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The treadmill is the No. 1 piece of workout equipment logged by MyFitnessPal users and that’s with good reason — it’s simple and easy to use. Yet, while it’s great to establish a regular workout routine utilizing the treadmill, in order to continue getting results from your cardio sessions, you’ll need to switch things up. Grab a sweat towel, a bottle of water and get moving with this calorie-torching routine, perfect for both joggers and runners. Note: Take things at your own pace and adjust to suit your fitness level.

The following paces, inclines and durations are general suggestions. 30-minute treadmill workout for joggers and runners. Warm-up: 4 minutes. A 30 Minute Treadmill Workout That’ll Burn Fat In Overdrive Sweat it out—and fast—with your new favorite calorie-torching treadmill workout.

By Alexa Tucke r. When it’s rainy, cold–or both–an indoor workout is the way to go! This treadmill workout routine will burn calories and torch fat fast (in just 30 minutes to be exact!). It’s also simple, effective, and will kick boredom to the curb!Now, if you step up your game and use the treadmill to walk briskly for 30 minutes, you can burn more calories on a treadmill.

Walking at 4.5 miles per hour at a steady pace will allow a person weighing 125 pounds to burn just over 200 calories in half an hour. The heavier the person, the more calories will be burned. Cindy Wasilewski and Jeff Baird have designed treadmill workouts lasting 20, 30, 0r 60 minutes that are deemed effective in promoting burning calories to help in weight loss. Cindy Wasilewski is the fitness manager at The Lodge at Woodloch Spa in Pennsylvania while Jeff is the owner of Chaos Conditioning located in Atlanta. Free Calculator.

The general formula for calories burned while running is as follows: Minutes spent running * (MET*3.5*weight in kg)/200. If you do not know what your MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task) is, use this formula to derive it: MET=[(0.2*Speed)+(0.9*Speed*%Grade)+3.5]. So if you ever want an extremely precise number of calories burned, then plug your numbers into that formula. Explore bvlkirov’s board “Calisthenics” on Pinterest.

See more ideas about Calisthenics, Calisthenics workout, Bodyweight workout. Find out how many calories you burn for Treadmill: 2 mph (30 minutes per mile). The number of calories you burn while exercising is dependent on the exercise you do, your weight, and the time spent doing the exercise.

Use the calories burned calculator below to see how many calories you burned during your workout. Whether you want more bang for your buck for every minute or don’t have time for an hour-long distance run, this 30-minute treadmill workout will spike your heart rate, turn up the heat, and get.

List of related literature:

To put it into perspective, the average person can burn about 10 calories per minute during a moderate intensity aerobic activity, less if they work at a lower intensity.

“A Guide To Flexible Dieting” by Lyle McDonald
from A Guide To Flexible Dieting
by Lyle McDonald
Lyle McDonald, 2005

It is a myth that doing prolonged steady state training—usually maintaining a target heart rate for 30 to 60 minutes—like aerobics or “cardio” is the best way to burn calories and achieve cardiovascular health.

“You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women” by Joshua Clark, Mark Lauren and, Clark Joshua, Lauren Mark
from You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women
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I did twenty minutes and burned 137 calories on that, which I counted as 100.

“Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain” by Portia de Rossi
from Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain
by Portia de Rossi
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This study compared a 3.5-minute aerobic exercise challenge with 3 work-equivalent 15-second sprints.37 Calorie use during the exercise bout was calculated to be 29 kcal for the aerobic exercise and approximately 4 kcal for the sprinting.

“Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book” by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
from Textbook of Natural Medicine E-Book
by Joseph E. Pizzorno, Michael T. Murray
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

At 500 Calories each hour, it would take half that time to burn 236 Calories, or about a half an hour of constant exercise.

“Basic Concepts of Chemistry” by Leo J. Malone, Theodore Dolter
from Basic Concepts of Chemistry
by Leo J. Malone, Theodore Dolter
John Wiley & Sons, 2008

That is 10 calories a minute, which is excellent!

“The Lazy Girl's Guide to Being Fit” by Namrata Purohit
from The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Fit
by Namrata Purohit
Random House Publishers India Pvt. Limited, 2015

Depending on your body size, fitness level, and gender, you can expect to burn 20 calories or more every minute.

“Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight” by BJ Gaddour
from Your Body Is Your Barbell: Lose Weight and Get into the Best Shape of Your Life in just 6 Weeks Using Nothing but Your own Bodyweight
by BJ Gaddour
Rodale Books, 2014

At five to ten calories per minute, 300 calories would require 30-60 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three times per week.

“The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner” by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
from The Ketogenic Diet: A Complete Guide for the Dieter and Practitioner
by Lyle McDonald, Elzi Volk
Lyle McDonald, 1998

The charts will allow you to determine how long you should exercise to burn a specific number of calories (e. g., 10 cal/min for 10 min will burn 100 cal).

“Fitness cycling” by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
from Fitness cycling
by Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill
Human Kinetics, 2013

But because you can sustain low-intensity exercise for longer than you can sustain high-intensity exercise, you can easily burn off more calories in, let’s say, 60 minutes of jogging (600 calories) than in 10 minutes of fast running (150 calories).

“Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook” by Nancy Clark
from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook
by Nancy Clark
Human Kinetics, 2019

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  • one of the most fuking intense cardio workout i did….only lasted 20 mins with longer breaks lmaoooo

    “last circuit is actually easiest”………….sees groiners and I just completely reinvented circuit 3 with minimal jumping exercises

  • Thank god I have a stationary bike at home X) My boy Adrian got me covered with a great video, as always X) Fuck long, medium paced biking, HIIT biking is the way to GO! X)

  • Did 5mins(1st day), 13, 16, 19..(4th). Time is increasing for me. Its tough, although havent lost any weight till now..Hope I lose some till I reach this in full length. I am at around 30 bmi btw.

  • Hey guys! I’d love to win because I am now a stay at home mom + quarantine life and want to keep making workouts easy with a 1 year old! Please & thank you! ��������

  • This was my first workout with you recommended by Michelle Reed vlogs, love everything you said at the end. My words are: worthy, fun, and happy

  • just did it for the first time. question: why not just slow down machine to 2 or 3 after 3 seconds then kick it back up to sprint at 55 seconds. would that be safer? also I did not feel I needed 90 seconds, but more so 60 seconds Is that bad?

  • I have been doing this for the past two days, and its intense! But very effective just like you said Chloe! If you are reading this Chloe I just want to say you are very inspiring!

  • This workout had me sweating!! But i looked at my watch at the end and only saw i burned 180 calories. I went hardcore for the majority… I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that i work out a lot and it takes a lot to burn a lot. Does anyone have the same issue? Still loved this workout cuz im dripping

  • i recommend this one if you want faster results.. i swear, i swear… i just finished this one and… my soul seems to have escaped the body, I died and forgot to lie down. it’s insane. it looked like I was going to have a stroke, the rest time is very short and I didn’t stop for more than 20 seconds, i almost passed out… but it is very good

  • This is my all time favorite go-to workout! I couldn’t even finish it when it first came out! Now I change the last set to abs and I get my complete HIIT for the day. I absolutely love the high calorie burn for just the 30 mins. Thanks Chloe! I’ve been working out with you for close to 3 years now:)

  • HIIT Cardio workouts are my favorite!!!����‍♀️���� I love this variation and cannot wait to give it a try! Hopefully in the comfort of my own home with my own Bowflex treadmill!!��

  • Omg! Did THIS TODAY AND I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! My 1st treadmill workout, 1st HIIT workout! Since I’m a newby to the treadmill my run was at 8, I walked at 2 for the 90 min rest. This was amazing! Will do this every other day.

  • Does anyone know if your legs will get muscular and bulky after this because I’m trying to not do that and trying to fit into my jeans.

  • You are my inspiration ❤️thank you ��but my lower belly fat isn’t goingdown��I do your work out every day but gosh my belly fats r way too stubborn!!! What should i do?

  • I am a 15 year old girl and I’ve always just done chloe ting workouts like I said (I haven’t done them in a while though) but I realized that I need to focus more on burning body fat and gaining muscle before abs and toning etc… so I am doing this workout along with a shorter full body workout and a 50 minute walk/run/healthy eating I’m also looking into buying some weights (not too heavy ofc cause I’ve never done it before) and doing some workouts with that cause I heard it helps with fat loss/muscle gain my active rest day will be on Sundays (just walking/running/biking) but I won’t be doing these workouts on Saturday either I will be doing different ones I plan on updating every Wednesday hopefully this whole thing keeps me accountable
    Currently as of august 12th I weigh 134.4lbs and my height is 5’5.5ish that is a BMI of 22.0
    My goal is to get to around 118-123 i don’t know if that’s possible but it sounds nice soooo yeah
    August 12th: Omfg that was hard I had to take a lot of breaks after the first few ones I’m sad cause I feel like I wasn’t able to target the spots she wanted me to because I was to focused on not dying hopefully that will change in time cause I plan on doing these for a while

  • Omg, whenever she said “this is out second set” and I always be like “no, I thought it’s already the third!” ��
    Anyways, I’m so proud of myself that I can finally stick to the end and I hope that everyone can achieve it too. can’t wait to see changes in my body (Actually, after one day I already feel like my belly is forming a shape)

  • This is my first time trying this workout and I really enjoyed it! It is great for quarantine because it requires no equipment and can be done in a smaller space if necessary. Thank you for a great workout!

  • I did this and got a bit of a sweat on. Went maxed out on my treadmill at 12 and down to 7 on the rest. My home treadmill is quite basic so I’ve no incline so I wanted to not rest at a stop to up the workout. This makes tredmil running far better. I hate just running watching the minutes go by. It’s torture. This is more what I like. I hope to do more. Thanks.

  • I’ve been doing HIIT treadmill workout everyday for a week.. I didn’t know you only do it 3x a week? I’m 5ft1 and 53kg, I want to lose 7kg along with belly fat. I want to try this but I don’t have proper incline on my treadmill.. it’s more manual:( can I still do this workout?

  • Hi Chloe, thanks sooo much for your amazing free challanges and workouts. I have a suggestion, i think we need a challange that includes abs, booty and lean legs. I love your challanges but booty challange doesn’t include much legs and slim legs challange doesn’t include booty. That would be perfect if you could make a new slim legs&big booty challange! (includes abs too of course) Thank you again for being such an idol, we love you ❤️

  • Omfg! I’ve just done a 30 minute HIIT workout with a headache and I took almost no break between the exercises. I’m the shiiiit ������

  • Hi Sydney, I’m from Malaysia and I’m working out as your guildline for last few days. I’m sweating and feel good. I’m doing this ever morning and thank you so much ��

  • I generally don’t comment on YouTube but this video is special and the technique works. Been doing this for six months and have improved a lot. I actually added one more set in the past month for a total of 4 sets. I do this 3x a week and helps keep in shape. Thanks for sharing a great workout!

  • hi, I weigh 175 pounds and I am very heavy set on my lower body especially with my thighs and my calves…do you have any video tips or diet that I can do to slim down at my very thick legs. Thank you

  • I passed out halfway… If I won’t be able to shed pounds then I’ll spend rest of my life drowning with low self confidence, body insecurity.. Choice is mine and both are hard…

  • I need to win! I’m currently 30 weeks along with baby #4! I need to get back in shape after baby gets here so I can keep up with my kiddos and go on walks/ hikes with them. Thanks for doing this giveaway Dusty and Erin!

  • My bike at the gym i can’t go fast..tgr wheel don’t spin like that. Is there a resistance workout I can do. Like resistance 15 for 30secs

  • So many benefits of winning my own Bowflex treadmill! I could run or walk regardless of the weather, I could run while my baby naps, my husband would be able to use it as well, & I’d love to be able to look at all my treadmill stats from the app! Fingers crossed for me!����

  • My husband and I would benefit from winning this treadmill tremendously! I am an active stay at home mom who loves your channel and my husband is a Marine and we do all we can to keep a healthy lifestyle and this would be an added bonus that we’d use daily!:D

  • is this possible on a treadmill? i have a problem with the bikes at the gym. The problem consist of the strap coming loose whenever i really try to go my fastest on the bike:/

  • First time trying your workouts and love your positive attitude! Danced for many years but new to HIIT and working out at home I felt like this was a great push.

  • Seems more of a wobble around on a hometrainer class to me. But its for the fun i guess. Dont do that on your bike outside on the real street folks XD

  • What happened to the warm up? You should never get on or do any workout without warming up. He isn’t even set up on the bike properly, seat is much to low. Yes this is a good intensity workout.

  • this was my first workout with you and i honestly feel so much better about myself. can’t wait to start my fitness journey with you and your videos!!

  • So this is my first time trying it and I did the full 30 minutes but let me tell I did not stop for a break and I was dying after the jump squats and pushups, totally worth it though

  • The most repetitive workout I’ve ever done, the last 10 min is literally 2 exercises repeated over and over again. But this workout definitely gives you a really good sweat, after you’re done you feel like you burned more than 500 calories. If you can tolerate repetitive moves then do this workout

  • Just finished the workout. I have been struggling to get motivated and either don’t feel the workout or blame it on boring music…I LOVED THIS! I can’t wait to do more of your workouts.

  • If you could only afford to buy 1 which do you recommend treadmill or bike?’ My problem area has always been stomach and back fat I literally have ballerina legs and arms lol
    Thanks I really need to invest in one machine I’m attracted to both but curious what you think is best for belly back and midsection. I feel like I can def do more variations of workouts w a treadmill

  • I love it when skinny young people say all you have to do is… Talk to me after three children and your 61 and weigh 209 pounds. At my age it is very difficult to lose weight and I have never been a person to exercise and I have no muscles. I have lost 35 pounds in the last two years and have started exercising and feel better but I will never be the skinny person I was at 25

  • What an awesome giveaway!! running is my saving grace in life, it brings calm, clarity, strength, accomplishment and joy to my mind & body. and a gym membership isn’t in the finances and this is something the whole family could participate in, we could do a race��

  • Thanks for this workout! It’s so fun to move with you. I fully believe your comment on pushing yourself because we’re so much more capable than we know. I had my second child and would like this machine for my indoor days with my little ones in sight. All my workouts are with them, and with this machine I can get back to pushing myself even when they’re with me. I’m a physical therapist, trying to lead by example and be healthy for my family, patients, and loved ones. Thank you for all your inspirations!!

  • Day 1 10 min and Exhausted
    Day 220 min ex
    Day 3 22 min ex
    Day 4 27 min can’t stretch to 30 min
    Day 5 27 min can’t do exercise 10

  • You have no idea how you are helping us seriously. I love you. I had major insecurities about my weight and have also been depressed because of my weight gain that was until I discovered your channel. I went from 79kgs to 65Kgs within 6 months. My goal is 55kgs. I hope with your help I can accomplish that. Thank you so much Chloe. You have changed my life.

  • Benefits of indoor treadmill running => not stepping in dog �� while living downtown haha!! Well that’s 1 benefit. Great HIIT running video I love you guys so much ��

  • 2 weeks into this amazing workout and combined with better eating I am seeing the pounds shed away. Thanks for posting this video and on the cusp of moving to the 30 minute HIT. ��

  • Day:1 it was good i can feel the heat.

    Day:2 i didnt do it bc i was sick and dont worry i DOnT have corona lol






  • Mama you’re goals here! ❤️ This is great info on how to maximize a running workout and how to push oneself. I hope to win this so I can stay fit and be a fit family too! EMR ⚡️

  • i started my weightloss journey about a month ago and i came across this workout:) i plan on doing this workout at least 4 times a week and ill update my progress every day�� if you can, pls like to remind me to update �� height5’4” weight 148 lbs measurements: Waist: 31”
    Belly: 35”
    Hip: 41”
    Right Upper Thigh: 24.5”
    Right Mid Thigh: 21”
    Left Upper Thigh: 25”
    Left Mid Thigh: 21” DAY ONE: it wasnt that bad but i definitely sweat a bunch

  • Did anyone actually burn 450 calories? I found myself skipping the breaks and just moving directly from exercise to exercise and I still didn’t burn that many calories.

  • Eat Move and Rest is a great YouTube channel. I went plant based in Jan 2020. Many thanks to your super recipes. The treadmill is an amazing giveaway. I definitely would use it for HIIT.

  • As a stay at home ( homeschool) mom of 6, getting healthy is VERY important to me. I started a plant based diet last month. I love following you guys. You make this lifestyle seem so easy and doable��

  • I need to lose 10 pounds for my first npc competition. I put on a sauna suit and boom.. Your work outs are amazing.. From now until November. This is my work out for fasted cardio and before bed time.. Thanksssss

  • This was my first time doing this workout and even though my fingers are shaking rn Ím still typing this. This workout is by far one of my favourrites and even though you might not read it because I ´m pretty late, I love your positive energy! Keep it up, you motivted me A LOT

  • Is there a specific reason we rest for 90secs? Seems like I would want a 50/50 ratio at the most, but you obviously know something I don’t. Thanks in advance

  • I’d benefit from winning my very own Boxflex treadmill because turning 50 has been a game-changer. I turned 50 in March and I want to change the trajectory of my health and my family’s health. I want to break the saying that “it runs in the family” unless it is good health, long life, and disease-free that runs in the family. Exercise is a huge part of that change. I would love to have this Bowflex although it won’t be just for me. It would be for my family. Then I can share with others the changes we are making to live a better, healthier, disease-free life.

  • During this difficult pandemic, exercise has been what has kept my spirits up. Running makes me feel so rejuvenated and exercise allows me to be the mom and wife my family needs. I come from a family who doesn’t exercise much and eating healthy isn’t a priority. I am proud that my husband, Tony and I have been able to instill these values in our lives and I know our son, Simon will be proud of the way we take care of our bodies and our minds. I hope to be able to continue eating right, moving often and resting well during this quarantine. A treadmill would be the coolest thing I have ever won!!:)

  • I’m 14 and I’m 86 kg… I don’t care honestly what other people think but I just want to get back in shape. Even tho my mom has the power to choose what I eat everyday. I still do this workout twice a day and I eat no snacks. Just water and fruit. I’m first focussing on losing fat before I switch to muscle. But I never did this before. I hope I can do it.

  • I’m a fan! Found you a few weeks back during quarantine and workout with you pretty much daily. You are positive, inspiring, and I feel so accomplished every time I finish a workout with you. Perfect combination of instruction, modifications, personal stories and tips. And I love that you have a good mix of workouts so that I can choose one that works for me every day. Thank you for all the time and love you put into creating and sharing these. You’ve made me feel like I’m able to get gym quality workouts from home-and often with little or no equipment!

  • WOW! My t-shirt is soak! I think I will hold off on the gym membership with this kind of cardio! Staying consistent with you for the next 4 weeks, and I will be on my way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I love doing a good cardio session and love treadmills! Have one at home would be a dream come true! I live in the country so making it to the gym can be difficult sometimes ��

  • I have been doing this 30 min intense full body workout, while quarantine.:) Best one to lose weight and perfect to get in shape, thanks Chloe Ting! Blessings!!!!

  • I just started doing this workout about 2 weeks ago and my legs is toning up fast. I’m tired as hell, but I’m so happy I found your channel.

  • First time working out at home and you made it so easy to do even if I felt I couldn’t keep up…you made me feel accomplished thank you so much ��������

  • My first workout. Can’t wait to see the results after 3 months. I start running at 6.2 by the end of workout I ran at 7.0
    Enjoy the workout

  • I did the whole thing without pausing the video once and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I can’t believe I just burned of at least 300 calories damnnnnn
    I measured my bpm during the vid a couple of times and my highest was 181 at the end. And I’m sure that’s the highest bpm I ever had in my life

  • each time i try to increase my maximum speed on the treadmill, and its really paying off!! i have a much better endurance and stamina! thank you so much��!!!

  • I would love this treadmill!!! I gave up my gym membership after having my second child because working full time and having two kids I just did not have the time to get there, so I work out from home. I run when the weather allows but being in New England there is a lot of periods of time when running outdoors is out of the question!!! This treadmill would be an amazing way to get the running in that I love no matter what season!!!!!

  • I gained almost 10 kgs over the past year after working tremendously hard to lose the weight. Time to get back on track now. Did this workout for 3 days now. I feel energized, strong and motivated to control my eating as well. Ill post my progress as I go along. The goal is to be down 5 kgs in the next 2 months.

    Update: So I weighed myself everyday from Monday to Wednesday and am down 0.3 kgs after 3 days. Could be water weight. Could be real weight loss. Lets see! Is it okay to do HIIT 6 days a week?

  • first time taking this class… loved it! as a former HIIT instructor, i found this class to be a great overall body workout. hope to find more of your classes:)

  • Thank you (and Bowflex) so much for enabling us to participate in this giveaway. As a healthcare worker in a long term facility; having this awesome treadmill to use after my shift would allow me to work out the inherent stress that comes with the job, and to bathe in those sweet endorphins��. God bless you, and Happy Easter����

  • Ive never commented on your account before, but I thoroughly enjoy your videos! My family has been plant based for about a year now, even got my parents and siblings on board! Im a stay-at-home home-schooling mom, and would love LOVE the convenience this would add to my life! Thanks for all you guys do!!

  • After watching your video, I went down and did a workout on my OLD treadmill. A new one like this would be amazing to continue and improving my endurance!!!

  • I have always wanted a treadmill, however the cost has been out of my reach. I live in NY & it gets cold here in the winter which makes it hard to get in exercise. My job is pretty sedentary so having the option to keep my steps up even in the cold months would be pretty awesome!

    Btw: Your home gym is really well equipped!

  • I tried this video because it was ugly and hot outside. And was tired of just running. It gave me the same sweat as if i had just run a couple miles. Pretty good workout. Am i the only guy whose tried this? Oblique excersise and final squat excersise wore me out ��

  • I see everyone doing updates and it seems to help others and motivate them in working towards a healthier lifestyle. I feel like keeping myself accountable even more will motivate me that much more so I am going to try and do the same. I have been trying to lose about 7-11 kg (15-25lbs) for the last few months and have pretty much hit a wall with dieting and light exercise. This was the first time ever doing a HIIT workout and it honestly kicked my butt. I only got through 20 minutes of the video and am pretty disappointed I couldn’t find it in my to finish but now I have an even more focused goal. I will try my best to record my progress (mostly for my own sake) but no promises. For I am 25 years of age, 67 kg (148.5 lbs), approximately 5’6, and my calorie intake per day ranges from about 1000-1300 calories per day. Once I re-record my measurements I will also include those because over the last few months, while I haven’t really lost much weight, I have lost inches. I plan on trying to do this exercise 3 times a week on top of my current “weekly” routine.

  • Would love a longer version of this workout. Maybe with some upper body exercises in it as well like doing push ups during the rest times and maybe ab workouts too. An hour long workout would be perfect

  • Just bought a bike today. I did end up getting the same one you got. Im going through your workouts. I want to be one of your success stories

  • I would love to win this treadmill, I never really felt that I have “deserved” to win anything so it is difficult to articulate this in a way that I think reflects how I feel. Honestly, I would like to win this treadmill as I would put it to great use. I am a vegan and I love to run. I own a small goat rescue in which the animals receive so much love and respect as we are called to watch over them, not to command the animals. I have always loved fitness and exercise and I want to bring that love to others. My goal in life is to save others and to help them get healthy. I am currently in school to become a nurse and later a functional health physician and I believe that plants have the amazing power to heal. Due to my nursing and paying for it out of pocket I can’t afford to purchase a treadmill and the area I live in isn’t conducive to running outdoors. With this treadmill I believe that it would improve my performance and allow me to help others in doing so too. I use running as a ministry also. As a Christian I try to incorporate my beliefs into everything I do and especially running. I feel so blessed to be able to move, eat, and rest the way I do and I try to help others find a world of health and belonging with that. I am so grateful for your YouTube Chanel and all the giveaways your family does and I would just love to win such an amazing piece of equipment. Thank you guys for being able to do this and always having a loving and generous heart. I truly am grateful for this opportunity. ❤️

  • Omg! This was so good, I feel like I didnt lose any energy, I lost 257 calories before I knew it! I never knew I could make it to 6.2 mph without dying! Thank you so much!

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  • I loved this workout! I was doing Chloe Ting but I found it didn’t motivate me to do a programme that I had to keep going onto each individual video. I preferred this as there was a warm up and cool down which was great. However, I only burnt 121 calories according to my FitBit? Hopefully this increases in time the more I get fitter anyone else round this?

  • Well my bike arrived today and I did my first workout when my little boy went to bed. I’m so unfit and only managed 2 sets and did some slow peddling on the 3rd set. Feel great so thank you.

  • +adrian Bryant I enjoy all your workout vids with the bikes especially. I have dropped a few pounds to your workouts. I will be biking outdoors in the spring. I have had about a 3 year layoff and I am using your workout routines to get my fitness level up on my bike. Real training + funny stuff = living life.

  • Just started Sydney Cummings workouts today (7/31/20). I am currently on a journey to lose 35-45 pounds before my wedding next year, October 2021. I changed my diet and started exercising about a week and a half ago. I have lost 6 lb. (2.7 kg) so far. I really loved the simplicity of the movements of this workout and how it felt easy on my joints, in particular my knees. I only made one variation to the exercise to better suite my body movements to feel more comfortable, I can’t do squat pulses for long so I did jack squats. Otherwise, I completed the rest of the workout as is.
    I completed this workout fully and used my apple watch to monitor my HR and calories burned. Within the first 3 minutes, the warm-up, my HR was hovering around 155 bpm. Once the warm-up was over and the workout started my HR stayed above 155 the whole time, typically in the 160s-170s. My calorie burn at 30 minutes was 382 calories. I kept stretching once the workout was over for an additional 5 minutes. At 35 minutes, my calorie count was 412. Every body type varies in its degree to which the heart pumps blood and how hard your lungs are working in addition to how quick your movements are throughout the workout.
    I will continue to do Sydney Cummings workouts as these are the most conventional approach for my body type.
    July 31, 2020: I am 5’8″, 199lb. (SW: 206 lb.), I will update weekly, I typically have one to two rest days per week.

  • As an exercise physiologist with 27 years of experience thought I would explain exactly how to do HIIT without someone killing themselves since everyone has a different level of exercise tolerance.

    Step 1. Have a heart rate monitor that uses a chest strap or one that goes on the bicep so you can track your heart rate during the workout.

    Step 2. Check your baseline morning resting heart rate before starting. Example 70bpm.

    Step 3. Subtract your age from 220 to get your estimated maximum heart rate. Example 35 years of age -220=185bpm.

    Step 4. Warm up for 5-10 minutes to allow time for your muscles to create heat and blood vessels to dilate.

    Step 5. Get off the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike and then stretch.

    Step 6. Get back on the exercise equipment and start at a comfortable pace for 1 minute.

    Step 7. Start exercising at a moderate pace but use resistance or an incline over speed to exercise the working muscles. Doing this will create an oxygen deficit and you will feel the muscles burn due to lactic acid buildup without having to go so fast to cause injury to joints. Example, steep incline on treadmill can even be walked at a fast pace and still achieve the goal, especially if you are extremely overweight because the last thing you want to do is pound your joints and injure yourself. Running is okay too if you are acclimated to running, but you might have a price to pay when it comes to your joints as you get older! Keep that in mind!

    Step 8. The goal for this 1st round is to get your heart rate to 140bpm considering your maximum heart rate is 185bpm OR if your legs burn so badly you cannot continue the exercise to achieve that heart rate of 140bpm OR if you are totally out of breath!

    Step 9. Decrease the resistance or incline and slow down to a comfortable pace to allow for the lactic acid to be flushed from your muscles and allow your heart rate time to recover back to 25-40bpm above your morning resting heart rate (95 to 110), OR 40bpm below your exercise heart rate which in this case your recovery target HR would be 100bpm. Have a second hand clock in plain view so you can see how long it takes for you to recover from this 1st round and we will use that time as your baseline recovery time. Let’s assume it took 60 seconds for your heart rate to recover from 140bpm to 100-110bpm or so. This is very individualized and it may take even longer if you are not physically fit and/or have not exercised in a long time.

    Step 10. Get ready for round 2 by repeating step 7, but this time you will continue until your heart rate reaches 150bpm and then slow down, decrease incline or resistance, etc. and take note of when you begin the recovery phase. Let’s say it took you 60 seconds to recover from 150bpm to 110bpm.

    Step 11. Get ready for round 3 by repeating step 7, but this time you will continue until your heart rate reaches 160bpm and then slow down. NOTE: If you are doing this step properly, you should reach your target heart rate within 30 seconds or less in some cases. If it takes you longer than 30 seconds to achieve your target heart rate of 160bpm, then you are not working out hard enough.

    Step 12. Once you achieve 160bpm take note of the clock and see how long it takes you to recover. If it still takes 60-75 seconds to recover back to your baseline of 120bpm then you are ready to do round 4, but this time your target heart rate will be 170bpm.

    Step 13. Get ready for round 4 by repeating step 7, but this time you will increase the resistance, incline, and/or speed so that you are able to achieve your target heart rate of 170bpm within 20 seconds. Decrease exercise and take note of the clock so you can monitor your recovery time. If it still takes 60-75 seconds to recover to 40bpm less than your exercise HR then you can proceed to round 5.

    Step 14. Get ready for round 5 by repeating step 13 except this time your target heart rate will be 180bpm 5 beats less than your maximum heart rate. You should achieve this heart rate within 20 seconds if you are exercising at the proper pace, resistance, incline, etc.. Decrease exercise and take note of the clock. If it takes 60-75 seconds to recover 40bpm less than your exercise HR, then you can do another round by repeating step 14.

    When are you done?

    1. Whenever it takes more than 75 seconds for your heart rate to decrease 40bpm less than your exercise HR which would be 140bpm in this example.

    2. If your leg muscles are not clearing lactic acid within that time-frame. In other words, your leg muscles are hurting/burning after 75 seconds during the recovery phase. YOU MUST go by how you feel, BUT your heart rate is your best indicator for how stressed your body is. If you continue pushing yourself and it takes 2 minutes to recover back to baseline then you are headed for disaster. Why? Your body will start to increase stress hormones which then puts your body into fight or flight mode activating the sympathetic nervous system. You never want to activate that system and beginners are especially vulnerable so please use caution if you are a beginner at this!

    3. You are exhausted or feeling nauseous, etc.

    4. You have completed a maximum of 20 rounds.

    COOL DOWN and STRETCH: Make sure you cool down for at least 2-5 minutes or until your heart rate returns to below 100bpm if possible. If you pushed yourself too hard it will take several minutes for your heart rate to recover below 100bpm. Stretch lightly as well. DONE!

    How often can you do HIIT? Most people can do HIIT every other day. However, if your morning resting heart rate is 10bpm higher than your average, then skip exercise for that day. The best way to track daily recovery is HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Tracking HRV prevents over-training! I personally use ithlete.

    Every person is different! Some well conditioned athletes might do 20 rounds, while someone just starting out might only do 2-3 rounds, if that.

    The key here is to increase 10bpm every round so the heart acclimates and allows time for blood vessels to dilate even more. Failure to do this puts an extreme amount of exertion on the heart and cardiovascular system and can result in an infarction and/or stroke, especially in older individuals or people who have underlying health conditions. Always consult with your physician for clearance before starting any exercise program, especially if you have been sedentary for years and/or if you are extremely overweight.

    If you have arthritis or other inflammatory diseases you should have your physician check your interleukin inflammatory markers, TNF-alpha, and Lp-PLAC2. If you have endothelial dysfunction combined with vulnerable plaques AND inflammation, then refrain from doing HIIT whatsoever until your markers are under control and your health improves. Failure to do this could result in ruptured plaques which would result in infarction, stroke, and/or embolism and could be fatal.

    NOTE: DO NOT do HIIT if you have just eaten a high fat meal or you RISK DEATH, especially if you have underlying cardiovascular issues. Why? Because blood goes to your stomach to digest the food you ate and if you ate fats with carbohydrates you will have a significant amount of lipids in your blood which results in THICK BLOOD that cannot circulate as efficiently. Combine thick blood with restricted blood vessels and a very fast heart rate while exercising and you are asking for trouble!

    CAUTION: If at any time during the HIIT exercise you feel nauseous, faint, dizzy, or chest pain STOP immediately and consult with your physician.

    I know this may sound complicated and a little scary, but it’s the correct way to do HIIT without injuring yourself and as a professional I tend to use extreme caution when working with people.

    Wait at least 4 hours after eating before you do HIIT or do so first thing in the morning about an hour after a very light breakfast or on an empty stomach in some cases. Sorry for all the info, but it varies so much depending on the individual person and I hate to see someone get hurt. In any case I hope this helps someone.

  • Hiyaaaa! Thanks for video clip:) have you heard about Ajanite metabolism (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Im hearing super feedback about it btw my best friend had excellent results with it.

  • Hi Erin & Dusty my name is Felicia I am from a farm town in Amish Country Ohio.
    I joined your channel this past year and you both are incredibly inspiring. I have tried many of your recipes and home workouts. I appreciate your message and what you stand for. Your healthy way of life has changed my life! I love your trips and living off the land with a plant based diet! Oh and your garden! Mind body and soul. Your video (Before and After going vegan) was my first video and it changed my way of thinking and ultimately changed the way I live my life. Living in a farm town it’s unusual to live a planted based diet but this channel gave me the confidence. You both have positivity that radiates and I look FW to all your videos!! I would love to win this treadmill for my personal health journey, one that is for life. This would help me tremendously. I have the perfect place for it!! I have learned from you both is takes dedication and consistency to live a healthy life and this is something I would use daily and cherish. I would also use this to watch your videos and follow along. That would be awesome! Health and fitness brings me extreme happiness. I doubted entering the giveaway I thought there is a slim chance at winning but then I thought if it’s meant to be it will be and if it’s not I’m excited for the person it belongs to and is blessed with it. I just want to thank you both for your videos and I’m happy you can read my comment I hope it brings a smile to your face, know your channel impacted my life. I don’t have social media so I’ll be creating an account @ Marie Messner. Messner2044. Thank you again for all you do and who you are! ❤️
    Eat Move Rest your best! ����������

  • Winning this treadmill would be an absolute dream!!! I love running outside when it’s nice out and having the ability to step up my workout indoors would be killer! The biggest joy I experience working out at home is being able to set the example of healthy living and body image to my 13 year old daughter! Thank you for your videos and posts. SO encouraging on this health adventure.

  • My wife and I are all about fitness, family, and eating healthy. As a Marine married to a fit stay at home mom, it would highly benefit us to have a Bowflex BXT216 treadmill in our home. We don’t want to go with any other brand and we both love to run!

  • Question firstI sent this to someone via text, does that count as a share? Just wanting to be sure I do it right �� I commented on insta, but I’ll comment here too �� Iowa weather is unpredictable and I get outside with my kiddos as often as possible, but I want to be consistent with something I do for myselfworking out, but I don’t want to take the kiddos to the gym daycare (once it opens back up ��). Thanks guys!

  • I
    would benefit because with small babe, it’s not always easy to go running outside in the city. After doing a half marathon a few years ago, I’m dying to do another one soon! Thank you for the opportunity to enter! Love your page!

  • This workout was really helpful!! Done this for 6 months. Started from 265 lbs and now I’m at 136 lbs. Keep it up guys!! Long wayyyy

  • Loved the video! Great motivation! I would like to win because I just started a 30 day health journey! In this health journey I am training myself to have self-control with my eating! I am a recovering binge eater. I eat my emotions which is not healthy! I want to gain more muscle as well and I want to be strong for summer! I’ve struggled with hating myself for years and I trained myself to think that my body was ugly and needed to be perfect. So because I hated my body I worked out and tried to fix it. I had an experience where I was deeply hurt and ever since then I’ve struggled with binge eating. I’ve been to councilors and still struggle with my pain everyday. But in 2020 I finally understood that working out is a form of self love and now I’m able to look forward to my workouts! It’s amazing! I am trying to get stronger and healthier for myself alone. I want to become a better version of myself this year. Thanks for all your videos! I love them! I would love to have the treadmill to keep me motivated to move and strengthen my body. I also have never had a treadmill before so I think it would be a fun new experience for me.

  • This is going to be my get back in shape video coming out of the Covid 19 shut down 2020 as our gym has opened up 50%. I’m running for my life!

  • Do you have any diet plan recommendations to follow, or a workout plan for the week? Ie. HIIT 3 days a week but what to do on the other days, etc

  • What an amazing giveaway ❤️ I love to run and would love to win this treadmill. My dad has dementia and I’m his caretaker. I’m not able to get to the gym or run outside since I live on a busy road and it’s not safe. Winning this treadmill would be a huge stress reliever! Love your videos ❤️

  • I do this workout for 30 minutes on a Monday, 20 on a Tuesday and so on, then Saturday i do weight training and Sunday rest. Lost plenty of weight doing this along with clean eating!

  • WARNING: this video does not include warming up, break and cooling down session so it will take u more time,

    I make it until video ends, it is just basically repeating the same HIIT session for 3/4 video, then switch to push up and jump squat until the end. I am really sweating but it is also tedious and boring because same routine and same song.

  • Hey, thanks for this amazing workout. I’ve done this workout today for the first time. I’m a 28 yo male. I’m 5,9 feet tall and 172 pounds in weight. I play soccer 1 hour a week, and i do 30 minutes of normal workout, 3 times a week. If i replace the normal workout i do now, with this workout, tell me please, aprox. how much i will lose in 1 month? My score for this first time, according to my bike is: 11.32 miles and 281 calories burned. My bike resistance was at 5 ( from 8) should i leave it like that, or take it to 1? Thanks again!

  • Yes! I am trading for another marathon and find it difficult with the new lifestyle. My bring my 3 kids on runs but they can’t go more than 3 miles. My husband is working a lot right now so I’m solo. I would use this Dailey while my kids play inside.

  • Please tell me if i do this everyday in one month can i lose weight? I dont wantto go school like this. Im 100kg and 165cm and btw im 19yo.

  • Thanks so much for this video. First ever HIIT workout completed. Have treadmill for the past six weeks and already 13 pounds down. Was getting bored of walk running for 50 mins to an hour. Current weight 196 and ideally want to shed another 27 lbs. Looking forward to going at this again in a couple of days.

  • I know I always like to see how many calories people actually burned doing certain workouts so here’s mine
    -I am VERY in shape and have like 16% body fat so I am burning less than most but I still burned a lot
    (I am 5’10” and 130 lbs)
    time: 33:09
    calories��: 277

  • I’d love to win that treadmill. I’m a 60 year old female that had both knees replaced in 2018 and want and need to remain more active! The past few years have been tough as I lost my oldest son in late 2017��

  • This bowflex would be a blessing to me and my spouse by allowing us to improve our health. It’s a way we could invest in ourselves and hopefully inspire those closest to us to do the same. The time is now!!

  • Current weight: 68 Kgs
    Day 1 (13 July): Could do only 18 mins of this workout:(
    Day 2 (14 July): Just 23 mins. Ded.
    Day 3 (15 July): REST DAY
    Day 4 (16 July): Done!
    Day 5 (17 July): 23 mins only
    Day 6 (18 July): REST DAY
    Day 7 (19 July): Done!
    Day 8 (20 July): Unplanned REST DAY. Just couldn’t do it:(
    Day 9 (21 July): Done!
    Day 10 (22 July): Done!
    Day 11 (23 July): Done!
    Day 12 (24 July): Done!
    Day 13 (25 July): REST DAY
    Day 14 (26 July): Done! Weight Update: 65.5 Kgs
    Day 15 (27 July): Unplanned REST DAY
    Day 16 (28 July): Done!
    Day 17 (29 July): Unplanned REST DAY
    Day 18 (30 July): Done!
    Day 19 (31 July): Done!
    Day 20 (1 Aug): Done!
    Final Weight: 64.9 Kgs

    Thank you for this video. It helped me lose about 3 kgs in 20 days.

  • As a registered nurse who has to be at work by 6:30am, I would LOVE this treadmill! Waking up early around 4am to run in the dark outdoors is not the safest thing for me! I’d love to be able to run indoors at my house! �� Y’all are awesome! Liked and shared with friends and family! ����

  • I go to work full time and go to school full time so the only “me” time I ever get is by going to the gym and getting my sweat on. Not being able to go to the gym has been really hard for me �� I’ve been trying to get outdoors for runs and walks but it’s been raining heavily for the last few days. I feel like having a treadmill in the house would help my mood and health tremendously �� thank you for the opportunity to win one! I know whoever wins will be super grateful for it ��

  • I lost 4 kilos (and that was enough for me to be in shape because I’m a little chubby) and I miss that time! Back here again after becoming a fat pumpkin!��

  • Hey! Thanks for vid clip.. have you thought about Ajanite metabolism (just google it)? heard some extraordinary stories re it by the way my mate got cool improvements with it.

  • I do have to take the time to thank you for uploading these videos… I´ve been working out and eating better for a month now, and I already dropped five pounds.

  • Happy Easter!! Thanks for posting a give away! I love following your channel and it has helped me be better and live a better life while helping animals to live better lives. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Movement is key for me to get better. I work long hours and don’t make it home till midnight. My work days has extended because of the pandemic. (Love working in a food factory!) Walking is the best thing I can do for myself and that’s why I would love to have this tredmil. It will benefit my life so much and help me to continue to heal. I will be be able to exercise and destress when I get home. Thanks again for all you do! Instagram: @plantsearthtrees

  • Love eat move rest and everything they represent and I listen to everythingthey put out! Will be embarking on journey to do half marathon. I will share this treadmill with my neighbors and others who are not able to get to the gym and would like to run safely. Thank you for this wonderful gift and opportunity!

  • I would benefit from a Bowflex Treadmill because my treadmill has been broken down and I’m really missing it right now. I have thyroid issues and pituitary damage that affects my weight so it’s very important that I exercise. ����❤ Thanks for the opportunity and motivation!

  • I currently live with my parents. My dad has a few health issues so I made it my mission to help him live a healthier life. I cook them vegan food, make them green smoothies every morning and make sure they take their supplements before the day ends. I’ve even enrolled in a few online health classes to better help my parents. I know a healthy plant based diet is most important, but so is physical exercise. We don’t go outside much due to everything going on and I would love to win this for the family so we could continue living a healthy and fit lifestyle! Thank you for giving people the opportunity to win his amazing gift, especially during these rough times! I love watching your journey on YouTube and IG #veganfamilygoals

  • first time it’s hard also i don’t really feel burn in my muscles but i’m sweating and out of breath any advice on how to feel the burn x. day2:my back hurts loads about to start

  • I would LOVE to win this treadmill!!! Since Covid started I have found myself really missing my gym so much! I don’t have any equipment at home, just a few free weights. My gym routine was really an outlet for me to help manage depression and anxiety I deal with and I’ve really been missing that part of my routine so much during all of this. What an incredible giveaway this is! <3 <3 <3 I would love love love having this treadmill!!!! (I'm @Karabear_fit on instagram)

  • My husband has recently gotten me into running and I would love to have the option to run inside when the winters here in Nebraska decide to last forever! It’d be so nice to be able to run inside rather than freezing outside!

  • This is a pretty good workout for beginners and intermediates. Since I have been working out for many years, I need to modify this work out to more challenging and take a lot fewer breaks to make me sweat. This is the easiest HIIT I have ever done and I will save it for the days I don’t have enough energy to do intensive HIIT. BTW, you don’t want to sit down on the floor right after an intensive workout and before stretching. You need to allow your heart rate to slow down by moving slowly on your feet before sitting down for stretching.

  • I ran across your channel and I love it! What do you think of the HIIT programs that do 1 min at fastest pace and then 1 min walk, for 10 rounds? Do you think it is better for weight loss or cardio health?

  • I would LOVE to win this treadmill. It would totally change me completely and finally give me myself some me time (that we all need!). I’ve been through so much in my life so it would be completely amazing if I won this! ����❣️

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  • LOVE your workouts! I have always worked out in a gym and have never been into home workouts, but COVID changed all that and now I am loving all your HIIT workouts. Thank you!

  • Very Orangetheory based! I love it, since that’s my job!!! hahah APPROVED!:) Just entered the giveaway! I am rehabbing from a major foot surgery! This treadmill would be incredible for my low impact regimen until I am able to start high intensity training again. Then I’m ALL OUT! Love this guys!:) xo

  • Running has always been my mental release and now during these times of uncertainty, having something I can lean on would be wonderful. My current treadmill recently broke down (had it for many years). Not having a job currently means no income coming in to be able to purchase a new one… how sweet it’d be to have a Bowflex Treadmill taking its place ��☺️ Hope to get the chance to win this gem! Will be sharing it with a close friend of mine to enter as well whom I’ve been missing dearly while social distancing �� Sending much love �� XO

  • I had a treadmill, however, during Hurricane Florence, our garage flooded, and I lost my treadmill! My husband tried to fix it, but where we live there is brackish water salt and river water combined. We had evacuated for 4 days, and when we returned, we found it had been damaged by the water in the garage. I really enjoy a good walk/run on a treadmill and used mine often, until like I said, the flood. I would love a Bowflex BX216 treadmill to replace the one I had. I recently turned vegan in January, and enjoy watching the YouTube videos of Erin, Dusty and little Max. I have followed many of their recipes and tried the vitamins and different products they speak of. They are such a cute couple/family!

  • I’ll actually update. Ok so I’m 126lbs and I wanna be 50lbs I’m in 5th grade and 4’11 So I’m going to do this for 18h and 30m a day. And dieting so 3-4 salads a week and most a day jump roping doing this workout or running on the treadmill. I have no excuse to be 11 lazy and fat. I wanna shape up before school starts and lose 5-10 pounds a day to prove my parents wrong. I’ll be back in half a hour
    Day 1: So I’m starting off easy maybe lose only 1 pound today because I’ve been doing other workouts but barely lost weight

    Daily reminder: Don’t give up you got this!

  • What an amazing giveaway!! Would love to win a treadmill with gym closings and Nebraska’s unpredictable weather (snow on Easter ��) making it more difficult to get our runs in!

  • Oh hello! Well done for video clip.. have you thought about Ajanite Metabolism (do a google search)? ive got some decent reviews ref it and also my GF got cool improvements with it.

  • I am a stay at home mom of two little babies and I was just planning on starting to go to the gym this spring but now everything is closed and it’s really hard to get back into fitness without having the proper equipment.
    The treadmill would be perfect for being able to run. Before I had my kids I was able to run up to 5 miles and really want to get back into running and being healthy.

  • Hello!! Okay!!! So I aspire to get to…did you say 12 mph. LOL
    Okay so I thought I was doing something reaching what I thought was max on the treadmill 6.0 hahaha sooooo I see I have aa long way to go because you just did your warm up on 6.6!! I AM DYING OVER HERRRR
    Do pressure!!! I am going to love this challenge!!!
    Thanks for this awesome video!!! Thanks for talking,e through it!! Not like some “follow me” treadmill videos I won’t say the names.

  • Now I hate myself for giving up on the middle of second circuit…

  • Omg what a great giveaway! Would love to win especially right now not being able to get outside and move like we’d like���� you guys are so awesome!

  • Sorry i’ve been away for a while! I just got back from Japan and wanted to take two weeks off the internet to recuperate. I hope you try this workout. This is intense and effective. Hope you enjoy! Let me know down in the comments if you’ve tried it out!

  • Oh hey! Thanks for video:-) have you considered Ajanite metabolism (should be on google have a look)? saw some incredible feedback bout it and my mate is getting amazing results with it.

  • I’d love to win a treadmill. I have an 11 month old and my husband is a first responder so he is gone for 24 hours at a time. I find it difficult to go for my morning outdoor runs like I used to and would love to have a treadmill to get my morning run in while the baby is asleep! ❤️

  • i absolutely love your energy thank you for keeping me motivated throughout the whole workout you have no idea how much your motivation means to me! lots of love xx

  • Hey Dr. Kevin! Just completed another workout! Thanks for the convenient workouts. I actually just did this one during my break. Well, back to work.

  • Always looking for different workout for the treadmill. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately we don’t have social media to follow your other accts and have a chance to win. Would of loved to enter.

  • Thank you! My first day trying to get fit so im gonna try keep up with your 30 minute workouts untill i feel strong enough to do more!

  • Can’t believe how intense this workout is. Chloe you are one strong human being. Couldn’t do the last 6 min of the workout and usually I can complete each exercise you post on YouTube. Much love ❤❤ Do hope your new program with weights aren’t that difficult ��

  • What an awesome workout in the morning for me! Thank you so much for keeping it simple! Dedication and determination is the key!

  • This would be awesome. We had a super old one that broke our 2nd week into lock down and we’re both out of work so a new one just isn’t possible. This would be such a blessing to keep our family healthy. Thank u for the chance to win and for all the wonderful health tips.

  • I have always to have a Treadmill at home. I love running as it brings me joy. This quarantine time has been tough and having this treadmill would be a dream of mine.I have been a loyal subscriber since the very beginning (when you had around 3-4k sub). I love your channel soo much!!

  • I entered your contest which is fantastic thank you so much I love to work out but I don’t have a trans male I’m also transitioning my eating lifestyle to a healthier one this was great thank you

  • The repetitiveness is driving me crazy. Also no cool down at all? If you were going to repeat exercises, at least put in some different words, the same sentences over and over and over again is boring.


  • The perfect thing to get me out of the rut of staying in quarantine! Thanks so much for sharing the video. I’d love to share this with my family so we could all benefit from a workout at home together with this great treadmill!

  • I’m so happy I found this workout! It’s perfect for my current goals and I like that the intensity can vary depending on fitness level/machine:) It’s pretty much exactly like another workout I found on YouTube by a different channel which I didn’t want to support because it made blatantly false claims about how many calories are burned. I used it for awhile but looked for something similar because I really felt uncomfortable giving them views. I am so happy to support you instead and am thrilled I found something I genuinely ENJOY doing every couple of days. I always hated running outside but I adore these short bursts on my treadmill which is finally getting some regular use! Thanks for uploading:D

  • I would benefit from having this treadmill because I need to get back in shape for my little almost one year old and for myself. I need to be around for him for a long time! It will also help me save money by not having to buy one! ❤️

  • I ve just finished this workout I cant beleive i did it I focused on listening to your Motivation words @Adrian Bryant my bike is not like yours I am begginer I followed you 30 mun but I found that I lost 150 calories in 30 mun instead of 10 mun whats the issue please I am following your training and fasting 3 times a week to lose 20 pounds please help me Thank you

  • I just do 2 min walking at 3.5-4.0, then 1 min run at 8-9. Do that cycle about 6-8x. You can mess with the incline to change the intensity. Start at level 2 and work your way up to 6.

  • WOW! My t-shirt is soak! I think I will hold off on the gym membership with this kind of cardio! Staying consistent with you for the next 4 weeks, and I will be on my way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • It’s definitely a killer like omg it’s insane. But it gets really repetitive and annoying after a while when you’re doing the same bloody set for about 15 minutes straight. Although it’s a brilliant workout, I was like “omg please switch things up” lol. She also speaks clearly but with a robot-ish attitude and says the same thing about every workout, especially with the squats and push-ups lol.

  • Now I have been working out for a while and THIS IS THE HARRRDDDESTTTTT WORKOUT I’VE DONEEE!!!!!! I paused and slowed down so many times but somehow pushed through. Thank you for killing me chole ��✨

  • I’m a Frontline Registered Nurse working to help covid patients! It’s been so stressful and the risk is great but it was what I was meant to do! Obviously with long 12-14 hr shifts having a way to give myself some self love with a work out at home would be such a blessing ♥️

  • I usually don’t comment but this workout is SERIOUSLY good because I workout quite consistently but this made me sweat… A LOT I’m still dripping in sweat typing this comment �� BUT it’s worth it and I’ll prob do this for a week or two (can’t do it for too long else it won’t work for me anymore!!)

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  • he needs better fitting headphones lol  and you lose some intensity when you let go of the bike, it takes pressure off your legs and transfers to your body thrashing about, head down and go for it, watch a pro cyclist going uphill, they don’t bounce all over wasting energy

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  • I have been folllowing this channel for the last 3 months and also working on my diet. I was 90 Kgs at my peak at 6 ft height. I have now managed to come down to 81 kgs and still working to get to the 75 kg mark,

  • Will definitely try this tomorrow! I love getting stronger and hate cardio so all i do in the gym is lift weights, i’m 122kgs but i wouldn’t call myself “unfit”, i can still do 15 pushups with good form and 5-6 chinups. I’ve been in one of those perpetual bulks haha, never got to the cutting part because cardio always seemed boring:( BUT seeing you talk me my way through it seems extremely interactive. I’m sorta competitve so i can hype myself seeing someone do it with me. I will do this at the same pace you’re doing it at one day, that’s my goal now:) Thankyou so much. It might’ve been just filming and putting up a single workout session for you but the effect it has had on me is that it’s 2 in the morning and i’m excited for cardio that’ll i’ll be doing in the evening FFS ��

  • AMAZING workout. I pushed myself and on the last rep I was smiling. I didn’t think I could do it but I did! This workout is great I’d recommend it to anyone! I had a cramp by the end and he said if you have a cramp you know you pushed yourself and I just felt so great!

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  • https://bit.ly/_Adrian_Fat_Loss_Plan because �� “�������������� ������������������, This Morning �� �������� �� ������������.” -������������ ����������������

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  • I was very skinny and after changing my diet I finally started seeing results. I didn’t know anything about training and diet, but my friend told me for the website called Next Level Diet and I just followed their diet and training plan. They have amazing tips 😉 check it out

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  • hi i’m 2020 ;))) we have corona i miss 2016 anyway i will try this workout for 7 days and update u guys <333

    I lost 3 kg in a week
    From 80 to 78 kg

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    Thank you po and God Bless

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