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Here, experts weigh in on the pros and cons of before and after photos. SHOULD YOU TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS? I recommend before and after photos because the scale doesn’t always accurately reflect how your body is changing, which can sometimes zap your motivation. The debate Every few days, I get the inevitable Facebook notification and have to e-mail or message people – acquaintances, close pals, colleagues, my sweet cousin – and ask them to take. Photos preserve memories like pre-school graduations, birthday parties, kids posing happily with artistic creations, weddings, etc.

You know these moments are fleeting and in time our brain will no longer be able to remember them with the same vivid imagery, so you take photos. Photos can make you smile, laugh, cry and remember. When it comes to fitness, the number on the scale doesn’t always equal progress. These women’s before-and-after social media photos show that weight is just a number, and you should. See before and after photos for possible results.

The information provided by North Texas Plastic Surgery is intended to provide general information regarding breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, facial plastic surgery, mommy makeovers, dermal fillers, and more for residents of Dallas, Plano, Southlake, DFW, and nearby areas of north. We asked two experts for their take on the multivitamin debate—and their verdict may surprise you. The verdict may surprise you. 73% of African Americans said they did not have.

When you think you haven’t made any progress, go back and take a look at older photos of yourself and you’ll see how far you’ve come. My journey is literally on and off. Consistency is the. Some specialists say women shouldn’t just have to cope, but should be encouraged to take preventative action in their 40s, when early menopausal changes occur.

s felt amazing for some reason and they still do. 6 Months Later: Before I knew it 6 months had gone by.. Before my Hydromax X30 arrived I was 4.4 inches in length and not very thick in girth but after 6 months I am now 6.5 inches in length and a lot thicker than before.

Once you’ve got the hang of understanding your camera, exposure basics and how to compose a great photo it’s time to learn a few photo editing essentials to put the finishing touches on your artistic vision. The steps below will get you started on the photo editing process right away. You’ll also find things to think about before you begin editing at the end of this article.

List of related literature:

Photography before and after surgery is important to refute such claims objectively.

“Rook's Textbook of Dermatology” by Tony Burns, Stephen Breathnach, Neil Cox, Christopher Griffiths
from Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology
by Tony Burns, Stephen Breathnach, et. al.
Wiley, 2008

To help focus the discussion, old photographs are very useful in determining which aging changes predominate and what features the patient would most like corrected.

“Plastic Surgery E-Book: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery” by J. Peter Rubin, Peter C. Neligan
from Plastic Surgery E-Book: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery
by J. Peter Rubin, Peter C. Neligan
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In addition, we would advise against frequent pictures, especially early on in contest prep, because visual progress will take time with slower target ROLs.

“Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook” by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
from Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook
by Peter J. Fitschen, Cliff Wilson
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Second, decide what type of imaging will be used as further documentation.

“Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology” by Elizabeth A. DiGangi, Megan K. Moore
from Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology
by Elizabeth A. DiGangi, Megan K. Moore
Elsevier Science, 2012

The entire body will eventually be documented in the close-up photographs that follow, so it is not necessary to have the entire body be included in the midrange photograph.

“Crime Scene Photography” by Edward M. Robinson
from Crime Scene Photography
by Edward M. Robinson
Elsevier Science, 2010

Comparisons between before and after pictures of 468 people in their study showed just how effective these digital enhancements can be (see Figure 6.12).

“The Science of Intimate Relationships” by Garth J. O. Fletcher, Jeffry A. Simpson, Lorne Campbell, Nickola C. Overall
from The Science of Intimate Relationships
by Garth J. O. Fletcher, Jeffry A. Simpson, et. al.
Wiley, 2012

The two decided the best thing to do was wait until the damage assessment team came back with their findings, never considering that the accuracy of the team’s findings could depend on the photos.

“Comm Check...: The Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia” by Michael Cabbage, William Harwood
from Comm Check…: The Final Flight of Shuttle Columbia
by Michael Cabbage, William Harwood
Free Press, 2009

Before and after photography tricks us into believing in the ever-looming horizon of this “better,” because no matter what we were before “before,” the surgical narrative is always optimistic.

“Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery” by Virginia Blum
from Flesh Wounds: The Culture of Cosmetic Surgery
by Virginia Blum
University of California Press, 2003

• Take pictures prior to the procedure to be used afterward, and both should be taken under the same lighting conditions.

“Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: A Guide for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons” by Adilson Da Costa
from Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: A Guide for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons
by Adilson Da Costa
Springer International Publishing, 2020

“Before” photographs will be taken either at this time or at some subsequent visit before the operation, and a computerized image of the body part in question may be manipulated to suggest the end result.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, et. al.
Harvard University Press, 2004

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  • Fkn warmonger is a drama queen and liar. Just shut up. And get out. Go home, go to your room and don’t come out until you’re ready to apologize and serve in humility for the rest of your life.

  • My friend told me this one time. “Nasa should have a flat earther in the team going to space just to prove that earth really is round.” I don’t know if I should laugh.

  • It is a big lie and a nasty joke, this neocon guest, explains American forces are in Iraq to fight isis. America just assassinated the General that was responsible for defeating isis. America is there to fight the elements that fight the isis. Interesting how Necons lie, lie, and lie.

  • Its really refreshing to watch two people who totally disagree about many issues yet remain civil and dont resort to ad hominem attacks. TAKE NOTES MSM! we are sick of watching adults have playground shouting matches on cables news instead of having lengthy insightful debates.

  • 14:00 I just don’t agree wit h this guy. He seems like way too Trump can’t do no wrong. Iran looks like they’re more peaceful then America right now.

  • Hey can you please review this indian skincare brand called Earth rhythm? They claim to be natural and cruelty free and use clean ingredients. I want to know what you think about their ingredients.

  • I watch you every day, but I am loosing faith in any Democratic Candidate’s ability to protect our Country. Iran is shocked by the US’ ability to hit them anywhere. And yet the Democrats are becoming America’s worst and most corrosive enomy.

  • Trump is a liar and a threat to the planet. Many of us Americans want him out of office and out of our lives forever. I wish he never took office. He is destroying lives around the globe. I don’t trust anything he says. Neither should you. @t

  • So why is no one mentioning the fact that the US has never fought effectively against ISIS? In fact, we have only ever demonized and fought hard against anyone who seriously fought against ISIS, and al qaeda like Soleimani, and Assad, who, by the way were never a threat in any way to the US. We have consistently allied ourselves with the promoters and funders of ISIS and al qaeda against their enemies, all the while calling THEM the terrorist nations. Why does no one have the guts to tell this guy to his face that our aggression against Iran is all about oil and money and never about safety?! They’ll say it the instant he leaves the room. So why not have the guts to confront him with it?

  • It is absurd that this Mike Pregent has no idea how to see anything, other than from a pure American supremacist point of view.

    The USA has no moral right, to stay militarily engaged where they are not wanted, kill whomever they want & to force other nations to economically sanction other nations at will.

    One day the world will not be under US hegemony & this guy will be a homeless & unemployed pro-US foreign policy analyst.

    The USA is not the centre of the world.

  • What do you think of UniQue skincare line?I’m italian and I am using their product as far as it concerns me their work but I’d love to know your opinion…

  • before i watchedi looked at the guests and asked which one is the reasonable one which one is silly i was right pregent is the silly one

  • Trita Parsi I love being taught about Iranian culture by Micheal. The things he teaches me! LOL…Final K.O. blow!!…….Michael Pregnant. Show yourself out plz ��

  • Trump know that this is the greatest opportunity to GET the troops out of Iraq! Trump can not be this dumb. He must take advantage of this opportunity. But I know Israel, Which controls the US Government, won’t let us leave. So in the end, Trump is powerless. He must stay

  • Michelle Obama wasn’t happy living in America until she moved into the White House. Now she’s even happier living at Martha’s Vineyard. She’s clueless about life in this country. Just like the rest of the Dems. Vote Trump for sure!����������������

  • Qassem Soleimani whatever you think of him was the most influential single player who defeated ISIS, killing him make the world much safer, says the guy who call himself an expert.

  • Leadership is very much like parenting. Forcing and coercing behavior is not real leadership or parenting. Eventually there will be a backlash.

  • That Mike is a neocon and lying constantly. We are not safer since Trump cancelled the nuclear deal and assassinating that general.

  • I have areas of my face that are both oily and dry �� meaning that they feel tight and are very red and irritated but also really greasy and lots of texture (tiny bumps, blackheads, closed comedones)

  • Wow I didn’t know you had meningitis! I too am a survivor ( over 20 years ago) and I still have hearing damage in my left ear. Thanks for the code!

  • What the hell? The shia youth want the Americans to stay? What a deluded statement. Shia muslims have in recent history have been at the forefront of resistance against neo colonial agendas. Why the frick would this nipplehead say that.

  • US has shown once again that it is not a responsible global leader. Some people think its because of Trump, it is not. There are elements in the US government that have overwhelming influence and their agenda is opaque. US public is thoroughly brainwashed to believe their government as they pray to their flag from an early age. Nevertheless US is not as it was in the 90’s, neither is the rest of the world as this weekend has shown. US simply does not have ability to concentrate their resources to deal with Iran. They are involved in too many conflicts abroad and most of their conventional military assets are towards the end of their lifespan. Russia and China know this and are not interested in large conflict that can mobilize the public and resolve many social issues in the US and create a mass of refugees that their initial “leadership” created for Europe and Asia.


  • It’s refreshing to see two people discussing the issues in an intelligent manner and not attacking each other when they disagree. It’s too bad we have Trump and the Republicans blocking this kind of debate here.

  • Cassandra, have you heard of Herbivore skin care? They claim to have a lot of the same morals that you have, but I’d love to hear your opinion on how effective their products would be based on their ingredients. Also, I think it might be fun if you did a series where you react to your subscribers skin care routines.

  • It is amazing they forget & do not realize American’s still think for themselves. So sad they do not get it….they would rather put out there how they think we all think instead of realizing they sell themself short.

  • Ah ok….guy without a tie on thinks America is a jedi master and he’s done all the thought processes and experiments to now out manoeuvre Iran coz….deterrence restored!???What? The only reason Iran general was killed is coz they don’t have nuclear weapons.

  • The actions of this administration that has these Senators as well as many others all goes back to this (The powers of the president will not be questioned) this administration (DJT) has been acting as if they are under the power of a king (sadly but true so has the entire Republican Party) it is their complicity that has embolden DJT to carry out this action of killing this General

  • All Ancient Religions are Flat Earth Religions
    I am a hindu and According to Mahabharat and Srimad-Bhagavatam and other sastras regarding our earth planet “it is a globe. It is round.

  • Both sides pretending attacks are something they are not is bizarre, still better than death and bloodshed so I’ll take this new bizarro stance. There’s a lot of mass delusion anyway so why not have it serve a purpose

  • Bernie is a parasitic, weather underground reject, from the 1960’s, with zero executive experience and all his “millennial followers” will tell me ” ok boomer ” for pointing this out.
    Consider the ignorant irony that they think they are onto something new just because they’re “young and dumb”.

  • The Iranian population can rise up against their government and overthrow their morally bankrupt leaders. The United States is not punishing the people, it is pushing their government and their decisions. The Iranian people need to take their country back from the false demigods that rule and oppress them.

  • You call the current shitshow of indecency debating? What a joke. Is this really how it’s gonna be? If so, then we need to get them selfserving douchebags out. They lie and cheat then accuse their opponents of the same thing. The hypocrisy American politics has become is absolutely disgusting. The two party system is failing miserably with nothing but yes men.

  • Supreme Leader of Iran knows now, he is not dealing with Carter, he is dealing with Reagan like president, and Trump can take him out in his palace. People forgot, that Reagan hit Khadafy’s palace and killed his son, Khadafy got lucky, and never ever was a problem.

  • 1:40 man to all those conspiracy theory people saying the jews are manipulating us… its weird how they’re railing home the point israel by echoing..

  • “That’s in their culture to have that”. Mike with a straight face about Iranian culture sitting next to Iranian, Iran expert Trita. The balls on these back scratchers.

  • I am so sorry for your hearing and sight loss. This take nothing from you for us �� Hang in there, keep being beautiful inside & out and know that things will get easier.

  • the American officials and pundits which accept at face value America’s empire, military domination, and attempts at controlling every region of the world through economic and military bullyingit’s so pathetic, what these fools are doing is ushering in the collapse of the american empire, forever

  • As soon as they said believers come up and only the flat earth believers did, I was about to cry. As a Christian this saddens my heart

  • 19:40 If Solemani had not intervened in Syria, ISIS and al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) would have prevailed against Assad and there would be, as our own 2012 DOI document affirms, an Islamic salafist State in eastern Syria. We supported any and everyone in Syria who was apposed to Assad, we didn’t care who they were, who they were allied with, or who they fought alongside.

  • Democrats are for globalism and have been getting rich and citizen live pay check to pay check. Trump is for america.and has show it.

  • Are you kidding?

    You started the video with the words “US vs. Iran” superimposed onto a blend of both nations’ flags and scored with march-like music.

    Do you want to get your audience pumped for war with Iran? ‘Us’ against ‘them’?

    This is quite literally beating the war drums within the very first seconds of your segment, before even starting any kind of discussion…

    (Edited because I misspelled “against”.)

  • We started a podcast! Listen to a follow-up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in this first episode: �� �� leave us a voice message after listening!

    After many requests, we’re happy to share this episode of Middle Ground with you all! In this episode, we explore belief, science, and how our experiences shape our worldview. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Cassandra, what do you think about collagen as the second ingredient for hair mask/treatment? The aphogee protein treatment has it that way and I find it really good everyone loves it. Does it work? It’s literally the second ingredient beside water!

  • All arguments aside assassination of Major Soleimani is a criminal act. This has evoked a sense of unity and nationalism in Iran unprecedented since killing of our priminister Dr. Mosadegh by the CIA. General Soleimani has saved the Iranian nation from US proxies such as Taliban ISIS, Alqada, and Sadm chemical wars. General Soleimanis loss will never fade from Iranian psychy. It carries over from generation to generation and that is what will defeat the US in the midleast.

  • Chris Christie is denouncing his Republican coworkers for their participation with the Democrats. If I remember correctly he did the same thing for his people when a hurricane hit his state. He also did it doing election time. Hmm the pot calling the kettle black!

  • I️ guarantee the “flat earthers” are Trump supporters. ������. These scientist are literally stating facts and they are just refusing them. Then they say they don’t believe in science yet they have the “scientific evidence” ��.

  • John 20:29
    King James Version
    29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

  • Shelley it’s bout time to go see a psychiatrist regarding that voice in your head or you’ll be killing your children’s say the voice told me they aren’t my real children’s they are Robots who look like humans sent by government to spy on me bcuz I was gonna expose their lie of earth being spherical

  • Trump is the only reason why I started watching the debates. His insults right to their faces is hilarious! He’s going to make a circus out any of the Democratic runners. lol

  • so u can accept that online media can often be faked doctored etc. but can’t bring yourself to apply that reasonable criticism in order to question the validity of a book written by strangers ages before u were even thought of? Whoooah dude ��

  • 5:23 so Iranian government is showing more political poise and tact than trumps administration. Even going on record and making sure “no Americans will be attacked”. Meanwhile trump threatens every Iran citizen and cultural sights. This international version of “hands up don’t shoot”.

  • The globe was easily proven on the Discovery channel. A group of young scientists take a boat, a laser & a camera to a 6 mile lake. They point the laser across the lake. When the boat is floating right in front of the laser, it’s red dot light is visible on the side of the boat. When the boat is 3 miles out they have to put a pole 8 feet above the boat to capture the laser point. When the boat is six miles away on the other side of the lake it is invisible to the camera. A helicopter has to rise 25 feet above the ground at only 6 miles away to be seen above the horizon. You clearly see the helicopter rise over the water as if appearing out of thin air. The curvature of the earth is hiding everything below 25 feet. Undeniable.

  • With so many candidates we need a debate bracket of sorts. 1:1 rotating out a candidate each time. Every night a new debate but never more than 2 people at a time!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Bible is not a geography book, or a space book, it’s a book on Gods people and the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You don’t go to the Bible for evidence of a flat earth. This is a common misconception. Science and Christianity can work together.

  • I can’t watch them anymore. Kindergarten classes are more well behaved. It’s especially embarrassing when you look at how candidates used to conduct themselves. Another example of how far downhill our society has gone.

  • This video made me question what I believe. Of course before I clicked this video, i KNEW the earth was round. But then after watching this video, I realised I only “know” that because that was what I was told and made to believe as a child. In schools we were taught EVERY THING scientists have discovered to be legit/true. But how do we know everything we’ve ever beleived is not a hoax? How do we know all the “proof” we were given/shown is actually real? I honestly don’t know what to believe anymore. But I definitely don’t trust scientist. Cause, how do we know they’re not the government seeking for power, control, and don’t forget, TRUST? How do we know they’re not just a bunch of people who just want to be respected for knowing about the strange world we live in? They’ve already gotten a lot of trust from people all around the world.

  • Evolution? Transformed? ������. That’s really funny…. De-evolution and transmutated into tired children with dirty diapers who are crying because they want their binky that fell on the floor.

  • As some good person said which is me by the way. Once said: “They aren’t afraid of the truth that the Earth is round” “They are afraid of the total loss of money they will have if they publicly accept the Earth is round” will go from 1000s to 0s
    Let’s be honest here yo, flat earthers are on the flat earth side because it gives them money, I mean, BIG money ���������������� it is all about the money.
    If you are facing them and you tell them just straight up “You are in the flat earth side just for the money” I bet they will smile. If being on flat earth side didn’t produce them money there wouldn’t be no one on that side.

  • There are proof by physics, maths, biology and there is evidence in chemistry itself. But honestly I respect these flat earthers opinion

  • Talk about self promotion… that last bit about Trump dumping the weirdo style debates where he says it would be bad for the country —> what he MEANS is bad for RATINGS ��������

  • Errr, dear fellow Christians, even the Catholic Church released a statement that the earth is a globe, not flat. The head of the Vatican observatory even believes in the possibility of alien life. So what on earth are you on about with Biblical evidence?

  • I saw you mention you had meningitis a while ago has it affected your eyesight and hearing? I hope you’re doing much better now, love you and your videos as always! Xxz

  • If I was there as a scientist, I’d have been so fricking annoyed and literally would have punched those ‘flat earthers’.
    Hats off to those scientists for keeping their patience

  • The debates have been proven they can have a paid audience that is completely bias. Democracy is dead and needs to be reformed. The current system is a joke.

  • Why is there two sides to the story on the general who was killed! Half say he helped save Christians in Syria and Iraq and half say he killed Americans! I find the lack of truth and the different camps in trustworthy and I feel America has lost objectivity and perspective on the matter! To many lies and to many war mongers! Some ware in the center is the truth!

  • Trump lying to the American people about the virus and kept saying you’re gonna disappear and everything’s fine and then he open up the country where did that get the America people? MORE AND MORE LIES!

  • Of course not. What stupid question and a dumb way to frame the discussion. Insofar as America contests the Iranian push for regional control in the middle east Americans will never be safe. They will forever be targets for those that believe in the regime and what they are doing to propagate the influence of Tehran. And the idea that we should contour our policy to the whims of Tehran and what they could possibly do in response is laughable.

  • Pretty upset that none of the scientists they brought in were religious. If you take simple notice you’ll find how easy it is to realise that science and belief in God go hand in hand all the way.
    Also upset me that one guy said that the Bible is JUST a Holy Book and can’t be used for science when the Bible actually states a lot of unpopular science beliefs for the time the passages were written in such as things like proper hygiene.

  • But just saying I am not criticising religion and i completely believe that you should just have the freedom to believe in things but i say we should just chill out with criticism because i love it when i see constructive criticism

  • Just something to think about. Because diffrent religions and beliefs lead to disagreement and fight.
    So what I say is just chill out

  • Oh bb �� I didn’t knew you got meningitis! Be strong butterfly! You got this ❤️
    Oh also, Cassandra, I’ve been willing to buy this cruelty free/vegan, tinted only mineral, coral reef safe, water resistant sunscreen called All Good Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (?), But it has coconut oil low on the ingredients list, yet it has everything I want. I have very acne prone skin, do you think I should buy it?

  • Oh Cassandra please please please would You respond to the routine from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez please

  • Cassandra, thanks so much for the wisdom w/r/t a dropper touching a face. I’ve long suspected some of the hysteria about this practice is overstated. #fingersinthemoisturertubclub

  • Do you recommend the peeling solution from Ordinary for dry/irritatated or inflamed skin? ���� thank you and can t wait for your answer! Btw, love all ur videos! ❤️

  • When talking about peptides its important to note that they are actually too large to penetrate skin because they’re larger than 500 daltons. Scientists KNOW they work but they aren’t sure how they are “talking” to the skin to promote collagen & elastin production

  • I lost half of my hearing ability in one of my ears a couple of years ago. I have a hearing aid for it. Honestly in the beginning adjusting was hard but someday I woke up and it was okay, a new normal. My hearing aid actually does not fill out my whole ear, there is just a little piece going in so that my ear can still hear the frequencies it can hear on its own (hope this makes sense). I hope your eye and ear damage won’t continue further!! ��

  • The editing of the thumbnail is astonishing, made this beautiful woman’s skin look conventionally “worse” for more views. You’re supposed to be a professional…

  • EMF emissions by the wireless earbuds are underestimated and their specific absorption rate is quite high. Have it in mind, people! I would stick to the the ancient ways of the wire.

  • I appreciate your knowledge and teaching us so much but with all due respect, your facial expressions are too exaggerated, not everyone will be cruelty free so you don’t have to grab your face or roll your eyes.

  • Breaking news from this very video:

    Michael Pregent: “the Iran deal was never about stopping Iran from having a nuclear weapon” 19:48

    How is that quote not the headline?

  • You are so amazing i seriously look up to you so much with my skin care and 100% trust your info and your dedication. Thanks you so much!


  • Im tired of these people saying the U.S. is.a democracy it isnt. We live in a Constitutional Republic so when i hear someone say demoracy i think there the left.

  • Although i feel Karen vibes on you my dear Cassandra, i freaking love youre content. You’re like my bff, annoying but can’t live without

  • Leverage means we get them to do what we want them to do. An attack like this isn’t some diplomatic convincing. Its an act of war, thankfully they and we aren’t gonna push it further most likely

  • Hi Casandra, thank you for all this useful information,in every video you make.I’m a Newby in skin care routine, so this is really helpful ����. I’ve also used to have really bad acne for 15 years, and if I knew all of this information before,probably I’ve would got rid of it long time ago ��.
    I have to mention that my mom’s name is also Casandra, and I absolutely love it…not because is her name, but because I think is a unique and beautiful name ������

  • I like how there were like more then one time a producer had to step in and say “now its a good place to stop” because the conversation got to heated

  • What surprised me the most on this video was not the flat earthers disregard for science, nor the scientists patience.

    Rather it was that the simplest solution for proving either way was not mentioned.

    The flat earthers should pool their resources and hire a plane of some type and simply fly to the “end” of the world. If they can find this place, and report back with photographic evidence they can prove the earth is flat. If what happens is they end up flying back to exactly the same point they started, they will have irrefutably proved to themselves the earth is a globe.

    “You cannot change anyone. You can only change yourself”.

  • OMG! You mentioned hyperhidrosis, I have had that for years! I’d love to learn more about it, any products which might help, and how to get my skincare and makeup to stay instead of being ‘washed’ away by the hidrosis on my face! Thank you for another very interesting video! ����

  • Dont bring GOD and Bible to this if i recall correctly theres no paragraph,sentence,or even a single word that say the Earth is flat God never said that where did they get that from

  • Hey Cassandra! I think it would be really interesting if you made a video about the app Cherie. I kept getting ads for it, so I caved and downloaded. It’s a skincare education app, where you can find dupes, learn about products, etc. I’d be really curious to hear what your opinions are ok the information found within the app, because I don’t know what’s trustworthy and what’s not! You could do a react type video to bad info if there is any, or if the app is actually great it’d be awesome to hear why. Thanks ��

  • Any guide for dead pimples under the skin? Idk if that makes sense but i have bumps under my skin, on my chin area i can feel the ones that were forming into pimples but i used a spot treatment and it stopped growing but now its just a bump what is that. I can’t pop it theres nothing for me to grab

  • Cassandra about 8 years ago you made a video about a homemade face mask. The face mask included raw honey, olive oil, and milk. Would you still recommend this face mask?

  • I thought titanium dioxide, in the Murad eye cream, was a physical sunscreen rather than just a light reflector that Cassandra mentioned? Confused.��

  • Fighting does not make us safer. You don’t have to punch someone when you’re clearly bigger and stronger. That just creates more conflict. This Mike guy is an absolute chud. The more we allow these impoverished countries to develop into thriving economies and the more their people are living in comfort, the less extremism there will be. Islamic terrorism has been a low threat to us, anyway. There are far more incidents of right-wing terrorism in the US now.

  • 9:40
    is asked what he thinks the shape of the earth is.

    Answers that he thinks its a plane.

    My mans doesn’t even know that a plane is a dimension and not a shape he doesn’t even know his shapes!! Kek

  • I really hope your hearing improves and love the way you got a brand deal without lying xx cause everyone else lies. Keep staying positive x

  • You are soo right about the origins makeup remover she is using! Bought it two weeks ago and wish I saw this video before! It does not remove anythiiiing!

  • Hello Cassandra..
    An off topic inquiry if I may..
    To overcome white cast of sunblock (mine are fragrance and alcohol free)..
    I add drops of espresso and mix that into my “tea-spoonful of sunblock” and other than the fact that my face smells like wierd coffee ��.. God it WODKS!
    So Do you approve that? If not, why please?

  • Hi Cassandra! I’m really interested in natural ingredients beauty products and I always check the EWG rating before I purchase anything. I think it would be an awesome idea to explore some of those natural brands such as Burt’s Bees & Well People!!

  • I’m glad your okay Cassandra! My best friend got meningitis when we were in high school and that was the scariest thing I’ve ever had to see someone go thru! Hope your healing well!!

  • I feel you on dropping earbuds in bad places. I was repainting our basement, listening to Michelle Obama’s book on Audible (a must read or hear in my case) and I bent over to dip my roller in the paint and guess what. Yep, one of my ear buds fell into a lovely gray shade of paint.:(

  • Having sensitive skin saves me tons of money. I cannot add or change what I put on my face often because it gives me breakout.
    Now just stick to my cheap moisturizer with basic ingredients and Niacinamide from the Ordinary plus sunscreen and I’m good to go.
    No eye cream too, just use that cheap moisturizer.

  • I would love a “how to handle dry acne prone skin” since I feel like no matter what I do, it’s wrong. Every acne product is for oily skin, which cause me to break out more

  • This moron Trump never should have pulled out of the Iran deal and murdered the number 2 man in Iran. The USA needs to get out of the Middle East. Then it will not have to worry about soldiers being killed in the Middle East. The USA needs to greatly reduce their 900 worldwide bases, and stop being an international bully.

  • 28:22..this is the problem right there. The gentleman says ” we cannot have an opinion”. And actually, no you don’t! When it comes to science you can’t have an opinion, you can have a theory and support it with either maths or experimental evidence or simulations or something! You cannot just say “oh I have an opinion”. Why do I have to study for years and years to then sit and listen to someone say something, that wouldn’t even cross their mind if they had the slightest understanding of physics! So no, you don’t get to have an opinion about science if your knowledge in the field is basically non existent, same as I don’t get to have an opinion about a heart surgery simple because I am not a doctor!

  • These commentators seem not to be with the rest of us we don’t have enough testing we don’t have enough PPE we don’t have any leadership in this country. Hiring Chris Christie as one of the commentators is idiotic he is nothing but a trump has been as soon as Trump became president he dumped this man why are we listening to his opinions. I am very disappointed with CBS coverage of the DNC.

  • Hello �� What’s your opinion on using Glutinous Rice Flour mixed with OatMeal Milk as a face mask (sometimes I use plain water) �� because that is what ive been using and it‘s great on my skin (less oily, helps fade my pigmentations, gets rid of those tiny bumps, makes my face plumps!). It’s just an asian thing my grandma taught me…couldn’t find any scientific reason explained by specialists/expert. Would love to know your view and explanation on this ��

  • Trump is considering bypassing the 2020 presidential debate cause he knows the other candidate will call him on his lies and he won’t be able to defend himself….He will just throw insults and that will be it for him!!

  • The media chooses who they want to win and then they start propping them up and start attacking the other opponent with fake narratives and false starts that’s why our political system is broken not the people Who manage the information the media has damage this country

  • Obama is absolute proof being able to speak well and be polite means nothing he turned out to be a political disaster and a presidential nightmare

  • I hope majority of Americans do not have the same view as this gentleman Pregent, “we are supreme nation, we are dictating the world how to behave”, supporting KINGDOMS of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and anyone who stand against our will be be labelled as a sponsor of terrorism (Russia and China were labelled that 8 months ago?????)!
    No good will come from that kind of thinking and reasoning!

  • I voted against Trump and I would never vote for him, However I feel he is absolutely right and the debate was rigged against him. Him vocally calling it out was the right thing to do. If the committee does agree to a way to be sure that does not happen again,I think him not doing the debate is fair.

  • I don’t think anyone had a problem with a singular statement as much as the media told them to. People are pretty understanding. It’s the press looking for a lead that is ruthless and unforgiving. The media determines the prospects of a candidate, along with gullible readers who believe them an authority better informed.

  • If you do anything, please read Leviticus 23. “In all your generations, in all your dwelling areas”. Notice v 3.
    Genesis 2: 2.
    And Especially Deuteronomy 28.

  • I remember watching the Trump-$hillary debates in 2016 the questions were clearly biased against Trump. He was even asking them directly who came-up with these questions. There were even giving Hillary much more time to complete her responses than Trump was given. Luckily Trump was able to hit-back hard and make a fool of Clinton on the national stage especially when he said $hillary would be in jail if he was president. That basically won him the presidency right there. I think he has a case to boycott the 3 proposed presidential debates if he thinks they are not being fair they weren’t being fair to him in 2016 either.

  • To be clear, Uncle Sam is not invited, and never will be asked to ‘help’ the Middle East. My fear is that if the US keeps assaulting and killing the brown, yellow and red people of this earth, the whole word will revolt against the white race…

  • We don’t need them. We have only had presidential regular debates since 1976. They don’t tell me a thing about who would make a good President. Unlike Prime Ministers who have to debate as part of the job presidents only debate during the election never as part of the job.

  • So the Bible that was made by people not GOD first hand, also not scientists is more believable than the scientific evidence that is actually out there, kinda like playing that rumor down the line game.

  • The latest on the debates this would be regard to Bernie Sanders you have to understand where these mines are and their political Arena here’s the point of view from a person who lives in the United States whether you’re republican or democrat or anything else when it comes to legalizing the marijuana or taking and selling it legally or just doing whatever you want overall both sides are wrong you preach in your political Rena about God you say you swear your hand on the Bible and all at the same time you’re lying to make a book A book about a dollar bill far as I’m concerned you shouldn’t legalize marijuana it shouldn’t have been brought up shouldn’t been brought up about people in prison about marijuana there are other issues that are far more important in someone smoking some deck on joint

  • I have a serious question about jojoba oil. I started using it after watching a couple of videos where you recommend it. I have acne prone combination skin and I found that the jojoba oil was breaking me out and I got little bumps all over face �� Why does my skin not react well to oils?

  • Nasa or Elon Musk should give flat earthers a free trip to space to show them the earth is round.

    And they should also leave those flat earthers in space.

  • The way they use Christianity as heir proof I’m……….. this is why most ppl think so lowly of Christianity. Bc of ppl like y’all who bring shame to our religion ����

  • I wonder what year media companies (or their parent companies) began to determine how much time they would allow each candidate to speak?

  • It was a real hootin’ nanny with carnival side shows. And at night, well what goes on at the DNC stays at the DNC….except sometimes nine months later.

  • This was disappointing. Every time true debate with facts started to take place, it was broken up to maintain composure for video. Would have liked to see both sides prove, and disprove each other more.

  • I haven’t watched these in years. You take ten people and shove them in front of a live audience and give them seven seconds to take a complicated idea and cram it into a soundbite.
    Why not get 3+ hours of long-format, uninterrupted talking?

  • Is Democrat debate was a joke not one American flag in the background if you want socialism move to China are Venezuela see how that works for you

  • The current mexican president has Mexico sunk in violence and corruption. He has many members of his cabinet as messengers and sponsors of the Nicolás Maduro regime. It is a total shame. Mexico is a failed state, and a big problem for The United States. It is a need for national security that the children of the mexican president and their wives be investigated in the United States, because it is they who are doing espionage to help and finance the maduro regime, as well as several members of his cabinet close to the president. The United States must take serious measures to avoid a possible social outbreak in Mexico that will totally affect American investments and companies. The mexican president is literally negotiating everything with Maduro and Russia.

  • I stoped watching as soon as I saw Chris Christie he is a crook and a thug like trump this is how we got in this mess he needs to go close another bridge and let an employee take the fall America wake up

  • Every president has been in office has been racist the flat-out truth but no one wants to admit it look at the conditions of the world today

  • Thats because tv was a novelty they could see the candidates in your livingroom and from there it was dwn the hill. All that boomers cared about the candidate was looks actual policy and issues were glossed over quickly and the rich and powerfull were too happy to indulge us in such cheap informalities cause it meant no one was paying attention to the actual important things that actually impacting our lifes. Thank god for the end to that well take Bernie with his messy hair over some polished rehearsed politician if it means Healthcare for All no, more wars, end to corruption as we know it.

  • I think a good presidential debate should have two partisan hosts (one representing each candidates party) who each take turns asking questions.
    1. It garuntees each candidate will get a mixture of softball and hardball questions.
    2. It keeps 100% of the questions from being leaked to one of the candidates prior to the debate.
    3. It destroys the claims and appearance of unfairness.

  • As an Independent voter, you can’t claim to you want to be the “most progressive president in U.S. history,” (as Biden did) then pick a running mate that has a voting record that is the” furthest to the left of ALL U.S. Senators (fact), and then tell Americans you’re “moderates”.

  • So many people are overdosed lately, how would they know if people just gave out a bunch of bad bags to kill people on purpose? What would they do? How could they prove that these monster Hunter kids were getting people killed with drug overdoses or if it were an accident? Dont get caught making movies nigga
    If you put sugar in the gas tank of a car, you would cause 10000 dollars in damage, just with sugar in the gas tank, if people ran around putting sugar in gas tanks, you could fill your whole city up with scrap metal and almost eliminate transitIf people started shooting cell phone towers down like street lamps, they could crash the grid around certain areas and towns, no more cell phones, internet, or criminal history reports, there airforce couldn’t even fly planes with no grid, so…. stupidThe NSA does NOT have immunity from lawsuits, if 100 people sued them, claiming that the federal government didn’t have any money to pay, then they could use the NSA to file suit and FREEZE the federal economyThe NSA or even a civilian DOD employee can never call the cops or report any crime, not even murder, the NSA cant arrest or detain UNLESS your on there property, if someone attacked the surveillance Van’s and took the surveillance equipment what could they do? It seems silly. Better then stealing drugs, lol lolImagine having a watch list that you could call, position anywhere you want in the country, telling them it’s a psychopath, and then when they got there have four Shooters on a roof to ambush and kill them, and then call them back to a different state and city, tell them theres a psycho ambush and kill them again, lol lol, and again and again, lol lol, imagine having a team that you could call anywhere you want to, and then kill them when they got there, you tell electrical magnetic signals I’m coming, I’m going to get your team to show up in a state and then electrical magnetic signals, have 4 Shooters to slaughter them, and then I’m going to call you back, and when you show up, more Shooters are going to slaughter you, as long as you’re available to call and position anywhere I want, my Shooters will be waiting for you when you arrive, ele

  • cut the mike when time is up. cut the mike when, even after a follow up, the candidate is NOT answering the question. cut the mike when someone is interrupting.

  • Debates are now ran by MSM hacks like the WSJ. Whoever is Trump’s opponent. They are going to get hammered by him. So be careful what you wish for.

  • The DEMONrats really have no
    viable candidates, Trump will
    take the coming election…without
    breaking a sweat. The American
    people see the Far-Left Radical
    Socialist/Communist dirt-bags
    for what they truly are….
    Anti -American.!!

  • Democrats? Socialists? Communists? They have control over most of the media and our educational system. They divide and promote HATRED against any opposition and send out their mobs. They promise free health care and education with… other people’s money. They think half the population is now stupid enough to let them in. Once they are in, they won’t be leaving because they will get rid of police, ICE, military and YOUR guns.

  • Answer:

    Somehow now we’re locked in a 2 party system forever with only 2 “separate views” “that can never overlap”…
    I’m a Constitutional Conservative Liberatarian. I think the government should adhere to the letters of the Constitution and stay out of most things civilian related…

    That’s the beauty of the this Democratic Republic. The states compete against each other with policies for the most success. And people move accordingly.

    Bottom line is the Federal Government is too strong right now and needs to be reigned in… Whether you “Democrat” or “Republican”.

  • These flat earthers are in complete denial, they wont get or accept anything else apart from what they think its actually sad.. honestly my full respect for the scientists for being so nice and patient and respectful towards them..

  • Too many candidates is not my problem, that is yours. If too many candidates want to run, have another debate. Don’t exclude anyone running because you can only do a one shot tv showing. Figure it out!

  • “I love… the things he teaches me”. What I learned (beyond the obvious) is that acerbic wit has power, I consider that a mic drop.

  • Whatever,.. Whoever…no longer matters. For those of you who have ears and use them, this is my advice and… sadly,.. you can take it, or leave it since it no longer matters…GET READY FOR CIVIL WAR. No matter who wins,..THAT will be the outcome from all of these foolish solutions and the desention that it will continue to create.

  • how much money in kickbacks do the Democrats get for sitting on their asses and telling the American people that there’s no jobs and money so they could be rich and we could be poor

  • What happened to real journalism and what happened to the Democrat Party the only thing good about the Democrats that John F Kennedy was a Democrat. Now we have Doc Brown from Back to the Future AKA Bernie Sanders Gone full Fidel Castro socialism John F Kennedy we be turning over his grave

  • This is the brotherhood illuminati game they play with out laws making people crazy.

  • I believe Mr Bloomberg is a candidate with experience. Be a Major of New York for to many Years make a difference. This why Mrs Warren are attack Him so bad. I believe in the long run She is Helping Him We. Can see How qualified He is.

  • Hi Cassandra! Amazing and very helpful video as always! I was wondering if you would consider making a video debunking The Body Shop, since I’m a big fan of their ethics but I would love to understand their formulas better. Thank you and tons of love from Mexico ����

  • The lranian government has tried to deescalate with this symbolic retaliation to make clear that they want to prevent all out war.
    The real danger now is a Gulf of Tonkin moment where the U.S. enacts a false flag operation to justify a full scale assault on lran.

  • The debate is a joke all staged geee im going to ask you a question what you already know on how to answer and also are you going to do is point what the other person haven’t done versus what you can do and what you have done cuz God knows everybody knows what the person has about done but you going to make it clear that they never did what they wanted to

  • This was so boring…all script reading and robotic. How about less Trump bashing and more DNC promoting. The Trump bashing didn’t work last time.

  • Chris Christie is the only one that spoke any truth or actually talked about the subject everybody else talked about Trump. Then Wonder why you’re losing viewers everyday

  • EMPATHY! The one word that Trump doesn’t know the definition of and I doubt has ever felt for a second! And it’s the ONE THING that every decent person be they the person next door or the president of the United States NEEDS to have to be successful in a meaningful way!

  • so far the circus still seems to be getting the career clinton scam cronies as comfortable with chaz as they are with karen smollett and madonna. theres no chance dr biden can sell the expired obama agency abuses as the constitutionally valid excuses he once planned on lecturing at the folks, but he could sell the mandela extraction gig if the overall ford flopped consensus continues to fail the smell test. the experts basically break it down correctly as the democrat establishments corruption and rigged rules have ensured their intern impeached bases last and second to last choices and now they can gloat about what sheep they are even if captain joe cant clear the jump.

  • Beijing: We love Lindsey Graham! With every year the US is entangled in a region whose languages and history remains exotic to them, antagonizing a generation of civilians and creating factions they can’t control, we will eventually appear as the only honourable partner to anyone who asks for our support, expanding our influence as if it were a game of ‘Go’


    Gee Do You Think the People are PISSED OFF? I wonder WHY? Got Totalitarianism? Got a Police State?

    The Gospel of Government! All Pesky Citizens will Shut Up, PAY, and OBEY! This is what your Government thinks of the US Citizens! We once suffered from Criminals committing crimes, now we suffer from Psychopath Control Freak Government Agents making Laws to Control every aspect of your life and Violating the Constitution!

    I am Humbled and feel I must Kneel down and kiss the ring of the Ruling Masters that have brought forth such Greatness to the people… It is NOT Racism… it is Government Control-ism! Extortion-ism, Ruling Class-ism, Rule of Law-ism!

    01. FREEDOM Act Federal Initiative to Spy on Americans (FISA) Act, I get the chills wondering when my home will be invaded by government agents jacked up on steroids and power with a No-Knock Warrant, The Real Terrorist are all in the Federal, State, and Local Governments, Terrorist Win!

    02. The National ID the Federal Government Buying the State Blood Suckers to screw the pesky citizens that have had enough freedom, The Terrorist WIN Again

    03. The TSA Get a GROPE: Courtesy of Uncle Sam, the Airlines, and the Patriot Act; the Terrorist WIN Again

    04. The TAX Laws & IRS Uncle Sammy picks the Winners and Losers; Government Agents pick sides and your pockets, Federal Tax should only be 2%.

    05. The FEDERAL RESERVE Neither Federal or Reserve; a private banking cartel created to keep wealth in the hands of the wealthy; Fiat Currency creators and manipulators; Money is magically created to allow for the Endless Wars and to Buy off other Governments: This PONZI Scheme is shear GENIUS!

    06. Civil Asset Forfeiture Legalized Government Theft of Cash and Property with NO Conviction or Due Process; isn’t this just like Looting?

    07. Red Flag Laws Legalized Government Theft of Property with NO Conviction or Due Process; Kiss your 2nd Amendment Goodbye!

    08. Contact Tracing More Spying by our local ISP’s, Cell Phone Carriers, Big Tech, and “Big Brother” Government Agencies that are so Trustworthy, Never let a crisis go to waste!

    09. The Constitution & Rule of Law Catch phrases by the Ruling Masters that mean “we the people” are about witness more BS from Government that strips “Rights” or Justifies their agenda; OMG… you never want to hear for your SAFETY, SECURITY, PROTECTION, or For the CHILDREN! The Government wants you to live by a “Rule of Law”! NO PRIVACY… NO FREEDOM… NO LIBERTY! Just their Rules!

    10. CONGRESS The Exalted Ruling Masters working a “Part Time” Job making 175K plus perks and benefits and one-third of the Grand Three Ring Circus that brings JOY to the World… There Way or Else! Always Making Laws that gets more for them and NONE for you! Set a term limit of 3 terms in the House and 1 term in the Senate; eliminate all of the “Benefits” (It is a Part Time Job) All Congressmen (State & Federal) shall provide their TAX returns every year on April 15 and shall be published on May 1! To include an itemized list of all current assets with values and all Income with dollar amount and source!

    11. Cops Government ENFORCERS, Blue Gestapo, Domestic Terrorist that make you PAY and OBEY!, Always Frightened, Known to scream Stop Resisting before executing citizens, Licensed to Kill Pesky Citizens with Qualified Immunity! Supported by Police Unions, the Just-Us System, Crooked Prosecutors, Never ending Laws, and Government!

    12. Rights You Have NONE, Just a few privileges until the Ruling Masters have determined you have had Enough Freedom, Citizens Shall be Controlled, Caged, or Exterminated! We will make a NEW Law… taking away more “Privileges”! Rights shall be Clearly defined as anything that is NOT Illegal shall be a Right!

    Who are the REAL CRIMINALS? What Constitution? What Bill of Rights? What a Great Country Founded by Geniuses, but Run by Idiots!

    Major General Smedley Butler USMC “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”

  • Sorry but Wendell looks like a ball, witch probably means he thinks he’s flat, he’s a walking frizzbie, no offense but he’s also Christian and thinks a human made him, but science proves we came from the see and the water came from space and the space cane from chemicals and the chemicals came from… well I could keep going but I don’t want to waste your time

  • Last night’s Democratic debate was a embarrassment to the Democratic Party. They all acted like children!!! They refused to follow the debate Rules even after repeated efforts. These are the democrats running for President??? They wouldn’t even follow the debate rules and you think they will honor what they are telling us so we can vote for them?? T think the only winner from last nights Democratic debate was…President Trump!!

  • please tell me if this is a good new skin routine please��
    I have the worst acne of my life and can’t afford a dermatologist

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  • Sorry don’t get me wrong I am not a racist. But a Chinese looking lady praising Biden’s campaign is hilarious! Just what Trump was saying!

  • We can clearly see how bias the media is. Who do you think you’re fooling? Getting tired of the lies and bs rhetoric. Authoritarianism is coming from the left. Accusing Trump of the very thing the left is doing is getting old. The only way Dems win is by rigging the election. The last time you didn’t rig it enough. ��

  • Michelle Obama delivered her speech with class & dignity & still managed to tell off trump by saying how bad he is (which we should all know by now unless you live under a rock).

  • The strongest power is “empower”. I believe Sanction is a form of bullying and coercing. You may get people to obey but it doesn’t solve the root cause of many world issues. Think about the relationship in the past 20 to 30 years we have with Iran and places around there. If we had take the lead to show genuine motive to help them grow, I guarantee our animosity and hatred with other will surely be gone. As leaders you have to reach out in a respectful and genuine way. Don’t just talk, act the way that you show kindness and sincerity to help. In the long run, people will understand

  • Obama made 80 million dollars on the Gulf oil spill. Thru Vanguard Investments when he sold all his STOCK in Bp and bought stock in Nalco.. The company that made the didsperent that they carpet bombed the gulf of mexico during the oil spill.. Fact check me..
    Thieves.. Millions of people lost everything they worked for all there lives

  • there is way too much advertising and begging to hit the like button in the video. just say what you have to say at the beginning and just get it over with

  • The only consequence we can possibly endure is to have Biden elected in November! You watch…
    You all believe in him now but will you respect and love him when his promises turn out to be our one way ticket to a Nuclear Armageddon????

  • covid and Floyd shoved in my ears non stop by the script readers, but.didn’t hear 1 word on all the businesses that lost their livelihood or how great the stock market is doing. Shut it off after 3 minutes.

  • It’s hard to make the argument that you’re “Mr. Empathy” yet time and time again shoot down M4A in the middle of a goddamn once in a century pandemic.