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Scared To Fail Losing Weight

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Fear And Weight Loss How to Conquer Your Fear of Failing at Weight Loss

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What does this mean for your weight-loss journey? When I was in school for health psychology, I had to learn the right kinds of questions to ask my clients, and my supervisor gave me a clear heuristic to fall back on: Follow the fear. At first, this seemed extreme. I mean, we’re talking about helping people with some pretty benign stuff. To help quash the fear of regaining weight, Stettner advises people to separate emotions from the behavior.

That means, in part, minimizing your feelings of deprivation and accepting the fact. For some this benefit is the fear of failing to keep the weight off or even regaining more weight. Our past experiences can often become our road-map for our future. The 1st sign of something associated with a past diet or lifestyle failure that brings a level of stress, guilt, and shame can trigger the subconscious brain and it often hits the.

To stop your fear of failure from derailing your weight loss efforts, take some time and study scriptures on hope (Hebrews 11:1, 2; Corinthians 3:7-18). Practice Progress, not Perfection Too often we get so hung up on doing things just right that we miss all the little things that are making a big difference. Dear Scared: Your question has little to do with food and much to do with fear. First, for some people, losing weight is incredibly difficult. There are medical or metabolic reasons why they are.

The weight will always come back. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. I am too unhealthy.

I’m not worried about gaining it back yet, I’m worried about how to lose it in the first place since it seems impossible. I will fail. I will fail. I will fail.

I am a failure. I am no good. I am meant to be fat. It cannot change.

It will not change. If you’re worried about failing your midterm, think about how you’d cope if that actually came to pass. You’d get help from the TA, plan out a study schedule for the final, and not stay out until 1 AM before the next exam.

The possibility of new relationships after a weight loss can inspire fears, too. “Extra weight can be a great defense mechanism, because it provides an excuse not to have to face uncomfortable new experiences such as dating or establishing new friendships,” Traube says. Fear of failure can influence most of our actions and decisions, especially when it comes to personal or professional goals. Your definition of failure is particular to you. What you deem to be something that has failed may seem very different from others. The fear of failure is really about how you will feel disappointed afterward.

Keep a journal of your thoughts and actions and you will be able to draw patterns and recognize your fear. Once you know that you are up against, you will have an easier time handling it. Always remember to give yourself credit whenever you overcome your fear and move on.

List of related literature:

Like many of my clients, you may be terrified to stop panicking because you equate not panicking with accepting that you’ll never lose weight.

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This strategy might be accompanied by cognitive therapy to address beliefs that excess weight is a personal failure, therefore warranting such mistreatment (Johnson, 2005).

“The Fat Studies Reader” by Esther Rothblum, Sondra Solovay, Marilyn Wann
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I had lots of fears about being successful with weight loss.

“The Laid Back Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost Over 80 Pounds and Kept It Off Eating Whatever I Wanted” by Kayla Cox
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We’ve all tried the shame-and-fear promise, and you know that motivating yourself by “fat fear” never works.

“Madly in Love with Me: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend” by Christine Arylo
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Now, you don’t have to be totally fearless in order to lose weight; it’s enough to simply focus on those thoughts that are causing the problems.

“Gabriel Method: The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body” by Jon Gabriel
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At times the fear is so great—of changing, of fat, of losing control.

“An Apple a Day: A Memoir of Love and Recovery from Anorexia” by Emma Woolf
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If you have these fears, you can diet forever and you will not lose weight or keep it off because you are unconsciously needing it.

“Living in the Light: A Guide to Personal and Planetary Transformation” by Shakti Gawain, Laurel King
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I used self-hypnosis to motivate myself to exercise and lose weight.

“Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind” by James J Mapes
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How to Think About Weight Loss These are a series of general mindsets for weight loss.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
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YOU Stop Beating Yourself Up for Every Mistake: Somewhere and sometime, you’ve been led to believe that the only way you can lose weight is to eat perfectly all the time.

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  • When war begun in my country I suddenly developed fear of hight. I never had that. Infact, I was the opposit always climbing, falling, etc. I went into deprssion (manic) and later when I was getting help from psychiatrist, realized that hight is one of three dimension of space. I was immobile in depression, not moving enywhere. Perhaps inner me was trying to warn me with this sudden fear that I am not well and that I am falling into depression. Who knows.

  • Well from someone that have failed so many times in it life and in worst failed in a very crucial moments of the life I have to say that to fail you first have to try… if you give your best and really put a lot of discipline, dedication, time and effort in your goal you will reach it.

    The only fear that I have now is the fear to be obese once again….

  • I’ve got a boxing competition next week, not afraid of getting hurt win or lose I’m gonna get hurt and that’s just the name of the game, i’m just afraid of losing, this will be my third fight

  • I had 83 kg and I went to 70 kg my goal was 60. I did everything to lose it and I couldn’t and I was always super hungry. So of course I gave up! Now I’m back again doing a new diet. But it has been so difficult I’m doing everything right but my mind keeps saying to me that it’s not going to work! I think that I shouldn’t eat anything. And I have terrible cravings even when I’m full. I’m doing a huge effort now and I’m really afraid of it doesn’t work even I following everything right. If it doesn’t work I think that I will have to start starvation, seriously I’m eating only 1000 calories a day, and I don’t see any other way

  • I just sacked my driving license practice, not because I did anything wrong, because the tester couldn’t handle me this tense on the steering wheel. If my brain was made up of marbles I lost some on the way to the testing ground. Things I did every time right, I just did wrong! I couldn’t even switch into the first gear anymore AND forgot my debit card password which I use like on a daily basis for six years! I really need help…:(

  • I read from book “People who achieve great feats, no matter in what field, understand that failure is not a stumbling block but a stepping-stone on the road to success. There is no success without risk and failure. We often fail to see this truth because the outcome is more visible than the process we see the final success and not the many failures that led to it.” I want to share with anyone about this.

  • Anyone who failed out there, like me. I advise you to try the 100 tries method, start from 100, you fail once, subtract that from 100, every failure you made, subtract from 100 and if you succeed once, add that to 100, add every success to 100. Keep in mind, when 100 attempts run out, failure is waiting for you but you can also try another 100 again, ALL THAT THIS METHOD NEEDS IS SINCERITY AND DO EVERY ATTEMPT OUT OF YOUR PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND I HOPE THIS METHOD WILL WORK FOR YOU.

  • As someone who is at healthy weight now (and has maintained it over 10 years), but used to weigh 250 pounds weight gain = uncomfortable in my skin. It does not FEEL GOOD to gain weight, and I will go on to say it does not feel healthy to me. It feels unhappy, uncomfortable, insecure, etc. I LOVE how I feel at a much lower weight & don’t ever want to gain it back.

  • Your videos have been such a great inspiration for me. Whenever I get discouraged, I watch one of your video. It really helps me see things in a new perspective.

  • Fear of Failure usually has an element of anxiety, depression and/or despair attached to it. Upon failing, the element of suicidal consideration becomes attached to the fear, and a solution to ending the fear.  So it’s not a simple matter of just pushing your way through the fear of failure as this clip suggests.

  • This is so nice to hear, I wish they would have told me this instead of giving me the diagnose “social phobia”. But since I’ve started listening to your tapes about being enough this year it has helped me so much.

  • Thank you for this! I have a phone interview tomorrow that I’ve been nervous about and this totally made me realize I don’t need to be afraid to take the risk. Thank you ��

  • My parents beat me and my sisters and brother when we failed on something. And with beat I mean so that we have bruises for days or pas out. That was how they wanted to motivate us to be better else you get beaten. My sisters, my brother and I are miserable grown up fucks now. And noone who cared/helped.

  • Just subscribed recently, so I’ve been trying to catch up on your vids. I usually watch at least one a day to keep me motivated:)

  • May also hear “Bhagvad Gita: Treatise of Self-help” in rhythmic verses sans inane interpolations and theological spins

  • I have a fear of getting rejected and failure. I dont like rejection because i take it to heart and its only from school like if i apply to a university or college and I get rejected i take it to heart think im just no good enough and i am a failure cause I have no future and hope left. anyone got suggestions to help me����������������

  • Dear Marisa. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety panic disorders followed by depersonalization ever since I gave birth. Now I’ve done a lotta work on myself and feel better. Yet I wake up everyday looking at and analyzing how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling anxious if I’m alright. I just have this fear that something’s gonna happen to my mental health. And I’m tired just tired of constantly checking in constantly thinking that something might go wrong. Please help me please guide how to overcome such a fear.

  • coffe and soda (i suffer from migraines so any caffeine helps yet affects other things lol) and sour staw candies:( and i fear my migraines because i legit cant step out of my bed. and that leads to depression stress and anxiety. and my meds cause weight gain so my body is now differrnt then im used to which also causes stress and etc. it’s a never ending cycle.

  • Marisa, can intolerance be considered to certain surfaces, cotton or raft synthetic fabric, for instance, or sounds also phobias? Or it’s something else?

  • the fear of regaining is a bitch!!!! I have gained 5lbs after a 45lb loss recently and I feel like a complete failure…. trying to get my head together again!

  • I think the reason I failed in the past was because I didn’t really wanted to count my calories. But now I do and my weight is going down:o)My dad might be getting me a new bicycle in a few weeks so exercise is on the way too ;o)

  • I want to break my shell and achive great things in this life.I’m taking every action if it’s possible (even it’s a little one) towards my goals.Fearing of failure was on my mind until i watch this video.I know im not alone.I wish you best in your journeys.

  • Really enjoy your vids. I’m going through a weight loss journey and my biggest fear is over eating. I try to go to the gym at the very least three times a week. I feel that the days that I don’t go and I just eat are the worst mentally for me.

  • i’m afraid of disappointing my coaches. In my mind, everything matters. If i drop a pass it’s over, if i don’t run my route right it’s over. My mind constantly tells me that i can’t do it and that i’m a failure, I will never be good or ill never be the next best receiver. Everyone tells me to not think about it. Some people are just born confident, but im the exact opposite. It may seem small to someone else but to me it’s a big mountain to climb. I just stick with it and hope it gets better. That my mind tells me that i can do it, or that whenever i step up onto the line of scrimmage I’m confident in myself because i know i’m going to run that route perfectly and catch that ball without thinking about it.

  • Hola buenas noches. Mi nombre es Irasema Sánchez y me gustaría saber si tiene estos video con subtítulos en español? Soy de Monterrey Nuevo León, México.

  • One of my bad habits was crazy snacking in the middle of the night. I’d literally wake up at 4 am and raid kitchen. I still do this to some extent, but my go-to now is just grabbing a single roma tomato. It satisfies the urge, and is healthy:) Little change-ups can help!

  • Holy crap man! Great job on your YouTube success! I subscribed to you almost two years ago when you had around 5,000 subs. It’s awesome to see how far you have come!

  • Great channel! I find your videos very helpful and inspirational. I was just wondering if you could give me some advice. When calculating protein while you’re trying to lose weight (around 100lbs to lose) but you want to also build muscle do you calculate your protein needs at your current weight or your goal/ideal weight?

  • I need to listen to this video over and again. It really resonated with me. man, I feel like I am the biggest saboteur. I feel like I don’t have the ability to lose the weight, but I know it’s my fear of failure and that it will be the most difficult thing to do.

  • I failed.. There are so many “rules” to follow: “don’t eat carbs” “no that’s wrong, you need carbs” “don’t do so much cardio” “no you need to do cardio just add weights” (like its easy, any fat person can do it) it’s just so confusing. “Don’t calorie count, count macros” lol I need professional help. Your videos are awesome and your story is inspiring, I am not bashing you in any way, shape or form. <3

  • Jillie, I agree to everthing you are saying but have you ever stop to consider that this girl and people who idolize you maybe under a misconception about your profession becasuse of the level of fitness you portray here on your channel. You have created a standard that is so high most people will never obtain. You are probably right about this girl being afraid of failure but people look at celebrities like you as the standard they have be at to do what you are doing. Jill, be careful of the level of perfection you portray make sure its the standard you really want to set not just for you but for the people who want to follow in your foot steps. Love ya

  • WOW. Such truths spoken. I think fear is usually not labeled for what it is. We mask it with our excuses. It is brave to push through.

  • Gosh I have fear of failing, a fear of not being smart enough, a fear of things not being/looking perfect, a fear of not quite being ready. It’s like I needed to see this video.�� Thank you.

  • I had a fear of driving a car. I had to see a counselor to get over my fear of driving, and to build my confidence up. I got my driving license when I was 33 my sisters said I was too slow and couldn’t follow directions. I really thought there was something wrong with me! I let there words control my thinking! I am 61 now I have over come my fear! I no longer listen to my sisters. Thank you! Marisa. You have helped me in many ways.❤️��

  • Very motivational. I recently got a gym membership, so I’m just starting out. Quick question, what is the best way to work out, a full body workout or a split (upper body, midsection, lower body)? And how often? Every day or 3 times a week?

  • I’ve been catching up on your videos so maybe you have already covered it, but how do you deal with family and well-meaning negativity. “oh you need to eat more” “it’s alright if you have some cake/pizza/etc”.

    I’ve had great success with low carb eating and at my lowest I had been down 110 lbs, but I couldn’t stand the amount of push back I got from people. I’m 50 lbs heavier now and feel like crap.

  • I can relate to this so much I made the decision to take redundancy the other week and im now about to start another job that’s totally different from what I’m used to n way out of my comfort zone I’m terrified but really excited at the same time if I’d of let my fear get in the way I know i would be miserable as soon as I had to go back to work

  • Originally stumbled onto your channel for that excellent coverage of the aer backpack, and I’ve gotta say you’ve got an excellent thing going here. Have a sub.��

  • I think I needed this video. I had an application in hand for a CO job today, but was scared at the thought of another polygraph. I had a person fail me on my first two polygraphs for another organization, however on my third one with a completely new person, impasses. I heard later on that this man had failed MANY people before me. Almost like this person got off on the power or whatever. But I didnt finish my app today because I’m affraid of another turn down. I have things job wise in my past, nothing bad, I just didnt have a backbone and wouldnt stand up for myself when jobs tried to fire me for whatever reason. Looking back I wish I would have fought it, but this recent turn down from another co job in addition to another poly just has me paralyzed. This job would be so important, a great stepping stone in my future career path. Just scared of failure. I’m trying to tell myself, that I have time to get my finances, jobs, body and mind right before I take the next step. However the clock is ticking.

  • I’m just wondering intuitive eating and this rule can be applied to menopausal women who need to worry about weight gain because of cardiovascular disease concerns. In my youth, yes, I know I had weight set point, but now it’s stretched upward and my waistline is very unhealthy, not because of aesthetic reasons but because of health concerns.

  • Thanks Jillian! It’s very true. I’m five weeks into redoing the Body Revolution program which I did 6 years ago except this time I am vlogging the workouts daily to make sure I do them everyday. I was quite apprehensive about doing that but if I didn’t there is a very good chance I would not have been as consistent with the workouts as I have been as it keeps me accountable (to my whole 40 subscribers haha!)

  • Jillian my stomach was been bloated for 7yrs and nobody could fix this for me. And Yes I went to see a doctor,did ultrasound and etc but was normal. Doctor recommand to me to do “Fod Map Diet” do you know anything about that?? I’m super stressed cus when I’m on diet I success with my diet goal but very easy to fail. Please help me Jillian..

  • You are the best and most encouraging knowledgeable kind hearted human. Your honesty has given me a new boost to never give up… I acknowledge my fear and will have the courage to continue striding towards a healthy me in mind and body. Love you ����������☺️��

  • My fear is going to the gym and not knowing what to do or how to do it right and people seeing me workout. I’m also afraid of calories. I fear each amount gets me closer and closer to gaining weight. I’m afraid to anything above 100 calories sometimes. the way my stomach is though there are times I won’t eat anything because the acid in my stomach gets so bad. I started my weight loss journey beginning of 2016. I’m 17 now and I went from a size 16 to a size 11 and I used to weight 190 now I weight 164 so I still got a bit to go. I know some people are like oh those weights aren’t that bad but if ur 17 and only 5’3 thats going from obese to over weight. 34 more pounds and I’ll be at a healthy weight. I’m so scared I can’t do it though like what if I can’t actually lose weight and I’m stuck like this.

  • Please join our webinar on Wednesday, September 18th, all about curing fears and phobias.

  • Gummy candy & chocolate! Especially those sour patch watermelon gummies…. omg I could eat a ton of them, portion control is my savior and I don’t mean buying a bag, doling out a single serving and then putting the rest of the bag away cuz if I know it’s there, I’m gonna eat it! I mean if I want a treat I go and buy a single serving bag (or better yet one supermarket in my area has them in the bulk section so I can buy as LITTLE as I want!), as far as chocolate goes I limit myself to a single bar of Dove chocolate once a month (during that time of the month 😉 ) I do this in general with treats, I only buy small single portion sizes and that’s it. You can’t binge or overdo it if it’s not there in the house.

  • Hi Marisa i feel really inspired with your videos. You helped me so many times and I love myself now.
    My mum is addicted to antidepressants and 3 times I nearly lost her. She was doing so well for a past year or two and recently I have noticed that she is getting drugged up again. I speak to her every day so I know she is doing something what she shouldn’t be doing. What is the best way to deal with addicted person? She is my mum but in reality I feel like I am her mum checking up on her everyday making sure she is ok. I know she need to deal with her addiction and I can’t control her. I live in different country now. This is breaking my heart and I am not prepared to lose her.

  • Hello Marisa, Thank you for this video, it came at the perfect time for me. I am leaving for Greece next week with my husband and my sister and brother in laws. I have flown all my life, then about 30 years ago I had a somewhat scary experience on a plane, at 26, it was the first time I had experienced air pockets, and we had 5 of them. Since then I was terrified to fly, however, I still flew to vacations, and even when we started to have kids as well. Well, instead of getting better, I was getting worse, I tried Gravol, didn’t work, then I tried Ativan, it was good. The last time I flew was in 2012, due to too much turbulence on the way back home.I ended up crying like a baby… I swore I would never fly again. My dream was to go to Greece and Italy. One thing at a time right? I am not going to get anywhere unless I fly, so I took the plunge and booked this holiday that I have been dreaming about since the 80’s…I said to myself, ” you are going to go and have a wonderful time, then next time you and enjoy Italy. ” So after a 7 year hiatus of not flying, I am going on a 9 hour flight! LOL Again, thank you so much for this video, it came at the utmost perfect time for me.
    I also watch all your videos……….even at 54 we continue to learn. You are such a delight, and I learn so much from you. Greetings from Montreal. xo

  • I’ll tell you what I do know. When you try, I mean really push yourself to your absolute limit and you fail/fall!! You’ve arrived at the moment you get stronger, better, you get the chance to be better and all you have to do is get up and use that failure, turn it to knowledge, turn it to power! Ego is an enemy to strength.

  • My fear of failing (in fitness/weight loss) has always looked like quitting right before I reach my final goal. It wasn’t until I reached 30 that I even realized I was doing it. Deep down I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to continue my healthy habits long-term once I reached the goal. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. What really turned my mindset around was the phrase “the time will pass regardless”. A year is a year whether I take care of my body or not, so there’s no need to be afraid of the commitment.

  • hypnosis is an extremely frightening state of mind. i would certainly never want to become manipulated & confused enough to be made to forget my own name, not be able to move my own body, read or understand english or even to not be able to recognize my own face in a mirror. rather than somehow being beneficial, i think it makes one vulnerable and unable to function rationally in reality.

  • I could not agree with you more! I think using myfitnesspal has helped me see that even if I fail and get back on track, I am still on the downtrend over the last few years. Tracking weight also has motivated me to get back on track when I realize how much I have gotten off track, especially after the holidays.

  • The problem for me is i always motivate my self to overcome failure but it didn’t work, this brings to me disappointment that i reached point really i can’t succeed it is like a knot you can’t release it. i am so tired of my life really i am on the edge of death……. i failed in my life.

  • I notice you didn’t mention Claustrophobia. I have had an almost 50 year phobia of elevators! Is there still a way to get over this phobia. Being trapped in one is a real thing that I avoid at all costs but it’s ruining the quality of my life on many levels.

  • 1000 calorie deficit from what my maintenance of 2300? For two almost three weeks gym 6 days. 0 pounds lost. ��pretty sure this is not even possible….

  • Couldn’t have said that better any other way! Excellent, plus IRON MAIDEN!!!!! Awesome shirt to go with an awesome perspective ✊��

  • Oh my god, i’m so grateful because this is so helpful & moving for me. I always follow your advices such as “i am enough”. Indeed, “i’m safe” is not the only advice I apply to my life.������������
    Thanks & regards from Argentina.

  • Check out Mike’s new YT channel and show him some love, link is in the description! Also, don’t forget to sign up for BFL Monthly before the new issue comes out this weekend! Been having a great time building up the newsletter, I’d love for you all to join the community. Sign up at Thanks for all of your support as always!:)

  • Your so inspirational! It was recently my birthday and I hadn’t been drinking till that day and had a higher calorie intake for it. I had gained 2 lbs from that day, but it only set me back a week and I’m back on track down to the weight I was b4 my birthday. Sometimes failing is nice cuz it makes me feel stronger knowing I can come back from it.

  • Definitely appreciate this, went from 305 to 197 and have back tracked back to 225 and definitely feeling down and insecure about it. I appreciate your insight and encouragement on this topic

  • Fear of failure has almost caused me to fail my university and to completely give up on my dreams..I think it has been this change that has impacted my life so much, I can actually share now with people and help them avoid my mistakes

  • Hello! These are nice inputs. I recently shared my take on fear of failure and hope to overcome here I will be happy to know your inputs

  • How can I cope with the fear of driving? Especially at unknown routes I get anxiety/panic attacks. Kindly let me know which protocol would be best to follow?

  • Josh! Thanks so, so much for the shoutout and the love! Glad you enjoy the shirt. I’m also glad you can say with a resounding NO that you don’t fear putting the weight back on. I love that confidence and I am so happy your mind is in the correct place for long term change to happen! Keep up the awesome work, and thanks again!

  • I think the reason why the person was afraid to go ahead and be a trainer is because she may be afraid that her clients won’t accept her for not losing that little bit of fat? So it’s not so much the failure, This is what stops me. Would you still tell her to go ahead and be a trainer? But it’s true, you can’t do nothing.

  • i need to get over failing to get the job i got the degree for, now i cant do it any more i feel so sad i feel like such a useless failure always have and never will be any good at anything

  • Odontophobia is killing me in that way, i have some problems and i cant go to the doctor without experience this sensation of anxiety and fear that is killing me paranoia days with no sleeping in the previous days of my appointment and the worst peeing in my pants…..

  • I needed to hear this. I never take risks, I always doubt and have fear of failure. I’m so sick of thinking this way, grrr! Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom Jillian! btw your kids are too cute 😉

  • The most difficult part is getting back up after a big blow in the ego. Im still in the grieving/recovering phase. And the rejection happened, 7months ago. I hope i get to finally unstuck.

  • I am swimming for at least an hour a week, biking at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, and going vegetarian! My goal is to close 15 pounds because anything less than 110 is dangerous for me.

  • I was always afraid of something! Scared even to go on a kids slide. And then one day I saw a video from Marisa ( maybe a year ago)where she said instead of saying I am afraid say I am excited. And now every time I am scared I start singing “I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! I am about to lose control and I think I LIKE IT” and I jump and do what ever it is.. I never felt so happy I am 30 now but when I go to the park with my 20 months baby I act like a kid too and It is sooo much fun. Thank you Marisa you are the best! P.s. I am enough is the best book I ever read everyone should read it!. ❤��

  • thx a lot for making this chanel Ben. im on my own jorney to go from 135 KG’s 90 kg’s Atm on 102.2 kg’s and your chanel helped me rekindel my fire becous i had come to a stop. and watching your vids about what mistakes you made and relating to myself realy made me see that i can do it to and i can get over this bump. so it hellep me to up my game from 3X2 houres Gym ‘time to 6×2 houres and get my diet straight again all im missing is someone to keep me acouteble and non of my everyday friends care about loosing weigth themself so do you know any who could do that and what do a guy like Chris jones cost
    sorry for the grama

  • honestly, I’m also scared. I’ve been in and out of the gym. I failed a number of times. Like rightnow, I don’t know if I could go back to the gym.

  • Sooooooooo……….I’ve been ‘thinking’ about adoption for the last 6 months. Adoption from another country and another culture. I’ve read and researched LOADS. I’ve also managed to stick a whole heap of negatives in front of me and defeat myself before I’ve even filled in a License To Adopt form. This is what I do. Self sabotage. Defeat myself before I’ve even started……………Well, today, after sitting and watching the lovely Jillian talking about fears, I grabbed the bull by the horns and filled out the form and sent it off. ��It’s a very tentative first step, but I’ve been denying myself this for a long time on the basis I’ll be found “ not a good parent”…..( I already have 3 late teens kids who I’ve raised who, as kids do, have told me frequently I’m crap, but equally told me they love me and I’m great). So, thank you Jillian, and to anyone reading this, give it a try…..facing a fear is liberating. ����

  • I’m 13. I can’t go to the gym. Iam starting losing weight. I am 213 now. A few days ago i was 209. I can’t believe that. How can I lose weight?

  • Just found your page thank you! I just lost my brother on March 3 to cardiac arrest he was 42 but it was his diabetes that we thought would take him he was blind all his organs started failing. anyway my wife got scared after he passed she had my butt in the Dr I’m barely prediabetic. I put a starter gym together and I’m on my 4th day working out I had a goal of hitting 20 min. on my elliptical and I did it tonight watching your videos. don’t stop doing what you do.

  • This helped so much! March was a crappy month as far as eating goes and I was feeling crappy about it, but tomorrow is a new day and I have a set plan for this month. Thank you for posting this!

  • Thank you for this video. I started my weight loss journey in January this year and I have surprisingly reached my goal of 70kg from 90kg already. I’ve been doing cardio, intermittent fasting and now I’m skinny. My friends feel like I should do weight lifting now but MY FEAR is looking ‘bulkier’ again.

  • I’m just starting this journey, and in my first 2 weeks I lost a quick 15# last week, I gained 5# back, and the feeling of failure has been extremely overwhelming for me. I’ve lost weight before, but it was less than healthy (1200 calorie diet + dr. prescribed speed (Phentermine)) This time, I have vowed to do it in a healthy fashion. I’m logging all my food, and trying to get to the gym at least 5 days per week. Your channel has been a very good source of motivation for me, keep up the good work!

  • I’m not going to make excuses for myself. I am the one who has let myself go off track in my diet, nobody else. However, I do have but one more question to ask about this. My trigger foods are peanut butter and pretty much anything cheesy (mac n cheese, cottage cheese, string cheese, etc.). I’m only 15, so I don’t buy the groceries in the house. I’ve talked to my dad but he seems to think I’m crazy when I ask if he can cut back on buying so much of these foods. What can I do?

  • I robbed nine banks and failed:'(… On my tenth i succeeded, got away, and got a good haul. Thank you for this video, you pushed me to never stop.

  • Terrific, honest content as always. Fear of failure is a sticking point for a lot of people in the beginning of their journey, I know it was for me. Sometimes equally paralyzing can be the fear of success (particularly when getting closer to/achieving goals), odd as that sounds. Succeeding means you grow as a person, need to continue to push yourself to that next step, and gradually move into a happier state. When someone has been down on themselves and used to a pattern of weight loss highs and lows, realizing that you are a different person from where you started, can be a bit scary, especially if you learn who you are in the process. Keep up the great vids:)

  • Weight gain=health loss.
    I guess I’m scared of weight gain because it still seems impossible to me to be fat and healthy at the same time.

  • thanks thanks thanks by viewing your channel i starred going to the gym and lost 7kg in 2 months which is amazing because at that time i was so depressed. so thanks

  • listen i did dare myself and i did come over my fear and did something that scarred me for life if i did it and i did it now i am here in my bed with an injury who has been going on for 2 years… what now? i try to stand back up but i havent been able to

  • Thanks for this! I have always struggled with this issue especially when it comes to food! The past 3 months have been a jumble of waking up on Monday mornings ready to “start again!” To binging by 3pm. I have gained weight back and the worst part about that is facing people who were so happy and thrilled I lost weight in the first place. Plus I live with my husband who is overweight also, we’ve been married 13 years and have no kids so our favorite thing to do is eat especially on the weekends. I tried getting back to the park to walk last week and my knees dislocated because they suck and I fell down crippling myself for a while once again! I’m a very upbeat person but lately failure has me suffocating. I like everything you said in this video it gives me hope I can come back from this.

  • Hunger actually feels like fear. You just have to learn to be brave. It’s like fear of the dark or heights. There is no monster under the bed. You are not going to fall. You are not starving.

  • I fear it because I’m already very overweight. Heavier than this, I can hardly breathe lying down, summers are miserable and I get rashes under my boobs from sweat and friction.

  • This is so true! I had a rough start on my weight loss journey, but you just have to push through and start every day like new. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  • I like your Iron Maiden didn’t know u liked hardcore music. I’m more 90s music fan myself. We only learn through mistakes from failure..if we don’t then their is no room for improvement. Fear is goliath in appearance, a dark deep valley that no one wants to fall into..but it happens. What does one choose to do..nothing by remaining the valley or climb up to the mountain top.

  • Fear of being far from home. When someone mentions traveling my heart drops and i throw up, not scared of seeing new thingsn, just literally scared of being far from my house

  • You said that the mind gives us phobias cause it thinks that’s my question is: how is my mind helping me by giving me phobia like claustrophobia?

  • talk about first world problems, I was worrying about failing on fifa when there are people who worry about failing many worse/more important things. merry Christmas everyone.

  • I’ve been following your channel for a while now, and you’re videos have helped me soo much! so thank you! I’ve been at a plateau for this last month and wanted to give up mulitple times! however I have stuck with it and I’m finally starting to lose weight again! your videos are helping me keep track! thank you!:D

  • Started my fitness journey a few weeks ago, your videos help me so much! I recently started in the gym and seem to have gone too hard, I’m in an incredible amount of pain. Any advice for balancing pushing yourself and knowing when you’re pushing too hard? It’s very discouraging to feel like my hard work is hurting me rather than helping.

  • Hello Marissa how can rewire our mind for anything? Do we just keep repeating it with or without the mirror?

    Love you and appreciate you from michigan ������������������������������������������������

  • Yup. All this exactly. I got down to a weight and shape that I liked but then lived in fear of it all coming back. So I continued working out probably way too much, practically dogmatically. So now I’m at a place that I’m not happy again, my eating is screwed up (the bingeing is so problematic). And now I’m afraid. Afraid of getting going again, starting up, afraid of the pain and exhaustion, afraid that I might be too old. My mind has been screwing with me relentlessly.
    I want to feel that freedom and vitality again. It took discipline, dedication and hard work…but it was really the happiest time of my life.
    Thank you for encapsulating and putting into words in 1 short video the problems I’ve been fighting for the past couple years.
    This channel is amazing. It gives me hope in some of my darker moments. Thank you.

  • I just want to say thank you. You and your beautiful wife helped give me something I never thought I would have… hope. I have tried and failed before and even when I started trying this time I didn’t believe I would succeed until I found you both. I feel like you are my motivational guardian angel and I appreciate your willingness to share and make me feel less alone. You are amazing.

  • That’s what I’m currently struggling with now. I’m 17, 5’2 and 130lbs. I got down to 120 in a year and a half from my highest weight of 166 (that I know of) by restricting and binge eating, never having a good relationship with food. I have always been an emotional eater and now that I’m trying to get healthy and have a good relationship with food, I’ve gone from 120 to 130/135. I was/am so afraid to gain any weight back so it’s been a spiral of eating well, excessively overeating, and back to dieting. I tend to eat too much then snack when I’m full. I’m just learning now that small portions throughout the day mostly focused on veggies helps me because I get hungry between meals, which helps me not to excessively overeat. Crazy I know. Tonight I had a mug cake, Korean Kimbap, and some rice in warm milk with sugar after dinner. I ate way too much. But I felt more in control then I have in a long time. I didn’t crave it, I wanted it. I don’t think it was emotional, and that’s a big step for me. I’m trying to learn not to over think. I have a prom coming up so I started a diet and it’s much better than my others as I don’t count veggies, but it’s still restrictive. I’m learning what my triggers are and how to not excessively eat but it’s been hard. I’m hoping one day I will stop talking myself into overeating and I can not think about food so much. As I can assume all of us on here want to be, I also want to one day be free from the control food has on me.

  • Love this! I felt like a failure when I hit a plateau for over a month, but that was after losing 25lbs, which is most certainly NOT a failure! I finally sat down with a trainer who gave me my macros and that made all the difference for me. Thank you so much for all of the amazing videos!

  • Can you cure fear of dying? I have health anxiety. I fear that I’m going to die daily, usually from a heart attack. It stems from childhood but now that I’m 67 I really could die of a heart attack! I need help please

  • Structure your thinking and create success and change in every part of your life:

  • I can’t explain how thankful I am to find your channel. You give me hope. I’m 30lbs down, only 195 to go! Thank you for the motivation

  • Take the time to talk to yourself and analyse the fear or phobia. You can overcome it, you can train your mind, re -wire your mind. You are powerful and there’s nothing to be afraid of:)

  • It’s like you read my mind ��
    I recently failed my 1000th attempt to lose weight. Things just keep coming up, causing me to make excuses and to not keep going. After I get paid this weekend, I’m going grocery shopping and starting up again. This video got me excited for it and I can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration ������

  • “Wake up each day prepared to have the best day”
    I love this, made me change how I look at the day ahead of me and ignore any negative thoughts I had the previous day.

  • I was suffering from fear of failure when I was on probation with my current job, because I did not pass probation with my previous job. Now I have passed probation I realised that you are going to succeed and also fail in life, and if you fail, then maybe it was for a reason.

  • found your channel two days ago. went to the gym for the first time today. everything was so new, instead of sticking to one thing, i spent ten minutes on each thing that looked fun until my whole body felt like jello.

    stress isn’t a big problem for me, but boredom is. before i had a vehicle, my days off work were so boring that i found myself eating from that boredom. i’m hoping to turn that boredom into gym time… just gotta remind myself enough times until it becomes a habit.

  • Josh, Thanks so much for your videos, i have been watching you for more than a year an i like all of ur videos.

    I have a peoblem i’m overwieght 124 kg
    I lost 5.5 kg in 3 months and gaind 2 kg of muscles as i lose weight by weight lifting and eat helthy with calorie dificit 500-1000 and cardio, HIit.
    But i have a great fear of failure as i have alot of fat on midsection that seem to not go away. It is big problem for me and i cant wear my fav. Clothes
    I have a fear of failure as i make a great effort and my body composition and shap change in a big way to more mascular but still this mid section fats so so bad.
    What shall i do?
    I forgot to say that i made an umblical hernia surgery.. before that time it was easier to lose stomach fats.
    Im 28 years old Egyptian..


  • omg i feel like this always i start to diet and binge at the end of the day i try my best not to but i just cant i dont know what to do as you said stress wont go away i juat wish i found a way i could lose weight while eating all my cravings��

  • Maaaaan!!! I have so many stuff that i wanna tell about how much your videos TOUCH ME!!!…but i just cant type it all here����….i just want you to know that you are a GREAT!!! Inspiration and a REALLY good mentor for me actually!….much love to you man just keep doing your thing and motivate and help others❤❤❤❤

  • That is the best motivation that i ever had in my life, i just lost over 33 lbs over a month just because i watch your video that encourage my motivation to achieve my goals. Your’e my inspiration:)

  • When I was about 13..I happened to be in India at a seminar as I recall amongst hundreds of people watching a sage-like person on the stage……someone yelled after the person paused between his speech……..How do you give up smoking…….The sage on stage smiled and narrated a story….once there was a master and a student living in the jungles of India…….one day the student asks the master…Master what is attachment……..the master tells his student tomorrow we will get up at 5am and I will show it to you….Puzzled the student complies……the next day as the master and student awake…….the master takes the student to a strong tree….he then instructs his student to hold the tree with both his arms with all his might…….the student is confused as he does that……the master in the meantime picks up one of the leg of his student and starts pulling…….The student yells as he tightly holds on to the tree while getting his leg pulled………..The master replies
    you asked the meaning of attachment… you have experience and not just the meaning……………Everyone in the audience amused by the story attentively listened to the sage…..the sage went on to say……life is about attachment and detachment…………when you are holding on to something and wanting to go another way is what suffering is…………………..when you attach yourself to something else smoking will give you up without you trying to give up smoking…..As a species, all our progress lay beyond our attachments.

  • Thank you so much for this, it really was an answer to a prayer that I had this morning. I was at an all-time low and just felt like a failure. Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me today.

  • I searched up “fear of failure” and found this… All I have to say is thank you so much for such powerful, insightful, and motivational words. One of your examples is exactly my situation right now. I risked it all moving to a different city and going through multiple interviews without much success so far… Giving up and thinking about my past failures is all that’s been on my mind lately but inspiring videos like this and the fact that there are people going through the same struggles to reach their goals makes me not want to quit. Thank you again, I will definitely be watching more of your helpful videos.

  • I loved this video…
    My issue is that I hated myself when I was heavier. Now that I am 40lbs lighter, I do have more confidence and feel better. But now I’m just so scared to put the weight back on.

  • I’m not afraid to fail, I’m ready to fail here and there, your story is similar to my own and I just need more guidance like more channels and advice

    I’m basically alone in my weightlifting love

    However I wake up and kick butt and try to eat the best I can

    If you can give advice on motivational tips, or proper YouTube channels to help with form and progression please let me know

    Thank you for all you do and are:)

  • Awesome video as always, and so many things I recognize from my past failing trying to lose weight. Planning meals for me is the most important part, so I know what I need to eat and when I need to eat it. And doing gym at 5AM in the morning is a big part of it as well, as that stops me from binging as then I’d feel I am undoing all the hard work I did in the gym.

  • Love your channel I am down 30lbs so far with another 40lbs to go to my goal of 200lbs. I have had a couple slips mostly due to extra hunger due to quitting smoking as well but so far have gotten right back on the horse the next day. I don’t use instagram so please keep the U tube videos coming.

  • Hi Marisa, could please do a video on how to rewire the mind for a fear of dogs? Thank you so much, can’t afford the courses or I would do all of them. You are phenomenal and my new mentor. Thanks again

  • I tie my weight to the beauty standards of the fashion industry I really wanna be a high fashion model and I believe I’ll be better at my future career if I’m thinner…

  • My binge food has always been potato chips. I love salt and feel fairly meh about sweet stuff. My solution is whenever we do buy chips I buy exactly enough only for 1 consumption and I restrict it from being in my house for a minimum of a month at a time otherwise I have literally zero control. It’s really hard because I loooooooooooooooooooooove them but clearly my ass doesn’t lol.

  • I keep failing my exams over and over and over and over and over again but it did not stop me, I was about to give up but I realize to my self that I got to keep trying in order to reach my goals and that’s what I’m doing.

  • So I have been failing for a little while because I haven’t been healthy snaking gained some back snack or you will binge I have never liked sweets but been hitting the chocolate covered twinkies like Chris Brown ��

  • I’ve always struggled with my weight going up and down constantly. And my fear is always gaining weight…..even a pound I freak out! I’m still trying to figuree out my why because living life constantly fearing weight gain is not helpful. Thanks for this video!

  • Love this video. I love the point you made about failing, I have failed more times then I can count, but I have so many great stories and memories from “shooting my shot” in so many different professions or projects. So true though, I have an over abundance of hope. People hate me for it. There is a Jimmy Iovine quote from a commencement speech he did about fear, it was so good that Dr Dre put it in the intro of a song called “All In A Days Work” from his Compton album. Such a good quote. Same as the point you were making about fear being a powerful thing, it can either hold you back or fuel you through to where you want to go. Still going with the workouts btw, progress is going well and continuing to eat healthy. Feeling the improvements for sure. And I also love the point you were making about faith and remaining focused because the right opportunity, the right person, etc etc is right around the corner. Wholeheartedly believe that. Thank you for sharing Ms Michaels. Once again, this was a phenomenal accent to the other content. A++ for sure.

  • I got rid of my scale and although it’s freeing, I still have paralyzing anxiety over it every now and then. I’m really working on myself.

  • These are such great tips �� but my problem is I feel as though it shouldn’t apply to me, and I struggle with that. If other people struggle with their body image I would tell them all of this and stuff but how can I get myself to accept that I need to do it to? I feel like everyone but me deserves to be at peace with their body

  • Great message Colleen! My weight is tied to how I view myself. I was an unhealthy weight whenI started my journey 2 years ago. From there I started enjoying the energy I had with my smaller size. However, calorie and macro counting for the rest of my life isn’t how I want to live. Working on intuitive eating and changing my mindset to deal with the weight gain to come.