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While there’s only one way calories can enter your body (nom nom!), there are many ways for calories to leave it. Here are the three major factors that affect your metabolism and overall calorie burn. BASAL METABOLIC RATE (BMR): CALORIES TO SURVIVE. BMR accounts for 60–70% of the daily calories you burn.

B vitamins have also been said to improve metabolism as they play an essential role in metabolising macronutrients efficiently. Good sources. B vitamins have also been said to improve metabolism as they play an essential role in metabolising macronutrients efficiently.

Good sources of B vitamins include legumes, eggs, lean meat and bananas. Metabolism is the sum of all energy-requiring and energy-consuming processes of the body. Many factors contribute to overall metabolism, including lean muscle mass, the amount and quality of food consumed, and the physical demands placed on the human body. (credit: “tableatny”/ Eating is essential to life. Scientifically speaking, “metabolism” is a term that describes all the chemical reactions involved in being a living organism.

And while it is true that metabolism is linked to body weight, a slow. Vitamin D is essential for preserving metabolism-revving muscle tissue. Unfortunately, researchers estimate that a measly 4% of Americans over age 50 take in enough vitamin D through their diet. Smelling certain essential oils found to curb appetite and provoke alertness and energy in the brain can help thwart those cravings and also help you to think more clearly.

Plus, some essential oils work with the body’s endocrine system to still hunger pangs and give the metabolism a little boost. Essential Guide to Macros Macronutrient is a bucket term for the three types of nutrients that make up the bulk of what we eat: carbohydrates, Essential Guide to Metabolism Contrary to popular belief, the majority of your daily calorie burn doesn’t come from puddles of sweat after a. Weight loss doesn’t get easier than this: Simply drinking more water may increase the rate at which healthy people burn calories, according to a study in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

After drinking approximately 17 ounces of water (about two tall glasses), participants’ metabolic rates increased by 30 percent. Essential Oils and Your Metabolism. When combined with healthy lifestyle habits, select doTERRA essential oils can help support a healthy metabolism and assist you in your weight management goals.* Essential oils can be diffused, taken internally, or applied topically to minimize cravings and encourage a healthy metabolism.* So Slim, So Sassy!

List of related literature:

This book provides a concise introduction to the concept of social metabolism.

“Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability” by David S. Ginley, David Cahen
from Fundamentals of Materials for Energy and Environmental Sustainability
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Handbook of Drug Metabolism.

“Pharmacology: Principles and Practice” by Miles Hacker, William S. Messer, Kenneth A. Bachmann
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As an introduction to these chapters on macronutrient metabolism, this chapter covers basic aspects of metabolism and introduces general features of metabolic regulation.

“Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition E-Book” by Martha H. Stipanuk, Marie A. Caudill
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Chapter 3 gives us a working knowledge of the basic mechanisms associated with metabolism.

“Microbiology: A Clinical Approach” by Anthony Strelkauskas, Angela Edwards, Beatrix Fahnert, Greg Pryor, Jennifer Strelkauskas
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This review discusses the potential role of four recently discovered molecules involved in metabolism and energy homeostasis: leptin, adiponectin, resistin, and ghrelin.

“Stress Science: Neuroendocrinology” by George Fink
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The important topics of nutrition and metabolism are discussed fully in Chapter 41.

“Anthony's Textbook of Anatomy & Physiology E-Book” by Kevin T. Patton, Gary A. Thibodeau
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A more comprehensive discussion of principles of metabolic control is provided at the beginning of Chapter 5.

“Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid-Base Physiology E-Book: A Problem-Based Approach” by Kamel S. Kamel, Mitchell L. Halperin, Marc B. Goldstein
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This provides insight into its contribution to metabolism.

“Rapid Review Biochemistry E-Book” by John W. Pelley, Edward F. Goljan
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This book is not simply a repetition of the molecular details of metabolic pathways.

“Human Metabolism: A Regulatory Perspective” by Keith N. Frayn, Rhys Evans
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Journal of Nutrition and Intermediary Metabolism 8, 62.

“Sustainable Diets: Linking Nutrition and Food Systems” by Barbara Burlingame, Sandro Dernini
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  • I was actually so relieved when you said 1% body weight per week. That’s exactly what I’ve done. 7.1% in 7 weeks. I haven’t drastically reduced my intake in terms of volume, just natural caloric decrease by virtue of eating less processed food and more veg. I’m slowly starting to exercise more, and I’m going to increase my calories slowly as I do that too.

  • These series are so interesting loving the information your sharing, definitely gives in sight on how to start. also with these series are you going to mention what supplements are good for NOT bolking in the gym and have overall food health in conjunction to weight gaining (healthy), with healthy foods? xx

  • Please keep in mind that nothing I suggest in this video is absolutely necessary for weight loss or having a healthy metabolism. And that nothing in this video is going to magically get you results. These are just the only things that have any scientific evidence supporting their influence on metabolism/calories burned.

  • i’ve been doing calorie deficit and tracking all my calories but the calories my tracker says i’m taking on each day is way under the amount i should be but i’m having three meals a day and everything so i think i’m tracking wrong has anyone got any tips

  • Great vid! Any experience with using short term fasting to raise suppressed metabolism due to long term CR? I’m struggling w low maintenance calories after a year of CR ��

  • Just found you late night scrolling, and honestly I really like you & your videos! Gunna binge them over the next few days for sure. I’m trying to get to a 15-17% body fat (from 22%) and having trouble getting rid of some stubborn fat. I eat primarily fruits & veggies, with some lean proteins and low fat dairy. Weight isn’t budging!

  • Thank you for all the work you put it these videos! Please do a video on PCOS, as I’ve been struggling to lose weight because of it… <3

  • I also have a B.S. in Kinesiology and FrumpyFit sums up half of my degree in easy to understand, well informed videos! 10/10 girl, love this content!

  • Would you recommend a 1 or 2 day carb refeed? (Context: I’m a woman above 20% body fat, have been in deficit for awhile, and planning to carb refeed every 2 weeks.)

  • I have a very slow metabolism�� as in super slow���� If I DONT drink my laxative It took 5 days to �� I tried so many ways to fix it but doesn’t help the only way is the laxative tea.

  • amazing info, it’s funny beacoue without me knowing any of this, I did a reefeed today just because I had a very instense workout today and felt like eating more, jus by listening to me body’s needs.

  • i’m 14, and am trying to lose weight
    i used to be 138 lbs (63 kgs)and now i’m at 121-123 (55-56 kg), after a year and a half of a LOT of ups and downs lol
    i’m 161 cm (so about 5’4) and, even though am already at a healthy weight, still have a lot of fat in my body that i don’t know how to get rid of:/
    my friends are all in the 90-110 lbs range and have extremely fast metabolisms something i do not have lol
    so, if anyone could give me some tips it would be much appreciated!��

  • I don’t think doing HIIT will ‘boost your metabolism.’ I’m not really sure anything can do that at least significantly. Also as for EPOC, yes you do burn extra calories. However, a study showed that after doing 80 minutes of HIIT (which is a LOT) only had an effect of adding 80 extra calories burned. 20 minutes of HIIT had an extra of 30 calories burned on average. Doing HIIT and LISS for equal amount of time (Obviously HIIT is not continuous so take this into account) actually burns about the same amount of calories. But HIIT is great for fast twitch muscles and improving your cardiovascular health overall (VO2 Max).

  • Hey, thank you for this video.

    I have a question about Tabata…

    I’m following a fitness coach always end his exercise routine with a 4-min tab at routine…to boost metabolism and to increase the benefit of his routine.

    What are your thoughts on that?

  • For people who loathe weight training: fitness youtuber Abby Pollock has an interesting video where she talks about how much additional caloric burn you get, on average, from gaining muscle. Turns out, it’s not that much (and she’s not the only one saying so; you can google it). I can’t cite the exact amount, but I remember doing the rough math and realizing that, as a woman, if I gained the absolute MAX amount of muscle I would be comfortable gaining (around 12 or 13 lbs probably), that muscle wouldn’t even be burning an extra 100 calories per day.
    The exercise I was doing to gain that muscle would burn a lot. But the muscle itself would only boost my metabolic rate by under 100 cal/day.

    That’s not to say weight training isn’t a really, really good idea. Weight training is extremely good for you (especially as you age), and muscle tone looks good on everyone. HOWEVER, if you absolutely hate weight training, don’t despair; you’re not actually undermining your BMR by more than like a quarter of a donut’s worth of calories per day. ��

  • i swear everything she says makes sense,usually if i watch weight loss videos it triggers my ed and makes me feel like i have to do so much at such an extreme level to loose weight,but everything she promotes is healthy and sustainable and it really works ❤️

  • I’m really looking forward to the PCOS video! I deal with that and there is just so much misinformation and lack of understanding on it. I love this women’s series and def love the scienceyyyy stuff! Thanks for making such great informative videos for us!

  • THANK YOU for your videos:) I’ve been struggling with my weight for ever, and you’ve helped with weeding out the liars. Would you mind reviewing this?

  • Ways to boost your metabolism: gain/build lean mass (helps to burn more calories when doing nothing), treat your body well (enough sleep, water, and healthy foods), *there are no supplement to make your metabolism boost, they will not work! * consume more protein (burn more calories to digest), workout: hiit and lifting, but you need to enjoy what ur doing, don’t do quick fixes.

  • … I’ve casually watched the two videos I needed the most. I’ve suffered from hypothyroidism and lately I’ve been craving salt A LOT, and by a lot I mean that I eat a handful of salt a day and I started having salty cravings instead of the always-there sweet ones. Time to get my hormones checked ��

  • I’ve always educated myself on these things. I’m just very interested in these things. im 13 years old. lol. it’s very eye opening seeing all these myths that people BELIEVE. we just need more education:)

  • I didn’t realise how much i relied on NEAT until quarantine and my weight skyrocketed lol. I walk so much but hardly thought of it as exercise

  • Goodness girl how did I not find your channel sooner? I thought I had found all the legitimate fitness science channels (Jeff C, Jeff N, Shredded Sports Science, EDDF). You’re legit with the science. This information is greatly helpful to people cutting weight. I know people say it a lot but in this case more people would benefit from seeing your quality content

  • I calculated my BMR and it told me mine was 1430.15 so does that mean I should eat 1430 calories to maintain my weight and like 1200 to lose?

  • i have a question about calories, is there a minimum amount of calories you should eat in a day? and is your body gonna be “saving'” the fat instead of burning, if you don’t get enough calories?

  • >>2342>> A healthyyyy diet is 80% of the work. If you are havinggggg issues losingggg weight, try this > >>222>>

  • I feel like both overweight/underweight people overestimate/underestimate how much they are actually eating and then use their “slow metabolism/fast metabolism” as an excuse for not being able to lose/ gain weight. As someone who was overweight, I always used to think I had a slow metabolism but I actually didn’t, I was just overeating and all my friends that I thought had fast metabolisms were actually eating FAR less than me. yes, they ate “unhealthily” but they were eating within their caloric “budget” therefore not putting on weight, so I hate it when people comment on thinner peoples posts saying ” my metabolism could never” like no your “metabolism” could never for the amount of food YOU would eat, but if you ate that thinner person portion sizes I’m sure your metabolism would be able to handle it.

  • I love this series! It’s nice to see a more scientific focus on women’s health with practical applications. A good portion of the videos I find don’t go into much detail or the whys. Would you be able to do a video on women trying to maximize muscle gains? I like to focus on building muscle more than getting slim or trimming down my size.
    Side note: GO BULLS!

  • This was awesome, thank you! Would love to see a video on fasting (specifically IF and water fasting) there’s SO much out there about it, it’s hard to find info like what you provide, which is actually scientific! ��

  • This is so helpful for me, 9 mo ago I started out at 324.9 lbs and I am at 264.2 today. In the beginning was doing weight watchers and calorie counting because I was working out 5-6 days a week medium to high intensity and I was starving on weight watchers. Well the calorie counting showed the full picture I was only consuming 1200 calories a day. This crash diet was ok at first until I hit a plateau that just wouldn’t break until I increased my calories, my sweet spot is between 1700-1900 calories, I am considering bumping it slowly to 2100-2200 which is a 1000 calorie deficit from my maintenance calories. This is a lifestyle change for me. I am done being unhealthy and obese. My body is very strong, I do 2 classes a week that are interval type classes with weights, I do pilates 1 day a week, and Zumba the other two days. I have never felt this good and I am looking forward to continuing this journey!

    I love your videos! You rock, thank you for providing this information for people like me who are working towards changing our lives!

  • Interesting now she abandoned all this and turned into a fat ass emotional binge eater. Lets get to the root cause of your emotional binges Stephy

  • When we do diet breaks 1-2 weeks do we just go back to maintance right off the bat or slowly go back to maintance??? Please respond i need one rn!!

  • First of all, You’re so pretty, love the way you talk ��❤️ and most importantly, your channel is such an informative one thankyou for sharing your knowledge.. I hope you get many many many more subscribers.. you deserve it❤️❤️

  • i found your channel the other day through the video you made about tiktok diet trends bc it was recommended to me and im so glad it was! you explain everything so well and make it easy to understand even if you previously know nothing about it! im (seriously this time) starting my weight loss journey (ew journey lol hate saying that but idk how else to put it lmao) and im finally learning what all these terms really mean and making sure i’m doing things safely and correctly and actually learning why i have to do the things im doing instead of just accepting it and giving up bc i dont know the impact or the effect it has on weight loss!

    i’m sure you are helping a lot of people with your videos! thank you so much:)

  • ATTENTION GIRLSSSS!!! Iam a 15 years old girl and I really don’t know what protein to drink I’m really struggling lately with that please help I asked so many but no one cares to answer ��

  • I really appreciate this video series and am looking forward to the calculating your maintenance calories. There are so many apps and website that can give those calculations, but they all say something different and I know your videos and information are backed by science. Thank you for all of your research and hard work!

  • My basic metabolic rate is 2700 calories. I eat 2000 every day. According to your own video, I should be losing weight then, but I’m not. And before you say:”You’re probably not tracking them correctly”, stop that. I am tracking my calories correctly, and even round most foods up, instead of down.

  • I’d love to hear your thoughts on “maintenance weeks” during weight loss plan. This is when you purposely maintain weight for a week. The reason people do it is they claim it helps your metabolism, or it prevents your body from entering “starvation mode”.

  • I would find it helpful if more was written out in this hormone series such as what happens to hormones in the liver, and the term “hypophyseal portal system” (had to google) from the last video, and so on.

  • HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! Welcome to the third episode of “The Women’s Series”! This is an extension of episode 2, so if you need some background on hormones, make sure you watch that episode first! This video took me about 2 and a half weeks to make so definitely always love hearing your feedback on the information, editing and what you want to hear about next! I love you all so much! See you soon!! xoxo ��

  • I’d like to add that chewing gum apparently isn’t good for people with bruxism because it strengthens your jaw muscles and then you clench your jaws even harder at night ��

  • Hello! I think i messed up my basal metabolic rate because of constant crash dieting and regaining the weight with some bonus…
    is there a way to calculate my own particular bmr with a specialist so i can control my calorie intake accordingly?

  • I actually found this a bit of a relief. I’m starting to loose weight but was always a little bit disheartened and thought I had a ‘slow metabolism’.  
    What about when people say that by loosing weight too quickly you ‘ruin your metabolism’? Whats the thought process behind that?

  • I am an undergraduate student and a CNA that works night shifts. Because of my shifts and the nights I stay up to study I always feel so hungry. I think it is because of the fluctuating Leptin and Grehlin levels like you said. Is there anything that I can do so that I don’t overeat?

  • I’m about to do a refeed very very soon because I’m at a plateau after only one month of diet, and with only 2,5kg of loss, but I’m so scared that it ruined everything since I allready loose so sloooooowly:(

  • What does eating in maitaince and training (with moderate weights and hiit) do to your body? Can you lose fat/weight and gain muscle and how quickly are results shown?
    Love you channel ❤️

  • Can you please explain why eating small portions multiple times a day does not accelerate your metabolism? I’m crazy curious of this because it seemed totally logical to me all my life and I’m really surprised!

  • I just discovered your channel and now I’m binge watching your videos!! Also I love dancing too!! I dance for at least 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. Sometimes I go for an hour and a half because I just enjoy it so much.

  • I see you stressing EPOC (and encouraging HIIT), I thought walking burned fat more than running/strenuous exercises? Which one is true then( and more effective) for someone wanting to lose weight?

  • I’ve always wondered how to build muscle besides using weights and increasing calories. I’ve tried this and nothing has changed for me

  • just found your channel and I’ve been binging all your videos I started keto at a VERY high weight 17 months ago and had great progress (-110lbs) until the pandemic. Going into quarantine, working from home, and the shutdown of my gym sort of sent me into a tail-spin and destroyed my motivation. I’ve regained 10lbs but it feels like so much more, and I’m trying to find inspiration to get back onto the right track. I wish I could hire you as a personal coach!

  • HEYYY!! Do you think you could do a video on thyroid diagnoses and how credible the lab tests are? If no do you think maybe you could discuss it another way??
    BTW I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is it true that coffee or really anything with caffeine can boost your metabolism? I’ve heard it from so many people but it just seems hard to believe in my opinion.

  • Is apple cider vinegar good for your metabolism and drink tea? I thought this is what you were going to talk about since its on your thumbnail

  • Is there a significant difference in muscle building if you do strengthening exercises that are just bodyweight vs. using weights?

  • if anyone enjoys dancing, search HIIT hop if you haven’t already!!! it’s intense cardio disguised as choreography ���� so tiring but so fun

  • do an activity that you like: chess.
    I meant this as a joke but apparently it seems highly talented chess players loose up to 6000 calories during a tournament likeokay.. (correct me if I’m wrong, I just did a 5min research)

  • Its a real isue �� I dont eat or drink anything with sugar, and I eat just once a day cuz Im really busy in my office I dont have really time for anything, plus Im vegan my meals are always healthy but Im still 70 kg +2kg everytime! I find it amazing how cool you explain just everything ����

  • Let me be honest. I just click for the thumbnail pictures. I can bear listening to you for minutes but you need to deliver on your part of the deal and give me the appropriate amount of eye candy…

  • do brisk walking (2 times a week/4miles each) & rope jumping (500 jumps/day) burn lots of calories?
    can it boost my metabolism?
    its hard to do HIIT alone cause i already feel tired before i even started ��

  • Great series! Love how you dig into the research! <3 I feel like I have dieted most of my life. Now, at 49, I have an extra 10-15 that I can't budge. I'm lifting now and trying to actually eat more (and seeing some slow changes but gaining muscle which is good) but I wonder if my metabolism is at a crawl from years of restriction. A video for how to re-fire a stalled metabolism would be awesome.:) My instincts tell me go ahead and focus on strength training and healthy non-restrictive eating and the transition will happen. Is it a pipe dream? 😉

  • Should have least said one gram per pound of lean body mass, as a lot of people are not very lean and would be taking in way too much protein. Also a lot of which literature says.8 grams per pound of lean body mass. The old school one gram per pound of body weight really makes people go crazy over protein

  • Hi girl! I just found you and your channel seems awesome so thank you for all the great info you provided. I’m a 23 year old, 5’3 woman. I’ve been exercising 4-5 times a week which is all cardio and no weight training at all(I plan on starting some time next week). I calculated my BMR according to one of your videos. My BMR is 1470 and given my activity level the amount of calories I burn would be around 2000 calories in a day. I’m eating a pretty balanced diet I feel including veggies and whole grains but I’m eating 900-1000 calories so I’m at a 1000-1100 deficit in a day. I try to eat a little less on less active days and a bit more on active days but it should be around this range. I’ve lost 3kg(6.6 pounds) in 3-3.5 weeks. I did have two cheat meals in the 3 weeks and I don’t deprive myself of anything, I’m trying to practice moderation. Till now, I’m happy with my results but could you please tell me if this is okay since I am going for a pretty high calorie deficit?

  • Hi, a have a major doubt on how to gain lean muscle mass without gaining more fat? Because I want to increase my calorie intake as I keep losing weight, and I wish my legs were bigger with muscle, but I’m afraid I might just gain fat in my ab area which I struggle to keep lean.

  • Catabolism provides energy for the synthesis of new cells and maintenence of other cell function.
    Whereas anabolism provides the material necessary for cell growth?
    Could you please explain as to how these statements are true?

  • I have some questions. If someone is skipping meals and under eating calories, but they are overweight. Is it starvation mode keeping the fat, or they need to exercise more? Or some other underlying medical issues. I have been calorie counting and sometimes am too full to eat the full amount say I’d only get to eat 900 calories and can’t do more as I would be too full but I’m quite sedentary. Im 156cm and weigh 98 kg and really trying to lose. I used to only have a coffee then have a regular dinner i.e one or two meals a day and I’m not sure if that’s damaged my chances to lose weight.. Could I have something else wrong?

  • Love your videos Stephanie can’t watch your eating videos then I think I can eat like that also and you loved every ones comment keep it up I can now watch good content ������

  • Hi Stephanie check out the work of Ray Peat / Danny Roddy there absolutely is 100% an an eating modality designed for the thyroid health.

  • I just want to say thank you! I started my weight loss journey on April 1st and I lost 10 pounds. I currently weigh 121 lbs but I started at 131 lbs. I was doing the calorie deficit. I did the 1lb per week as recommended. I also suffer from hypothyroidism but thats not stopping me. I’m under medication and its regulated.

  • Hi steph!! I was wondering if the pse protein you take is low on fat grams, i have never take protein, but i really wanna try this one, im currently trying to lose weight but at the same time gain muscle ( i love weights)

  • Great Video, thank you so much for sharing! I’d love to see a science explained video regarding pregnancy and training maybe also with a small interview with Jeff’s Mom? I’d like to know, how long it is safe to train during pregnancy and how early it is safe to come back to a training cycle after giving birth:) lots of love <3

  • I agree with you 100% the only thing I’d add is that epoc is not that significant 5-10% that means if you burn a 100 calories the epoc will burn 5-10calories….not that much soo hit isn’t that effective for waight loss

  • I’m a man and I love this series. Before you accuse me of anything, I’m not even looking at Steph’s body, I’m listening while working. Although she does look like she was built in a lab.

  • I used to diet all the time and excessively work out and i never lost any weight. Then I went to an endocrinologist (basically a metabolism and hormone doctor lol) and i was diagnosed with hypothyroidism! I really recommend seeing one just to see if something could actually be off (for those of us who have seriously tried everything lol). Once I was on the medicine they prescribed, I lost 30lbs in one summer and I didn’t change my eating habits… on top of that i quit working out for like a year after and my body maintained the weight i had lost! Hope this helps some!!!

  • So…if I have been dieting for over 15 years…no joke….and killing it in the gym…with no real results should I just try to eat “normally” for like 2 weeks and try to heal my super messed up metabolism?

  • I have to admit that the just sitting and talking to the camera approach has me zoning out occasionally. Jeff has a few old science videos that were on point because he didn’t just sit and talk to the camera.

  • Everytime i drink green tea/coffee i always get super bloated and retain alot of water and i only shed it when i stop drinking it….��
    Its werid coz green tea is suppose to help in weight loss

  • wow thanks I was just trying to figure out the WHY? questions to why I need to know this shit and now I do lol thanks microbiology is so boring but this makes sense

  • I agree that people who are overweight burn more calories than someone the same height, sex and age at an ideal weight, but isn’t that just because it requires more energy to carry around the extra weight?.. do they have a higher BMR as well?

  • One myth I always hear is if you’re on a restrictive diet you can “slow down” your metabolism or go into “starvation mode”. How far under your BMR would you have to go and for how long for your body to actually adjust to the calorie restriction?

  • FYI…In my experience as an RN I have noticed that women of a certain age are frequently prescribed synthroid prematurely. That is, they are diagnosed with hypothyroidism without a complete metabolic work up that includes T3 and T4. This is a shame and many patients think that taking an exogenous thyroid is without side effects and is just part of getting old…..

  • Just discovered your channel and I am hooked. Please please please talk about intermittent fasting for women really need help in that area:)

  • Relearning how to eat and get healthy after having two kids in a little over a year and I’m so happy I found your channel! There is so much BS out there on weight loss so it’s amazing to have the RIGHT info from a learned person on the subject. Thank you and please keep up the life saving work!

  • You said that protein burns more calories. I have a kidney illness and because of it i have a lack of protein. (even if i eat alot my kidneys throw the proteins out of my body) Do you think that this could prevent me from losing weight? Or it could be harder for me?

  • Hi, I was wondering about swimming: I Heard that since you are exercising in cold water your body burns more calories to compensate the decrease in temperature, is that even remotly true? Btw really like your videos:)

  • Love, love, love your honesty and transparency with health! I did the calorie calculator to see how many calories I need to eat, now I can just watch what I eat instead of depriving myself. Keto, although great, but I use some of it and tweaked it and have my own thing and I’m losing the weight!

  • Is it possible that the reason why the pituitary responds to the feedback loop is so that it can respond more quickly to a need for more Thyroid activity? If it kept going until the Hypothalamus finally got around to telling it to stop producing, it would be all cleared out of it’s hormone, and have to wait for more signal from the thyroid to make it again. Am I understanding that correctly?