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A diet that is 30% protein might work great for someone on a 1,200 calorie diet (90 g protein) — but not so great for an athlete on a 4,000 calorie diet (which would be 300 g protein if calculating at 30% macros aka too much). Carbohydrates, fat and protein make up the three macronutrient categories in food.These three categories provide us with the bulk of our energy in the form of calories. Carbs and protein each provide 4 calories per gram, while fat delivers 9 calories per gram — important details if you choose to begin counting your macros.

Micronutrients, on the other hand, refer to non-caloric nutrients. Each macronutrient plays a vital role in your body’s function. Which is why hitting your macros is far more important than staying within your caloric budget – quantity versus quality. Not all calories are created equal. You have to fuel your body accordingly, depending on your goals.

And if weight loss is your goal, counting macros has one major benefit: People following a macro diet tend to eat a little more protein than the average eater. “Protein requires more energy. A recent trend in weight loss is counting macronutrients. These are nutrients that your body requires in large amounts for normal growth and development —. To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you eat. According to the Mayo Clinic, burning 3,500 more calories than you take in can equal one pound lost.

To lose weight counting calories. Calorie Intake and Macros Calculator for Weight Loss Macros, short for macronutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), are the basis of all the calories we consume. 1 g of protein has 4 calories, 1 g of fat has 9 calories and 1 g of carbohydrate has 4 calories. Regardless of whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, your goal should be to target no more than a change in weight of 1 percent of your body weight per week to optimize the change to your body composition.

This means that a 155-pound woman focused on weight loss should aim for no more than 1.5 pounds per week, to reduce risk of muscle loss. The old adage of “Calories in, calories out” rings true for weight loss – so if you want to move the scale, you need to consume fewer calories than you’re burning each day. Each 1-pound loss corresponds to a deficit of 3,500 calories. Counting macros is typically split into a 40/40/20 concept – 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. The amount of macros a person should be consuming in order to lose weight is calculated based on age, weight and gender.

The number of protein, carbs, and fat allowed per day are converted into grams.

List of related literature:

The dietitian should then compare the estimated energy expenditure to the dietary intake.

“Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE” by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
from Practical Applications In Sports Nutrition BOOK ALONE
by Heather Fink, Alan Mikesky, Lisa Burgoon
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As a registered dietitian, one thing I’ve discovered is that providing advice and information is only one piece of the puzzle.

“Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies” by Meri Reffetto
from Glycemic Index Diet For Dummies
by Meri Reffetto
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If a client consumes a 1,600 kcal/day diet and does not lose weight, it may be advisable to try the 1,200 kcal/day diet.

“NSCA's Essentials of Personal Training” by NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association
from NSCA’s Essentials of Personal Training
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Both calorie counts and more formal nutritional assessments are useful.

“Brunner & Suddarth's Textbook of Medical-surgical Nursing” by Lillian Sholtis Brunner, Suzanne C. O'Connell Smeltzer, Brenda G. Bare, Janice L. Hinkle, Kerry H. Cheever
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I decided to track both my macros and my caloric intake for the first year because I wanted to learn about the macros in different foods and about proper portion sizes.

“Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes” by Suzanne Ryan
from Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss, with 100+ Easy Low-Carb Recipes
by Suzanne Ryan
Victory Belt Publishing, 2017

For most people, simply reducing total caloric intake by 250 to 500 kcal per day, combined with selecting lowfat foods and foods low in simple sugar, would be sufficient to accomplish their desired weight loss goals.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
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In general, patients should have a caloric reduction goal approximately equivalent to 500 to 1,000 kcal less than their estimated daily mainte— nance energy requirements.

“Guidelines for Cardia Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs-5th Edition (with Web Resource)” by American Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
from Guidelines for Cardia Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Programs-5th Edition (with Web Resource)
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They are the ones who can reduce their total calorie intake to 1,000 calories or less per day and not lose any weight or may even gain weight.

“The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight” by Bruce Fife
from The Coconut Ketogenic Diet: Supercharge Your Metabolism, Revitalize Thyroid Function, and Lose Excess Weight
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The dietitian can provide specialized information and ongoing support for weight loss.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
from Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention
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Reducing the average daily energy expenditure value for energy balance by 500 kcal per day provides an energy intake goal that will promote weight loss that is safe.

“Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine” by James M. Rippe
from Nutrition in Lifestyle Medicine
by James M. Rippe
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  • It’s still surprise me just how lots of people have no clue about Custokebon Secrets even though many people using it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about it. I have lost tons of weight.

  • Its still astonish me just how a lot of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets despite the fact that lots of people using it. Thanks to my personal buddy who told me about it. I have lost a lot of weight.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost a lot of weight? We’ve read a lot of good things about Custokebon Secrets (google search it).

  • Personally I want to lose weight BECAUSE I love my body. I want to feel healthy and strong and be even prouder of my body than I already am. I think losing weight and body positivity can work hand in hand.

  • Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost a ton of fat? Just do a google search. On there you will discover that an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • I always get nervous when an MD tries to talk about nutrition, something they learn very little about in med school. There is a reason why a good MD will refer a patient to a dietitian. That being said, great job!

  • That “banana test” is bizarre. I am an emotional eater but something I found helpful is asking myself if I feel hungry does any food sounds good?if so, I may be experiencing physical hunger. If I’m craving one particular food then it may be emotional hunger and I take a moment to sit with myself and see if this food is something I actually want or if doing some journaling, yoga etc can help instead. Sometimes I still eat the food even after journaling but at least my chouce turns into a conscious choice instead of an unconscious one. Just something that works for me so I wanted to share.

  • When I was in the hospital immediately after having my twins they gave me an iPad with apps to order food, review my charts, call the nurse and other things like that. But you wouldn’t believe what I saw there on my chart. Based on weight only, my chart said that I was there for obesity. Obviously nobody reviewed it and consider the fact that I had just carried to full term and pushed out two babies and was probably actually considered underweight for someone who had twins.

    I’m so glad that I didn’t have postpartum depression and it even bothered me a little without that, but if their system is automatically adding that to every woman in the maternity ward then I can only imagine how that’s making women feel and how it’s making them distrust their doctors. I’m going to give birth again in November and will be at the same hospital so I think this time around if I see that on my chart I’m going to point it out to somebody and tell them that they need to find a way to change that in their system so it doesn’t damage somebody further while they’re already struggling with all their postpartum hormones

  • Okay wow, this is actually amazing! I’ve heard the term “intuitive eating” and that it’s “eating when you’re hungry”, but the rest was murky for me. I didn’t realize it was a system rather than a vague concept, and I’m excited to watch the rest of this series and more of your videos!

    One thing I want to say relating to the term “obese/obesity”: I had no idea I was fat. i felt fat, but I have always felt fat. I knew I was “overweight”, but my doctor always told me that was fine. It was only after I was asked on a healthy eating group what my BMI was, and when I plugged the numbers into a calculator… I was obese. It rocked my world! Yes, I felt horrible and disgusting… but it was the moment that made me realize “oh shit… This isn’t okay.” I’ve been working on trying to find something that works for me while being sustainable for the past 5 months (since finding out I’m obese). My weight has fluctuated a little since then, but not yo-yoed as I’ve always been told that dieting isn’t sustainable or healthy. So I feel like “obese” isn’t necessarily a word that encourages yoyo diets. i feel like people just jump to whatever their bestie got results from, whatever ad they see with a picture of someone who looks like them getting skinny, or what they see in movies. It’s more a lack of education. This said, I’m not a dietician, so my opinion might totally be wrong here. I’m just a fat girl with a keyboard lol.

    Hopefully, intuitive eating will help me get healthy, and I hope that does include losing weight as I hate the body I’m in… but I’m trying really hard not to get sucked into that mindset.

  • I have allways 1 done a strict diet plan or 2 counted macros and i have allways found it annoying because I was allways over carbs or under fat ect I honestly never thought of just counting calories haha a mate of mine recently told me that’s what he does and it works I’m so excited to try it

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost tons of fat? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular weight loss diet plan.

  • You should make a video only about alcohol and the effects on the body, different types of alcohol, which one is better, why did the doc of Kate Moss told her to stick to tequila

  • Hey Doctor Mike. I’m Deaf fluent in American Sign Language. This is NOT mean to offend you, brother. This is mean to educate you, but you actually did sign VAGINA, not triangle. If you want to use the triangle symbol, be sure to trace the triangle in the air. All Deaf people seeing this video will automatically think about vagina..I’m not joking:) Keep up the great job. I always enjoyed watching your videos.

  • You’ve mentioned using Double Cream, but what I’ve found odd is the carb amounts vary between brands.. for example, Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s ones have a carb amount of 1.5-1.6g per 100ml while M&S and Asda have theirs at 2.6g per 100ml, what I plan to do to get fats in is to drink milk by basically making it using 100ml double cream per 1l and add necessary sucralose/stevia to sweeten it.

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should look up Custokebon Secrets on google as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

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  • Hi Mike! What would happen to the body if a person hasn’t eaten as healthy as he should. So, he decides to eat only protein and good fats. Is that a shock to the body or a very good think in building muscles and lossing weight? I’m excited for your reply!

  • Love your emphasis on sustainability and consistency. So,far I’ve focused on calories more than macros but now I am really starting to enjoy going to the gym and want to build muscle & improve fitness rather than just lose weight I’m getting much more interested in macros and micro nutrients shifting the focus to health and performance first with weight loss almost becoming a side effect.

  • Anybody tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I have heard numerous amazing things about this popular fat burn method.

  • In the past, I would track my calories and congratulate myself for lower and lower numbers. I realized how wrong this was and stopped for a couple years. But I recently noticed that I was really tired and getting regular headaches. So I started tracking again and realized that I was eating about 1,100 calories. I now check in throughout the day to make sure I’m eating enough and celebrate reaching higher calories (avg 1700) and still losing the weight I want to lose.

  • Hi Doctor Mike, Would you please talk about protein powder? I mean recently the gym hype lead to so many new products and brands, that it is not really easy to say which product has good ingriedients. Is there something that you should be careful with? Is it dangerous to take protein regular? Let’s say 5 times a week after the workout? Can it be too much?

  • Hey Doctor Mike, there’s a typo in your calorie definition. 1 Kilocalorie = 1 Calorie (as shown on food), not “calorie” with a lower case ‘c’. 1 Calorie = 1000 calories = 1 Kilocalorie. That capitalization on the ‘c’ is important. 😉

  • When I saw Virgie is one of your favorite HAES I was like oh hell no she is 50 shades of insane… literally an excuse making victim and diets do work if you customize it to your needs

  • It’s upsetting to me that he would say, or anyone would say that body positivity cannot include weight loss. It’s just wrong. It’s unhealthy and it’s dangerous

  • If my macros are 130p, 220c, 60f OR 160p, 200c, 60f, both equally at 2000 calories, will I lose weight faster with the less carbs macro split? Or will I just look tighter because I will not be having as many carbs as the other macro split that has more carbs.

  • Macros all the way, keeping within a certain caloric range for maintenance, loss or gain. Same goal for protein daily, but I’ll adjust carbs and fats according to my activity level for the next day. Seems to work well for me.

  • I have an anecdotal story for around minute 11. I was prediabetic, my blood pressure was increasing, I switched to a plant based diet, lost no weight and my fasting blood sugar range is now 20-30 points lower and I am no longer suffering bouts of low blood sugar. My blood pressure also improved. I can definitely see the impact. Now I am focusing on trying to get in touch with my body’s hunger cues and exercising in my favorite way (hiking out in nature) and strength training. I am seeing weight loss and look forward to improved health.

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  • Do anyone know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it really work? I hear most people lost their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

  • Thanks for this video! This was very helpful I am currently counting calories and I like the idea of at least hitting a protein goal and eventually easing into tracking macros! ����☺️

  • Do natural popular fat burn method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard numerous awesome things about this popular fat burn diet plan.

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just simply do a google search. On there you will find a great tips about how you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • When you counted calories, and then changed over to counting macros for the first time, was your calorie intake similar with just different carb/fat/protein portions, or were you calories more? If they were higher, did you gain weight initially?

  • Thank you so much! This is something I’ve been struggling with because I’m just getting sick of tracking macros, even with carb cycling where two days a week means ������. Have you been tracking your macros at the same split everyday or are you carb cycling at all?

  • Its still astonish me just how a lot of people do not know about Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google) although a lot of people lost a lot of weight using it. Thanks to my buddy who told me about this. I’ve lost tons of weight.

  • I believe no matter a person’s weight they are valued and important. I believe every person’s concerns should be taken seriously and not pushed off to be just about their weight.
    I also have worked in the geriatric field for a while and can tell you I see younger people coming into geriatric care facilities regularly because of obesity. Maybe their diseases weren’t directly caused by their weight, but their lack of mobility was. Whether they couldnt lean down to dress themselves and put their shoes on, couldnt properly clean themselves or just couldnt fit into their shower/step over a tub (and couldnt afford a bathroom remodel), could no longer fit in their car to drive to doctor appointments, were no longer ambulatory, had become bed bound and were developing sores from so much skin on skin contact, they were using a cpap because the extra weight on their chest caused them to quit breathing at night, or they were needing to get out of bed with a hoyer and couldnt do that alone… they were losing quality of life. They had wished someone told them how hard it would be sooner.
    I would never shame anyone for their weight but when I have held patients crying because they are so hopeless from being bed bound, watching their muscles atrophy more everyday making it harder to move the extra weight, knowing they cannot physically exercise is they wanted to, feeling like it is there fault and like there is nothing they can do, hating that they hadnt taken their weight more seriously when they were physically able to, I feel like it’s doing people a disservice acting like disease is the only dangerous thing about obesity.

  • I’ve recently started intuitively eating. I’m overweight because I eat when I’m bored and honestly force myself to overeat even when I’m full because I’ll be eating chips and “I’m not allowed to eat those so I have to eat them all right now so I can restrict tomorrow” and stuff like that. I’ve found your first points to be true (when you said cake doesn’t seem as appealing when it’s not off limits and you know it’s not what will make your body feel good) and I’ve noticed I actually don’t want junk food anymore. I always thought “good” foods were things I couldn’t ACTUALLY want because they’re healthy but when I evaluate what foods I want to eat I realized I actually want more nutritious foods most of the time. They give me more energy, make me feel happier honestly, and keep me full longer. Sure I’ll still want chips or chocolate sometimes but I know eating too much won’t make me feel any better than having some and once I’m satisfied putting it down and knowing I can have more tomorrow if I want to, and usually I don’t because I satisfied that craving.

  • I read plenty of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) can assist you lost lots of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular diet plan?

  • I’ve read an article that says the amount of calories in a specific ingredient changes according to the cooking method you use.

    How do I know how many calories are in a food after cooking it?

    Just an example: let’s say I make a burger and melt some cheese on the top of it, I know how many calories are in the cheese raw, but how do i know the amount that it has after melted?

  • Do anybody know about Custokebon Secrets? Does it work? I hear lots of people burn their weight with this popular lose weight methods.

  • I love you Doc MIKE!!!!!notice me pls hahaha..Hey guys!I’m into fitness also.Maybe you’d like to check out some of my videos.Thanks!

  • Anyone tested out the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I have noticed several awesome things about this popular lose weight diet plan.

  • When considering eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short time period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Ever since Jenna Marbles left youtube, I’ve been thinking about how most people will never experience the emotional impact of being a social media star, and having a “brand” or business that is so very personal. Cassey Ho and Jenna Marbles have both been on YouTube for over 10 years. Jenna had to leave because of the emotional toll it was taking on her, yet her commenters and online community seem relatively postive. As for Cassey, I tend to see a lot more critical comments on her videos. I think this is because diet, exercise, and fitness are such emotionally charged issues in our society. And when I get a critical comment, I find it almost impossible not to obsess over it, replaying it in my head for days. Cassey and Jenna have probably both read hundreds of comments criticizing them. That has to take a toll.

  • Is Custokebon Secrets useful to lost a lot of weight? I have read numerous good things about Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google).

  • This video is great! It helps me remember of times when my wife used Custokebon Secrets to lose 17 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Many people would like to lose fat, however we also require to stay healthy, and that’s what exactly Custokebon Secrets given.

  • There is no enough evidence that on intuitive eating junky foods lose their allure and that people start to crave more healthy food. It’s just a theory. May be at some point yes, but we don’t know actually. What people say and think they do and what they actually do a big difference. A lot of people tend to choose high calorie foods on evolutionary basis.

  • My intuition led me to eat carnivore… I also intuitively fast for 18-23 hours a day… I feel better than I ever have: sleep better, hair grows faster, calmer, no period pain AT ALL etc. I just had to give myself premission to not be pressured into eating things my body can’t handle. I can’t eat grains, vegetable oils, fruit, any kind of sugar, and even fiber. The worst is any kind of seeds, including beans, legumes, nuts, and again, grains. These give me stomach upset, diarrhea, they make my mood unstable and my periods excruciating. Also after eating even a little bit of carbs I can’t breathe well. That can be milk, fruit, pasta, cookies, doesn’t matter. Luckily raw honey is more tolerable for me for some reason. Once I actually let my body decide what to eat and followed gentle nutrition, I basically stopped consuming plants. I can’t tell you how good I finally feel. I eat plants when I crave them, which is like a tbsp of sauerkraut or a squeeze of lemon every 2 weeks or so. I also ended up naturally fasting and not even thinking about food for the rest of the day. Basically everyhing against Abby’s advice oops. But I appreciate that she acknowledged that everyone needs a different individualized way of eating.

  • Hello! I just went to your website to calculate how many calories I should be eating. Why is it that when I enter in my body fat percentage it drastically lower the amount of calories I should be eating per day. Yet when I remove that amount it increase the calories significantly. Which calories should I follow? The one where I have my body fat percentage or the one where I’m leaving it blank?

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply just do a google search engine search. On there you will discover an awesome guidelines about how exactly you can lost tons of fat. Why not give it a chance? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost tons of fat? I read lots of good opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost lots of weight. Has anybody tested out this popular fat burn methods?

  • This is a Messag for the people that suffer forma orthorexia ive been there and is hard but hey! Rating food as real or healthy is not the problem (even it is a truth) is your behaviour and when you start social distancing there is always room for a 10% (3 times During the monte according to experts) to eat ultraproccesed foods on social events or just for a craving, but normally on Daily basis we should eat lots of not processed food like fruits or veggies, fish… and good processed foods such as prepared chickpeas or lentils, can sardines or tuna in can in Olive oil, 85 or 90% chocolate etc.

  • It’s 4:30 am in Chicago and I’m warming up and learning from my favorite lady. Great new insight for our fitness community. Lots of love for you girl!!

  • Does anyone here know of a good calorie/macro counter app? I’m looking for one where I can edit the macros so it fits my diet and not some app generated one.

  • My main problem on keto is that one fatty meal will end my hunger and cut my appetite for many hours. Most days I will get in a fat coffee and lunch and won’t be able to stomach anything else. I will lose weight rapidly but my calories are always too low. It’s worries me a lot.

  • Very informative video, keep it up! we both weighed over 300lb about a month ago, but over the month we’ve both lost over 20 pounds! We’re tempted on doing the Keto diet, but just trying to gather as much info as possible lol. We’ve both tried so many sorts of diets. We’re on Slimmingworld now and its great. Any advice?

  • Hey Paul, it’s taken me about a dozen or so videos over the past few weeks to appreciate the information you provide in your videos. I’m a 5’7 stalky framed individual, and your frame is the polar opposite so naturally at first I was skeptical of the information you provide (what’s this dude know about working hard to cut fat off). But I do appreciate the universal knowledge provided in each vid; it’s easy to follow and understand. I’ll continue watching �� cheers

  • Great stuff brother, I wish you would do more videos on nutrition and how it exactly works. I’m new to all this, I’ve been going for six weeks now and I’m down from 193 to 177 working real hard. I’m 48 years old and I’m you guys like you are on here to learn from.

  • Great topic! A little off topic but I just wanted to give you a real big thank you. Your re-feed strategy worked like a charm when I got stuck with my weight loss this past summer. I was training to extreme and had my diet on point BUT still hit that wall of no progress, both on the scale and tape measure. Increasing my carbs every 4 days or so broke through that wall and I hit my goal! So thanks again!

  • I love this video so much!! I completely think you can be body positive and want to lose weight. I am currently trying to lose just a few pounds in all honesty mostly for vain reasons, but as someone who struggled with orthorexia in the past I can see how different this journey is than my journey when I was in that unhealthy mental space. It is so much better to come at weight loss from a wholistic and thoughtful place and make sure I check in with my body and am always relaxed. I also give my body the space to do what it needs to and in the recent past my body was not yet ready to lose the weight I gained recovering so I respected that. I think for me body positivity is about being okay with the fact that no one has a perfect body and I never will either yet that doesn’t mean that all different kinds of bodies are not beautiful and deserve respect and kindness including my own. Body positivity for me is also largely about checking in with my body all the time and having almost constant conversations with how it’s feeling and also with losing weight I have found it so important to experiment and find out what works for you as an individual not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

  • i wish she would just stick to her workout videos, seeing her what i eat in a day a few years ago definitely triggered my ed. i felt like i was over eating when i was a competition swimmer swimming 4 hours a day 6 days a week along with extra work outs for cross training. it was horrible and i ended up collapsing at swim practice multiple times. i acknowledge her wanting to document her health goals and journey, however i hope she also understands how it affects others. even if it isn’t meant so.

  • I read plenty of superb reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine) can help you lost a ton of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular diet plan program?

  • Ugh…. Anyone can be an expert on IE (regardless of size). And anyone can make a YouTube channel, so how are you more “privileged” for having made one yourself?

    If you wanna give a shout out to others who are “experts”, that’s good. But I get the feeling you feel the “need” to because you are discounting your own expertise/experience based on your smaller size.

    How is that right? That is the ONLY problem I have with the IE community. And with the world in general. People are so concerned about comparring eachothers “pain” and “privilage”. Comparring is devicive and not helpful in ANY way.

  • Thanks coach! I really should be paying you. Lost fat and not a lot of muscle just by your advise over 6 months. Dude you’re awesome

  • Both! I don’t think we have to pick but calories can’t be waaay over no matter how good the macros are. I find some IIFYMers try too hard to justify eating junkier and processed food and substitutes.

  • I tried intuitive eating before I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, but because I had been using food as a source of dopamine (addiction, including food addiction, is common in ADHD) for so long, I was totally unable to decipher what was a body hunger cue, and what was dopamine hunger (i.e. self-medicating my ADHD symptoms). I’m currently taking medication for my ADHD, which greatly diminishes my dopamine-seeking behaviors and has allowed me to actually see my real hunger cues. I’m eating intuitively now and feel so much less shame and stress. So if you have issues with chronic overeating or binge eating as well as other symptoms like frequently overspending, always being forgetful or disorganized, and difficulty getting started or seeing tasks and routines through, it might be worth getting screened for ADHD. Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health professional; just sharing my own experience.

  • Growing up I was skinny as heck because all I ate was chicken, cheese pasta, and hot dogs for like one meal and then drink caffeine free (but regular sugar) coca cola as a way to stave off hunger. I was crazy sick throughout my childhood, but because my parents knew nothing about nutrition, I suffered while nothing changed. Your videos help me learn about better nutrition while still enjoying the food I eat.

  • I focus on macro nutrients, but I do keep my protein quite high! That way when there’s days I’m really craving carbs or fats I can drop the protein and eat other stuff… works for me

  • Yes! I remember seeing Robin Gallant mentioning she did protein and calories. It’s actually a super idea I can get behind. I’ll probably transition to that later, especially over thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • I checked out calorie calculator but I can’t decided between very active or extra active…:/ (I train at the morning for about 45-55minwalking up a hill usually 5-6 times per week and then I usually have weight training (or resistance band or just my body weight) not heavy weights 2.5-10kg 4-5 times per week for about 30-50min)

  • In my off season, I usually focus on just calories and protein as far as specific numbers go. (Using MFP all the time makes me crazy, haha!). Since I’m used to tracking, my carbs and fats don’t fluctuate a whole lot, but if I have a day where I feel like foregoing some carbs to have more peanut butter, I do that as long as it stays within my cals. It’s a “half-tracking” compromise that has been working for me longterm.

  • You’re absolutelyit does insinuate that it damages your body (even if she didn’t mean that). Thanks for helping us change our language and views.

  • As a kid I was overweight and when I became a teenager I lost weight and transferred school’s and one weird thing I’m noticing that bothers me a lot is that I used to be heavily ashamed of my past and didn’t want anyone to know that I was overweight, but like, now that nobody does, and everybody I know see’s me as medium/small, I still feel and think of myself as overweight since thats how I grew up and that is how I was when I developed most of my identity. So like, when we talk about prejudice against fat people, I automatically think of myself as a victim of it even still, and it takes me a minute to remember and accept that I do actually have thin privilege. I hate to admit it but it honestly makes me mad. It feels like I no longer have the right to be angry about the way I was treated since I no longer am treated that way, but I still treat myself with fat-phobia and the shit I’ve dealt with feels like it can never be acknowledged. ALso I hate it when I tell people I was fat growing up and they’re like, “don’t say that about yourself”. Like, that just fucking stings cause it reinforces the idea that fatness is something that undermines your worth as a human being. And it bothers me when people tell me I can’t speak for fat people because I’m not particularly fat, but like, bruh, I was though. For most of my life. And now I have a chronic eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Like, it just feels like all of my pain is so un-acknowledgeable, and no group, overweight or not, can accurately represent my experience.
    Sorry for that tangent that isn’t related to anything this video just really brought some feelings up lol

  • I’ve had this video in my watch later list for too long! Glad I finally watched it, and I am yet again grateful for your content!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Abbey!

  • I wish I could subscribe to you a million times… THANK YOU for providing this knowledge to the public for free. I can’t even begin to explain how life changing your videos have been for me. Bless you ❤︎

  • Calories in calories out that’s it..the less you eat the leaner you will be. The only macros you should be worried about is protein and maybe fiber and fats either than that it’s fine. If you are eating a healthy balanced diet macros aren’t important. I wouldn’t recommend refined carbs but like oats and sweet potatoes are fine. People that say carbs are the enemy are highly uneducated

  • Guys. lost a lot of weight doesn’t need to be hard (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some tips right now. Look for a popular fat burn secrets called Custokebon Secrets (do a google search). Thanks to it I’ve lost a ton of fat. I shouldn’t even be talking about it cause I don’t really want a lot of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just simply in a excellent mood right now so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • I noticed a big difference in how doctors interacted with me when I gained weight. Especially younger doctors (UK), say those under 35.

    For example I went to the doctor about unusual for me breathlessness, including breathlessness when sitting on my sofa! And also with a huge difference from day to day (some days getting breathless, other days not/less), and the doctor literally said to go away and loose weight and if I was still breathless to come back (and also if something drastic happened in the meantime to be fair). I was in the “overweight” section of her chart, not the “obese” section. Probably around 13-14 stone, a UK size 14/16 (US 10/12). Not shaming anyone else, just saying that although “overweight” and admittedly not as healthy as I’d like, me telling her something was unusual for me was dismissed as being weight related.

    This is the most obvious example but the overall mood of being essentially “told off “ about my weight has been a pattern and TBH I choose the doctors that don’t do this. Ironically these are the doctors who have come through the newer training system that is supposed to be more patient centred. I’ve also seen poor trainee doctors who clearly don’t want to bring up weight etc with a patient twice their age but must have been told they have to, and so awkwardly bring it up. And bless them I really feel for them, they feel so uncomfortable doing it. Good instincts guys, you can feel that something is “off” in what is being asked of you. Don’t loose those instincts and become too hardened.

  • While I’m attentive to macros, I’m not physique prepping and ultimately caloric balance is the key equation. Macros really are just the advanced version of cal in cal out. That said, hitting required minimums are important. For me that’s no less than 140g protein, 30-40g fiber (the part of my carbs I care most about), and.35g of fat per pound of body weight (around 60g for me). Whatever is left, I fill in depending on whether I’m trying to cut maintain or build. Some days carb heavy, some fat heavy, some way more protein, or any combo of these. Whatever fits the “budget” is the best description. Awesome vid as usual. 813 represent!

  • Great video!! As a physique athlete myself I definitely think macros are useful to know. You can get to calories from macros and it gives you more information ����

  • Awesome content! I bet your going to the Nationals vs Astros on Friday! From Houston but I kinda am rooting for the Nationals. I better lay low now

  • I am surprised at some of the comments that claim Abbey is bashing Cassey, I do no see this video as such. I have followed Cassey for years, and I have always supported her through her journey as only she knows what feels best for her, something that Abbey consistently states throughout the entire video. While I understand Cassey did not ask to be part of the “body positive” movement, she has continued to use the ideology on her platform. At times, some of her content does step over into the world of diet culture, such as the banana test and other examples as outlined in this video. Abbey is not bashing Cassey, rather she is using her professional knowledge to say, “I don’t exactly agree with some aspects, but if it’s working for Cassey and she is feeling healthy and great, then thats fantastic”.

  • Body positivity should be broadened to being grateful for the body you have been given no matter the size if your nose, color of skin etc… and that love should motivate us all to lead a healthier life… my healthy is not skinny. When i was skinny i had little energy and i wasnt happy. When im curvy i feel happier and am fulllll of energy… size 2 is not everyones happy place…

  • This video is fantastic! It helps me remember of times when my spouse used Custokebon Secrets to lose 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Many people would like to lose fat, however we also need to remain healthy and balanced, which is exactly what Custokebon Secrets gifted.

  • I prefer a more flexible macro-based approach where I can exchange macros, as long as minimum protein is hit. For example, I’ll set a calorie ceiling of, say, 2500 calories with 215g protein 275g carbs and 60g fat. From there, depending on what I feel like eating that day, I might do 190g protein 300g carbs 60g fat, or I could do 225g protein 220g carbs 80g fat. They all equal 2500 calories while hitting a minimum protein number; in this case, 190g might be my minimum at 190lbs. I find this far easier for adherence, and I use this approach while cutting.

  • I’m technically “overweight” so one would think my goal would be to lose weight, but my mental health is never in a good place when I do lose weight and ever since I realized that about myself, I may not LOVE my body all the time, but I am a lot better at accepting my body for what it is. Also ever since then my weight has fluctuated a lot less, which in turn has left me a lot less stressed.

  • Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping from diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every fat loss program that was available, however in the end not one of them helped me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Custokebon Secrets because my friend who told me amazing things about it and so far to date I have effectively lost 19 pounds in 3 weeks!

  • Oh yeah the “be cold” one. Once I complained to my mom that I was cold when we were walking outside and her response was “oh at least you´ll burn more calories this way”…. but basically heard all of these.
    Love your videos:)

  • Thank you for explaining! I was counting calories and not see results. Just started macros so we shall see! Protein goal is soooo hard for vegetarian though ):

  • How do you figure out your macro number? I just got lifesum is that accurate? I can’t seem to figure out the exact number on my own ��

  • I really appreciate the talk about economical impact sometimes and about doctors. There have been doctors that don’t make everything about my weight and actually make me feel like a person while others I feel like they just judge me and makes me uncomfortable. It is real that people in any setting can treat you differently because of your weight. Once I got referred to get some hormonal tests done because I was exercising and eating healthy and wasn’t really losing weight and the doctor didn’t want to even test me and rolled his eyes at the fact that and he himself told me that doctors send patients to see if there are underlying problems affecting weight and he said that most cases aren’t. He went on saying I’m going to get diabetes even though I just tested my glucose and was great! It was probably the worst experience I had with a doctor. I have been fat since I was about 7 or 8 and I have always felt like I have been treated differently even by my parents who are fat themselves. Even boys that liked me privately would treat me badly in front of others because it was unacceptable to be attracted to a fat person. Also people think money is an excuse but there honestly have been times that I can’t afford all the veggies and fruits etc so I eat rice and eggs, beans, etc or pasta because it is the cheapest. I’ve been making an effort to budget and really try to buy as much produce as I can afford but it is hard sometimes. I can go on and on there is so much that comes with being fat and it is different for everyone. But I really loved this video. I have an appointment coming up with a dietician and will be talking and looking into about intuitive eating.

  • When I was in middle school/high school I wanted to lose weight because I felt like I needed to look a certain way. There were times where I was afraid to eat in front of other people and I let food have so much control of my happiness. I’m in college now, and I still want to lose weight, but now for completely different reasons. I don’t care so much about my size anymore, but more about my overall health. In the past three years of my life, my mom, dad, and other close relatives of mine have had major health complications because of their unhealthy eating habits. So while going down a few sizes may be a plus, it’s not a huge concern for me. I want to be the one in my family who won’t have to let these health complications get in the way of their lives, I want to be able to be active with my future kids, and I just want to feel good. I am very grateful for channels like Abbey’s because they remind me that I am perfectly normal and will have ups and downs but in the end, I am valued and loved and should never punish myself for who I am or what I eat.

  • I think it also depends on the individual. For me, I’m not sure I can ever have weight loss goals that are also body positive, because every time I’ve tried to lose weight, I spiral into horrible mental health & yo-yo dieting. I’m a little overweight, but not to the point where it affects my health at all, so there’s really no reason to lose weight except aesthetics. That’s why my goals lately revolve around eating & exercising for my own strength, health, and enjoyment, and avoiding at all costs looking to the scale for validation. If I lose or gain weight, I don’t really care, I just want to get stronger and enjoy my body. Back before quarantine, I was ice skating 3-4 times a week and eating fairly well, and I actually gained 10lbs! And then my friend came over and asked if I lost weight! Very surreal, and really helped me understand that weight is not the ultimate guide to health.

    On the other hand, my dad is obese, and I know it would take pressure off his joints if he could lose some weight. But due to his age and arthritis, it’s really difficult for him. I think in his case, it would be body positive to lose weight.

  • “Thank you” I always hit a plateau after losing just a couple pounds. I stay within my calories and sometimes under and no weight loss also being active and working out. When you said in the beginning about how you were eating mostly carbs and fat I smiled because that’s me. Now since I watched your video I’m going to try more protein, cut my carb intake in half which is alot and try to eat a moderate amount of fats. I was just wondering the other day how I should modify what I’m doing to see weight loss even if it’s a pound a week. Wish me luck. Great informative video.

  • Hello there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Simply do a google search engine search. On there you’ll discover an awesome guidelines about how exactly you can lost a lot of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • I finally got to my best ever weight happily, slowly, fairly easily by adopting these principles. I was finally able to stop bingeing, and I enjoy regular exercise for the first time. I think there’s something in it for everyone. And I still eat chips. Just not by the bags full.
    But I take issue with “thin privilege.” Hoo ha and baloney. There are natural consequences to our choices. All choices. And no one gets through life without adversity and sorrow, regardless of your circumstances.

  • Iifym is a fast way to get insulin resistance in the future. Read the book “the obesity code” and you’ll realize eating below your tdee will only lower your metabolic rate and cause weight regain plus some when you go back to eating your tdee. It’s not about eating small meals throughout the day it’s about giving your body time to burn glucose off then fat (intermittent fasting) You can’t burn fat when insulin is present. Just thought you should know don’t want young girls to see this and ruin there metabolism.

    My point:

    Yes you will lose weight by restricting calories. But you WILL regain it, it’s not in your control.

    Eat Whole Foods
    Drink WATER
    Eat less often
    Eat unprocesssd
    Cut out dairy (screws with hormones)
    Cut out artificial sweeteners
    Lift weights

  • I can vouch for counting Calories and grams of protein. It does work much better than straight up Calorie counting.

    I thought I was a genius for figuring it out, but now I see it’s an idea many other people have had.

  • Wait, a gram of protein and a gram of carbohydrate have the SAME amount of energy: 4 calories
    You need carbs to build muscle!
    For me, protein is there easiest macro to fill, Im always dialing it down and I’m only doing 120-140

  • I think this is a good explanation. I also feel that counting calories is good for people who have a lot of weight to lose, its easier and more flexible, and counting macros is maybe when you don’t have too much weight to lose and you have more specific body composition results (other than just dropping fat) eg: prepping for something, or growing a muscle group.

  • I’m in the midst of dieting now.. I’m strictly tracking calories.. macros seems a bit much for me., but when I’m within 10 pounds of my goal weight I’ll be more mindful of macros.

  • I read a lot of good opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost a lot of weight. Has anyone tried using this popular weight loss secrets?

  • In all the videos I’ve watched about fitness & nutrition no one I mean NO ONE has ever broke this topic down in such an easy to understand way, this is GREAT…. It really opened up my eyes, thanks Lynette

  • Guys. lost tons of weight does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some tips right now. Look for a popular fat loss system called Custokebon Secrets (look on google search engine). Thanks to it I have lost crazy amounts of weight. I should not even be talking about it cause I don’t want a lot of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I am just in a excellent mood today and so I will share the wealth lol.

  • uhh i tend to be pretty deficient in salts and according to her i should just ignore the fact that my body is screaming for something savoury because………i don’t want a banana? that’s really sweet???? and not savoury at all????????

  • So if you want to lose weight would you recommend eating less protein and more fat and carbs? That way your body pulls from body fat to gain energy?

  • That’s EXACTLY what i’ve done! I get 100+ grams of protein and leave the rest before carbs & fats and it’s been such a stress relief.:)

  • I started practicing intuitive eating last year after learning mindfulness and self compassion in therapy! Sugary “bad” foods have mostly lost their appeal, and I no longer associate a number on a calorie counter with my self worth. I’m focused so much more on how food makes me FEEL, and less on how I can use food to treat how I feel. I started exercising for fun, peace, and health! 2 years ago I would have said this would never work for me, today I say please give it a try.

  • I used to watch her workout videos a few years ago but I stopped cause her weight was fluctuating beyond the normal amount during that time (she was yoyo-ing quite noticeably). It didn’t sit right with me to “entrust” my fitness/diet routine to somebody who was struggling themselves. Now I got my own fitness routine and a good grasp on how to lose weight the healthy way and I’m 10 pounds away from my ideal weight!
    Thank you for the video!

  • I love Cassey!
    Her work outs are the best for my body type. Guaranteed, most people follow her for great workouts, not food advice.
    She doesn’t claim to be a nutritionist or dietitian.
    She is documenting a journey and she shares her mistakes, not so good choices too.
    Love it, that barely known YouTubers wanting to make money, get views by using her name.

  • The way I do it is that I count my calories and macros. I plan my meals everyday and I always check MyFitnessPal before I have a meal.
    If I see that let’s say I need more protein, then I will just add some egg whites or protein powder. TY

  • I’m super late in finding this video, but I’m so glad I did! From one PCOS queen to another, thank you for spreading info on intuitive eating and HAES! It’s amazing how much your body can do and tell you when you are finally able to listen.

  • Hi do you only count the carb from starch or veggies or together? And low carb like 40-70 grams so count only starch or both veggies? Someone do count only starch carbs because they are no do count veggies because veggies have high fiber and low low carb.

  • Its still surprises me, just how many people have no idea about Custokebon Secrets, although many people get good results because of it. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I’ve lost a lot of weight with it without starving myself.

  • I like to set a calorie goal, then hit my 1g of protein per pound of body weight, the carbs, and fats can be in any ratio as long as they stay within the calorie goal. But like you said as long as you can sustain it, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tested every fat loss method that was available, however eventually not one of them made it easier for me to lose and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets because my cousin who told me incredible things about it and so far to date I’ve successfully lost 16 pounds within 4 weeks!

  • I am a recovering addict. Most of my life I have been morbidly obese. I cannot stress enough how harmful this video is. Telling a food addict to eat whatever they want is absolutely no different than telling a heroin addict to do as much heroin as they want. I mean zero difference. The only reason this video is popular is that she is telling people what they want to hear. It’s the same with all victim mentality.

  • I tend to use a hierarchy: first my goal is to hit my macros, if something comes up or an unplanned meal is eaten I try to stick to calories and if I’m not feeling it at all that day, I let myself have a completely untracked day. Usually switching to just calories on days that life happens has helped me stick to my goals a lot of the time. Good video Lynette! ��

  • Macros. LCHF. I counted calories for 7 years on MyFitnessPal and did it the healthy according to American nutritionists and dieticians BUT gained due to being a stressed out middle age woman. Calories in vs calories out is a joke! No such thing as an essential carbohydrates. I have lost 86 pounds and it is a lifestyle that is so easy.

  • Hi Abbey, I’ve really enjoyed watching your videos. I am a herbalist and have studied nutrition as well. I have come across this “program” called Bright Line Eating, which I find very problematic in lots of ways. I’d be curious to hear your review of it. Thanks again for your videos, and thanks for getting the real info out there!!

  • When Abbey was really getting into the question can you be body positive and still want to lose weight, I had some thoughts. First, weight loss is not always about how you look. Heart disease is a real problem in my family, and weight loss is a way to be healthier and less at risk for cardiac arrest. My dad was in the best shape of his life when he had his first heart attack. The doctors said if he hasn’t lost weight and been in shape, he wouldn’t have lived. If you were to watch Cassie’s videos you would see that she is constantly reminding you that health should be your number one reason for weight loss. It is important to note though, that losing weight is only the first step in fitness. It is also important to gain muscle and being happy, which can mean eating that cookie or donut. Second, You need all things in moderation, including fat. Fat is something our bodies were built with for a reason. It gives us energy so that we are not 100% reliant on out next meal. Finally, I was struggling a lot with the way I felt when I started using Blogilaties. It helped me release stress and feel more energized.
    If you made it this far, please tell me if I missed an important detail!

  • Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search search. On there you will find an awesome guidelines about how you can lost lots of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’ll work for you too.

  • This video was absolute cringe. It was painful to get through; when she goes into pseudoscience and strange social justice lingo it does not lend anything to her credibility, just the opposite. She does not need to do that. She has legitimate credentials, and it makes me sad how she only seems to pepper honest science into her presentation, because, when she does stick to real science and psychology, she is actually more informative and helpful. I used to watch her, and even tried some of her advice, but I hadn’t watched any in a while, and this is why. Anyone looking for more legitimate advice without all the useless fluff and silly social justice, please check out some other Youtubers. Jordan Shrinks, Every Damn Day Fitness, Obese to Beast, Doctor Mike, My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You, High Carb Hanna are some good places to start.

  • I honestly think that cassey is a great person, and, frankly, the internet mob is so much more problematic and toxic than any one person aiming for weight loss EVER could be. I always, always feel that commenters should take a look in the mirror before coming for someone who’s clearly a good person and always means well. express opinions, but don’t expect that everyone agree. share information, but don’t expect constant adherence to that information. I just have such a problem with the mob coming hard for an AWESOME person sharing years of positive messages and practices with the world because of one weight loss journey. honestly let the first person without sin cast the first stone. let me ask this: abbey herself used to struggle with ED. would this type of public criticism have helped her recovery, or would it cause her further shame and guilt? these public critiques (which often create a mob regardless of disclaimer) can get way more problematic than a formerly orthorexic woman weighing herself every day for 90 days on a wellness journey.

  • Did I cry watching this? Yes, yes I did. After struggling to love my body after my babies, despite “doing everything right” and going to work “feeling fat” I so desperately needed this today.

  • Thanks for making these videos! They are really helpful. As a person with binge eating disorder who is trying to recover I’m aiming for a lifestyle with intuitive eating. It’s a process, but I’m trying.

  • Can anyone help me with this? I count calories and try to meet macros. I find myself wanting more fats than carbs and when I meet my carb macros I am extremely bloated that day. I also am not wanting to go keto. So is it okay to eat less carbs and more fat without being keto or is too much fat without being keto harmful? I’m 5’7” and 170 lb 30 yr old female 1800 cals a day. To reduce bloating I’ve reduced carbs and now I’m eating 40% (180g) carbs 40% (80g) fats and 20% (90g) protein. Is this going to be okay health wise??

  • Hi Abbey. Cake doesn’t lose appeal if someone is still not eating frequently, consistently, and sufficiently enough. If someone is routinely going overly hungry, allowing oneself to eat all the cake or ice cream one wants ensures that the person will eat such foods almost all the time, because every time they give themselves permission to eat, by that time, they’re starving, and the body craves foods that are higher in simple sugar, fats, calories, and foods higher on the food chain (sat. fats and cholesterol risks if constantly overeaten) when in an overly hungry state. AND they’ll need to eat past the point of fullness to make up for calories uneaten. There is what I call physical or “mechanical” fullness, and then there’s nutritional fullness. If someone has been restricting, they might eat to the point of physical fullness, but still not be nutritionally full, and therefore are still craving more calories, fat, carbohydrate and/or pro. The huge problem with IE is that it encourages people to eliminate the controls they’ve been putting on themselves without ensuring that the person is eating at least 3 genuinely filling, nutritionally well balanced, sufficiently caloric meals per day, spread out throughout the day, before attempting IE. And not having recovered from restrictive eating thoughts and behaviors before attempting IE. IE demonizes eating before one is supposedly “hungry enough,” and demonizes eating beyond being supposedly “full enough,” which is really dangerous when coupled with zillions of restrictive eating thoughts learned from dieting advice, because “hungry enough” and “full enough” become a further form of restrictive eating for someone who has already been trained to fear eating and is routinely becoming overly hungry. For someone who has ever been on any type of restriction regime, of their own or someone else’s “weight loss diet,” all of the restricting advice s/he’s learned from every diet embarked upon, is still carried around in one’s head, consciously or subconsciously influencing the person’s awareness of hunger, and fear of eating and of potentially gaining, or just not losing, weight. I first read Tribole and Resch’s book 30 years ago, and I went from a so-called “normal” BMI, to my weight tripling! I was 3x as much as back then, and it has been very clear to me that this is from the harmful messages of IE, from those authors. Prior to reading their book, I had tried every imaginable diet for 4 years, and had continued to restrict for another decade or so, but could no longer stick to any diet for even 5 minutes, without the mere thought of a diet triggering a binge. But no diet I’d encountered had said, “Don’t eat until you feel ‘set,'” which was Tribole’s one word to describe what they listed as an acceptable “3” on the hunger scale, at which they granted permission to eat. To me, the word “set” has always connoted a physical sensation which is just short of “Oh geez, I’m waaay too hungry, I need to eat NOW.” And there in my kitchen and food bag would be lots of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, among foods, and that’s what I’d reach for in a state of famine. It was IE that taught me the harmful guilt trip that I SHOULDN’T eat until “sufficiently” hungry. To this day, even after 15 years of ED outpatient treatment and further recovery work on my own, and I have a meal plan, and I have had instructions for 15 years to eat 6x/day, every 3 hours, mechanically, I still struggle all day with the subconscious thought, “You’re not hungry enough to eat,” that rings in my head thanks to the horrible dietitians Tribole and Resch. Result: I go for hours and hours not eating, because “You’re not hungry enough” rings in my head. “Hungry enough” quickly became another food fear: an ED thought that drove me to starve all day, for almost 3 decades, that I haven’t been able to banish, though I’m improving, thanks to the writings of Ellyn Satter (on her web site), Jean Antonello (terribly titled book, “How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More,” that is obsessed with weight loss promotion but has brilliant insights i haven’t been able to find anywhere else; and ED treatment) Honestly, thought I’m not in favor of banning books, Tribole and Resch’s is the one book I would like to light every copy of on fire. It’s that harmful.

    All this said, I really appreciate that you said in this video that maybe people who are still above “healthy weight” (problematic term) or eating restrictively should not embark on IE. That is light years ahead of what most IE coaches say, that I’ve heard.

    But there are inherent contradictions in what you’re saying in the video: unless you know of strategies that result in everyone plus-size to be able to lose weight (which do not exist: most plus-size people will stay that way regardless of eating strategy), most plus-size clients will never be at “expected weight” (i.e. “normal” BMI), to then be able to embark on IE, as you state. That would leave them with using some other method of trying to lose weight (restricting), in order to then be able get down to “normal” BMI in order to start using IE! And of course, dieting a) doesn’t work for most people to cause sustained weight loss, and b) it teaches ED behaviors.

    That leaves only slim people, with no restrictive eating behaviors, as candidates for learning IE. That means the majority of Americans are not candidates for studying IE, or acquiring the “peace with food” that IE practitioners dangle. The most people who aren’t at peace with food are plus-size, and/or restrictive eaters.

    Here’s what I’m getting at. IE is not useful to most people, especially those who IE purports to help. And in fact, it can be harmful: it can cause, or exacerbate disordered eating, by telling people who already restrict, to only eat when “sufficiently” hungry, and not “too full.” That might even be a dangerous message for people who don’t already have other restrictive eating thoughts.

    Jean Antonello, RN, RD, partially solved one problem with IE: she recognizes that dieters learn to fear food and their hunger, and thus delay eating. To counteract this extreme tendency, she advises eating at the first sign or thought of hunger (no more than 10 minutes within the first sign of hunger), and to eat until one notices one has put the fork or food down and doesn’t feel like picking it up again. In other words, to eat at the first sign of hunger, until truly full and uninterested in eating more.

    Ellyn Satter recognized these problems and went further: she recognizes that pretty much everyone does better on 3+ scheduled meals, and scheduled, planned in-between snacks (and I would add an after-dinner snack before bedtime, to tide one’s hunger over until morning, for a total of 6 feedings/day.) On the advice of an ED RD 15 years ago, I have a mechanical eating schedule, eating 6x/day, every 3 hours, which I’ve set at 6 am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, and 9 pm. Bed at 9-10 pm. But it’s a nightmare for me to try to follow it. In 15 years, I’ve only been able to start eating breakfast by 6:30 am (my only goal in my life, to focus my full attention on it, because multiple goals are harder to achieve) every day for one week. That was a few weeks ago. My breakfast times range from 3 am 6 pm. My weekly average works out to breakfast at 9 am.

    Ellyn says that by eating on a consistent schedule, the body sorts out what and how much to eat in order to arrive at the next planned meal or snack comfortably hungry. This is brilliant. Instead of adjusting the feeding times to the body, as with IE, which can be totally unpredictable and stressful to figure out and then eat what one wants at that time and have it available and prepared, Ellyn is advising to eat on a consistent schedule, and let the body adjust the food choices and quantities according to the schedule (and choosing foods that bring one joy). Like people used to do up until dieting took over our lives in the 1960s present.

    I urge you and all IE advisors to 1. Put a warning note at the beginning of all videos and in the descriptions that IE is not recommended for plus-size people or people with a history of dieting or disordered eating, and 2. switch over to teaching Ellyn Satter’s method, instead, a) for safety/first do no harm/harm prevention, and b) because it so much easier to learn and apply (except for someone like me with an extreme ED, and even for me, it is massively simpler and better than IE ever was. It gradually improves my eating, eating competence, nutrition, psychological well-being, and schedule stability, whereas IE worsened all of those.

    Thank you for reading all of this. I can tell you really care about your clients and potential clients/the public, and appreciate that. I’m grateful you are an anti-diet dietitian, and are trying to improve dietetics. I’ve noticed that for many people who catch on to IE, it comes relatively easy to them, as compared to, say, my story for sure! What I’ve noticed isn’t apparent for IE fans is that for others, it can be a pure nightmare, and profoundly harmful: as harmful as dieting, or worse. I hope you will check out Ellyn’s web site (Ellyn Satter Institute) and if you do, skip to the “How To Eat” tab to get into the relevant parts.) Thanks again.

  • I went low fodmap at the start of this year and my bloating has gotten so much better that my pyjama pants no longer fit! I still bloat but it’s nowhere near as bad as it used to be

  • I read loads of superb opinions on the internet about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a lot of fat. Has anyone tested out this popular fat burn method?

  • The explanation about the word obese is great Abby! It’s the reason I felt sick when cassey ho from blogilaties called a woman obese on camera during a “body positivity” video ������

  • I have wanted to lose some fat and build muscle for a while now but I have developed a bad habit of eating when bored. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to food but whenever I’ve been bored (especially during quarantine) I’ve been going for my comfort foods which are often unhealthy like ice cream, cake, pop tarts, salty chips and ramen. Sometimes I try to eat healthier meals but when I’m bored I still go back to eating even if I’m not hungry. I don’t really know what to do. I don’t know how to stop this habit. Do you know what I could do to help lose this habit and safely lose fat and gain muscle?

  • I love Cassie and I follow her workout YouTube videos nearly every day, but I definitely had to unfollow her on tiktok because of the toxic messages she promoted everyday. I really doubt she does it intentionally, but most of her tiktoks promote diet culture and restrictive eating and it was super triggering for me. It is quite disconcerting how she can send such conflicting messages throughout her content:(

  • Reading these types of ridiculous tips on the internet really worsened my eating disorder at some point. My eating disorder literally turned ‘you might lose weight when you do this’ into ‘you might gain weight if you don’t do this’. I think these random tips on the internet could actually be really harmful to some people. Thank you for doing this video!

  • cassey actually really helped me fix my relationship with my body & food, and i happened to lose some weight in the process. the “banana test” doesn’t really make sense at all to me lol but it only seemed bizarre, not harmful.

  • on the 20 minutes watching this video, I tried unconsciously about 5 times to press the “Like” button, only to realize I had already done it. This is how much I liked this video

  • I am “obese” and after a lifetime of cycles of diets I now struggle with binge eating. I’ve been introduced to intuitive eating and have not worked through the book yet. I’ve been trying to only eat what I need and that nothing is off limits. It’s been really good. But I can’t let go of my weight goals. I’m sad that I’ll be this size forever.
    How can I achieve a healthier weight without my body fighting back and being bigger in the long run?!

  • I like that you’re addressing that it’s not a new diet and not a quick fix. It is getting back to what is right for our bodies, so we decide what that is.

  • A lot of people nowadays are trying to figure out the best way to lose weight. Then again, having the ability to find a diet plan that can work for you is tough to discover. A very important thing you want to understand is that a diet that works for one person might not work for another. And that means you must understand what your getting into before you begin one of these diets. This may give you enough information to learn whether this is something which is suitable to your requirements. Read more here

  • I love that you’re so woke about how to address folks w/ diabetes, obesity, etc., while also understanding we all need positive relationships with actual NUTRITION not just being thin. V refreshing on YouTube!

  • I have always felt conflicted by her brand and messaging. Something she said in a Physics Girl video not long ago made me realize she is much more focused on looks than she generally portrayed. For the video they went a lab to measure which glute exercises were best for getting a bigger butt. At some point Dianna commented on variations in fitness goals and butt building moves are good for those who want a bigger butt, to which Cassie off handed reply was that everyone wants a bigger butt. The sad part is I don’t think it even registered to her that she said it and how it might have come across if she did after the fact.

  • I do both. I think the major reason why people get out of shape is because they don’t realize how many calories the food they’re eating have.

  • I would like to try eating low carb for the weight loss benefits, but from my understanding complex carbohydrates/fiber are necessary to the maintenance of a healthy gut microbiome. I’m trying to improve/reverse my IBS-C so I don’t think I can try it, but your videos are interesting. Thanks.

  • Hi, I have a question!
    I’m not vegan but I wanted to know can you be vegan and still be intuitive eating? Because being vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, dairy-free, etc(weather we want it or not) is a way of restricting, even if it’s not for health or weight motives it still is restriction right? Like if you do follow a type of restriction you can still call it intuitive eating?

  • Telling a fat person to lose weight is not discrimination, it’s advice, for the wellbeing of the person. People with obesity have a way, way higher death rate than those of average weights. Maybe you’re right, maybe weight isn’t an indicator of health, but you’re not taking into account the fact that almost all people with obesity reach that level because of unhealthy habits. Once they drop those habits, they can be healthy again and lose weight. That’s the reality, you can’t ‘speculate’ on it because it is what the truth is. Intuitive eating is not possible for those on the verge of death. They need a faster, more guaranteed approach to get them to a safe level, and then they can begin to implement those longterm habits.

    But I’m not the dietician here so idk ����‍♀️

  • This is so helpful! The points you make about weight descrimination have put in to words things I have felt and experienced my whole life but could never express. Thank you!

  • that is exactly me when I decided to get off from keto and fuck the calorie calculator and eat what ever I want and never let eat occupy all the space in my mind and attention!!!! And now I found myself hating the feeling of being 100% full cause that’s soo not fresh, and I tend to be grumpier, and I totally can’t take it when something is too sweet, I basically feel disgusting when I eat for example a too sweet ice cream. I lost some weight but not a lot, and now I feel like it’s my set point….but really weight doesn’t matter, the structure of the body is. Now by adding more sports that make me happy like riding bikes or klettern or yoga, I’m hoping to shake offf some fat!!!

  • In Brazil is different, if you go to a registered dietitian, you certainly will leave with a crazy expensive meal plan that will basically make you suffer because some healthy foods taste like garbage and will make you hungry all the time. I’m a size 12, and I don’t want to loose weight but the first thing that they used to tell me was “you need to loose weight”, it was so painful, I ended up giving up diet and looked for other resources like a mental health professional and good sources on the internet, your channel is a breath of sanity, very needed in our sick society

  • Obesity doesn’t mean what you said in this video: this word comes from Latin and means literally “the one that ate too much”. Please, don’t share incorrect informations

  • I come from a history of anorexia a looooooong time ago but it is always lurking in the background. This video is very encouraging so I thank you for the info. I hope this becomes a way of life not only for me but all those struggling. ��

  • So happy I found this video! I agree with you on the protein. Tracking macros teaches you how much protein you really need to help lose weight, feel full, and gain muscle. I love the idea of being flexible with fats and carbs with just tracking calories.

  • This is a fantastic video. I completely relate to the scenario you noted about having issues with medical staff that simply infer that “everything” would be better if I just lost weight. I changed doctors over this issue. I mean I was there to get treatment for an injury I incurred while exercising in an attempt to get healthier. I am really enjoying your channel and only wish I would have discovered it sooner.

  • If you’re tracking macros then you’re tracking calories by default. However if you’re looking to lose weight and the scale number is important to you then focus on calories. Other than that just focus on your macros if you’re looking to gain weight or looking to achieve performance goals. That’s how I approach it.

  • Personally, I just make sure I hit my protein while monitoring my fiber and make sure my fat intake isn’t TOO low (sometimes I switch cereal for some pb) HOWEVER, if I’m going out to a social gathering with limited options, I’ll focusing on making smarter choices but focus on calories only… great video like always!

  • I like your videos and I agree with the Intuitive eating approach, but I can tell you from personal experience that binge eating and emotional eating is not only linked to a restrictive diet. Food can evade you from your daily problems, can reduce stress and anxiety, can transport you to your childhood or to a happier time, etc. You can overuse food as a mechanism to deal with your emotions in many different ways, that are not related to the diet culture.

  • Higher body weight can be directly tied to breast cancer as fat produces estrogen and higher levels of estrogen can cause breast and ovarian cancer

  • In my opinion, yes, you can want to lose weight and be body positive. I think it would mean something like: I don’t hate my body, but I know I could be better and feel better than I do now, so I’m going to do what I think is best for me.

  • Dah �� Not all calories are created equal so OF COURSE MACROS! Anyone with a brain can logically reason this without being brainwashed by the system for the simple-minded population.

  • I never restricted my foods in the past and it led to me being obese. Not the other way around. As a?child or teen i never stressed or restricted my Eating or foods… my disorder is wont stop eating. I love food and will just keep shoveling it til im sick and now “morbidly obese” bottom line i have to cut my self off at some point. And if you’re like me know you’re not alone or wrong with giving your self boundaries.

  • When i had found this weight loss program, I felt energized to try it out instantly. This has offered me enjoyment. My pal shed 10 lbs immediately after this kind of weight loss weight. My friend has reduced 10 lbs already due to this weight loss program. Google should help you to discover it. Program’s name is Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • To be very honest, it’s hard to intuitively eat processed foods. I suffer from PCOS and insulin resistance as well as overeating whenever stressed, and the insane hunger I experience after eating things like white rice, bread or pasta is something I cannot control. Not to mention the crashes. I’m perhaps a special case, but for people who already struggle with obesity and hormonal issues, we may have to resort to a whole foods diet with few, rare exceptions, in order to undo the damage. I found that a mostly vegan, whole foods diet has really helped me keep fuller for longer. It’s incredible to me, but I now eat 2 meals a day, not feeling hungry in between. The only dairy I consume daily is kefir salad dressing and my latte. And well. yeah, I do cook with butter instead of olive oil (not sure which is better, if you can help me there I’d really appreciate it!) 50% of the meals being green salads with nuts. The other 50%, mixed veggies with some type of protein. I reserve animal products for the weekend and I make my own weekend dark chocolate bars with nuts, dried fruit, oats and bananas. I find that eating a little bit of each, and playing with textures, colours and spices has deeply enriched my eating experience.

  • As specialist, I believe Custokebon Secrets can be good way to lost tons of weight. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it’ll work for you too.

  • For weight loss, calories r much easier to follow. However, for building muscle (which I haven’t focused on yet), I feel macros would be far more beneficial.

  • Hi! Thanks for this video. Losing weight doesn’t come down to calories in/calories out. If someone on a high carb diet consumes less calories than they burn, sure, they will lose weight…at least at first. But those carbs could be raising their insulin and high insulin levels and insulin resistance definitely interfere with weight loss. I know in your professional experience and in personal practice that you would completely agree that the quality of calories are responsible for weight loss that especially lasts longer than 30 days.

  • Another take away: The people who think that I should lose weight and tell me that I should, most of the time have no credentials. They are basing their statements off of an idea that they have, and have little knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle being indicative of health.

  • Personally, I think that it is possible to be body positive while also wanting to lose weight. You can still love yourself and your body but that doesn’t mean you can’t change some things about yourself to make yourself more healthy. We shouldn’t judge or look down or treat people horribly no mater their size. Those are just my thoughts, however.

  • I am a ‘lifestyle lifter’ but generally, i try to do both macros and calories. Eat whole food FIRST. Whole food is usually high in protein and fibre and other micronutrients/vitamins. Processed food on the other is the complete opposite. Regardless of weight loss or muscle gain, eating whole foods, with the principle of eating in moderation should take centre stage for your lifestyle to be sustainable in the long run.

  • I prefer to first hit my calorie goals, while keeping macros in mind. I always try to hit my protein goal for the day and then I just play around with carbs and fats depending on the day

  • Body positivity is a very tricky notion. I’ve been a follower of Cassey for at least 4 or 5 years and I’ve always appreciated the body positive image she’s been giving. The message I was getting from her is: love your body as it is already but still work to make it stronger and healthier, while mainly focusing on the way getting there makes you feel. When she first announced that she was going on a 90 day journey, I was really puzzled. First, I thought “what the heck?! She’s already perfect. Has she gone crazy?! Is she trying to look like every other trainer in the fitness industry now?!” and as I read the comments on the post, I noticed so much negativity and outrage. I was really tempted to just unsubscribe and give up on the idea of getting fitter while being healthy and without (starvation) dieting. Then I thought” wait… I’ve been following Cassey for so many years. Let’s take it slow and give it a thought.” And in time I realized I was judging her, just like everybody else, for doing what felt right for her, what made her feel better, just because her body is fitter than I’m dreaming for mine to be. I realize that she’s gotten this backlash because her life is pretty much public but we need to remind ourselves that she’s a person just like us. She has every right to have whatever goals she wants. Now the choice of whether to follow her path or not is for every person to decide on their own. Just because she went on such a journey, we don’t have to feel obligated to do the same and therefore blame her for “doing that to us”. To each their own.

  • I was a pop pilates/blogilates follower that developed an eating disorder in my early teens and I have struggled ever since. Her advice and general stance was so harmful back then, but I didn’t know about the most recent things. That truly breaks my heartshe and I are both still struggling.

  • I have Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism) and for 15 years counting calories is the ONLY way for me to not gain weight. If I eat to satiety every day even with fun strenuous workouts, I gain.

  • I’m noticing something in Cassie’s tiktok’s you showed, that I realize I’ve noticed with some other diet & fitness YouTubers do this too: referring to their meals as “Meal 1, 2, 3etc” instead of “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.” Idk maybe it’s because I’ve watched so many of your videos where you mention eating for enjoyment, but I just feel like labelling meals like that sounds like IT IS taking the enjoyment out of food. Like it’s almost a science label, almost in the same manner of Cassie’s “collecting food data.” I’m just wondering if you’ve noticed when reviewing YouTubers, or not. Or if you have mentioned it and I haven’t seen it.

    I mainly noticed it because I used to follow Tone It Up’s diet plan (I’m not saying there’s anything wrong them, they’re lovely!) but they referred to meals as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as well and I remember that feeling so weird when food journalling and talking to others about it. Love your videos, and wishing you the all the best as you near the end of your pregnancy!!

  • It’s crazy the higher fat I eat and keep my carbs below 20 I lose weight without being hungry.I love this way of eating October will be my 5th Ketoversary maintaining over 50lbs loss and I’ll be 55 next month and on no medications.I love your channel!

  • Because body positivity was a movement created by fat black women to eliminate the social stigma and oppression they faced, no, I don’t think one can be body positive and actively attempt to lose weight. Doing so inherently says that being smaller is better or preferable, which is literally diet cultures message.
    I do, however, think it is entirely normal to want to lose weight. But what generally underlies that is the desire for access. To clothes, healthcare, jobs, etc. Being in a socially acceptable body is social currency. And that’s something I don’t think Casey has ever understood. I would also say that she does frequently invoke body positivity in her social media so it does seem as though she wants to benefit from using that label, even though she doesn’t do any of the work to make fat people less marginalized.
    Idk, this video feels a little watered down and weak sauce.

  • Late to the party, but thank you for this video. I love working out, but I had never done Blogliates until about a month ago, when I decided I wanted something more low impact to do, for a while. At first, I appreciated Cassey’s bubbly attitude and natural gift for motivating people, but then I checked out the rest of her content, and decided to unfollow. I just couldn’t keep watching someone who puts so much emphasis on weight loss and claims to be body positive while pushing harmful diet culture rhetoric. I also feel that her workouts were repetitive, and a bit boring, but that’s just me. Anyway, thanks again for taking a sane, balanced approach with this, I thought it was well done and informative. Love your content.:)

  • It would be really interesting to see reviews of people on weight loss journeys. Sometimes I feel like this channel doesn’t always represent people who are losing weight in a healthy way for health purposes. Not all weight loss is problematic. Not all weight loss is disordered. ����‍♀️

  • that is very interesting what you said about the term, “diabetic”. I have Celiac Disease, and would never say, “i am celiac”. First off, it sounds strange, but also, I agree that, it implies that having celiac disease is my identity. I also have ADHD, and never say, “I am ADD”. I also get frustrated when others say that flippantly, because it is arguably offensive to people who actually do have the disorder, to just say that you’re distracted. Getting distracted is normal, having ADHD isn’t “normal”

  • Through this fat loss program, a couple of my friends burn more than 13 pounds! They told me to perform my analysis way too and learn about it. When I really started out following it the bodyweight just decreased 15 lbs. Google should help you to research it. Program’s name is at the bottom.
    Bella Kaγozko
    good luck

  • Speaking straight to my heart in this video girl! I just felt like I needed a break from Macros but still focusing on protein while I just count calories because I still lift heavy in the gym and want to help my muscles out! KITTEN!:)

  • This was a great video. It is often hard to watch those in thinner bodies talk about these issues but you did it in a very informative, factual and genuine way.

  • The tricky thing about going on a weight loss journey out of “self love” is that it’s too easy to trick oneself into thinking it’s self love when, in reality, it’s doing more harm than good.

  • I honestly don’t get what’s so terrible about boredom eating and giving in to your cravings sometimes.
    Until you are comfortable in your body regardless and manage to stay fairly healthy, I think there’s nothing wrong with some boredom/stress snacking.

  • There’s one thing that I disagree with and didn’t see a comment about yet:
    I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem to want to look good, unless you take it too far. If I’m to be honest, I work out for both my looks and my health (although I think more about the looks, to be honest). It makes me feel happy and accomplished when I look into the mirror and see the desired results.
    I do see how it can get out of control, though. I have my fair share of insecurities and know that those can distort the process into something unhealthy. But if it brings you more happiness than grief to set weight-loss and toning goals to achieve your desired look (within a healthy parameter), then I really don’t see the issue. I love that we have the power to shape our bodies to a certain extent. It gives me a feeling of agency. And I love esthetics as much as the next person. That being said, there’s plenty of more important things for sure. When it comes down to it, beauty comes from a person’s heart, so we all can be beautiful. This took a turn, but thank you if you actually read this rant to the end.

  • Macros �� otherwise I tend to overdo one area over the other & after a couple days of just that my mood, mind, hormones are out of whack!

  • Yesss thank you for talking about bloating as someone with ibs who is also gluten sensitive I get horrible bloating which causes pain and I also get severe digestive issues. I hate when people’s suggestions to debloat are telling me to lose weight when I am already thin and underweight naturally

  • I completely agree that her banana test is not ok because it could cause extra guilt but honestly it really helped me. I’ve got bad emotional eating that always leaves me feeling sick but the banana test makes me be more mindful and it’s easier for me to resist emotionally eating

  • I tryd diet and lost weight then put more weight on. now i only do fast. 
    Stay hungry till i cant then eat and do over that again.
    Fat are fuel then diet are chunk fuel out of tank. 
    Ps. Chunk out fat that body need to weight less and not the reserv for organs,brain,heart,lungs,and so on. 
    Healthy: under short time diet 30%, cardio:15%, 2 months.Strength in gym in 6 months 40%-50%
    Fasting: taking away fat from internal organs to funktion more to max.
    Healthy: conclusion unknown if subjec have any unhealthy habits

  • Thank god for macros. I’ve learned so much about food and realized why I never felt full when eating before. I hardly ever ate protein and just ate predominantly carb heavy foods. No wonder as a kid I ate more frequently than I do now, cap n crunch for breakfast only kept me full for an hour �� Now that I’ve increased my protein intake I’m still higher carb but I feel soo satiated now! Flexible dieting/IIFYM has definitely helped me for the better!

  • Ever since I started counting calories and tracking macros, I found that I always seem to fall short of my fat goal, which is 50g (or 20% of my calories) I usually land at around 20-30 grams. That’s why I like to have a bag of pistachios handy. I’ll eat however many I need to bring my fats up.

  • THROW SCALES OUT!!! Unless you have a medical condition and you d like to check your muscle and water weight to see wether you are reaching your sport goals and are not holding too much water weight… measure your body with other methods. Casey proofs you can have ice cream on a clean diet! Although she generally makes her own nice cream….

  • Thank you for this video. Im naturally skinny and wanted to gain healthy muscle. I was starting to do it by myself but now is definitely on top of the list to see a certified nutritionist.:)

  • Great video! I’ve enjoyed so much. I agree we are all in our own very journeys. Body positivity and acceptance feels different for everyone.
    I went allin Jan 2019 to get my period back and my journey was very different to other women in the community, I had 6 pack throughout even when I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, on my period and eating all the foods. I know my body is out of the standard and I should acknowledge that more often but for me is the standard if it makes sense. You say it really well, you do you! Some girls have genetically diverse body compositions and habits and thats OK if it feels right.

    On the contrary, like Nico said, I have friends not fuelling themselves enough but greater body fat% and they still having HA they are afraid of gaining weight and thats not Ok, we want a fearless society! Thank you, Thank you again:-) You look so gorgeous btw

  • You are one of the most embarassing phoneys out here. The amount of Crap in this video i think burned some Youtube servers or databases:))))

    You are reading a script, you don’t know literally anything about any form of exercises and their benefits. Yeah….jesus, hope nobody is dumb enough to listen to your actuall “advices”:))))

    Literally no clue, no knowledge about healthy eating (aka dieting which can be to lose weight, gain weight, it literally means “having a plan to achieve a goal” )….hope the Neuron in your head finds the strength to duplicate at least once:)))

  • Thank you so much for this video. I found it very helpful and informative. I don’t use TikTok and was quite shocked with those videos you shared. I know that I would not be full eating her diet, especially with how much she works out. I had anorexia as a teenager, and even though that was over a decade now, I still get triggered by things like that. I have struggled a lot more with my body lately because my body is similar to how Cassey looked before she lost all the weight. I thought that was a healthy weight and now I feel like I should lose weight to look more like how she looks now. I think some of her content is problematic for people with eating disorders or a history of eating disorders.

  • its weird to watch this kind of content while im still in the middle of an ed relapse, but maybe its a good sign, i hope so atleast

  • I like to count calories once in a while cuz im trying to lose weight and also sometimes (not daily) weight my self right when i wake up and it hasnt been fluctuating

  • I think that people, more now in the digital age, should learn to take more care of themselves than to expect an influencers take care of you and make your decisions depend on them, as well as magazines and other things, come on, we are thinking people, let’s learn to take care of ourselves and stop waiting for others to do it

  • So many people forget that salt is an essential nutrient, and it shows. Keep drinking water, keep eating as much salt as your taste buds say you should (sodium is so important that they evolved to taste it specifically), and your body will usually regulate the rest.

  • Here’s the problem: EVERYBODY who sides with your argument on “encouraging people to eat healthier” also believes that encouragement is THE SAME THING AS SHAMING.

  • What’s up with pregancy and watermelon? I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my hubby has to make sure I always have watermelon in the fridge. ��

  • I get bloated every single night to varying degrees because of IBS, and I can tell you that her meals would mess me up royally. Cabbage, mushrooms, and cauliflower in the same day? Phew.

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. While they may generate fast weight loss, these kinds of diet plans will never be a long-term answer for your waistline. It is best to look up Custokebon Secrets on google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • Does Custokebon Secrets (just google it) help me lost a ton of weight? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about this popular fat burn diet plan.

  • I think it’s a trick question because they are both ultra important in terms of obtaining muscle building and fat loss goals ��. Love the video Paul have a great trip!

  • Hey Abbey, could you maybe address food issues for people who grew up in diet culture and are now trying to get out of it, such as the stress and fear of being hungry and how dieting as a kid can affect your food relationships long term?

  • This is such an undervalued video! It’s amazing
    Lately I have felt so anxious because I couldn’t manage to keep my fats down (eating a vegetarian diet with lots of seeds)
    Macros is just to much for me
    Switching to calories with a protein goal will be a great help for that anxiety!!
    Thanks Lynette ❤️

  • I agree with most of the video, however I think the criticism for her “banana test” is a little unfair. In my opinion, it’s taken too literally, and I say this as an overweight person that has always struggled with my weight. The point of the video is to say that one must be mindful of “boredom” hunger or eating something solely because it tastes good. Of course there’s a place for treats once in a while, but the point is that if you don’t want the “healthy” thing to satisfy your hunger, then you shouldn’t be eating just for the sake of eating. That kind of thing can’t really be expressed in a TikTok, and perhaps she could have made a full length Youtube video on the subject, if she hasn’t already. Just my 2 cents!

  • Thanks so much for making this. I struggle a lot with eating sugar and shaming myself for it, so this is a great stepping stone for me.

  • When I read the title “Dietitian reviews Blogilates.” I thought it would be about Cassey’s meal plan etc. You are basically reviewing Cassey herself, her choices and her lifestyle. Much more than her diet, I thought. And almost everybody’s comments are criticizing her for being too fat or too skinny, eating too much or not enough, or that her food doesn’t look good etc. I think we just forget one very important thing, which is how Cassey is feeling, and that she has the right to feel “fat” even if she is not. Or to want to improve her body, which is also her “working material”. Also, do men get this kind of comment? Or just women? I am not sure I have seen comments on men’s videos, like “Wow, he must have a serious food disorder eating all those proteins.” I feel like the “Can You Be Body Positive & Want to Lose Weight?” problem went a little too far recently. I don’t even get the point of it, like “yes, of course, you can.” For me, it is like if you were asking “Can you love your brain and still want to learn new things?” Also, she is not just losing weight, getting skinnier and skinnier, from what I saw her muscles got bigger, particularly in her back.
    Also, her feeling a certain way does not define how people watching her videos should feel. If you watch her videos, and you are mad because she is already thin and wants to get thinner of fitter, be honest with yourself and admit that the problem doesn’t come from her. The way people feel about themselves and show their body on Instagram or TikTok etc shouldn’t define the way YOU feel about yourself. As long as she is not forcing her followers to eat the same thing as her, to look like the way she wants to look like, I don’t really see where is the problem. I assume we already know that everybody is different and there is no universal miracle diet that fits every single person.
    Sorry for the very long comment, I just wanted to say that people should have the right to be happy with fat or fit, hairy or shaved or whatever body AND be able to feel guilt-free for that. Anyway, I love the part about the “anti-bloating foods”, I learned a lot from it. (⌒-⌒; ) I just wanted to promote a little self-love, and freedom, for the potential haters that may comment: I won’t reply, I’ll be busy doing some yoga. Thank you for taking the time to read.

  • I was constantly bloated, gasy, uncomfortable and had sharp very hurtful abdominal pain. That’s when you have to do something and no it wasn’t not having dessert and drinking water. I went to an endogastrologist and found out that I am lactose and fructose intolerant and have a sensitivity to histamine… so yeah

  • I think you ponder to the snowflake culture a little bit too much… what’s wrong with saying “I feel fat today”? Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you feel fat. The same way sometimes you wake up in the morning, your face is unusually glowing that day and you feel pretty. Or you wake up after 4h of sleep and you feel tired. “Fat” can totally be a feeling description. I don’t see where the problem is.

  • I like the idea of intuitive eating and would be curious to read the book. My doubts are in the ability to resist binges. The one thing that I have found helpful about food trackers is that it teaches me what a normal portion or serving is. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups, but normal portions seem maintainable to me. Tracking isn’t something I would do forever, but sometimes it helps me get a handle on the concept of eating several healthy portions of different foods, and feeling satisfied and full. It’s actually surprising how much better I feel when cutting out junk too. Last weekend I ate a greasy burger and meal at a restaurant and felt awful the rest of the day. Thanks for the info.

  • Ive counted calories and macros for about 8 months now, no breaks. And it has helped me get an understanding of health, comming from a food addict because i used food for comfort. I still have weight to lose for health, not looks, but I AM SO TIRED OD WEIGHING AND COUNTING AND DOING MATHS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE CALORIES PER PORTIONS OF HOMECOOKED MEALS ARE.Sometimes i choose unhealthy foods simply because they are easier to calorie count??? THAT STOPS TODAY!

  • YES we love a queen who isn’t afraid to call her own past comments out/explain why they were wrong. Thank you for constantly being the greatest!!!

  • I am currently trying to figure out how to have a good relationship with myself and my body and now I ask myself if I am actually body positive.
    I mean, sure, I’d tell everyone that every body is beautiful and valid and I’d never say negative things about other people’s bodies. But at the same time, I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and tell myself that I’m ugly, knowing that I’m not. I sit in a train and look at other women, thinking that they’re fat or ugly, knowing that they’re not.
    I know that every body is beautiful. I really want to believe it. But I can’t stop all the negative thoughts in my head, even though I know better.

  • I really enjoy your videos Abbey. I have struggled with eating disorders and hearing your take on the body positivity movement is really meaningful for me. Intention is so important. I also really appreciate that way you speak about these different influencer’s and giving them the room to be on their journey without tearing them apart. Thank you for your work <3

  • Yeah I still love to do her workout videos because they make me feel amazing and her instructions on moves are easy to follow and it’s the only workout I feel happy to follow.
    The other stuff? Dieting, weight etc I got it covered with seperate diet plan on my own. And I ignore the ‘weight’ talk. I only do her YouTube videos and don’t follow her on other social media.
    You don’t need to overthink things. I looked at her diet advice and thought ‘nah, not for me’ and so I don’t listen to her food advice.
    I only use her for her incredible workouts. I love Cassey. I don’t think we have to throw her workouts away.
    And yes she’s gone through a rollercoaster journey, but who hasn’t? I went through similar phases. She’s a human.
    It’s actually helpful to see she’s a human who goes through similar stuff and it makes me see it isn’t worth it to worry about weight etc.

  • What if you eat at a caloric deficit but you don’t lose weight? Its really disheartening to try so hard and not see results. I have had some success with the Keto diet but its difficult to maintain because it makes me not hungry at all and I have to force myself to eat. any suggestions?

  • Yes, I too am guilty of jumping from weight loss plan to others as well, I think that I must have tried every fat reduction program that was available, however in the end not one of them helped me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Custokebon Secrets mainly because my cousin who told me amazing things about it and so far to date I’ve effectively lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks!

  • Im currently striving towards my goal of seeing my abs because that is something that I always wanted to achieve. That being said, I went into my lean diet with a very careful approach of always making sure that I fuel my body and never allow myself to feel hungry even if I go over my limit. Its been slow and steady progress and I make sure that I’m always checking with myself to see if I’m feeling happy and satisfied. If I feel crappy something has to change. If I crave something I have it. Life is too short to be cutting things you love out of your life.

  • Love this video! Just wanted to point out an ad that I’m seeing a lot on Abbey’s videos. The one in particular is for a weight loss program called vshred, and while he brings up some good points in the ad, he also says some things that seem pretty misguided and potentially harmful to me. Like that the recommendations to eat lots of fruits and vegetables is wrong, and how he promotes his program as a quick fix to lose weight fast. I love Abbey’s videos, but maybe take a closer look to see if the ads on the videos support the overall message of wellness promoted on the channel?

  • If my body says get a burger. Trust and believe, I am getting that burger because I always feel great after I eat what I crave and don’t strom through the refrigerator because I didn’t satisfy my needs… Listen to your body. Your body is your doctor. Of course still talk with your doctor when something changes.

  • I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost crazy amounts of weight. Has anybody tried using this popular fat burn secrets?

  • I feel like the ‘body positivity’ movement has been misconstrued with the ‘Healthy at every size’ movement. I think the problem with these ‘movements’ is that they tend to focus on what society would consider as an overweight woman and everyone that doesn’t fit into the category is not worthy of expressing there version of being body positive. Body positivity to me is about loving yourself and your body enough to take care of it and I think most would agree that that starts with our mental health. If loving yourself and your body means that you need to loose weight for health reasons or to feel better physically, then you should do it and if anyone’s got something to say about it… they aren’t really being body positive are they.

  • I personally love Cassey and have been following her for years now. I’ve see her change and grow and I appreciate how open she is about her journey and struggles. I appreciate this review wasn’t about destroying her image but actually looking at her and what she represents with logic and an open heart. I’m loving your reviews and tips so please keep doing it:)

  • Hi Lynette. I’m a college student attempting to get more fit. I tried counting macros for a bit when I first found your channel and was super confused and overwhelmed. Counting calories seems like it’d be easier to track and better for my lifestyle. How do I go about finding out how many calories I should be eating per day in order to lose weight? Thanks in advance. Love your channel.:)

  • I know that crack in your voice when you mention size 12. I just switched down to sz medium undies from large and hope I’ll be getting back into my smaller sized cycling and yoga tights soon. I appreciate what you do as it takes courage, vulnerability and focus. Your authenticity is beautiful.

    there is a Dr. Phinney lecture on YT where he talks about a metabolic ward study he conducted. two groups of women both on 1300 cal diets. one sedentary and the other daily treadmill. Dr. Phinney says they showed the metabolism of the women burning daily calories slowed to make up for the deficit and both groups lost the same amount of weight.

    Thank you for beating the drum of calorie restricted diets being damaging. I had no idea until it was almost too late. I still can’t believe I was eating 1700 calories a day all while biking 1 1/2-2 hours and doing vinyasa yoga 5 days a week. I like to think high fat keto is helping. I can’t seem to get my protein below 65 g. Even eating fat in excess (cream, butter, cacao butter), I still get really hungry. I have maintained a moderate to high activity level for 10+ years so I think it has to do with having more muscle mass. CW 140 GW 120 5’2″ 37 yo female.

  • Since i eat once a day at lunch time and flexible dieting �� i love it i just count calories ��went from 400 to 270 did keto for 4 years but the last year i stalled was tired and was really religious about it and got into a disorder from carbs and stuff like that now its just a relive to eat what i enjoy and or want ��such a great lifestyle for me

  • I have a follow-up question on the study mentioned at 11:33. Did the study address the possibility that women who had never dieted were at a “healthier” weight or had maintained a “healthier” weight through their current age? I am not being a little “poop” in this question, seriously want to know if this was addressed in this study.

  • I like your body positivity definition. All bodies are worthy. You can be happy with your body and be overweight and lose weight because your doctor thinks that would be best. Excess weight effects your body pretty severely like your heart, joints, blood pressure, ect. I don’t think the body positivity and the healthy at every size movement should have cross over. We know by widely accepted science that excess weight is harmful. I think that body positivity should really be about loving your body in every stage and in addition to that making positive changes to support it. I think that is what self care really looks like. Making changes that better your health, your emotions, help prevent illness and support your mental health. I also know that many people cannot do this all at once, much of the time people start by loving their body, then make the positive choice to seek counseling regarding relationships with food, then go on to really make changes in their lifestyle. So to answer the question if body positivity and weight loss can have cross over… Absolutely YES! You should love your body and you should make positive changes to support it! Many of us should lose weight to help our bodies and some of us should gain it! I think the goal with body positivity and weight should be health. Sometimes this means tackling your mental health first if you have struggles with weight, but in the end it is all the same goal love and health. I see diet culture as lose weight or do this to look better, to get a man, to get a job, or whatever else they say. That is not a positive culture. When you are taking charge of your life, of your body, your health because you want to do something good for yourself, I think that is body positive regardless of where you are in that journey to being the best version of yourself wholeheartedly.

  • I definitely think you can be body positive and want to lose weight. I’m obese. I’m trying to lose weight in a healthy manner. I walk daily and enjoy nature. I do strength training a couple days a week. I focus on fruit, veggies, whole grains, nuts and legumes, but also enjoy an occasional treat.

  • I am getting back into the (high fat) keto swing since having my baby and am so relieved I had found you before the whirlwind of . When calculating my macros, I believe in the past you had suggested using the process spoken of by the coach at Common Sense Keto, correct? If so, I am slated for 212gms fat a day and that has me both excited and unsure. “Excited”, since uping my fat the first time I went keto (for 1.5 years) helped me regulate and become pregnant. “Unsure” because I am/was wondering how to get in that much fat once I have accounted for my 55gms protein.

    Thank you for dumbing it down for me and being your amazing as ever self. Thank you to Robxn for their help behind the scenes and their videos as well. You folx are honestly two of my favorite human beings. ������

  • I never knew how keto really worked because it always seemed too scientific, but u explain it in such an easy to understand way. Thank u so much for sharing this!!

  • It would be interesting to see if you are now Diabetic by eating such a high fat diet. Obviously, I doubt you would want to be Diabetic but Keto is supposed to create type 2 Diabetes