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Faster Fat Loss: Conquering the Messy Middle Okay. If you stumbled on this article it tells me one thing: You want change. Where you are right now and where you envision yourself to present a gap. I like to call this space the messy middle.

The messy middle is the hardest part of fat loss. NATIONAL BESTSELLER NAMED ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING BOOKS OF 2018 BY INC. NAMED ONE OF THE BEST STARTUP BOOKS OF ALL TIME BY BOOKAUTHORITY The Messy Middle is the indispensable guide to navigating the volatility of new ventures and leading bold creative projects by Scott Belsky, bestselling author, entrepreneur, Chief Product Officer at. The Messy Middle is the indispensable guide to navigating the volatility of new ventures and leading bold creative projects by Scott Belsky, bestselling author, entrepreneur, Chief Product Officer at Adobe, and product advisor to many of today’s top start-ups.

Creating something from nothing is an unpredictable journey. The first mile births a new idea into existence, and the final. Scott is an early investor and advisor in Pinterest, Uber, and Periscope among many other fast-growing startups, and his new book, The Messy Middle: Finding Your Way Through the Hardest and Most Crucial Part of Any Bold Venture, hits the shelves October 2nd. I urge you to check it out, but until then, please enjoy this interview!

Having less fat and stronger lower body muscles may give your hips a leaner, more sculpted appearance. Plus, having more muscle and less fat will help you burn calories at a faster pace, making it. Even small reductions in body fat improve mood, vigor, and quality of life. Most weight loss experts recommend cutting back on portion sizes, eating balanced meals, and increasing physical activity. Your weight is largely controlled by hormones.

Research shows that hormones influence your appetite and how much fat you store (1, 2, 3).Here are 9 ways to “fix” the hormones that control your weight. • This is an edited extract from Conquering Fat Logic by Nadja Hermann, published by Scribe on 10 January at £14.99. To order a copy for £11.99, go to Commenting on this. Losing weight can help fight erectile dysfunction, so getting to a healthy weight and staying there is another good strategy for avoiding or fixing ED. Obesity raises risks for vascular disease and diabetes, two major causes of ED.

And excess fat interferes with several hormones that may be part of the problem as well. Conquer These 5 Big Cycling Fears. Use your weight. that means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and riding with people who may be faster and stronger than you.

That’s a good.

List of related literature:

This strategy, along with others to break fat loss plateaus, is discussed in chapter 13.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
Lyle McDonald, 1998

While this fat is actually better than visceral fat, it is much harder to get rid of.

“Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women” by Deanne Panday
from Shut Up and Train!: A Complete Fitness Guide for Men and Women
by Deanne Panday
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2013

The first is to slow the rate of fat loss, as this will ensure your survival as long as possible.

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
from The Ultimate Diet 2.0
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2003

Complex carbs digest slowly; it actually physically moves slowly through your intestines, dragging fat molecules along with itand stabilizing blood sugarlevels in the body, which,in turn, areboth greatfor maintaining healthy cholesterollevels and reducing yourbody fat.

“Eat Smart Move More Sleep Right” by Luke Coutinho
from Eat Smart Move More Sleep Right
by Luke Coutinho
Leadstart Publishing Pvt Limited, 2011

Continuing to eat radical fats during this period, which translates to having a high blood fat ratio inside your bloodstream, defeats the purpose of dispersing existing pockets of toxic fat.

“Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal: Healing Plans for Sufferers of Anxiety, Depression, Acne, Eczema, Lyme, Gut Problems, Brain Fog, Weight Issues, Migraines, Bloating, Vertigo, Psoriasis, Cys
by Anthony William
Hay House, 2020

The first strategy for dealing with the crisis of deposited fat is a strong discourse of removal.

“In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism” by Nik Heynen, Maria Kaika, Erik Swyngedouw
from In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism
by Nik Heynen, Maria Kaika, Erik Swyngedouw
Routledge, 2006

The exception to this rule occurs within quick starts, when fat loss becomes a higher priority than performance.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

This weight loss plan is the strictest of the three I introduce in this chapter, and it’s not for everyone.

“Belly Fat Diet For Dummies” by Erin Palinski-Wade
from Belly Fat Diet For Dummies
by Erin Palinski-Wade
Wiley, 2012

An old adage goes that the faster your fat comes off, the faster it returns.

“Self-Hypnosis For Dummies” by Mike Bryant, Peter Mabbutt
from Self-Hypnosis For Dummies
by Mike Bryant, Peter Mabbutt
Wiley, 2010

The party line about reducing dietary fat to decrease body fat is finally losing ground.

“Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!” by Jillian Michaels, Mariska van Aalst, Christine Darwin
from Master Your Metabolism: The 3 Diet Secrets to Naturally Balancing Your Hormones for a Hot and Healthy Body!
by Jillian Michaels, Mariska van Aalst, Christine Darwin
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2009

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Denver doctor Terry Grossman, longevity doctor and author of the book “Transcend”. He’s had me on metformin for years. Stuff works! I’ll be 70 in five days; most people guess I’m 50.

  • I just started the vegan diet 7 days ago and combined it with 50 minutes of walking for 6x a week. ive lost 10 pounds so far and intends to continue. I feel better with less pain, sleep better and hopefully I can reverse my acid reflux. I had mild angina and initially when I started exercising couldn’t walk one tenth of a mile with no pain. now I walk 3 miles with no pain. This info is priceless. Veganism here I come.

  • Has anyone tried Erectodom Secrets? (do a google search) We have noticed numerous awesome things about this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

  • Stay young in everything you do and think. Never retire on any level. Make living forever the most natural thing in the world.
    Plus: You, your mind and your body need to be in constant transformation. Exercise every day, all parts of the body, push it. Learn something new all the time, challenge everything you do, find better ways for everything, and have plans and projects for a better future. Repair, fix, clean, buy a new house, a new car, go on holidays in new countries, help poor people, stay away from all kinds of drama.

  • Hi I m from derby
    Mom of two can you pls send me diet plan
    Had 2 c section
    Really like your all videos
    Following you from month ago so everyday surfing your old videos as well
    Love you
    [email protected]

  • SorryhorseapplesHe does not mention refined sugar and fructose consumption in Japan! They did not eat candy and high fructose drinks traditionally. The worst is glucose/ fat combo. Vegan without addressing insulin spikes IS DOOMED FOR FAILURE

  • H. Jay Dinshah, 66, who as the leader of the American Vegan Society was an advocate for life without violence toward animals or humans, died on June 8, apparently from a heart attackwhile working in his office in Malaga, New Jersey [after 43 years ofveganism]. Veganism prevents and/or reverses heart disease? Obviously didn’t work too well for him and countless other unlucky fools conned by delusional veganist claims

    Fact is there’s no health in veganism simply bcz 1) Veganism is about saving the animals and even insects (for what IDK) NOT health. 2) There is no standard vegan diet therefore you can eat vegan junk food n still be unhealty as sh*t

  • “he practices calorie restriction, eats a mostly vegetarian diet, and tries to avoid sugar and carbs”

    This guy is sharing similar content as Valter Longo.

  • Great lecture, which should be very effective for getting nearly any meat eating person who cares about their health to try veganism. However, the content of the lecture does not have anything to do with the lecture title given, “Breaking the Food Seduction”. I have heard Dr. Barnard give that lecture before in Toronto, and this just is not it. I think some sort of correction would be appropriate.

  • It is very interesting, but I do worry about all the suffering mice, is it really that important for humans to make so many animals suffer, maybe I am oké getting old of that jeans more happy mice? Not sure……just an idear

  • Of 2,500 people in that Geico building only 68 people were willing to hear/learn/TRY something new to improve their health, broaden their horizons?????

    That speaks volumes — lazy: mentally, physically—so pathetic.

    The rest deserve to eat themselves to an early, painful—EXPENSIVE prolonged death.

    Trouble is, the animals and the planet have to pay for it.

    It’s one thing not to know. It’s an entirely different thing to refuse to learn. No one is blinder than he who WILL not see.

  • Why is it that I can’t gain even a 1/2 lb above my junior high weight by eating and eating and eating only cheese all day long, impossible to gain, but only three plant based jelly filled donuts, ca blamb exploding gain every week.

  • Jeff Novick and Chef AJ are extremely helpful with meal planning and preparation. Also Mary McDougall videos. Thanks for the Post.

  • This is an atheist or agnostic. He thinks we live breed and die. That is all he knows. Interview someone else on the subject. He is as shallow as a running faucet.

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  • Intermittent fasting, keto or low carb. Exercise while fasted and walk 30 minutes after your main meal.
    60 will be the new 40, at least it works for me.

  • Sorry kid I ain’t got 49 minutes to watch your video. Next time make a video short to the point and snappy. Otherwise you ain’t getting money on yt.

  • “Don’t feed meats to your slaves. Let them eat grains and beans” Ancient Roman and/or Greek.
    The ruling elites have always eaten the best quality meats and always will. Nothing you do will ever change that fact. At the very most you might get a higher percentage of morons. You wanna eat slave food, have your fill. The elites will not stop veganism bcz a docile people are easier to control but if you think 100% of the entire world will ever be vegetarian/vegan, you’ve got another thing coming

  • AS U, GET OLDER!!!!!. ITS, ( COMEN, SENCE ), TO TAKE, CARE OF YOURSELF!!!!!. TO LAST, LONGER ��.!!!!!!!!. OR THE ALTERNATIVE IS, EARLY DEATHS ☠️….. DO, YOUR OWN, RESEARCH.?…… ❤️…..( STOP ), THOSE, [ DIRTY, HABITS ] ��.!!!!!!!!…..☠️������☠️…..

  • Iono about this guy…. he is recommending metformin for reverse aging? So technically diabetics should age slowly and look great, but is not the case, is it now?

  • Does anyone know of a plant-based diet support group during the quarantine? I am looking for someone to help me do the potato challenge. I have been a junk-food vegan for 15 years and I need to CHANGE that!!! NEED HELP!!

  • Willing to give this a try again, but it’s just not true that you don’t gain weight on a vegan diet. I ate vegan for 2 years, gained weight constantly and was not very healthy at the time admittedly a lot of high sugar fruit, rice, bread and pasta was involved but that just goes to show that it’s not THAT simple. It probably works when your main food staple is vegetables but you cannot just tell people that everything will just fall into place automatically once they eat vegan.

  • Completely opposite, Caldwell esselstyn, dean ornithology. John mcdougall. T Colin Campbell. Plant based starches. All experts disagree w this doc

  • These fools are trying so hard to alter nature. Loool fuck off, is there any living thing on this planet that doesn’t age? Ugh I hate the internet sometimes

  • So are we just to ignore the research that shows the fat that we consume is not what causes fat to be in our cells or in Our arteries. Chronically High insulin levels is what tells your body to store the food that you just consumed as fat. The fat we consume in our diet has very little to no effect on insulin levels.

  • I really liked this topic, conversation, and this man! However, it was a big big effort for me to watch this video for such a long time..I just wish your very interesting videos were shorter so I could enjoy them more and more often! ��

  • Wow! Thank you very much! I have a question: I drink a lot of sage tea because long time ago I’ve read that sage stops you getting grey hair. I am 58 and have no grey hair. I wonder that this is because of it? It’s not genetic: all my relatives had grey hair early. Grey hair visibly ages you a lot and sets your self-image as an old person, which is part of the problem.

  • Steamed vegetables never slept better ( 8 hours straight through), chronic ailments gone…. remove the animal products and oils, walk 45 minutes per it melt off

  • Been vegan for decades and in this era Dr. Barnard makes the logical, convincing argument why this diet really is better-he’s the best of this era!

  • When I was a baby I had to get multiple blood transfusions cause of lead poisoning. Soo much so that they told my mother I would not live a normal life and probably only make it to 16yrs old I’m 37 with an upcoming bday. B+ blood type and I look like I’m still in my early 20s. Healthy lifestyle no alcohol no drugs. Do I consider myself lucky NO. I consider myself fortunate to have a blessed life and family.

  • He doesn’t talk about breaking food seduction. He talks about a healthy diet. No tips or comments about the title of the video. I am finding this is a common, and disappointing, tactic in these healthy diet youtube videos. They wouldn’t be manipulative liars if they would just name the video accurately.

  • blames fats and meats… but also claims 40-50lbs more sugar a year…

    fats and meats aren’t the enemy… its Sugar/refined Carbs
    whether your vegan or carnivore, I think you are doing fine. If you are Standard American Diet you are doing it wrong.
    When he spoke on Japan and blasted meats because of Western Diet coming over… look when people eat that stuff they are eating the bread(ing), the fries, and usually a sugary soda… Sugar is the one substance you eat that makes you want to eat more of it. Eat a big fatty steak by itself you will be full, try eating a bunch of leafy greens to be full well you will either be full or bored of trying.
    Sugar/refined Carbs you are looking for one more roll, another cookie, one more chip, one more scoop of ice cream etc etc.

  • Counting calorie model and shaming people for failure when insulin spikes doom their diets to failure is CRIMINAL! The old model does not work.

  • I am now eating locarb high fat I have lost seventy pounds I have increased muscle mass my type two diabetes is cured and I am 72 and feel better than I have done for years. My bmi has gone from 36 down to 24 now. I eat only once a day and am never hungry.! I have been carnivore for 2 months and feel great. I am going back to Keto locarb highfat. It has been proved that carbs are the problem! Caiories don’t count carbs doo they make you hungry!

  • This is a very good video. I was just over 250LBS in December 2012. I changed my diet and started exercising and got down to 165LBS. But I felt more comfortable with myself at 180LBS. Life is so much more easier without all that extra weight!! If I can do it, anyone can.

  • I started being a vegan several months ago. I am 60 and have chronic pain in my neck because it is screwed together. Pain management was a joke and made me sicker. I also love animals. I have so far dropped 16 pounds, my pain is less, I am driving again, (my neck pain was too bad to drive), I am exercising again, and I feel really good. I will never go back. My family thinks I am crazy, but too bad.

  • Dr. Bernard does not appear to know that sugar is carbohydrate. He said early in the video that carbohydrates do not cause diabetes, but later pointed out that the epidemic of diabetes corresponds with the elevation of sugar consumption (and fat). Assuming he agrees that the elevation of insulin causes obesity, then you can use a blood sugar meter to see which elevates your insulin most, fat or carbohydrates.

  • I am always learning. Even if just a little.
    I respect Dr Bernard, Cambell, McDugall, etc., etc.
    But nowadays I no longer agree with them 100%.
    Please don’t take me wrong. Please.
    I’ve been vegan twice. I messed up. Twice.
    So I have had to study quite a bit.
    I am open to any crazy idea.
    Today I eat in eight hours. Don’t say “no” to little animal protein. And definitely don’t say “no” to butter.
    Today I completely disagree with the idea of carbs making sense because of 4 calories per gram.
    Yes, fat has nine. Except fat, unadulterated fat, keeps hunger away, by keeping the insulin out of commission. Insulin is only needed when there is carbs.
    And when insulin is in, HGH is out.
    I’ve read there is no significant difference in mortality between vegans and meat eaters!!!!!
    The best example is the founder of wendy’s dying older than a well-known vegan who followed the diet for 40 years!!!!
    Michael Greger is the poster of such video: “40-year vegan dies……”
    Before you call me an idiot, I beg you, please, watch “more fat?”
    And so many other videos which help us understand the truth.
    And please don’t call me an idiot because I disagree with dr Neal. I respect the man. I am simply saying we need to go beyond his philosophy.

  • he was a bit testy in this video and unfair to FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Her get moving program included a food component, she pushed for better school lunches with more veggies and fruits, teamed with food experts, nutritionist and such people as the naked chef to try and make school lunches more palatable, had a whitehouse garden and included children in its care, up keep and harvesting as well as veggie tastings.
    The “let’s move” program was not about shaming children into exercise. It was about fun and enjoyment of physical exercisesomething that Dr. Barnard HIMSELF recommends for lowering cholestral, decreasing blood pressure, cardio vascular health, diabetic health and general wellness.
    Looks like he did not get much sleep before this talk, he was off and not his usual self.

  • Digital..Analog.. DNA..Enzymes.. blah.. blah..Repair.. Stress.. blah..blah..Pac-Man… go to comments section…realized that this was totally incomprehensible to most..

  • 41:48 “A meat eater, where do they get their protein? From a cow, the cow is a vegan.” Ahahaha savage! Just ended the “necessity” of meat eating ahahaha!

  • I have started doing fasting many many years ago even before I heard it on social media and internet happened to me by accident when I happened to have my last kind of light dinner/meal before 6pm woke up the next day feeling really good and not eat till around 11ish now it’s truly second nature to me my body have adapted so much.

  • But your still going to die. Sorry!
    Remember we don’t know a lie until we know the TRUTH.
    There is only one answer..
    He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.

    No joke

  • I, too, grew up on a cattle ranch. I have struggled with my weight my entire life. (I am 62). But since (again) adopting a (99%) vegan diet, I have lost a total of 100 pounds, I’m off all Diabetic pills and insulin, I have more energy and my joints feel much better. I will not stray from this way of eating ever again!!

  • Vegan diets simply DO NOT WORKhow can he blather on when the old model does not work. Putting people on a useless program that only makes you sicker is CRIMINAL.

  • I have heard…and read here that some are attempting and failing at vegan or the more full on vegan raw food diet.

    I feel, as do others,.that raw’ may also include very lightly steamed veg and fruit. Vegan has changed my life and it makes me cry for the girl i was, but I also get teary with joy at my life now.

    I know it seems hardand it was fr me. I hated veg, except the FUN veg, mashed potato, peas, corn, baked, fried. And my guide told me I could not eat the only 3 veg I liked! as they affected my blood sugar. (I was pre diabetic)

    So I had to learn to make veg I hated tasty….so I worked it out and found it really helps to grate or spiralize as much food (veg and low sugar fruitno banana, mango etc) as possible, makes it tastier as you get a blend of many foods in each mouthful. Add a bunch of chick peas and kidney beans, makes it more ‘meaty’ and tasty too. Spices are your friends too.

    Best tip too is to prep 4 days of food in advance so you do not quit after one day when you are in with drawl from sugar, ca-fine and processed foods. They can be intense withdrawal, so good to start on a weekend, even take the Monday off too…its as intense as drug withdrawal for some..head aches, body sweats, aches. but it passes at 72 hourstake showers, baths, snuggle up in bed with netfilx, maybe some gentle yoga stretch, a gentle walk or two, but no stressI ALSO HIGHLY HIGHLY sayTURN OFF FACEBOOK?INSTAcommercial TV, etcso you are NOT seeing images of food to tempt you.

    Also tell your friends/family you are taking a few days off to do a silent meditation, or going camping and not in cell range..and you cannot take calls for 3 daysTHIS IS YOUR TIME and you dont need to get caught up in others nonsense, also KEEP YOU CLEANSE and start to veganism A SECRETpeople do not want you to get better, as it scares them.

    Please trust me on this, you can re engage with the world day 4as by then you feel AMAZE! and anything anyone says, will roll off your back. trust me here, your loved ones dont want you to be different to themit threatens them…Just quietly make the changes, let them SEE the changeso dont tell them or preach, just show them…

    Raw food debateFranklyI think that even if you try half baked/steamed veg and half raw, you are still WINNING! baked Sweet orange or purple mashed potato added to anything, along with quinoa and brown rice, then add raw veg, especially grated or finely chopped veg and salad, makes anything taste good. the hot mash sweet potato/also baked mashed apple and pears, (makes all taste yummy and comforting) blended with the raw grated or sprialised veg, gently warms and steams the raw veg.

    Just a tip, as true raw, is too hard for some, it was for meso I created my own version, with help from my Ma’s nutritionist friends, whose suggestions make it a lot easier, at least as a startand helped me lose 50 pounds in 2 months, my blood is prefect, and stopped my anxiety and depression for dead after the first 10 days, its was miraculous! My self estemms and general joy and happiness grew ten fold. I was no longer quick to anger or jealously or cruel birchy thoughs, I became a really nice and kind, the best version of myselffrom the moment I woke.

    Give it a trytweaking extreme diets to suit YOU is the way to go extreme is too hard.

    Againthe first 3 days a killer, esp withdrawing from sugar, so I HIGHLY recommend, you take 3 days off work if (long weekend) you spend a day prepping 4 days worth of food, in advanceso you don’t have to think about ityour food is there, and I promise after just 4 days, you will feel like a whole new personand you will then be motivated, but def the trick is prepping 4 days of food at a time. CRUCIAL to success:-) x

    Oh and for breakfast, I had soaked over nightto soften, steel cut oats, or oats, seeds, soaked almonds and walnuts (half a cup dry oats per mealfor one cup of oats soak in one cup of wateradd a little more if needed after an hour or so) (4 days soaked in a lunch box) I add one baked pear and one baked apple and was satisfied till lunch. (all pre baked.) (sometimes as a night time snack I would have a mini breakfast bowl as well.) sorry for the rambleits just this man Dr Barnard. saved me. I love him!

  • I switched to plant-based, whole foods a month ago, and have been browsing the topic. This presentation is by far the best. Dr. Barnard is pithy, yet funny. He presents the information in a way that we will remember.

  • Funny how he deliberately leaves out SUGAR as a CARBOHYDRATE. Remember that stuff.

    We’ve been eating meat for millions of years but sugar…… only since the slave trade. BREAD. DONUTS. PIZZA. RICE. PASTA. and SUGAR.
    Don’t forget all the cereals that are shoved down the necks of everyone that no asian child ever ate.

  • The seventh day adventist study is just another observational study, with a zelf administrated food questionair of more than 200 items. It relies on memory (recall bais). Studies like these can not show causation. That’s why they use in the CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE at page 3 the word “associated” 9 times and also the words “possible” “appeared” and “might be expected”

    Also there are a lot of other differences between the groups other than meat consumption.
    On page 11 it says: “Vegetarian groups tended to be older, more highly educated, and more likely to be married,  to drink less alcohol, to smoke less, to exercise more, and to be thinner”  “of postmenopausel woman,  far fewer vegans were recieving hormonal therapy”. The data doesn’t say anything about sugar consumption, that might be higer in the non vegetarian group aswell. All those things (accept from age) could have a  negative impact on health.

     I think there is something wrong with the calculations in tabel 3 of the seventh day adventist health study.
    When I make this calculation:   death ÷  no. of people  ÷  mean time × 1000   I get the same answere for  All Participans  but not for the different groups. What I get is
    Vegans         197 ÷ 5548 ÷ 5.92 × 1000 =       6.00     deaths/1000 persons
    Lacto-ovo    815 ÷ 21177 ÷ 5.88 × 1000 =    6.55
    Pesco            251 ÷ 7194 ÷ 573 × 1000 =        6.09
    Semi veg      160 ÷ 4031 ÷ 5.86 × 1000 =       6.77
    Non veg        1147 ÷ 35359 ÷ 5,72 × 1000 =  5.67

    So,  the mortality rates for  non vegetarians are beter than for vegetarians!

    Vegetarian Dietary Patterns and Mortality in Adventist Health Study 2!po=26.5625

  • WAIT A MINUTE. If you are looking for a correlation between food and diabetes, (or cardiac events, strokes, and a plethora of other maladies) why not go back to the early years of 1900, when SUGAR was LOW, MEAT consumption HIGH, and seed oils didn’t exist for consumption, they were used for lubrication. At that point in time, there were almost ZERO cardiac issues, in fact, a cardiologist was brought to the United States from Europe because we had such a low number of cardiac events. As we look at the consumption of sugar, and seed oils, the increase in mortality from cardiac events became staggeringly correlative (both rose simultaneously). Why would something (meat) which the humans have lived on for tens of thousands of years cause a problem in the last 50 years. How can sugar (and seed oils) be exonerated?, especially when the health issues increased as their consumption increased? Yes, correlation does not equal causation, but you started down this path. You are using epidemiology improperly. Once a correlation is detected (epidemiology), then one should use that information to decide if a study should be done to establish causation. Enough said, no study has EVER been done that establishes that meat is the cause of ANY diseases.

  • I don’t know that this was meant to give people any practical tips to apply ourselves. Where to source certain things to need or need to do. Supposed to get myself some metformin without diabetes? What doctor is gonna prescribe that? Other than fast, exercise and subject myself to extreme temps, what else can you do?
    This guy explained everything without explaining anything at all ��‍♀️

  • Not everybody would change after watching this video. Only the selected few with a certain kind of personality would change. Why only the selected few would change and the majority would not?. I don’t know. It is some of the greatest mysteries of the universe..

  • How can a Harvard Professor believe in Darwinian evolution? And you study genes? Do you not know that humans are humans and they do not evolve into a different creature? Every creature is created exactly as how they are supposed to be. A dog is created as a dog, a turtle a turtle, an oak tree an oak tree, how can you go around and talk about human evolution in a sense that there is a possibility that in million years we might become a different species? Please clarify, thank you.

  • The secret to Eternal Life and being young is in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, this is basically what he is saying but from a different perspective, ie, the total amount of energy your body takes in (calories) must be transformed. If the total amount of energy taken by the body is more than it can transform then entropy sets in. The higher the degree of “disorder” in the body, the less you can live, as this will lead to diseases. A good example is obesity. Another example is being in the sun for too long. The amount of energy the skin takes cannot be transformed, entropy happens and the skin “ages”.

  • We can’t just get rivetol and metformin from the pharmacy here in South Africa. We have to have a script. I understand completely what u saying. The metformin relieves the and reduces inflammation and swelling and that rivetol is to help the blood from cloting

  • Iam 53 and need to lose 50 pounds. I intend to stay vegan to lose all the weight and reverse heart disease. After 6 weeks I intend to go for blood work to see how iam faring. I have no diabetes or high chloresterol  but I have uncontrolled high blood pressure. so surprised my taste buds have already adjusted to the vegan diet. Thank u Lord. I’m sold on veganism.

  • I’m very disappointed. This guy was asked several questions and he wondered off on a tangent and did not answer any of them. Have this speaker stay focused.

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  • Have a Mind of an Adult and Heart of a Kid. Be Happy. Stay away from stress creators. Avoid Junk (Food and People��) Dance�� and have fun����

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    God guides whom He wills……
    may Dr Barnard’s message spread like wild fire and cure the ailing suffering humanity
    I am doing my part by talking to my patients about it and by sharing his you tube videos
    Thank you for being sincere and for not being about printing dollars at the expense of other people’s suffering
    “The oiling of America “ is a great 5 hour you tube video exposing the greed that drives the push for propagation of all the misinformation that misleads people

  • This man is brilliant. We need to get the large corporate healthcare systems like Kaiser, Blue Cross, and Aetna involved in this fight

  • If you don’t balance your Vegan diet you will become Vitamin Deficient to prevent this Get on a multivitamin and consult a Nutritionist they will help you get on vegan plan that will help you figure out how much to eat according your metabolism and get you on a exercise program that is right for you. Stay away from Most prepacked Vegan foods eat that rarely and not an every day thing it can cause weight gain from the preservatives and extra fat and fillers in it. I do consume 3 times a week a Meat substitute.dairy Substitute every day though to help with my bones. As far as vegan TV dinners i would recommend once a week if you don’t have time but not an every day thing and consume that with a side of fruit or Salad with fruit on top and nuts no dressing

  • There are 329 million Americans see this studies/articles below and you have the biggest study of an unhealthy change in diet there is.
    Calorie intake way up
    Carb intake way up
    Vegetable-oils way up
    Red meat down, chicken up, total in percentage bit down.
    Make your own conclusions

    Trends in Intake of Energy and Macronutrients United States, 1971-2000

    Statistical review of US macronutrient consumption data, 1965–2011: Americans have been following dietary guidelines, coincident with the rise in obesity

    Or just the pictures

    What’s on your table? How America’s diet has changed over the decades

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