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So, can you actually damage your metabolism by dieting? To some degree, the answer is yes, because you may be keeping it down regulated and slowed. Although research has yet to yield the. Not exactly.

But gaining and losing fat can change the way your brain regulates your body weight. To understand this answer let’s explore how human metabolism actually works. Then we’ll talk about whether the metabolism can actually be damaged.

“The metabolism does not physically become damaged. Your body’s physiological changes, of which there are dozens, can affect the way your body and your brain interpret all these. As Pritikin’s fitness manager and certified exercise physiologist Lizbeth Simancas explained, crash dieting will slow down your metabolism and hurt your resting metabolic rate. This is because during a.

Quite often after long periods of excessive caloric restriction and over exercising, your metabolism can be negatively affected. You start out thinking that dieting is all about calories in and calories out. Slowly. It’s also important to know that losing weight won’t damage your metabolism. Gaining and losing fat can alter the way our brain regulates our body weight.

Think about the adaptations your body. Aside from the harmful affects yo-yo dieting can have on metabolism, research has found an increased risk of elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels as well as heart attack and stroke in. You can adapt your diet so you’re eating less of the foods that cause these spikes (which is what Dr Spector has focused on), but you can’t change your basal metabolic rate so that regardless. For example if someone is anorexic for 2-3 years of their life where they’re physically starving their body, when they start to recover and begin eating a healthy amount, does their metabolism readjust or is it permanently damaged forever? How long of starvation does it take to damage your metabolism.

Your metabolism speeds up after you eat in an effort to digest food and turn it into energy. Therefore, eating more often can raise your metabolism and speed up your weight loss. However, to avoid packing on the pounds, you want these meals to be smaller in size and calories.

Increase your.

List of related literature:

We also know that while these metabolic adaptations can persist long after weight loss has stopped, they can also be easily reversed by raising your calories, lifting weights, and eating a high-protein diet.24 And that’s true even for people who have already gone to extreme measures to drop pounds in the past.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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While in the short term changes in caloric intake or expenditure are unlikely to cause significant changes in weight, chronic positive energy balance eventually contributes to overweight and obesity, while repeated negative energy balance leads to weight loss, and potentially, underweight.

“Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals” by Natalie Digate Muth, Michelle Murphy Zive
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However, don’t decrease your calories too low or do anything dangerous in order to lose weight—a drop in food intake below 1,500 calories can drastically slow down metabolism and put a damper on sleep, digestion, mood, and concentration.

“The Better Period Food Solution: Eat Your Way to a Lifetime of Healthier Cycles” by Tracy Lockwood Beckerman
from The Better Period Food Solution: Eat Your Way to a Lifetime of Healthier Cycles
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If you’re at a calorie deficit for a long time it can slow down your metabolism, affect your hormones, slow down your weight loss, increase your stress and your cortisol levels.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
from Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life
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It is hard to say how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight—because of so many variables, such as body type, body weight, level of exercise, and natural metabolism—except that you need to put your body into caloric deficit, to burn off more energy than you take in from your food.

“The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
from The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revis
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Dieting may lower basal metabolism so that when normal (or at least higher-calorie) eating is resumed at the end of a diet, weight gain is facilitated.

“Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Two-Volume Set: Sex Similarities and Differences and the Impact of Society on Gender” by Judith Worell
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However, the one factor we hear most often is calories in versus calories out—if you eat more calories than your body burns off, the excess is tucked away into storage as fat, regardless of any other factors.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
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Yes, metabolic rate increases when you don’t eat.

“Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health” by Dr. Jason Fung, Eve Mayer, Megan Ramos
from Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle and Reap the Benefits of Weight Loss and Better Health
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As you grow older and lose muscle mass, your metabolism typically slows, which means that most people need to reduce the number of calories in their diet in order to avoid gaining fat.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
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However, it was noted earlier that when the dietary energy deficit is great enough to bring about the metabolism of large amounts of body fat, the mixture of nutrients metabolized by the body will have a much higher fat content than the diet.

“Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia, Two Volume Set” by Marion Eugene Ensminger, Audrey H. Ensminger
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  • I have been dieting for around 2 years. At first I lowered my intake to 1400, then 1200, then 900. I have been eating 900 calories a day for long over a year. I have lost 64 pounds. I still have 3 pounds to lose, but I have also started doing ab/arm/glute workouts without any weights because I don’t have access to a gym. I am 15, 5’8″, and currently 148 pounds aiming for 145. I think increasing my calories by 200 per 2 weeks would be a nice, slow paced move for me. So the first two weeks, I would have 1100, then the next two I would have 1300, then 1500, then 1700 until I hit a number that would not cause me to lose or gain weight. If I continue doing my at home workouts, would I still make progress? I am worried that not having weights is going to hinder me from this. I am starting this reverse diet today, even though I am not at my final goal yet. Please let me know what you think.

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  • It ain’t that easy to build muscle without getting fat: depends on lots of factors, namely, age, hormones, where you are in your training. If you’re close to your genetic potential advanced weight lifter it’s tougher to gain lean mass than a beginner lifter age 18. Fasting helps boost metabolism for everyone

  • Your seriously way too cute and adorable. Just had to get that out the way.

    I’m eating 1450 cal a day and have recently been able to up it to 1500(which is what I’m super happy and excited about) I’m a clean eating vegan and I’m extremely high activitt

  • I read a lot of great reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of fat. Has any one tried using this popular fat burn method?

  • Idk what’s going on with me. I’m a 6 ft male 18 years old and if I eat over 900 calories I’ll gain so much weight �� it’s so upsetting and frustrating idk what to do����

  • I like this video. Straight to the point, intro gives the basis into the topic without dragging it out. Informative. And 8 minutes. I can’t stand some of these fitness people who say they have the facts and they go on FOREVER about and then throw in physiological jargon to confuse you more so THANK YOU.

  • I love the way you explained this. I don’t believe you because you’re an expert in your field, I believe you because you explain concepts so clearly that I can understand and implement them myself, and I’m no Ravenclaw!

    I used to have a BMI of 41.2 and I was always concerned about whether I was in too much of a deficit or doing it for too long. I was actually more concerned because of what “fitness” pages were telling me than what I felt in my own body (I was doing great!)

    Now my BMI is 30.3 and I’m planning to go gradually into maintenance very soon! I think taking a break from my fat loss while at the borderline between obesity and overweight is going to strengthen my mental game and reinforce that I’m doing this long term!

    I love you and your videos! ♥️

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular fat burn method.

  • Hi there, I want to know if Custokebon Secrets, will work for me? I see many people keep on talking about this popular lose weight method.

  • Hello Max, i am a 34 year old male at 330 pounds wanting to get to 200 pounds a personal Trainer told me that i would need to do Reverse Dieting for nearly 9 month to help restore any Metabolic Damage. Then i would do slow cutting from there for another 6 month for my goal to be ideally reached? i was told by doctor that my thyroid was i do you agree with Reverse Dieting but not for 9 month? would you say still 6 weeks would be best or 9 months?

  • So if someone was in sub 1000 calories during prep, didn’t reverse diet and binge ate post show, 2 years later wants to compete again, do they have to go back to that extreme and more to drop weight again? Thanks for your time.

  • What if you technically have a severe calorie deficit (82 kilo, bmr 1600 with light-moderate exercise yet eating 1200 kcal a day), yet you don’t feel hungry and still feel energised? Is that bad for you?

  • Is 3 months enough to ruin a metabolism? I have been eating from 600 to 1000/1200 cals a day for i think around 3 to 4 months,i wanted to lose fat but i woulf get so hungry that i would binge,im stuck in this binge/restrict cycle and im sick of it, i binged today but i want to get back on track, hos do i start after a binge?

  • I’m only 13 and I’ve been on soo my bad diets.eating less then 1000kcals a day and I’m 5ft6 some day I would it less then 300 kcals.when ever I eat a lot I feel so bad and sometime I would vomit it out.i don’t know what’s wrong with me.but I want to fix it

  • After eating 1200 calories or less for the past couple months to loose weight, yesterday I ate 1500cals+ and stepped on the scale this morning expecting to gain weight but I was a pound less.

  • im running 5 miles a day, and only eat about 800 calories, and my weight doesn’t change. I look like im getting more lean but im still big compared to my initial weight. Im soo depressed because of it ):

  • #SortingHatSquad if someone is eating too few calories and not hitting their protein goal each day (not excessively restricting just eating less than their GBW calculated cals/protein says they should eat because they simply aren’t hungry) can that limit the progress they see in any of the followingmuscle growth, muscle definition, fat loss, weight loss or getting leaner?

  • soo every one week you normaly should have gain like about 1-2 pounds, if you’re gaining too fast so you should low your calorie intake and take it more slowly, am i right?? ‘-‘

  • What happens if, during my diet (six week shred) I am also doing weight training and cardio? Should I limit the exercise I am doing during my shred so that when I come off of it I can ensure the calories are being used by my increase in my workouts? Or does it change things then and I don’t have to worry so much about putting on fat. Near the end of my shred (the last two week) my plan is to slow down my workouts because I am not sure my caloric consumption will support them but I am not sure if I need to yet.

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  • im skenny like not skinny skinny but like i have a 6 pack anyway im a normal skinny size i play foft ball and do track i also take my dog on walks almost every day im 14 yet i eat like only junk food bc my mom is an only mom with 3 kids so we need snacks she also is not a om to cook or clean me and my older sister do that besides all that i do not gain whaieght at all and i didnt do much this summer but sit in my room watch my phone and eat still got a six pack what is this lmao i mean im fine with it hah

  • This video is definitely fantastic! It helps me recall of the time when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to lose 18 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Many people want to lose fat, however we also require to remain nutritious, and that is what Custokebon Secrets given.

  • I am at unacceptable body fat no way would I try this. I have cant add muscle and add fat so I am huge. Going to my doctor as Ive been running 12 miles a day and managing to gain weight on low numbers. I wont gain nothing if I can avoid. Enough has been for no reason. Wondering if its all the running.

  • I was pretty close to anorexia because I would eat only like 1000 calories a day and I was pretty active so it wasn’t good. Now I have a lot of loose skin and I lost quite a bit of muscle. I’m trying to recover

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your every day nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on google since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Super late to the party, but thank you for this video. I have a super dysfunctional relationship with food and I’m really trying to fix the psychological problems that have been created over the last 4 years *sigh #sortinghatsquad is awesome ��

  • Hey Jordan! I thank you so much for your videos! Right now i just finished a workout, while watching your videos, and have lost 20lbs. This las t 2 months. Would love to be part of the Inner Circle! #SortingHatSquad

  • I’m 14 and destroyed my fast metabolism. I would eat so unhealthy and not exercise. Most of the time my body would burn it, but after a few years, I gained some weight. This caused me to have an eating disorder where I only ate bellow 1,000 calories… after weeks of doing this, whenever I tried to eat normal, I would gain weight so fast. This meant my metabolism got very bad. But thankfully, I focused on filling up on healthy foods and do workouts, now my metabolism got a bit better. Sadly, I’m not able to eat as much unhealthy foods as other teens, but I can enjoy a few without gaining weight. I still have to eat mostly healthy to maintain my weight, but I’m not complaining cause I actually enjoy eating healthy. 😉 I remember those days where I could eat all the food I want without exercising and stay skinny, sadly those days are kinda over for me lmao. But atleast I’m getting used to eating healthy at a young age:)

  • I don’t have metabolic damage, but I know people that does, and I’ll pass this helpful video on to them. Happy Halloween, bro!����������

  • okaybut im trying to LOSE weight?? what do i do?? i messed up my metabolism big time, and wanna fix it but i still have a lot of weight to lose… what do i do?

  • Hello can someone help me because i’ve been in a calorie deficit for about a year now and I only get hungry twice a day wherein I usually get hungry after 7 hours of eating. I also lost my period for 2 (going 3) months. Does this mean that I have metabolic damage?

  • I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) will help you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular diet plan?

  • You can’t imagine how much this video helped me! I’m reverse dieting now and sometimes I get soooo discouraged when I notice slight weight gain and I just want to drop everything and start cutting again.

  • #SortingHatSquad Simply because it’s fundamentally the right thing to do! The hairs that are still there for me rise to the static energy of Hat Squad love ✌️And remember skin is in baby heads!

  • Wow this sounds just what happens to lot of us during military fitness test periods. Diet until weigh in day then binge. Never understood why but what you explained puts it all together.

  • I have no idea how many calories I eat. I just try to eat as little as possible, while I hate all vegetables, don’t eat meat, nor fruits for health reasons, and have food allergies. I mostly just have French fries done in the oven. Maybe pea soup. A tiny slice of homemade bread with cheese for breakfast. A scoop of ice cream as a treat. I aim for 3-5 hours of workout a day. Frankly, I don’t like to eat. I’m too fussy. Drive myself nuts with all the restrictions.

  • I think my metabolism is damaged.I already do Hiit workouts but if I skip one day workout or sometimes even without skipping a workout or taking any unhealthy foods I gain weight.Whenever I try to restrict my calorie I face dyspepsia,ibs, indigestion,bloating mood swings and for that stuffs I always stay unhappy.I m 26 years old girl and 161 cm and my weight is around 67 kgs.Please help me what ratio of foods I should eat.Earlier when I used to be in school or in college days I used to do yo yo diet and used to do more cardio though that time I lost Weight but now even after eating carbs, protiens I cannot loose weight.I tested all the things like tsh,t 2,t3,sugar level,growth hormone all are normal but sometimes I feel insomanic and face indigestion and dyspepsia.Please help me how can I loose my fat and heal my metabolism

  • Hey, I’ve been on a “diet” for a very long time like I only ate 1200 for like 6 months then I started to reverse diet and lost even more weight wich was great. Then I got up to 1700 Kalorien but was unsatisfied with my body then. I thought I went over my metabolic power and went down to 1600 again. But I do want to break out of this circle but also don’t really want to gain fat. It scares me. What should I do?

  • Hi I’ve been in a caloric deficit 6 1/2 months at 1200 calories a day I started at 290 lost 38 lbs but I haven’t lost weight in 2 weeks.i watched another one of your videos and found out how much of a deficit should be in and it’s way higher than the 1200 I’ve been consuming if I change my calorie intake and continue to exercise will I start to lose weight again or will I gain. I’m at a lost. Please help

  • I love your videos! Not just the knowledge you share but that you helping people, making it aware that there is no BAD FOOD, helping people with their relationship with food and to not get discouraged on their journey. I had a trainer couple years ago and she would always provide a meal plan, do measurements and weekly weigh ins. And if we didn’t make weight we would get punished (usually 300-500 calories on the stairmaster without stopping). I did not want to get punished so i followed that meal plan to a T and did all the extra cardio or whatever if i felt like i was messing up. I got punished once and it was horrible! It got to the point to where i was weighing myself daily, becoming depressed because of the number on the scale. Once my 3 months ended with her i was down 25 pounds which i was so happy about but slowly started eating what i wanted and because of not having of i in the 3 months and limiting myself to just lean meats, green veggies, rice or potatoes (literally) it turned into me binging and gaining the weight back… so mentally it ruined my relationship with food BUT thanks to your videos I’m slowly getting better. Two weeks ago I decided to really start tracking and getting back in the gym. Im in a caloric deficit and starting tracking my calories no matter the nutritional value of the food and going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Still scared to get on the scale but maybe in a month or two that will be my next step.

  • I went out into the desert south of Ajo Arizona with only water. I was 220 lbs. I did not eat anything for 40 day actually I quite 4 hours before the 40 day 39 days and 20 hours. I lost 70 lbs in that 40 days. Afterwards I was 150 lbs which is my ideal Marine Corps weight. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life even harder than Marine Corps Boot Camp. I have pictures and I kept a detailed diary. I’m thinking about publishing my diary of it. Anyway that was in 2006. By 2012 I had gained it all back.

  • UPDATE: I recently did an entire series on the topic of speeding up your metabolism and even documented my own journey as I sped up my metabolism by 500+ calories. If you’re looking for a more in depth step-by-step on how to go about this process, check out my playlist on Reverse Dieting:

  • Uhmm just a Quick question, does redbull or any other energy drink boost your metabolism? I think it does Because it has a lot of cafeine but i am not sure

  • Working out makes me feel more depressed and anxious, it’s insane but when I am not working out, I am happier. I think the anxiety is that time spent exercising feels like time wasted when I have 10-15 much more pressing things to do every day between work and school…

  • Hey to the person who is reading this! I’m looking for someone to do a recovery with. I feel like doing it with someone will make me more motivated.

    I have been eating 200-300 calories a day for almost a month now, and I am SO SCARED to start eating normally or to increase my calories. I don’t know if my metabolism is damaged or not. Someone please help me ��

  • I ate under 1,000 calories daily or most days and panicked when I went over 1,000. It’s bad that I had to even think that, it was mainly myself and peer pressure. Mainly me, I don’t blame anyone else but me tbh. I want to get my fast metabolism back

  • I eat around 500 calories a day and am bulimic. no one knows about this except my school nurse. I’m going on holiday in 3 months and want to get my normal metabolism back whilst keeping the weight i’ve tried so hard to loose.

  • Thanks for the great explanation! My poor metabolism is so off whack I gain on 500cals a day����‍♀️ I thought it was just my age (and stupid eating habits) but at least I know it’s fixable now��

  • What is “extreme”? I have friends who have put themselves for 900-1200 calories for 10months…. I would consider that extreme? but they don’t? help?

  • I started my diet on Feb 14 and I weighed 205 and know I weigh 130 and I used cheat days or cheat meals every week of my diet and that’s a lot of the reason why I think it worked so well, is my metabolism at a good place or do I need to speed it up a bit more? either way I want to build more muscle, and that should make everything right, right?

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost tons of weight? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • I have had a binge issue for a while, especially earlier this year with stressful eating. This summer I tried keto for about 3 months. It was frustrating to track every single little thing. When I finally came off the diet, I started binge eating everything… Now just trying to get into a better mindset and have a better relationship with food.

  • I destroyed my metabolism doing a 100/200 kcal diet and I alone I tried to recover by myself and now I eat 900/1000 kcal daily, I hope this video will help me, my next goal is 1400 kcal, gimme motivation please✨✨������

    Remember your mental health is more important than a number on the scale����

  • explained so easily! I enjoy. when I start eating more conservatively i’ll try to remember this. I don’t like using the word diet. it has a stigma that goes along with it. also the first three letters are die. poor choice for composing a word. don’t you think???

  • I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can help you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has anyone tried this popular weight loss secrets?

  • I don’t know if someone is going to respond to this, but I have to ask what kind of damage I am doing to my self and if it is too much for me. So I’m 20 years old, about 2 years ago I was in very good shape, then due to some psychological issues I gained like 20kgs and now for about 4 months I started to workout and diet again, about 1 month ago I injured my back and have been bed bound, so I dropped my calorie intake from 1600/1400 kcal to 900/700 kcal knowing I will lose muscle, am I doing too much? How likely is it I will have long term damage? Ps sorry for my English, i am not a native speaker

  • This video changed my whole mindset �� It’s not bad that I have gained more weight after all this it’s just a part of me healing. tysm ����

  • Can you make a video on how to minimize fat gain on reverse, I want to know why some gain a lot some don’t, are you supposed to increase activity as you reverse

  • I have a question and maybe u answered it and I understand the wrong way…�� So I have set my calorie deficit at 1800 per day give or take. I do noticed I have a hard time reaching that 1800 is this going to effect my weightloss if I am constantly under my goal calories intake?

  • As someone who has to get my period back, it’s recommended I don’t exercise. I’m putting on fat. But in the long run, could I replace that fat with muscle? Or am I going to have to restrict calories to do that (which I know is bad)?

  • Omg I have learned so much from your videos. I was eating 900-1200 calories and day and walking 7 miles burning 900 calories a day and very slow weight loss so now I am going to put my goal weight 145×12 = 1740 and goal weight x1= 145 grams of protein. I am scared to add more calories of healthy foods and fruits and veggies. Ty love your Chanel so educational. Also your tic toc is awesome

  • I used to be about 60 lbs underweight, now I’m 15 lbs overweight with the same diet… My issue is I don’t consume the right amount of calories, and its adjusted to the 1,000 or less. I’m trying to raise it to 1,500 calories and doing small workouts. Due to my small intake of calories, I am very weak, so excessive workouts make me pass out.

  • i swear if you werent so pretty i wouldnt bother with your crap.

    but you’re so pretty. so i go through the pain of listening to you.

  • Are you fucking kidding me? I didn’t understand a word you just said if that’s what it takes to loose weight these days I’m gonna stay fat I’m afraid.

  • I lost weight slowly over the course of a few years with the main focus on healthier whole foods and moderate exercise. I could see myself doing it for the rest of my life because I’m not really depriving myself of anything while picking up good habits. I don’t like the idea of counting calories and dieting. I’d rather just eat healthier and reap the benefits.

  • I got stuck in this due to lifestyle;e getting too busy, food has become hell again and purged a few days. I do not have a relationship with food. Thats certain. Why am I supposed to suffer for eating anything when other people can eat and not exec rise. I am not hypothyroid but my metabolism does this every now and then. I cant be lean anymore and I was looking forward to a fitness competition. I became overweight and had bone damage.II have enough of this. I walked an hour and a half yesterday and I gained a pound. I took my breakfast and threw it at the wall and broke plates. I feel like I am unworthy of food and yesterday I couldn’t eat my pasta as I had had so many disappointing meals that I was afraid. I eat 50g of sugar a day but I should have been able to take the extra fat off after a few weeks of a deficit. My deficit is around 600 calories a day. I was on a diet plan 1400 and 30 minutes running was losing weight consistently then I started dating. I went back to eating late due to lack of time and my weight gain started. After three weeks of this I am extremely distressed and am punishing myself. If I gain weight and I am dating I will cancel the date. I do not trust my body anymore. I also have severe insomnia, I cry anytime i walk into the kitchen. tried explaining to doctors I need to make sure this doesn’t happen or my mental health will suffer, I wont talk to my family and its been weeks of severe distress. To add insult to injury I have a stunted ribcage and the weight goes on my legs which will make walking even harder. I have sent an email asking for hip impingement. (hip reduction) as I am depressed about the severe disability it causes. It doesn’t matter if Im anorexic I cannot just stay overweight and break bones. I am going to have a heart attack as the weight around my middle is too high. I wont be allowing it.

  • I know this has nothing to do with the subject of the video but I’ve been doing IF 8/16 for 3 months now… I don’t really know how to control the food I’m eating on eating window, I still tend to over eat and eat even if I’m not hungry. I get this weird obsession with food. How do I stop this? It’s very unhealthy and I’m pretty sure I’m ruining the cycle

  • First off thank you very much for the video, I feel like I was definitely one of the people who it was made for. I was eating about 1000 calories(which felt like enough) and running 5 days a week with no change. I stated to slowly increase my calories as you said and Im now at 2000 calories a day. I did gain a few pounds that I obviously want to loose again so i wanted to get your professional opinion. Once i reach 2500 or 3000 calories and my body has adapted that number to maintain i can then reduce to a safe amount of calories maybe at 2000-2500 to loose weight again correct? If so, what happens after a few weeks or months when my body adapts to that amount of calories, is the process to be repeated? Thank you again!!

  • I usually eat around 1000 calories and I genuinely feel full…like I actually cannot stuff anymore food in my stomach cause i eat healthy food which is mostly low in calories but is a big portion,any advice?

  • When I was child I was in overweight, then I fell into the clutches of anorexia. After recovery, I now I eat a lot of calories 2500 aproximatelly and my weight is 43 kilos (I am 14 years old) It seems to be my set point, but all my familly is in overweight. I do not know what is hapening with my metabolism! I do not understand nothing!

  • How would you help someone who still has about 25 lbs to lose, but has been eating below 1200 for years (sometimes 800/day), and now cannot seem to lose weight?

  • When considering eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritionary intake. While they might induce rapid loss of weight, these diets will never be a long-term answer for your weight problem. You should look up Custokebon Secrets on google since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • #sortinghatsquad this video was so clear, and I love how you spoke about this can effect your mental health as well, it all comes from the BRAIN. ��

  • I now weight 5657 kg, ive lost 16 kg, and im trying to lose 10-15 more. Ive been eating 1200 calories for veryyy long now, and suddenly now, my weight has stopped completely at 56-57 kg, if i eat anything above, I gain weight:/ i dont wanna gain anything so its scary, i wanna lose like 10-15 more.. its ironic cuz im using myfitnesspal, which was recommended by my teacher, and it says eating 1200 calories is totally ok. I Wonder why we never were learned what would happen when you start the 1200 after a long period of time

  • I was one year long in a caloric deficit (400 kcal) focusing one sided on protein and neglecting maaany micronutrients. I got pretty lean but the last 3 months of it i was getting sick every 3-4 weeks like crazy, tho i almost never got sick in my life before:(

    Now i am in a slight surplus with plenty micronutrients hoping my immune system recovers soon…

  • Laila thanks SOOO much for making this video! I have a question though, if i increased too fast and now i’m gaining 1.5-2lbs a week should I keep at the amount i am eating or drop it back down significantly again? THanks for your amazing videos!

  • I have done for 2 months +-700kcal a day (with 1 cheat day per week)
    With 2 months before that to find my new way of eating (It is not a diet, it’s been for me a new eating habit for my body/metabolism)
    And I lose 20 Kilos (44 pounds) in those 4 Months
    After that I stop and came to my old bad habits (gain 5 kilos in 2 months) Then after that I keep 3 to 4 low call days and my weight stay the same
    And now I restart that “diet” to lose some more (with sport of course)

  • As expert, I think Fenoboci Diet Plan is good way to lost lots of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • I’ve been eating 2000 calories a day and exercising 2-3 hours a day. Losing 2 lbs a week for a year, is this why I lost my libido

  • Summary of video:
    get swole
    My approach:
    eat intuitively (assuming healthy cravings and I feel good) and lift or run as I want
    Lifting weights is good for getting lean though because of HGH

  • I agree with Capturine. How many calories is “low”? It seems in a way that the purpose of this video is to promote your course (which may be great) by using scare tactics.

  • hi dude,

    dude i want know how a fitness model maintain their low body fat percentage. for so long and year.

    please let me know their Myth and principles.

    exercises and Nutrition

  • Omg I can’t believe this
    I’ve stopped counting calories for a while now and yeah I’m not losing weight so I searched this up
    Guys I am not kidding when I tell you today I ate only 3 cups of rice (i guess could be a little more or a little less) and I can’t believe it’s only 216 calories!!! That’s the only thing I ate today and only drank water so no additional calories
    And actually today I felt like I ate alot and was going to reduce the amount tomorrow
    I can’t believe this I’ve been going for less than 200 a day you guys I swear I mostly just drank tea with artificial sweetener that has 6 calories a pack and was even mad at those 6 calories:'(
    What do I do? I want to lose weight in a span of a month and half but at the same time my metabolism obviously won’t allow it.
    In the past I did a crazy diet where I ate one fruit for breakfast a soup for lunch and greek yogurt for dinner, I ALWAYS felt hungry but I stuck to it anyway
    I strongly believe this is what damaged my metabolism greatly, I even noticed my butt getting VERY small after it I think I lost muscles:'( please help me I’m desperate

  • Binge watching your videos 😉 going on vacation this weekend. Me and my besty are going to start strength training when I get back. Any tips? I didn’t too over do it.

  • You are amazing. I’m hitting calories protein little hard but I’m kicking it. 150 goal W 1800 calories 150 G protein all I’m focusing on and getting 10k plusssss steps a day I’m 51 and5’4 194.6 starting weight. Now 191.2 I ����hell ya! was so scared of 1800 calories but just stepped out in FAITH. I HAVE ALSO HIGH FAT RATIO
    Scale not yo you ING going down so far thank you again I listen to you when I walk

  • Ever since I started following you I was able to lose body fat while preserving most of my muscle. I have a month left of dieting and I definitely agree with you on this topic as well! Thanks for the quality information! ��

  • #SortingHatSqad
    I love these videos. You break topics down so well I can rely this info confidently to my clients. Plus, you really hit the nail on the head with the behavioral aspect of weight loss or gain. You’re killin it bro

  • So, this video is pretty old now but I’m hoping you’re still around to answer questions! My question is this: how do you know how to gradually increase cals per week/ per month/ whatever if you eat back a portion of exercise calories every day anyway? I.e., my deficit was set to 1360 for a looooong timebut when I started running (a lot, at least 5x a week and usually 4-5 miles per day), I suddenly was eating anywhere from 1600-1800 with exercise calories. I didn’t notice a significant effect on my weight (still got to my goal, still lost), but I switched over to maintenance a few days ago — now set to 1600. With exercise cals, that means now per day I eat anywhere from 1600-2200 (it’s totally random depending on how hungry I am), but I’m worried I’m going to gain just because of the drastic jump from the initial 1360 to 1600. Is this too much to jump, or should I monitor and adjust after a few weeks?:/ MFP has gotten me really confused with the ‘right way’ to increase to maintenance, and I’m still not even sure if 1600 is right to begin with since my TDEE is apparently somewhere between 1890-2100 depending on the week. ugh. Worked really hard to get to 18% body fat, and I don’t want to mess up that number entirely by going too hard too fast with maintenance, but I can’t physically deprive any longer.

  • The vicious cycle of dieting is just like a cycle of abuse in a relationship. What helps me stay out of that cycle in dieting is following ultimate portion fix from Beachbody.

  • My main problem is that I eat super sporadically and at super random times a lot of the time, and in super unhealthy ways. This means I est mostly unhealthy stuff, but I’ll eat anything from few or no calories a day, to upwards of 2000 calories a day.
    I’m also a stressed college student who lives on caffeine.
    My metabolism is a bit fucked.

  • hey I have started my diet at 1200 calories and i do so much cardio but iam scared if I stop losing weight shall I stay at 1400 calories and start lifting heavy weight?
    (I have been about 1 week into this diet)

  • I read a lot of good reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular weight loss diet plan?

  • great video, I like to know how long the recovery process should be after coming out of contest, by this I mean for someone who is looking to reverse diet?, great video cant wait to see more

  • How to fix a slow metabolism:
    1. Focus on resistance training
    2. Slowly reduce cardio
    3. Increase caloric intake
    4. Work on relationship with food
    5. Focus on getting the nutrients you need
    6. Work on relationship with body
    7. Eat fat and protein
    8. Get sleep, reduce stress

  • I barely eat anything, I rarely feel hungry and I have a habbit of just chewing some gum when I am. I used to eat alot but I’ve gained weight now and I’m so confused ��. When I do eat it’s usually fruit or something and drink SO MUCH coffee… idk what’s going on. Someone help ����

  • I’ve lost over 240lb the past 4,5 years. First two years were fast, the last two have been slow and steady (which is good). But the past 4 months I’ve hit the wall. I don’t even seem to have daily fluctuation, scale shows exactly the same. My goal is to lose about 15lb to hit my goal weight, and get healthier. I’ve been eating around 1200-1300cal daily the past 6 months. Few months ago I decided I need to start building some core muscles and get more active also. I hired PT and we set my goals. I’ve been going to gym 3-4 times per week and really sweating it. Scale still isn’t moving! I also assumed I’d be more hungry, but it seems I eat even less. My calorie intake varies from 1000-1200 calories per day. I’m rarely hungry and if I am, I do have a snack. I feel good, I’m not tired and I have lost some inches so I guess I have lost some body fat and gained few pounds of muscle.
    Ok I guess 8 weeks is a very short time especially when starting from rock bottom, but it’s still annoying. Maybe I’m staring the scale too much. But after working on my health so hard the past 5 years, it is mentally very important for me to hit the goal weight! So is my metabolism just all screwed up? I’ve tried to eat tiny bit more to crank up the calories, but I’m just not too hungry.

  • hey man, i have hit a wall. I have been at 165 for months. I lift 5 days a week different groups each day and HIIT twice a week i eat 500 cal below my maintenance. idk what the problem could be?

  • Counting calories has always been so difficult for me because when I first started I was wayyy too young and uneducated so I thought 500 calories was a good amount… it was not so I was in this cycle of eating nothing for days to binging and eventually I was eating healthy and exercising and loosing weight while feeling full which was great until my parents thought I was eating too much (I was eating a lot of vegetables which made it look bigger but I also had rice and beans but the vegetables rlly made it look like I was eating mountains of food when it was like 400 cals total) so then to prove them I wasn’t eating too much I counted calories again, got obsessed again and I still struggle with it:((

  • Thanks for this video! Question: is HIIT full body training as efficient as resistance training? Because I don’t have access to a gym, so I’m trying HIIT for a couple of weeks now..

  • Ok Paul, so you’ve probably been through this enough times while getting a client ready for a contest….when you go a little more on the extreme side, like cutting more calories and adding in that extra cardio, what’s the level of muscle loss you’ve seen? Substantial loss, or not enough to worry about? Or maybe no lost muscle at all?

  • Its still shock me just how many people do not know about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that lots of people with it. Thanks to my personal pal who told me about it. I’ve lost lots of weight.

  • In March 2013, I did the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet for 6 months. I lost approximately 40 pounds and I’ve kept the weight off ever since by being fairly careful about what I eat, but never starving myself. I swim and walk, which I think helps. My theory about the 5:2 regimen (which I did on non-consecutive days) is that the body never has time to go into starvation mode because the very next day it gets 2000 calories. I can only say that it worked for me and the weight loss was slow and steady. I actually ended up enjoying it and, even now, I appreciate my food a lot more because I don’t eat mindlessly anymore.

  • I wish I had heard of reverse dieting the first time I went off a very restrictive diet that lasted about two years. I didn’t even start eating that much food and yet my weight spiked immediately. The worst part was how every second person I met after summer break pointed out how fat I’ve gotten.

  • I lost 83 lbs in 11 months and have kept it off for 5 years. To keep my weight off I need to eat less then a 1000 calories a day.
    What am I doing wrong?��

  • But what if I’m petite 5’1 ft (155cm) and sedentary though I love walking at the mall. I calculated I should only eat 1200 or less so unfair though I’m eating at 1350cal daily If I go beyond 1500 i think il get fat. Pls help.

  • man u need to lose weight before u can talk fitness and human body. I stopped within 30 seconds of listening to an overweight man talking the downsides of eating less. Dah!

  • I eat 300-800 calories a day. I do 2 1/2 hours a dance and 1 hours dance of a day. I am 113 pounds (15 pounds overweight) 85th %. If I eat 1,200 calories I gain 2-4 pounds

  • Thanks man I’m 16 6’6 380lbs and my family members and social media is always telling me it’s dangerous and even gonna ruin my weight loss be eating low calories this video was really helpful with getting rid of that fear

  • gymnastics diet….. 2 apples a day…… a stupid diet…. I did for a week…then refused to do it… i couldn’t even train properly

  • So if someone has a lot of weight (100lbs or more) to lose, it’s okay to set their “goal” body weight (per your fat loss calorie calculator videos) as low as that 100lbs less as long as they can psychologically handle it?

  • Having been through a 100lbs weight loss transformation I’ve been struggling with switching from a deficit to maintenance, this vid was really helpful, thanks!

  • Can people who fast for long periods of time face metabolic adaptation? I see all these people following the Snake diet where they eat once a week �� (mind blowing) and they lost all their weight and have maintained it easily

  • I’m man and my height is 6ft. Doing 5×5 workout and walking. I consume 3,200 calories every day, just like what I recently learned about reserve dieting. Unfortunately, I have to eat a lot of calories to improve my satiation. Before that, I suffered extreme hunger but it could be medication’s side effect. I eat a lot of clean foods but I gain between 1-2lb every week. Am I doing correct to fix my metabolism?

  • Currently I’m eating an average of 1,400 calories per day with light exercise like walking.

    I just want to make sure that this is right:

    I want to lose weight, but what I got from this video is that in order to do so, I need to gain muscle which will lead me to gaining weight. But while I gain muscle and weight, will I lose fat as well? That sounds pleasing and I hope I got that.

  • Adrenal fatigue folks:
    Dont go hard. Dont spend an hour, we dont count in this. Start off 10 minute cardio, rest, 20 minutes lifting, resting. Make it gradual to avoid burnout again. Believe me. I could never get over 1000 for 3 years due to 4 years ago of extream low calorie, 2 hour workouts. I developed a horrid eating disorder and didnt realize it
    I got skinny fat, hungry all the time. Everytime I’d workout, I’d pass out for 3 days. Increase food and workout slowly. Experiment. Overall, great video.

  • I’m still suffering from billions (exercise wise). Whenever I see sweets and snacks (pastries, cookies, cupcakes etc) I keep eat more than I planned to eat and eat those kinda foods until I’m uncomfortably full… I’m getting better since I started to allow myself have those everyday a little bit. Your videos are so helpful and will help me so much as I move on into my journey

  • This was perfect timing…. I was thinking of starting a 5:2 IF plan because my progress has been so slow. Realistically… 5:2 is NOT a good plan for me. I just need balance… thank you

  • I have been trying to lose weight by unknowingly lower my calories too low and exercising a lot.Its been over the course of 10 years.Try this diet,that diet and ultimately gaining quite a bit of weight over the years.Now,I’m over weight and when I eat a little more,i gain.Consumed by losing weight.Im afraid of gaining more by trying to raise My metabolism.What the heck do I do?

  • Can you help me with my problem? Okay so I’m 18 and I’m 240 lbs 2 years ago I was 310 and I lost it over 5 months and I went down to 188 lbs I would loss up to 5-7 lbs a week! It’s was good but now that I look at it it was bad but I didn’t care I was losing weight fast and then last year I started gaining it back and now I weight 240 and I can’t loss weight I exercise I run 30 minutes a day I do a lot of strength training and I eat right 5 small meals but I can’t loss any weight instead of losing I would gain weight and I did some research and all I come to is my metabolism being damaged I’ve tried everything can you please help me!!

  • I’ve been on A LOT of bad diets but one comes to mind as the worst: Herbalife: two of their shakes a day plus one low calarie meal. I also worked out 1-2 hours everyday. I lost a lot of weight, but when I stopped, over the next year I gained 40 pounds, heavier than before I did the diet. Now two years after the diet I’ve gained 60 pounds and I’m at my highest weight ever. Do you know what I would ask my doctor to get tested to see where I’m at metabolically and hormonal?

  • Can i do it with bodyweight workouts? Im too young for gym, and my mother doesn’t want to let me go there, because i’m not fully recorved from ed..

  • Hey! For 3 months I’ve only been eating between 500-1000 calories a day. i’ve lost all the weight I wanted to lose. I have quite a bit of muscle mass, not much fat. During the whole time I worked out a lot. Now I want to get back to eating normally but I’m scared to regain all my weight.If I do everything you said, should my metabolism go back to normal? Should I excercise more than I used to during the diet? Should I gradually and slowly add more calories per day until I get to a healthy amount? Please help, thanks

  • I have currently lost 20kgs since November last year, the first few months using intermittent fasting and tabata interval training and weights. From April I used meal replacements equalling 600 1000 calories a day, by August I had reached my ideal weight. I am now maintaining using ADF, tabata and strength, I am 46 yo and this seems to be working for me…

  • The story about your friend is literally my life!! A year on and I still struggle after competing!! How did your friend get help to get out of this cycle

  • This was SO helpful! In the beginning of the summer I came across IIFYM and I tried all the BMR calculators to calculate my macros….I went from eating 1000-1200 calories of whatever I wanted to 1600 IIFYM. Obviously this didn’t work out well at all..I wish I found this video sooner!!!

  • Thank you for the video this was informative really. I wouldn’t have to worry too much about eating less. But how much percentage of BMR do you think is ‘too much calorie deficit’? My BMR is around 1500 but I’m eating 1200. and I only do cardio 5days a week which equivalent as 200-400 calories per day. Would you consider this as ‘too much’? or would it be okay to continue for several months?

  • Thank you for articulating things so clearly & dispelling the fear mongering myths! The psychological & behavioral aspect cannot be ignored, but I think people want to jump to the physiological to absolve responsibility and ironically relinquish control/ownership. (I don’t think this is conscious for most people). However addressing the psychological & behavioral component is essential to sustainability! I’m so glad you are talking about both sides of the extreme as well! There has definitely become a skew in what is “socially acceptable” to discuss but the reality is neither extreme is healthy. ������ #sortinghatsquad

  • Hi I was lost my weight by doing exercise but now if I am doing exercise i gain weight on my thighs ND tummy pls tell me what I need to do to get rid from fat what I have to eat to reset my metabolism can I eat junk food to reset my metabolism

  • i’m 17 lost 3.5kg in 20 days with 1200 calories diet WITHOUT exercising (used to be 68.2 kg and 168cm ) so i’m 64.7 kg now… i didn’t lose anymore weight for a week.. is this consider a plateau? and does it mean my metabolism adapt faster then others bz i’ve read that it take at least 3 months for the body to adapt to low or high calories but mine adapted in only 20 days… i’m still trying to lose 5 more kg.. and if i do the reverse diet will i gain weight and can i fix my metabolism in one week “rest week” maybe increase 70 calories/day so i get to 1900 calories plz help

  • Maybe this is a stupid question, I have a feeling I know the answer, but… Can a damaged metabolism make you gain weight through muscle?

    No, right? It makes no sense for your body to invest in energetically expensive tissue when it wants to save energy.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost crazy amounts of fat? I read many great reviews on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost crazy amounts of fat. Has any one tried this popular fat burn secrets?

  • decided to lift weights than cardio, very smart, suitable for those wishing to raise the muscle AKA lean bulking, while increase metabolism and caloric capacity by BMR.. because people who have a damaged metabolism can not use maintenance calorie level using the formula commonly used, a nice explanation:)

  • Wow. This is a great video. It is literally the kind of thing that will resonate so well with somebody that it will save their life. You’ve done a great service here. Thank you.

  • Lmao never lost any weight from exercising and eating cleaner. I’m at the point of cognitive and emotional dysfunction and running on 900 calories a day. Not a good place when you’re a VCE student

  • How long after a cut does it take with a reverse diet for the metabolism to catch up on average? I did a cut in June and July and was a little heavy handed in August and September and was just wanting to drop about 5-10 lbs but it seems to be not really working. Like I’m kinda dragnet right now.

  • Had a great conversation about the term “Damage” with Dr. Joe at the first dinner. He said you can actually damage the cell itself but it would require like sub 500 calories for months on end for it to happen. Also gave me some great insight on not being afraid to put certain people on really low calories, if it makes sense for them.

  • i’m trying to recover. but, as i started eating intuitively, i realized that i’m still below 1200 calories. i’m just not that hungry. what am i supposed to do?? will i be in starvation mode forever? i eat what i want when i want but i’m only at 800-900 calories a day. i gained like a pound in 2 days and i have no idea what i’m supposed to do.

  • I need help. I’m a 14 year old female and I’ve been on a 700 calorie diet for 3 months. I’ve lost 5 kg with this diet. I still have fat on my thighs and stomach and I want to lose it. Oh, and I’ve lost my menstrual cycle because of this diet. I want to eat my maintenance calories (1600-1700) but I want to lose the fat and get lean muscle. I don’t want to get bulky. Will your plan help me?

  • #SortingHatSqad
    Don’t know if you’re still picking up names and if I’m coming too late, but it is worth to try! I have myself tried everything, thought I had the knnowledge about nutrition but certainly overthought everything. I really like your videos and kind of made me realize that I should maybe take it easier, simplier (is that english?) and mainly focus on consistency! I’d love to join the inner circle, but if not, your videos are amazing and it was already a great chance to come accross them.
    I like your vibe!

  • Preach it, brother! I love your videos because they’re based on so much good information and research, and yet through the whole last section I really feel like you were talking just to me. Thank you for the encouragement to keep on the slow and steady way. Brought tears to my eyes.

  • I would eat 800 999 calories..

    now I moved it up to 1400 1600 calories

    I want to fix it but I was told I need to take a step back to take a step forward

  • metabolic adaptation on top of expected metabolic slowdown (due weight loss) is 10-15%, in the most severe cases (minesota starvation example)

    females eating 800 cals and doing hours of cardio are either lying about food intake (knowingly or unknowingly), or cortisol levels have increased drastically (paranoid female dieter), which would cause severe water retention, masking weight loss. In this cases is when a bump in calories provides mental relief for cortisol to decrease and that water to be loss (this is when people say they bumped calories and loss weight), nothing magical, it either calmed their brains or improved diet adherence.

    I thought the whole layne norton metabolic damage stuff was already past it, perharps not. It is worth noting that most nutrition figures (E.g alan araon, lyle macdonald etc) do not support the notion of metabolic damage as mentioned here.

  • انا لاحظت معظم الفيديوهات الانجليزية ما تاخذ لايكات كثيرة.. بس انا شخصيا اهنيك على الفيديو ترا جميل جدا الانجليزي.. استمري واعملي بالانجليزي انا مبسوط بالانجليزي… يفضل فيديو مره انجليزي ومره عربي.. واحلى لايك لهالفيديو.. شكرا جزيلا.. #دعم_المواهب_اليوتيوبية_الشبابية

  • hi max I have a question before one year my body fat was17%and now I have a 14% body fat and 36.5 muscels I am trying to make it to 10% I am working hard around 5 to 6 days per week but there is no results oh my god i am so disappointed from being at the same level i think its a platau first I am working full muscles and at the end high intensity but no results please I beg you to help me and give me a program to lose body fat to 10% thanks a lot man.cheers

  • I recovered from my eating disorder 5 years ago by going vegan! It helped me eat more of the right foods, even though i gained 60lbs of recovery weight, my metabolism eventually evened out! There’s hope just be patient!!

  • I’ve been eating 500 calories a day…. oops…

    I track my calories daily and it’s hard to control my diet. I eat a good plate of greens, protein, and grains. I’m not the best at advice, but let me give some tips that I’m beginning.

    -drink water and fruits/veggies with high water content
    -fibers for good digestion
    -probiotics to fuel probiotics
    -going to the restroom to do #2 is good for metabolism/ indicates a better metabolism.

    I have more tips, but I can’t think rn. I’m going to slowly raise my calorie intake about 50-100 a day and work out like I always do. I will consume healthier products, might go partially vegan for a bit. One cheat meal/day to fulfill cravings. I’m going to attempt to control my diet

  • Hey Paul, I love your channel and I watch everything you release, but as someone who has been lifting for a couple of years and roughly knowing how to diet I’m longing for some subjects that are aimed at more advanced trainees. To be honest I feel that the content you release is pretty basic stuff that most lifters who’ve been training 1+ years know allready.

  • Is it good to wake up at like 11am to 11:30 am and eating one banana and waiting till like 5 or 6 pm for dinner and then at like 8:30 pm doing a workout?

  • So I just stumbled here and I don’t know what youtube channel this is about, but what I do know is that you are extremely beautiful and it pains me to know that I don’t know you. I hope that my pain gives you a little smile.

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search engine search. On there you will discover that an awesome tips about how you can lost a lot of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it will work for you too.

  • Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve heard some great things about it and my cooworker lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just google search it).

  • You mention in extreme cases reverse dieting for long my not be necessary. Would a case of being BMI under 14.00 for over 6 years and being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa count? I am trying to overcome this illness but the extreme forced and rapid refeeding approach that most treating services for this condition provide (with a sole focus on get as much weight on as fast as you can to be able to fix your ‘messed up brain and body’) have proven to only make me worse in the long run. How do you think reverse dieting would go in extreme cases where the body has been in starvation mode for years? Many say because of the chronic stress mode the body is going to put on a lot of fat inevitably so you may as well repair the metabolism as quickly as possible by gaining as quickly as possible. I see reverse dieting as a much more efficient way to recover for the MENTAL side of things, but what do you think? Do you think gradual increases will reduce the total fat weight gained during recovery from severe malnutrition as opposed to more rapid feeding with minimal exercise? A response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Thank you for this! Just now seeing this from your story �� but I have been wondering this since I have been in a deficit for a while now! Your content is so informative and helpful thanks so much.

  • I’m kind of ‘recovering’ from heavy calorie restriction. It all started when I gained weight at the age of ten, I am a diabetic type one since I was four and I was resistant to a certain insulin I was injecting at that time. There was a point were it was such a high amount that the injections couldn’t be filled with enough insulin for me. I needed five full injections, normal kids at my age and weight needed a half injection. It was crazy and no doctor cared, it went on for almost three years. Because of that high insulin intake I gained weight, I still wasn’t overweight just a bit chubby, until then I was always muscular and sporty. There was a solution but the weight wasn’t going down. I thought I had to diet, to the point where I was eating like max. 450 calories a day and burning 600 calories with cardio. That went for over 2 years. Now I’m 15 years old. I still have my period, but sometimes it’s only every two months and when I have it it’s just like two days or so. It’s a mess. Last year in March I started at 67. 1 kg. At my ‘best’ in summer I was 63 kg. I was eating so little, barely anything and didn’t even lose that much weight. Now I’m trying to eat a little bit more (500+-, slowly trying to increase the intake) but more protein in the calories. Now I am 67 kg again (btw I’m 165 cm), earlier this year I ate even less but gained weight��. At some point I just wonder how I survive, I am a competitive horse rider and do a lot of sports besides eating so little

  • Well I have been using MFP since march and I have lost 135 LBS. when I started using it I ate like normal at that time. MFP recommended that i eat 2900 cals a day, but to see what I was eating I ate what I would normally eat. turns out I was eating 5-6000 cals a day. so I cut back to 4000 and lost 10 lbs my first week. slowly over a few weeks i cut back to 2900 and never felt hungry. as I lost weight MFP would cut back my cals until I eventually got down to my goal weight and it switched to a maintain cal goal of 2200 cals. prior to my goal I was down as low as 1850 cals. now that I am on a maintain 2200 cals I am always hungry and I don’t know why. by the way I do exercise almost every day and I continue to use MFP. I would love to pick your brain about these hunger issues. I feel like my body is trying to tell me that something is missing. maybe a vitamin deficiency??

  • so i should gain wight when i’am doing this? and how long i should do it like how i’ll know that naw my metabolesim rate is ok?

    thanx alot ❤❤

  • I decided im gonna do intermittent fasting for a week and would only eat a thousand calories per day and burn double that (2000). I exercised every single day and wouldn’t feel relieved until my fitness wristband told me I have hit my goal.. not to mention how stressful the whole counting calories thing was and how much pain i’ve put my legs through by excessively walking and running. At the end of the week, i could only see little, very little results. I lost some fat mostly in my arms but it’s absolutely isn’t worth it. I hated it so much. I felt so controlled by the number of calories in my-fitness-pall and the number of calories on my Fitbit and I was constantly stressed and unsocial. Let me tell you, it wasn’t fun at all.

  • This video has great information, but I’m confused about the best diet plan that I should work with, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets? I’ve noticed some people talk about great things about Custokebon Secrets.

  • How long is it okay to be in too much calorie deficit? (If you want to lose some weight quickly and you don’t have any other option)

  • What is the best way to lost lots of weight? I read loads of great opinions on the internet about how Custokebon Secrets will help you lost a ton of fat. Has anybody tested out this popular lose weight methods?

  • Because of your videos and the information you provide I’ve lost 14lbs in two weeks! Feel better than ever and I’m not starving or anything stupid as that rapid loss suggests. Honestly, inspirational stuff on this channel.

  • What about the average person who wants to diet and lose some weight? Will let’s say, a 10-20% deficit cause any harm or adaptations? Before I was lifting heavy 4-5xs/week, with a few HIIT sessions and biking to and from the gym every day eating 1700-1900 calories to lose weight. I was losing about.255 pounds a week, but then I ended up binging and I have just completely fell off track for the past three months, almost every day I’ve been over eating. Do you think my body is now ready to go back into dieting and has recovered from any metabolic adaptations? (19 years old, 5’5″, 132 pound female)

  • I just discovered your channel!! I love your presentation and the cussing haha! Plus I need your help. I’ve been struggling for years to lose body fat. I’m not overweight but have way more body fat than I want. Exercise is my medicine. I need it and I love to run, lift weights, and workout. I struggle with the food! I am very interested in learning how to eat healthier and carb cycle. I’ll keep watching your videos and check out the Inner Circle!!! Thank you❤️ #sortinghatsquad

  • The most extreme thing I did to lose weight.. Low carb, high fat diet for about 3 weeks and 45 minutes on the elliptical daily! (I resorted to this after clean eating for 3 months and not seeing results) I was eating less than 20 carbs a day! No bananas, apples, or carrots even because they were too high carb! I dropped ten pounds really quickly off of my 135lb 5’4 frame. I looked really good actually! But for some reason I thought I was medically overweight!

    Now, about a year and a half later.. I gained back the ten pounds, back at 135 lbs. I am trying desperately to get over binge eating.. I want eating whole foods to come naturally and live my life without obsession!

    Thanks for your videos, they truly are helpful��❤️