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NUTRITION HACKS | 12 easy ways to eat healthier

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Healthy Life Hacks | My Tips Everyone Should Know!

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21 Amazing Hacks That Make Healthy Lifestyle Easier (THAT ACTUALLY WORK!)

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7 Busy Girl Life Hacks to Staying Healthy

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30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

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LOVE YOUR WORKOUTS. One exercise-related hack is to think of your workout as fun or invigorating rather than a chore. That perspective can prevent you from eating more sugary treats later as a reward for your hard work, a recent study suggests.

Researchers split 56 study subjects into two groups. Here, we’ve gathered 40 genius healthy life hacks to help keep you looking—and feeling—amazing without thatmuch commitment. 1. Cover a blister with duct tape.

When you feel the symptoms of an. There you go, 100 awesome life hacks that you can try right now to make your life a lot easier! More Amazing Life Hacks for An Easier Life.

50 Top Parenting Tricks and Hacks That Will Make Life Easier And More Fun. 30 Brilliant Camping Hacks I Wish I Knew Earlier. 20 Popular Life Hacks From the Internet Debunked (or Verified).

The Hack: Drill a few holes in the bottom of your kitchen trash can to prevent the suction that makes it hard to pull out the bag. The Flaw: Garbage water is the flaw, and it’s the flaw to end all flaws. Picture a reeking stream of filth flowing through your kitchen, then reconsider this “life hack.” Life Hacks List. 1 of 13 Crazy health tricks that really work 2 of 13 Drink coffee to have a better nap 3 of 13 For healthy teeth, don’t brush after eating.

Another simple healthy eating hack is to plan what you are going to have for your meals for the week. This doesn’t mean that you have to meal prep and cook everything for the week all in one day. That works for some people, but it just made me more stressed.

Here are some other things to consider when you want to stay healthy at work: Take regular mindful meditation breaks; mental health is just as important as physical health. Eat a serving of fruits or vegetables before you eat anything else. Practice controlled breathing to energize yourself and. If the pro-work, anti-sleep culture makes you feel lame and self-conscious about, say, leaving a party to go home and sleep, try saying, “I’m going to go biohack my brain.” Then run out of. JOIN THE FAMILY Join the VLOG Squad: “30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!!

Here are some easy remedies which work super easy 02 /6 Have one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a touted weight loss remedy and for good reasons. It is a low-calorie drink which is known to have fat-burning properties.

List of related literature:

To maintain weight loss, you must maintain the lifestyle changes that got you there: eating the right amounts of the right foods (lean meats, vegetables, fruits, grains, less salt, and smaller portions of treats) and exercising four to five times per week.

“DASH Diet For Dummies” by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
from DASH Diet For Dummies
by Sarah Samaan, Rosanne Rust, Cynthia Kleckner
Wiley, 2014

The only way to become truly healthy is by embracing The Five Basics for Optimal Health.

“The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit” by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
from The Power of Infinite Love: An Evolutionary Journey to Awakening Your Spirit
by Darren R. Weissman, Dr.
Hay House, 2007

Instead of setting a goal to “be healthier,” set a specific goal, like, “I will improve my nutrition by adding more vegetables, and I will increase my exercise by adding one more 30­minute cardio session each week.”

“8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)” by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
from 8 Keys to Mental Health Through Exercise (8 Keys to Mental Health)
by Christina Hibbert, Babette Rothschild
W. W. Norton, 2016

Only healthful living results in health … there is no shortcut.

“The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time” by Douglas Graham
from The 80/10/10 Diet: Balancing Your Health, Your Weight, and Your LIfe One Luscious Bite at a Time
by Douglas Graham
FoodnSport Press, 2012

Either visit or search my site for my short book Dr. Mercola’s Guide to Optimal Fitness for more practical information on how to incorporate more exercise and movement into your life.

“Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
from Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy
by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Hay House, 2017

Shifting to a healthy lifestyle involves eliminating unhealthy habits, getting at least a half-hour of aerobic exercise five times a week, and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet that includes at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each week.

“Menopause For Dummies” by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
from Menopause For Dummies
by Marcia L. Jones, Theresa Eichenwald, Nancy W. Hall
Wiley, 2011

In the following pages, I share the science and the solutions behind how to rid yourself for good of the food addictions sabotaging your health.

“The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
from The End of Dieting: How to Live for Life
by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
Hay House, 2014

Add a superfood drink each afternoon like “Crystal Star ENERGY GREEN RENEWALTM drink or Fit for You, Intl.

“Linda Page's Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone” by Linda Page
from Linda Page’s Healthy Healing: A Guide To Self-Healing For Everyone
by Linda Page
Healthy Healing Publications, 2004

This isn’t a revolutionary fad diet, nor is it a complicated way to “hack” your way into good health.

“The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days” by Yuri Elkaim
from The All-Day Energy Diet: Double Your Energy in 7 Days
by Yuri Elkaim
Hay House, 2014

There is no magic bullet, no secret ingredient that will give you unbridled health all by itself.

“The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes” by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
from The Fully Raw Diet: 21 Days to Better Health, with Meal and Exercise Plans, Tips, and 75 Recipes
by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
HMH Books, 2016

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Love these! I need to make my bed/clean my desk and make lists more consistently. It really does make me feel more relaxed and accomplished and i feel i get more done and focus. Helps w my anxiety too!

  • I used to want to dye my hair like that lol. And I also thought that I would of won a MacBook from you and a camera kit from natalies outlet lol. I got so excited lol

  • me just sleeping and drinks water takes water breaks and bathroom breaks and eats slowly normal and watches funny stuff.
    me: has BIG FAT BELLY and legs
    me:3 months later


  • Just weighed myself and my body fat percentage is 34%, when the average is 14 to 24%.
    I’m a teenage girl ummm.

    I actually refused to believe I’m 34% made of fat cause I look a whole lot skinnier than that, like I will always get compliments on how skinny I am and of course they make me feel better about myself, but also make me insecure in a way because according to the scale I’m not as skinny as I seem ��

    Edit: I think the term is “skinny fat” where a person looks like they would have a normal amount of fat and muscle, but actually have the same problems as people who are bigger than them. I guess that’s me:/

  • I wanna exercise but if I do, my parents will walk in my room and be like “lol what are you doing” and it makes me embarrassed and I lose confidence cause I don’t wanna get caught again:( so I stop..

  • Please make more such vidoes like lifestyle hacks for our homes too living alone how to deal with home insects like lizards, cockroaches n flies etc in a cheap way so they dont arrive n which plants we should keep at home?

  • The thing I love about you is that you aren’t skinny as a stick unlike other fitness and health guides or you tubers and you are super realistic. I just found your channel and am already in love with it.

  • ive tried the hack at 12:30… works really well but it does kinda feel inconvienient for your fingers cuz that small area pressed by the thread on your fingers while pulling it kinda feels like itz gonna cut my skin

  • It’s not that I eat a lot it’s that I mainly eat my safe foods, like plain pasta, mac & cheese, or chocolate chip cookies. All of my safe foods contain tons of carbs and calories and those are what I mainly eat

  • Tiptry going one day eating as minimal as possible. Remember what times of the day you actually get hungry, and force yourself to only eat meals at those times. Small snacking is okay. This will put your body in rhythm and hopefully, you will eat less.

  • no one will probably see this but… 1 like= 5 push-ups, 5 squats, 5 sit-ups, a 1 minute plank, 5 high knees, and 5 crunches

  • I liked most of life hacks! I am definitely going to consider the Monk fruit sweetener. I use coconut sugar which I do like but to have options is a great thing. The exercises are a great option as well! Love these videos… Keep them coming ����

  • 1. Use veggies as a base.
    2. Put a lid on it.
    3. Grind flax as needed.
    4. Soak or sprout beans and legumes.
    5. Let some veggies rest.
    6. Pair vitamin c with iron.
    7. Eat fats.
    8. Combine fat, fibre, and protein.
    9. Make smoothies.
    10. Swap your oils.
    11. Steam more often.
    12. Chew your food thoroughly.

  • Me: watches video while drinking water
    Also me: starts to excersise
    Dad comes home
    Me: stops working out in embarrassment
    Dad: I brought burgers!

  • I’m in college right now, and this semester I made it a goal to prioritize health over school. Even if I don’t quite finish all my work, I always try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If I don’t, then I’m just stressed and not productive the next day. I also like to go on brisk walks around campus to relieve tension from sitting in class and studying.

  • Bro plz do video on how to get rid of cockroaches naturally bcoz I have small kids that I don’t want to use market products like HIT…….and all

  • I really love these lifestyle/wellness videos. I could definitely use the inspiration. Sleep is always the toughest routine for me because my schedule varies so much for work. I have a hard time making myself go to bed! (hence watching this at 12am ��)

  • Simple Green Earth is an online market for organic foods, supplements, clothing and other eco-friendly products.  We offer convenient delivery of green products to suit your busy lifestyle by shipping throughout North America. Here is the website if intrested

  • Simple Green Earth is an online market for organic foods, supplements, clothing and other eco-friendly products.  We offer convenient delivery of green products to suit your busy lifestyle by shipping throughout North America. Here is the website if intrested

  • I loved this video! I’m definitely a early bird. One healthy habit that I try to do each day is get my body moving. Like you said, it’s such a good way to stay healthy and reduce stress. I try to get between 30-45 minutes of structured exercise every week day and on weekends I play it by ear.

  • 5:30am early bird:) Morning routine consists of exercise and apple cider vinegar. Then I meditate to be mindful and 5mins journaling:) thanks for sharing your busy life hacks!! <3

  • I remember some time back you made a video on meals to bring to work and it looked like you worked in an office. In this video you stated you work from home. Can you please make a video elaborating more on this? I’m sorry if its a bit too personal but I’m interested and would like your input. Plus you look like you have a pretty awesome life lol. Again, i hope you don’t mind. Please & thank You!

  • I wake up at 6:00am on school days and once I turn my alarm off I spend 5 minutes without screen. After 5 minutes past I usually get up and make my bed right away than head to restroom. Once I get into restroom I usually get dress and do my thing and once I’m all done I put shoes on grab my bag and head downstairs for healthy breakfast 😉

  • I’m such an early bird! My big thing every morning is to have sole water! I prefer that in my morning routine and either lemon water or golden milk at night.

  • Just found your account and I love these tips so much. I love learning about nutrition and aim to be a dietitian!! Definitely going to try sprouting my legumes as I find it hard to digest them. Thanks so much!

  • Hey thanks so much for these great tips! Quick question: what platform do you use for your online calendar? Is it through Google?


  • Before bed I always Tidy the living room so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning and I also do my nightly skincare regime which I find relaxing and then read some if my book before going to sleep:) cool upload Nicole!!

  • I m an early bird… and one healthy habit of mine is meditating for 1 hour in the morning. It really helps me to get start on a positive note for the day:) Ik it’s basic but but trust me it really helps a lot:)))

  • I get up at 7 am, every day even on weekends, then I write my 5-minute-journal while taking some sips of coffee. Then I usually meditate for 10 minutes. Afterwards I do either a HIIT, yoga, cardio or any other workout. I take a shower then, eat a healthy breakfast and THEN I start working/doing the things that have to be done for the day for which I always write a to-do list on the night before. I usually go to bed before 11 pm to make sure that I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. That’s my “busy girl” routine:D

  • Trust worthy person even though I don’t know him.Recently I came through his article and found it very amazing.shifted to vicco vajrathanthi toothpaste. Experienced the truth in it. My toothache is reducing day by day. Excellent man.May God bless you.

  • My new healthy habit is for my mind. I downloaded the Headspace App. Its a guided meditation app. It’s set on my phone as a reminder every morning at the time I set (7am) its a quick 5 minute mediation and its a great way to start my day. I’m a mom of two, ages 6 and 4, mornings are really hectic for me so I can at least dedicate 5 minutes to step away from the craziness and meditate. I feel so much calmer and in control of my day.

  • Bhaiya, please please answer this comment, it’s urgent, is there any way in Ayurveda to restore one’s smelling scence, my smell is lost for 2 days. Please bhaiya HELP!!!

  • Can you pretty much freeze anything for your smoothie/smoothie bowl? I never really thought about doing that to save time, but it totally makes sense. Were these pre-made by you or a store bought? Do you put everything in the freezer and just add your liquid at the time your making your smoothie?

  • After watching your video I learned to add more vegetables in my daily diet also chew my food your video is great I like it thank you so much

  • Love it my first official adult youtube video  I’m 25 and have been watching like younger college youtubers since I’m still in school. But I love this I needed a more adult person to look up to on youtube. Great job!

  • So obsessed with the dollar idea every time I workout and go to the gym. Then I feel good about buying all the cute fitness clothes <3

  • I don’t always remember to like and comment but I thought you would like to know that I am currently binge watching your videos 😉 I have hashimoto and am struggling with my weight and health. Your videos give me hope.

  • What happens if there’s like a emergency phone call and u don’t hear the phone. I suggest setting it on do not disturb and there’s a setting that if the same person calls twice within 30 seconds it goes thru. It helped me a lot

  • They say it is 5 mins craft but the video is at least 15 mins and it’s boring ��
    it is not that easy and nothing actually works…it’s a waste of time����‍♀️

  • Great hacks Nicole!! You’ve helped me a lot during the process of changing my routines and eating habits.. Thank you!! I feel much better now ��

  • Perfect timing of this video! This motivation was especially needed as the weather is starting to get cooler, and the morning laziness stronger.:P

  • Can you post a video how to substitute sweets in a diet and have energy?, Sweets keeps me from losing weight and living a busy life is another

  • Hey Nikole, super duper helpful video right now!!! It’s been a couple of weeks that I have been feeling overwhelmed by life and you really helped with that!
    I was wondering where do I get that online calendar you were talking about? Lots of love��

  • I really watch these videos to fall asleep easily
    And do you know what is the best part….

    They may not wrk out and
    Best and funny comments of the people

  • I’m more of an early bird person. After I send the kids off to school, I like to go out for a jog. It’s part of my early morning routine.

  • I just recently started being more purposeful in my evenings making sure I get the things done in the evening that will make my mornings smoother. It has made such a difference in my morning stress level needing to get myself and my son ready for school! Question could you give me a link or the brand of the pot you used to warm the water? Thanks!

  • I can improve on my evening routine, but my morning routine always includes stretching & a full cup of water before I leave the house.

  • This is super helpful! Since I started school the last couple weeks and I have been super duper buzzy. I have been going crazy. But 3 days ago I started saving about 20-15 minutes of my day for exercising. Everyone needs some time for themselves.sure gonna put some of these on my morningnight habits! 1 healthy thing I do is drink a liter of water daily before going to sleep and when waking up! Thanks

  • Could you do a video on healthy cookware to use and how you became a holistic nutritionist and what steps we can take if we would like to be one as well. Thanks Meghan, your videos are beyond helpful.

  • How can a bath with bath bombs help lose weight? That’s like not possible because your just sitting in water. This video that she made is basically how to stay mentally healthy because most of the stuff she said aren’t gonna physical help you lose weight (try finding my other comment to understand) ��

  • lease make part 2…make part about how a bachelor should manage grocery for 6 months…. basic healthy grocery things for healthy life.thank you.

  • Is it really a hack when you’re supposed to call a trichologist? Who has a trichologist on their speed dial? Who actually knows what a trichologist is? I didn’t, until I looked it up just now! Even if you’re supposed to call you’re regular doctor, it’s not a hack!

  • While it is admirable that you are trying to bring ancient principles back, it would be better if you can include references for all your Ayurvedic rules.

  • I’m such an early bird! My fav healthy morning (and evening) habit it snuggling my kiddies and trying to take in as much of them as I can! Nothing makes me happier

  • I will start to add tv or podcasting while working out. sometimes its so hard for me to get started. Also saving a dollar every time I work out. And keeping a clean space. Do you have a favorite way on how you track your habits if you do?

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    I love you and I need you.
    I promise that I will never hurt you again.”
    But the boy just laughed and said to her, “Only a fool would take back someone who hurt them so much.”
    The girl felt hopeless and
    began to cry, but the boy put his arms around her, held her tightly and said, “…and I am one of those fools.”

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    but don’t spread hate V

  • Really thats too much
    I’ve seen these same hacks in more than four videos now
    waste of time really
    @ five minutes crafts
    You were good but you are really not doing your stuff nowadays……

  • Love this Where is your bedroom comforter from? Wish you’d do a home tour! I’d love to see how you store and organize all your fitness related stuff.

  • Which Herbal Juice you recommend to start with? In one of your skin routine video. You recommended adding and mixing 4 Herbal Juices with water.

  • Hi bro, I watched your every video
    Thank you for sharing good information it’s really helpful.
    Pls make 1 video for gluten-free and dairy-free diet for weight gain.

  • Please make videos on methods to cook daily vegetables ( lauki, kaddu, torai etc and all lentils) like you made for palak paneer. Means the way it is optimally cooked and we can retain max nutrition from them.

  • This is the BEST video I have ever seen! It is informative and great for everything that ails you! Thank you soooo much! I need to keep this at my fingertips!

  • Hi vivek…
    Many of times I seen you to read “secret of success” in ur videos.
    Can u plZ make video over it?
    Means over low of attraction??

  • Please make a video on migrane cute permanently.
    My mother has been suffering ��. since past 15 years to till now.
    No medicine has been worked out.
    Excessive use of medicine can lead to kidney failure..
    Please help me

  • Thanks for the helpful tips.. I have tried many of them and they really work well. Oil pulling is my favourite �� keep reading and inspiring others ����

  • Great information…
    My request is to make a detail video on Honey. In today’s time it is very difficult to get pure honey in budget price. There are lot of brands which are claiming pure organic honey but can’t say if they r actually providing.
    Request you to please make a video on HONEY

  • Bhai. Why not in hindi. I always have the struggle when I show it to my parents.

    You are promoting desi things and not giving knowledge in hindi.

  • Apple cider vinegar is extremely acidic and coupled with lemon juice, is very acidic and abrasive for your teeth and also your stomach. Please giving bad advice and even if you do let people know the side effects of it. There’s no need to actually drink apple cider vinegar anyway!

  • Milk is not for human consumption..
    You get bloated or other problems because it’s not for humans it’s for baby calfs..!!!
    Realise that and stop drinking milk!!!

  • after watching the videos of 5-minute crafts i realized that pain in my stomach, back, joints etc has started and dark circles also appeared. Do you guys agree?

  • who else tried the spoon thing to check your health status i did it and it was clear and had no unpleasant smell it means i have no health problems

  • Hope this question isnt too long do di I keep those clothepin things on i. the beginning? (is the answer going ti b3 “5min?”)

  • Children’s ke liye koi lockdown mein study kaise kare and with out tv mobile any trick please help me thanks to nice video ������������

  • mom walks in bathroom: Hey sweetie I need you to
    sees me rubbing potato on my armpits
    me: stops and stares
    mom:… closes door

  • Bhaiya… make an video on vestige products too
    I so want to know whether they’re safe or not…
    They claim that they don’t use any harmful product…make a video of all products plzz ��✨

  • I guess you are all looking at this video to learn a way to get free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc. for free. I found one and it’s called Gamecrook.

  • Loved this! Super informative but easy to understand, random question but do you have any tips for nail health? Mine are so weak xxx

  • Thank you once again Katie for a very informative video! You are a wealth of knowledge and I’m going to start adding cinnamon to my coffee every morning. I use Stevia as a sugar substitute in my coffee, instead of sugar. What do you think of Stevia?

  • Wengie: sleeping helps you lose weight

    Me: watching this at 12:51 am because I share a room with my sister and don’t want things to be awkward XD

  • Love the apple cider vinegar drink hack! I told my boyfriend about it and he goes, “that would be good with vodka in it” ����‍♀️��

  • And one more is just stop when you are full. Now this is hard bc you don’t actually need as much food. I had to throw egg, peas,.. just bc I couldn’t eat anymore and it’s working pretty well. You can put it in the fridge for later so you don’t waste food. I also do “vacuuming” method and I think in 4 weeks ima have a not-pregnant stomach ������

  • Hi, I enjoyed this video, I’ll be taking the bedroom change and ensure everything morning and evening my bedroom is clean, as well as the gratitude tip, use that to journal (briefly) each night ��
    Thanks, you are so down to earth ��❤️

  • I totally agree with the clean space! I too make my bed every morning so that my room is clear, makes me feel accomplished at the start of the day ��

  • I make the acv/ginger/lemon/honey drink super strong, like a concentrate, then add it to water throughout the day. Look up switchel recipe and then you have a batch for a couple days

  • My little 9 year old sister watches your videos, I can’t believe someone with such a young platform would post a video like this. Slapping “fat” and promoting getting rid of it and talk about burning calories is incredibly harmful for a young audience to hear.

  • I’m an engineer so I notice things some don’t. Your water bottle in this video has a large open lid/cap with coarse threads. The large open lid allows for access for cleaning and the coarse threads with an aggressive angle makes it where you don’t have to spin the lid much to get it on and off. Good for one and off. I was looking to buy the water bottle for a gift but I notice that the one on your website is different with a smaller and more traditional screw on cap? I’m on the fence now. What was the reason for the change. I can guess a few but won’t here. If I order the LSF bottle will it be like the one in the is video or the photos on the website? Which is current? Thanks and your videos are great!

  • Some great tips here! I’m definitely an early bird, showering first thing helps me wake up straight away. Top tip is probably eating a decent breakfast, something yummy with a fruit or two in there! I really need to work on the sleep part though, being an early bird is fine when you aren’t also going to bed after midnight every night haha, oops!

  • I loveeeee your videos! I just bought the first hot body sweat guide & I start tomorrow so I’m super excited to clean my eating habits & start moving more �� you are so inspiring!

  • Am I the only one that does these hacks not for the weight loss cuz I’m still a child but for the productivity and motivational inspiration? Let me know in the comments pls!

  • I loved the idea of rewarding yourself with every workout! I have a savings app so i’m going to create a little fund for myself for every time i complete a workout! Also, my current workplace requires me to be at a desk all day long and i work super long hours so i havent been able to get in my workouts or be anywhere near as active as I used to be! I’m still eating pretty good but find myself craving sugar when i’m bored. so maybe i’ll just go for a walk around the building instead or walk the lot a few times! Idk if you have one yet but a workout you could do at your desk would be so awesome! Thanks girl <3 new subscriber btw!!!

  • I had never thought about covering my tea to steep! Thank you for the tip:-) I just found your channel and I am learning a lot thank you.

  • Hey per event you know idea that I was thinking of is maybe you could make a series about our athletes and start workouts they might do for their sports

  • I love the cleaning room before bed or that day so I can’t have a mess room when I go to bed I love that hack I have anxiety and stress I take medication for it to cope with it

  • I’m addin the gratutude thing because I was doing it on vacation and now I stoped. One thing I already do but not everyday is take a cup of water with tumeric and ginger and lemon everyday. It’s similar to what you do and has the same benefits. For me it works wonders =)

  • The clean space hack! This relates to work as well. I need to include that, as well as the water hack! Katie, we need more videos like this!

  • I enjoy the ACV/ lemon every morning-it gives me energy and I just feel better for the day!! Making your bed every day seems crazy but it really sets your focus on tasks for the day. I try to constantly come up with ways to add steps to my day….stairs instead of elevator, park furthest away from your destination, walk to the bank that is close to my office, etc. those little things do add up!!!

  • I make this as well but I use only the juice of the ginger by taking the grated ginger and straining it with a tiny strainer. ( I think it’s for loose leaf tea) I want the benefits, not the pulp in my tea.

  • Kindly explain the goods and bads of having freshly cut and home cooked nonveg in diet. Also describe it for hypothyroidism. Plz plz ��

  • I already drink…probably 4 liters a day at least. LOL Kind of a lot but I can’t not have water with me. I am going to try to eliminate sugar as best I can, and try to come up with a routine to do some sort of workout every day. It is really hard for me to stick with a routine, I will go a week or 2 and then it fizzles out. Thank you for the video!

  • We keep an ice cube tray full of frozen smoothies in the fridge. We just add a little bit of milk to them in a blender, and it’s just like having a fresh smoothie

  • Hey! I’m a morning person and in the past few months I tried to take on some healthy habits, because I realized they really help me with focusing more on what I do every day. So, two things that I try to keep in mind every day are to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water (I used to drink very little water every day), and eat at least 3-4 fruits or vegetables a day.

  • Drink water more, i’ll try the lemon. The first thing in the morning is make my bed and then make my lemon water!! Thanks for the great hacks. I am now a part of the #TeamLSF

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    The ancient indian scriptures on Ayurveda, the science of longetivity, recommends that we drink adequate water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as this would help prevent several diseases in the long run

    * Around 700 ml 1 L can be had. The ayurvedic recommendation is 8 anjali which translates to 8 palm full.

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  • Each year 70 billion animals are slaughtered for food. In general, the animals would be killed for food; however, they might also be slaughtered for other reasons such as being diseased and unsuitable for consumption. 61,171,973,510 Chickens. 2,887,594,480 Ducks. 1,451,856,889 Pigs. 1,171,578,000 Rabbits. 687,147,000 Geese. 618,086,890 Turkeys. 536,742,256 Sheep. 438,320,370 Goats. 298,799,160 Cattle. 70,371,000 Rodents. 59,656,000 Pigeons and other birds. 25,798,819 Buffalo. 4,863,367 Horses. 3,478,300 Donkeys and mules. 3,298,266 Camels and other camelids. Various methods are used to render an animal unconscious during animal slaughter: electrical (stunning or slaughtering with electric current known as electronarcosis), gaseous (carbon dioxide), mechanical (captive bolt pistol) and firearm (gunshot/free bullet). Animals suffer stress while waiting to be killed. There are many ways in which animals suffer and die during the preslaughter period. They include: dehydration, emotional stress during transport, temperature stress during transport, torn skin, bruising and injury, sickness and disease and fecal soiling. Sentient beings should not be harmed regardless of the purpose. A vegan lifestyle saves animals, the environment & much more: 365 animal lives, 7,300 lbs of CO2, 10,950 sq. ft of forest, 14,600 lbs of grain and 401,500 gallons of water per year. A vegan diet is richer in nutrients, it can help you lose excess weight, it lowers blood sugar levels and improve kidney function, it protects against certain cancers, it’s linked to a lower risk of heart disease and it reduces pain from arthritis. ������������������������������������������������������������

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