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If you want to compliment someone on their weight loss, try these expert recommended tips: 1 ASK AN OPEN-ENDED QUESTION You want to offer someone the opportunity to talk about what’s going on in their life, outside of whatever is happening on a visual level. If you’re wondering how to compliment someone on their weight loss, take a step back. Tell them that they’re a great friend; a beautiful person, or a good cook. Tell them you love to see that smile on their face, or that they look happy.

Before you “compliment” a friend’s weight loss, think consciously. (Speed up your progress towards your weight-loss goals with Women’s Health’s Look Better Naked DVD.) Trade “Wow, you lost weight. While everyone deserves to be happy in their own bodies, we as a society really need to stop commenting on someone’s weight – weight loss included. You might think commenting on your friend’s weight loss is a compliment, but it can also imply that their weight before wasn’t compliment-worthy or that that they needed to lose weight in the first place. Why you should think twice before complimenting someone’s weight loss. Louis Baragona.

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A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Consider Making Statements That Avoid The Mention Of Weight Directly As support figures, we overlook the impact we can have on others by commenting on weight issues. We can support our loved ones better by learning to make statements that affirm the health of the individual instead of the size.

If you’re going to congratulate me on my weight loss, also congratulate me every time I pee. Congratulate me every time I’m burping. Because my body actually has nothing to do with you, and I don’t. >> What’s the best way to compliment someone who has lost weight without implying that they were fat or looked bad before? It will depend on your gender and the gender of the person that lost weight.

If you are a man and the person that lost weight is a woman, don’t say a word. I have learned over the years not to comment on such things. My goal is health, not necessarily weight loss. Though in my case weight loss was necessary to be healthy. To also LOOK healthy is a definite added bonus.

You are always so happy and positive since you lost weight. I look at the picture of me at 430 pounds and I know I was not happy. Today, life looks much brighter and I can’t stop smiling.

Weight loss could be the result of an eating disorder, cancer, depression, loss of a loved one, or other difficult experiences going on in someone’s life.

List of related literature:

“You’ve lost so much weight” can be uttered as a compliment if directed towards someone known to think of themselves as weighing too much and wanting to lose weight.

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Tell them they look great, without congratulating on weight loss.

“The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation: How to Succeed in a Society That Blames You for Everything Gone Wrong” by Caitlin Fisher
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This person can say with genuine sincerity that he or she wishes you well as you make the journey to conscious weight loss, and is happy that you have found your way to this point.

“A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever” by Marianne Williamson
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But when one of us asked her how she wanted to feel when she lost the weight, her body language shifted immediately and she excitedly said, ‘I want to feel pretty.’

“The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul” by Danielle LaPorte
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If a friend congratulates them on losing weight, they may spend hours feeling insulted that the person was actually commenting on how fat they had been.

“Personality Types: Using the Enneagram for Self-Discovery” by Don Richard Riso, Russ Hudson
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He or she might say something like, “I just want to lose a little weight and size and feel better.

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However, she is reluctant to accept your advice, saying that she definitely needs to lose some more weight.

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If comments they’re making are upsetting you and possibly even hindering your weight-loss efforts, be upfront that you’re bothered.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
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When a client loses weight, she is often complimented.

“Caring for People God's Way: Personal and Emotional Issues, Addictions, Grief, and Trauma” by Tim Clinton, Archibald Hart, George Ohlschlager
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● Concern about weight loss may be interpreted as a compliment; comments regarding weight gain may be felt as criticism.

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  • The idea that complimenting someone about their weight does do some damage I think. People already feel enough pressure for you to add some more. It feels good sometimes but it adds pressure for sure and God knows people don’t need that. Yet again, it;s the way some people say it. If you say it in an unoffensive way, fine. If you have a judgmental tone keep your mouth shut.
    Whatever things may be, there’s nothing more sexy than owning your body. I think people should focus more on loving themselves than on trying to change.

  • I would’ve complimented Adele either way…..

    As for the comments on social media? Well, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is right….
    Too many people are becoming overly sensitive and are making comments sound worse than they actually are.
    It’s either that, or they make up rumors and lies because they think it’s more interesting than the truth.
    The Social Justice Warriors don’t want to become assholes themselves, but at the same time, they become what they’re trying to fight against….by taking every insult and compliment too seriously.

  • “oh you look good”


    “jeez it’s just a compliment AND no I don’t know what you go threw or how you feel because I’m not stalking you 24/7 I just said you look nice? Next time I’ll just say you look okayish, so it’s in between”

  • I don’t know… if someone has lost a ton of weight and you don’t know why it can be tough, cause for all you know it’s cause of an ED or something. So there’s positives and negatives.

  • I went on IG and posted pics of me from a few days ago (healthy) vs a few years ago (obese) and I got more likes/comments on my old obese photos than my updated healthier pics from yoga class. LMAO. Oh well; making healthy changes is for one’s own benefit, not to be loved/complimented by others. It is a pain in the ass that people seem to be happier for a fat person loving themselves vs a former-fat person loving themselves.

  • It can be bad if the person is anorexic and you tell them they look so much better and thinner it can really be hurtful to there health

  • I lost 85# and looked and felt so much better. Over the last 5 years I have gained 40 back and I am freaking out! I just want to kill myself because I don’t want to look that disgusting fat pig that I was. I starve myself all day, then eat crap for dinner. I work ungodly hours as an ER Physicians Assistant so I eat when I can. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • But, when you are a heavy person, and you start losing weight. When people tell you, sometimes you get that feeling like … Maybe I should gain the weight back. Getting attention, when you’re not used to getting attention, can sometimes lead you to want to gain the weight back.

  • Thats it exactly….ug…these “social justice warriors”…yup….u look at them sideways…its an “attack” so sick of it…smh smh

  • I do not say anything about other people weight, because I hate it. “You are so skinny, tell me your secret!” First of all, to me “skinny” is an UGLY word, it mean “skin and bones” > “corpse” to me. Second, I am one of those people who lose weight when they are ill, angry, apprehensive, or depressed. And gain weight when they are feeling healthy, and peaceful. So highlighting how much I look and feel “fragile” is NOT APPRECIATED. ���� I use to say, “you are beautiful, nice outfit, lovely make up, or, your hair look strong” but I never talk about weight if the person did not talk clearly about it first. It gets on my nerves, something fierce.

  • Feel like you shouldn’t say anything if they didn’t tell you they were trying to lose weight at any point. Because people fail to realise, sometimes they aren’t trying to lose weight. And that will mess with your mind so much.

  • I was pricked in the spinal cord a few years ago and I developed spasms. My body is basically constantly ‘exercising’. I lost 30 pounds in like a year. I was a little overweight when it happened so it didn’t bother me as much but it’s kind of awkward when they say ‘what’s your secret?’ And in your head you’re like ‘get pricked in the spinal cord and get really sick’. ��

  • Ok I don’t want to be that person, but no lie I’m geekin out right now!!! I deadass posted this on Reddit after I went on a Tumblr tag spree to give the fatlogic subreddit some more stuff and seeing Papa Swolio bring it up and talk about it is fuckin AWESOME!!! Sorry I just wanted to say that!!! EEEEK

  • People who noticed my weight loss and complimented me was exactly what I needed to continue my journey. Being told I looked great made my whole fucking week, I’ll be honest.

  • These women would get really thin if they took off some of that makeup. I agree. If you think someone has lost weight shut up and just tell them how good they look instead.

  • I wouldn’t think to be rude if someone is genuinely trying to give me a compliment.
    I admit weight is a complicated subject for me for multiple reasons, but i wouldn’t expect a stranger to know that, so why would I take it personally?! I may not think you’re telling me the truth (messed up psyche, I know), but I’d still say thank you anyhow.

  • All of these comments on this video make me sick. Clearly none of them have ever had to struggle with an eating disorder, because “you are so skinny” is not always a compliment.
    Tbh, for me, it had become my fixation and that’s what led to my eating disorder.

  • I have some mystery problem with my stomach. The doctors have to run so many tests. Next week I and getting a cat scan and mri because the blood, urine, and stoop tests show my problem isn’t simple. Every time I eat my stomach hurts. I used to be a fuller 132 bls. 63 in tall. Now I’m 123 bls. I love the fact that im losing weight but I just wish I lost it in a healthier way. I defiantly have body dismorphia and I am obsessed with my weight. I check it every day. I have lost 3 bls Since I saw the doctor. I just hope they can fix me. If anyone else is struggling like me, god bless you!

  • Well I lost 30 pounds because after years I realized I am lactose intollerant and every diet I did before didnt work because it had damn lactose in it. Now I dont diet, just avoiding lactose. But people are asking me what diet I am on and when I say im not they tend to give me tips to loose wait ��‍♀️ i just dont want pain and want to be healthy. Thats it. People dont understand.

  • When i lost weight and was losing weight ny family would throw shade like when yall about to eatoh you only eat salad now or thats right your losing weight and laugh about it in a shady way as if they want to see you fail. Even worse when youve lost alot of weight and then you decide to eat something fatty or naughty and they be like oh i thought you was on a diet or oh shouldnt be eating that! Zzz so irritating.

  • Everything is problematic. I can see the situation in the future.
    5 years: white privileged men will be sued for interacting with “non privileged” people.
    10 years: white men recluded to ghettos where they can not harm society anymore with their patriarchy.
    20 years: speaking is considered offensive for mute people. Every form of speech is hate speech.
    30 years: speaking and moving is now illegal, thinking is considered cultural appropriation against the now extinct male sex. Vedgetables are the only legal food
    50 years: breathing offends fishes, eating offends plants, living offends stones: humanity decides to commit a mass suicide, in the name of social justice.

  • My mother passed away years ago and when someone asks about her as if she’s living, I don’t break out in a rage and attack them for assuming she’s alive…I answer politely. People are WAY too easy to piss of nowadays…

  • Dropped 22 kilos, that’s 48,5 lbs, since November. Another 40 lbs to go, so it’s not that much and not fast enough, I know. But I keep busting my hump to go forward. Try not to compliment me if you’re my friend…I would become sooo sad…��

  • I only have an issue with people commenting on other people weight when you’re not sure if they did it on purpose or not. Because personally I hate when someone tells me I lost weight since I’ve never been trying to loose weight, it’s just a health issue. And when you have a health issue that makes your weight change you get really anxious and conscious about it even if you end up gaining or losing the weight you wanted to, because then you feel like you lost or gained too must and you never stop being conscious. So I never complement someone else’s weight unless I know for sure they have been trying to loose/gain it

  • This is soooo true, the constant praise I get when I’m thin is excessive and people express how the didn’t like my original fat body. It has made my social anxiety much higher that I stay at home even through all school vacation because I don’t wanna see those judgemental faces of disappointment. Because generally my body flactuates between when I’m back home and when I’m in school.

  • Love this channel, and I do have to say I think people are way too sensitive these days HOWEVER just offering a different perspective here: when I was deep into my eating disorder and people would compliment me on my weight loss I would take a mental note of how I looked and how much I weighed that day. Later if I happened to eat 100 calories more than usual, or thought that I had gained a little weight back, I would go back to that day of when people noticed my weight, and think “that’s what people like, that’s what’s acceptable, you have to get back to that or else you’re a fat piece of shit.” Mind you I was severely underweight, but in my mind, I was always striving to either get “back” to where I was when people were complimenting me, or to weigh even less than I did then. Of course if someone is trying to lose weight the healthy way, it is probably encouraging and uplifting to compliment them on their weight loss. But because of my personal struggle, I don’t compliment anyone on their weight, just in case they have unhealthy habits behind closed doors I don’t know about, and I don’t want to encourage that. Anywho, like I said, love the channel, agree with most points, just thought I would bring up a different point of view. Take care frends xo

  • This hurt feeling’s brigade just don’t know when to stop every day now they just stick phobia or phobic on the end of a word and create another load of BS.

  • As a recovering anorexic, I see both sides of this comment section. No you can’t blame people for saying that as a compliment. No you can’t blame the person for being suggestible. It’s a mental issue. It’s just the mental problem, and that’s nobody’s fault. The people who have anorexia really need to find a way to shut out that dangerous voice in their head. Life is so much more than numbers. Live while you can.

  • Honestly, as someone who was there, when your response to “wow you look so good, so healthy, so much better” is “what I didn’t look good before???!” You still have a lot of self-confidence issues and your mental health is in a bad place. Choosing to get help is hard but it’s work it! Hopefully people like this will learn to grow.

  • I will say at work, I ignore comments about my weight. I work with people who always had something to say about my appearance. My hair, clothes, and now that I am losing weight-my weight as well. So personally, I prefer at work if people focus on my work and not what I look like. I am not offended by the compliments. I would say thank you & change the subject (but that’s just how I keep it professional at work).

  • My family is worst when it comes to weight loss or weight gain. Like I lost a lot of weight recently and at my heaviest was 311 because of my second child and all that. I’m thankful for my boys and I went down to 195, and my goal wasn’t to be thin or anything like that. My goal was to be healthy and I was sick so that’s why I was losing weight and I work out. Boy my family responded so negatively one by one would say comments like are you okay?! What’s going on with you? Are you starving yourself? Are you on drugs? Oh or are you having problems in your marriage? I’m like really!!

  • You are truly honest in your opinions. I admire you for saying the truth and opening others mindset towards living healthy instead of being a coach potato. When does being obese is a good thing??!! Who’s that Dumbo who wrote that fucking article??!! What’s the use of Ideal body weight?!! Those are for lazy people who only wants to eat and hide and sleep in the couch!! I salute Adele for taking over herself and gaining control and took things in a positive way to be better and stay healthier.. If you are obese you have more health problems like hypertension and diabetes!! I would rather spend my money on healthy foods and good clothes rather than make those big pharma companies richer!!!

  • What? shouldn’t the compliments mean your at a good size and should stop gaining or loosing. Stop trying to blame other people for what you were thinking whenever you got a compliment. A compliment is a nice thing stop trying to turn it into something bad. I agree with the fact that media portrays a good body but this is just ridiculous

  • Fat is gross and looks gross, has, is and always will be.. take it from an ex fat ass that hated herself every second I was fat.. fat is disgusting and I’ll never be fat again… whoever is fat stop being offended and admit you don’t like being fat..

  • so let me get this straight. You are mad because people are being nice to you. Seriously. People are trying to bring to your attention for looking good. What’s next? “Why complimenting isn’t okay”?

  • I love that people that don’t want to be complimented on their weight loss are “snowflakes” but the people who are all butt hurt about someone asking them to keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves are the “victims” in the story.

    Hey, how about you just worry about you and not about other people’s bodies? Especially women’s bodies which are pretty much always up for discussion and critique.

    At one point in my life, at 5’2″, I ended up weighing about 80lbs. I started at around 125lbs and didn’t feel that I needed to lose, but it happened. For some people, the weight loss was great! So they were constantly telling me that I looked fantastic. For others the weight loss was terrible! So they were constantly telling me that I looked sickly. I didn’t like the way that I looked, so I sought to gain weight and everyone had an opinion. Of course, everyone had an opinion about that too. Maybe that thought they were being nice/helpful. Maybe they thought that they were the only person making comments about my body. But it was pretty much all of the time and started to get pretty damned annoying that people believed that I wanted/needed to hear their comments about my body.

    My point is this: another person’s weight loss/gain is not about you and your feelings. It’s about them and the way that they feel about themselves. Sure, a friend worried about a drastic weight loss/gain has a reason to talk to their friend. But every random person that I’d had a few conversations with? Nah, bro. Not necessary or welcomed. Instead of being worried that they don’t want your compliments, you could take a moment to wonder why you feel the need to force people to listen to your opinions about their body.

  • Read the article and everything the author is judging people on for judging Adele’s body is exactly what they are doing. Why do they feel that Adele needs to have a white knight and that she didn’t lose weight to be healthier? The article is so poorly written and makes Adele to be a victim of fat phobia which caused her weight loss.

  • People was telling me I was losing weight while I was pregnant, and I was just like umm yeah sure.. just wearing oversized shirts and not taking my medication that causes me to gain weight but uh thanks.. that’s how I felt and saying oh you look better, not saying you didn’t look pretty then but you look pretty now and slim I felt insulted ��

  • Constantly playing the victim is the leading cause of cervical cancer in men and testicular cancer in women, so you folks should try and lead a healthier (mental) lifestyle while you can still enjoy it….. Just sayin’.

  • I think it can be really difficult whenever some one comments about weight or height. I think there is a lot more to someone than that. As someone who suffers with an eating disorder it definitely can add a lot of pressure when someone it telling you “you look so pretty and thin and perfect”. While they mean it in a kind way, when I go to treatment it can be really tough to have gain back that weight when I know that people are here complimenting me on how thin I was. They thoughts come to mind that people will like you more when your thin. With all that being said I think that weight and hight just doesn’t need to be commented on, as there is much more to an individual than that.

  • I agree with you when people can take a compliment need some self help because they may have some negative self talk of their own. Also I love complimenting people whether they are gaining weight or losing weight you can see their healthier and happier.

  • ♡ Happy New Year 2019! ♡
    You are a special person. Thank you for such wonderful insight.
    Please come here to speak.
    B Franklin-Sweat
    Jacksonville, Fl

  • I started working out again regularly this year, I started really challenging myself and I educated myself on healthy food and everyone called me fitness nazi and said I overdo things. I also stopped smoking a month ago, no one says I overdo not smoking. So hypocritical. ��‍♀️

  • I don’t like it, I think it’s mostly reminding the person oh you were big and also I saw this girl saying to this other girl I know in front of guys they both liked like “ you look so great you lost sooo much weight” and the girl lost like 4 pounds only, she looked so sad by that! and she made it seem like she lost like 30 and the girl who lost the weight is a beauty queen even before the weight loss and the girl who made the “compliment” is an extremely skinny troll with a weird smile from a scary movie.
    Also if you are skinny that doesn’t make you automatically prettier than a bigger girl �� most skinny girls need to hear this.

  • Can I just say how spot on this is?! I lost 92lbs last year. I gave up soda and other sugary drinks (I will occasionally treat myself with a sweet tea if i have calories for it but it is a treat) I’ve had people ask me everything from “are you on drugs?” To “tell me your secrets” I generally say my secret is I made diet changes, monitor portion sizes now, and I’ve started exercising. I’ve found now that I’ve lost the weight I love to exercise especially running. Then I get “well one soda will not hurt” or “well I am not doing all that” well then you will stay the weight you are ����‍♀️. It’s a shame when someone no matter if they are 300lbs or 100lbs decides to become healthy that they are mocked and ridiculed.

  • People who have lost weight are usually PROUD of their achievement.
    The only ones who are offended about weight loss compliments are those who didn’t manage it… and are pissed of by this reminder of their own failure!

  • There’s more skinny-shaming and fit-shaming but you don’t hear about it that much because fit and slim people know they’re healthier and not doing anything wrong (well they can have healthy habits of course, but you get what I mean) and therefore don’t have the need to complain and try and validate themselves all the effing time.

  • Here’s the deal I have worked super hard to get off the fifty pounds I’ve lost so far. I am only a quarter of the way to my goal. A compliment says you can see my progress and that helps my journey

  • When i first lost weight a family member told me “You’ve lost weight, huh? hm… good for you! You look much neater now” and I was like ‘uhhmmm thanks?’ (it wasn’t that much, maybe like 5Kg)

  • well. to be fair, i don’t like getting complimented on my weight loss because i’m anorexic. i personally don’t comment on people’s body’s. in reality, there isn’t anything wrong with complimenting someone’s weight loss. just don’t be a dick about it.

  • why you lost weight is a compliment. you usually don’t live as long as a skinny person if you are fat. the people who compliment you aren’t the reason you have an eating disorder. your own insecurity is the true reason.

  • This is nothing other than the classic misery loving company. Adele was overweight period point blank and anyone who celebrates someone being unhealthy does not have that persons best interest at heart. Someone always has something to say about weight loss but these same people will never step in when someone adopts maladaptive behaviors.

  • The term “fat-shame” is not easy to generalize. There are people who abuse it, but i was fat-shammed, i was beated because they thought i’m fat so i’m not a living person with feelings, that i’m not capable of something else than eating, all they so was a fact that i’m bigger than the rest of the girls, i was 25 pounds overweight. That’s my only complaint, otherwise i AGREE. I mean, i understand you. As a former fat girl, i started to lose weight because i was so sick of that i can’t wear clothes i like, that people do not see me as an attractive, young woman and i wanted to have it. I was not obese, just overweight. So, i agree. When you lose weight, people assume you started to eat healthy and exercise, what’s wrong about eating well and exercise? Nothing, they do not assume you are sick. People assumed about me that i’m anorectic and it was not pleasant and because i started to look more attractive than my former classmates and they just couldn’t get over it. If you look sick, yeah, people will ask you if you lose your weight because you are pale, look tired and whatsoever. People are not telepaths, they speak about what they see.

  • Everyone in this comment section obviously has never had to deal with an ed. I get it if someone says it without knowing you have one, but if you have told them you have one, they could at least be respectful. You people saying that basically eating disorder survivors are just special snowflakes are damn wrong. We’re not. Its just that the eating disorder will take anything and turn that supposed compliment into something like, “OMG you should totally loose some weight. They’re totally right, you are huge.” Which will contribute to the never ending weight loss even if the person is skinny or underweight

  • I don’t see any problem with complimenting people on their weight loss. As someone who’s lost weight over the past year I’ve received many compliments when I see friends of mine that I haven’t seen in months about my weight loss. It’s a pretty good confidence boost and it’s quite encouraging to hear such positivity around something I have worked hard for. It’s not something I mention at all I don’t go boasting about my weight loss but when someone I know notices it I think it’s definitely a lovely thing to hear and I think the positivity around my weight loss is awesome and encourages me to keep going. So compliments around weight loss are only negative if you let it be negative. You can choose to see it in a positive light. To me complimenting someone who’s lost weight is just noticing a positive change that the person worked hard for. And to shame someone for being positive for your hard work and dedication to losing that weight is insane to me

  • “When someone pays you a lovely compliment, be aggressively rude to them!” This person has issues they need to address with a professional.

  • I remember going back to school after a hard summer, I went back in after losing 15 pounds… The first person to tell me was my p.e teacher, he looked at me and said “wow, you look so thin” and I just smiled, I was really happy because it was a lot of work…… Like if you notice, tell me. It feels good. ��

  • Believe me, no one who lost weight is going to be offended by being complimented for it. I know I never was. “Congratulations on being the standard society wants, while other people are not.” Like it’s someone else’s fault that your our of shape. ��

  • this video is about eating disorders. if you tell someone with an eating disorder that they look like they have lost weight, it could very easily full their eating disorder.

  • I Lost Weight From Abusive Relationships And I Hate When People Always Bring Up My Weight. It’s Only A Compliment When Someone Says They’re Tryna Lose Weight Lol

  • It’s true tho, my mom lost a lot of weight because she’s not eating well enough, and it’s concerning because she doesn’t look healthy, it depends on the situation it if someone said I lost weight I’d be happy cuz I want to lose weight.

  • If you’ve ever lost a significant amount of body fat, I’m proud of you and congratulate you.
    Anyone who has a problem with that needs a fucking reality check.

  • That was the most accurate display of fat phobia. I cannot stand this phobic tag on everything that they place to accuse ppl of hating a certain group of ppl. Fat phobic, trans phobic, homophobic….

  • At christmas my aunt told me I looked like I had lost weight as a compliment. I’m trying to recover from anorexia so that went great

  • When people say you’ve lost sooooo much weight sometimes it’s like damn was I that big??? I don’t like the exaggerated “compliments”

  • Why compliment her…another heart break and she’ll be FAT AGAIN writing more hits. GUARANTEED…how do I know…she’s rumored to be messin’ with a black dude. Black dudes today are not loyal to white women, just another piece of ass…������

  • Getting complimented for their weight loss is better than saying “wow you look thin.” (I’m at a very healthy weight at 108lb and 5’0. I’m maintaining my weight at this point.) and never compliment me on my weight loss, which is my family.
    The only people that compliment my weight loss is my boyfriend and strangers because they’re not jealous pricks lmao.

  • It’s annoying when ppl say it to me I feel sad cus if I gain some weight I start stressing out. If they see me with something unhealthy they make side comments oh you gonna eat that ����‍♀️�� SHUT UP

  • I went from 274 pounds to 170 pounds in a little less than a year. I NEEDED those comments to train my brain into understanding that I did not LOOK like nor was I, the obese girl that I once was anymore. Just saying

  • Watched with interest (more than usual). I’ve dropped a few kg this year. All of a sudden things have fallen in to place for me. I have found a form of exercise that I just love (pilates) to the point where a career change to become an instructor is spinning around in my head, I have found an eating style that works for me (semi vegetarian if that exists), virtually alcohol free and I’m feeling happy about some things. Result had been weightless Even though the scales matter a lot less, new clothes sizes have indicated where I am is working. Yet just one comment from a “friend” when I remarked that nothing fit me anymore, sent me in to a spin. It was like “so you think you’re so much better than me because I haven’t changed”? I felt guilty and self absorbed. Just because I had found a way that suited me, made me healthier and happier and resulted in unexpected losses. I had no idea how to deal with it so I chose to remove myself from the connection. There had to be a better way but I had no idea what it should be.

  • actually commenting/complimenting on someones weightloss is not ok if you dont know if they do wanna lose weight….in some cases maybe like if someone is having cancer and they did not want to lose weight its not okay to say whatever about they weight… DEFINITELY DONT SAY YOU LOOK GREAT

  • I’m with loni, sometimes ppl over do it. Ive gain and lost because of 3 pregnancies. Each time I’ve lost, ppl comment on my face, say stuff like oh my god you look beautiful you’ve lost so much weight. I mean, whatchu mean, was i ugly chunky. It’ll be a 10 lbs, being apple shape, first thing i lose is breast, and face, yes I’m proud when i lose it, but i lose natural, I’m not trying, its not encouraging me to keep going, bc i didn’t start

  • I’ve lost 18 lb recently and I’d be so discouraged if no one saw the difference in my mood and body and said something about it. Compliments are encouragement, and everyone need a healthy dose of proper encouragement

  • I lost 50 pounds and when complemented 1st think…thanks, but if complementing person continues to gush…I then immediately think, gee I must have looked really bad before when I didn’t think I had…then I feel down focusing on my negative “then” body vs the positive “now” body?!?!? Or just that it’s a focal point at all. Not sure why I do that but I don’t always feel great about the complement I’d rather people just say nothing or keep it quick and not make a big deal.

  • Yeah.. I don’t like it when people tell me I’ve lost weight… As a) I am more tempted to have something unhealthy as a ‘reward’ b) I do feel the pressure that I need to keep this going on c) I feel I didn’t look great enough back then lol
    And I agree these come out of my own insecurities and I agree what Adrienne said that it’s easier to check yourself than to check people.

  • The fact that all these comments in regards to someone’s body weight are all related to them is GOLD. I always wonder why so many people have a word to say about others’ body weight or appearance. I never make such comments on people, even if I notice a change. I will try the ignorance technique to see if it works. Thank you for the advice.

  • I get what they mean, like complimenting someone about losing weight is unintentionally telling them that being slimmer or at a lower weight is what they need to be or something like that. An example is with say someone compliments you on your smile, like you would naturally smile more because people like your smile.

  • I think it also matters dependent upon the age of the person. Complimenting a young person (elementary school age, pre-teen, teen) creates the idea of worth based on weight feeding into disordered eating tendencies when a person is most vulnerable to them. I was eating 900, 500 and eventually on 300 calories a day because skinny meant pretty and I was terrified of gaining back the weight or no longer loosing any. Getting complimented on my weight loss….especially my rapid weight loss feed into incredibly unhealthy, at times dangerous practices.

  • “some people don’t like that compliment because of the pressure they now feel to keep the weight off” isn’t that the whole reason why you lose weight in the first place? Why would you go through the trouble of loosing weight if you’re just gonna put in on the very next day instead of actually being determined to keep it off to at least honor the effort you put in to achive your goal if nothing else?

  • I’ve been watching your videos for awhile. I don’t agree a lot with your messaging of thin = ideal and that fat always equals bad. Because I do think there is a lot of gray area in that but I’ve continued watching to become more educated on your viewpoint vs. the viewpoint I have. I think the complimenting someone’s weight loss is a lot more complex than you make it seem above. If it is someone who you know has been working to lose weight for whatever reason they have, I don’t see an issue with complimenting them. Many people do want others to notice and that’s great. But in many instances you don’t know how that weight loss is achieved and that’s when it becomes dangerous whether it’s because of cancer, depression, an ED, etc; when we congratulate in circumstances like that the weight loss was something that is not really in their control. A cancer patient can’t control their body losing weight; an ED a mental illness where some times a physical manifestation is weight loss is not always in their control, and same with depression. So there becomes a stigma of “if I gain any of this weight back, they are going to think less of me.” It may seem like that’s something stupid to think, but in reality that’s what a lot of people do think. I’ve definitely had those thoughts as someone who is recovering from an ED. At the height of my suffering, I received so many compliments on my weight loss which just furthered me into restricting because it made it seem like that’s what everyone wanted for me. Losing weight doesn’t always mean you are being “healthier”, because at my lowest my body was definitely not healthy. There are much more indicators of health than just the number on the scale or your BMI.

  • The “You look so thin” makes it seem like thin is the standard and that you weren’t good enough while you were bigger and that you’re more worthy that you’re smaller. You can look amazing when you’re big or when you’re small

  • Your voice is annoying to me and yea your fit but like your personality is annoying don’t get mad beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no I did not enjoy shit. Eww Hahahah

  • I’ve definitely been in the situation where I’ve lost weight due to stress and depression and got complimented for it. While I didn’t feel amazing, nor was I happy about how I looked, I didn’t react aggressively towards the person who gave me an innocent compliment. Now that I’m in a much better place and happy about my weight loss, I love those same compliments. It’s not anyone else’s job to control how I take things. That would be an impossible task for anyone to take on who isn’t me. If someone GIVES you a compliment, just take it or leave it. Don’t try to control what they give. It’s madness.

  • I recently lost between 30-40 lbs that I put on in the last few years of a 7 year relationship that I became severely depressed in. My dad’s wife said something like,”You look great. Not like you didn’t look great before.” And I know she was trying to be nice and she meant it, I’m not faulting her at all, but I did think, “Of course I look better. I’m back to being thin and muscular. I work out everyday.” And while I don’t feel personally hurt, I do think it’s good to acknowledge the work that goes into weight loss and strengthening. Exercise makes me feel better. I get more energy, I have a better mood, and I like how clothes look. Putting on my old jeans and watching them fall off feels good. I think if this is an issue, we should congratulate people on their hard work and just leave the pounds lost out of it. But imo, people saying, “Wow you look great” is a good feeling. So is the recognition of the work I put in. Call me crazy.

  • I’ve struggled with this a little. I’ve lost about 40 pounds this year which I’m very happy about, but sometimes comments from people make me uncomfortable. I typically get “oh you lost weight, you look good!” or “good for you!” I know they have good intentions but sometimes the comments come off a little condescending and I’d rather they just say nothing.

  • I want to be complimented on my weight loss. I put a lot of work in it. I went to the gym, tracked my eating even tho i am a student who works part-time.

  • A compliment to one thing does not mean your attacking the other. Like if I say I love someone’s blonde hair, does that mean I hate brunettes? (I didn’t know how else to explain it ��)

  • Having lost 200 pounds and kept it off over the last 11 years… the reactions have been interesting. Most people were happy for me and complimented my hard work.

    Others… not so much. At first, I didn’t understand it… I’m starting to thought. People had a preconceived notion of who I was. When that notion got challenged, people had to change their thinking. That’s too hard for some people, so it’s easier to blame the person who changed or make up reasons why they’re bad for making changes in their life.

    Some people couldn’t wrap their heads around the fact I changed my whole lifestyle. That it’s not temporary, that it’s who I am and have worked very hard to become.

    People who shame others for improving themselves are saying way more about themselves and very little about the people they’re trying to shame. It shows how terrible they actually feel about themselves and they only way they feel ok is knowing others feel just as shitty. Therefore, if you’re feeling good, that’s not allowed, so they will try to tear you back down to their level.

    The one good thing about this? It makes it really easy to see who should be a part of your life and who really isn’t in your corner. These types of people don’t want to see you improve… it just shows them that change is real and possible, and it makes them feel shitty because they refuse to reflect and make changes in their own life.

    Projection is very real and people love to blame others for their own shortcomings. I suggest therapy. Legit. Someone doing well should not make you feel badly.

  • Heck yeah people have the right to compliment a person’s weight loss because like it feels great when people notice the effort I’m doing

  • I get where they’re coming from, but there are people out there, including me, who would give ANYTHING to lose weight and get those compliments, I get it if it’s due to eating disorders, but COME ON

  • It did for me. I hated it so much. I lost 150 and people get telling me how small I looked and it made me feel like dang why didn’t y’all love me when I was overweight. They just kept rubbing it in…. after a while I started to hate the way I looked and eventually I gained it all back because of depression. So this time around I decided to not listen to people and I told most of them to keep it to themselves.

  • Girl: wow, your hair looks great today!
    Other girl: so what, my hair didn’t look good yesterday?
    Girl: no… that’s not how compliments work…

  • I know everyone is saying “these people can’t take a compliment” and that “people aren’t mind readers”, but I think what they are trying to say is that if they are giving a compliment for losing weight because of a medication or an illness, they feel the NEED to keep the weight off. And it wasn’t intentional or hard to do. So they may feel obligated to keep it up. One of the women even said she kept losing weight until it was unhealthy. There is a difference between intentional weight loss if you’re overweight and unintentional. But i’m not defending them, just saying what they might be getting at.

    I personally would accept the compliment because it’s polite of them to notice something like weight loss, that MOST of the time is what people are trying to get rid of and have a hard time with. I think people with body issues or who think too much take it the wrong way, like in this video.

  • Cancer, Pure and unfiltered Cancer. Buzzfeed is the bane of the youtube platform and should be blasted with the necessary amount of radiation needed to vaporiser all of that cancer.

  • Those people just don’t want to see her being complimented because they are the ‘terrible’ before (she looked nice because she’s a beautiful celebrity, they probably don’t look good.) and aren’t strong or motivated enough to lose weight and be healthy like she did.

  • Am 90% meek or make a joke out of it when someone give me a compliment. I keep repeating these words about Dr V “where was he 40 years ago when I was searching for answers at age 14′.

  • You are 100% correct as usual… I do understand where this is coming from though. Some years ago I went through a very distressing personal situation. In response, I developed an eating disorder (my diet was mainly made of uppers and downers, prescription or not if you catch my drift). I would do minimum 3 hours of cardio / ballet exercises a day, and I wouldn’t put any food in my mouth unless I preventively burned it off. I sure lost a significant amount of weight in a very short span of time, but I was constantly exhausted and honestly looked like a sack of shit (under eye bags as big as your nuts). I sounded absolutely batshit crazy too. Literally NO ONE around me figured that there was something wrong with me, everyone was too busy congratulating me for my weight loss. We’re talking people I would see on a daily basis… I drop a size a week, I look like I haven’t slept in a year and I never smile anymore, but you think I look great? Fucking dumbasses, no one but ONE friend I hadn’t seen in years asked if I was ok (needless to say I’m not friends with those other people anymore). I feel like we’re programmed to think women always want to lose weight / wanna hear they lost weight even when they don’t really need to to start with, and if they do it’s automatically a positive thing. Weight loss isn’t always positive, or self care, or healthy. Sometimes it’s literally the opposite, it becomes a form of self destruction / lack of self care. And even when the weight loss is needed, sure the goal is still reached but what’s the point if the person doesn’t learn anything about healthy behaviours / doing it the right way to maintain it? Isn’t it even more damaging? ����‍♀️

  • Like the person giving the compliment is suppose to know you have a disease of some sort? Just take it like it was meant to be rather than be a little jerk and turn it into an insult.

  • First off, what she’s suggesting is BS. And shows how little she really understands, especially of human psychology. Her logic is faulty at best. To a certain level, depending on the matter, we should conform to society’s standards. People who don’t know better would interpret her message mainly as conforming is bad, which is not true. It is neither good or evil, and is situational.

    This is virtually an attempt to virtue signal, and people who don’t know better will likely fall for this. This is why education is important. So that people are less likely to fall for this nonsense. All the excuses about why they can’t lose weight, thinking they’ve tried, when in actualitythey simply weren’t educated or informed enough. Even if there’s some genetic predisposition and whatever other factors outside the caloric intake, it is not impossible. That’s the key hard, but not impossible. It’s not just effort, it is also being educated and informed.

  • I got told I look amazing today, after two months of barely any comments on my daily efforts. 25 pounds gone. Why TF would I say “Fuck you” for noticing, especially with a lack of comments during my journey so far.

  • I’ve been working out regularly since the new year trying to add more muscle mass (as a woman ����) & if someone were to comment on it, regardless of whether they think it’s attractive, I would absolutely take it as a compliment!
    It’s hard, slow work & sometimes you just don’t see the changes on your body as someone from the outside would. Whether people acknowledge it or not, I’m doing this for me.

  • I think Adele loosing weight speaks for its self. She wants to live a happier and longer life. Good on her! In your face health at every size!

  • This is why I’m glad I have selective mutism. I literally cannot speak to most people anyway, so I don’t have to worry about this. I smile, show my wrist band if people ask, and move on.

  • Lmao. So I agree with you but it made me think of something: at Thanksgiving 4 years ago one of her songs come on the tv and my crazy Uncle says “i love that Adele! Shes worth every pound!” �� Yeah half of us died laughing and half were not amused.

  • Step #1: Don’t care so much about what people think about you, especially when that poisonous mindset becomes root of all your problems.
    Step #2: SAY THANK YOU AND BE GRATEFUL. A compliment is a compliment, for Pete’s sake!!!!

  • Fans should tell her she looks nice, because she was a fat ass bitch!!! That looked like she ate at every McDonald’s and farted up a hurricane!!!

  • My god millennial’s wine about EVERYTHING!!!! You act like people compliment you out of malice, take a compliment and move on without getting all deep and adding drama you’ll smile more.


  • People who lost weight in an unhealthy way can take a “you lost weight” compliment to an extreme. But I think it’s good to acknowledge people’s weight loss when you can.

  • I think it is not about the weight loss but about pretending she is a better looking person having a smaller size. She looked good before. It is not like she totally changed her looks. She looks exactly the same but with a smaller clothing size. And I understand why some people might be bothered by this.

  • I weigh more than I use to and I love myself and my body but I KNOW I can look better. Doesnt mean I look bad now I could look better though.

  • FACT is, if you compliment a friend in person about losing weight they will get instantly happy. Never in my life have I complimented a person I know about losing weight and they were unhappy with it.I also would always get happy when someone in my circle notices I lost weight. It’s just the internet now which is being dominated by these politically overcorrect hipsters where should you have anything to say that doesn’t fit their hippie agendas they will come at you.

  • Totally relate to this. Like 1. I didn’t ask. 2. The way I look is non of your business. 3. Do you just put value on a person by their weight? seriously? 4. What you perceive as ‘beautiful’ might not be the same as me, so don’t expect me to be all “omg thanks!!!!”

  • I get that these people have real insecurities but srsly, the victim complex is too real. In China, people will point out every pound u gain and every zit on your face. They will tell u strait up if you are getting chubby and people there don’t usually play victim. At least the people in the video are being complimented.

  • I couldn’t Help but ask myself,
    How does it feel. After loosing that much weight and no one is complimenting or even recognizing the weightloss bc
    Some weird mob is out for everyone Who dares to react to anyones dietary achievements.

  • Complimenting someone on their weight loss is not an insult but confession for their hard work, for changing their life. I can’t cope with this people at all!

  • As someone with an ED I can tell you that not everyone wants you to put focus on their bodies, positive or not. I hate it when people “compliment” my body, it makes me feel even more insecure, like my body shape and size somehow shows them how valuable I am as a person.

    I know this video is not about EDs, just wanted to share another perspective that I wish people would consider more often. Obv I’m all for people being healthy, both physically and mentally

  • Everybody is hating on the Buzzfeed workers and viewers calling them ‘faux victims’ and ‘snowflakes’ and other hurtful terms. I am proud of everybody in this video because I know how hard it is. Let’s go back to Kindergarten and relearn say something nice or DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL

  • The fat pigs are jealous. How dare anyone significantly lower their risk of type II diabetes and heart disease associated with obesity! It’s literally a matter of life and/or early death. This is truly insanity.

  • I have always been fairly thin and every time I saw my grandma she would say “oh wow have you lost weight? You look so good” I was always so confused because I was 115 lbs for the past ten years so I didn’t know what she was talking about. ��

  • I think it depends if the person is trying to lose the weight. I lost over 13kg for anxiety. I literally couldn’t eat for three months because it was too painful to swallow. Yet everyone were telling me that I looked great, it’s just made me feel worse.
    Of course losing weight is something positive if you have obesity. But it really depends on the person:(

  • I guess I get what they’re saying, but at the same time what if someone has been working months and months to lose weight and no one compliments them, that could just as easily force someone into an eating disorder fam.

  • If obese, you are not going to live past 80? lol You are not going to live past 60! And that is a good thing. No one responsible for their own actions wants to pay for fat an lazy mofos

  • I have lost 45lbs over the past 7 months and the cashier at this random store I go to sincerely compliments me on it when I go there. It makes my day every single time!!

  • Bruh… I’d compliment her to her face. There is no way someone who has worked to get into a healthier lifestyle doesn’t deserve congratulations on their success.
    That writer must be chubs and too lazy to do anything about it. They also might have chub friends who have brianwashed them into thinking fat shaming is all the wrong stuff.

    Fat shaming is making people feel bad for being fat. If you’re trying to positively motivate them, and even join them through it, is completely different. Telling someone they look good after getting healthier isn’t fat shaming, it’s praising their ability to choose and stick with getting healthier than previous.
    Just my 2¢

  • The difference is these ladies were trying to lose weight. Some people lose weight because of a variety of illnesses, sometimes physical sometimes mental. Rule of thumb: don’t compliment weight loss or weight gain unless you know they’re working towards that goal in a healthy way. Alternatively, you can tell someone they/their body looks amazing!

  • Maybe I’m alone here but I never did like it when someone said something about my weight loss. Especially the “you look soo good!” comments from people I hardly knew. It just didn’t feel right. Like thanks but didn’t I look good before? I’m sorry you had to see me looking like I did.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking it..

  • I lost 25 lbs last year and pretty much found my weight that I felt content at.. and it wasn’t crazy lol it was like 132. After 2 Kids, and a full time job and a crazy schedule. I was just trying to be healthier. But I did have a few people where I work (customers) keep saying “ you’ve lost so much weight, how much more are you trying to lose girl?!” I’m like……��

  • literally everyone: hmm maybe schools should more stress-relieving activities and reduce the amount of tests for students
    schools: nah too complicatedhow bout we give 50 MORE FRIGGIN STANDARDISED TESTS

  • when I was eighteen, I lived in Germany and had met two mormon missionaries from the US who often ate lunch by the lake, so we would chat and they would compliment me and I would awkwardly brush the sentiment off, because I’d been taught that to do otherwise would seem boastful, prideful, as tho they were my due. One day, they told me that I should respond with a “thank you” and shut up {instead of following the “thank you” with “but” and the dismissal}. I misunderstood them and so the next compliment they paid, I said, “thank you and shut up”.

    Three decades later, I’ve come to know my worth and value myself. I’ve also become much more understanding and patient in general. And so now, if someone compliments me, I respond with a sincere “thank you, I appreciate that.” Because everyone deserves to be appreciated in some way every day and to have that expressed to them.

    Duc C. I do appreciate you. I have been watching lots of your videos these last few weeks, some of them many many times; I see how you’ve grown and progressed, I see when you are struggling with your own personal life and how that comes thru in your manner, I see your frustration when you’ve said things repeatedly but doubt whether others hear it. Sometimes, I need to remind myself that just because I have said this x# of times, doesn’t mean that that other person has heard it before. It may be that this person or that person or the folks watching your videos are hearing things for the first time, even tho you’ve said those things many times before.

    My husband had closed brain trauma about nine years ago, just seven months after we wed. It accelerated what was not an obvious impairment, small vessel ischemia, and significantly affected his cognition abilities for learning new tasks and also his short term memory. This meant that everything that he knew how to do before age 55 was easily recalled and performed, but that learning new skills/tasks became extremely difficult to do. It also meant that his adult children would often forget that he might not remember the conversation with them and that didn’t mean that he didn’t think they were important or that the conversation was important or that he wasn’t paying attention.

    In response, I learned that even if I had said Z x# of times before, THIS moment is the first time he is hearing it. For me, it was an “again”. For him is was a “new”. Brene Brown tells a story about how her husband pointed out that even if people are not doing the best that they can, he feels better if he things they are. He experiences less frustration and stress and more compassion. As you know, you cannot control other people’s behavior or attitude, their thoughts and feelings. Even tho you KNOW that, there are many times in these videos when you don’t allow that head knowledge to inform your own behavior and beliefs, as you grow more and more frustrated with repeating yourself in the effort to get patients to see and believe and act on that knowledge with choosing good habits and behaviour.

    I do love your passion, your approach to education, your zeal to share what you have learned as the lessons of life have been revealed to you. I appreciate your dedication, your persistence, your commitment. I am so glad that you are willing to continue learning and to allow that knowledge to perhaps guide your current behavior when you have reached slightly beyond your field to address matters that lie in another discipline so that you no longer share incorrect assumptions as verified knowledge. That is a commendable trait, and so I was very heartened to see you do so during a particular interview with a guest therapist who calmly and compassionately addressed one of your impassioned albeit incorrect assumptions. No body is one hundred percent right about everything, all the time. And you allowed for that and made the appropriate modifications in future presentations.

    Thank you for caring so about educating your patients and others. You are a fount of knowledge when it comes to bariatric concerns, including the need for nutrient, hydration, physical activity such as walking, exercise such as resistance training, counseling/therapy to resolve inner conflict/trauma triggers, and oh! so very many other aspects. Thank you for being this excellent research and reposting your videos in this format where they are easily accessible.

  • There is a point to be made about diets that make you loose weight in an unhealthy way. That point does not apply to Adel. She’s been stedily and as far as we know healthily for years to get to this point. And just so she can be healthy and be there for her kids. That’s something to respect.

  • Nah its not a good thing adrienne… I lost weight and people thought I was anorexic when I wasn’t. Just keep your mouth to yourself

  • Surprise surprise fat land whales turning the praise of someone else’s weight loss accomplishments into an attack on themselves. It’s like that friends that turns every convo into one about themselves.

  • Correct my cousin got so body shamed after a baby that she went crazy lost so much weight! & now is in Colombia getting her entire body done ��

  • Wow being healthy is insulting? Who knew? I’m on a weight loss journey & it’s hard work, right? So if I’m working hard & it’s paying off, a compliment means I’m on the right freaking track. Best of luck to all who are on their way to greater health.

  • I lost about 55 pounds and I dislike compliments on my weight loss. I try to focus on my health not on losing a specific amount of weight. People complimenting my appearance pushes me back to my ED sometimes. But it is my issue and I am aware of it. I’m not going to be rude or offended if someone simply makes a comment with the intent of being nice.

  • If I’m trying to lose weight, and you know that, then PLEASE tell me how good I look! But I hate when people see you(and I have a few people who do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. THEY SEE ME) and they say, “you look amazing, did you lose weight?” Like bitch, I look fantastic all the damn time, REGARDLESS of my weight. Why can’t people say, “wow, you look amazing!” And leave it at that? I NEVER say a thing about someone’s weight unless I know for a fact that they’re trying to lose weight AND THEY TOLD ME SO.

  • Tbh someone can lose weight because they’re sick or ill. Come now, just genuinely don’t speak on anybody’s weight. Fullstop ����‍♀️

  • Holy crap, I thought this was going to be a spoof, but these people are serious. We are doomed and heading down the path described in the comedy “Idiocracy.”

  • “I’ve lost about 20 lbs. Exactly! What? No no. You’re basically applauding me for only eating as much as I need now. I should have… I should have always been doing that. I got fat because I was a greedy, lazy bastard.” Ricky Gervais

  • So the only message I got from this video is basically, never say anything to anyone ever cause u may be offending them without knowing

  • It depends on if you know the person and they are trying to lose weight. Sometimes people lose weight from being sick and no one who’s in those shoes wants to know how thin they look. It could be something terminal they don’t want to talk about.

  • Remy Ma is a beautiful woman!! Her makeup is phenomenal!!! And I always thought she looked great & now she looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! It’s to show ya that being HEALTHY makes ya glow!! Wow! Good for her!!!

  • I lose weight: Are u on drugs?
    I gain weight: Are u prego?
    Never fails u cant satisfy anyone so be what ur comfortable in dont pay anyone any mind trust me

  • I was just at a sports shop to get new training tights, because my old ones are getting worn out and a bit loose. I first tried on a size L and discovered it was too big for me. I happily exclaimed to my boyfriend something like “I got to a size M!” And the shopping assistant who was standing right in front of the fitting room congratulated me and gave me a high five. Highlight of my day tbh!

  • I’m loosing weight for me and my health!! I love confirmation that my hard work is paying off! Everyone has to find something to bitch about.

  • This is great! I get the snide remarks from future mother-in-law. I hope you’re looking healthier next time we see you. Oh, you don’t need to be eating that do you? Having been at both ends of the spectrum (morbidly obese to athletic and slim) and now trying to find a happy medium I am finding it extremely detrimental.

  • The only thing is when you see a girl who lost a lot of weight fast you should not give a compliment because they will take it the wrong way��

  • How on earth can weight loss comments be hurtful? When I started losing weight and people were telling me and complimenting me it made me feel super confident and happy.

  • It’s iffy because you don’t know what goal someone’s working to. Not everyone is trying to lose weight, or wants to have a thin/muscular body, I want to be thicker and when someone says I look good thin, you’re lucky. I’m like bitch I need a pillow between my thighs when I sleep, not fun.

  • This applies so much for me cuz welp these ‘compliments’ are actually fueling up my anorexia. And it’s so addictive to see the numbers go down each day and get such compliments idek how long I can maintain a healthy weight

  • There is also the opposite of this of skinny shaming. I use to have my obese manager say things like “You don’t have to worry about that.” In regards to clothes. At pit lucks she would slide me another piece of pizza saying “Here have another.” I eventually took her to HR.

  • I was raised around a lot of plus size women… and they would always be like your so tiny do you eat? Or you need to eat more? Or they would always ask are you anorexic? So I use to be and actually still am very self conscious about being “skinny”

  • The comments on this video are so sad. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT COMPLAINING BECAUSE THEY GOT COMPLIMENTS. Youre all so ignorant. Theyre bringing to light how hurtful our culture can be. At one point I was 5’9 and 115 pounds because i was in a dark spot and was shedding weight without much control. I also received the praises for losing weight. People were telling me i looked good when my BMI indicated i was underweight and unhealthy. The message of this video is not complaining about compliments. Its bringing to light how toxic our culture is that we automatically equate weight loss with positivity. Sometimes, however, weight loss can be the result of existential factors negatively impacting a person. This video is trying to express to viewers that we should be weary of our cultures stigma toward weight loss. Weight loss can of course be beneficial if done for health purposes, but sometimes, as in the case of these stories, its a clear indicator of outside negative stressors that need to be addressed. Their struggles were being overshadowed by our inherent need to praise weight loss. I hope you all learn to not be so afraid of an alternative point of view.

  • I’m obese and I agree with you. People are way too sensitive these days and for anyone who is offended by “fat shaming” is someone who has given up on their health and accepted being fat, in my opinion.

  • People like this trigger my anxiety, I’ve aspergers anyway, so I don’t really do social, but this screws with my head even more. You can’t speak to people like this

  • On the course of almost 3 years I’ve lost around 137 pounds, and compliments are some of the things that motivates you to keep going, you look healthier and people notice that.

  • As someone who used to be 220lbs (and was bullied about it growing up), I can unequivocally tell you that there’s no high or better feedback loop than hearing someone acknowledge your hard work. People like this seriously need to stop complaining and put in the hard work, they’ll feel better and realize how dumb they were. Being thin is NOT the goal, it’s the result of a healthy lifestyle.

  • I don’t understand why so many people dislike this video. I thought the point of complimenting someone was to make them feel good. If a compliment makes someone feel upset, I would think the best thing to do is to avoid making that compliment for that person. After all, you are trying to help the person feel good. Just my thoughts.

  • It gets hurtful if the person was not trying to lose weight but lost weight due to stress or health issues. If you’re not sure the person was trying to lose weight, not saying anything is the smarter way to go.

  • this guy is a master manipulator spends a lot of money advertising on his new B.S. book….Dr. Peter D’Adamo has been on to Lectin avoidance and epigenetics for 30 years. This idiot just copies and publishes other peoples work

  • Its not mean to say their name. Just cuz They r obese doesnt mean they r going to die or become immobile sooner than u or others but they r more likely to die and become immobile sooner than others on average.
    Dont tell people to eat unhealthy and not exercise, but if they wana do that they should be able to, but i dont wana have to pay their healthcare bills.

  • I actually hate all the attention I get for weight loss. It also often comes with a great deal of scrutiny from other women, if you’re a woman. I would prefer it if I didn’t receive compliments, not because they’re all ill-willed and overly focused on my appearance, but because enough of them are that it causes more stress to receive them than not get them. I would generally remain polite if someone complimented my change in appearance, but I can actually see how it might be pleasurable once to say “fuck you, too”…I have realized that I have to be tough enough to ignore feedback from others, and often that feedback is the way others react to weight loss. Often I have just begun to start to glow from the apparent praise, only to be asked what I did to get to that lower weight, and be bombarded by invasive questions and criticisms and opinions when I answered honestly about cutting out carbs, intermittent fasting, etc. If you’ve ever been significantly overweight or obese and then lose a TON of weight, people don’t often react positively. I have gotten some honest praise from others, and I appreciate that, but often what starts out sounding like a compliment has a lot of jealousy or mean-spiritedness behind it, and a definite over-emphasis on one’s physical attractiveness over health.

  • I saw my friend and was like u look slim and hes like yea I’m on a diet and I was like that’s good and he didn’t say thank you. Later on I said to his wife and she was just like yea. ����‍♀️ it was awkward

  • Um… wow! Spot on, Papa! My best friend in the world lost over 80 lbs. I am so proud of her and her life has been so much better since the weight loss. She has 30 more lbs to go to her goal weight and you know what? She DOES look amazing. She has always been a very pretty girl, but now she looks so much healthier. And she loves being complimented for all the hard work she had put in. That girl busted her ass! Now, the teacher who complimented me on losing weight I didn’t have to lose as I was walking into the classroom with a box of tissues and a visible shadow of a two-week-long tonsil infection still hanging over me-that guy can go fuck himself.

  • Be careful when commenting on someone’s weight loss. There was a time when I didn’t have enough to eat. I was lucky if I could eat once a day. And sometimes I didn’t eat for days. I kept hearing how great I looked. I never told anyone that I didn’t have money for food. But to hear about how much weight I had lost was painful

  • You know snowflakes can’t make up their two brain cells when it’s like u don’t need to lose weight be comfortable with your weight but at the same time they’re like umm, did u assume my weight and that i lost mass?!

  • it’s annoying when I’m not even losing weight or trying too and they tell me that I have like no I’ve just not seen u in a long time and I’ve gotten taller

  • One of the things that I find fascinating about Dr. Gundry’s message is that it is consistent with that of other doctors like Peter Dadamo who point the finger at Lectins as being a big cause of inflammatory and circulatory disorders.

  • Hight debatable that 30 min of cardio everyday is better than 2 hours of resistance training every other day in terms of fat loss, just saying

  • Dr. Gundry is the greatest! Thanks Dr. Gundry for helping me lose a ton of weight and helping me understand the true weight loss secret.