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Low-carb, low-fat diets and longevity

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“Low fat diets could kill you” | PURE Study or POOR Study?

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Hunger with a low-carb vs low-fat diet

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Will a high carb diet kill you?

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Low-fat diets have been preached by nutritionists, personal trainers, and even members of the medical community as the key to weight loss and optimal health. But, new research indicates that eating a low-fat diet could increase your risk of death by up to 28%. Related

Low-fat diets could actually raise your risk of early death by a quarter, a major study has indicated. The Lancet looked at 135,000 adults and discovered that those who cut back on fats had far. L ow-fat diets could raise the risk of early death by almost one quarter, a major study has found. The Lancet study of 135,000 adults found those who cut back on fats had far shorter lives than.

(Our HFG menu plans average around 30 per cent energy from fat, but they do vary). A low-fat diet, at less than 20 per cent energy from fat, would be a lot lower than we’re used to. There is good evidence that consuming a low-fat diet will lead to weight-loss, if. Low-fat and low-carb diets are equally effective for weight loss in highly controlled situations. However, in free-living obese people, low-fat diets tend to be less effective than low-carb.

On the contrary, a very low-fat diet has been found to reduce risk of recurrence for certain types of breast cancer. Some researchers are conducting more clinical trials with cancer patients, looking at how diet affects patients, along with chemotherapy and radiation. A great way to do that is with the TLC diet, she says.

The diet caps the percentage of calories you take in from fat, and also places limits on sodium, dietary cholesterol, and total calories. Will low carb diets kill you? �� It seems an odd question, given the well-researched benefits weight loss, insulin sensitivity, brain health, and more of going keto. But the media loves a good story and low carb, “early death” headlines are sprouting up like weeds, and the issue needs settling.

That’s why we took a hard look at the research a tour of sound science, bad. “Low-fat” foods must have 3 grams of fat or less per serving. “Reduced-fat” foods must have at least 25% less fat than regular versions of those foods. “Light” foods must have either 1/3 fewer. Adopting a low fat diet can be a positive approach to healthful eating.

It is vital to keep eating beneficial fats, such as those from fish, avocado, and seeds.

List of related literature:

For example, the advisability of consuming a diet low in saturated fatty acids, total fat, and cholesterol is supported by strong evidence of potential benefit in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as comparatively weaker evidence that low-fat diets decrease the risk of certain kinds of cancers.

“Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk” by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, Commission on Life Sciences, Committee on Diet and Health
from Diet and Health: Implications for Reducing Chronic Disease Risk
by National Research Council, Division on Earth and Life Studies, et. al.
National Academies Press, 1989

Following a diet that is low in saturated and trans-fats and rich in fruit, vegetables, fish, and whole grains can also reduce the risk of heart attacks by as much as 80% (Haskell & Eisenberg, 2002; Rimm & Stampfer, 2005).

“Psychology and the Challenges of Life” by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
from Psychology and the Challenges of Life
by Jeffrey S. Nevid, Spencer A. Rathus
John Wiley & Sons, 2009

However, in obese subjects, when low glycemic carbohydrates are incorporated into a hypocaloric diet, there is a greater decrease in insulin resistance than can be accounted for by weight loss alone.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

The vicious cycle to obesity is shown, in which chronic exposure to a diet low in protein and high in nonprotein energy (carbohydrates and fat) can drive overconsumption, metabolic disorders, and shortened life span unless excess ingested energy is dissipated (see chapter 10).

“The Nature of Nutrition: A Unifying Framework from Animal Adaptation to Human Obesity” by Stephen J. Simpson, David Raubenheimer
from The Nature of Nutrition: A Unifying Framework from Animal Adaptation to Human Obesity
by Stephen J. Simpson, David Raubenheimer
Princeton University Press, 2012

Despite the urge to treat patients who are failing to thrive due to mitochondrial disorders with a high-calorie diet, this should be avoided because it is not effective and results in the generation of toxic metabolites from the inability to metabolize food.

“Current Management in Child Neurology” by Bernard L. Maria
from Current Management in Child Neurology
by Bernard L. Maria
BC Decker, 2009

The weakness of this theory, however, is that obese and severely overweight individuals are already producing excess insulin; thus consuming a low-glycemic-index diet will not help them to achieve meaningful weight loss.

“New Dimensions In Women's Health” by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions In Women’s Health
by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

● Decreasing fat intake to less than 30% of daily calories helps reduce cholesterol, decreases risk of heart disease, helps with weight loss, and reduces risk of diabetes.

“Mosby's Paramedic Textbook” by Mick J. Sanders, Kim D. McKenna, Lawrence M. Lewis, Gary Quick, Kim McKenna
from Mosby’s Paramedic Textbook
by Mick J. Sanders, Kim D. McKenna, et. al.
Elsevier/Mosby Jems, 2012

These compounds have been reported to improve glycemic control, delay oxidation damage, down-regulate inflammatory cytokines, and enhance anticoagulant activity in diabetic mice via their antioxidant activities, and induce adipose tissue cell death; therefore, they should be used for the treatment of obesity.

“Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention” by Victor R. Preedy, Ronald Ross Watson
from Nuts and Seeds in Health and Disease Prevention
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Characteristics of a cancer diet A. Low carbohydrate, high fat, additional omega-3 fatty acids, and arginine to help manage metabolic changes B. Tumor cells use carbohydrates for energy, so a food with limited carbohydrates may reduce tumor formation C. Cancer cachexia may be avoided by feeding a higher fat diet.

“Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book” by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
from Mosby’s Comprehensive Review for Veterinary Technicians E-Book
by Monica M. Tighe, Marg Brown
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Lowering daily carbohydrate intake may not directly reduce high cholesterol levels, but it is very helpful in producing weight loss in those who are overweight and obese.

“Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2020 E-Book: 5 Books in 1” by Fred F. Ferri
from Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2020 E-Book: 5 Books in 1
by Fred F. Ferri
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

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  • I’ve noticed when I cut out sugar and processed carbs (not rice, real bread or potatoes), and I eat meat and veggies I feel much, much better, physically and mentally.

  • Hey Mark. I would love to see a video on manifestation of physical symptoms of anxiety and ocd. I would often feel reverse mechanism of anxiety. I’d sense my heart beating quickly and then i’d get anxiety and ocd symptoms.

    Love your videos.

  • Hi Mark, 3800 calories daily you must need to do a lot of exercise/burning calories to avoid gaining weight. Any advice on how to calculate how many calories we need daily to maintain our weight. I know this depends on gender etc etc but just wondering did you have a view on it. I do agree that diet + exercise is crucial for anybody who suffers from OCD and is on the road to recovery.

  • In my opinion there is a mix of truth and misunderstanding in this video. Obviously this is a confusing topic and highly debated. Here is a great interview with a doctor and professor at UCSF who has spent his career doing research on cholesterol and heart disease and has work on committees with the American Heart Association on creating guidelines.

  • My big thing tends to be: I ate this, now what must I do to distract, compensate, off set it, do I feel sick, will it make me feel sick, oh no, what if I get hungry before I can eat next and it is too many calories, what if it makes me feel too full, for way too longwhat should I do, let’s focus on that feeling and monitor it constantly, so I can’t do anything else productive until I am allowed to eat again..just in case. all day

    It is interesting to see when people have OCD that is around food, but not necessarily considered an eating disorder, and do wonder where the line blurs, or if it does, since it is very much just labels given. I have seen people with eating disorders have many different “reasons”/”themes” for doing that they do, and in my case, over the years those “reasons” change and morph, if nothing else just because my brain wants to keep doing the compulsions and reacting to fear. One thing I have read many times from doctors like Jeffrey M Schwartz and Ian Osbourne is that OCD is ego-dystonic, while EDs are usually typified as ego-systonic…I don’t think that is always(?) the case though.

    And when I saw you were doing Cross Fit, I did wonder for a second if you were going to at least start Paleo, lol. Though I am not sure what kind of mental health cavemen had…

  • i found this in my (still very pro-animal eating nutrition textbook) “Excess fat from our diet is packaged in chylomicrons and transported directly from the intestines to the adipose tissue. Because the fatty acids in our body fat come from the fatty acids we eat, what we eat affects the fatty acid composition of our adipose tissue; therefore, if you eat more saturated fat, there will be more saturated fat in your adipose tissue. Excess calories that are consumed as carbohydrate or protein can also be stored as fat, but less efficiently because the absorbed glucose and amino acids must first go to the liver, where they can be used to synthesize fatty acids, which are then assembled into triglycerides, packaged in VLDLs, and transported in the blood to adipose tissue”

  • The Week magazine just reported on a study showing that moderate consumption of full-fat dairy protected against mortality and cardiovascular disease. But this study, also called PURE, was just published Sept. 2018. Is this a different study from the one referred to in this video? It’s behind a pay wall, so I couldn’t see who funded it.

  • Hi, love your videos! Can you do a video on the most recent / relevant research/studies on artificial sweeteners (how they affect blood glucose levels, insulin response?, do they contribute toward calories) as they are literally in so many of the foods we eat these days (protein bars, powders, “0” calorie drinks, etc.). Just seems there must be some downside of these or we just don’t know the long term effects of consuming so much of it?

  • Mark please Have your own tv show or something you need a bigger audience you don’t give reassurance through your videos you give advice which is a huge key in life!

  • 1.Cholesterin is needed to be breaken down for testosterone
    2.Carbohydrates block fat burning due to insulin
    3.Guess what fat contains

  • Ok, so 20-30% of daily calories from fat is a good range that you recommend.

    However, what percentage of that would you recommend be saturated fat? I.e. 50% sat? 25%?

  • So that basically means your testo levels caused by nutrition doesn’t matter at all.. it all just comes down to your macros in the end. I’m confused.. My macros are Kinobody macros 25 fat, 30 protein, rest is carbs. Studies show a lot of sugar ( carbohydrates ) is the main cause for low Testosteron. I eat a tone of carbs. I definitely got ripped with this strategy eating 50 grams of fat per day, hard training and a lot of protein. But still I feel that my testo is low in other scenarios if you know what I mean. I definitely felt more manly when I still was skinny fat.. which is weird.. So all your studies showed higher fat = more Testosteron why doesn’t that matter? Makes no sense to me… People freakin out about phytoestrogen in soy and a increase of 13 % doesn’t matter?… I definitely fell drawn to keto

  • Hi is this possible to take muscle building substance and grow muscles without taking protein i mean is muscle building substance alone grow muscles or you have to take protein along with it?

  • if volume = weight*reps*sets, theoretically. instead of curling 35s for 10 reps, if you curl 10 for 50 reps. with same rest times etc, would more hypertrophy be caused with the second method because volume is higher? or is there a certain percentage of 1 rep max at which hypertrophy training and maximum volume should be used

  • Hi Mic!
    Would you mind making a video on how a vegan diet should be eaten for different body types (e.g. ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph). A lot of sources say that endomorphs (like me) should be eating lower carb and higher fat as we are partially intolerant to carbohydrates and high fructose fruits! I’m really confused as many vegans promote hclf and balanced vegan diets.
    Would be much appreciated,

  • What is you’re hyper sensitive to carbs?
    I’m feel super efficient and have great clarity and strength at
    carbs: 20-25%
    “Healthy fats”: 40-45%
    When I go higher on carbs I get crazy inflammation, in my joints.

  • Awesome video Mark, how do you feel about counting calories with an app, I like to use my fitnesspal so I can know where I’m at in the day to hit a surplus for the gym. Is this healthy or just another attempt to be certain? I also noticed from the ‘on the path’ excersie in the mind workout you put weighing yourself just off the path, isn’t that a good gauge of making sure you are gaining strength without beating too many calories? Ta!

  • First thanks for breaking studies down and especially being after the truth, data over dogma. How hard would it be for any nutritional researcher to do a proper study of let’s say 50 some people comparing a true ketogenic diet vs a low-fat diet? Every “low-carb” study is seemingly high-carb by ketogenic standards.

    I don’t expect those with vested interest in conventional nutrition to finance such a study because the results are either known/expected and are not favourable but surely there is one institution out there that could carry out such a rigorous study.

  • Indians are having an epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure. They eat that Ghee garbage and their cooking sauces are loaded with vegetable oil fat and salt. Go look at any label for Tikka Masala sauce or butter chicken sauce. it’s disgusting. Same thing with Chinese sauces and condiments but their main killer is salt. Some of their sauces have 1000mg of sodium in one tablespoon. This should be regulated and monitored. They are killing their own people.

  • Spent a couple of years on a low fat under 10% of calories diet and testosterone dropped like a rock. My doctor told me it was because I was aging not because of diet. I increased fat to 30% of calories and testosterone almost doubled in six months. My doctor asked me if I was getting injections of testosterone? He just couldn’t believe the jump in levels was natural because of a change in diet.

  • Marcia Angell, a past editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association—the leading medical research journal in the world—lamented that corporate influence has so contaminated medical research that “Physicians can no longer rely on the medical literature for valid and reliable information.”

    She served on JAMA for 20 years, and sadly, this highly-touted study may be just the latest in this corporate misinformation campaign.

  • i know u want to change the thinking of people about veganism and i very much appriciate your effort but those nonvegan don’t understand evidence and logic they just want to eat meat
    and yes don’t give a fuck about animals anyway
    but i still hope people change their mind and just try to think its not that hard

  • Asians eat resistant starch because their rice is cooled down for 24h+.
    Slow-carbs are different than overcooked starch and processed carbohydrates.
    Saturated fat toxicity is context dependent just like fructose and most other things, it’s better to fry on saturated fat than plant oil, but not frying is best.

  • Lovely video content! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you researched Millawdon Dessert Allowed Trick (do a google search)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discover low fat desserts recipes that that burn belly fat minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin finally got excellent success with it.

  • There is no “number one” source of energy for your body. If you stop eating carbs, your body will use fat for energy. If you stop eating fat, your body will use carbs for energy. If you stop eating fat and carbs, your body will use protein (including it’s own muscle) as energy. Your body converts EVERYTHING to glucose, including carbohydrates. It doesn’t “prefer” one over the other, that’s just you saying that to yourself in your head.

  • Mic, Someone is impersonating Dr Greger’s Channel… And doing a pretty dang good job at it. Have a look.

  • Humor is so powerful. The difference between a video pedantically going through facts like some boring college course and a video that manages to be informative, funny, and entertaining, is huge. One of the reasons school is so boring is because the system has completely failed to do the latter… and they aren’t even trying. They’ve been doing the same thing for so long, they don’t even bother thinking that there could be a better way. So teachers just continue to drone on in the most boring of ways while students struggle to stay awake and keep from drooling on their desks.

    Schools should take a page from Igor. He manages to be funny, entertaining, and informative, and it’s why his channel is great. I saw a comment on one of his videos saying that his videos are “too smart” for the average viewer, and his subscriber count pays the price. I don’t know if that’s true or not if it is, that says something truly terrifying about the intelligence of the average person. Either way, I’m glad he isn’t dumbing down his vids to try to get more subscribers. And I love the fact he uses humor in his vids. It’s a game-changer.

  • I got my free test levels checked and it came back as 31.5 which my doctor said is higher than the upper limit of normal range. Now I’m being monitored in case it gets any higher. I heard about low fat diets effecting test levels so I tried eating very low fats for a month and my test did decrease but only to 28.9 so not that much…

  • Could the study be more self-explanatory? You have to be simpleminded not to draw the conclusion that the difference is due to the socioeconomical factors. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

    I’m a bit confused of why the study was done in the first place. It just seems like a big waste of time and money.

  • You should probably double check the last fact (that you need really high levels of testosterone to notice muscle growth from it) because in the last study you mentioned people in both groups were given exogenous testosterone which automatically results in cancellation of their own testosterone development. And that resulted in lowering of muscle mass in the first group and only a slight increase of a muscle mass in the second group and only via exceptionally high intakes of this hormone. Maybe the reason for this is that the endocrinous systems of BOTH groups became fucked up and couldn’t build muscle normally. But a normal man who doesn’t use roids will probably feel a big increase in muscle growth even FROM A SLIGHT increase of the hormone production. What do you think about it?

  • I+mm studying mechanical engineering and I hate it thus I have 3 works and I have to pay it, oh and I train hard at the gym no matter whut, virgin and no girlfiend history, so I think I´m becoming cortisol myself lol.

  • Many guys who start on a high fat diet, more than 50% fat, express an increase in sexual function and interest?! Would this not indicate a higher test level? And therefore more potential for muscle building?

  • Thanks for such informative and entertaining video. Keep up the great work. Love your teaching style, mix with comedy and actual info. Just a side note, can you work on your voice sync a little? Some times I got distracted by that.:P

  • Well what about carb backloading? Ive been lean bulking using this technique and i’m at 15% bodyfat atm, i’d love to eat carbs before my workout but i feel it would slightly raise my bodyfat

  • dude u are legit so freakin helpful and intelligent its awesome, you actually know what youre talking about and do the research to back it up. ��

  • I was under the assumption that most Americans ingest a diet that has a higher percentage of processed meats? So wouldn’t that mean that most statistics were based of that average, an average person that eats predominantly processed meats that have levels of ‘bad’ compounds no where near the level of unprocessed meats? I’m just wondering cause I feel that would blanket processed and unprocessed meats under the same category which would give unrealistic statistics right?

  • Hi igor,

    Quick question for macro split say I want 1g of protein for pound of body weight is it done on lean body weight or actual body weight?


  • Hi igor,

    Quick question for macro split say I want 1g of protein for pound of body weight is it done on lean body weight or actual body weight?


  • Awesome video man! You and Mario Tomic are the only fitness youtubers who use actual science that’s one of the reasons I like you two so much.

  • Hey Igor! Your videos are awesome, I watch them as soon as they come out. I was wondering what your opinion is on a keto diet. You said that not having enough carbs will prevent you from reaching your max potential during a workout but I believe it’s just as possible with high fats/low carbs.

  • Thank you very much for the upload! Yet what we also gather from the video is that if you are already suffering from lower testosterone, not eating the way that increases testosterone is not helping. 13% for itself isn’t much, but add sleep, proper resistance training, red meats, proper fats and supplementation with Vitamin D, Zinc, Creatine and even some more exotic but well reasearched things like Ashwagandha, these all stack with the effects of nutrition. We can’t say for sure that these 13% we are seeing from the diet won’t be multiplied by the other factors or whether they are a stand-alone number. I believe since the body is a compound working organism, that a testosterone increasing diet might be even more beneficial combined with the other things that work well in conjunction.

  • Hey Mic, like a microphone! I love my WFPB life, but. I might start eating a bit of saturated fat or maybe just buy the statins and put them in the bin as they must be hard up for money! Great work Mic, like Microsoft or Microelettronica!! Haha!

  • Could you do a piece on dietary replacements? Are they’re any available that can make up a healthy vegan diet? Soylent/Jimmy Joy/etc.

  • Hey! I love your videos and how you look at all different aspects of a studies. My YouTube channel is Plantfed_Princess. I talk about veganism, the law of attraction and eating disorder recovery!:) keep up the good work!

  • I agree that the conclusions drawn from this Pure study are fallacious, but you have done the same thing in previous videos where you have argued that the Okinawans lived much longer on average than the Inuits because of their diet, without taking into account the infant infant mortality rate which has nothing to do with diet and would lower the average longevity for the Inuit group. Let’s get rid of the double standards. Peace.

  • The study at 4:45 showing an increase in test with the higher fat they changed the poly/sat ratio when they increased the fatincreasing the poly significantly. Why?

  • C’mon, leave cortisol alone! Acute spikes are your friend!
    But chronically increased level that’s where it is your enemy ;]
    Anyway, great content as always! Cheers mate!

  • You have, by far, one of the highest likes per view ratio that I have seen. I’m glad other people like this channel as much as I do!

  • Hey, I loove your channel!!!
    Could you please tell me where or how you get access to all these papers and researches?
    Is it something you have to subscribe, or pay for?
    Thanks 4 your job here!! Keep on bringing all the info you can!! ��������

  • Seems like a great video. Just one thing saturated fats are very good. Following Ray Peat’s recommendations you’d eat a lot of carbs, good amount of protein, low fat (mostly coming from saturated fats) and completely avoid polyunsaturated fats (as if they were the plague). Good luck

  • Just in my experience, once adapted to IF (not low calories), higher carb is not particularly hunger-making. At first when trying to fast, LCHF is more satiating and makes fasting easier, but I’ve found my body adapts to fasting with carbs, and in time it’s not difficult (hunger-wise) to even OMAD with carbs. YMMV ��

  • The 25mg dose group was enough to turn off their own test production but not enough to replace it. Hence the reason they lost muscle. That’s my best guess

  • When you said restricted carbs and saturated fat, my first thoughts were, what were they feeding those poor people? Why would they expect anyone to be satisfied with fake food? I’m never sure whether they just don’t understand or are intentionally trying to sabotage the data. I used to be all about the science, then I realized that for the most part that word doesn’t apply to nutrition. These days if the ‘science’ doesn’t agree with my n=1, I trust my body, as it’s guaranteed if I look into the study its badly done and/or not generalizable.

  • Hi Mike. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but this same ridiculous excuse of a study is being trotted out again. It’s almost like the animal agriculture industry realized that a whole year has gone by and they can still get some mileage out of this garbage piece. I’m doing a video about it shortly but wanted to let you know because I’ll be referencing your video too. Rock on!

  • It’s so difficult to find the right amount to eat on Keto, I was always hungry and craving carbs. In hindsight I ate not enough protein and not enough calories. I do appreciate the wide selection of recipes on the diet doctor website but I always wonder about the serving size, like you cannot think that this is one serving, where is the rest of it? This standard calculation for protein on Keto (do I remember this right, 0.8 g of protein per lbs of body weight) is nowhere near enough. Could you please help me and let me know if I can eat more protein? Thanks ��

  • On a simple basis of personal experience i’m stunned by how little hunger i experience compared to when i ate a ‘normal’ diet. I only really experience significant hunger when i drop from 2 meals on a 16: 8 pattern to once a day as i did today.

  • You just have a way articulating where it all makes sense! Thanks Mic! Look forward to your vids each week:)) We are a Vegan Family from Canada raising our 2 year old on a plant based lifestyle. We have packed up and moved to Vietnam and have been living here for the past year. We make videos each week about our lifestyle and how it’s possible to still eat a healthy Vegan lifestyle while traveling the world! You’re one of our favourite channels, Keep inspiring!!!

  • Protein is what makes us satiated, not carbs or fats. So, high protein, average fat and low carbs is the way to go. Also, those who need to lose fat should limit dietary fat intake almost as much as carbs.

  • did the study mention proteins, were it came from and what level? its my understanding the proteins is the most important aspect of any diet, its what satiates not the fat. but no mater what this studies in my opinion is confounded and flawed in many ways.

  • Hey i recently became vegan n could use some help on the things to do n not do I’m feeling kinda crappy could ya help me out with some info or quick schooling lol

  • Thank you mic.! I asked nutrition facts about this a week ago and they couldn’t be bothered to get back to me. You have totally redressed my fears with logic. I knew that these findings must be bogus as they stand in opposition to the dietary findings of dr. calwell esselsteine, dr. ornish, mcdougall et al. so its great that someone with intelligence and factual clarity can drill into the interpretation of this study. Well done and keep up the good work!

  • Just impossible, for me at least. On very low fats high carbs I have been decades until NAFLD, prediabetes,… one of trademarks of that way of eating was constant hunger, nearly unbearable after 3-4 hours, feeling like I will faint, shaking, getting headaches,… etc. Even going to lab in the morning and being fasted was always horrible, barely could resist over night 8 hours max or so.
    On Keto OMAD no problem, when hungry is rarely felt as stress, just hunger that comes and go.
    Not sure for others, but 100% low fat does not work, keto is superb in every possible aspect. I personally keep calories from fats at minimum of 70-75%, more likely in range 80+%, rest is protein and as much as close to 0 carbs, but absolute max around 20g.
    My conclusion is that study is fake or poorly designed or people intentionally cal LCFH eating a lot of carbs. Sure, compared to SAD, it could be but that is not the point.

  • Refind carbs and processed junk causes everything that your trying to push the cause onto animal products and you know it. Again majority of people who live into thete 80s and 90s have higher Choloestertol. My Choloestertol dropped on ketogenic diet just as low as a Vegan diet. It just doesn’t matter as long as you keep processed packaged fake foods out of the diet

  • 1:44
    Would have been way to funny if the dude in the background had Jordy’s face and you both “re-voiced” it.:’D
    Thanks for the vid.
    Didn’t know about this, but didn’t really change anything for me, but still thanks for the information.:)

    dat voice/vid sync at the end x)

  • If you are building your body you need proper macros ratio!!! If someone trains untill failiure every day all day low fat could kill you! Its not that simple, carb is survival food.

  • Also if you are on low carb and you are exercising regularly, then you metabolisms speed up and you naturally feel hungry. Keep up the keto, the best diet for loosing weight!!

  • So cool of Mic to promote the “competition!” (JK Actually vegan allies) I will check some of them out, but I will continue to watch every “Mic the Vegan” video. (Subscribed)

  • What a brilliant initiative to promote other vegan channels through your channel! Many thanks! I’m sure they’ll return the favour!

  • This study has blown up again in Sept 2018. All the headlines are saying that eating whole fat dairy products reduces heart disease. One of many:

  • Good video. However if you have low testo levels by default like 400 ng/dl (I had 455 about 14 years ago the last time when I had a blood test) then every small increase can help. A video about natural testosterone boosters would be nice (like the one about the fat burners).

  • I suggest that you fan boys and girls who are impressed by this lying motor-mouth look up “gish gallop” he’s an utter bullshitter and fake.

    ETA >> and as it happens, essential fatty acid deficiency is THE most problematic issue with a vegetarian diet. In prior ages, peoples living at temperate (let alone sub-arctic and arctic latitudes) had no choice about either hunting or raising animals to eat there are no plant sources of saturated fats whatsoever and we NEED them. In the sub-tropics and tropics, where EVERY OTHER SPECIES of the family of mammals to which we belong, PRIMATES, live, medium-chain saturates are EVERYWHERE (coconut, palm, etc.) every single seed and nut contains them (and conversely VERY LITTLE linoleic and alpha-linoleic acid, the REVERSE of seeds and nuts found at higher latitudes)

    Educate yourselves, dufuses.

    ETA 2 >> oh, and yes “low fat diets” can most definitely kill you, which is to say, get you to your grave prematurely.

  • Great video! IMHO, after a very aggressive cut, eating about 2050 kcal/day, and 45 grams of fat, jumped to a slow clean bulk of about 2850 kcal and 76 grams of fat. The collateral result was somehow surprising… I’ve always had a super hailrless chest, but a few days into the new diet, a noticeable amount of chest hair was popping!

  • I appreciate the effort put into these videos, but still, I don’t like being tricked.
    That aside, I feel that if we start putting an “OCD mind-set” on everything in terms of what we must avoid, life becomes like a synthetic factory-
    where everything is kind of stagnant and the same. Not bad, but not really good either.
    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m different.

  • lose me at the end..i want nutritional science..i am not vegan because i feel bad about eating animals..i LOVE me some BBQ animaL..I am vegan for health reasons and wish that when people are speaking of the healthiest diets for humans they would just check all their biases at the door..

  • Loved it.  So nice to hear some science behind this.  The more and more I learn about muscle building workouts, diet and training the more I feel like it can be very simple.  Eat a well balanced diet, train hard and get enough recovery.  Simple:)

  • Ever consider that poor people have a higher mortality rate because they can only afford a low nutrient quality harmful diet made up of cheap grains, while wealthier people can afford nutrient dense foods like meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables to help them live longer?

  • The Very Low Fat diet is specifically for those who have to significantly reduce…

  • I told a fly to fly, and it did. I then removed its wings, told it to fly and it didn’t. Conclusion: removing a fly’s wings makes it deaf. No flies were harmed in making this joke. Can I now get the funding the PURE study did?

  • Unrelated to mental illness (mostly), but a whole-foods plant-based diet seems like the best diet for disease prevention and overall longevity and health in the research I have done. I originally started eating this way for ethical reasons and then later found out that doctors had been using this diet to literally reverse and prevent heart disease for years. The science is out there! Great vid Mark!

  • Hey guys. Today marks my 9th month going strong as a vegan. I feel and look amazing. I competed in three physique bodybuilding shows this summer also.

  • Did low fat high carb, tried multiple times, hunger always won got to 304 yo yo ing following dietitians recommendations. Did keto lost 140 pounds have maintained that weight for two years now, with no hunger, no cravings and feeling energetic. And then you hear dietitians claiming it isnt sustainable. Their advise to acknowledge yet downplay the benefits of lchf in hunger signals makes me mad, so many people would benefit from it, just by endorsing it and saying its safe. not getting in the way will help people to try it without so much unfounded scare mongering. If after that you still gravitate towards a more flexible approach, fine thats your choice, just stop spreading misinformation about the diet(the cico crew by saying there is no difference in weight loss, they are downplaying the main thing that make lchf so successful: hunger suppresion)

  • Kudos for the Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you heard the talk about Millawdon Dessert Allowed Trick (probably on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for discover low fat desserts recipes that that burn belly fat minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate at very last got astronomical success with it.

  • There was an article I came upon based on this study: It’s concluding that fat (including saturated) is associated with lower all cause mortality and carbohydrates are associated with higher all cause mortality. What do you think about the study?

  • What an inaccurate account. These studies were showing all carbs as equal. Whole grains and whole plant based foods like fruit are far different than candy. Both are considered “carbs”.
    I’m a vegan and eat high carb low fat plant based and I’m far healthier than I was eating high fat processed animal products.

  • Hey Mic, love your videos even though I’m a meat & dairy eater. However if you believe how much better unprocessed carbs are than the processed ones, why do you completely ignore the fact that there is also a day & night difference with processed and unprocessed saturated fats? I don’t think this fact is explicitly true only for carbs and I don’t believe there is such a thing as a perfect diet based on restriction that’s better than any other including whatever quality & whole foods (including meat of course). The more I study nutrition and see you guys overshouting each other, it doesn’t change the fact that the subject is still unclear and I doubt that there will ever be a tangiable argument for a restrictive diet and it will always come down to quality foods.

  • Hello mic, i was wondering what you think about certain vitamins only being soluable in fats. Dont you need the fats to absorb these vitamins? Or would you get enough fats for that on a low fat diet? Im also trying to gain weight, how can i do that without “slathering everything in oils”? Id love to hear your advice:)

  • It blew my mind how after about 3 weeks into keto the carb and sugar cravings completely went away. Now I must add that even keto snacks are a big no no. This really made occasional intermittent fasting much easier because it got to where I had to try and remember if I even ate breakfast so why not skip it on gym days. Great topic.

  • you could eat a shit ton of fat and still be vegan….there’s fat in nuts and you could technically deep fry everything you eat and be a vegan….

  • I hate fat. Can you say what exactly are good foods? Fat means nothing to me. Usually, it disgusts me. Also, numbers mean almost nothing. Science, who cares? Measurements, relative to the individual. Let’s just get down to earth. Get outdoors. That room is killing you. No windows? The Matrix has you. You need to show the view, if you have one that is natural. Morpheus, rescue this guy. Unplug him.

  • It’s so sad that studies like this get all the headlines. I had a discussion with a couple this morning. People are so afraid of eating carbs now and consider fats to be good. First the woman told me that she stopped eating porridge in the morning because she said it was making her fat? Yes really! her reason was that porridge contains carbs and carbs make you fat, then I had her partner tell me about the PURE study that shows eating carbs is bad for you. When I told them that after going vegan and increasing my carb intake I had actually lost weight and that that carbs from whole foods are different than processed carbs they simply said that it may work for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I left it at that.

  • Ah cool! I have a new vegan channel, uploading my second video tonight! I also want to change my channel name to Kyla Szweety when it lets me.

    Thank you for all you do!!

  • Hello. New subscriber from Europe. Thank you for your channel. Very informative! Switched to low carb. Much less hunger. Much less obsession with food. No cravings for carbs at all. Whatever this flawed study says there are people’s testimonials which say the contrary.

  • Your videos are always informative, down to earth, and inspirational. The way you break down the lies as well as the truth is awesome.

  • While low-carb diet advocates are correct about avoiding simple carbohydrates like table sugar, low-fat diet advocates are correct about avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol as well. Saturated fat, cholesterol, and simple carbs are bad for our health, for various reasons.

    Instead of going for an “extreme” diet, whether it be low-carb or low-fat, why not eat a diet that is based on the right kinds of fats and the right kinds of carbs? What matters more to our overall health is the sources of fats and carbs we are eating, not avoiding carbs and fats entirely.

    At the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie:

    “We conclude that a calorie is a calorie. From a purely thermodynamic point of view, this is clear because the human body or, indeed, any living organism cannot create or destroy energy but can only convert energy from one form to another. In comparing energy balance between dietary treatments, however, it must be remembered that the units of dietary energy are metabolizable energy and not gross energy. This is perhaps unfortunate because metabolizable energy is much more difficult to determine than is gross energy, because the Atwater factors used in calculating metabolizable energy are not exact. As such, our food tables are not perfect, and small errors are associated with their use.

    In addition, we concede that the substitution of one macronutrient for another has been shown in some studies to have a statistically significant effect on the expenditure half of the energy balance equation. This has been observed most often for high-protein diets. Evidence indicates, however, that the difference in energy expenditure is small and can potentially account for less than one-third of the differences in weight loss that have been reported between high-protein or low-carbohydrate diets and high-carbohydrate or low-fat diets. As such, a calorie is a calorie.”

  • Thank you So much Mic! You always say the right things at the right time, also thanks for all the research and the mind-blowing information.

  • Your again as always full of hot air making up fake studies to justifying your smashing people who dont agree with your personal thoughts, not mainstream.

  • As someone who was a vegan for 24 years, and has made the choice to eat some meat now. I find vegan evangelical channels really funny. The last two million years of human evolution has shown us that humans can eat a massive variety of diets. It is probably impossible to do more than simple associative studies on nutrition. I was once an evangelical vegan, but I’m not now. If you really believe much of what is said on vegan evangelical channels, and you want to turn the world vegan, then let the omnivores carry on by your argument they’ll die out, and die young.
    I fully understand the compassion argument for veganism, that’s what turned me vegan, but the health argument is more complex, and why I’m not even a vegetarian any more.
    One thing that I have seen with long term vegans (i.e. more than two decades) is that this diet is naturally high-carb, and this often has detrimental effects in the long-run. There are exceptions, but not that many. Humans can live on a variety of diets, but high carb eating for decades isn’t the panacea that is portrayed on youtube. To compassion vegans, fair-play to you, but maybe don’t try and convert the world overnight. Do you not think you’d do better not to alienate anyone who eats meat wouldn’t you do better to get people eating a 60% vegan diet (like I do now)? If you are looking for religion, there are many to choose from…..

  • I subscribed! Also, I have a question. Gluten free yay or nay??? Everybody has conflicting opinions about this, so I’m super confused. I love whole grains, but I don’t know if I should exclude it from my diet.

  • thanks for this vid! for a sec I was feeling like I had been consuming too little fat this whole time, but this vid cleared things up!

  • I bet you must annoy the shit out of a lot of people. But I love ya man, you’re changing my life. Was raised ovo lacto veg, some healthy stuff but lots of unhealthy stuff too. Soda, white flour, milk, eggs, fat, cheese. Had already switched to almond milk a few months ago because it’s delicious and milk tastes gross after you stop using it and I can’t get the puss out of my mind. I love gardening so have naturally been switching to eating more and more plants, I love a nice all veggies stew from the garden. But I was also eating so many eggs in huge veggie scrambles slathered in sharp cheddar and butter. Fucking delicious for sure but now it seems crazy. Chronometer is the best addition to my life in a long time, I’m nerding out on it so hard. Been fixing up my Honda CR-V to travel around in this winter, visit friends and family and find somewhere warm to keep gardening. With this switch to a whole foods plant based way of eating my travel desires now have a larger context. First I want to get used to eating this way and grow as much as possible of it myself because I’ve worked on farms and know how much variation in soil quality there is, even in the organic movement. Many organic farms destroy the soil just like non-organic, just with less poison. Still the same mechanical techniques of soil ecosystem devastation. Micro genocide, everything comes from the soil, so I think we start there. Lay wood chips, leaves, straw on the soil and wait and never dig or turn it except for what amount is needed to plant and harvest. Lay new inputs on top. Charles Dowding tests many garden assumptions and shows how they aren’t necessary, like turning the soil. He does side by side comparison beds over the years and compares yield. Similar yields and growth between the two beds, the dug bed is still based on nice compost. But he’s yielded slightly more from the undug bed and avoided all that labor. Also avoids bringing up weed seeds, breaking mycorrhizae strands that form a symbiotic relationship with many crops, and feeder roots are near the surface anyways. If we start with the soil, this whole plant foods way of eating becomes a total package for healing the earth and ourselves. That’s where the Paleos are right, the health of the ecosystem the food comes from is super important. But meat from a healthy ecosystem still isn’t good for us to eat a lot of. I bet we’d be fine with the 3% chimp ratio, especially if it’s insects. I bet their chitin acts like fiber. Might even be prebiotic to particular symbiotic strains in the gut, that’ll be cool to learn about when they figure it out

  • Hi Mic! Please can you make a video about Diet and Dermatographia? I have really bad skin inflammation where I can essentially ‘write on my skin’ and am pretty certain its due to my bad diet and its only really arisen in the past few months where any pressure or scratch on my skin leaves a wheal or welt:( I really want to go vegan but want to know more about the link between this skin condition and diets high in dairy and processed foods and what I should start eating specifically! I love your videos and find them really helpful! please help x

  • That part around 4:00 where you went from a positive correlation to causation caused pain in the statistics-focused part of my brain. Say it with me one more time: correlation does not imply causation.

  • Hey Mic, have you heard of this book before? Fat and cholesterol are good for you by Uffe Ravnskov

    Just want to get your thoughts on it. Don’t see any videos or articles debunking it.

  • Mic it would be great if you did a video on the research around vegan protein powders. I started taking some but I saw in one of your videos that they may not be good do it would be good to know more about it:) thankss

  • Great video, I delved into it myself a bit more and decided to email them with a request to retract this article. It’s insane that they published this!

  • Thanks Doc!
    Q: What about Apoe4 people and saturated fats? I have read/heard that Sat fats are VERY bad for Apoe4 folks. (I have this polymorphism). I think it’s about 15 percent of the population with this.
    What do you think?

  • Why don’t you ever smile, show emotion ever? You have such a serious, sad, stone-face all the time; like a robot. You must live a sad life… Plus, I can tell that you’re very arrogant! Be happy sometimes it won’t kill you!

  • The fact this study was funded by unrestricted grants from the statin industry really should be the FIRST thing mentioned by anyone debunking this study. Once you know that, the rest seems pretty irrelevant because of course they’re going to try and use bad science to increase their customer base. Their entire goal seems to be to get every human on Earth using statins. It’s horrid.

  • Why Chef Barry does not live on a KETOGENIC Diet in his life.
    Yes Fats are essential but so is complex carbohydrates as well. Protein is in all of our food groups and broccoli has more protein than meats and yes cholesterol is essential for health with in a window range of 20 percent of your diet or less. Your liver makes about 80 percent of your cholesterol needs.

    Why your meat consumption must be a condiment only? Meat is the slowest transit time food group along with dairy that is missing essential dietary fiber in our lives. This food can be stored for weeks months or even years in the colon pockets trapped indefinitely. If you have smelly stools and bowel movements then this is most likely the reason. Dehydration of not drinking enough fluids through out the day will exasperate this condition.

    You need serious detoxing a a high colon cleanse and change of food and beverage choices in your life. You must learn to feed your self the nature made way from the comfort of your good earth kitchen. The food service industry can not help you with this.

    So what is the food and beverage lifestyle of Holistic Chef Barry Anderson that just works for his own life and a few alterations would be in order for your life that fits your DOSHA Ayurveda Constitution.

    Studies of many communities of people that live well into their 90s and 100s have found that a 95/5 works for these people. The problem of the 5 percent in the western modern world is the GMO fed meats with hormone therapy along with antibiotics and the atrocity of the living conditions of the animal confined to one place. Research and find your safest animal and dairy condiment foods.

    In the end it comes down to the best food choices and lifestyle that protect your constitution from disease.

    Morning sunbathing in nature every day with one or two days rest brake is excellent for your hormone production and immune system defence with increased vitamin D-3. Open your eyes randomly to allow melatonin production from the sun rays entering into your eye pupil to your pineal gland which is the sise of a grain located in the center of your brain. This is essential for your health and anti insomnia lifestyle as the pineal gland is considered your 3rd eye in Ayurveda and Buddhism.

  • Dude I love your editing! funny shit but to the point!!!! keep it up bruh! Great job! Bonus for a DBZ fan! what about One punch man?

  • While I dont disagree that poor socioeconomic status is really the major contributor to health overral, its funny how vegans like to spin studies to their own favour. If this study would show high carb is a way to go, I’m hundred percent sure you wouldnt tall about social and economic problems.

  • Your acting like the study was saying we should just be eating fat, that’s not what it said. There’s absolutely no question that some amount of fat is essential for your health.I was on a low fat diet for 2 years and it had effects on my health. It’s also without question that certain carbs are bad for your health. And that’s also different for everyone, because there are genetic differences in populations. Some people struggle to digest grains and legumes for example.

  • It will be funny, when this wacko finally feels the consequences of his “healthy diet” and he will have to jump on bacon again. I don’t suppose that he would ever admit it publicly.

  • I am from India and in my 30s and I can say that this study is a BS. I have seen India change from mostly Socialist to Liberal in 1991 and the after effects. With the explosion of sedentary jobs and western style diets, there has been an explosion in heart disease, diabetes etc. Our traditional diet is mostly vegetarian. Most people are non-vegetarian but meat is usually an occasional treat eaten a few times a month. I can see stark contrast between the physique and health of people in rural areas and urban areas. I am seeing the transition happening in front of me. It is like the US of the 1950s. People of my parent’s generation consider even whole-wheat flour as a processed food. For them you have to buy whole-wheat, clean it and either grind it to a flour at home or get it ground from a mill. So we have people from the generation who frown on buying pre-ground flour as processed, those who consider whole-wheat flour to be a whole food but store-bought bread to be processed and also those who consider store-bought bread to be a whole-food but readymade sandwiches as processed and also those who consider ready-made sandwiches to be whole-foods. So the transition and the health effects are extremely visible now in India which Americans read about in books.

  • I think you’re making it too vague and unscientific in this video, which is not usual for your style. While you’re going through scientific studies, you still don’t go through the different kinds of fats and their positive and negative impacts on health, you don’t even mention cholesterol (dietary and non dietary) which is one of the main steroids for the creation of androgens. I wish you’d have elaborated a bit on cortisol, I’d like to hear more of your view on it.
    Don’t be afraid of using your great editing skills for better comprehension, instead of being vague or giving half explanations.

    Great vid anyway.

  • I just want to share my thoughts on the having low fat and high carbs. This kind of diet is very common and works with most people. But Ive been doing a modified ketogenic cycle for 2 months now and it works better than going with my usual 200-300g carb diet. Im trying to lose weight for the last 4 months and im down 160lbs from 176lbs. In terms of weightlifting, i always workout fasted and in ketosis. My first week of going to the gym while in ketosis, my power went down significantly. I was lifting 133lbs seated rows with 200-300g of carbs and with ketosis i was lifting 111lbs. But after a week, my strength went back. My weightloss went into a rapid pace and i dont get diarrhea from amoeba anymore. So my advice to people is to try out a self-modified diet. Dont stick to doing the traditional keto, low carb, high carb, paleo etc. Mix it up and see whats best for you

  • Both of my favorite vegan channels (I will never eat decomposition or drink pus/blood or eat the controlled rotting of milk ever again no matter what, so this matters to me) systematically show commercials for STEAKS and CHICKEN BURGERS f*cking constantly. I stopped watching television long ago because of the obvious hypnotic components of music and controlled imaging combined present. I wonder if media monsters could be sued for this. I love both of these channels (Mic. the Vegan & Unnatural Vegan, often disagreeing but fact driven vegans), and don’t want to see commercials for what they are obviously against. Commercials from old television used to seem to fit the programs they were posed within. This is targeting vegans with disgusting flesh and blood ads.

  • PLEASE make a video on veganism and allergies. how to defeat allergies with veganism or raw eating. not sure if there’s been studies on this subject but it would be greatly appreciated by myself and many others this time of year. my allergies are insane

  • Would you mind making a video on erythritol and other natural sugars. Are they healthier for you? Or do they cause more problems than is being led on? I would really appreciate your opinion on this.

  • Old video so not sure if you’re going to see or reply to this comment but your minimum fat levels seem pretty high. That 200 pound man having his minimum at 50 grams of fat is 450 calories from fat which on say a 2,000 calorie diet is over 20% of calories from fat. If cutting his calories might be even lower making the percentage higher. I’m a 300 pound guy, currently cutting with 2,500 calories per day so going with.25 grams per pound gets me 27% of my calories from fat. Rather than doing that I’m keeping my fat to about 10% of my total daily calories, which is made up of EFA supplements to cover the baseline and a tablespoon of coconut oil to stir fry some lean chicken in…

  • Would it be too much to ask for a reference to the study in question? Also, how do you consume a low carb diet high in whole grains?