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Why Losing Fat Is So Hard!

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Why is Weight Loss (And Health) So Hard?

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My #1 Weight Loss Advice // by a registered dietitian

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Dietitian’s Thoughts on NOOM Weight Loss App | “Anti Diet” Behavioural Changes or Diet Culture BS?

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When trying to lose weight, the body fights to hover around its set point by conserving calories, increasing appetite and decreasing satiety signals. This telling trifecta is the main reason why losing weight and keeping it off is so hard: 1. FEWER CALORIES BURNED. 1 day ago · Why is it so hard to lose weight? It’s a question many, if not most, people have asked themselves, probably on many occasions. Aside from the obvious food is delicious, exercise is hard.

Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder, and according to our experts, there are a number of reasons why. The body physically has a hard time maintaining weight loss, due in large part to the effect of the original loss on the body’s metabolism. One of the reasons that weight loss is so hard is because of the internet. There’s an abundance of misinformation online telling you if you do X, you will lose X amount of weight, and much of it has no real science behind it.

Everybody who has an Instagram or Facebook account is an. Losing weight is hard for several physiological reasons. Fat cells never go away When you gain weight, your body creates new cells called adipocytes to store the extra fat, and those adipocyte cells never go away. You can burn away the fat inside, but you can’t burn away the adipocytes themselves.

It makes weight loss sound so simple and easy. But, in reality, losing weight is tough, and it’s not because you or anyone else is lazy or just not trying hard enough. It’s because, for many of.

Researchers report that a registered dietitian may be the best way for many people to lose weight. In their study, the researchers say people who used a dietitian lost an average of 2.6 pounds. And at least with dieting, there’s a fairly straightforward explanation: It’s often harder to lose weight the second week of a diet because your initial weight loss is really just a loss of water weight. The good news is, just because the scale slows down doesn’t mean your diet isn’t working. Sometimes losing weight can seem impossible.

You may be watching your calories and carbs, eating enough protein, exercising regularly and doing all of the other things known to support weight loss. Keeping weight off after a diet is no easy feat, and most people who lose weight eventually gain at least some, if not all of it back. This isn’t a matter of lack of willpower or effort, but of.

List of related literature:

This is also because my patients do not overeat; they lose weight because they feel satisfied from all the fiber in the natural foods and because the diet has such a high nutrient-per-calorie density.

“Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” by Joel Fuhrman
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If you find a worsening of a skin condition, or increase in pain levels, or gut issues, this food may be telling you something, and may also be the root cause of stopping weight loss because of all the inflammation it is causing in the body.

“The Gut Makeover: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionize Your Health, and Lose Weight” by Jeannette Hyde
from The Gut Makeover: 4 Weeks to Nourish Your Gut, Revolutionize Your Health, and Lose Weight
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If the health concern involves a nutritional imbalance, such as poor absorption of nutrients or the need for great weight loss, a dietitian or nutritionist should work with the patient.

“A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Communication for Health Professionals E Book” by Julie Hosley, Elizabeth Molle-Matthews
from A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Communication for Health Professionals E Book
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It is obvious that the provider has mastered the challenge (to lose weight) but the patient has not.

“Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Context, Concepts, Practice, and Evidence” by Gwen van Servellen
from Communication Skills for the Health Care Professional: Context, Concepts, Practice, and Evidence
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They also include very low-calorie diets of two to six hundred calories a day, which will inevitably lead to weight loss, but the weight loss diminishes as the diet progresses, once again because metabolism and energy expenditure both decrease, and when the patients go off the diet, they regain the weight lost.

“Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes
from Good Calories, Bad Calories
by Gary Taubes
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Because it’s the person with the health condition who must take the required action to drop the weight.

“Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times” by Dusan Djukich
from Straight-Line Leadership: Tools for Living with Velocity and Power in Turbulent Times
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Because energy requirements decrease as weight is decreased, diet and physical activity goals need to be revised so that an energy deficit is created at the lower weight, allowing the patient to continue to lose weight.

“The Practical Guide: Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults” by North American Association for the Study of Obesity, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health (U.S.), NHLBI Obesity Education Initiative
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Because other diets haven’t worked for people with Metabolism B, permanent weight loss can feel overwhelmingly dif°cult and often downright impossible.

“The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight... Permanently” by Diane Kress
from The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition: 3 Easy Steps to Regain Control of Your Weight… Permanently
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The role of the dietitian may appear simple in attempting to provide sufficient energy to prevent weight loss, but the complexity of the disease process and the barrage of symptoms which influence feeding behaviour profoundly are numerous.

“Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine” by Nathan Cherny, Marie Fallon, Stein Kaasa, Russell K. Portenoy, David C. Currow
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The dietitian can provide specialized information and ongoing support for weight loss.

“Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention” by Meg Gulanick, Judith L. Myers
from Nursing Care Plans E-Book: Nursing Diagnosis and Intervention
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  • So true, I never realised why I’d gain weight but then about a year ago I realised when I did eat or drink something I normally would the calories in it all are shocking

  • I’ve been obese since I was a child, and it all started with me getting hungry during the hours I should be asleep. I’d wake up because I felt hungry and wandered my way into the kitchen, got a snack, finished it and went back to bed. And over the years it just kept escalating. And quite honestly, a lot of the reasons you gave, most of them apply to me. I only have one or two People actually trying to support me, I’ve got some pretty bad depression that I don’t take any medication for, and I sleep quite a lot. When I don’t have school, I can go to bed anywhere between 12 and 4 AM and wake up in the afternoon of the next day. When I do have school, I (try to) go to bed around 10:30 and I wake up at 6 AM. I’m pretty much 300 pounds and Diabetes is already genetic in my family, it’s somewhat of a miracle that I haven’t gotten it yet, but from what I’ve read, it’s all because of a Metabolism imbalance. So if there would be a way to make my Metabolism be at the rate of an 18-year-old female that would solve a lot of my problems.

  • A you tuber alisha Mari does noon. You should watch her video. I’d love to see you talk about her. I started watching her video before you, it caught me because she lost a good amount of weight and look good. Then I watched yours and you told me the truth. Glamorous her video at the finest. It caught me like a spider too a web.

  • I liked Noom when I used it, but they definitely needs to screen for eating disorders because a lot of their advice could be used very, very badly

  • I downloaded it, and it told me that I should eat 1300 calories per day. For reference, I am a 5’9″, large-framed woman with a fair amount of muscle. At the time (pre-quarantine), I was working out 3-4x per week.
    Yeah, I’m never going to eat only 1300 calories per day. I immediately cancelled it and sent them a note because of it.
    Edited to add: I should say that I do use My Fitness Pal, because I haven’t been able to successfully use IE. I do use macro/nutrient counting (and therefore calories, but less important to me), but MFP allows me to set it rather than go through a set program on something that doesn’t know my body like I do.

  • I never know whether to like or dislike your videos because I always agree with your main point but not many of the points you make in support of it LOL

  • I love how your example is “a bottle of wine”.�� �� But I get it.
    For me it’s more an entire bag of crips or an entire box of chocolates.
    And I have definitely done the “I can use the extra calories I just burnt for a slice of carrot cake”-thing. Small steps. Cheers!!

  • omg i do NOT need an app telling me not to eat burgers lol. burgers are insanely filling for the calories they have. im not a fan of mcdonalds but i like other burger joints.

  • I think the concept of calorie density can help many people with weight loss or weight maintenance. But you shouldnt categorize them as green or red. Just use the knowledge for your own gain

  • I am on the Noom program, i feel like it really has helped me, i find the articles motivating. I don’t follow everything it says and my “red ” foods are always “over” but it has helped me lose 30 LB in the last 10 months and I plan on using it until I reach my goal weight, which is 155, I started off at 205 and I’m 5’7. I do agree with some of the red flags you pointed out. I have suffered from disordered eating in my (pretty distant) past and i feel like for some it would be easy to fall back into those habits on Noom with nobody from the app noticing too much. I also started running, going to therapy, cut back on alcohol and quit smoking all during the pandemic, maybe i just thrive more in chaos and isolation but Noom has been a tool I’ve leaned on.

  • I loose fat without even training and when i do train I loose even more fat. I am 5.10 and weigh 11 stone 9 any ideas why? maybe i have a overactive metabolism, because I eat like food is going out of fashion. But great vids keep up the good work.

  • Change one thing a week.. after 2 months u have change 8-9 things.. swap out coke for diet, change the choc bar to fruit or nuts, make it one takeaway a week rather than 3… small steps take you a long way over time

  • Abbey, why do you use air quotes that much? There are really worse apps than Noom in my opinion, but you seem really critical. It’s pretty hard to make solid nutrition advices without offending or annoying someone if you have such high standards

  • I just started my Noom trial and have a few thoughts. 1. Anyone with a history of eating disorders should NOT use this app, or ANY weight loss app, in my opinion. It’s just common sense that these kinds of programs are very triggering to people with a history of EDs. That being said, 2. I actually really appreciate the Stoplight system for categorizing food. Although I agree it would have been a better idea to not label anything “red” based on the stigma it creates around eating these foods, the program does say that these red foods should be a part of your daily diet, just less than the other colors. I think you mention that the app tells you to eat mostly “green” foods, but actually it recommends a ratio where yellow foods make up the majority of your daily diet, followed by green and then red. For me, when I eat red foods, I don’t see it as “ugh I feel so guilty for eating this”. I feel more like “cool, I get to eat this kind of food every day, but need to be MINDFUL of how much of it I consume”. I definitely think the Stoplight system is meant to be about mindfulness, not restriction. 3. I think the daily weigh-ins are a good idea (again, not for people with history of EDs) because it normalizes weight fluctuations and makes weighing yourself way less of a stressful experience. For example, I weighed 2.2 pounds less on my second weigh in, which was obviously due to some sort of fluctuation relating to either bloating or digestion, not because I actually lost 2.2 pounds of fat in a day. Same thing if I were to gain weight in a day, I can acknowledge that it’s just my body fluctuating normally, NOT a failure on my part to weigh less. 4. I’m not sure at this moment if I will continue to pay if the monthly price seems to steep for me simply because I already know most of the info the app has so far taught me, and also because I don’t see myself using the coach system. There are other free apps out there that you can track your calorie deficits with, like Chronometer (which I highly recommend btw). The thing about Noom that other free programs don’t do though is it keeps me motivated and accountable by encouraging me to check in daily. Otherwise it’s super easy for me to fall off the wagon of food tracking within 2-4 weeks.

    TLDR; don’t use weight loss programs if they are triggering for you, period; if you’re the kind of person who has a relatively healthy relationship with food but needs a gentle nudge to be consistent, I think this app will work for you.

  • I started their free trial and they put my max calories at 1200 just to lose 1 lbs a week lmaoo no thank you. Been there done that. The girl that used to be my fitness coach(taking a break right now) even said yikes. I also dont need another calories in vs calories out. I workout regularly, I need assistance with healing my relationship with food not making it worse.

  • Interesting, I’ve been on Noom for about 2 months, and as someone who has struggled with orthorexia, it actually does not put me back into that mind space.

  • Hi Alex thanks for helping us manage our health I agree with you 100%. for me its lack of time management at home. I am a SHAM and I don’t have time to exercise I don’t even get time to teach my kids or spend enough time with them the guilt inside me is killing me inside.

  • I considered applying for Noom before seeing this video. What caught my eye initially was their promotion of “sustainable weight loss.” After watching your video, I’m not applying there anymore. Thanks, Abbey.

  • For me it’s people. I am French and ALL my friends (so do I) love wine, cheese and bread… seems legit (it’s not even a joke lmao). Since I lost over 20 pounds, I am obsessed with the idea to gain that weight back (I still have 10 pounds to lose) and the more I am in this journey to get my life back with healthy habits, the more my friends think I am annoying… I often refuse restaurants, wine ect. because I don’t want to ruin all my efforts. I mean, having one cheat day/meal is ok but if I have to follow my friends, I will have 7 cheat day per week! I cannot be the same person anymore (eating carelessly, drinking and sleeping late) but at the same time none of my friends understand me… I am afraid to be that “annoying” person but I am more afraid to get back to my old weight. Who else experienced this?

  • I just want a non-diet-y health app that helps keep me engaged because with adhd I do need that structure, but I have no interest in an app that is gonna ask me what my goal weight is. Lol like, I don’t even keep a scale, I just want to eat healthy and be strong.

  • I wish you would review the Naturally Slim program. I found it really troubling for a number of reasons. My husband’s company offered it to him as a perk of his insurance, but it had almost a cult like feeling, and some suggestions (like guzzling super diluted orange juice, avoiding all sugar, using a meal timer) upsetting.

  • I weigh myself every day and I’m happy about it because it motivates me. Because I’m actually losing weight, but I’m not hungry either. And so it’s nice to see the progress I don’t know why that is so wrong.

  • I’m so glad that you posted this. I wish I would have found this before starting Noom. It was helping in the beginning but I feel like it’s been taking a toll on my mental health by weighing in everyday and I am seriously thinking about cancelling my subscription. Any time I try to ask my coach or specialist a question, I don’t get an answer until like 2 days later

  • I tried noom as an alternative to Myfitnesspal, hoping it wouldn’t be calorie centric. As someone who struggles with BED and a “recovering dieter” calorie counting, restricting, regular weigh-ins, labeling foods good/bad, are all things I’m trying to avoid. But right away, they encourage you to weigh in every day to “overcome fear of the scale” and even though they said “red foods aren’t bad foods” I could not get over the red/yellow/green associations. It’s just another diet app under disguise.

  • Calorie budgeting is good, actually. I lost 50 pounds and stopped my hypertension, gastric distress and acid reflux along the way.

    And, no, nuts and oils are not “healthy.” A 120 calories per tablespoon food with no satiety is something you should be careful with. If you are telling your clients that you shouldn’t measure out their olive oil and keep it to a minimum, then you are a crank

  • Great video and all but is there a more entertaining style to present the information? You could do some exercises or something I don’t know, so it’s not just you standing there. Or maybe there’s not much else you can do whilst still getting information across, and I’m just chatting shit. But yeah, just a thought

  • I tried to use noom as it claimed to be a “lifestyle” based diet change. Ended up just straight up triggering my ED. Completely tone deaf and clearly not well researched.

  • You guys have got me inspired. I’ve never been in amazing shape but this is giving the motivation to give it a go! No idea where to start so I could use some advice in that area. I’m at university full time while also working full time so finding time to make meals and work out is a little difficult but I’m willing to try! Advice is appreciated.

  • I tried it for 2 days, the fact that my calorie goal was 1200, as a 29 year old is just ridiculous. And that was with me putting that I’m moderately active.

  • When I used it, I got a response from a person, once a day on weekdays, it is possible for it to work for some people but it was not for me. It helped with my motivate me here and there but it wasn’t enough for me to continue to commit to it.

  • I used Noom for a period of about 6 months as my first foray back into ‘sustainable’ weight loss goals, after regaining weight over a few years, after my previous crash diet history. I had a coach called Deborah who I could also follow on Instagram who did definitely promote a healthy lifestyle, and I found her genuinely helpful. I did also find the course information helpful as I had previously never even tried to learn about psychology around food. I stopped my paid programme after losing around 28lbs, after being on a calorie goal of 1200, where I was hungry a lot, and had no real gauge of my deficit, as I didn’t have any other fitness tracker which told me my overall energy expenditure for the day. Deborah who was happy with my progress and so was happy to see me finish the programme and leave Noom, but, sure enough, I regained the weight over about 2 years, and then some. I re-signed up for Noom, thinking that it would help as it did the first time, but was constantly depressed that this was an app ‘to lose weight for good’ and I was having to do it a second time around, which constantly affirmed personal failure, rather than failure of a system. I also experienced some pretty irrelevant and insensitive replies from my personal coach, which seem like the ‘canned’ responses that Caroline talked about, when response loads are high for the coaches. I went all the way through the paid programme again, this time totally unsuccessfully, not even losing a pound, and noticed again how some of my nutrient dense foods like chia seeds were marked as red, which ended up with me noticing that I was likely to restrict on some of the best things I was eating in my diet. At the end of the paid programme I cancelled, and started to lose weight pretty much the next week, as a weight was lifted from me that instead of having failed and having to ‘repeat class’, I could find a new way that worked for my body now. I definitely don’t have the answers to sustainable or longterm weightloss, but I definitely would agree that there is no evidence to suggest this app can give you results for good, and for me, it had the same effect over the longterm than any previous crash diet/restriction diet I’d done. Thanks for your video on this as I found it really helpful to see from a nutrition perspective and diet culture how harmful it can be. (I constantly felt bad that I selected the tortoise setting for weight loss speed for example). Thanks for all your hard work Abbey:)

  • I like noom. So far I have learned a lot. It’s not a bad thing to weigh daily. I have tried a lot of diets. Noom helped to remind me of something’s I forgot. I see it as promoting increased activity with limiting your intake, And so far I have lost 7 lbs lbs in one month. So Abbey what do you suggest. To help people lose weight. The only thing wrong with noom is it cost to much.

  • You’ve said that you’ll burn around 500 calories in a real workout. I struggle to work out my BMR and TDEE, so do I need to eat for example 500 calories less on an offday than on a trainingday?

  • I have been using Noom for a little over 3 months, and I have really liked it. I have lost 30lbs and i think it actually encourages you to eat all foods that’s part of the lessons some days. I feel like I have a lot of freedom.

  • Hi Abby! Love the video! I recently came across an app called Little Moochi targeted towards helping kids develop healthy eating habits. It claims to be safe by focusing on the benefits of food, not calories. Also, their little character is SOOO cute. I’d love to hear your thoughts
    Their website is:

  • I am currently using it. Some of the early readings were helpful and helped me understand how to fuel myself better. I don’t really pay attention to the colored foods, so I just eat what I want. It holds me accountable in a way I have struggled to do on my own. I also understand the daily weigh ins because Noom talks about how your weight fluctuates in life, so it’s important to get comfortable with it. It’s definitely not worth the money bc I can do the food tracking by myself. I already paid for 3 months tho, so we’re gonna stick with it for the last month

  • hey i have a question that you (anyone
    ) probably won’t see, but idk i eat one meal a day, but two if i go to school (breakfast and lunch/brunch) and on a day i stay home i’ll have snacks and stuff, but i don’t lose weight and i exercise like crazy. my metabolism is also pretty slow because i don’t really get hungry and if i eat more than one meal a day the weight piles up:(
    also a lil more info about me (sorry) i’ve been working out since July of 2019, and so far i’ve lost 21 pounds, and now im 104 pounds, and i’m stuck between 104-105. i wouldn’t say my diet (not on a diet but you know) is the most nutritious, or healthy but it satisfies me. i’d eat healthier if i didn’t have so many cravings, but i do eat my fruits and back then i ate veggies everyday (just now we’re running low.) i don’t drink that much water a day, just about one water bottle (20 fl oz) a day, and im 5’3-5’4. im also only 13, and i know im in the growing stage but i want to be a lot more toned, because im only about 80% there. sorry for the bother:( can you help me?

  • Would you ever consider taking a look at Chronometer? I know it’s not as popular as MFP and NOOM, but it’s less moralizing and I’ve found it really helpful. You can tell it not to show you certain things and it also tracks micronutrients! I used to use it to make sure I was getting enough iron and B12 while I got the hang of vegan IE.

  • I was ready to invest some money into this app and one of the first requirements is to weigh yourself everyday. That’s when I immediately quit. Nothing worse than weighing yourself and obsessing over a number that really does not mean anything, especially having had an eating disorder.

  • I’m younger than most people on these comments, but me being a teenager, I go out mostly every day with my friends. Whether it’s to the mall or to a restaurant, and I’m always afraid that if I eat this or that, I’m not going to lose weight. And I end up eating it anyways. I haven’t been able to lose weight in so long. I feel like dieting is suffocating me. I feel like I can’t enjoy the joy of food. It’s all just so suffocating. And so hard. I’m stuck

  • Many people mostly want to get their body fat % down to under 10% to look good, but actually its healthier (in someways) to stay a little bit higher, mabye about those 13%. So I personally dont see the reason to cut my BF% down, because it will negatively affect strength, I wont feel like i have so much energy, and i will have to cut peanut butter out of my food, to gain what? I little more visible abs? That doesnt matter, when the thing that matters the most is how much I put on the bar.

    Still some great tips on losing body fat though…

  • I used this app back in high school when it first came out. It was awful. I ended up eating the lowest calorie possible meals which led to me binging at night. It made me feel so bad about myself so I would exercise hard. Now I’ll use Cronometer on ocassion to make sure my diet isn’t deficient in anything (because I’m vegan) and I exercise often but workouts I enjoy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • I’m on week 7 with Noom. Its the only “diet ” that has helped me mentally. Sure, 1200 calories is hard for me at times but I’m learning more about food/behavior. I’ve only lost 10lbs so far but I’m okay with slow progress because at least I’m losing and gaining more long term goals. I love the psychology of Noom. The Cons are price, lack of coaching and database of food varies. I’m sticking to Noom ��

  • You are a dangerous quack like every other dietician I have ever worked with. I am 54 and have been dieting since I was 6. I have dieted my way to 216 pounds. In the last month I have found noom and Greg doucette. I have lost 11 pounds by trying Greg’s awesome recipes and I finally am able to let go of my guilt and shame over never being able to have a healthy weight by listening to his knowledgeable explanations and by reading the CBT articles that Noom provides. I have met many dieticians in the course of my horrible, shaming quest for good health. None of you were helpful. Yes, Greek yogurt and egg whites are healthy, but never had any advice on how to gag them down. That’s where Greg is doing a huge service to people like me. He makes delicious, recipes where you feel like you are eating the best tasting food ever and the weight started coming off with no deprivation. I was so scarred by dieticians quizzical looks and obvious disbelief when I would say I gain weight eating 1200 calories a day. As a group, you speil crap that doesn’t help people who are struggling. Look at how many times you have reinvented the food pyramid/rainbow, etc. You can’t figure out what people are supposed to be eating as a bunch of pseudo-scientists who are so obviously influenced by food lobbyists. Shame on you. Greg and Noom have helped me more in one month than your profession has helped me in 35years.
    Also, even though you are very attractive, your gestures, particularly, your amazingly frequent use of air quotes makes you a turn off…You get harder to watch over time…Greg screaming the truth like the parrot from Aladdin is strangely addictive. You should stay in your own lane and work on how dieticians could become a relevant group for people who struggle with weight issues. Obesity in North America with all its linked diseases has become an epidemic under your watch.

  • I am a current Noom user(this is my 4th months using Noom). The reason I signed up was to improve my relationship with food, and to loose a little bit of weight. Honestly I don’t think this video is very fair to the Noom experience at all, because it actually supports everything you support. The course started with basic nutritional knowledge, then food behavior and it’s relationship to emotions, how to fight thought distortions, cravings, loosing “bad food” mentality, then moved into intuitive eating/tune in to your hunger cues and mindfulness. It did categorize food into red yellow and green based on calorie density, but it also emphasizes that it is only an indication of calorie density, and encourages users to eat moderate amount of high calories density Whole Foods like nuts. I admit I was also skeptical like you when I saw the advertisement, as the ad is not very true to the using experience at all. it’s more like taking a daily course, instead of a “weight loosing program that teaches you to count calories”. It significantly improved my relationship with food, helped me loosing 10lbs and becoming a much more mindful eater. It even helped me with other aspects of life as relationship with food is really just relationship with self&the world. I am your subscriber, i find a lot of your videos very informative and backed with science. But to be honestly a little disappointed about how much this particular video jumped to conclusion too quickly.

  • I used to watch you all the time. I went to uni and I’ve had a baby and life has just been busy that I barely get a chance to watch any YouTube videos. However I’m trying to lose weight and have finally got a little time of an evening to watch you again loving your stuff and slowly building my knowledge up again from your videos thankyou! X

  • im an RD2B and I did the free trial on this app just to see what it was all about. I found it relied heavily on the psychology aspect of things, which was interesting. I was really turned off that it wanted daily weigh insNOT what I learned.

  • Thank you for this video! Do you ever discuss blood work and reproductive health and how nutrition can improve these metrics of health?

  • Ok so here’s my problem…
    A few weeks ago I came across your website and how you said to eat more of the right things. And I did just that. So for the past three weeks I ended up losing 6.6 pounds while incorporating an hour of cardio everyday, bringing me up to a total of 10 pounds since I started. I ate between 1700 and 2500 everyday, sometimes 3000 calories and I still lost weight. So a few days ago I got so wrapped up in trying to reach a certain weight that I ate less than I should have and I reached the weight. But then I started gaining weight and now even when I exercise an hour a day and eat 1800, I’m still maintaining my weight. That’s depressing. I get enough sleep and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Am I supposed to add 30 more minutes to my workout? An extra hour? What about when I lose another 10 pounds? By the time I get to my goal, would I be working out 6 hours a day? My stats are 5’3 and 181 lbs. I used to do a lot of strength training so I have a fair amount of muscles which I’m also hoping to get rid of, but not entirely. 

  • can you please please help me out
    i lost 36 kg in five months
    by exercise and diet
    I stopped dieting for 3 weeks and i lost 1 kg now I’m 70 kg
    now i want to diet to 10℅ and i have 2 months or three to do that
    i only lift weights i do cardio 2 time a month
    should i start incorporating cardio to my workout plan ir not.
    people in the gym told me that it will make you loose your muscle mass
    please please reply ��

  • Before I used to stay an hour in the gym but now I am spending 2 hours in the gym as I am spending longer time on the running machine and the rowing. My main aim is to lose fat but I also want to gain some muscle but I am very self conscious about doing it as I haven’t done it as much and I don’t want to feel embarrassed if I lift the weight wrong.

  • Thanks for the helpful video. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Lumen. Please do a breakdown of whether Lumen could actually help tweak metabolism.

  • I tried Noom and it triggered my past of disordered eating within the first couple of weeks. I immediately stopped using it because I am not going down that route again. Just glad I recognized it and my boyfriend even knows how to recognize if I ever “fall back in” to old habits.

  • So… I’m not at all saying it’s magic or anything. It’s an app. There are others out there that are probably just as good that cost less. However, I’m finding it helpful. I like the simplified food system it’s not overwhelming me with information. I’m mostly using it to count calories and to encourage myself to eat more fruits and veggies. I’m a 5’4″ female and I put my weight loss setting on the turtle, and my calorie budget is around 1800, and it goes up with exercise. Sometimes I eat under, sometimes over. I don’t have any history of restrictive eating disorders, but I do have a history of mindlessly eating junk and fast food, so tracking is helping me get closer to my goals. I can see where things could cause problems for people with a history of disordered eating, but for someone like me who just needs something easy to use, something that helps remind me of my goals, I think it’s pretty useful.

  • Thanks for sharing this information. It’s defiantly a better understanding of why I’m not losing the weight I have been trying to lose for years. I will do the exercise you suggested and find out where these problems are for me in my life.

  • Boom ads are so damn annoying. I hate companies thst don’t bother to make ads specific for their target country. As an Australian I can’t stand ads with annoying American accents about being a ‘3rd generation candy maker’

  • You and Keltie O’Connor are changing the game when it comes to relationships with food.
    She helped me so much to accept my weight and to accept that I will want “soul food” sometimes. I havent gone on a food binge in 3 months now and have consistently lost weight as a side effect of not stressing so hard about food.
    You two are chef kisses fantastic!

  • I’d love to hear your opinion on the Ate app! I’ve been using it for about a week and I really like it! It’s really just a mindfulness food journal which is way more my style and different than any other “health” app I’ve seen.

  • I lost a hundred pounds on noom and kept it off. I would not recommend noom. My metabolism is shot now and my relationship with food is horrible.

  • Based on this video and people’s comments, it seems like noom works great for people who don’t know anything about nutrition and are likely eating lots of unhealthy foods and large portions. It seems like it helps people understand what a balanced diet is and how to eat healthier while still incorporating your favorites. Typical weight loss issues like eating better foods and eating appropriate portions will help some people, but a lot of people are struggling with weight loss for reasons other than that. Personally, I gained a lot of weight on a medication I was taking and I’m struggling to lose it. It doesn’t sound like noom would help someone like me, because my issue isn’t large portions or junk food and I already understand nutrition.

  • I liked it/thought it would work at first but I agree with most of the sentiment here: 1200 calories a day (really restrictive), daily weigh ins, 300 calorie ‘red’ food allotment (includes nuts and some other things that should be considered healthy, but you’re forced to put them in this other camp). The green recipes (or at least the bulk of the recipes that I saw) were almost exclusively veggie soups; I love soup but again, it didn’t feel realistic, butternut squash soup twice a day instead of sandwiches or entrees that have mass and aren’t only veggies? XD not realistic to me. Also the coaching didn’t feel real or personal at times, the thing the ex-noom employee said range true sometimes there were just phrases that felt like stock encouragement/not personal. I’m really loving the idea of debunking such intense restriction and going the intuitive eating/anti diet (but NOT anti health obviously, I want to be healthy/feel good), thank you for this video!

  • I hated that Noom didn’t take dietary restrictions into account. I have a lot of food allergies that make it hard for me to get most of my nutrition from “green” and “yellow” foods. Most of their recommendations in their “articles” and their recipe section were things I can’t eat.

  • Abbey, this was a great video!!! However, when you were talking about ur experience downloading noom I do wish you would have not mentioned your weight. In the future it may be better to censor weight or put a trigger warning considering your audiences demographic. Lots of love and stay safe ��

  • But couldn’t the discussion about long term results apply to any diet? I know the long term results of specific diets are poor. The medical weight management clinic I go to discusses behaviours that have been associated with better long term control such as regular journaling.

  • Loving all of the videos you guys have been putting out recently. You guys are killing it in 2017. I’ve been watching a bunch of older videos trying to create an at home training program using mainly body weight exercises since I don’t have much in the way of equipment. Also using the workouts from your book. Thanks for making quality content that is accessible for people at all levels of fitness. Hands down one of the best channels on YouTube.

  • i noticed that it also overestimates the amount of calories in foods… put me on 1300 i think, and I do use a tracking app which i was measuring up nooms tracking against. In reality, when I had reached 1300kcal on noom, it was only about 1000 on cronometer. I was also surprised by this severe caloric deficit….my maintainence calories are 2150….so it was less than half of what i need.

  • LOL Noom labelled my peanut butter/avocado as a red food and my venti Starbucks Latte as a green food because I used skim milk in it. smh.

  • I like how you said you don’t have to give it up right away. People tell you to quit things like sweets cold turkey and it’s not that easy! Thanks

  • Great video to do would be what foods to eat to make it easier to burn fat. Or a diet to lower body fat, obviously it’s a diet with low fat but is it better to eat less carbs? more carbs for more energy to burn more fat etc.

  • I’m 14 years old. I weigh 75.8 kg and weighed 78.4 kg on 31/1/17. I only eat a wrap a day and do at least an hour of cardio a day. I can’t go to the gym because my mum won’t let me and i don’t have any equipment at all. Is there anything I can do to boost my weight loss or can someone link me some good workout vids? I’ve been using fitness blenders workouts since my new diet

  • Just got through my 2 week trial on Noom. Not gonna lie, I wish I had watched this a little sooner. This validates some of the frustrations I’ve been suppressing about the mixed messaging I was getting from the app. Noom pushes you to think about your ultimate goal and motivation, which for me is forming a healthier relationship with food, but it doesn’t seem to support that kind of goal. It is a weight-loss app and it assumes that your ultimate goal is reaching a maintaining a certain weight.

  • Hello,question about becoming a dietitian. Can you get a nutrition degree and then become a dietitian later on? Any info would be great thank you.

  • Another awesome video guys. Just a question from me.. I am currently doing 45 min 1 hour gym sessions x5 a week that mainly consist of weights and throw in a warm up and warm down on the cycle or cross trainer. I want to cut fat so would you recommend I throw in a couple of Cardio sessions a week with 3 days weights to keep my gainz up? Cheers.Carl

  • I just recently signed up for noom and still in the trial period. I will not be paying any money to this company. As a vegan, my protein options like beans and lentils are considered “yellow” foods. Their food catalog is the worst I’ve seen. They put me on 1200 calories. I reached out to my goal specialist and let her know how active I was but you can’t change the calorie goal. I already find myself feeling guilty for going over my goal everyday, even though I’m still losing weight and hate that high calorie, incredibly nutrient dense foods like avocado, nuts and seeds are considered “red” foods. I will say I’ve gotten better insight into what I’m eating but that’s pretty much it

  • Can you watch Jenn Im’s “What I Eat in a Week” videos? She has my absolute favorites because I feel like she eats very intuitively and yummy and I get a lot of inspiration from her!

  • how many times a week should i go to the gym? legday armbreast tricepsback for instance. should i need to do 1 of them and a rest day? and after that do the other parts? or can i already do legday already after back and triceps day?

  • I spend most of my days trying to distract myself from craving food, but nothing really works for me. I’ve come to the conclusion I can either be miserable at a healthy weight while thinking about food 24/7 or I can be miserable from weight gain but sated. If you do a video on how to stop these food cravings I would really appreciate it.

  • I am new and I can’t lose weight, I don’t want to excecise and I am too lazy and I can’t sleep too good, I sleep about 4am, can you help me? I always eat something before going to bed please help

  • Wow thank you for this. I have been struggling with my weight for a couple of years now. And I have never been this heavy. I recently have up animal products and it has been very hard for me to find a healthy balance being vegetarian. I still eat junk food �� but I do stress out a lot and I do feel like I am am emotional eater. I also have bad sleeping habits. Any advise for me?

  • An ad for Noom came on before this video lol. I signed up for Noom last year and hated it. The green, yellow, red food coding was such a joke

  • I tried Noom and it was unfortunately awful for me. As a person with a history of disordered eating it was super triggering to me having to weigh myself every day per the app instructions. The red light/green light ratings on food reinforced the good food/bad food mentality which caused me to spiral with unhealthy habits. I’m pretty positive my counselor was an automated bot or at best a different random person each time. But, for someone without a disordered eating history perhaps this would not be as much of an issue.

  • Kind of the opposite of what you’re getting at but my trainer has told me I need to be eating around 2500 calories a day to be hitting my goals in terms of packing on muscle, (male 23years old 74kg training 5 times a week) I eat well, meat veg rice nuts etc with little deviation but I struggle to make it past 1800, I feel like I’m eating so much but can’t force myself up past that point! Any advice?

  • That blouce/ dress looks wonderful on you! Thank you for reviewing apps like these. I cant express how helpful your videos are for someone like me whose trying to live a healthier life style.

  • For some reason both of the “dieting/fitness” apps I downloaded showed 1200 calories a day and both mentioned that your actual weight/goals didn’t impact the calorie count… my mother is trying something and it also quoted her 1200 calories… it seems like these apps just seem to think that women should only eat 1200.

  • good to see you guys taking on crossfit, i have been going since august and its awesome. it does pose a tricky question though, regarding daily calories making sure i get enough to smash a Fran without going over in surplus. i am trying to cut body fat without losing muscle, and dropped to 2100 to 2200 cals a day with around 190g protein and similar carb and the rest fat, this seemed to work well for january (having reduced down from 2400 to 2600) but now i think i might be adjusting to cope with this level and the fat loss isn’t happening. i don’t want to drop to under 2000 as i fear being tired and not able to complete the words. what would you recommend pls

  • Love all your positive videos.I’m 47 and have loss weight running marathons but need to get rid of the bingo wings.I am going to get on it!

  • I totally get the concerns. Ive watch Abbey for a while now and I learned alot about intuitive eating. But on the other handI like noom. I wanted to drop at least 10 # before getting pregnant. I saw it as a guide and didn’t follow it to a T. I saw the 1200 calorie limit and was like umm no. I ate between 1700-2100. Some days were 2200 or 2300. I never thought I would like counting calories but it helped me realize how much I was eating. The first few days I ate like I normally would and tracked it. I was eating 3000 4500 calories! Mostly carbs and desserts. So the color system helped me focus on choosing better foods. I liked the articlesit helped me realized the mindless eating i tend to do. And one dessert a day is plenty, not 3! I was only on it for a month and got pregnant with baby #3 so I canceled. I would join again sometime after birth. It helped me stay accountable.

  • I never tried Noom, but I did Weight Watchers a few years back and it did work…until it didn’t. Basically as my weight went down my caloric intake (which was on a “points” system, but it’s pretty much the same concept) kept going down and down, until it was so restrictive it was basically like the 1200 calorie plan you detailed. My weight goal was set at 120, which being 5’0 isn’t I guess unrealistic, but I personally think my “set point” is higher. I started at about 170, I got down to about 130ish and then started slowly gaining it back. Got frustrated and quit and then gained it back shockingly fast. I’m now heavy beyond where I started, which is super frustrating. Now I’m just trying to eat more fruit and veggies and started walking with my husband most mornings. Not sure if I’ve lost much weight, but I physically feel better, so maybe that’s more important? I do wish I knew the secrets of those “effortlessly thin” people, but I’ve never been one of them.

  • Nice vid and really helpful when you are trying to loose Weight. Thanks Guys. and keep up the good work. #keepbelieving #keepdreaming

  • Hey guys, as a bit of a novice to the gym I would love to se a series where you break up muscle groups and show us what workouts to do to isolate those areas. Thanks keep up the great work.

  • So let’s say my calories for staying constant is 2500, so I eat 2000 to lose some body fat.. if I train and burn 500 that day I should eat 2500 to lose body fat?. simplistic look at things I know.

  • I’d like to see a video demonstrating and explaining all the main movements at crossfit because I have no idea what they are but I’m intrigued to learn! Love the videos, been subscribed since you started out!

  • Nuts/Seeds/Oils can be really healthy when you eat the right portion size for your weight/physical activity level and definitely shouldn’t be labeled bad foods. Our bodies need a certain amount of fat.

  • I signed up for the trial period and only stayed on for like, 1 day. I didn’t have a scale at home (at the time) and the prompts to make sure I weighed myself were frustrating, plus the first time I entered a food and it turned read (I don’t even think it was something really “bad”, just high in good fats) I felt so bad that I had to delete it immediately. Following you helped me to know immediately that the app wasn’t for me honestly, and if it wasn’t for you I might have let myself feel guilty about that red food.

  • I tried Noon for 2 days. I quit it because I didn’t find it helpful for the way I eat and my knowledge level. I’m obese and losing weight. At my highest I weighed 310 pounds. I’ve lost 87 pounds without surgery. I weigh myself every morning before eating or drinking anything and naked. My weight doesn’t fluctuate much. I may lose or gain.3 pounds from day to day. Weighing myself every day doesn’t mess with me mentally too much but it does help me continue to lose weight.

  • I wish I had found your video before signing up for the “Free Trial” which they try to shame you into spending $18.37 for and then immediately try to get you to purchase “add Ons” before finally telling you that the program will cost $$ per month automatically collected on the last day of your trial. I will probably (no definitely) cancel before the deadline and this still leaves me searching. I am definitely not a millenial (my charecature actually looks alot like me) as I will be 69 in October. I have been managing my Type 2 diabetes quite well (last A1c was 6.5) and I also have a cancer and heart history. Prostate cancer 2017 and a triple bypass in 2018. Last week a biopsy on my spine which thankfully showed no metastatic bone disease although I did end up with a punctured lung in the process. I have access to two “Registered Dieticians” like yourself in my area. One associated with my Endocrinologist and the other at our local Cancer Center, so I will again try to get some assistance from those wonderful ladies. Trying to get help though it seems, is definitely not an easy task. Or at least not a task that anyone wants to undertake. All of my doctors tell me I need to loose weight (5’7″ 217 lbs) mostly belly fat. I tell them, great how do I do that and none of them are able to devise a plan for me. Anyway thanks for the great video, I already got the book recomendation on my Phone Kindle app. Best wishes to you keep up the good work of education all of us.

  • Good thing I watched this video before trying it out! WOW, their marketing message seems to be the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what they actually do.

  • Have you done a video on Optavia? I don’t do diet plans per se, but this one looks insane (in the worst way)!! I would love to see a video on it if you haven’t done one already.

  • I never thought I could loose more weight because I am already quite slim, but this year my goal are visible abs Not necessary a sixpack! So with Training 2-3 times a week, a busy job and a little more discipline at the chocolate cupboard I almost lost two kilos ��

  • Hello Laura,

    I am starting my third week of just eating plant based food. I eat steel oats one cup with mostly water and some low fat soy milk. I then drink a ground flax seed chai seed with cucumber shake two hours later. I have about two to three fruits a day in the low to medium glycemic index. For my lunch and dinner I have quite a bit of beans between both lunch and dinner about 4-5 cups a day with brusel sprouts. My AC1 was 6.7 but since Friday it is 5.5 AC1 in just 22 days. My doctor said I can get off my Metformin. All my cholesterol went down including my good one. I have lost about 20 pounds in these three weeks and my blood pressure has never been this good. I have a capable of questions since I not eating any animal products is it first normal to loose weight eating basically low glycemic food? I used to produce alot of body heat when I ate animal now tend to be in the colder side is that normal? Which is any of these two choices allow me to improve good cholesterol and loose weight millet rice or black rice?

  • I did Noom for about 6 months or so and lost 15 lbs but after I stopped the weight quickly came back. The “coaches” sucked and would only check in on me once a week regardless of how many times I reached out for support. I would not recommend this app to anyone who wants to eat intuitively. I would love to see an app from Abbey focusing on eating intuitively!

  • Hi, I am trying to gain muscle for my soccer season in the fall and right know its off season and I want to gain muscle and eat properly, but I am fasting and I cant eat diary or meat so is it possible for me to gain muscle? PLEASE HELP

  • I take a protein shake after my workout at the gym which is usually squats and some weights for my arms is having the shake worth it if I’m a 16 yr old girl?

  • I have a little qst for you and I hope that you will answer me.. I have a little permanent deviation of my column and I want to lose weight but I’m afraid that I will hurt my back. So what are your recommendations for me?
    Love you guys!!

  • thank you so much for this video…ive suffered so much since literally elementary with a bad relationship with food and youre right, i definitely think im my worst enemy in all of this. im gonna try to focus on 2 goals for the rest of this month (since its almost over) and the beginning of next month. im gonna try to go to the gym 4 days a week consistently and drink 8 oz of water every day. heres to healthy habits!

  • at 41:35 she say: “I would not recommend ZOOM” instead of “noom” hahahahaha. Regardless, this was helpful and thank you for making this video.

  • I tried Noom for less than 48 hours and HATED it. I’ve currently been on Weight Watchers and freaking love it so far! Btw, WW does have a “healthy habits” options you can use that isn’t focusing on weight loss, which I find helpful!

  • Normally I like Abbey’s reviews, but I think this one is off based. I have used Noom and a large component of the system involves reading brief provided articles on nutrition and craving-control. Then they quiz you on the information. They make many qualifiers to their red-yell-green food system in the reading material. They explain that it’s just a shorthand, and that a food can still sometimes be healthy even if it’s classified as yellow or red. It’s a practical system based on caloric density. Yes, some people can take it too far, but I this app has been very helpful to lots of people. Pay attn to caloric density is a sensible way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Noom promotes eating mostly veggies and some healthy fats. If you don’t want to lose weight and only maintain weight, then eating more calories of still healthy food is not a bad or unhealthy strategy. I get that you are “pro-food” and “anti-food shaming” but this review seems like it has an ax to gring. Noom works and is safe, healthy, and even educational for large majorities of the population.

  • hey alex i also think one thing you are missing which may or may not play into people is your childhood. going through a chubby phase in childhood could lead to the growth of more fat cells, leading to a predisposition to being overweight. your body tricks you into think you’re starving when you are not.. i struggle so hard with reaching my 1200 calorie goal.. usually i cannot get under 1600.. though I have lost almost 20 lbs and been able to keep them off.. it’s been an uphill battle trying to get down to by goal bmi of 20 (i’m at 24.9 right now barely normal weight ��)

  • It’s really hard!!! T-T
    But it’s hard because the worst thing it’s changing the habits… that takes time.
    I’m trying to do that… but sometimes high calories food and drinks wink at me and I just fall in love D:

  • I struggled with Noom because I have to cook from scratch because of allergies and it was pretty fast for me to lose all my “red” budget on healthy fats leaving no room for anything but cooking oil (mainly olive and avocado) and a bit of nuts.

  • Loved this! I am currently recovering from anorexia and I have very minimal body fat obvs so it’s helpful to watch your videos with the advice and workouts because it motivates me to get better and to not be scared of eating more and yes I might gain some fat but it’ll be worth it if I am healthy and happy and fitter:) thankyou for the difference you make to my life!

  • many people choose to hang onto the fat, despite that they think it is all muscle. if they lose the fat, they think they look too skinny and have lost muscle. but they never had that much muscle to begin with. I guess I am saying, many guys do not know the difference between their own fat and muscle.

  • I tried Noom back in about 2017, and it was a DISASTER. I think the coach you showed was actually one of my coaches, and I only spoke to her the day she introduced herself and the day I cancelled. The program was a mess because they were in the middle of “updating” the program. Different users had different content, and the coaches had no way of knowing who had what even though everyone in the coaching groups supposedly started the program the same day. It’s a complete mess.

  • I’m a new fan! Totally love your blog and your videos. I blog about similar topics, and get lots of inspiration from your posts. Love how you choose interesting creative twists of common topics, and how thoroughly you discuss them. You remind me of Mark from marksdailyapple.:-) Wish you lots of success!.

  • Great video. I’ve just meal prepped for the week, I would just like to know as I’m trying to lose weight and I know you mentioned calorie deficit in a previous video; should I have 2 snacks a day and 3 meals OR no snacks while I’m trying to lose weight and just the meals? This is what I’ve decided to go for for the week: 1 weetabix with milk and a coffee for breakfast, the snacks were gonna either be nakd bar/nuts/an apple, lunches are gonna be tuna salad sweet corn/tomatoes/red onions and my dinners are either turkey,veg and sweet potato or chicken, brown rice and veg. And then drinks throughout the week would either be water or green teas. from the machines in the gym I need to lose 2 stone to be healthy for my size. I’m currently at 12 stone 6lbs and I’m 30% body fat and I’m 163cm tall. Awful stats but a start! Let me know what you think about the snack situation:)