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As your body starts to gain muscle and reduce its overall fat percentage, you’ll have a more difficult time replacing fat with muscle. That’s because there’s just less fat to lose. But don’t be discouraged, plateaus are part of the process. If you’re not seeing results, consider changing your strength-training routine.

To gain muscle, your body needs to be in a caloric surplus. This surplus provides the energy your body requires to repair and build bigger muscles. Given this, losing fat (caloric deficit) at the same time one is gaining muscle (caloric surplus) seems impossible.

However, if we go a few steps deeper into the science, it IS possible!At any given point, your body will be in either of two states: an anabolic state or a catabolic state. When you gain weight, you will gain muscle and fat (anabolic pathways). Anabolic: building more complex structures from simpler ones. When you lose weight, you will lose muscle and fat (catabolic pathways).

But we all know what happens when you consume too many calories: You increase the chances of adding more fat. While you might see people who claim they’ve gained “10 pounds of muscle” in a month, the reality is you can only gain 1–2 pounds of lean muscle per month (or less if you’re already muscular). “Unless you’re actively body-building”—think hour-long, three-days-a-week weight room workouts—“it’s very hard to gain a pound or more of muscle.” Even if you are hitting the. It’s often said that building muscle and losing fat are mutually exclusive. To lose body fat you need to eat less and to add muscle you have to eat more, so it can seem downright impossible.

BMI and body fat measurements are two methods you can use to assess your body weight and composition. While they can provide some useful baseline data, they shouldn’t be the main focus when it. To lose fat and build muscle at the same time is a slippery slope — reduce your calories too much and your body won’t have the energy and raw materials it needs to build muscle tissue, or maintain the muscle tissue you already have.

And you might not have the energy to make it into the gym each day. Rapid weight gain or swelling in particular areas of the body can be due to fluid retention and may be a sign of heart failure.. According to the American Heart Association, a weight gain of more.

Foods to Eat to Gain Muscle & Lose Belly Fat. There are literally millions of weight loss products, diet plans and fitness tactics on the market promising rapid results. The best way to reach these goals, however, involves a healthy, balanced diet and regular strength-training and aerobic exercise.


List of related literature:

Yes, you can build muscle and lose fat on the keto diet.

“Complete Keto: A Guide to Transforming Your Body and Your Mind for Life” by Drew Manning
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This is why research shows that when you’re in a calorie deficit, your body’s ability to repair and grow muscle tissue is impaired.14 This is also why workouts take a bigger toll on you when you’re dieting, and why intermediate and advanced weightlifters have to accept slow or no muscle gain when dieting to lose fat.

“Bigger Leaner Stronger: The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body” by Michael Matthews
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When increasing the production of testosterone, it is possible that a man will not be able to lose weight because the new muscles weigh 2.5 times more than fat; however, his body will be more slender and he’ll have a surplus of energy.

“The Power of Your Metabolism” by Frank Suarez
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By reversing the composition of the diet and having more protein and fats than carbohydrates, the body may be able to burn fat for energy and weight loss may result.

“Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking” by Jacqueline B. Marcus
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Or to gain muscle without gaining fat at the same time?

“The Ultimate Diet 2.0” by Lyle McDonald
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That said, it is clearly possible to build muscle while losing body fat (i.e., in an energy deficit) as reported in the literature (23, 80); the extent of hypertrophy, however, will be less than that achieved in a caloric surplus.

“Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy” by Brad Schoenfeld
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However, if the fitness program continues, they will eventually stop increasing muscle mass and will lose weight.

“Concepts in Biology' 2007 Ed.2007 Edition” by Enger, Eldon Et Al
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Starchy diets and regular exercise can increase muscle glycogen, but this increase is not maintained if the starch content of the diet is subsequently reduced.

“Equine Nutrition and Feeding” by David Frape
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Will I lose muscle on a ketogenic diet?

“The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis” by Jacob Wilson, Ryan Lowery
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However, bulking and building muscle requires excess protein, which means upping your overall caloric intake while decreasing the amount of fat you’re eating.

“Keto Diet For Dummies” by Rami Abrams, Vicky Abrams
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  • Ummmm what kind of workouts can be done when you have hemoroid problem i am at 20 percent body fat but i want reduce it to 14 im female and i have been trying for 5 yrs but im very serious now and i have hemoroid issue what can i do to keep reaching my goal i was doing strength traing but cant know its make issue worse ��which was my fave way workout i want to be lean but feminine,and i dont want anything to stop me please help it would be great helpful life saving lots views video ��im sure im not only one ��agrees and whats good muscle pounds for woman to reach for im 4.9 pound muscle is that good i have lots questions lol of any one knows pkease advise

  • I just have a confusion.. can we build muscle while still on calorie deficit? Muscle builds when we eat on calorie surplus isn’t it?

  • I’m 67 female. Saggy butt. Is it realistic for me to believe that I can build muscle on my gluts? I eat KETO and weigh 125 lbs 5.2

  • Girls don’t like skinny boys! Get muscles like me. I got 3kg of lean muscle in one month. The secret is website called *Next Level Diet*, because I followed their 30 days meal plan. IM FU**ING STRONG NOW!!!

  • I’m still wondering what happens if you train vigorously but maintain exact caloric balance. Evolutionary logic would tell us that under these conditions the body would be forced to build muscle whilst burning, or at least not increasing, its fat reserves. However, I keep reading that nothing would happen whatsoever.

  • Thanks for all your videos James! Very helpful and interesting!
    4:20 Ah! Interesting. I had never heard (nor read) anyone refer to a “bulking and cutting” routine with such short periods, but as I’ve transitioned from caloric restriction without exercise to exercise with caloric restriction these past few months, I had “resorted” to this very pattern. I’ve been recording all food intake since Sept 2018 and managed a 650kcal daily avg deficit (and lost about 15kg) through Feb 2019. Since starting to exercise weight has been “stuck” at around 90kg and body fat has also been more-or-less stuck at 20% (to the extent a Tanita Bioelectric Impedance offers a meaningful measure). As I ramped up my exercise and began to add heavy resistance, I found my appetite shot up. Initially this would last for several days and I mostly allowed myself to succumb, figuring the nutritive and energetic demands shouldn’t be denied early after initiating retraining. But as I’ve progressed up to 3 workouts per week I’ve tried to be more disciplined with restriction at any time my appetite isn’t insane. I’ve found that, on workout days, I can often get back on only around 2500kcal, though sometimes that bumps up to 3000; but on rest days I can pretty often get by with 2100kcal. So basically I’ve instinctively gravitated toward what you are referring to!

  • you dont think pro sprinters dont bulk? I know hes not a sprinter but look at what that pro swimmer michael phelps eats for breakfast when competition

  • If you ve never double up with something called ketosis.

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  • What about calorie cycling Does eating in a surplus on workout days and in a deficit on rest days assist recomp better than eating in a surplus every day?

  • This video is telling me to make my protein shake. I am just so tired from doing 3 workouts in one day. I was going to skip my shake and have it tomorrow.

  • It’s not impossible but it is way more complicated….I’ve done it….with decent progress…but if I would have broken it up I’d be way better….this guy know what he’s talking about

  • Muscle may grow up according to response to stimulus. And, even though you lost a lot of weight, you haven’t been always in caloric deficit. sometimes, you gain weight and lose it. Therefore, that question should be wrong.

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  • I just didn’t get anything out of that, I realise it’s hard to get a 6 pack, some of us would like to do the work and make it happen.

  • That you for the video. I am stuck at 240 to 250 lbs. I have been eating healthy by doing meal prep for months. For the high protein diet my question is it ok to set my.6 to.8 grams per pound of the weight I want to get to or go off my current Weight?

  • Muscle growth and fat loss together is kinda supposed the be the standard whereas bulking and cutting is considered not as good for you in general.

  • Isnt it you target body weight that you have to multiply by ( 9 to 11 + hours you work out)? 11 stands for the level of intenity of your workouts. I work out about I do intense wheight training for 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Heavy compound 6 reps per set. 10 to 12 reps on isolation exercices. Plus HIITS.for 20 min twice a week and a 30 min walk every other day of the week. I currently weigh 380 pounds. I have a goal of going down to 220 pounds. So that means 220 * (11 + 10 hours a week intense heavy weight training. That gives me over 4k calories per day. Am i calculating this correctly????

  • I’ve noticed that it’s easier for a overweight person to loose fat and build muscle  than it is for someone who is already toned.  It’s nearly impossible to loose fat and build muscle when below 12% body fat. 

  • I was 401 pounds sucked at the weights I drop down to 259 I was getting stronger on the way down now I Bench more than my body weight 275!! I used CLA to help me retain my muscle and I built on top of that yes you can do both but I know when I get down to 235 I will increase my protein and it will be easier to achieve more muscle gain. Doing both at the same time just takes more patience

  • For me, that’s still like 600-700 calories below maintenance. So if I’m only aiming for a 300 deficit (for example), I could hit that target and still have a small desert every day.

  • Fantastic video! Could you please stop using those irritating pops and beeps, though? They really detract from all the wisdom you’re sharing. Thanks!

  • Lee I’ve been lifting for almost a year now, but just started training properly 5 months ago, would I be the type of person that can lose bodyfat and gain lean muscle at the same time?

  • Thanks Sal! I have one question does this works for someone obese? I’m 6’1 and weight to 247 how much protein should I be eating? I’m so over the stubborn fat around my midsection. I’m working out 6 days a week in a fit body bootcamp training

  • You need around 3500 calories for ech pound of muscle. To stay lean and you’ve been training for awhile, maybe 2 lbs gain of body mass/month will keep you lean, in most cases. That’s about 1800 extra/wk, or 250-ish extra per day (think an extra serving of 30g carbs pwo on workout days or an extra 20g of protein + serving of 10g fat on all days is all it would take over maintenance calories). then once you get to a stick point, that’s your new maintenance.:)

  • The Calorie In Calorie Out idea has been proven wrong, because the body doesn´t process calories the same way, when those calories come from different sources. 200 calories from carbs are not processed by the body the same way 200 calories from fats are

  • How would you categorize someone who has been working out for over a year but hasn’t made much progress? I feel like I’m a beginner, but I’ve been lifting for over a year already. I’m overweight and I’d call myself skinny fat.

  • So I just hear you speak some words…. So where do you got all this information? Did u read it from somewhere or are you just speaking some words?

  • Mark how many additional calories do you need for each pound of muscles?, I heard it was 50 cal but it cannot be true that would mean people after 2 years of weight training could need as much as nearly 1k extra calories:O Thanks Amit

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  • Sal, thanks for this. Quick questions: 1) Does drinking plenty of water in fact help with fat burning? 2) Would you recommend adding into this advice intermittent fasting (i.e., 2 meals a day, within a 7-8-hour window?)

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  • hey Alex, after my surgery, i learned to read labels for macros as i needed to lower my sodium and fats intake, and although i heard you mention vitamins, omega 3`s and such for micros, i`d like to ask if i can get my micros from a multi-vitamin or do you have to get them from food? i`m still new to all this, and the best way to learn is to ask questions!! thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  • James doing everything wrong. Doesn’t he know that fitness advice only works if you’re wearing a stringer and only keep your arms at a 90 degree angle.

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  • Thanks for the great content. I was wondering. Once you get shredded and reach your goal should you keep aiming for the calory deficit or is being at maintenance calory? Considering you don’t want to lose more weight but just stay were you are.