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Climate Change Debate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Why you SHOULDN’T weigh yourself every day when losing weight.

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should you weigh yourself every day?

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Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day? (YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO)

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Should You Weigh Yourself Every Day?

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The problem is even experts debate how often we should step on the scale and whether or not a daily weigh-in is a healthy or harmful habit. Below, two top weight-loss experts. Research suggests stepping on the scale every day is an effective aid if you’re trying to lose weight, but you may want to weigh yourself less often if you’re maintaining your current weight. Perhaps every day, perhaps every week, with the qualifier that the scale isn’t the only way to gauge whether you’re headed in the right direction. “Our philosophy here is that no one size fits all,” said Meridan Zerner, a dietitian, nutritionist and wellness coach at Cooper Clinic in Dallas. “The majority of research would say weigh daily.

In this video I am going to weigh (pun intended lol) whether you should weigh yourself daily while trying to lose weight. I think you will really enjoy this one:).. Don’t forget to give this. “Weighing yourself every day is a behavior that can be very triggering to someone who has that susceptibility to developing an eating disorder,” Hartley told INSIDER.

It can also be a disordered eating behavior that goes unrecognized and even celebrated in higher weight individuals, she continued. Personal trainer and author Bob Greene, best known as Oprah’s trainer, recommends weighing yourself the first day of your fitness and food program and then staying off the scale for four weeks. His reasoning is that the initial fluctuations while you body adjusts to diet and exercise won’t tell you anything you need to know. Weigh yourself each morning, and “it’s a nice kick-start to the day,” Linde says, a reminder to keep up what’s working or change what’s not. A few tips for daily weighing: • Do it at the same tim.

So don’t get too excited–or freak out–if you notice weight fluctuation in a day. “Weight gain due to water fluctuation should normalize in a day or two when you resume exercising and eating a healthy diet that’s low in salt, refined carbs, and simple sugars,” says Dr. Petruzzelli. Experts debate how often we should eat for weight loss. From the WebMD Archives To eat three meals a day or to eat six small meals a day: that is the question. If you have heard about or read.

Height: Weight: Normal: Overweight: Obesity: Severe obesity: 4ft 10″ (58″) 91 to 115 lbs. 119 to 138 lbs. 143 to 186 lbs. 191 to 258 lbs.

4ft 11″ (59″) 94 to 119 lbs.

List of related literature:

But, weigh yourself more than once a week so that you are not basing adjustments on a single weigh-in each week, which can have a good amount of error.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

So if you wish to weigh yourself daily, go ahead; just be sure not to take daily fluctuations too seriously, and do weigh yourself at the same time each day and in the same circumstances for accurate comparisons.

“Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance” by Fitzgerald Matt
from Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance
by Fitzgerald Matt
VeloPress, 2012

Many people weigh themselves daily or weekly to monitor their weight, but they try to track the measure in their heads rather than recording it.

“The Health Care Data Guide: Learning from Data for Improvement” by Lloyd P. Provost, Sandra Murray
from The Health Care Data Guide: Learning from Data for Improvement
by Lloyd P. Provost, Sandra Murray
Wiley, 2011

It is important to use the same scale, obtain weight measurements at the same time each day to avoid diurnal changes, and indicate any equipment being weighed (especially arm boards and dressings); if equipment is not recorded, changes in weight may be spurious.

“Klaus and Fanaroff's Care of the High-Risk Neonate E-Book” by Avroy A. Fanaroff, Jonathan M Fanaroff
from Klaus and Fanaroff’s Care of the High-Risk Neonate E-Book
by Avroy A. Fanaroff, Jonathan M Fanaroff
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Daily: The second option is to weigh yourself every day.

“Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free” by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
from Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin and Free
by Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD, John Robbins
Hay House, 2017

Another source might be the time of day when you weigh yourself; generally speaking, you will weigh less in the morning than you will later in the day.

“Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach” by Leslie A. Miller, Robert L. Lovler
from Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach
by Leslie A. Miller, Robert L. Lovler
SAGE Publications, 2015

I Ask the person to weigh at the same time each day and maintain a record of results.

“Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Priscilla LeMone, Karen Burke, Trudy Dwyer, Tracy Levett-Jones, Lorna Moxham, Kerry Reid-Searl
from Medical-Surgical Nursing
by Priscilla LeMone, Karen Burke, et. al.
Pearson Australia, 2015

Weighing should be done on the same scale weekly at the same time of day, without clothing on, so that the variables, and therefore excuses, are minimized.

“Nutrition and Diet Therapy”
from Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 1951

For the best accuracy, weigh yourself at the same time of day.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
by Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books, Limited, 2017

An obesity researcher may then develop a research question such as: “Do obese adults who weigh themselves every day lose more weight and keep it off than obese adults who weigh themselves less than 7 days a week?”

“Nutrition Research” by Drummond, Alison Murphy-Reyes
from Nutrition Research
by Drummond, Alison Murphy-Reyes
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2017

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  • I’m just watching some older videos from before I subscribed. Sooooo much good stuff!
    now I need to know which sunnies those are! are the frames dark brown? what are they called?

  • After all the fitness crap I have scrolled through on the internet and youtuber (and there has been a lot), I actually really like your videos (only found you this morning).

    You actually managed to make me smile and perk up and adjust my routine; I’ve been weighing in every week and this morning I was a bit bummed at the scale. I used to weigh myself daily and got frustrated with fluctuation however the idea of weighing myself everyday and calculating the average seems a more reliable way to track progress!
    So simple, but it didn’t occur to me until you said!

    Thanks for making my day not seem so grey:)

  • Why can’t a climateTard understand the difference between climate change

    and man-made climate change? These are the same fools that think immigrant

    and illegal immigrant is the same thing.

  • doesnt matter either way if everything is consistent. weighing everyday is still to track weekly trends, not to see daily fluctuations really. if you weigh yourself everyday, you will have more data points to track, otherwise you would have weekly data points if you wanted to graph your numbers.

  • been enjoying your new uploads!I just want to thank you for putting out great relatable content. I’m a mom of two teen daughters and have exercised/training consistently for the last 4 years, however I did nothing about the way I ate. I “stumbled” across your videos through watching Obeses to Beast videos. He always emphasizes the importance of diet. I was intrigued by macro counting and started watching your videos which are so helpful.For the month of April I kept a journal of what I ate-yes it was a pain at timesbut I am way more conscious of what I eat. The other day before doing squats I noticed that my weight belt felt looser than before. As I get older I realize that statement is so true ” you can’t out exercise a bad diet” because I tried and it doesn’t work. So thank you for putting out great information and inspiring even us “older” ladies.Blessings

  • Preach. I weigh myself every day. When I didn’t, I gained 20 pounds. I can’t go by how my clothes fit or how I feel because then it’s too late, and I have to start working my ass off to lose 20 pounds. Which I will lose by weighing myself every fucking day.

  • I’m obsessed with slow cook meals. I just upgraded from a crock pot to an instant pot and OMG new level! But a slow cooker will change your life (shredded chicken = staple)

  • So true! I threw my scale away last year and I tell my doctor I don’t want to know my weight and I always face away from the scale. I have to also make sure they don’t print it out on my visit paperwork. Otherwise, it will trigger a relapse.

  • I really like this video because sometimes I check the scale and Im like Omg…what did I do. Super informative:) Love your vlogs girl. Can’t wait for more

  • Maitland Mercury March 11, 1846 “On The Change of Climate”… and man was blamed for it back then too…. and they were wrong back then too. Before that they hanged, burned and drowned about 200,000 innocent people as “WITCHES” responsible for the crop losses of The Little Ice Age. Is no one smarter than people were 400 years ago?

  • Is 15 really bigger than 5? What if 5 is made up of five really BIG ones, but 15 is only made up of fifteen really little ones? What if you compare them & find out that ten of the really little ones making up 15, are only equal to two of the really BIG ones making up 5 (by atomic mass)? This is the problem with climate change theories! Numbers are NOT an exact science, praise the lord!

  • I always thumbs up your videos before watching because I am never disappointed, your editing, knowledge, and energy are always A win!! I love your insight that you share in this video, I am someone who can’t weigh myself at all, I go by what I see in the mirror, because the scale is A complete mind F**k for me.
    Slow cooker recipes would be awesome, I have one and it has been LIFE CHANGING!!!:)

  • Hi Manders! I see what you mean about fluctuations on the scale. I see small fluctuations of 1-3 pounds on my scale during the week. Hey, I’m SO happy you got a slow cooker! ��I have one & would love any new recipes to try out. I hope you like the pork roast you were making today! It looked like it was going to be good!! Have a great week.

  • how tall are you? Just curious b/c 116 seems so light for all the muscle you have! I wish I could be so discipline with food, macros are confusing to me….��

  • i weigh myself every morning and i love it! helps so much with my weight loss. is there a certain amount of sodium you try and stay under each day? love your videos. i wish i could be your workout buddy!!! ���� but unfortunately i live in south dakota. ����

  • Yes!!! I am so excited for slow cooker recipes!! I got one for Christmas and still haven’t used it please do some meal prep slow cooker videos!!:D

  • I love your channel!! I actually discovered your channel a few months ago and I forgot your name and I was searching for you for ages!!! So I am sooooo happy I found you again!!:) do you also have Facebook or Instagram! You are literally my role model. I also suffer from anxiety and I am new to fitness and eating healthy! Love your videos, Please don’t stop making them:)

  • Bill Nye is like John Oliver, a comedian. He has no degrees in science. Here is a video on his failed comedy show,

  • Excellent info thank you. I have lost 65 pounds since July 2018 with just 15-17 more to go. I have weighed myself every Monday and Friday but I think since I lost so much, and I’m so close to my goal weight I’m gonna start weighing in everyday starting tomorrow, actually today because it was my regular weigh day. Thanks for the info, very interesting.

  • My opinion is u can weight yourself to track your progress. But dont fret over it. If the number show more than what u were hoping for, then u should just move on. Dont let the number affect you.

  • I weigh myself everyday as well and believe an open mind is key. Weight does fluctuate but the scale gives constant feedback like you said. That’s why it’s important to choose a consistent time for the weigh in. I choose every morning after emptying myself for the best accuracy.

  • I weigh myself twice a day. I think it helps me because when I see how different foods, cheat days, weight gain affects me it makes me want to do better. I know if I have a cheat meal the scale will be higher the next day so it kinda helps me to say no to crappy foods.

  • Cmon jerry everydamdayfitness is such a dush u gotta retaliate he’s a punk he talked so much shit about u and ur new supp he’s asking for it he says he dislikes u as a person? He doesn’t even know u

  • I feel like I should just start like, outlining all the fantastic things I like in each video. So let’s do that.
    Numero uno!! Loving the return of drone footage. Loved it in your early videos, loving it now, I think it adds an awesome element.
    2. When you were like “Tux are you a good boy? Or are you a bad boy?” I literally said out loud “No Amanda he’s a good boy” lolol
    3. Those little egg things!!!!
    4. Emphasizing fluctuating weight, especially that it’s okay not to weigh yourself every day but you can do it as a tool to objectively observe your body fluctuations over time, if you’re mentally okay with it. Good talk, girl.
    5. Tux on the warm towels, crying, its fine
    6. Excited to see slow cooker recipes! My parents & my roommates are like devout crockpotters, so I’ll def pass your recipes on to them when they come!
    annnnnnd that’s been a Manders Monday video recap. Bye!! haha

  • John Oliver is a lying commie traitor pushing Agenda 21 on you sheep. “Man-made climate change” aka catastrophic anthropogenic global warming ( 2 completely different things ) doesn’t exist… but it’s a good excuse to write more laws and steal your money and your countries sovereignty out from under you. DO YOU WANT THE ELITES CONTROLLING YOU FROM THE U.N.? Wise up before it’s too late.

  • Nope don’t weigh everyday,,,,that drink you do with Watermelon looks good,,, that’s until I heard that Kai Green luv’s delaminating Melons in his own special way,,,yep indestructibles,,the fruit doesn’t explode perse it’s Kai that explores in the Melon,,,,,, all jokes aside weigh weekly,Monthly less depressing that way,,, Have a great day,,,

  • Anyone who knows anything about science knows it only takes 1 fact to destroy a hypothesis. From 1945 to the late 1970’s atmospheric CO2 shot up like a rocket while temps fell for over 3 decades, therefore CO2 does not “drive the climate.” CAGW debunked.

  • Bill Nye would shut the fuck up if he was to debate “climate change” with someone like Lindzen (and he did when he tried) or Shaviv, or Willie Soon, or Michaels, or Idso, or Legates, or Curry, or Spencer, or Christy, or Giaever, or Singer, etc, etc. The game was rigged by the host who obviously has a political agenda. Bringing in a shy guy with dubious credentials to talk with pompous Nye and shut him up with arrogance and rudeness.

  • We need to stop with the “climate change” debate. 67% of Americans believe the government is not doing enough to combat climate change. The issue isn’t people’s opinions on climate change, it’s that America is not a democracy. I’m not kidding, America is not a democracy, and I don’t mean that in some textbook definition sense, I mean it as in “the American people don’t have the power to vote for their best interests”.

    Until America becomes a democracy nothing will get done.

  • Janet you have stopped me going on a massive “binge” to day,,, i was so depressed when i saw the scales this morning,,, thank you for sharing this wonderful video

  • You should weigh yourself daily. Keep it in a spread sheet and add a trend line. So long as the line is going down generally, you know you’re making progress. I use daily weighing to motivate me to make good decisions that day, and keeps me motivated to go to the gym. “i’m not to my goal today, I need to work towards this today.”

  • Weighing myself everyday was really good for me when my BMI was higher (25.0+) because the accountability kept me honest and the steady progress I saw kept me motivated. But once I got smaller, my weight loss slowed and I started to plateau more often, causing me to feel more frustrated and discouraged by the daily weigh-ins. So I changed my habits to suit the changes in my body; now I only weigh once a fortnight.

  • When I was 200lb, weighing myself everday was amazing bc I was dropping like 2lb a day everyday for a long time. Now that Im 150lb and trying to lose the last 10lb, its torture bc my weight goes up n down, hovering around 150lb and Im going fucking crazy:((((

  • almost everyone agrees that climate change is happening. but the real question is how much we are impacting the earth and and what the consequences will be.

  • This is one area where I disagree. If I follow the advice out there to just weigh every so often (usually once a month), I would be 10-20 pounds heavier each month. There’s something about seeing that number every day on the scale that keeps me grounded. I’ve gone times before without weighing and I’ve gained 10, 20, or even more pounds. At least if I weigh every day, I can see it gradually going up and stop it before it gets too dangerous (in the 10+ pound range).

  • The more times passes the more fraudulent the agenda must become. Here’s what the 97% consensus looks like when you give it for a meta-analysis to review (SPOILER: it’s 0.3%):

  • I can nearly fully recover in 24 hours if I drink a 4 scoop protein shake imediately after a training session. When I don’t, I’m sore for 2-3 days after.

  • Yes this is so true, i think it’s time to throw out the scale. I have always been a slim woman all my life, and i hardly ever weighed myself. 3 years ago i gave up smoking, turned to snacking lol and gained almost 20 kgs over these last few years. I have been slowly & healthily losing the weight, and seeing results, but it’s true if i get on the scale and see that my weight has gone up just a tad, i can feel a bit bad about myself, when realistically it’s pretty normal for weight to fluctuate.

  • Yes! I actually just put my scale away yesterday, before I even saw your video. You are so spot on. I also had this faulty thinking: “oh, my weight is down. I am doing so good! I deserve a treat! I can ease up!” Then I would take more liberties and sabotage myself. The information from the scale shouldn’t guide my day to day and meal to meal body choices.

  • Calling climate change deniers “climate skeptics” is like calling an anti-vaxxer “vaccine skeptic” or a flat earther “globe skeptics”.

  • Bill Nye The “Fake Science” Guy, the man who scares the crap out of kids pushing

    climate doomsday propaganda just to further his left wing political agenda.

  • “You are worth so much more than a number on a scale!” That moment made me cry, cause it’s so true. I am tired of determining my self worth based on what I see on the outside instead of how I feel on the inside. Thank you so much for this amazing video!

  • Just a little tid bit but it was really weird watching because when you talk it was very soft and I had to turn the volume up then the music was super loud! Lol

  • Talk about perfect timing. I just purchased a new scale that gives me my BMI, muscle weight, visceral fat, body fat percentage, resting metabolism and body age.  I weigh myself weekly and concentrate on muscle weight and body fat percentage. I may start weighing myself daily to see how certain foods affect me.

  • Actually this is not correct representation that study took abstracts of climate change papers and concluded 66% had no position on antropoghenic global warming (AGW), 33% had a positon on AGW and out of the 33%, 97% said yes humans are the main cause global warming. 1% rejected

    Therefore what you showed here is wrong and what is correct to say is that: Out of 100% climatologist that were studied 32% certainly say that climate change is caused by humans, 1% rejected the cause of humans and the opinion of the rest is not known.

    Now this is only within a comunity of climatologist other scientific fields like physics and math have different statistics.

    The science of climate change is very very complicated and exact solutions to climate models are outside of computation power of classical computers. Therefore the models are strongly approximated which leads to great errors over longer time periods.

    I love last week tonight but everyone have to be careful what they present and always think cautiously before adapting their view on different topics.

  • There really isn’t a debate here
    I believe the climate is changing
    But not from human activity
    In the end it doesn’t matter
    We can only do what we can control and do
    That means we go conservative to at least try to slow the process down
    We may not succeed but at least we can try

  • No disrespect but it seems to me that the week to week weight is what’s superior. So the value of the data you gather from weighting yourself every day is very minute. An accurate reading of energy balance to lose or gain weight can only be accurately calculated in a optimal manner from week to week.

  • I was stuck on losing weight. Every week the weight was either the same or I gain. So I started to weigh myself every morning And that got me back on track and I’m now losing the weight… it as also help me with the mindset and motivation of losing the weight. It also makes me think of one day at a time. Weighing myself daily definitely help me a lot

  • so much yes to this! I weigh myself at least 3x a week. everyday if I’m struggling. It really helps me assess how well what I’m doing is working. SInce ya know I can’t have the same plan before. Only way I could see it being unhealthy is if you’re an emotionally unstable person who freaks over a weigh in.

  • When i was struggling hard with bulimia “which is not that long ago” I stepped into the scale one morning and i was so angry because i gained weight that i kicked it ( that hurts ) but the scale broke and boy it was such a stress reliever for me.

  • I just had this conversation with my husband this morning. I have a habit of weighing myself daily and I know that it’s a problem! I also know that my weight as a women will fluctuate daily
    by a pound or two. I have to stop. I will get him to hide the scale so that I can just continue eating right and living my life so that the weight can release on it’s own without me hovering over it’s progress daily.

  • My scale brings nothing but discouragement. I threw it under the bed, out of sight, last week. That’s when I decided to accept myself as I am and ditch the dieting. Every thing you said in this video is so true.

  • Threw my scale away the day I started your program. One of the best decisions ever. �� Not going to let a metal contraption steal my joy!

  • I weigh myself everyday. I know my body and how things affect me by keeping track. Inflammation does add body weight I gain like three pounds during the week and after my two rest days it comes right off. It’s a cycle. I also know when I eat A and W once in a while I gain about five pounds the next day. Every time. When I eat any other fast food chain once in a while and it doesn’t happen. Just with A and W. It’s actually kind of crazy.

  • I’m happy you made this video. I usually weight myself first thing in the morning and right before bed. I will know then usually if I am losing weight or staying the same (or gaining). I do feel more comfortable doing it because it helps me to stay on track. I have a fear that if I don’t weigh in I am not paying attention or staying accountable enough.

    I do change my eating habits if the scale starts going up since I am not counting calories, I do need some kind of way to keep track of my progress. Anyway, a very interesting video! I like your take on this subject.

  • Human caused climate change is the biggest hoax in human history!!!

    Facts: CO2 is invisible and odourless gas without it plants and trees can’t grow. CO2 makes up 0.04% of the earths atmosphere. 3% of the 0.04% is emitted by humans. Even if this global warming hoax was true China produces 67% of global CO2 emissions so Western countries switching to 100% renewable energy (don’t forget the massive economic costs and taken away our liberties) would not change global CO2 levels if China does absolutely nothing. If you research how much GHGs termite mounds produce then the “global warmers” should declare war on all the termites as termites emit significantly more GHGs than all the humans on the planet. Water vapour is the largest type of green house gas should humans stop drinking water to save the planet? Why is the solar activity never included in any of these UN climate models (The UN and EU bureaucrats just want to ensure funding through carbon taxes). If you look at the ice cores from Antarctic and Greenland you find the climate changes with or without human CO2 emissions. If Al Gore and Obama were really concerned about man made climate change why would they both own multiple homes including beach houses in Florida and own private jets? The so called solutions to climate change actually increase levels of CO2 in the long run. (Research biomass energy involves burning down trees, solar panels are made from mining quartz which has a huge carbon footprint, wind turbines are hopeless at providing reliable energy and need replaced every 30 years, electric car batteries require mining rare metals using child slavery in Africa). There isn’t even one single academic paper in the world to prove CO2 affects global temperatures.Yes, there is a link between co2 levels and global temperatures. But every statistician knows correlation does not mean causation. Its the equivalent of saying fire engines cause house fires because whenever there is a house fire, fire engines are present.

    Albert Einstein said, “that genius abhors consensus because when consensus is reached, thinking stops.”

  • I really hate this misuse of the word, “skeptical.” Skepticism is an epistemological philosophical position. A skeptic is somebody who refuses to believe something until it is proven. Somebody who continues to disbelieve something even after there is proof/somebody who continues to believe something after it is proven false, is dogmatic.

    People who do not believe in global warming are not, “skeptics,” they are dogmatic and in denial of facts.

  • So climate change is a vote by consensus? I always thought is was about the data, and to hell with what the group-think is. Climate change [it has ALWAYS been changing] yes, man made no really.

  • Sadly we live in a time where facts don’t matter as much as opinion. Something that has only gotten worse over in the 6 years since this was aired. We now have an anti-science president who denies any fact that does not fit his agenda. A person that thinks testing creates virus spread. That the way to defeat an illness is to act as if it does not exist. Really scary times we live in.

  • I’m young, and I study environmental science and have to do a lot of studies on climate change and other environmental based sciences. Even before that though when I was just a kid I knew about global warming. Not because of my parents. But because of logic. The earth’s temperatures have always fluctuated throughout the earth’s long history. BUT. This is what I think people don’t get. Humans remove coal and oil (which is high in energy) and produce large amounts of greenhouse gasses to an extent it begins to affect global temperatures, thus affecting weather patterns, which leads to many other problems such as sea level rising, crop failures, droughts, floods, ect. When humans release these gasses, the environment is unable to adapt and evolve to these changes that have only been really occurring since the industrial revolution or basically when humans started producing large amounts of greenhouse gases. WHICH was not that long ago and most organisms (plants & animals) do not have the capabilities to adapt in such a short amount of time to their changing environment. The issue is not the change, But the rate of Acceleration things are changing at which threatens us all! Also people, if you don’t believe in human made climate change, at least act like you do because the environment still deserves your respect and we need to take care of it. Try your best to not cause it and you harm by polluting the atmosphere with toxic gasses that are bad for your lungs and health! Just because you don’t believe, doesn’t mean you should trash the visible environment. Remember, as an intelligent being you have a responsibility to not trash your own environment because that only kills you quicker. That’s just common knowledge.

  • How do you like the Nobull shoes?’ I’ve been thinking about buying a pair but wasn’t sure in sizing since it is U.K.. but I just love how they loooookk!!!!

    Also our dogs are literally twins except my Pup ( that’s her name ) is considered a red fawn!

  • I just keep loving you…!  You have the right attitude and that’s why I keep following you!  This is all stuff you are sharing because it’s worked for YOU.  It doesn’t mean WE have to do it…sheesh.  Keep it real and keep moving on!  <3

  • this is very informative Jerry, this happens to me too quite often ill stick then just randomly drop weight after like 2 days or so. This explains a ton! Thanks bro!

  • The people denying climate change are the same unenlightened fools who think the earth is flat, 6000 years old, that evolution is false and that the Noahs ark story literally happened.

  • I weight myself every morning. I tried my hardest not to, but I just feel off or anxious when I don’t. I kinda feel like it helps me keep on track too and it helps motivate. Glad you made this video!

  • I weigh every morning after I use the bathroom. The moment I stop getting on the scale really often the scale creeps up haha. Keeps me accountable for SURE

  • I think it’s important just to do what works best for YOU. Me personally, I get too fixated on the number and weighing daily let alone multiple times a day messes with my mind too much and leads me down a bad road I’ve been on before that I don’t want to go down again… I’m sure you catch my drift. I try to only weigh 1-2x per week, once on Mondays which is for whatever reason my weigh-in day, and then I try to do it once towards the end of the week just to see how I’m doing and if I need to be more careful with my eating or move my butt more. Everyone has to do what works for them and what is HEALTHY for them. You weighing multiple times a day works for you so who cares what anyone else thinks? Keep being you and doing you cuz it’s what we all love!

  • I just recently started weighting my self every two to three weeks to track progress. ���� I have gain an incredible amount of muscle and a tiny bit of fat�� I look healthy but weight alot more than 6 months ago.

  • Yes we need to care about our environment but not utilizing morbidly obese lies like 150 to 200 species going extinct every single day from climate change. Where’s the list of over 10,000 extinct species this year so far on 2020-03-20? Oh that list is on the climate fairy website. Translation: Stop treating the public like idiots by telling big fat lies, pretend they have functional brains, then your tribe will be those who do instead of the crowd of dummies.

  • I personally like weighing myself daily since I’m a girl I’ve found that my menstrual cycle can really change my weight (since I’m still a teen and pretty affected by it) so if I only weigh myself monthly or something I can throw myself off. Daily makes it so I can track what happens with my meds, my mood, and any changes I make to my diet or workout plan. Glad that I’m not crazy for doing this!

  • Thanks for watching our Stop Weighing Yourself If You Want to Lose Weight episode! What was your biggest aha moment after watching? Let me know in the comments!

  • I totally weigh myself every day! I don’t go with the lbs, I go with the BMI my Wii Fit gives me. I find it more motivating because that # goes down easier and faster than lbs.

  • Finally!!! Someone who agrees!!! I weight myself every morning, afternoon and night. My husband thinks I’m crazy but it holds me accountable on how much I’ve eaten etc. Thank you for this video! XoXo!

  • Is climate change real? Yes
    Is it partially man made? Yes
    Is it harmful? There is division on the scientific community and it’s not 97-3

  • Bill Nye isn’t some sort of colossal, towering intellect; strictly speaking, he’s not even a scientist.

    He’s a dude with a BS in Mechanical Engineering who worked for Boeing for about nine years before he decided to pursue doing stand-up comedy full time. One of the mainstays of his routine was doing whacky/silly amateur science experiments. A producer from the local PBS affiliate caught his act, then approached him about doing an educational kids’ show, much like Mr. Wizard. It blew up, got super-popular, and the restas they sayis history.

    Bill Nye is clearly not an ignorant guy, nor is he total mo-mo. When he was working as an engineer at Boeing, he invented a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube for the Boeing 747. Now, I haven’t the foggiest idea as to what the hell a “hydraulic resonance suppressor tube” is, any more than 99.9% of everyone else, but it sounds impressive.

    Developing and hosting a kids’ show built around introducing kids to empirical scienceas opposed to the sort of brain-melting bullshit typically aimed at themthat enthralled hundreds of thousand or maybe even millions of kids, and inspired in them an interest in learning, is a totally praiseworthy and laudable. There are a hell of a lot of scientists and engineers who credit Nye for planting the seed of their future careers in making or finding out all kinds of useful stuff.

    But I gotta draw a line at people treating the guy as if he is some sort of knowing, accomplished scientist and an authority on everything, a general perception that Nyeso far as I can tellhas not only not discouraged, but promoted. EXHIBIT “A:” has habit of throwing around phrases like “We in the scientific community…” as if he’s some respected member of it.

  • 2 things:
    I like these style of videos…vlog, workout, and those small conversations about certain topics in your car or at your house. I will always enjoy seeing what you get from target or the grocery! The flow is nice and keeps things going. (I think it would be cool to see an entire workout compilation.)
    Also, if someone is a runner, is it good for them to do weight lifting and all that? Bc I’ve heard that runners should not want to gain weight?

  • In the United States, they have renamed their country as the continent America, forgetting “of”, Sarah Palin is a rapper, actor Bill Nye is a “scientist”, and the average IQ is 10 points less than anywhere else in the G6. Healthcare? Nope. It is, as Donald Trump their low brow president says, a real “shit hole country”. Today they are stabbing each other over toilet paper.

  • This shit isn’t fair, you can’t make a consensus argument after dismissing a poll argument saying facts don’t rely on opinions. That’s hypocritical

  • The 97% consensus is pure fiction.
    It is a manipulated figure. This is disinformation. Most people, including scientists agree that people have some effect. However, they do not agree on the extent and seriousness. Less than 1/2 of 1% think that humans are totally responsible. So the total basis of this presenter’s OPINION is bunk!

  • I weigh myself every morning. I completely agree with you that it is always on my mind. I am okay with it though because I didn’t think about it before and I got out of control! So I’m with you. Do what works for you!

  • never trust a leftist with two first names and don’t regard ANYONE who teaches “gender is a social construct”  to be a “scientist”.they are entertainment COMEDIANS both! at best we get millionaire actors like Leonardo DiCaprio flying in on his private jet to push carbon taxes on the working middle class.

  • Your edits are amazing I love it ❤️ and of course love your vlogs and it totally makes sense what you’re saying about the scale and weight fluctuations/averages, never thought of using the scale that way, for getting averages and thanks for explaining in detail about weight fluctuations, you’re great at explaining clearly. I can’t wait til your next vlog ��

  • Yup they always show a polar bear on a piece of ice like he woke up and everything around him melted umm no. Polar bear can swim over 250 miles for 10 days looking for food. This is where they find it. In open waters

  • I agree one billion percent. And I will admit, I did bring my scale on a trip last weekend. But hey, it’s a tool and it gives me information that I need. Just found your channel, pretty cool. But oh no, I see a “suggested” video on the right side of my screen titled “I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS ABOUT HALO TOP”. I’m afraid to watch that!

  • This guy is a liar who wants to watch the world burn. I met him in an elevator once, and he was talking about how much money he’s going to make from “climate change” from his audience. I will not be amongst them. Shame on you John Oliver.