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Everyone knows exercise is important—it strengthens your cardiovascular system, helps keep weight off, and even improves sleep. But knowing the health benefits isn’t always enough to get us to put on our sneakers and hit the gym. When I ask women why they don’t exercise, the number one reason I hear is: “ I don’t have time.”. Summary: Cardio is more effective than weight training at decreasing body fat if you do more than 150 minutes per week.

Weight training is better than cardio for. Yeah, I know what you want to call me, and I don’t blame you. So kick back and laugh when I tell you that the pounds decided they wanted to take up permanent residence after my third son was born. You are more active and physically flexible: Getting fitter and losing weight can make you physically active and also physically more flexible.

You will be able to. 21 hours ago · Why You Shouldn’t ‘Compliment’ Someone’s Weight Loss, Now More Than Ever Lauren Valenti 1 hr ago US coronavirus: New cases are declining, official says, but that could quickly change if. Cardio increases your metabolism more, spiking hunger levels, but weight training offers a strong way to counteract that, says Armul. “Plus, when you gain muscle from lifting, you actually burn.

It’s a fact: You have to burn more calories than you eat and drink to lose weight. For weight loss, it really matters that you cut back on the calories that you eat and drink.That matters most for. Conventional nutrition wisdom has always told us to eat less and exercise more if we want to lose weight. In theory, this makes sense – burn. This led to short-lived moment of considering gaining some weight back to avoid the attention, but I’m glad I didn’t.

3. Some people viewed my weight loss success as a threat. After I lost around 100 pounds, some of the people that seemed to be supporting me in my journey were now asking me, “Do you really need to lose any more weight?”. As a result, researchers concluded that exercise is more effective than restricting your diet if your goal is to cut back on calorie consumption—as most people looking to lose weight do.

List of related literature:

Nonetheless, the researchers found a significant positive association between exercise and longterm weight loss.

“Handbook of Psychology, Health Psychology” by Donald K. Freedheim, Irving B. Weiner, John A. Schinka, Arthur M. Nezu, Wayne F. Velicer, Christine M. Nezu, Alice F. Healy, Pamela A. Geller, Robert W. Proctor
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This, in turn, allows you to lose weight and later maintain that new weight, while also improving a host of health indicators.

“The New Atkins for a New You: The Ultimate Diet for Shedding Weight and Feeling Great” by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, Dr. Jeff S. Volek
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Exercise also improves health regardless of any weight loss.

“The Psychology of Eating: From Healthy to Disordered Behavior” by Jane Ogden
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True, weight reduction properly and permanently achieved helps health, but not necessarily all that much.

“Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West” by Peter N. Stearns
from Fat History: Bodies and Beauty in the Modern West
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Beyond weight loss, exercise has myriad benefits for physical and mental health, and even for cognitive functioning (e.g., Colcombe and Kramer, 2003; Folkins and Sime, 1981).

“The Behavioral Foundations of Public Policy” by Eldar Shafir
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However, in the approach type of motivation, the client may choose to exercise more, realizing that burning extra calories will result in weight loss.

“Client Education: Theory and Practice” by Miller, Pamella Rae Stoeckel
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Exercise has usually been promoted via the “calories in, calories out” logic— the idea that if you increase the number of calories you burn by exercising more, you’ll lose weight.

“Eat Rich, Live Long: Mastering the Low-Carb & Keto Spectrum for Weight Loss and Longevity” by Ivor Cummins, Jeffry Gerber
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It also has psychological value: Those who exercise regularly look and feel better physically and mentally.

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd, University of Nevada Las Vegas Daniel McLean
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
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To doctors who haven’t read the research about the futility of exercise with regard to weight loss and who still believe in the all calories are equal and burn more calories than you eat lies, it seems self-evident that the more you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

“Lies My Doctor Told Me Second Edition: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health” by Ken Berry, Gary Fettke
from Lies My Doctor Told Me Second Edition: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health
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It also has psychological value: Those who exercise regularly look and feel better.

“Kraus' Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society” by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
from Kraus’ Recreation and Leisure in Modern Society
by Daniel McLean, Amy Hurd
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  • my problem is I’m really impatient with this, I don’t want to wait months to be able to walk more then 10 minutes before I literally start coughing and wheezing.

  • After being exercising contiuously for more than a year I quited it due to so much pressure and stuff to do in med school with no enough time now although I study more than I used to but less effctively I just can’t concentrate and control stress during exams like I used to I decided to go back on my prev. routine from today on,no matter how little time I have..mental health should be a priority this is apart from the physical benefits gained though exercising ����

  • Thank you Caroline. It’s cold
    in Maryland I cannot go out to do my walking..THIS IS GOOD
    Just started today 01.05.2020.
    I even send it to my cousin
    In the Philippines.
    God bless you. Thank you

  • When you get passed that burn; it’s really nothing, just some minor shaking and alot of sweat. After time, that shaking will decrease and you’ll reach a new burning point.

  • I’m 21 female, my blood sugar level was 168 after half an hour of my lunch,
    Along with clinical depression, sign of pre diabetes made my life a tragedy one.

  • Umm I have some anger issues and I was wondering if anyone can lend me a hand and give me some tips for self control I don’t know what to do I lack motivation a lot but idk where to start my journey of self improvement??? Any tips???

  • I love this video carolynn. Thank you so much for doing this. It really help me to bring down my sugar level down. Thanks a lot once again

  • Thank you— I am type 2 diabetic and when i started doing this 15 mins a day with proper diet my sugar got fantastic.. and i feel better now —

  • Working out with others at a fixed schedule (witch should not be flexible) is the easiest for me. So that I know in avance when I will be working out. Personaly i do bouldering.

  • I think of all the dumbshits in schools who were sports maniacs! Did they waste their intelligence because they were unaware of their increased intelligence, or did exercise encourage them to behave stupidly and grunt like animals and abandon all culture? Maybe we’ve gone overboard with celebrating kids who do too much sports/exercise. “Put in the hard work and study asshole”. Maybe the pretty girls are at fault for dating the jocks, and not the nerds. I don’t know. This shitty discovery of enhanced intelligence doesn’t change a damn thing for kids who do too much exercise and sports. The nerds will read this shit, and move some more and put a greater distance between the dumb jock and themselves in terms of career and educational achievement! Later on most dumb jocks are going to eat too much, experiment with substances and alcohol, run away from education and lose it completely. I have seen too much of this in my life. Maybe some old fashioned kicking is in order, but oops sorry I shouldn’t be saying this. Kids have to told the truth of what it takes to make it BIG and this dumb video needs to handled with caution. Methinks, You cannot celebrate the dumb jock too much amigos…

  • Hi Caroline I’m Leonise and I’m a diabetic 1 and I’m 15 I wasnt by a docter yet since we can really afford it but I was wondering if it’s ok If I do this exercise maybe everyday or every 2 days my mom has been struggling with my sugar since I was 2½ years old and I don’t want her to get a heart attack but I will try ur exercise tho and see what happens I mean if this helps then it will mean alot to me and my family^^

  • my motivation is a healthy lifestyle and i exercise 6 times a week, dropped alcohol almost completely from binge drinking, i don’t eat junk food no more and i gradually feel better with myself in every aspect of my life, a healthy lifestyle is goddamn amazing

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  • Thank u so much for these simple, non strenous moves that I can make. I just turned 56 and would like to include more exercise into my body and some weights.

  • Thank you welfie I was worse with stress of having to start diabetic exercises along with medication, my weight 110 kg and feeling lazy to do any exercise and failing to accept. I am happy you have stretched me out yester night had less heart palpitations, heavy paining chest and av repeated with you the whole video again and am better thanks a lot God bless you my dear. I feel healing coming all over me.

  • I train martial arts (aikido) for one hour twice or thrice a week and the other days I work out the whole body with push ups, planks, and leg rutines (one hour each day). Also I am looking forward to include one or two hours of yoga a week. Sunday is rest day.

  • I’ve been on my weight loss journey for 5 weeks now. I’ll be 40 on August 23rd. I’ve been a diabetic since I was 21. I hide how much I hate myself by being the life of the party. The big bubbly girl. I been using your workouts for 2 weeks now. It’s low impact and gets my heart going. I check my blood sugar before I do the workout and after. I am seeing a huge difference. Thank you for these workouts. They are changing my life. Aimee

  • I miss being able to exercise. After my knee injury I can’t run, can’t cycle, difficult to walk, or walk so far I have difficulty getting back and the only swimming pool in my city is far away and too expensive.

  • I’m diabetic. Just came to know it recently. It’s whooping a lot. Started today. Felt really great. Will update the difference soon. Thank you ��

  • Is 15mins a day enough exercise to get diabetes under control I have not long been told I have it and it got me down so down I gave up my levels are so high but I refuse to go on insulin I want to beat this can it be beaten

  • I am 70 and I am in quarantine because my family was exposed to the Cova-19. I am Type 2 and have to be safe, and protect myself. Thank you for video. I will see you tomorrow.

  • How come you show so many weights in this video when the studies you base your video on clearly says “Aerobic” training? And as far as I know, Aerobic training is NOT lifting weights?

  • Great video.
    I managed to get into the habbit of running in the winter and it completely stopped being hard to go to the gym.
    But I don’t feel that it gave me more dicipline in going to socialise (or in anything else)…which I think were useful to do but feels like a chore to me.
    Do you have a tipp on how to get over that? I don’t quite have social axiety just some aversion I’d need to get over. I don’t know what would be the small enough step to get started but not overwhelmed. The equivalent of just running slow 20 minutes at first nothing more to get into the habit of doing it and ending up being able to run 5km without needing to stopp.

  • I was about to drink my lemon juice EXACTLY when you proposed to pause to have a glass of water around 5:35
    (“Is she actually watching me?!?!?”)
    Thank you very much for you video, it is very helpful! Keep going!:)

  • Caroline Jordan I am enjoying your diabetes 1, 2, and 3 workouts. My suggestion (and I realize these vids are older) is that the same way you remind viewers to be mindful of posture and breathing, you should remind and give space in the video to hydrate. This is even more important for diabetics!

    Another observation I have is that older participants or those with additional medical challenges may not be able to keep up the pace of your lean, healthy, lithe body. I would prefer to see a video with more reps and a smidge slower pace. It is disheartening to not be able to build up to YOUR pace. Ever.

    Thank you for what you are doing! I especially enjoy your diabetes foot workout, which I do at the end of all my workouts and sometimes several times a day.

    Hugs! Movement IS medicine…as I tackle my diabetes without meds!!

    If you did a video that discussed the effect of exercise on glucose…before and after, and the best times of day for diabetics to exercise to help with blood glucose control — that would be fantastic! �� My specific need would be in battling the “Dawn Phenomenon” glucose spike.

  • There really is no quick fix, yes you’re right nutrition is key but exercise helps the process and can make us feel better so long as you don’t exercise so much then eat llike a pig after. I exercise with kettlebells 20 mins a day 7 days a week. All these fads are a waste of money. It’s a slow grind and a lifestyle change.

  • As someone who just started exercising on a regular basis you really don’t have to go to gym to do any of this.

    You’d be surprised to know how much gains you can get (mentally and physically) with just your own body weight.

    Here are some of my fav –

    Push Ups
    Squats/One Legged Squats
    Mountain Climbers
    Butt kicks
    Abb crunches/Double crunches
    Bicycle kicks
    Leg Raises
    Body Planks

    I do my routine in kitchen area of my apartment, every morning right before getting into shower. If you start out with just three of these, it won’t take more than 15 mins (including breaks) give that to your body and mind because you deserve it.:)

  • Just watched your video,I’m diabetic so this video is so helpful and easy to do.Save me time going to the gym so thank you.Will do everyday������

  • Can i wear socks in the house when doing these exercises or should i wear shoes.? I keep my house clean. So, no shoes in the house. Thank you.

  • The thing that struck me the most is in one of your other videos you said i didnt know if i could get abs because ive always been chubby. Ive never heard anyone say that before in videos and its fantastic to know its not just me thinking it.

  • I couldn’t agree more on everything you’ve said in this video. I started going to the gym about 9 months ago (after many years of being completely sedentary) because I desperately needed a quick fix solution to my anxiety and insomnia issues without having to start taking medication for it. Only about a month or so after I started, my anxiety level improved drastically and so did the quality of my sleep but I was surprised as to how much it positively affected other aspects of my life as well. My go to workout is HIIT on the stairmaster:)

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  • The habits part of the video really hit me. Do you have any tips for how to keep energy levels up during/after exercise? I have been trying to eat healthier, getting atleast 7 hours of sleep a night, but i still find it difficult to incorporate exercise because I always feel exhausted afterwards and even during it, and this deters me from wanting to exercise afterschool because I need the energy to study. Its almost like I have to choose between exercising after school or studying well.

  • Sir please reply. I am a school student who has to wake up at 6:00. I READ for 1 hr in the morning. I cycle down to school and after coming home I need to study for 4 hrs. When should I exercise. I have no time. And btw I come home at 4:00pm.

  • Your videos are THE BEST. I used to compete as a dancer and it has helped me to be more confident and learn to enjoy the pain of the process.

    The discipline skills I learned in my time as a competitive dancer have spilled over into my studies and my current workout routine! I mostly lift weights (leg day ftw!) and do cardio.

  • I’m a diabetic who needs to get my weight under control and my diabetes and this workout was so easy and great for me love it hope you continue to make more

  • thank you. my first time today. I enjoyed this so much. I”m struggling with the blood sugar numbers. and I needed some form of exercise. I did this right here in my office (I work alone). nice and easy to start. thank you again.

  • hello friends, i want to testify on how i was cured of my diabetes by herbal doctor Voke, i have suffered from diabetes for years and have been to different hospitals for cure but all effort was in vain. so while i was on net i saw so many testimony’s about doctor Voke on how he cured so many diseases and virus so i decide to contact the said doctor and explain to him about my diabetes so he promise to cure me after all arrangements have been made he prepared the herbs and sent to me in my country and i took it behold i was totally cured,now i’m happy to testify that i’m cured of my diabetes, so if you are suffering from diabetes and you want a total cure contact Doctor Voke on ([email protected]) or call him on +1(661)-797-0921

  • I have recent Diabetes diagnosis.I have Managed to reduce my A1C from an 8 to a 6.5 in 30 days,with a 10 pound weight reduction.This is my very first time exercising in 20 years.I am so grateful to have been able to find you and your exercise.Your voice is encouraging,calming and motivational with kindness.I am a fan now,so happy to have been able to exercise with ease

  • i just put my exercises in the morning after i wake up, like 30 min easy warm up and streching make a whole lot of diference in a day, and now o started cicling again, runing and hiking when i have the time. the habbit tooke two weeks to input in my daily routine, but i was wouth every moment.

  • It becomes very basic stuff after a while,and you do it because its only logical to do so. Like grabbing an apple instead of a chocolate bar or water instead of pop,coke, pepsi you know! all that crap that makes money on them.

  • Funny… I used to bike and walk more often, but now I hike and lift weights more often, even though I’d rather do a bit of all those.:-)

  • Thank you. This is my second day. It is easy to follow but since I have not been exercising it is a little difficult for me but hopefully with my continuous effort I shall get there.Thanks

  • I love the video. My AIC is 6.1 and it was 7.1. I need 10lbs to go and hoping to be off all the meds. Using my time wisely since the gym is closed right now.

  • Yup, couldn’t agree more! As an ex-professional swimmer myself and as a person who regularly exercises on a daily basis i can guarantee you that exercising does help you learn faster and retain better. Headed to the gym right now. Good luck and exercise away

  • Hi,i’m from the phillipines,and im very thankful that i’ve found your exercises for the diabetic people,almost everyday ill do that exercise and follow u…

  • Thank you so much for your great video. You really help me a lot to be more positive and to keep moving. God bless u. So Happy to see you everyday


  • kick boxing 2 times a week an hour. and running. this takes me up to 3 and a half hours a week.

    ill say that again. 3.5 hours a week, if you cant bring that up.. your probbaly 2 addicted to your tv/youtube or youre working too much:P

  • When I first tried to lose weight I used to do a lot of cardio but I ate the same or at times even worse because I deserved it. But after a couple of years I realized I need to watch what I’m putting in my body because that is going to be my fuel for the day.

  • I just searched ‘ benifits of exercising’ cause I want my self to be encouraged for doing it so thanks frnd��…. but lol
    I am so damn lazyy��������

  • Thank you for this video that has helped loosen up my stiff body and ward off diabetes, nice and easy and you are very inspiring with great attitude. God bless you:)

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  • I train Brazilian jiu jitsu 3 times a week + biking there (only when it’s good weather) which is around a 40 min ride back and forward. I also bike to school everyday which is a 20 min ride to school and back.

  • I do a 30-minute jog or 15-minute home workout before going to school. It boosts my energy and makes me feel productive. It needs to be done in the morning, because I tend to get lazy during the afternoon/night.

  • Thanks. I love all your exercises. Though, I keep doing these exercises on my own before seeing your video. But i didnt know it was for diabetics

  • This video will always be on my watch later no matter how many times I watch it. These are principles to use for life that I do not want to forget.
    God bless!

  • I love your all your exercise videos and have started to practice the home exercise part 1. After the 2nd exercise I feel so good. Thank you Caroline this helps me to keep my body in good health and shape in my twilight year ��

  • I am trying to make some healthy changes to my life. I WANT to change so bad. I find myself watching too much TV, isolating myself from friends, and not taking advantage of my down time. I really make me want to start using my time more efficiently. Keep up the great work.

  • I used to be on my high school/college rowing team, but now I’m starting to get into triathlon (swim/bike/run). I’ve always found it motivating for me to stay on an exercise routine when I have the mindset of competitive athletics. Hopefully, these habits will stick in medical school!

  • From my own experience, I believe since I started taking lifting seriously and making it fit into my scheduled days to work out, it has helped me stick to something even when bored with it. I’ve gotten a lot stronger when it comes to studying because I’m able to bring my mind back to whatever it is and I begin to feel a strong determination to want to know it and understand it. Similar to working out, once I’m tired and feel I can’t go anymore, I bring my mind back to it and feel great once I keep going. Also, you’ve got a great channel. I’m not a med student but I’m going into nursing and your videos give great advice everyone should know, especially those in school:) thank you and I look forward to more!

  • I was admitted to the hospital over the weekend due to out of control type 2 diebetees. I was looking for a exercise that would help me manage my diebetees and came across your videos. Needless to say I’m a new subscriber!! I did one of your exercise videos and I’m feeling amazing already ��

  • Thank You Caroline! Super this will be my daily exercise,,since I knew i have developed type 2 diabetic. Wish to follow more level.tq

  • I just started today. It feels great! I’m 66 and type II and over weight. I want to have exercise in my life daily. Thank you for your upbeat positive attitude. See you tomorrow. Rebekah

  • You are such an inspiration. You are bright and shinny, if that means something? Anyway, so glad I found you as I have type II. I needed this and am excited to keep learning and moving. Rebekah

  • I like to go to the gym with my sister every Sunday to do weight training for my arms and legs. Some other day in the week is when I train abs and glutes, usually alone

  • i excercise every day for a short amount of time (10-15minutes) because i have no time to go to the gym because of switching hours of college. that is why these short excercises work better for me and i always feel happy and motivated when i’m done with them:)

  • yes i like very much at leadt i can excercise at home esp this lockdown no going out im a pwd n senior member tnx for sharing gbu vsroline tnx a lot u gave mr an idea to excetsisr st homr

  • hi sweetheart my name is annette i am 73 years old i’ve been diabetic for 40 year i take insulin and i wanna thank you for this exercise short and sweet.

  • Yes nutrition is the key, working out just helps you a long the way and helps speed up the process. you’re right a lot of people do have backwards in the fitnesses industry. I feel like they just do that so they can sell workout plans. as for me I usually do weights in gym and a little bit of cardio. Awesome video man!

  • I normally go swimming two times a week for an hour (2000m aprox.) but i’m planning to do some full-body 1 hour workouts at home to fill the week with something.

  • Yesss, that’s what i’m sayinggg, another great video bro. Too many times i did cardio like crazy, which resulted in overeating now i got a good diet + moderate cardio + weightlifting to maintain muscle.

  • I love the introduction bro and I’ve felt the same way with my channel!! You never know who will and won’t appreciate your content, however we are a team and whenever that 1 person (often times it’s more than 1, but you know what I mean) gives you the encouraging comment means the world and makes it all worth it because you know you definitely and positively just helped someone. I love that brother. It’s motivating and addicting!