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When you blow your calorie budget, assess if external pressures are to blame. If the cookies in your pantry are too tempting, don’t bring them inside the house. If you find yourself eating (or drinking) for social reasons, maybe it’s time to practice standing up for yourself and embracing the power of “no.”. Start Your Morning With Water If you just blew your calorie budget, commit to waking up the next morning with a full glass of water.

Really! Starting a new day with an instant start to good health is the best way to kick start your success. I think it is best to just move on and get back to your original goal.

Trying to restrict to make up for it is not only going to encourage unhealthy habits, but it’s also going to keep your mind focused on the binges. Today is a new day and you don’t need to think about them any more. Don’t Amend the Budget Even if you might have blown your calorie budget by lunch or ate too much all day long, don’t skip your next meal or severely restrict calories the following day to make up for the splurge.

Restriction will likely backfire and can set you up for a cycle of blowing the budget. Let’s face it: Everyone blows his or her calorie budget every now and then. But you can forget that old saying, “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.” You can get your eating back on track.

Here’s how. First, Relax. You need some perspective. You need to eat 3,500 calories to gain one pound of body fat. Or follow some of these eight expert tips on how to navigate the mall food court without blowing your calorie budget: 8 Tricks to Control Calories at the Mall Food Court.

1. “Don’t waste your calories on foods you don’t love,” comments Dulan. “For example, if you try a dessert that isn’t very good, stop eating it! This works great when you are going to parties or out to eat at a restaurant. When you get food and don’t love it, don’t feel like you need to eat it all.”. Before you even sit down and devise a plan for healthier eating and to watch out for just how much calories you take into your body, it is important to first distinguish what calories are.

In essence, a calorie is a unit of energy measurement found in different food or drinks. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, are a competitive athlete, or have a metabolic disease, such as diabetes, the calorie calculator may overestimate or underestimate your actual calorie needs. Select the statement that best describes your usual activity level. What is your calorie budget?

Do you know how many calories you should be eating each day? Most people don’t. Vitamin bottles base their information on a 2,000 calorie a day diet.

A 161.6 lbs. man could eat 2,000 calories a.

List of related literature:

Assume that your calorie budget is 2,000 per day.

“American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, Revised and Updated 4th Edition” by Roberta Larson Duyff
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To estimate your daily caloric expenditures, you can add the number of calories needed for basal metabolism, physical activity, and TEF.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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It’s no fun to count calories, but there are plenty of free smartphone apps available to log your meals, and tracking calorie intake requires just a few minutes per day.

“Success Habits For Dummies” by Dirk Zeller
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If you believe that your body is hibernating, and you believe you eat less than you “deserve” to eat given your exercise level, the solution is to increase your daytime calorie intake to an appropriate level, stop living in calorie deficit, and curb binge eating.

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
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You know how you make a “to do” list so you don’t forget to do errands, or how you write down your expenses when you decide it’s time to budget, or how you count calories in a notebook when you are going on a serious diet?

“The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right in Cyberspace” by Ellen Fein, Sherrie Schneider
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Once you determine your caloric expenditure from exercise, add that number to the total of your RMR times your lifestyle factor to determine your caloric expenditure for the day.

“The Time-Crunched Cyclist: Race-Winning Fitness in 6 Hours a Week, 3rd Ed.” by Chris Carmichael, Jim Rutberg
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If you know your kilojoule expenditure, you can easily estimate your kilocalorie usage (almost a one­to­one ratio), and this can help you determine when you need to consume additional calories or cut back.

“Training and Racing with a Power Meter, 2nd Ed.” by Hunter Allen, Andrew Coggan
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Purchase and learn how to use a calorie counter.

“Back to Eden: A Human Interest Story of Health and Restoration to be Found in Herb, Root, and Bark” by Jethro Kloss
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Plan eating splurges (save a number of calories each day and have a treat once a week) but eat only a small amount of “splurge” foods.

“Nursing Care Plans & Documentation: Nursing Diagnoses and Collaborative Problems” by Lynda Juall Carpenito-Moyet
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Ask a friend to write down the value for calories on each label and then black out these numbers on the labels.

“Discovering Nutrition” by Paul M. Insel, R. Elaine Turner, Don Ross
from Discovering Nutrition
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  • I get severe heartburn and headaches in last couple of hours in the 16 hours fasting window whenever I try doing it. And they continue to bother me even after I have eaten. I’m a 58 years old woman and have 10 kgs to lose, which I have not been able to despite being in calories deficit. Hope you could help me out with this. Thanks.

  • 1st day OMAD after 3 weeks of 16/8-Keto (22 lb weight loss before today: 300 to 278 lbs): I had a T-Bone steak (marinated in garlic butter) and a big salad w/homemade keto dressing. I hope the steak was not too big. My blood sugar a few hours before the end of fast was 110. Now, after 2 hrs since my OMAD, my sugar is 91. Quite weird that my sugar is lower after eating, than after many hours of fasting. Hey, maybe my body was eating its fat today. I only sipped water all day; I wasn’t hungry during fast. During my fast at the office, I gave away all my office food, everything of which was poison: pop-tarts, microwave popcorn packs, graham crackers, cup of noodle soups, 3 can Progresso soups (w/pastas), Splenda packets. I kept my teas.

  • I’m confused about this cut off line of 1200 cal.. supposedly when you go very very low like 0-500 cal metabolism increases slightly. I think 1200 cal over 6 meals would be much worse for BMR than just OMAD.

  • You know, I’m trying to quit smoking as well as lose weight, and overeating and smoking have similarities. I used to think that what’s different about food addiction was that you can stop smoking completely but you have to eat. Well at some point you do have to eat so that’s a little different from smoking is you can live without smoking EVER. But where they go hand in hand is I’m cutting back on both those habits. I only smoke with a meal and I’m trying to only eat 2 meals a day if not 3. Pretty soon I’ll be alternating between 1-2 meals and maybe try extended fasts.

  • 2000 calories per day is too much for a typical 170 lb man to lose weight. the ww2 Starvation experiment showed that you have to have at least 1000 calories a day to keep your guts moving, and you can’t eat more than 1500 calories.

  • I use 3 day fasts as a plateau breaker. Your body can’t not use energy. If you fast for 3 days you will enter a state of ketosis, which greatly reduces your body eating it’s own muscle, and makes access to stored fat much easier. Then when you break fast, now you’re increasing your caloric intake by a lot (relative to eating nothing), which your body could interpret as no need to be in “starvation mode”, whi I have serious doubts if such a thing exists anyway

  • Happy vegetables
    Captain Obvious
    Virtual high five
    Blooper at the very very end
    = Hilarious!!

    * you can’t control what you can’t measure *

    A great feature in MyFitnessPal is when you add a food you can just click the bar code scanner at top right side. Super fast.

    Now I’m hungry.

  • I got sick with gastritis for a 20 day period last month. Was eating the minimum or sometimes doing 24/48 hour fasts.
    Results? Lost 18 lbs without even thinking about it, got a new bodyweight set point, think my stomach has shrunk, overall appetite is lower, doing one meal a day. Have to lose 16 more lbs to reach a BMI of 22 (im at 26) will put some days of 36 hours fasting see if I can start losing some more. Dont ask me about muscle mass, hormonal levels and bf% though, not worried about that until I reach my original healthy weightfocusing on health benefits mostly overall. I am not 100% sure but i think Dr. Jason Fung says HGH rises after 20 hours without food ingestion (muscle sparing) and metabolism actually increases after prolonged fastingsource:

  • So do you recommend that never eat below our BMR? I was doing keto OMAD for 8 weeks 1250 calories, I feel very very good, I’m down 4.5% of body fat and 15 lbs. I tried normal OMAD last week but I could eat that amount of protein, I established my macros in 20C/40P/40F and 1400 calories but it’s hard to eat that much. Today I returned to keto OMAD. Thanks for your great videos!

  • Hey Ed! Please help me out.. I’m suffering with PCOD, should I start with keto+IF? Will I regain my weight after stopping keto but being consistent with IF? (PS. I live in India and here the staple food cannot let me continue with keto for long.)

  • So, I went to the TDEE calculator and calculated with sedentary because I only walk 30 minutes a day and mostly sit. It says maintenance for me is 1542… you said not to go below 1200. So, should I only cut 300 instead of the recommenced 500? Thanks for clarification!! Enjoying these videos!!

  • Hi Edward, I think you’ve covered this question in one of your many vids, but can you tell me when the urge to eat subsides when doing IF. I’m now into my 4th week and still seem to have hunger pangs. Thanks

  • hey just stumbled upon ur vids and just binged watched alot! great content!
    in your opinion what would be the best tips/tricks to take note for a first timer keen on doing a 72hr fast?

  • Thank you very much for answering the question, Edward.
    I think you’ve reinforced why I feel stuck. I have lost half my body weight (through whole food plant diet, IF, weight training) but have about 5kg excess subcutaneous fat (by DEXA scan).
    As a very, very small adult female, my TDEE is only 1300cals (I know this through trial and error).
    I am contemplating Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 (short term) but it goes counter to your critical lower limit of 1200cals. I’d LOVE to know your thoughts, Edward.

  • I know this is an old video, but I just really need help and I cant find it anywhere else, so Im a male age 19, 5″8″ and around 93kgs and I cant lose weight at all. My body naturally doesn’t produce testosterone so Im on Nebido, I gym 5 days a week and have alot of muslce but just cant lose the belly or back fat, Ive always eaten very little food (around 1500-1700 cals) and have tried almost every type of diet with no results shown, I’ve tried clen and ECA with still little effect… what else is there for me to do or try?

  • This sounds kinda like me, except I had trouble losing at 2400 cals… so I just took a week off and ate like a pig, now I’m lowering to 2000 and will go up 100 cals every 5-7 days.

  • 13 years ago I started gymming,was 60 now 85 kgs. I’ve taken and eaten every drug and food available to gain weight. I wanted to get fat I was so skinny. I hardly gained 2,3 kgs after massive drugs and food. My strength was always impressive, bench 140 kgs, squat 180 kgs, deadlift 211 kgs. Prior to that I had played tennis for 10 years. Is there some genetical defect in my body.?? I’m 6’1. Mom dad both are a little underweight…. Please help. Thank you

  • When should i take my protein shake when intermittent fasting? I wake up at 5am workout from 7am to 8am and my feeding window is from 1pm to 9pm

  • I love your videos ♥️ I’ve been living OMAD life style for almost 2 months and I’m feeling better than ever. I can’t ever imagine eating 3 meals a day again ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️ Im also doing long fasting. Right now I’m on a 48 hour dry fast ���� #Newlifestyle

  • Great video Carlo! Do you find it difficult using My Fitness Pal when a lot of your meals are home cooked? Any suggestions on how to estimate your input? I’m lazy and I don’t like spending a lot of time recreating my meals in the app to track calories ��

  • Intermittent fasting is the best way to improve quality of life. Keep up the good work bro. Continue to inspire people. ������������

  • Bottom lineIf you are going through a drive through, you are not concern about your weight. If you do not have time to cook than crab a can of sardines and a few crackers.

  • Super informative video Carlo! I used to be on the 6 small meals a day cult but I have seen the light with intermittent fasting and the benefits that come with it. I’ll have to give OMAD a try next!

  • Is doing a drastic caloric cut okay for someone to do if they have an excess of 25 or 30 pounds of fat to lose? Like 25+ percent body fat, is it alright to have a huge calorie deficit until they get down to around 15 percent then do a metabolic reset and then slowly cut calories to lose any remaining pounds?

  • The starving puppy at the beginning of the video completely broke my heart… I hope the people that were filming it helped it and feed it….:'(

  • As trainer for 30 yrs, tested everything on my body. These calories calculators are like the calc on treadmill for calories. So far off.. the Calculation suggests I should at 55, eat 3156 per day for maintenance? If is eat very low carb, more than 2200 I store fat…. currently at 15% bf. You can’t use these as general formula…. everyone is very different.. they also always suggest I’m overweight…at 84kg. And 15% Fat….the BMI calc says I’m over weight….you can’t use these simple calc for anyone to decide their required eating style, volume, etc…

  • Thank you so much Edward…I never knew about the TDEE.I put in my stats and it came back with my ideal weight ����Lol…it said 134-138 lbs.I have never been that weight.The US charts say for my height and body frame..I should be 155-165 lbs or so.Idk,I’m just going to shoot for 155.Im at 190 lbs right now.

  • Carlo knows a lot about calories, in fact he used his knowledge to save his life. A few years ago I convinced Carlo to come to Mexico with me to help out at an orphanage. The orphans were sponsored by the Juarez cartel and were well treated (so they could process the cocaine efficiently). Carlo was ignorant of this and was just happy teaching the children English. Meanwhile, I got into a heated argument with an underboss because the product he was going to sell me had been stepped on so many times it couldn’t get a four year old high. My initial plan was going up in smoke as I was going to smuggle the product back in Carlo’s luggage. Not much point now, if the product was no good. The negotiations with the underboss went on for weeks (during which time I slept with several of his mistresses!). Of course he finds out and he’s not happy to say the least. I fled the country and left Carlo behind to take the heat. I would have taken Carlo, but I would have had to explain my plan to use him as a drug mule. I just couldn’t face his disappointment in me. Several months later I managed to hack into the Juarez cartel’s server due to their weak password policy. A good tip is not to use “taco69” as your admin password. Anyway, I read some emails explaining the ‘great treasure’ they have in their compound. I assumed this was the high purity Bolivian marching powder they wouldn’t sell me. I bribed a Mexican military unit to raid it for me. As I triumphantly enter the compound I see a large safe. Blowing it open, I find Carlo hung up by his wrists. The guards had been beating him every day, but soon admired his warrior-monk spirit ability to take the beatings with dignity as well as six pack abs. Carlo soon began lecturing them on the dangers of a corn based diet. In no time they were counting calories and losing weight. As professionals, they continued to beat Carlo as before, but their hearts were no longer in it. Eventually they refrained from urinating into his food and executing him as they were instructed. Long story short I free Carlo and we returned home. He assumed I came down to rescue him, I never had the heart to tell him the truth.

  • This video makes so much sense,thanks, I was eating way too few calories everyday and the weight just wouldn’t come off at a certain point, it’s obvious my metabolism got too low. I’m like most people and want the weigh to melt off quickly as possible but I’m learning now there are major downsides to that

  • Thank you for these videos. I am following the calorie counting now. I am on adipex 37.5 I have been for 1 month I lost 3 lbs. I did not count calories. I am 5 10 I work out, yes I get dripping sweaty gross, 6 days a week. Is 1200 calories enough for me to still have energy to get through my heavy lifting days? also when I count my macros it seems like it makes me obsess more about eating more so when I am not on adipex.

  • If I were to have one meal a day, then have a cheat day where I eat two be ok? Or would I maybe get sick from getting used to only eating once a day?

  • I was able to lose 58lbs with OMAD and the ketogenic way of eating. Ketone levels stay elevated and insulin spikes are minimal if at all which all add up to constant fat burning and easy weight loss as well as improved overall health.

  • You are a great speaker…I always share your videos and take your advice! Im trying to lose 10 more pounds and I do IF most days of the week..I dont weigh myself..I go by my clothes..down 2 sizes since last yr..I go to Dr every 4 mo for a1c checkup and weight check…the calorie deficit is still in plateau..hopefully it will change soon! KEEP UP THE GREAT VIDEOS������

  • I never checked my weight before starting IF, but it got to the point where people ask me if am sick because I lost so much weight so fast!
    Thank you

  • I love your videos! Thank you for the support, loving IF. I have so much energy! Definitely see the benefits of it! hoping to lose quite a bit weight!

  • I’ve been in this situation. I hit the gym around 5x/week and work out for almost 2 hrs each session because I do multiple muscles each session. I’m 39 and 5’6 and around 170lbs, I’ve definitely got lots of muscle but I also have about 10lbs of belly fat that I just can’t lose no matter what I do. I do cardio for 1 hr; 45 min of steady state and 15 min of HIIT.

    My TDE says I can only eat 1700ish cals if I want to lose 1 lbs a week, but that’s too little food for how much I work out and I’m not losing any weight anyways and I’m always tired. If I eat more to shift my metabolism, I still don’t lose weight either and I don’t think I can train any harder or more often. Any advise? Anyone out there have the same problem? Can stress be the reason I can’t lose the weight?

  • Thank you so much for this video! I’m working on my weight loss goal of 120lbs loss…. so far I’m 18lbs away from 100lbs gone���� I’m so happy every day that I found this channel ❤️

  • what if my bmr is 1356, and not going lower than 1200 calories means I wont lose as much weight since im not really at much deficit?

  • I’ve been eating one meal a day and strictly fasting with only water for 20-22 hours a day for almost a week now. I eat in a single sitting until I’m full, not stuffed but satiated. Sometimes that happens after around 1,200 calories, sometimes it happens after about 800 calories. Either way, I still end up with enough energy to work (I’ve got a fairly tough job and I work outside in the Texas heat for 3-8 hours at a time) and I still manage to get a good workout 5 times a week and a 2-4 mile walk just about every night.

    My meals consist of things like steak, bacon, smoked sausage, perhaps some chicken or salmon along with a serving of broccoli or cauliflower. I’m typically consuming less than 5g of carbs per day, the only carbs I eat come from vegetables and sometimes I’ll eat a handful of macadamia nuts after my meal to squeeze in a little extra fat.

    I don’t drink any sodas, no coffee, nothing but water while fasting. Within my 2-4 hour eating window, I’ll have some Mio in my water just for some variety but that’s usually it.

    I decided to start eating low carb/keto about 5 weeks ago and I started intermittent fasting about 1 week ago. I was 290lbs when I started and I’m currently at 260lbs.

    So far, things are going very well. I’ve essentially lost 6lbs a week for 5 weeks and I’m feeling a hell of a lot better than I felt before starting all of this.

  • Hey please make a video about how to do intermittent fasting successfully while being responsible for preparing your family’s meals throughout the day. I’ve really been falling off because it hard not to eat when you make everyone’s food. Thanks❤

  • I used I.F. To help keep myself on track through the holidays. Everyone else is complaining about gaining weight over Christmas and I’m over here continuing to lose weight! Thanks for all the great info Edward.

  • If your diet and excerise is on point but still got stubborn fat areas which your parents got as well. It’s genetic, Get high definition liposuction to permanently remove the fat cells.

  • Hello, I have a question. My current weight is 47kg and body fat percentage is around 17%. (My height is 156cm)

    I have been doing intermittent fasting (16/8) for over a month but not losing weight at all. I do weight training 4 5 days and eating healthy. So why am I not losing weight?

    Thank you for your great work!

  • I fell into this trap. Went 0 to 100 and dropped 20 pounds and hit a wall. It’s been about 3 weeks and my metabolism is getting better

  • Im on OMAD. I always feel full after i eat. The thing is, the meals i consume are on average less than 600 calories. Im not sure what to do. If i force myself, i might be able to get 800 calories but that’s about it. Any advice?

  • Como siempre hermano, thank you for the insight and info. As previously mentioned, lost +70lbs under your guidance, accurate researched info and inspiration-motivated vids… Especially the one where you did that half marathon…. As always, gracias and look forward to more vids.

  • 16:8 IF fasting helped me a lot for at loss without losing any muscle mass. fasted cardio in the morning, weightlifting in the evening

  • Learning every word you said in the videos you make, i was 210 and now i weight 191 pounds. Thanks to intermittent fasting. I also work out twice a week while fasting at my 16 hours point. And amazing i feel stronger in the gym. I have been fasting 4 month’s or a little more. And now its a life style.. 7 days a week and i eat very healthy and feel awesome. I am 47 years old. Twice a week i also do 20 hour fasting.. i have made a pattern of the way i eat to fit my lifestyle. I do not deny myself from eating what I want. I just have more discipline. And definitely NO SUGAR and processed foods, and very little carbs, twice a week. And once every two months i treat myself to a whole medium pizza pie. Lol. I love pizza and i don’t want to give it up, i just have discipline in how I eat.

  • I’ve always been intimidated about macros simply because I didn’t know where to even start. Thank you for showing that there is an easy way!

  • I like to do 72 hour fasts because of as far as I know after 48 hours my metabolism starts to increase, and basically thats the best method to shred my fat. So what if my calorie reduction goes to zero for a longer period? I mean I have lost a lot of weight in a week, but I am damaging my metabolism with this? I’m getting confused a little.

  • Excellent video. Thanks! I dropped 10% total weight in the last 5 months while IF (in caloric deficit) and decreased my BF% from 25% down to approx 18%. I am planning to keep IF+caloric deficit for additional couple of months and stop there (when I probably reach 15% BF). Planning to somehow go backwards to increase lean mass then (and therefore get my total weight probably back to where I started) using the approach you just suggested….not sure if the approach would work to get back to my original weight (5 months back) but keeping low BF (15%) while IF in a caloric surplus (???)… nutrition + caloric surplus + IF would do the work?

  • I’m doing OMAD for a little less than a month. In the beginning I was really eating A LOT. Lately I’m getting full easier and I’m worried that I’m not eating enough, although my one meal is huge. Is this something that I need to concern myself with? And no I don’t count calories i spent a long period of my life doing that and I’m done with it. Any input would be appreciated. TIA

  • Idk I’m very skeptical when people say they lower their calories Bellow 2000 and into the 1,500 range. 1,500 calories was the upper range they feed people on concentration camps. Idk about you but a lot of people died in concentration camps due to starving. If these people were actually maintaining their body weight it would be a miracle of science.

  • I am all about eating when I’m hungry. Lately I’m not very hungry, I’m averaging about 500-750 Calories, not trying to eat that low, it’s protein and healthy carbs. I’m full. some other days I eat around 1175 or 1200. But again when I force myself. This video concerned me because many say eat when hungry, listen to your body etc, and I am and i feel GREAT, but now you got me worrying I will have to force food in my mouth. HELP!

  • So if eating too little makes it too hard to lose weight why do people who get gastric weight loss surgery lose so much weight so fast? My sister in law had the gastric sleeve and can only eat around 500-600 calories max per day and lost 50kg ����‍♀️ confusing.. I’m eating in the “dead zone” and am happy there for now.. I’d rather underestimate than overestimate my calories

  • Happy Sunday! Do you really have 6 children? Or is it 4? Lol! Do you have pics or a video when you were 200 lbs? Just can’t imagine you at 200 lbs. Good tips/advice on this vid. Enjoyed watching! Hope I’m not out of line…your husband is Hot! But you already knew that. (BTW I’m a mature woman of age, lol!) Take care guys.:)

  • It is SO nuanced. Especially for women over 40, perimenopausal and menopausal women. Add in something like hypothyroidism, and those calories need to be WAY below 1200. I am 46 and have hypothyroidism (treated with synthroid and armor thyroid) and I find I need to fast and can’t go above 800 to 1000. I fast for at least 20 hours, do OMAD and do a longer fast of at least 36 hours or more at least once a week.
    Age ain’t nothing but a number…unless you’re trying to lose weight and hold onto muscle. Hormones make a difference. Luckily, fasting is the ONE thing I’ve found that actually works.

  • Omad triggers eating disorder made of fasting and binging, obsessing about food the entire time. Let alone the impact of fasting and eating a big meal has on the stomach, shrinking and dilating that much. Not a clever way to eat less.

  • Hey your channel is great and I appreciate all the help. Just confused about one thing…what’s your Philosophy on coffee/green tea? In a recent video you advocate it….in a much older video of yours you were against it. Thank you!

  • Just got back on intermittent fasting. I went crazy eating after losing 16lbs unfortunately. But I’m determined to stay strong. Had alot of life changing events, so yeah please keep me in your prayer because I need it lol. Have a great week brother! Almost 200k awesome!!

  • Edward, there are mounting comments from people with low TDEEs (me included) who are confused about how to reduce calories for fat loss? PLEEEASE can you make a video for us special petite snowflakes?

  • So I’m down 13lbs in my first two weeks of IF. I’ve been alternating between 18:6 and 20:4. My issue is getting the amount of calories needed to avoid what you’re discussing in this video. I should be getting about 1700 calories a day to continue losing weight, but I find it hard being able to reach my calorie goals. I’m usually 600-700 calories short of my goal! I get full quickly and then I don’t want anything else to eat within my eating window.Please give me some suggestions so I don’t stall out. Thanks

  • The human body carries BF for moments when it may find itself in a “famine/ starve” scenerio.
    When a person is carrying excess BF that would mean they are carrying an excess caloric potential… Maybe they should eat once or twice a day… or maybe… just once every other day
    and thus, force itself to rely on the body’s fat reserves.

  • I downloaded the TDEE APP.. This is great to know. Very good info thank you for your videos there so informative. I’ve lost 70 pounds on IF AND KETO.. THE TDEE SAID IM STILL OVERWEIGHT SO I NEED 20 MORE POUNDS TO GO.

  • Hey Carlo thanks for letting me know about this I just have a few questions for u hope u can answer them
    1) in the large meal can I eat what I want??
    2) I’m 14, should I do this??( If yes I’ll do it during my summer vacation)
    3) is fighting a punching bag a good way to lose weight
    4) can I lift weights and cardio in one day to lose weight??( This means that I’ll work out everyday and take 2 days break but if I can combine the weight lifting with cardio)

  • If you choose lose weight on the app, does it mean you still have to go under the daily caloric intake the app computed for you? Or is it okay to reach the exact numbers?

  • Typically you want to lose no more then 1% of your total body weight per week. This will help not lose muscle while sustaining losses over the long haul.
    3,500 calories = 1 lb. 500 calorie deficit a day will give you a 1lb. Loss of fat per week
    500 calorie/ day. × 7 days = 3500/ week.

  • When your upping your calories to raise your baseline metabolism, should you change what you do in the gym? (Treat it as a mini bulk? Try to lift as heavy as pos or just ramp up the cardio?)

  • TDEE -500 puts me at 1300….I’ve been eating 1600 for 1 1/2 weeks on 20/4 IF so does this explain why I haven’t lost a pound? Getting discouraged because otherwise I’m doing everything right.

  • After 2 months following your advice on IF how to do it well,today I am very happy to be able to lose weight from 82kg to 65kg. The total weight loss is 17kg in 2 months. My next target is 55kg.Thank you for making my life became more cheerful. And now I have helped some friends to lose their weight through the advice and tips you provide. Some of those my friends who managed to drop 6kg in less than 2 weeks. Thank you Edward…������

  • Humans evolved on basically one meal a day.
    Its only in the last 10.000 years that humans began eating more, and certainly only in the last 80years that we began eating 6 meals.

  • I actually did this after my initial weightloss as a teen! I went from 250lbs down to 155lbs, in 7 months and looked terrible! I was doing like +2 hour sessions per day, and eating between 2000kcal and 1500kcal. Was quite terrible! After I started eating more and training less, 2 years I gained 40lbs bit i looked better, even though I was technically fatter. I’ve been slow cutting ever since, and now I’ve basically reached a state of homeostasis at 175lbs and somewhere between 15% and 18% BF, and 3000kcal per day. I’ve dropped my calories by 300 recently, as I would really like to get “abs”.

  • bruh how do you have a maintenance of 3000 calories? i’m 23 years old 5’10” ish and 150 lbs and back before quarantine when I took boxing classes 2-3 hours a day and ran a 5k 5 days a week my maintenance was an all time high at 2900

    now i just shadow box and do calisthenics at home, same height and weight, and my maintenance is 2200
    right now i’m cutting on 1700 calories.

  • i love IF! lost 15lbs in 2months and because of this i make video to prove that its effective way of loosing weight…pls subscribe to my channel to support IF. thanks

  • Thanks for this, I will have to check out this app and start being more mindful of the types of calories I’m putting into my body.

  • If you cant lose weight on low cal its because you are in starvation mode. you need to have 1-2 days a week where you up the calories to keep your metabolism boosted.

  • Your videos are always very informative and doable. My question is after determining my TDEE and my MR, I should only deduct 500 calories from my TDEE and that will determine a safe caloric amount that will keep my metabolism from slowing down.

    How often should I lower my calories? Is it after I lose 5, 10, 15, 20 lbs. And by how much should I lower my calories?

  • If I do go to McDonald’s I get a hamburger 250 calories small fries 230 calories and either water or Diet Coke…..or just a mcchicken sandwich 360 calories…… I try to only have McDonald’s lunch once every 3-6 months now….. But as far as the breakfast goes that is a whole another story lol…. I love mcgriddles and the sausage egg and cheese ones can run 560 calories or and I love the flavored iced coffee… But if I plan my day accordingly its works out…. I will do an extra walk during the day have like lean cuisines or smart ones or can soup for lunch water all day long… And light dinner…. Really a lot of the times I do not eat the whole breakfast sandwich… I take about 3-4 bites to satisfy my craving and throw it out…. I live by my fitness pal that with help from weight loss meds and increased activity I am down 60 pounds in almost 18 months I was 260 lbs when I started I am down to 199lbs… Still have a long way to go but by next year I should be where I want to be and in improved health

  • Eating all my calories for the day in one meal?? That’s 2000 calories in one meal which sure seems like a lot. Splitting it up over two meals seems like it would be better for me, like maybe an 18:6

  • So according to the TDEE calculator my daily caloric intake should be nearly 4000, if I ate 4000 calories a day i think id be sick.

  • A small woman has to cut to under 1000 calories before her metabolism slows down, unless she’s doing a LOT of cardio. If you stay on a fast, most days of the week, you cannot help but lose weight It’s against the laws of physics. You can’t keep or maintain something out of nothing. Eventually, the constant bad ratio of burning more than you take in WILL reduce your bulk. Guys just dont want to wait that long, that’s all.

  • Here is a trick I do is Mcmuffin (any time of day), apple slices (skip the fries) and water or diet drink. Sometimes, I will toss the top bun and just eat the burger open face. Pannera is high calories! Good stuff. Thanks.

  • Reached my goal of 150lbs on keto and omad your videos are great my maintenance is 1500but because of omad I could never eat that much only did 1000 cal a day. Know I know to gradually in increase 100 at a time. Thxs

  • Wait, what do you mean, by “slowing” though? It can’t slow down without loss of tissue. If youre keeping as much muscles as possible, it can’t just slow down for whatever magical reason. Toy may move less, move fat and some muscle, those are adapting metabolism, but it doesn’t just “slow” down

  • I started the I.F on 25 Dec 2019. At that time my body weight was around 119kg to 120kg. Today my weight is 91 kg and body fat at 17%. I’ve been doing gym for 5 years 5 days a week non stop and hardly see my muscles. And now I can see all my muscles definition including my 6 packs. Thank you Edward, God Bless!

  • My tdee is 1534 500 = 1034. My bmr is 1343.
    Is it ok to eat less than 1200cal/day? What shall i do? 55yo 152cm 81kg sedentary. Can someone please help me figure this all out. PLEASE.

  • MyFitnessPal game me so much freedom when it comes to my diet. Now I don’t feel bad when I eat certain foods because I know it fits my macros.

  • I am a 13 year old teenager and I am pretty strong but I am struggling to lose the fat that covers up my muscles in my chest. I would do anything to get rid of my chest and belly fat. If you have any extra tips, please help.

  • I’m sorry but on this one you are misinforming your audience. If you eat 1200 calories, as long as you have fasted and your insulin is low during the day, the remaining of your calories TDEE will come from your fat. This is explain by Dr Fung and it’s the reason why counting calories is irrelevant.

    The body doesn’t understand what calories are, hence this don’t go below 1200 theory is irrelevant as long You have let your insulin go down.

    If you eat 200 calories after a fast, the remaining of the calories will come from your fat, without impacting metabolism. Obviously you can’t do this forever, because your fat levels will reach a point where it’s risky for the body.

  • Yes it really worked for me the first day was hard but I so
    Proud of myself for having control I can’t imagine eating a bunch of meals.. my productivity is all time high also in one week only my clothes fit better!

  • BMR DONT GO DOWN TOO MUCH (about 200cal Max due to weight loss) ITS THE DAILY EXPENDITURE is the one can be manipulated by 1-2k+ hence you’ll eventually die in actual starvation mode eating 1500cal as 1500cal is less than 1700 due to being 100lbs… For example

  • Got to find that amount of carbs glycogen muscle don’t drop below 40 and over 100 you’ll build muscle and lose fat if ur on tren, and low fat diet… Why ppl can’t bulk they feel fine full stores and stop gaining weight and even start losing weight eating the same as carbs give u higher expenditure no need to feel like shit and that feeling low carbs and no pump look small and that deep muscle ache feeling especially in the legs if u have lost a lot of weight you’ll know what I’m on about. So fucking hard