendinitis improved more by following your instruction than by going to physical therapy sessions. It didn’t help that they gave me students for every session:(

  • can you do a video on tight upper traps? when I walk for a long period of time my traps get tight and I get tension headaches despite walking with good posture, shoulders pushed down and back. seems like my upper traps win the the fight so to speak. i would say my traps look small. and i suspect muscular imbalance. could it be likely that my traps are weak?
    also my traps get noticeably tight much quicker if I wear a backpack compared to walking for an hour or so

  • Check out the new Jomi Compression Measure Up Tool: https://jomicompression.com/pages/measure-up?utm_source=drjo2&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_campaign=10-30-2019&utm_term=Dr.Jo (sponsored)
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  • Stuff knees from squatting/running followed by days of relative inactivity followed by a cold. Knees creaky and stiff. 1 minute of this certainly loosened them up!:)

  • You should have use a sumo suit with majority of weight at belly, people are offset buy the big gut. maybe you guys should help with understanding of food consumption when dieting, people don’t understanding amount of food input and energy output, and how easy it is to go over your over your calories with processed food, refined sugars, etc. and water should be your drink replacement vs diet soda, and juice in a bottle. Take your MEDS= Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Stretch, and not in that order.

  • I have had circulation problems for long time when I was 5 I had cancer and lost my ability to walk for a hole year and went through a hole year of chemo then at 11 i was diegnosed with epilepsy i had a seizure almost every day sometimes more then obe a day so i fell down stairs out of stuff never broke anything i also gave sprand my anchle a few times to do to that every time I squat down I lose circulation amedietly and my feet fall right asleep or if I sit criss cross but also every once in awhile I get circulation pains in my right lower leg that feel like pure pressure on the front of my leg and my foot will fall asleep real easily as well. I’m only 19 and feel like I already have just as many body aches as my grandparents.

  • This is only the second time I’ve tried this, so I can’t speak to its effectiveness at weight loss yet, but I can say that it’s a good, gentle cardio workout that gets my heart rate up without leaving me too winded to move. I was a heavy smoker for 15 years, so most cardio is a no-go if I want to be able to breathe, but this I can do without keeling over.

  • I was in a car accident. My legs were swollen because a car hit me. Nothing is broken however I’m in pain. Will these exercises help me?

  • Alhamdulillah. Very nice motivation. Please upload more cardio workouts for weight loss who r young but suffering from bad knee. Thank u so much for ur beautiful effort….

  • Hello I did my right leg surgery of mipo and ptap one month ago now I m able to bend my knee about 120 degree how much time it will take to bend totally reply please

  • Hello, I love to watch you guys. I do not have numbness, but I have pain in my leg in the thigh and lower part, when I go to bed. I do not know where to to place my leg. Any suggestions?

  • Do you recommend this for TNR? I am 6 weeks post op I’m down the highway a bit in Chatham Ont I see the surgeon in a week. My flexion is just holding at 95*, the PT has asked me not to mention it to the Dr yet thinking he will just want to do MUA. She would like to give it a few weeks. So I’m looking for anything thats safe but will get it moving better…any ideas?

  • hi, thanks for the video and the tip. one question, do you think that people with meniscal tears should perform deep squats, provided they rehab their muscles to a good level beforehand? thanks a million

  • My runners knee was terrible and I found a CBD infused compression sleeve made by hemp symmetry and it works so good for my knee pain!

  • I’ve been having swelling in my legs and ankles. I had back surgery in 2017. I had a laminectomy, microdiscectomy, and a fusion at L4-S1. I’ve noticed the swelling ever since, however, insurance changes and everything has made it difficult to get back in. I did physical therapy and stuff. I do exercise some too. I’m sure I could do more, but the swelling and pain makes it difficult. I’m sure I have nerve damage, which it is the cause. I’m not sure what all I could do.

  • I have bad hips from my ballet career so I mainly just use my recumbent bike but I stumbled across your channel and I did this workout today and LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to explore your vids for more variety for my workouts! ��������������✨

  • Will I ever regain my range as I’m recovering from a major knee op (lcl reconstruction, patella fracture) it happened in July 2014, ive had 2 manipulations on my knee and had scar tissue removed also a knee aspiration 3weeks ago. My knee is still pretty swollen and I am stuck at 90degrees flexion, I am a mix martial artist and I am worried I will never regain my flexion. I am trying to stretch everyday but it’s hard dude wonder if u could give me some reassurance my friend thanx look forward to your reply love from UK

  • I recently fell off my skateboard yesterday or maybe 2 days ago, every time I bend my knee I feel like something is tugging inside my knee like it feels like it’s stretching, after constantly bending my knee my leg started to feel better but it locks before I can straighten my leg again:( tips?

  • 1.) There are no old fat olympic lifters. When you’re 25, your weight doesn’t matter. Try 45, or 65
    2.) There is a huge difference between working out with some heavy weights for 1 hr per day versus carrying it around all day every day

  • Thank you James, for sharing this video,it really helps.i went through ACL & Meniscus Surgery on 17-Jan-2020 and also shared all my experience from Day 0 on my youtube channel.Please watch.Sharing our experience that helps other gives you the truly amazing feelings..Thank you again!!!

  • I had x-ray for my left knee on 2013. It diagnosed OA. But now 2 of my knees in pain. Hope this exercise will help me to keep have exercise everyday. Thank you so much for instruction

  • Lost the feeling of my left leg after giving birth. Its been 2 weeks and it’s still numb. I can still feel it and I am able to walk better but I can’t dorsiflex

  • What do you recommend excises wise for spondylolisthesis, with foriminal stenosis? That has been my back issue prognosis L4 L5 The doctor recommends a TLIF. Thoughts?

  • My entire left leg is swollen, i noticed it a couple weeks after taking my cast off. Is there any specific exercises for this kind of situation?

  • Thank you so much, something so simple is so effective, my knees felt tight and stiff after running today (it happens a few hours after most runs) and this provided immediate relief.. amazing! will definitely be doing this regularly now

  • This video was a blessing given and so much help. Thank you for your info. Saved me a huge mri bill and also physical therapy 2 months before i ship out for navy boot camp. At first it was tense, but after ifeel as if stretching is key. Recommend stretching in a hot shower to loosen up the body

  • Hey buddy, that’s a quick relief…I was with this stiffness for more than a week but your exercise worked as a wonder for me…thank you so much

  • I’m sick for 3 weeks twice get tested for COVID. Results come negative but still coughing, lots of body pain can’t explain what I’m going through. Please help

  • Thank you!! I have the dvds. Are they safe for knees? The whole dvd? I hurt my knees whenever I start a new exercise program, but this one is safe for me.

  • I am 9 weeks post ACL reconstruction (Hamstring autograph) & Meniscus repair. I am unable to flex and have extensive lack of ROM. I am in phase 1-2 physiotherapy every week. What’s causing this? And how do I get the swelling down? Icing doesn’t work, I am back at work full time.

  • Hello.. i had acl surgery 6 months before.but i have pain in my knee.not bend fully or not straight what kind of exercise i can do it

  • Even here the guy is complaining that his wife finishes his money in shopping, Dear Lord!! All men everywhere in this world suffer the same thing

  • I have MS, and I haven’t been able to bend my knees for 2 years, and if it does bend, it’s after a long nights rest. I’m skeptical, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to gain my mobility back.. I’m walking down the aisle in 2020! ������������

  • Thanks for this, does it tone and strengthen your legs and arms or just act as a cardio workout. I need to lose weight and tone up ( so much) I have fibromyalgia so this looks very dooable for me.

  • Wow, thank you.. I just found this video and started doing it. I have very bad knees from ACL that were never treated and this video is not that hard and easy to do! ������

  • I haven’t been able to bend my knee in over a year due to a foot injury. On a whim I searched for knee exercises and saw this. Literally 1 min later the mobility was back. This is amazing. Thank you so much. A life changer for me. Wow

  • Hello l have Arthritis in my knees and actually this exercise help me a lot l’m impress l will continue for sure but can l do it often?
    thank you
    you are amazing  

  • LOL I would have tripped over the dog and taken out the tree on the back wall and ended up crashing through that folding door on that closet! But this is a great workout!

  • Oh my gosh I wished I found this sooner!!!! I’ve been having knee stiffness for the past week which is preventing me from running at the speed and duration I usually do! I feel the relief already! Thank you so much!

  • This makes no sense. I was a yoga teacher and I have done full body strength training for years I’m in the best shape I’ve been since I was 18. The only thing that kills me is running and my knees. It has nothing to do with strength or flexibility but everything to do with technique and how your running. It’s mechanics. I think an mechanical engineer would do better to explain why there is toouch pressure on the knees. This is just a theory that’s unsubstantiated.

  • Nice video content! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about Chireetler Shape Creation Rule (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for decreasing your knee pain without the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got cool success with it.

  • I have swelling and stiffness in both my knees to where it hurts to bend. Should I try to slowly bend them with stretching? I have a appointment with my dr but not until the middle of December and I need to relief

  • I’m 13 years old and I have horrible knee pain whenever I move. I have a passion for running and don’t know what to do, my life is going down the drain and the doctors and chiropractors don’t understand, I also have a bowed bone in my leg and nobody knows if that’s why. I just want to run again

  • Jessica said when we get older we start to shuffle our feet. I noticed in a recent video of me that my husband took, I realized I walk like a strong man. I was about 60 then. As far as I know I still walk the same way. Soooo, as the older woman on a recent tv commercial for a cosmetic brand said “They say, when you get older you just stop caring. I wonder what age that is.” I wonder when I will start shuffling my feet.

  • Will try these exercises today while at work my mum thinks that standing for too long causes the swelling also am looking at getting some compression stockings too strange you should mention that

  • You my friend are amazing. Had stiff knees and pain walking up and down stairs most likely from overuse at the gym. Spent 1 minutes with this and bam! No more stiff knees. Where can I find you to shake your hand?

  • It’s the 30th of Dec 2019..I’m starting tonight so that it’s not a new year resolution ha! FInished my breast cancer trifecta (that’s what I call it) chemo, surgery, radiation, YAY! Gained 25 lbs and ready to get back in shape, wish me luck! It’s the perfect workout ��

  • Hello James. I am a 25 years old and 6 weeks ago I had surgery to reconstruct my PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) and my PLC (posterolateral corner). Can I use this technique to bend my knee?

  • I have a friend that just went through chemo, she had her uterus removed and one of the side effects are that her legs go numb and she gets really cold. Can this be a side effect to the chemo or is her body lacking something?

  • This video helped me so much as my legs are so stiff and I do have a herniated disc in my lower back so I love the video keep it up Bob and Brad I also find you to very entertaining

  • When does the stiffness start? Because I cant bend my knee so I can touch the floor with my whole foot. I’m scared please help me:(

  • Well, I performed your work out in the pub with flashing lights, banging music and hot chicks on half skirts who were clapping at me admiring praising applauding all eyes were on me ��������������

  • Hi Dr Jo
    Can those ankle pumps be done while sitting at my desk or does me leg need to be stretched out?
    Thanks and I love your videos.

  • I had acl reconstruction surgery a year ago, but my knee still gets really stiff when I try to deep squat. How many times, how many reps do I do this?

  • The top of my foot has been feeling numb-like for about a day now. I can still feel if I pinch myself, but it has that like weird feeling to it.

  • Thanks for the comment and I’m so sorry for not noticing it earlier! What you will do is bring the knee to end range bending (as far as you can come comfortably), rotate the foot inward slightly and push the knee with your hands through resistance just a few degrees further than you can do without assistance. The pulsing part refers to my practice of oscillating into and out of the end range of the knee with this “push”. You can also simply push it in the few degrees and hold for 30sec-2mins.

  • My dog has learned that when she hears your theme music and voice she should start running around, throwing her ball, or sitting on my feet!

  • I just wanna say thank you, I’v tried several workouts to try to get a bit in shape, but because of my bad left leg I always stumble across some parts that I can’t do and while I wait for being able to ‘join back into the workout’ my heart rate drops a lot and I fall out of rhythm. This is the first time I could stay along all the way and actually do everything with you. Very nice to have a proper little sweat without breaks in between, thank you:D

  • I am feeling knee pain after 6 day of running i just left because it was converting into dangerous ����… I consume gram, dry fruits, fruits and milk in the morning then have BFast and go to college after coming from college go for running and consume Two boil eggs…. Oftenly Nutella too over bread even i consume meat twoo or three times in a week so why i am feeling pain….

  • You da MAN!!!. I guarantee no one in my crappy town would have known this stretch!! Thank you GREATLY!!. Only question.. what exactly AM i stretching?(lower hamstring is my only guess, but be as technical as necessary/possible) THANKS AGAIN FOR MY SUMMER BACK!!

  • I have improper nail growing in my greater toe I have gone through nail removing one time but it is not reduced swelling and water in legg because of this exercise swelling reduced but say any tips to reduce water in side the leg.thanks for sharing this exercise

  • Numbness in the front part of both feet, like you are wearing house slippers. Blood, Diabetes, Nerve, and Circulation test came back good. They only tested the nerve from the knee down though. It started 10 years ago. I also have Vertigo that started 8 years ago. It is not the spinning dizzy it is like I am on a boat. I do have bad ears, but can not figure out the numbness in the front part of my feet.

  • Sir i actually have this kind of problem…sir can i get rid of this pain completely or this exercise gives temporary relief from this type of pain? Need your reply sir

  • what is going on when my right middle finger bends to the right hand index finger on its own like a spasm hum my reaction is to cross my fingers ^^ I hold a cell phone for over 1 hour left had or right my pinky fingers go to sleep
    thank you for all your great videos have a great day ^^
    take care

  • Numbness in foot. Pins and needles in calf area. It’s just on the left leg. I’m young and healthy so idk if it nerve damages but it seems like it. The pain only happens when I’m standing up or walking, not when sitting or laying. Any suggestions?

  • Sir i am manish 26 year old my acl surgury I have been 65 days since November 16, 2018 and my knee’s movement is not moving beyond 90 degrees. Help me sir

  • Been doing heavy squats for reps, knees been stiff for about a week. Did this little diddy and bam, shits working as its supposed to. Thanks man.

  • What do you mean by pulse? What are you pulsing exactly?… your foot your quad your calf your toe your glute your core I don’t understand. Can you please explain it better.

  • I was using the toilet and had bad diarrhea. I decided I’ll watch South Park while I let this pass. After one episode I try to move my leg and I couldn’t. I tried to move the other one, I couldn’t. I had to physically lift my leg and move it up and down a couple times and it slowly woke up. I legit couldn’t feel both my legs, knees down.

  • ive been having numbness and warmth on the left side of my body but its only on the left side of my arm and the left side of my arm and im really concerned and scared about it can unplease respond and tell me what i should do������

  • Both of my feet are numb. I’m thinking I may have did something at the gym maybe hip abductor machine, no pain anywhere else. Ideas?

  • i stand continuously for up to 8-10 hours daily and over the years I developed some foot pain and now I feel numbness in my knee more so in the right knee

  • Swelling started for me yesterday.. both legs from my knees down are swollen. I’ve tried everything but it’s starting to become painful. I will be talking to my doctor tomorrow. I’ve loved your YouTube vids.. keep up the great vids

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  • Holy cow Brad!! I did not know you were a big star. You helped my father in law with his shoulder last winter. I saw dr Tennants video on the teeth an their connection to the energy meridians. Pops had 16 teeth pulled and he is like a new man. Wait till you see him. Anyhow i saw your vid and freed up my femoral nerve myself. You guys have shared your knowledge and experience an i have benifited. Thanks again for all your dedication. Great to see our hometown team on youtube.

  • I’m having issues with my ankle locking and feeling weak every time I stand up.. it warms up after 10 to 20 minutes and pain slowly leaves.. but after I sit again it comes back.. any suggestions???

  • Im recovered from a broken tibia and fibula but my knee is very stiff and I can’t fully bend my knee, I can’t afford PT so I was wonder if this would help or if you have any other recommendations?

  • Hello sir,
    I had my ACL reconstruction and partial meniscectomy done10 days ago. My range of motion was barely 30 degrees before the operation. I have a  weak quadriceps  muscle and I am doing my PT on daily basis. However, post operation I get it difficult to get my range. It has increased up to 70 degrees roughly but is very painful and frustrating. My doctor says I should be able to get atleast 90 degrees range post operation. I find it very challenging and painful. Do you have suggestion for my case? Your advice would be really helpful.

    Thank you

  • I’m impressed. I wished you showed more stretches. I shift to my good leg just as you shown. I’m 3 years with bad knee. I’m trying to avoid the TKR. I started to do some weight shifting playing catch with my physiotherapist as we toss a tennis ball to each other. I wasn’t able to leg raise for 1 1/2 years after surgery.

  • You didn’t really cover the foot. I have numbness in my toes starting from the middle of the ball of the foot, mainly the middle toes. Mostly just the right foot but milder in the left. I spent around 20 years standing on a hard floor as a shopkeeper and hoped it would resolve when I retired, it hasn’t. Any idea what is causing this and any exercises you can suggest? No pain, just the numbness.

  • I slep the whole day with my legs crossed and when I woke up my right leg was all numb I just laughed and it was just… weird as I tried to walk and it was like I was walking on air. But it wasn’t nothing bad it went away in 30 seconds and it didn’t hurt.

  • I like the workout I’m overweight an my knees hurt because of my wait are there any other ones you have for my abdominal thank you

  • I love your workouts and know I can always count on you to be attentive to those with injuries or other limitations. I wish there was a program based on these at-home videos with your dog. I have to admit they’re so much more motivating for me than the more professional ones, and while I want to follow your programs that the only reason I hesitate!

  • Thanks, that actually helped alot with the pain an stiffness.
    It is still tender and not able to do full motion yet. But this my 1st time.
    Will continue to do ir regularly.

  • guys i have a question i feel huge tension on my back durning doing squats, mostly right side of middle spine, is it some imbalance sort?

  • All of the procedure, this knee problem remedy “Yοyοkοn Vxy” (Google it) is the most effective until now. Not merely manages to do it get rid of my knee discomfort in a week, it also almost wholly alleviated muscle stiffness when standing up right after sitting down for a while. This is the only one where I can really feel the difference, specifically with my knees..

  • Hi and thank you for sharing this advice, is there a similar technique for straightening the knee? I’ve just got out of a brace and been instructed to start weight bearing 10 weeks since a tibial plateau fracture, I only have 20-80deg of flexation at the moment. I’ve been told I HAVE TO aggressively re strengthen my quad and get motion back before I can have an arthroscopy to trim up lateral and medial posterior meniscus tears.
    Many thanks, Matt

  • My numbness happens when I’m still. It becomes very painful, my doctors can’t explain. But I’m scared because it’s is continually getting worse. I have a severe stenosis, bulging discs.

  • You should feel pressure but it should not hurt, you should absolutely not feel discomfort lasting longer than an hour after the activity. If you do then discontinue and seek out professional help.

  • Well damn after 2 months of 1 hour on the treadmill every single day (and occasional 1 day off a week)…and now with only 2 weeks until vacation, the last thing I wanted is to lighten up. Disheartening

  • I have problems with tightness down the backs of my legs. I found that doing weight training exercises for the backs of my legs stopped the tightness and surprisingly the pain in my feet.

  • but what if my knee is so worn from years of being overweight it sounds like rattle in there when i go up stairs. how can one strengthen a busted knee? tried doing squats but I stop bc it feels like I’m just making it worse.