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My Opinion on the Carnivore Diet

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I tried the Carnivore Diet for a Month… Unbiased Review

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Is It Healthy to Eat Only Meat?

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Dr. Stephen Phinney: Is it safe to eat an all-meat diet? Is it healthy?

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Carnivore Diet: The Good, The Bad, and the Meaty

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The Carnivore Diet is a restrictive diet that only includes meat, fish, and other animal foods like eggs and certain dairy products. It excludes all other foods, including fruits, vegetable. The carnivore diet is not only simple eat only meat and water, and that’s all but also looks as ‘Mericaas you can get. Related Vegan Diet Plan for Building Muscle.

They literally took the meat and potatoes of the prototypical American meal and eliminated the potatoes. Here is the diet: You eat meat, and nothing else. A sort of extreme take on the keto diet, the carnivore diet has supposedly helped people lose weight and rid. The carnivore diet is a diet that consists of eating strictly meat, mostly beef.

On this diet one is supposed to eat only meat. Anything plant based is not allowed. In fact, carnivore diet advocators claim that anything plant based is not good for your health. Can the carnivore diet increase cholesterol levels?

Yes, the carnivore diet can increase cholesterol levels, but it’s important to look at which types actually increase. Some tests have shown that a meat only diet will actually lower the bad cholesterol and increase the good to end up with a much more positive ratio. They call the carnivore diet extreme, insane, and a bad idea.

Testimonials, blogs and advocates bloom Despite the controversy, some high-profile individuals are sharing how a carnivore diet helped resolve their intractable problems, especially mental illness and serious autoimmune conditions. The carnivore diet – also known as the all meat diet or the carnivorous diet – entails eating almost nothing but meat for every meal, every day. That means a lot of protein, a.

To my knowledge there have not been any long-term studies for people eating a carnivorous diet. Credit Max Lugavere Most processed foods are plant-based and are not conducive to good. hey thanks for site really helpful, im 32yrs 6ft and 140lbs ive been on carnivore diet for round 12 days now to try to improve my chronic fatigue and digestive issues ive had for round 10 years. i was marginally functional on paleo diet but wanted more, ive been feeling worse and worse, experancing alot of weakness in my arms and legs i’ve. “I received both my Grass-Fed and Grain-Fed Carnivore Bar pre-orders and was very pleased with both! The texture of the bars was perfect, and while the Grain-Fed bars had a slightly better taste, I thought both were delicious.

Most importantly though, I’m really happy I now have a shelf-stable carnivore product that I can use while traveling.

List of related literature:

My goal with this book is not to convince the entire world that a carnivore diet is what we all need to consume.

“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker
from The Carnivore Diet
by Shawn Baker
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

I’m going to make it simple for you: Organic, grass-fed meat provides more nutrients and fewer toxins than grain-fed or conventional meat, with more antioxidants, omega-3s, trace minerals, and vitamins than any other food.

“The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life” by Dave Asprey, J. J. Virgin
from The Bulletproof Diet: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Reclaim Energy and Focus, Upgrade Your Life
by Dave Asprey, J. J. Virgin
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If you are going to eat meat, however, find the cleanest freerange meat and poultry you can; animals allowed to graze with other animals and consume a natural, plant-based diet are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

“Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health” by Alberto Villoldo
from Grow a New Body: How Spirit and Power Plant Nutrients Can Transform Your Health
by Alberto Villoldo
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Here’s how Eberstadt describes Jennifer’s diet: “Wavering in and out of vegetarianism, Jennifer is adamantly opposed to eating red meat or endangered fish.

“Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution” by S. Margot Finn
from Discriminating Taste: How Class Anxiety Created the American Food Revolution
by S. Margot Finn
Rutgers University Press, 2017

In terms of nutrients, vegetarian diets are usually rich in carbohydrates, n-6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, carotenoids, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Mg and relatively low in protein, saturated fat, long-chain n-3 fatty acids, retinol, vitamin B(12), and Zn (Key et al., 2006).

“Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention” by François Mariotti
from Vegetarian and Plant-Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention
by François Mariotti
Elsevier Science, 2017

The ratio of these fats in cattle fed grains like soy and corn, however, skews heavily in the direction of omega­6 to 7.65 to 1.22 A recent study, for example, showed that eating moderate amounts of grass­fed meat for only four weeks can give individuals healthier levels of essential fatty acids.

“Think and Eat Yourself Smart: A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life” by Dr. Caroline Leaf
from Think and Eat Yourself Smart: A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life
by Dr. Caroline Leaf
Baker Publishing Group, 2016

Unless and until research demonstrates that carnivores benefit from a high vegetable diet it would be wise to follow closely the natural diet of free-living wild carnivores — whole carcasses of raw meaty bones.

“Raw Meaty Bones” by Tom Lonsdale
from Raw Meaty Bones
by Tom Lonsdale
Dogwise Publishing, 2001

For these reasons, the best approach is to make the Paleolithic foods our species evolved to eat the foundation of your diet and then personalize it from there depending on your own unique combination of genetics, health status, activity level, life circumstances, and goals.

“The Paleo Cure: Eat Right for Your Genes, Body Type, and Personal Health Needs Prevent and Reverse Disease, Lose Weight Effortlessly, and Look and Feel Better than Ever” by Chris Kresser
from The Paleo Cure: Eat Right for Your Genes, Body Type, and Personal Health Needs Prevent and Reverse Disease, Lose Weight Effortlessly, and Look and Feel Better than Ever
by Chris Kresser
Little, Brown, 2013

Find the cleanest freerange meat and poultry you can; food animals allowed to graze with other animals and consume a natural, plant-based diet are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

“One Spirit Medicine” by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
from One Spirit Medicine
by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Hay House, 2015

For instance, a carnivore is a more “efficient” eating machine than an herbivore, because rather than expending energy maintaining all the digestive machinery necessary to break down plant food into readily usable constituents, it overcomes its enzymatic deficiencies by simply letting the herbivore fatten up.

“Sex, Time, and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution” by Leonard Shlain
from Sex, Time, and Power: How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution
by Leonard Shlain
Penguin Publishing Group, 2004

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  • I used to spend tons on salad bags and asparagus or other vegetables I secretly despised like colorful peppers. They would all rot and I would throw money in the trash. Not any more. I crave steak. I’m not 100% carnivore I like fruit but 90% is meat oh and coffee.

  • One thing that confuses me about keto is that every carnivore on earth has a genetic mutation that doesn’t allow them to go into ketosis instead it seems that evolution favours gluconeogenesis over ketosis. Is this because your prey have more muscle meat then fat on them? To consume the whole animal would put you out of keto, id love a solid answer.

  • I love that y’all did this! Thank you. I’ve been keeping both a food log and a mood/symptom-whatever/brain-dump journal during my experience of my carnivore diet. It helps me stay focused on why I’m doing this, and track (if any) progress. There’s been so many micro/macro successes with this experiment!! I’m on only day-9, and I can already see multiple benefits being revealed in this WOE for me!!

  • Paul Saladino did a great job. I feel bad for him, they attacked him and never let him speak. He’s so much wiser than them! It’s sad that so many people believe and watch the doctors when they should be watching Paul Saladino.

  • What a trash show this has become. A bunch of over-botoxed, arrogant, ignorant idiots pushing the vegan agenda. Dr. Stork, stay out of the botox chair….your face is looking mighty rubbery these days.

  • Thank You for taking the time to spread your good experiences. My big question that you answered is on constipation. I have been on an intermittent / Keto / vegie (very little meat) fasting diet for about 2 years and have had great results, lost 45LBs and I am much healthier. However, I have been fighting constipation. My solution, that I hate doing, but I feel that I have no choice is to take 3 Dulcolax every 6th or 7th day. When I take it, I can’t leave the house the next day. I am afraid to be away from porcelain. You have convinced me. After I finish the current food in my fridge, I am going to give this a try. Thanks again for sharing.

  • Most of your information is inaccurate and there is medical and dietician backing with lab works included. You clearly didn’t do any research.

  • That before and after picture is a thing of beauty. You guys have done a very good job for yourselves, and you’ve also inspired those around you. Keep it up!

  • The kicker was when he said that the brain needs carbohydrates, because, it’s the only fuel it can use. ��.A review of the carnivore diet without knowing about ketones, a far more potent energy unit for the brain. Smh

  • Those doctors are like a bunch of 5 year olds up there. I wouldn’t trust anyone with that kinds of child like mentality. The lawyer has got to be a bit mentally handicapped.

  • First, a very nice couple, you look in sync with each other & have respect, love and openness. I like the tip not to tell anyone you are on Carnivore until you see a lot of results on this lifestyle. I want to go from Keto to Carnivore next week.

    What sauces can you eat on carnivore like: mayo, mustard, hot sauce, vinegar or do we eliminate all those too in order to reap the benefits of carnivore??

  • wow, great news, glad you feel better…..and thanks for sharing your journey. Please let us know if your shoulder pain or any other pains come back when you transition off of carnivore….. I’ve heard some say that their pains resurfaced after just a few days of eating carbs…..

  • I’m confused as to why you would choose to pair PUFAs with a carnivore diet. PUFAs are highly inflammatory, and have no place in any diet that aims to regulate autoimmune disease, including keto and carnivore. Also, true carnivore is not zero carb. People who insist it is apparently know very little about nutrition. Eggs contain carbohydrates, dairy contains carbohydrates, as do organ meats.

  • Too much protein can cause weight loss due to more energy being required to convert protein to energy. However what about higher fat content meats vs low fat content? Would that be okay? Dr berg?

  • Chris and Laura, this is so good and you two are great together! Thank you for sharing more of your story. Y’all have provided endless wisdom to/for me.

  • Regrowing tooth enamel is something I have experienced myself. I had a hole at the gum line and it has completely disappeared. My Dentist was amazed.

  • Hey Laura! New subscriber to your channel and so far I love it!! Very informative and I love the fact that you and Chris are able to do this together. I’m new on my journey of carnivore and am currently on my 3rd day. Am I supposed to be having explosive volcanos yet?? Asking for a friend…

  • Well, it is generally a good idea to avoid any real advice from anyone reading typical info online to present it as a bias video. Placebo effects aren’t documented under medicinal journals genius. The diet has cured a case of type 1 diabetes which no other diet nor medicine did. So, if it works for some and not for you then just shut up and avoid discouraging people from given it a try if they feel they should. Whole grains and veggies, typical conditioned responses by a naive boy

  • Vit. C is not missing man, do the research!!! If you go zero carb the vit. C does not need to fight with the glucose for transportation and so even though you may have lower vit. C the absorption is better so that at the end you vit. C levels will just be perfect!!

  • Very, Very Shameful! They were mocking Dr. Paul Saladino and making him out like he was the villian! They are so so disrespectful and condescending to their guest and they mock him and the girls and don’t cut them off when they try to answer their so called questioning!!!

  • I dont know what this fake doctor saw, i eat meat and kittle red cabbage a green apple only every day in long therm, i running weight lifting a lot, on my shirt drying out the salt and minerals always! The meat is full of potasium and minerals! Has to eat much meat with bones. Weekly waterfast days to produce the bile concentrate, and Thats it. And stop lying.

  • Why would you invite someone on your show and try to tear them apart? Why would you look at vegan Dr. as the authority on nutrition? Joel Kahn (vegan) and Paul Saladino (carnivore) both on extreme polar opposite diets. Who funds your show it seems like your show has an agenda of its own.

  • I am 4 days in and find I am getting sick of eating only meat and I’m getting turned off from continuing. I was doing Keto and think I will be going back to keto ��

  • Don’t you guys eat meat organs? I thought these has abundant vitamins and minerals. I started carnivore a month ago and incorporated liver and other organs. Felt really good

  • Rem can we get some final boss apparel for women?? We also watch you and ankrom on your channel, women like to shop yal would make some $$. Yal know what yal like to see in the gym.

  • This is a crap video. I struggled to lose my belly for several years. I tried everything. My life was miserable. I tried the carnivore diet (but I ate eggs, cheese and milk).. I also had broccoli and cauliflower. I literally lost 5kg in one week and felt fantastic. All the bloating I had in my belly is gone, so I feel more comfortable. I don’t like the sarcasm in your voice. You wouldn’t know shit from clay. Close your YouTube channel.

  • I have been on the carnivore diet for a week now. However I realised that I’ve seasoned my cast iron with olive oil and have cooked with it. Is the minuscule amount in the seasoning enough to tamper with the results I’m looking for?

  • This was so unbelievably cringe. I don’t follow a carnivore diet, but I can understand the potential benefits. To act like fruits and veggies are the backbone of a human diet, when agriculture has only existed for a fraction of human history, and modern day fruits have been bred to be full of more and more sugar, it’s absurd not to even be willing to hear this guy out.

  • I find it hard to believe that any of these doctors are educated with the way they behaved on this show. And what is the need for the rabid judge? This was utterly disgusting.

  • Sounds like Thomas goofed it, don’t do lean meat your body needs the fat to run

    Protein poisoning (also referred to colloquially as rabbit starvation, mal de caribou, or fat starvation) is a rare form of acute malnutrition thought to be caused by a near complete absence of fat in the diet.

  • Thank you to everyone who has provided their feedback on the Carnivore Diet. We value and appreciate your input. For those who have tried the diet, please share your feedback (including pros/cons) in the comments below. Thanks!

  • I don’t watch this show because it is just too staged. But seeing snipets of this episode was disturbing. The way these people acted toward Dr. Paul was HORRIBLE!!! The producers, creators and the so called “doctors” should be embarrassed and the show should be canceled immediately. And the lawyer, what is her problem? Why is she screaming at Dr. Paul and questioning his credentials? Every statement Dr. Paul said was taken out of context, and no one even bothered to listen to him. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SHOW!!!

  • I’ve been doing this for 5 weeks now. The plan was 4 weeks but the results have been so good and I feel so good now that i’m going to keep going until I see a reason not to. Lost 25 lbs so far, back pain gone, more energy, only eat once or twice a day now and the epic shits have finally stopped. The first two weeks are the worst for adjusting and cravings but it isn’t even that bad and goes away. I thought I would miss sugar and carbs but I don’t even have the desire to have it when I’m around those foods now.

  • Ignorant “Doctors” going against thousands of years of human evolution and way of eating. AND acting like 5 year olds in the process!

  • I was seriously considering this diet when I was at work the other day and I got a full lb of plain smoked pulled pork and after downing all of it I felt fucking amazing! I was FULLY satisfied for a good 5 hours which is unheard of for me with my super fast metabolism. And the mental clarity was fantastic! It was almost euphoric…

    I’m basically doing high protein Keto at the moment and I feel pretty good on it. But I don’t think I’ll forget that feeling I had after that lb of pulled pork for some time… that will stick with me…

    Carnivore is basically an elimination diet. I may give it a try at some point. I’ve been stock piling meat lately because it’s so enjoyable to me lol

  • holy crap i was an insomniac and groggy in the morn when i did sleep. i sleep well and wake up at 4am bright eyed and bushy tailed as well! also energy is constant all day.

  • Done it and I only felt loss of strength and couldn’t poop.yes I lost weight but injury wise no improvement.of course his shoulders feel better not working out your shoulders for that long and it feeling better is a good thing but just meat come on

  • I just wake up at 7:30 wide awake never done that. I ate some skittles…tasted like chemicals and there them away. I still hate water so I have work there

  • Why is that Carnivore/Keto/Low carb doctors say carbohydrate is non essential, FIBRE therefore is NOT essential and lectins/oxolates that are found in plant foods are dangerous seeing a they are trying to kiil us whereas meat has non of these ‘toxins, I mention animal protein consumption increases IGF1/HGH and the increased cancer risk, methionine link to ageing, and mTOR and I ask how many super centenarians were low carbers? How can carnivvores reject the IGF1/HGH, mTOR, mehtionine question? And these guys are MD’s as well, I wonder what Valter Longo thinks about this?

  • The only thing that deems you as an expert is the value on what you are saying and your knowledge on the field. A title means jackshit 80% of the time and doesn’t confirm you as an expert, you just pass exams. Not all M.Ds are equivalent in their knowledge and any adult person can guarantee you that since it applies to ALL fields.

    You can be a legit basement dweller but as long as you read everyday and process the information you can get be more of an expert than an MD who just reads the conclusions of articles and is just taught to diagnose and prescribe medication.

  • Mark Bell has some good information on Carnivore.
    He’s the one that got Rogan into it. One of the people at least. He said for a lot of people it’s good to not track for the first 3-5 days to let your body kind of adapt to the diet without also severely limiting your intake

  • i have every single benefit you talk about!! plus healing gut issues. sleeping 4-5 hours a day and full of energy! before discovering keto and carnivore i had about 10 years of tipical bodybulding diet and sustaining body fat composition was pain in the ass! especially when you get your prepakeged meal and only an hour later felt like want to eat something else. i was sleepy constantly! now i kinda have to coach people a tipicall way but when i see severe health problem in client i suggest to get blood work done and check hormones while slowly introducing him to keto diet. when person tried everything to loose weight befoure he more open minded then others to try something radical. and its works every single time!

  • After watching this video and the reactions of the “Doctors” I’m seriously considering going carnivore. The only one who didn’t act like a total ass was the carnivore.

  • GR8 VLOG +U are funny I was doing KETO But I am now going to CARNIVORE I was in a car accident at 16yrs heaps of complications from that Hopefully it helps me ������❤��

  • Hey Chris, use Dawn dish soap on Laura’s steak juice stains. If there are any grease stains even after you have washed and dried the shirts; just put Dawn on those spots and stick the shirt in the hamper. Then after the next washing all grease stains will be gone. The trick is to let the Dawn sit and do its magic so wait a day before washing the garment.

  • I guess there is not enough space here in the comment section to list the really dangerous effects of this sick and stupid carnivore diet idiocy. Our ancestors ate mostly plants, so should we today. No science supports a carnivore diet.

  • there are surely a lot of types of meat… but going through the grocery stores one have to be honesr that most cheap meat one perhaps do not wanna eat… is cheap but not as tasty… can you make a video of eating realistically for normal people… how to budget your months so one can stay on the carnivore diet!? 20-30 dollar a kilo and then eat about 1.2-1.3 kilo meat every day is a lot and that is not all you need or gonna eat… a carnivore diet can easily go up to 700-800 dollar a month… or more…

  • just as an FYI, ‘Grass Fed’ is only fed 30% grass, thats the USDA law, you can be considered grass fed as long as its open pasture and 30% of their calories are grass. it would be impossible for them to make money if it was 100% grass fed. the other 70% is alfalfa and grain. mostly alfalfa for dairy(due to dairy cattle requiring higher protein diet), mostly grain for ‘grass fed’ beef.

  • That study is significant as it is one of the only studies with humans as test subjects as opposed to rats or most studies are just questionnaires people kind of vague questions like how often do you eat meat? And then extrapolating data and saying people who ate meat had a 23% higher chance of developing heart disease. But they were never observed or asked what kind of meat? Hot dogs? Luncheon meat? Do you smoke cigarettes? Are you obese? Do you exercise regularly? Virtually all cancer studies are not done with human subject data also.

  • Chris sounds just like me. I’m so glad I started the carnivore diet. I hope to have similar results! I would love to be off all medications. Continued success! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jordan peterson, even though I admire him to some extent was actually hospitalised because of his meat only prolonged diet.. Fact is we can live without meat even better we thrive in vegan diets, we cannot live without plants..

  • I actually feel sorry for the carnivore doc, he makes a point that if nothing is working and those girls felt better on a carnivore diet, oh man am I confused now.

  • My biggest benefit of carnivore for the last nine weeks has been the lack of arthritis pain in my hands. I’m a musician, and this is the first time in several years I haven’t had to soak my hands after a gig.

  • Long term health is what’s important so if anyone has been on the carnivore diet for more than a decade with no health problems I’d be very interested to hear from them. Scurvy comes to mind. Also I don’t know of any groups or tribes of people that are known for their health and longevity that have a high meat diet in fact they all have relatively low animal product consumption.

  • it’s not “just meat” you haven’t mentioned anything about livers kidneys brains or fermented meats Hell you never even mentioned the difference between corn fed versus grass fed meats(spoiler alert the levels of estrogen and nutrition). NO offense but I think you’re not very qualified to make this video I would direct you to a good youtuber that covers actual carnivore content. His name is FRANK TUFANO. You should really seek him since you seem to be peddling a misguided view on the diet.

  • yes I agree this diet isn’t magic…c alories in calories out is the truth…been carnivore for 4 months and I gained so much fat…I started with 11% body fat and now I’m scarred to check it. Brilliant for helping my ibs, but jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I work hard at the gym not to gaining fat and losing definition ( think I lost muscles as well, everything looks flat and no energy to lift hard). So big no for me, back to my bodybuilding salmon,chicken and some veggies meals. Toilet as well is much better with a little bit of greens…

  • We GENUINELY had a hard time coming up with negatives. In the spirit of openness what negatives to the Carnivore Diet have you experienced?

  • I would like to know if there is some serious research done about eating meat and cancer.
    Dr Berg, can you make video about this? Please.

  • This has to be the one of the best 10 minute videos out here on YT. Sharp, on the point and no bullshit. Great fuckin thumb up Thomas! Keep it up

  • I was gagging, dry heaving, an occasional acid reflux vomit. I tried just eating rice, potato, and broccoli with no fat or seasoning and still had those problems.
    I wanted some real food and the last couple of days I’ve just eaten meat and no problems.
    I don’t know…im going to keep it up and see what happens.

  • RJ,
    If you’re new to wanting to live this kind of lifestyle how many grams would I have to eat for each meal and what would my totals need to be for the day? I’m currently 43yo and my weight is fluctuates between 285 to just below 300lbs. I have minimal time to exercise. I’m wanting to start doing some low impact exercising and work my way up to HIIT. My goal is to ride a bike to work, complete a 7 minute HIIT routine, complete my shift for the day (anywhere from 8-12hrs/day), and finish off my day with a 30 minute HIIT routine before riding my bike home. I don’t know if I’d be able to complete it right off the bat, even though I would like to believe I will. I really enjoy your videos and would like to know what advise you might have for me. Also, what kind of meat would you recommend for this diet as well? Thank you for your time!

  • After I read an article in January about Joe Rogan doing carnivore for a month I got my friend to try it. He was 40 years old, 5’9″ 293 lbs. This past weekend he hit 247 lbs. He’s been dieting hardcore and doing an hour of cardio most days of the week. 46 lbs in 11 weeks, that’s insane!! He feels great and healthy, the carnivore diet has changed his life man!! He’s got 60 lbs to go to get back into the shape he was in in the military. I cant wait to see that day!

  • I felt very weak after day two or three. Can’t remember. I knew I had stopped drinking almost. I forced myself to drink more and took a small packet of Emergen-C which has electrolytes. That is all i needed. Never got any of those diarrhea or stomach issues people talk about. Extra water, salt and some of that electrolytes. That’s is. I found out that that I only had a hard time digested meat when it mixed with a zillion other thinks like in Italian food. However I have zero issues digesting beef on it’s own.

  • I’ve been on a keto diet with a emphasis on meat/eggs and the health benefits since i started have been amazing, so much less inflammation, so much less hunger. Its really changed my life, glad others are finding it just as helpful.

  • If you don’t add red meat you’ll suffer, you need fat, bacon is good…if you eat ground beef add beef tallow. You may get the major shits but stick with it.

  • I love how the Doctors invite Paul on only to railroad, speak over and completely berate him. The way they treated him was completely unprofessional. I’ve lost a lot of respect for these guys.

  • I’ve been doing this since May! Dislocated my shoulder in MMA, been in a car crash and was depressed for 5 years, with carnivore and fasting I lost 70lb and beat my anxiety also pains are all gone! You can see my before and after on Instagram @fastingcarnivore

    Thanks for trying this brother

  • The doctors don’t show the girls’s blood work before and the girls’ blood work after changing to a all meat diet. Their blood work improved after changing her diet to all meat.

  • This is your official ‘YouTube’ channel. There’s been no response about your show’s Doctors reprehensible and unprofessional behaviour on your TV show towards your Carnivore guests. This is a relatively newer lifestyle, with no less legitimacy than a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, and yet you would never treat a Vegan/ Vegetarian guest in this appalling way. You pushed a personal, and possibly corporate agenda, and didn’t look at the evidence of how people are feeling and responding to the Carnivore diet. A conclusive study on the carnivore diet can not be done with blinders on. Shame on you.

  • My buddy laughed when I told them I was going to lose fat with just using Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them extraordinary effects right after I used it they are begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t let them know the detail about this diet plan, lol

  • Meh. Still gonna try it. If you look at the ‘studies’ from the 90’s they also told folks that sugar and carbs were ‘great’ for you. I call bunk. Where’s my steak?

  • Im also at the end of week 3 james, sounds like we started at about the same time. No solid no 2s here either, lmao. Biggest pro is I am more satiated, eating less cals is easy. Ive dropped 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I have back and knee pain issues. I think the knee pain is better but it’s hard to say, it could be placebo. I told myself I would do this for 1 month. But despite the benefits outweighing the cons, I just can’t believe that eating this much fatty meat is healthy. I worry about increasing my risk for heart attack and stroke. I think I’ll go to more of a keto focused diet after the 30 days is over.

  • There is no way this diet would be feasible on mass, the land requirements as of now with are current methods of agriculture would be too extreme. Something would have to change in our production methods which would take time to develop and implement.

  • I am 9 years on kind of carnivores diet, read meat, organs, fish, eggs, olive oil, avocado, butter once a week hard sheep cheese, broccoli, few zucchini, few asparagus, garlic ( few few per week). Nothing else!!!
    Results: I forgot about autoimmune, ibs, Leaky gut and few more….

  • You and your husband’s honesty is awesome! I just started keto a week and a half ago. A coworker told me about you guys because he switched from keto to carnivore and this seems like a very appealing way of eating. Definitely something I will consider after I give this a little bit. Great videos and an awesome story that you two have to share!

  • feel the same in head, no fart (never trust a fart) and lot less number two, pee lot more because electrolysis, yeah less hurt so less go to massage, lost weight and i needed to count my cal as first two weeks no weight went down, same energy, no craving, less hungry, you get tired of eating same so mix it with different meat.

    i lasted two months until i started to fall back into old ways but havent gone all way down, sugar has reenter a little but carbs havent that much… so really i just went into keto diet haha and i am going back into carnivore.

  • My guy you decided to do a diet, then change the whole thing…. Canivore means animal, you went straight to plant base oil. Did you at least look up the diet ������ Maybe not stick to your theories and follow the diet rules �� sorry you made it wayyyyyy to easy

  • The Carnivore diet has also healed me.. Most Doctors are money hungry thugs, Drug pushers that only care about their pockets and status not your health.. This episode is a perfect example. I feel bad for the many people that blindly listen to these clown entertainers who call themselves Doctors.

  • I’m trying a radical new diet called the “balanced diet”. It involves meats, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and seeds. I know it sounds crazy, and I know it’s a bit of a gamble, but wish me luck!

  • How can normal people do carnivore when you re supposed to only eat grass fed & grass finished meat? If you do this diet in Germany with organic meat, you will need to pay at least 20-25 eur each day and i think that s not even particularly expensive…

  • look at all the deformed, unhealhy and fake paid actors in this studio and then tell me plants are any good for you. there is not even a single thing that is good about plants and there is not a single proof. complete joke

  • Why is that Carnivore/Keto/Low carb doctors say carbohydrate is non essential, FIBRE therefore is NOT essential and lectins/oxolates that are found in plant foods are dangerous seeing a they are trying to kiil us whereas meat has non of these ‘toxins, I mention animal protein consumption increases IGF1/HGH and the increased cancer risk, methionine link to ageing, and mTOR and I ask how many super centenarians were low carbers? How can carnivvores reject the IGF1/HGH, mTOR, mehtionine question? And these guys are MD’s as well, I wonder what Valter Longo thinks about this?

  • The sister look healthy. Dr. Saladino looks healthy Dr Travis looks puffy and inflamed through his face especially around the eyes. judge for yourself.
    I have been on a cooked carnivore diet now for 18 days trying to get my health back. So far I have noticed an improvement in my dry skin and my psoriasis. Will try to update this post in 4wks or so.

  • Nonsense…. read Dr. Jason Fungs book, the Obesity Code. I guess if you’re a dietician, it’s important that no one individual diet is shown to be particularly helpful otherwise what are you going to give advice about. Watch also Dr. Mindy Pelz vid on YouTube on benefits of the carnivore diet and keto diets. Insulin is what causes obesity, suppress insulin and you are partly in your way to addressing you weight issues. The brain doesn’t need carbohydrates exclusively for energy, it also uses ketones as an alternative fuel.

  • Ever notice how most of these videos completely ignore the Inuit people? Doctors have studied how whole populations survived and even thrived for thousands of years on only meat, yet those studies never seem to be counted when they start talking about the carnivore diet or keto…

  • Love your video, I’ve been following you for a while now and you’re really encouraging. After seeing this video I am definitely starting carnivore next month, thanks Laura ❤️

  • My dad is 50. After doing the carnivore diet for 6 months he got his blood work done. For the first time since his 20s his cholesterol levels where in the correct range. His hdl and ldl were in the perfect range. He also says his energy is highest it’s been in years and he has lost like 25lbs of fat

  • Fruit and veggies contain things that can be harmful to our bodies. How the hell does a DEAD CORPS have any benefits? It’s a rotting piece of meat. As soon as a human dies we don’t say “oh it’s fresh meat!!’ It’s a body….have some respect. THINK beyond the piece of meat. Take a step back what exactly does it take to get that piece of meat on your plate. Ask Jeffrey Dahme… He knows first hand.

  • You’re listing off vitamins not contained in animal products but it seems you didn’t actually do any research on the matter. “However, sufficient amounts of vitamin C can be acquired from raw liver, fish roe and eggs” ; “(Vitamin K) Beef Liver — 60% DV per serving

    1 slice: 72 mcg (60% DV)
    100 grams: 106 mcg (88% DV)” ; “(Folic Acid) Beef liver is one of the most concentrated sources of folate available. A 3-ounce (85-gram) serving of cooked beef liver packs 212 mcg of folate, or about 54% of the RDI (30).” Also saying that an increase in meat consumption is linked to cancer has been debunked over and over again. Check your facts please before spreading misinformation, or perhaps share the studies so I can thoroughly debunk them.

  • False statement about the brain can only use carbohydrates. It also runs on ketones. Another example of a person who doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  • The COVID-19 is really insignificant compared to what may be around the corner if we don’t stop using animals as test tubes for the breeding ground for the next Pandemic.

  • I’ve been 100% carnivore for 3 weeks and I’ve lost 20 pounds….I have a ton of weight to lose….I have some heavy cream in my morning coffee and I have a burger patty with 2 hard boiled eggs for lunch and then a hunk of meat for dinner….I eat until I’m full….The weight is just melting off and I never feel hungry….I think I will go down to one meal soon, I’m just not hungry any more. This is life changing and amazing.

  • I just listened to Drs Berry and Saladino on the carnivore diet featuring the latter’s new book “The Carnivore Code”. I am going to stay on Keto which I discovered through your channel in March 2019. I lost 17 lbs in 6 months and brought down my fasting blood sugar from 6.3 to 5.1. And I’m on OMAD. Thank you for your in-depth research on Nutrition and your passion to share it with lay people like me.

  • The carnivore diet will lead to an early death, so if you want to commit suicide, this is your diet.

  • I love the vegan diet. Celery juice, grass from my front yard and back yard too, why not. My blender works overtime, everyday, cause I am always so hungry and so cold after so delicious vegan diet.

  • I am 75 years old male, I am carnivore-ish, over 95% of my calories come from whole Food animal products. And I no longer have ulcerative colitis which my doctors told him I would have for the rest t of my life.I never get tired of having a nice juicy ground beef burger preferably grass-fed. The most convincing thing for me is that if you took a carnivore and vegan of approximately the same age put them in a cage match I think the carnivore woodwind 97% of the time.

  • I started this 6 days ago. However, I did modify it. I’m calling it the Viking diet. I have only eaten beef, and I have only drunk beer, with the exception of fluids before 6pm. That was all water. I’ve lost 7 pounds AND my mental clarity is crazy.

  • this video is proof that these doctors have no clue about anything. there are no studies that proof that meat is bad and plants are good in any way. they didnt read any studies. who are they trying to fool? lmao

  • One of the hardest things for me with carnivore is staying with it consistently due to carb cravings. Two things that have helped me is prolonged fasting and watching a lot of carnivore videos. The former helps with the cravings and the latter helps with the motivating when mired in the negativity that can surround you.

    Thanks for your great content, Laura and Chris!

  • Been on Keto nearly one year, was great and lost a lot of weight, but I feel a bit weaker on it. I might try the carnivore diet and see how I feel. Plus I love meat

  • Umm… I’ve been eating M&M’s, Pink Lemonade, and just candies for 2 years.. I didn’t die, I didn’t have no fruits, veggies, and nuts at all. And I didn’t feel like anything they’re saying. I was and am fine. Psh

  • What do you get on your clothes? At about 14.20 in the vid. It sounds like you are saying sand shoes off my clothes?? The caption are no help as the call Chris Chrystal lol!

  • I’ve been doing carnivore for 7 months. I have completely stopped taking all medications for my “fibromyalgia” and I’ve lost 43 pounds. I sleep 8-9 hours a night now instead of 4 or 5. And I have NEVER felt better! I never did have fibromyalgia, I was eating too much sugar, grains and carbs!!! I will never go back to eating that way….. give me a steak simmered in full fat butter!

  • I would just like to thank Dr Phiney and Verta Health for these videos. I live in Trinidad and Tobago so cannot access any human coaching on these matters, but really appreciate you all hitting spot on with my concerns. Following Dr. Phiney on YouTube I got into keto in mid-2017 reversed my pre-diabetes and am now on carnivore for sleep to see how to get back to a well formulated ketogenic diet without the oxalates. I have my own reasons to be concerned about oxalate but not sure if they are valid

  • Dude you have no idea what you’re talkin about. It’s not a sad it’s been going on for millions of years. You don’t feel full because meet feels Fuller in your stomach it’s because it takes longer to process and a smoother releasing energy over a longer. Of time. And people don’t snack on it not because they have less options to choose from but because they feel less addictive to the carbs they used to snack on. Before you set yourself up as an expert Maybe try it or do more research or approach it from a more scientific perspective or at least choose your words more carefully because a lot of what you said in the first minute is incredibly misleading. So I’m shutting you off within the first minute did you already set three things that just are there aren’t true or are very misleading

  • Chris, how did you know it was okay to stop the medication so soon into the diet? Was it just that your blood sugar was consistently good?

  • I’ve been a fan of dr. Berg from the start but must say I’m Very disappointed on dr. Berg on this video. He undermines the carnivore diet as people does to the keto diet

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search. On there you will discover that a great tips about how you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • Is the carnivore diet good when you do not have a fall bladder also a fatty liver I have been on the keto diet for a few months and my body is adjusting well to this diet was curious to try the carnivore diet

  • Ive researched the keto and carnivore diet, on my own, through various avenues. And my Dad and I out a dietary and fasting plan together back in July or 2019, since then my Dad’s lost 63lbs and I’ve lost 28 lbs. The reason my weight loss tailed off was because I broke my ankle and was booted for 13 weeks. But since, id say September/October of 2019 my Dad’s eaten the same meal every day…mixed with intermittent fasting, and he’s lost 63 lbs. His routine:
    12pm: 2x egss, 2x bacon, 2x sausage all in coconut oil
    3pm: raw avocado or boiled egg+rock salt
    6-8pm ribeye steak +eggs/bacon/sausage

  • Combat veteran here with concussions and ptsd and the carnivore path has helped me tremendously.
    Mind, body and soul.
    5 weeks in.
    Believe it!
    I would suggest folks in my boat to give this a go.

  • I done it for 3 months and never again.I was pissing out my ass,I had cravings for fruit and potatoes,my performance in the gym suffered as far as reps,sets and fatigue lol.
    But in saying that I did lose 30kgs in 3 months on a high carb lean meat zero oil diet and haven’t been sick in anyway in over 3 years.So maybe carbs work for me and I get to eat all kinds of food.

  • The way that woman was speaking to dr Saladino was out of order, If she had the will power to give up carbs for a week or two she may learn something. I went from fat to skinny using the keto diet “low carb” I’m now on the carnivore diet, never felt better.

  • These so called “doctors” are a fu$%ing joke! Who the hell is that attorney lady and why is she even there?! Talk about what doesn’t belong! And did she write some new laws in her practice? I doubt it!! And didnt she read from books to gain her law degree? She studied and researched law to gain her degree so how is that any different from what the only doctor in the room Paul did to gain his expertise on his subject? Not a thing!! How rude they were to Paul! I feel so bad for the people who actually think these morons can help them! Paul YOU did great! Those other morons should be embarrassed for the shit show that they call a show!

  • This might be a dumb question but can you add Mrs. Dash original seasoning to the meats on carnivore diet? I just cannot eat unseasoned meant.

  • Well eating meat only causes damage to the gut bacteria and gut Diversity… hair fall… depression… is common sign… furythur more leaky gut will cause deadly disease which is common now days… Gut is like 2 nd brain! Eating plant base only solution!

  • The mental clarity is awesome! I’ve been doing 3 days low carb one High, 2 low carb, 1 high and the mental clarity and sleep is amzing!

  • A lot depends on what metabolic type you are. Those who are more of a “carbohydrate type” will find a high meat/low carb diet difficult, they will probably feel low on energy, as their metabolisms will have a hard time utilising protein and fat as a cellular energy source. This is why some people felt so poorly on the Atkins diet, whereas if your metabolic type was a “protein type” then you generally did OK.

  • You are an awesome guy! I’m on the carnivore diet since 10 weeks now and see lots of positive effects. I did need more than a month do really adapt because I was not on keto before. I sometimes look into your channel because of the great infos on the ketogenic WOE. I’m learning a lot.

  • There’s not enough fundamental background in your theory. 2 or 3 years of observation is not enough. Tell as what happened after that. Now, search, is it meat the only source where we can get our essential nutrients? No. Why do we have to choose the more convenient way of eating? This is a way of surviving developed in times where the mind could not think anything else but meat because it was easy and accessible. We are much more advanced in terms of understating that the options out here are humongous and more healthy. People has been trained to live that way and think they will never survive off of plant-based food. I’ve being a vegan for 4 years and feel much better than when I lived at home eating animal products.

  • Great diet if you want to contract STOMACH OR BOWEL CANCER………also absolutely no attempt to consider the environmental or animal welfare issues

  • Hai i am heidi from kerala india. Fortunately i saw ur vdo in youtube. So i thought it will better to connect u here. And i am 100 kg right now. i am going to start carnivores diet from tomorrow onwards. So how long to will take to reduce 88 lbs?

  • Question for you. You said calories in and calories out. If I’m eating 1200 calories should I be working out burning 1200 as well? Or is my 500 in cardio just as good?

  • The cell mechanism for the uptake of carbohydrate and vitamin C ist the same. When there is abundant carbs available it gets preference. This makes a larger amount of Vita C necessary. When carbs are reduced the uptake of vita C is enhanced. Since vita C is taken up more proficient the amount needed is then much more minimal.
    Source: Ivor Cummins, Dr. Paul Mason, Dr. Georgia Ede and many others.

  • Wow, hard to believe these were healthcare professionals on TV. I feel sorry for any guest on this show that doesn’t conform to the doctor’s tv beliefs. So very sad.

  • Did you lose weight consistently? I have been going since Jan 1st lost about 14 lbs the first 2 weeks. The last 4 weeks nothing at all. It is my main goal. I do feel good but with 50-60 lbs still to lose it’s pretty discouraging to not lose any for a month.

  • I was using butcherbox but their packaging quality control dropped in a big way the last 4 or 5 months. Literally half of my orders would leak upon thawing and you could tell the vacuum seal was fully sealed. Red meats, butter, eggs, some cheese, seasonings, I’ve really enjoyed carnivore more than keto and it feels less restrictive as weird as that sounds.

  • Thomas! Its my understanding that nutrient synergies play a big role in organ meats, bc liver has what liver needs (b vitamins and minerals), pancreas (enzymes), heart (coq10, taurine), brain (DHA, EPA, phosholipids). All bioequivalent. Huuge game changer for me too!

  • I think the body reacts well to having to breakdown fewer macronutrients and that’s why these extreme diets work in short periods of time.

  • I tried Butcherbox and my second shipment came with the packages all slashed with a box cutter. I complained but they wouldn’t make right, and did not believe me, even though I had fully documented it. Shady business.

  • have been full carnivore for months now and the changeover has been nothing short of amazing. I also only eat once a day. I eat roughly 2500-3000 calories in one sitting and it’s either pork, beef or chicken with the fat still attached. I also drink nothing (and I mean nothing) but water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, sea salt and apple cider vinegar in it. I drink 4 ltrs a day. I don’t need anywhere near as much sleep as before, I’m calmer, the excess weight literally just dissolved, I’m never hungry, and I work out, hard, resistance training 3 times a week. I don’t use shakes or protein supplements before or after unless it’s my window for eating. I have abundant energy, no digestion issues, no bloating, ZERO adverse effects whatsoever from this diet. Skin is clear, teeth are white, hair is glossy.

  • I’ve been on carnivore 2 weeks. I had the major digestive issues until 3 days ago. I drink a lot of water and enjoy chuck roasts and eggs. I do use cheese, but think I might have to wean myself. When you were losing how long were your stalls? Just love how I feel but want to be prepared. Thanks!

  • I am low carb. I do eat vegetables only in season. I have learned a lot over the years about health from doctors in every field who aren’t on corporate tv shows. I have also heard a lot of stories from people who have gone carnivore for years so I know that this way of life has been a godsend for many people with gut and autoimmune issues. This way of eating has brought the health back of people around the world! Some people use this diet to reset their gut, then they can learn exactly which foods are causing problems. I am just appalled at the way these adults, supposedly intelligent professional doctors, lawyer? behaved! All these people clearly are so closed off to science and learning that now we can see clearly that they are actors! How obvious it was in the OVER REACTIONS that they are scared and threatened when what they have been taught (way back when) is challenged. They bullied their guest. Let me say it again DOCTOR Paul Saladino was an invited GUEST! They are adults! Their uncontrolled angry, screaming, and bullying was on called for when they had 3 guests who were perfectly even tempered just relating to them their own experiences and knowledge in a calm manner. I know you wouldn’t give your guests much time to talks more than a few sentence and the show was all about your angry ignorant rants so the real Dr. Saladino didn’t have a chance to mention that many indigenous people in colder climates ate meat for most of the year and THRIVED. Is over 25 million years enough evidence for you? No other evidence compares to the time hunter/gathers have existed on this planet. Eating meat and fat is how our bodies developed and is why we even exist! Do you really think that hunter/gather people had access to vegetables from all over the globe no matter the season? For millions upon millions of years we had metabolic flexibility to go between fat burning in once in a great while sugar burning because we didn’t have chronic exposure to glucose and insulin. Even sustenance farmers ate carbs only in season and fasted much more than we do today. The Inuit people as well as tribes in Africa thrived only eating meat and fat. Dr. Stephen Phinney talks about the difference between Europeans on ships who ate salted meat (not fresh) with carbs like peas were deficient in vitamin C while the inuit THRIVED….. because when you eat lots of carbs, your body’s demand for certain nutrients increase. Why don’t the doctors on this show start reading, LISTENING, and learning what is swirling around in all the health fields because it WILL CHANGE the medical advice of the establishment. It will change the majority of doctors who only treat systems and with expensive pills. It will change the US guidelines. Wake up “Doctors”.

  • I’m carnivore right now to burn ketones and fat! Feeling good, will go back to eating veggies via keto in a few months or so. I wish I had access to higher quality meat what with C-19 the stores are depleted

  • Rem, a few things:

    1. Outstanding content as per usual, man. I’ve been following your content since the early years. It’s been a pleasure watching you grow as a YouTuber and as a person. Props!

    2. I tried a very small stint (5 days) of your all meat (ooooh baby, meat) challenge. I have to say, maybe the placebo affect has something to do with it as you suggested in your video, but overall, I feel like an absolute beast and like yourself, I have a few injuries (thanks hockey) that for some reason have been either been “masked” or have vanished by the vast amount of protein and fats that are being injected into my system. I have noticed an increase in energy levels (at a consistent rate) and far less 2:00PM “crashes” or reliance on coffee. I’ve also dropped 3 pounds from 168 to 165 (pounds) pretty awesome, man.

    3. An interesting “switch-up” segment you could dabble with is what someone can expect when they move to Houston. You could share some of your experiences and perhaps do a small tour-du-jour of some spots you’ve come across since living there that people could check out.

    Much love from Canada, man. All the best and cannot wait to continue watching your content.

  • When you are counting your calories, are you doing it based on the amount of protein you want to intake or how so are you doing this? Just a rough estimate I know you go based on your own personal height and weight so on and so forth

  • Greetings> I have been on the Carnivore diet for 16 days so far and I’m feeling better and better. Before I discovered the carnivore diet, I ordered your Raw Wheat Grass Juice powder. I’m taking that as well, starting today. I didn’t take it up till now because I wanted to be strict Carnivore, but I see no reason not to include your Wheat Grass juice. Would you give me some feedback? Thank you.

  • I’ve been eating old meat for a week now and I just threw up…. Soooo more meat. I’m European. I’m extremely white with white hair. I think I need bone broth

  • I know that you feel great and pain is gone and all but I was curious as to why this works? Since eating meats are technically bad for you and give you a higher chance if heart disease, cancer, etc how does this work? Wouldn’t it technically be bad for us? Just alittle confused since it’s like the total opposite of what doctors tell us about eating meats. Especially red meats. Anyone who is alittle more educated than I am could you please explain?

  • I started interval fasting + carnivorous diet 3 months ago. I began to feel much better. A lot of pluses. But there is one huge minus I began to feel pain in my knees. And reinforced crunch. I can’t understand what’s the matter. The pains are aching in nature, they are not sharp.

    Has anyone ever faced the same problem?

  • Your pros and cons are pretty standard tbh.
    Digestive issues is the big one, but that comes from where you are at digestive health wise.
    All in all, sounded like a pretty honest opinion on how higher meat and fat can make you feel.

  • Has anybody noticed this guy’s face looks very puffy it’s quite obvious he’s on steroids again but people won’t see that because he’s not looking Overkill but looks like he just jumped on it though

  • How does the carnivore diet compare to the Atkins diet? I remember my brother did the Atkins diet years ago (i don’t know all the details) and it basically messed up his liver because all that meat gave him a very fatty liver.

  • What is wrong with these “doctors”, so obnoxious! And that lawyer?!? Most offensive person ever! I can’t even turn this show back on.

  • I did the carnivore diet and couldn’t sleep because of kidney sharp pain. I will go back to the Keto diet even if it takes longer.

  • Sugar feeds cancer…On carnivore I eat a few eggs, sardines, liver, grassfed ground beef…one meal a day and fast every day…Apple Cider vinegar cures acid reflux NOT tums

  • Is the meat that you eat grass-fed? I can’t afford to always buy grass-fed meat so is it okay to buy regular meat? I’m worried about the antibiotics that are given to the animals and that through their meat we ingest. Are you worried about that too?

  • Wtf….lean meat….no salt? How many of your videos have we watched where you talk about the importance of salt? Plant based oils replacing natural fat….?

  • Dr. Paul Saladino was treated so very disrespectful. No matter what type of degree and background you have does NOT gives you the right on national TV to treat a guest in this manner. The judge bullying and screaming at him and Dr. Travis acting as if he was going into a coronary rage makes me think they need a little of Dr. Saladino psychiatric care. The producer of this show is Dr. Phil’s son. What does he say about bullying…

    I can not believe the show even let this show air. From watching all the show I can tell this show in not professionals, do not tell the whole story and has no business giving medical advice on national TV.

    Because of this I do not have time for the next Jerry Springer and will no long watch this show.

  • @ 2:48 you said that carbohydrates are the only fuel the body uses… especially the brain.

    Have you never heard of ketones? If carbohydrates were the only source of energy for the body then why isn’t there a recommended daily allowance for carbs?

    If type 2 diabetes listened to you, they’d have the erroneous impression that they have no option other than consume carbohydrates and succumb to a degenerative disease.

  • doctor Paul Saladino says you actually don’t need too much vitamin C when you are on the carnivore diet. you need vitamin C when you consume carbs and the amount you get from the meet is sufficient and it’s true for other vitamins and minerals you get just right amount of everything your body needs on the carnivore diet

  • You’re an uninformed idiot. You’ve researched NOTHING. Being an RD is code for keeping people on the diet merry go round. In other words, fat and unhealthy.

  • Recently made the switch from keto to carnivore and so far so good. But as for that dude, if you do something like OMAD like I do, then I’d say macros don’t matter or calories for the most part. But my BMR is around 3k and I only est around 2k calories on keto and OMAD.

  • Great video! I would disagree with the “calories in calories out” notion. Its more so a “protein to energy” notion. Fat and carbs being the energy sources, (body fat being stored energy). All you need to focus on is the ratio of fat to protein. Ribeye being a 1:1, which is good for maintaining weight. Ground beef being a 2:1 (85/15). Which is good for weight loss. You want protein being higher than the amount of fat you are taking in. Not only that, fasting becomes easy for most during carnivore. You can do “one meal a day” and fast 23hr a day then eat a calorie surplus, lose fat still and build muscle 100%.

  • I love the informative parts of this video but I hate how non-partisan and politically correct he’s trying to be. People are so scared to stand by carnivore and say “yeah this is a badass diet for sure and it will do amazing things for you”. They’re too afraid of being harassed by angry vegans lol

  • Inuit people! Talk about narrow viewed. Look at the tribes around the world that eat primarily carnivore and you’ll find plenty of evidence that it is not only sustainable but also one of the healthiest ways of eating out there. Your panel of angry “professionals” just proves how unbalanced their way of eating is. That blonde chick with curly hair needs to see a psychiatrist and sort her aggressiveness out! ����‍♀️

  • I like Stephen Phinney. However I disagree about the need for “other minerals” or “other vitamins” or even organ meats. EVERYTHING seems to change once plants are eliminated. I find that even condiments and spices kind of “throw me off”. I do best when I stick to beef ��!

  • Dr Berg I stalled for months on clean keto and intermittent fasting. I started strict carnivore 3 weeks ago and have begun losing weight and inches around my stubborn mid section. My plan was 30 days and revisit. I feel great and am hopeful once again. I believe I can give up dairy and lectins forever now. Carnivore is like a reset extreme elimination.

  • DIsgusting, immature, rude, disrespectful, hateful. YUK! I won’t watch them again. True colors came out on that episode. And what was the judge on there for? Dr Saladino was not on trial She was loud and obnoxious!

  • I can obviously Talk about this for hours but I int like typing.Im only going to day Un plant based mostly fruitarisn I think its the BEST diet.but I understand people coming from omnivourius or paleo vegetariana feeling great as carnivourous.1 carnivourojs dont mix foods,mixing makes digestión more difficult and takes energy.that energy is stored and gives you that high you Talk about.its not meat being the most nutritious good on earth.its a ratio between nutrient content and energy absorbing during digestión.2they remover grains from their diet with all the benefits that means cause grains are straight pisoneous un my honest opinión.3 the high protein content of meat helps build lean masa and reduce fat un the body. All that overall is going to make the carnivourojs feel better overnight.that doesnt mean a long term carnivourojs diet is healthier as beef and meat are definately not the most nutritious good on earth.if its hormones free organic etc its definately better than an omnivourius diet.but Im not sure its better than a balanced knowledgsble vegetariana diet long term.and its definately worst than a plant based fruitarian diet. Meat does not have wáter on the other hand consumes it from your body.its vitamina antioxidant mineral content cant compete with fruits and vegetables. More toxins,acidifies Blood. In the the system of sun-water-grass-cow-meat-man I would say meat is a byproduct of the other 3.lacking vital nutrients.and if God thought se needed beef se probably Will be born with a knife and gire or strong Nails and teeth able to kill a cow.I stop here but itsnpretty much It.if you are carnívoros be Brave and become wont look back.its the ultimate nutrition we can eat a Steam ocasionally just as a treat.butbreally guys theres no need for any man to eat meat de are milking this whole Planet to obtain grains yo feed all those animales for no reason. A diet of raw fruits N vegetables and beans with ocasional quality meat(once a month) seems to be the most healthy option

  • Doctor Paul was basically ambushed by these so called professionals. He was basically made out to be leading people into some type of blood thirsty only meat cult. The carnivore diet is a very useful tool for some people, its not everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t try and shout down someone who is actually taking the time and collecting data, these types of studies and information is invaluable because most of what a doctor is taught is to maximise the sales of pills. And doctors do not study Diet, Most doctors and people who actually care about Health and Diet will have to learn for themselves,most dietitians don’t even know half of what those two young women know (strongsistas) lol…. What works for some people won’t work for all, but one thing is for sure, you won’t live a happy, long and healthy life without, some type of animal proteins and fats, you’ll never see a 110 year old vegan.

  • “The brain needs carbohydrates because it is the only fuel source it can use” that is the stupidest most irresponsibly uninformed health advice I have ever heard. No wonder this video was such a failure.

  • Sally Norton has some amazing info on this topic. Her research with oxalates is nothing short of revolutionary. She also had a hypothesis about the RDA requirements for vitamin C. She suggested that when you stop eating plants, your inflammation goes down dramatically and perhaps the amount of C required lowers because of that. I would love to hear what Phinney thinks of her info.

  • Jan 1 to Feb 29 (leap year bitches) down 20 lbs. Never felt so good. No afternoon sleepiness. Mental clarity. Only thing I feel is holding me back from further gains is that I haven’t stopped having a couple Tito’s and soda every night. No counting calories. I’ not overthinking things. I am so much happier, though!

  • The Petersons (father and daughter, Mikhaila) are on this died due to autoimmune issues that nothing else helped….severe autoimmune issues. When Mikhaila started this-she began with a fast that included only salt and water…..then she added in one item at a time what worked to correct her medical condition.  Her plan is not to continue to add items beyond meat one item at a time being careful to continuously check her autoimmune status.  Just as you are one of the sponsors for ButcherBox (which I love) she is one of the sponsors for the Canadian company exactly like ButcherBox-called TruLocal.-here is her link

  • The bullshit meter flares Wien they throw their titles. Im this and im that therefore i know. Doctors kost this battle in credibility.

  • Based purely on appearance why would I take the opinion of an overweight grey haired female clown judge with out dated views on nutrion to a slender and healthy Dr Paul Saladino?

  • Eat Meat at Joe’s. Before the late 60’s all beef goat sheep and chicken was natural and good for you with Omega3 fatty acids. Everyone ate ham or bacon with eggs,which were free range, Today I have to search 4 grocery chain stores to find healthy food. Is it any wonder a food market was maybe 50x 100 ft. In size in those days and today a Supermarket is 50,000 square feet and sells gasoline? Where is the healthy food. Not in the USA.

  • This panel should be completely embarrassed. This is the most unprofessional host, co-host, that I’ve ever seen. How can anyone invite someone to their show and literally berate and shouting to the point of their voice shaking is despicable. Just rude. And the carnivore remained completely calm.

  • I am going to start this on September 1. I found your other videos on what you ate in 30 days and it helped me a lot I just love cheese so much but don’t know how much cheese am I allowed on this diet?

  • I dont believe anything the dietary community says. We are fatter and more diseased today than EVER. I WILL NOT let you tell me what to do with my body.
    Now you see the bias. The funny thing is that those people in the audience are sick people who have followed the status quo, but refuse to consider another way.

  • MSM proving the agenda once again. Love how real science says vegan and veggie diets kill your brain. Make the masses idiots so they can’t like for themselves. Medicate them so they are more worried and sick.

  • I got massive kidney stones while doing this. Cannot say that the diet was the whole problem. but damn these are big and from out of no-where

  • I would like a chart of the most important health markers( not sure what they are) and a comparison of people on keto, carnivore, vegan, vegetarian and omnivore. I know that is still simplified but where do you start?

  • I do carnivore Monday through Friday and allow myself a small salad or one vege on the weekend. My biggest issue is constipation. I can go is much is a week without going to the bathroom while doing Carnivora.

  • Thanks so much Thomas! I have been Keto for over a year now but I have been leaning towards carnivore. I think we will try it for a month too. I’m just curious to see the results!

  • I turned gay, they I saw and watched a RJF video and I’m back to banging my missus instead of dudes. Thanks RJM, love your work, bro!!

  • wow we are similar, the peeing at night check, the not feeling weak on 6h+ of sleep that would have killed me before Check, easy to overeat check, calories in calories out is just a fact, people who think ur suposed to lose weight on keto are usualy the easy to placebo easy to be influenced by hunger, i addapted so fast i was eating perfectly to maintain and easy to add weight since i didnt fully know how much to eat yet guess we are outliners i love eating meat and fat, it boggles my mind how people think u lose weight meanwhile a tiny pice of fat in my eyes can easy hit 500kcal and i can eat that in one bite xD

  • I DONT know what exacly you wete eating,but you look the best now warching thevlarest video,someting in your eyes font know,something,you fo not look happy,you eyes are bulging

  • Fundamental ecosystem: sun -> grass -> cow -> human beef or meat are the most natural human food, nutrient dense, easy to process and absorbed by humans, very compatible building blocks of the human body.

  • I just wanted to say I really appreciate yall sharing your stories. As someone that’s obese with type 2 diabetes, these videos really motivate me. Thank you.

  • The first week, do you feel super tired? I’ve started this for the first week, and I feel like I’m walking in quicksand. But on a positive note, I’ve lose around 15 pounds.

  • Everything from 2:15 onwards is pretty awful, firstly you no longer need vitamin C if you do not digest glucose, fiber is required for carbohydrate consumption, which you don’t have, and the studies on colon cancer are correlations that do not take in to account the state of ketosis which is required for this diet to work.

    The absolute WORST of all claims in this video is at 2:54, saying that the brain can only use glucose. Where on EARTH did you get that from? That’s just total bullshit, you need to learn more about ketone metabolism man. Get back to 1st year metabolic biochem.

  • What is with all the wild eyed histrionics??? Dr Saladino is the only one composed enough to be on television, but the way he was treated was shameful. This weird/awful judge that seems to infer that a psychiatric doctor is not a real doctor. You apparently have no understanding of how diet affects your psychological well being. Read Francis Pottinger’s study on cats and the effect an improper diet had not only on physical well being but also mental. You are doing a disservice to the American public by not giving an honest review of Dr Saladino’s practices. It may not be a diet for “everyone”, but everyone is different. It may be (and obviously has been) very helpful to many. You seem to also infer that plant based diet is some sort of ground truth as a healthy diet when there are no successful societies that have thrived on a vegan diet.

  • This was a disgrace, I will never watch this show again. That blonde doctor was psycho and needs to be evaluated. Just shows the agendas once again in Hollywood. Disgusting!!!

  • Guys. lost a lot of fat does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I will give you some tips now. Look for a popular weight loss methods called Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google). Thanks to it I have lost a ton of weight. I should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want a lot of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I’m just in a excellent mood today so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • Laura,
    1) Do you have to use any makeup or skin softening lotions, bath bombs, etc.
    2) How long did your hair fall out, how much fell out, did you have to take or apply anything to get it to grow back in, and how long did it take to start growing back in! Also, did it leave bald patches behind on your scalp?

  • I’m succeeding on a carnivore whereas I’ve failed with low fat “healthy” diets. I’ll keep eating my steaks. The doctors on this show acted like petulant children and obviously are dumb as hell.

  • I’d love to see Dr Shawn Baker or Dr Ken Berry go on this show. But they will never ask these professionals on their show…for obvious reasons.

  • Shhhh… Carnivore is the REAL medicine for this Planet
    No one will ever tell you that from the system

  • The Carnivore Diet is extremely helpful. And yes, my lab results back up my claims! You people were disgustingly rude, self-serving, uninformative, marginalizing,, and downright hateful! You wallow in your ignorance!

  • Understanding keto and by process of elimination you slowly advance to carnivore. It’s the ultimate ending. It’s helpful bc of the slow transition to that end there’s no keto flu. And you learn the level of fat tolerance to prevent explosive bathroom issues. So YES the goal of feeling GREAT and being able to eat without gaining weight from every meal NEVER gets old. It has taken me 40 yrs to learn the “why’s” I got fat, but if all of this is WRONG I dont care. I WORKS for me. THANK YOU ��

  • Great video, spot on with my own experience. The only difference is I only poop once every 5 days. No cravings and a huge decrease in hunger. Love it.

  • I’m approximately a week in and falling to sleep is easy and getting up is even easier. I only need to eat twice a day, usually steak and eggs in the morning and a few beef patties at night. I eat beef liver once a week and salmon for 2 or 3. I’m losing weight already 4lbs ( not working out at all). Haven’t had any issues transitioning, no shit rockets from diarrhea like most ppl would experience. Overall, I’d encourage people to try this. I had lower back pain and very mild joint pain, a bit in my hands too cause I grip power tools all day all gone. I plan to hit the gym again after the thirty day mark. Doing this will also wipe sugar craving completely out. I don’t even remember what all that surgery death tastes like….and don’t care to!

  • No, they weren’t healthy, their LDL cholesterol was dangerously high, if they would’ve continued on that diet they would’ve eventually gotten heart disease

  • After reading the book about the carnivore diet from Dr. Shawn Baker (an actual medical doctor unlike this fellow) and attending a seminar by Dr. Sean O’Mara, all the drawbacks are covered and refuted. For example “You will lack vitamin c”. False, vitamin c is found in fresh meat (not dried) at low concentrations. With regular consumption of fresh meat and no carbohydrates from plants or sugar, you get the necessary amount of vitamin c when you do not have carbohydrates competing for vitamin c in the uptake pathways. Many of your myriad “drawbacks” are unfounded and based on research by studies funded by Kellogs and/or Coke. Another fun example? Cereal (Kellogs) was branded as healthy because the Adventist church thought that meat caused lustful and sexual desires. So pump kids full of cereals (carbs) to suppress those urges. Later, pro vegan/vegetarian groups advocated that meat causes a decline in sexual tendencies and ED…so which is it? Fundamentally meat, carnitine specifically, helps increase testosterone and improves sex life without the need for cough pills to treat ED. Side note from this scenario..carbohydrate focused diets i.e. the standard American diet, is founded on religious beliefs of the Adventist church (the first vegetarian movement) as opposed to actual science. Any subsequent research has been found the be loaded with fallacies, conducted by self-admitted vegans/vegetarians, and generally funded by corporations such as Kellogs and Coke.

  • These moderators were rude and ridiculous. They need to do some research. The attorney is so off based. Fire her! Dr. Saladino was sooo professional. The Con Dr is totally wrong.

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard several awesome things about it and my mate lost crazy amounts of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).

  • Ive been doing Keto, but I “cheat” all the time meaning, I don’t like vegetables. Except for steamed cauliflower. I have tried multiple times to force myself to eat them, but I get them in my mouth and the gag reflexes start. So I eat mostly chicken, steak, chops, and burger meat. Then I’ll eat Cauliflower as much as i can without getting “burned out.” I never heard of Carnivore until recently, so I’m starting to look it up. Of course all my Keto friends are giving me hell for not doing Keto, but it sounds like you might give it a thumbs up to try? Oh, and yes I do the 24 hour fast 3 times a week.

  • when people have no tangible argument then they will start yelling. People are curing autoimmune disease, skin problems, depression, and are LOSING WEIGHT do to the Carnivore diet! It’s telling how obesity skyrocketed after the American diet switched from animal fats and meats to refined carbohydrates.

  • Thank you Laura and your husband so much for this informative video. I am starting this way of eating today and look forward to some of the benefits you mentioned. I have subscribed and look forward to more of your videos.

  • I think humans were meant to eat in cycles just like every other animal on the planet. So changing up the diet occasionally to mimic foraging for food is probably a good idea. Moderation is key and nature has a way of giving us what we need when we need it. Before grocery stores people ate what was available during that season. Keto is great but I can see where we might benefit by cycling in a few weeks or months of carnivore.

  • About a year ago I was Keto for 7 months. strict…I felt wonderful by the end and a family tragedy through me off. Why that happens I’ll never know…I’ve been eating like crap ever since, convincing myself that a balanced diet contains um…chips? yeah, so no more bull…cuz my joints are hurting so bad again. My knees can barely bend, so QUESTION, do you think it’s OK to just go straight into Carnivore…or should I ease in with Keto. Oh and also, you don’t get faint? I used to have to have Him Salt or Soleil water or even NO Salt in water for the Potassium hit…you don’t need that? Anyone can chime in..I really want this. Somehow it just makes sense to me.

  • The way Dr. Saladino was treated was atrocious!!! You all should be ashamed of yourself, but especially that awful “former judge.” I’ll not be watching your show anymore!

  • why don’t you just slowly incorporate more foods into your diet slowly so when/if your shoulder starts hurting again you can see what is affecting it

  • it is also recommended to have lots of himalayan salt which has trace amounts of magnesium as well as liver. I hate Liver so I have chicken and bacon pate. That gives me the stuff I need.

  • im using grass fed tallow as a added fat and real salt and also mineral water and organs have to be added in i put fruit in my mineral water for taste

  • Yeah. I’ve tried not to be too evangelical or preachy when people around me start talking about my carnivory. (It’s kinda tough to hide all the benefits and positive things I’ve experienced though)
    Yet, I’m pretty open to anyone when someone genuinely asks about what and how to start a carnivore diet!

  • I find this interesting but I can’t digest meat I can have a chicken breast every their day and seafood every 2-4 days so I can’t do this I mostly follow the fodmap diet cause of issues

  • I don’t think we should kill animals

    If you do this diet try doing the dirty deed yourself. How about eating your girlfriends fanny lips?

  • We all.must realize that we each come to the table with very unique and specific set of health issues..or lack thereof. You cant tell person A to look at the results of person B. It just doesnt work that way. Dr. Berg does a great job of delivering clear information to help each person find their healthiest eating pattern. At one point in my journey I ate vegan for several years..EVERY health indicator was improved. That will NOT work for me now. Also, issues from various ways if eating may not show up until 10-15 years down the road. I did 30 day juice fasts regularly and felt the MOST amazing I have ever felt in my life. I had the most mental clarity, the most physical energy, the best sleep and the clearest skin. All lab work was fantastic. Now at 54 and post menopausal, I cant help but wonder if that added to the insulin resistance I have today. I have learned that results in the short term…a year or two….may not be showing the whole picture. I love Dr. Berg for informing us to help us make the best decision for our health.

  • Been doing carnivore for 3 weeks now and I feel AMAZING. I plan to slowly add back in some vegetables but overall i cant see myself going back to eating large quantities of them.

  • I can’t believe how people think meat and animal products are good for your health… There are NO proof that it’s healthy. People are ignorant. Plant based diet is the most healing diet on earth that humans were supposed to live on. But ok, keep on eating animals and get diseases and die at a early age and look old. We are too many people living on this earth anyway… I don’t even mind 😉

  • I have been on carinvore for the last 2 months….having tried everything to gain a healthy body…and I have to say I have not felt so amazing in years….my Crohn’s doesn’t bother me so no inflammation or bleeding… My body inflammation totally gone no pain in joints… mental clarity is beyond…and so much energy…body shape and weight loss is amazing…for me and my body type it works wonders…and I also fast and it’s great for your excess skin… Thank u Dr Berg

  • HI Tom I have been doing Keto and I/f for more than 3 years Lost a whole lot of weight but at the same time I lost my whole muscle mass…the big challenge is to stay in Keto but keep muscle mass….A paradox to me? This is why I turned progressively to the Ketovore diet instead.

  • Somebody help me! I’m keto for one month and I hear MODERATE MODERATE MODERATE protein so gluconeogenesis doesn’t happen! So now carnivore???? Which is all protein! What is up with that? Really need answer! I live protein and on keto I always go over on my protein!

  • Lessons from the aboriginals lmao. They just ate when they were hungry like modern carnivores. It doesn’t take a scientist to eat carnivore. Sorry doc.

  • Learning about the carnivore diet the past 3 days, starting with Shawn Baker’s book, has been very interesting. I’ve never had so many assumptions and beliefs thrown out the window in such a short amount of time. I’m amazed at stories like yours, and now reading into the information that’s out there, it makes alot of sense.

  • Insulting unprofessional people who were absolutely NOT interested in learning something from an expert. They made asses of themselves and showed just how narrow minded they really are.

  • I did a 30 day Carnivore in support of my husband (who supported me by becoming Keto two years ago). He has a lot of digestive complaints and aches and pains. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be and my go to meal became ground beef or hamburger patties. It just seemed to be the food that made me feel the most energetic, healthy, and satisfied. I did struggle with cravings for pickles, avocados, and a bed of lettuce. I feel that I NEED veggies. My husband on the other hand felt the diet suited him quite well and 6 months later he’s on another 30 day. I will not be joining him this time but I am cooking with both of our choices in mind. Carnivore helped him shave like 10 holiday pounds and I cut down by around 3. I did love the simplicity of it.

  • Steak juice + Dawn detergent spot treat each little stain. Even old grease stains. LOL. This and flossing all the time are the only negative.

  • Shame on you. You’re a registered dietitian (which infers that you have some education) and you believe the brain can only run on carbohydrates as a fuel source? Are you joking? Where on this earth did you acquire your “RD” from? THUMBS DOWN.

  • I agree with doctor Berg. I have tried carnivore( muscle&organ meat) some period but it didnt work for me. My teeth started bkeeding. I went to the doctor he said vitamin C is missing add some lemons, parcley and etc. I went back to keto diet and i feel now great. Besides i really damaged my kidneys and liver eating mainly meat instead of eating fat.

  • Long time follower, probably first time I’ve commented. Loved the video… I’ve cycled on and off keto for the last 3 or so yrs and feel absolutely amazing when I am on keto, which I am now. My brother just started carnivore so this video piqued my interest. Good stuff. BTW, loved your keto Costco haul video some time ago. Appreciate all of your info.

  • Ive watched your both carnivore videos, this one and the previous one, read all the comments in both and i do have so much respect for you as an individual as an athlete and as someone who is really flexible in this life. ( the carnivore stuff people comments….ect)
    Much respect and love for your content keep going.

  • Yeah… nah. Dropping weight, feel full of energy, and swelling/inflammation has dropped drastically.

    I’m so tired of people pushing a vegetarian or vegan diet, and it’s not surprising there’s a whole bunch of bullshit being spread about this diet… which works extremely well.

  • I’m truly believing world class brainiac Professor Jordan Peterson & his wife, & their bright inspiring daughter Mikhaila..over a bumbled cock up by this “ Food & Fitness Guru..”…
    Grrrr..Crumby Trial TdL..typical of Vegans’ Tomfoolery..

  • Day 2 of carnivore and it was reassuring to hear things were a bit wonky the first few days for you. Had a racing heart and felt off in the middle of the night. Def don’t feel like eating this morning. Gonna wait until my body says otherwise. But seeing all the testimonials in this comments section has me geared to keep going. Thanks everyone! Xx

  • Im 2 months in. Many of the positives listed by others have turned out to be true. Weight loss, feeling energetic all the time, sleeping well, less inflammation, brain function feels very clear…. Down sides are pooping is less enjoyable lol… not much else other than that.

  • I just found this channel and will be watching more of it but…True you can’t eat an unlimited amount of meat and lose weight but it’s not “calories in and calories out”. James maybe be in great shape but he doesn’t understand why if he believes that. In fact that thinking is exactly why fat people cant seem to lose weight. I was one of them until I let go of that ridiculous idea. Went from 230 to 180 in 5 months without working out one time. I’m now working out and seeing incredible results. As long as you’re holding onto the calorie deficit idea you are going to fail. I’m guessing James has never been a really out of shape middle age guy, he wouldn’t understand.

  • What are some ways to lost a lot of fat? I read many superb reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost tons of fat. Has anybody tested out this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • Thomas whats up buddy. Thanks 4 sharing. Starting a 14 day carnivore trial. Quick question beef or chicken liver?? Or both? What do you better.?

  • Excellent vid, thank you!

    After my own little experiment, I’ve determined my system seems to work optimally at 80-85% “carnevour.” I also do IF and fatty meats and dairy. I found myself truly craving leafy greens every so often. When this happens I’ll go to town at the salad bar. One exception is sauerkraut. I’ll have that a few times a week regardless.

    One thing about keto/IF, these really help you to listen to your body and sense what real hunger is and what you are hungry for.

  • I’m keto and cannot get my energy up to save my life. I calculate my macros, make my electrolyte drinks everyday with minerals and all, sleep regularly, exercise moderately (starting about a month after I began keto), hydrate, eat grass fed fats. I cannot get my energy better and it is in the toilet big time. My skin is better and I lost some fat but I feel like I got hit by a truck consistently and can’t find a way around it. What gives?

  • Uh, ok Doctor….

    Why don’t You check Dr. Ken Berry, the expert on the Carnivore diet, Keto diet, and a medical doctor for 20 years…

    I will continue to trust Dr. Ken Berry, MD, before I trust a chiropractors advice on the subject.

    And I do LOVE my Chiropractor. He sticks to his craft. Adjustments!

    Just sayin’

  • I do keto..
    Tried to do carnivore for a couple days and felt like I had
    A rock in my upper stomach ��
    Not to mention Higher pulse..
    I couldn’t handle it��
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Yeh! to bad Dr Berg has such a bad outlook on the Carnivore diet! means he’s worried about the establishment looking badly at him. I excel on the carnivore

  • As a nurse I understand the hesitancy. When I first heard about this I was like naaaaah that crazy! But…then I researched it for myself. Found a lot of carnivores who have been carnivores for YEARS. Thought about doing it myself actually, but I’ll stick to keto for now. These doctors are such a joke. And why was there a lawyer on the panel anyways? Why is she so ANGRY? GIRL calm down and go eat a steak.

  • I did pure carnivore for 6 days then cut out the meat and switched to eggs, butter, liver sausage, salmon roe and a few cooked vegetables. I am much happier without the slabs of meat even if they were grass-fed and finished. I feel lighter and have NO digestive issues. Soon I may try a salad (because it’s summer), and I’ll probably indulge in bacon as a treat. Through the elimination during carnivore phase, I confirmed that my body does not like nut milks, butters and oils.

  • Yeah back in the day us Inuits loved to drizzle generous amounts of avocado oils on our meats when we were out hunting for a few days.

    Nanuk xx

  • Day 2 of carnivore diet and I have the bowel problems as my body is adjusting but man I have energy and better mental clarity already. I’m including eggs and occasionally dairy in my diet and allowing myself seasonings like salt, pepper and a chilli powder that has no calorific value unless I were to eat the whole pot in one go.

  • You’re showing your obvious bias within just 5 seconds of the video by calling it a ‘fad’ diet. You’re casually dismissing it right off the bat.

  • this is my apprehension of the carnivore diet.. it would be too high in protein, which may be stressful to the kidneys.hmm.. also, meat products are filled with chemicals, and antibiotics.. what do you think?

  • You get vitamin C from grass fed Beef! OMG, I reversed diabetes, heart disease in 7 months doing strictly carnivore! Losing weight, Cataracts and floater went away I haven’t felt this good in 20 years I never eat a carbohydrate again!

  • the reason why i am even considering a carnivore diet, is because i may be the only person on the entire planet that is basically following a very low carb diet, and yet am as fat as ever. for the vast majority of time, the only carbohydrates that i eat are vegetables, and yet i continue to weigh 340 pounds. so i thought, well, maybe if one day out of each week i dont even eat vegetables, that maybe that would help me lose weight. on the other hand, i do have a fatty liver, and it sounds like from what he is saying above, that a carnivore diet is not good for one’s liver. plus, my temperament is such, that i just dont like extreme anything, including extreme diets. the carnivore diet strikes me as being extreme, while the low carbs diet doesnt, as having a diet essentially consist of an animal protein, vegetables, and a small amount of some healthy fat, strikes me as being the most normal, healthy diet on the planet

  • I tried Atikins when it was acceptable to basically do carnivore. So I ate steaks, eggs, bacon, cheese. It made me feel disgusting. It gave me stomach problems and my bowel movements were horrible. Hemorrhoids and GOUT. My toes were in pain from the uric acid build up. I just never felt “normal”. The only reason I tried it was to lose weight, otherwise I felt fine on a balanced diet. I need fiber. I also was a runner and I just felt like I lacked the proper energy that carbs provide. My skin felt greasy as well and I could just feel all the saturated fat flowing thru my veins. I felt so disgusting. To each their own. Odds are the carnivore diet is improving lives because they previously ate too many bad carbs. Too much HFCS. Too much sugar. Too much white flour. Etc. etc.

  • I know it’s hard for some to comprehend but fact is you don’t need to eat plants for anything, there’s a variety of seafood, meats and eggs to provide all the nutrients you need in abundance.

  • I’m not taking any dietary advice from someone who looks like this dude, you can see his drained vegan soul poking through his lifeless eyes. You might need to start your diabetes medication cause fatigue that prominent can only be caused by severe low blood glucose.

  • Hey docs, if you want to grow cancer cells in a lab, what do you feed them??? Rib-eye steaks? Eggs? Bacon? No, cancer cells grow best on glucose. ALL carbohydrates and starches get converted to glucose and guess what…..cancer rates are increasing incrementally.

  • Hmmmmmmmmm! I do not think you are being truthful about how you felt physically going Carnivore! I went straight Carnivore full on with side experiences back into veg and carbs with serious bad side affects from the carbs. Fatty meats are the best and I eat very few high priced meats! mine are from the local Safeway! I am doing great and continue to feel great while loosing a bunch of unwanted body fat!

  • I can’t handle veggies much so I’m doing Keto (since Oct. 18) but Carnivore ‘based’, i.e., very low/zero veggies but mostly meat and animal products. I see this vid is 8.2018 but I’m commenting 3.2020! I think the more Dr. Berg learns about Carnivore, the more likely he will be to take it seriously and back down on his ‘7-10 cups of veggies’ notion. Or maybe not. Who knows, eh?:D

  • Red meat is high in potassium. 3oz of red meat have as much potassium as a banana or more. Magnesium might be a little low though. I’m on my week 2 of carnivore and I can say one thing is amazing and that’s my gut. It’s like I have no gut. No bloating, no pain, no bubbling, no farts, nothing. One small firm snake every morning and I’m out of the bathroom in about 1 minute. But…. I think I’m looking forward to going back to keto. I miss the other foods like veggies and berries and I’m sick of steak. Also, I did feel better on keto and my head felt better. My gut is better on carnivore, but the rest of me was better on keto with intermittent fasting.

  • I am carnivore for health reasons. I am addicted to carbs. I don’t agree that we are made to simply eat meats, but most all vegetables are so genetically modified and processed into so many things that there are just so many side affects with eating many of them. Furthermore, if I stick to carnivore or keto I tend to lose the cravings for all the other bad, addictive, processed junk.

  • You don’t need that much vitamin c on carnivore. Carbs and sugar share a similar chemical structure to Vitamin C and thus makes it harder for us to absorb VC when having carbs. You only need a little amount on carnivore when the carbs aren’t present.

  • Carnivore diet works but it’s highly impractical. The sad/joyous part is the ability of your body to adopt to any given change; dietary or lifestyle wise. So what was once a great change will start being a normal, not so effective process within 4-6 months. You will hit a plateau no matter what and then what? Change again?you’re already eating meat on a diet where you can only eat meat… There’s not much change left in there to overcome the adoption. The other bad thing is the timing of this diet. most of the meat we get in this era are heavily injected with growth hormones and other chemicals. Yes yes you can aim for grass fed, pure organic and what not but you have to be extremely wealthy in order to support an exclusive meal like that every 3-4 times a day for 365 days. And not to mention the time to cook them everyday. Eat a balanced diet that you can be consistent with. Emphasis on Balanced consistency in life. Most of the benefits(except for inflammation and autoimmune diseases being solved) come from you losing fat and giving up on processed sugar and nothing else. I’m a firm believer of OMAD I’ve been doing it for 2 years but all the benefits I got from it are thanks to me losing fat and nothing else. Zinc, Omega 3 and magnesium is all I need to fight inflammation.

  • I don’t believe humans need to eat vegetables. I never liked them, and I don’t think that foods that humans generally have to learn to like, like vegetables can’t be necessary.
    I don’t believe the human digestive system is even designed to digest vegetables. If they were so great, they would taste better…

  • Help me please, I am on a carnivore diet and I need a cup of coffee every morning and normal British type tea throughout the day but I put milk in it, I can’t have it without milk and I use Half fat semi skimmed milk, how many grams of carbs per day can I have to stay in ketosis.

  • Polyphenols are defense mechanisms! Polyphenols (PPs) are the secondary metabolites found in plants, which devour defensive mechanism against oxidants, ultraviolet radiations, and other pathogens.

  • I followed the Dr Eric Berg version of Keto for a year(7 cups of veggies and small amounts of protien, heavy on plant fats) and saw big improvements in inflammation, weight loss, and mood improvements, but i was TOO skinny and couldn’t build muscle or strength. Started Carnivore and saw after one month saw HUGE improvements in muscle body composition(abs for first time in life!), strength, recovery from workouts and work, lingering chronic joint pain COMPLETELY dissapeared! It TURBOCHARGED Keto, I love it so much it’s now been 9 months, and STILL gaining power and strength! I have found, Dr. Berg, that vegetables are NOT necessary, NOT essential, and NOT optimal. Good day��

  • That a shitshow this was. “The Doctors”? I’m sure the medical schools you attended want their sheepskins back. There are a lot of views on this because of the gross behavior of the ‘doctors’.

  • Doing carnivore during the week with keto weekends is a good plan. If you have a lot of muscle and do your leg and major compound workouts early then you should be able to do 100g yo 150g carbs on weekends.

  • Carnivore diet is better than standard Keto. The only thing Keto is good for is it’s less boring, but Keto is already boring to begin with. Eating plants would only increase your cravings since they don’t taste good.

  • If Virta launches a coaching or training course on keto, please, let me be the first to enroll. Is there any way we, mere mortals from Brazil, can study with Dr. Phinney?

  • No Dr Berg, you are wrong. A carnivore diet provides EVERY SINGLE NUTRIENT you need, in the right proportions, in a completely bio-available form. If you knew anything about human evolution, you would not be afraid to admit that we are obligate carnivores and need NO PLANT MATTER WHATSOEVER. Go and do some more research, and retract all your “we need plants for this that and the other” nonsense you espouse. There is NOTHING a plant provides that animal products cannot do better. Please educate yourself. You are still brainwashed by the food pyramid.

  • Laura, how long did u have to do keto? Been on keto diet for 3 weeks no change in weight but clothes a little lose now….wondering if I should just go carnivore…wait is carnivore diet like eat any amount of meat and fat minus vege? I eat some salads n cooked non starchy veg e with keto diet.

  • I read lots of good opinions on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a lot of weight. Has any one tried using this popular fat burn method?

  • Properly formulated carnivorous diet provides necessary electrolytes:

  • Wow does this people have a degree? Who give a degree to a children? Because what I basically saw was a bunch of 5 years old throwing tantrum because they didn’t like what the adult in the room was saying! If were you I would take this video down because you guys only did a mockery of yourselves

  • all u have to do is look at the Anderson Family. they have been doing the carnivore diet for 20 years. and they look like fucking models lol. im not kidding. look them up.

  • Carnivore has changed my life, been on it for one month now. I used IF to go from 392 to 259 (weighed recently) towards the end I did keto but since doing carnivore the last thirty days, I can totally tell the difference. I’m also MUCH stronger now than 30 days ago

  • I’m calling you out berg, to post a comment so we can talk privately, not to shame and embarrass you publicly anymore. Because of the following. your opinion doesn’t come from adequate research and it stinks! Just like “the best bread”, in the world, made from super high omega 6 Almond flour. The best source of inflammation, “in the world”. Soy products, even as crappy as they are, are much MUCH lower in omega 6, thou it is GMO and full of glyphosates. One of the EARLIEST STUDYs WAS DONE BY, a man that studied the Enuat Escomos that eat very little other than Fish, Meat and Organ meats. Healthier than most people on the planet. No cardio disease, good blood sugars with a reasonable life span. The man that did the study practiced the same diet for one year ending with excellent results. berg, quit being so KETO blind. My diet of Mackerel, Salmon, and either chicken or beef liver, (fixed income) gives me a Post-meal blood sugar no higher than 105, when tracked every 30 min…s for 4 hours, peaking at 90 min..s. My OMAD is from Salmon, which has 2 grams of potassium per lb. Organ meats that contain minerals, Vit c, and oil-soluble Vits, besides the nutrition in Salmon and Mackerel. Tried 2 meals but was too full for the 2nd, hence OMAD. Other than taking 84 veg extracted minerals and the usual supplements and 250,000 Us of serrapeptase and EDTA to help clear my cardio, that’s it. Oh, and homemade bone broth, that is it. Not quite strictly carnivore but common sense has a purpose and ongoing research. THE WONDERFUL THING is that this diet heals IBS, SIBO and the gut conditions that interfere with fat absorption, where cruciferous veg..s tear it up and contribute to these gut conditions. It appears that bile had nothing to do with (my) poor fat absorption problem that put me in the hospital with an incarcerated naval hernia because the fat constipated me and kept me out of KETO. Talk about KETO flu. Thanks a lot, berg. Again I’m CALLING YOU OUT to defend yourself, and to contact me personally to prevent further embarrassment for you and your practice. The worst thing is I use to respect you too much and it got me into the hospital following your videos (in spite of the disclaimer), not mentioned in the videos, only when you hunt around below them. I DARE YOU TO POST a comment here with some way for me to contact you back. OR, retract your faulty videos and just do the thorough research needed before you make a video. Oh, MY GOD, PLEASE!!! Sincerely, a past loyal follower. L.F.M

  • It’s not really that high protein.. I mean, it can be if you want it to be, but you get lots of fat on carnivore too, plus with intermittent fasting, you might eat only 2mad or omad. Getting all of your vit/mins is easy too.

  • I have watched you guys for years and I am DONE!! I am Paleo..WAS a graduate of a Holistic Nutrition school based in NYC…I became so ill on a plant diet I FOUND the Carnivore 3 months my rashes bloating and allergies were gone..I am now “paleo”..but eat organic,grass fed meat and chicken or wild caught fish every day..the reason for my being appaled at you “Doctors” is the way you treated this RESPECTABLE doctor..Laugh all you want at him being a psychiatrist..BUT!! I TURNED toward diet when medicine could not “help” my depression and anxiety..ON TOP of those I am a recovering alcoholic..DIET is everything.I do not even have a desire for alcohol anymore because my mind is so cleared from the change in diet…HE IS 1000000% correct..that the mind gut connection is REAL and a fact…You ALL should Go BACK to studying what is going on RIGHT NOW in the field of nutrition..I would not care that you don’t agree…But I will no longer watch ANYTHING you are all involved in…and as for that rabied lawyer who needs to SHUT UP..who the hell are you…??? I will spread the word to every one I know how UN-PROFESSIONAL you all are.Just listen to Jordan Peterson talk about his and his daughters journey..and HE can run rings around all of you…a bunch of Hollywood hypes…you should all get thrown off TV…AND you-tube…

  • I’ve been watching your videos and I keep thinking, “she looks so familiar.” Today I know why,
    You look like the beautiful singer, the late Mindy McCready.

  • This is a bunch of crap!!! The science shows. look at old vegans opposed to old carnivore. the proof is there. the DRs. suck. this is stupid

  • Was never fat in my youth. 
    Then suddenly in my mid 20s, got real fat.
    For over 20 years, I remained obese.
    Tried every diet I heard of. Didn’t work. All seemed hopeless.
    5 months ago heard of carnivore. Eating mostly beef. But of course other meats occasionally. Eggs and cheese as well.
    I no longer crave sugar or bread or rice or pizza or snacks.. incredible.
    I’ve lost 44 pounds (20kg) so far.
    Incredibly, I’m not tired of eating this way. I’m sticking with this.

  • No one gives a shit about studies. They’re meaningless. Stop treating science like a religion and scientists like gods. Try any diet you think might work, actually try it, yourself. If you feel bad, stop, try another one, until you find one that makes you feel great.

  • I have rosacea I’m trying to get rid of. In another video you said that the carnivore diet along with IF and raw garlic can get rid of the bad bacteria in the small intestine that is causing the rosacea. Am I missing something??

  • The more you eat this way the less meat you will eat. The less food you will eat because you will be more satiated. Do it for at least 12 months before you say calories in and out matter. PROVE IT! ��������

  • i dont understand why some doctors want to advocate eating meat seriously? just eat fruits and veggies, rice and you are good to go. dont waste time complicating thing… oh my gosh

  • Hey Laura, somehow the video that discussed process food addiction is not showing up anymore??? I was trying to find the link to the podcast you recommended on process food addiction. Is this a YouTube control issue?

  • The Plains Indians ate this way for 100s of years. They ate Bison and might had a little berries when in season. What the hell did the vikings or the Spartans eat? Wild animals bro! Company’s make more money off of plants and turning into toxic crap and sugar coat it to make a profit. No money in beef anymore but for the farmer. Many are doing Carnivore and bodybuilding “steak and egg diet” was the bases of getting big like a Spartan. Those dudes fought in battle till they were 60 years old and no one fxcked with a 60 year old Spartan.

  • How does the carnivore diet compare to the Atkins diet? I remember my brother did the Atkins diet years ago (i don’t know all the details) and it basically messed up his liver because all that meat gave him a very fatty liver.

  • I found that wheat and grains were the biggest negative in my old diat. They are incredibly inflammatory. Also they have a higher gIicymic index that table sugar and Snickers bars. I eat none of that now. Thank you guys. And congratulations.