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Gaining & Cutting Cycle VS Yo-Yo Dieting

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NO MORE YO-YO DIETING // MINI CUT CYCLE for Effective, Safe Weight Loss & Fast Metabolism + WEIGH-IN

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How To Beat Yo-Yo Dieting Bruce Whipple

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SNSD Yuri Extreme Yo-Yo Dieting Story 2007 2020

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How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting Permanently (Try These 9 Steps To Stop The Cycle!)

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HOW TO STOP WEIGHT CYCLING FOR GOOD. 1. Be Patient. Shedding pounds fast might be exciting the first few weeks into a diet but slow and steady wins the race for long-term weight loss 2. Find What Works For You.

Instead of hopping from one fad diet to the next, find a personalized eating plan. How to Win the Yo-Yo Diet Battle? 1. Be Patient.

Shedding pounds fast might be exciting the first few weeks into a diet but slow and steady wins the race for long-term weight loss 2. Find What Works For You. Instead of hopping from one fad diet to the next, find a personalized eating plan that. How to Win the Constant Battle of Yo-Yo Dieting.

See if this sounds familiar: you have an upcoming wedding, reunion, vacation, or other special occasion looming on the horizon, and you just have to lose ten pounds. You cut calories, add in thirty minutes of cardio, lose the weight, and fit into that skin-tight dress that has everyone gawking. How to Win the Yo-Yo Diet Battle.

June 5, 2019. The Diet Battle. Losing weight then unintentionally regaining it over and over again isn’t just frustrating — it’s also been linked to a higher risk of death, according to a. Win the battle and be inspired. Download this free eBook from Dr.

Holly Wyatt which outlines 8 superpower strategies to stop the diet yo-yo. The simplest, kindest way of all to get a handle on your diet is to understand how much you need to eat, and then tracking it. I use a free app called My Fitness Pal for this, but there are other ones out there.

If you know the right amount for you, you also know the parameters that you can be over and under without it impacting on you. When it comes to working out, choose reasonable goals that are manageable, says Fader. If you don’t have an hour to exercise, incorporate more activity throughout your day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and squeeze in a quick, brisk walk during your lunch break. Don’t look for answers in a new exercise routine or a special diet program.

The answer is always you: you and the simple choices you make every day. When in doubt, always return to, “Eat less, move. Yo-yo dieting operates in such a way that it is harder each time to lose weight.

As the yo-yo nears the end of its string, the plastic spool starts spinning slower. Likewise, the diet follower may find weight loss success harder and harder to maintain as time goes by, leading to depression and demotivation. Eat heart-healthy foods: Whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits.

Choose lean meats and low-fat cheese and dairy products. Limit foods that have lots of saturated fat, like butter, whole milk, baked goods, ice cream, fatty meats and cheese. 6.

List of related literature:

I continued with yo-yo dieting, but my unhealthy obsession with food always won out.

“Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle” by Natasha Newton
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This sets the yo-yo spinning, because with each new diet the body lowers the energy required for maintenance a little bit more, making weight control even harder.

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Our moms were both yo-yo dieters.

“You Can Drop It!: How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate–and You Can Too!” by Ilana Muhlstein
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This sets the yo-yo spinning, and with each new diet the body lowers the energy required for maintenance a little bit more, making weight control increasingly more difficult.

“The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay
from The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook
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The trick to ending yo-yo dieting is to embrace a new, realistic diet regimen and be willing to let go of your old behaviors.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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There are some real nutritional horror stories among people who crash diet or diet stringently for contests.

“Power Eating-4th Edition” by Susan Kleiner, Maggie Greenwood-Robinson
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One approach is to have the active food challenge and the placebo challenge done on separate days.

“Pediatric Allergy: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Donald Y. M. Leung, Hugh Sampson, Raif Geha, Stanley J. Szefler
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they word, Fad create diets and a may the yo-yo first result cycle three in that quick letters often weight are leads “d-i-e.”

“The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit” by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
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Your weight loss will be gradual but lasting, in contrast to the familiar yo-yo cycle of losing weight quickly by restricting calories and then gaining it back (and then some) by bingeing when the starvation diet inevitably ends.

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In some cases, retailers have even managed to identify yo-yo dieters based on their purchasing behaviour: sometimes they buy nothing but diet foods, while at other times they indulge in loads of delicious high-calorie goodies.

“The Retail Value Chain: How to Gain Competitive Advantage through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Strategies” by Sami Finne, Hanna Sivonen
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  • I feel sad for yuri… yuri has what they called banana shape body it’s hard for them to maintain being thin because their bones structure is different.. we all have unique body sad because she needs to fit in to please her hypocrite fans.

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. I was eating like 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories. That went for 2 years. I was obsessed.. I started at 67. 1 kg and now I’m 65.5 kg. At my ‘best’ I was 63 kg. I was eating so little and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I just did a lot of home workouts for 4 days and I’m not eating more calories (500+-, slowly trying to eat more) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg (btw I’m 165 cm). I was always very muscular and very sporty. I hope It’s muscle and water weight… I’m just so anxious about gaining weight�� At least I don’t have to go to school at the moment

  • I am so like you are in this video!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to figure out how to eat and what to eat!!!!!!!!!!! I am going crazy with trying to figure it out!!!!!!!!! I know that I have to workout for the rest of my life because it’s what we have to do to stay healthy. It’s the eating part that I can’t figure out.

  • Thanks for the info! I was wondering if you could do a video on how someone would “fix” their metabolism after yoyo dieting for a long period of time, years!

  • Thanks for your great advice! I’m learning how to leave the “all in or all out” mentality that has kept me in the yo-yo syndrome. I’m learning to give myself the grace of not dogging myself for eating a bad meal I evaluate what I did, brush myself off and get back on track. Sometimes I even plan for eating a meal that’s outside my eating boundaries but then it’s back to my better eating plan. I’ve stopped thinking that a slip up is falling down into hell.

  • YOLO ��������������
    I reversed using the information that I get from watching your videos and I can say that I am doing it perfectly. Thank you so much the your information.

  • I just got here from Every Day Damn Fitness and you’re everything I aspire to be. Funny, bubbly, open, confident, all of it. I’m on a journey myself as well, on my way to lose whatever I can (goal for now is to get below 100kg/220lbs) and I’m 17kg down from my highest of 137kg (302lbs):D

  • 2:11🙁 i wish it was easy for me.. I struggled to lose weight and I am stuck at 55-60 kilos I can’t lose more even though I eat healthy (sometimes I think that I need to eat more than 1000 calories but I get full really quickly).. (I managed to lose 20 kilos in two years but I can’t lose more I don’t know why Hahaha ) but seeing how critical the society acts with both woman and Man really disappoints me,It’s really hard to try to be happy with your own body when society portrays that pretty only means skinny and good proportions,also pretty hair and skin while maintaining a diet, I am vegetarian because I want but I see so much people taking it as a diet,not as a lifestyle and they get so sick and they blame the vegetarian `diet’

  • Thank you Ryan… JoseTheVegan on YouTube here, great video once again!
    My downfall has been potato chips. I can’t put those down once the bag is opened! I just don’t buy them anymore!
    Thanks and best regards!

  • You inspired me to do better and commit fully to my weight lost goals. Yesterday i finally bought a Fitbit because of you! You’re right,there’s no way i can accurately track my steps without it! Today, i did 10,565 steps! I’m proud of myself for doing what i thought would be really hard to do! Thank you Carlo!

  • What about when you are sharing a house with people who aren’t on the journey with you in terms of the foods? We share our resources so I will always see those cookies on a bad day and happily eat them all. It’s not easy

  • I see a lot of people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets. But Im not sure if it’s good. Have you ever try this popular weight loss secrets?

  • Hi sir I’m a fan�� Im doing Intermittent fasting for almost 3months and I lose 13kg already..Im also doing Calorie deficit but sometimes im still drinking coffee from starbucks and that okay? ☺️

  • Hi Carlo… You are truely inspiring…!!
    Its just literally been 3 weeks… not even a month! And i lost 6 kgs… i was not a morning person…but i find myself to love morning walks.. and meditate.. and today i had this huge day… usually i would go zero energy in the middle of the day! But i was on my fasting mode and i was so energetic… God Bless you..u r truely doing a great job.. specially when u focus on the psychological perspective….
    Just keep doing what u r doing❣ always happy to see ur videos on my newsfeed..

  • Hi Carlo, I love watching your videos when I’m on stake out like I am now. A quick question. I know I’ll have about 20 minutes free when they start talking about Kobe vs Jordan and I usually go some fast food. What should I do instead? I thought about doing some burpees but they’ll know I’m a narc. I need a stakeout friendly workout and diet regime. Oh… wait someone’s coming up to them. Hopefully it’s a junkie needing a fix! No, they are comparing sneakers. Sigh.

  • Carlo, I would love to say a big thank you from my heart, you videos keep me going, you are plain, I follow your work and I’ve gone from 242 pounds to 196 pounds,I have 10 more pounds to lose to be at my normal weight,I’m super excited,what exercises do I do to tone up my chest please

  • They have so much money and they can’t hire a simple dietician to help their idols? There are so many healthy foods you can eat a lot of and still lose weight.

  • this is extremely heart breaking… i think she’s the most beautiful member no matter what her weight is but reading some of those comments was hard. knetz are so unnecessarily brutal and overly observant it’s very sad. they try so hard to find “imperfections” amongst every idol but i wonder how THEY look. the fact that yuri was never appreciated by her talent breaks my heart even more, god give this girl strength but she’s definitely in great condition now but that 2011 june fancam shattered my heart oh my goodness… please stop worrying about other people’s weight.

  • I discovered your channel thanks to Every Damn Day Fitness and now I’m binge watching all your videos in order, can’t wait to follow your journey, you’re amazing!! Truly an inspiration!

  • Always a great content and loaded with info. I’m new to your videos (3 weeks) and i’ve been following it since. I’m on IF and minimal home workouts. I’ve lost. 4kgs in 5 weeks since i start dieting. I plan to do 10k steps per day as you recommend. Thanks for your amazing advice including what to avoid and superfood!

  • Bro… the part when you said you would research alkaline foods WHILE eating the bad stuff, that’s me! Lol! It’s a process though one step at a time

  • You don’t need to like every member but it gives you no right to judge them. You’re a fan, not a judge. Get your job and title right “sones”.

  • When you mentioned cutting out exercise routines from magazines in the 5th grade I couldn’t believe that someone else used to do that too!! I’ve never seen anyone around my age and my weight go through this type of journey. You’ve inspired me to start exercising again and make health changes. Hopefully I can see some results like you have. Keep going your doing amazing!!!

  • Love all your content. ���� You made me start IF 3 months ago. More content like this please.

    Did 10,000 steps yesterday. Hope to make it everyday as much as possible.

  • How do I stop yo-yo dieting if I use food as a comfort food/vice? Whenever i’m sad, bored, stressed out, I eat bad food. I dont eat food for sustanance I eat for comfort. Kind of like how alcoholics lean on alcohol for comfort and it’s an addiction, i’m that same way with food. I’ve even thought about replacing this vice with another vice it’s gotten so bad. Do you have any tips for me?

  • I swore back when I lost my 30 pounds that that was it! I would never go back to eating like shit. Today, here I am. After my binge yesterday, I am currently back on track….for today. I am hoping to continue. It was in mid July of last year that I really noticed the weight loss, so I hope by then to be where I want.

    The sad thing is, the biggest enemy in my diet is my husband….. I wish he would stop bringing me junk.

  • I have 2 boiled eggs and black coffee,every morning but i think i can go with out breakfast but OMAD instead…thank you Carlo for all the from Hongkong

  • Watching your video first thing in the morning… I’ve been yo yo-ing my diet while I hanging out with friends then feel like absolute crap… This helps me a lot.. Thank you so much ��

  • I’m on a weight loss journey to I’ve been slowly making some different changes lower carbs I use to drink no water now I’m really trying to drink half a gallon a day and eventually go up to a gallon I cut my soda intake trying to not have one today started walking every day use to not walk much at all and only eating during a certain time frame it’s different it’s a challenge but I just try in stay positive

  • Great advice. I lost 20 lbs in 14 weeks and fell of the wagon for 10 days straight recently (Yikes!). Not much weight gain but I felt terrible emotionally. I’m getting back on track because of your videos. Very Much Thanks Carlo! You’re a lifesaver!

  • Hi kuya Carlo:) hope you’re doing well.
    Thank you for sharing your weight loss knowledge:)
    Just wanna know if drinking turmeric tea can break my fast?
    Thank you:)

  • I know this is not wright loss related, but I would like to know how you worked on your relationship with money, can I contact you on Instagram, I also struggle with money problems

  • I’m disgusted by these people saying she’s fat and making fun of her… I would like them to feel the pressure of being an idol:/ We lost lives because of these people so they need to stop quickly before it happens again…

  • The fact a normal and most likely healthy weight for her height is considered really fat is horrifying. The most she ever weighed was maybe 130 tops which is about the perfect weight for someone’s who’s 5’6… and honestly the “too big” eras were the only time she genuinely looked healthy???? Like she wouldn’t collapse from exhaustion or starvation. Kpop industry really needs to fucking fix their standards of beauty bc forcing these young girls into eating disorders is so beyond terrifying

  • In my personal opinion yuri was the one and o my idol that went to the gym for a healthy body… her so called “yo-yo” was just intense schedule…. she was always healthy never too stkinny never to heavy… she has the best abs…. of course she watched her figure but don’t we all remeber all the fitness stuff she did?

  • It’s just so sick how especially in asian culture (and I’m saying this as an asian and experiencing it myself even from family members) you always get comments on your body, no matter what shape, size or weight you are. You’re either too thin, too big, too bulky whatever, nothing seems to satisfy anyone and what for? What is the need for constantly commenting on other people’s body. Just look at yourself and take care of your body, the way you want to and let others look and feel the way they want to. Most important is that all of us feel content with the way we look and consume mostly healthy food and exercise as often as we like and as often as we feel necessary. As a teenage girl, I was a little chubby but I was completely fine with the way I looked but because of comments from my family I started doing useless diets, overexercising and all of that didn’t help but just made things worse. I am so glad, that I don’t give a fuck anymore what people say and just do what I feel is healthy and good for myself. Seriously. I pity all those girls that face these terrible criticism everyday from every possible person.

  • 2011 body was very much like a super model, very slender, snake like, and pretty which photographs really well.
    2017 body was thick which is usually the ideal type for what guys like since she has some “meat” to grab and hold onto.

    2018 body seemed like a happy middle.

  • 12:04 I think it was because her arms are thin and she still has her thighs. Once her arms are big, everyone insults her again.
    Imagine only being known for physical beauty and losing weight. Then all of her “fans” rag on her for trying to act or saying that she sings poorly.

  • I can’t even tell the difference much. She still look skinny. The only time I could tell she gained weight was when they had Kcon in LA (Mr. Mr. Performance).

  • 800cal??? The human body needs a minimum of 1000cal to function, and even then that could lower your metabolic function. This diet is setting them up for rapid weight gain…

  • i think she’s simply diabetic, my mom is exactly like her in 1 year 6 month fat 6 month super skinny according to her prescripted pills and physical condition….. my mom also gain/lose weight so fast…

  • My husband is not on my whole food plant based diet, makes it harder for me. He wants the foods and desserts, ice cream, things I know not to eat. Makes it hard to say no thank you.