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Medications that cause Weight Gain

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Insulin, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and even migraine medications can all cause weight gain, and some may even worsen the health conditions they’re trying to treat. Sudden weight gain is never a reason to stop your medication without seeing your doctor first. Nearly all types of antipsychotic medications—such as olanzapine, clozapine, and risperidone—cause weight gain, according to 2017 research published in. Some depression drugs may cause you to gain as much as 24 pounds in a year. Keep in mind that depression itself can affect your appetite and eating habits.

Your doctor or counselor can help you. Certain prescription medications, not all, such as those used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, mood disorders, seizures and even migraines, can actually cause weight gain – even several pounds a month. Whatever you do, don’t stop taking the medication without speaking with a healthcare professional first. The antihistamine activity in psychiatric drugs often is what causes weight gain, but it turns out that this property is not important for these drugs to be effective, Roerig says. Antihistamine.

If the benefits outweigh the side effect of weight gain, consider managing your weight by eating healthier and getting more physical activity while enjoying an improved mood due to the medication. You can also ask your doctor if adjusting the dose or switching medications might be helpful — but again, be sure to discuss the pros and cons. I had been on the drug Zyprexa (olanzapine) for four weeks and had already gained 15 pounds which, you know, didn’t help my depression. After going to a wedding and catching a side view of myself.

Though Zyrtec and Allergra were the most common drugs in the Yale study linking antihistamine use to weight gain, Dr. Eghrari-Sabet says that. A person’s metabolism or taking certain medications can cause rapid weight gain. Certain medications can cause people to gain weight rapidly. According to the Obesity Action Coalition, some.

If you suspect it’s your medication that’s causing a problem with weight gain, the best strategy is to talk with your doctor, since there may be an alternate medication for your condition that wouldn’t have the same effect. The worst tactic would be to simply stop taking the meds as a way to end the weight-gain issue.

List of related literature:

Among the antidepressants, tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and mirtazapine are most likely to cause weight gain.

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Some of the newer psychiatric medications (atypical antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and antidepressants) are particularly likely to cause weight gain.

“Psychological Masquerade, Third Edition: Distinguishing Psychological from Organic Disorders, Third Edition” by Robert L. Taylor, MD
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Antidepressants, mainly tricyclic antidepressants and MAOIs, are more likely to cause weight gain than selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

“Manual of Dietetic Practice” by Briony Thomas, Jacki Bishop
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Tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and mirtazapine are the antidepressants most likely to cause weight gain.

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Among the atypical antidepressants, bupropion does not cause weight gain, but mirtazapine can cause significant weight gain, perhaps because of its potent antihistamine activity.

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Prescription medications causing most weight gain are the antipsychotics (almost all), some antidiabetics, oral corticosteroids (all if taken long enough), and certain antidepressants (varies with medication and reaction to depression).

“Lifestyle Medicine: Lifestyle, the Environment and Preventive Medicine in Health and Disease” by Michael Sagner, Garry Egger, Andrew Binns, Stephan Rossner
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Antipsychotic drugs, certain classes of antidepressant medications (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants), and mood stabilizers (such as lithium) are among the medications known to cause weight gain (see Volume 2, Chapter 17).

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Among the multiaction antidepressants, bupropion does not cause weight gain, but mirtazapine can cause significant weight gain, perhaps because of its potent antihistamine activity.

“Brody's Human Pharmacology E-Book” by Lynn Wecker
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Steroids, NSAIDs, anabolic steroids, estrogens, tricyclic antidepressants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and lithium may cause fluid retention and/or increased appetite, which can produce a weight gain of several pounds.

“Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints E-Book” by Andrew B. Symons, Robert H. Seller
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Many commonly used medications have the potential to cause weight gain, including psychiatric medications, such as various antidepressants and antipsychotic agents; anti-diabetes medications, such as insulins and sulfonylureas; antiinflammatory medications, such as corticosteroids; and numerous others [2].

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  • Does anyone have tips to get motivated while in depression? I’m bipolar and antipsychotics made me gain tons of weight, my mood is “stable” leaning more to depressed, I miss being hypo manic.

  • I’ve beem gaining so much weight the past year due to medication. it’s so hard to feel comfortable and positive about my body. I just wear baggy tops and jeans or leggings. I am lucky I have 2 pairs of jeans I still fit. it has been so hard to find another pair I’ve given up. Now I wonder if I will ever be able to lose the weight gain or will I have to accept that I have gone up 2 dress sizes and never be able to lose it? hard to stay motivated to eat well and exercise when it seems it will be endless and that things can’t change. it is the belly fat which bothers me the most! even the fact that I no longer have a thigh gap is not so bad. it’s always the belly fat! and then you look pregnant rather than fat?

  • I understand that 100%. When I was prescribe prednisone it cause so much weight gain and everyone was telling I should consider eating right and exercising and I would tell them only if you knew what it’s like and what effert i was taking to do so. Lucky I was able to lose most of the weight. We just have to think positive and push our way through it. Have so support too. I have friends that went through it and it helps so much. Don’t think people realize what it’s like till they go through it themselves.

  • This was soo helpful, thank you. I’ve been trying everything to lose some weight bcuz of CHF, HBP, Diabetes and stage 5 kidney failure with no results, lose 5, gain 8. Now I know some of this weight is related to medication take. ����

  • I have schizoaffective. I have tried 1200kcal and exercising 5 times a week. I only lost 20 pounds in a year. I couldn’t sustain that lifestyle so I switched to just diet of 1200kcal a day. I kept gaining weight everyday, 5 pounds a month. Yes, I weighed everything I eat and recording everything I ate. I still gained weight. I feel so hopeless since I can’t stay on the 1200kcal diet, I’m so hopeless. I exercised 3 times a day and exercised with a trainer and the nutrition plan. I only lost 1 pound a month. I have asked my doctors and they just tell me to diet, which I already did, and exercise, which I already did. The lifestyle starved me too much so I don’t know what to do.

  • Thanks lauren….my daughter was right perfectly same like you…suddenely she started talking with herself in february,I didnt realise…now she cant sleep until 3,4 days…even we didnt realise before….on 29th of may,we suddenly finout because sge stsrted crying a lot….but its started happening in february…but we contacted three weeks ago to the doctor…Is it treatable,if its 4 month old disease

  • I was put on antipsychotics 5 years ago lost all my weight once then went back into psycosis got put back on them gained 50pounds I’m in the process of losing the weight again I’m 237 I was 262 only 27 pounds to go to get back were I was at 210 so it is possible just takes abit longer hope thos was helpful to some one and the weight loss happened in 4 months on and off 25lbs,I done it by intermittent fasting mainly plant based and exercise.

  • i have never been able to lose the weight i gained with my meds. does anyone know of a mechanism that couldve been turned off in my body? i never ate more i just got bigger and that was it. its been a nightmare since. its been 5 years and i havent lost the weight.

  • I was diagnosed with anorexia and was prescribed olanzapine, but im too afraid of weight gain to take it and i dont want to start my treatment…

  • I gained 12kg (26 pounds) in about a month…from 68kg to 80 kg(but lost some since*) but Im an average man tho so my state of mind actually improved lol

  • Dr. Berry, Thank you so much for all of your videos. They are so good and I refer people to them all the time. One question I haven’t been able to find an answer to is this. How do you recommend people with T2D come off of insulin when doing keto and intermittent fasting? In this video you say they shouldn’t be on insulin and so I am really curious what it looks like in your clinic when you have people go Keto and IF AND they are on insulin. I’m sure there are many other people who are on insulin and trying to reverse this with docs who just don’t know. What’s your opinion? Oral meds instead? Is that ok while fasting? Any help would be appreciated!

  • Thank you Lauren for talking about this, I had been on olanzapine and felt depressed about my weight. I find it encouraging that someone understands.

  • I wish she would say which meds she was on. I became allergic to my low weigh gain med after 7 years. Now they were afraid to try any in that class and I’m on a high weight gain and I’m gaining like crazy and a zombie.

  • I’m dealing with this right now. I’ve gained twenty pounds in just a couple of months it’s horrible, I am miserable and I want support. I’m so glad you made this video it’s been a HUGE comfort.<3

  • I gained a lot of weight from taking antidepressants and it sent me into a spiral of severe body dysmorphia. Because I am autistic I have the tendency to hyperfocus on one thing at a time and that’s really scary if you’re trying to lose weight. It almost always ends up in me getting obsessed with calories, comparing myself to others and starving myself.
    What I realized though, is that every single body I look at and want, is often the body of a person with an eating disorder.

  • I have bipolar 2, unfortunately I spend 9 months mostly depressed. I only have hypomania so I am really never energetic enough for anything! I suffer from severe insomnia and take seroquel 200 mg at night otherwise I am up every 3 hours. I do like lifting weights, that is the only thing that has helped me with my depression. I used to run half marathons but I started getting heel pain (plantar fasciitis) can’t run anymore.:-(

  • I don´t have schizophrenia but this was helpful for me too. I have tried many different brands of medication now but nothing works (and i´m getting more weight). And even if I know I need to eat better and exercise, I do the exact opposite because I haven´t got the strength or feel I deserve it. I suffer from deppression, anxiety, and according to my therapist, phobic personality disorder.

  • Iknow. I need to loose weight. Dont know wich one to take she prescribe, Cymbalta and celebrex but both of them it says I can get diabetes and gsin weght. And want to take one without those side effects. Monday want to go talk to her and change it. Also I became pre-diabetic.

  • Any method of weight loss has the same principles of consistency whether it’s nutrition exercise or a magic pill whatever method has to be continued, in order to maintain the lower set point. People who don’t struggle with weight don’t worry about this because their set point is genetic and therefore fixed. I thought that after I lost the weight the first time I could eat whatever I wanted like my friend who never seemed to gain any fat with no exercise or diet regime, but no, genetics are predetermined. No one told me about resting metabolic rate or the laws of thermodynamics are more individualised depending on the person’s biology in the beginning No one told me that I had to continue the method of whatever helped me to lose weight in the first place. But it does not stop me from trying again.

  • My doctors, unfortunately, have told me a lot of weight gain was in my head because I had a history of eating disorders. I gained 20 lbs in a 2 week period with full blown anorexiaand was told I was imagining it by the doctors in the hospital. When I checked out and saw my regular psychiatrist, she pulled me off of those meds instantly and was monitoring me for kidney failure for a while after that.

    I don’t know the solution except to keep demanding answers.

  • My doctor told me citalopram doesn’t cause weight gain but weight-loss, I’m confused, my appetite is gone and eat less, will I still gain weight??

  • Antipsychotics and antidepressants destroy your cortical matter and make you.more susceptible to psychosis, depression, dementia, and many other disorders. If you have a psychotic episode and go on antipsychotics, you could have psychosis for life that could have been avoided by simply not taking antipsychotics… You feel not heard, abused, and stigmatized by the mental health system? Because its tearing you and everyone trapped in it apart, people who were already vulnerable to begin with. No matter how well you try to live, you will always be a prisoner not of schizophrenia, but of the people and things that are supposed to help you

  • 135 pounds today ugh. I was 125 last year. I feel puffy zoloft,! I run everyday. Full body weight lifting every other day. Plant based pescatarian diet. Dumb meds

  • Hi lauren,please reply me…when doctors findout about your disease,how many months passed after finding out that you hace schizophrenia….please tell me….

  • I completely understand you, Kelly! I’m in the same situation, in a couple of days I’ll finish my medication and I wonder if after that I’ll be able to just shed the weight naturally, because none of my pants since 6 months ago fit me.

  • I felt every word you said! I am struggling so much! I was diagnosed with Crohns disease and gained 10kgs in the first month and was on 3 different cortisone medications and antidepressants and trepline which all caused weight gain! (bunch of other meds to but these caused the weight gain) i just cant loose it! I am so embarassed to see my friends! Nothing fit me anymore! I hate it so much! like this disease isnt bad enough now i have this weight that wont come off! emotionally its draining!

  • This is by far what I dislike most about the meds I’m on. I try to tell myself that without them, more than likely I’d be dead. It’s just hard going from anorexia to obesity and being called fat, needing to buy bigger clothes (for all seasons as well as underclothes). And now, some of those clothes don’t even fit. It’s very difficult to deal with.

  • I am a 72 year old male. I weigh 280 pounds, I have gained 30 pounds in the last 3 months since being put on 25 units of insulin daily. have two compressed discs and get epidurals and take diclofenac and nortriptylline. I also take eliquis, metropolol, amlodipine and lisinopril for high blood pressure. I am lethargic and feel terrible. Can this intermittent fast and keto help me?

  • Thank you! I started Saxenda recently and I am actually having more success remembering to take this drug because its an injection. The needles are very small. I really don’t even feel the needle most times. I highly recommend the Saxenda if your insurance covers it! The manufacturer offers a discount as well for a year and includes a year of support through Noom. I have had mixed success with adipex ( forget to take it some days). Contrave for me worked but made me feel extremely nauseous after taking it which is ultimately why I stopped. Thank you for the info!

  • You’re beautiful! I have UC in I’ve been trying to gain weight since 07 but I’m not able to. People think being small or skinny is fun but it’s really not as what people make it. I’m 22 in I weigh 109 my desired goal is 150 but it sucks.

  • Adrenaline accelerates metabolism so anything depleting dopamine will deplete that too, resulting in all kinds of shit.

    Wonder why you don’t try rtms, in theory working out plus eating super clean could negate most of the sides. As a person battling severe depression, ptsd and borderline personality disorder I can somewhat understand you.

    Kind of off topic, Good god how do you cope with stigma? (does your antipstchotic make you that indifferent?)

  • thank you for sharing this, I started Prozac last summer and was always around 126 pounds, the meds made me gain 10 pounds in only a few months, and even now I fluctuate at 138 to 142. I was always thin, a size 0 and happy with myself. I now am a size 4 which I know doesn’t seem like much to a lot of people but my identity has always been the “skinny girl” my whole life and now I am not as skinny and feel like I’ve failed everyone. This video made me feel less alone, love to you.

  • Diet & exercise, be all & end all… yawn. You are extremely thin and I wonder whether weight gain has ever even been a problem for you… “OMG! I gained 5 pounds!”??? Or perhaps you manage it via eating disorders??? If you’re speaking to we sufferers as a non-fat empath, I thank you.

    I started Ability recently and gained 10 pounds in 3 days without eating more food or fattening food. There is no magic cure for this. I want to stay sane and be fat.

    But please don’t ask for donations for hopeless new age wishfull thinking.
    Thank you for your efforts though,

  • Wow. So glad I’ve watched this video. I started putting weight on few years ago and have tried everything to lose weight but couldn’t even lose 1 pound even though I only eat about 1400 cals a day (although I’ve switched to keto since Jan). I’ve seen doctors, dietician, endocrinologist, even paid to see a professor in endocrinology and got no answers. Has lots of tests to rule things out including ruling out Cushings. All the professionals were given a list of symptoms, diet and medication. Recently found a thread on a forum about the side effects of citalopram which I have been on for 3 and a half years. So many others having the same issues as me. So I started tapering off the drug 5 weeks ago. I’ve also been taking propranolol and naproxen for around 4 years! Omg no wonder I’m in this mess. I’ve recently been trying cbd oil to help with nerve pain and anxiety so I’m now going to replace both these other drugs with cbd and get off all 3. I’ve literally been driven to despair over all this and may possibly have my answers now. I can’t thank you enough Dr B.

  • Can you do a video on how to deal with negative symptoms like lack of interest, reduced feelings (also not being able to feel happy) and thus limited expressions that stay when on meds? I am currently struggling with that and feel kinda sad about it..

  • I am currently taking 16 pills per day and have gained a lot of weight. I recently started the intermittent fasting routine and have experienced many benefits so far. The meds that I am not sure cause weight gain are: Amlodipine Besylate, Metformin, Rosuvastatin, Hydrochlorothiazide, Escitalopram, Ramipril, and Divalproex Sodium. Can you tell me if these drugs I’ve listed cause weight gain?

  • My tips from personal experience (on Seroquel for 9 months):
    -Ask if you can take your dose at night or have extended release. This makes you less prone to feeling cravings all day.
    have cheap, low calorie snacks on hand. I love plain Cheerios, baby carrots, frozen fruit, air-popped popcorn, and even ice cubs.
    ALWAYS carry gum, sugar free hard candies, and bottled water with you when out and about. Dry mouth makes you crave things like ice cream or soda.
    If your energy is too low for cardio workouts, you can do free, 10 minute beginners workouts on YouTube! I do one for arms and one for legs. It will help build muscle with boosts your metabolism.
    As a rule, try to consume more protein and fresh fruits/ veg than plain carbs.
    Don’t starve yourself. Underrating will only make your metabolism worse, and hurt your mental health as well. Try to eat consistent, moderate portions.
    Talk to your doc! I was really upset because I gained ten pounds rapidly when I first got on the medication. My doctor lowered the dose a bit, and I started doing these tips. Since then, I have maintained the same weight (but I think I gained some muscle!)
    Get your blood tests regularly. Doctors recommend blood tests twice a year/ four times a year. These will see if your thyroid and blood sugar are normal. If there is problem, they can treat it.
    �� Best wishes ��

  • Oatsfruitn Toast fuck having schizoaffective disorder, fuck having to take mood stabilisers, antidepressants, anti anxiety and antipsychotics, all of which make you gain crazy amounts of weight, and kill you slowly, by building up toxic levels in your blood. My cousin (who has the same condition) gained 120lbs in 2 months (although he was eating extremely healthy, and exercising every day), he developed diabetes, and then died from the lithium toxicity. I miss him so much. I hate having to chose between a healthy mind or a healthy weight.

  • My wife has put on about 50pds being on prozac, Abilify and another one I forgot the name of. She wants to try KETO but her doctor said he is concerned about her slowly lowering her doses. I’m a bit ticked off that he did not let her at least lower some.
    Should she try KETO anyway while on the meds, and then go demand that the doc start bring her off meds slowly?

  • You said it exactly. Not recognizing myself when I look in the mirror. So glad I found you.
    Oh my. I just saw that you have RA! So do I. So you DO understand. Usually I don’t bother to leave a comment but I’ve identified so much with every single issue you brought up! Like I said, so happy I found you!

  • Changing from Olanzapine to Quetiapine helped a lot with this for me. I told my psychiatrist that I was putting lots of weight and he changed my meds.

  • Thank you Dr. Berry for the information. Does my asthma medicine, Asmanex twisthaler 220mcg, (Mometasone furoate) cause me to gain weight? Is their an alternative?

  • Im using those and it works very well:

  • Dr Berry, I been keto for a couple years in response to being told I was pre diabetic and had high blood pressure, now my doctor prescribed me Lisinopril because my blood pressure is still high. What is your opinion about Lisinopril?

  • Actually I think she still looks really good with the extra weight. So I don’t think she should feel bad because if you ask me either way, she’s still holdin it down.

  • Does friocet cause weight gain? While it has helped my migraines I have noticed that when I have to take it more then once a day I gain weight

  • So my mom and therapist want me to take Zoloft for my anxiety. The thing is, I have ways of dealing with my anxiety and it’s not a harm to me or ANYONE else. I really don’t want to take the meds bc I know they cause weight gain and I’ve worked SO hard for my body. Working out everyday and being vegan (for more ethical reasons) and I don’t want to lose all of that because bc my mom and therapist want to take the easy way out of things. Please help me or Smth

  • Thank you so much for being the first time Ive ever heard encouragement and not judgment about this subject. Even from mental health pros, they just dont get how hard it really is. Youre such an inspiration!

  • I love how open you are, we need more people like yoy to get rid of the stigma of mental health. I have a family member who struggles with mental health for years and your videos have helped me understand better in giving the right support.
    I was wondering if you had a blog or anything that’s not YouTube. Thank you and
    God Bless

  • Thank you so much for this. I have been on seroquel for a year and I’ve gained over 80 pounds. I hated myself and I thought I was doing something wrong. I never looked into the medication causing it and it makes so much SENSE. I have been on multiple diets, gone to the gym, done EVERYTHING. Every time I would lose weight, I would gain it back again. I have weaned myself off of it now and I can already see a difference, and I even feel a bit better in myself. I have cried and cried and hated myself so much because everyone thought I was FAT and LAZY. they would say it so much, i started believing it too.

  • Thank you for this information. I am on several medications. Can a combination of medications not on your list cause weight gain? Such as Effexor XR and blood pressure medications?

  • I love your videos! I just like to ask how do you maintain friendships, i’m so paranoid I can’t trust anyone… it is very lonely, I feel like an alien

  • Maybe no one mentioned it, and maybe you see it differently, but in my opinion you look way better on the After picture. In the Before picture you look unhealthy skinny. At least in After one, after weight gain, you’ve lovely curves in all the right places.������

  • I took the maximum dose of Ibuprofen for 20+ years, knowing it was against advice, but not thinking I could survive my chronic pain without it. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and I was prescribed it for many of those years, and never told it could cause weight gain that I can remember. I was warned of stomach issues and possible liver, or kidney issues, or something, but not weight. The other thing I was not warned about was that it might make joint pain worse. I finally quit the Ibuprofen after more strong warnings from my doctor (or PA,) and asked for an alternative. I was given Nabumetone. I had been taking a fair bit of turmeric with pepper, and I quit the Ibuprofen and turmeric to begin the Nabumetone. The chronic pain in my left leg just wouldn’t seem to let up. A couple of mornings I put off taking the Nabumetone as early as I normally would, and it seemed better, so this morning I decided not to take it. After I got up, I searched “can nsaids cause pain” and was pretty startled by what I found about joint pain, osteoarthritis, and NSAIDs. From what I found, it would Seem that they can either cause damage to, or prevent the repair of, cartilage in joints. It seems such a contradiction, since they are prescribed as anti-inflammatories and given for that sort of pain all the time. I’m hoping you might have feedback on that Dr. Berry? I am also on Gabapentin, and have been for many years, but with that I was warned of the weight-gain issue. Oh, Metoprolol too though, and no warning there. The good news, I hope though, is that I have begun a carnivore way of eating, and am hoping for much improvement. I’ve had many small victories already, and some pretty big ones as well.

  • I just wonder how your colleagues respond to you sharing this great information to us that many of them lie about daily knowingly. ����

  • I eat better now, but still gained the weight. It feels like my metabolism just shut down. I’m coming off the antipsychotic slowly now. I’m so glad healthy eating has worked for you, but it’s done nothing different for me.

  • I was thin people called me anorexic then meds made me gain weight some people say I look better with the gain and ill wen im thin u just cant win

  • I am type 2 diabetic, have had a c-peptide test, was told I was making virtually no insulin. If I don’t take insulin, my sugars run in the 400’s. I can’t take metformin, my body gets deathly ill. I have stage 4 CKD so can’t take a lot of the diabetic medications that send sugar out through the kidneys. I take both Lantus and Novalog. Since starting to take them I have gained over 70 pounds. I feel like I’m stuck. Even on the keto diet I still have to take Lantus because my liver is constantly cranking out sugar. I also take metoprolol because it is eliminated through the liver, not the kidneys. What do I do?

  • I love your videos and understanding people with schizofrenia. I take meds for ocd and lost weight so I’m a little confused especially because I also started to eat sweets way more often ��

  • It cause me to have diabetes. Everytime i try to fight the hunger i get painfull headache i tell my family and doctors this they just ignore me like it aint nothing because it doesnt bother them. Im around a lot of selfish people A lot. Or maybe they dont give a shit about what im going through because they dont care for me. Of course my parents who neglected me as a child why would i think they would care.

  • Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I think that I need to have tried every fat loss system that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets because my cousin who told me unbelivable things about it and so far to date I have successfully dropped 17 pounds within 4 weeks!

  • Hello Dr. Weiner, I got your book a pound of cure. I was wondering if you have a cook book for more recipes or know of a cookbook book for the metabolic reset diet. Thank you

  • Keto has completely prevented me from gaining weight. I got bipolar disorder, ocd and hypochondria, exercise and this diet helps but by no means cures it. I’m actually really glad you do the keto too because my psychiatrist thought I was being silly by doing this diet.

  • I read lots of superb reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) will help you lost tons of weight. Has anybody tried this popular weight loss secrets?

  • Im a model and performer. Lexpro made it to where I can’t work. I gained 20 pounds in 2 months. I’m almost glad it happened this fast otherwise i would havd never put it together. This was obvious. But now I can’t lose it quickly. I’m having to resort to extreme measures to reset my metabolism. Im not sad. I’m pissed

  • I took Vyvanse, along with diet and exercise, and lost 75#. I also couldn’t sleep, couldn’t concentrate, acted like I had ADHD, had memory lapses, intense dry mouth, dried out nails and skin. I stopped taking it and the weight came back even though I continued to exercise. Eating went right back to wanting to binge. I do NOT recommend it!

  • Hello very good videos. if you can watch my videos i can be happy. Have a nice days. we are trying to explain our products. let you check.

  • I gained 30 pounds on Paxil. Im doing Nutrasystem with Chromium Picolinate to try and lose the weight. Its hard. Best of luck to all. ������

  • Thank you for speaking exactly what im feeling right now. I am so depressed over my weight gain with latuda i am thinking of getting off.

  • Wen I gained lot of weight because of meds I told my psychiatrist about it but he refused to admit that its bcz of meds my experiences with psychiatrists and psychologists are aweful. I’m from india and here doctors dont hav any empathy for the patient. One psychiatrist blamed me that I wasnt trying enuf after I told him meds were not working and I’m depressed whole day, it made me cringe. I used to cry all day bcz of anxiety and depression and had terrible lethargy. No doctor helped me with lethargy…less said the better about psychologists they r even worse…i lost 15 years of my life bcz of mental illnesses, schizophrenia is the worst disease anybody can b affected with and I hav been a victim of it..although I’m better now and hav kicked the meds completely i do get depressive bouts and hav no motivation to do anything…i wish that no one ever gets schizophrenia.

  • you are lucky the weight barely shows i gained 100+ pounds on olanzapine seroquel and risperidone finally tapering off the seroquel now and am hoping the weight will sluff off but dont worry you look great! my knees hurt lol i cant even skateboard now! so i am hoping once i stop the seroquel the weight will go away wish you nothing but the best but seriously dont let it get you down you look fantastic!

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  • Many people today are working to find out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that will work for you is tough to find. A very important thing you want to comprehend is that a diet that works for one person might not operate for another. So you have to know what your getting into before you start one of those diets. This may give you enough information to find out whether this really is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here

  • Your videos are awesome, thanks for putting this information out there! I’m a medical researcher in the field of antipsychotic drug side effects and we’re working on medications to help with this huge problem.

  • I am so appreciative of this video! I drastically went from 130# to whatever I am now… I refuse to weigh myself but since switching from zoloft to prozac I have gained so much weight. I lost 70# after having my daughter and now I feel like I am right back to the nasty embarrassing feeling of heavy.

  • Your videos are helping me to better understand my friend who is living with schizophrenia, right now I have had to take a break from him as he has relapsed and I can’t have him in my life but i am here for him when he comes back to the program. He truly is a wonderful man and friend when he is living well with schizophrenia and I really miss his friendship. Thank you for helping better understand what it is like to live with this mental illness.

  • Do you just put on weight by eating the same foods and quantities as you did before you started taking the pills? Even if you feel hungrier but you still manage to eat normally or as much as you did before the medication, how can you put on weight?

  • Thank you for sharing. I’ve been on seroquel for 6 months now and have ballooned from 175 to 275 lbs! None of my clothes fit and now I have high blood pressure and am prediabetic. The worst part has been where I’ve gained most of the weight (my belly), I’ve gone from a size 32 to a size 44 because of the weight gain. I’m only 19 so I never expected I’d gain any weight, let alone 100 lbs.

  • Please do you know an alternative or two to Mirtazapin I might ask my doctor about? I would like to see him somewhat with a plan what I would ask about to make it short I take that pill against anxiety and silly as it is, I am afraid to go to the doctor, too. Since I take this medicine, I am gaining slowly but surely weight. Now you are right, this really does not make me a happier person at all. What I did against this myself is I changed to a ketogenic diet Which I discovered in you channel. Thank you so much in advance. Greetings from Germany.

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  • I’m glad to see I’m not the only one,.. I hate that my medication makes me gain weight, however the positives from the medication outweigh the negatives for me

  • Hi Dr Berry I take seasonal antihistamines for hayfever Telfast / 180mg one per day from April to August, i’m in the UK, the advice on NHS website here states that Fexofenadine isn’t known to cause weight gain. I was in a car accident in February which has left me with 7 prolapsed discs and alot of nerve damage nueropathy pain/spasms numbness and physical neck and back pain. I have a tens machine now. I was on pregabablin but this gave me bad side effects and terrible water retention and bloating/weight gain, I was on this for 2.5 months but came off this 3 weeks ago, cut down, had horrendous nerve pain issues so my GP prescribed Nortriptyline which is helping with the nerve pain but I still have a lot of numbness and eptopic pain symptoms. They are talking about pain injections which I know will cause even more weight gain. I had lost 2 stone when I had the accident by 5:2 diet and a lot of exercise, I’ve almost put all this back on in the past 4 months, which is upsetting and i’m so worried the nortryptaline will cause more. I am just trying some herbal medication to help with the nerve pain. Any advice. Thanks

  • My doc reduced my Seroquel to 2 thirds limiting only to the night dose recently. Just two days and I have no appetite for any real food and rapidly losing weight.

  • i got psycosis diganosis after probably 4 session with shrink, i ate the pills as the shrinko told me to do, after 3 weeks i looked like a balooon with empty stare, i was not only fat, i was discusting fat, so what i did, i just trowed the pills in the garbage, started train and fired my shrinko and today i feel and look like a million dollar, i also ate herbs like aschwnaga herbs, macca etc which was very good for my mental state also for my already recovered libido.

  • You understand! ��
    I remember having a nearly flat stomach. Then when I started medication and heard about the weight gain side affect I was so scared that I turned anorexic for a while. �� Then after that I ate normally and gained weight more than I ever have before! ��
    I lost most of that weight thankfully and hope to make god proud with reaching my ideal body type! Fight On!!!

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  • Hi Dr Berry, Thank you for your channel I have just subscribed. I have been followi g keto for 2wks so still a newbie. I have lost no weight and my blood ketone is still at.1. I am taking Disulfiram at the moment. Can this be affecting my results? Thank you ��

  • Hi Dr. Thank you so much for this video. Here is my dilemma and I’d be forever grateful if you responded. I was put on mirtazepine for insomnia. Severe insomnia. I do have a strong history of depression but cipralex has made me stable. 4 months ago I warned off the mirtazipine. It was an absolutely awful experience. Since then I have been tried on zopiclone, trazadone and anitriptiline. None of them helped or worked as well as the mirtazipine for me for sleep. My dr has recommended me to go back on mirtazipine 7.5mg a night and to not go above that dose. My question is this….if I can control the food cravings and make smart choices will I still gain weight? Does the medication slow my metabolism or is the weight gain come from the increased appetite/eating? I don’t know what to do. Thanks so much -Abbey

  • Thankyou so much for sharing it,I cried throughout the video! I can totally relate to it since I’m on medication aswell & each month I gain 1-2kgs which is insane & could literally see stretch marks on myself that made me really feel so bad abt myself as if it’s all my fault! Your smile & the way you’re telling this really made me feel so better & realise that we aren’t alone ❤️

  • It’s hard to keep in mind that it’s not your fault. I eat healthy, am as fit as I can be, but I still feel like I should be doing more. It doesn’t help that my illness drains me and leaves me with very little energy, so I’m not as active as I would like. So I keep going through this circle of “hey, I’m gaining weight, I should stop letting myself go and exercise” followed by “no matter what I do, I won’t lose weighOh right, it’s because of meds….But see, I’m not losing weight, so there much be something I do wrong.” rinse and repeat.

    This alone makes me wish that our society wasn’t so focused on weight gain that we think it’s okay to call complete strangers out on (perceived) bad habits. It’s hard enough to have to deal with insecurities of weight gain without people screaming in your ears that you’re doing something wrong.

  • I’m going through this right now. I just found out the medication that I’ve been on for three months actually four months is the reason why I put on weight and my face looks like marshmallow. I see pictures of myself and I look so puffy and blubbery and I run 10 miles a day and I can’t even sweat. Thankfully my doctor told me to discontinue the medication but I’m just worried it’s not gonna come off. He said it will take time to get out of your system but boy do I empathize with you

  • if society didn’t treat fat people so badly it probably wouldn’t need to be such a major stressor for people trying to improve their health with these meds

  • As a possible alternative to steroids for lung/bronchial inflammation, try a high quality coconut oil at least three times a day, some Braggs apple cider vinegar three times a day (two tbl spoons if you can), and a healthy dose of oregano oil in a small amount of water, to be swallowed right down… chaser, okay! Make sure the oregano oil has at least 80% Carvacrol. Hit these three together and hit them hard… don’t just give up after a day. Then take daily. Once the bronchitis bacteria get into your lungs/bronchia, they are nearly impossible to get rid of; but this stuff will keep them tamped down if you are diligent.
    By the way, one Internet source says that steroids work AGAINST the discs in our spines… SO, another good reason to avoid them. Trust me, you DO NOT want your discs to pancake!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Berry, wondering if Amlodipine & Spironolactone cause weight gain. I’ve been on these medications since March & I’ve been pretty active the entire time (exercise 3+ days a week). I’ve been eating a keto diet for the past 2 yrs, but only recently (the last 4 months) had a hard time getting the weight off & managing my bp.

  • I am taking the lowest dosage of sertraline while on the hcg diet. I’m hoping I can wing off soon. But I’ve been losing weight. Thank god

  • I feel so embarrassed all the time, and while I know that Keppra is keeping me from having seizures, I will hardly leave the house and for one whole year I’ve only worn one pair of stretchy shorts and big tshirts. I have a huge closet of clothes that I don’t even dare try on. It’s horrible.

  • sums up my life to a tee. i am currently taking medication, before i started i was 80kg and after 3 months without any warning i was 100kg, coming into summer in Australia i realised no singlets or shorts fit me anymore. my short size was 32 and im now up to a 36, my shirt size was a medium im now an xtra large, clothing brands i usually wear dont have my size and its embarrassing, i know your pain and am proud of you for raising this issue because it does effect alot of people physically and emotionally ✌

  • I’m taking risperdal for about a month now 0.5 mg I feel tired all the time gained 7lbs….I was wondering do i have to wean myself off if only been on them for a month???? I dont see my psychiatrist for another month…

  • My dr and I recently decided to add an adjunct medication to help manage the weight gain. I was eating mindfully and getting as much exercise as my body can handle (I have arthritis) and kept gaining. My weight is at the stage where it is impairing my mobility and worsening my bone health. The trio of psychiatric medication I use have kept me stable so we don’t want to mess with it.

  • So all the comments are people like me who are sad and depressed from gaining weight, when the drugs are supposed to make you not so unhappy, fuck you litium I’m not taking this crap again

  • I’m on Prozac/ vraylar/ klonipin/ metro something for blood pressure/ and trazadone for sleep in the past year I’ve gained 35 pounds

  • Guess I’m going to stop taking my gabapentin STAT! I’d rather look and feel in shape than feel and look like a fat blob.
    I also am on seroquel, which is a KNOWN “weight gainer”.

    Which oral contraceptives are weight gainers? Sprintec? If so, please let me know! I’ll switch to something else. I wish I had a doctor like this one! Thanks for all the advice.
    I workout at the gym 1.5-2 hours a day 24/7/365 so the idea of a medication causing me to not get in shape and waste all this time at the gym really bothers me.
    Thank you SO much for the video! ��������

  • felt the same so many times, the pic on profile was at the start of my Ra diagnosis and I’ve changed so much so many times in just a few years. I look nothing of the person I once was. hate seeing people even younger than me going through all this. I’m so sorry, much love and gentle hugs x

  • My blood pressure meds and prednisone for back pain made me gain weight, 15 pounds in three weeks. I didn’t need either one of these. My blood pressure wasn’t normally high when I am not sick and the IBProphen and Tylenol worked better than the Prednisone. I have been taking IBProphen regularly for a pinched nerve in the neck. Will that cause me to gain weight? I have used Gabapentin for neck pain but it caused several side effects. I see now that several I have been taking have caused this weight gain. Now how do I get it off? I have gone off all of them because I don’t think I need them and I am doing fine except I need to get the weight off.

  • Ive gained 70 pounds on my antidepressant, which I got on to help with my mental illnesses and eating disorders. Body image means way too much to me than it should, but I really hope these pounds will shed once I get off these meds. Wish me luck!

  • My doc wants me to take lithium and I’m up in the air because I took serqual or however you spell it and went from 140 to 193.. I stopped that but now finally lost some weight then they want me on lithium.. I’m like you guys told me I would not gain weight before and I did and now that I lost some, you want me to gain more again so being depressed and gain more weight is healthy for me??? I don’t know but I am definitely not taking it. You can call me vain or whatever but I have not even lost all that weight. Guys I can finally fit an xlarge shirt. I don’t know what to do but thank you for the video

  • Lexapro is what my dr gave me for hot flashes. Ive been on it for over 2 years and my withdrawal is unbearable when i when i try to stop. Weening does not help. I have extremely bad brain zaps. Can you help. And does this drug cause me to loose ability to loose weight and my sex drive is Gone!

  • I have a team of docs that are great. I have multiple autoimmune diseases including lupus. Then separate Lyme induced fibromyalgia, degenerate joint disease and other fun things I am on 6 out of 7 they are helping me lower my meds to help me lose weight. I lost a lot of weight before I was diagnosed then gained a lot with all the meds. It’s tough. It like climbing steps and almost getting all the way up and someone pushing you down each time. I feel so much better on keto. It’s amazing but in a flare I’m down for the count and have to take care of my 2 kids 4 n 5 yo ( on the autism spectrum) but they r amazing kids and work overnights as a pharmacists so no time to rest and no time to cook. That’s the hardest part. My husband is finally going it with me. We are going a meal plan for the week so we know what we are making. I have to keep trying. Down 15 lbs fighting the meds is hard bc I have to slowly taper or in too much pain. Thank you dr berry for all your help

  • im on 4 weight gain meds and 2 of them have lawsuits for weight gain and diabetes and each medication average weight gain is like 10-30lbs, the first 3 months i gained 20lbs so i decided to stop eating and drink coffee and smoked cigs instead of eat shit, i easily lost 35lbs and im currently almost underweight and still taking my meds lol, im happier smoking and drinking coffee n shit than eating shit, try it honestly its easy as fuk lol i lost all that weight in like 3 months or less

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  • Aside from the occasional (less than once a year) anti-biotic for a SEVERE infection, you should never take medications aside from herbal remedies. You will be sicker in the long run from doing that. The longer you take them, the more the long0term side effects will multiply. Never believe you need them. No matter what they tell you.

  • I think you’re beautiful and adorable! I found your video looking up weight gain from Paxil. I gained 20 pounds in 4-5 months! EEP! I’m so used to being slenderish. But…I also love me, so it doesn’t really matter if I pack a few extra pounds. We who’s weight is affected by meds, have to work so hard to counter the weight gain. But, I think it’s worth it in the end, for the relief the meds give.

  • Gained 30 pounds on a med. thank you for making this video. I cry everyday at the weight gain. None of my clothes fit, I don’t recognize myself. I can’t stop taking my meds though because I don’t want to go back to feeling miserable.

  • I lost 60 pounds this last while on oxycodone. OK I switched to gabapentin/neurotin. I’m eating everything but no pain!!!!! No longer on pain meds. Has anyone taken this med?

  • Hi, I’m from Japan, there are few ppl coming out schizophrenia in my country. Your video is so helpful, and could you let me know what medicine you take??

  • The doctor put me on blood pressure meds, two kinds, gabapentin for pain in my shoulder and prednisone, all of these caused me to gain 16 pounds in three weeks. I didn’t need any of them. My blood pressure was up because I was in pain. When the pain was gone my pressure was good. IB Prophen and Tylenol worked just fine for pain, I didn’t need the others. I have gone off of those drugs about a month ago and have been able to get off ten pounds, but I still am battling the other 6 pounds.

  • Taking 20 mg Lipitor a day for heart. I understand it reduces cholesterol but I believe that could effect my testosterone which in turn could cause trouble losing wt. I am starting a mediterranean keto diet to really reduce saturated fat but will have plenty of essential fats from fish, olives, etc. Your thoughts please. Thanks Dr Berry. i subscribed about a week ago and am enjoying the content

  • You look good to me. But I also completely understand everything you are saying. I mean every word has been heard. Meds while trying to figure out what was wrong got me heavier. So I know. And trying to work out but doing great then 3 weeks later you get sick from a flare and you get knocked down. Ugh.

  • WARNING: Topamax will make people spacey as Dr. Weiner states. I lost 10 lbs while on Topamax for a short time, but I also lost my ability to cook and drive safely. Reason why I lost a few pounds is because I’d make a plate of food then put it in the microwave and forget to get it out, then a hours later I’d be hungry and make a plate of food to only find I didn’t remember to get my first plate of food out of the microwave to eat. I was on Topamax for Trigeminal face nerve pain which it helped, but acouse the risk was greater than the reward.

  • I started taking Lexapro Jan 27 and I’ve switched to Zoloft 3 days ago. I switch because I gained 31 pounds on Lexapro while I was still dieting and exercising. I also tracked my calories and carbs intake with MyFitnessPal. My depression got so much worse on Lexapro and I used to get migraines and headaches. Hopefully Zoloft is different and I can finally lose this unwanted weight. So far I have no symptoms, just gassy and a bit more energetic ��

  • Fabulous info!!!!!
    Thanks Dr!!!
    You ROCK!!!!!
    At 58+ years old, no prescript meds here & rarely any OTC
    Arthritis is an issue & I’m working on the diet to help control it��������
    Sugar absolutely has an impact
    as does a day or more of not moving enough
    I have a regular date with my treadmill & light weights
    Love physical work outside!!!
    Come on spring!!! ��
    Have a beautifully blessed day!!!!!
    Thanks again!!!!!

  • You looked anorexic in the left photo. I know because I was anorexic at age 14 and even though my weight was way below ideal body weight, I saw myself very, very fat! I also had body dysmorphic disorder.

  • JK Rowling once said:
    I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, you are all beautiful. I am Mags, on meds nearly 15 years and for life. Iv’e turned my thoughts around and have grown to love ME. I’ve gone through the weight gain, watching my clothes size going up and up, dealing with a huge stomach (which I try to hide,,believe me its hard), looking at my neck getting fatter and fatter. Ive tried so hard and Ive been sad but now Im knocking it on the head……….If anyone asks me now i tell them straight to their face and watch the reaction. Mostly people are fine. I just don’t let it take over my life anymore……..I live my life now and if somebody doesn’t like it, well ” dont bang the door on your way out ” lol. Kelly is fantastic, she is totally on point.:)

  • What is the best treatment for obesity and why?

    In this article, we will know a clear answer to this question.

  • I feel the exact same way. I feel puffy and self conscious. Just went to an event last night and my sisters looked beautiful and me beside them looked in a daze and huge.

  • Hi Dr. Weiner, I have just finished a cure of 6 week of antibiotics for a massive Hip Replacement infection. I was wondering if Antibiotics can also affect weight loss? I have sent you a video question as well. I would love to share my YouTube channel with you, as my latest video I featured you in it as me latest and GREATEST find of the year! Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice. I talked about the SET Point in one of my videos as well, I found a very interesting article about it in the Scientific America magazine. My highest weight was 450lbs, had Sleeve surgery on March 20, 2018 at Toronto Western Hospital, and am down to 213 lbs Great results so far. My YouTube channel was set up for my OWN accountability to stay on track! no weight regain, and eat healthy! I am happy to share you wonderful knownlege and tips with my own youtube followers. Hope you can view it.

  • Thank you for posting this video! I’m feeling EXACTLY like this. I avoid mirrors and pictures all the time! I really needed to hear this. Thank you for your encouragement! ❤️

  • Girl I feel you! I eat extremely healthy and exercise and I always had a hard time gaining weight until I started mirtazapine and now I gain weight and I am not doing anything. I wanted to gain some weight, but then I just kept gaining and gaining until I felt really uncomfortable. Now i want to get off this med because I feel uncomfortable in my body

  • Hi Dr. Berry. I take metoprolol for Angina and blood pressure. What I want to know can I start a Keto Diet to help the weight gain. Please help!!!

  • thanks for your video. let me share my experience of exercise. it not only helped me loose weight but also helped me cope with anxiety and depression. please do not quit exercise

  • I have a question I suffer from Schizoaffective and I take Antipsychotics for it now my question is will I gain weight from the med itself or does the weight come from the meds making me want to eat more? Please reply I’m desperate for a answer from a pro.

  • I take a lot of anti depressants and one has made me gain a lot of weight over the past year since starting it, it’s so depressing for me to take a med that really helps me but does this to me. Currently I am struggling so much with self hate, shame and obsessing over this. I am going to try getting off this med with help from my doctor but it is so hard not to hate myself and how I look

  • Hi i’m on quatierpine have gained 4 stone and can’t seem to get it off anyone else on this medication is ish there was a different sort olanzapine was worse

  • SeroquHELL..good luck with it, people, i got none…i got ptsd since the army, with seroquhell i got TD, no sleep, falls, cataracts, headaches, boobs, loss of speech, loss of memory, can’t work, ur face will turn into a zombie one, people will run from you, even your family. Shrinks are chemical butchers.Good luck.

  • I am taking nadolol / corgard for genetic prolonged qt syndrome is this one of those beta blockers that cause weight gain? I’m also on spirnalactone for my hydranitis supprativa I feel like I have gained weight?

  • I feel exactly the same as you do thank you for letting me see I’m not alone. You are cute sweetie but I understand wholeheartedly how you feel. Thank you xxx stay strong xxx

  • I started taking Celebrex for Bursitis the first week of June and noticed I’m gaining weight. I’ve been Keto for 15 months and this is freaking me out! What’s a natural diuretic I can take to get rid of water weight gain?

  • I hope i can gain weight. I have been skinny all my life. Very hard to put on a pound and very easy to loose them. I just started taking meds for anxiety and hope i can put some pounds on, i really doubt it though. ☹️

  • Iam on 47.5mg of metoprolol and the best thing I did was dieted b4 I started the medication and iam luck to continue losing weight as iam on the medication for my blood pressure.. I’ve lost 17kg in 2months witch I think is good

  • Lauren you have a park I assume for a garden, with respect. I don’t think I would be depressed with that lovely scenery all to myself, I’m just talking about myself. But yes if your able exercise, definetly, I’m not being critical of you Lauren, in fact I respect you and what you are doing. I’m on anti psychotics Lauren and I’m obese, my father had heart disease so I worry about that.

  • So thankful for your video. It really helped me feel less alone in my self-defeating thoughts. <3 You are a beautiful person and all of us are SO SO SO grateful for your words:')


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  • Thank you so much for these videos,I have felt so alone and struggled for years and they have only just found out why I’ve been in so much pain.would love to hear from you and maybe I can talk to you in private as I can’t write everything on here. X

  • 50 lbs and going. I eat healthy and it’s frustrating. I can’t even exercise due to the advancement of my lupus and crps. Making it 20 yards is a big deal for me. And it’s killing me. In 2 years I’ve gone from a size 5 to an 18. I cry a lit because it’s not my body. Also I can’t go with out the meds the alternative would be a life with out living.

  • There are several medications that can be prescribed to address anti-psychotic weight gain, you should encourage people to talk to their doctor about these because sometimes diet and exercise do not work for this type of weight gain.

  • (I’m on my brothers YouTube) but I had to comment because everything you said is 100% true.. I have epilepsy and being on meds for that does not help. I could say a lot of things but there’s no need because you said everything perfectly thank you so much for this video ��

  • Thank you for this! I’ve been on Seroquel for 1.5 years and have gained nearly 70 pounds. Before I was 117 pounds, now I’m 183 pounds. It’s becoming a problem and watching this was really helpful. I’ve been eating garbage and never exercising. This motivated me to make a change. Fingers crossed I have the same luck as you

  • i completely feel you!i put on 20 pounds really fast die to medication and im having such a hard time dealing with it!your so sweet this made me feel better!lots of love!!

  • The weight gain on anti-psych meds is truly terrible. (I take them for severe chronic insomnia) I have to go literally hungry for hours not to gain any more weight. I am 6’4 guy currently at 250 lbs. (Maybe even more now) I have gained like 20 lbs during the quarantine due to lack of exercise. It has to slow down your metabolism or something. When I was on Xanax instead of this, I managed to keep my weight at 210 lbs without much effort. (Became addicted to benzos, so they had to switch to last line treatment) I have plenty of side effects (like lowered intellect and motivation) from these meds as it is not really made to treat this condition. (And Paliperidone is one of the better ones, I wished I would die on most they have tried on me before)

  • Dr. Weiner.. So if a person taking saxenda changes their lifestyle, better nutrition and exercise, will they still gain weight when they quit taking saxenda?

  • I was super under weight and struggled to gain anything.. teaches at school.. and friends mum’s always tried feeding me.. I’m assuming they thought I had an eating disorder.. but after a while on the meds I gained 15kg and i was just so happy about it.. since then I’ve gained more and i feel now that I’m happy with my body..

  • Okay please help me I’m from London live in London I am on hundred milligrams of methadone daily I take home 1 a week i’m on mirtazapine Amitriptyline also proganova as I am full post op trans woman meaning I had srs..I’m 27 and not taken heroine for 6 years I was a uk size 8 which is small now I am on a uk 14-16 I have bulimia and I had very bad anarexia years ago
    Go so gaining weight is Killing me I go to the gymBut as soon as I take my methadone around 1 pm with amitriptyline and mirtazapine and my hormones I try to resist but four hours later I crave chocolate and nothing stands in my way please help me and if I can go on other medication for antidepressant that also helps me sleep without gaining weight please please please help me

  • Fairly recently I changed my anti anxiety meds, and I have gone from 125 to 205… in not a large period of time. I had to buy new clothes every 2 weeks. Today, I’m speaking to my doctor. Thank you for this. I know what you mean about feeling so dark. It makes me feel like none of the medications work… I have chronic pain, and so weight gain went to my breasts so back pain is terrible.

  • I can relate. I use to be a very handsome Slim guy. Now because of my medication I gained about 40, maybe even 50 pounds. Like you I feel ugly and don’t even like to be in pictures anymore. I don’t even give girls eye contact anymore. But you are cute, and I know that you don’t think you are what you once were, just remember that you are awesome.

  • I love this video and adore your positive outlook. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I feel like someone vocalized how I’m feeling. Thanks for sharing your story and making this video <3

  • I know how you feel. Im battling myself too. I hate myself. I’ve even thought of suicide. Its frustrating. I cry everyday. Believe me i try to loose weight. I gain and i loose but i never stay in the same weight. But you do look very pretty

  • I got on Latuda and gained 40 pounds in less than 2 months. I am now 60 pounds overweight which is an all time high and an all time low physically. I doubt I will ever hit my fitness goal I had for 20 years and never achieved it. I am a 5 foot 7 male and weigh 225 pounds. I will be lucky if I ever get “down” to 200 pounds, which was a weight I tried to avoid in my 20’s and 30’s. I am too frustrated and too tired to work out these days. I am now a waist 42 and they don’t wake a 42 waste and inseam 29. I am seeking to wear just heavy bib overalls. I went from a little Jim Carey to Drew Carey. It’s sad how obese I became.

  • This video made me cry, because all that you described is exactly how I feel right now. It seems that every week I am putting on 1 to 2 pounds due to the medication I’m on, and it is so discouraging. Thank you for being brave and sharing your experience with us. It really helped me to realize that I am not alone in this:)

  • As a physician, I came to this video for educational reasons, but I am leaving with more than education! I feel personally motivated as well after watching this.

  • Hi Josh, what allergy medicine do you recommend for daily allergies, sinus headaches, general outdoor allergies type stuff, thanks

  • I told my doc back year ago Gabapentin was making me gain weight and want to eat like I was starving. She told me she’d never heard of such a thing and basically acted like I was crazy. I stopped taking them anyway and figured out another way to deal.

  • I’ve eaten Olanzapine for 15 years now. In the beginning I had severe anorexia and the meds didn’t effect me at all. The latest years, now when I’m around 30, I’ve gained up to BMI 22, and I feel SO ASHAMED of it! I’m “recovered” from my ED, but I don’t want to weight more than I absolutely have to, and I desperately want to lose weight, but “can’t” stay away from chocolate because I’m always craving it. What should I do?? These extra 6 kilos are killing me! Every time I stop Olanzapine I have a mixed bipolar episode, so I need it.

  • I’m dealing with this rn… I’m scared because you said is true… I’ve recently been given another medication… but I’ve put on 2 stone or more…. I hate it

  • I’m on Zoloft and the best way to offset that is to do cardio 5 to 6 days a week. Do at least 2 strength sessions a week but eventually work up 3

  • I know this is weird and not totally on topic but when I found out that my son was going to have a physical birth defect I was devastated and now that he has grown and gotten older (8) I can be thankful for the treatments that are available even if he still has some problems. Even 30 or 40 years ago he would’ve been considered a cripple and his life would have been so different. I don’t know why I typed all this. I just thought maybe it could help someone from being super discouraged.

  • know how u feel, I’ve gained 44lbs on my medication, don’t feel full, gained weight even though I’m not crazy unhealthy and stuff,.. really sucks! So hard to workout when u are depressed too….fml

  • Thank you for expressing exactly what I have been feeling these last 8 months since starting to take Lyrica.  ( are beautiful!)  I’ve gained 15 pounds during that time.  I take it for neurolagic pain caused by Shingles and it also helps for anxiety.  If it weren’t for the weight gain, I’d be very happy.  I’m so used to being thin all my life and now I’m going crazy!  I’ve changed my diet to vegan and exercising like crazy now to try to lose this weight gain.  I’m also cutting back on the meds and just dealing with pain as it comes.  I feel your frustration, so thank you so much for this video.:)