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It takes about 20 minutes to feel satisfied once you begin eating but if you’re standing or on-the-go, you’re more likely to be distracted and not register when you’re full. You’re also more likely to consider what you ate while standing or walking as a snack rather than. Standing May Lead You to Overeat. Some people believe that standing while eating can help you lose more weight than sitting while eating.

However, the. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says standing while eating may lead to eating mindlessly or eating too fast. In fact, mindful eating may prevent compulsive overeating, according to a study in the April 2018 journal Scientific Reports.

Standing May Lead You to Overeat. Some people believe that standing while eating can help you lose more weight than sitting while eating. However, the opposite may be true.

Even though standing up may burn around 50 more calories per hour than sitting, this is not necessarily enough to make a difference over time. In fact, most nutrition experts suggest eating while standing up may risk overeating and may not be as beneficial as sitting down for a meal or snack. While most people don’t binge with the same abandon, even occasional bouts of unconscious overeating also sometimes called “eating amnesia” can lead to. Overeating occurs when you continue to eat beyond this point of fullness,” says Erma Levy, a research dietitian at MD Anderson. Overeating can lead to unwanted weight gain, and carrying excess weight can increase your cancer risk.

But it’s not just about the unwanted calories. Overeating affects your body in. eating greasy or heavily seasoned foods eating foods that are difficult to digest Sometimes the feeling of stomach heaviness is a symptom of an underlying condition, such a. Hedonic eating involves eating for pleasure; and this type of eating can become compulsive because humans need joy.

We’re wired for it. While hedonic eating is really common, the good news is that it’s the easiest place to start working. All you need to do. Why do people stress eat?

Some research suggests a gender difference in stress-coping behavior, with women being more likely to turn to food and men to alcohol or smoking. And a Finnish study that included over 5,000 men and women showed that obesity was associated with stress-related eating in women but not in men.

List of related literature:

Standing has other physiological benefits as well, including increased bowel/

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In fact, you can easily consume hundreds of extra calories a day (if not more) when you eat standing up.

“The Diet Trap Solution: Train Your Brain to Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good” by Judith S. Beck, Deborah Beck Busis
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You get the feeling the food you eat while standing up doesn’t really count.

“Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting” by Bethenny Frankel, Eve Adamson
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It is for this reason that sitting still makes the stomach fat and the rest of the body thin; whereas movement and friction make the stomach thin and fill out the rest of the body.

“Complete Works of Aristotle, Volume 2: The Revised Oxford Translation” by Aristotle, Jonathan Barnes, Professor of Ancient Philosophy Jonathan Barnes, Princeton University Press
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Eating too much at one time, such as when on holiday or attending a party, may cause food stagnation, which may generate Damp-Phlegm or Damp-Heat and obstruct the movement of Qi and Blood.

“The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture E-Book” by Peilin Sun
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Afterward, most clients are more aware of the fact that they are sitting; they feel their weight more clearly when asked.

“Principles and Practice of Stress Management, Third Edition” by Paul M. Lehrer, Robert L. Woolfolk, Wesley E. Sime, David H. Barlow
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Overeating also stretches the stomach so much that when it empties, you feel like there’s a cavern that needs filling.

“Fit for Life: Not Fat for Life” by Harvey Diamond
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It can’t do that very easily if you’re eating standing up, on your way to work or while watching TV!

“Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty” by Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar
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Interestingly, the energy exerted while standing (and possibly pacing) while you’re eating out of the refrigerator or over the kitchen sink counteracts the calories in the food you’re eating.

“The Art of Cheating: A Nasty Little Book for Tricky Little Schemers and Their Hapless Victims” by Jessica Dorfman Jones
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Eating while standing; this can give the illusion of not eating a meal

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  • I used to eat a lot and be almost underweight cuz of metabolism, like i ate a nutella/chocolate jar in barely 3 days, and always ate a lot just for pleasure. Is that BED? I never felt guilty about it or anything, plus didnt gain weight

  • I’d binge for about three weeks because I feel sad and then hardly eat for about three weeks because I regret everything. I also sometimes have small periods where I eat a lot and then afterwards feel so disgusting like I need to throw up everything. I don’t actually vomit, mind you, because it takes a whole lot to make me do so since I have a very unresponsive gag reflex.

  • I didn’t even know this was an eating disorder. I just kept telling myself that I’m so lazy and all sorts of hurtful things..i can’t believe this

  • Just told my boyfriend about my issues with BED. When I eat, I feel so comforted. However, when I’m done eating my brain just calls me a fat pig. Then I get anxious and eat again for the comfort. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m so thankful that my bf is sticking by me through all this crap. My binge eating definitely comes from the fact that my food was restricted when I was a child. Once, I started sneaking food at school because I was soooo hungry. Being able to actually be full made me feel so much better. My mom-a very abusive parent-found out very quickly and when she did all hell broke loose. She told me we were going to Wal-Mart to get me “big girl” clothes. Ironically, at a doctor’s appointment a couple weeks later, I found out that I was still EXTREMELY under weight. To this day, I still have anxiety about eating, but since I eat often to get rid of emotions, I end up eating more than I should. I’m obese now and hate my body.

  • I did a lot of different kind of restrictive diets before it results to this now. I’m sleeo deprived and I usually eat once everyday or whenever I’m awake but usually at midnight i eat everything I can consume and I feel like vomiting and it’s hard to breathe somtimes.

  • I don’t realize I’m doing it until I’m almost done. I’ll be so full but my brain will tell me just a little more, a little more and you will feel better. I started when I was 8. I was dealing with verbal abuse and emotional abandonment and it was the only way I knew to cope. It’s still a coping mechanism that I’m desperately trying to manage.

  • I don’t know what my issue is, but if I don’t eat, i don’t feel this intense need to eat until I burst, but if I even eat one bite, i can’t stop. All day, constant eating. The only way I can keep from eating myself to death is by not eating all day, and then eating a pretty normal sized meal before bed. I’ll be too tired to stay up and wait until I get hungry again. By morning it’s usually digested to the point that my stomach is empty. My stomach itself isn’t stretched out, and I can’t fit more than 2 hotdogs into it, but if I even take a bite, i can’t stop. It’s horrible. I can’t even fill up on salads and fruits (which i love) because I have to be on a very low fiber diet. I don’t think it’s related to the trauma that I’ve been through. My emotions don’t compell me to eat, it’s just a horrible raging appetite that I can’t control on my own. It’s like a mental tapeworm.

  • So I take it that being on a nutritional I.V. while lifting weights would be a bad thing then? Seriously, this is good information Kevin, and I had never really considered these things before! I have always been seated for breakfast and dinner, but sometimes at lunch I would stand, figuring it would be good for my body, but you have shined a new light on my darkly lit brain. Regarding eating with the non-dominant hand, after a while, then that hand becomes efficient at feeding, which leads one to become ambidextrous. Here is a funny (weird) story (rated gross): I always have used my right (dominant) hand when doing the paperwork on the toilet for solid waste cleanup. Once, I had some minor, but annoying, nerve issue for a while in my right hand, so I switched to using my left. Of course, initially, it was awkward and almost not a viable solution. But, it was not long before my left (non-dominant) hand had mastered the neurological skills necessary to get the job done perfectly. Well, to close out this “thanks for sharing” tale, once my right hand was all healed up with no nerve issue, I decided to return to wiping the normal way for me… and guess what!!! Yep, sure enough, my formerly dominant wiping hand had become as clumsy as my left left hand once was. But, I quickly regained my right handed skills, and for a while, I was completely ambidextrous with the paperwork, but I bet if I now did an experiment, my left hand would again be a pathetic tool for the job. Oops, I guess I got a little side tracked here, seeing as how the original topic was eating sitting down with the non-dominant hand. Sorry ’bout that! I once read long ago that it takes 20 minutes for the brain to get the “full” signal, which is our signal to stop eating… so, if we wolf down a meal in twelve minutes, the potential exists to way over eat because the signal that we are full won’t hit for another 8 minutes (a valid reason for eating with the non-dominant hand to slow the process down).

  • binge eating disorder is so peculiar because food is essential for life. it’s not like any other disorder or addiction where you can just work towards cutting it out of your life completely or just try to forget the problem. you will always need food and to eat. i know it’s bad but sometimes i ask why i couldn’t have been anorexic or an alcoholic or literally anything other than a person with binge eating disorder. i hate how embarrassing this disorder seems and how misunderstood it is and how little attention it receives. no one ever seems to understand the severity of it yet seem to so easily be able to sympathize with people who have other addictions or disorders. i feel like usually being overweight is a product of binge eating disorder and i hate how much society hates fat. for me, that’s what adds even more embarrassment and guilt to this disorder that already carries enough shame with it. people seem to glamorize any other disorder or addiction, and it’s interesting how most of them lead to the opposite of weight gainie anorexia, drug use, etc. no disorder is glamorous but binge eating seems to be the least glamorous of them all and that makes it that much harder to overcome it.

  • I feel completely alone when it comes to my BED, every time I come back to this community on YouTube, all of your stories really help ❤️

  • I just realize I have also bing eating disorder a few weeks ago (self analyzed by the way since I read that a binge eating is the exact opposite of anorexia where you just want to eat and eat and eat even though you know its bad and you just keep eating). This is how I was and still am. In 5 years I gain 20 kilos. Before that I need 9 years to loose 20 kilos (by eating right and exercise a lot). But it come back again only in 5 years. This is not because I stop exercizing. No I keep my exercize but I stop my diet and start to eat as much as I want and as frequent. The result? I gain 20 kg (40 pounds) in weight just in few short years and still counting.

  • I developed binge eating as a habit the same way this guy did. And now, as an adult, I continue it because I do not get acceptance from others now. I’ve starved my way to a normal BMI twice in my life and the way people treated me different means that even now I am not accepted at my weight. So, I stay with what feels good, even if it kills me, because at least it never leaves me

  • I feel so bad for people that struggle with any ed:( I use to binge eat A LOT before and now since I’m developing anorexia it’s just all caving in my head and my brain is telling me “look at how much you ate, how many calories would that be now? You fucking pig, you should eat less today for just thinking about that” It hurts. I use to eat because of my feelings but now I can’t even think about eating like that without thinking I need a punishment for thinking about it:(

  • Do not call it cardiac sphincter. Please. Cardiac arrest is, when the heart stops beating why introduce a word meant for describing the heart to the stomach? Just call it sphincter. Or stomach sphincter. But cardiac means heart. Sounds very, very silly even if correct.

  • I literally cry when I hear the word binge eat. There was a time in my life where I was DEAD. I didn’t care about hygiene or anything else. I would just wake up and wait for the sun to set so I can sleep. Eat every time out of boredom or every time I got sad I would go buy food. Someone close to me started saying things such as you are fat or you are ugly. I had severe acne and I still didn’t care. High school was a nightmare. There was a time where I didn’t feel like going to school. Unlike alcohol or cigarettes which you can quit, food is an essential thing. You still need it, and it’s hard to control it when it becomes a comfort, I’m so happy that I finally turned my life around and I’m happy to say that I have gotten control of my binge eating. I have never felt so happy and healthier. I hope anyone who is struggling out there can get through it. I’m sending hugs and love to all of you out there, don’t let anyone keep you down. You are a person and you deserve happiness like everyone else. It’s ok to hit a bump…,we will get through it and have a success story someday ❤️

  • i didn’t even know it till a little while ago, but i’ve had a strictly binge eating disorder to cope with my parents divorce since i was like 8 years old and now im 13 and have anorexia & bulimia so that’s great. be careful people eating disorders don’t have a shape or size or anything, it can happen to anyone of any gender at any age.

  • This was powerful. I’m not sure if others deal with this, but I’ll be out to eat, at the grocery store, or getting fast food and I’ll have this wild, innate fear that the amount of food I’m getting will not be enough and that I will end up completely hungry and dissatisfied, so I basically black out and order/buy way more food than I need. Like I’ll be at the take out window thinking I’m getting one thing, they’ll ask what I want and then I’ll just keep ordering, like I can’t even turn it off. Then I get home and get halfway through, realizing if I stopped eating now I’d be content, but blink and then the food is gone because I didn’t want to think I wasted money on it.

  • This is so inspiring, that he speaks about it. This needs to be seen. Heard. Understood. So many suffer and dont get help. I cryed because food can contoll your thoughts 24/7

  • Thank you, for lunch I ate more than expected and I didn’t even realize! Now I’m skipping dinner:) This doesn’t count as overeating but I ate more than usual so yea haha.

  • These kinds of disorders don’t really exist in India. America is very unhealthy. Not even eating real food just processed flour with chemicals and sugar.

  • I found you through the don’t mess podcast and OMG why is your YouTube channel not popular?!?! I swear after listening to the podcast I just had to check you out! I’ve tried dieting sooo many times and the last time I did was a few months ago when I actually got down like 30 pounds the problem is since I’ve stopped, I’ve now gained almost all of it back. And honestly I have come to realize I do have a binge eating problem and listening to you on the podcast made me realize that it’s not about losing weight it’s about learning how to be healthy for myself both mentally and physically and the looking good part comes as a bonus ��. So thank you so much and definitely post more!! ��

  • Im 20 years old, a normal weight, but I have bulimia with exercise purging. I was eating “well” (aka very little) all day, and then I woke up hungry and ate 10 oreos. It made me feel so angry at myself and so upset, I got up and am now walking 8 miles at 4am to burn off all the calories. I’m very aware this is a problem, bulimia is hell. I want to sleep but I hate myself until I’ve exercised. I’m trying to find a way to recover but I feel so out of control of how I feel.

  • These are demons guys. Nothing can cure this sickness except Jesus. I struggle with binge eating. I use to be bulimic for a couple of months. But satan made me want to take pills like laxatives and die. We need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ our Lord. He died for us so that we can be free from bondage and sin.
    Please acknowledge that these sicknesses are demons wanting you to stay in sin and die and go to hell. They just want souls and hate humans with a passion. Please seek God. Nothing in this world will give you eternal life and freedom and purpose except Jesus. He is the ultimate physician who heals all things and make them new.
    Repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord.

  • For anyone who ever judges. Think of being a drug addict trying to over come it but you still have to be around it everyday. Hard to still have to eat but not over eat.

  • he’s been through so much that it’s going to take a lifetime to cure his mind…My heart goes out to him but I know he can do it <3

  • It makes me feel so validated to read the comments. I always feel like my eating disorder isn’t valid because I’m overweight rather than underweight.

  • I’m sorry. I’m 16 and a few years ago I thought ED were a joke, a “stupid” thing. Few months ago I was close to anorexia and now I have to cope with BED. An eating disorder distructs you. Deeply. I hope we’ll feel better

  • I know that is an old video, but I know where this young man comes from, I am there right now, struggling everyday, fighting for my life and health…. searching desperately for love…. you are so brave for telling your story! I would love to hug you, really! You are an awesome human being! And so is everybody here in the comment section, feeling alone and destroyed…. I am sending a hug to every single soul! Keep fighting you are worth winning this. Worth of being free and happy and healthy ��

  • Actually I am glad that most of the people in the comments understand the struggle. I’ve been suffering from it for years and I didn’t even know that I was sick till recently and I couldn’t have the courage to visit a psychiatrist because I am always worried that I won’t know what to yor they won’t understand and now with the quarantine it’s getting worse and I don’t know how to selftreat myself and I don’t know from where to start

  • When he talked about his brother, I felt his pain.
    I was 14 when my 20 year old brother died. This june will be 5 years without him. From the day he died I had no appetite or just wanted to eat everything. I had no appetite for days, weeks even. I remember though, at his funeral, the part after where everyone goes into the room with food, I ate… So much, so many of those little sandwiches, we had his favorite chips, I ate so much.
    here I am now, turning 19 in 3 weeks, and I have struggled with my weight on and off and I finally started going to the gym, but then covid19 shut everything down, I was upset about it, I’m stressed about the state of the world right now so it mkes me eat more, I’m trying so hard to eat better, my bf and I go for walks often, but AI just want to eat, I want to eat all the time, chips, burgers, buns, donuts, soup, pasta, rice. It never ends.

  • We judge everyone by their size but we just need to ask them if they are okay as we never know what’s going on in someone else’s life

  • I feel you. I began to binge eat when my mom kicked my brother out. Then I found purging. That wasn’t enough so I started fasting. It NEVER brought my brother back. Knowing what I know now…I want all to be normal

  • I saw you on Christine and Chris’ video new subscriber! You are the kind of voice I need for myself been overweight almost my entire life and struggling with my identity as a result of that. Keep up the great content!

  • My friend just told me that she has had an ED for many years. I’m trying to to understand how she might feel and what she’s going through. I’m the only one she has told!!! Please!!!If you have any advice on how to help her,how to talk to her about it(what to avoid),how she might feel,and generally what I can do for her! Leave me your comments!!!Thank you!!♥️

  • Soup is not as nutritious as other food preparations that make you eat slow. Salads and foods that involve cutting (such as a piece of meat) make you chew more and are way more nutritious. Soup will make you feel full without ingesting enough nutrients in your diet (if you eat three meals a day).

  • I binge eat every 10 days. It used to be everyday of my life. I found a way around it I workout and eat healthy all 9 days but I write down everything that I want while staying healthy so on the 10th day I eat everything on my list. I understand how you feel bro. Stay strong! Food shouldn’t be a shameful thing. Foodies unite!!!

  • I can relate so much. I will eat healthy all day and all of a sudden I have irresistible urge to eat and sabotage myself ��. I hope I can overcome this.

  • What about people who will over eat anything available when they’re depressed or bored? But when they are not depressed and busy, will eat a normal amount?

  • I have a binge problem as of rn (darn you COVID) I also starve. I enjoy nothing about food. I eat it because I crave the feeling of chewing and swallowing. I HATE feeling full. I HATE everything about food. Except chewing and swallowing. The only thing I like is when it at least tastes good. When I actually think about food, it really doesn’t taste good. So…. I binge to feel the feeling of chewing and swallowing different textures etc…. I starve then I binge. It’s never been like this either. I’ve been starving then eating normal on and off for a year now. Ever since a couple of weeks ago this problem has erupted. I’ve realized how I truly feel about food. And when I’m not in the starving mindset, sometimes I only eat because I don’t like feeling dizzy and sick. If could never eat, I would.. food has ruined my life, it’s an addiction I crave sugar, but the minute, no second I get it, I hate it. Same with carbs. Nothing about food is THAT enjoyable. I don’t think I will ever change sadly. Ugh

  • My binge eating is not nearly so severe as this man, but I can relate to everything he described about how it feels. And honestly I know that if things keep going the same way they are now for the next ten years or so I will end up being the same size as him. Its really scary, and yet I have no way to fix it.

  • Thanks sweetie, I really enjoyed this video. I’m a perfectionist, all or nothing kind of person, I try to think that I’m on my way to recovering from this.

    Usually in the past if I blew it with any diet it, I would overeat / binge because I didn’t stick to the plan perfectly. I’m now being kinder to myself and moving on, I still have the rest of your videos to watch which I’m looking forward to binge watching ( couldn’t help the pun ). ��

  • The beginning quote was everything I’ve I’ve said to myself and I understand it completely.

    Crazy to hear the same thing from someone else.

    God bless you in everything. We hear you, we are so sorry for how you came up. No one asked to be born in the situations we are but we must overcome them.

  • I didn’t eat for a few days and then I ate a little bit of something and thought “ I can have a little more” and that little turned into a lot and the guilt from eating so much made me eat more

  • Im honestly always switching between binging and eating almost nothing. And it is pure hell. I don’t remember the last time I was full.

  • Thank u so much this helped i was overeating n didnt know i was painly sick of it my stomach so big n pain stretching in stomach great info god bless u

  • These videos are helping me so much. They are helping me make sense of the roller coaster of thoughts and emotions I’m experiencing while rejecting dieting. I can’t thank you enough. ��

  • i will be full and still eat. it’s even harder for me now because i’m staying at my aunties for my college year and everyone has commented multiple times on how fat i am. and even i know i’m average weight. but now i want to lose weight so bad. i want to be skinny. i cant binge eat infront of them so i will do it when they’re out or asleep.

  • i don’t think i binge eat i mean i eat a lot through out the day for my age but whenever i eat a large amount of food like even just a hamburger like in. n out size i would feel guilty or i’d feel really fat. and then 30 minutes-2 hours later i would continue eating more and then the cycle continues. i don’t think this counts as binge eating i just want someone to like lock the fridge sometime or just help me.

  • Are YOU Team SIT or STAND?

  • I’ve recently stumbled upon tons of people speaking about “colloidal silver” and how it’s “the ultimate antibiotic”. I think it’s a bunch of bogus, but im still intrigued by what these people seem to believe. I think colloidal silver would be a great video topic for your pseudo science series!

  • I’m 11 and like 180Ibs with a help with thyroid problems but more of mine. Binge eating is very hard to control and it’s like your body is doing it on it’s own and that leads to regret and deppression ofcourse. If you also have this stay strong because I know I’ll one day look the way I want to and feel accepted by my family for once. Any weight loss tips?

  • I notice some good stuff on your counter top behind you, such as bananas, nuts, avocados, and sweet potatoes. Oh, and I also noticed what appears to be olive oil 😉

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you if you struggle with binge eating or restricting or never feel free with food read “the fuck it diet” by caroline dooner! It literally changed my life and I got free from worrying about food AT ALL. I did not binge since 2 years now because of this book. And I struggled a lot before. It was the only thing that truly helped.

  • i’m coming here to watch this again this is about the seventh time i just binged and i felt like i needed someone to relate with and to make me feel less bad about myself

  • I love your concept and I will try to do it, it resonates with me because the guilt of wanting certain foods and the guilt of eating it makes me want to eat it more and think about it. Thank you more of this please ��

  • hi i’m have been eating healthier recently and i’m trying so hard to heal my eating habits i no longer binge frequently it’s just occasional and i’ve been eating balanced. i have been abused since day one and until recently (1 year ago) everything has calmed down. i get verbal abuse from my dad and sexual abuse from my boyfriend still. i no longer have to deal with my moms exs that would hit me or mentally torture me. one of her ex’s that i lived with for about 6 years was a body builder and had a short temper he would verbally and sometimes physically abuse me. one thing he always would do is make dinners and in large portions considering he was a body builder. i was around 10 at the time and he would yell at me and force me to stay at the table until i finished my dinner even if i was completely full or didn’t have an appetite then would be very nice to me after i finished eating dinner. this gave me a really bad relationship with food. i stuff led with anorexia on and off and then binging after a year of bulimia. i realized now that i haven’t fully recovered from binging and it’s been almost 6 years. i was overweight when i was around 13/14 then became anorexic shortly after. i would eat 700 calories a day and sometimes only 300. i would restrict then binge on tons of carbs. my dad would always buy me a mcdonalds happy meal and we’ve never really had much of a bond after i reached 7 and we only bond through food now (going out for lunch/dinner) that also would affect me a lot. my mom has been anorexic on and off her entire life with occasional bulimia and she’s is very hateful towards bigger people. when i was putting on weight she would say so many disgusting and hurtful things to me and would threaten to take me to fat camp and still till this day she “jokes” about bringing me there if i eat a unhealthy meal every once and a while. i have a very bad habit of feeling like i need to finish all of my food on my plate even if i’m too full and then when i finish it i’ll feel upset with myself and binge more. even with drinks i’m insecure if i don’t finish the whole thing in one sitting. i really don’t know where to start or how to get help. it felt good letting all of that out though

  • Love the casual style video, raw and real. I have found myself saying why am I not at that point yet of recovery where I am not so tempted to eat what’s in the cupboard so I really needed to hear this, and you’re so right, the people I watch who are at that stage would have been through what I am currently going through and it’s not a good idea to compare as we are all at different stages of recovery

  • My friends says it’s emotional eating when normally I’m just hungry and get a snack but then I’m not full so I eat like more than average then I’m still not full they have said there ashamed to take me out to dinner or party’s I just want to stop but I can’t:(

  • we need to shed more light on BED. i start off the day telling myself, you can do it. Eat when your hungry, stop when your done. but by the end of the day i can’t do it anymore. i eat because i feel that’s all i have to do. it’s all i can do. it makes me feel good for a few moments until i go and look in the mirror and look at my fat stomach. i hate it. i hate my perception of food.

  • I don’t know how I developed BED, but I did and it’s really fucking hard. I am very insecure about my body and I tell myself i am going to stop eating so much junkfood, but then I do. I just eat and eat and eat and then just I feel like shit. It feels pointless to try and resist it, it’s just so hard.

  • Lately ive been binging and comfort eating quite a lot. My parents’ dog died who was like a friend to me so that’s kind of triggered some of it. Also i realised i dont really let myself eat treats without guilt and feeling like ive messed up, so the whole day stretches out with no fun foods which i find really hard, then i think ‘i cant do this, i might as well binge,’.
    So yesterday i thought, ok ill eat a moderate sized dessert after lunch every day. I thought today i would definitely have something sweet after lunch, but i didnt feel like it, so i didnt. Also its 4pm now (binge urge time) and i have no desire to binge. Feel like ive made a small breakthrough. Thank you for your video. Btw i was thinking i would stop referring to dessert and stuff as ‘treats’ as really i want to incorperate them into my regular diet. ‘Treats’ makes it sound like im only allowed them once a week or something. Does that make sense? Xx