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Dr. Paul Mason ‘High cholesterol on a ketogenic diet (plus do statins work?) 2019 update’

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Avoid these 5 food myths that can sabotage your weight loss goals. Myth #1: Drinking three glasses of milk every daycan help you maintain a healthy weight. Reality: The reality is that milk cannot be properly digested by most adults. So, choosing leafy greens and legumes for calcium and drinking plenty of water instead seems a better option.

Myth #2: Carbs make you fat. Myth #1: You have to cut out certain foods to lose weight. Losing weight is really about adding healthier foods to your diet. Think more veggies, more often, and strive to eat more produc.

Otherwise, you’ll keep going from one diet to the next. You’ll never be able to stick with anything. We follow X plan by willing ourselves to stay strong for as long as we can until we can’t take it anymore.

We eventually lose steam, and revert back to our old ways. Like motivation, willpower is not sustainable. INSIDER talked with four experts to find out the most common weight loss myths that might be getting in the way of your progress. 1. Having willpower is the only way to stick to a diet.

Prepping meals ahead of time and eliminating healthy foods from your kitchen can decrease temptations. Studies show that it helps you stick to a healthy diet and leads to greater weight loss. 11. Get a partner to join you.

Sticking with a healthy eating and exercise plan can be tough to. Stay away from processed foods and stick to a nutritious, balanced diet. Myth #5: You Will Crave More and Be Hungry All the Time.

Just like a lot of people, you may worry about getting hungry a lot while on the 5:2 fast diet. If you just think about it, not being. “You’re going to be hungry all the time.” “It’s going to take two hours of exercise per day.” “You’re going to have to avoid all the foods you like and eat a bland, boring diet.” “Just do ab exercises every day and you’ll get a flatter stomach.” How many of these diet myths have you heard?If you need to lose weight, the 5:2 diet can be very effective when done right..

This is mainly because the 5:2 eating pattern helps you consume fewer calories. Therefore, it. The easier a diet is to follow, the better the odds are of sticking to it. So user-friendliness was one of the factors experts considered in rating the 35 popular programs below.

You might have been dieting for a few months, or just a few weeks, and are finding it hard to stay focused and motivated. If you really want to stick to your diet, then you have to find a way to stay on track, avoid temptation, and to make your diet plan as fun as possible. If you want to know how to stick to a diet, just follow these easy steps.

List of related literature:

In truth, the only elimination diet most people should be trying is one that eliminates myths and superstitions about food.

“The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat” by Alan Levinovitz
from The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat
by Alan Levinovitz
Regan Arts., 2015

This strategy is smart because it strengthens you even when you “lose” and indulge in a craving.

“Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” by Stephen Guise
from Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.
by Stephen Guise
Selective Entertainment, LLC, 2016

In part 2, I explained why discipline, motivation, and willpower have totally failed you in the past, and hopefully convinced you that you need to ditch all the fad-diet/lifestyle attempts and focus on developing foundational habits.

“Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Kick Ass at Life” by Oonagh Duncan
from Healthy as F*ck: The Habits You Need to Get Lean, Stay Healthy, and Kick Ass at Life
by Oonagh Duncan
Sourcebooks, 2019

Just one look at the 3 day diet and activity recall will help you know yourself better.

“Don'T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight” by Rujuta Diwekar
from Don’T Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight
by Rujuta Diwekar
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2011

For example: If you’re trying to cut sugar out of your diet, start by cutting out sodas, don’t drink sodas on the weekdays, or limit yourself to half the amount you currently drink.

“Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators” by Elena Aguilar
from Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators
by Elena Aguilar
Wiley, 2018

For example, even if you know it’s good for you to stop eating sugary foods, once you commit to eliminating these products from your diet, you will have to face mental and physical cravings, as well as disappointment when others are enjoying such foods and you cannot.

“Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters” by Melanie Joy
from Beyond Beliefs: A Guide to Improving Relationships and Communication for Vegans, Vegetarians, and Meat Eaters
by Melanie Joy
Lantern Books, 2018

STEP 4 You might want to paraphrase the story of the diet “contest” in Daniel I to make it more applicable to today’s kids.

“Does God Love You No Matter What?” by Cook Communications Ministries
from Does God Love You No Matter What?
by Cook Communications Ministries
David C Cook, 2004

A friend of mine doing the diet took the “you can eat anything” rule to mean that he could now eat fattening foods, such as ice cream, that he had previously avoided.

“The Shangri-La Diet: The No Hunger Eat Anything Weight-Loss Plan” by Seth Roberts
from The Shangri-La Diet: The No Hunger Eat Anything Weight-Loss Plan
by Seth Roberts
Penguin, 2007

These facts are motivating more and more people to change their diets.

“Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory” by Neal D Barnard
from Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory
by Neal D Barnard
Grand Central Publishing, 2013

I fell into the trap that many others do and tried every diet in the book: a cereal diet, a fruit-only diet, a juice diet, and even meal replacement shakes.

“The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You” by Hazel Wallace
from The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You
by Hazel Wallace
Hodder & Stoughton, 2017

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  • This is great info. Very clear. BTW if anyone fancies a further deep dive into this subject NinjaNerd do a brilliant lecture on lipoprotein metabolism. Very detailed but also aligned to the info in this presentation.

  • I was given Atorvastatin 20 mg following a mild stroke 27 months ago. After watching a video in Nov 2018, on the side effects of statins, (12 listed, of which I appeared to have about half to some degree), I stopped taking the drug. I was to find out that I was suffering an unlisted and severe side effect. For over a year, I was having daily and worsening choking episodes whenever I drank or ate and did not concentrate on the swallowing process. I was totally at a loss to the cause so put it down to “getting old”, (68 yo)!! Upon ceasing the statins, on 1st Dec 18, the choking stopped on the third day and I have not choked once since. The statins were paralysing or desensitising my epiglottis, which I can now feel reacting to a potential choking situation. In addition, a week after stopping statins I was able to stop wearing knee braces and putting Dencorub on my elbows to help alleviate arthritic type pain. I might add that I am T2D and changed to a LCHF diet in Dec 18. Lost weight, blood sugar good, (no longer taking Metformin) and bp lower!

  • I’ve heard that fitness happens through exercise, but weight loss happens in the kitchen. From personal experience, I have arrived at the same conclusions as your video Insane/misguided dieting is not the answer! Avoiding unhealthy food and excess food while aiming for fitness through exercise will serve the purpose well:)

  • Will a safe carbohydrate daily intake amount ever be a measurable unit???

    It’s coming to a point within nutrition where it’s becoming a belief that ANY amount of carbs at all are BAD, which I will actually be okay with anyway.

  • I have been on a very low carb diet (keto) for about a year. I’m 66 years old and fit physically, except I’m having awful muscle cramps everywhere. What bothers me most is muscles around my stomach which cramp up into like a ball and pop up until relaxing… not to mention feet, legs, arms, anything I stretch in the middle of the night turns into a cramp. Been on mega doses of Magnesium and Potassium… doesn’t help much. Any suggestions?

  • Believe or not, whole milk is my weakness. I effing love it. Some people drink whiskey. Some people drink wine. I drink milk. Grass-fed milk that is. I guess I am a grown-up baby. ��

  • good job man.
    I need some help.
    I am trying to lose fat, following a moderate diet slowly cutting down calories and increasing protein intake. Workout 4-6 days a week. but my weight loss is very slow. in last 4 months I’ve managed to lose only 7-8kgs.
    Where am i lacking or making mistake.
    i try to stay 300-500 calories below to my maintenance.

  • WOW! The intro speaker Ashley Mason looks a LOT like Amanda Knox, the american exchange student in Perugia, Italy that was accused along with her then Italian boyfriend, Rafaele Sollecito of murdering her British roomate Meredith Kircher in 2008.

  • I was on statins for 4 years, in my 50s. I started them when my Cholesterol went up from 140 to 190 in menopause. I started to suffer from extreme muscle pain, back pain, weak ankles, fuzzy brain etc. I had NO idea it was the statins and my Dr said it was from growing older. A neighbor told me he had become weak and had muscle weakness and could hardly walk. Finally was diagnosed with statin neuropathy from Mayo Clinic.He suffered permanent damage to his muscles. I stopped Statins after falling and breaking my wrist and spraining my ankle. My ankle just gave way while walking down some stairs. My dr still insists this was “aging”. I have Cholesterol in the 390s now, do not take statins. No muscle pain, weakness, problems. NO back pain, I can again do my own housework, I cross country ski, bike, hike. Just got back from overseas and walked 5-8 miles a day, no foot pain. I eat LCHF, only occasional grains and sometimes potatoes. I am 5’5 and weigh 122lbs. I fought for YEARS to maintain a 134lb weight with exercise and low fat diets and had a fat belly around the middle which was just “normal “ aging. Recently I was talked into statins again, took them for a week and could hardly roll out of bed in the morning! So, no more statins. My ratios are bad. I’m a bit scared, but I feel good, strong and healthy.

  • If you’re on a weight watchers style diet and try to take a half-hour walk, you’ll have to fight a lot more during that half-hour than you would if your hypothalamus doesn’t think you’re starving.

  • I’m sorry dairy is meant to take a baby cow to a full grown cow in 1 year. They gain about 60-70 lbs a month. Anyone who thinks this could be good for humans is a clown ��

  • The event that occurred in 1991 was the Dairy Termination Program. This was conducted by the Department of Agriculture. The DTP made dairy farm closure mandatory. Farmers were bought out by the government and had to send their livestock to slaughter. These farms could not reopen for 5 years and required Department authorization. I haven’t found definitive reasoning besides glut and low sales and the got milk campaign occurred after DTP. Also, in 2016, 46 billion gallons of milk were dumped due to glut. rBST was approved for use by the FDA in 1993. US meat and dairy products are banned for sale in the EU, Japan, NZ, Australia, Isreal, Argentina and Canada because the use of rBST is unethical. Monsanto was the successful firm that received FDA approval on their cloning patent.

  • If you want a good laugh: go to 31:08 and put on the subtitles:D

    And now seriously: as a Biomedical Researcher in Hepatology/Gastroenterology I’m highly interested in nutrition. As a sportsy type I’m also highly interested in fitness. Health and how the human body works is what got me into Biomedical Science in the first place. Now that I have access to the Biomedical Literature through my uni (now doing a PhD, worked in Biotech earlier for 5 years), I’m planning to look up papers, reviews on nutrition and also try to communicate this to a broader audience. Videos like these are essential to try and boycot the ‘crap’ food industry, because in the end, it’s still an industry. Nutrition science is so complex and there are so many misconceptions out there. More importantly, I think good nutritious food and healthy habits are hugely underestimated as therapeutic options for so many diseases… but then again like Dr. Rose explains, psychology. It’s much easier to take a pill per day then cook yourself 2 or 3 healthy meals and go for a 30 min run…

  • Hey! Thanks for the video. Where can I find evidence of this research? I need to prove my physiopathology teacher that this is how it works.

  • Okay. Here’s the dilemma of 6 months ketogenic diet (plenty of exercise) and an annual checkup. Cholesterol 303 mg/dL (up from 177 year ago), LDL Calculated 231 (up from 121). Cholesterol/HDL ratio 5.7 (up from 3.9). All of these out of the ‘Standard Range’

    I know what comes next, statin, cut out that keto stuff…. I’ve dropped 20 lbs, doing at least 8 hours exercise/week (I guess I’d need to double this to look like Patient 1 in the video).

    How do you have a discussion with a medical professional when your side of the argument is “I saw it on YouTube?” Low Carb Down Under does have speakers with legitimate credentials and here there are even references(well done). Bottomline is I’m not qualified to disagree. (As an American I am well aware of our unspoken right, The 0 Amendment: The right to have a completely idiotic notion and be louder than anybody else about it. This supersedes the First Amendment: The right of free speech. In practice the guy with the most dangerous wrong idea has the right to be louder and yammer on longer than anyone else present-especially if they actually understand the topic. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’.)

  • How long have you had higher cholesterol? My LDL went from 122 to 229 after 7months in low carb. I feel amazing and I workout 3 times a week. Around 10% body fat and good muscle. And yet my doctor is so worried about my health. I admit she scared me a bit.

  • thank you for your advice.
    being frastated I was doing the same thing, you siad in your video.but now I am in right way.thank you soooooo much.
    please make a vidio on Himalayan sliming capsule and wow apple cider viniger casul.

    please make

  • I was 15 kilograms overweight. This is because of dairy. I ate, I’d say much less than average, but I still was overweight. Work health care measured 95 kilograms for young me, and at almost my 30’s, I wanted to get rid of my excess fat she said I had. I did change my diet next day for dairy free. Never drank milk, but cheese, yoghurts, chocolate bars… I’ve lost 10 kilograms in few months just going no dairy at home. I mean sometimes at relatives, fine. Most of the time no no. Now I am reducing meat to catch my normal weight. I am now 81, but my ideal weight is around 77. Many fat people say they are because of genes, but it is not truth. You are what you eat!!! Stop blaming genes for your weight. Prefer vegan over anything else, thank me later.

    Keep saving money, because dairy and meat section is expensive. You will eat much less than EVER before. Is like having energy all the time without restaurants weekly.

  • Hi Bro, First of thanks for creating such informative channel.
    2ndly i have a query about protein intake.
    Which is better source of protein Tonned Milk or Paneer?
    Asking because it is really tough to eat 100g paneer for 18g protein but its easy to drink 500ml of milk for 15.5g of protein.
    What do you suggest?

  • So for people with Heterozygous FH, what do we do to get rid of malformed apoB lipids? I mean, if statins won’t get rid of them, and they are just floating around forever, what is the treatment?

  • HDL High Density Lipoprotein
    LDL Low Density Lipoprotein
    VLDL Very Low Density Lipoprotein
    All of the above are not even Cholesterol…Lipoproteins are carriers of Cholesterol

  • Coming directly here from quora:)i need to lose my weight as well as fat from my body specially belly and sides..i have started gyming which includes 10 mins of treadmill 10mins of cycling 5 mins of cross trainer and 100 stepper and 400jumps on daily basis and then i switch to weights but i am not getting results as expected i have heard alot about ketosis and keto dietso what shoud I actually include in that diet and what changes should i bring in my routine..please help

  • I lost Allot of weight by looking for a way to feel better. I borrowed a book on Taoism health, ‘The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity’. As I read the book I realized why I felt so crappy and had no energy! The digestive system needs good fuel, clean fuel, in the form of lots and lots of raw vegetables. At first…it took some getting used to. After a year and progressively following the not combining certain foods that don’t digest well together, such as meats and starches(typical American diet,lol) and adding more and more fruits and veggies I really really enjoyed them! So much so I could eat a salad with a little seasoned salt and it tasted delicious! And, bonus… You can eat as much as you want. I combined every salad veggie in every salad. That’s important too… Eating allot of variety. I found out just like when a carburator becomes clogged you get bad gas mileage. Put high octane gas in it for a while and it clears it because it burns hotter. More bang for your calorie. I know this isn’t exactly about this. It’s hard to make a lifestyle change. I also walked everyday, just walked, easy. I started to crave that too. I realized many times when I felt a lull in energy I could go for a walk and get a second wind. This you can be assured that your body will start craving these type foods. Eating a hamburger from mcDs literally made me sick. Gave me a migraine. Your body learns to quickly figure out and cause you to DESIRE the foods that are healthy. It’s a lifestyle change. Feed yourself well. Don’t diet, eat well.��

  • Yup, it’s way more noticeable to identify intolerance when you remove something and then try it again. I’ve made the mistake before when I know I have intolerances. Lol, then I get mad at myself ��

  • Where are all the people who have reversed their heart disease eating 80 percent of their diet as fat. Only one diet has been proven to reverse heart disease. I’m living proof that it works. But no one wants to hear about someone eating a whole food plant based diet. At least not on this channel where you go to hear good news about your SAD diet. Statins wouldn’t even exist if everyone was eating a plant based diet. If anyone want’s to know my story i’ll respond, but it’s unlikely…

  • That was painful. You could condense this to 10 minutes and the conclusions are jacked. Intermittent fasting is the best. Don’t eat for 16 hours in a day and you will lose weight.

  • Sorry I didn’t understand. I want to know please anyone can explain to me if someone don’t take any medicine keto diet good or bad?

    In summary what did doctor say?
    Please explain me in simple English. Thanks in advance.

  • I have been suffering from (DIABETES VIRUS) disease for the past four years and had constant pain, especially in my knees. During the first year,I had faith in God that i would be healed someday.This disease started circulating all over my body and i have been taking treatment from my doctor, few weeks ago i came on search on the internet if i could get any information concerning the prevention of this disease, on my search i saw a testimony of someone who has been healed from (Hepatitis B and Cancer) by this Man Dr OMOYE and she also gave the email address of this man and advise we should contact him for any sickness that he would be of help, so i wrote to Dr. OMOYE telling him about my (DIABETES Virus) he told me not to worry that i was going to be cured!! hmm i never believed it,, well after all the procedures and remedy given to me by this man few weeks later i started experiencing changes all over me as the Dr assured me that i have cured,after some time i went to my doctor to confirmed if i have be finally healed behold it was TRUE, So friends my advise is if you have such sickness or any other at all you can email Dr (OMOYE) ([email protected]) or vist Dr on WhatsApp+2347036484707.

    He is also a helpfully hand on all kinds of disease, like 



    Debetis A&B.

    Hepatitis A&B

  • I have been on a keto diet since 2017. My blood sugar is stable. My blood pressure is great. My ldl raised a bit the first two years, but it was okay. Then came this last year. My oxidized ldl has gone through the roof this last year. What more can I do?

  • My Friend had a normal cholesterol until she lost 35 lbs on ketogenic diet over a short period of time. I don’t think it was caused by carbs as stated in the video. She only had 5% of carbs from green leafy greens ��.

  • you shouldn’t diet. What you need to do is go without food for extended periods of time. It’s called intermittent fasting. When you start looking up videos about this, you’ll see how many people have shed so much weight by not dieting, but by restricting the amount of time you eat in a day. It works. It’s awesome and for everyone who doesn’t know about this,…. you’re welcome.

  • Wow.. Very misleading video. It’s easy to get raw, locally produced, grass-fed milk from good breeds of cows. It’s possibly to get cows that produce A2/A2 milk which has the original unaltered protein for better muscle development, fat burning, and mental energy. And by simply fermenting this milk with either yogurt, of kefir, you can bypass the problems of lactose intolerance. It’s too bad this guy is only giving half the story, and not really helping people succeed in their health goals. There seems to be a hidden agenda here.

  • This was very informative. And the last nugget, that the overweight/obese BMI points were shifted down 20 years ago at the behest of the diet industry is astounding, If we were still using the older model, I’m suddenly no longer overweight! That information in and of itself could be quite freeing for a lot of people, who could then possibly relearn to eat healthfully and intuitively as they would no longer feel like they HAD to be on a diet.

  • I still don’t see what is wrong with hormone-free pasture raised whole milk in moderation. I’ve never gotten an upset stomach from milk in my life. Milk is so incredibly dense in vitamins and minerals that it very well could be beneficial if you’re tolerant to it. Just because we’ve only been consuming something for a few thousands years doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s bad for us. It’s thought that we’ve only consumed olives for around 6,000 years, avocado consumption can only be traced back 10,000 years, and the list goes on.

  • As specialist, I believe Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost crazy amounts of fat. Why not give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

  • Q: How many fat people DO EXERCISEA: Few.
    Q: How many fat people smoke?
    A: The majority.
    Q: How many fat people live longer than those not obese?
    A: Also the minority.
    Q: What is a diet?
    A: Certainly not something that lasts for a defined period of time in a person’s lifetime. A diet is a lifestyle, a life choice.
    So I will continue to keep my weight in check as long as possible, be fit as long as possible. Not fit according to first speaker’s words. Really, really fit.

  • There is no scientific evidence that shows evolution. Why don’t you stop words that you’ve heard before but have no understanding of.

  • Dr Mason says that by reducing the number of pattern-A LDL particles, the ratio between pattern A and pattern B is made worse, and that this is associated with worse cardiovascular outcomes. To check this out, I looked up the paper referenced in his slideshow: But this seems to indicate that taking 80mg Atorvastatin results in improved clearance of OxPL, which “may contribute to a reduction in ischemic events after ACS.” Did I miss something? Am I looking at the right paper?

  • Can u please tell how to reduce belly fat for a mommy whose baby is 10months old….ill Nt get much time fr exercise coz of baby…. Plz

  • Sugar is bad mkay.. Maybe its not as bad as GLYPHOSATE. Maybe if the study used organic sugar, the results may be different. Sugar wheat and most carbs are sprayed with weed killer to dry them out quicker. Glyphosate messes up tight junctions by messing up protiens. Im sure sugar and carbs are oxidizing cholesterol, but how much worse is the Glyphosate affecting cholesterol combined with carbs.,glutan,lactose, etc.

  • The Quran (holy book) says: feed your baby your milk for 2 years since the time he/she born periods. I have no idea why humans consume cow milk. cow milk is just for cow baby when that cow baby grew, they don’t drink milk.

  • Thank you, Dr.Mason! This was the most lucid and helpful discussion of LDL particle size and LDL damage and linkage to atherosclerosis I’ve heard! Completely reverses what I thought I knew (and have been teaching my patients) about the lipid-heart hypothesis (May it R.I.P.)!

  • I thoroughly enjoy this video. My lab work is identical to the patient in the video was put on statins. Against the orders of my doctor I had to come off them because of extreme muscle pain. So am looking for a qualified doctor who understands this new view..

  • The part about the cow diet simply is not true. Even now the cows diet is mostly grass. Grass silage and corn silage is still grass. Grain is only fed as a supplement to make sure the cows get all their nessecary nutrients. ( sometimes the grass is lower quality). This has nothing to with the cows maintaining body fat. They do a good job of that on their own regardless what they eat. They still get plenty omega 3s. This diet makes them perfectly healthy. Many dairys work closely with nutritionists and vets to make sure the ration is perfect for the cows, sampling each crop of grass. Antibiotics and not just pumped into cows as he makes it sound. They are used very sparingly and only when necessary. ( ear infection, wound etc.) Feed has nothing to do with needing antibiotics. If the feed making them sick, it means that the microbes in the cows rumen are not doing well, therefore leading to weight loss, diarrhea etc. This is the exact opposite of what dairy farmers want. And also, rumen microbes cannot be fixed by using antibiotics.

  • I’ve tried many time to overcome my milk addiction (almost 20 years) and I’ve always wanted to get in shape. You guys have any advice?

  • Dr Ford Brewer who is in preventative medicine says to his patient to go onto very low dosages of statin, i.e. pitavastatin ). Why? Because 1. does not lead to insulin resistance pathway and 2. statin proven to reduce inflammation, thereby “plateau-ing” the plaque build up. For those deciding whether to take / stop statins, it’s always best to be informed on this prior to making a full commitment. Utube “Dr Ford Brewer statins” and many of his videos come up.

    What’s good about Dr Brewer is that for 20+ years he was a vegan, headed the preventative unit at John Hopkins hospital, ran marathons, and found in his 50’s that he still had plaque (via CACs and CIMT) as well as insulin resistance. He now eats salmon in his diet. In addition, I find his views are really balanced since he can see if from the vegan perspective but also sees it from saturated fat fans. Learnt so much from him in respect of IR, diabetes, CVD, etc

    BTW, Dr Brewer agrees that some people will find statins intolerant.

  • I lost over a hundred pounds in 1997ish and have never gained it back… what are the odds of that?

  • Kudos to you on presenting such interesting an informative info. I am just curious…Rarely if ever do I come across info referring to the “other” benefit of statins, that being their ability to reduce inflammation of the artery wall. I have been diagnosed with moderate HD, 146 on the calcium score…no elevated cholesterol issues but, my doctor assures me I would benefit from the protection offered by Crestor, 5MG every other day, as well as a baby aspirin daily. I suffer no side effects. Can you speak to this? Thanks so much for what you are doing.

  • Can someone provide a synopsis of what we SHOULD do? I’m NOT going to sit through ninety minutes of AMPLIFIED SALIVA NOISES. By the way… UC needs to dismiss whatever idiot served as “Sound Engineer” for this. I know universities are clogged with surly creeps in non-professorial positions, who drag the institutions down. (Tulane had MORE than its share, while I was there, including the famously hostile ‘Bookstore Ladies’) But really, this was pathetic.

  • thx for a vid. i like the suggestion of a test. but by your logic you could claim that exercise is harmful. if you dont work out for a month and then hit the gym, youre gonna be sore. that doesnt mean workout is bad.

  • A diet should be a long term, not 1-week, 2-week-thing. Diet is not a vacation. Diet should be for life, it should be a lifestyle. So it has to be REASONABLE AND EASY ENOUGH TO IMPLEMENT AND HEALTHY. Also, the notion that calorie is a calorie is so dumb. Counting calories on its own is pointless and stupid. 140 kcal from a piece of chicken is not the same as 140kcal from a candy bar or soda. We digest different things differently and fructose turns to fat, so you need to watch your intake and read the labels, but you don’t need to count calories. Glucose is digested differently to fructose so it doesn’t turn to very much fat at all, as your body can use glucose ( watch dr Robert Lustig’s videos on youtube about sugar). Your body doesn’t need fructose for anything. You can still eat fruits though as they have fiber, vitamins etc but think twice about drinking fruit juices as they spike insulin levels, which in turn makes you eat more. Quit smoking, drink only on occasion, eat veg, fruits, meat, fish, beans, eggs, dairy. You can eat almost anything, even bread and pasta. What matters is quality, especially when it comes to fats. Educate yourself about saturated fats. They are not the villain, they are in fact healthier than vegetable oils and margarine. Definitely watch your sugar intake, especially during breakfast as this is by far the sweetest meal of the day for many: pancakes, bagels, pastry, cereals, muesli, even protein bars and smoothies. I realized that my choice of breakfast is making me gain weight. If your diet is super restrictive, chances are, you will not stick to it for long. Concentrate on forming healthy habits. If you lose weight with it, that’s a great side effect. The most useful part of this presentation was about forming good habits. That’s a very reasonable approach. Being mindful when eating and chewing the food is good advice too. Cut sugar and eat more healthy fat, that should be the recommendation. Do check dr Jason Jung on youtube too and why he advocates skipping breakfast or postponing it till later: it is called intermittent fasting.

  • Yet Raw goat milk is way better and people are using g the milk cure and healing their gut. Have anyone here did any research on colostrum? How this is healing?

  • The only way to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthy is to adopt a new lifestyle. The only diet that works is the Snake Diet, which is a fasting focused lifestyle. Youtube search “snake diet weight loss flow chart” to learn more. Remember, when you’re finally lean and not fat, you never eat more than 1 meal a day. As the flow chart implies you never eat processed food, refined sugar, or grains (he also recommends no veggies but they’ve never bothered me). Throw in a little bit of exercise throughout each week and you’re golden until you hit 100 years old. Easy, cheap/free, and literally anyone can do it.

  • I love your creativity in the videos Mr Mittal. Love your expressions and simple tips to follow esp for Indian audience. I guess I have seen, shared, liked almost all of your videos…. yours was the first fitness channel I subscribed to
    Keep up the good work…
    I wonder if you are based out of Mumbai or Delhi???

  • Hi bro, I need some clarification.
    I’m working as a graphic designer. Also i got some extra fat. I was 65kg two years before. But i got 85kg now. Please suggest some low budget diet plan and some workout at home methods to reduce my extra weight. Seriously i didn’t noticed because of my work. Please suggest some good advice. Thankyou. If you wish to mail me here is my mail id. [email protected].

  • My partner wants to go an something she calls ‘the lemon master diet’, which she says the benefits will be to ; 1) Rest her digestive system and 2) weight loss. I instinctively think it is just useless suffering. Does anybody out there know about this diet and what to tell her?

  • so, whatever your diet, make it a low blood glucose diet. And if you are on a carb high B/glucose diet don’t take statins!! Else the damaged LDL will stay and the normal LDL get sucked back into the liver. And if you are on a carb diet especially beware Lectins. I wonder about other confounding factors such as diabetes and obesity affecting results. If you removed normal BMI non diabetic people from the statin study (who would be making it look better) and looked at the real ‘at risk’ people, I think the increase in longevity would be Lower not higher. If you are diabetic, insulin resistant, your BS is going to have constant spikes, thus increase risk of artery permeability, thus infiltration of damaged LDL and if Statins in effect increase the Percentage of little A, damaged LDL circulating then that increases the level of plaque build up, logically. I would think then that Statins could be harmful to the longevity of diabetics, obese, insulin resistant persons.

  • I have some questions.

    1) How long, on average, this cycle takes from the VLDL leaving the liver until the LDL returns?
    2) How does our body get rid of LDL if it does not have the LDL receptor binding site?

    3) When I look at the nutritional information of a food it is just written “This food contains x mg of colestrol”, I wonder if “cholesterol” actually means cholesterol or lipoproteins, if they refer to the latter, which lipoprotein they are referring to?
    4) How does LDL get oxidized?
    5) How much the probability of LDL being oxidized after being glycated is increased?

  • one day you will surely become a famous.. fitness you tubers…���� And your channel will be subscribed more than the other channels…���� Specially the way of your speaking is just Awesome…��������

  • Way to complicated for the average person. Maybe he was talking to doctors. There are many other doctors that explain this better.

  • 16:40 All of those things she just mentioned can be attributed to someone being fat.. Symptoms of a symptom.
    A lot of this video sounds like advocacy of fat acceptance, which is not healthy at all.
    Don’t go on a diet, change your lifestyle. Habits are great and all but if you’re in a toxic environment/lifestyle then all the willpower and want in the world won’t get you out of a bad situation.

  • I went on a dairy elimination diet years ago, thinking it may help with mucus & allergies. After 3 months, no change. Turns out it was simply a heap of different grasses. Doen the track i discovered I do way better with fewer carbs, especially refined grains. However, I do mostly buy small farm local dairy.

  • It is a bit disheartening to hear so much focus on mortality in the first presentation and almost completely ignoring quality of life issues. There are a lot of reasons to not want to be overweight/obese other than living longer. Seriously, carrying around extra weight means every activity is more tiring and more wear and tear on joints. Extra weight makes it harder to find clothing that fits or is affordable, if you are overweight enough it will require purchasing extra seats when flying, it requires purchasing special equipment such as seat belt extenders to safely use a motor vehicle, it may even require buying different cars to be able to fit, be heavy enough and you’ll be using the fuel to transport a second person in your car, without a second person, being fat costs a lot of money. Oh, and the experiences you miss out on. From a safety perspective, there are some things that simply can’t be done when you are above a certain size. Roller coasters are a no-go (restraints aren’t big enough), horseback riding, only if you are willing to injure the horse, the list of things that you can physically be too large for is staggeringly long.
    I appreciate the message that you need to focus more on a healthy life style than worrying about being on a diet, but to dismiss being overweight as “well, it probably won’t make you die any sooner” (a dubious claim at best, I watched my grandma die of renal failure due to type 2 diabetes, both of which were determined to be caused by her weight, don’t even try to tell me that being overweight doesn’t increase your risk of dying younger) and losing weight shouldn’t be a motivator is absolutely the worst advise I have ever heard.

  • Even 4 years later, this video is still helpful. I stopped drinking milk products, especially whey proteïn. Feeling much better, sleeping much better, less belly bloating/water weight, better recovery after workouts and no constipation problems anymore. I wish I had find this out much earlier.

  • What is the better measure of LDL particle number? LDL-P as measured by NMR, or APO B?

    Also, in most cases I am under the impression that high LDL-P or APO B is correlated with high LDL-C. Hence the focus on lowering LDL.

    Bottom line, do you worry about a patient with high LDL-P or high APO B if they are on a ketogenic diet? As I understand your argument, if you have a low Hgb A1c then even a high LDL-P or high APO B is not dangerous. Is this correct?

    Finally, is it high glucose or hyperinsulinemia that is responsible for damage to the glycocalyx and endothelium?

    Is there an A1c level that lets you be comfortable with a patient with high LDL-P or high APO B?


  • This is so disturbing about the cows. Thank you for the truth and science. Yes. Inflammation is the cause of all disease. I learned this in my masters’ advanced pathophysiology course in my FNP program. 30 days of no dairy. I will try this after 30 days try it. feel the effects. I’m curious what do you think about goats milk?

  • hello,
    great work..and thanks a lot for the videos…u deserve better number of subs…than now…I’ll try my best to promote ur channel…��..and pls do some videos specifically on women diet and exercises. that will help us a lot..! thanks in advance��

  • Is there not a way to actually reduce, lower your defended set point? It’s kind of depressing and dire if the messages is that’s it and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

  • its so crazy what one thing can cause so much secret havoc in your life! I stopped dairy for 3 days and I have never felt more energy and clarity. I am willing to bet there are millions of people out there with no idea why they feel bad. There is a saying that says your gut can cause your depression because of how its linked to the brain…I really wonder what just cutting out refined sugar, unhealthy carbs, lowering the gluten, and removing dairy would do? I have struggled with depression and just by doing these things I feel so much relief! Unreal.

  • I’m going to do this 30 day challenge but I don’t think I’ll reintroduce so that I don’t go crazy. If you’ve done this and reintroduced dairy, did it help you to stop?

  • I gave up milk 3 days ago.
    For diet reasons i been working out for 2 months eating really healthy and my weight wasnt going down! So decided to quit milk as i was having so much in my coffees through the day. And after only 3 days my stomach has gone flatter and miraculously im waking up less groggy which i thought was separate issue!! All along its been dairy! Been educating myself all day today and im never ever consuming milk again. Also went muzz buzz before got a soy cappuccino and it was lovely! Find alternatives i know i am! Great video

  • I quit dairy because I watched a video about how it can ruin your voice\increase mucus production. I have allergies and since quitting dairy I’ve felt much better. The only concern I have is finding alternate sources of calcium. I read studies that concluded that it doesn’t actually prevent bone fractures. Then why are we consuming it?

  • Dr. Mason:

    The cartoon at 14:15 is convenient, but wrong. If the particles were
    to get through the tight junctions, you would see a gradient from
    high near the vessel to low away from the vessel in the intima.
    No such gradient is observed. See Subbotin

    More likely is that the vasa vasorum brings the particles but a damaged,
    or missing, lymph structure cannot carry the particles away, so
    you get a buildup that way.

    This idea that the particles come from inside the blood vessels is not
    supported by any evidence, but is repeated by people who should
    know better.

  • been on keto for a year, lost 60 lbs and dropped anti depressant and one of two blood pressure pills. since i have arrhythmia, i kept taking the beta blocker. I wanted to get of the atorvistatin so the doc tried me off that drug for 6 weeks and then my “numbers’ went way up, he said and then he had me start back taking the statin drug again.

    I really want to stop taking that pill; can I? thanks

  • Okay, you didn’t cover this….bodybuilders, utilize whey protein for their diet and for those of us who are lactose intolerant, severely, what effective alternative can we use to supplement our diet during the day when we are not eating foods? Is there such thing as lactose free whey protein? How about alternative protein powders for supplementing? I’ve heard they are not complete (the vegan ones)? Thanks Thomas.

  • Trying to quantify this… would that mean that high HDL with low LP(a) would mean an abundance of healthy HDL? Would APO-B:LP(a) ratio be a good measurement of cardiovascular risk by directly measuring glycation & oxidative damage?

  • I’m on carnivor diet for about two months. Had blood test done. All is perfect except my “bad cholesterol ” my doctor called me saying I should take medication for it,because in a long term it will be dangerous. I said no. I told him about my diet, and what he said, my diet even if I go back to low fat vegan wont change cholesterol. I laughed. I said I’m not taking no medications. I feel brilliant

  • BRILLIANT thank you so much… my Neurologist and GP are insistant that I “keep taking statins and asprin FOR LIFE”… “ot suffer another TIA or Stroke”… hmmmmmmmm

  • This advice shit food that makes you sick. You do not need all this rules and bullshit. You just have to eat no carbs. That’s all!

  • Its now mainstream on cleverer doctors that LDL measure is a croc of poo, hope you can tell me some new stuff, I’ve known this for maybe 10 years, please give me some new info on how to overcome heart disease, if the numbnuts can’t understand LDL has no correlation to CHD, omg!!!!!
    Plus we know sugar is so prevalent in CHD, you are the man, you are doing it! can i see you in Sydney?

  • Can you please make a video for people who have fat belly? My weight is perfect according to my height but my belly is a problem & it is embarrassing too.
    I am sure there must be others like me too.
    Can you please tell me the diet and workout methods?
    I will be highly obliged to you!
    Thanks in advance! ��

  • I am the biggest milk drinker I know but you really have me thinking. Thanks for the video. I’m going to finish what I have in the fridge and try the 30 day challenge.

  • Dr. Mason’s lectures are so well presented and he is easy to understand but the data is still so confusing, from all of the different docs/researchers out there. At least I can say thatthey agree on one thing, NO PROCESSED FOODS. Albeit the fruit debate is still out to the jury. Ugh. I’m glad others like to perform the research because I’ll just stick to reading and listening to it:)

  • My family in Italy had a cow and their family and their family and their family. They all drank raw milk. The men lived until their late eighties and the women into their mid nineties. And that’s with no knowledge of healthy foods doctors or medicine. I live in Pennsylvania and I found a good supplier for raw milk and been drinking it now for 2 years. No one in my family that I know of is lactose intolerant. It’s all about genetics folks.

  • A few more comments as a gesture of respect for the enormous contributions of Dr. Mason, even though an opposing hypothesis, the response-to-retention hypothesis ( Williams KJ, 1995) looks to have more robust evidence ( IMO ), on this particular matter. Vladimir Subbotin did discuss the particular relevance of the initial site of atherosclerosis:

    “Logically, all studies that are devoted to atherosclerotic

    plaque properties (i.e., plaque stability, vulnerability, rupture and

    thrombosis) are not about initiation or pathogenesis of coronary

    atherosclerosis but about inevitable complications of end-stages of

    the disease [83–85]. Understandably, from a lifesaving perspective,

    we must study atherosclerotic plaque status and plaque vulnerabil
    ity, rupture and thrombosis, because these features determine

    morbidity and mortality. Needless to say, many studies of disease

    pathogenesis aim for prevention and reversal of pathology but,

    unfortunately, these end-stage manifestations of coronary athero
    sclerosis are beyond prevention and reversal and are extremely

    resistant to therapeutic stabilization [83–85]. Although some prog
    ress in plaque stabilization and regression has been reported, these

    pathologic formations are unlikely to be therapeutically curable,”

    This ” basement membrane thickening” is showing up in numerous publications, by various names. Dr. Kraft described some work from 1972 on this in his book, pg. 53:

    ““ In 1972 Siperstein and associates reported electron-microscopic findings of basement membrane hypertrophy ( thickening of the endometrium of renal glomeruli ) present in 98.6% of 51 overt diabetic patients. This was 50 of 51, with one being at the upper limit of normal. They had noted that this finding of diabetic microangiopathy preceded the manifestation of diabetes mellitus by months or years. Even more remarkable was that 50 percent of genetic prediabetics tested demonstrated basement membrane hypertrophy prior to the onset of detectable carbohydrate abnormalities. Their “ genetic “ prediabetics were those whose parents were diabetics. This important basic impact of the Siperstein group—finding definitive histopathology by electron microscopy prior to detectable carbohydrate abnormalities – went unrecognized”

    “ Up to 21% of patients with type 2 diabetes have retinopathy at the time of their first diagnosis of diabetes. ( B.S. Fong, L. Alello, T. W. Gardener, G. L. King, G. Blankenship, et al. 2003. Diabetes retinopathy. Diabetes Care 26, Suppl 1.) Recent data shows that retinopathy ( blood vessel changes in the retina of the eye ) begins to develop at least seven years before the clinical diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.

    The onset of type 2 diabetes probably occurs at least 12 years before the clinical diagnosis. ( Harris, M. I. 1993 Undiagnosed NIDDM: Clinical and Public Health Issues. Diabetes Care: 16:642-52.)””

    Nakashima discussed the earliest signs in his 2007 publication:

    “Little is known as to how early human atherosclerosis

    develops. We previously reported that diffuse intimal

    thickening (DIT) develops from an early age in human

    arteries before atherosclerosis evolves.1 DIT, also known as

    “nonatherosclerotic” intimal thickening,2 is a thickened intima

    mainly composed of smooth muscle cells (SMCs),

    elastin, and proteoglycans, and devoid of lipid deposition. As

    DIT is strongly expressed in atherosclerosis-prone arteries,

    such as coronary arteries and abdominal aorta, we suggested

    that DIT plays an important role in human atherogenesis.”

    Then a 2017 publication on mitochondrial respiration in the retina gives us some more insights, with DR being diabetic retinopathy:

    “However, these mechanisms eventually fail, leading to the first

    clinically detectable signs of DR, specific to inner retina

    microvasculature: capillary basement membrane thickening

    and pericyte loss. Our results support that changes in

    mitochondrial function and integrity occur early and likely

    contribute to transient compensation in an attempt to maintain

    energy homeostasis.”
    ( Modifications in Retinal Mitochondrial Respiration

    Precede Type 2 Diabetes and Protracted Microvascular

    Retinopathy )

  • Genius Sir,
    We appreciate you and appreciate all the good Doctors who stand strong on
    the Oath they took, that patients before
    Thank you Sir, humanity loves you..
    The day i visit Australia, I’m going to look for you to shake your hand and tell you thank you.

  • If this is true then why are there populations of people eating high carb diets with very low rates of heart disease?
    There’s a tribe in South America that eat around 72% calories from fruit and starchy vegetables, 14% protein and 14% fat from animal sources. Only around 11 grams of saturated fat per day. They have the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease ever studied in populations around the world.
    Surely this completely goes against this guys theory?

  • plzz could u tell me that…can we eat Desi egg whites…I mean daycee eggs ka white part garam to ni hota I don’t know but mery acne start ho gae hai…. even scalp mn b mn daily 4 egg whites khate hun with 4 almonds n 2 dates

  • i can vouch for the keto diet to all who have health issues.. I had bp as high as 190/115 which had started impacting my heart… Doc here in india started me off on Cilindipine (ca channel blocker ) & nebivolvol (beta blocker)… That brought bp down to 130/90 but within few days it spiked to where it was… So i was being advised higher doses of drugs….. Now i m not the sort of person who is for taking life long meds…

    I totally changed my life style n reduced salts n meats n followed Robert Morse’s protocol (heavy fruits) for a year… But bp was still hovering borderline @ 140/100 n tended to shoot up at smallest pretext…
    Finally went keto this june & lo behold, within 5 days my bp dropped to 115-110/ 80-75 & has stayed there ever since….. gosh, this has been the best thing i did… Bless docs like eric berg, jason fung & jagannath dixit……

  • Go vegan. The results of the Adventist 2 study showed that only vegans had ideal BMIs (below 25). All other groups, vegetarians, pescetarians, meat eaters had overweight BMIs. Vegans get lots of fiber, less FAT in their diet. They eat food that is nutrient rich and is less caloric dense than those who eat animal products. To lose weight, eat only whole fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. Do not eat animal products, sugar or oil. No oil. You will lose weight eating as much food as you want and regain a lot of health. Never take dietary advice from an overweight person. Remember, America wasn’t nearly this overweight 30 years ago. It’s the food, not the attitude or other such nonsense.

  • Every time I listen to one of these lectures, I can’t help but think my dad would still be alive if we had know about Leto benefits years ago.

  • The woman who gave the talk on the Habit Change needs classes on public speaking. Uhhhh, Ummm, AND AND AND and my hands will be used for every syllable and allow me to lower my voice and become nasal. Oh my god, ban this woman from a podium. Aaaaaand…I cannot stand her. Pure torture. Moving on.

  • Thank you Dr Mason. This is the most comprehensive explanation I have ever heard on cholesterol. I’m glad to have learned this. It is a simple base on which to have further discussions with interested people. Also glad to understand the actual effect of statins.
    I had understood about LDL & HDL being a transport mode and you make it very clear.

  • Dr. Mason,

    You have opened my eyes and took away all the MISLED information I was spoon fed in the past 30 years by the medical and drug community merely for their own financial interest.
    I came to the conclusion that CGM profiling will help optimize one’s strategy towards a healthy diet.
    Obviously, continuous measuring of LDL-p will add further optimization. However, technology is not quite there yet for Continuous Monitoring.


    Human need energy to serve their survival need.
    Energy can come from SUGAR and/or FAT.
    Carbohydrates is a form of SUGAR.
    Human has found 30 years ago that high “TOTAL cholesterol” level contribute to heart disease.
    Human has found 20 years ago “GOOD cholesterol vs BAD cholesterol”. HDL (good)…..LDL (bad)…..Triglycerides (bad).
    Human just found now LDL is indeed GOOD. It is only the “sugar contaminated” LDL is BAD. In another word, if your have “bread and butter” for a meal. Butter alone will do no harm while bread will toxicfy the butter.
    Human just found LDL should be measured by LDL-Particle not LDL-C. LDL-particle is equivalent to seed of a cotton. Cotton fuzz has no meaning only the core seed matter.
    Human has been brainwashed by cholesterol is BAD. It turns out to be MISLEADING. Pure HDL and/or LDL is indeed GOOD. LDL only turns BAD via SUGAR.
    Human was MISLED to stay away from FAT hence they shift their energy input from SUGAR to fulfill their survival need……or in western society => OBESITY.
    Human should consume only what they need for ENERGY burn. Energy burn (physical or brain) is a GOOD thing. Unused energy is a BAD thing.
    Human should BIAS energy consumption from FAT rather than SUGAR……….hence Low Carb/High Fat (Keto) diet SHALL be the NORM.
    Human should have CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) independent of being diabetic.
    Individual CGM profiling (follow by dietary calibration) will provide the best of health for each individual.

    Not all human would have same CGM profile. Hence no STRICT rule for diet should be followed.

    I welcome the community here to provide me their feedback for THIS VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC for human health.

  • yeah. DAIRY IS good, do not over dose, 8 ounce glass of milk. Just do Roids, how else besides dairy can you grow up lARGER THEN MOST others, see his structure almost impossible to get large muscles on thin long bones without drugs, see reference ArNOLD S.

  • Animal milk is purulent aka as pus. It is only meant for the calf of the cow as is with all other animals. We don’t intake other mothers milk from humans vs our own mother’s. I have known this long ago since a teenager and as a athlete and other. I highly appreciate your work, informative, and advice Thomas.

  • High Cholesterol… Maybe its an immune response? Even in Lean Mass Hyper-responders

    This gluten sensitivity autoimmune link is driving me like no other. Listen to Dr. Thomas O’Bryan

    Everyone needs to take the array 3 and array 4 gluten sensitivity (autoimmune) tests.
    (Western diet)

    Lean Mass Hyper-responders

    Keto Flu. Yeah, Electrolytes are an issue. Perhaps… perhaps… this gluten thing isn’t helping. For all these years, every toxin possible has been stored in your fat. When LCHF or Keto starts, it explains the various symptoms. It takes 6 to 10 weeks to recover from an autoimmune response. Dr. Stephen Phinney says it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get fully fat adapted. Some practitioners suggest 3 or 4 months. What do lectins do, like a gluten protein? They can bind to beta cells and force excess insulin production. If in active weight loss coming off a grain diet, it explains why fat adaptation can take longer for some vs others. The stored toxic gluten has to be worked through. Basically, you are working through an autoimmune response to your own weight loss.

    When my daughter was in active proteinuria due to sudden onset Nephrotic Syndrome, i.e. leaky kidney, her cholesterol was 800! (Usa). 200 is considered normal.

    Coffee causes an elevated, sometimes rather alarmingly so, Cholesterol panel.

    per Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, coffee is a common item that has a cross-reactivity to gluten. Grains are likely the driving force and anything eaten with it goes for the ride on the allergy autoimmune train. Bagels and coffee anyone?

    Why is coffee doing this? Is it promoting a leaky gut? An autoimmune reaction?

    Elevated cholesterol and type 2 diabetes? High grains.

    Elevated cholesterol and link to heart disease. Grains. Gluten sensitivity, leaky arteries and antibodies attacking the cardiovascular system.

    Those societies vegans like to bring up? Well those eat tons of fruit and vegetables and don’t have the problems of us Westerns. They also don’t have grains as a staple (or didn’t before the white man initiated bio-terrorism on them)

    Back to the Lean Mass Hyper Responders. Runs in families. As does gluten sensitivity. It is in our DNA?

    I wonder, have LMHR been tested for gluten antibodies?

    Both Dave Feldman and Sioban Huggins have demonstrated elevated cholesterol with even minor illness.

    LMHR are stereotyped as athletes. So, by extension, living is inflammatory due to their exercise athletic regimens. With their former wheat diet, the potential for cross-reactivity allergens, suggests that many low-carb, high fat foods of LMHR could also be causing an autoimmune response. Nuts, Legumes, Dairy (especially dairy given its similarity to wheat gluten)

    Will LMHR cholesterol gradually lower if they eat meat and only animalsourced fats? Is their surprisingly elevated cholesterol an ongoing FIRE ALARM of some other autoimmune reaction instigated by their diet and maximized by their activity level? Is over exercising the same type of stressor?

    DNA is the gun. The bullet is the wheat grain. The trigger to these autoimmune disorders, the massive overproduction, under fermented and improperly-ancestral prepared traditions, over-consumption of grains, topped with a nutrient empty, organ deficient, protein lacking, animal fat fear diet.

    Dr. Thomas O’Bryan suggests that 6 out of 10 people are on the spectrum with some form of gluten sensitivity autoimmune disorder.

    He spoke of a Harvard study that states, No Human can digest gluten. Not a single one. None. Nada.

    As eggs are a common compliment to bread, i.e. egg sandwiches and bLT, the potential allergic nature of eggs is maximized.

    Again, the importance of taking assay 3 and assay 4 of the cyrex labs.

    Nephrotic Syndrome, leaky kidney, was linked to Celiac by zonulin measures, by extension is gluten sensitivity that hits the protein links between cell walls in the endothelium, glycocalyx, layer. Celiac is leaky gut. NS is leaky kidney.

    Dr Thomas O’Bryan says that lupus, heart disease, chrohns, PCOS, infertility caused by men (low zinc), rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, Celiac, Hashimoto’s, schrodinger’s,… All show markers for GLUTEN SENSITIVITY.

    This explains why even a cheat day beats you all to he!! for weeks. It takes 6 to 10 weeks for the autoimmune reaction, the internal antibody reaction, to calm the fu#& down.

    Ivor Cummins spoke of leaky glycocalyx in his Mallorca video about heart disease.

    Paul Mason talked about leaky glycocalyx in leaky gut, celiac, and the zonulin protein.

    Here, dr. Thomas O’Bryan tells you the reason, the root cause. Autoimmune response to foodstuffs. With grain being the driving force setting off a butt-load of cross-reactivity allergens.

    Keto rash!!! Is it a cross reactivity rash? Dr. Thomas O’Bryan says, if you quit grains, you MUST quit eating the cross reactivity allergens, assay 4 of the cyrex labs, for all the aforementioned commentary.

    Otherwise, the autoimmune responses caused by those foods will continue on.

    He said, babies of type 1 diabetes parents, if given DAIRY in their first year of life, go on to develop type 1 diabetes at an alarming greater rate than their counterparts.

    Osteoporosis… gluten sensitivity.

    Alzheimer’s… autoimmune gluten sensitivity (Like Paul Mason demonstrated in his lectin talk, pea lectins have been found on the vagus nerve of the brain causing Parkinson’s. By extension, lectins in wheat, specifically gluten, could be causing mental ailments)

    The lack of getting sunburned on a vegetable oil free diet? What is the first thing a keto, low carb, is told to do. STOP GRAINS!

    Lupus, a gluten sensitivity autoimmune disorder, is prone to sun rashes.

    Suggest… is the propensity to sunburn severely, or better said, sun intolerance, actually an autoimmune reaction caused by gluten sensitivity.

    As a blue eyed, blond family, going on 3 years of a Keto diet imposed on the whole family, we haven’t used sunscreen in said time.

    I, personally, had no sun tolerance on SAD. I was miserable without sunglasses. I now come home pink and tan the next day.

    That saying, “fair skins burn more.” True.

    Heritage aspect. The genes. the dna. What population made grains a staple in their diet? Made grains a priority? I wonder, if every caucasian got tested for celiac and all other gluten allergy genes, would we have a prevalence over Asians?

    Yet, all this talk about the rising western diseases when forced upon native populations.

    And, the fact that first generation immigrants to the USA are as prone to American afflictions as us Americans, suggests otherwise.

    circular logic goes back to the Harvard study.


    Sugar, fructose, is always so demonized. Carbohydrates too.

    Fruit isn’t the enemy.

    vegetables aren’t the enemy.

    The allergens and intolerances to fruits, vegs, dairy, eggs, shellfish, are being driven by Darth Vader? The father of all intolerances, toxic wheat gluten.

    The sheer volume to which we consume sodas and juice are clearly unhealthy. Fructose is just a piss ant while gluten is the arsenic, the radiation, the mercury, the lead poisoning all rolled up into 1.

    then the lack of healthy animal fat.

    The additional, by extension, unquestionably high amounts of pesticides by virtue of eating grains.

    the lack of adequate animal protein and all the nutritious organs

    Dairy, hailed as a healthy fat by Nina Teicholz. What if it isn’t? The process of ultra-pasteurization and homogenization means, dairy as Westerns know it, is no better a manufactured foodstuff than wheat! The process of pasteurization kills off complimentary Enzymes naturally occurring in milk that are supposed to be there to aid in digestion. Add to that the hormones we feed cows.

    Again, is it the dairy? And the rise in egg allergies? Is it the eggs?

    What is happening to our cows, pigs, and chickens? What are they eating butt-loads off? Grains!

    Granted, beef is too. I have heard of histamine intolerance to aged beef. Histamine is an allergic response in humans. Fresh kill doesn’t cause the reaction as much. Supposedly, it is the aging of the meat that is the issue for those people. Perhaps, the cow, not meant to eat grains, being grain finished on a massive scaled, has a good store of gluten in its tissues? Or, the antibodies to gluten like us humans develop? The effect is maximized by the pesticides on said grains? And antibiotics?

    Is that why some people swear by grass fed beef only?

    Is the egg and dairy allergy, likely driven by gluten, maximized by the fact these animals are being fed grains? How much gluten is in eggs? Is this why some people say, “i can eat pastured eggs from my neighbor ok. ” Or, duck eggs from the local farm. Although, once an autoimmune reaction has occurred, the said food is off the menu.

    Then again, it takes a year to properly heal a leaky gut, fix the zonulin bounds, if no sugar, no inflammatory foods, and a properly mucosal lined, well protected endothelium in the gut is achieved, may these ancestral foods no longer be an issue? Avoid wheat and wheat fed products?

    With that said, how come even grain fed beef doesn’t promote an allergic, autoimmune response. Is the nutrient density, the cholesterol, the saturated fats, all bound together? With the exception of that rare tick disease that causing histamine allergy.

  • I’ve recently been banned from donating blood because my cholesterol is 390 despite having perfect ratios.. Trigs 51 and HDL 95. Haven’t been sick in four years at least, blood pressure 110/70, BMI of 19.
    I know I should just say “Screw them..” but I can’t help being infuriated, I could have more triglycerides than HDL and still be healthy to these people as long as my total cholesterol is 200..

  • What about triglycerides? You did not mention them at all. The body reacts not just on one component (LDL). There is multisystem processes.
    No family history hypertriglyceridemia, went on Leto diet for 8 weeks, and triglyceride levels were 30% higher than normal.

  • It’s very strange, when I go on a Keto diet, my weight goes down, energy goes up and I NEVER crash! However, when I follow the doctors orders (low fat higher “healthy” carbs) I feel horrible, tired all the time and I can’t stay lean for ANYTHING! It’s crazy that people don’t accept the fact that you must do what makes you FEEL optimized. I don’t even eat fruit anymore!

  • Diet Plan known as Custokebon Secrets kept showing up here on a lot of youtube and I thought they were scams. However after my work buddy follow it, and finally lost tons of weight by using it without starving herself. I’m persuaded. Do not take my word for it, search for Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine.

  • Strange thing I have found about being on a Keto diet, twice now. I had a bad cold, and couldn’t eat anything really, so again as a last resort I ate two packets of chocolate coated biscuits in one sitting!! As expected my Blood sugar went up….to around 6.4 max LoL…..then two hours later 5.2 and my ketones 0.7!! Now insulin is supposed to suppress ketone production. I can only surmise that my insulin sensitivity has improved markedly and that that the sugar was dealt with very efficiently, and the system returned to normal, and body started producing ketones again. And a few hours after that, eating nothing, ketones 1.1 This amazes me. I wonder if anybody in regular ketosis wants to try this experiment with sugar.

  • There is a well thought out, researched, alternative hypothesis of how the LDL is present at the inner cells of the intima, media boundary, but not the intervening space to the endothelium. How do they get there?
    “Excessive intimal hyperplasia in human coronary arteries before intimal lipid depositions is the initiation of coronary atherosclerosis and constitutes a therapeutic target”
    ( )

    I heard about this Vladimir Subbotin hypothesis at a blog by Petro Dobromylskyj, often referred as Peter Hyperlipid, from June 24, 2019
    ” On belief structures in lipidology “
    ( )

    Also images from publication of Nakashima, 2007:

  • In just under 30 minutes, Dr. Paul Mason has already conveyed to the lay public more about what they should know about the LIKELY cause of cardiovascular disease, and what is the most likely way to mitigate its progression, than what the medical establishment does for its patients, with its BILLIONS of dollars worth of resources. That fact alone is a scathing indictment on the quality of our healthcare system.

  • Excellent, Dr. Mason! What can we do to change this bad, outdated mainstream info?

  • I had a TIA at age 55. My neurologist put me on Aspirin for the TIA and Artovastatin for my high LDL. The aspirin gave me gastritis and the statin gave me muscle pain. My serum creatinine kinase went up indicating muscle damage. I decided to stop both and go on LCHF as I was pre-diabetic. Now at age 75 my blood sugar normal, feeling good and not a single TIA since the first one 20 years ago. My LDL still high but my TG and HDL both goood. Who needs statins?

  • I like him on the exercise ball during this explanation and his use of the word copious. Bottom line if your eating the meat from a cow your still ingesting the antibiotics ect. They say drinking milk of a cow grows the calf so what does eating the meat do? Unless your giving up beef entirely for that reason saying the milk is bad but the meat is healthy doesn’t make much sense…

  • Give us a diet with no carb or cholesterol. Eith sugar shoots or the cholesterol. All tell u what not to eat but no one will tell u what to eat.

    Will god create harmful food for his creation. Why. Where r human going wrong. How do we know how much carb is in the food n how much is required by the body. How do we measure it.

  • Taking statins with its associated muscle pains (that can take many months to wear off, and for some have even been fatal, see Cerivastin) and doctors threatening dire health results if stopped, putting the frighteners on patients who trust their doctor and do not have the time or inclination to do their own research, for just a few extra days is a scandal that big pharma love to perpetuate. The sooner people realise the supposed increased longevity is just a matter of a few days the better.

  • Healthy complex carbohydrates? ALL Carbohydrates are POISON! They ALL metabolize as Glucose whether complex or simple. Glucose creates an Insulin overload. There is no such thing as “Healthy” carbohydrates.

  • Well I’m on a ketogenic diet and my LDL is pattern B LDL-C 190 with LDL-P over 2200 triglycerides at 155. And my cholesterol was normal before my keto diet. So you can’t just say that Pattern B is caused by sugar since I’m not eating sugar. Some people have a genetic predisposition for their low density lipoproteins to become relatively small with slower uptake.

  • I have a similar issue with the health insurance lately. I’m 56, quite fit, exercise regularly 3 to 4 times a week, non-smoker, and eating healthy (no sugar, low carbs). Basically no one believes my age. Comes the tests for a new health insurance, excellent on all points, however my cholesterol level is high, and the insurance is pointing out this issue like I’m having cancer… Go figure.
    How to go about it? Why the insurance industry does not adjust to the fact that cholesterol is not the culprit?

  • I went off of dairy and gluten for 30 days. No reaction at all introducing gluten back but instant bloating and digestion issues with milk and dairy. And I used to drink milk a lot! I suffer from IBS and am not lactose intolerant but I’m finding without the milk I really don’t have huge stomach pain issues anymore. I have small amounts of diary and cheese here and there without major issue but switching milk out was an easy choice for me because I feel so much better. This was very informativethank you.

  • Anyone who advocates mindfulness gets an automatic “go to hell” from me. A teacher made my class do mindfulness meditation stuff once a week for a couple months my freshman year of high school, and I still haven’t forgiven the field for being imposed on me like that.
    The funny thing is I’m actually naturally inclined to do the mindfulness things the teacher was introducing to us. It’s not the topics my grudge is against. It’s the name. Anything called “mindfulness” can get the fuck off my sand dune until it comes back under a different name.

  • Malkolm Kendrick’s theory of atherosclerosis being clots in various stages of repair makes much more sense than the theories presented here.

  • There’s a reason why you don’t see too many elderly morbidly obese people: 1.) They stay indoors so you don’t know they exist 2.) They’re dead by the time they are 50. The ones who are overweight and not necessarily obese, are at a point where yes…they are alive and functioning. However, the damage has been happening long term through the years and doesn’t necessarily emerge until a little later in life. Then it all hits at once. Let’s not fool ourselves.

  • 1. Move from dieting to modifying your diet. 2. Experiment with, and adapt to new food tastes. For instance when you eat a salad. Substitute sugar packed salad dressings for freshly squeezed lemon. 3. If you weigh, don’t use your scale for motivation, reward, or punishment. If you are on the right track, the needle will move reasonably short distances either way. 4. Okay here is a weird one. Going to bed feeling a little hungry can actually feel rewarding. No idea if it helps with weight loss. 5. As you get older keeping weight down is beneficial if you like walking and hiking. As you get older your joints are not what they used to be.

  • Not eating carbs will decrease insulin resistance and improve diabetes. Exercise improves fitness but it cannot beat decreasing carbs. Using a blood glucose meter after eating will help you find out which foods spike your blood sugar. Low carb high fat way of eating is not a diet. It is a lifestyle change.

  • I lost 55 lbs and got my blood sugar totally undet control with LCHF. My quality of life improved immensely. Still my CIMT did not improve. Now I’m trying 2.5mg crestor 2x per week. No side effects so far but I am noticing improved arterial flexibility. I don’t care about LDL but I do care about endothelial health. Using CIMT is the best way to evaluate statins, not cholesterol. If my arteries heal better and faster with a drug I think it’s worth some risk.

    Furthermore I have found studies that show improved endothelial repair with statin treatment. Remarkably, this process is independent of LDL levels.

    Hmgco a is a precursor for heme, coq10 and cholesterol….. donating blood improves heart attack risk in men…..

  • Replace cheese with ‘nutritional yeast’. It’s cheesy and slightly nutty in taste. It’s good for you and contains many healthy nutrients. Most of all it contains no nasty dairy hormones.

  • I made a comment at Peter’s place yesterday and will just copy and paste:
    “I made a long comment, too long for here, at a video by Dr. Paul Mason, and included long quotes from Vladimir Subbotin, Dr. Kraft, Yutaka Nakashima, and from a 2017 publication, ” Modifications in Retinal Mitochondrial Respiration Precede Type 2 Diabetes and Protracted Microvascular Retinopathy ”

    Are other possible explanations for this diffuse intimal thickening being explored, besides some type of mitochondrial dysfunction? Can we do a brain storm session here to explore possibilities, with no judgment of merit?

    Could there be a copper, zinc imbalance, outside the range of our evolutionary familiarity?

    ( got the idea on that one from Dr. Terry Wahls ).

    What are some practical measures for people to take who are having problems making the big carbohydrate adjustments, and also have tight budgets? Are pomegranate seed oil, 12 drops twice a day, 1 tbsp walnut oil with meals, and aged garlic extract the best candidates? Should kiwi fruit be included, even with the fructose?”

  • This is a really good explanation of blood lipids. I’ve been trying to understand what this is all about for a while now, and Dr Paul says it very well. I am particularly keen to learn what I can because my recent blood test says my LDL is 16.1mmol/L (about 300mg/dl).
    My triglycerides are.9 which I think are my saving grace.
    I have a question that I can’t find the answer for. What is the difference or relationship between Lp(a) and triglycerides?

  • All these guys who say everything contrary to what the medicine currently states should gather up and get some clinical research by healing coronary patients with bacon and beef and if they are successful, get a Nobel prize, but if not should shut up.

  • Do intermittent fasting and eat enough proteins and complex carbs and good fats. Combine it with weight training or HIIT not cardio. You will loose fat easily

  • This guy….ugh. listen folks. 10k years ago we didnt have refrigeration… milk rarely ever was drank. It was cultured. Get a hold of some high quality grass fed and finished Jersey cow milk…and make kefir. Clabber. Butter or yogurt and eat it daily and often. Ugh this guy. I make kefir weekly. It has essentially zero lactose in it due to being pre digested by bacteria. I wish this guy understood traditional foods and fermenting

  • The first speaker was great and presented a TON of scientific studies and evidence. Although her style was a bit slow going at first, she built up to a great presentation with a huge amount of interesting scientific studies presented. In the end I was very impressed with the substance of her lecture. I just wish her information was more widely disseminated among the medical community. Doctors NEED to hear her presentation! 

    The second speaker, however, should NEVER be invited to speak at a University sponsored event. Her talk is actually dangerous. She advocates many of the very things that lead to eating disorders and she directly contradicted the information the first speaker gave. I actually felt embarrassed for her and UCTV. 

    The second presentation boils down to: 
    (1) A little shame (“there are people with less time who manage to do this”) and 
    (2) Some eating disorder philosophy “(I stopped dieting and exercising strenuously and actually LOST weight!” and “when I don’t chew my food enough I can barely stand to swallow it” and “monitor your weight and calories constantly to give yourself feedback”)
    (3) A lot of narcissistic bragging (“I have super strong willpower” and “carrots never work as rewards, except on me. I’m now a healthy eater and I actually find healthy eating rewarding.” and “I’m REALLY good at cooking.”) 
    (4) And finally, 40 painful minutes of trite, dieting, platitudes that have been published in women’s magazines for more than 50 years develop healthy habits like eating more vegetables, make goals specific and start small. Also, practice “mindful” eating.

    Not only did the second presenter fail to present any new or interesting science, but her presentation is actually dangerous and could lead to disordered eating. What she is presenting is a food obsessed thinking and dieting under the guise of “healthy” lifestyle change. Do better UCTV.

  • Holy smokes,that explains that! Thank you Thomas DeLauer! I won’t be eating sharp cheddar anytime soon again, even if it is zero Carbs! Hope this nausea passes soon…live and learn…

  • I have familial hyperlipidemia. I quit taking my statins 6 years ago, much to my doctor’s dismay. I had muscle pain, and memory problems, and it just wasn’t worth it to me. I told my doctor it is my body. I live in it, and I will die in it. I started Keto and intermittent fasting February 2019, and so far I have dropped 2 points on my A1c, and my cholesterol went up a bit, but nothing radical, and my triglycerides dropped significantly. I have lost 42 lbs, and still losing, and I feel fantastic. Nothing could make me take statins again. My doctor doesn’t understand why I am not worried about my cholesterol, but my family members with familial hyperlipidemia seem to have a good life span regardless.

  • Dude, I watch your videos, but this one, and a few others, make me question your knowledge. I have never heard more rubbish about the diary industry than what you spew in the first few minutes. The reason dairy quanitity has risen so dratatistically, and halted over the couple years, is beacuse of the improvements in breeding. Jersey calls you use be found on pratically every other farm, but some farmers brought in some holestiens that can naturally produce double of what jersesy cows can and more milk than any other cow breed can. Also, the cows still get grass. They just get it in forms of hay. Important to note, the formalization of cattle diets have increased the out put of all cattles whether it be meat or etc

  • Here is the painful truth about statins: They do NOT reduce fatty deposits in the arteries. They do however calcify and stabilize existing fatty deposits so they are less likely to rupture. Statins rob the body of CoQ10. This is how they cause muscle pain. They actually destroy muscle tissue. Cholesterol is NOT and NEVER WAS the real cause of atherosclerosis.