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Eating Salt Boosts Weight Loss? Could shaking a little extra salt on your meals throughout the day spark new weight loss? According to a new study, YES!

This newest study is continued proof that the age-old myth of high salt consumption compromising health to be nothing more than that a myth. Eating an extra gram of salt each day increased the risk of obesity in children by 28% and in adults by 26%. The study authors said. EATING salt could increase weight loss, a shocking new study has claimed.

Defying previously-held theories, the new research claimed Russian cosmonauts were hungrier when they ate more salt because. Eating salt could lead to weight loss by encouraging our bodies to burn fat, study suggests MOST OF OUR SALT INTAKE COMES FROM EATING OUT An astonishing 70 per cent of our salt intake comes from. According to book ‘ 101 Weight Loss Tips’ by Dr.

Shikha Sharma, a salt-free diet helps to shed weight by flushing out extra water from the body. This kind of weight loss is easy to rebound. People who eat more salt tend to weigh more. But maybe not for the reasons you think. Eating a lot of salt can cause your body to retain more water, which can show up on the scale as extra pounds.

In this article you learned everything you needed to know about sodium, salt and weight loss. You saw that sodium can bump your weight up by as much as 4 pounds (2 kilograms). Also, if you switch from a high sodium diet to a low sodium diet, your weight will probably drop pretty quickly. A 2011 review found that intermittent fasting was more effective at retaining muscle during weight loss than a traditional, low-calorie diet. However, results have been mixed.

Lower sodium DASH diet. You can consume up to 1,500 mg of sodium a day. Both versions of the DASH diet aim to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet compared with what you might get in a typical American diet, which can amount to a whopping 3,400 mg of sodium a day or more.

Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body. A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones (1.

List of related literature:

In addition to lowering blood pressure, clinical trials have documented that a reduced salt intake can prevent hypertension by approximately 20% (with or without concomitant weight loss) and can lower blood pressure in the setting of antihypertensive medication.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

For people who are sensitive to the effects of sodium, a diet low in salt often lowers water retention, which can be useful in treating high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and long-term liver disease.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
from Nutrition For Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler
Wiley, 2016

More severe salt restriction makes food very unpalatable, and caloric intake may decrease.

“Coping with Kidney Disease: A 12-Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis” by Mackenzie Walser, Betsy Thorpe
from Coping with Kidney Disease: A 12-Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis
by Mackenzie Walser, Betsy Thorpe
Wiley, 2010

If you’re following a high-carb, low-fat diet, yes, you’re going to retain salt.

“The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health” by Jimmy Moore, Adam Nally
from The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health
by Jimmy Moore, Adam Nally
Victory Belt Publishing, 2018

Interestingly enough, moderating your salt intake may have an unadvertised benefit: Lowering your weight a bit.

“Nutrition For Dummies” by Carol Ann Rinzler
from Nutrition For Dummies
by Carol Ann Rinzler
Wiley, 2011

Low salt levels will leave you feeling dizzy, tired, and lightheaded.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
from Keto Diet For Dummies
by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
Wiley, 2019

Salt is not one of them, and while some sodium in your diet is important, taking a five-day break from adding extra salt to your food will reduce water retention (think: reduction in belly bloat) and teach your taste buds to appreciate the taste of food instead of the taste of salt.

“The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality” by Phil McGraw
from The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality
by Phil McGraw
Bird Street Books, 2015

If the water is contaminated with excess salt, this can cause anorexia, weight loss, and eventually physical collapse (salt toxicosis)

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Over time, salt lost from the body doesn’t get replaced as quickly as lost water, and long-term exercise in the heat causes more salt to be lost from the body than would normally be replaced by food and sports drinks.

“98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!” by Cody Lundin
from 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!
by Cody Lundin
Gibbs Smith, 2003

Noakes references several studies that have shown people going for days with no salt or electrolyte intake and doing just fine at exercise.

“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” by Ben Greenfield
from Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life
by Ben Greenfield
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

Alexia Lewis RD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Heath Coach who believes life is better with science, humor, and beautiful, delicious, healthy food.

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  • Tgese cravings might have been happening to me. I thought it was a stevia side effect but it was lack of salt. Makes alot of sense. I realized the posible lack of salt and potassium fixed that and the cravings went away too.

  • You can’t go two weeks without salt only three days without salt is enough bc if you go much with out salt you will get low sodium

  • i had serious electrolyte dis-balance which caused me insomnia because of salt restriction..
    salt is one of the key electrolyte in human body. now i roughly eat around 25g to 28g of salt a day, that means 8000mg to 10000mg sodium and literally have no issue regarding hypertension.
    so salt restriction is completely bullshit. never ever do this…

  • I love the weight loss Q&A videos.
    Ok here’s a question. I have been vegan for almost 2 years and I have only lost 18lbs. I need to lose about 40 more. I feel like if I eat mostly raw then I lose but the moment I put a more hearty meal in me I gain weight. I am 41 and once I turned 40 it has been extremely hard to lose weight. Do you think my hormones could be off? If so which ones and what do I do about it?

  • That’s just not true. Pink Himalayan contains trace minerals that are needed in small amounts. It doesn’t matter if it’s mostly sodium you don’t need that much from the other trace minerals

  • I think you should make collaboration with suman sunshine. She always pressurize people not to have salt at dinner and not to eat after 7-8 p.m. she his having 5 lakh followers, so i think u should make video with her and clear the people regarding this.

  • I need to watch my salt intake because I have lupus with kidney involvement. I am currently dealing with high blood pressure so added salt is a no no for me….

  • The title should read “I give you opinions that this book had in it”. Disclaimer: I have never done any type of research, and the first thing that makes sense to me is right.

    You can tell he has no idea what the fuck he is talking about, and is just reciting paragraphs from the book.

  • I don’t like salt in my food so cutting out salt was easy for me to do as I actually prefer plain bland food. The only problem is when I eat out maybe once every other month I notice that for a day or two after I feel really bloated. My only fix is eating watermelon for the following breakfast and it seams to help.

  • Thanks so much for this video Hannah. I’ve been trying to do the no salt, and feeling guilty whenever I do add it. Not gonna stress about it anymore!

  • this is very interesting would love if you could check out my vegan beauty products video and offer tips on how to get subscribers and reach more people in order to be able to share the vegan message

  • Well, He seems to be really normal and nice guy. I always thought that he’s like narcissistic and rude. That was before i watched him at yt. That changed my mind completly. Great Work! Appreciate it!

  • Too much table salt consumption is now a major cause of hypertension in North India these days(alongwith saturated fats). People have started to move to rock salt. Although the hypertension is also a result of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

  • omg question ive ben dying for you to answer!! PLEASE ANSWER:( OR COMMENT. did you cellulite get better? did you do exercise for your legs?:( just wondering because I can barely tell by the lighting of were you took the after pictures, but you look GREAT & your so beautiful <3

  • Four years ago, I stopped adding salt to my meals, stopped using oils when cooking, increased water, fruits and vegetables intake, and I lost 10 lbs in one week. However, I thought such diet was going to be maintainable, but I was wrong. I gained everything I lost back within a month or two.

  • Great answer Hannah! I agree with you about the salt and I’m wondering, do you have any videos on how much fat is too much on this diet? I’ve been trying to keep it closer to 10% but there are a few days out of the week where i have closer to 20% I’m sure you get this question a lot, sorry if it’s been answered but I’d love to know how much fat you have in your average diet on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing so much of your time with us!

  • Salt is a purifier, And you can carry it to prevent Others from Draining your energy, if it is the Devil which is the Bahomet Horned Diety which was pimped out by your common fearful Christians, Same Thing happened With the Peaceful swastika Sign pimped out by Nazis

  • oh mygaaaahhhhd!!
    I’ve always had more of a ‘salt-tooth’ rather than a sweet tooth My parents always echoed that salt was the devil. This is badass.

  • Salt is like a grug to me. It’s a proper addiction but after what you’ve said, I’m going to start gradually eliminating the amount of sault that I eat because I have some extra fat around my stomach are that’s I’d really like to lose. I’m not overweight anymore. I’ve been eating healthy and excercising for a little over a year now but those stubborn few pounds just won’t go away from my stomach.

  • i started taking this guy’s advice, and for the past month i’ve been bloated and retaining all kinds of sodium, while gaining weight despite doing everything else right on keto (yes, water weight i guess). Unsubscribed

  • Bhai I agree that we need salt but the salt which is being sold in markets is refined sea salt �� which comes with lots of toxic chemicals which is very harmful and causes uncountable diseases. You should recommend your viewers to consume only sendha namak which is rock salt ��
    Ayurved states that sea salt is not good for eating

    And excess of any thing is harmful so applies for salt but salt less diet is also very harmful says Ayurved as we need all types of tastes in our diet to have a balanced diet

  • Agree! I don’t enjoy my meals salt-free. As my blood pressure is also very low it’s not even that bad for me to have a little more salt, I think.

  • Yes sir eliminating salt will only lead to weight loss(water loss) not fat loss. Salt should be only minimum in case of high Blood pressure not for fat loss

  • Every day for the past month i’ve been waking up in the middle of the night. Even when I wake up I feel tired and drowsy. I can’t focus. I gotta stop eating out.

  • because they are your sponsors…get out of here man.. sell out
    Redmond does the SAME THING…. over 20 of their elements are 0.0001 digits.

  • It’s lovely to see that you put your heart into what you are and (do)..
    I also have learned that eating a satisfying meal is so much more important than following something we are told is better of us. After all, who is best capable of telling us what to eat and do but our own bodies?
    I find being authentic most important, being caring and kind to ourselves. Thank you for sharing that! 😉 I also experienced the same with eating more when I was trying no salt! It only lasted a couple weeks in fact.
    Much love and appreciation

  • Sir kya stomach digestion ke liye Digemax usp tablets le sakte hai bcoz full diet meal ke baad bhi body muscle mass nahi bana paa rahi
    Plz suggest��

  • Even if you eat “low sodium” your salt intake is probably too high. So minimize and you will do well to prevent stomach cancer, HTN.

  • This is all old news, outdated, you need natural salt, with no grinded up glass. The grinded up glass is what causes the damage.
    Not natural Himalayan rock salt and other unrefined salts.

  • all symptoms you mentioned are not SALT’s culprit. this is not about the SALT, it’s about inflammation in your liver and/or kidney. SALT does not cause these inflammation/symptoms. You are attributing these symptoms with SALT when the kidney and/or liver were already damaged due to inflammation caused by too much sugar and carbohydrates in the diet. Salt is essential. You can’t overdose on SALT, provided you have a healthy liver and kidney, otherwise you should take salt with caution. Taking low levels of SALT is DANGEROUS to your health. Hope this makes sense

  • So I had a question I was wondering if I’m in a fast for longevity if I add salt to my water would that diminish the benefits of that fast

  • Thomas, how many times a day do you introduce salt into your body. I put a half tablespoon of pink sea salt in a gallon of water for work. I’m in fasting state. And I usually eat my first mean around 1pm. I add a bit of salt to my meal. And that’s pretty much it. Should I be taking more?

  • Food without salt tastes bland, it’s a well known fact if you know anything about cooking that salt enhances flavour in food. A bit of salt won’t hurt anyone.

  • The Irony is that if you look at the spices on his counter there seems to be a bottle of Morton Kosher/Sea salt-i can recognize the bottle anywhere! LOL

  • The last piece of health advice from main stream medicine I was following (low salt)… Now busted.
    For about 3 months now I’ve been eating as much pink himalayan salt as my taste buds asked for, and so far so good no crazy high blood pressure or any other side effects.

  • सर ये साले ज्यादातर आयुर्वेद वाले है उनकी की दिमागी उपज है, मैने भी इसे फॉलो किया जिसके कारण मेरा BP कम हो गया और भयंकर कमजोरी का सामान करना पड़ा वजन तो कम न हुआ BP की बीमारी अलग मिली काश में वीडियो पहले देख लेता, तो एक बीमारी से बच जाता है, BRO SCINCE के बाद अब मार्किट में भाईयुर्वेद का जन्म हुआ गली गली लाला रामदेव भरे पड़े और यूटुब पर तो इन आयुर्वेद भाई भाभियो की बाढ़ सिअगयीं है, आप एक झड़प इन आयुर्वेद वालो को जरूर लगाओ, ये लाइफ तबाह भी कर रहे है और इन्हें कोई कुछ कहने वाला नही, डब्बे में गोबर पिसाब भर कर उसके ऊपर आयुर्वेद का लेबल लगा कर बेच रहे और लोग लाइन लगा कर खरीद रहे है, आपके वीडियो से मेरे जीवन मे वास्तविक बदलाव आया है, ह्रदय से शुक्रिया आपका!!

  • I m really impressed with your knowledge sir �� i m a huge guru mann fan bt now you r also my teacher in fitness ♥️�� doing great job for all of us who are not able to contact you personally…. Thanks alot sir.. keep guiding us like this always��

  • Wild Animals either herbivore or carnivore living in hot humid conditions even in deserts, new born human babies thrive strictly on mothers milk only at least for a year and achieve normal milestones and are more healthier than their bottle fed counterparts, do not add salt to their food and they are strong and live a very healthy life, So be practical about this natural practical happening in front of us rather than getting entangled in the medical jargon, its marketing of salt and its additives which is forcing salt on human society leading to high blood pressure thereby damaging every different organs of the body causing stroke, heart attack, kidney failure naturally nearly every food on earth has salt in it and this is sufficient for human body consuming it, just its taste makes it a necessity for us and so we hide behind tasty recommendations of salt but what about other essential salts like potassium, magnesium, calcium they too have recommendations and we don’t follow them (and then too we are not deficient of them) because they are tasteless recommendation, So please be cautious because this salt is assaulting us in a tasty way. However in certain medical conditions one may need to be treated with salt,Have a healthy life.

  • Iodised salt is the easiest way to get the iodine needed for the hormones needed for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
    A lack of iodine will invariably lead to thyroid problems, which then will affect all of the bodily systems and the mind too.

  • Ive been trying to follow a migraine protocol. Which involves salting. I can tell you since I have done so. I’ve lost 20 pounds in two months. I have very little sugar cravings now. All I needed was salt. Shame on our govt saying we needed less, then what a migraine brain requires.we require 3x the amount of a average person. Most eat keto or low carbs. It makes so much since. Thx for doing a video and explaining the sugar salt connection.

  • but, doesn’t it make you hold water in your face and can cause bloating, “water retention”? the only way i could think to combat that is drink less water which is bad right?

  • But i can’t stand salty foods or salt makes me itchy and uncomfortable blotted
    I avoid salty foods processed foods cooking sith lots of salt
    Its,disgusting to me

  • For the last three years, I was in this reduce sodium increase potassium mentality. Now, for the last 25 years of my life, I was the kind of person that would eat oatmeal every morning. That would equate to 60 g of carbohydrates not to mention an english muffin. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why I was so lethargic and sleepy for a greater part of the day. Even though I exercised, I had this continuous brain fog that would never leave me. Only recently, a medical condition, has forced me to reconsider my dietary lifestyle. These last three days, I have eliminated all wheat carbs from my diet and reintroduced salt. Within three days, I have shedded well over three pounds of water weight. As I am writing this, I just came back from my Sunday workout and I am not experiencing any lethargy and/or brain fog despite the fact that I exercised vigorously. Stupidity in life is expecting different results while keeping the same habits. I was ignorant for a greater part of my life. If you always wanted something in life that you couldn’t have, consider doing something that you have never done before.

  • I add humic acid to 3 X as much salt and add that to my food. Humic acid is the natural transporter of minerals that all plants use and is the best organic trace mineral source on the planet. Wapa bay mine in Saskatchewan sells bucket full humic acid for about $30 Canadian. 12 kilo buckets and I use about an ounce a year. A lifetime supply.

  • Apparently from ‘What I’ve Learned’ youtube channel, you can avoid the “Keto flu” by just eating enough salt during that transition period.

  • Dang, I feel bad now, I threw out a container of “real salt” a while back thinking it was some knock-off brand (it was very old though). I’m going to have to get more of it now..

  • I notice none of your references mention anything about “low quality salt” or the trace elements. Do you have any references supporting that part of the video?

  • @Scott Herman….salt causes pain on the bones and joints once u get older….it’ll get u….or bags under the eyes……THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE SAYS…….¿what u think? thanks for the info brotha..

  • There talking about processed salt not good Himalayan salt, which has about 76 minerals in it and a good source of electrolytes!

  • For me personally I find that my cravings are reduced when I DON”T add salt to my foods. I think it has more to do with the strong flavor of salt. Also healthy salts tend to drop my blood sugar making me crave due to hypoglycemia.

  • Salt (sodium chloride), it has chemical property of holding water with it which you can well appreciate during high humidity it becomes moist or cakes(nowadays anti-caking chemicals added in table salt to prevent caking like calcium silicate, sodium and potassium ferrocyanide, poly dimethyl siloxane etc), So in our circulatory system it holds water and increases circulating blood volume causing increased pressure on blood vessels, in young healthy subjects blood vessels are elastic and they sustain such pressure rise but over the course of age they start to deposit fat in them causing luminal narrowing and hardening giving rise to stroke. So every type of salt either table salt(over fortified for marketing) sea salt( with micro plastic and pollutants found in modern sea), rock salt(is dried natural pure sea water trapped in the mountains/rocks /layers of land) retains water to raise the blood pressure “SO EVERY SALT ASSALTS” as every food in nature has appropriate amount of salt (sod Chloride) in it and this is sufficient for healthy human. However in few medical condition salt therapy may be needed.

  • Tem minutes of very bad medical advice. Most people do not get enough salt because they have been told that it is bad. Go a week without salt and see if you are still alive.

  • I wonder why Real Salt is labeled as “nature’s first sea salt,” while it is by any measure rock salt (of course, many rock salt mines are results of evaporated ancient sea water). For me, sea salt is not inherently better than rock salt, and vice versa.

  • …Why… Why are both Italian nuns and Italian “non-nuns” listed?

    I mean, since it’s 3,300 mg per day for both, why not just “Italian women” ahahah?

  • Sir I was skinny fat and have no muscles, now after 1.5 years of training I gained some muscles but some of my friends who are less experienced and less stronger than me look more muscular than me. Why is it?

  • I’m so glad I’m completely abnormal adding a salt lick to my diet. I’m not being completely facetious; I literally just sprinkle some salt in my hand and lick it off. I find that to be most tolerable to me. I’d rather deal with a salty palate then cleanse it with a normal drink and/or food that consuming a salty drink or saltier food.

  • Some people make the same argument for cholesterol and saturated fat… so at the end of the day how do people know what to believe.

  • Thank you to all the wonderful people that support this channel and make it possible! As we grow and grow and produce much more content, it gets increasingly difficult to keep up, but it’s because of the positivity of our viewers and sponsors that this is all do able.

    BTWI have zero shame in having sponsors that make these videos possible. I do a great job of making sure that the education is first and foremost and that there is always something applicable without using any sponsor. You don’t have to buy the products I pitch in my videos at all. They are there to help if you wish.

    If I continue to make this full time, then I need to make a living too.

  • This explains why I always craved Salt & Vinegar chips when I use to be skinny!! Lucky for me I’ve never had a sweet tooth for it to switch to!! But my thyroid went out of wack & I gained 40 lbs!! So I started keto 3 months ago & dropped 9 lbs. in 21 days & gained almost all of them back even though I’ve been in ketosis for 2 weeks straight! My legs are cramping almost every night, I have edema, a headache & extremely fatigued. A nurse told me I was adding too much salt (even though I only eat once or twice a day with less than 10 carbs). I totally think after hearing this I’m not getting enough salt!! Thanks Thomas!! God bless!

  • Oh yeah…taste wise there is no comparison to Redmonds. Don’t promote it too much, or everyone will be eating it and they will drain the mine and we will be screwed lol. So, shhhhh with the promoting Redmonds.

  • Lets not Forget West Africa History Ghana set up the rules of trade. Trade was even an ounce of gold for an ounce of salt. The kingdom of Ghana did not have gold mines or salt mines, but Ghana got rich handling the trade of gold for salt. After a while, word reached the east coast of Africa about the riches to the west.

  • The trace minerals that occur in sea salts change the the way that the sodium is metabolized by the body. In nature sodium doesn’t occur without other trace minerals. Some studies have found that table salt (sodium chloride made in a factory) is linked to higher rates of hypertension and other ailments. The body needs the trace minerals and sodium together.

  • I don’t ever use salt and you’re rightI grave sweets ALL the time….very interesting thanks! I’ll buy some next week when I’m in Ogden Utah moving my daughter to college go Weber State.

  • Great information. I like watching your videos and learning little bits of information. Some of it might be a little BS. But you make up for it with the tone of your voice that helps me have a good bowel movement.:-)

  • It’s funny to hear explain “why he doesn’t have salt in his house” without science, and a concrete explain that supports why salt might be bad or good…

  • You’ve covered the salt/potassium/magnesium interactions in another video but you really should be talking In mgs/lb of body weight and not just telling people to willy-nilly consume salt.
    I’ve been on a modified keto diet for several months (10/20/70). I mostly alternate between Warrior diet and OMAD. When I break my fast I try to do it with a few olives and a couple of ounces of good quality cheese (Jarlsberg is a favorite) One serving of that has 750-800mg of sodium
    Additionally, I have a heart condition so I keep my daily sodium intake between 1500-1800mg per day. You see where I’m going with this? Just that little snack takes me halfway to my daily sodium.
    I understand your point about the quality of the salt but you aren’t giving enough creedence to the naturally occurring sodium in fresh foods.
    Not everyone on Keto has sodium deficiency. In fact, most people (not talking about serious athletes) get upwards of 3000mg in their regular diet.
    That is more than the U.S. RDI of 2300mg which is too high.
    The Canadian RDI. of 1000-1500mg/day is more than sufficient

  • Ek confsion hai sir mere dieting pe hu caloric deficit pe hu kia or main sirf dinner meal main he toda 2pinch salt use karta hu usse zada nhi pure din main toh kuch hoga toh nhi na
    Matlab salt ek he meal main bas
    Salt ek dam kam kardiya hu kuch hoyega toh nhi na

  • This is the real deal. I started a diet and a few weeks later just lost my drive to workout. I was forcing myself to lift everyday. Tried this and it was exactly what I needed. Thank you!!

  • I watched one of your videos that you said truffle salt was your winner, but majority of your videos you talk about pink salt, so should I stick to Himalayan and not get the truffle salt?

  • @we r stupid Akshay in thyroid (hypothyroidism) issues the bloating happens I have experienced it myself,

    Developed thyroid issue (hypothyroid) as an after effect of surgery of my kidneys (pcnl for staghorn renal calculi)

    I gained about 20 kg in one year after surgery and now my entire metabolism seems slow for life as my glands are working 100% I had to follow a very strict and restricted carb diet for 3 months to loose fat and lost about 18kg in three months (of course unhealthy)

    But it actually impacted by bloating (tightness of belly without eating much)

    In bloating people also hold a huge amount of water also so as rightly said by you bloating occurs when there is a harmonal disbalance but not only in females but in males too if there harmonal glands are stressed or compromised for some reason
    What I understood of my body is there is a connection between carbs and water which if not managed properly holds water in body and all those who’s harmonal system is unbalanced should get their harmonal level checked as nothing else slows your metabolism which leads to bloating and weight gain ( am saying weight gain not fat gain so as explained by Akshay there is a difference )

    Great work Akshay sorry for the looooong comment but it is worth the time to read and write both I hope


  • Akshay sir this is young India
    Bygod aap logo se statement Suno
    Litteraly bhut gusaa aata hai bolte hai intake of protein se weight gain hota hai lol

  • I’ve always eaten a high salt diet and I maintain that this advice to cut your salt intake to practically nothing is irrelevant to most people. I think there are some people who maybe react badly to a high sodium diet but they are not the majority.

  • Here’s a couple of issues I have with the promotion of salt. First,salt is an enzyme inhibitor. Enzymes are catalysts for every function in the body. It basically mummifies you acting as a preservative which is why fish will not rot when covered in salt and is hanging outside in markets. Potassium is it’s antagonistic element and we need that well over sodium. If you have a lab test all healthy, unprocessed foods before man touches it, the potassium is 5-10 times over the sodium content. Is nature flawed where man needed to intervene and collect salt from around the world, package it and cover everything we eat with it? When you have too much, the extra cellular sodium invades the cell wall and becomes intra cellular. The potassium is suppose to be intracellular so you essentially kill off the cell. All of the great health pioneers of the past who lived well into their 90 disease free like, dr. Norman w walker, Charlotte gerson, jack lalanne, Paul Bragg, etc.. advocated little to no added salt. Plenty of high quality, utilizable salt in celery, kelp, other vegetables, melons and fruit. Why add the salt shaker. That’s unnatural. This is nutritional biochemistry we are talking about here.
    Maybe this is promoted because this Keto craze has people depleted of any carbs (which hold water ) so they are desperately attempting to hold onto it another way by overconsumption of salt which holds water too. So, you gorge yourself on salt to retain or bloat your cells with the water you don’t have in your beef jerky skin cells due to Keto draining you of it in the first place. Crazy to me.

  • After getting sick and not eating for a few days, during recovery I found that I was so sensitive to salt, that common canned soups and fast-food had so much salt my gut would reject it via gaggin and even vomiting

  • personally I wouldn’t give much credits to a study based on 1 single person that has a medical condition…that same person could have a mental condition for what we know…

  • Ek sanyasi farmesi b h sir
    Jise expose krna bhut jruri h
    Pta nhi ayurvedic k nam Pr Kya deta h
    Mere ek dost ne liya tha 2 saal phle bechare ka fart kr kr k bura hal ho gya tha
    Or chehre pe swelling ho gyi thi
    Aaj uska b video dekha Utube pe b h vo
    Aaj b dukan chl Rhi h btao uski

  • Do you have SALT brand recommendations that are more globally available? Im in asia (philippines) we don’t have Redmans salt here.

  • Sir I have heard not read or have no proof just heard that the absorption rate of soy chunks is 60-70 percent is it really true??
    This means if I eat a 100g of these chuncks then I would be getting only 30 to 35 g of protien

  • I’m seem to be very sodium responsive. When I add Himalayan salt while fasting or on keto I swell terribly (ankles, lower legs, face, hands etc.) Am I getting enough with bone broth?

  • I have a high Aldistrone and such a child that you talked about you when I swim in the sea I felt a strong desire to drink from the sea and then I did a hair test and showed that the level of potassium is high and does not fit the level of low sodium> Is meaningful or link to this video

  • Dr. DiNicolantonio in The Salt Fix shows how eating the right amount of this essential mineral will help you beat sugar cravings, achieve weight loss, improve athletic performance, increase fertility, and thrive with a healthy heart.
    SALT: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

  • I add lemon juice to my potatoes and it gives them sort of a salty taste, you should try it out 😉 I personally don’t use salt because I’m not used to it and I’m really sensitive to it, I use cayenne pepper, basil and lemon juice instead. But as you said, I don’t think salt could stop fat loss or anything, too much is obviously unhealthy, but adding it in a small amount to food on your plate for flavour is not bad at all.
    I love these Q&As, thanks for uploading! ♥

  • Wow I put salt on my fruits, salad, pizza, veggies even in my milk sometimes. Including cereal. I even add salt the my Fry’s at McDonald’s this video definitely woke me up

  • Good quality sea salt like Pink Himalayan and Black Celtic have in excess of 81 different minerals that are excellent for the body. Many people are deficient in these minerals and don’t even know it. Our bodies are essentially made up of mostly salt water (in certain concentrations). Unless you have high blood pressure, there is NO reason to stay away from a good quality salt.

  • You just contradicted yourself. You said to drink lots of cold water ��. Btw, I’ve been eating tons of salt since I was 6 years old. Tons. I’m 70 now, and in good health. Might want to reflect on some of the things you so exuberantly share and don’t try to be funny. If one has to try to be funny, they aren’t funny. Hope this helps. ��

  • only a few minutes into this but a question has popped into my head. where does bananas and stuff like soy sauce come into this? I have bananas in smoothies regularly and I make my own ramen with soy sauce quite regularly too. thanks x

  • As some have previously stated, it is important to substitute white for pink salt. white salt is mainly used in studies regarding hypertension and so forth. White salt is definitely not healthy for you. Many off the shelf organic products use pink sea salt which is ideal.

  • I appreciate the fact that you share your experiences with us. It’s logical and very helpful and intelligently thought out. Thanks for sharing.


  • But you need salt in your body especially if your on creatine which means you have to drink ALOT of water which in turn lowers your salt in your body. Its not bad for you in moderation like most things

  • Thanks so much for this salt advice. I have never been able to fast because I would feel sick after 12 hours of water fasting. But I tried it again by adding a tiny amount of sea salt to my water in the morning and I actually feel better. I found out that a combination of 1/2 cup of coffee and a pinch of salt in the morning gives me the energy I need to start my day!

  • Hey Bud, did you know that nearly half of Americans have heart disease? You know what is a leading factor of heart disease? Too much salt. It is literally rampant in almost all the food we have available. Guess what your little keto diet won’t fix if you are consuming too much salt? Death from heart disease. Thumbs down.

  • That is fine and dandy with salt consumption as long as you don’t have high blood pressure. If you have hypertension then too much salt is detrimental to your health and is proven to elevate your blood pressure.

  • My grandma died at the age of 89 three years ago and I never got to ask her why she was giving the sheep big boulders of salt in the summer… (there are many things I wish I would have asked her). That explains it

  • Salt free or reduced typically increases potassium cholride as an alternative so thats ankther thing you have to be mindful of. Foods suck hahaha

  • i refuse to eat chicken breast without seasoning. I’d legit rather kill myself. So pretty much it’s chicken thigh/leg or breast with salt. Which is healthier?

  • I eat what I want when I want,


    Cause I want to die happy.

    We all gonna die, I don’t need to follow all these trends.

    I am not applying to appear on Love Island.

    Thanks anyway

  • I tried this the other day both before and after my workout. 1 small glass of water with a teaspoon of salt and a bit of honey (unmeasured). It was one of the more energetic sessions I have had in a while. I also noticed I could lift heavier, more stamina AND I recovered faster..aka no DOMS. I’ve only tried this once thus far, but I was honestly pretty surprised how much of a difference the salt/honey made.

  • hey bud I thought the bloating was from the gluten…. would a person be able to avoid bloating if the carbs contained a solid a mineral profile? what would happen if someone ate low quality carbs but added iodine and Redmondas real salt as a supplement?..

  • Very true! I can PROVE that constant thirst and needing to go to the bathroom A LOT even if you didn’t drink anything after the last time you went are 2 of the MOST NOTICEABLE signs of DIABETES! Not just type 2. Type 1 also. Weird, salt has no carbs. But trust me. I know.

  • Thanks Thomas! I’m here following a Google search because my Winco “salt free” peanuts were actually lightly salted. Being cheap, I ate handfuls of them, anyway, instead of tossing them out. Lo and behold, other than an apple or two and about half a cup of the peanuts, I didn’t feel hunger and didn’t eat anything else the entire day….I got salt-free peanuts again, and now I’m hungry and eating regular meals. Guess I was lacking salt. This might explain why I sometimes crave ramen at night (oh the convenient combo of carbo and salt and liquid!) even when I’m not hungry.

  • Can you please clarify regarding vitamin and multivitamins needed as supplements for muscle building and fat loss. Please please please make a video on this.

  • Salt has nothing to do with blood pressure. As a mater of FACT, Salt helps regulate the HART. Mineral salts like pink salt are obviously the best because of minerals. Table salt refined of all it minerals and added ALUMINUM is what makes it so bad for you. Salt too taste UNLESS you have some kind of physical problem that needs special attention. Check out (Ken Berry MD) to get the real FACTS on a KETO diet. Salt fats good, Grains sugar bad.

  • Sir can you please throw some light on the differences between the himalayan slat(sendha namak) and iodine salt.
    Do we really need the iodine promised in the iodised salt?
    Thanks in advance.!!

  • Honestly.. not gonna do this salt diet / stop eating salty food, cause at some point I’ll just crave for it and eat 5 times the amount of the usual salty food I eat if i hadn’t done a diet.
    just make sure u don’t exaggerate with the salt and everything will be fine

  • Hello sir..I have a confusion about muscle blaze. Is they really giving 25gram protein in one scoop or it is amino spiking..because label content is not matching with 25gm protein..
    And please suggest me which protein is best..

  • Nobody is truly here to hear about damn salt… but for that Body, talking bout whatever he wants to talk about�� Sexual Chocolate!!!

  • When the whole salt phobia and fat phobia kicked in I went 0 fat 0 salt. I thought the lower I kept them they better results I would get.  Well, that fucked me up so bad (I’m still recuperating ugh). My hormones got out of wack, my vitamin D3 went flat lined (I didn’t know you need fats in order to absorb D3) my hormones (estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) were out of whack (again, you need fats for hormonal health) and my thyroid acted up (iodine needed for thyroid health). This lead me to gain 30 lbs, loose some of my hair, and feel sick.Not to mention depressed.  I was using lots of supplements to help me cope with all of this. 
    Now I eat more fat and salt and finally I am starting to feel normal again. Mind you, as I have mentioned before, I’ve been vegan for almost 15 years, I was at a normal weight, and was content until I fucked everything up by developing this fear of natural plant base fats and natural sea salts.
    Ladies don’t fall for any of that orthodexic crap. Eat a plant base diet, low in fat (low, NOT zero like I did), and keep your carbs high to help you power your day and work outs. Not to mention feed your brain.

  • So the advice we have been getting is exactly what causes all the health problems. hmm that’s one way to guarantee the sale of medication for 60 yrs. “I’d Buy That For A Dollar!”

  • Totally the opposite is true. Diets low in salt cause heart disease and strokes. You must be paid off by the sugar industry to demonize salt. And the fat faced woman is eating too much sugar and of course a non-fat diet.

  • its the salt! not the massive fruit smoothies / sugar and fruit juice included in RT4. salt is whats making people blow out on RT4 because RT4 is perfect in every detail.
    RT4 introduced the idea that salt blows people up in weight

  • Sir I’m eating much Protein like 150 gm from chicken and eggs and whey protein and also taking 500 more than maintenance calories to gain muscle mass but not getting any results so any point where I’m lacking

  • this is why i have been going all out the past few weeks. keto brownies, cooties, cakes, pies! great stuff but i was low on salt bro!

  • i have had for yrs leg cramps,usually after heavy excercise or long bike rides.i never got rid of them and thought id tried everything,they have rujined many bike rides where i felt fine.I recently started putting 1ml sea salt in my coffee each cup and after 2weeks my leg cramps are gone.I have also lost weight.

  • Sir Apne Muscle blaze ke bioenzyme ke bare mai jo bataya unke channel par ek channel hai 20kg down unhone ussey pura fake Sabit kr diya sir plzz muje ap ki reserarch par Bharosa hai plz sir dought clear kare * us bande ne *lab report ke sath fake clear kr diya

  • Gosh you are soo beautiful Hannnah.. jealous! 
    Great topic and video. I love how you say ‘can’. “As much as I can”. It sounds like you are British like you are saying ‘cun’. hehe.

  • We just need a healthy potassium to sodium ratio and less processed foods! I need more salt than a normal person because my body doesn’t process salt like most. I have EDS, a connective tissue disorder and it effects a lot, including my blood pressure which is normally pretty low, usually 109 over 48 to 55. Thank you for sharing!

  • It’s important to understand that the 2.3g of sodium daily requirement is not set for every day and any time of the year. It depends on many things, like how hot or cold it is where you are, how much water you drink on that day, how much exercise you did that day etc. Exercising a lot depletes sodium, drinking lots of water dilutes your body’s salt content, hot weather makes you sweat etc etc.

    All these factors have to be taken into consideration.

  • Processed food has a lot of REFINED salt, True! But the body is designed to push out excess sodium by flushing the kidneys, If healthy.. Anti caking agents in refined salt has Aluminum. Drink plenty of water for flushing sodium but ALUMINUM is a whole other problem. Aluminum is not magnetic so is very difficult to extract from the body and aluminum is toxic as hell. Think Alzheimer’s disease. Check out (Ken Berry MD)

  • I have CKD 3. While in the hospital for emergency reasons, the doctor ordered, because of edema, my usual dose of 160mg of Lasix, to be administered via IV twice a day as previously described by my nephrologist. In four days time I lost 20lbs. I was forced to have to urinated often. Now that I am out of the hospital (apx 2 months) I am well on my way to gaining all of the lost water wt back! DANG!! * My belief is; the more salt I eat, the heavier I will become. Tho I was in the hospital for an emergency, I was not put on a low salt diet. I ate almost everything the hospital gave me and, had a hard time sleeping. I wonder why 160mg/day via IV took 20lbs off but, the same dosage, at home via pills is allowing me to gain wt. I am aware that sodium is even in raw meat. HELP!! I thought a low sodium diet would be easy! HA!!

  • Agree, agree, agree. Hclfv diet has become obsessed with not adding any salt. Salt brings out flavour in foods and we NEED salt to balance electrolytes in our bodies. The problem comes when people are eating processed food that is ridiculously high in salt (and usually fat). If you look at the amount of salt in a many processed ready meals it is HUGE. Adding a small amount of salt to food to increase flavour and enjoyment is fine. Yes, excess salt can make your body retain a bit of fluid but like you say this has nothing to do with fat.

  • Sir i am a civil service aspirant and i did workout for some days. What i found i tend to sleep after workout. How can i balance my workout that would enhance my study too. I know study and workout both are important for me. Please suggest me…

  • Man us bodybuilders have it good don’t we..? Eat 3-6g cinnamon a day, drink whey at ‘this’ specific time, drink bcaa’s pre/intra/post workout, salsa dance upon waking 3 x 12 reps for good luck, riding the bus after 6pm kills gains, wake up at 3am and take a crap otherwise your glucose levels will take over the world.. and now add salt to your pre workout. I guess everyone was doing it wrong and was small in the 1900’s etc. What ever happened to just hit the weights hard and eat clean?

  • Well I always want to go to the bathroom but i think it is because I drink a lot of water but I m not thirsty but I drink because me mother says me to drink it

  • We use a lot of canned soups and I’ve stopped drinking water as much because we moved and the water tastes horrid. I don’t add salt to any food usually, but I have all these symptoms so I’ll try to watch what my family eats

  • Another thing is that I heard is, too much salt can cause sebaceous cysts in your ear lobe and I have a couple:/ it’s annoying and hurts sometimes. Also I can’t wear earrings anymore! It hurts to poke it.

  • Sir Ji Mai Norway ���� meh tha waha peh log Khane meh pink salt hi khate hai aur log waha peh patle dikne ke liye kuch bhi karte hai

  • My husband is a snow plow driver and the Redmond Real Salt is what they put on the road! LOL! Every year when Redmond comes to their office they bring loads of samples, which he brings home to me.

  • Stupid……water weight is actually a stubborn thing….. If u have high salt diet…….. Daily requirement is 2500mg…….don’t spread fake stuff like this…… I had a plateau at my weight reduction………. Even if my daily content was below 100g carbs……. More than 100 g protein and Daily cardio of half an hour………. I seen there was still bloating in my abdomen area…….. What it was……. Water weight…….. Due to the high salt……. After restricting salt…….. My fat loss has started again

  • Ok this is exactly what I needed, i got some pink Himalayan salt & have been using it way more often. I have headaches and fatigue like crazy now �� super thirsty & bloated from salt and water retention

  • The problem is calcium chloride that is used in place of sodium chloride. Calcium chloride is exothermic and causes inflammation in the body. It’s used in processed foods because it tastes more salty and its cheaper, but it’s poison. You wouldn’t want to eat arsenic salt or cyanide salt so why does the FDA allow manufacturers to use calcium chloride road salt? Stick to sea salt, it’s necessary and good for you as you say.

  • Nice video sir thank u for this and
    Pls make video on myth of cholestrol harm our body and egg yolk cholestrol is good or bad….

  • Great video. Just one comment on bloating. Sometimes it does happen mainly caused by indigestion etc. But yes all the time if u r bloated that means u are just fat

  • Bit of a mistake with the grams at 7:37: 1.5g of salt has 590 mg (milligrams) of sodium. That means 0.59 grams of sodium. I suppose it’s the same at 7:25 (1 gram of salt has 388 milligrams of sodium). On another word, love your video and your channel Simeon! Really love your “regular guy” approach that makes everything accessible for all of us!

  • I remember when i eat salty potato chips almost everyday i was performing beter in gym now am avoiding salt i have terible workouts i will start ading more salt in my diet

  • You said the Pink salt is more expensive? I get it for $2.49/lb at my Kroger’s bulk bin. That Redmond salt is $15 for one small bottle and like $9 for a 1lb bag. I’m confused about that

  • First time I am not agree with u. It’s salt making in lab and our kidney water retain in our body. So totally disagree dost. Sorry

  • I have 2 quest.
    Can i perform every set/most exc as drop set?
    Can i increase dosage of yohimbine 5mg to 7.5mg?
    Yohimbine or ECA which is better and safe? Kindly reply

  • Sir kya naturally bulky body nai ban Sakti kya literally aajkal har video’s me yehi show horaha ki bina steroïd body hi nai banegi I am confused ��‍♂️

  • This makes soooo much sense. If I ever get a craving for sweets I eat a dill pickle and it kills the craving immediately. Now I know why, thank you

  • Too much salt = You are ALL BLOATED and look like a piece of shit.
    No salt for months= First You look great then after months when sodium is low or almost none You are BLOATED (face mostly) and look like a piece of shit.
    Been there. Done that.

  • Sodium is already present in veggies like carrots, spinach, beets, celery, broccoli, tomato, cucumber, yogurt, sweet potato & other various daily consuming foods. We don’t need to add it in our diet. Daily consumption should not exceed more than 5 grams. Excess intake of salt more than 5 gms per day causes bloating, excessive thirst & flatuence. It also causes more water retention & weight gain.

  • hey man i have to bend my arms down to my feet and i still have cramps and i dont eat salt or sugar (im allergic) please find something to help me 1 like=1 help him

  • My mom is a salt addict she puts extra salt on nearly everything because she thinks it doesn’t taste of anything otherwise. She continues to do this even though she knows it just removes her ability to taste things in more.

  • Dr Gundry recommends sea salt with iodized iodine. Lots of sea salt and Himalayan salt does not have iodine. We need iodine. Costco has Himalayan salt with iodine at a great price (Canada).

  • hey know-it-all Panda guess what??
    Salt has other effects besides flavoring
    you know what else it does??
    it draws liquid out of food when cooking.
    If your not cooking with salt you’re not doing it right.
    salty ass

  • There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that salt is bad for you… the research if you can so we can read it. Research is different from articles and opinions. Name the research. Salt is good for you, we need salt, when you’ve had enough of it you won’t eat any more of it……you can learn a lot from a cow licking on a salt block, they will travel forever to get salt and when they’ve had enough……they stop licking it ✅

  • Hi i have a qustion
    Im 14 years old and i started going to jym before a week and i train good
    I want to ask does it mateer to my high

  • Thomas, can you talk about the addicting trifecta of carbs, salt, and fat that every fast food restaurant and junk food company capitalizes on EVEN in foods that shouldn’t have any sugar like McDonald’s Mayo? It all makes sense after watching this

  • You are brilliant…or am I? Lol you just explained lifelong sweet craving which goes hand in hand with my anemia and is insatiable but at the same time I crave salt with my food big time and no matter how much I put on it is insatiable too….thank you Thomas.

  • 7:42 Mine is 100/60 average while laying down, 110/70 while doing sports, It’s rarely above 120/80 and I consume probably around 5-10 gramms of salt everyday

  • If you sweat profusely while drinking an excess amount of water, you can get water-poisoning, which basically means you’ve depleted your body of sodium.

  • Be ultra careful while sulphur (pure form) is vital to good health, sulphur-dioxide is extremely harmful, especially to the lungs.

  • Hi ya ��
    I was just wondering do you know of the diet where you drink Epps and salts because I bought it a few weeks ago in the health food store but I’m still to chicken to drink it lol what’s putting me of is that people also use Epps & salts in there baths so I’m like thinking What the he’ll would that do to my insides??? lol like I’m thinking if i drink this very salted water wouldn’t I vomit??? I don’t know lol
    by the way you look fabulous x x x

  • Most land dwelling mammals seek out salt in one form or another. Elephants in Africa have created caves systems from decades of digging with their tusks into cliff walls to harvest salts and minerals from the earth. Parrots in the Amazon do similarly, perching on the side of cliffs and chewing the mineral clay wall. They intuitively know to subsidize their plant based diet. Salt has become so demonized. Moderation in all things is what’s up.

  • Thank God I stopped putting salt on my food over thirty year’s ago.
    Practically every thing we eat or sauces we put on our food contains salt.
    The word Salarie, comes from the Latin word for salt as the Roman soldiers were paid for their services with salt.

  • No salt in the diet will lead to hyponatremia, salt is needed for the body. “Water retention” is a good thing. If you overeat food you become fat and that’s why you “look” fat not due to water retention. If you’re talking about glucose being the water that makes you look fat again you are wrong, you body fat % fmneeds to be lowered to look healthier. Slowly losing weight.5 to 1lb a week. Water, salt, carbs and fats are all good for you. How much you consume, and how poorly you exercise will not fix this. If you want to look good, find a reputable trainer or look up 3DMJ food pyramid and learn to eat right.

  • I randomly tracked my food intake one day in cronometer (eating the same way I do any other day), my sodium intake was like 2,700 and my potassium like 5,200. I’ve heard a 1:1 ratio suggested for sodium and potassium, but my sodium was half my potassium. I’ve been feeling dizzy during my workouts at some points (usually leg days rather than upper body days), this video is making me wonder if lower salt is my issue. I’ll start having like 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt Preworkout and see if my problems go away.

  • You should specify that added sugar is what’s bad. Fruit and other Whole Foods Higher in sugar like sweet potatoes do NOT affect us negatively like added sugars does, in fact they are incredible for our health.

  • i like the way you bust myths on the basis of scientific studies and facts. I would like to request you to make a detailed video on intermittent fasting. Apart from this i would like to know sir when did you joined the air force and which squadron were you in. Thank you

  • Sir Mai apna pura din ka diet Mei salt use karta hu…but Mai processed food nahi leta hu…so is it good to take salt in all my meals in a full day of eating…?

  • Great video and, as always, you explain the science behind it all in a way that we can understand! I do have one question; does pink salt break a fast? I recall another video of yours that said it did, but please correct me if I’m mistaken. Many thanks:-)

  • Expectations from you come true. Really a very informative video. Scott. Sugar is the killer, not the sea salt. But salt can also kill in some way… I mean cocaine..Lol

  • The thing people need to remember with a high carb low fat diet is that its low salt and low fat, not no salt or no fat. I incorporate small amounts of avocado and salt into my diet almost ever day.

  • When they tell you to cut back on your salt intake they’re referring to processed salt because of toxic chemicals that they used in the process!

  • uhhh im addicted to ketchup and is this bad im saying aaaaadddiiiiicccctttteeeedddd i use on salad i even use on cake���������� but i dont oofed so

  • The RFID chip is the Mark of the Beast 666 Got it? Take it out!!!! Get baptized with water calling me n the name of Jesus Christ Acts 22:16 and ACTS 10:45-48 Revelation 13:16-18 Rev. 2:10 Holy Bible

  • I am a YouTuber too!! & i love your all videos and the knowledge you give❤️ it would be my honor if i get a chance to meet you someday Akshay sir.

  • I want to be in great shape and I’ve been dieting and training hard for three months, but no results. It’s so depressing. Am I really supposed to go the rest of my life never eating a jelly donut or some ice cream? I can’t eat chips when I’m watching a film? I can’t enjoy Halloween candy with my kids?

  • Our bodies dont need a single ounce of salt, it needs sodium. just so everyone is clear when he talks about needing salt and the benefits of salt he is taking about sodium. Salt contains sodium and so does many other things.

  • One of the many errors in todays nutrition guidelines. that 2.3g sodium per day limit has no scientific backing as you said. Here’s the study you missed when you did your research: Thats over 100.000 people in 17 countries for almost 4 years monitored for sodium and potassium excretion, and matched against mortality. result: optimum sodium intake is about 5 gram sodium (thats about 12g salt), and about 2g potassium.

    You’re getting better with your nutrition topics:-)

  • The RFID chip is the Mark of the Beast 666 Got it? Take it out!!!! Get Baptized with water calling on the name of the Lord (Jesus) Acts 22:16 Acts 10:44-48 Revelation 13:16-18 Rev. 2:10 Holy Bible

  • Ramdev baba kahte hai ki na nmk khayo aor na khana khayo sirf khana hai to bottle gourd ka juice Piyo vah bhi Bina salt ka to to jaldi se weight loss Ho Jayega lekin Kitna harmful Hai vah Kyon Aise bolate Hain

  • Damn the pink salt to hell its crazy the fda allows this an is ok with it just imagine what esle they allow to pass thru out food bastards

  • Don’t ever loose your fantastic distinctive accent. It’s like a trademark. You are awesome dude-gotten addicted to your channel.

  • Are you going to revisit saturated fat and red meat now that you are on board with salt? Many of your videos say good sources of mono and saturated fats are coconut oil, and olive oil. Of course, the best source of mono and saturated fat is red meat. I also recall you saying to limit fat intake to 20% of total calories. This would put carb intake around 50% after sufficient protein? There is a lot of very good science out there now suggesting this amount of carbs is unhealthy for “normal” people. I wonder if the science changes all that much for heavy lifters. I don’t know the answer, since obesity is not really an issue with your audience, but the metabolic and mitochondrial function of the body shouldn’t change all that between promotion of good health generally and promotion of increased muscle mass. Some carbs to help explosive movements and acute energy makes sense, but I would not imagine that 50% of calories from carbs is necessary for that function. Finney and Volek have done some good work recently into very low carb dieting in athletes. They may focus more on endurance training though.

  • All vegetables have natural salts (celery, leeks, artichokes, kale, cabbage, spring onions, etc), and if you’re eating them every week, there is no way you would be sodium deficient.
    I have a high sensitivity to salt, so I have not added salt (not even pink himalayan or kosher salt that everyone’s been telling me about) for 11 years now, and I don’t have a sodium deficiency or low salt intake according to the tests I’ve taken. I don’t crave salty or sweet foods (I actually find sweet fruits a bit too sweet, and have no need to add stevia or monkfruit or coconut nectar to my smoothies) as my palette has cleansed and my tastes have changed.
    Of course, because of this, I can never walk in to a place and casually order a meal because, guess what, salt is in everything..! It’s astonishing that, even at health food restaurants, you’d be hard pressed to find a salt-free meal because they pre-prep their ingredients, and salt is a flavour enhancer. Without it, customers with regular palettes will say that the meal tastes bland.

  • Been on Carnivore 4 weeks…salt is a MUST for energy metabolism. Taking about 7 grams daily with food and a few 1/4 teaspoon servings with good quality water, especiallybefore a workout (playing with dosing) Redmon is the best.

  • This really helps explain many things for me! The first couple of days going keto were hard, and man did I have some serious headache. Thomas, can you help me try and understand why my moods have been REALLY bad?

    I am already very lean, and not doing keto to lose any body fat (although I must admit, I’m super cut right now), the main reason is to try and clear a skin condition. Anyway, I am finding that going low-carb is making my mood terrible! Is this normal when cutting back? I used to consume lots of fruit, and have cut that right back.

    I also IF from 4-5 days per-week, anything from 16-18 hours.

    Any suggestions, or videos that can help will be much appreciated!
    Love your work dude:)

  • Salt gave me bloating and loose stools on keto. I still get 1-2 grams of sodium a a day but my potassium has to be much higher or else I have these problems

  • as simeon has said elsewhere, moderation and balance is key. salt isn’t inherently bad, and if a person is at all interested in getting into more homemade meals salt is important and extremely helpful. there’s a reason every chef keeps some salt at hand. roasted chicken must be so bland at simeon’s place.

  • 2:43 I did this and ended up with hyponatremia (low blood sodium) which is JUST as dangerous as high blood pressure. Just enjoy your food and pray.

  • Thank you for the useful information sir. Cloud you please let us know does replacing normal iodised salt with pink or rock salt is really worth it.. thanks in advance.

  • Love this video ❤��
    I wish I can explain this message to my stupid in-law that keep making me stories every single time we are on table. No Salt, No Salt, don’t put salt on table, we don’t eat salt sorry about that �� �� man @& you stupid idiot ������